In an age of UNIVERSAL DECEPTION, telling the TRUTH becomes a REVOLUTIONARY ACT! George Orwell-1984?






In this study we will address the nature of HUMAN CORRUPTION in our 'programming code' for which the 'PATCH' of the HOLY LAW was given to CORRECT in order to SAVE MANKIND according to a PLAN sealed up within the Law as a SHADOW, NOW UNSEALED and DELIVERED for the DAY OF JUDGEMENT!

We are EXPRESSLY told several things at the beginning of this NEW WORLD ORDER over which Noah was the FATHER between Genesis 5:32 and 10:1. The antediluvian 'old world order' is suffering under VIOLENCE and CORRUPTION from GREAT MEN of RENOWN ('Anashim HaShem', Men of HaShem/Men of the name) also called 'sons of god' (like in Psalm 82:6) who are 'fallen ones' (Nephilim, translated sometimes as 'giants' in English, actually means FALLEN ONES in HEBREW) and these unregenerate BEASTLY RULERS were taking WHICHEVER CHILDREN THEY WANTED from the flocks of men over whom they ruled IN GODS SEAT OF AUTHORITY OVER MEN as their SHEPHERDS and ROLE MODELS. They were Psychopaths, Sociopaths, and their Narcissistic Apethetic mind slave servants VICTIMIZING MOSTLY those who did not SUBMIT to their CORRUPT CRIMINAL ABUSES of 'authority'; the Empathetic 'children' who RECOGNIZE the Psychopath 'emperor' they all served is NAKEDLY EXPOSED before them all but NO ONE MAY MENTION THAT FACT without being ABUSED SEVERELY in a NARCISSISTS PSYCHOPATHIC WORLD SYSTEM!

Noah is an Empath sensitive to God and His HOLY SPIRIT selected to 'overcome' and 'SAVE THE WORLD' through his OBEDIENCE to God (for Gods Glory, as are Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Joseph later), and mankind, DECEIVED BY THESE SATANICALLY DEGENERATE SPIRITS of the 'GREAT MEN OF HASHEM' AND 'RULING ELITE' (who were rebellious unregenerate BEASTS manifesting the PSYCHOPATHY of MAN in REBELLION TO GODS SPIRIT through SYNCRETISTIC OCCULT PRACTICES), thought him 'INSANE' for building a boat in the middle of the desert when the world had not EVER seen 'rain', UNTIL THE FLOOD CAME! Those who did not OBEY NOAH were DESTROYED for their faithless REBELLION to GOD and INSENSITIVITY to his HOLY SPIRIT as a LESSON FOR THE FUTURE.

Then Noah and his family were told to BE FRUITFUL and FILL THE EARTH to replenish it in a 'NEW WORLD ORDER' over which Noah was the anointed AUTHORITY of God. They were promised that the Earths inhabitants, HIS CHILDREN and THEIR CHILDREN, would NOT be ALL COMPLETELY ANNIHILATED for REBELLION in the future. Rather he is promised in 'seed form' Gen. 9:27, expanded by later prophets and promises, that SHEM would be the worlds RULER and his tent would be enlarged to accomodate Japheth who would live with him in peace, and Canaan, the cursed son of HAM (whose name seems to have been BLOTTED OUT through the future 'ATONEMENTS SACRIFICE'...the 'JUDGEMENT' on the AZAZEL to be REMOVED FROM THE KINGDOM according to a law given for the GOOD WORKMEN of the HOLY SEED to OBEY, as we shall see) would serve them. Canaan will serve them in SHEM'S TENT (where unclean 'BUSH MEATS' like BATS, RATS, MONKEYS, PIGS and OCEAN COCKROACHES will NEVER defile the table of the King or his administrators who want to EMULATE GODS HOLY IMAGE, and will therefore NOT BE PART OF THE NEW WORLD ECONOMIC SYSTEM controlled by the Messiah and his World many other things to include NICOTINE PRODUCTS which is the TRUE 'gateway drug' used for BLACK MARKET HUMAN, drug, and weapons TRAFFICKING and serves NO GOOD PURPOSE other than to APPEAR to be 'benign' while in reality is PURE EVIL gateway to ENSLAVEMENT to DEATH) as the world EVOLVES in RIGHTEOUSNESS and PEACE. This is yet a FUTURE PROMISE which is DEVELOPED FURTHER through ABRAHAM, Moses, and Jesus who tells us THE LAW WILL NOT 'PASS AWAY' UNTIL THE PROMISES ARE FULFILLED (Mat. 5:17-18)! But we will discuss all that more in depth in later chapters.

