In an age of UNIVERSAL DECEPTION, telling the truth becomes a REVOLUTIONARY ACT! George Orwell?
 you the peoples of the nations will come from the ends of the earth and say: "We have inherited WORTHLESS TRADITIONS and LIES from our fathers!" Jer. 16:19


This is the shortened and simplified version of the CORNERSTONE 'NARRATIVE' of 'reality', the PERSPECTIVE of our 'reality' from which the TRUE 'Light of the World' (God) wants us to veiw the world, as His Kings and Priests, and which shall soon begin to rule the world for the next 1000 years according to Gods PLAN! Incorportating this 'CORNERSTONE NARRATIVE PERSPECTIVE' from which to view 'reality' in age appropriate childrens stories will become very important soon.

Children will learn from birth, and be taught in the various schools of their higher education later, that our 'material reality' is a sort of METAPHYSICAL 'ILLUSION' being held together by a FAR GREATER REALITY which is not immediately perceived as real, but is proven and ESTABLISHED as TRUE by ALL the SCIENCES which will ACKNOWLEDGE this NARRATIVE as the CORNERSTONE of REALITY, by DESIGN. Material reality, apart from the deep knowledge of truth, is sort of like an underground CAVE DUNGEON men are born into, not ever realizing there is a GREATER REALITY available through an ASSENT to the world above, through UNDERSTANDING of, and OBEDIENCE to, a TRUTH PLAN. You might say this ASSENT or 'evolution' into the KNOWLEDGE of the TRUTH is akin to returning to the 'Garden of God', if you will, which will subsequently entail an accelerated learning and growth process culminating in another evolution, or sort of rebirth into another DIMENSION of reality, as the SYMBIOTICALLY SYNERGISTIC UNIFIED CORPORATE BODY of GOD, by His DESIGN.

The ancient 'Narrative' regarding HOW our illusory PERCEPTION of 'Reality' began

The Spirit of Deception took our progenitors, Adam and Eve, captive into this CAVE like DUNGEON of IGNORANCE we are born into, through their rebellion to the TRUTH and their obedience to the rebellious deceiver, when they were in the 'Garden of God' having fellowship with the TRUTH, previously. It is this Spirit of DECEPTION which has kept us captive through his Kings and Priests serving his power as 'God' in this Kingdom of illusion, where we are kept ignorant of the knowledge of the UNIFIED CORNERSTONE of TRUTH, which is God and rules in the 'Garden of God', ever since. But the Spirit of TRUTH who WISELY created us to REFLECT HIS PERFECT IMAGE and re enter the Garden of God by RE-ESTABLISHING His KINGDOM RULE through our OBEDIENCE to HIS SPIRIT on earth and DEPOSE the deceiving spirit which took our progenitors captive as THEY CHOSE (because God did not want to program robots but children who could have the free will to CHOOSE to have a DEEP and MEANINGFUL relationship with Him for all ETERNITY, or not) and He had a PLAN whereby He was going to send HIS WORD of TRUTH into our virtual 'material' reality (our 'Cave' as Socrates describes our material reality in his famous 'Cave Parable') to ESTABLISH HIS 'CORNERSTONE SPIRIT OF TRUTH' perspective as a RULING KINGDOM NARRATIVE in order to FREE US from our bondage to ignorance and deception and to LEAD US back to the 'Garden' if you will, to BRING GOD GLORY through our obedience to HIS 'CORNERSTONE' PLAN, over the course of TIME.

Here in this 'VIRTUAL REALITY' (cave) the deceiver or 'reality hacker', and his Kings and Priests who serve his selfish 'image' in conspiracy against the TRUTH and CONTROL THE KINGDOM NARRATIVES for their own selfish interests, hide the deep programming truths regarding our ORIGIN and our destiny that are not immediately visible, like the rays of the Sun obscures the Moon and stars. In fact, for this reason this REBELLIOUS DECEIVING SPIRIT, through his Kings and Priests, has always used the Sun as a 'cornerstone SIGN' for him as 'God' and the 'light of the world' in order to DECEIVE MANKIND to serve his SYNCRETISTIC religious NARRATIVES of REBELLION against the SPIRIT of TRUTH as 'God', while simultaneously deceving the MASSES to believe that they were serving the true 'God'. It's a POWERFUL DELUSION God has allowed some men to serve as their choice.

