In an age of UNIVERSAL DECEPTION, telling the TRUTH becomes a REVOLUTIONARY ACT! George Orwell-1984?




As in the days of Noah....


Herein we will be TRACING the HISTORY of the "Cornerstone Spirit" of DECEPTION served as "God", and his "SIGN" by which the OCCULTIC BUILDERS, Kings, and Priests of Satan's "New World Order" kingdom serve the SPIRIT OF DECEPTION in place of the SPIRIT OF TRUTH, and for which the Antediluvian world had been DESTROYED IN REBELLION, and which the "Antichrist" Julius Caesar REPACKAGED as "High Priest-King" usurping Jesus' NAME and KINGDOM AUTHORITY, and which the WORLD is DECEIVED to serve through occultic neo-antediluvian (a.k.a. "Atlantian") Priests and Kings posing as servants of God and even usurping Jesus' Name, Titles, and Kingdom authority in REBELLION to Jesus as the TRUE "High Priest-King" over Gods World Kingdom, to this very day!

The VERY REASON Jesus came to be REJECTED and then GLORIFIED as our "High Priest-King" (Ps. 110) at the right hand of the Father as CORNERSTONE of the MORNINGSTAR GOSPEL PLAN, is to EXPOSE and DESTROY the CORNERSTONE "DEVICE" used by those serving SATAN'S SPIRIT of DECEPTION by which he has ALWAYS deceived men through his kings and priests to serve him as the "Light of the World", and for which the ANTEDILUVIANS had been DESTROYED, so we will be SAVED FROM SELF DESTRUCTION through our OBEDIENCE to the SPIRIT OF TRUTH as the "CORNERSTONE" and "MORNINGSTAR" "LIGHT OF THE WORLD" which ALL his PRIEST-KINGS in His WORLD KINGDOM will serve as HIGH PRIEST-KING to God instead of the ANTICHRIST Julius Caesar in service to SATAN!

The lips of the Priest preserve knowledge, men should seek "instruction" (Torah) from his mouth because he is the "Messenger" over the Armies of YHWH. Mal. 2:7

(Please NOTE that the word translated as "Messenger" here and in Mal. 3:1 is 'Malak' in Hebrew, 'Aggelos' in Greek, and 'Angelus' in Latin, ALL OF WHICH are subjectively and MISLEADINGLY translated into English elsewhere as "Angel" and NOT consistently and CORRECTLY as "Messenger". In fact the name of this prophetic book "Malachi", is the EXACT same conjugation of the HEBREW WORD correctly translated in 3:1 as: "MY MESSENGER" even in Greek, which we see misleadingly translated as "my Angel" from Greek in Revelation 22:16)


In this page we will learn about the DIFFERENCES in their material MANIFESTATION between the Spirit of DECEPTION and those who serve it as 'God' in REBELLION to the TRUTH, and the Spirit of TRUTH which IS GOD, according to a LOGICAL CREATION PLAN devised before anything was created. As Socrates put it in Plato's Republic, we will be juxtapositioning "the corruption of the perfectly unjust and evil with the virtue of the perfectly just and good, so as to understand the IDEAL of each", according to the BIBLE BLUEPRINT for constructing the perfect Kingdom 'Republic' under God!

"No State can be happy which is not designed by artists imitating the heavenly pattern." Socrates, Plato's Republic book 6

"You will be a Kingdom of Priests, a Holy Nation" Ex. 19:6

He has made us Kings and Priests FOR GOD TO RULE THE EARTH Rev. 5:10

Herein we are going to talk about TWO OPPOSING SPIRITUAL KINGDOMS (or from Gods perspective: a world Kingdom which He created that has been taken CAPTIVE by a SPIRIT of DECEPTION and REBELLION in OPPOSITION to His Spirit of TRUTH...and men are DECEIVED by this IDENTITY THIEF REBELLIOUS SPIRIT to believe they're serving the Spirit of TRUTH while being kept both IGNORANT of Him, and in REBELLION to Him...and to EACHOTHER regarding His Identity over which they WAR 'religiously'...this IS the 'Big Lie' created, used, and protected by the ELITE PRIESTS of SATAN ruling ALL the BEAST KINGDOMS (and cults) in Satans KINGDOM of DIVISION and DESTRUCTION based on LIES, which as GOOD "BUILDERS" (which is what the "PRIEST CLASS" is referred to in KINGDOM BUILDING TERMS), we are going to EXPOSE using the TRUTH from the SPIRIT OF TRUTH to RULE EARTH in synergistic symbiotic UNITY and PEACE, as He designed and PROMISED!). Their FINAL FORM is given to us in VISUAL LANGUAGE most CONCISELY in Daniel 2 where the CODIFIED SYSTEM of the SPIRIT of DECEPTION is being depicted in a KINGDOM "STATUE". The STATUE represents the SYNCRETIC RELIGIOUS KINGDOM of 'MYSTERY BABYLON', the Neo-Atlantian (Antichrist/Aryan) kingdoms of SATAN existing in a CODIFIED SPIRITUAL FORM in the END DAYS, which is being EXPOSED and SMASHED by GODS KINGDOM 'CORNERSTONE', which is the SPIRIT of TRUTH! With the final Beast Governments recognition of the SPIRIT OF TRUTH as a 'CORNERSTONE', presented through a CODIFIED KINGDOM BUILDING PLAN or BLUEPRINT to follow, Satan's Antisemite-Antichrist BEAST KINGDOMS which have always ruled the world using 'divide and conquer' WAR tactics based on LIES as DIRECTED by the 'priest classes' (religious harlots riding and directing the Beast Governments, Rev. 17:3 as the worlds BUILDERS) to DECEIVE THE MASSES WHO NEVER THIRST FOR TRUTH, AS THEIR POWER BASE, comes to its END and she is thrown on a bed of tribulation (Rev. 17:14-17).

The Stone REJECTED by The Builders (as the Cornerstone for the PRIEST CLASS), has NOW BECOME the CHOSEN CORNERSTONE from YHWH, and it's SUPERNATURAL in our eyes! Ps. 118:22-23, Mat. 21:42, Mk. 12:10, Lk. 20:17, Acts 4:11 & 1 Pet. 2:7

Even as you watched 'The Stone' struck the Image (of the Beast Kingdoms of earth) which turned to chaff and the wind carried them away, and the God of Heaven set up His Kingdom which shall never be destroyed; so God has shown you what shall surely come to pass! The VISION is CERTAIN and the interpretation is FAITHFUL and TRUE! Dan. 2

As alluded to even by Socrates in Plato's 'Republic' more than 2300 years ago, from ancient times Kingdoms (and 'Republics' and the EMPIRES springing from them, as we shall see here) have been established by a PRIEST CLASS whose PRIMARY FUNCTION is to both ORGANIZE TIME in relationship to the related function of a Kingdom NARRATIVE or WORLD VIEW, and to PROVIDE 'THE NARRATIVE' as the 'CORNERSTONE' around which EVERYTHING ORBITS: a.k.a. "religious beliefs" regarding the ORIGIN, MEANING, and PURPOSE of LIFE for INDIVIDUALS and KINGDOMS, the DESTINY of individuals and KINGDOMS, and the PLACE in the NARRATIVE which the PEOPLE and the KINGDOM they serve in has, in RELATIONSHIP to that perceived 'CORNERSTONE ORDER' of TIME within the 'NARRATIVE' regarding the universe of things and their DESTINY. Without such a VISION to bring COHESIVE UNITY and DIRECTION to individuals and members of a group, community, nation, or world of people, the people quickly begin to PERISH in the resulting anarchical chaos that fills the vacuum of an existence bereft of any REAL and MEANINGFUL PURPOSE; especially once DIFFICULTIES begin to set in which require such a CORNERSTONE 'TRUTH' to ANCHOR THEM with a VISION regarding the PURPOSE and MEANING of LIFE in the midst of the HARDSHIPS and SUFFERING they may need to ENDURE as a workman or builder of the KINGDOM VISION.

Without a UNITING VISION the people perish in anarchy and chaos! Happy are those who observe the instructions (Torah Blueprint) of YHWH. Prov. 29:18

So there has always been the 'priest classes' with their associated Politics, Acedemia and the official 'social media' outlets of their kingdom/period to disseminate those 'talking points' of the RULING CLASS which give the people 'DIRECTION' and which has ALWAYS ORGANIZED TIME for their various Kingdoms of the world, in SERVICE to a KING who RULES for an otherwise INVISIBLE SPIRIT they always called 'God' (and usually represented by some manifest FORM, IDOL or SIGN), from whom they are perceived by the 'masses' to have RECEIVED their 'AUTHORITY' of 'TRUTH' to RULE in HIS NAME and establish HIS NARRATIVE for THEIR KINGDOM RULE. But since the SPIRIT of this world is a DECEIVER that took the world captive to him usurping Gods authority IN REBELLION to the truth, as the SPIRIT of TRUTH tells us in the Bible NARRATIVE regarding TIME and the purpose of life, which DETAILS we shall go over herein , and also as Socrates alludes to in his famous 'Cave Parable' which is the 'Cornerstone' of Plato's Republic, so then it has always been a BIG LIE used by the priest class SORCERERS (religious whores) which rules over, or RIDES and STEERS (Rev. 17:3), all the BEAST KINGDOMS of the WORLD until the TRUTH, through HIS PRIEST CLASS of CHOSEN and FAITHFUL FOLLOWERS (Rev. 17:14), overcomes the beast and gives the BEAST 'VISION' to see how the HARLOT had been DECEIVING THE WORLD using its power, to then obey the GOD of TRUTH (Rev. 17:14-17)! Gods KINGS AND PRIESTS begin to DIRECT THE BEAST to FULFILL HIS WILL to buck the Harlot of Satan off his back and throw her on a bed of tribulation in OBEDIENCE to GODS PLAN!

Jesus and his chosen and faithful followers overcome the Beast, because he is King of Kings and Lord of Lords, and the Beast throws the Harlot (Satans Kings and Priests) on a bed of tribulation because God PUT IT IN HIS HEART TO DO HIS WILL (instead of Satans)! Rev. 17:14-17

"You will be a Kingdom of Priests, a Holy Nation" Ex. 19:6

He has made us Kings and Priests FOR GOD TO RULE THE EARTH Rev. 5:10

The 'narrative' used by the SORCERER priest class religious harlots was called a 'NOBLE LIE' or 'PIOUS FICTION' by Socrates who recognized the "CORNERSTONE of TRUTH" and HIS NARRATIVE would eventually 'EVOLVE' to DESTROY the 'REPUBLIC' built on a 'Noble Lie' or 'Pious Fiction' as its CORNERSTONE SPIRIT, so that the 'masses' may be SET FREE from their "CAVE" inprisonment and facilitated to be formed in the PERFECT IMAGE of the INVISIBLE TRUTH, rather than a distorted, evil, perverted 'image' of 'God' facilitated through Satans BEAST KINGDOMS which keeps them shackled in DECEPTION and IGNORANCE, by DESIGN of the God of TRUTH who IS, and SHALL BE RECOGNIZED by His people AS, the ETERNAL KING!.

Through Satans deceptions the people in the past have always recognized this supposedly ANOINTED KING as their ruler and SERVED HIM because by so doing, they are DECEIVED by the priest class SORCERERS CONTROLLING THE NARRATIVE to believe they are SERVING the SPIRIT of GOD who is 'THE TRUTH' (and His representative IDOL or SIGN) because they control the NARRATIVE (and THEIR SELECTED 'professionals' called politicians, scholars, educators, and media which assist in the PROPAGATION and DISSEMINATION of the NARRATIVE) for the INVISIBLE SPIRIT of DECEPTION they serve as the CORNERSTONE SPIRIT of their KINGDOM they SERVE as 'God'.

Overview of the 2 Kingdom Cornerstone SPIRITS and the Signs that MARK the PRIESTS and KINGS of their respective KINGDOMS

YHWH you are my strength, my anchor, and my refuge in times of distress! To you the peoples of the nations will come from the ends of the earth and say: "We have inherited worthless traditions and lies from our fathers!" Jer. 16:19

So herein we shall EXPOSE the CORNERSTONE SPIRIT of our CURRENT (and LAST) WORLD RULING 'BEAST KINGDOM', the 4th Beast of Daniel (Dan. 7:7-8, described as a Dragon in Rev. 12:3) which is represented by the LEGS of IRON and FEET of IRON AND CLAY of Daniels statue (Dan 2:40), and the SIGN which 'MARKS' those who WORSHIP and/or SERVE SATANS SPIRIT through his CODIFIED "BEAST" GOVERNMENT SYSTEM which even Socrates was able to 'SEE' prophetically, and JUXTAPOSITIONED for us to understand in his famous 'Cave Parable'.

The 1st FORM of this LAST BEAST GOVERNMENT was created by Julius Caesar as the 1st Head and Horn of a 7 HEADED DRAGON of POWER having 10 horns that would take on 2 historical forms (the 1st represented by the legs of iron, the 2nd by the feet of iron and clay in the Statue of Dan. 2; both would be a 7 headed 10 horned beast/dragon but the first would have 3 uprooted horns and only 7 crowns/kings that would then MORPH into the 2nd Dragon which would have crowns on all 10 horns). The 7th Head/Crown (and 10th 'little horn') of first form of this BEAST/DRAGON was Vespasian (before whom 3 horns were uprooted), with whom Yochanan ben Zachai (leader of the Pharisees who rejected Jesus as a SACRIFICE for his POLITICAL POWER) conspired as one of Satans 'priest class' political SORCERERS to ESTABLISH this 1st DRAGON EMPIRE as its directing or visionary 'EYES' (depicted as 'eyes' on that 'LITTLE HORN') who he assisted to POWER through HIS now EXPOSED TREASON against GODS SABBATH-CORNERSTONE COVENANT, as God KNEW and told us about IN ADVANCE.

