In an age of UNIVERSAL DECEPTION, telling the TRUTH becomes a REVOLUTIONARY ACT! But be ASSURED that the Sword of Truth which proceeds from the Mouth of God is MIGHTIER than the VIOLENCE of Satan's hands!




Take off the Diadem and remove the Crown! Things will no longer be the same! Raise up the humble and humble the exalted! Ez. 21:26

Narcissists and the Spirit of the "Psychopath Emperor" they enslave men to serve through DECEPTION as the "Cornerstone" of their Spiritual Kingdom of "Mystery Babylon".

The SPIRITUAL IMAGE of BEAST WORSHIP (of the Dark Tetrad Spirit of Satan) juxtaposed to the ALTRUISTIC SPIRITUAL IMAGE of the SACRIFICED SABBATH Messiah, the TRUE Spiritual 'CORNERSTONE' and MorningStar RULER, MANIFEST for JUDGEMENT and GREAT EXODUS!

The NARCISSIST ANTICHRIST CULT LEADERS and their APATHETIC mind slave servants who protect and serve them ('flying monkeys') a.k.a. "TARES" among Gods Children (wheat) who serve SATAN as the 'NAKED EMPEROR' or "EXPOSED ANTICHRIST" in our midst in Jesus' name, are herein exposed by WHAT THEY DO!

Narcissism seems to be as unnoticed as the air we breathe in our current world economy or "KINGDOM", yet is mortally TOXIC to the body of mankind! Narcissism is what MARKED the leaders of the antediluvian world which was WIPED OUT for serving the Dark Tetrad Spirit of Satan as "God"! Apart from CHANGING the ruling SPIRIT as a 'cornerstone' for the world kingdom as a 'ruling paradigm' which controls the world narrative in every nation, mankind will soon DESTROY HIMSELF and become EXTINCT. God has been showing us His PLAN to save us over the course of time, including before the DELUGE, and we're now at the crossroads of decision whether we shall IMPLEMENT THE PLAN in OBEDIENCE to God or be DESTROYED for REBELLION!

The TRUE Son of God who came according to the PLAN to establish the TRUE CORNERSTONE SPIRIT to rule the planet, being the EMPATH of EMPATHS able to see through these religious hypocrites who control the worlds narrative, died at the hands of such NARCISSISTS who SELFISHLY serve the 'God of this world' believing they do the TRUE GOD a service, but they're simply deceived and deceiving others like CULT LEADERS, in SELF service to hypocrisy and lies. This IS what 'Narcissism' is, and it's these SELF SERVING Narcissists who LOVE RELIGION to use as a CLOAK for their MALICIOUS DEEDS and JUSTIFY THEIR RULE!

The MorningStar SPIRIT selected as the CORNERSTONE in the foundation, and ruling 'light of the world' for this NARCISSISTIC WORLD KINGDOM or 'house' these SELFISH people rule over (which has a 'SIGN' or 'MARK' associated with this SPIRITUAL CORNERSTONE of POWER, according to GODS PLAN to EXPOSE IT), a system which we're all born into and taught to NEVER QUESTION, ALSO has a HIDDEN system of SACRIFICE to THEIR GOD who gives them POWER: a system of child sacrifice and human trafficking coupled to the HATRED of God's EMPATHIC IMAGE of TRUTH TELLING WITNESSES being formed in the body of mankind! All of these HIDDEN ASPECTS in our WORLD SYSTEM are associated with this SPIRITUAL 'CORNERSTONE' of POWER they selected and secretly serve with our OPEN TACIT COMPLIANCE based in IGNORANCE and DECEPTION, to this very day.

Empaths like Jesus who are able to SEE THROUGH THE RELIGIOUS HYPOCRISY of those who SERVE THAT 'CORNERSTONE' (which seems to fool everyone else who have NO IDEA how they assist them IGNORANTLY through being DECEIVED) are OPENLY TARGETED by the Narcissists using COLORS OF LAW and other JUSTIFICATIONS in the SPIRITUAL DARKNESS they MAINTAIN over the ignorant minds of the MASSES of society! They are OPENLY SACRIFICED in a myriad of ways in the SPIRITUAL DARKNESS THEY GROOM FOR THEMSELVES AS RULERS, usurping the authority of the TRUE SPIRITUAL CORNERSTONE being OPENLY REJECTED by the people they deceive to serve them IN HIS NAME, to this very day!

