In an age of UNIVERSAL DECEPTION, telling the truth becomes a REVOLUTIONARY ACT! George Orwell?




...the nations will come to you from the ends of the earth and say: 'Surely we have inherited lies, vanity, and unprofitable things from our fathers.' Jer. 16:19


The Gentile "Messenger" of the "CALLED OUT ASSEMBLY" at Smyrna who was murdered by the 'Synagogue of Satan,' the FIRST "CHURCH" of the DRAGON of Rome (Rev. 2:8-11)!

'He shall CALCULATE to change TIME and LAW! Dan. 7:25

'Polycarp' is called the "Messenger" of Smyrna and is historically considered the first 'BISHOP' who handed down the TRUE 'CATHOLIC (meaning: UNIVERSAL) RULE OF THE 'ECCLESSIA' (meaning: CONGREGATION in Greek, mistranslated as 'KIRCHE' or CHURCH)', as his disciple Ireneus confesses in the account of Polycarps martyrdom, below. This was before the RELIGIOUS HARLOT of ROME (the Daughter of Babylon a.k.a. MYSTERY BABYLON) MURDERED HIM to SUPPLANT the APOSTOLIC AUTHORITY of the 'Catholic CONGREGATIONS' which he enfleshed and handed down, with their CATHOLIC 'KIRCHE' IMPOSTER SYSTEM before adopting it as the STATE RELIGION in the 4th Century! All of it was done as God told us IN ADVANCE would take place, and we can see RETROSPECTIVELY that it DID INDEED TAKE PLACE as HE SAID!

Polycarp was the GREEK DISCIPLE of Jesus' own JEWISH DISCIPLE, John the Revelator, who had been exiled on the Island of Patmos by the 6th Horn/6th Crown/6th King (Emperor 666 NERO) of the ANTICHRIST BEAST of ROME. In Revelation 1 and 2 Polycarp is addressed by the JEWISH King Jesus as the 'STAR' and 'ANGEL' of the MENORAH/CANDLESTICK/CONGREGATION (of 'LIGHTS') of SMYRNA, not as bishop (Rev. 1:20, Rev. 2:8).

Polycarp was made AWARE of HIS PLACE IN TIME AND SPACE according to GODS PLAN which HE UNDERSTOOD, and KNEW THE PART HE WAS PLAYING in the GRAND ARCHITECTURE of ETERNAL REALITY invisible to MATERIALISTICALLY MINDED (FALLEN) MEN, as a MARTYR! We see this MOST CLEARLY when he mentions the PROPHECY which had ALREADY BEEN WRITTEN DOWN that HE HIMSELF WOULD SUFFER at the hands of the 'Synagogue of Satan', the FIRST "CHURCH" OF ROME (Rev. 2:8-11) in his warning to his deceived judge regarding the nature of THIS TEMPORAL ILLUSORY REALITY and the FIRE of SECOND (eternal) DEATH mentioned there for those who REFUSE TO BELIEVE THE SAVING TRUTH which HOLDS OUR PERCEPTION OF REALITY TOGETHER TO BE PERCEIVED as most real for only a PERIOD OF TIME (which is VERY SHORT NOW), not for their benefit in hearing as much as for yours. God designed it to AWAKEN YOU at THIS TIME with this REBUKE regarding the NATURE of the INSANE RELIGIOUS DEEDS which MARK the 'SYNAGOGUE of SATAN' and their HEATHEN RELIGIOUS WITCHES, by what they DO in relationship to the NOW MANIFEST TRUTH of A SCIENCE REALITY WHICH HE HAD INTENDED TO BE SEALED UNTIL JUDGEMENT TIME as he PROMISED THOUSANDS OF YEARS IN ADVANCE! Rev. 2:8-11 was written by the Apostle John, Polycarps Mentor and Spiritual Father...a prophecy POLYCARP FULFILLED.