You lifted up the Tabernacle of your King and the Star of Saturn as the IMAGE of your God (of Time) which you made for yourselves! Therefore I will take you into bondage BEYOND BABYLON (to ALL Nations, Deut. 30:1-3)! Amos 5:26-27 & Acts 7:42-43

Judah has dealt treacherously, and an abomination has been committed in Israel, in Jerusalem! Judah has profaned the holiness of YHWH who loved him and has married the daughter of a strange god. YHWH will cut off the man that does this thing, the master and the scholar, out of the tabernacles of Jacob, and from them that offer sacrifice to YHWH over the armies. Mal. 2:11-12

""HE" (Zachai, leader of the Pharisees) shall cut off the Moshiach, but not (for) himself, and "WITH" the coming Prince (General Vespasian who Zachai would anoint as the next 'Prince' of Rome) "HE" SHALL DESTROY THE CITY AND THE TEMPLE..." Dan. 9:26

He shall speak boastfully against the most High and wear out the saints of the most High, CALCULATING the CHANGE of TIMES and LAWS which will be given into his hand....Daniel 7:25

With violence He has destroyed His Temple Sanctuary like a garden Tabernacle. In the fierceness of His anger, YHWH has made His Moed (New Moon Calendar) and Sabbath to be forgotten in Zion with the rejection of His King and Priest. Lam. 2:6

Julius Caesar is CURRENTLY SERVED as the heavenly 'HIGH PRIEST-KING' and 'Father of Fathers' ('Pontifex Maximus' and 'Pater Patrum', later associated with Sol and SATURNALIA worship and called 'Christmas' today. The planet Saturn which Julius adopted as the 1st and Holiest Day for the Empire he created with its NEW CALENDAR, was recognized as 'GOD OF TIME', and associated with the highest degree of OCCULT MITHRAISM later to be conflated with 'Christianity' with the MASSES as deceived INITIATES to the OCCULT SERVICE of their ELITE LEADERS deceiving them) SERVING the SPIRIT of the DRAGON of 'TIME' he both CODIFIED in a SYSTEM he RULES OVER in service to the SERPENT/DRAGON God of this world, as the BIBLE PREDICTED FROM THE FOUNDATION OF THE WORLD! In the Biblical account of the PURPOSE for CREATION (which you can review by clicking on this link) we're told that mankind was TAKEN CAPTIVE in SATANS WORLD SYSTEM, a KINGDOM controlled by the SPIRIT OF REBELLION (a.k.a. 'the serpent', Satan, Dragon or Devil) who from the Garden in the beginning has exalted Himself AS GOD in His stead through DECEPTION. God had a PLAN even before creating him, to EXPOSE his REBELLION powered by his SECRET RELIGION of deception and PURE EVIL and EXPOSE and JUDGE HIM on the STAGE of planet Earth through MEN who are born from above in GODS IMAGE through OBEDIENCE to the TRUTH for His Glory. Satan exalts HIS SPIRIT of REBELLION through his servants as a 'LIGHT', usurping through DECEPTION, the AUTHORITY of the SPIRIT OF TRUTH (which is 'GOD'), as a NARCISSISTIC RULER OF THE WORLD, like an invisible PHARAOH worshipped and served by those priests and Kings who MANIFEST the IMAGE of HIS SPIRIT and CONTROL THE NARRATIVE in our WORLD SYSTEM!

God knew what Satan (the Serpent, Devil, Dragon) would do from the beginning, before even creating him, and He had a PLAN whereby HIS SPIRIT OF TRUTH would CONQUER Satan's Kingdom of REBELLION, Deception and CORRUPTION on the STAGE of PLANET EARTH through MEN who CHOOSE to be created in the IMAGE OF GOD of their own FREE WILL 'OBEDIENCE' to HIM, and be SET FREE from BONDAGE to SATAN'S KINGDOM OF CORRUPTION for the GLORY of the TRUTH they would serve as KING, as His PRIESTS and KINGS in HIS WORLD KINGDOM! He had a PLAN whereby He would ESTABLISH His SPIRIT OF TRUTH as the 'CORNERSTONE' and the TRUE 'LIGHT OF THE WORLD' according to a BLUEPRINT where He would ESTABLISH HIS KINGDOM ON EARTH, by which SATANS REBELLION would be EXPOSED, DEPOSED and BOUND over for JUDGEMENT according to GODS KINGDOM LAW for His Glory through HIS KINGDOM SERVANTS, His PRIESTS and KINGS serving HIM as the TRUE 'LIGHT OF THE WORLD'. According to His plan, the 'CORNERSTONE' Spirit of His Kingdom Law would be associated with a VISIBLE 'SABBATH CORNERSTONE SIGN' regarding how to view TIME in relationship to HIS KINGDOM PURPOSE by which He would REDEEM US from bondage to SATANS KINGDOM OF REBELLION and SANCTIFY US in the LIGHT OF HIS KINGDOM TRUTH according to the PLAN to create mankind in GODS SPIRITUAL IMAGE OF TRUTH through OBEDIENCE to His TRUTH PLAN (a.k.a. 'The Gospel') to RULE EARTH for HIS GLORY!

It is this SABBATH SIGN which we recognize as the SIGN of the 'CORNERSTONE SPIRIT' of OUR KINGDOM, the FATHER and the SON who are ECHAD (ONE) together establishing the HOLY SPIRIT of the TORAH 'TRUTH' PLAN! It is this 'CORNERSTONE SIGN' which the GOD of TRUTH PROVIDED to ESTABLISH His "HOLY SPIRIT" in a LEGAL 'CONSTITUTION', by which we can KNOW that HE IS the SPIRIT OF TRUTH and HOLINESS and that He has REDEEMED US to live in LIBERTY from SATANS KINGDOM OF DECEPTION trying to ENSLAVE US, according to HIS KINGDOM LAW by which He SANCTIFIES US to SERVE as KINGS and PRIESTS to HIM in HIS KINGDOM! It is through THIS CODIFIED KINGDOM SYSTEM that men may KNOW THE TRUTH and be set FREE from the ILLUSION of MATERIAL REALITY through which SATAN HAS DECEIVED MANKIND to REBEL against the invisible SPIRIT of the GOD OF TRUTH!

"You will be a Kingdom of Priests, a Holy Nation" Ex. 19:6

He has made us Kings and Priests FOR GOD TO RULE THE EARTH Rev. 5:10

As we shall see, God selected the MOON as the CORNERSTONE SIGN for HIS SABBATH MESSIAH, the ETERNALLY LIVING TORAH WORD of God who REDEEMS US as KING and HIGH PRIEST to God and is NOW 'sitting' on the THRONE as the anointed 'RIGHT HAND' of GOD the Father FOREVER, according to the SPIRIT of HIS TORAH PLAN to create men in THEIR IMAGE (Gen. 1:26, Ps. 110)! Truth is SPIRIT and therefore invisible to the EYE of man and seen ONLY through the EYE of the MIND! Basic Logic DEMANDS that ANY 'TRUTH CLAIM' MUST be established by 2 TRUE PREMISES or WITNESSES! Therefore the SPIRIT of TRUTH provided 2 TRUE WITNESSES for HIMSELF in a LOGICAL PLAN where mankind can SEE HIM 'AS HE IS' in SPIRITUAL REALITY, to be UNITED as ONE WITH HIM in HIS KINGDOM of TRUTH according to the NARRATIVE which He provided for us to be SET FREE FROM SATANS MATERIAL DECEPTIONS of reality used by HIS CORRUPT PRIESTS DECEIVING MANKIND to ENSLAVE US! Only in this way can MANKIND have the VISION and the AUTHORITY OF TRUTH in order to take the 'evolutionary leap' take the right 'FORK in the road' we are currently POISED at in HIS STORY, as HE DESIGNED! One could say that failing to JUDGE RIGHTLY, will be an 'evolutionary fail'!

He made the Moon for His Calendar Sign, the Sun knows he's going down! Ps. 104:19

(the Messianic throne of David's 'seed') has been established FOREVER as the MOON, the FAITHFUL WITNESS in the CLOUDS! Ps. 89:37 (38)

YHWH said to my Lord, 'sit here at my right hand until I make your enemies a footstool for your feet'. Ps. 110:1

Sabbath is the SIGN between ME and YOU forever, so that you will KNOW that I AM HE WHO HAS SANCTIFIED YOU! Ex. 31:13

The pompously rebellious SPIRIT of the serpent/satan/DRAGON and his BEASTLY SERVANTS (Priests and Kings) naturally selected the SIGN of the SUN (the "God of TIME" also represented by the 'STAR' of SATURN in this 'marriage' of priestly SATANIC DECEPTION) by which to associate his claim as the ruling 'LIGHT OF THE WORLD' in the NARRATIVE they would CREATE FOR THEMSELVES in a sort of MARRIAGE, and would FOIST this DECEPTION on the WHOLE WORLD as the "MARK" of obedience to the SPIRIT of SATAN, in Gods NAME!

He shall speak boastfully against the most High and wear out the saints of the most High, CALCULATING the CHANGE of TIMES and LAWS which will be given into his hand....Daniel 7:25

Judah has dealt treacherously, and an abomination has been committed in Israel, in Jerusalem! Judah has profaned the holiness of YHWH who loved him and has married the daughter of a strange god. YHWH will cut off the man that does this thing, the master and the scholar, out of the tabernacles of Jacob, and from them that offer sacrifice to YHWH over the armies. Mal. 2:11-12

With violence He has destroyed His Temple Sanctuary like a garden Tabernacle. In the fierceness of His anger, YHWH has made His Moed (New Moon Calendar) and Sabbath to be forgotten in Zion with the rejection of His King and Priest. Lam. 2:6

""HE" (Zachai, leader of the Pharisees) shall cut off the Moshiach, but not (for) himself, and "WITH" the coming Prince (General Vespasian who Zachai would anoint as the next 'Prince' of Rome) "HE" SHALL DESTROY THE CITY AND THE TEMPLE..." Dan. 9:26

You lifted up the Tabernacle of your King and the Star of Saturn as the IMAGE of your God (of Time) which you made for yourselves! Therefore I will take you into bondage BEYOND BABYLON (to ALL Nations, Deut. 30:1-3)! Amos 5:26-27 & Acts 7:42-43

God selected the 'SIGN' of the SACRIFICIAL 'SABBATH' MOON to represent the CORNERSTONE SPIRIT of HIS KINGDOM of TRUTH to ANCHOR His Kingdoms SABBATH TIMES AND LAWS [which would speak about HIS SONS being created or "BORN" of the WISDOM of Gods SPIRIT depicted as a WISE WOMAN building her house (because 'hokmah' is a feminine gender Hebrew noun meaning 'wisdom'...and also Greek where the word 'Sophia' prefixed by Philo-Sophy by Socrates means 'Lover of Wisdom'), 'ISRAEL' the 'WISE MOTHER' and 'QUEEN OF HEAVEN' ABOVE, in HIS KINGDOM IMAGE as HIS SONS of the WISE WOMAN, HERE BELOW; Prov. 9, Rev. 12:1 & 17, Gal. 4:26], knowing that the TRUTH of a SUFFERING SERVANT, selected as RULER and unrighteously REJECTED like Joseph to then be 'seen' sitting at the 'RIGHT HAND OF POWER' according to GODS PLAN ('seen' like a LIGHT BULB of LOGICAL, MATHEMATICAL 'TRUTH' that suddenly makes 'connection' with POWER in the 'MINDS EYE' to be UNDERSTOOD), would be a far more powerful LIGHT in the minds of those SUFFERING in the PHILOSOPHICAL DARKNESS of a NARCISSISTIC SPIRITUAL KINGDOM ruling over them mercilesssly in the end days (symbolized by Socrates 'Cave Parable' and the SOLAR God/Pharaoh served while in Egyptian bondage who demanded BLIND OBEDIENCE from SLAVES!), and they would RECOGNIZE HIM and HIS OVERCOMER, like MOSES who BRINGS THESE PROMISES of LIGHT TO THEIR MINDS, and HIS SPIRIT and the SIGN of HIS KINGDOM PASSOVER LAMB as the 'CORNERSTONE' of THEIR KINGDOM to RULE their CODIFIED WORLD SYSTEM. In this way the LIGHT OF TRUTH would be RECOGNIZED by those who LOVE TRUTH and HATE SATANS CORRUPT KINGDOM and they would OBEY THE PLAN to bring God GLORY through THEIR OBEDIENCE to HIS KINGDOM 'CORNERSTONE' PLAN by which the WORLD WILL BE SAVED FROM SATAN'S SYNCRETIC RELIGIOUS 'CORNERSTONE' NARRATIVE symbolized in Socrates 'Cave Parable' and Israel's Egyptian bondage, and which Daniel tells us forms the STATUE of MYSTERY BABYLON ruling the world in the end days just prior to GODS KINGDOM 'CORNERSTONE' of TRUTH exposing and SMASHING IT to smitherines in order for Gods TRUTH to rule the world in place of Satans deceptions, FOREVER AFTER (Dan. 2:35, 7:22 & 27, Rev. 17:14-17 & 20:1-2)!

"You will be a Kingdom of Priests, a Holy Nation" Ex. 19:6

He has made us Kings and Priests FOR GOD TO RULE THE EARTH Rev. 5:10

Satans Cornerstone Sign in Kingdom History

Let's just quickly HIGHLIGHT this plan in sort of GENERAL REVIEW of the history of the MORPHING 'CORNERSTONE' CALENDAR SYSTEM of the BEAST GOVERNMENTS that have ALWAYS RULED THE WORLD KINGDOMS of earth. It is this 'CORNERSTONE' of Satans CODIFIED KINGDOM SYSTEM which is creating IMAGES OF HIMSELF by which to perpetuate the CORRUPT RULE of PLANET EARTH until Gods people OBEY HIM, or earth will be DESTROYED and NO FLESH will be saved (as the NATURAL OUTCOME of Satans CORRUPT KINGDOM of REBELLION, GREED and HATRED), beginning with Noah.

We're going to begin with Noah who God brought through the flood which destroyed the antediluvian world kingdom of Satan because Gods SABBATH CORNERSTONE SALVATION PLAN had not yet been CODIFIED in ESOTERIC FORM with its hidden symbolism regarding the instructions to RIGHTLY PERCEIVE the SPIRIT of TRUTH which IS MESSIAH, and the CORNERSTONE SIGN which is the FAITHFUL WITNESS in the CLOUDS which God SELECTED for HIS KINGDOM PRIESTS to recognize HIS SPIRIT OF TRUTH He was promising to SEND as a PASSOVER LAMB to ESTABLISH HIS SPIRIT of TRUTH as "CORNERSTONE" for HIS KINGDOM in Zion which shall destroy SATANS MYSTERY BABYLON SYSTEM and HIS DECEIVING SPIRITUAL RULE...and the KINGDOM OF HEAVEN will be ESTABLISHED ON EARTH according to His PLAN. It seems clear that Noah ignorantly brought the KNOWLEDGE of the antediluvians 'CODIFIED CORNERSTONE KINGDOM LIGHT' of the DECEPTION of the world with him (though He was sensitive to Gods HOLY SPIRIT that He's going to CODIFY in His KINGDOM BUILDING INSTRUCTIONS by which He intends to SAVE THE WORLD through His OBEDEDIENT PEOPLE for HIS GLORY as He's DESIGNED) which, apart from OBEDIENCE to Gods KINGDOM BUILDING INSTRUCTIONS, will DESTROY the world in REBELLION again. No doubt God wanted us to recognize that, in context of the PLAN He has been DEVELOPING for us to RECOGNIZE over the course of His unfolding 'Story' of time, to 'ENTER' by FAITH in HIM and HIS PLAN as the JUDGEMENT of DESTRUCTION comes on the REBELLIOUS as in the days of Noah!

We can see in the extrapolated math of the account of Noah that he was observing a SOLAR CALENDAR very similar to the one we have today, where each month has 30 days. He is CLEARLY NOT observing the LUNAR CALENDAR (codified later by God to speak ALL ABOUT the SACRIFICE He was going to make to REDEEM MANKIND from BONDAGE to the worlds Pharaoh, SATAN, in GREAT EXODUS, and consisting of 29/30 days alternating each moonth of the lunar cycle as his 'months', which I have restored from Torah, here) where New Moons and their associated Sabbaths are RECOGNIZED as HOLY! In contrast later we see that God establishes His Calendar (which speaks LOGICALLY all about HIS "CORNERSTONE SPIRIT" OF TRUTH as the 'LIGHT OF THE WORLD' in a CODIFIED KINGDOM SYSTEM) for the Kingdom of Israel, by which He REDEEMED Israel from BONDAGE to Egypt. Keep in mind that God gives them this calendar through PROMISES which would be practically FORGOTTEN while in Bondage, but codified by Moses who RESTORES the promises when they EXODUS in OBEDIENCE. Egypt had a codified neo-antediluvian SOLAR CALENDAR system dedicated to the worship of Satan as 'God INCARNATE', resurrected SUN GOD 'RA', the PHARAONIC GOD OF THIS WORLD who has ALWAYS DECEIVED MEN to serve him as God in a CODIFIED SOLAR CORNERSTONE SYSTEM). We have this first glimpse of the CORNERSTONE GOSPEL PLAN by which God intended to EXPOSE and DEPOSE SATANS KINGDOM ON EARTH, after it would be CODIFIED LATER as God Himself PREDICTED in scripture, and as I shall enumerate from History.

