In an age of UNIVERSAL DECEPTION, telling the TRUTH becomes a REVOLUTIONARY ACT! George Orwell-1984?




Table of Contents:

Even if you don't read ANYTHING else on this site, PLEASE MAKE SURE you have AT LEAST read the TWO PILLARS upon which this WORK STANDS:

1. The SUPPRESSED HISTORY regarding the "Antichrist" and his POWER of INIQUITY; the Blasphemy of the Religious Harlot and the BEAST she rides USURPING Jesus' Name and Authority!

2. The MARK of Antichrist Beast service JUXTAPPOSED to the SEAL of God, the SIGN of the Messiah and the Saints of the Most High!



This page provides the very short Philosophical NARRATIVE which will rule the worlds Governments and institutions for the next 1000 years according to the Blueprint for Creation discussed and ESTABLISHED as CORNERSTONE TRUTH throughout the rest of this e-book website.


This page provides the SUMMARY of this entire website in a very condensed form, with special focus on providing the SUPPORTING EVIDENCE for the new world NARRATIVE from which God wants us to view the world and share with others at this juncture in history. This is HOW the 'rejected cornerstone' becomes the CHOSEN CORNERSTONE and MORNING STAR RULER according to the PLAN. It briefly tells us where we came from and how we got here, what we're here to do, and where we are going after we finish our work. This is the only 'TRUE GOSPEL PLAN' which was SEALED UP 2000 years ago as designed in the plan and AS LOGICALLY ESTABLISHED by a God of truth! This is the 'KINGDOM NARRATIVE' that must RULE THE WORLD for the next 1000 years according to the BLUEPRINT for CREATION!


Although the Abstract page above is the SUMMARY of this website, this Prologue page is pre-requisite reading which will be alluded to throughout the rest of the body of this work. It provides the 'backstory' of where rebellion originated and how it will end. It also outlines the history of rebellion on earth through the Protestant Movement (PROTESTING against the SPIRIT of REBELLION to GOD is the DUTY of MANKIND BEING FORMED IN GODS IMAGE for HIS GLORY, and is the very CORNERSTONE SPIRIT upon which the UNITED STATES was FOUNDED by GODS AUTHORITY). Obedience to God is seen as rebellion to SATANS KINGDOM ministers and mind slaves who have the WRONG CORNERSTONE PERSPECTIVE and are in REBELLION to the TRUTH, but WE WIN THIS PROTRACTED WAR with the DECEIVER and REBEL of Heaven, as GODS CHOSEN PEOPLE who will INHERIT THE WORLD by HIS AUTHORITY! This page outlines the DAWN of the ENLIGHTENMENT PERIOD of coming out of the DARK AGES which Satans "Antichrist" and his Religious Harlot "Church" foisted on the world, as prophesied in advance would happen. Through this deception regarding this past history, many in the 'great falling away' have been Satanically deceived to believe the coming of the 'Antichrist' is a future event. Through this POWERFUL DELUSION, they serve Satan and support his Kingdom in IGNORANT REBELLION to GODS KINGDOM and the Messiah of TRUTH whose name they use VAINLY, to this very day!


Though it will likely be VERY DIFFICULT reading for many, especially those who do not have a really good WORKING KNOWLEDGE of the TaNaCh (Old Testament) scriptures which will be referenced, which should be gone over again from time to time as one plods through the rest of this e-book so the 'VISION' of the KINGDOM of HEAVEN we are to establish on earth according to HIS PLAN becomes CLEAR, this page introduces the overall THEME and OBJECTIVE GOAL for this e-book within a contextual BIBLICAL framework like a BLUEPRINT of sorts. Although each chapter has its own introduction below, this Introduction Page SUMMARIZES ALL THE CHAPTERS TOGETHER for you to understand in a skeletal 'FRAMEWORK' to which the details within the chapters begin adding 'FLESH' to the TORAH 'skeleton' so we can begin to 'see', through our MIND'S EYE, the IMAGE of GOD in HIS WORD according to HIS INTERPRETATION for us to EMULATE as HIS EXPRESSED WILL, and the HEAVENLY WORK we are to DO subesequent to this birth from above (Gen. 28:12, Jn. 1:51). This 'FRAMEWORK' or BLUEPRINT constitutes the SUMMARY of ALL BIBLE LAW and PROPHECY in a 'THEME' and 'OBJECTIVE GOAL' which is alluded to by Paul in Romans 10:4 and Peter in 2 Pet. 1:19. This 'end' or GOAL (telos in Greek) of the LAW which Paul talks about, is to 'see' the SPIRITUAL D.N.A. of GODS WORD rightly interpreted in order to RECOGNIZE the BODY of the 'PERFECT IMAGE' of the INVISIBLE 'God' and incarnate that IMAGE in your submitted flesh as He DESIGNED. This IMAGE of God manifest by the rightly interpreted TORAH LAW (Spiritual D.N.A./Word of YHWH) is Himself the 'Morning Star' KING or 'HEAD' of a MESSIANIC 'BODY' on earth called 'ISRAEL' who will SUBMIT TO HIM as KING of Heaven and Earth and as HIS BODY/BRIDE will SAVE and RULE EARTH in a NEW WORLD ORDER according to His SPIRITUAL BLUEPRINT embedded in His LAW which IS SPIRITUAL (and carnal beasts hate it!)!