The TESTIMONY EVIDENCE regarding Polycarps Martyrdom below is JUST ANOTHER 'SNAPSHOT' of the SHAPESHIFTING POLITICAL BEAST which DANIEL ENVISIONED, coupled with his BABYLONIAN RELIGIOUS WHORE WIVES which WAR AGAINST the KING of TRUTH, in PRACTICE OF THEIR 'CRAFT' in ACTION! The Temple had been destroyed to CHANGE the TIMES AND LAWS of the KINGDOM, to REPLACE THEM with an ANTI-SEMITE FORGERY SYSTEM for the 'times of the Gentiles' to be in FULL SWING. This could not happen until those GENTILES who observed the 'JEWISH' times and laws as had been handed down to them through APOSTOLIC AUTHORITY had all been WIPED OUT in what came to be known as the period of the 'quarto-decimen' debates, meaning: those who observed PASSOVER as the LORDS SUPPER! Changing this CORNERSTONE of MESSIANIC FAITH to the day of the traditional observation of the FERTILITY GODDESS WORSHIP of ISHTAR, became the CENTER of the SPIRITUAL WARFARE which began with Polycarp and ended with Constantine who adopted the new ANTI-SEMITE 'christianity' as the state religion in the 4th century.

The following is just a BRIEF SUMMARY of QUOTES from the "CIRCUS SHOW" 'CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEM' run by SELFISH INTERESTS and GREEDY BANKSTERS that still seems to be the unevolved (witchcraft FARCE) standard used by both Jew and Gentile yet to this day in our ignorant world SYSTEM which began with the REJECTION of the JEWISH KING'S TRUTH in Jerusalem 2000 years ago, so this FRAUD of LAW and the USURPATION of AUTHORITY by the HARLOT ROMAN CHURCH could take place IN GODS NAME, as he prophesied in advance WOULD HAPPEN. This CORNERSTONE ERROR shall soon be CAST INTO THE SEA and replaced with the TRUTH ECONOMY of PEACEFUL LAW (which rewards ALTRUISM and punishes NARCISSISM rather than the obverse we currently have) so the WORLD may be SAVED and HEALED rather than continually suffering toward SELF DESTRUCTION. PLEASE UNDERSTAND THE SAVING TRUTH, REPENT, AND COME OUT FROM THIS MONUMENTAL ERROR LEADING TO UTTER DEATH AND DESTRUCTION!

As Polycarp entered into the stadium, a voice came to him from heaven; 'Be strong, Polycarp, and play the Man.' And no one saw the speaker, but those of our people who were present heard the voice. And at length, when he was brought up, there was a great tumult, for they heard that Polycarp had been apprehended.

When then he was brought before him, the proconsul enquired whether he were the man. And on his confessing that he was, he tried to persuade him to a denial (of the Messiah who the WHOLE WORLD hated according to the PLAN of the CONSPIRACY) saying ...'Swear by the genius of Caesar; repent and say, Away with the atheists'

['atheists' was a reference to MESSIANICS who did not worship a HEATHEN GOD which was officially recognized by the WORLDS GOVERNMENT, ROME and JUDAH in CONSPIRACY, according to the BIBLE PLAN for the world to be ENSLAVED greater than in EGYPT. Also please note that in Socrates Apology he is accused of 'atheism' and is sentenced to death by the polythist heathens (who are the true religious 'atheists' with whom JUDAH later 'MARRIED' Ahab with Jezebel). Today even Atheists are accepted in their pantheon of recognized 'world views' under EITHER the power of the HEXAGRAM or that of the PENTAGRAM, while still rejecting the truth of the SIGN OF MESSIAH in their EFFECTIVE COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS INSANITY regarding NOW SCIENTIFICALLY ESTABLISHED 'reality' for which Polycarp LIVES AS ETERNAL WITNESS even in OUR DARKNESS, as a LIGHT like a STAR].

Then Polycarp with solemn countenance looked upon the whole multitude of LAWLESS HEATHENS (which included the Jews under Yochanan Ben Zachais authority who enjoyed favor from the Roman Harlot at that time, for having betrayed Jesus and conspired with the Emperor) that were in the stadium, and waved his hand to them; and groaning and looking up to heaven he said, 'Away with the atheists.'