Shortly after the flood [during which Noah was observing a SOLAR CALENDAR, as evidenced by the 5 months consisting of exactly 30 days each (totalling 150 days) described from the beginning of the flood (Gen. 7:11) til the day the waters stopped "prevailing" (Gen. 8:3-4)] we see that Nimrod re-established the CODIFIED KINGDOM CALENDAR SYSTEM of the antediluvian WORLD KINGDOM (a.k.a. "ATLANTIS" by the OCCULTISTS secretly trying to re-establish that ancient kingdom of REBELLION TO GOD, as it is to this very day) that had to be DESTROYED because of REBELLION to GODS SPIRIT, in Sumeria with his founding of Babyl and its related WORLD VIEW/RELIGIOUS SYSTEM. Aside from perhaps the Swastika which symbolized the Sun (Shemesh) from ancient times (and the Hexagram symbolizing Saturn/Chronos as the God of Time in Satan's religious system), the OLDEST existing SYMBOL of (Shemesh) the 'SUN GOD' as RULER OF EARTH giving AUTHORITY to his earthly Kings and Priests is found on the HEAD or top of the Obelisk of Hammurabi; the OBELISK being the SYMBOL for the "God of Time" in service to the "SUN" as the "LIGHT of God". This religious symbology revering the spirit of Satan represented by the Sun was re-introduced by Nimrod, the founder of Babyl, in the 1st NEO-"ATLANTIAN" (Mystery Babylon) World Empire of Satan after the flood, and it was later relocated to Persia (Aryan/Iran) as the NEXT world BEAST KINGDOM. In addition to having perverse sexual connotations regarding the RELIGIOUS ASPECTS of the Sun God and CENTRAL to their world view, the Obelisk was also central to the CODIFIED KINGDOM as the centerpiece of a SUN DIAL to indicate Kingdom TIMES as well as RELIGION and LAW (which was inscribed on the Obelisk by Hammurabi later). This perverse RELIGIOUS WORLD VIEW/KINGDOM existed in the antediluvian world and was clearly RE-INTRODUCED in Babyl by its founder.

The CODIFIED TIME of the Sumerian/Babyl kingdom calendar system re-introduced by Nimrod in the "neo-Atlantian" Kingdom of Babyl consisted of 12 months of 30 days with '5 intercalary days' added each year (and I would argue had a 6th day added every 4 years, but that's a bit too technically beyond the scope of this general overview) to ENSURE that the cornerstone DAY (devoted to the 'God of this world' in SOME CODIFIED FORM) and the CORNERSTONE 'SIGN' of the winter solstice, remain ANCHORED TOGETHER as the "sign" for the "God of Time" (and therefore all creation). This CODIFIED SOLAR CORNERSTONE CALENDAR SYSTEM, which was DIVORCED FROM, and had NOTHING to do with, the Lunar Cycle as a CORNERSTONE SIGN, is later taken to the EAST to Persia (Aryan/Iran and beyond) where the Sun God was renamed "Mithra", and to the WEST to Egypt (and later to the rest of the world through Rome) where the Sun God was renamed Osirus/Horus and Pharoah "Ra", after the destruction of Babyl. It's aligned to the winter solstice 'death of the sun' and its annual BIRTH or 'resurrection from the dead' three days later (associated with the Sun God Nimrod/Tammuz, Osiris/Horus, Ra, Baal, Molech, Sol, Saturnalia, Sol Invictus, Mithras and the Antichrist's 'Christmas' today). This FUNDAMENTAL ELEMENT or CORNERSTONE religious WORLD VIEW has been the RULING SIGN for the NARRATIVE of the shapeshifting SERPENT SPIRIT of DECEPTION representing the 'God' and 'Light of THIS WORLD' SYSTEM in REBELLION to the TRUTH of God through their "CONTROL OF THE KINGDOM NARRATIVES", from the foundation of the just changes FORMS.

In Persia (Aryan/Iran where the Obelisk of Hammurabi had been transferred from its origin in Sumeria and discovered in the Archeology of the ancient city of Susa in Persia/Aryan/Iran), birthplace of the new version of the 'Sun God' renamed 'Mitra' or 'Mithra'', as a central figure of the ancient pantheon of the Aryan religion [which centuries later became a very popular occult religion of the elite and the military in Rome (and Vatican/Nazi-Germany under Hitler and the 'Aryan 3rd Reich' to re-establish the "NEW 'Atlantian' WORLD ORDER", more recently) and conflated with 'Jesus' through deception. This "Aryan/Atlantian" religion is STILL the OCCULT RELIGION ruling the "NEW WORLD ORDER" NARRATIVES of the various nations Governing bodies through their Intelligence, Military, and Police Agency's DECEIVED by these SATANIST OCCULT PRIEST CLASSES using 'Christmas' as the INITIATION LEVEL to their OCCULT KINGDOM of CHILD MOLESTATION/SEX/SACRIFICE flesh/blood sacrament rituals, HUMAN TRAFFICKING, and WAR which FACILITATES their PROPAGATION all created through the CRAFT of this DECEPTION which is the CORE or 'INNER SANCTUM' of the "NARRATIVE RULERS", to this very day. The 'MASSES' are represented by a 'BULL' manipulated into an INSANE FRENZY or 'MASS PSYCHOSIS' as their POWER BASE upon which Mithras, as the 'Father' (Pope), and his priest class, FEAST as the 'Matadors' (killers) of the Masses, represented by the easily manipulated bull...this esoteric symbolism for this OCCULT RELIGION became so popular in Gaul/Spain that it's still exoterically observed by the Masses unaware they are openly mocking themselves in public 'games', to the amusement of their occultist priests deceiving them, to this very day!], the 5 intercalary days were inserted into the 12 solar months of 30 days every 6th year with an additional 30 day month added at the end of the year which would re-align the year with the winter solstice, the time of the death, birth and resurrection of Mithras (and the later Saturnalia/Sol/Sol Invictus, and Christian Cults which were/are the INITATION LEVEL of this SECRET RELIGION of SATAN who took the world captive AGAIN through this system after the flood [this is evidenced by the 5 months consisting of exactly 30 days each (totalling 150 days) described from the beginning of the flood (Gen. 7:11) til the day the waters stopped "prevailing" (Gen. 8:3-4)], and 'CONTROLS THE NARRATIVE' on planet earth as its RELIGIOUS "PHARAOH" to this day!).

In the ancient Egyptian Solar Calendar of 12 months of 30 days each, a separate and special '5 day month' was recognized at the end of each year (six days in "leap" years) to keep their YEARS/MONTHS/DAYS ANCHORED to the SOLAR 'SIGNS' as their CORNERSTONE; to total 365 days. Julius Caesar adopted their system of incorporating those 5 & 1/4 intercalary days yearly by dispersing them throughout the 12 months (with the 12 months of his creation subjectively consisting of days between 28-31 days each, which was later 'TWEAKED' by Gregorian (because Julian was off by about 11 Minutes per year in his calculation) to RE-ANCHOR the "Death/Resurrection or Birth DAY of celebrating the GOD OF THIS WORLD, called 'Christmas' today, so it falls on the 3rd day after the WINTER SOLSTICE, as we shall see). Later the beginning and end of the Egyptian year was associated with the flooding of the Nile and the rise of the Dog Star, Sirius, just prior to Sunrise in summer. Julius Caesar adopted the ancient way it had been 'anchored' in Egypt derived from Babyl, and as was still done in Persia (Aryan/Iran), by anchoring the CODIFIED CALENDAR SYSTEM he created to the winter solstice, popularly worshipped by the relatively INSANE Masses from ancient times, now as 'Saturnalia' and 'Sol' (the SUN GOD in Rome) at that time. So Julius Caesar RE-CREATED the CORNERSTONE CALENDAR SYSTEM used in the ANTEDILUVIAN 'Atlantian' KINGDOM when he married the ancient Persian (Aryan/Iran) calendar with the Egyptian Calendar (now called the 'Coptic Calendar' or 'Christian Coptic Calendar') with His own unique REVISED VERSION adapted for Rome's use (referred to as the LAST BEAST KINGDOM to rule earth, the '4th BEAST' of Daniel and 1st DRAGON of Revelation, in prophetic language). All of these calendars are essentially ANTISEMITIC "ATLANTIAN/ARYAN" kingdom calendars OPPOSED to GODS KINGDOM 'CORNERSTONE' of TRUTH, and called 'Christian Calendars' by SATANS PRIESTS merely to DECEIVE THE MASSES to SERVE SATAN in Gods name! As we have seen previously and shall see again, when Vespasian came as the 7th head (10th 'little horn') of this 4th BEAST/1st DRAGON power to exalt himself against Gods people Israel and CAREFULLY CALCULATE the CHANGE of their Kingdom TIMES and LAWS, which WOULD BE 'given into his hand' (Dan. 7:25), in order to DECEIVE the WHOLE WORLD to SERVE SATAN, described in both Daniel and in Revelation. It was Yochannan Ben Zachai who DEFILED the SABBATH COVENANT and REJECTED God's 'CORNERSTONE' (as one of the BUILDERS of our current WORLD SYSTEM, the 'eyes' on the 'little horn') when he 'married' the 'Saturns day' symbolism they created for themselves (Amos 5:26-27, Acts 7:43), which HAD BEEN anchored as the 'NAME' given to the SABBATH DAY of Gods Lunar CORNERSTONE weeks, to ROMES 'Saturns Day' anchored to the SOLAR CORNERSTONE perpetual weeks in this PAVLOVIAN DECEPTION which took Israel into bondage to ALL NATIONS as prophesied in advance (Deut. 30:1-3, Amos 5:26-27, Acts 7:43 & Lam. 2:6).

It should also be noted that the PLANETS, also called WANDERING STARS, were themselves worshipped as Gods in this pantheon SERVING THE SUN as the SUPREME 'GOD' and the BELIEF was that GIANTS and/or ALIENS from these planets and from the stars (like from Aldebaran and Pleiades to mention a couple ancient beliefs) are in fact the GODS who 'created man' in their image. In fact Rome was named after Romulus who was the legendary SON of the planetary GOD 'MARS' who came to earth and raped his mother, a 'VESTAL VIRGIN'! So it should not be a SURPRISE to see this ANCIENT PAGAN RELIGION shapeshifting into NEW FORMS like the belief that God lives on a planet called NABIRU or Planet X or KOLOB and the SECRET PRIESTS of this ANCIENT WORSHIP of the SERPENT/REPTILE/DRAGON/SATAN the DEVIL as GOD, are trying to DECEIVE MANKIND into SUBMISSION to their NEW WORLD VISION using TECHNOLOGY and the CONTROL of the INTELLIGENCE NARRATIVES of WORLD GOVERNMENTS today. They indeed have a "4TH REICH" of ALIENS to present in order to TRY to DECEIVE THE MASSES and to OPPOSE the GOD OF TRUTH exposing their DECEPTION for JUDGEMENT! But we know the TRUE GOD, the CONSCIOUS MIND within whom we live, move, and have our very existence, has told us the END from the BEGINNING and we know what a FAILURE these LOSERS will be PROVEN to be if they REFUSE TO REPENT of their REBELLION to the TRUTH and their SORCERIES and WITCHCRAFT in service to the SPIRIT of SATAN!

So from ancient times before the flood, and beginning again in the 'neo-Atlantian' Kingdom of Satan on earth after the flood with Noah's great grandson from Ham, Nimrod, in Babyl, then Persia (Aryan/Iran) and Egypt, and FINALLY after the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem by Rome, the LAST BEAST KINGDOM to exist before Gods CORNERSTONE SPIRIT of TRUTH demolishes 'MYSTERY BABYLON' (like a TRUTH BOMB to LEVEL SATANS KINGDOM built on RELIGIOUS DECEPTION as its foundation!) to SAVE THE WORLD according to THIS ANCIENT "SABBATH-CORNERSTONE" PLAN, a 365 & 1/4 day Solar Calendar year divided into 12 months DIVORCED FROM THE LUNAR 'MOONTH' CYCLE God CHOSE as the CORNERSTONE SIGN for HIS KINGDOM times and laws, and which has been associated with the WORSHIP of the GOD OF THIS WORLD, represented by the SUN in a CODIFIED WORLD KINGDOM SYSTEM of SOME SYNCRETIC FORM, has existed to RULE SATANS WORLD KINGDOMS and CONTROL THE NARRATIVE since the ANTEDILUVIAN 'Atlantian' WORLD was DESTROYED for this REBELLION...AS IS BEING DONE TO THIS VERY DAY, as I shall further demonstrate!

Overview of Gods Kingdom Cornerstone 'Sign' to UNITE the SEED OF PROMISE (a.k.a. the 'Gospel' preached to Abraham according to Paul in Gal. 3:8 & 17)!

Let's now go to Abraham who gives us the first REAL insights to understanding of this CORNERSTONE for HIS KINGDOM RULE ON EARTH that God was PROMISING to establish IN ZION to FREE US from SATANS KINGDOM of WORLD DECEPTION and CORRUPTION for which the antediluvian world (and later the 'kingdoms' of Egypt, Sodom, and Ahab-Jezebel) came under JUDGEMENT, as SHADOWS for us to to learn from to UNDERSTAND the END TIME 'GOAL'. It is FOR THIS 'GOSPEL PLAN' that God CREATED the SABBATH in order to HONOR the 'CORNERSTONE' of HIS KINGDOM which would be REJECTED; and this REJECTION was PLANNED FOR in ADVANCE as CORNERSTONE 'KEY' of the KINGDOM PLAN! In fact this is the 'Gospel' which was preached to Abraham which Paul taught, and yet the New Testament is twisted and distorted to bring forth ANTISEMITE ANTICHRIST IMPOSTER GOSPELS which are COMPLETELY IGNORANT of THIS GOSPEL, for which SABBATH was CREATED, and which Paul alludes to in Gal. 3:7-28 & 1 Cor. 15:3-4 & vs. 20

The sons of Abraham are men of FAITH! The scriptures, which anticipated that the Gentiles would be justified through their FAITH, PREACHED THE GOSPEL TO ABRAHAM saying: "all nations will be blessed through you" to Abraham and his SEED were these promises made...the Law of Moses given 430 years later does not change this GOSPEL PROMISE but was only added because of corruption until the SEED OF PROMISE COMES to INHERIT the PROMISE through obedience of FAITH! Gal. 3:7-28

Abraham was called out from the heathen forms of worship honoring the God of this world by the Spirit of TRUTH who begins telling him to do some things that he didn't understand, which Abraham OBEYS BY FAITH FOR GODS GLORY and OUR INSTRUCTION regarding the 'GOSPEL PLAN of FAITH'. Abraham gives us the first picture of God CODIFYING a 'LUNAR CALENDAR SABBATH SYSTEM' by ANCHORING his OBEDIENCE to God through the 'SACRIFICE' of HIS 'MIRACULOUS BORN SON', known in Hebrew as the 'Akedah' (binding of Isaac as a sacrifice) according to the FULL MOON MOED (appointed time) anchored to the MOON CYCLE as a CORNERSTONE SABBATH 'SIGN'. God had him do this as a picture for us to PONDER OVER and to recognize LATER the CLEAR ALLUSION of a 'Passover Lamb' promise God is giving us in order to LATER CODIFY in a SACRIFICIAL 'SABBATH' SYSTEM anchored to the MOON as a 'CORNERSTONE-SABBATH 'SIGN'; a CALENDAR SYSTEM for HIS KINGDOM as a visible 'SIGN' of HIS REDEEMING and SANCTIYING a PEOPLE OF PROMISE as HIS CHILDREN (Ex. 31:13) as the very CORNERSTONE 'SPIRIT' of HIS TRUTH PLAN to EXPOSE and DEPOSE Satans cornerstone 'SPIRIT' of deception to SAVE THE WORLD and establish PEACE!