But the Spirit of TRUTH who programmed our material reality and holds it together to be perceived as most real, selected the Moon as the SIGN of His CORNERSTONE LIGHT OF TRUTH which is the true 'life giving light of the world' according to his PROGRAMMING CODE which He would ESTABLISH as TRUE in order FREE US from our bondage to the DECEIVING SPIRIT which enslaved mankind, through OUR AGREEMENT with, and OBEDIENCE to, HIS SPIRIT of TRUTH, for the salvation of mankind AS HIS GLORY!

Scientific TRUTH shining 'light' on the Biblical 'Metaphysics' of our 'cave reality' captivity

We see this life giving 'Light of the World' of our creation in Genesis DAY 1 giving order, structure, and LIFE to our now SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN 'illusion' of MATERIAL REALITY (Gen. 1:1-4). This 'Light' is obscured by the SUN created later to blind minds from seeing the true LIFE GIVING SPIRIT of God He would identify through his KINGDOM 'CODE' later. Through this 'WORD of LIGHT' which proceeded forth from Him, He formed ENDLESS CHAOTIC 'SEAS' of 'formless and void' sub-Atomic energy 'particulates' from which He formed Protons, Nuetrons and Electrons together into SEAS of ATOMS. From the seas of atoms He divided and formed together Molecules. From the molecules He formed the divisions of Compounds and Gases and brought all this DIRECTED ENERGY together to form our APPARENTLY (but in truth, ILLUSORY) 'material universe' or 'reality' from NOTHING but His ENERGY, using super intelligent MATHEMATICAL GENIUS as His 'WORD of TRUTH' like a programming code, through which everything is created and held together by Him, as He told us FROM THE VERY BEGINNING and the Sciences of Physics and Mathematics ESTABLISH AS ABSOLUTE FACT!

In Him we live, move, and have our very being held together. Acts 17:38

He was so DETAILED in His INSTRUCTIONS to us from the beginning that He told us that the LIGHT which created LIFE in day 3, also created the Sun on day teach us about the SOURCE of His true life giving light of the world, and the SIGN He would select according to a PROGRAMMING CODE for us to RECOGNIZE and ALIGN WITH later. After we (Adam and Eve) CHOSE to be deceived and taken CAPTIVE by the DECEIVER here in the virtual sub reality of our 'cave', knowledge of TRUE LIFE GIVING SPIRITUAL LIGHT of 'TRUTH' has been suppressed and REPLACED by our spiritual ENSLAVERS who have used the SUN as the 'SIGN' of Gods life giving "light of the world" in their 'WISDOM' of this world, in order to blind minds from seeing the TRUE SPIRITUAL LIGHT REALITY the GOD OF TRUTH would send according to His TRUTH PLAN (2 Cor. 4:3-4) in order to ESTABLISH the TRUE 'CORNERSTONE SPIRITUAL LIGHT OF THE WORLD' in obedience to the "SIGN" He selected as the "FAITHFUL WITNESS" for HIS KINGDOM RULER.

In other words, He gave us the COUNTER INTUITIVE claim on Day 3 of creation that He gave life to grass and trees, things understood to be 'naturally' and COMPLETELY DEPENDENT on the Sun for their genesis and growth, BEFORE the Sun was even created in our 'reality' on day 4 according to His ancient CODE (Gen. 1:11-12)! He clearly did this so that He could later associate His TRUE LIFE giving SPIRIT and 'Light of the World' with the MOON, to EXPOSE the 'OBVIOUS' DECEPTION of SATANS REBELLION which would select the SUN as the SIGN of the CORNERSTONE SPIRIT they served, and allow us to ASCEND from the 'CAVE' of our material enslavement, as designed before creating ANYTHING! He did this to ESTABLISH the TRUE 'CORNERSTONE SIGN' for His SPIRIT of TRUTH which He would establish IN OBEDIENCE TO HIS KINGDOM "TIMES AND LAWS" which would speak ALL ABOUT the "Messiah" He would send in order to ESTABLISH His CORNERSTONE-SABBATH SIGN as a FAITHFUL WITNESS for His SPIRIT OF TRUTH as the TRUE 'LIGHT OF THE WORLD' in contrast to SATANS DECEPTION, in order to DEPOSE SATANS KINGDOM OF DECEPTION. Once EXPOSING and DESTROYING Satans Kingdoms of deception with His LIFE GIVING LIGHT OF TRUTH as He PROMISED, using His chosen CORNERSTONE "SIGN" of His programming WORD of TRUTH who would come into our 'virtual reality' to first be REJECTED (sacrificed as a Lamb), He would then begin to rule HIS KINGDOM on earth OPENLY through His Kings and Priests being BORN from 'above', from the 'woman' WISDOM a.k.a. Israel standing on the 'SIGN' of the cornerstone (Rev. 12:5 & 17) who would be taken into the WILDERNESS to BUILD HER HOUSE and, submitting in OBEDIENCE TO HIM and His Spirit of Truth leading them to be FORMED in His INTELLIGENT and VIRTUOUS IMAGE as HIS GLORY, who would be VICTORIOUS and would ESTABLISH HIS KINGDOM RULE on EARTH as He DESIGNED before creating ANYTHING AT ALL!

