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The 'CORNERSTONE' of the 'Gospel' PLAN for the Messianic KINGDOM of God and TIKKUN OLAM (Healing the WORLD)

God's glory is in hiding a matter; the glory of Kings is to search the matter out. Prov. 25:2

Truly I say heaven and earth shall not pass away until everything written in the TaNaKh (Old Testament Law) has been accomplished....Therefore whoever DOES and teaches others to do EVEN THE LEAST of the commands (as well as the GREATEST regarding "Justice, Mercy and Faith"; Mat. 23:23), WILL BE GREAT in the Kingdom of God. Mat. 5:18-20

For Moses truly said to our fathers, "YHWH your God shall raise up a prophet like me from your brothers; you must listen to everything he tells you." It will come to pass that every soul which refuses to heed that prophet shall be destroyed from among the people. Acts 3:22-23

Here we are going to look at the 'Cornerstone' of the 'Gospel' PLAN for WORLD SALVATION which has been REVEALED over the course of HISTORY from the foundation of the world, from a unique perspective: that of our OBEDIENT FATHERS of the FAITH which MOSES WROTE ABOUT, whose OBEDIENCE to GOD speak of the 'PASSOVER LAMB' God was PROMISING to PROVIDE from the FOUNDATION OF THE WORLD to be RECOGNIZED in the END DAYS as the ENTRANCE REQUIREMENT for entering the NEW COVENANT PROMISE of the MESSIANIC KINGDOM (OLAM HABA) and RESTORATION/HEALING of the WORLD (TIKKUN OLAM), NOW UNSEALED and MANIFEST according to the DETAILS of that SAME ANCIENT PLAN given to us as a SEED in THE LAW of MOSES! We will begin unpacking the DETAILS of this 'SEED' with Abel.

God is OMNISCIENT (all knowing). Therefore God has KNOWN ALL THINGS in advance and has TOLD US what will happen so WE CAN ALSO KNOW THE PLAN! For instance, God KNEW IN ADVANCE what both Abel and Cain were going to do EVEN BEFORE THEY WERE BORN. But let's not delve too deeply into how the SPIRIT of PROPHECY has told us the end from the beginning just yet (for which I have already provided the FRAMEWORK here in the INTRODUCTION PAGE of this E-BOOK), and how we have a MORE SURE WORD OF PROPHECY than our father's of the faith had to BELIEVE IN. Let's take this one step at a time to see the plan unfolding in REAL TIME as it unfolded in HISTORY from THEIR 'FAITH' PERSPECTIVE, and just recognize that God KNEW, and INTENDED that WE SHOULD KNOW when REFLECTING BACK ON THE VERY BEGINNING OF THESE EVENTS revolving around the ORIGIN OF SACRIFICE, that showing favor to Abel's sacrifice would cause an EVIL INCLINATION (Narcissism) to rise in Cain's heart so that CAIN WOULD MURDER (sacrifice) HIS RIGHTEOUS BROTHER ABEL, to show us what DISPLEASES GOD, as well as what pleases Him, from the perspective of FAITH IN HIM.

Put another way: God INTENDED that Cain WOULD murder his RIGHTEOUS BROTHER as a SACRIFICE to his own chosen perspective of PSYCHOPATHIC NARCISSISM in OPPOSITION to GODS PERFECT WILL. God allowed him to EXALT the IMAGE of the 'GOD OF THIS WORLD' as the PSYCHOPATHIC NARCISSISTIC 'EMPEROR WITH NO CLOTHES', against Abels OBEDIENCE to GOD, as the 'FATHER IMAGE' for mankind which would RULE OVER MANKIND. He wants us to RECOGNIZE HIS HUMBLE SERVANT SPIRIT OF LOVE in contrast to the SPIRIT of the NARCISSIST 'GOD OF THIS WORLD', over the COURSE of HISTORY as the CORNERSTONE of HIS PLAN to CREATE MEN in HIS IMAGE. Through HIS DEEDS Cain MANIFESTED his SERVICE to the WILL of the SERPENT or 'DRAGONS SPIRIT' who deceived EVE, and who is the FATHER of PYSCHOPATHIC, NARCISSISTIC SELFISHNESS and DISOBEDIENT FAITHLESSNESS in BEASTLY MEN which would eventually come to ENSLAVE THE WHOLE WORLD like PHARAOH, according to GODS PLAN to SAVE US for HIS GLORY now MANIFEST by the SPIRIT OF PROPHECY! Yes, there is an 'EXODUS' from our 'ENSLAVEMENT' to the NARCISSISTIC SERPENT GOD of this WORLD about to be DESTROYED, that will be FAR GREATER than our EXODUS from EGYPT! That's what this GOSPEL PLAN of the 'PASSOVER LAMB' which God has been showing us FROM THE FOUNDATION OF THE WORLD is ALL ABOUT, as I shall demonstrate!

Therefore God INTENDS that Abel's RIGHTEOUS BLOOD speak something to us TODAY (Heb. 12:24), through the spirit of PROPHECY, regarding Gods JUSTICE and his RIGHTEOUSNESS in context of a PLAN which would later be ENCODED IN LAW so JUDGEMENT COULD BE CORRECTLY MADE to SAVE MANKIND from the PSYCHOPATHIC NARCISSISTS who would ATTEMPT TO STEAL THE WORLD from GODS SAINTS through RELIGIOUS DECEPTION, a PLAN where the HOUSE OF ISRAEL will be UNITED by the PASSOVER LAMB he PROVIDED AS PROMISED!

The LAW, from the perspective of the SPIRIT of PROPHECY (which is the TESTIMONY of JESUS, Rev. 19:10), is GODS INTENT for WORLD SALVATION: the GOSPEL PLAN. HEAVEN AND EARTH will pass away BEFORE the LAW AND THE PROPHECIES which have YET TO BE FULFILLED (Mat. 5:18-19)! So let's try to meditate on GODS PLAN a little bit, as Abraham certainly would have when he was given some HEAD SCRATCHING things to PONDER.

No doubt Abraham, like many philosophers and scientists to this very day, had to be WONDERING about JUSTICE and the permanance of 'LIFE and DEATH' in this material reality, if the unjust like Cain are allowed to go free to steal, kill and destroy using DECEPTION regarding WHO GOD IS and WHAT HIS PLAN IS. We know for instance that Nimrod built the first cosmopolitan religious world center (after the flood which destroyed the last cosmopolitan religious world), the remnants of which Abraham left when God called him to OBEDIENCE to FAITH in HIM and HIS PLAN FOR CREATION! So Abraham, without UNDERSTANDING or being able to 'prove' his 'experience' with 'God' to ANYONE else (all of whom worshipped some image of God they made for themselves, and assuming Abraham to be NO DIFFERENT from themselves), obeyed God and began His JOURNEY with GOD; BELIEVING that he was HOLY, JUST, OMNIPOTENT and OMNISCIENT and he HAD A PLAN to SAVE HIM from the CORRUPT WORLD SYSTEM and bring PEACEFUL ORDER to planet earth. Abraham came to recognize that because of HIS OBEDIENCE, he would be recognized as a CENTRAL FATHER FIGURE of that 'FAITH' in GODS PLAN to SAVE THE WORLD, and HIS OBEDIENCE TO IT!

