In an age of UNIVERSAL DECEPTION, telling the TRUTH becomes a REVOLUTIONARY ACT! George Orwell-1984?




Moses' hidden "Gospel"!

This is the REVELATION of the "Cornerstone Gospel" Moses preached which was KEPT a KINGDOM SECRET until Jesus came. After his death and resurrection as the CORNERSTONE of God's Plan, it was SEALED UP again until Judgement Day (now at the door) when the "coming prince" of this world destroyed the Temple and Took Israel into bondage as prophesied!

Herein we shall demonstrate EXACTLY HOW Moses Wrote about Jesus (Jn. 5:47-48) as the "Cornerstone" of God's New Covenant Kingdom "GOSPEL" Plan, which Moses GAVE US and later prophets built on his work to give us more details! You could say Moses gave us the FRAMEWORK and the rest of the TaNaKh (Old Testament) filled out more DETAIL. Some people speak in terms of Seeds germinating and growing into a tree and having fruit...same priniciple. Moses gave us the SEED which later prophets DEVELOPED as the Spirit of God moved them.

We will begin by examining the Origin and Purpose of "Sacrifice" as the "CORNERSTONE" of Gods KINGDOM LAW which speaks of "the weightiest matters of the Law" being "Justice, Mercy, and FAITH" (Mat. 23:23) and DEFINES the RIGHTEOUS IMAGE of God manifest by our Messiah through his OBEDIENCE as the PERFECT "FATHER of our Faith", as the GOAL of the HOLY LAW which Moses gave us for the SALVATION of the WORLD (Jn. 5:47-48, Rom. 10:3-4)!

So let's begin with regard to the Origin of Sacrifice itself:

1. Where did the seemingly neanderthal concept of "Sacrifice" originate; from God or from the superstitious mind of man? Why did Moses codify "sacrifice" as the foundation upon which Israel's "Holy Kingdom" was established, and around which these ANNUAL SACRIFICES they marched as a "Holy Nation"? How could murdering innocent animals ever "redeem" or "sanctify" man from the guilt of sin? What does murdering INNOCENT ANIMALS have to do with HOLINESS at all; how can that "PURGE EVIL and REBELLION" out from people to make them HOLY?!

It seems the concept of "Sacrifice" is quite "Neanderthal" and even "superstitious" in its origin. It seems inconsistent with a RATIONAL GOD of TRUTH. It seems to have its origin in the SUPERSTITIOUS MIND of man himself. So if sacrifice has its origin in a RATIONAL MIND leading us to REASON with him to REFLECT His IMAGE of RIGHTEOUSNESS, what is the POINT behind the origin and import of "sacrifice"? And what happens if the PRIESTS making the "sacrifices" are CORRUPT HYPOCRITES deceiving people about God and serving as ministers of an EVIL KINGDOM in PRETENSE of serving a Holy God?


Was "sacrifice" NOT the "CORNERSTONE" of God's RATIONAL, HOLY KINGDOM whose Import and LOGIC would eventually lead us to see the otherwise INVISIBLE IMAGE of the HOLY SPIRIT of TRUTH which IS our HOLY GOD, according to His Plan using these SACRIFICIAL "WITNESSES" for Him murdered at the hands of HYPOCRITES in REBELLION TO HIS KINGDOM in order to EXPOSE THEM for their CRIMES AGAINST ALL MEN would BEND THE KNEE and BOW to that "CORNERSTONE SPIRIT OF TRUTH" according to the CODIFIED SABBATHS (anchored to the Sanctified New Moon) which DESCRIBE HIM as our LORD...after we RECOGNIZE we had REJECTED HIM like we did Joseph? Would we recognize the God WHO SANCTIFIES US according to HIS KINGDOM SABBATH PLAN as the CORNERSTONE PERSPECTIVE of HOLY TRUTH from which we MUST INTERPRET HIS KINGDOM LAW in order to TRULY SERVE HIM AS KING and HONOR HIS SACRIFICE and SUFFERING at OUR HANDS? Will not TRUE JUSTICE be administered from THIS CORNERSTONE PERSPECTIVE by which a HOLY PEOPLE honors their HOLY GOD?

2. Why did Abel believe BY FAITH that God would be pleased with his sacrificial gift?

Because without much THOUGHTFUL REFLECTION it seems to be SO INCONSISTENT with what appears to be the very 1st example of a caring and sensitive "good shepherd" of the flocks, many simply refuse to believe Abel's SACRIFICIAL "offering" was a BLOODY one. So let's explore that. How exactly did Abel "offer" his FIRSTBORN LAMBS to God as a GIFT...and WHY would Abel think that his gift should be accepted by God after Cain offers up the FRUITS of his own HARD LABORS, which God ACCEPTED from him? [Some argue that God did not accept Cain's Gift but REJECTED it AFTER Abel brought his gift; for which there is no textual support and simply makes no sense. They say that Cain did NOT bring THE BEST of his OWN HARD LABORS; a "PEACEFUL" and "BLOODLESS" offering of fruits and vegetables from the ground he toiled over. Without ANY TEXTUAL INDICATION that God was DISPLEASED with Cain's offering, they will argue he brought wormy, bug damaged, second rate vegetables to God and kept the best for himself and THAT'S the ONLY REASON God showed favor to Abel's offering...and for some reason they think Cain was so evil that he became angry that God would like ANYTHING BETTER than his ROTTEN fruits and vegetables. How dare Abel bring something better than Cain's ROTTEN pile of compost he EXPECTED God to like BETTER?! The text DOES NOT SAY Cain brought anything LESS than HIS BEST to God, or for that matter that Abel did merely says God showed PREFERENCE to Abel's. This is where the "rub" comes. Cain was QUITE SURE God would be VERY PLEASED with the GEORGEOUS FRUITS of his HARD LABOR which HE WAS VERY PROUD OF (as any good workman should take pride in their labor, or it is WORTHLESS and UNACCEPTABLE to ANYONE, especially God)! He could not UNDERSTAND WHY God would be pleased with Abel's gift for which CAIN HAD NO RESPECT AT ALL! So assuming they both brought their best, why was Abel's "gift" MORE FAVORABLE to God than Cain's?] In other words, assuming they BOTH brought their VERY BEST as a Gift to God (because the text does not say otherwise) what might we DEDUCE in regard to why God ACCEPTED BOTH GIFTS but had respect for Abel's "gift" as being BETTER than Cain's? WHY was God SO PLEASED with Abel's gift as to cause Cain to become MURDEROUSLY JEALOUS of his brother? Isn't God REFLECTING something to us to "see" by FAITH in what HE IS DOING here?


Abel recognized that God covered the naked disobedience of his parents with SKINS. He understood the covering of fig leaves his parents made were insufficient according to God, so God covered them with a sacrificial skin. So were Cain and Abel clothed and if so, what were they using as clothing? Is Abel perhaps REFLECTING something he saw in what God had done for his parents? Is Abel reflecting God's actions in order to create clothing for himself and his brother to "cover their nakedness" with a SACRIFICE? Did Abel, as a SENSITIVE and CARING SHEPHERD, please God by the PAINFUL ACT of SACRIFICING from his MOST PRECIOUS firstborn lambs in order to CLOTHE himself and his brother, in his attempt to PLEASE GOD?

On the other hand, Cain attempted to cover or "HIDE" the nakedness of his evil heart by SACRIFICING the "Witness" of his RIGHTEOUS BROTHER as an INNOCENT LAMB! Don't wicked men ALWAYS try to HIDE their evil by making such a "covenant" with DEATH? Don't the wicked ALWAYS sacrifice the INNOCENT to control a FALSE NARRATIVE of DECEPTION? Isn't this what God was trying to show us regarding the Spirit of Rebellion which took mankind captive in the Garden through deception, to serve him as the "Prince of this world" as "God" ever since?

3. When declaring to us that He is the "Beginning and the End" and that to us He "declares the end from the beginning" and "new things before they come to pass", God is declaring Himself as Omniscient (all knowing). So being omniscient God KNEW in ADVANCE that showing partiality to Abel's sacrifice would incite Cain to murder him. What is God trying to show us in regard to WHY He showed favor to Abel's sacrifice knowing Cain would murder him IN RESPONSE to WHAT GOD DID?