Besides Shem running the worlds HOLY ECONOMIC SYSTEM which ASSISTS MANKIND as a TOOL FOR ALTRUISTIC GOOD PURPOSES, assisting him to EVOLVE and be formed in the IMAGE OF GOD, with this GLOBAL LAW serving mankind from JERUSALEM as the WORLDS CAPITAL, there are also some things we can GLEAN from IMPLICATIONS in the text such as: They were given the knowledge regarding what IS and IS NOT a 'clean animal' even before embarking on their journey which was NOT ENUMERATED for US to know UNTIL this ORAL LAW was WRITTEN DOWN by MOSES, a SEMITE through whom the promise is unfolding in more detail, later. We also learn from the lesson of the 'OLD WINE' which Noah was drinking, that its use may be for occasions of joy in that it momentarily obliterates one's misery and sorrowful memories in a fallen material world, but it also INCAPACITATES one to perceiving PRESENT DANGERS in the 'NEW WORLD ORDER' which Noah was founding for us (and for this reason we will have a 'NEW WINE', which will fully happen in the NEW WORLD ORDER of the 'age to come' founded by the TRUE SAVIOR of Mankind; the MORNING STAR of our NEW WORLD ORDER into whose light the WHOLE WORLD will be BORN AGAIN to be SAVED, according to the ANCIENT PLAN).

And finally we learn a lesson regarding UNHEALTHY SOCIAL INTERCOURSE, for which HAM and CANAAN were CURSED for not INNATELY UNDERSTANDING this 'TRANSGRESSION', as a means of understanding the LAW which would come later to ADDRESS this RECURRING ERROR in MANS THINKING/PROGRAMMING (Gal. 3:19). The purpose of the LAW is to BIND BEASTLY MEN from being able to DECEIVE THE MASSES to empower them to VICTIMIZE GODS TRUE ANOINTED RULERS and TRUE TELLING WITNESSES who EXPOSE THEIR EVIL and who MANIFEST HIS SPIRITUAL IMAGE of TRUTH as HIS TRUE AUTHORITIES to SHEPHERD THE FLOCKS of Men!

At the time of JUDGEMENT for RECOGNIZING THIS PROGRAMMING CODE, a SACRIFICE will be REQUIRED of ALL who REFUSE THE SACRIFICE GOD MADE in their stead to SAVE THEM from the ERROR, so that mankind will be SAVED from the REBELLIOUS who currently USURP GODS POWER as a result of HIS LAW which will SAVE THE WORLD which is under THEIR SATANIC POWER, rather than destroy them all! The PURPOSE of LAW is for the PEOPLE to enjoy LIFE, LIBERTY and the PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS as HE DESIGNED...the very outworking RESULT of HOLY SOCIAL INTERCOURSE between the individual members of society, the HUMAN BODY OF PERFECTED MANKIND, in relationship to PROGRAMMING CODE or HOLY LAW which will require the IDENTIFICATION and SACRIFICE of ALL SELFISH REBELLIOUS CANCERS and PARASITIC members within that BODY for it to REMAIN HEALTHY AND GROWING ACCORDING TO DESIGN.

This is the reason the HOLY LAW or PROGRAMMING CODE for a HEALTHY BODY of MANKIND was given, to SAVE the WHOLE BODY from a DISEASE that would otherwise DESTROY IT as we are shown in the antediluvian EXAMPLE. A law which in the END, when the DISEASE of SATANIC REBELLION is RAMPANT THROUGHOUT THE BODY of mankind and a REMNANT of GOD RECOGNIZES there is NO OTHER OPTION, they will FINALLY ADOPT GODS HOLY INSTRUCTIONS for the purpose of SELF PRESERVATION. He will recognize his fate will be SELF DESTRUCTION for REBELLION to the PROGRAMMING CODE for SALVATION apart from accepting OBEDIENCE TO THE PLAN in order to avoid the TOTAL ANNIHILATION of the BODY of MANKIND, as happened in the FIRST 'WORLD ORDER'. So it's on this concept of HOLY vs. UNHOLY SOCIAL INTERCOURSE addressed in the HOLY PROGRAMMING CODE, which will ADDRESS THE DISEASE of mankinds CURRENT ILLNESS from which we MUST BE 'SAVED' as the very PURPOSE and GOAL of the HOLY LAW, which we will focus on for the remainder of this study.