In time God promised him, because of his FAITH manifest by his OBEDIENCE which demonstrated his willingness to SLAY HIS OWN WILL to ADOPT THE WILL OF GOD, that he would be a BLESSING to the whole earth and the 'Father of MANY NATIONS' because of this SUBMISSION TO DO GODS WILL even over his own! Because he manifest GODS WILL on earth through his OBEDIENCE to God, God promised him that his seed would be SO NUMEROUS that, like the sand on the seashore or the stars in the sky, he would not be able to count them all (Gen. 15:5)! Abraham already knew God was a PROMISE KEEPER, so he believed God for THAT PROMISE when he received it! God gave him more specifics in regard to this FUTURE 'SEED' he would have which would BLESS THE WORLD by telling him 'THEY' would FIRST be 'enslaved' 400 years, then God would bring them out of their bondage through JUDGEMENT on their enslavers, and they would then come out with 'great substance'.

But since Abraham had NO CHILDREN AT ALL, he didn't know HOW that promise would be kept by God, so he asked. But before we go into the DETAILS of God's response, I want to PREFACE the rest of this ANCIENT PROMISE (Gospel Plan) overview with a Hebrew 'word study' of THREE VERY IMPORTANT WORDS which are related to THE PASSOVER LAMB God was PROMISING to provide. The first Hebrew word I want to bring to your attention is the word Peleh which means: wonderous, extraordinary, or miraculous. The second word is MOED which means: 'appointed time/place', or APPOINTMENT. And the third is PAKAD which means TO VISIT (in relation to a MOED/appointed time). The first time we see these three words being used in the TORAH is in regard to the MIRACULOUS (Peleh) CHILD which God Promised to 'VISIT' (Pakad) on Sarah at a particular APPOINTED TIME (moed). Here they are in their context:

Is this miracle (peleh) too hard for YHWH? At the 'time of life', the appointed time (moed), I will return and Sarah shall have a son. Gen. 18:14

And YHWH visited (Pakad) Sarah as he had said. YHWH did as he had said with Sarah because she conceived and bore a son to Abraham in his old age, at the appointed time (moed) which God had spoken about. Genesis 21:1-2

So to make this rather long story short, God promised He and Sarah (who would conceive and give birth at 90 years old) would have a MIRACLE (peleh) CHILD, and THEY DID! In fact he was born at an 'APPOINTED TIME' (moed) that would later be known as PASSOVER DAY (the FULL MOON of 'LAMBING SEASON', the FIRST 'MOONTH' of the year in SPRING; A.K.A. the 'time of life')! Some years later, after the son was grown, God told Abraham to take this PROMISED MIRACLE CHILD from whom MANY NATIONS WOULD COME, and take him to Mt. Moriah (Jerusalem) and offer him up as a burnt offering during LAMBING SEASON ON HIS BIRTHDAY, the 'APPOINTED TIME' (moed) of what would later be CODIFIED IN A 'LAW' as 'PASSOVER DAY'!

Now Abrahams FAITH in GOD who was doing these things in order to give us a 'MORE SURE WORD OF PROPHECY' than Abraham had (2 Pet. 1:19), was being TESTED! Surely Abrahams mind connected the OBVIOUS WILL of God for the wicked CAIN to SLAY the righteous Abel over the sacrifice of a LAMB Abel made BY FAITH and PLEASED GOD by so doing. Surely he understood God was asking him to sort of 'play the part' of the wicked Cain in this mini Drama where the RIGHTEOUS SEED OF MIRACULOUS (peleh) PROMISE would be SLAIN at an APPOINTED TIME (moed), to somehow MANIFEST GODS PLAN to VISIT US (pakad) as promised in a LAW which he was DEVELOPING, and he was using Abrahams OBEDIENCE through which to SHOW US that MORE SURE WORD OF PROPHECY (2 Pet. 1:19) we have for the NEW COVENANT than those promised the FIRST COVENANT (which God knew we would BREAK). So he obeyed God.

To make a long story short, we Jews know that Abraham raised his knife to slay this MIRACULOUS (peleh) PROMISED SEED, from whom the promise of MANY MORE 'SEED' OF PROMISE WOULD COME according to a PRIOR PROMISE, on the very APPOINTED DAY (moed) during LAMBING SEASON in SPRING (the 'time of life') that he had been born, which would be later EXPRESSED IN LAW as 'Passover Day' (probably the same day during LAMBING SEASON 'time of life' when Abel sacrificed his Lamb, OR was himself 'sacrificed' by his wicked brother, as God intended).

God stopped Abrahams hand and PROVIDED A SUBSTITUTIONARY SACRIFICE in stead of Abrahams PROMISED MIRACLE CHILD from whom the PROMISED SEED OF GOD would LATER COME (who would be BORN at a SPECIFIC 'MOED' as 'THE PASSOVER LAMB' to also be SLAIN IN JERUSALEM at 'PASSOVER' according to the SPECIFICS of the LAW given by the SPIRIT of PROPHECY (Rev. 19:10) who moved Moses' pen to DOCUMENT THESE EVENTS in order to ENCODE IT as part of a 'CORNERSTONE LAW' so we could KNOW THE TRUTH to be LATER UNSEALED by a PROPHET LIKE HIM)! It is in THIS WAY we have a MORE SURE WORD OF PROPHECY than THEY HAD (2 Pet. 1:19), because HE DID VISIT (pakad) US with his PASSOVER LAMB as he promised to MIRACULOUSLY (peleh) PROVIDE at the APPOINTED TIME (moed) as HE PROMISED! Because he DID VISIT US (pakad) as promised, we can be ASSURED that the GREAT EXODUS associated with the REJECTION of the TOPSTONE of Gods law as a 'PASSOVER LAMB' and a 'cornerstone' buried in the Law and Prophets which would LATER BE UNSEALED AND REVEALED by him through a PROPHET LIKE MOSES, will ALSO SURELY TAKE PLACE! God will REMEMBER HIS PROMISE to LEAD US IN 'EXODUS' and will VISIT US (po'ked), when we REMEMBER 'THE PASSOVER LAMB' He PROMISED to PROVIDE for OUR REDEMPTION! But I'm getting ahead of myself.