This question really becomes a problem for those who wish to "HIDE THE BLOOD" of SACRIFICE by DENYING that God used the skins of animals to cover the nakedness of Adam and Eve (and simultaneously instructing them on "life" being "in the blood" of the "SACRIFICE" He made to cover them) and Abel was somehow doing likewise which reflected his FAITH IN WHAT GOD DID, and THIS REFLECTION of his FAITH in what GOD DID is EXACTLY what "pleased" God. Why? Because even IF God didn't make a sacrifice for the covering skins (and just snapped his fingers for some prefabricated bloodless animal skin "magic underwear" to appear), He clearly "SACRIFICES ABEL" at the hands of Cain to tell us about his BLOOD SPEAKING after his murder! Because it's DIFFICULT to do, you have to FORCE YOURSELF to think deeply about this now...and COME BACK TO IT as often as needed until your brain stops FIGHTING and you UNDERSTAND; do NOT let your CARNAL BRAIN force you to FORGET this QUESTION...LEARN THE ANSWER! Why in the world would God show favor to Abel's sacrifice KNOWING in advance that no amount of counseling would dissuade his brother Cain from murdering him out of anger rising from jeolousy and "righteous indignation" over his PEACE OFFERING of fruits and vegetables for which he worked so hard, not being better than his brother's gift (however it was "gifted"), knowing in advance that His favor being shown to Abel WOULD RESULT in his MURDER (sacrifice)? Was God Himself NOT RESPONSIBLE for the "SACRIFICE" of Abel, even though it was Cain's HANDS which murdered him (much like God would be RESPONSIBLE for the murder of Isaac had He allowed Abraham to go through with HIS COMMAND)? What is God trying to show us through Abel's blood which still speaks through the BLOOD regarding Cain's sin and GODS PLAN to this very day? Later we learn that David "sacrifices" UriYah at the hands of others and God, holding him accountable as a MURDERER under the 1st Covenant, takes his innocent firstborn son as a ransom for David's life (reflecting the cornerstone "CROWN" of God's Law which He would establish in a New Covenant as Moses shows us). So what did DAVID "SEE" through this event when meditating on it? What does the righteous blood of Abel and David's murder of UriYah (and God taking David's firstborn as a ransom for David under the 1st covenant) speak to us concerning God's GOOD PLAN regarding the "sin of man", the "SACRIFICE" of the INNOCENT, and LIFE AFTER DEATH (which Jesus referenced as the "weightiest matters of the law" pertaining to "Justice, Mercy, and Faith" in Mat. 23:23)?


Conversely did Cain reflect the WICKEDNESS of HYPOCRITICAL REBELLION to God when God ALLOWED HIM to "sacrifice" his RIGHTEOUS brother for us to LEARN THESE LESSONS...and how GODS INNOCENT CHILDREN who are MOST LIKE HIM suffer at the hands of GUILTY CRIMINAL REBELS most UNLIKE HIM? Did God show favor to Abel knowing his brother would murder him because as the one who has power over life and death, He was giving us the first picture of MERCY and the promise of LIFE AFTER DEATH or "resurrection of the dead" by telling us that Abel's BLOOD (which we're told later "life is in the blood') was SPEAKING even after death? Did God want us to believe in the Resurrection of the Righteous through Abels blood "speaking" after death? What are the "good things" abel's blood speaks as alluded to in Hebrews 11:4 & 12:24? It's interesting that David 'sacrifices' UriYah (which means the "light of God) at the hands of others later. Are these sacrifices related in some way to God taking David's son as a "sacrifice" for HIS SIN? Didn't David reflect on this "CORNERSTONE" of sacrificial LAW of the FIRST COVENANT and "SEE" what Moses also saw in regard to the NEW COVENANT and the "weightiest matters" of the Law after being caught RED HANDED by God for wickedly slaying the RIGHTEOUS "Light of God" ("UriYah", who God CALLED His "beloved lamb" in parable to David) at the hands of others in order to COVER or "HIDE" his own "NAKED SIN" of lustfully coveting, adulterating, and stealing His wife (2 Sam. 11:15, ) for which there was NO FORGIVENESS under THAT COVENANT (which he recognized was a TEMPORARY covenant because Moses PROMISED we would break it and be taken into GREATER BONDAGE than Egypt from which we would EXODUS into a GREATER KINGDOM COVENANT)? What was it DAVID SAW when MEDITATING on this sacrificial "CORNERSTONE" of the TORAH LAW by which he was PARDONED from DEATH when he CONFESSED in TRUE REMORSEFUL REPENTANCE over the COST of HIS SIN? Was he NOT pardoned from having his NAME "blotted out" from the book of life for these MORTAL SINS at the COST of his own FIRSTBORN SON which was reflecting the very "CORNERSTONE" of a NEW COVENANT (which would be rejected as a SACRIFICE like Joseph for which MOSES promised we would be taken into a GREATER BONDAGE to later EXODUS from WORLD BONDAGE to enter that COVENANT when we RECOGNIZE this CORNERSTONE SACRIFICE which God made of HIS OWN SON so that our names might not be BLOTTED OUT from the book of life, so we would ESCAPE the BONDAGE of DEATH to live in His ETERNAL KINGDOM)?

4. Why did God give Abraham a MIRACLE CHILD (Isaac) to fulfill a promise He gave him regarding a countless myriad of children that would come from him, to later command Abraham to murder him as a "sacrifice" before fulfilling the promise?

Why did God give Abraham a MIRACLE CHILD (Isaac) to fulfill a promise He gave him that he would have SO MANY "SEED" he would not be able to count them all, to turn around later telling Abraham to take that same son from whom all those seed are promised to come, to Mt. Moriah (Jerusalem) and murder (sacrifice) him there, which would effectively kill the promise? How in the world would God Keep His promise that Abraham would have a countless myriad of seed if Abraham slays the promised son from whom they are to come, effectively cutting off ANY and ALL the promised (physical) progeny with his own hand? Is God showing us something regarding children born of FAITH in HIM (like Abraham as the FATHER of FAITH through his OBEDIENCE of faith to God as His Father) being of FAR MORE VALUE than carnal seed relationships divorced from obedience to God (like Esau)? And didn't God know that Sarah would be SO DISTRAUGHT over Abraham's obedience to God borne out of his STEADFAST FAITH (which shook her faith to the core), that she would LEAVE HIM where they were living in Beersheva to go back to Hebron to live estranged from Abraham til the day she died shortly thereafter? Why would God ask Abraham to do something that appears SO INSANE on its face, and which would cause him so much heartache and grief as HIS SACRIFICE TO GOD borne out of his OBEDIENCE of FAITH? What are we to CONCLUDE regarding the GOODNESS of God and HIS PLAN regarding the SACRIFICES made to him borne out of FAITH, from this event in Father Abraham's life?


Did Abraham reflect on these actions God had taken in regard to Abel and struggle with these questions such that he concluded that when God told him to take the miracle son given to him (Isaac), who had been given to him miraculously in order to fulfill the previous promise that Abraham would have so many seed he would not be able to count them all, did he have faith that God WOULD RAISE HIM FROM THE DEAD to KEEP HIS PROMISE? Was this the first place where we see the FAITH of our FATHERS in the concept of RESURRECTION of the RIGHTEOUS through Abels blood (Heb. 11:19)? We also know that Isaac was both BORN at the "time of life" later codified as "Passover", and it was on THAT VERY DAY that Abraham was to raise his knife over his son. Is this "sacrifice" of a passover LAMB associated with the death of a "PROMISED SON" who would be given in context of a PROMISE of resurrection from the dead just a coincidence? Is it possible that Abraham knew what the "time of life" was, in reference to the birth of Isaac and God requiring him to slay him (later codified as Passover) and it was at this EXACT "time of life" which Abel had sacrificed his lambs OR himself had been "sacrificed" by his brother? Is it POSSIBLE that after these things took place, that God "OPENED the Eye of Abraham's understanding" so that HE "SAW THE DAY" in the FUTURE when God would SLAY HIS PROMISED SON in Jerusalem, as Jesus Himself CLAIMED (Jn. 8:56)? Did Abraham recognize this SON God was promising to slay would be the "PERFECT IMAGE" of God, the INVISIBLE "FATHER of our FAITH" enfleshed, whose "seed" that would come from him would not be through D.N.A. but by OBEDIENCE of FAITH as Children of ABRAHAM's FAITH as FATHER of our FAITH in this PLAN FROM GOD?

5. Why did God give Joseph a dream knowing in advance what would happen to him after he told his brothers?

Why did God give Joseph a dream KNOWING IN ADVANCE that he WOULD tell his brothers and that they would HATE HIM for claiming God showed him favor as a RIGHTEOUS MAN to whom they would bow? He knew they would become so outraged that some of them would conspire to murder him. He knew they would end up selling him to human trafficking slave traders (which in their eyes was as good as death since they had NO FAITH in a JUST GOD and had NO FEAR of anyone ever hearing from him again) and they would keep this COVENANT of DEATH a SECRET from their father by lying to him about HIS DEATH in the clutches of a BEAST after they brought his cloak to him, which they dipped in the blood of a "sacrifice" which they made in Joseph's stead as the "cornerstone" of this CONSPIRACY of DEATH. Did God cause all that to happen for even greater reasons than anyone has yet speak of FUTURE EVENTS of HIS PROMISED SON being SLAIN as a LAMB [which would simultaneously be his TRIUMPH as the CONQUERING "Lion of Judah" as the "CORNERSTONE" of God's Plan all along (Hos. 5:14-6:2, Rev. 5:5-6)]?