And Ham, the father of Canaan, saw the nakedness of his father, and told his two brothers outside. Gen. 9:22

Based on an uncritical examination of the above text one could easily take it at face value: that Ham shamelessly looked at his father laying naked in his own tent and told his brothers about it. But since CANAAN WAS CURSED for what his father HAM did, we are compelled as critical thinkers to look deeper; to read between the lines, you might say. The question should rise, WHY WAS CANAAN CURSED for what his father did when IT APPEARS CANAAN WAS NOT A PART OF THIS ACCOUNT in any way, shape or form? Was Noah an injust MADMAN flippantly going off the handle and cursing the innocent? Was God insane or blind when He praises Noah as a 'RIGHTEOUS MAN' (Gen. 7:1) and therefore chose him above all others to FOUND the NEW WORLD ORDER, and so HE ALONE was going to 're-seed planet Earth'? I say NO based on LOGIC hidden as LIGHT in these SHADOWS of the text! There is a HIDDEN LIGHT of LOGIC BEHIND THIS ACCOUNT which we MUST MANIFEST and EMBRACE for our NEW, 'NEW WORLD ORDER' coming into view at this time, by TORAH PROGRAMMING DESIGN of SALVATION and the PERFECTION OF MANKIND for the GLORY OF OUR MAKER! So that the KINGDOM OF HEAVEN can manifest in GOVERNMENTAL RULE of PLANET EARTH according to a PLAN! Let's take a closer look at this HEBREW IDIOM in the TORAH 'programming' LAW written down later as a SCHOOLMASTER to instruct us, in order to understand what I mean.

None of you shall approach anyone who is near of kin to uncover their nakedness: I am YHWH.

The nakedness of your father or the nakedness of your mother you shall not uncover; she's your mother; you shall not uncover her nakedness.

The nakedness of your father's wife you shall not uncover as she is your father's nakedness. Lev. 18:6-8

Cursed is the one who lays with his fathers wife because he looked under his fathers skirt, and all the people shall say 'AMEN!' Duet. 27:20

To 'uncover' and/or to 'look' upon 'the nakedness' of someone was a HEBREW IDIOM for having SEXUAL INTERCOURSE with them. It seems to be EXPRESSLY STATED that to HAVE SEX with one's own mother OR the wife of one's father, is to 'UNCOVER' their FATHERS nakedness or otherwise look under HIS skirt! So to look under one's FATHERS SKIRT is a EUPHAMISM for 'LAYING' with one's father's WIFE and also IMPLIES the RAPE or CASTRATION of the AUTHORITY of one's own father! To make GODS AUTHORITY impotent! To allow UNHOLY BEASTS to fulfill their SEXUAL LUSTS is to strike at the very HOLY INSTITUTION of MARRIAGE, the foundation of HEALTHY SOCIETY, and to make the AUTHORITY OF GOD 'IMPOTENT'!

In the New Testament we are commanded by the Master not to ENTERTAIN THE THOUGHT of adultery by even 'LOOKING' at a married woman lustfully, and if the man himself is married, ANY WOMAN. Why? Because to do so is to have ALREADY COMMITTED ADULTERY IN THE MIND/HEART which would EVENTUALLY MANIFEST IN SOCIETY in actual DEED (Mat. 5:28)! As soon as such a SHAMEFUL THOUGHT (as taught by GODS LAW) has an OPPORTUNITY to EXPRESS ITSELF without FEAR OF ACCOUNTABLITY to any HIGHER POWER serving GOD, you BET IT WILL! Holy LAW is required to TEACH BEASTLY MEN how to CONDUCT THEMSELVES in society, to LEAD THEM TO HOLY THINKING which is TRUE OBEDIENCE to the SPIRIT of the LAW! This is the ALL IMPORTANT LEGAL LESSON which KING David teaches us through his 'fall' with Bathsheba regarding the SPIRIT OF THE LAW! The law is NOT to be used to ABUSE GOD'S AUTHORITY! The LAW is the SCHOOLMASTER to LEAD a SOCIETY, through their KING'S EXAMPLE, to be LED BY THE SPIRIT OF GOD, to become sensitive to the SPIRIT of Holiness. This is what David learned through his MEDITATIONS on the HOLY LIGHT and SPIRIT of GODS LAW which HE RECOGNIZED he had SACRIFICED through HIS SIN!

Yes, David was CONFRONTED by Nathan for MURDERING 'URIAH' (who's name meant: 'LIGHT of YHWH') and STEALING HIS WIFE (a picture of Gods bride which the spiritual SERPENT would attempt to steal and replace with his SPIRITUAL HARLOT, even as pictured in Haman, as we shall see later, the very REASON the LAW WAS GIVEN is to SAVE MANKIND from such MATERIALISTIC spiritual BEASTS)! At God's direction, Nathan paints Uriah in a parable as GODS PRECIOUS BELOVED LAMB (2 Sam. 12:3) and David PRONOUNCED DEATH on Himself according to the SPIRIT of the TORAH LAW for having SLAIN HIM in the parable (2 Sam. 12:5)! After David learns the parable was all about him and he IMMEDIATELY REPENTED before the SPIRIT OF GOD in NATHAN, God forgave David this MORTAL SIN. David recognized that GOD ATONED FOR HIS MORTAL SIN by taking the LIFE of HIS 'INNOCENT' FIRSTBORN SON through whom the SPIRITUAL PROMISE of the LAW would come (2 Sam. 7:12-13), as we shall see unfolding in GREAT DETAIL in chapter 3!