Abraham passed the test of obedience TO THE FAITH in GODS PLAN, and at the same time showed us ANOTHER GLIMPSE of the RIGHTEOUS MIRACLE SEED which GOD HIMSELF was promising to PROVIDE to ATONE FOR MANKIND, through his OBEDIENCE to the FAITH which ABEL EXPRESSED. Abel was expressing his FAITH IN GOD as symbolized by the SKINS God had provided for Adam and Eve, the 'sacrifice' of GOD portrayed from the foundation of the world which Abel was EMULATING in HIS OWN SACRIFICE, in which GOD WAS PLEASED by his MANIFEST FAITH in the PLAN! The ORIGIN of SACRIFICE is from God who has HIMSELF PROMISED to provide the 'COVERING and ATONING LAMB' for MANKINDS REBELLION TO HIM (which would be manifest by REJECTING HIS 'CORNERSTONE' LIGHT OF THE WORLD FOR HIS KINGDOM LAWS AND TIME, which would be ESTABLISHED LATER by a PROPHET LIKE MOSES to lead the children into the PROMISE) pictured as 'SLAIN FROM THE FOUNDATION OF THE WORLD' according to the FAITH in GODS PLAN (Jn. 1:29, Rev. 13:8)! So the SEED of the WOMAN which would CRUSH the serpents head (Gen. 3:15) was being shadowed in ISRAEL born from ISAAC, the miracle seed from whom they would COME, who would UNITE IN THE PROMISE at the appointed time for the 'world Pharaoh's' kingdom, as the 'SUN GOD INCARNATE', the GOD of THIS WORLD, to be DESTROYED in JUDGEMENT so Israel could ENTER THE PROMISE OF COVENANT with GOD as THEIR KING. This was all a SHADOW of what would come for us in the END DAYS and is NOW AT THE DOOR!

Surely Abraham passed this FAITH on to his chosen FIRSTBORN son Isaac, a promised MIRACLE CHILD who was BORN ON 'PASSOVER DAY' to give us insight in Gods PROMISE of a 'PASSOVER SACRIFICE', who himself passed it on to HIS OWN 'FIRSTBORN HEIR', Jacob. Jacob himself would have personal dealings with this God, through his SPIRIT of PROPHECY with whom he would struggle and overcome, to be renamed 'Israel' (the ruling straightness or 'integrity of God'). Jacob himself shares HIS FAITH and this HISTORY of GOD and this PLAN he received from the SPIRIT OF PROPHECY called the Malak/Messenger/Angel of the LORD (which has Gods 'name' in him, and is able to forgive sin and redeem men for God: Gen. 22:11, Gen. 48:16, Ex. 3:2, Ex. 23:21) as it had been revealed to this 'CHOSEN PEOPLE' of 'FIRSTBORN SONS' to INHERIT GODS PROMISES from the foundation of the world, to Joseph.

Joseph was Israel's CHOSEN 'FIRSTBORN' SON to RULE as the 'TOPSTONE' over the ASSEMBLED TRIBES of ISRAEL as a TIGHT KNIT FAMILY or 'HOUSE', which would be DEVOTED to the 'FAITH' in the PLAN of the 'GOD OF THEIR FATHERS' who would INHERIT the WORLD KINGDOM to bring PEACE TO THE WORLD as GOD HAS DESIGNED. But he was REJECTED as TOPSTONE to be symbolically LAID as a CORNERSTONE for this BUILDING PLAN, FIRST. These events leading to the FIRST COVENANT which was PLANNED BY GOD TO BE BROKEN in ADVANCE, is the BLUEPRINT for the NEW COVENANT PLAN which would not be FULLY DEVELOPED and REVEALED for them to understand until the END DAYS when the PROPHET LIKE MOSES A.K.A. Elijah, as a 'root from Jesse' is RAISED UP to LEAD THE PEOPLE "Israel", Gods firstborn Son, into THEIR WORLD INHERITANCE under the world's TOP STONE and MORNING STAR RULER, as GOD PROMISED!

In order to FULFILL THE PROMISE of God to Abraham that THEY (his PROMISED seed) would be 'enslaved 400 years (and after their 'exodus', taken into an even GREATER 'WORLD ENSLAVEMENT' out from which they would come in an EVEN 'GREATER EXODUS'), and as 'CORNERSTONE' of GOD'S PLAN, he INTENDED that JUDAH would reject 'JOSEPH' (as 'CORNERSTONE' for BOTH of these PROMISED 'ENSLAVEMENTS', as we shall see) and sell him into the 'BONDAGE OF DEATH', from which those boys NEVER IMAGINED THEY WOULD EVER SEE 'JOSEPH', the FIRSTBORN HEIR they would bury as a 'CORNERSTONE' of GODS PLAN, AGAIN.

In fact this was God's plan WHICH HE SHOWED TO FATHER ISRAEL so that MOSES would ENCODE IT in the LAW which would be GIVEN TO JUDAH who would CARRY IT until the RIGHTFUL HEIR IS REVEALED like JOSEPH REVEALED HIMSELF TO JUDAH IN EGYPT! He was the 'FIRSTFRUIT' of the PROMISE of BONDAGE; all part of GODS PLAN which JUDAH FULFILLED in his SPIRITUAL BLINDNESS regarding the PLAN whereby JUDAH would fall into a SPIRITUAL PIT, AS GOD KNEW IN ADVANCE WOULD BE THE CASE! Joseph KNEW (through the SPIRIT OF GOD, which is the SPIRIT OF PROPHECY which lived IN HIM: Gen. 41:38, Rev. 19:10) that Gods hand was in THEIR EVIL DEED, even as he KNEW that God had INTENDED that CAIN SLAY ABEL as part of the SAME PLAN which was being REVEALED THROUGH THIS 'CHOSEN PEOPLE', the FIRSTBORN SONS OF PROMISE!


To make a long story short, we see that Joseph was glorified to the RIGHT HAND OF POWER on EARTH, and the rest of Israel was UNITED UNDER JOSEPH in BONDAGE to EGYPT, as GOD PROMISED to Great Grandfather Abraham WOULD HAPPEN to 'them', HIS SEED! No doubt most of them eventually became very pessimistic about the GOD of ISRAEL over the course of their enslavement, even as most of them likely had FORGOTTEN the promises God had given the FATHERS OF OUR FAITH, and some may have even contemplated whether or not Joseph had ever even existed; let alone BELIEVE God would VISIT THEM (PAKAD) so they would be FREED from the ALMIGHTY PHARAOH of WORLD POWER as JOSEPH PROMISED! No doubt many of them were participating in all of the SORCERIES and SEDUCTIONS that Egypt had to offer for many years before Moses was called by God to remind them (after they first mocked and jeered at him) and then later WRITE ALL THESE THINGS DOWN FOR OUR POSTERITY so we could have a MORE SURE WORD OF PROPHECY that we could NEVER FORGET AGAIN! We have a MORE SURE WORD OF PROPHECY given to US through JESUS, than they did through JOSEPH!