We see His PROMISE in this CODIFIED SYSTEM expressed by David later, who MEDITATED LONG on Gods PLAN and SAW His Master, the Messiah who would come from his own loins and who would be REJECTED like JOSEPH (to UNITE ISRAEL under Him in the END DAYS when his IDENTITY and INHERITANCE is FULLY REVEALED) to be seated at the RIGHT HAND OF POWER to DESTROY SATANS PHARAONIC WORLD KINGDOM in the end according to the PLAN, as follows:

He made the Moon for His Calendar Sign, the Sun knows he's going down! Ps. 104:19

(the Messianic throne of David's 'seed') has been established FOREVER as the MOON, the FAITHFUL WITNESS in the CLOUDS! Ps. 89:37 (38)

YHWH said to my Lord, 'sit here at my right hand until I make your enemies a footstool for your feet'. Ps. 110:1

Sabbath is the SIGN between ME and YOU forever, so that you will KNOW that I AM HE WHO HAS SANCTIFIED YOU! Ex. 31:13

Blow the shofar on New Moon, and on the (15th) day of our Full Moon (Sabbath) Festival! Ps. 81:3 (81:4)

We Jews recognize that this MIRACLE CHILD promised to a BARREN WOMAN was born 'at the MOED' (appointed time), the 'time of life' (Gen. 18:10 & 14) in Spring when the Barley comes ripe (firstfruit) and the shepherds are in the fields with the Ewes who are birthing their LAMBS a.k.a. PASSOVER time. He was BORN on what came to be CODIFIED by MOSES later as PASSOVER DAY, and after the boy was grown, Abraham lifted his knife over him in Obedience to God on THIS SAME FULL MOON 'PASSOVER' DAY which God was going to CODIFY in EGYPT (Ex. 12) as a SHADOW of the END DAYS PROMISE for the SEED OF FAITH to OBEY for the GREAT EXODUS when they CRUSH the heads of the SERPENT GOD and PHARAOH of this worlds 'SEED' to INHERIT THE WORLD KINGDOM as promised in Gen. 3:15! He was BORN on PASSOVER DAY, the TIME OF LIFE, so that God could SHOW US the GOSPEL PLAN through ABRAHAMS OBEDIENCE, where HE WAS GOING TO PROVIDE THE 'PASSOVER SACRIFICE', from WHOM the 'SEED OF PROMISE BY FAITH WOULD COME', ON THIS VERY SAME DAY later codified as PASSOVER DAY! Joseph was later SOLD INTO BONDAGE to the 'GOD OF THIS WORLD' in Egypt on this VERY SAME DAY (on which they came out 430 years after the promise was ratified with Abraham, Ex. 12:40-41, Gal. 3:17) as a sort of 'FIRSTFRUIT' to fulfill the promise given to Abraham in Gen. 15 (that His MANY Seed born from the MIRACLE SEED, would be enslaved where they would then UNITE in the END DAYS of their enslavement in the PROMISE of God and COME OUT in JUDGEMENT on their enslavers to BLESS ALL THE NATIONS OF THE WORLD, as GODS WILL Gen. 15:13-14!). All of these events happened as a SHADOW to show us the END TIME GOAL of ESTABLISHING His KINGDOM of KINGS and PRIESTS to SERVE HIS KINGDOM ON EARTH through FAITH in GODS DELIVER US from the JUDGEMENT that will come on the REBELLIOUS as in the 'days like Noah'!

Isaac was a shadow of the miraculous 'seed' of a woman (Gen. 3:15, Mic. 4:10, Rev. 12:1-2, 5, 17 & Gal. 4:26) from which MANY MORE SEED would later come...and who themselves would UNITE as ONE MAN, HOUSE, OR KINGDOM in GODS PROMISE to bring them out of their BONDAGE to the 'God of this world' in JUDGEMENT on HIS KINGDOM and CRUSH THE HEAD of the SERPENT GOD/PHARAOH of THIS WORLD according to a PLAN by which to RECOGNIZE THE SPIRIT OF TRUTH in juxtaposition to the SPIRIT OF DECEPTION! The first 'consumation' of a WEDDING CONTRACT with God was ALWAYS only a TEMPORARY SHADOW of the END TIME 'EXODUS' and CRUSHING OF SATANS HEAD by the SEED OF PROMISE who are BORN FROM ABOVE through faith in the MIRACULOUS SEED of GOD which He provided as a PASSOVER LAMB to be taken to HIS RIGHT HAND OF POWER as our KING AND HIGH PRIEST as even DAVID RECOGNIZED in Psalm 110. All of these events regarding this GOSPEL PLAN of FAITH were given in CONTRACT and RATIFIED BY GOD long before Israel entered into the CONSUMATION of the PROMISE through the RECEIVING of the LAW of MOSES at Sinai...all as a SHADOW pointing to the NEW COVENANT MARRIAGE CONSUMATION of the PROMISE which was ALWAYS the INTENDED GOAL for which the Law is an INSTRUCTIONAL TOOL like a teacher to LEAD US to FAITH!

I have elsewhere gone over the GREAT AMOUNT OF DETAIL regarding God's CODIFICATION of the VISIBLE PASSOVER SABBATH 'SIGN' associated with Abel, Isaac, and Joseph which SPEAKS ABOUT JESUS. It is THIS 'SIGN' which the FATHER of LIGHTS selected as the FAITHFUL WITNESS for HIS SPIRIT OF TRUTH which would COME IN A MAN who God would ANOINT as HIS miraculous birthed 'SON' who would DIE OBEDIENTLY (as the heavenly 'FATHER'S WILL' he SUBMITS his life to through UNITY in HIS SPIRIT, as Isaac submitted likewise to the Fathers' will previously) as a PASSOVER SACRIFICE in order to ESTABLISH the SPIRIT OF TRUTH as a CORNERSTONE RULER according to a CODIFIED KINGDOM SYSTEM described in TORAH, whereby ALL MEN would be 'born from above' [from the 'WOMAN' who gave birth to the MESSIAH (Rev. 12:5 & 17, Mic. 4:10-13)] through the SPIRIT OF TRUTH and their REDEMPTION from SATANS KINGDOM of DECEPTION to then be SANCTIFIED or 'created in GODS IMAGE', according to the NEW COVENANT KINGDOM PLAN DESCRIBED BY THE LIVING TORAH WORD OF GOD now SEATED at the FATHERS RIGHT HAND as KING and HIGH PRIEST over HEAVEN AND EARTH according to the PLAN designed from BEFORE ANYTHING WAS CREATED!

Then we see God brings the many 'seed of Abraham' (progeny of the Miracle seed/Passover Sacrifice) out from their promised bondage to the 'god of this world', the SUN GOD incarnate, Pharaoh/Ra in Egypt on this exact same PASSOVER DAY PROMISE, calling this UNITED PEOPLE His 'Firstborn Son', and He brings them into a TEMPORARY covenant with Himself (knowing that the CORNERSTONE 'KEY' of His Kingdom was going to be REJECTED and 'HIDDEN' by the 'builders' in their spiritual BLINDNESS, Is. 22:22, Is. 9:6 Lk. 11:52, Rev. 3:7), all as a SHADOW to show us the END TIME GOAL of conquering and judging the God of this world and all his HUMAN TRAFFICKING SORCERERS who SERVE HIS SPIRITUAL POWER in an OPEN SECRET in the end days of his kingdom, when a PROPHET LIKE MOSES/ELIJAH comes to MANIFEST and RESTORE the CORNERSTONE 'KEY' of the KINGDOM as the 'SIGN OF MESSIAH' in order to UNITE GODS BODY ON EARTH according to the 'GREAT EXODUS PLAN' given previously in SHADOWS AND TYPES, for the PROMISED JUDGEMENT on SATANS KINGDOM and the SAINTS of God INHERITANCE of the KINGDOM OF EARTH and consumation of the NEW COVENANT KINGDOM of GOD which shall openly RULE PLANET EARTH in a NEW NARRATIVE with HIS HOLY SPIRIT as OUR LIGHT OF THE WORLD (instead of the Spirit of DECEPTION/REBELLION of the SERPENT/SATAN posing as 'God' and the 'Light of the World' and controlling the narrative of STRIFE, DIVISION, CORRUPTION, HATRED and WARFARE using the sign of the SUN as has always been the ruling narrative previously)...the CULMINATION of the Gospel PLAN (the CREATION of MAN in GODS IMAGE forming HIS KINGDOM GOVERNMENT on EARTH which shall SAVE the world and bring it PEACE for GODS GLORY as He DESIGNED before ever creating ANYTHING)! He created US, like Abraham, to PARTICIPATE with HIS 'CREATION PLAN' through our OBEDIENCE through FAITH for WORLD SALVATION and HIS GLORY!

So what we see then is that God associated the PASSOVER SACRIFICE of His MIRACULOUS BIRTHED 'FIRSTBORN SON' with a CODIFIED SYSTEM of KINGDOM LAW whereby men would be able to differentiate His SPIRIT of TRUTH as a 'cornerstone' for HIS CODIFIED KINGDOM, from that of an IMPOSTER SPIRIT who has 'CHANGED GODS TIMES AND LAWS' for his own in order to DECEIVE and DESTROY MANKIND. We recognize according to GODS PLAN that He gave us a CODIFIED VISIBLE CALENDAR SYSTEM 'Sabbath Sign' as HIS FAITHFUL WITNESS in the CLOUDS which speaks ALL ABOUT the ETERNAL THRONE of the MESSIANIC KING sitting on DAVIDS THRONE in the HEAVENS, right now [Psalms 89:37(38), 104:19, & 110]! It's THIS CODIFIED KINGDOM SYSTEM anchored to the SIGN of the CORNERSTONE SPIRIT OF TRUTH which must RULE the NARRATIVE in the MINDS OF MEN and their children on planet earth whereby they can be led through obedience to be BORN FROM ABOVE by the HOLY SPIRIT OF TRUTH and SANCTIFIED to CONFORM to that PERFECT 'IMAGE' of the SPIRIT OF TRUTH which IS 'GOD'! This is the TRUE 'cornerstone' KING with His KINGDOM TIMES and LAW we are to SERVE AND PROTECT as the 'CORNERSTONE SPIRIT' of our Kingdom 'Constitution' which will give us LIBERTY from SATAN'S REBELLION and all his CRIMINALS WHO HATE US and use COLORS OF LAW to make it APPEAR 'legal' to SACRIFICE US AND OUR CHILDREN OPENLY in HIS 'CORNERSTONE' SYSTEM fueled by SELFISH PERVERSIONS, GREED, NARCISSISTIC POWER, and the resulting CORRUPTION!

But before this CODIFIED SPIRIT OF LAW could be RECOGNIZED as the SPIRIT OF TRUTH and TRUE LIGHT OF THE WORLD by a GOVERNING BODY OF PEOPLE born from above in HIS IMAGE (the recognized SPIRIT of TRUTH which IS 'GOD' and is the TRUE 'CORNERSTONE' and MORNING STAR KING and SPIRIT which UNITES 'ISRAEL') the Firstborn Son from the MIRACULOUS BIRTHED 'PASSOVER SACRIFICE' who would be seated at the RIGHT HAND OF POWER after his rejection and sacrifice, and the SEED from that promised son of Israel had to be taken into WORLD BONDAGE greater than that of Egypt, and brought OUT to a STAGING GROUND like the wilderness of Egypt, called the 'WILDERNESS OF THE PEOPLE' where they will THRESH THEIR MYSTERY BABYLON/AMALEKITE ENSLAVERS who have been deceiving them to try to STEAL the WORLD KINGDOM which is the INHERITANCE of Gods people "ISRAEL" (Mic. 4:10-13, Ez. 20:34-37, Rev. 12:1-5 & 17, Rev. 5:10 and Rev. 17:14-17).

As previously covered, this WORLD ENSLAVEMENT would OFFICIALLY BEGIN when the SPIRIT of SATAN, which is ANTICHRIST, would reject the TRUE SPIRIT OF GOD as a SACRIFICE and REPLACE the 'SIGN' of the CORNERSTONE SPIRIT of TRUTH, which identifies the TRUE MESSIAH as the PERFECT IMAGE of the INVISIBLE GOD according to OUR COVENANT/CONTRACT, with his own cornerstone 'sabbath' system to DECEIVE the world to adopt HIS 'New Covenant' DIVORCED from ALL THE PROMISES given to Gods PERFECTED people 'Israel' who is the RIGHTFUL INHERITOR (which could ONLY be done with the ASSISTANCE OF TRAITORS to BETRAY the holy one and later ASSIST in the DESTRUCTION OF THE TEMPLE in order to VIOLENTLY DIVORCE Gods Sabbath from HIS Lunar CORNERSTONE 'SIGN' and 'MARRY' their WANDERING 'Saturns Day Sabbath' STAR creation, to the CORNERSTONE of SATANS HARLOT SUN GOD MYSTERY BABYLON RELIGIOUS SYSTEM in a Pavlovian "POLITICAL MARRIAGE ARRANGEMENT" DECEPTION for WORLD POWER in the KINGDOM they BUILT TOGETHER in CONSPIRACY AGAINST GOD and His SPIRIT of TRUTH!) who would be TAKEN CAPTIVE in a MYSTERY BABYLON WORLD SYSTEM of SPIRITUAL DECEPTION and CORRUPTION which men are BORN INTO and which facilitates the GROOMING of men being formed in HIS SELFISH SPIRITUAL IMAGE of CRIMINAL CORRUPTION and REBELLION to the SPIRIT OF TRUTH in GOVERNING POSITIONS, through IDENTITY THEFT and the MURDER of all the WITNESSES who have Jesus' testimony AND KEEP THE COMMANDS REGARDING TIME WHICH IDENTIFY HIM AS THE TRUE CORNERSTONE SPIRIT OF GOD (Rev. 12:17)! The CORNERSTONE SPIRIT of SATAN would RULE through his ANTICHRIST TARES and CHURCH HARLOTS and SATANIC 'PRIESTS', and THEIR SELECTED 'professionals' called politicians, scholars, educators, and media controlling the STATE NARRATIVE, in REBELLION to the CORNERSTONE SPIRIT OF TRUTH, and pretending to BE and serve the spirit of TRUTH in the MINDS of those he DECEIVES TO SERVE HIM in SATANS WORLD SYSTEM of ENSLAVEMENT until the DAY OF JUDGEMENT on HIS KINGDOM comes, HERALDED BY THE SPIRIT OF TRUTH in a PROPHET LIKE MOSES/ELIJAH to call GODS PEOPLE OUT before the JUDGEMENT begins on ALL SATANS SERVANTS who REFUSE REPENTANCE, according to the PLAN to FREE MANKIND from the WORLDS PHARAOH in GREAT EXODUS at the time of the END DAYS of their PLANNED 'ENSLAVEMENT', and into GODS WORLD KINGDOM PLAN for SALVATION and PEACE (Dan. 7:20-22 & Rev. 17:14-17)!