David recognized the SPIRIT of Gods Holy Law who moved the pen of the writers to DESCRIBE HIS SPIRIT (Jn. 5:39 & 47), is what gives TRUE LIFE to the SPIRITUAL MAN (not the LETTER of the Law, which like a MAN without Gods Spirit giving him true LIFE, is merely DEAD LETTERS) and He thanked God for not taking that SPIRIT OF LIFE from him in Psalm 51. In Psalm 110 he recognized THE MESSIANIC 'SPIRITUAL IMAGE' of HIS INNOCENT FIRSTBORN SON, the CHILD OF PROMISE who would sit on an ETERNAL THRONE and who ATONED FOR HIS MORTAL SIN based in MATERIAL DECEPTION, was indeed SITTING AT GOD'S RIGHT HAND as the ETERNAL KING of PROMISE who would build HIS TEMPLE made of LIVING STONES having GODS SPIRIT LIVING IN THEM (2 Sam. 7:12-14, Zech. 6:12-13, Mk. 14:58, 1 Pet. 2:4-9)! This is the very TOP STONE of GODS LAW who he recognized, through his MEDITATIONS on the HOLY LAW in RELATIONSHIP with the SPIRIT OF TRUTH which IS GODS HOLY SPIRIT of TRUTH, MERCY AND JUSTICE, that He would be SACRIFICED as an INNOCENT LAMB to MERCIFULLY ATONE for SIN and ALLOW GOD TO DWELL in our TEMPLES according to the MERCY of Gods LAW, which gives SPIRITUAL LIFE to BEASTLY MEN in NEW BIRTH from ABOVE through THIS 'SACRIFICE of TRUTH' which GOD MADE as the very 'CORNERSTONE' of MATERIAL REALITY, when VIEWED CORRECTLY!

We will see in chapter three that through MEDITATING on the EVENTS in Genesis, the first book of the 'LAW' which led up to Moses receiving the Tablets of Law for the 1st wedding contract [which Moses recognized WOULD BE BROKEN to REQUIRE a GREATER BONDAGE, 'PASSOVER LAMB', EXODUS, and MARRIAGE CONTRACT (Duet. 30:3-6), which we shall cover in GREAT DETAIL in chapters 3 & 8 ], that this is EXACTLY what David recognized in VISION FROM GOD would be the SPIRITUAL 'IMAGE' of his 'SEED' which would be REJECTED like Joseph (slain as an innocent lamb because of self indulgent sin in material deception by beastly men) to then become the MERCIFUL CROWNED KING over the HOLY LAW for PLANET EARTH sitting at the right hand of the INVISIBLE POWER in the Heavenly 'ZION', which DEFINES GODS 'image', His ETERNAL SPIRIT of TRUTH, against whom carnal men are DECEIVED to REBEL, here below!

In other words, we who are BORN FROM THE ZION ABOVE according to the HOLY SPIRIT OF THE LAW which IDENTIFIES the PERFECT IMAGE OF GOD who is SPIRIT AND TRUTH we are to MANIFEST according to the CREATION PLAN through our OBEDIENCE THROUGH FAITH, recognize that the death of the flesh does NOT KILL the SPIRIT OF GOD which gives us TRUE LIFE; we are ONE with HIM in SPIRIT and TRUTH ETERNALLY SEATED WITH HIM AND MESSIAH! Those who do not have that SPIRIT OF LIFE living in them through DEDICATION of their flesh TEMPLE to allow that SPIRIT OF GOD to ENTER AND RULE THEM according to the SPIRITUAL LAW which gives us LIFE, though they are 'alive' in flesh in this material SUB REALITY, are really nothing more than SPIRITUALLY DEAD 'BRUTE BEASTS' being HELD CAPTIVE under the POWER of the SERPENT/DRAGON whom they SERVE in SLAVERY to IGNORANCE and DECEPTION based in MATERIAL DELUSIONS OF REALITY! This is EXACTLY HOW we are to RIGHTLY DISCERN the 'BODY' of the 'MESSIAH' through the ELEMENTS of the TRUTH of GODS WORD so we are not CONDEMNED in JUDGEMENT, according to PAUL (1 Cor. 11:29)!