What's interesting to note is that the SAME DAY they came out of bondage was SIMILAR in MANY WAYS to the DAY which Joseph was BETRAYED by his brothers over whom Judah became the RULER. They came out of bondage to Egypt on what is known as PASSOVER DAY after having slain and eaten a SACRIFICE the night before, as GOD COMMANDED. Joseph likewise was sold into bondage on THAT SELFSAME DAY which God promised to VISIT (Pakad) SARAH with a MIRACLE CHILD (and to VISIT his JUDGEMENT on the ENSLAVERS of ISRAEL (Gen. 15:13-14, 18:14 & Ex. 12:41) 430 years earlier to the DAY! His brothers who BETRAYED HIM, ate the SACRIFICE into the blood of which Josephs coat had been dipped in order to deceive and betray their father in CONSPIRACY AGAINST HIM! In order that no one would ever FIND EVIDENCES that a SACRIFICE was made, WHICH THEY ATE QUICKLY with unleavened bread, they even BURNED THE INNARDS, SKIN, AND BONES in a FIRE so that NOTHING REMAINED which could be RECOGNIZED as 'evidence'. Basically they were SYMBOLICALLY eating Josephs flesh in a BLOOD OATH COVENANT of SECRECY where they INSANELY THOUGHT they would NEVER BE EXPOSED because they really HAD NO FAITH IN GOD who had PLANNED TO USE THEIR EVIL FOR HIS OWN GOOD from the FOUNDATION OF THE WORLD!

Judah then CUT HIMSELF OFF from the Tents of Israel to pursue building his own house/tribe APART from the TENTS OF HIS FATHER ISRAEL (Gen. 38:1). Eventually we see that Judah's sexual sin, for which he was stealing his fathers sheep to have intercourse with local prostitutes (a sin which would become SPIRITUAL ADULTERY, which Joseph was going to, and YET SHALL EXPOSE), came to find him out. This is HOW the PROMISE of JUDAH'S SCEPTRE is TIED to the FRUITFUL BOUGH of JOSEPH (sheloh) to whom the RIGHT of RULERSHIP rightly BELONGED, and would be GIVEN IN THE END DAYS according to PROPHECY to RE-UNITE the HOUSE OF JUDAH according to the PROPHETIC LAW (of raising SEED to the deceased) and the HOUSE OF ISRAEL/JOSEPH/EPHRAIM would be ONE HOUSE to NEVER BE DIVIDED AGAIN in the END DAYS!

You see Jacob recognized the SPIRIT OF PROPHECY was telling him that the PROMISED SEED of ISRAEL, who would be REJECTED, was going to come through JUDAH's OWN LOINS to be SACRIFICED BY HIM in JERUSALEM, but his 'house' would be TIED to JOSEPH who is the RIGHTFUL HEIR who would SAVE HIM from the 'PIT OF DEATH' which ESAU/AMELEK would LEAD HIM INTO! Judah (through a 'FATHER' figure and 'SAVIOR' who would be EXPOSED and 'CUT OFF' in the SECOND HALF of a SPIRITUAL 'ATONEMENT SACRIFICE') was SELECTED as CAIN HAD BEEN (and later Abraham with Isaac) to be the ONE who would REJECT the 'CORNERSTONE of the LAW' (and SELECT a FALSE 'LIGHT of the WORLD' and 'SAVIOUR' of the JEWS), which is GODS TRUE 'LIGHT OF THE WORLD', and would SLAY the MIRACLE SEED of GODS 'PASSOVER' PROMISE who would then be taken to the RIGHT HAND OF POWER in HEAVEN as GODS KING (Like Joseph had been on earth, Psalm 110), a SON OF DAVID who would have lineage from BOTH the tribe of JUDAH and the tribe of JOSEPH (first recognized ONLY as a son of Judah, to LATER be manifest as ALSO from JOSEPH at the END DAYS OF ENSLAVEMENT by a PROPHET LIKE MOSES!). So he gave a promise of the SCEPTRE 'between Judah's feet' which would be TIED to the PROMISE OF THE RIGHTFUL KING OF ISRAEL as the FRUITFUL BOUGH, a 'son of man' who would come as a THIEF in the end days of a WORLD BONDAGE Moses PROMISED we would be taken into (Duet. 30:1-3), when HE LIKEWISE SAW THE PLAN for WORLD SALVATION given in even MORE DETAIL by LATER PROPHETS! A plan to SAVE THE WORLD from BONDAGE TO THE PHARAONIC SERPENT GOD OF THIS WORLD in a PROPHESIED 'MESSIANIC NEW WORLD ORDER'!

Father Israel, knowing that many ELEMENTS of this PLAN that God had revealed to him through the SPIRIT OF PROPHECY, had NOT YET BEEN FULFILLED (ie. the MIRACLE SEED of GODS PROMISE to RULE ISRAEL who would be REJECTED BY HIS BROTHERS and SLAIN as a 'PASSOVER LAMB' in JERUSALEM, pictured in Isaac, whom GOD WOULD RAISE UP from the dead as giver of LIFE to 'GLORIFY' as a 'firstfruit' to the RIGHT HAND OF POWER like Joseph, and from whom the SPIRITUAL SEED, as numerous as the STARS IN HEAVEN or sand on the sea shore, would come forth from that CHOSEN 'BRANCH' to FRUITFULLY fill the earth).

Also Moses understood that JUDAH WOULD HAVE THE SCEPTRE 'between his feet' on earth until the END DAYS when the RIGHTFUL HEIR OF JOSEPH (as a 'root from Jesse' and SEED from David) would be RECOGNIZED according to this PLAN to bring GODS KINGDOM TO EARTH through another despised 'son of man' like Joseph and a prophet like Moses, to CONQUER the SERPENT GODS 'PRISON PLANET' of the end days, by REVEALING THESE HEAVENLY PROMISES through the SPIRIT OF GOD in HIM in order to lead GODS PEOPLE into the NEW COVENANT PROMISE of PEACE ON EARTH according to the SPIRIT OF PROPHECY and TESTIMONY OF 'JESUS' (Rev. 19:10), who would be MANIFEST TO THE EYE OF THEIR MINDS UNDERSTANDING within the PRISON of MATERIAL REALITY as KING in the END DAYS according to the PROMISES!

Now to go a bit deeper, we will see that Moses established this GOSPEL in a LEGAL SYSTEM of SACRIFICE pointing TO and revolving around, GODS chosen and FAITHFUL WITNESS IN THE SKY for his 'SABBATH LIGHT OF THE WORLD', a LUNAR CALENDAR of GODS TIMES AND LAWS which would be 'forgotten in zion' for a time after Gods Temple would be DESTROYED, as PROPHESIED IN ADVANCE (Lam. 2:6, Ps. 118:22) which was INTENDED BY GOD to be CORRUPTED and used HYPOCRITICALLY by JUDAH who would interpret it from a WRONG SPIRIT, not recognizing the SPIRIT OF GOD which was in Joseph and moved Moses pen. That HOLY SPIRIT of PROPHECY was going to be ENFLESHED as 'THE' Passover Sabbath Lamb, AND as UNLEAVENED BREAD of GODS WORD and the 'WINE' of a NEW COVENANT WEDDING SUPPER EXODUS into the NEW COVENANT where GODS TIMES AND LAWS will be RULING PLANET EARTH in PEACE!

