In an age of UNIVERSAL DECEPTION, telling the TRUTH becomes a REVOLUTIONARY ACT! But be ASSURED that the Sword of Truth which proceeds from the Mouth of God is MIGHTIER than the VIOLENCE of Satan's hands!




The "Antichrist" Exposed!

Julius Caesar is the "HIGH PRIEST-KING" of a BLASPHEMOUS ANTISEMITE ANTICHRIST "BEAST" KINGDOM (for which the Antediluvian world was destroyed) which HE RE-CREATED in a new Repackaged FORM! This current world "BEAST" kingdom he created by which men serve him as the High Priest-King, serves the "god of this world", the "CORNERSTONE SPIRIT" of blinding DECEPTION...the POWER of the SPIRIT of the Dragon-Satan's DECEPTION (symbolized by the winter solstice annual death/birth of the Sun as his SACROSANCT religious "cornerstone sign" or "MARK" of BEAST WORSHIP which he CHOSE for this BEAST kingdom he built) which Jesus came to EXPOSE and DESTROY. It is the POWER of Caesar's BEAST which Satan's Mystery Babylon Church Harlot RIDES through the usurpation of Jesus' Name and Kingdom Authority to this very day, in an "Open Secret" of deception and SORCERY!

He is the 1st HEAD and "High Priest-King" (Pontifex Maximus) of a 10 Horned 7 Headed "BEAST" KINGDOM which tried to DEVOUR Jesus (Rev. 12:4) and KILL all his people Israel who faithfully serve him (Rev. 12:11 & 12:17) in order to take all men CAPTIVE through DECEPTION to serve SATAN as the "CORNERSTONE SPIRIT" of our current WORLD KINGDOM built by his "High Priest-King" Caesar through the USURPATION of Jesus' Name, Titles, and Kingdom Authority!

The 7 Headed 10 Horned Dragon BEAST, and his 10th "Little Horn" with his "eyes of a man" (a.k.a. the "Anti-Christ" and his "False Prophet"), which took ISRAEL into BONDAGE and which OPPOSES OUR HIGH PRIEST-KING and Gods Kingdom ruling earth as they USURP his NAME and KINGDOM AUTHORITY to deceive people to "worship the BEAST" and serve SATANS REBELLION, is now HEREIN jEXPOSED for JUDGEMENT as PLANNED!

In this page we shall demonstrate exactly HOW the BLASPHEMOUS "Anti-Christ" was "Anointed" by his False Prophet (and their translator), and came to be worshipped as the IMPOSTER "Jesus" through a CONSPIRATORIAL SATANIC DECEPTION as the "CORNERSTONE" "Lord of the Sabbath" and "Morningstar" "Light of the World" of our CURRENT WORLD "HOUSE", by the anti-semite HARLOT of Mystery Babylon who RIDES the SATANIC BLASPHEMOUS POWER of this ANTICHRIST "BEAST" and CROAKS THE LIES which came out of the mouths of these three FROGS to deceive the whole world, to this very day! The PURPOSE is for JUDGEMENT to begin as prophesied (Rev. 2:16, 16:13, 2:21-23, 17:14-17, Dan. 7:22)!



We shall herein EXPOSE the "CORNERSTONE" calendar DEVICE of SATAN by which he DECEIVES THE WORLD to serve him as ignorant SLAVES to his kingdom, through his PRIESTS AND KINGS who established HIS TIMES AND LAWS for HIS KINGDOM in OPPOSITION to God's Kingdom, and WHO DECEIVE THE WORLDS MASSES through the usurpation of Jesus' Name, Titles, and Kingdom Authority SUBSUMED to serve Satan's antichrist BEAST openly to this day!

If you are not intimately familiar with the prophesies of the books of Daniel and Revelation I'm about to unseal through correct interpretation and want to just skip right down to the SUPPRESSED and DISTORTED RECORDED HISTORY by which the WORLD HAS ALREADY BEEN DECEIVED by the ANTICHRIST hailed by the FALSE PROPHET who "CUT OFF MOSHIAH" as prophesied IN ADVANCE, please do that before giving up on trying to understand the following PROPHECIES. I provide the IRREFUTABLE HISTORICAL DETAILS below in a CONDENSED "ABSTRACT" of this entire page, to ESTABLISH the FACT that the whole world has ALREADY BEEN DECEIVED by Satan's PRIESTS AND KINGS to SERVE Satan as their "Morningstar" (Lucifer) by the ANTICHRIST who already came, and whom men serve IN JESUS' NAME through A POWERFUL DECEPTION to THIS VERY DAY! To read this ABSTRACT just skip down to the bolded section entitled "TIMELINE" (halfway down this web page) and read the CONDENSED RECORDED HISTORY of EVENTS which HAPPENED, and which you can VERIFY for yourself as ABSOLUTELY TRUE but have NEVER BEEN TAUGHT (because these truths are UNRIGHTEOUSLY SUPPRESSED to keep people from ever connecting the dots and being SET FREE from SATAN'S WORLD DECEPTION, as I have), and CONTINUE READING through the: ***End of Timeline*** section! It will OPEN YOUR EYES to SEE the CORNERSTONE DECEPTION as the "MOTHER" of ALL WORLD CONSPIRATORIAL POLITICAL CORRUPTION and BETRAYAL, which God PROMISED He was going to EXPOSE with the TRUTH! That's the very REASON He sent His Son in CONTEXT of His PLAN to CONQUER the WORLDS DECEIVER! This should give you the MOTIVATION to then see EXACTLY how God PROMISED IT in ADVANCE through the following prophecies (and others not even mentioned here because it would be too cumbersome to understand in this format).

Herein we shall UNRAVEL the MYSTERY of the "Antichrist" BEAST and the BLASPHEMOUS POWER of SATAN which he gave to this 1st Dragon-Beast discussed in the Book of Revelation as its "BLASPHEMOUS" POWER of DECEPTION, and how his now WIDOWED RELIGIOUS HARLOT has revived the Beast whose first heads are dead, in a new form, and has DECEIVED THE WHOLE WORLD through her MYSTERY BABYLON sorceries. She is now riding the LAST and WEAKEST FORM of the Beast John describes; the LAST KINGDOM BEAST whose 10 Kings are yet to be identified. John describes this beast in some detail in the Book of Revelation; most notably in Chapter 17 where the FIRST through the LAST BEASTLY FORM of that LAST Dragon-Beast EMPIRE (depicted in Dan. 2:40 & 7:7) is being portrayed as a RELIGIO-POLITICAL SYSTEM which Syncretically MORPHS across a LONG SPAN OF TIME (2 millenial Days = 2000 years til the morning of the 3rd millenial Day). Since John is describing a RELIGIOUS HARLOT riding the POWER of ALL 3 FORMS of the 4th or LAST MORPHING WORLD EMPIRE which Daniel describes FIRST in Dan. 2:40, and which gets DESTROYED by the "Stone cut without hands" (which represents Jesus' BODY of SAINTS; Dan. 2:44-45, Rev. 17:14-17, Dan. 7:18 & 27), it's IMPERATIVE to include Daniel in our examination.

In fact, since Daniel assures us the VISION of the Statue (Dan. 2) which he interprets as the FOUR consecutively ruling BEAST Kingdoms which would rule UNTIL the time that God DESTROYS THEM and establishes His Kingdom on this world to begin RULING according to His Plan told to us from the beginning, is GUARANTEED as CERTAIN and its interpretation is ABSOLUTELY TRUE (Dan. 2:44-45)! This Statue provides us the FRAMEWORK within which to assemble and understand the DETAILS of other related prophecies AND RECORDED HISTORY regarding "MYSTERY BABYLON" from Gods Perspective, so that we may determine our exact place in His Story which He has told us about FROM THE BEGINNING, according to His Plan. In this way we can have FAITH in the TRUE GOSPEL PLAN and bring Him Glory through OUR OBEDIENCE as His children created in His Image to do His WILL by FAITH in HIS PLAN.

OVERVIEW before we dig into the DETAILS:

For those who may want just a quick "refresher" regarding the Statue which represents "Mystery Babylon" which RULES through this CORNERSTONE DECEPTION as its FOUNDATION on which it STANDS TO THIS VERY DAY, the 1st Kingdom of the 4 Kingdoms that would reign before God sets up His Kingdom (also referred to in other passages as Dragon-Beast Kingdoms) is represented by a "Head of Gold" and correlates to Nebuchadnezzar's Babylon (Dan. 2:38 & 7:4). The 2nd is Medo-Persia (Dan. 7:5 & 8:20) and correlates primarily with Darius the Mede and Cyrus the Persian. The 3rd is Greece (Dan. 7:6 & 8:21) which begins with Alexander the Great and is divided among his four Generals after his death [Antiochus Epiphanes (Mithradites) is a little horn coming from that fourth part of the Grecian Empire, Seleucus]. And the IDENTITY of the LAST KINGDOM has been SEALED UP until now. Though most scholars might concede that it is ROME (Dan. 7:7 & 8:23), they are UNABLE to come to any consensus on NAMING any of the major coming "Princes". Why? Because it has been SEALED UP in prophecy until now, AS PROPHESIED...NOW we are going to "REVEAL" the "ANTICHRIST" ALSO AS PROPHESIED!

So we have mentioned the identy of the Important "coming princes" which would take Israel captive represented in the Statue of Mystery Babylon as: Nebuchadnezzar as the head = Babylon, followed by Darius-Cyrus = Medo-Persia, then Greece = Alexander the Great, so now let's identify the "Coming Prince" which God anointed to take the whole world captive to "Mystery Babylon" represented by this statue, which God raised up like Pharaoh to enslave his people and the WHOLE WORLD for their rebellion to His Spirit in men (like Joseph and all the REAL prophets). Daniel gives us a great deal of information about him but its been sealed up through DECEPTION so no one could READ to UNDERSTAND since these events took place. Let's begin with an OVERVIEW of Dan. 9:24-26 to in order to identify THAT "Anointed Prince" of "Mystery Babylon" before we get into the great amount of details to establish it beyond any reasonable doubt.