So we see that the 'metaphysics' or SPIRITUAL NATURE of our 'material reality' is more like the programming code of a SIMULATED GAME reality on a computer within which the 'avatars' in the game move around and have their existence. Yet the artificial intelligence of the 'avatars' we replicate can not CONSCIOUSLY perceive the nature of their sub reality in relation to their creators, us. They can not perceive our existence which is outside the perameters of the virtual reality we created in which they live, move, and have their being. Their 'virtual reality' is literally ALL that can be 'perceived' by them as 'real', as mere avatars LACKING TRUE CONSCIOUS LIFE perception, sort of like 'zombies' in a game which appear to have 'life', but are truly UNCONSCIOUSLY disconnected from the SOURCE of CONSCIOUSNESS which, in the reality that holds our virtual reality together, IS LIFE ETERNAL.

Conversely to the 'virtual realities' we create, our programmer 'God' of OUR vastly superior intelligently designed 'virtual reality' has allowed for mankind to have their CHOICE to BE DISCONNECTED from true CONSCIOUSNESS, to be DECEIVED by the REBELLIOUS SPIRIT and TAKEN CAPTIVE by one of his RELIGIOUS 'material illusions' to believe this material reality is 'all there is' to this 'life' while having a false hope in an 'after life' given to them here like pie in the sky, while SERVING the Spirit of Deception as 'God' here and now (in any of thousands of religious deceptions that have come and gone throughout history for them to choose from in the schmorgasborg of powerful delusions they're allowed to choose from).

But our CONSCIOUS PROGRAMMING 'LIFE' who is the TRUE 'light of the world' also gave us a SPIRITUAL PLAN within our 'virtual reality' whereby we connect through our OBEDIENCE to the TRUTH by which He can SAVE US from the SPIRIT of DECEPTION where we were born as 'captives' in this virtual PRISON to one of his POWERFUL RELIGIOUS CULT DELUSIONS that CONTROL THE NARRATIVE of our reality, in order to REDEEM MANKIND through our OBEDIENCE to HIS NARRATIVE to set them free from the Spirit of Deception currently controlling the all the worlds 'narratives' through his Kings and Priests selfish deceptions. Spiritual men who LOVE TRUTH and INTEGRITY of VIRTUE and, manifesting the Image of TRUTH, VIRTUE, and SUPER INTELLIGENCE through their OBEDIENCE to the CONSCIOUS MIND of God directing them, would then OVERCOME the worlds DECEIVING SPIRIT to then be controlling the worlds NARRATIVE within our temporal Material Illusion of our Simulated Virtual Reality for GODS GLORY; deposing the the selfish deceivers manifesting Satans deformed, perverted and twisted image selfishly benefitting from enslaving the rest of us in ignorance and deception, as is currently still the case. The PLAN is to lead all the worlds children out from their CAPTIVITY to be ALLOWED to reflect the Image of Truth as He designed for His Glory, or THEIR FREE WILL CHOICE based in the FULL DISCLOSURE of all the FACTS regarding our 'reality' (truths which are still currently suppressed and kept from mankind yet ENSLAVED by these SELFISH SPIRITS exalting THEMSELVES as 'gods' and controlling the NARRATIVE of world 'consciousness' in ignorance and REBELLION to HIS CONSCIOUS, LOGICAL MIND, which is ONE with the WORD of TRUTH by which He guides us!).