So God was INTENDING to use OUR EVIL for HIS OWN GOOD to SAVE THE WORLD as the 'LIGHT OF THE WORLD' and 'KING OF THE SABBATH', as the ATONING and REDEEMING sacrifice who would RANSOM US in SACRIFICE, as he did when JOSEPH was REJECTED as a PASSOVER LAMB to REDEEM ISRAEL, after his 'CORNERSTONE' was 'rejected' the FIRST TIME for a BLINDING DECEPTION OF BONDAGE, as a SHADOW of THINGS TO COME. This time the WHOLE WORLD will be SAVED from REBELLION TO HIM and HIS SPIRIT in MEN of flesh, if we will ONLY BELIEVE and come into UNITY AS ONE to OBEY the PASSOVER PLAN for the GREAT EXODUS (Jer. 16:14-15)! Then ALL ISRAEL will be SAVED (Rom. 11:26), along with a GREAT MIXED MULTITUDE who will come out with us AS IN THE FIRST EXODUS, to be GRAFTED IN TO THE PROMISE OF ISRAEL BY THEIR FAITH in the PROMISOR even as those of the first Exodus were (Rom. 11). So lets get a closer look at the ELEMENTS of this PROMISE from the NEW COVENANT TESTATOR.

...For the Messiah is our Passover sacrificed for us. Therefore let us keep the Feast (of Unleavened Bread) not with old leaven, neither with the leaven of malice and wickedness, but with the Unleavened Bread of sincerity and truth. 1 Cor. 5:7b-8

And when he had given thanks he broke the (middle loaf of unleavened) bread and said, 'Take, eat: this is my body, which is broken for you: this do in remembrance of me'. After the same manner also he took the cup, when he had eaten, saying, 'This cup is the New Covenant (Wedding Contract) in my blood, whenever you drink of it, do it as a MEMORIAL of ME'. 1 Cor. 11:24-25

For I delivered unto you first of all that which I also received, how the Messiah died for our sins according to the scriptures; And that he was buried, and that he rose again the third day according to the the Messiah has risen from the dead as the FIRSTFRUITS of them that slept. 1 Corinthians 15:3-4 & 20

Now in addition to the scriptures which I quoted above about this PASSOVER LAMB promised by GOD in HIS 'UNLEAVENED BREAD' WORD from the FOUNDATION OF THE WORLD, the very ORIGIN of 'SACRIFICE', here are the SCRIPTURES in the SACRIFICIAL LAW which Paul is referencing as the ORIGIN of the MYSTERY OF GOD he was MANIFESTING, the SHADOW of Messiah's Body, representing the PURE WORD OF GOD as UNLEAVENED BREAD being BROKEN as INTENDED (as in a broken CONTRACT) and his Death as THE PASSOVER LAMB provided by GOD to redeem us in a NEW CONTRACT, where we would be 'RAISED to LIFE' by God on the THIRD DAY as the FIRSTFRUIT of those 'SLEEPWALKING IN DEATH' (Hos. 5:14-6:2)!

Please NOTE that Paul is NOT IGNORANT of the FACT that the SERPENT GOD/PHARAOH of this world was being WORSHIPPED on the 3rd day after his ANNUAL WINTER SOLSTICE 'DEATH' where he is 'RESURRECTED' from the dead on his annual 'BIRTHDAY' since ANCIENT TIMES (being called SATURNALIA and MITHRAS at that time, and later called 'CHRISTMAS' as it is TO THIS VERY DAY!). He KNEW that the WICKED ONE, who would destroy the Temple and carefully CALCULATE the CHANGE of the FATHERS KINGDOM 'TIMES' and LAWS which SPEAK ALL ABOUT THE TRUTH, would LATCH RIGHT ON to this 'third day resurrection' TRUTH about Jesus in order to TAKE THE WHOLE WORLD into BONDAGE to DECEPTION for 2 MILLENIAL DAYS. This is the very MYSTERY of INIQUITY (2 Thes. 2:7) which would be EXPOSED by the MYSTERY of GODLINESS (1 Cor. 2:7, Eph. 3:9) which is the TRUTH which would EXPOSE THE LIARS on the morning of the 3rd MILLENIAL DAY according to the SPIRITUAL LAW of ATONEMENTS, the JUDGEMENT 'DAY OF YHWH' which precedes TABERNACLING WITH GOD on EARTH!

For this reason Paul tells us that Jesus was PROPHESIED to be 'raised as 'FIRSTFRUITS' on the 3rd day' ACCORDING TO THE ELEMENTS OF THE LAW OF GODS WORD (1 Cor. 15:3-4 & vs. 20), WHICH IS THE SANCTIFYING TRUTH which would SAVE US from the IMPOSTER and HIS LIES, and the MIND SLAVES who SERVE THAT PSYCHOPATHY, according to the SPIRITAL LAW (the LIVING BREATHING 'TORAH' WORD OF GOD is a 'BODY of LAW', HOLY TRUTH, the 'BODY OF MESSIAH' which gives LIFE to all the SONS OF GOD to UNITE THEM as HIS TEMPLE/BODY!), on the '3RD MILLENIAL DAY'! He did this so that the CORNERSTONE TRUTH, the MYSTERY OF GOD which would be BROUGHT FORTH, would be ESTABLISHED as the LAW to BIND the DEVILS DECEPTIONS and EXPOSE the MYSTERY OF INIQUITY as PROPHESIED (2 Thes. 2:7)!

In the fourteenth day of the first (lunar) month at evening is YHWH's Passover (slain), and on the fifteenth day of the same month is the (full moon sabbath) Feast of Unleavened Bread for YHWH...a holy convocation on which you shall do no servile work....then you shall bring a sheaf of the FIRSTFRUIT...on the day after the Sabbath (the 16th of the lunar moonth)...the priest shall wave it. Leviticus 23:5-11

So what we see here is that the MOED (appointed time) of PASSOVER has some very SPECIFIC TIMING of events REQUIRED TO TAKE PLACE according to the LAW. The first thing to note is that PASSOVER SABBATH PROPER is the FULL MOON DAY of the month, the SIGN of the SABBATH MESSIAH God promised to provide for OUR REST in HIS REDEMPTION.