We are told that from Cyrus' decree to restore Jerusalem and rebuild the Temple there would be "70 weeks" (of years) until this Prince finishes his work of establishing the CORNERSTONE for the MYSTERY of INIQUITY so that the CRAFT of DECEPTION could PROSPER, after which he is "cut off after 62 weeks".

Claudius Ptolemy, the Alexandrian Scientist and Historian, tells us that Cyrus made his decree to restore Jerusalem and rebuild the Temple in 536 B.C.. Julius Caesar came to power as SOLE DICTATOR over Rome in 46 BC. exactly 490 years (7 x 70) from Cyrus' decree, and he OFFICIALLY ENDED the Republic of Rome and its FORMER Lunar Calendar (which began in spring and had an 8 day week) and he CREATED the DRAGON EMPIRE of Rome as its 1st Head which he inaugurated on Jan. 1, 45 BC. of a NEW CALENDAR and syncretic religious system (dedicated to the God of WAR and CONTRACTS), . He was then "cut off" exactly 62 weeks later on March 15, 44 BC., exactly as prophesied!

So Caesar officially ENDED the Republic of Rome (with its Lunar Calendar beginning in Spring and its associated 8 day week) and became the 1st Pontifex Maximus (High Priest King) over the Kingdom Cornerstone he was anointed by God to create in order to take the whole world captive to MYSTERY BABYLON, as is the case to this very day. He was assassinated on the 3rd day "AFTER 62 weeks" of having created the Dragon-Beast Empire (on the 15th of March, 44 BC), EXACTLY AS PROPHESIED! So the FOUNDER of the "CORNERSTONE DECEPTION" of the worlds "Mystery Babylon" enslavement (which was promised FIRST by Moses), and depicted by Daniel as a 10 horned beast, and by John as a 7 headed 10 horned DRAGON-Beast, had OFFICIALLY come into existence. So Julius Caesar is the "Coming Prince", the 1st Head of this LAST "DRAGON" BEAST of the "Mystery Babylon" statue. But it will be the 7th Head and 10th Horn of this DRAGON BEAST which enslaves Israel with the destruction of the Temple AFTER another "anointed one" is "cut off" by the one who later ASSISTS this 7 Head/10th Little Horn "Prince" to come to world power. Of course we are referencing Jesus as the "anointed one" who is Cut off AS GODS "CORNERSTONE" PROMISE in the INTERIM between these 2 BEAST Princes; so there are 3 anointed ones or princes being described in Dan. 9:24-26 and the TIMELINE has LITTLE to do with identifying Jesus who is cut off AFTER Julius Caesar as the first important Prince of this BEAST, and the coming of the 7th Head or King of Johns DRAGON (and we shall see is the 10th "Little Horn" of Daniel). The Leader of the Pharisees at the time Jesus was "cut off" 40 years earlier, sneaks out of the besieged Temple and into General Vespasians tent to give him the prophecy that "3 horns" of Rome would be "plucked up" that same year and he, the 10th (little) horn would become the 7th Head of the Dragon, and together they destroyed the Temple and city and MANDATED a FRAUD sabbath system (which OPPOSES GODS which was REJECTED as He allowed and told us from the foundation of the world he would make sacrifice for) as the "CORNERSTONE" of this CONSPIRACY against God and His Saints which would not be unsealed to EXPOSE the "wicked one" until the end days. So that's the brief "unsealing" to expose the 1st important "coming prince" of this LAST BEAST of Mystery Babylon which would change forms over time. But we will get into those details later.

So John recognized the FIRST FORM of this LAST BEAST was ALREADY in EXISTENCE and he is DESCRIBING it over the course of time until it's finally CONQUERED (Rev. 17:10). He also gives us more detail regarding the MORPH than Daniel, a rule that would take place over the course of 2 Millenial Days until the WEAKEST form of 10 Kings (iron and clay) come to power in the morning of the 3rd millenial Day, and then the TRUE CORNERSTONE Truth unseals the scroll to STRIKE the CORNERSTONE LIE upon which the Beast Kingdoms are FOUNDED and STANDING (Dan. 2:34 & 45, Dan. 7:18, 22 & 27) to unite Gods people in the Morning of this 3rd Millenial Day, where we are now (Rev. 17:14), to begin ruling.

In the book of Daniel we are given details regarding the transition from the divided Grecian Kingdom to the Roman Empire in Dan. 8, which history I cover in some detail at the end of this page. The last and weakest form of the 4th/Last Dragon-Beast Kingdom, the shapeshifting Un-Holy Roman Empire, is currently ruling as an Elite controlled Deep State Intelligence System of Control. But John ONLY talks about this LAST KINGDOM of ROME and its FORM morphing over the course of history until it's finally CONQUERED by Jesus and his Body of Chosen and Faithful followers. And that's where we are now according to the BLUEPRINT of HIS STORY as we shall demonstrate. Big changes are soon coming to the world...indeed they are already happening. A restored Messianic Kingdom of Israel is at the door as prophesied! By the time you finish reading and understanding this chapter, prophecy should become very 'real' to you.

Since I will be highlighting certain passages, mostly from Daniel Chapters 2 and 7, and connecting them with passages from Chapters 12 and 13 of the Book of Revelation, in order to IDENTIFY the 7 KING BEAST John wants us to identify in Rev. 17:10 [because this 7th King we shall IRREFUTABLY PROVE was the 10th "Little Horn" (or "ANTICHRIST") of Daniel 7:7-8 who was HAILED as the "CORNERSTONE" by the FALSE PROPHET who REJECTED the TRUE CORNERSTONE, and whose POWER of DECEPTION his WIDOWED HARLOT of Revelation rides through her sorceries and deception of the nations until the DAY OF JUDGEMENT, which is NOW at the door with his EXPOSURE as prophesied (2 Thes. 2:8, Rev. 17:14-17, Dan. 2:44, Dan. 7:21-22)!], reading those 5 chapters before we begin so they are FRESH in your mind will probably be very helpful to you.

Additionally, before we really get into this, a few DISTINCTIONS MUST BE NOTED as one reads. For example, since many CONFLATE the identities and characteristics of the 1st or BEGINNING FORM of this 4th/Last Beast (Dan. 2:40, 7:7-8, Rev. 12:6, & 17:10), with its LAST and WEAKEST FORM (Dan. 2:42, 7:26 & Rev. 13:1, 17:12), which are DISCUSSED SO CLOSELY TOGETHER in Revelation 17:10 and 17:12 respectively, let's quickly juxtaposition the MOST NOTABLE ERROR most people make when trying to understand these passages in Revelation is divorcing them from their HISTORICAL CONTEXTS in the TeNaKh. In this case the prophecies MOST relative are in relation to the LAST KINGDOM of Daniel's Statue prophecy in Dan. 2 and that SAME KINGDOM given through another vision in Dan. 7 as follows:

After this I saw a 4th Beast...with Ten I was contemplating the horns I noticed the "Little Horn" which came up last and three horns before it were plucked up by their roots. In this "Little Horn" were the "Eyes of a Man" and an "Arrogant Mouth". Dan. 7:7-8

...behold a great RED DRAGON appeared having seven Heads and Ten Horns, and SEVEN CROWNS on his Heads, and it stood before the woman giving birth (Israel) to devour the manchild (the Messiah of Israel) who would rule with a rod of iron, but he was taken up to God and his throne. Revelation 12:3-5

We shall see that John is IDENTIFYING the first 5 "horns" of the 10 horned Beast of Rome, the 4th "Kingdom" which Daniel envisioned prior. He envisioned it in the Statue of Daniel 2 and also in this 10 horned Beast. But this 10 horned beast will CHANGE FORMS (even as Daniel tells us MOST CLEARLY in the Statue vision of Dan. 2). Here's how John describes this MORPH in FORMS of this LAST "SYNCRETIC" Kingdom of Satan:

And I...saw a Beast rise up out of the sea and it had seven Heads and ten Horns, and on his Horns he had TEN CROWNS, and on his Heads was the name of blasphemy (worship of the Antichrist's LIE in Jesus' Name, which IS the "MARK of the Beast"). Revelation 13:1

We must recognize the differences regarding the 1st DRAGON on earth and its ORIGIN (having been cast down to earth for REBELLION in heaven, to possess the first 7 Kings we shall POSITIVELY IDENTIFY), and its NEXT FORM which comes up from the Sea (the "Masses" of deceived people)! The 1st SEVEN CROWNED Dragon-Beast in Rev. 12 exhiled from Heaven for REBELLION to God, manifests through the creation of this ANTICHRIST "Kingdom of Blasphemy" on earth. But after the Messiah is "taken up to His throne with God" (Rev. 12:5) AS PLANNED, and the Woman Israel who gave him birth is taken to the "wilderness" in DIASPORA (Mic. 4:10-13, Rev. 12:14, 17:14-17), the first form of the Beast goes into the "SEA" or "Masses of people" as a "LEVIATHON", from which it rises OUT FROM the SEA (Masses of People where it was hiding) in ANOTHER "RESURRECTED" FORM having TEN CROWNS with "BLASPHEMY" as the "NAME" on its 7 HEADS who are now dead (Rev. 13:1). Aside from their ORIGIN before they MANIFEST on earth (one banished from heaven to possess the 1st seven "crowned heads", the next coming up from the sea with ten "crowned horns"), the next MOST NOTABLE DISTINCTION between these TWO FORMS of this LAST BEASTLY POWER OF SATAN ON EARTH, is the NUMBER of their "CROWNS" or KINGS! No longer are the 7 HEADS "crowned" but rather the 10 HORNS are "crowned" and ruling by the power of "BLASPHEMY" which was the 1st form of this BEAST whose KINGS John is IDENTIFYING FOR US in Rev. 17:10 (we will see that the BLASPHEMY has to do with a "CORNERSTONE" deception of the "BUILDERS"!)! These 10 last kings in the WEAKEST FORM of this BEAST POWER will be RULING by the SATANIC DECEPTION of the DRAGON whose POWER the HARLOT DECEIVING THEM RIDES until Jesus and his Faithful and Chosen followers OVERCOME, as follows:

There are 7 kings (of the 1st SYNCRETIC FORM of this 10 Horned Dragon/Beast), 5 have fallen, 1 is now ruling, and the 7th has not yet come...Rev. 17:10

And the ten horns which you saw are TEN Kings which have received no kingdom as yet; but will receive power as kings for an hour with the beast. Rev. 17:12

These make war with the Lamb but he overcomes them because he is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords and those with him are Called, Chosen, and Faithful! Rev. 17:14

As seen above, both the FIRST FORM (represented as legs of Iron in Dan. 2:33 & 40) and its LAST FORM (depicted as 10 toes of Iron and Clay in Dan. 2:34 & 42-44) are discussed SEPARATELY in Revelation 17:10, and in verses 12-14 respectively. And this MORPHING LAST KINGDOM, which CHANGES its FORM of DECEPTION over the course of TIME (2 Millenial "Days"), excapes notice and confuses readers because they're so closely associated together here. Indeed it is the SAME ANCIENT BLASPHEMOUS DECEPTION this LAST syncretic SHAPESHIFTING Kingdom Beast rules by, but is not EXPOSED until Gods Kingdom Saints overcome according to HIS PLAN!

But surely the first form of 7 Kings or Crowns we see first in Rev. 12 is being referenced here in Rev. 17:10 where SIX of the CROWNED KINGS are being POSITIVELY IDENTIFIED as "BLASPHEMOUS ANTICHRISTS" having already come (5 already dead and gone, the 6th ruling, and the 7th soon coming) at the time John is writing. And the 2nd FORM of the 10 Crowned Beast of Revelation 13:1 (and its Image) which comes up from out of the sea (and its "10 Kings which HAD NOT yet received their kingdom"), is clearly beginning to be discussed just 2 verses afterword in Rev. 17:12. This CLEAR DISTINCTION between the "BLASPHEMY" of the 1st Seven Kings who CAME but would not be IDENTIFIED until the END of the rule of this DECEIVING DRAGON at the time of the LAST and WEAKEST FORM and its 10 Kings come to power, MUST BE RECOGNIZED in order to correctly understand the VISION; and that is what we shall do!

So now let's begin to IDENTIFY the 1st FORM of this "IRON" Dragon-Beast which ALREADY CAME (having been banished from heaven), and which the Messenger speaking to John wants us to POSITIVELY IDENTIFY (and for that reason is giving us the CLUES which would SURVIVE THE DRAGONS ATTEMPTS AT CONTROLLING THE NARRATIVE OF HISTORY which would be UNSEALED along with Daniel at the TIME OF THE END of their kingdoms, as prophesied). ONLY AFTER this identification is POSITIVELY MADE as God designed, can we recognize the LAST and WEAKEST FORM of this BLASPHEMOUS POWER which is RULING TODAY as an OPEN SECRET, and yet it's still HIDDEN from mens SPIRITUAL VISION from being RECOGNIZED because of IGNORANCE due to the SUPPRESSION of the TRUTH of HIS STORY you are about to receive! So let's shed the LIGHT OF TRUTH on this BLASPHEMOUS ANTICHRIST POWER of the BEAST, the MYSTERY of INIQUITY, in order to EXPOSE HIM and the HARLOT RIDING HIS POWER!

There are 7 kings (of the 1st SYNCRETIC FORM of this 10 Horned Dragon/Beast), 5 have fallen, 1 is now ruling, and the 7th has not yet come...Rev. 17:10

Here in Rev. 17:10 (and Rev. 12:3-4) John is identifying the FIRST of 2 Ten-Horned, 7 Headed Dragon-Beasts which EXISTED at the TIME he wrote the book! The 7 Heads of the 1st ten-horned Beast are CROWNED as "Kings", as told to us first by Daniel (Dan. 7:7-8) which John is referencing! These TWO PASSAGES are the KEY to IDENTIFYING the "Little Horn" "ANTICHRIST" as the 7th KING or HEAD of the 1st BEAST which has DECEIVED THE WHOLE WORLD and has ALREADY given its power to the LATER MORPHED FORMS, the Last of which is RULING NOW. We can see that association as follows:

After this I saw a 4th Beast...with Ten I was contemplating the horns I noticed the "Little Horn" which came up last and three horns before it were plucked up by their roots. In this "Little Horn" were the "Eyes of a Man" and an "Arrogant Mouth". Dan. 7:7-8

We shall demonstrate that the 4th (Last) WORLD POWER described in Dan. 2:40 and 7:7, which John is describing in Rev. 17:10 as a Dragon-Beast, BEGAN with the "FIERCE KING" Julius Caesar as its "1st King" who created the ROMAN EMPIRE according to a SATANIC VISION for WORLD DOMINATION anticipating Jesus coming according to prophecy in order to SUPPLANT HIM and his kingdom authority through DECEPTION (Dan. 7:25, 8:23, Rev. 12:4-5 & Lam. 2:6)! Herod (an EDOMITE, not a Jew) was installed as a PUPPET KING over Israel which was subjugated under the 2nd Caesar of Rome, Augustus, when Jesus was born. Tiberius as the 3rd "Caesar" was in power when Jesus was crucified by Rome after political BETRAYAL by the leader of the Pharisees (who we shall demonstrate became the "EYES" of the "LITTLE HORN" "ANTICHRIST" according to PROPHECY now UNSEALED from the BOOK of DANIEL, as PROPHESIED)! We shall positively identify ALL of the 10 Horns of this FIRST DRAGON-Beast (including the 3 that were plucked up before the "Little Horn" "Antichrist"); and focus on the 7th "Crowned Head" as the 10th "Little Horn" called the "Antichrist", and whose BLASPHEMOUS POWER of DECEPTION was HIDDEN IN THE "SEA" and has syncretically morphed FORMS over the course of history until its FINAL WEAKENED FORM of 10 TOES of iron and clay ruling TODAY. This FINAL FORM of the BLASPHEMOUS DRAGON-BEAST POWER is what the CORNERSTONE of TRUTH STRIKES in order to destroy Satans Beastly Kingdoms whose "CORNERSTONE" is BLASPHEMY, and to INAUGURATE GODS KINGDOM in service to the TRUE CORNERSTONE which was REJECTED by the Builders but which shall OPENLY RULE EARTH and NEVER BE DESTROYED (Dan. 2:44-45, Rev. 17:14-17)!

So we will be covering the HISTORY of the 7 CROWNED HEADS of the first 10 Horned Dragon which John tells us in Rev. 17:10 that the first 5 had already came and went, the 6th was ruling when he wrote the Book, and this 7TH KING ("Little Horn"-Antichrist) was SOON COMING to power. This 7th HEAD and CROWN is the 10th "Little Horn" of Daniel 7:8 referred to as the 'wicked one' and 'The ANTICHRIST' by Christians. It's HIS "MYSTERIOUS POWER" that is given to ALL the later forms as BLASPHEMOUS POWER by which MANKIND is DECEIVED to SERVE SATAN as GOD, which we shall EXPOSE as the "MARK" of BEAST WORSHIP according to Gods Plan! For this reason we shall MAINLY FOCUS on IDENTIFYING THIS ONE who ALREADY CAME and has given his POWER OF DECEPTION to those SYNCRETIC FORMS which came later, to include the last and WEAKEST FORM which is NOW RULING and ABOUT TO BE DESTROYED (Dan. 2:44-45, Rev. 17:14-17)!

We shall establish the HISTORY and the NAMES of the first 5 Kings John said had already come and gone, the 6th who was ruling when he wrote Revelation 17:10, and the 7th (the "Little Horn" "Antichrist") who came shortly thereafter [***PLEASE NOTE*** in THIS STUDY we will NOT be identifying the 10 Kings CURRENTLY being ridden by the CHURCH HARLOT of MYSTERY BABYLON, which are those of the IMAGE of the 2nd Dragon-Beast which came up out of the sea (Rev. 13:1 & 13:13-14), who will SOON OBEY the 2 horned BEAST that came up in the LAND of WILDERNESS (Duet. 33:17, Mic. 4:10-13, Rev. 12:5 & 14, and Rev. 13:11), which JESUS and HIS SAINTS ARE CURRENTLY OVERCOMING to do GODS WILL (Rev. 13:11, 17:14-17 & Ez. 20:34-37, Dan. 2:21, 2:44-45 & 7:9-10).]

So Let's Begin:

The Dragon-Beast of Rome!

This is the "Back Story" leading up to the formation of the 4th (LAST) WORLD KINGDOM of IRON; the IRON Beast-Dragon with 10 horns and 7 crowned heads (Dan. 2:40 & 7:7, Rev. 12:3 & 17:10)

Before getting into the PROPHECIES, let's begin with a very brief outline regarding the SYNCRETIC RELIGIO-POLITICAL History of the ENTITY of ROME which is founded on a LIE from Satan from its inception; a Religious Myth regarding its founding in the 8th Century B.C.E.