....he said to him again, 'I will cause you to be consumed by fire, if you don't fear the wild beasts, unless you repent.' But Polycarp said; 'You threaten a fire which burns for a season and after a little while is quenched, for YOU ARE IGNORANT OF THE FIRE OF THE FUTURE JUDGEMENT and ETERNAL PUNISHMENT which is RESERVED FOR THE UNGODLY. But why do you delay? Come, do what you will'....the proconsul was astounded and sent his own herald to proclaim three times in the midst of the stadium, 'Polycarp has confessed himself to be a Christian' (to mean AT THIS TIME in history, a 'QUARTO-DECIMAN' or LUNAR SABBATARIAN...a MESSIANIC GENTILE practitioner of JEWISH LUNAR CALENDAR FESTIVALS in OPPOSITION TO ROMES CALENDAR, which SPEAKS ALL ABOUT the TRUE JESUS in the JEWISH BIBLE...this sort of person was called an 'ATHEIST' at this time and in much later POLITICAL MAGICIAN SHOWS put on by the ROMAN RELIGIOUS HARLOT of REVELATION, it has been condemned as 'Judaizing'!).'

When this was proclaimed by the herald, the whole multitude of (the "GATHERING of SATAN") BOTH GENTILES AND JEWS who lived in Smyrna cried out with ungovernable wrath and ....with one accord that Polycarp should be burned alive....These things then happened with so great speed quicker than words could tell, the crowds forthwith collecting from the workshops and baths timber and faggots, and the JEWS ASSISTING WITH SPECIAL ZEAL AS WAS THEIR CUSTOM....

The fire, making the appearance of a vault, like the sail of a vessel filled by the wind, made a wall round about the body of the martyr; and it was there in the midst, not like flesh burning, but like [a loaf in the oven or like] gold and silver refined in a furnace. For we perceived such a fragrant smell, as if it were the wafted odor of frankincense or some other precious spice.

So at length these LAWLESS MEN, seeing that his body could not be consumed by the fire, ordered an executioner to go up to him and stab him with a dagger. And when he had done this, there came forth [a dove and] a quantity of blood, so that it extinguished the fire; and all the multitude marvelled that there should be so great a difference between the unbelievers and the elect (Because unbelievers enslaved to their fleshly animal mind instinctively fear death; and rightly so. The believer eagerly awaits release from his LABOR to enter the JOY OF HIS REWARD, and rightly so!).

This account Gaius copied from the papers of Irenaeus. The same lived with Irenaeus who had been a disciple of the holy Polycarp. For this Irenaeus, being in Rome at the time of the martyrdom of the bishop Polycarp, instructed many; and many most excellent and orthodox treatises by him are in circulation. In these he makes mention of Polycarp, saying that he was taught by him. And he ably refuted every heresy, and handed down the CATHOLIC RULE of the ECCLESIA as HE HAD RECEIVED IT FROM THE SAINT.

He mentions this fact also, that when Marcion, after whom the Marcionites are called, met the holy Polycarp on one occasion, and said 'Recognize us, Polycarp,' he said in reply to Marcion, 'Yes indeed, I recognize the firstborn of Satan.' The following statement also is made in the writings of Irenaeus, that on the very day and hour when Polycarp was martyred in Smyrna Irenaeus being in the city of the Romans heard a voice as of a trumpet saying, ' Polycarp is martyred.'

Polycarp recognized Marcion (and his basic LAWLESS, ANTISEMITIC ANTICHRIST TEACHINGS adopted in unrecognized form by many Christians today) as the 'FIRSTBORN of SATAN'. Satan's 'throne' at that time (the CENTER of EMPEROR WORSHIP outside of ROME, having 3 temples dedicated to the WORSHIP of the EMPORER of ROME as 'GOD') was in Pergamum, another Roman Province (Rev. 2:13)...the 'SYNAGOGUE of SATAN' was obviously the ROMAN Catholic Kirche from its inception, and the EMPEROR/POPE was recognized as SATAN, the 'GOD OF THIS WORLD' ENFLESHED and his MARK of OBEDIENCE was the SOLAR CALENDAR "Cornerstone" called called Christmas today but went by various names at that time. The Calendar which Julius Caesar created to speak all about himself as the anointed "Christ" of His Kingdom by which he recognized God had anointed him to take the WHOLE WORLD into bondage to His Kingdom of MYSTERY BABYLON! This would later be REVEALED as the "Great Falling Away". It APPEARS that there are HIGH RANKING Catholic officials (like the Jesuit Priest Manuel Lacunza) who are speaking in OPENLY yet still in GUARDED and DEEPLY ESOTERIC TERMS about this very thing (and also like Archbishop Vigano's most recent Open Letter to President Trump just prior to elections in the U.S.).