The SANCTIFIED NEW MOON represents the INVISIBLE GOD who selected it as the SIGN for his MOEDIM and the TRUE "Lord of the Sabbath" who would be rejected as the CORNERSTONE of His Kingdom Plan, similarly to Joseph. And the FULL MOON SABBATH represents the PERFECT IMAGE of that INVISIBLE GOD as in the MESSIAH who is DEPICTED in the 3 GREAT SABBATH FESTIVALS which ALL BEGIN on THIS DAY as the very SIGN of the Messiah in their RESPECTIVE MONTHS! The full moon of the 1st month represents Gods MESSIAH, as the 'REJECTED CORNERSTONE' of the LIVING TORAH in the PASSOVER SACRIFICE (and as the first part of the 'ATONEMENTS'). The Full moon of the 3rd month begins SHAVUOT/PENTECOST and represents the MESSIAH, KING TORAH with whom we are PROMISED to be WED according to GODS PLAN to create us in THEIR IMAGE. And the Full moon of the 7the Month represents the MESSIANIC KINGDOM where GOD is TABERNACLING IN MEN as PROVIDED by the MESSIAH, THE LIVING TORAH 'PLAN' of GODS WORD living IN HIS PEOPLE to create men in THEIR IMAGE, which takes place after the 2nd half of the ATONEMENTS when the PSYCHOPATHY OF MAN has been EXPOSED and REMOVED by the LIGHT OF TRUTH according to the PLAN. Only THEN can 'GOD' be 'JOINED' in HOLINESS as A MARRIAGE UNION where MAN is CREATED in HIS otherwise INVISIBLE HOLY 'IMAGE'. The Moon is the 'FAITHFUL WITNESS' God selected for to represent HIS 'SON', the LIVING 'TORAH' WORD and KING over HIS PLAN FOR CREATION, as the 'CORNERSTONE' and 'MORNING STAR' of GODS SABBATH PLAN to REDEEM and SANCTIFY US, which SPEAKS ALL ABOUT the LIGHT of His TORAH 'MESSIAH' through these FESTIVALS (Ps. 89:37, Ps. 104:19)!

On the 14th day the lamb is slain and PREPARED, BEFORE dusk and the RISE of the FULL MOON which BEGINS PASSOVER "SABBATH" (at dark and the RISE of FULL MOON begins Passover Sabbath of the 15th) and is Eaten over the course of the evening with Unleavened bread. The 15th begins "Unleavened Bread" ( which begins at nightfall ending the 14th 'day', with the RISE of the FULL MOON, extends through the DAYLIGHT HOURSE to end at nightfall which begins just before the rise of the nearly full/waning gibbeous moon) and is the Passover Sabbath day proper (when New Moon has been properly SANCTIFIED), and the day AFTER the Passover SABBATH day (beginning at nightfall), is the 3rd day of these events. Then on this 3rd day of these events, the 16th of the month (which is always the first day of the week in relation to the Lunar CORNERSTONE for observing MOEDIM which ALL SPEAK ABOUT GODS 'LIGHT OF THE WORLD' TRUTH as proven in this link) the 'FIRSTFRUIT' is RAISED/WAIVED in the Tabernacle/Temple after sunrise according to the SPECIFICS of the LAW which Paul is referencing in 1 Cor. 15:3-4 and verse 20 (and which is the TRUTH by which we are SANCTIFIED, Jn. 17:17).

This is the 'MYSTERY of GODLINESS' or secret 'SOD TEACHING' in the LAW of MOSES regarding the PASSOVER LAMB which GOD INTENDED TO PROVIDE for us as he PROMISED in HINTS (remez) and SHADOWS (drash) from the FOUNDATION of the world (1 Cor. 2:7) ! We REJECTED the CORNERSTONE 'LIGHT OF THE WORLD' of GODS KINGDOM, like a JOSEPH as described in GODS WORD, and HE PROVIDED THE SACRIFICE (now raised in glory to HIS RIGHT HAND OF POWER) to REDEEM and RANSOM us from our captivity to DEATH, if we will only AGREE with HIM and RECOGNIZE our KING AND HIGH PRIEST AT HIS RIGHT HAND!

So these are the MATHEMATICAL 'ELEMENTS' of the WORD OF GOD in FLESH, the MESSIAH who was BROKEN as UNLEAVENED BREAD and SLAIN as a PASSOVER LAMB according to GODS ANCIENT PLAN where he would be TAKEN UP in GLORY to the RIGHT HAND of the FATHER as 'FIRSTFRUITS' on the 3rd DAY to become our HIGH PRIEST AND KING, to FREE US from bondage to DEATH in a FALLEN PERCEPTION OF REALITY controlled by the SERPENT GOD, PHARAOH of this material reality, so we can EXODUS into EVERLASTING LIFE according to HIS PROMISES (Hos. 13:14). He desires to FREE US, SANCTIFY US, REDEEM US and WED US in LIFE ETERNAL according to the 4 PROMISES we associate with the FOUR CUPS of PASSOVER WINE, which also represent the BLOOD of LIFE we receive in our ETERNAL WEDDING CONTRACT with GOD where he REDEEMS US FROM DEATH (Hos. 13:14)! The FULL MOON is the PASSOVER SABBATH 'SIGN' of the 'CORNERSTONE' of GODS PASSOVER PLAN!

It's interesting that during this ANCIENT FEAST of UNLEAVENED BREAD called MATZAH in Hebrew, which we are commanded to keep by Jesus and Paul (1 Cor. 5:8 & 11:24-29), there are THREE LOAVES of unleavened bread or MATZAH kept in separate compartments of the same napkin (called a 'matzah tosh'), the MIDDLE LOAF representing Jesus body as the GROOM of the CORNERSTONE FESTIVAL (Shavuot/Pentecost) of the 1st COVENANT of the 'WORD OF GOD', and the GROOM of our NEW COVENANT WEDDING PROMISE, is removed and broken in half. The FIRST THING to recognize is that 'MATZAH' not only means 'unleavened bread', like the 'breaking' of Gods Word, but ALSO MEANS to 'FIND', like FINDING of the SHAVUOT/PENTECOST DAY which GOD intended would be HIDDEN as a SECRET or MYSTERY about HIMSELF and HIS NEW COVENANT WEDDING PLAN in HIS WORD, the 'CORNERSTONE' light of the world and PURE 'BREAD FROM HEAVEN' which he gave as a PASSOVER LAMB to lead us in EXODUS to enter the NEW COVENANT PROMISE of the MESSIANIC KINGDOM RULE ON EARTH!

Then HALF of the MATZAH is BROKEN (like the WORD of the WEDDING COVENANT with our GROOM which we BROKE, as DEMONSTRATED through the SHAVUOT/PENTECOST which WHEN FOUND, will begin the NEW COVENANT WEDDING with our GROOM whom we REJECTED) into smaller pieces and distributed among all the participants at the meal to be EATEN, and the other half is HIDDEN AWAY (like the 'MYSTERY of the WORD of GOD' being brought forth, BROKEN as PROMISED, and HIDDEN AWAY again until the APPOINTED TIME that we EXODUS WORLD BONDAGE for having broken the 1st contract to then ENTER THE NEW COVENANT PROMISE!).

At the end of the seder the children go looking to FIND (Matzah), the OTHER HALF of the BODY OF MESSIAH, the SECRET of GODS WORD broken as 'unleavened bread' (Matzah), and bring it forth in order to be REDEEMED according to the PROMISE of THAT WORD of GOD broken FOR US according to a MERCIFUL PLAN of a WONDEROUS GOD! It's of PARAMOUNT IMPORTANCE to recognize the CORNERSTONE TRUTH of the BODY OF MESSIAH which would be REJECTED for a FALSE MORNING STAR, according to the PLAN for WORLD SALVATION...only THEN can one be BORN AGAIN into the KINGDOM OF GOD COME ON EARTH as PLANNED!