The myths regarding WANDERING STARS called planets today, played a VERY IMPORTANT ROLE in the fomation of the Kingdom City of Rome which was founded in 753 B.C.E. by "Romulus", who murdered his twin brother "Remus"; twin sons of a "Vestal Virgin", a Latin Princess of Alba Longa who had allegedly been raped by the "War God", Mars (the incarnate God, Mars). The calendar "cornerstone" of both their Kingdom and the later Republic, like that of Babylon, Persia, Greece and finally Egypt, AFTER Israel came out of bondage in the 1st exodus, was a lunar calendar. [The WHOLE WORLD was eventually CONVERTED from a primarily Solar Calendar world to a LUNAR CALENDAR WORLD. All nations came to serve Solomon and Israel's Lunar Calendar became known throughout the whole world. Under Solomon, the whole world hungered to know more about the wisdom of this God. But eventually Israel and ALL NATIONS went into bondage to Babylon (Jer. 27:8 & 28:14) with their new calendar system which was very similar to Israel's, because of course they had previously been serving Solomons between the Rule of Israel while Solomons Temple stood, and the Bondage of all nations to Nebuchadnezzar, the WHOLE WORLD previously using a PRIMARILY SOLAR calendar, adopted a PRIMARILY LUNAR CALENDAR when Israel came out of bondage from our 1st world enslavement after the Flood]. As a previously vassal kingdom, Rome also used a LUNAR CALENDAR as the "cornerstone" of their RULE.

So the Lunar Calendar of the Roman Kingdom, and later Republic, eventually evolved into a VERY ELABORATE SYSTEM which required the "Calend" ("calling out") of the New Moon by the Priests and an 8 solar day week loosely tied to the lunar cycles through a system of Nundae, which was the "cornerstone" of their kingdom. Like Babylon and the other nations, they DID NOT "sanctify" New Moons as HOLY and set apart as Israel was MANDATED to do by God, and their (political SORCERER) priesthood became very corrupt and the "calling" ("Calend", from which we get the word "calendar") of New Moon became more of a POLITICAL TOOL of DICTATORIAL CONTROL than one of SERVICE to any form of holiness.

So backtracking a bit, the Kingdom and its service to corrupt "Kings" ended with the formation of the Republic of Rome in 509 B.C.E.. The period of the "Republic of Rome" is divided into an Early Republic and after the Punic Wars and the fall of Carthage, a "Later Republic" which dwarfed the former Republic in its scope and power. The latter and Greater Republic Ended ABRUPTLY with the LAST "WORLD BEAST KINGDOM" of Daniel's STATUE PROPHECY coming to Power in the form of the "EMPIRE of ROME" (Dan. 2:33). This is the Dragon which was ANTICIPATING the Birth of the Messiah of Israel to FINISH ISRAELS ENSLAVEMENT to HIS SATANIC WORLD KINGDOM as prophesied would take place (Rev. 12:4-5). I date the DESTRUCTION of the REPUBLIC and its REFORMATION into a DICTATORIAL EMPIRE (a Dragon-Beast) at 46/45 B.C.E. with Julius Caesar who, having been POSSESSED with a SATANIC VISION of the FUTURE (Dan. 7:25, 8:23, Rev. 12:4-5 & Lam. 2:63), CHANGED the "CORNERSTONE" of "TIME" and its PRIESTHOOD for the Republic (giving the World what would later be DECEPTIVELY called a "Christian" Calendar but is really SATAN'S given to the world by this first Antichrist who created it, and 7th Head "Little Horn" ANTICHRIST of this DRAGON who compelled Jews to take this "Mark" of BEAST SERVICE after destroying the Temple, on pain of death) and BY SO DOING created the DRAGON-BEAST EMPIRE that would ENSLAVE and attempt to DESTROY ISRAEL and her MESSIANIC KING and his CHOSEN AND FAITHFUL FOLLOWERS (Dan. 8:10-11 & 8:23-35, Rev. 12:5 & 12:17).

4th (Last) World Kingdom Beast Formation (Dan. 2:40 & 7:7)

Depending on the motivations for who is writing the NARRATIVE of History and the reasons they cite (and those they don't, for the purpose of their NARRATIVE), the EMPIRE of Rome [which begins with the EFFECTIVE END of the REPUBLIC of Rome AFTER the 'latter days' of the Kings which came up from Greece (to include the first "little horn" which came up from the 4th horn of the 3rd Beast of Greece (Dan. 8:23) and was a FORESHADOW of the "little horn with eyes and a mouth" that comes up from the FOURTH BEAST of ROME "after the end of those kingdoms" of Greece)] is often ERRONEOUSLY described as beginning with the adopted son of Julius Caesar, Augustus who was the 2nd ruling "Caesar" NOT the 1st! It was Julius Caesar who, having had a SATANIC VISION and understanding "MYSTERIES" (Dan. 8:23) while acting as "Dictator for Life" (rejecting being called a "king"), ENDED the "Republic of Rome" by REPLACING its "CORNERSTONE of TIME" as its new "PONTIFEX MAXIMUS" (Pontifex Maximus = High Priest-King over a NEW PRIESTHOOD and WORLD CALENDAR SYSTEM; a "NEW WORLD ORDER" and religious "NARRATIVE" by which it would be RULED) and making it a DICTATORIAL EMPIRE as its 1st "Caesar" and "DICTATOR for Life"...a FIERCE KING with a SATANIC VISION (Dan. 8:23). He was the FIRST HEAD and HORN of a TEN HORNED, Seven HEADED Dragon-Beast whose 10th "Little Horn with EYES and MOUTH" before whom 3 horns would be UPROOTED so that he becomes the 7TH HEAD of this FIRST FORM of the 10 horned DRAGON according to PROPHECY of God, which is HIS STORY PERSPECTIVE we should have as we shall IRREFUTABLY ESTABLISH. The 7 Day Week you currently observe is ANCHORED to the 7 "SOLAR GODS" which represent the 7 HEADED DRAGON-BEAST which has DECEIVED THE WHOLE WORLD to SERVE HIM as PROPHESIED IN ADVANCE!

So REGARDLESS of the fact that Augustus was the 1st DICTATOR FOR LIFE from the ROYAL FAMILY of "Caesar" to be called an "Emperor" (as the reason some cite for the beginning of the Empire), he was really the 2nd CAESAR and "Pontifex Maximus" (Head/Horn) over the NEW "EMPIRE" which Julius had CREATED as its 1st (Head/Horn) CAESAR "Priest-King" (Pontifex Maximus), when he ENDED the SYSTEM of the FORMER "REPUBLIC" of ROME! For this reason, the FORMERLY "LUNAR ROMAN CALENDAR" MONTHS of Quintilius and Sextilius (meaning 5th and 6th Months, respectively) were changed to July and August (for the Sun Gods incarnate, Julius and his 'son' Augustus, in the PRIME of his LIFE FORCE) and the NUMBER OF DAYS WERE 'FIXED' (the 12 months given arbitrary lengths adding up to a 365 1/4 day SOLAR year) as well as changing the ORDER of the months (for instance Sept. = 7, Oct. = 8, Nov. = 9, and Dec. = 10, all speak of the OLD "LUNAR ROMAN CALENDAR" ORDER of ROME'S FORMER "REPUBLIC"), and anchored to Julius' new SOLAR CALENDAR SYSTEM in HONOR of the INCARNATE SPIRIT of SATAN, and his "SONS" (a "syncretic" continuation of the INCARNATE worship of SATAN, like the incarnate Satan/Sun God Nimrod and his son Tammuz, Osirus and his son Horus, the Spirit of the DRAGON/SATAN in the SUN Mithras and his incarnate Son Gods like Antiochus Epiphenes claimed to be; born and worshipped on the SOLAR DAY called "Christmas" by the deceived "masses" to this very day). The "CORNERSTONE" of the SUN was chosen and established at the FOUNDATION of observing Satan's Kingdom TIME and as the "Sign" of SATAN as the "Morningstar" (Lucifer) of his LAST "WORLD EMPIRE" (as it was in the Antediluvian world of Noah). Being in the PRIME of his LIFE CYCLE and associated with the HEAT required for IRON SMELTING and forging Iron implements of war, the HOTTEST SOLAR MONTHS of the year (Quintilius and Sextilius) were renamed in honor of the 1st SUN God in Flesh and his SON (July and August) for the 1st and 2nd HEADS of this BLASPHEMOUS BEAST KINGDOM John is describing in Rev. 17:10!

After his adulterous affair with Cleopatra in Egypt where he learned of the Ancient Solar Calendar "MYSTERIES" of Satan worship and the practice of SORCERY (which came through the Flood by way of Ham/Canaan/Nimrod, and under which Israel had once been enslaved to the SUN GOD incarnate Pharaoh in Egypt, and later in Babylon under a new syncretistic form, and under which the WHOLE WORLD is CURRENTLY ENSLAVED in its LAST FORM according to PROPHECY) while in the Temple of Dendera and touring Heliopolis [(the City of the Sun from which the Obelisks DEDICATED to ancient SUN GOD (Satan) WORSHIP (for which Babyl was destroyed previously, and the antediluvians were destroyed in flood previous to that) were transferred to Rome where they stand ERECT in "Mystery Babylon" to this day!] which was dedicated to Sun God worship, Julius was POSSESSED with the SATANIC VISION of a "NEW WORLD ORDER". He recognized he would have to END the Priesthood of the Republic of Rome and their LUNAR CALENDAR SYSTEM ("Calend" was the Latin word used by the PRIESTHOOD of Rome to "call out" the "New Moon" MONTHS, as all of the nations under the Grecian Empire did in SOME FORM, including Israel, and from which we get the word "Calendar" today) and taking the WHOLE WORLD CAPTIVE to a "NEW WORLD ORDER" of a "FIXED" calendar "CORNERSTONE BLASPHEMY" divorced from Gods CHOSEN CORNERSTONE and his "SIGN" under a SYNCRETICALLY REVISED ANCIENT SOLAR CALENDAR KINGDOM in HONOR of the ARYAN GOD of THIS WORLD, SATAN (Dan. 8:23); a "2nd Reich" as it were (which some call the "1st Reich")!