To do a SHAMEFUL ACT in SECRET, a deed which God says IS SHAMEFUL and SHAMES AND DESTROYS SOCIETY not merely one's SELF, is what BEASTLY MEN see as 'normal' behavior and wish to 'NORMALIZE' by propagating such behavior EVERYWHERE in society. This begins with TWISTING GODS LAW. So the BIG SATANIC SECRET right in EVERYONES FACE is to NORMALIZE THE ABNORMALTY of man, HIS HATRED OF HOLY LAW, while preaching a FALSE GOSPEL of salvation FROM RUN from the problem rather than address it! The MATERIALIST STOCKHOLM SYNDROME MIND ENSLAVER (who themselves have been TAKEN CAPTIVE by a SATANIC WORLD VIEW and are often CONSCIOUSLY UNAWARE of WHY they DO WHAT THEY DO, like brute beasts) wants what is DESTRUCTIVE TO INTERPERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS, SOCIETY, AND ULTIMATELY MANKIND, to be considered 'NORMAL' behavior because they have the MIND OF SATAN...those who are MOST CONSCIOUS of what they are doing (like those who DECEIVE THE SLAVES using the 'fire' of the 'SUN' as their 'LIGHT OF THE WORLD' into which they are 'born again' in our real world application of Socrates' 'CAVE PARABLE') are really DEMONS IN FLESH deceiving everyone else! For THIS REASON Ham's name was BLOTTED OUT of the FUTURE 'NEW WORLD ORDER' in the FIRST PROMISE of 'salvation' after the FIRST WORLD JUDGEMENT; for THIS REASON the HOLY LAW CAME to FREE US from THOSE WHOSE NAMES SHALL BE BLOTTED OUT WITH HAMS! Canaan will live as SERVANT to Japeth who will live in SHEMS TENT under HIS RULES, and Israel is the HEAD of SHEM!

From Hams perspective, if mankind is an 'animal' trying to 'survive', as many Godless HAMITES suggest even today, and only the brightest and fittest/strongest should survive, then that SEXUAL BEAST who is able to have as many children as he can with as many women as he can, would be the true 'father of the world' you might say. Ham would fulfill the EXPRESSED COMMAND of the ORAL Law, the 'letter of the law' expressly stated to 'be fruitful and multiply', while DISRESPECTING the HOLY SPIRIT of the Law and castrating its authority which is concerned for ALL of MANKINDS WELFARE, safety, PEACE, and PERFECTION which begins with the SANCTITY of the BASIC FAMILY UNIT and the HOLY INSTITUTION of MARRIAGE; and through HOLY SOCIAL INTERCOURSE being RESPECTED by ALL MEMBERS of the ONE BODY OF MANKIND within such a 'NEW WORLD ORDER'.

Apart from HONORING of HOLY SOCIETAL INTERCOURSE through reverent respect for the SANCTITY of the MARRIAGE/FAMILY UNIT as the fundamental SELF REPLICATING building block of such a HOLY SOCIETY, it would DEGENERATE into a society of BEASTLY SEXUAL PERVERSIONS, CORRUPTION AND VIOLENCE and would be SELF DESTROYED for a fundamental HATRED of and REBELLION TO, the INVISIBLE VIRTUOUS IMAGE OF GOD and his HOLY SPIRIT LAW. His 'IMAGE' would no longer be RESPECTED, HONORED and promulgated by ALL MEMBERS of a HEALTHY SOCIETY but OPENLY TARGETED for 'abortion' by A BEASTLY SYSTEM until it implodes. For this very reason of INSENSITIVITY and REBELLION to the HOLY SPIRIT of GOD and HIS HOLY LAW, the OLD WORLD ORDER was DESTROYED; for its PERVERSION, CORRUPTION, AND VIOLENCE.

Without going into the details of EXACTLY what took place which ALLOWED the SEXUAL PERVERSION which destroyed the OLD WORLD ORDER to INFECT THIS ONE so that the LAW would be REQUIRED to be added later 'for transgression' until the 'seed comes' to whom the world belongs who will save it (Gal. 3:19), if indeed it would be SAVED FROM SELF DESTRUCTION as a result of the CORRUPTION which would accompany such BEASTLY MEN COMING TO POWER AGAIN as the 'SONS OF GOD' examples and teachers of society, we have TWO OPTIONS FACING US regarding WHAT REALLY HAPPENED.

1. Ham took advantage of his fathers incapacity and forcefully had sexual intercourse with his MOTHER who bore Canaan as a result of that perverse social intercourse which dishonored his father by 'looking on his nakedness' and undermined the AUTHORITY of GOD. And rather than 'abort' or otherwise kill Canaan after being born from this UNHOLY UNION, as expressly commanded NOT TO DO by God who had not yet given the LAW to DEAL WITH THIS RECURRING ERROR of REBELLION by BEASTLY MEN, Noah was left with the option of CURSING HIM and his father for this ACT OF SOCIAL REBELLION AND HATRED OF ORDER until the LAW CAME later to DEAL WITH THIS TRANSGRESSION and SAVE MANKIND through HOLY SEED (Gal. 3:19); holy seed which would come through SHEM, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob/Israel/Judah and JOSEPH/sheloh! Why? Because salvation is FROM THE JEWS (Jn. 4:22); the descendent of SHEM who will OWN THE WORLD 'TENT' when the SPIRIT of JOSEPH who was REJECTED as the KING OF JUDAH in JESUS, is recognized as risen in flesh as PRINCE JOSEPH, A.K.A. 'Mica El' which means: one WHO IS LIKE GOD, IN FLESH! This is MOSES GOSPEL and this account of JOSEPHS REJECTION is where HE RECEIVED THE CONCEPT of a 'PASSOVER LAMB' and REMEMBERING IT FOREVER, even before the LAW WAS RECEIVED in the FIRST COVENANT which HE PROMISED WE WOULD BREAK and a NEW COVENANT would be entered AFTER WORLD EXODUS FROM A GREATER ENSLAVEMENT; BETTER PROMISES based on BETTER BLOOD!