Did God give Joseph the dream that his brothers would bow before him knowing that Joseph, after being thrown into the grave/pit by his brothers to then be sold into bondage of CERTAIN MISERABLE LIVING DEATH, would struggle with these same questions so that the testing of his faith would be of more worth than GOLD? Was he not sold into the bondage of DEATH at the "time of life" in Spring when the Ewe's are birthing their lambs? Was this the very reason father Jacob sent him out to check on his brothers and bring report back to his father regarding the increase in the flocks, as a measure of accountability and "loss prevention"? Was being CAUGHT "RED HANDED" EATING from their father's flocks by Joseph (after taking pains to evade accountability by MOVING from Shechem where their father told them to graze, to Dothan so that they WOULD NOT BE FOUND by Joseph IF their father sent him), KNOWING he was going to HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE by TELLING THEIR FATHER AGAIN, the very thing that INFURATED THEM to the point of MURDERING THE WITNESS against their EVIL DEEDS? You betcha! Unrepentant criminals (rebels to God in service to Satan) will ALWAYS SEEK to SILENCE the WITNESSES who would otherwise attempt to hold them accountable to a JUST and HOLY GOD, and those like their own father who SERVE HIM, in any way they feel is most BENEFICIAL to them...this is how CONSPIRACIES work in JUSTICE DEPARTMENTS...the "wolves" secretly eating "victims" are frequently those charged with watching over the "flocks of God" to this very day!

6. Why did God reveal the very 1st Sabbath of His Kingdom (Passover which is anchored to the Sanctification of New Moon revealed at the same time in Ex. 12) to His "Firstborn Son" (Israel) when He brought them out in Exodus from bondage to be His Kingdom of Kings and Priests (Ex. 12, Neh. 9:9 & 14), in context of the Sacrifice of a Lamb? In other words: Why did He CODIFY that 1st "SABBATH" event to be PERPETUALLY REMEMBERED in context of the SACRIFICE of a Lamb as the very "CORNERSTONE" of His Kingdom "Times and Laws" for His Kings and Priests to observe FOREVER, by which we know that it is HE, as MAKER of the Sun, Moon and Stars (ARMIES of HEAVEN and EARTH), who is the one who SANCTIFIES US through THIS SABBATH SYSTEM (Ex. 31:13) knowing IN ADVANCE we would BREAK the covenant to be taken into GREATER BONDAGE than that of Egypt?

You saw the distress of our ancestors in you REVEALED your HOLY SABBATH to them and you laid down commandments and statutes as Law for them through Your Servant Moses. Neh. 9:9 & 14

Why did God "reveal His Sabbath" in context of obedience to the MEMORIAL SABBATH MEAL of a "Passover Lamb" on the same day Isaac was bound as a sacrifice (akedah) and Joseph sold into the bondage of death as the REQUIREMENT for us to be FREED from bondage to Egypt (Neh. 9:9 & 14)? Why did He ANCHOR those events with our SABBATH EXODUS into the BOND of the 1st Covenant as His Nation of Kings and Priests...His "Firstborn Son" which He called out from Egypt...knowing in advance we would break that covenant? Has God's plan failed or did He have to change His Plan, as some claim? Is there a FUTURE REASON we are to "REMEMBER" this PASSOVER SABBATH SACRIFICE in order to come out from an even GREATER WORLD BONDAGE?


In fact can we not deduce that Joseph was thrown into the pit to "rest" in his makeshift "grave" on the VERY SAME DAY Israel would come OUT from bondage from Egypt? Was he not pulled out of his grave to be sold as the "firstfruit" into the suffering of bondage in a living death until he was finally Glorified as the Right hand of Power as God designed as a PATTERN to show us His Face? Is not the "Passover Sabbath" which was codified by Moses the very SAME DAY all of these "sacrificial events" took place [to include others like the very day God made his covenant with Abraham in Gen. 15:12-14 (Ex. 12:51, 13:3)]? Was this CORNERSTONE DAY which CONNECTS all of these events together, not codified later as the "Passover Sabbath" to be PERPETUALLY REMEMBERED in a KINGDOM SABBATH SYSTEM anchored to the NEW MOON as the very "CORNERSTONE SIGN" of this FULL MOON "SABBATH" EVENT which was "REVEALED" in CONTEXT of DELIVERING HIS PEOPLE from BONDAGE (Neh. 9:9 & 14, Ex. 31:13)? Was not the PASSOVER SABBATH and its SACRIFICIAL LAMB to be "remembered", somehow TIED to these PREVIOUS "SACRIFICES" of Gods SONS who PLEASED HIM through their OBEDIENCE TO HIM as THEIR FATHER at THIS SAME "time of life"? Were not some of those ELEMENTS of the PASSOVER SACRIFICE which were required to be observed in order to LEAVE their bondage, the very same things which Joseph's brothers did which brought them all into bondage in Egypt in the first place?... ie. making a sacrifice (to dip Joseph's coat in the blood) and eating it with unleavened bread and burning up everything that was left (the skin, the bones, the entrails, etc.) so that NO EVIDENCE of their CONSPIRACY against their FATHER (and God) would be left to raise any questions regarding the "official narrative" they had contrived to DECEIVE THEIR FATHER (and God); a "BLOOD OATH CONSPIRACY of DEATH"? Is there NOT a CONSPIRACY of DEATH whose MEMBERS and INITIATES would attempt to KEEP THOSE WITNESSES against their SATANIC CRIME SYNDICATE silent forever, if it were at all within their POWER to do so? Must LIFE somehow "catch" death unawares by somehow UNVEILING the FACE of the SPIRIT of TRUTH to expose this DEATH CULT in order to ARREST THEM and throw THEM in the PIT (Rev. 20)? Will the "Son of God" come in the end days as a "son of man" recognized as having the SPIRIT of God in him and raised to power over the world's "prison" as God's Right hand to save the world like Joseph? If so, when the son of man comes, will he find faith on earth?

7. Why did Moses prophecy WE WOULD be taken into a Greater bondage than Egypt and PROMISE that God WOULD bring us back in a GREAT, WORLDWIDE EXODUS from that WORLD WIDE BONDAGE in Deut. 30:3?

Why did Moses prophesy that we WOULD BREAK the covenant and WOULD BE taken into a WORLD BONDAGE much greater than the Egyptian bondage, from which God would bring us out in a MUCH GREATER EXODUS than that from Egypt (Deut. 30:3, Is. 11:10-12, Jer. 16:14-15 & Ez. 20:34-37)? As a prophet of God did he recognize these sacrifical events were "patterns" pointing to a GREATER FULFILLMENT in the future which God was PROMISING through these events which he codified in the first covenant? Did he know Daniel would later prophesy about this "Mystery Babylon" world kingdom depicted in a statue of Nebuchadnezzar in Dan. 2:34-45 which we would be taken into....a "world bondage" in which God's FIRSTBORN SON "Israel" is still IN BONDAGE serving a SPIRIT OF DECEPTION as God and not even aware of their enslavement, let alone of their identity and INHERITANCE RIGHTS or even the PROMISE of their GREAT EXODUS into the NEW COVENANT Moses Himself promised according to Gods Plan, which HAS NOT CHANGED IN ANY SINGLE DETAIL? Have they been DECEIVED to not even RECOGNIZE how they have been enslaved by SORCERERS like those of ancient Egypt posing as teachers of God like PRIESTS in our modern day MYSTERY BABYLON world enslavement?


When Moses prophesied that WE WOULD BREAK THE COVENANT to be taken into a FAR GREATER BONDAGE (Deut. 30:3), was it NOT the RESULT of his STRUGGLING with the ABOVE EXAMPLES of SACRIFICE which he CODIFIED as the CORNERSTONE of God's Kingdom to be observed by the Kings, Priests and all the people FOREVER? Did he not RECOGNIZE all these former events were pointing to something much bigger in the future, a GREATER FULFILLMENT of a PROMISED SON rejected as a PASSOVER LAMB in JERUSALEM in the FUTURE, which would BEGIN our GREAT BONDAGE into ALL NATIONS, which would be REQUIRED to be REMEMBERED at the end days of our bondage in order for God to REDEEM and SANCTIFY US and bring us OUT OF BONDAGE into which we would SELL OURSELVES through our rebellion to HIM at a VERY SPECIFIC TIME AND PLACE (as revealed by later prophets like Daniel); for which He was MERCIFULLY PROMISING to redeem us as REFLECTED through ALL THESE "SACRIFICIAL" EVENTS from the FOUNDATION OF THE WORLD which would CULMINATE in his REJECTION in Jerusalem (Dan. 9:24-26)? So we would RECOGNIZE the "Image of Gods Righteousness" as our "REDEEMER" as the VERY CORNERSTONE of HIS KINGDOM which He had been promising from the FOUNDATION of the WORLD and MOSES CODIFIED for us (Ex. 31:13, Jn. 4:47-48, Rom. 10:3-4)? Though perhaps he did not know all the details revealed to us later by other prophets, did Moses not recognize a GREATER BONDAGE would take place because a GREATER REDEEMER than Joseph, with more righteous blood than Abel, who would be recognized as a "Father" of our FAITH greater than Abraham and Isaac, one who would be REJECTED by his brethren for having the SPIRIT OF GOD IN HIM (like Joseph; Gen. 41:38); this "IMAGE" of the GREATEST "FATHER" of our FAITH being the "CORNERSTONE" of GODS PLAN we would REJECT who would EVENTUALLY be RECOGNIZED as GODS OWN RIGHT HAND as He planned as the "CORNERSTONE" of OUR KINGDOM which would DESTROY the FRAUD CORNERSTONE upon which MYSTERY BABYLON stands and which has taken the WHOLE WORLD CAPTIVE, and has been telling us all along? Is this NOT what Moses envisioned in regard to our GREAT EXODUS he promised which was reiterated by later prophets (Deut. 30:3, Is. 11:10-12, Jer. 16:14-15 & Ez. 20:34-37)?