Chapter 1.

The Sciences regarding the true nature of our perceived reality

The nature of our material reality is proven by all the Sciences to be the subset of a greater unseen 'spiritual' reality like PROGRAMMING CODE. This greater reality which we can not see, touch, or feel, holds our material reality together so we perceive material reality as most real. But it's the greater set of invisible (spiritual) reality which we do not immediately percieve as real, because we can not see its 'material' with our physical eyes but may only 'SEE' with the EYE OF THE MIND through a sort of 'REBIRTH' in the LIGHT OF TRUTH from above, that is the MOST REAL 'REALITY'! It's this UNSEEN SPIRITUAL REALITY of the 'Kingdom of Heaven' which constitutes the LIGHT and POWER OF GOD, the TRUTH in whom we LIVE, MOVE, and have our very BEING which can also DWELL WITHIN US by design of that same SPIRITUAL TRUTH with whom we are to 'WED' as 'ONE', according to the PLAN. The Bible rightly interpreted becomes the 'Spiritual D.N.A.' which gives us a NEW LIFE, or a NEW PERSPECTIVE of reality like being 'BORN FROM ABOVE' in an otherwise UNSEEN REALITY! It is THIS UNSEEN REALITY of the ETERNAL TRUTH which the PROGRAMMER/GOD of our material reality extends to us the OFFER to be 'BORN AGAIN', as HE DESIGNED for US who choose to be created in HIS VIRTUOUS 'IMAGE' through this Spiritual D.N.A. and KINGDOM CONSTRUCTION blueprint, who then DO the 'WORK of CREATION' for which he CREATES US TO PARTICIPATE for His Glory through our OBEDIENCE. The WORK of CREATION is to ESTABLISH His KINGDOM of HEAVEN on this EARTH according to the BLUEPRINT unsealed here. As above, so below!

Chapter 2.

The manifest destiny of BEASTLY mankind apart from obedience to God's Kingdom Law

A look at the history of mankind left to his own devices, and the REASON the LAW OF GOD was GIVEN as a GIFT to the SPIRITUAL PEOPLE OF GOD who shall RULE OVER ALL THE BEASTLY FLESH OF EARTH according to the PLAN for WORLD SALVATION! We will parallel our current world reality with that of the Antedeluvian world in order to glean some understanding of God's Plan for our 'evolution' through the 'salvation' of an end-time 'Judgement' on the SECRET PEDO MAFIA controlling the world's beastly political systems/Governments through their intelligence and legal systems, for the salvation of mankind from these BEASTLY MEN and their BEASTLY SECRET WORLD GOVERNMENT SYSTEM. The destruction of all the worlds former 'beast' systems of world governance through the exposure and removal of this SECRET RELIGIO-POLITICAL MAFIA will begin God's World Government/Justice system being openly established on earth (Dan. 2:44, Dan. 7:22, Rev. 2:26-28, Rev. 17:17). This cornerstone/morning star of TRUTH, which is NOW striking the foundational pillars on which the world's corrupt Governments stand, should become clearly visible in your minds eye by the time we get through chapter 6; the 'cornerstone chapter' of this e-book. We will then begin looking at the SPECIFICS of the JUDGEMENT which will come on the 'TARES' (Theistic Satanists), OFFENSIVE CRIMINALS and UNBELIEVING REBELS (all the rest of the Satanists, sorcerers, witches and LIARS trying to control the 'cave' of material reality in REBELLION to the TRUTH) in Chapter 7 & 8.

Chapter 3.

The Spirit of the Law is revealed as the 'CORNERSTONE Truth' of Messiah; laid FIRST as a 'CORNERSTONE' by the BUILDERS according to the Kingdom building 'Blueprint' then recognized as the RULING KING, the MORNING STAR LIGHT for a NEW WORLD ORDER!