So in SUMMARY, Abraham was promised that HIS MANY SEED, born of the MIRACLE SEED OF PROMISE through FAITH, would CRUSH the head of the SEED of the SERPENT when they EXODUS from their BONDAGE to CONSUMATE the WEDDING COVENANT as GODS PEOPLE. This was SHADOWED in Israel born of Isaac and FULFILLED in Israel born from above through the MIRACULOUS SON God provided for our GREAT 'PASSOVER EXODUS' from the end time bondage.

I will put enmity between you (Satan, the serpent god/Pharaoh of this world) and the woman (Israel) and between your (antisemite/antichrist) seed and her (image of God) seed. You will bruise his heel but he shall crush your head. Gen. 3:15

The God of Peace will CRUSH SATAN under your feet....(through your faith). Rom. 16:20

Tracing the historical 'Devolution' of Gods anciently CODIFIED CORNERSTONE-SABBATH Calendar system for His Kingdom, which is ALSO the very "SIGN of our COVENANT" with Him, to its current twisted form of the modern 'Jewish Calendar'

Now let's get into some 'BACKSTORY DETAILS' of EXACTLY HOW the 'ONE' who God FINGERED as a 'WICKED SCHOLAR' who would BETRAY the SABBATH COVENANT and its 'CORNERSTONE SPIRIT' in the MESSIAH, and would CONSPIRE POLITICALLY to 'MARRY' the ANTICHRIST SPIRIT of SATAN and his 'CORNERSTONE SIGN' of HIS SPIRIT being served by the ROMAN HARLOT which RIDES THE POWER of the DRAGON (Rev. 17). This was prefigured in Ahab who married Jezabel and spiritually fulfilled, according to the following prophecies and historical facts, when Yochanan ben Zachai conspired with and assisted Vesapasian to world power through POLITICAL BETRAYAL of God and His people, as one of the ANTICHRISTS kingdom building POLITICAL SORCERERS a.k.a. the "FALSE PROPHET" of the ANTICHRIST:

Judah has dealt treacherously, and an abomination has been committed in Israel, in Jerusalem! Judah has profaned the holiness of YHWH who loved him and has married the daughter of a strange god. YHWH will cut off the man that does this thing, the master and the scholar, out of the tabernacles of Jacob, and from them that offer sacrifice to YHWH over the armies. Mal. 2:11-12

""HE" (Zachai, leader of the Pharisees) shall cut off the Moshiach, but not (for) himself, and "WITH" the coming Prince (General Vespasian who Zachai would anoint as the next 'Prince' of Rome) "HE" SHALL DESTROY THE CITY AND THE TEMPLE..." Dan. 9:26

When God took Israel into bondage to Babylon, Babylon had a Lunar Calendar very similar to the 'Jewish' calendar of today which DID NOT "COUNT" the 'NEW MOON' as the HOLY 1st DAY of the month SET APART from all the rest of the WEEKDAYS of the month! The major difference between the MODERN 'Jewish Calendar' and Babylon's and ancient Israel's observation of New Moon, the WEEKS and their associated SABBATHS were ANCHORED to that lunar calendar, unlike the 'Jewish' calendar today whose WEEKLY sabbath has been DIVORCED from the LUNAR CORNERSTONE God selected and has been anchored to the SOLAR CORNERSTONE of SATANS KINGDOM! You could say the modern Jewish Calendar is actually 2 DIFFERENT 'SABBATH' CALENDARS with TWO DIFFERENT CORNERSTONES. They're sort of LIMPING between TWO OPINIONS as EliJah accused the sorcerers of ancient Israel in 1 Kings 18:21. The reason for this of course is that God told us HIS CORNERSTONE for HIS SABBATH as the SIGN for His 'Messiah' REDEEMING US as the very 'SPIRIT' of TORAH and the 'COVENANT' HIMSELF (Is. 42:6, Is. 49:8, Is. 59:21 & Is. 60), would be REJECTED in a CONSPIRACY with the 'God of this world' and His 'Prince' (of Satan) who would carefully CALCULATE the changing of Israel's TIMES and LAWS...and IT HAPPENED! In the ancient world, the New Moon SET the 'four weeks' of the LUNAR MONTH, and those weekly sabbaths ALWAYS FELL on the SAME DAYS of the LUNAR CYCLE and had an associated VISIBLE SIGN with them! I demonstate that the 3 GREAT SABBATH FEASTS of God (Passover, Shavuot/Pentecost, and Tabernacles) ALL BEGIN on the FULL MOON SABBATH SIGN of the MESSIAH as the CORNERSTONE of GODS KINGDOM TIMES AND LAWS which were prophesied to be REPLACED with carefully calculated FORGERIES!

So every 'moonth' the 1st Quarter Moon Sabbath fell on the 8th; the Full Moon Sabbath on the 15th; the 3rd Quarter Moon Sabbath fell on the 22nd; and the 'Black Sabbath' or 'LAST SLIVER SABBATH' of light seen on the moon (which I have established indicated whether the following 'New Moon' period would be 1 or 2 days long) was the 29th DAY of EVERY MOONTH CYCLE! The FOLLOWING 'DAY' was the HOLY "NEW MOON" (2 days long approximately every other month and established as being OBSERVED by David and Jonathan in 1 Sam. 20) which reset the CYCLE of the LUNAR WEEKS so that the FULL MOON would ALWAYS be ANCHORED to the 15th DAY of the month as the "SABBATH SIGN"! You might say this is a SIGN regarding the SPIRIT OF TRUTH which would ESTABLISH the KINGDOM OF GOD in a codified SYSTEM where the invisble FATHER (new moon) would be made VISIBLE in the MINDS of HIS PEOPLE through the SIGN of the obedient SON as the PERFECT IMAGE of the Father (full moon) in a CODIFIED SYSTEM regarding a SPIRITUAL KINGDOM OF TRUTH to RULE EARTH!

Blow the shofar on New Moon, and on the (15th) day of our Full Moon (Sabbath) Festival! Ps. 81:3 (81:4)

Sabbath is the SIGN between ME and YOU forever, so that you will KNOW that I AM HE WHO HAS SANCTIFIED YOU! Ex. 31:13

He made the Moon for His Calendar Sign, the Sun knows he's going down! Ps. 104:19

(the Messianic throne of David's 'seed') has been established FOREVER as the MOON, the FAITHFUL WITNESS in the CLOUDS! Ps. 89:37 (38)

YHWH said to my Lord, 'sit here at my right hand until I make your enemies a footstool for your feet'. Ps. 110:1

Note: [In ancient Israel the 'New Moon Day' also went by the names 'Rishon hachodesh' ('Beginning' or 'First' Day of the Month, Ex. 12:2), 'Echad hachodesh' (day 'One' of the Moonth, Ex. 12:2, Ex. 40:2 & 17) and specifically in regard to the 'New Year Day' or 'New Year' it was called Rosh hachodesh harishon or "Rosh Hashanna" ("RULER" or Head of the Month, of the First Month of the Year, Ex. 12:2, Ex. 40:2 & 17, Ez. 40:1). As we shall see, apart from my work RESTORING THIS KNOWLEDGE from the TORAH for the 'MESSIANIC LIGHT' of the SPIRIT OF TRUTH to RULE EARTH through the RESTORED KINGDOM of ISRAEL as GOD DESIGNED, these names and the SIGNIFICANT MEANING associated with them, have been practically LOST to us today. This is PARTICULARLY and MOST SIGNIFICANTLY TRUE in regard to the ASSOCIATED ancient colloquial phrase referring to this CORNERSTONE DAY as "yom hachodesh hasheni" (that would normally be translated as: "day of the 2nd MONTH" in 1 Sam. 20:27 & 34, but isn't BECAUSE THAT PHRASE DOESN'T MAKE ANY SENSE...especially since this was the 1st Month of the Year not the 2nd!) which we can see in 1 Sam. 20:27 & 34 is a CLEAR REFERENCE to the SECOND DAY of the "ECHAD" or ROSH New Moon 'Day' of a 2 DAY NEW MOON 'FEAST' celebration at the "Echad" ("ONE") or "ROSH" (Head/beginning) of that MONTH/YEAR CYCLE, which was known and PLANNED FOR in advance by David and Jonathan in SOLEMN OATH together! This phrase is ALWAYS mistranslated due to ignorance (usually as "2nd DAY of the month" which is DEFINITELY NOT what the Hebrew says but seems to make sense to us, IF in fact it were the 2nd day of the month and NOT CLEARLY THE 2nd DAY of a "NEW MOON FEAST" at the BEGINNING of the month where David was EXPECTED TO BE IN ATTENDANCE that second day, NO MATTER WHAT!). This is the intercalated 'KEY' to the CODIFIED 'LUNAR CALENDAR' of God so that the 15th DAY SABBATH would be ANCHORED to the 'SIGN' of the FULL MOON! Of course the reason this was lost is because the SPIRIT OF GOD, symbolized by this CORNERSTONE SIGN of Gods SABBATH Messiah in this CODIFIED SYSTEM regarding GODS SPIRIT, went into 'hiding' 2 millenial days ago after the REJECTION of GODS SPIRIT (represented by the 'CORNERSTONE-SABBATH' system of HIS KINGDOM) as the RULING SPIRIT of the world, as prophetically alluded to in esoteric form in this very same text which IDENTIFIES IT as the "HIDDEN CORNERSTONE 'KEY' OF DAVID'S CODIFIED KINGDOM" (Is. 22:22, Is. 9:6 Lk. 11:52, Rev. 3:7), which I cover in more detail here.]

This system which I demonstrate WAS CODIFIED by Moses and PRACTICED by DAVID AND JONATHAN (who had the RIGHT RULING SPIRIT) as evidenced by the TaNaKh (Old Testament), at the very least BEGAN to be lost with the destruction of the 1st temple, but was ABSOLUTELY LOST after the destruction of the 2nd Temple subsequent to the 'spurning of the King/Priest' and his being 'cut off' along with his disciples (Lam. 2:6, Dan. 7:21, Dan. 9:24 & 26, Is. 8:16, Rev. 12:17 & 13:7) as God promised in this PLAN! The SIGN of the CORNERSTONE SABBATH which IDENTIFIED MESSIAH was rejected WITH HIM as God promised and it is this SABBATH MESSIAH of God who IS OUR COVENANT and 'Light of the World' (Is. 42:6, Is. 49:8, & Is. 60)!

I YHWH have called you in righteousness...I will make you a Covenant for the people as a Light to the Nations; to give sight to the blind and lead the captives out from their dungeon, those who sit in darkness out from captivity....The former things have come to pass, and the new thing I'm declaring will soon spring forth into 'reality'. Isaiah 42:6-9

Thus says YHWH: "...on the day of salvation...I will give you for the people's Covenant...." Is. 49:8

Arise and Shine (Bride of God) because your Light has come and the Glory of YHWH illumines you! Is. 60:1

These 'TIMES' of His KINGDOM speak ALL ABOUT HIM as OUR ANNOINTED KING as the DAVIDIC 'KEY' of the KINGDOM on HIS SHOULDER (1 Sam. 20, Is. 22:22, Is. 9:6 Lk. 11:52, Rev. 3:7)! So Israel's 'Month' was a CODIFIED 29 day system where 'NEW MOON' was the 1st and Most Holy CORNERSTONE DAY which set the cycle of the rest of the 28 WEEK DAYS (and their associated 'SABBATHS' on the 8th, 15th, 22nd and 29th of every month). In the future the WHOLE WORLD will SET APART the New Moons as HOLY, from the 6 lunar week days AND their CODIFIED LUNAR SABBATHS...and will OBSERVE the FESTIVALS of God ANCHORED to that LUNAR CORNERSTONE of HIS KINGDOM of TRUTH which shall CONTROL THE WORLDS NARRATIVE BY HIS DESIGN, or suffer for REBELLION to the 'SPIRIT OF GOD' as the 'LIGHT OF THE WORLD' and KING of HEAVEN and EARTH, as we see clearly in the following verses:

YHWH God says: The gate of the inner court that faces Eastward shall be SHUT the SIX WORKING DAYS; but on the SABBATH days and on NEW MOON days IT SHALL BE OPENED...and the people of Earth shall worship at the opening of that gate on SABBATHS and NEW MOONS before YHWH. Ezekiel 46:1 & 3

It shall come to pass from one NEW MOON to another, and from one (full moon) SABBATH to another, ALL FLESH will WORSHIP BEFORE ME, says YHWH! Is. 66:23

It shall come to pass that every one that is left from all the nations which came against Jerusalem shall go up from year to year to worship the King, YHWH of armies, and to celebrate the (full moon sabbath) Feast of Tabernacles. Zechariah 14:16

Babylon had the same WEEKLY Lunar system ANCHORED to the NEW MOON but the 'Sabbaths', which they considered days of BAD OMEN (days which one did not want to undertake anything important for fear of a curse) were associated to a DIFFERENT COUNT of the NEW MOON. Unlike ancient Israel which observed the days when NO LIGHT can be seen on the 'CORNERSTONE' of the MOON being counted as the 1st DAY in a MONTHLY system SET APART from the WEEK DAYS and their SABBATHS (New Moon which represents the INVISIBLE SPIRIT of the GOD of TRUTH whose anointed SON, the 'MESSIAH' of God, would FLESH OUT as the 'PERECT IMAGE' of the INVISIBLE FATHER seen on the 'CORNERSTONE SIGN' of the FULL MOON SABBATH, as the 'LIGHT' of TRUTH sent from the FATHER, according to a TRUTH PLAN to SAVE THE WORLD in a 'NEW COVENANT' WORLD KINGDOM, as designed before anything was created!), they simply DID NOT COUNT the 'NEW MOON' period at all. Therefore their months consisted of 28 LUNAR WEEK DAYS whose FIRST WEEKDAY was heralded by the sighting of the FIRST SLIVER of the new LUNAR CYCLE after the DARK PERIOD of 'New Moon' was over. New Moon was still the ANCHOR for the WEEKS but was NOT NUMBERED as a DAY of the MONTH to be set APART from WEEK DAYS and SABBATHS (as a HOLY SABBATH CORNERSTONE which would be REJECTED in BETRAYAL of a GOD OF TRUTH by a 'wicked scholar' from Judah in Jerusalem for a FLOATING SATURNS DAY SABBATH anchored to the CORNERSTONE representing SATANS SPIRIT in a CODIFIED SYSTEM of DECEPTION which would be EXPOSED by the LIGHT OF TRUTH, all as part of the PLAN to ESTABLISH the CORNERSTONE of TRUTH IN ZION as WORLD KINGDOM LAW FOREVER!).