Because the bondage will be greater, and exodus from it will be GREATER, will the covenant KINGDOM and GLORY also be far greater than the 1st? Did Moses recognize God would raise a prophet like himself to lead us into the New Covenant on the destruction of some form of WORLD GOVERNMENT (greater than Egypt) which had enslaved us (depicted later in a Statue of Nebuchadnezzar representing the Kingdom of "Mystery Babylon")? Would this New Covenant be a blessing to ALL NATIONS as a result of their FAITH and COOPERATION in a MUCH GREATER WAY than it was for the great mixed multitude who came out of bondage with Israel in the 1st covenant and were GRAFFED IN to the tribes of ISRAEL as ONE NATION with them through FAITH in the PROMISOR (like Caleb the Kennezite who was "graffed in" to Israel to be appointed as the interum "Prince of Judah" by Moses after Nahshon died, until Nahshon's young son Salmon, the father of Boaz, came of age to take on his duties as Prince of Judah shortly after crossing the Jordan, as an example)...and for the nations who were blessed under the glorious reign of Solomon the Son of Gods Messiah, King David?

8. Are ALL of these "Passover Sabbath" Sacrificial events pointing to the same FUTURE EVENT as PATTERNS to recognize the ETERNAL "CORNERSTONE" of Gods ETERNAL "SABBATH" KINGDOM which He has made a way for us to ENTER WITH HIM as our King?

Was the New Covenant Messianic Kingdom of Restored Israel ALWAYS the GOAL and we MUST understand WHY God has done these things by REMEMBERING the PASSOVER SABBATH in order to RECOGNIZE His Plan when told through a prophet like Moses/Elijah and OBEY HIM in order to UNITE the house of Judah and Israel back together to then EXODUS into the BOND of the NEW COVENANT MESSIANIC KINGDOM as He has designed for us and rolled out through these events as TEACHING TOOLS to LEAD US to RECOGNIZE His "Image" and be CONFORMED to His Image through OUR OBEDIENCE of FAITH in HIS KINGDOM BUILDING PLAN?

The answer to that question and ALL of the questions above is a RESOUNDING "YES"! So now let's connect all the dots to SEE the GOSPEL PLAN and the IMAGE of GODS RIGHTEOUSNESS which would be FLESHED OUT in his OBEDIENT SON to THEN be GLORIFIED to the RIGHT HAND OF POWER as the "FATHER" of our faith, the IMAGE of Gods RIGHTEOUS SPIRIT as CORNERSTONE of his plan and having the POWER OF LIFE AND DEATH before whom ALL MEN WILL BOW in JUDGEMENT in GOD'S KINGDOM COME and who is calling HIS "FIRSTBORN SON" Israel OUT from their bondage in the GREAT EXODUS to be His Kings and priests in the NEW COVENANT KINGDOM AS PROMISED!

Leading the WITNESSES...

Now that you have read and hopefully struggled over the questions and reflections above which will help you build a "SCAFFOLDING" for the "FRAMEWORK" of God's Spiritual Kingdom, I would like to now LEAD US to build that SPIRITUAL FRAMEWORK leading us to "SEE" together, as His Temple made of Living Stones, through the eye of our mind's understanding. There is far more to "unpack", and connections to be made here than what I have done, I just want to help you to build the basic FRAMEWORK. After you begin to "see" the FRAMEWORK through all the connections here, then you can begin to MEDITATE and SEARCH THE SCRIPTURES to fill in the rest of the details for yourself. In this way the same "Kingdom Above" can come to life IN YOUR TEMPLE here below as God designed. So let's begin.

Connecting the dots

Essentially Moses Speaks all about Jesus as the "CORNERSTONE-SABBATH SACRIFICE" of the ETERNAL New Covenant for which he recognized the 1st Covenant was a TEMPORARY PATTERN which CODIFIED the "SIGN" for which God Himself was promising to provide the LAMB to establish that CORNERSTONE-SABBATH TRUTH of HIS ETERNAL KINGDOM from the foundation of the world so we would KNOW that it is He who SANCTIFIES US according to His Word of Truth (Ex. 31:13, Jn. 17:17)! So it appears clear that when the New Testament refers to Jesus as the "Lamb of God" pictured as "slain from the foundation of the world" (eg. Jn. 1:29 & 36, 1 Pet. 1:19-21), they are referencing the above EXAMPLES of sacrifice and connecting the dots together as Abraham did FIRST as the Father of our faith of whom Jesus said:

"Father Abraham rejoiced to see my day; he saw it and was glad." Jn. 8:56

Jesus is clearly referencing Abraham's prophetic VISION of the CORNERSTONE of God's PLAN evident in this statement:

"God will provide Himself the Lamb for the sacrifice my son". Gen. 22:8

Following the principle of "as above so below" found THROUGHOUT the "pattern" Moses gives us which we saw being reflected first through Abel's actions, we see Abraham reflecting the IMAGE of God as the "Father" of our Faith. He is pictured "slaying" his own son (as the Possessor of the POWER over LIFE and DEATH); a "son" who is himself the PERFECT IMAGE of the "Father" of our faith who has a son named ISRAEL. So God, the INVISIBLE SPIRIT as the SOURCE of LIFE and true "Father" of our Faith, promises to provide for himself a "sacrifice" from whom the PROMISED "Firstborn Son" of God (Israel) would be brought out from their WORLD BONDAGE along with a great mixed multitude joining with them THROUGH FAITH, to establish God's Kingdom on earth according to HIS PLAN. So through FAITH the "Firstborn Son" of God, a NATION called "Israel" is conceived and brought to term to be BIRTHED on the stage of Humanity; a righteous kingdom of priests who, through their own "obedience of faith" as exemplified through their fathers, bring GLORY to GOD the FATHER OF ALL as He designed!

As alluded to earlier, King David meditated on Gods Law in Moses writings as his delight. No doubt he meditated on ALL of the above "eyebrow raising" events questioning this concept of "SACRIFICE", and he most CERTAINLY meditated on the PROPHECY of Moses regarding our REBELLION for which we would be taken into WORLD WIDE BONDAGE reflecting the TEMPORARY NATURE of the worldy 1st Kingdom PATTERN, and INSTRUCTING HIM in regard to the ETERNAL THRONE. No doubt after God takes his firstborn son with Bathsheba as a SACRIFICE for David's sin against God after he had Uriah murdered (Uriah means the "Light of God") to take his wife, he recognized the INNOCENT "Righteous Son" who would sit on the ETERNAL THRONE of POWER as Gods own "RIGHT HAND SON"! He understood he would be slain as a Lamb by God at the hands of WICKED MEN (like Joseph sold into death by Judah and his brothers) to atone for Judah's own sin against God's Firstborn Son as the CORNERSTONE and PINNACLE of Gods Kingdom Law! We see this in David's reflections in Psalm 51 and 110 where he gives us a vision of his son being glorified to his ETERNAL THRONE as God's Right Hand of power as the very CORNERSTONE of God's Kingdom Law! He identifies this as the CORNERSTONE of Gods WONDEROUS PLAN!

The stone which the builders rejected has become the chief CORNERSTONE. YHWH has done this wonderful thing before our very eyes. Psalm 118:22-23 (Mat. 21:42, Mk. 12:10, Lk. 20:17, Acts 4:11, & 1 Pet. 2:7)

David's linage was a SPECIAL lineage WITHIN the tribe of Judah...he was a descendent of Joseph who has the inheritance rights of "Israel" as Gods "Firstborn Son" (Boaz raised seed to his half brother Elimelech the son of Joshua and Rahab, the Prince of Israel...tying the promise of Judah to the fruitful vine of Ephraim). He understood the "inheritance" of the Firstborn "Son of God" who would be his own progeny, will be recognized to have BOTH lineages of Judah AND Israel! The "Son of David" as a descendent of Elimelech/Joshua/Ephraim/Joseph/Israel as Gods "FIRSTBORN SON", is the "ROOT of JESSE" who will STAND UP in the LAST DAYS to UNITE "ISRAEL" to RECEIVE HIS INHERITANCE promised from GOD! Here's How God summarized the "CORNERSTONE" of His plan:

"I will be a Lion to Ephraim and to the House of Judah: I myself will tear them and drag Israel off (into bondage) and no one will rescue him. Then I will RETURN to MY PLACE until they acknowledge their offence and seek my face".... "Come, let us return to YHWH because it was He who tore us but He will bind up our wounds. After two (millenial) days He will revive us and we will live in his presence on the third (millenial) day." Hosea 5:14 - 6:2

The "FACE" of God who is SPIRIT, is "TRUTH"; and can only be RECOGNIZED through the "CORNERSTONE" INTERPRETATION of HIS WORD of TRUTH which was manifest in Flesh! All men will SERVE HIM as God's Own "RIGHT HAND" (Dan. 7:13)!