Since we ORDINARY people are born into this world controlled by Narcissistic Psychopaths, Sociopaths, and their Apathetic mind slaves, without understanding the "Mystery of Iniquity" which is the "CORNERSTONE" of their SPIRITUAL KINGDOM (called "Mystery Babylon"), we simply accept things as they are, that they will never change, and most of us simply learn to COPE with the way things are in order to just 'get along'. But the CORNERSTONE PERSPECTIVE which GIVES THEM THIS 'POWER' to control the narrative and 'create' the illusion of reality for us to believe is true, as illustrated by Socrates in his famous 'cave parable', and as I also demonstrate is the very 'narrative' the Bible is trying to EXPOSE, CAN AND MUST BE CHANGED for GODS GLORY according to HIS PLAN so we would DESTROY THAT KINGDOM built on hypocrisy and lies with the light of SINCERITY and TRUTH! So it's important to get a handle on some of the characteristics which distinguish them from us, not only from the Bible perspective, but from a SCIENTIFIC PSYCHOLOGICAL/SPIRITUAL persepective.

Knowledge is powerful and is required as the first step before its APPLICATION to being SET FREE from being ENSLAVED by IGNORANCE and DECEPTION, and to then begin HEALING from the TRAUMA of such SATANICALLY TOXIC NARCISSISTIC relationships we are FORCED TO COPE WITH from birth. Knowledge of the TRUTH is also required in order to be able to CHANGE the system they control, by which they create more 'images' in flesh of the 'god' of this world they serve as CULT LEADERS while pretending to be serving the God of TRUTH, so we GLORIFY GOD by setting up a SYSTEM where men are being created in HIS TRUE IMAGE. With that said then, let's begin the END of the secret Kingdom of PEDOPHILES, PEDOVORES, Human Trafficking slave traders & black market SATANISTS hiding behind priests frocks, by understanding their MODUS OPERANDI and the "CORNERSTONE SPIRIT" they serve as "God", and his MARK or SIGN which they OPENLY SERVE and deceive you to ALSO SERVE in REBELLION TO THE SPIRITUAL TIMES AND LAWS of the TRUE GOD which SHALL DESTROY THEIR KINGDOM built on LIES AND DECEPTION!

The information in this link is really profound, I strongly advise reading this short description and sharing it with others.

The following links go to videos in a youtube channel belonging to Doctor Ramani, a licensed clinical Psychologist specializing in the personality disorder of "Narcissism". I link them in the hope you will watch them and others of the videos in her channel. As a real PIONEER in this field, she is the most well versed person on this 'cornerstone' SPIRITUAL problem that has plagued mankind for thousands of years, from a professional Science based Psychological perspective, that I'm currently aware of. We need FAR MORE professionals like her to EXPAND this field of research to SAVE MANKIND from this SPIRITUAL DEFECT!

More than anything, Narcissists HATE truth telling empaths like Jesus, and ACTIVELY WORK to keep us from ever UNITING as the 'BODY OF GOD' on earth to MANIFEST HIS IMAGE OF TRUTH that will HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE, as prophesied; they HATE and FEAR US being in seats of power assisting others to be formed in the TRUE 'Image of God'! So please, please, learn about them and DON'T ENABLE THEM OR SUPPORT THEIR SATANIC BEHAVIOR which HATES the IMAGE of the God of TRUTH and His TRUTH TELLERS!

What Narcissists (Naked Emperors) do to Truth Tellers (honest children)