The 'Spiritual Law' also known as the 'New Covenant Kingdom Plan' or 'Gospel', which is embedded within the context or BODY of Torah Law and enfleshed by Messiah, is unsealed here to be seen as the Morning Star RULER of the New Covenant Kingdom of Heaven now beginning to manifest on Earth as designed. We shall see that the 1st Covenant with Israel was always only intended to be a temporary Covenant until the Goal of the Law is matured in God's spiritual Body/Bride/Nation who then MANIFEST the New Covenant Kingdom of Heaven on earth as good WORKMEN. This spiritual nation/body also known as the 'Firstborn Son of God' which reflects the Image of God, is the Goal of Gods law which shall rule earth in the New Covenant Kingdom of Heaven on earth. This body of MESSIAH is UNITED under the MESSIAH as their GLORIFIED KING, HIGH PRIEST and MORNING STAR LIGHT for the New Covenant Kingdom of God and His WORLD GOVERNMENT, according to the ancient BLUEPRINT for KINGDOM CONSTRUCTION and WORLD SALVATION (Dan. 2:44, 7:22, Rev. 17:17).

Chapter 4.

The False Prophet (Lucifer) EXPOSED

Here we go into detail exposing the False Prophet who God indicted for rejecting the true SABBATH KING and prophet of God, to then himself become the FALSE PROPHET and FALSE SABBATH KING of a NEO BABYLONIAN ENSLAVEMENT he would HELP 'BUILD' with the ANTICHRIST. We will be exposing the Wandering Stars of the HEXAGRAM 'SEAL' under which Judah was SEALED, as well as the PENTAGRAM under which CHRISTIANS were later SEALED, until the day of Judgement spoken of in Jude which will END the 'TIMES OF THE GENTILES' (Lk. 21:24) and depose the LUCIFERIC DECEPTION of the FALSE PROPHET of NEO BABYLON, which will begin the MESSIANIC KINGDOM. With the EXPOSURE of these 'foundational' SEALS like feet and legs or PILLARS upon which the NEO-BABYLONIAN WORLD KINGDOM would stand, by the CORNERSTONE cut without hands which was REJECTED by those builders AS PLANNED, the 'times of the gentiles' in the form of that Neo Babylonian World System, will be destroyed and come to its END (Dan. 2:44). Then the Cornerstone becomes the capstone and TRUE 'MORNING STAR' to rule the MESSIANIC KINGDOM of Israel which will have NO END. We will cover this more in the next chapter.

Chapter 5.

The POWERFUL BLINDING DELUSION of the World's Antichrist EXPOSED as a CORNERSTONE IMPOSTER, as prophesied!

Here we expose the POWERFUL DELUSION of the False Spiritual 'Cornerstone Light of the World' which was selected by the 'BUILDERS' who REJECTED GOD'S SPIRIT of TRUTH and HIS CHOSEN 'SIGN' for that TRUE 'Light of the World', as PROPHESIED and PLANNED FOR IN ADVANCE. God PLANNED that His CHOSEN 'LIGHT OF THE WORLD' would be REJECTED and laid as a CORNERSTONE for his KINGDOM 'LAW' on earth for a BLINDING IMPOSTER served BY IMPOSTERS to be EXPOSED and JUDGED. Then HIS rejected 'light of the world' will become the WORLDS MORNING STAR RULER to REDEEM mankind from this BEASTLY ERROR in JUDGEMENT that would ENSLAVE THE WORLD in a system of CORRUPTION similar to that which enslaved Israel in Egypt, only far greater. In chapters 7 & 8 we shall review the prophecies in detail which tell us that the 'Gospel' of the New Covenant is when God shall SET US FREE in a GREAT 'Exodus' which is promised to be far more GRAND than that from Egypt. Then God will be ruling earth through His body Israel, and the world shall see PEACE!

Chapter 6.

The Rejected Stone becomes the MORNING STAR of the MESSIANIC KINGDOM

The 'SPIRIT and TRUTH' of God's Holy Law RIGHTLY DISCERNED as a 'BODY OF TRUTH', embodied as a Sabbath Cornerstone 'Sign' in a Promise of MARRIAGE, which would be ENFLESHED by the MESSIAH as 'Groom' and REJECTED according to the Plan, is NOW REVEALED HERE to be SMASHING the FEET/LEGS/PILLARS (LIES) upon which the worlds CURRENT NEO-BABYLONIAN KINGDOMS STAND and bringing an END to the 'TIMES OF THE GENTILES' (Lk. 21:24) as prophesied. The KINGDOM OF GOD has been ESTABLISHED in ZION as promised, and will begin to be REVEALED as the BODY of TRUTH rises from the RUBBLE of the NEO-BABYLONIAN WORLD KINGDOMS LIES it's NOW SMASHING (exposing), as DESIGNED, which will BEGIN THE RULE OF THE SAINTS OF GOD (Dan. 2:44, Rev. 17:17)!