2. Ham had homo-sexual relations with his father while he was incapacitated and taught his son this perversion. Even in this situation we see it is the ACT of PERVERSE SEXUAL ATTITUDES striking at the HONOR of INTERPERSONAL CONTRACTS in society, the MARRIAGE CONTRACT and the SANCTITY of the FAMILY UNIT in society. I tend to believe he had sex with his mother but in fact he could have taken advantage of them BOTH while Noah was incapacitated. What would stop such a BEASTLY PERSON from ADVANTAGEOUS PERVERSE SEXUAL BEHAVIOR if the GODLY were INCAPACITATED? Surely if Ham was going to have sex with his OWN MOTHER OR FATHER, he would teach such perversion to his son, Canaan. This sort of SEXUAL PERVERSITY is usually a very closely held secret 'KEPT IN THE FAMILY' as the saying goes, and shared ONLY WITH THOSE WHO TAKE AN OATH OF SECRECY or suffer DEATH for breaking the oath in order to REMAIN IN GOOD PECKING ORDER 'STANDING' within the MAFIA FAMILY OF CORRUPTION controlled by the MOST SECRET of ALL MAFIA'S, the PEDOPHILE MAFIA NETWORK who are THE MOST SECRETIVE, POWERFUL, AND EVIL who will DESTROY THE WORLD AGAIN apart from HOLY LAW stopping them!

Whether you believe option 1, or option 2. (or both), either way we see SEXUAL PERVERSION entered back into the NEW WORLD ORDER to quickly begin working through society like YEAST in FLOUR or a 'wine MUST' after the Old World Order had been COMPLETELY DESTROYED for this same SEXUAL PERVERSITY and its ASSOCIATED VIOLENCE and CORRUPTION controlled by PEDOPHILES who CULL WHOEVER THEY WANT from the HERDS because they are THAT POWERFUL and WELL HIDDEN in PLAIN VIEW! It's a SECRET NETWORK which has ENCLAVES, TENTACLES and ENSCONCED COG/MEMBERS in EVERY INSTITUTION who DEVOTEDLY and UNSWERVINGLY follow a SECRET 'PARTY LINE' that is NEVER OPENLY DISCUSSED! If anyone were to SUGGEST the EXISTENCE of such a SECRET 'WORLD GOVERNEMENT' organization, they are LAUGHED TO SCORN or ACCUSED of being INSANE!

Another one of the HALLMARKS of such a sexually perverse society is it's REQUIRED SACRIFICES in the form of ABORTIONS; the MURDER of unwanted BABIES by the GODLESSLY SELFISH SOCIETY plummeting toward their own demise. In the past these were POST TERM abortions MURDERED in a sort of open RELIGIOUS CEREMONY to Satan (under various names of local deities like Molech, Ishatar and Baal). The sins of the popular Spring fertility festival 'worship' of the heathens and their temple 'virgins' like at Ishtar (A.K.A. 'Easter' to this day still associated with fertility symbols of rabbits and eggs) often became 'ripe' by winter where they would be sacrificed post term as a 'gift' to the 'god of this world' on his 'birthday'. Though we still have such practices that go on in secret, the OPEN FORM of pre-term abortion is the HALLMARK of the GODLESSNESS of this CANCER on the body of mankind, manifest in MILLIONS of BABY MURDERS every year in the United States alone!

Because you said 'We made a Death Pact of SECRECY and we have agreed with hell: when the SCOURGES overflow and pass through WE'LL BE SAFE because we've made lies our refuge, and under deception we are hidden'.