Julius made this CALENDAR CORNERSTONE CHANGE in ROME in 46/45 B.C. shortly after 'crossing the Rubicon' to become the FIRST 'DICTATOR' for life of an EMPIRE he BUILT on this BLASPHEMOUS CORNERSTONE for SATANS HOUSE instead of GODS CORNERSTONE (who was REJECTED according to Gods PLAN to EXPOSE the ANTICHRIST BLASPHEMY of SATAN and HIS SERVANTS for JUDGEMENT). His name 'CAESAR' later came to be recognized as SYNONOMOUS with the concept of an ULTIMATE DICTATOR a.k.a. "Pontifex Maximus" (the term 'Emperor' was coined a few years later to describe Augustus, the 2nd "Pontifex Maximus" from the New "ROYAL FAMILY" of "PRIESTLY DICTATORS" over the New "Empire Narrative", to avoid returning to the antiquated and small scope form of being a "king" over a kingdom", which Julius had rejected), and from which the later cognates CZAR, KAISER, and TSAR have their origin.

Despite the fact that the NEW TERM of 'Emperor' would not be coined for use until his Nephew Octavian, as his adopted 'son' renamed "Augustus", takes the throne in 27 B.C.E. as the next "Caesar" (ROYAL "Pontifex Maximus" and "Dictator for Life"), Julius Caesar IN REALITY was the 1st "Dictator for Life" (Emperor), "Pontifex Maxumus" (High Priest) and "FATHER" (POPPA/POPE) of the NEW BEAST "EMPIRE" he EFFECTIVELY created and GAVE ITS BLASPHEMOUS VISION for WORLD DOMINATION (Dan. 8:23) for which ALL 7 HEADS of the FIRST Dragon-Beast, having been PERFECTED by the Little Horn "Antichrist" as its 7th head, are all "named" (Rev. 13:1, Rev. 17:3), as we shall see.

After returning from Egypt (where he was having an adulterous affair with Cleopatra) where he learned about the ancient shapeshifting "Reich" of the Aryan Religion of the worship of Satan as the "God of War" and its related prophecies, he returned to Rome and not only took power away from the senators of Rome in its REFORMATION, but EVEN MORE IMPORTANTLY AND NEVER DISCUSSED, he took the AUTHORITY away from the PRIESTS OF ROME to determine new months based on LUNAR OBSERVATIONS as most of the rest of the world was doing (including the JEWS who used the LUNAR CALENDAR as the CORNERSTONE of TEMPLE SERVICE which all point to JESUS, the TRUE JESUS "CORNERSTONE" in contradistinction from the BLASPHEMOUS ANTICHRIST "CORNERSTONE" IMPOSTER created by ROME and worshipped through an ANTICHRIST CALENDAR which men are DECEIVED to call a "Christian Calendar" today!). HE CREATED A 'NEW RELIGION' (a SYNCRETIC "Mithras/Saturnalia" system) with a SOLAR CALENDAR as the 'CORNERSTONE' of HIS NEW 'RELIGIOUS' WORLD EMPIRE, based DIRECTLY off the EGYPTIAN MODEL of ENSLAVEMENT of ISRAEL (which itself came from Babyl where it sprung up after the old world order was destroyed, as Sodom and Egypt was later, for this very same beastly powerful delusion in service to Satan!). So DESPITE the intended goal the Senate had in ASSASSINATING CAESAR and attempting to return Rome to its former status as a REPUBLIC, by keeping the "CORNERSTONE" for a NEW RELIGIOUS SYSTEM as the PRIESTLY NARRATIVE of Rome, the road was already paved for CAESERS 'son' to take the THRONE as the 2nd BLASPHEMOUS HEAD to be crowned as "King", which John is identifying in Rev. 17:10. Augustus was the 2nd "king" over the EMPIRE dedicated to Satan as the "Sun God" and "God of War" which his 'father' had created. The first blasphemous antichrist 'HEAD' of the Dragon-Beast was killed, and yet IT LIVES ON to this very day!

As one might easily imagine, there was no small amount of chaotic turbulance associated with the TRANSITION of the Roman Government from a REPUBLIC (with a Lunar Calendar where the "UNFIXED" number of DAYS in the LUNAR MONTH of December, for example, was the 10th month of their LUNAR YEAR, with a PERPETUAL 8 DAY WEEK cycle) to a DICTATORIAL 'EMPIRE' with a NEW "SOLAR CALENDAR" of "FIXED" month days of a "FIXED" SOLAR YEAR anchored to the "DEATH/RE-BIRTH of MITHRAS" the SUN GOD (with the 10th formerly LUNAR MONTH of December becoming the Last/12th month of a SOLAR CORNERSTONE calendar, and a new perpetual 7 DAY WEEK week replacing the complicated 8 day week cycle tied to the lunar calendar of the former Roman Republic...and ADOPTING the ancient "wandering star" PLANETARY NAMES for the 7 days of the LUNAR WEEK to the NEW SOLAR PERPETUAL WEEK, with "Saturns Day" as the FIRST and HOLIEST Day of the new perpetual weekly system). You heard that right. Saturns day was the "CORNERSTONE" of the FOUNDATION of Romes Empire as its HOLIEST DAY, and it was PLANNED that it would be CHANGED to become the LAST DAY of the WEEK when SUN DAY would become the CORNERSTONE of the FOUNDATION. This happened when Constantine, like an OCTAVE in this time change conspiracy of Satan and his ENFLESHED DEMONS, the 8th who belonged to the first 7 time changing demon kings (Rev. 17:11) CREATED the NEXT FORM of the SHAPE SHIFTING DRAGON BEAST kingdom when he recognized Vespasian as the 7th King who took Israel and her SABBATH CAPTIVE and made Julius CAESAR the SUN GOD of Rome which the "HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE" worshipped as God according to SATANS PLAN! The archeological evidence which ESTABLISHES THIS FACT is both PLETHORA and IRREFUTABLE! Until the 4th Century Saturnsday was the FIRST DAY of the week NOT THE LAST! Until Julius CAESAR was RECOGNIZED as the CONQUERING INVINCIBLE SUN GOD and WORSHIPPED as the HIGH PRIEST-KING of HEAVEN and EARTH by all his SORCERER KINGS, Saturns Day was the CAPSTONE of CAESARS DECEPTION (as evidenced by ALL archeological CALENDARS dated from the 1st to the 4th Century)!


This was a VERY CAREFULLY CRAFTED DECEPTION thought out well in advance FOR THE VERY PURPOSE of ENSLAVING ISRAEL (and the whole world) through DECEPTION to Satan as their "Cornerstone" "Lord of the Sabbath" and "Morningstar" "Light of the World", as God through both Daniel and John tells us (Dan. 8:23 & 7:25, Rev. 12:4 & 17:10)! While in Babylon Israel also adopted the "planetary names" and associated them with THEIR 7 day LUNAR WEEK which they practically shared with them (though the Babylonians did not SANCTIFY "New Moon" as the 1st DAY of the month, all their WEEKDAYS were exactly the same as Israels just numbered month days differently. So the Babylonians AND ISRAEL shared the same "sabbaths", now associated with SATURN (basically called "Saturday" in various languages since Babylon) on the SAME LUNAR "SIGNS" of EVERY LUNAR MONTH! But the DRAGON-BEAST of the Roman Empire, which Julius Caesar created as its 1ST BLASPHEMOUS HEAD, took Israel into BONDAGE to a A SYNCRETIC religious system/kingdom over which he, as the first "FIERCE KING", presided as "Pontifex Maxumus" and the "Cornerstone" in flesh of the NEW RULING NARRATIVE of the new WORLDLY BEAST POWER (Dan. 7:25, 8:23, Rev. 12:4-5 & Lam. 2:6). As we shall see, it was "THE ANTICHRIST" and his "FALSE PROPHET" who destroyed the Temple and COMPELLED JEWS to adopt the recently created FIXED MONTH SOLAR CALENDAR and its perpetual FLOATING SATURNDAY SABBATH, divorced from SANCTIFICATION of the Moonths as the "SIGN" of the TRUE "Lord of the Sabbath" as God commanded, on PAIN OF DEATH!

After his triumph as Dictator over a triumvirate of power, Julius was assassinated in 44 BC by the Senate just two years after this FIERCE KING created and implemented the new calendar for the NEW WORLD DRAGON BEAST EMPIRE OF ROME which ENDED the REPUBLIC of Rome, and another short lived 'triumvirate' was formed. The NEXT 'King' (Horn, Head, and Crown) of the NEWLY CREATED EMPIRE would be his adopted son Octavian a.k.a. Augustus CAESAR who is given the name "Emperor" rather than "Dictator for Life" after his triumph over the 2nd triumvirate. Julius was the 1st of a FAMILY LINE of ROYAL "CAESARS" who were DICTATORS FOR LIFE of a ROMAN EMPIRE which HE CREATED, and his 'son' FINALIZED his 'fathers' work in Rome, which prepared it for EXPANSION to CONQUER the WORLD (after taking Israel "captive" through SABBATH DECEPTION anchored to SATAN'S "CORNERSTONE") as ENVISIONED by his 'father' (Dan. 7:25, 8:23, Rev. 12:4-5 & Lam. 2:6).