Therefore in Babylon the Sabbaths associated with the "Wandering Star" Saturn, were numbered as the 7th, 14th, 21st, and 28th of every lunar cycle and were EXACTLY the same DAYS, and had the SAME VISIBLE LUNAR 'SIGN' (of OMEN) associated with them, as those of ancient Israels SABBATHS which were on the 8th, 15th, 22nd and 29th which THEY ALSO ASSOCIATED with SATURN even BEFORE BONDAGE in Babylon (Chiun/Chronos/Remphan/Saturn Amos 5:26-27 & Acts 7:43). This difference in DAY NUMBER was BECAUSE 'NEW MOON' was SET APART as the HOLY 1st day from the rest of the WEEK DAYS and their anchored SABBATHS of the LUNAR CYCLE in Israels ancient system but NOT in Babylon. Babylon counted the SAME 6 WEEK DAYS and the 'sabbaths' (their BAD OMEN 'SATURNS DAYS') anchored to the lunar cornerstone that had the SAME lunar 'SIGNS' and PLANET associated with them, they just used a slightly different 'CODIFIED' NUMBERING SYSTEM where NEW MOON was NOT set apart as the HOLY RISHON (1st day) or "ECHAD" (One) of the MONTH cycle to ANCHOR 6 week days and their sabbaths in a CODIFIED KINGDOM SYSTEM! If the HOLY 'NEW MOON' is NOT CORRECTLY observed, neither will the FULL MOON be ANCHORED to the CODIFIED FEAST DAYS of the 15th of their respective LUNAR MONTHS as the 'SABBATH SIGN' on the FAITHFUL WITNESS IN THE CLOUDS! For this reason the FESTIVAL WEEKS observed by the JEWISH CALENDAR today (where the FULL MOON DAY of the 15th is really the 14th day of their current calendar), when they blow the trumpet on the 15th they are almost ALWAYS blowing the trumpet on the WANING GIBBEOUS; the DAY AFTER FULL MOON DAY (the 16th day of the TRUE cornerstone-sabbath system of Gods Kingdom which He CODIFIED). Because the NEW MOON is not SET APART as HOLY according to the CODIFIED SYSTEM, neither does the FULL MOON anchor to the 15th DAY as the visible SIGN! Today, because their supposedly holy 'NEW MOON DAY' begins with the SLIVER that ENDS NEW MOON DAY according to the ANCIENT CORNERSTONE-SABBATH CALENDAR system of GOD, as evidenced by the TaNaKh (Old Testament) which was ENFLESHED BY MESSIAH and IS OUR COVENANT and 'Light of the World', the 'SABBATH COVENANT' is VISIBLY SEEN to have been DEFILED and God fingered Yochanan ben Zachai for this BETRAYAL (Is. 42:6, Is. 49:8, Is. 59:21 & Is. 60)!

Blow the shofar on New Moon, and on the (15th) day of our Full Moon (Sabbath) Festival! Ps. 81:3 (81:4)

He made the Moon for His Calendar Sign, the Sun knows he's going down! Ps. 104:19

(the Messianic throne of David's 'seed') has been established FOREVER as the MOON, the FAITHFUL WITNESS in the CLOUDS! Ps. 89:37 (38)

YHWH said to my Lord, 'sit here at my right hand until I make your enemies a footstool for your feet'. Ps. 110:1

Sabbath is the SIGN between ME and YOU forever, so that you will KNOW that I AM HE WHO HAS SANCTIFIED YOU! Ex. 31:13

Today the modern 'Jewish Calendar' BEGINS the 'MONTH' just like ancient Babylon did, with the SIGHTING of the first sliver which ENDED 'New Moon' anciently (or rather its Calculation, which previously was anticipated BECAUSE of SIGHTING of the EARLY MORNING 'WITNESS' of the 'last sliver' on the FAITHFUL MOON at the appointed time, BEFORE the days of 'New Moon' darkness began). In ancient Israels calendar this sliver ENDED New Moon DAY and BEGAN the 1st WEEK DAY, the 2nd DAY of the Month. This 'sighting' of the FIRST SLIVER WITNESS of the faithful moon at the appointed time in the early evening, which would END new moon (absolutely no sooner than about 36 hours, or longer than about 60 hours after it had been last seen, and the EXACT TIME of the next sighting, and therefore the LENGTH of 'NEW MOON' as being 1 or 2 days, was known IN ADVANCE and was COMPLETELY DEPENDENT on its size and proximity to the sun AT THE TIME OF ITS LAST SIGHTING, as we see being done by David and Jonathan in 1 Sam. 20), would simultaneously begin the 1st WEEK DAY (the 2nd day of the MONTH in ancient Israel), is now considered the 'New Moon' in the modern 'Jewish Calendar', for all practical intents and purposes. Let me say it again: this 2nd day of the ancient calendar of Israel (which was the same as the 1st WEEK DAY in ancient Babylon's calendar) is now almost always considered to BEGIN the Month as 'New Moon' day in todays calculated 'Jewish Calendar'! So basically the modern calculated 'Jewish Calendar' begins the 'month' practically the SAME WAY ancient Babylon did through observation, by NOT recognizing the 1st day of the Month as the HOLY 'SET APART CORNERSTONE' for Gods CODIFIED SABBATH CALENDAR SYSTEM for HIS KINGDOM where the 15th day FULL MOON SABBATH (which begins the 3 great Feasts of YHWH) was the PERFECT IMAGE of the INVISIBLE GOD and SIGN of HIS REDEEMING US, as WAS PRACTICED in ancient Israel.

Blow the shofar on New Moon, and on the (15th) day of our Full Moon (Sabbath) Festival! Ps. 81:3 (81:4)

God PROMISED that HIS SON would FLESH OUT this LUNAR CORNERSTONE SABBATH SACRIFICE which he HID in the TORAH and PROPHETS in an ESOTERIC FORM so that AFTER the SPIRIT of SATAN DECEIVED MEN (notably through Zachai who hailed General Vespasian as the next Emperor) TO 'SACRIFICE' His 'CORNERSTONE-SABBATH', He would UNSEAL its ESOTERIC 'LIGHT of TRUTH' to be 'SEEN' in the MINDS EYE in the END DAYS so we can RECOGNIZE His OTHERWISE INVISIBLE SPIRIT in a CODIFIED FORM to be juxtapposed to the DECEIVERS SPIRIT and HIS CODIFIED FORM by which MEN ARE CREATED through GOVERNANCE ON EARTH, and OBEY the SPIRIT OF TRUTH for HIS GLORY so that the WORLD IS SAVED from SATAN (who will be BOUND and UNABLE TO DECEIVE THE NATIONS and his kingdom JUDGED and DESTROYED) and men are CREATED IN GODS IMAGE OF TRUTH in HIS KINGDOM which shall REIGN ON EARTH according to the ANCIENT PLAN! He KNEW we would NOT FULLY UNDERSTAND until the END DAYS when man comes of age to INHERIT the PROMISES OF GOD and be RID of SATAN!

The Stone REJECTED by The Builders (as the Cornerstone), has NOW BECOME the CHOSEN CORNERSTONE from YHWH, and it's SUPERNATURAL in our eyes! Ps. 118:22-23, Mat. 21:42, Mk. 12:10, Lk. 20:17, Acts 4:11 & 1 Pet. 2:7

So the 15th day FULL MOON Sabbath 'sign' of Ancient Israels calendar, anchored to this NEW MOON CORNERSTONE representing the inisible Father 'God' as TWO WITNESSES for the otherwise invisible SPIRIT OF TRUTH (which IS 'God'), fell on the 14th day of the ancient Babylonian calendar AND it falls on THAT SAME 14TH DAY (and not the 15th) in the modern calculated 'Jewish Calendar' most of the time, as TESTIFIED by the FAITHFUL WITNESS OF THE MOON, since the REJECTION of Gods CORNERSTONE, as HE PROMISED He would ATONE FOR so we would KNOW THE TRUTH by which we are REDEEMED and SANCTIFIED through HIS MERCIFUL 'SACRIFICIAL' KINGDOM PLAN which SHALL RULE PLANET EARTH! In this work I have RESTORED the ancient Hebrew Calendar and its HOLY CORNERSTONE 'SIGNS' that demonstrate ancient Israel used the LAST SLIVER to determine the BEGINNING and the LENGTH of the HOLY 'NEW MOON' as the 1st day of the LUNAR CYCLE...and it was the FIRST SLIVER of that NEXT LUNAR CYCLE which ENDED the HOLY NEW MOON DAY and BEGAN the WEEKLY CYCLE of the 2nd day of the Moonth!

"The Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath." Mk. 2:27

So with Messiah DEPARTING in the clouds 2000 years ago (2 millenial days ago) as the 'LAST SLIVER' of light on the moon which would BEGIN the NEW MOON MONTH of 'Pentecost' (where the Spirit of God has been 'outshined' by the spirit of Satan represented by the SUN for those '2 millenial days'), his 'light' is now seen again WAXING on the MESSIANIC 'SIGN' of the moon until the day of Pentecost 'fully arrives' on the FULL MOON SABBATH DAY "WEDDING" of GOD and MAN in the NEW COVENANT KINGDOM (Pentecost/Shavuot...the FULL MOON 'DAY' of the 3rd month when the Spirit of Truth comes in POWER on HIS PEOPLE ISRAEL as we RECEIVE and ENTER the NEW COVENANT MARRIAGE PROMISE on the 3rd Day after the promise was verbally entered through agreement...according to BOTH the old and RESTORED 'New Covenant' PROMISE!). The 'light' sliver of Messiah, associated with the MOON as the WITNESS for the THRONE OF DAVID, was last seen 2 millenial days ago as the SIGN of the 'END' of THAT SPIRITUAL AGE, and the BEGINNING of a 2 MILLENIAL DAY 'SPIRITUAL NEW MOON' era (the 'times of the Gentiles'/dark ages) where the SIGN of the SUN has been BLINDING MINDS to the LIGHT of the SPIRIT of the TRUTH of God and His Messiah to be RECOGNIZED in THIS PLAN which has been SEALED UP, but has now been UNSEALED AGAIN and can NOW be 'SEEN' in the EYE OF THE MIND and UNDERSTOOD as the 'PERFECT IMAGE' of the SPIRIT of the INVISIBLE GOD of TRUTH 'SEATED' on the 'CORNERSTONE' THRONE of the FULL MOON 'SABBATH SIGN' as a FAITHFUL WITNESS for the TRUE SPIRIT of GOD, KING over HEAVEN and EARTH and 'LIGHT OF THE WORLD' by which He EXPOSES SATANS WORLD DECEPTION and DEPOSES his CODIFIED KINGDOM SYSTEM where Men are being created in HIS CORRUPT SPIRITUAL IMAGE as PLANNED from the very beginning and unveiled over the course of TIME in the TaNaKh (Old Testament)! The 'sliver' of MESSIANIC LIGHT 'returning' as a "2nd witness" for the otherwise INVISIBLE 'IMAGE of GOD', the Spirit of TRUTH in this CODIFIED PLAN, which is the THEME of TORAH rightly interpreted as a PURE MATHEMATICS EQUATION, can now be RECOGNIZED and 'seen' in the MINDS EYE as HERALDING the END of the 2 MILLENIAL DAYS of DARKNESS and BEGINNING of the 3rd DAY 'RESTORATION' of the KINGDOM OF ISRAEL, and the innauguration of the KINGDOM OF HEAVEN ruling the WORLD in HIS WAXING LIGHT OF TRUTH as designed FROM THE FOUNDATION OF THE WORLD!

Come, let's return to YHWH! He has punished us and will heal us. He has struck us but will bind up our wound! AFTER TWO DAYS HE WILL REVIVE US and IN THE THIRD DAY HE WILL RAISE US UP TO LIVE BEFORE HIS FACE! Hosea 6:1-2

The LIGHT of TRUTH seen on the FAITHFUL WITNESS of the MOON represents the PERFECT IMAGE of the otherwise INVISIBLE SPIRIT of the GOD of TRUTH establishing HIS KINGDOM RULE on EARTH through the RE-ESTABLISHED KINGDOM OF ISRAEL as He designed before creating anything at all! The WHOLE WORLD will be celebrating TABERNACLES according to THIS CODIFIED KINGDOM SYSTEM of TRUTH established BY THE MESSIAH of TRUTH by a God of TRUTH as can be seen in this 'PURE MATHEMATICS' TRUTH PLAN! With this work, like Moses or Elijah restoring the people to the PROMISES of YHWH, the LIGHT of the NEW CYCLE leading to the FULL MOON of the MESSIAH'S REIGN, marks the END of the 2 MILLENIAL 'DAYS' OF SPIRITUAL DARKNESS (times of the Gentiles) where the IMPOSTER has been deceiving the nations and STEALING GODS IDENTITY and ruling in His stead through deception!

So the 'Jewish Calendar' of today Begins its MONTH on what used to be the SECOND DAY of the MONTH CYCLE, the 1st WEEK DAY (like Babylon), the day after the END of NEW MOON which was REJECTED as the SIGN of the CORNERSTONE SPIRIT OF TRUTH, the IMAGE of God, which a God of TRUTH provided as a PASSOVER 'SABBATH' SACRIFICE as the very 'SIGN' of our COVENANT with the TRUTH, which was REJECTED WITH HIM by Zachai after the Destruction of the Temple in CONSPIRACY with the HARLOT of ROME to ADOPT a NEW WEEKLY SYSTEM anchored to the SOLAR CORNERSTONE of ROME. Zachai was the leader of the Pharisees who REJECTED JESUS as a 'false prophet' from Galilee (where 'no prophet comes from' according to him, himself also being from Galilee) and 40 years later He snuck himself out of the Temple under seige, and into General Vespasians tent where he HYPOCRITICALLY PROPHESIED that Vesapasian would become the next Emperor if they conspired together to DESTROY the TEMPLE and the CITY and sacrifice all the MESSIANICS and ZEALOTS who opposed the CORNERSTONE CHANGE for 'Saturns Day', "for the sake of peace"!

Judah has dealt treacherously, and an abomination has been committed in Israel, and in Jerusalem! Judah has profaned the holiness of YHWH who loved him and has married the daughter of a strange god. YHWH will cut off the man that does this thing, the master and the scholar, out of the tabernacles of Jacob, and from them that offer sacrifice to YHWH over the armies. Mal. 2:11-12

""HE" (Zachai, leader of the Pharisees) shall cut off the Moshiach, but not (for) himself, and "WITH" the coming Prince (General Vespasian who Zachai would anoint as the next 'Prince' of Rome) "HE" SHALL DESTROY THE CITY AND THE TEMPLE..." Dan. 9:26

In Babylon's system they had almost ALL of the same NAMES for the MONTHS that have been adopted into the 'Jewish Calendar' of today also, and the WANDERING STARS (Planets) which HAD came to be associated with the DAYS of their LUNAR CALENDAR weeks, were easily adapted to the SOLAR CORNERSTONE of Rome, which they also adopted later.