These remez (hints or shadows) in the drashot ('SYMBOLS') are VERY IMPORTANT for us to RIGHTLY DISCERN or 'FIND' the SOD (MYSTERY) of the BODY of GODS WORD, the 'UNLEAVENED BREAD' of GODS TRUTH which IS the BODY OF MESSIAH. To NOT RIGHTLY DISCERN the body of Jesus as the TRUTH of MESSIAH, the WORD OF GOD in FLESH rightly discerned at THIS 'JEWISH' FESTIVAL, is to EAT AND DRINK DAMNATION to one's self ACCORDING TO PAUL (1 Cor. 11:29)! It's really TANTAMOUNT to PHARAOH and HIS FIRSTBORN SONS or kingdom administration, who WORSHIPPED the BLINDING 'GOD OF THIS WORLD' associated with the cornerstone of the SUN and who 'KNEW NOT JOSEPH' and were DAMNED BY GOD (Ex. 1:8, Mat. 7:23)! They simply REFUSED to believe in the PROMISES OF GOD which he associated with the 'PASSOVER LAMB' he PROMISED to provide from the FOUNDATION OF THE WORLD, which would SAVE THEM FROM DESTRUCTION that would come on the WORLDS SORCERERS who WORSHIPPED the GOD OF THIS WORLD!

For as often as you eat this bread and drink this cup, you demonstrate the Messiah's death till he comes. Therefore whoever shall eat this bread and drink this cup of the Messiah unworthily shall be guilty of the body and blood of the Messiah. But let a man examine himself, and so let him eat of that bread, and drink of that cup. For he that eats and drinks unworthily, eats and drinks damnation to himself by not rightly discerning the body of Messiah....For if we would judge ourselves, we shall not be judged. 1 Corinthians 11:26-32

David was CONFRONTED by Nathan for MURDERING 'URIAH' (his name meant: 'LIGHT of YHWH') and STEALING HIS WIFE (a picture of Gods bride which the spiritual SERPENT would attempt to steal and replace with his SPIRITUAL HARLOT, even as pictured in Haman, as we shall see later, the very REASON the LAW WAS GIVEN is to SAVE MANKIND from such MATERIALISTIC spiritual BEASTS)! Uriah was painted as GODS PRECIOUS BELOVED LAMB by Nathan (2 Sam. 12:3) and David PRONOUNCED DEATH on Himself for having SLAIN HIM (2 Sam. 12:5)! But God forgave David this MORTAL SIN and David recognized that GOD ATONED FOR HIS MORTAL SIN by taking the LIFE of HIS 'INNOCENT' FIRSTBORN SON through whom the SPIRITUAL PROMISE of the LAW would come (2 Sam. 7:12-13), as we shall see in GREAT DETAIL in the next chapter!

David recognized the SPIRIT of Gods Holy Law is what gives TRUE LIFE to the SPIRITUAL MAN and He thanked God for not taking that SPIRIT OF LIFE from him in Psalm 51. In Psalm 110 he recognized HIS INNOCENT FIRSTBORN SON who ATONED FOR HIS SIN was indeed SITTING AT GOD'S RIGHT HAND as the ETERNAL KING of PROMISE who would build HIS TEMPLE made of LIVING STONES having GODS SPIRIT LIVING IN THEM (2 Sam. 7:12-14, Zech. 6:12-13, Mk. 14:58, 1 Pet. 2:4-9)! This is the very TOP STONE of GODS LAW who he recognized, through his MEDITATIONS on the HOLY LAW in RELATIONSHIP with the SPIRIT OF TRUTH which IS GODS SPIRIT, that He would be SACRIFICED as an INNOCENT LAMB to ATONE for SIN and ALLOW GOD TO DWELL in our TEMPLES according to the MERCY of Gods LAW, which gives SPIRITUAL LIFE to BEASTLY MEN in NEW BIRTH from ABOVE through THIS 'SACRIFICE of TRUTH' which GOD MADE as the very 'CORNERSTONE' of MATERIAL REALITY, when VIEWED CORRECTLY! We will see in the next chapter that through MEDITATING on the EVENTS in the first book of the 'LAW' which led up to Moses receiving the law, this is EXACTLY what David recognized would be the MERCIFUL CROWNED KING over the HOLY LAW which DEFINES GODS SPIRIT against whom men are DECEIVED to REBEL!

In other words, we who are BORN FROM ABOVE according to the HOLY SPIRIT OF THE LAW which IDENTIFIES the PERFECT IMAGE OF GOD who is SPIRIT AND TRUTH we are to MANIFEST according to the CREATION PLAN, recognize that the death of the flesh does NOT KILL the SPIRIT OF GOD which gives us TRUE LIFE; we are ONE with HIM in SPIRIT and TRUTH! Those who do not have that SPIRIT OF LIFE living in them through DEDICATION of their flesh TEMPLE to allow that SPIRIT OF GOD to ENTER AND RULE THEM according to the SPIRITUAL LAW which gives us LIFE, though they are 'alive' in flesh in this material SUB REALITY, are really nothing more than SPIRITUALLY DEAD 'BRUTE BEASTS'! This is EXACTLY HOW we are to RIGHTLY DISCERN the 'BODY' of the 'MESSIAH' through the ELEMENTS of the TRUTH of GODS WORD so we are not CONDEMNED in JUDGEMENT, according to PAUL (1 Cor. 11:29)!

Now let's speak a bit more on the IMPORTANCE of RIGHTLY DISCERNING the WORD OF GOD as JESUS MIRACULOUS FLESH (basar peleh), who is ALSO the 'CORNERSTONE' of all APPOINTED TIMES (moed) in GODS WORD which will RULE PLANET EARTH FROM ZION , in context of REPLACING THE BODY of GODS WORD, the GOSPEL PLAN through SORCERY. To replace the TRUE 'BODY OF JESUS' with BLINDING COUNTERFEIT INTERPRETATIONS, 'appointed times' not associated with GODS CHOSEN AND FAITHFUL CORNERSTONE WITNESS in the sky, and 'GOSPELS' in place of the TRUTH, as does the SORCERESS HARLOT of REVELATION and all her ABOMINABLE DAUGHTERS do to this very day as is EASILY DEMONSTRATABLE, is SATANIC!

He appointed the moon for appointed times (moed): the sun knows he's going down. Psalm 104:19

The fact is that EVERY CULT uses the following scriptures from Paul and from John to ASSUME 'APOSTOLIC AUTHORITY'. Each DENOMINATIONAL CULT (Blasphemous Daughters of the HARLOT MOTHER CHURCH) merely ASSUMES the 'gospel' they have is the same as what Paul and John preached, and they CALL EACHOTHER CULTS for not having the same Gospel...THEY'RE ALL CULTS!