After Julius and Augustus, the next three of the five "Kings" of this Dragon/Beast which John mentions in Revelation 17:10 as having already 'fallen' are Tiberius, Caligula, and Claudius, all "CAESARS" (the "Royal Family"). Obviously the one who was ruling when he wrote Revelation 17:10 could have been NONE OTHER than Caesar Nero, who was not only the 6th Horn, 6th Head, and 6th Crown according to His and Daniel's descriptions, but HIS NAME in Hebrew also ADDS UP to 666! Without expressly NAMING HIM, John wants to make his identity, and even more importantly his SATANIC SPIRIT which PENTULTIMATELY EPITOMIZES the SPIRIT of this BEAST POWER of ROME and how it was founded, UNMISTAKABLY CLEAR to anyone even slightly familiar with the PROPHECIES of Daniel, which Jesus also referenced (Mat. 24:15, Mk. 13:14)!


The History of the 7 Blasphemous ANTICHRIST Heads of the 10 Horned BEAST KINGDOM (which morphs forms until its BLASPHEMY is finally exposed and judged according to prophecy).

After this I saw a 4th Beast...with Ten I was contemplating the horns I noticed the "Little Horn" which came up last and three horns before it were plucked up by their roots. In this "Little Horn" were the "Eyes of a Man" and an "Arrogant Mouth". Dan. 7:7-8

...behold a great RED DRAGON appeared having seven Heads and Ten Horns, and SEVEN CROWNS on his Heads, and it stood before the woman giving birth (Israel) to devour the manchild (the Messiah of Israel) who would rule with a rod of iron, but he was taken up to God and his throne. Revelation 12:3-5

There are 7 kings (of the 1st SYNCRETIC FORM of this 10 Horned Dragon/Beast), 5 have fallen, 1 is now ruling, and the 7th has not yet come...Rev. 17:10

So having the advantage of historical HINDSIGHT, let's not only name the first 6 Kings of this 7 King 10 horn DRAGON Beast (which tried to devour Messiah) which was already known to John as he's writing Revelation 17:10, but let's ALSO NAME the 3 "horns" which would be "plucked up" to identify the "Little Horn" of Dan. 7:7-8 as the 7th Blasphemous Head of this FIRST FORM of the 10 horned BEAST of Daniel and Revelation which John tells us would soon be coming to finish the VISION of the ANTICHRIST (Dan. 7:25, 8:23, Rev. 12:4-5 & Lam. 2:6). So beginning with Julius as the 1st INCARNATE SOLAR DEITY given to us by Constantine, which had been envisioned and created by Julius Caesar and is symbolized in the WANDERING STAR PLANETARY WEEK you serve today, we count:

1st Horn, 1st Head, 1st Crown (King), Julius Caesar (1,1,1)

2nd Horn, 2nd Head, 2nd Crown (King), Augustus Caesar (2,2,2)

3rd Horn, 3rd Head, 3rd Crown (King), Tiberius Caesar (3,3,3)

4th Horn, 4th Head, 4th Crown (King), Caligula Caesar (4,4,4)

5th Horn, 5th Head, 5th Crown (King), Claudius Caesar (5,5,5)

6th Horn, 6th Head, 6th Crown (King), Nero Caesar (6,6,6)

7th horn (UPROOTED). Galba

8th horn (UPROOTED). Otho

9th horn (UPROOTED). Vitellius

10th "Little Horn", 7th Head, 7th Crown (King), Vespasian Flavius (10,7,7)

So now that we have POSITIVELY IDENTIFIED the 5 Kings who John tells us ALREADY FELL, and the 6th ONE who was currently ruling when John wrote Revelation 17:10, let's now identify with EQUALLY UNAMBIGIOUS PROPHECIES that Vespasian was indeed the 10th "Little Horn" of Dan. 7:7-8, the 7th King John tells us would soon be coming, by IDENTIFYING his "EYES and MOUTH" who HAILED HIM TO POWER prophesying that "3 horns" would be PLUCKED UP BEFORE HIM THAT VERY YEAR!

Though he was the 10th horn, 3 "horns" would be "plucked up" so that He would be the 7th Head and 7th Crown; the 7th King which was "DIFFERENT from the FORMER" (a "Flavius" NOT a "CAESAR"!) according to Daniel, and which John and Paul both tell us would be soon coming, despite his not being EXPOSED as the last of SEVEN "BLASPHEMOUS" HEADS of BEASTLY POWER until JUDGEMENT DAY when his DECEPTION, and all those who SERVE IT (the Harlot and her TARES) are to be JUDGED by THEIR DEEDS according to THIS PLAN of God (2 Thes. 2:3-12, Dan. 7:12, Mat. 13:40:43, Rev. 17:14-17)!

Let's take a look at HISTORY in context of Daniel who talks in great detail about the 4th/Last Beast Kingdom of Rome and this "Antichrist" 10th Horn Crowned as the 7th Head (King) who would "Change Times and Laws" to DECEIVE THE WHOLE WORLD to serve SATAN as the "SAVIOUR" in Jesus' Name so that the "CRAFT" of SORCERY and WARFARE could PROSPER through his "CORNERSTONE" "LORD OF THE SABBATH" "MORNINGSTAR" "LIGHT OF THE WORLD" FRAUD in PLACE of the TRUTH; the USURPATION of AUTHORITY and POWER in JESUS' NAME which is the "MYSTERY of INIQUITY" we are EXPOSING!:

Regarding the ten horns that were in his head, and of THE ONE before whom THREE FELL, the HORN that had EYES and the boastful MOUTH who appeared greater than his companions. I watched as that same horn MADE WAR WITH THE SAINTS AND PREVAILED AGAINST THEM.... he shall speak boastfully against the most High, and shall wear out the saints of the Most High and CALCULATE THE CHANGE OF TIMES and laws which will be given into his power for a period of time. Daniel 7:20-25

Despite SECONDARY FULFILMENTS of prophecy through the LATER FORMS of this FIRST DRAGON-BEAST which comes up out of the sea LATER as it MORPHS over the course of history (which is what confuses people so that they are deceived to believe this Little Horn antichrist is coming in the future), Vespasian was the "BLASPHEMOUS" 7th Head and 10th "little horn" (with Zachai's eyes and Josephus' mouth) of the 1st DRAGON/BEAST of ROME before whom 3 horns were ROOTED UP (called: 'the year of the four emperor's)! He was the LITTLE HORN of the DRAGON/BEAST POWER of ROME who's 1st Head, Julius Caesar, gave us a BLASPHEMOUS "FRAUD SABBATH WEEK" anchored to his BLASPHEMOUS "CORNERSTONE" of 'TIME', which is the MARK OF THE BEAST of SATAN which the whole world is DECEIVED TO SERVE while BLINDED TO THE TRUE GOSPEL CORNERSTONE/MORNING STAR 'SIGN OF MESSIAH' by the TARES who serve this BLASPHEMOUS ANTICHRIST DECEPTION (Dan. 7:25, 8:23, Rev. 12:4-5 & Lam. 2:6). When their FALSE 'CORNERSTONE', which was hailed as the world's 'MORNING STAR' when Gods true morning star was REJECTED AS A CORNERSTONE, is EXPOSED and THROWN DOWN according to the PLAN, the TRUE (rejected) 'CORNERSTONE' will then BECOME the worlds MORNING STAR of the MESSIANIC KINGDOM OF HEAVEN MANIFESTED ON EARTH!

The 3 Horns of Galba, Otho, and Vitellius never became recognized crowned heads or 'Kings' of Rome (as they had no 'roots' put down outside of the City of Rome itself) as they were each 'uprooted' (murdered or suicided) within a few months or even weeks from eachother in THE VERY SAME YEAR in which Vespasian was promoted from GENERAL to EMPEROR based on ZACHAI'S PROPHECY that he would become the world's 'MESSIAH' (Zachai being the VISIONARY EYES, and Josephus as translator MOUTH between them who boastfully takes credit for Zachai's prophecy in his writings, which in the Talmud are credited to Zachai), called the 'Year of the Four Emperors'!


***A Briefly CONDENSED NOTE regarding the 40 year HISTORY of the FALSE PROPHET who, as a MASTER BUILDER (Zech. 4:9), "cut off Moshiah" and hailed the ANTICHRIST in his place (Dan. 9:26, Mal 2:10-12) as "Morningstar" (Is. 14:12) and has effectively BLINDED the whole world from seeing the TRUE "Morningstar" risen in POWER and seated at the RIGHT HAND of God as PLANNED (Ps. 110, 2 Cor. 4:4, 1 Pet. 1:19, Rev. 22:16, Rev. 2:26-28)! THIS "ANTICHRIST CORNERSTONE CONSPIRACY" has DECEIVED THE WHOLE WORLD as GOD PROMISED us through Daniel long before it ever happened. God is the TRUE "WRITER OF HIS STORY" and the REAL 'CHANGER OF TIMES' (Dan. 2:21, 2 Thes. 2:11) who ALLOWED 3 worthless workman as "BUILDERS" (the Antichrist "Little Horn", his False Prophet "Eyes", and their Interpreter "Mouth") to change TIMES and LAWS in order to CONTROL THE WORLD GOVERNMENT NARRATIVE...their DECEPTIVE LIES would be croaked by others like FROGS until JUDGEMENT (Dan. 7:25, 2:9, Rev. 16:13 & 18:2)***

Please understand the only reason the following history has not been made COMMON KNOWLEDGE through education, Book Publications, and Movies, is because the Antichrist Conspiracy and the FALSE NARRATIVES they have spun, are still in control of the world's Narrative and SELLING LIES instead. The TRUE HISTORICAL NARRATIVE is still being UNRIGHTEOUSLY SUPPRESSED through their WICKED PRIESTCRAFT til the NEXT PHASE of the BUILDING PROJECT begins; which won't be too much longer now. The old adage goes: "The Victor writes the History." Since God is the Victor who told us the END from the very BEGINNING, we have to recognize His Version of events written IN ADVANCE of SATANS MEN who thought they would merely MURDER ALL THE WITNESSES and BURN ALL THE BOOKS and versions of history that would EXPOSE WHAT THEY DID, and re-write their own version of history as the "Victors". But God already told us His Story and as He told us IN ADVANCE, they were NOT able to murder ALL the witnesses and burn ALL the books that reveal what they did in order to RE-WRITE HISTORY forever; God has ALWAYS had a surviving REMNANT to CARRY the TRUTH forth to VICTORY for HIS GLORY as "OVERCOMERS" (Rev. 12:11 & 17:14)!