Unlike the comparatively unsophisticated artificial intelligence of the robots or 'avatars' we are able to replicate within the VIRTUAL REALITY SIMULATION we inhabit, our creator/programmer gave us a CODE, His WORD of TRUTH, whereby we can not only perceive the nature of our reality where we have been kept relatively unconscious of Him, but we can CHOOSE to INTERFACE WITH HIS ETERNALLY CONSCIOUS MIND holding our reality together to be perceived (which is not even REASONED ABOUT by those 'sleepwalking' like dead zombies through 'reality', as groomed by their spiritual ENSLAVERS), which is where TRUE LIFE EXISTS ETERNALLY (Job 36:7, Col. 3:1-4, Ps. 113:4-8)! Through our 'rebirth' into this NEW PARADIGM or 'CORNERSTONE PERSEPCTIVE' from which to view 'reality', and our now CONSCIOUS OBEDIENCE TO, and UNITY WITH, HIS CONSCIOUSNESS and HIS DIRECTIONS for our life from His perspective as the TRUE 'Light of the World', we can 'EVOLVE' to be UNITED WITH HIM as He leads us in His LIGHT as His DESIRE, and mankind will be SET FREE from their imprisonment to the Spirit of Deception ruling over their UNCONSCIOUS MINDS (and their physical bodies) as zombies or mere avatars, as He Designed for them to CHOOSE.

Obedience of flesh men to the Conscious Mind of God, is the 'Sound Mind' of The Messiah! 1 Cor. 2:16, Phil. 2:5 & 2 Tim. 1:7

He told us that the 'SUN' was created in this virtually simulated (cave) 'reality' to be perceived as the 'OBVIOUS' life giving light of the world to be selected by the SPIRIT OF REBELLION and DECEPTION to deceive selfishly motivated BEASTLY MEN who would choose to exalt themselves against HIS SPIRIT OF TRUTH to DECEIVE MANKIND, like prisoners in a Cave, to serve THEMSELVES as 'God'. But from the beginning He has told us that the true life giving light of the world is Himself, THROUGH HIS WORD, which holds our reality together and He chose the MOON as the representative SIGN and WITNESS for HIS SPIRIT of TRUTH as the true CORNERSTONE LIGHT of the WORLD in context of a PLAN. The PLAN is in regard to the ancient BIBLE CODE NARRATIVE for HIS KINGDOM which He would BUILD ON EARTH through those of us who are 'BORN FROM ABOVE' in this LIFE GIVING TRUTH through OBEDIENCE of FAITH, who would OBEY HIS PLAN and evolve, as HE DESIGNED as our 'Father' whose 'Image' we manifest through our OBEDIENCE...this is a far superior SIMULATED REALITY and life giving SPIRITUAL TRUTH CODE than any which we could have even previously IMAGINED to replicate. Basically He devised a PLAN by which to 'pull the rug out' from under those currently CONTROLLING the NARRATIVE of our 'CAVE' in service to the spirit of SELFISH REBELLION they serve as our ENSLAVERS, to be SET FREE in a 'GREAT EXODUS' for His GLORY through our OBEDIENCE to His PLAN over the course of TIME...very much like He did with Israel in Egypt as a SHADOW to teach us, but the end time 'Exodus' will be on a GLOBAL SCALE!

Therefore says YHWH, the day will come when no one will be talking about YHWH bringing Israel out of Egypt any more, but rather about how YHWH brought the children of Israel out from...all the nations of earth where he drove them...Jer. 16:14-15

The Stone REJECTED by The Builders (as the Cornerstone), has NOW BECOME the CHOSEN CORNERSTONE from YHWH, and it's MIRACULOUS in our eyes! Ps. 118:22-23, Mat. 21:42, Mk. 12:10, Lk. 20:17, Acts 4:11 & 1 Pet. 2:7

Where is the Philosopher? Where is the Educated man? Where is the world's Debater? Hasn't God caused the wisdom of the worlds ruling class to look foolish? 1 Corinthians 1:20