Therefore thus says YHWH your God 'Behold, I lay in Zion as a FOUNDATION STONE, a tried stone, a PRECIOUS CORNERSTONE for a SURE FOUNDATION and those who believe will not act hastily. For JUDGEMENT I will draw the line; RIGHTEOUSNESS WILL BE THE PLUMMET. And hail will sweep away your refuge of lies and water will flood your hiding place. YOUR COVENANT WITH DEATH WILL BE WORTHLESS. When the SCOURGE passes through, YOU WILL BE DESTROYED BY IT.' Isaiah 28:15-18

What's also interesting to note is that later the whole world was brought into unity under a world government of sorts, in Babyl. The 'FAMILY' of CORRUPT MANKIND (controlled by the HAMITES/CANAANITES) were constructing a tower into heaven, because they were VERY WELL CONNECTED AND COORDINATED by these RELATIONSHIPS of POWER and CONTROL. We are told that Nimrod, who was a 'mighty hunter' (like Esau who God later hates likewise), and who was a direct descendent from HAM and CANAAN, was the FOUNDER of BABYL, which would become this 'world power' attempting to dethrone God himself. What we're not told in the Bible record but through various Historical accounts and traditions is that Nimrod married a HARLOT named 'Semiramis' who gave birth to a BASTARD SON after her husband Nimrod was slain and his body chopped into pieces.

Semiramis was the first 'QUEEN OF HEAVEN' and 'Jezebel spirit' to found a PERVERSE RELIGION based on religious deceptions, intrigue and murder, AFTER THE FLOOD (the accounts vary but some say she was a mermaid who survived from the former perverse world order). She claimed to be the FULFILLMENT of the promise given to the WOMAN of Genesis 3:15 and her son TAMMUZ was the 'promised seed' from God.

After Nimrod was 'killed' and chopped up into pieces with his SEXUAL ORGAN, in the form of an OBELISK (just like the one standing ERECT in the center of Vatican City today, which was transferred from Egypt where this PERVERSE RELIGION found its next CAPITAL for its WORLD EMPIRE), becoming 'deified' in this religion, Semiramis gave birth to the 'incarnate sun' and associated with the promise of Gen. 3:15 and called the life generating and sustaining 'Light of the World': The 'INCARNATE God' of this world. He was born on the third day after the Winter Solstice or 'death' of the sun known today as December 25th/Christmas, the 3rd day 'resurrection' AND annual 'birth' of the SUN GOD rising from his annual 'death' on the WINTER SOLSTICE of the 22nd.

When this perverse religion was transferred to Egypt with the destruction of Babyl, we see the Pharaoh's being recognized as the INCARNATE SUN GOD (as well as many others even later, like ANTIOCHUS EPIPHENES, and then the ROMAN EMPERORS). They all celebrated their 'birthdays' on THIS VERY DAY of 'christmas', LONG BEFORE it was ever called 'christmas' as the RECOGNIZED 'God of this world'. It was originally taught (after the flood wiped out the FORMER WORLD BEAST WORSHIP) that Tammuz was the RE-INCARNATION or RE-BIRTH of NIMROD the FIRST SUN GOD.

As already stated, after the fall of Babyl we later we see the Egyptians with their own version of this SAME ancient religion based on the Genesis 3:15 ORAL LAW but the names changed to OSIRIS, ISIS and HORUS with the Holy City being 'Heliopolis' or the 'CITY OF THE SUN'. It was also the worship of BAAL and ASHERAH which we see in ancient Israel eg. Baal Peor (Num. 25:5, Deut. 4:3). This is EXACTLY the PERVERSE 'worship' that was popular in Sodom as well!

This ancient PERVERSE RELIGION which exalts itself against everything holy has ALWAYS been associated with a SUN CALENDAR in opposition to GODS CHOSEN CORNERSTONE for HIS HOLY KINGDOM and has taken on many forms thoughout the centuries to include EGYPT where the SOLAR CALENDAR WORSHIP also was WORSHIPPED and later in GREEKO ROMAN times under Saturnalia and MITHRAS. In fact, Antiochus Epiphanes OUTRAGEOUSLY CLAIMED that HE was this SUN GOD in flesh on Earth and he celebrated his 'Birth Day' on this SAME third day after the Winter Solstice. He celebrated his birth by MURDERING a countless number of Jews and sacrificing PIGS on the Holy Altar in the TEMPLE of GOD. It's interesting to note that in John 10 Jesus is teaching during the festival of HANUKAH (which means DEDICATION or REDEDICATION and is a reference to HIS TEMPLE) which is tied to the LUNAR cornerstone NOT the SUN which BLINDS MENS EYES WITH VIOLENCE and DECEPTION regarding VISIBLE THINGS, where He claims that HE is the TRUE LIGHT of the world; TRUTH INCARNATE whose FAITHFUL WITNESS is the MOON according to GODS HOLY KINGDOM LAW for planet earth!