I saw the (otherwise INVISIBLE) One sitting on the Throne with a Scroll in His right hand. NO ONE was able to take the book to read it and know what it I cried. But one of the Ancients said to me: "Stop crying, look! The Lion of the Tribe of Judah has OVERCOME to open the I looked but all I saw was a Lamb that had apparently been slain...and he was able to take the book from Him who sat on the throne. And the 4 Beasts fell before him and the elders paid obeisance. Revelation 5:1-6

Again we have a "pattern" for the "as above so below" principle found throughout the BLUEPRINT or "scroll" by which to "see" an otherwise INVISIBLE SPIRIT of God which Jesus said could only be worshipped in Spirit and Truth (Jn. 4:24), in order to continue HIS WORK (Jn. 14:12) to ESTABLISH that "Kingdom above" on Earth here below (Mt. 6:10). A God in which Paul said we "live, move, and have our very existence" (Acts 17:28) and Jesus said should be living in us (Jn. 14:23) because we are "living stones" composing the SPIRITUAL TEMPLE in which we exist, and is WITHIN US as His Temple which has no NEED for the "SIGNS" of the of sun and moon as "lights" to REPRESENT the SPIRIT of TRUTH which created the SIGNS, because we "see" the "TRUE LIGHT of the world; the SPIRIT of God, as John describes in Revelation in so many places and ways.

So the "Cornerstone" and "Firstborn Son of God" to rule the tribes through whom God "struck Israel" to take us into bondage (pictured in Joseph) as promised, was then Glorified to power. He "returned" to his ETERNAL THRONE as the GIVER OF LIFE according to the verses above. This is the "Lion of Judah" (Father), and "Lamb of God" (Son) of GOD who is SPIRIT in whom we have our BEING and who gives us LIFE ETERNAL with Him! This "CORNERSTONE TRUTH" which Moses CODIFIED in an EARTHLY PATTERN and SPOKE ABOUT in context of a NEW COVENANT we would "EXODUS" into according to Gods Promise, for which the 1st Covenant was always just a PATTERN, is found in the MIDST of the Heavenly "Holy of Holies" (above) now OPENED TO US from the SCROLL. But this "IMAGE" of God as a CORNERSTONE can be seen ONLY though the "eye of understanding" through in the WORD OF TRUTH. In this HOLY of HOLIES is the "IMAGE" of the otherwise INVISIBLE HOLY SPIRIT of God which is the very CORNERSTONE TRUTH of His Eternal Sabbath Kingdom reality for which he provided the "SABBATH SACRIFICE" to ANCHOR the TRUTH OF SABBATH as a "LIGHT" that would be "rejected" which would eventually allow us to UNDERSTAND THE SCROLL so we may BUILD HIS KINGDOM of TRUTH and JUSTICE on EARTH, joining the ABOVE with the BELOW for which He PROVIDED THE SACRIFICE so that we may know that it is HE who "SANCTIFIES US" through this SABBATH CORNERSTONE TRUTH as the "SIGN" of His otherwise INVISIBLE REALITY (Ex. 31:13 & Jn. 17:17)!

This "kingdom" must come to LIFE inside us through FAITH in order for us to be LIVING STONES of this TEMPLE for HIM, here below! This is what Jesus spoke about all the time! This is what He has been showing us from the foundation of the world, and as Paul tells us in Romans 10:3-4 is the GOAL of the Law to LEAD US to "SEE" and CONFORM OURSELVES to HIS RIGHTEOUS IMAGE through our Obedience of FAITH in HIS PLAN as the TRUE "Father" of our Faith, which He would RESURRECT as the "Firstfruit" as He has shown through these EXAMPLES as a PATTERN to SHOW US from the FOUNDATION OF THE WORLD...and as Jesus himself said that Moses (and the Prophets and Writings) speaks all about him (Jn. 5:46-47, Lk. 24:44-48).

The world HATES US as WITNESSES for the LIGHT of TRUTH because they are deceived by FALSE LIGHTS (ministers of Satan) to FEAR the LIGHT of TRUTH and LIFE...they hate us IGNORANTLY out of FEAR based in RELIGIOUS DECEPTION! So God gave us a KINGDOM LAW where this Passover Lamb (who is also the Shavuot or "Pentecost Groom" of the Covenant who will "Tabernacle" with us in His Kingdom, and thats why these THREE are the GREATEST SABBATHS pointing to the TRUE CORNERSTONE SPIRIT of GODS KINGDOM as the TRUE SABBATH LORD which is still being REJECTED for an ANTI-SEMITE ANTI-CHRIST SABBATH SYSTEM and "LORD" to whom all men currently pay homage while in BONDAGE to MYSTERY BABYLON which the BUILDERS CONSTRUCTED) would be the "Cornerstone" and "Morningstar" of His SABBATH Kingdom of Kings and Priests which comes OUT FROM BONDAGE as Gods "FIRSTBORN SON" to INHERIT the PROMISES and to ESTABLISH HIS KINGDOM on earth, as MYSTERY BABYLON comes tumbling down simultaneously! So when Paul tells us that the "Cornerstone" of the "Gospel Plan" would be Slain as a "Passover Lamb " and raised as the "Firstfruit" on the "third day" in his DISTILLATION of all these prophecies in 1 Cor. 15:3-4 & vs. 20 (as well as 1 Cor. 5:7-8 & 11:23-29), he is CLEARLY referencing the CODIFICATION of this SABBATH SACRIFICE as the CORNERSTONE of Gods Kingdom Law as follows:

In the fourteenth day of the first (lunar) month at evening is YHWH's Passover (slain), and on the fifteenth day of the same month is the (full moon sabbath) Feast of Unleavened Bread for YHWH...a holy convocation on which you shall do no servile work....then you shall bring a sheaf of the FIRSTFRUIT...on the day after the Sabbath (the 16th of the lunar moonth)...the priest shall wave it. Leviticus 23:5-11

The ABOVE VERSES are the SPECIFIC CODIFICATION of all the prior sacrificial events which would take place 2000 years ago in Jerusalem, a SACRIFICE of the "IMAGE" of our HOLY "FATHER" of our faith, the "RIGHTEOUSNESS OF GOD" as "LORD of the SABBATH" which was REJECTED and who would be GLORIFIED as GODS OWN "RIGHT HAND" according to HIS OWN PLAN given to us in MANY passages like Dan. 9:26 and Ps. 110, as I detail here! God's CORNERSTONE for HIS SABBATH KINGDOM was REJECTED and REPLACED with a SABBATH FRAUD which men honor in Jesus' name while SERVING CAESAR as Lord of HIS FRAUD SABBATH; having been taken CAPTIVE through this well thought out POWERFUL DECEPTION to SERVE A LIE in Jesus' name as their CORNERSTONE in MYSTERY BABYLON!

So on the 14th day (of Gods lunar calendar month) the lamb is slain and PREPARED BEFORE dusk. At dark with the RISE of the FULL MOON [which is the "SIGN" of the PERFECT IMAGE of our SABBATH REDEEMER as the LORD of the PASSOVER "SABBATH" by which we KNOW that GOD SANCTIFIES US according to HIS WORD OF TRUTH (Ex. 31:13, Jn. 17:17)] of the 15th day of the lunar month begins Passover Sabbath proper (simultaneously with the Feast of Unleavened Bread which also begins on PASSOVER SABBATH) and is Eaten over the course of the evening with Unleavened Bread. AFTER the Passover SABBATH of the 15th is the 3rd day of these events...the 1st day of the week when the FIRSTFRUIT is REQUIRED to be RAISED according to the LAW (this day after Passover Sabbath, the 3rd day of these events, is always the 1st day of the week in relation to God's Kingdom CORNERSTONE for observing MOEDIM which ALL SPEAK ABOUT GODS 'LIGHT (UriYah) as the "SACRIFICE" which He would PROVIDE as our REDEEMER so that we would KNOW the TRUE "SABBATH" over which HE is "LORD" so we would know that it is HE who SANCTIFIES US with the TRUTH as HIS HOLY PEOPLE, as proven in this link)! The 'FIRSTFRUIT' is RAISED/WAIVED in the Tabernacle/Temple after sunrise according to the SPECIFICS of the LAW which Paul anchored to these PASSOVER EVENTS he is referencing in 1 Cor. 15:3-4 and verse 20 (which is the PASSOVER SABBATH TRUTH by which we are SANCTIFIED, Jn. 17:17, Ex. 31:13).

So what we see here is that the MOED (appointed time) of PASSOVER "SABBATH" has some very SPECIFIC TIMING of events that were associated with it LONG BEFORE it was ever CODIFIED into LAW by Moses because he recognized God was speaking of a FUTURE EVENT which was REQUIRED TO TAKE PLACE according to the LAW as the very CORNERSTONE of Gods INTENDED "SABBATH" KINGDOM (the one which will rule over all the BEASTS who have formerly ruled over His People as we see depicted in Dan. 2:34-45 when THIS "CORNERSTONE TRUTH" smashes the CORNERSTONE LIE upon which "Mystery Babylon" stands) in JUXTAPOSITION to all other Kingdoms and their CALENDAR SYSTEMS.