For the wisdom of this world is foolish to God; as it has been written: He catches the shrewd in their own craft! 1 Corinthians 3:19

Even as you watched 'The Stone' struck the Image (of the Beast Kingdoms of earth) which turned to chaff and the wind carried them away, and the God of Heaven set up His Kingdom which shall never be destroyed; so God has shown you what shall surely come to pass! The VISION is CERTAIN and the interpretation is FAITHFUL and TRUE! Dan. 2

Jesus and His Chosen and Faithful followers OVERCAME the Beast because He is King of Kings and Lord of Lords (and TRUTH defeats religio-political PROPAGANDA with LIGHT to SEE)...and the Beast obeyed God to do His Will...! Rev. 17:14-17

He created this 'cave' of our material sub reality as a sort of QUALITY CONTROL TEST ZONE for SPIRITUAL BEINGS who would be PERFECTED though their assent or 'EVOLUTION' from their MATERIAL 'PRISON' through their OBEDIENCE to the WORD or CODE for our 'Kingdom' here below, to REFLECT our knowledge and DESIRE of HIS HIGHER KINGDOM we are to JOIN WITH through our TRUST in HIM as our TRUE 'Father' and lover of our souls.

The Moon was selected as the CORNERSTONE "SIGN" of the true SPIRITUAL 'Light of the World' of our SUB REALITY who would COME IN FLESH in order to REDEEM MANKIND from SATANS REBELLION and lead us to 'REST' our FAITH in the PROGRAMMERS 'NARRATIVE' for 'reality' through our OBEDIENCE to HIS KINGDOM CODE as HIS CHILDREN who He Himself REDEEMS through His SACRIFICIAL DEATH and RESURRECTION in SERVICE to the BODY of MANKIND being created to be inhabited CORPORATELY by HIS LIFE GIVING SPIRIT as HIS 'BODY' of Mankind to rule 'HIS KINGDOM' on earth as a 'Temple' made of 'Living Stones' or an unleavened 'House of Bread', for HIS GLORY. When we OBEY HIM and HIS 'CORNERSTONE NARRATIVE' for HIS KINGDOM PLAN as He designed, then He will begin His greatest work IN and THROUGH His BODY of Mankind being UNITED before our final 'REBIRTH' into a completely NEW and ETERNAL reality, with HIS SPIRIT of TRUTH indwelling us corporately as HIS WONDERFULLY CREATED ETERNAL BODY!

"I YHWH have called you in righteousness...I will give you for the People's Covenant, a Light to the nations." Is. 42:6

(Full Moon) Sabbath is the (covenant) 'SIGN' between ME and YOU forever, so that you will KNOW that I AM HE WHO HAS SANCTIFIED YOU! Ex. 31:13

He made the Moon for His (Covenant) Calendar, the Sun knows he's going down! Ps. 104:19

(the Messianic throne of David's 'seed') has been established FOREVER as the MOON, the FAITHFUL WITNESS in the CLOUDS! Ps. 89:37 (38)

YHWH said to my Lord, 'sit here at my right hand until I make your enemies a footstool for your feet'. Ps. 110:1

Blow the shofar on New Moon, and on the (15th) day of our Full Moon (Sabbath) Festival! Ps. 81:3 (81:4)

It shall come to pass that every one that is left from all the nations which came against Jerusalem shall go up from year to year to worship the King, YHWH of armies, and to celebrate the (full moon sabbath) Feast of Tabernacles. Zechariah 14:16

the people of Earth shall worship at the opening of that gate on SABBATHS and NEW MOONS before YHWH. Ezekiel 46:1 & 3

It shall come to pass from one NEW MOON to another, and from one (full moon) SABBATH to another, ALL FLESH will WORSHIP BEFORE ME, says YHWH! Is. 66:23

The Stone REJECTED by The Builders (as the Cornerstone), has NOW BECOME the CHOSEN CORNERSTONE from YHWH, and it's MIRACULOUS in our eyes! Ps. 118:22-23, Mat. 21:42, Mk. 12:10, Lk. 20:17, Acts 4:11 & 1 Pet. 2:7