We still have this ANTI-CHRIST DECEPTION with us to this day only HIDDEN under the 'CHRISTIAN CALENDAR' BLINDING DECEPTION of the DRAGON, the FALSE LUCIFER or MORNING STAR which is STILL BLINDING MINDS to the TRUE SAVING LUCIFER or MORNING STAR GOSPEL PLAN OF WORLD REBIRTH AND SALVATION! The OBELISK or PENIS OF TAMMUZ/HORUS which ONCE STOOD in HELIOPOLIS is NOW located in the NEO 'CITY OF THE SUN' which has ENSLAVED THE ENTIRE WORLD according to the PROPHESIES, ROME A.K.A. NEO BABYLON, Egypt and SODOM! The SATURNALIA 'Morning Star' worship is STILL WITH US on the Jewish side of this CONSPIRACY against God, in the form of what is ERRONEOUSLY called the 'Jewish Star' and SATURNSDAY 'sabbath' (Saturn was also called CHRONOS, Chiun, and Remphan; Amos 5:26, Acts 7:43)

This PERVERSE RELIGION of PENIS and sex 'goddess' 'FERTILITY' worship of SATANS COUNTERFEIT RELIGION is the BEAST of ROME and is still being worshipped in an OPEN CONSPIRACY against GODS FAITHFUL CORNERSTONE WITNESS 'LIGHT OF THE WORLD' symbolized by GODS CALENDAR CORNERSTONE of the MOON to this very day under the names of GOD (the SUN), MARY (A.K.A. SEMIRAMIS, JEZEBEL, ISHTAR) the 'Queen of Heaven', and JESUS (the annual re-incarnation of the SUN GOD on the third day after the winter solstice ie. Dec. 25th) in a FALSE ACCOUNT OF HISTORY associated with the FALSE CALENDAR SYSTEM given to REPLACE the TRUTH of the TRUE JESUS 'CORNERSTONE' WHO CAME AS THE FATHERS CHOSEN FAITHFUL WITNESS and ATONING SACRIFICE for the SAVING 'LIGHT of the WORLD' into which the WHOLE WORLD must be 'BORN AGAIN' as from ABOVE according to GODS HOLY LAW, the MOON!

Christmas, when the FALSE 'light of the world', the light of the 'SUN GOD' is RE-BORN annually, and Ishtar the Queen of Heaven whose FERTILITY CELEBRATION where he is CONCEIVED (as the LIGHT of the SUN passes over the PENIS/OBELISK in the WOMB of the 'CITY OF THE SUN'), is honored with FERTILITY SYMBOLS of RABBITS and EGGS. This PERVERSION of the GOSPEL TRUTH of course EXALTS ITSELF against the SAVING KNOWLEDGE OF GOD which he gave us which is associated with the FAITHFUL WITNESS OF THE MOON which he selected to be REJECTED with HIS OWN SACRIFICE and DESTRUCTION OF HIS TEMPLE in order to SAVE THE WORLD from its INSENSITIVITY to the HOLY SPIRIT OF TRUTH in the END DAYS at JUDGEMENT TIME according to the LAW OF HOLY SEED, THE BODY OF GOD ON EARTH which shall SAVE and INHERIT THE PLANET or NO FLESH WILL BE SAVED!

Have NO FELLOWSHIP with the unfruitful works of darkness but rather reprove them. For IT'S A SHAMEFUL THING TO EVEN SPEAK OF THOSE THINGS THEY DO SECRETLY! But ALL THINGS will be REPROVED and MADE MANIFEST by the LIGHT Ephesians 5:11-12

These SATANIC PEDOPHILES (who are the POLITICAL POWER using the 'LGTBQ' movement as their POLITICAL ENGINE pushing forward the POLITICAL AGENDA of the SATANIC PEDOPHILE RULERS currently still HIDING, in plain view) who HATE GODS LAW while sitting in the seats of AUTHORITY OVER GODS LAW to teach and DECEIVE the children, BLIND THE CHILDRENS MINDS with BIBLE FAIRY TALES and get them to HATE HOLY LAW through their OWN ABUSES OF IT, as they do THE CHILDREN in SECRET! Their SECRET PEDO MAFIA is the MOST SECRETIVE and POWERFUL Mafia in the world and it CONTROLS all other mafia organizations and governemnts through their SECRET AFFILATIONS with one another. They RUN the SECRET INTELLIGENCE AGENCIES of EVERY NATION and are the very ones CONTROLLING ALL BLACK OPS and HUMAN TRAFFICKING WORLD WIDE! It's FAR MORE ELABORATE TODAY than it was when JOSEPH was sold into it, or Jesus was slain at its hands 2000 years ago! It is the NEO-ANTEDILUVIAN WORLD RELIGIOUS SYSTEM now EXPOSED by GODS HOLY LAW FOR JUDGEMENT according to the PLAN; the very REASON the LAW OF GOD CAME!

THEY WILL SHOW THE WORKS OF THE LAW WRITTEN ON THEIR HEARTS when their consciences are bearing witness, and in their thoughts they EITHER accuse or defend themselves on the DAY OF JUDGEMENT when, according to my gospel, GOD WILL JUDGE THE SECRETS OF MEN through Yahshua Messiah! Romans 2:14-16


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