Those NAMES for the WEEK DAYS and MOST of the MONTHS (and the BEGINNING of the LOSS of 'new moon' as HOLY) were adopted by Israel while in bondage in Babylon and they NEVER FULLY RECOVERED FROM THAT BABYLONIAN CALENDAR after returning to the land for a short time before being taken into bondage BEYOND BABYLON, into ALL NATIONS as even Moses promised would happen (Deut. 30:1-3, Amos 5:26-27 & Acts 7:43). But there are some variations between even that understanding and what they observe today, post temple destruction, as evidenced even in the ancient Lunar Calendar systems of the Hellenized world around them. The BIGGEST VARIATION is that every weekday of the LUNAR WEEK CYCLE was named after the SAME 'PLANETARY' DAYS we have inherited in OUR CODIFIED 'SOLAR' CORNERSTONE WEEK SYSTEM of MYSTERY BABYLON today, but they were arranged differently. In Babylon (and the ancient world) the LUNAR CORNERSTONE WEEK DAYS were as follows: Moon Day (Monday) was the 1st day, followed by Mercury (Wednesday) as the 2nd day, Venus (Friday) was the 3rd day, Shemesh or 'Sun' (Sunday) was the 4th day (the Central or MIDDLE day of the 7 day week), Mars (Tuesday) was the 5th day of the week, Jupiter (Thursday) was the 6th day, and Saturns day (Saturday representing the 'God of Time') was the 7th day 'Sabbath' or BAD OMEN day (a.k.a. the 'Saturn Day Sabbath' of Israel since the wilderness of Egypt, according to Amos 5:25-27 and Acts 7:43).

We also see Israel later associated the SHEMESH day (Sun day) with the MIDDLE LIGHT (4th light) of the MENORAH called the 'Shamash', as it's called to this very day. This came from its MIDDLE POSITION in the 7 day WEEK as understood from ANTIQUITY, likely originating in, and being adopted from, Babylon. So Chronos/Saturn (the 'God of TIME') was associated with the 7th day of LUNAR WEEKS which were ANCHORED to the CORNERSTONE of the NEW MOON as HOLY! Apart from the name 'SATURNS DAY' (Saturday) used as a PAVLOVIAN 'BELL' of DECEPTION to DECEIVE JEWS to ADOPT SATANS 'CORNERSTONE' CALENDAR SYSTEM in place of Gods (as alluded to in the book of Jude) after the destruction of the Temple, this is the 'CODIFIED LUNAR CORNERSTONE-SABBATH SYSTEM' which speaks ALL ABOUT the SPIRIT OF TRUTH as the IMAGE OF GOD we are to be BORN FROM ABOVE to MANIFEST in Gods KINGDOM of Israel, which would be enfleshed as a 'SACRIFICE' He would provide TO ESTABLISH the SPIRIT of TRUTH in a CODIFIED SYSTEM by which the Most Holy CORNERSTONE TRUTH (as an 'IMAGE' we are to 'MANIFEST' as SONS OF LIGHT), would be ANOINTED, the Messiah CUT OFF, followed by the DESTRUCTION of the Temple and City, and the CONSPIRACY allowing the DRAGON to MURDER all those who HAD JESUS TESTIMONY and OBSERVED THE CODIFIED LUNAR KINGDOM LAW in order to SEAL UP the VISION and PROPHECY until the END DAYS at JUDGEMENT TIME (Dan. 7:21, Dan. 9:24 & 26, Is. 8:16, Rev. 12:17 & 13:7)! When it's UNSEALED, then we will RECOGNIZE how the SABBATH and the HOLY NEW MOON which ESTABLISHES IT AS TRUE, is the SIGN of the CORNERSTONE SPIRIT of TRUTH, the TRUE 'LIGHT OF THE WORLD' which IS the 'PERFECT IMAGE' of the GOD of TRUTH, and all point to the PASSOVER SACRIFICE God was promising from the FOUNDATION of the world, anchored to the otherwise INVISIBLE 'CORNERSTONE' SPIRIT of TRUTH on the SIGN of the Lunar Sabbath CORNERSTONE in a CODIFIED KINGDOM SYSTEM, to FREE US FROM OUR BONDAGE to SATANS KINGDOM OF DECEPTION and REBELLION and allow us to be SANCTIFIED by HIS SPIRIT OF TRUTH to be CONFORMED TO HIS PERFECT IMAGE under HIS ANOINTED TORAH SPIRIT as our KING symbolized as seated on the THRONE of the MOON, according to a CODIFIED KINGDOM PLAN which SHALL RULE EARTH as our CORNERSTONE-SABBATH COVENANT SPIRIT we serve as His Kings and Priests in a Holy Nation to bring PEACE to the WORLD for HIS GLORY through OUR OBEDIENCE!

And it shall come to pass, that from one new moon to another, and from one sabbath to another, shall all flesh come to worship before me, says YHWH. Isaiah 66:23

The Aryan Antichrist Replacement of the Jewish Sabbath-Cornerstone Sign

In the Hellenized world, the nations were ALSO all keeping a Lunar calendar system of some form, including the Kingdom of Rome and its later Republic of Rome, until Julius Caesar brought CALENDAR REFORM to Rome by CHANGING ROME'S calendar CORNERSTONE 'SIGN' used by the former Kingdom and Republic which had been CORRUPTED by the PRIESTS, for a NEW CALENDAR CORNERSTONE SIGN (but the SAME SPIRIT of DECEPTION, CORRUPTION and REBELLION which corrupted the former system still ruled, only MORE PERFECTLY CORRUPT, as Socrates, who understood THIS PLAN and 'priesthood kingdom system' from the Scriptures, himself prophesied in his famous 'Cave Parable'). This 'cornerstone' replacement changed the 'Republic of Rome' to the 'EMPIRE of Rome' by so doing. The 'CODIFIED KINGDOM OF SATANS SPIRIT' and HIS PRIESTS of DECEPTION and CORRUPTION which ruled earth in the ANTEDILUVIAN WORLD according the BEAST 'CORNERSTONE SIGN' of the SUN, had been RECONSTRUCTED as God told us WOULD HAPPEN in this FINAL KINGDOM which would RULE EARTH before GODS KINGDOM CORNERSTONE DEMOLISHES THOSE FORMER KINGDOMS FOREVER! God gave us a CODIFIED LEGAL PLAN for HIS KINGDOM and ITS 'CORNERSTONE' which will SMASH this last EMPIRE in order to SAVE US from the DESTRUCTION that will COME ON THEM, when we STAND ON HIS CORNERSTONE SIGN by FAITH IN HIM!

Julius Caesar recognized that to be able to GALVANIZE a 'UNITED KINGDOM', he not only had to bring CALENDAR REFORM to Rome, but one that would END all the competing LUNAR CALENDAR SYSTEMS (including that of the Jews) in the Hellenized world. He amalgamated the Babylonian, Medo-Persian, Greek, and Roman Kingdoms into a REVISED 'ANTEDILUVIAN/BABYL/EDOMITE-SODOMITE' WORLD KINGDOM, a Neo Egyptian MYSTERY BABYLON enslavement under the SOLAR CORNERSTONE used as the SIGN for the GOD OF THIS WORLD they ALL SERVED, and its associated RA, TAMMUZ, MITHRAS, BAAL worship and its ASHERAH POLE, PHALLUS, OBELISK symbol (standing erect and having intercourse with the Semiramis/Isis/Ishtar/Easter HARLOT QUEEN OF HEAVEN outside the Vatican by which to create men in the PERVERTED SPIRITUAL IMAGE of SATAN in his CODIFIED 'MYSTERY BABYLON' PERVERSE WORLD SYSTEM to this very day) as its CENTRAL SYMBOL for the GOD OF TIME of THIS WORLD SYSTEM they serve as SATANIC PRIESTS of this MYSTERY BABYLON SYSTEM, for which the ANTEDILUVIAN WORLD had been destroyed! This ABOMINATION which was the 'CORNERSTONE IDOL' in service to the various SATANIC KINGDOMS, which frequently had CHILD SACRIFICE and the EATING of their FLESH and DRINKING of their BLOOD in their religious systems, which has ENSLAVED THE WHOLE WORLD today AS IN THE DAYS OF NOAH, now stands ERECT in front of the Vatican to TO THIS VERY DAY, as an OPEN RELIGIOUS SECRET which MEN SERVE in PLAIN VIEW OF ALL THE BIRDS! And the 'MASSES' of men wonder at WHY and HOW the SYSTEM of PERVERSION of BLACK MARKET CHILD SACRIFICE and the RITUAL of BLOOD DRINKING and HUMAN TRAFFICKING is INCREASING IN WORLD DOMINATION as they themselves EMPOWER the SYSTEM through their own IGNORANT 'INITIATE LEVEL' PARTICIPATION AND SUPPORT of this SATANIC RELIGIOUS PRIESTHOOD SYSTEM believing in COMPLETE DECEPTION that they are serving the God of TRUTH!

After his adulterous affair with Cleopatra in Egypt where he learned about their ancient Solar Calendar system (which had enslaved Israel previously for us to LEARN FROM as an EXAMPLE), Julius Caesar CHANGED the 'cornerstone' of Rome's calendar, which had also adopted the NAMES of the BABYLONIAN DAYS for its LUNAR 'WEEK DAYS', from a Lunar Cornerstone as the rest of the world was using, to a SOLAR CORNERSTONE for the new ROMAN EMPIRE. He also began the CHANGE of the NAMES of the Months he CREATED and NUMBERED out of thin air (the month of "July" being named after himself and "August" after his adopted 'Son') to acheive a 12 month system with a total of 365 days to ALIGN with the SIGN of the DEATH and REBIRTH of the SUN GOD of the this world (as had been done by priests of Satan since the antediluvian world), and he rearranged the ORDER of the weekdays associated with the 'WANDERING STARS' (planets which the book of Jude references as reserved for the 'Day of Judgement'). Julius Caesar became the 1st 'Pontifex Maximus' (High Priest) and Dictator (Emperor) HEAD of the DRAGON of the 'New Rome' and its new SOLAR CALENDAR SYSTEM of WORSHIP to the ARYAN GOD OF THIS WORLD which he devised; the DRAGON of WORLD POWER had prepared to DEVOUR the MANCHILD of God born to the WOMAN 'ISRAEL' (Rev. 12:4).

The re-arranged weekdays were DIVORCED from the Lunar Cycle and tied to a Solar Calendar cornerstone system he devised, similar to that of ancient Sumeria/Babyl and Egypt. The biggest difference was that the 1st day of Romes calendar week was the most important day, and they chose Saturns day (a.k.a. Chronos, the God of Time; the planet Saturn which was associated with the highest degree of 'Father' or 'Pope' of the OCCULT MITHRAS religion) as the 1st and MOST VENERABLE DAY of ROME (as evidenced by a PLETHORA of archeological facts which ESTABLISH THAT TRUTH, like the 'stick calendar' on Titus' Bath house you can see here, just CLICK on "Page 94" for the IMAGE and Page 95 which describes them). The most venerable 1st day of Saturn was followed by Sunday (sun), Monday (moon), Tues, (Mars), Wednesday (Mercury), Thursday (Jupiter), and the last/7th day of the Planetary week of Rome anchored to the SOLAR CORNERSTONE was Friday (Venus, which came to be the 'sabbath' of the Arabic speaking peoples brought under submission of Rome through 'Islam', later).

Let me say this again because of its IMPORTANCE regarding SATANS 'CORNERSTONE' DECEPTION, and HOW IT HAPPENED according to PROPHECY: the 1st day of the Roman week anchored to the SOLAR CORNERSTONE CALENDAR began with SATURNS DAY (Saturday) recognized as the 7th day 'Sabbath' of the Jews whose weeks were anchored to the LUNAR CORNERSTONE, and the 'ANTICHRIST' deceived ISRAEL to REJECT THEIR 'SABBATH CORNERSTONE' (after GODS SACRIFICE and destruction of HIS TEMPLE which would ESTABLISH IT as the CORNERSTONE of GODS KINGDOM of TRUTH on EARTH FOREVER after) for this BLINDING CORNERSTONE DECEPTION which would TAKE US INTO BONDAGE to the ARYAN GOD OF THIS WORLD who would CODIFY HIS 'SABBATH' DECEPTION to DECEIVE THE WHOLE WORLD as PROPHESIED in Amos 5:26-27, Lam. 2:6, Dan. 7:25,& Acts 7:43 and elsewhere. Until Constantine BETRAYED the 'Marriage' which Zachai had made with Vespasian centuries earlier in BETRAYAL of Gods covenant and people, and he selected SUNDAY as the most venerable day of worship and 'demoted' SATURNS DAY to the LAST DAY of the ROMAN WEEK (and therefore the status of the Jews also marginalized by this Aryan worshipper of Mithras who was also anciently recognized as a 'God of WAR' and a 'COVENANT God' over armies), the Jews as a whole weren't the 'scapegoat' was only those who REFUSED the "New Atlantian World Cornerstone System", like Jesus' disciples who were the scapegoats SACRIFICED for the EVIL ONES. This Aryan MITHRAS worshipper merely adopted a SLIGHTLY TWEAKED 'Christian' FACADE as the INITIATION level to CLOAK the worship of SATAN hidden at Rome's inner sanctum CORE to this day. Until Constantine finished the BETRAYAL of God BY SATANS SPIRIT to CODIFY this 'SABBATH SYSTEM', Saturns day had been the 1st and most venerable day of ROME as evidenced by TONS of archeological artifacts from before the 4th century change which ESTABLISH THAT FACT (like the 'stick calendar' on Titus' Bath house you can see here, just CLICK on "Page 94")!

This is HOW the ARYAN 'antichrist' CALCULATED to CHANGE the 'times and laws' of the Kingdom of Israel, the FAITHFUL WITNESS for Gods KINGDOM 'MORNING STAR' and replaced it with HIS ancient 'CORNERSTONE' of BLINDING DECEPTION! This is HOW the CORNERSTONE SPIRIT of the TRUE JESUS was REPLACED by a SPIRIT OF DECEPTION associated to the CORNERSTONE SIGN of SATANS REBELLION! After destroying the Temple and making the Lunar Calendar ILLEGAL TO FOLLOW, Rome was successful in converting the entire Hellenized world to SERVE THE SPIRIT of the Aryan GOD OF THIS WORLD and His 'CORNERSTONE SIGN' to 'MARK' their SERVICE TO HIM, as God told us in advance He would do! Anyone who REFUSED was MURDERED as we see in Polycarps Martyrdom. He became the 'Father' of what was politically labeled as the 'QUARTODECIMEN DEBATE' through which Satan began CONTROLLING THE NARRATIVE of a FAKE 'CHRISTIANITY', which was nothing less than SERVICE to the DECEPTIVE SPIRIT of SATAN posing as the God of TRUTH and His Spirit through SYNCRETIC RELIGIOUS OCCULTISM used by his ELITE RULERS and PRIESTS in his kingdom of 'Aryan' DECEPTION working toward RE-ESTABLISHING the antediluvian "Kingdom of Atlantis" as the 'New World Order', which is THEIR VISION TO THIS DAY!