So continuing in their footsteps as suffering servants of Israel at the hands of Satans Amalekite Aryans like Haman, Hitler, and the men I'm about to identify based on my investigative research uncovering KEY misinterpretations of text and DISTORTIONS of Historical accounts designed to mislead, CONFUSE, and DECEIVE, I have put the KNOWN HISTORICAL EVENTS in their PROPER PROPHETIC FRAMEWORK to EXPOSE the "ANTICHRIST" who the MASSES of people are DECEIVED TO BELIEVE is coming in the FUTURE, to demonstrate HIS BEAST POWER is currently being WORSHIPPED and SERVED by a DECEIVED WORLD already, as follows:

After the leader of the Pharisaic POLITICAL SECT of the Jews, who the New Testament tells us in Jn. 11:47-53 were trying to cultivate and maintain a POLITICAL RELATIONSHIP with ROME, Yochanan ben Zakkai tricked or incited the High Priest Ananus ben Ananus to kill James the Just. He was probably "green lighted" by Nero, who shared the same ANTICHRIST SPIRIT, to begin the persecution of the MESSIANIC SECT of Jews in Jerusalem as their POLITICAL SACRIFICE for WORLD DOMINATION, after Nero scapegoated them in Rome for starting the fires he had started in order to make way for his unpopular new building projects, and his subsequent and most recent murder/execution of Paul and Peter as 'ringleaders' of the Messianic Jews outside Jerusalem, NOW branded as INSURGENT TERRORISTS by Nero.

A quick note on Zakkai's political history and the 'revolving' PUPPET PRIESTHOOD he controlled by this time (which may give you DEEP INSIGHT into Paul's seemingly counter-intuitive words in Acts 23:3-5):

[Ananus was Zakkai's POLITICAL TOOL who had previously tried Paul (Acts 23:2 & 24:1) before he was sent to Rome where he was executed by Nero. Please understand that the Talmud tells us that Zakkai was the youngest student of Hillel, a descendant of King David, and grandfather of Rabban Gamaliel, who was likely the Grand Master or "Worshipful Master" of the Temple of Freed Masons AND the "Prince" or leader of the Sanhedrin (though there is some argument about that). Zakkai obviously disagreed with Rabban Gamliel in regard to the disciples of Jesus (Acts 5:34). Paul was ALSO a student at Gamaliel's feet (Acts 22:3) albeit Zakkai was at least 40 years Paul's senior as was Gamaliel. If not also the leader or "PRINCE of the Sanhedrin", Gamaliel was most certianly the "WORSHIPFUL MASTER" of the Lodge of Freedmen ("zerbabel" = "seed of Babylon" = those set free from Babylonian captivity and returning from exile and having "connections" throughout the known world at that time, and referred to as "BUILDERS" Ps. 118:22, Zech. 4:9, Acts 4:11, 1 Pet. 2:7 & 1 Cor. 3:10), under whose AUTHORITY both Paul and Zakkai sat as "Master Builders" and students at his feet. But it was clearly Zakkai who incited his much younger colleague Paul (in BETRAYAL of the counsel of Grand Master Gamaliel, who some believe had also become a disciple of the Messiah as a result of Jesus' Disciples teachings and so was probably "Martyred" in 52 A.D. as a result, and REPLACED BY ZAKKAI as the "WORSHIPFUL MASTER BUILDER" at that time...interestingly Gamaliel is given the following epithet in the Talmud: "Since Rabban Gamaliel the Elder died, there has been no more reverence for the law, and purity and piety died out at the same time"). Even before Gamaliel's likely conversion and subsequent untimely death in 52 C.E., Zakkai was easily able to persuade Paul to oversee the death of Stephen (Acts 7:1 & 8:1) AND to get the LEGAL PAPERWORK from Zakkai's "revolving High Priest puppet", to round up believers in Damascus; which was obviously an ENCLAVE for the Messianic movement OUTSIDE of Israel (Acts 9:1 & 22:5) and a threat to Zachai's political rise in relationship with the BLASPHEMOUS ANTICHRIST POWER of Rome. Paul and Zakkai were BOTH "Master Builders" from the same Lodge under Gamaliel's authority (until Paul's conversion and Gamaliel's subsequent death) and BOTH ZAKKAI AND PAUL FEARED and HATED the Messianics and REBELLED against Master Gamaliel's counsel. But Paul, having been called by the true CORNERSTONE who he found himself OPPOSING, even as his Master Gamaliel had warned (Acts 5:39), came to understand the BLUEPRINT far better than Zakkai who he betrayed IN SERVICE to the MESSIANIC KING now seated on His Throne according to the "CORNERSTONE-MORNINGSTAR GOSPEL PLAN" to ESTABLISH GODS KINGDOM ON EARTH (and also now in OBEDIENCE to the Counsel of the Martyred Gamaliel who, if not a believer in Messiah BEFORE Paul's conversion, almost certainly became one afterwords...which then exposed Zakkai as the real TRAITOR in the DIVINE COUNCIL! Acts 5:34 & 39) which he recognized he had BETRAYED along with Zakkai, and who had been "Rejected" and "LAID" in the SPIRITUAL FOUNDATION of Gods Kingdom on Earth by the 'Zer Babel' BUILDERS (1 Cor. 3:10, Zech. 4:9) as planned from the foundation of the world! Ananus was the son of the High Priest by the same name who was Zakkai's political puppet 36 years earlier (Jn. 7:36), which he used as the tool by which to slay Jesus; Lk. 3:2, Jn. 18:13 & 24, Acts 4:6. End Note on Zakkai's political history]

So in 66 (the same year he 'died') Ananus took James the Just, the leader of the Messianics in Jerusalem, up to the Pinnacle of the Temple from which he was thrown down to his death in front of hundreds of thousands of worshippers from all over the world that had gathered in Jerusalem at Passover in the spring of 66 (to send a clear and threatening message to all would be "Messianics" thinking about joining this PHENOMENALLY GROWING MOVEMENT), which would begin the great persecution Jesus warned was coming through his correct understanding of Daniel (Mat. 24:15, Mk. 13:14). General Vespasian IMMEDIATELY locked down the City and the Temple with his ARMY for the BLATENT "TRANSGRESSION" of CIVIL LAW and the HUGE AMOUNT of CIVIL UNREST which resulted from it, as prophesied. He DISBANDED the authority of the Priesthood which simultaneously ENDED Temple sacrifices being performed, also as prophesied. The High Priest Ananus ben Ananus was probably assassinated in order for Zakkai (and any other of his CO-CONSPIRATORS) to remain insulated from any implication in the event as a result of Ananus' potential confession at the hands of Roman 'inquisitors', which allowed them to remain in control of the "NARRATIVE" they were CREATING together with Rome, whose ANTICHRIST POWER Zachai was COURTING through political DECEPTIONS and BETRAYALS of his own people for so many years.

Because of the history of unrest in the area prior, and now certainly AFTER these HUGELY DESTABLIZING events, Nero probably felt very comfortable implementing a "7 year plan" (posing as a "peacemaker") for the restoration of order in Jerusalem with the promise of resuming the sacrifices under a resumed Priesthood authority as the goal, likely slated for some time around the end of 73 C.E. (the Messianics and any of the Zealots who continued to support them would be TAKEN OUT OF THE WAY in the meantime, as the unstated GOAL of both Zakkai and the Roman ANTICHRIST POWER he was COURTING, as referenced by Paul in 2 Thes. 2:7). The "7 year Plan" to 'restore order' UNDER ZAKKAI as the effective "MESSIAH" of the Jews by these ANTICHRIST POLITICIANS through their CONSPIRACIES, became complicated by other turns of events even after Nero's "suicide", which Zachai did not foresee, and the plan they devised was scrapped with the "anointing of the Antichrist" by Zakkai (the False Prophet forced now to do Gods will) and subsequent destruction of the Temple in 70 C.E.. The "peace deal" was broken by these TRAITORS 3.5 years after it had been initiated by them.

As a BLIND GUIDE (Jn. 9:39-41), Zachai was forced to play a hand as "FALSE PROPHET" which he did not at first SEE in the cards he was choosing to hold since he "cut off the Moshiah" nearly 40 years earlier in his position as an ANTICHRIST POLITICAL STATESMAN/RELIGIOUS SORCERER, but likely came to accept his prophetic fate after Nero's unexpected "suicide" (and surely after Galba was "uprooted", which I will elaborate on shortly) and he SAW HIMSELF in the PROPHECIES. He played the hand out as written for him, of course believing that at least during his lifetime as he controlled the "narrative" he would be able to 're-write biblical history' after his BETRAYAL AND MURDER of all the witnesses against him (with Vespasians complete cooperation), which would create a Religio-Political NARRATIVE which put his TREACHERY in BREAKING GODS SABBATH COVENANT and SELLING US INTO BONDAGE through a CONSPIRATORIAL LIE (like Joseph had been) and trying to couch it all in a"favorable light"; a POLITICAL CRAFT of DECEPTION by which DARKNESS is made to appear as if it's a LIGHT...the "CONSPIRATORIAL" Light of Lucifer (Satan) which STILL CONTROLS THE WORLD'S "CORNERSTONE" NARRATIVE TO THIS DAY! Since the destruction of the Temple and to this very day he is considered the "Saviour of the Jews" and "Father of Rabbinic Judaism"; since he and those serving him CREATED THIS "CORNERSTONE" NARRATIVE for people to believe IN OPPOSITION to the CORNERSTONE TRUTH, as GOD TOLD US IN ADVANCE!