Chapter 7.

The End of the 'Times of the Gentiles' (Lk 21:24) begins with JUDGEMENT and the REMOVAL of the TARES by the WORKMEN OF GOD!

We shall cover the FALSE interpretation of the scriptures which IDENTIFY the MESSIAH who EMBODIES the very SPIRIT and TRUTH of GODS LAW, by the ANTI-SEMITE ANTI-CHRIST BEAST WORSHIPPING HARLOT CHURCH of the Gentiles whose 'times' are ending. The LIES of THEIR KINGDOM are now being EXPOSED so their RULE will soon be ENDING and the MESSIANIC KINGDOM which is described by the New Testament writers (whose writings THESE SATANISTS AND WITCHES TWIST AND DISTORT as addressed in this page) shall BEGIN. If you don't RECOGNIZE that God has PROVIDED A WAY for GENTILES to be GRAFFED INTO the promises given to ISRAEL by their FAITH, then it's time to begin taking a look at what that means. The 'times of the Gentiles' is ENDING with the removal of the TARES deceiving them regarding their IDENTITY WITH GODS PEOPLE and RELATIONSHIP TO GOD AS HEIRS OF PROMISE so ALL ISRAEL WILL BE SAVED to then SAVE EARTH and BEGIN the MESSIANIC KINGDOM of PEACE ON EARTH! Judgement shall soon begin in GODS HOUSE (ISRAEL) to REMOVE the HARLOT CHURCH and her ABOMINABLE TARES who REFUSE REPENTANCE, so PLEASE COME OUT FROM HER DECEPTIONS so you don't SUFFER with them as LAWLESS WORSHIPPERS of the IDENTITY THIEF ANTICHRIST who has DECEIVED THEM who REFUSE REPENTENCE!

Chapter 8.

Identifying the WORKMEN and the WORK for the next phase of construction to ESTABLISH the KINGDOM OF HEAVEN on EARTH

This chapter contains a short survey of the PROPHECIES pertaining to the next phase of the History of Mankind and his KINGDOM BUILDING which we are about to embark on, in context of God Building His Kingdom on Earth through Good and Faithful workmen. Basically this page is similar to a BLUEPRINT or BUILDING INSTRUCTIONS sitting on the BUILDERS PLANNING TABLE to be REFERENCED by all the TRADESMEN who are 'on site' doing the WORK which pertains to the CURRENT PHASE OF CONSTRUCTION. These 'tradesmen' can also be recognized as MESSENGERS (malakim) from which the word 'malak' as in WORK is derived and is often mistranslated as ANGELS to befuddle the WORKERS. These WORKMEN (messengers/angels) will be assisting the MORNING STAR in the END DAYS by removing the TARES in JUDGEMENT to ESTABLISH THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN on earth which will be administrated by 'THE SAINTS' according to the BLUEPRINT for KINGDOM CONSTRUCTION.

Chapter 9.


Here we shall identify SHE'LO (Gen. 49:10). That is 'HIM to WHOM BELONGS the RIGHTS of the FIRSTBORN SON of PROMISE' on EARTH. To HIM belongs ALL RIGHTS to the NAME and INHERITANCE of ISRAEL as GOD'S 'FIRSTBORN SON', as well as his SCEPTOR TO RULE EARTH which FINALLY comes BACK into HIS HAND from Judah who TOOK IT from him, according to the LEGAL 'WILL' of the FATHER herein UNSEALED and MANIFEST! This will BEGIN the MANIFESTATION of the MESSIANIC KINGDOM OF HEAVEN on EARTH and the UNIFICATION of the House of Judah and the House of Israel in ONE UNIFIED HOUSE under the MORNING STAR RULER of the KINGDOM according to the ANCIENT KINGDOM BUILDING BLUEPRINT.

Chapter 10.


This page provides some insight into the last 'PROTESTANT REVIVAL MOVEMENT' for planet earth which will END the 'DARK AGE' of the HARLOT CHURCH and her DRAGON POWER KINGDOM!


This is the briefly outlined BLUEPRINT or Plan of God to UNITE His Heavenly Kingdom of TRUTH with the re-established Kingdom of Israel to expose and destroy Satan's Kingdom of Rebellion and CORRUPTION and ESTABLISH GODS KINGDOM RULE ON EARTH.