It should be noted HOW CRAFTY it was for Julius Caesar to maintain SATURNS DAY and the related ancient 'SATURNALIA' Day of the BIRTH of the SOLAR DEITY (Ra, Horus, Sol, Sol Invictus and Occult Mithras relgion of Rome, as 'Pater Patrum' or 'Father of Fathers' as the HIGHEST DEGREE of this syncretic OCCULT religion of the RULING CLASS) as the SOLAR CORNERSTONE DAY later to be known as 'Christmas', as the very 'SIGN' which MARKS their ALLEGIANCE to the SPIRIT of the Aryan GOD OF THIS WORLD which the God of TRUTH always INTENDED TO EXPOSE with HIS 'CORNERSTONE SPIRIT OF TRUTH' according to a CODIFIED PLAN, like a PURE MATHEMATICS EQUATION! After the destruction of the Kingdom of Israel, its Temple and related system of Sacrifice anchored to the LUNAR CYCLE and associated with the Priesthood Declaring New Moons, it would be so much easier to coerce the Jews to adopt the new CORNERSTONE for 'SATURNS DAY' and perpetual Weekdays independent of the Lunar Cornerstone, if Rome recognized 'Saturns Day' as a 'HOLY DAY' too! Interestingly Julius Caesar was the 1st Pontifex Maximus (High Priest) of the new Roman religion of 'SOL' (the SUN, later to be called 'Sol Invictus', the INVINCIBLE SUN) later hidden under a 'christian priest frock' to give it 'Bible legitimacy' in the eyes of the DECEIVED and PRACTICALLY INSANE MASSES who have always been their POWER BASE.

Finalizing Satans Spiritual Cornerstone World Enslavement System in Jesus Name

(the Aryan 'Christian' Calendar Kingdom of Antichrists building a "NEW Atlantian WORLD ORDER" through DECEPTION of the Masses to OPPOSE Gods CORNERSTONE SPIRIT of TRUTH and His Kingdom Order for a NEW WORLD)

It was not until the 4th Century, after all those who REBELLED against the CORNERSTONE CHANGE of TIME, like Polycarp, were MARTYRED for their CORNERSTONE FAITH, that Constantine made the final change by declaring 'Sunday' as the 1st and most Holy Day of the Roman week and the religion of SOL INVICTUS (the' Invincible Sun' and its related Occult Mithras worship of Satan's Spirit) took on the name 'Christianity' with the APPEARANCE of the worship of the SPIRIT of TRUTH becoming the official 'Cornerstone' of the 'state religion', through SATANIC DECEPTION (the Syncretic OCCULTIST religion of the ruling ELITE used to CONTROL the masses as IGNORANT SUPPORTIVE 'INITIATES', unaware of the deep 'EVIL MYSTERIES' of the INNER SANCTUM')! This was the FINAL and MONUMENTAL DECEPTION of Satan's syncretic SPIRIT of DECEPTION, described as a DRAGON of Roman EMPEROR/POPE (Pontifex Maximus') worship IN PLACE OF (Vicar d'Cristo) the TRUE CORNERSTONE SPIRIT OF GOD as prophesied IN ADVANCE of it taking place! You might say that Constantine represents the PONTIFEX MAXIMUS 'King' of the beginning of a NEW ERA or ANTISEMITIC "2nd Reich" of the ARIAN 'God of this world' system opposing GODS KINGDOM CORNERSTONE of TRUTH which had been sort of REMADE and recodified by the Jews (and shortly thereafter written down in 'Talmud'). A new system of 'divide and conquer' was being inaugurated for the sake of 'peace'.

Constantine DIVORCED Rome from 'Saturns day' as the 1st and holiest day of the perpetual planetary Roman week which rather easily REMAINED the '7th day of the Jews' who were FIRST BETRAYED in the '1st Reich' when Zachai BETRAYED the LUNAR CORNERSTONE (which speaks all about Gods SPIRIT of TRUTH as a FAITHFUL WITNESS) to begin this BONDAGE under the BLINDING CORNERSTONE of the Aryan GOD OF THIS WORLD (Mithras) and the DRAGON of ROME, after the destruction of the Jewish Temple to begin this system of 'Reich Dispensations', as it was later termed by Nazi Germany in Hitlers 3rd Reich alliance with the High Priest of Rome (which took my Grandmother captive into their system of Human Trafficking which exists to this day). So Constantine the 8th, belonging to the 7 previous Heads of the antichrist DRAGON of the 1st Reich of Rome in this WELL THOUGHT OUT DECEPTION, was finally TRIUMPHANT over Gods People and His Kingdom CORNERSTONE with his 2nd Reich and the MARGINALIZATION and SUBJUGATION of the JEWS once again (and the STAR they selected to represent the 'God of Time' and their new 'Sabbath' under the 1st Reich), to a SATANIC WORLD 'ARYAN REICH' KINGDOM SYSTEM of 'DIVIDE AND CONQUER' facilitating making hypocritical, criminal, traitorous IMAGES OF SATAN based on a CORNERSTONE of BLINDING RELIGIO-POLITICAL DECEPTION based on GREED which CONCEALS THE DECEPTION so it can PROSPER! The STAR Constantine selected to SYMBOLIZE his 2nd Reich 'KINGDOM SEAL' was the Pentagram, in contrast to the Hexagram adopted by the Jews in the 1st Reich (and literally used on them in the 3rd Reich) in his new SATANIC WORLD KINGDOM order of DIVIDE and CONQUER through RELIGIOUS DECEPTION.

Keeping the same positions of the days relative to one another but changing the ORDER of the COUNT to begin with Sunday as the most holy day, Constantine made Saturns day the LAST DAY of the Roman week which would replace Friday (Venus) as the 7th/last day (making Friday the 6th day instead). This is how the DRAGON/BEAST SYSTEM of the LAST WORLD KINGDOM of SATAN on earth was CREATED, as God told us in advance was going to happen! He provided the ATONING SACRIFICE which would allow us to be REDEEMED, SANCTIFIED, and BROUGHT BACK INTO HIS HOLY KINGDOM in GREAT EXODUS in the END DAYS 'NEW COVENANT' as SHADOWED with the REJECTION of Joseph for the 1st covenant, and the DESTRUCTION of the Kingdom of RA (the world's Pharaoh) when Gods people UNITE IN THE PROMISE for HIS GLORY!

Constantine also introduced the EXOTERIC EXPRESSION of the OCCULTIC RELIGIOUS SYMBOLISM of the 'SOLAR CROSS' which is CENTRAL to their ESOTERIC SATANIC RELIGION of HUMAN SACRIFICE conducted by the PRIESTS at the INNER SANCTUM of their OCCULT SYSTEM, which became VERY POPULAR and is EXOTERICALLY used by the DECEIVED MASSES to this day to BLIND THEIR MINDS to the TRUTH while believing they know the truth! Mystery Babylon is a POWERFUL DELUSION, the MYSTERY OF INIQUITY which keeps men in BONDAGE from seeing the MYSTERY OF GOD while believing they KNOW the TRUTH! This is EXACTLY what SOCRATES WAS DESCRIBING would be 'PERFECTED' in his PARABLE OF THE CAVE! Constantine himself was 'baptised' to His SATANIC ARYAN SOLAR DEITY in this 2nd Reich while 'baptising' himself in the SHADOW of the CROSS of his sword held before the sun! While holding the blade of his sword such that the hilt and handle forming the 'cross' of HIS SWORD in the SIGN of the shining SUN GOD he worshipped so that its SHADOW fell on him as he was 'immersed' in its light! This sword represents that of EDOM (and Amelek) who serves Satans spirit in opposition to Gods Spirit of truth. The 'Cross' upon which an effigy of Jesus is impaled is the POWER of SATAN openly opposing the 'Jewish' SPIRIT of GOD from EVER manifesting to RULE in flesh! Until the viciously antisemite "Arian Constantine" subtly changed the symbolism to be adapted to his OCCULT BELIEFS being OPENLY ADOPTED by the DECEIVED 'masses' so they don't even RECOGNIZE EVIL WHEN THEY SEE IT PRESENTED BY THEIR RECOGNIZED "LEADERS", the most important symbolism by those who believed in the "Jewish Messiah" of God (after 'Passover' was targeted and came under heavy fire to be 'cancelled' by the antisemite Aryan-Christian "Narrative Manipulators" who changed it to ISHTAR worship of the ancient fertility goddess QUEEN of HEAVEN and LITERAL blood drinking and flesh eating 'Eucharist' DECEPTIONS) was Baptism through IMMERSION in water. Constantine changed that with the introduction of his murderous ARYAN and SOLAR CROSS symbolism (and 'genuflection') which became a far more powerful SYMBOL whose effect was to BLIND MINDS from seeing the "JEWISH TRUTH" in their IDOLATROUS MYSTERY BABYLON system where the PERFECT IMAGE of the JEWISH TRUTH as the IMAGE OF GOD has been the OPEN SACRIFICE to this very day, I AM A WITNESS!

The Hellenized world adopted the new system readily, while the CHILDREN who recognized the TIMES AND LAWS of the Kingdom of Israel spoke all about JESUS enfleshing the SPIRIT OF TRUTH to ESTABLISH the CORNERSTONE SPIRIT OF TRUTH IN ZION FOREVER, like Polycarp, were HUNTED DOWN and MURDERED by the DRAGON (and the 'Mystery Babylon' Harlot of Religion riding his power) for having Jesus testimony and KEEPING GODS COMMANDS REGARDING THE OBSERVATION OF 'TIME' WHICH TESTIFY OF THE SPIRIT OF GODS TRUTH (Rev. 12:17 & Rev. 17:3-6)!

The 'Gregorian Tweak'

The 'CORNERSTONE' Calendar System of SATANS SPIRIT which was created and given to us by Julius Caesar in the 1st Reich, along with the 1st and most venerable day being changed from Saturns Day to Sun Day by Constantine in the 2nd Reich, has remained virtually unchanged since then. Many people like to point to the name 'Gregorian Calendar' as if Gregorian gave us something fundamentally different, when he did not. Essentially, like days were intercalated (that is 'added') every so often to make sure the SOLAR EVENTS (like the BIRTHDAY of the SUN GOD at the winter solstice) lined up to the CODIFIED SYSTEM of Babyl, Persia (Aryan/Iran), and Egypt previously, this is all the 'Gregorian Calendar' did. The CODIFIED SYSTEM which Julius Caesar originally CREATED as 'PONTIFEX MAXIMUS' and Pater Patrum (High Priest and Father of Fathers, later called POPE) had 'drifted' from the 'CORNERSTONE SOLAR EVENT' of the 'RESURRECTION' or BIRTH of the ARYAN SUN GOD Mithras, and it had to be corrected with an INTERCALATION.

It had been known for some time that over the course of the centuries, the CODIFIED DAY of the BIRTH of the ANCIENTLY WORSHIPPED 'SUN GOD' now worshipped by Arian ROME, did not line up with the SOLAR EVENT of the winter solstice and that a 'tweak' or INTERCALATION had to be made to CORRECT that PROBLEM. It is of course the ROLE of the PRIEST CLASS and their 'professionals', at the behest of the High Priest and/or King over them, to perform this function for the KINGDOM SPIRIT they serve. This is all the 'Gregorian Calendar' is; an INTERCALATION to PERFECT the CODIFIED ARIAN SYSTEM of the antisemite-antichrist 'GOD OF THIS WORLD' created by Julius Caesar in the 1st Reich service to the SPIRIT of SATAN opposing GODS KINGDOM CORNERSTONE SPIRIT and HIS CORNERSTONE KINGDOM 'SIGN' on earth, like PHARAOH! This 'intercalation' (avoiding the complicated minutia of detail to remain within the general scope of this work) recognized that the 'Solar Year' was .25 days (6 hours) longer than the 365 solar day CODIFICATION of Julius' calendar. So Gregorian added this 'intercalation' in the form of what we know as a 'leap year' today (when the month of February would have a day added every 4th year, generally), and the 'RESURRECTION' or 'BIRTH' of the GOD of THIS WORLD now called Christmas ('Christ Mass') to DECEIVE the MASSES, was RE-ANCHORED to the 3rd day after the Winter Solstice (death and resurrection of the Arian SUN GOD of this world), as has been the CORNERSTONE DAY of the worship of the God of this world SINCE THE FOUNDATION of the world when SATAN TOOK MAN INTO BONDAGE as the COVERING CHERUB (the Angel of ANTISEMITE REBELLION which keeps men from seeing or OBEYING the JEWISH IMAGE of GOD which IS the SPIRIT OF TRUTH)!

Since then the whole world has been DECEIVED by the 'Aryan GOD OF THIS WORLD', the WORLDS 'PHARAOH' SPIRIT and his 'BUILDERS' who set up this current BEAST WORLD SYSTEM to RE-ESTABLISH the antedeluvian World Kingdom of Atlantis (first attempted by Nimrod in Babyl) whereby God's children are born into Satan's ANTISEMITE KINGDOM of ENSLAVEMENT to DECEPTION and REBELLION TO GOD as a WORLD SYSTEM where they are DECEIVED to SERVE SATAN rebuilding His Kingdom IN REBELLION TO THE TRUTH of GOD and HIS KINGDOM through their IGNORANCE regarding the SPIRIT of TRUTH associated with the ancient 'Jewish Calendar' and the 'GOSPEL PLAN' of the Bible it contains which Jesus FLESHED OUT to ESTABLISH as OUR KINGDOM CORNERSTONE as HIS PRIESTS AND KINGS which will DESTROY the KINGDOMS of the SPIRIT of THIS WORLD depicted in Daniels Statue!


The Stone REJECTED by The Builders (as the Cornerstone), has NOW BECOME the CHOSEN CORNERSTONE from YHWH, and it's SUPERNATURAL in our eyes! Ps. 118:22-23, Mat. 21:42, Mk. 12:10, Lk. 20:17, Acts 4:11 & 1 Pet. 2:7

Even as you watched 'The Stone' struck the Image (of the Beast Kingdoms of earth) which turned to chaff and the wind carried them away, and the God of Heaven set up His Kingdom which shall never be destroyed; so God has shown you what shall surely come to pass! The VISION is CERTAIN and the interpretation is FAITHFUL and TRUE! Dan. 2

The REBELLIOUS DECEIVERS who have POMPOUSLY and ABUSIVELY controlled the worlds NARRATIVES though the worlds BEAST KINGDOMS throughout mans history in service to the EXALTED SUN as the cornerstone SIGN of the SPIRIT of their world NARRATIVE, shall now be HUMBLED, and the SPIRIT of TRUTH which has been HUMBLED and symbolized by the MOON, shall be EXALTED in a TRULY 'New World NARRATIVE' that shall NEVER END!

Take off the Diadem and remove the Crown! Things will no longer be the same! Raise up the humble and humble the exalted! Ez. 21:26

It's now time for HARVEST and REMOVAL OF THE TARES and the SPIRIT OF TRUTH is calling you OUT FROM MYSTERY BABYLON and their 4th Arian Reich building the "NEW Atlantian WORLD ORDER" powered by the SACRIFICE of innocent children and TRUTH IMAGING WITNESSES of the TRUE GOD for its CORRUPT SYSTEM to continue to GROW and PROSPER like CANCER in the body of mankind that will KILL IT, in order to SERVE TRUTH in HIS KINGDOM as His Kings and Priests in His HOLY UNITED WORLD KINGDOM in order to SAVE THE WORLD and bring peace and life increasing ETERNALLY, as DESIGNED!

Ps. 94:8, Is. 44:25, Rom. 1:22, 1 Cor. 1:20 & 3:19

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