Narcissists & Virtue Signaling

Narcissism, Religion, & Spirituality

When Narcissism meets Authenticity

How being in a cult is just like being in a Narcissistic relationship

How Narcissists use sob stories to draw you in

The Narcissist: the wolf in sheep's clothing

It's really important to understand the SPIRITUAL CONCEPT of the Narcissist 'Light' as an abusing imposter SPIRIT usurping 'authority'. In reality they exhibit the PERFECT IMAGE of INJUSTICE which blinds minds from seeing the TRUE SPIRITUAL LIGHT of AUTHORITY...they USURP AUTHORITY in the name of TRUTH using hypocrisy, malice, and deception, which Socrates puts forth beautifully in his famous CAVE PARABLE. Cain was associated with the MARK of the NARCISSIST SUN GOD 'RA' as the 'Light of the world', and the Empath Abel was associated with the Sign of the Moon for the 'time of life' at lambing season as a SACRIFICE (as were Isaac, Joseph, and finally Jesus, to whom they all pointed) which is later codified in Israel's Kingdom Calendar Law to be recognized as the TRUE CORNERSTONE SPIRIT and 'Light of the world' and MASTER of SABBATH according to a VISIBLE 'SIGN' codified to ESTABLISH THE TRUTH of GODS SPIRIT, by which God promises to SANCTIFY and REDEEM US in GREAT EXODUS (Ex. 31:13)! As in the antediluvian world, God told us the SPIRIT of NARCISSISM (Satan) would seek to REJECT the SPIRIT which Gods kingdom times and laws point to, and replace them with His IMPOSTER SYSTEM of ENSLAVEMENT by deceiving mankind and USURPING the AUTHORITY of the TRUTH.

Narcissism is a DELIBERATELY GROOMED spiritual phenomena! Those who want to talk about this phenomena are some of the first people that get SILENCED in society. Think about it in terms of Crocodiles and wilda beasts. I'm sure you've seen the video's of the unsuspecting wilda beast going down cautiously to the waters edge to get a drink and mistaking the crocodile for just a rock or something floating in the water, does not recognize the danger and GETS VICIOUSLY ATTACKED. This happens to victims of narcissism all the time. The problem is THESE CROCODILES RULE OUR WORLD and don't want the VICTIMS who have ESCAPED ever discussing the PHENOMENA to educate the REST OF THE FLOCK. Dr. Ramani talks about this phenomena far more eloguently from her professional experience in this following video.

Narcissism and the Goldwater rule

To really get a handle on this deception I have one more video from Dr. Ramani on what's called the 'Stroop Effect'. This video will really help you to understand how 'first impressions' can be so misleading, as well as why 'relearning' truth, after having been so ingrained with deception, can be such a difficult task...while at the same time, absolutely necessary!

Dr. Ramani - The Stroop Effect

The difficult goal of my work is to assist others to juxtaposition these two diamatrically differing SIGNS and their associated CORNERSTONE SPIRIT they 'mark' in order to highlight the TRUE SPIRITUAL "CORNERSTONE" and 'light of the world' which God promised to send us according to His PLAN whereby He selected the Moon as the FAITHFUL WITNESS and SIGN of His TRUTH, embedded in His TIMES AND LAWS which would be CHANGED by the OPPOSING SPIRIT of REBELLION, whose Sign or 'MARK' of being worshipped as the GOD OF THIS WORLD would be the SUN (Ra), in order to EXPOSE the DECEPTION and FREE THE WORLD from them in JUDGEMENT ON ALL REBELLION to HIS KINGDOM, according to HIS TRUTH PLAN! The light of TRUTH is a far greater light than the light of the deceptions associated with the SUN, and the God of TRUTH selected the MOON as HIS FAITHFUL WITNESS and the SIGN for His MOEDIM which speak all about HIS FAITHFUL SON who ESTABLISHED THIS TRUTH IN ZION AS THE WORLDS RULING CORNERSTONE according to a 'PURE MATHEMATICS' TRUTH PLAN! (God's SABBATH 'SIGN' of REDEMPTION and SANCTIFICATION is the MOON, His Lunar Calendar of appointed times speak ALL ABOUT the TRUE SON of God to EXPOSE, DEPOSE, and BIND the sons of SATAN usurping Gods authority!).

Yes, the SPIRITUAL ordinances of God which He associated with the Moon as a FAITHFUL WITNESS, speak VOLUMES in regard to the TRUTH of HIS SON sent as a PASSOVER LAMB at the TIME OF LIFE according to an ANCIENT PLAN CODIFIED OVER THOUSANDS OF YEARS and NOW UNSEALED and MANIFEST, which is a far more powerful light than the deceptions of these BEASTS who associate Gods light with the SUN to DECEIVE and ABUSE Gods children in His name. They are CREATING MEN IN THE IMAGE OF SATAN through this SYSTEM. God wants HIS KINGDOM LAWS AND TIMES to be established to create men in HIS IMAGE or NO FLESH WILL BE SAVED from the SELF DESTRUCTION these narcissists will take mankind into!

Please see the documentation I put forward in the rest of my site to establish Gods TRUTH as our WORLD'S CORNERSTONE/MORNINGSTAR KING according to the PLAN to create men in HIS IMAGE to destroy Satans Kingdom of rebellion!

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