The first thing to note is that PASSOVER SABBATH PROPER is the FULL MOON DAY of the first month in Spring and is the SIGN of the SABBATH MESSIAH of God, his PERFECT "IMAGE" of His otherwise INVISIBLE SPIRIT enfleshed in a KINGDOM LAW and who moved the pen of the prophets to ENCODE HIS "IMAGE" in this PLAN as the CORNERSTONE of His Sabbath Kingdom LAW (which would be REJECTED and REPLACED with a FRAUD during the "times of the Gentiles" in Mystery Babylon) which He promised to provide for OUR REST in HIS SABBATH REDEMPTION, Sanctification, and the promise of Resurrection from the dead given from the foundation of the world.

The SANCTIFIED NEW MOON represents the INVISIBLE GOD who selected it as the SIGN for his MOEDIM and the TRUE "Lord of the Sabbath" (whose "perfect image" is seen on the face of the FULL MOON on PASSOVER SABBATH as his "SIGN") who would be rejected as the CORNERSTONE of His Kingdom Plan, similarly to Joseph. The Sanctified New Moon (the "DAY" between the last sliver of the lunar cycle and the 1st sliver on the new lunar cycle) represents the invisible Father and the FULL MOON SABBATH represents the PERFECT IMAGE of that otherwise INVISIBLE SPIRIT of GOD (symbolized by New Moon) in the MESSIAH who is DEPICTED in the 3 GREAT SABBATH FESTIVALS which ALL BEGIN on THIS FULL MOON DAY as the very SIGN of the Messiah in their RESPECTIVE MONTHS! The full moon of the 1st month represents Gods MESSIAH, as the 'REJECTED CORNERSTONE' of the LIVING TORAH in the PASSOVER SACRIFICE (and as the first part of the 'ATONEMENTS'). The Full moon of the 3rd month begins SHAVUOT/PENTECOST and represents the MESSIAH, KING TORAH with whom we are PROMISED to be WED according to GODS PLAN to create us in THEIR IMAGE (which is ONE). And the Full moon of the 7th Month represents the MESSIANIC KINGDOM where GOD is TABERNACLING IN MEN as PROVIDED by the MESSIAH, THE LIVING TORAH 'PLAN' of GODS WORD living IN HIS PEOPLE to create men in "THEIR IMAGE", which takes place after the 2nd half of the ATONEMENTS when the NARCISSISTIC PSYCHOPATHY OF MAN, whose power is in the "CORNERSTONE" of "MYSTERY BABYLON", has been EXPOSED and REMOVED by the LIGHT OF TRUTH according to the PLAN. Only THEN can 'GOD' be 'JOINED' in HOLINESS as A MARRIAGE UNION where MANKIND (through a HOLY NATION of Kings and Priests as Gods Firstborn Son) is CREATED in HIS otherwise INVISIBLE HOLY 'IMAGE' according to HIS KINGDOM PLAN. The Moon is the 'FAITHFUL WITNESS' God selected to represent Himself and HIS 'SON' as HIS RIGHT HAND and perfect "IMAGE", the Spirit of TRUTH and His LIVING 'TORAH' WORD and KING over HIS PLAN FOR CREATION, as the 'CORNERSTONE' and 'MORNING STAR' of GODS SABBATH KINGDOM PLAN to REDEEM and SANCTIFY US, which SPEAKS ALL ABOUT the LIGHT of His TORAH 'MESSIAH' through these FESTIVALS (Ps. 89:37, Ps. 104:19)!

This is the 'MYSTERY of GODLINESS' or secret 'SOD TEACHING' in the LAW of MOSES regarding the PASSOVER LAMB which GOD INTENDED TO PROVIDE for us as he PROMISED in HINTS (remez) and SHADOWS (drash) from the FOUNDATION of the world (1 Cor. 2:7) ! We REJECTED the CORNERSTONE 'LIGHT OF THE WORLD', the "GROOM" of GODS KINGDOM, like a JOSEPH as described in GODS WORD (and as evidenced by more than a dozen different FALSE TRADITIONS for the observance of Pentecost/Shavuot), and He provided the SACRIFICE of the "ATONEMENTS GOAT" as a PASSOVER LAMB (now raised in glory and seated on HIS MERCY SEAT in the Heavenly Holy of Holies) to REDEEM, RANSOM, and SANCTIFY US from our captivity to DEATH through DECEPTION in Mystery Babylon serving the SPIRIT of DECEPTION, if we will only AGREE with HIM as the TRUTH who will SAVE US and RECOGNIZE our KING AND HIGH PRIEST AS HIS OWN RIGHT HAND TORAH WORD!

The 3 GREATEST SABBATHS of Passover, Pentecost/Shavuot, and Tabernacles speak ALL ABOUT JESUS! He was our Passover Sabbath Lamb slain for us, the "bread" of Gods 1st Sabbath Covenant which was BROKEN represented by all the false Pentecost/Shavuot Sabbath traditions until we RECOGNIZE the CORNERSTONE of Gods Kingdom as OUR GROOM of the NEW COVENANT before whom ALL MEN will bend the knee in HONOR of HIM as the LORD of the TABERNACLES SABBATH who will be dwelling with men and living IN US who will be RULING HIS KINGDOM serving HIM as our KING for His Glory (Zech. 14:16, Is. 66:23)!

The Great Exodus

So when the TRUE Sabbath "Cornerstone" of God's Kingdom SMASHES the FRAUD Sabbath "Cornerstone" upon which Mystery Babylon was established 2000 years ago as depicted in the Statue of Nebuchadnezzar in Daniel 2:34-45 (and which I discuss in great detail in other places like here). This event will be like a "SIGN" to "CALL" the House of Israel and the House of Judah to begin UNITING to COME OUT from the crumbling "Mystery Babylon" world kingdom, to ENTER IN to the PROMISES of the NEW COVENANT KINGDOM. So let's take a look at some of the details regarding this "Great Exodus" from our world bondage to enter this even greater Covenant Kingdom Moses alluded to, from just a few places from some later prophets.

...YHWH your God will turn your captivity and have mercy on you. He will turn and you will be gathered from all the nations where YHWH your God has scattered you. If any of you are driven even to the outmost parts of heaven, from there YHWH your God will gather you, even from there he will bring you back. And YHWH your God will bring you into the land which your fathers possessed and you shall possess it. He will do good to you and multiply you even more than your fathers. YHWH your God will circumcise your hearts and the hearts of your seed, to love YHWH your God with all of your heart and all of your soul so that you will live. Deuteronomy 30:3-6

In that day a "Root from Jesse" will stand as a "SIGN" to the people to gather the nations to him...(and in a Global Exodus) YHWH will gather his assemble lost Israel and gather the dispersed of Judah from the four corners of the earth! Isaiah 11:10-12 (Deut. 30:3, Jer. 16:14-15, Ez. 20:34-37, Dan. 7:22).

Therefore, behold, the days come, says YHWH, that it shall no more be said, YHWH lives, who brought up the children of Israel out of the land of Egypt; But rather YHWH lives who brought up the children of Israel from...all the lands whither he had driven them, and I will bring them again into their land that I gave unto their fathers. Jeremiah 16:14-15

Behold, the days are coming says YHWH, that I will make a new covenant with the house of Israel and with the house of Judah: Not according to the covenant that I made with their fathers in the day that I took them by the hand to bring them out of the land of Egypt; which my covenant they broke even though I was their husband, says YHWH: But this shall be the covenant that I will make with the house of Israel after those days says YHWH: I will put my law in their inward parts, and write it in their hearts. I will be their God and they shall be my people. Jeremiah 31:31-33

I will bring you out from the peoples and will gather you out of the nations where you have been scattered....I will bring you into the WILDERNESS of the nations, and there I will plead with you face to face as I pleaded with your fathers in the wilderness of the land of Egypt, so will I plead with you, says YHWH GOD. And I will cause you to pass under the rod and I will bring you into the bond of the covenant: And I will purge all rebellion from your midst, and those who sin against me. I will bring them forth out of the nations where they sojourn, but they shall not enter into the land of Israel: and you shall know that I am YHWH. Ezekiel 20:33-38

I don't want to load this page down with too many details (which I cover in other places, like here) but please note this last passage above is very clear. We will NOT EXODUS directly into the "promised land" but to a STAGING GROUND called the "Wilderness" where we are brought into the BOND of the Covenant, very similar to the first Covenant we entered while in the wilderness of Egypt.