If anyone, even if an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel to you than that which we have preached to you, let him be cursed. Let me say it again: If any man preach any other gospel unto you than that ye have received from us, let him be cursed. Galatians 1:8-9

If anyone comes to you and does not bring not this doctrine, don't welcome him into your home, or bid him God speed: For he that bids him God speed will be a partaker of his evil deeds. 2 John 1:10-11

Beginning with their HARLOT MOTHER who rides the POWER of the DRAGON and his ANTICHRIST who ALREADY CAME and who put this POWERFUL DELUSION in POSITION to RULE THE WORLD as their BLINDING POWER OF DECEPTION (as proven HERE), they have ALL REPLACED THE CORNERSTONE 'GOSPEL' APPOINTED TIME (moed) of the LORDS SUPPER of UNLEAVENED BREAD/PASSOVER 'LIVING TORAH KING', with LAWLESS ANTICHRIST FORGERIES like 'Easter', Eucharist, 'Communion', and a 'Lords Supper' which have NOTHING to do with the 'appointed time' (moed) TRUTH of GODS PROMISE associated with the COMMUNAL 'LORDS SUPPER' called UNLEAVENED BREAD and PASSOVER! They have built their 'church house' on REBELLION to the TORAH KING which is the 'CORNERSTONE' and TRUE 'MORNING STAR' with a FALSE 'MORNING STAR, based in nothing but UNTENABLE CLAIMS which have been FORCED ON THE MINDS OF THE WORLD through NARCISSIST LIARS and which CAN'T BE ESTABLISHED as 'TRUE' in relation to ANY 'CORNERSTONE' or FOUNDATION, while they OPENLY REJECT APOSTOLIC AUTHORITY which is easily re-established, even from the HARLOTS own teachings, to THIS VERY DAY!

The MOTHER HARLOTS teaches that POLYCARP (the recognized Gentile 'MESSIANIC FATHER' of the 'quartodeciman' debate which raged for nearly 200 years AFTER his martyrdom in the 2nd century C.E.), who was a VERY CLOSE PERSONAL GREEK DISCIPLE of John the Revelator, is a 'church father' and has 'apostolic authority' given to him BY JOHN, yet they REJECT John and Polycarps APOSTOLIC AUTHORITY to keep the MOED (appointed time) of PASSOVER (not 'Easter') related to GODS faithful SIGN of the 'CORNERSTONE' in the SKY, as their 'tradition' (and every protestant DAUGHTER of this HARLOT does likewise)! They CHANGED THE CHOSEN 'CORNERSTONE' of God's APPOINTED TIMES (moed) and the APPOINTED TIME of his MIRACULOUS (peleh) VISITATION (pakad) with a BLINDINGLY POWERFUL DECEPTION as God PROMISED IN ADVANCE so that WE COULD BE SAVED BY THE TRUTH OF GOD!

They claim (out of THIN AIR) that the 'TRADITION' of John and his Greek disciple Polycarp of observing the 'PASSOVER' as the 'Lords Supper', as I have outlined above is the CORNERSTONE of the APPOINTED TIMES (moed) of God's Gospel Plan, is SUPPOSEDLY REJECTED BY THEM for the 'tradition' of another APOSTLE, Peter! I suggest that PETER and JOHN were NOT DIVIDED on this issue of the PROMISED APPOINTED TIME (moed) as they UNTENABLY CLAIM. So it's not the SPIRIT of TRUTH that lived in Simon Peter they chose to represent the 'cornerstone' of apostolic authority for their 'church', but the SPIRIT of Simon the SORCERER who has given the world a BLINDING DECEPTION for a CORNERSTONE! The DRAGON of ROME and his ANTICHRIST EMPERORS DISASSOCIATED the TRUE CORNERSTONE from the SIGN of his MOED (appointed time) to BLIND THE MINDS OF THE WORLD with the sign or MARK of the 'SUN GOD'! The IDENTITY of the TRUE JESUS has been STOLEN by an IDENTITY THIEF, ROBBER AND MURDERER and HIS TARE CHILDREN who KEEP UP THIS OPEN SECRET CHARADE TO THIS VERY DAY!

With NO EVIDENCE AT ALL TO SUPPORT THEIR CLAIMS, they CLAIM that the APOSTLES John and Peter were DIVIDED on when to Observe the APPOINTED TIME (moed) SUPPER of the PASSOVER LAMB and it's on THIS FRAUDULAENT CLAIM that they CLAIM 'Peter' gave them a DIFFERENT APOSTOLIC 'TRADITION'! They have NO EVIDENCE for ANY OF THIS 'TRADITION' which they CLAIM has APOSTOLIC AUTHORITY from Peter, and REJECT JOHN AND POLYCARPS (and for that matter, Paul's as pointed out above, and the AUTHORITY OF THE WORD OF GODS PROMISES)! They have passed on a COMPLETE AND TOTAL FABRICATION of a 'tradition' as IF it were APOSTOLIC AUTHORITY! This is in keeping of course with the ANTICHRIST who would CALCULATE THE CHANGING OF TIMES AND LAW with the rejection of GODS SON (the King and High Priest seated next to God in glory: Ps. 110:1), and the DESTRUCTION of GODS TEMPLE as prophesied in advance, and SOW HIS POISONOUS 'TARES' IN TO THE WORLD'S 'FIELD' with GOD'S GOOD SEED (Dan. 7:25, Lam. 2:6, Mat. 13:24-42, Rev. 17:17)!


The 'widowed' and religiously DRUNKEN HARLOT'S now dead ANTICHRIST 'HUSBAND' (Is. 47:8, Rev. 18:7), and the DRAGON-BEAST POWER of DECEPTION she still RIDES, whose HEAD was KILLED but STILL LIVES, is NOW EXPOSED as PROPHESIED; judgement will SOON BEGIN ON HER! Despite the FACT that she claims she IS NOT a 'WIDOW' and will 'sit as queen FOREVER' (Is. 47:8, Rev. 18:7), she's simply 'DRUNK ON THE BLOOD OF JESUS AND THE SAINTS' SHE HAS MURDERED IN HIS NAME (Rev. 17:4-6) LIKE POLYCARP...her HOUSE is built on nothing but LIES, SORCERIES, AND MURDER! The TRUE and rejected CORNERSTONE, whose 'APPOINTED TIMES' (moed) AND LAWS were CHANGED by HER 'ANTICHRIST' husband as prophesied, is NOW RISING from the DEAD on this 3RD MILLENIAL DAY as promised (Hosea 6:2) and will be ESTABLISHED as the TRUE 'MORNING STAR' TRUTH and 'LIGHT OF THE WORLD' to TOP GODS WORLD GOVERNMENTAL HOUSE on the morning of this 3RD MILLENIAL DAY, for the MESSIANIC REIGN of GOD on EARTH as anciently PROMISED!

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