Polycarp was essentially the LAST of the original DOCTRINE holders of our FAITH in GODS TRUE SABBATH CORNERSTONE MESSIAH who was REJECTED for that IMPOSTER. The books were ONCE AGAIN "sealed up" after they were removed and the world was PLUNGED into the "Dark Ages" controlled by the KIRCHE/CHURCH/CIRCUS of Rome. Jesus is the MASTER OF SABBATH of a LUNAR CALENDAR SYSTEM that speaks all about the TRUE SON OF GOD according to the FATHERS TESTIMONY for which He selected the MOON as a FAITHFUL WITNESS which speaks all about HIM! THIS MESSIANIC 'JEWISH' IMAGE of the LIGHT OF TRUTH was REMOVED FROM THE FLOCKS OF MANKIND by the SATANISTS in our midst!. With his death and a political deception to accompany a controversy called the 'Quarto-Deciman Debates' for the next couple of hundred years took place to FINISH the 'forgetting of sabbath' as A TRUE 'MESSIANIC' (as opposed to SATANS ANTISEMITE ANTICHRIST 'Christian' IMPOSTER and his SIGN or MARK of the SUN) CORNERSTONE for a SURE WORLD FOUNDATION as promised in Lamentations 2:6 and elsewhere. Constantine was the 8th 'Emperor/King' who was of the 7 first 'Emperor/Kings' who began this MONUMENTAL KINGDOM TIME CHANGE DECEPTION on the world AS PROPHESIED! The TRUTH was replaced with a BLINDING FORGERY: BABYLONIAN ISHTAR FERTILITY RITES called 'EASTER' which FOSTERS and PROMOTES PEDOPHILIA and EVERY OTHER SEXUAL PERVERSION imaginable to a mind BLINDED under the POWER of the SIGN of the SUN) which GOD PROMISED in Lam. 2:6 and elsewhere he would ALLOW to take place for JUDAH's BREACH in much the SAME WAY God had ALLOWED DAVID to make this same 'trespass' with Bathsheba (for which his firstborn was taken by God, or as Judah with Tamar to whom he gave a 'Lamb' for his sin, where David recognized the CONNECTION to the LAMB God was promising to provide as a SON of PROMISE from his own loins, for OUR BETRAYAL of GODS KINGDOM LAW, as pictured in Ps. 110), for HIS GREATER GLORY in the end.

The LAW was ADDED to RECOGNIZE and REMOVE the REBELLIOUS HATRED of AUTHORITY...the 'IMAGE' which mankind chose and for which God destroyed the FIRST WORLD ORDER, which re-emerged again in our current world order through HAMs SEXUAL PERVERSION which his father CURSED. According to the HOLY LAW, this SIN is REMEDIED FOR. It shall be recognized and put in proper order, BOUND IN JUDGEMENT for WORLD SALVATION and PEACE. In the END Canaan shall be servant to Japeth who will be living together with Shem under his roof; Shem = Gold, Japeth = Silver, HAM = Brass. Israel is the rightful heir of SHEM'S WORLD HOUSE as its HEAD according to the LAW OF GOD.

Polycarp was POLITICALLY 'LABELLED' as a 'QUARTODECIMANI' in a sort of Calendar Conspiracy-Hegelian Dialectic regarding the 'MESSIANIC JEWISH IMAGE' of the TRUE MESSIAH seen as CORNERSTONE of the COMMANDMENTS which THEY ALL HATED in a WORLD CONSPIRACY which is SEEN in the LAWS REGARDING TIME (Dan. 7:25) and the face of the 'CHRISTIAN' SOLAR COUNTERFEIT and the REMNANTS of that conspiracy in our yet SATANICALLY DIVIDED WORLD. The TRUE TIMES and LAWS of the KINGDOM OF GOD were EXCHANGED for a SATANIC IMPOSTER until the time of the Gentiles be complete.