Joseph would have NEVER been GLORIFIED to the RIGHT HAND OF POWER as the SAVIOUR of the WORLD, and his brothers would have NEVER BOWED BEFORE HIM if they had not been OUTSMARTED BY GOD who used the "CORNERSTONE" of their evil scheme to REBEL against Gods "anointed", as the very "CORNERSTONE" for His OWN Kingdom Building Plan of the 1st covenant, which would be used as a PATTERN for the New Covenant Kingdom, and MOSES (and David) KNEW IT! So even as Joseph's rejection as a "Passover Lamb" was the CORNERSTONE of the 1st Covenant Plan, so in like manner it was also planned that Jesus would be rejected as "THE Cornerstone" for the New Covenant for which the 1st Covenant was always just a PATTERN. This REJECTION of the PROMISED LAMB of God would begin our bondage into ALL NATIONS as Moses promised. The "Exodus" from our current world wide bondage in the morphing kingdom of "Mystery Babylon" and the FRAUD SABBATH SYSTEM it was established on (depicted by the statue of Nebuchadnezzar in Dan. 2:34-45) will be predicated on REMEMBERING THAT LAMB who ESTABLISHED the "SABBATH CORNERSTONE" of the Sanctified New Moon as the SIGN of our REDEMPTION which SMASHES the FRAUD SABBATH of our Mystery Babylon Enslavement, and will culminate in an EVEN GREATER COVENANT and KINGDOM than Solomon's!

So even as the righteous "Son" of Israel (Joseph) was Sold into the Bondage of Death as the CORNERSTONE of God's plan which would begin our bondage from which we came out in Exodus ALSO as promised by God to Father Abraham, with the REVEALING of the PASSOVER SABBATH and its SACRIFICE as CORNERSTONE of the 1st Covenant, likewise Moses recognized these now CODIFIED EVENTS were pointing to the PROMISED SEED which God Himself was going to provide as a Passover Sabbath Sacrifice, resurrected and GLORIFIED to the Right Hand of Power on High as the "CORNERSTONE" of the New Covenant Plan for us to "seek His face" (Hos. 5:14-6:2)!

So these are the MATHEMATICAL 'ELEMENTS' of the WORD OF GOD in FLESH, the MESSIAH who was BROKEN as UNLEAVENED BREAD and SLAIN as a PASSOVER LAMB according to GODS ANCIENT PLAN where he would be TAKEN UP in GLORY to the RIGHT HAND of the FATHER as 'FIRSTFRUITS' on the 3rd DAY to become our HIGH PRIEST AND KING, to FREE US from bondage to DEATH in a FALLEN PERCEPTION OF REALITY controlled by the SERPENT GOD, PHARAOH of this material reality, so we can EXODUS into EVERLASTING LIFE according to HIS PROMISES (Hos. 13:14). He desires to FREE US, SANCTIFY US, REDEEM US and WED US in LIFE ETERNAL according to the 4 PROMISES we associate with the FOUR CUPS of PASSOVER WINE, which also represent the BLOOD of LIFE (which speaks of GREATER THINGS than the righteous blood of Abel) which we receive in our ETERNAL WEDDING CONTRACT with GOD where he REDEEMS US FROM DEATH (Hos. 13:14)! The FULL MOON of the first lunar month of Gods Kingdom is the PASSOVER SABBATH 'SIGN' for the 'CORNERSTONE' of our SABBATH COVENANT with God (and the FULL MOON Sabbath of "SHAVUOT" PROVES His LUNAR SABBATH covenant was BROKEN in a "VIOLENT DIVORCE" through DECEPTION) where His "Sabbath CORNERSTONE" as "LORD" over Sabbath, was REJECTED and REPLACED in a "wedding" to the "daughter of a foreign God" (Mal. 2:11-12) for an ANTI-CHRIST FRAUD Sabbath as "Lord" who would take us into CAPTIVITY in "Mystery Babylon" during the times of the Gentiles (Dan. 2:34-45, Dan. 7:25, Lam. 2:6), as He told us in advance WOULD HAPPEN!

It's interesting that during this ANCIENT FEAST of UNLEAVENED BREAD called MATZAH in Hebrew which is eaten WITH the PASSOVER LAMB and which we are commanded to keep by Jesus and Paul (1 Cor. 5:8 & 11:24-29), there are THREE LOAVES of unleavened bread or MATZAH kept in separate compartments of ONE SINGLE NAPKIN HOLDER (called a 'matzah tosh' which represents the "LOGIC" of our GOD OF TRUTH) and which THREE loaves represent the IMAGE of GODS SPIRIT of TRUTH (because LOGIC requires AT LEAST 2 true witnesses for ANY CLAIM of TRUTH to be LEGALLY ESTABLISHED as TRUE therefore these 3 are ONE), the MIDDLE LOAF representing Jesus body as the GROOM of the CORNERSTONE FESTIVAL (Shavuot/Pentecost) of the 1st COVENANT of the 'WORD OF GOD', and the GROOM of our NEW COVENANT WEDDING PROMISE, is removed and broken in half. One half of the broken matzah is distributed to be eaten by all the participants at the Seder Meal while the other half is hidden somewhere. The FIRST THING to recognize is that 'MATZAH' not only means 'unleavened bread', like the 'breaking' of Gods Word, but ALSO MEANS to 'FIND', like FINDING of the SHAVUOT/PENTECOST DAY which GOD intended would be HIDDEN as a SECRET or MYSTERY about HIMSELF and HIS NEW COVENANT WEDDING PLAN in HIS WORD, the 'CORNERSTONE' light of the world and PURE 'BREAD FROM HEAVEN' which he gave as a PASSOVER LAMB to lead us in EXODUS to enter the NEW COVENANT PROMISE of the MESSIANIC KINGDOM RULE ON EARTH!

So HALF of the MIDDLE MATZAH is BROKEN (like the WORD of the SABBATH WEDDING COVENANT with our SABBATH GROOM which we BROKE, as DEMONSTRATED through the "HIDING" of the "SHAVUOT/PENTECOST"/MIDDLE FESTIVAL among FRAGMENTED TRADITIONS and which WHEN FOUND according to the WORD OF TRUTH, will begin the NEW COVENANT WEDDING with our GROOM whom we REJECTED) into smaller pieces and distributed among all the participants at the meal to be EATEN, and the other half is HIDDEN AWAY (like the 'MYSTERY of the WORD of GOD' being brought forth, BROKEN as PROMISED, and HIDDEN AWAY again until the APPOINTED TIME that we EXODUS WORLD BONDAGE for having broken the 1st contract to then ENTER THE NEW COVENANT PROMISE!).

At the end of the seder the children go looking to FIND (Matzah), the OTHER HALF of the BODY OF MESSIAH, the SECRET of GODS WORD broken as 'unleavened bread' (Matzah), and bring it forth in order to be REDEEMED according to the PROMISE of THAT WORD of GOD broken FOR US according to a MERCIFUL PLAN of a WONDEROUS GOD! It's of PARAMOUNT IMPORTANCE to recognize the CORNERSTONE TRUTH of the BODY OF MESSIAH which would be REJECTED for a FALSE MORNING STAR, according to the PLAN for WORLD SALVATION...only THEN can one be BORN AGAIN, EXODUS from BONDAGE, and ENTER into the New Covenant KINGDOM OF GOD manifest on earth according to the PLAN!

These remez (hints or shadows) in the drashot ('SYMBOLS') are VERY IMPORTANT for us to RIGHTLY DISCERN or 'FIND' the SOD (MYSTERY) of the BODY of GODS WORD, the 'UNLEAVENED BREAD' of GODS TRUTH which IS the BODY OF MESSIAH. To NOT RIGHTLY DISCERN the body of Jesus as the TRUTH of MESSIAH, the WORD OF GOD in FLESH rightly discerned at THIS 'JEWISH' FESTIVAL, is to EAT AND DRINK DAMNATION to one's self ACCORDING TO PAUL (1 Cor. 11:29)! It's really TANTAMOUNT to PHARAOH and HIS FIRSTBORN SONS or kingdom administration, who WORSHIPED the BLINDING 'GOD OF THIS WORLD' associated with the cornerstone of the SUN and who 'KNEW NOT JOSEPH' and were DAMNED BY GOD (Ex. 1:8, Mat. 7:23)! They simply REFUSED to believe in the PROMISES OF GOD which he associated with the 'PASSOVER LAMB' he PROMISED to provide from the FOUNDATION OF THE WORLD, which would SAVE THEM FROM DESTRUCTION that would come on the WORLDS SORCERERS who WORSHIPED the GOD OF THIS WORLD!

For as often as you eat this bread and drink this cup (of PASSOVER symbolizing the "CORNERSTONE" of Gods Kingdom Law), you demonstrate the Messiah's death until he comes... he that eats and drinks unworthily, eats and drinks damnation to himself by not rightly discerning the body of Messiah....For if we would judge ourselves, we shall not be judged. 1 Corinthians 11:26-32

In Final Recap...

Abraham, Moses, and David all recognized a "RIGHTEOUS SON" like ABEL as Gods OWN BELOVED "MIRACULOUS SON" like ISAAC who would have the Spirit of God in him would be "SACRIFICED" in Jerusalem as a "Passover Lamb" in a CONSPIRACY against his RIGHTEOUSNESS by his WICKEDLY DECEIVED brethren, similar to Joseph, and HIS BLOOD would SPEAK of his RESURRECTION and GLORIFICATION as GODS Own "BELOVED LAMB" as His "Light" like UriYah, according to this PLAN in the end days of our BONDAGE to a WORLD KINGDOM we would be taken into as a RESULT of this CONSPIRACY by one from Judah (Mal. 2:11-12).