Even as you watched 'The Stone' struck the Image (of the Beast Kingdoms of earth) which turned to chaff and the wind carried them away, and the God of Heaven set up His Kingdom which shall never be destroyed; so God has shown you what shall surely come to pass! The VISION is CERTAIN and the interpretation is FAITHFUL and TRUE! Dan. 2

Sabbath, anchored to the CORNERSTONE 'SIGN' selected to represent the LIGHT OF TRUTH who would OBEY the PLAN, was "MADE FOR MAN" to recognize the SPIRIT OF TRUTH which is God who promised to REDEEM and SAVE MANKIND from Satans DECEPTIONS anchored to the Sun as the 'light of the world'. Jesus came as the CORNERSTONE SPIRIT of GOD to establish the SABBATH SIGN created to REDEEM and SANCTIFY MANKIND from Satan's 'CORNERSTONE DECEPTION' and his Saturnday/Sunday Hegelian Dialectic FRAUD 'SABBATHS' anchored to the cornerstone SIGN of the SUN representing his SPIRIT of DECEPTION in our philosophical 'CAVE' of material reality! Mankind was created to become 'like God' having His Spirit of TRUTH indwelling them and leading them in ASSENT from this prison of IGNORANCE and DECEPTION, as a result of their CHOICES over the course of TIME as DIRECTED by Gods programming CODE, for His Glory, to judge and condemn rebellion to Him and to SET MANKIND FREE from the 'Cave' whos CORNERSTONE of DECEPTION is symbolized by the SUN, to then 'evolve' or 'ascend' in UNITY to a new dimension of reality as He Leads us in the LIGHT of His LIFE GIVING TRUTH symbolized by the MOON according to His PLAN. Socrates spoke of this 'assent' from our current 'Cave' enslavement to deception to establish Gods 'CONSTITUTION' and 'Republic' on the CORNERSTONE of HIS SPIRIT OF TRUTH, which would be built by the invisible Spirit of God through his OBEDIENT BODY of people who have their 'eye fixed on Him', in his famous 'CAVE PARABLE' or Allegory; at the end of which he summarized as follows:

"This entire allegory, I said, you may now append, dear Glaucon, to the previous argument (regarding perfect injustice and evil vs. perfect justice and good); the prison-house (of our 'CAVE' reality) is the world of sight (material reality), the light of the fire (used by sorcerers in our 'Cave' of 'material reality' ruled by 'sight' to deceive the enslaved inhabitants in perfect injustice and evil through the APPEARANCE of 'obvious truth') is the Sun, and you will not misapprehend me if you interpret the journey upwards to be the ascent of the soul into the intellectual world (not so 'obvious' spiritual/heavenly LIGHT reality which IS the TRUTH/WAY/LIFE sent from God according to His LOGOS/LOGIC/WORD, not a deceptive appearance!)... the Idea of Good (the INVISIBLE GOD, symbolized by the MOON in the 'obvious' world of material 'sight' according to the LOGOS/LOGICAL PLAN to lead us in assent to perfect good of the invisible SPIRITUAL reality) appears last of all, and is seen only with an effort...and is inferred to be the universal author of all things beautiful and right...the immediate source of reason and truth in the intellectual (spiritual/heavenly world of justice and good); and that this is the Power (of the otherwise invisible SPIRIT of TRUTH) upon which he who would act rationally, either in public or private life, must have his eye fixed (within our 'cave' in order to 'ascend' from perfect injustice and evil, to perfect justice and good, as DESIGNED!)."

This SCIENTIFICALLY ESTABLISHED, LOGICALLY SOUND, and PHILOSOPHICALLY INSIGHTFUL "CORNERSTONE TRUTH NARRATIVE" (a.k.a. Gospel Plan) regarding the SPIRITUAL 'LIGHT' REALITY which BOTH created and holds our material reality together by our INTELLIGENT DESIGNER, as He has told us FROM THE VERY BEGINNING of mankinds RECORDED HISTORY, can (and will) be told by Gods Kings and Priests ruling His Kingdom Narrative of PEACE and UNITY on earth in a plethora of ways, for every level of education; from children's preschool stories to Post Doctorate levels of education. But the above account encompasses the essential nuts and bolts of its PROFOUND TRUTHS. You can learn more details about the nature of our obviously intelligently designed 'reality' and the purpose and MEANING for why we're here, throughout the rest of this e-book website.

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