This world "Kingdom" described by later prophets like Daniel, is a MORPHING KINGDOM of RELIGIO-POLITICAL DECEPTION driven by MONEY (a banking system) by "builders" who rejected Gods Cornerstone of TIME for His Kingdom and created their own to DECEIVE THE MASSES. It's symbolized by the Statue of Nebuchadnezzar (Dan. 2:34-45) which the New Testament calls "Mystery Babylon". This RELIGIO-POLITICAL WORLD BANKING SYSTEM during the "Times of the Gentiles" would use a "Christian Calendar" as its "Cornerstone" which PAYS HOMAGE to the KING of Mystery Babylon with whom we CONSPIRED and were sold into bondage world wide later (and is really an ANTI-CHRIST CALENDAR which speaks of a FRAUD JESUS).

The TaNaKh (Old Testament) is ALL ABOUT the CHILDREN OF ISRAEL recognizing, and UNITING to serve, the "RIGHTEOUS IMAGE" of the "SPIRIT of TRUTH" as the "CORNERSTONE" and "LORD" of His Sabbath KINGDOM LAW which shall DESTROY the "cornerstone" and FOUNDATION of MYSTERY BABYLON to ESTABLISH GODS KINGDOM and HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS which shall RULE THE EARTH!

So not only did Abraham, Moses, and David "SEE" through eyes of faith this "Lamb" which God was promising to provide as the "PERFECT IMAGE" of the "FATHER" of our faith sent as a GIFT from the "FATHER OF LIGHTS" as the CORNERSTONE of His Kingdom Plan for earth, but the Greek Philosopher Socrates also "saw" him through his UNDERSTANDING of these same texts (and later words of prophecy already being fulfilled in his day, as Socrates was born shortly after the destruction of Solomon's Temple by Nebuchadnezzar and he saw the first prophecies of Daniel come true regarding the fall of Babylon, the rise of Medo-Persia, and the rebuilding of the Temple take place in his lifetime). Socrates himself SPOKE about Jesus as the "CORNERSTONE" of his own famous CAVE PARABLE which itself is couched as the CORNERSTONE of his discourse regarding PERFECTLY EVIL and PERFECTLY GOOD governmental systems (penned by his disciple Plato in his "Republic", which I have excerpted, abridged, and append for your convenience here in this link). His later disciples recognizing the "more sure word of prophecy" than even their master Socrates saw, themselves saw the end of the Persian reign, the rise and fall of Alexander the Great and the Grecian Empire, and the coming of the 4th Empire of Rome which Daniel prophesied about (as I discuss in far more historical detail at the end of this page, here), as depicted in the Statue of Nebuchadnezzar (Dan. 2:34-45). They had come to Jerusalem to see this "light" from the "Father of Lights" be snuffed out according to all these prophecies, and as Socrates wrote about, and as Jesus himself bears testimony in John with the following statement after being notified of their arrival to that last Feast of Passover of his life:

Certain Greeks came up to the Feast to worship and asked..."we would like to see Jesus" which Jesus, when he was notified of their arrival and desire to see him, responded: "the hour has come that the son of man should be glorified after dying." Jn. 12:20-28

This plan which the prophets wrote about and which Socrates and his later disciples believed as a result of the "sure word of prophecy" which had been fulfilled for hundreds of years according to these scriptures and prophecies, were to be SEALED UP after these events took place (Is. 8:16, Dan. 9:24, 12:4 & Rev. 10:4). The 2 WITNESS TESTIMONY (Moses/Old Testament and Jesus/New Testament) for this ONE CORNERSTONE TRUTH of the GOSPEL PLAN of God would be slain in any man of flesh that would speak of BOTH, ALSO AS PROPHESIED (Rev. 12:17)...the SWORD of DIVISION to separate Jew and Gentile to keep them from UNITING as the ONE MAN "Israel", had BEGUN.

This is a plan which could only be "unsealed" and delivered by the "son of man" created in the IMAGE of His Father and sent IN HIS NAME to do HIS WORK ACCORDING TO THIS PLAN in order to UNITE GODS "Firstborn Son" Israel under their "FATHER" for the PROMISE of the GREAT "SABBATH" EXODUS (by which we KNOW it is GOD who Sanctifies us as Lord of the Sabbath; Ex. 31:13), for which the FIRST exodus from Egypt was ALWAYS just a PATTERN to LEARN FROM! Israel means: the "straightness of God" or "Ruler of God" and they are to be ROLE MODELS manifesting the RIGHTEOUS IMAGE of GOD as their FATHER and KING according to HIS KINGDOM PLAN so that all mankind may be CONFORMED to the IMAGE of God. This is GODS PLAN for creation and the CULMINATION of HIS WILL to be manifest through His UNITED SONS as His "FIRSTBORN SON" Israel; HIS KINGDOM of Kings and Priests on earth!

Therefore the RELIGIOUS HARLOT (Anti-Semite "CHURCH of MYSTERY BABYLON") who uses FALSE DOCTRINES based on MISINTERPRETATIONS of God's Plan in order to continue DECEIVING THE MASSES to SERVE HER and her ANTI-SEMITE CORNERSTONE FRAUD in place of the TRUE CORNERSTONE of Gods Kingdom in order to attempt to STEAL the COVENANT of ISRAEL, is coming to its END also as prophesied in the TaNaKh (Old Testament)! Israel SHALL EXODUS from Bondage and a GREAT MIXED MULTITUDE will EXODUS WITH HER and be GRAFFED IN to the PROMISES given to ISRAEL as GODS PEOPLE, and ALL WHO OPPOSE GODS PLAN for Israel in preference to serving their ANTI-SEMITE FRAUD "CHRIST", will be given DOUBLE the "hell on earth" the HARLOT CHURCH has dished out to Israel as her RETRIBUTION (Rev. 18:6)!

The LATEST religio-political DECEPTION of this CHURCH HARLOT of MYSTERY BABYLON (by which many have been made RICH selling in popular FANTASIES like the "Late Great Planet Earth" and the "Left Behind" FALSE "gospel" interpretations which rely on propagating and profiting from FEAR based ANTISEMITISM), is that all her servants will be wisked away to safety as the world goes through hell on earth (WHICH THEY HAVE CAUSED FOR POWER AND MONEY) and Israel is "threshed" again so that 2/3rd of all Jews are murdered (and or taken into enslavement) by an ANTI-CHRIST (which the CHURCH HARLOT of MYSTERY BABYLON already serves as the "CORNERSTONE" POWER of her DECEPTIONS by which she brings one after another lesser Anti-Semite Anti-Christ like Hitler to power as HER PUPPETS serving that FRAUD "CORNERSTONE" as their "LORD" for 2000 years).

Judgement is at the door and the anti-semite "priests" of the Gentiles "Mystery Babylon" have invested their entire lives BUYING and SELLING LIES in Jesus' Name and attempting to STEAL the PROMISE of the Covenant given to Israel...they WILL NOT REPENT merely because the truth is being spoken quietly somewhere. They will continue trying to SILENCE the JEWISH TRUTH of GODS CORNERSTONE through EXILING, CENSORING, SHADOWBANNING and even MURDER ANYONE who would SPEAK IT (which exposes their kingdom built on CRIMINALLY RACIST HYPOCRISY AND LIES) even in the most remote wilderness of the world, in order to REMAIN IN POWER over ANTI-SEMITE GENTILE JESUS LIES in a kingdom of MYSTERY BABYLON DECEPTION because they simply DO NOT SERVE the TRUE GOD and REFUSE to ALLOW ANYONE ELSE to be FREE to serve His Kingdom in TRUTH either, ESPECIALLY JEWS! Their ingrained ANTISEMITISM will prevent them from EVER SUBMITTING to the JEWISH TRUTH as KING while simultaneously deceiving the Jews to HATE HIM and REMAIN IN BONDAGE to HER LIES in Jesus' name, too!

But we know how it ends for that SORCEROUS CHURCH WHORE WITCH who usurps the POWER of the SYNAGOGUE of SATAN which SHE MANIPULATES like Jezebel (the Phonecian queen and daughter of Babylon from Tyre) who manipulated Ahab to persecute and murder the prophets like EliJah in order to remain in control of her divided kingdom of religious IDOLATRIES and LIES through her USURPATION of AUTHORITY that did not rightfully belong to her. God, through the "BODY OF HIS MESSIAH" having HIS MIND and coming together to do HIS WILL, overcome the governmental BEAST of POWER which she rides so that it does GODS WILL and NOT the will of the RELIGIOUS WHORE anymore (Rev. 17:14-17)! This event will simultaneously be the "SIGN" of the "root from Jesse" which is brought forth to stand up as the "Prince of Israel" to begin our GREAT EXODUS into the PROMISE of Gods Kingdom (Dan. 7:9-19, 12:1-2)...which you can read more about, here.

TO BE CONTINUED...but in the meantime...

I have "connected the dots" to the above "Cornerstone" perspective from which to interpret the Bible in other places from completely different angles (each having details the others don't) like here in my sabbath page, here in my gospel page, and here in my narrative page. Please check them out.


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