In the late fall fall of 68 Vespasian received the official report that Nero had been 'suicided' and that General Galba had been declared Emperor and word had been sent to him in Gaul to bring him back to Rome from Germany (Gaul) to be coronated as Emperor. General Vespasian sent his Son Titus (his Under General who was with him in the siege of Jerusalem) to Rome to hail the new Emperor (after his coronation), vow their allegiance, and receive instructions from him regarding Jerusalem and Nero's prior 'plan' to 'restore peace' to the region. Before Titus reached Rome he received news that Galba had been coronated but was murdered by the Praetorian Guard with whom he had not only lost favor, but who had become incensed against him and installed Otho as the new Emperor on Jan. 15th of 69 C.E.

Titus returned to his father in Jerusalem without ever having entered Rome, in order to get new orders from his father based on this sudden turn of events. Based on my research of known history in context of GODS PROPHECIES of HIS STORY, it was AT THIS EXACT MOMENT in PROPHETIC TIME (late winter/early spring of 69 C.E.) that Yochanan ben Zachai, recognizing his prophetic destiny as the FALSE PROPHET who would HAIL the ANTICHRIST and assist him to DESTROY THE TEMPLE and the city and CHANGE TIMES AND LAWS, betrayed ALL Jews to sell us into BONDAGE in DIASPORA (even as Joseph had been sold into bondage in Egypt) BEYOND BABYLON, to ALL NATIONS as prophesied, when he snuck himself out of the besieged Temple in a coffin pretending to have died, and right into Vespasian's tent to give him the prophecy that Otho, and another "Horn" after him, would be "plucked up", and that Vespasian would become the next Emperor, the 10th horn/7th CROWNED HEAD as written in Dan. 7:8 & 9:26, and which John alludes to in Rev. 17:10 (which indeed happened on 'Boxing Day' by the end of that very year of 69 C.E.), as recorded in both the Talmud and in the works of Josephus their translator and co-conspirator/traitor and official Roman Historian. Vespasian became the next INCARNATE antichrist son of SATAN, the SUN God of Rome!

The "Little Horn" power of Vesapasian together with Josephus as the boastful mouth-interpreter for the Horn (Vespasian) and his "Eyes" (Zakkai, who did not speak Greek or Latin), conspired together to make it so, and THE 'SYNCRETIC LIE' of this ANTICHRIST POWER, like 3 unclean FROGS, has been CROAKED throughout the shapeshifting LAST WORLD BEAST EMPIRE ever since, even as had been written by God in ADVANCE (Rev. 16:13)!

The CORRECT TRANSLATION of Dan. 9:26 POSITIVELY identifies Zachai in this context: "HE will cut off the Moshiah...and HE will destroy the Holy Place and the City 'WITH' the coming Prince". The Key MISTRANSLATIONS are in the verb "to Cut off" which is conjugated in 3rd person masculine singular imperfect tense and is correctly translated as: "He will Cut off (moshiach)"; In the word "to Destroy" which is ALSO conjugated in 3rd person masculine singular imperfect tense translated as: "He will Destroy (the city and the sanctuary)"; And finally the word spelled AYIN-MEM and translated as "WITH" and NOT as "people" as ALL translations render it based solely on the Masoretic vowel pointings which direct one to change the pronunciation (and therefore the MEANING) of the word spelled "ayin mem" in the Leningrad Codex used by Bible translators. CHANGING those vowel pointings changes the meaning of the word "WITH" to "people". The notes on this word in the BHS text-critical apparatus of the Leningrad codex tells us that "MOST or ALL" other Hebrew Manuscripts other than the Leningrad Codex, point this word to mean "WITH" not 'people'! Regardless of how this VARIANT found itself in the SOURCE from which all translations are made, it certainly seems to make the point of Jer. 8:8 through the identification of at least this one "TRANSLATORS LIE". This is just ONE of the many facts which conveniently come together to VEIL the identity of this MAN as one of the "HIDDEN HANDS" of "HIS STORY" who God would EXPOSE (2 Thes. 2:8) by telling us IN ADVANCE that he would CUT OFF the MOSHIAH and would ALSO DESTROY the city and the sanctuary "WITH" the "COMING PRINCE" whiich he would ANOINT through PROPHECY as the next Emperor; a "Little Horn" which he would HAIL to power when he recognized he was to be the prophetic "EYES" of a man on that little horn (Dan. 7:8)! Through his LUST for power he married the house of Judah to the ANTICHRIST POWER of ROME and their FRAUD SABBATH CALENDAR (later called a "Christian Calendar" but is really the ANTICHRISTS Calendar). He CUT OFF the TRUE CORNERSTONE and 40 years later was forced to choose the ANTICHRIST "CORNERSTONE" of Rome as the "Lord" of a FRAUD SABBATH which he would help to FOIST on the WHOLE WORLD after he assisted the "coming prince" to power in a political conspiracy, and by so doing would ENSLAVE his own people in CAPTIVITY "Beyond Babylon" (Acts 7:43). Though he did not immediately recognize it in the text regarding his deeds, he HAD TO EVENTUALLY KNOW that he would be FINGERED by GOD after his DEATH according to PROPHECY, for BREAKING GODS HOLY SABBATH COVENANT (Mal. 2:10-12, Is. 14:12) as GOD PLANNED in order to SAVE THE WORLD with the RESTORATION of the Kingdom of ISRAEL and her TIMES AND LAWS which speak ALL ABOUT the TRUE CORNERSTONE and "Light of the World" for GODS WORLD KINGDOM built ON EARTH according to the ancient BLUEPRINT which ZAKKAI REJECTED as a FALSE PROPHET and worthless workman "MASTER BUILDER"!

So again the SUBJECT of this PROPHECY of Dan. 9:26 is really NOT so much about the ANOINTED ("CORNERSTONE") of God's Kingdom Times and laws that would be REJECTED, but about IDENTIFYING the FALSE PROPHET who "CUT HIM OFF" and as the prophetic EYES of the ANTICHRIST POWER OF ROME, HAILED the ANTICHRIST (FALSE CORNERSTONE) "WITH" whom he destroyed the city and sanctuary and assisted in CHANGING the "CORNERSTONE TIME" of "SABBATH" with this Antichrist "LORD" of a DEMONSTRABLE FRAUD SABBATH SYSTEM of his own creation, in place of the TRUE ONE which God CREATED so we could KNOW THE TRUE "CORNERSTONE" of TIME who is "LORD OF THE SABBATH" by which He SAVES US from our bondage to SATAN'S POWERFUL DECEPTION which God ALLOWED THEM to bring on those who LOVE NOT THE TRUTH (2 Thes. 2:11)!

HE will cut off the Moshiah...and HE will destroy the Holy Place and the City "WITH the coming Prince". Dan. 9:26

Zachai was THE UNDISPUTED LEADER of the PHARISEES (after the Martydom of Gamaliel), a religio-POLITICAL SECT which CONTROLLED THE JEWISH PEOPLE AS THEIR SLAVEMASTERS even before Jesus' ministry began; a POLITICAL RULE in relationship with the POWER of Rome which Zachai established, cultivated, and maintained throughout his entire life, as also indicated by the New Testament and AFFIRMATION of PROPHECIES cited earlier. The revolving office of High Priest (much like that of the Presidency in the U.S. today) who also became the Head of the Sanhedrin after Gamaliel's demise, was the puppet office controlled by Zachai's Shadow Government as the WORSHIPFUL MASTER of the Temple of Freed Masons in conspiracy with the ANTICHRIST Power of ROME (which later became OPENLY ANTI-SEMITIC when this FIRST BEAST changed FORM through CONSTANTINE)!


Here's a BRIEF "timeline" to help you put things into PERSPECTIVE. We will begin with the CREATION of the 7 Headed 10 horned Dragon "Beast Kingdom" described in detail earlier from Dan. 7:8 & 25 and Rev. 12:4 & 17:10, then focus on Zakkai's political leadership of Israel for the last 40 years of Jewish Temple history until his agenda was finally exposed with the destruction of the Temple and the subjugation of the Jewish people under Romes BEAST KINGDOM fraud sabbath calendar, which Julius created with the prophetic destruction of the Temple and subjugation of Israel to this strategic "change in times and law" in mind (Dan. 7:25, 8:23, Rev. 12:4-5 & Lam. 2:6). We will then wrap up with an historical overview explanation of how our current "2 Calendar" world system of inherent DIVISIVENESS came to be finalized in the 4th Century; where 2 incompatible "Cornerstones" for 2 diametrically opposed spiritual Kingdoms (the smaller being first subjugated then subsumed by the larger) are being served by the world's Kings and Priests. We will then begin to understand exactly HOW Satan is served as the world's Morningstar (Lucifer) by his antisemite Kings and Priests in his BEAST KINGDOM SYSTEM which OPPOSES the TRUE Morningstar Kingdom and his Kings and Priests which have been historically MURDERED and are still SUBJUGATED and DESPISED as being "too Jewish" or "Judaizers" by the Beast Kingdom's antisemite Mystery Babylon Church Harlot SHAMELESSLY riding the POWER of this BEASTLY BLASPHEMOUS DECEPTION, which men OPENLY WORSHIP and otherwise SERVE, to this very day.

46/45 B.C.E. Julius Caesar as the 1st Head of the Dragon (Rev. 17:10) possessed by Satan and understanding DARK MYSTERIES regarding Gods Messiah who would soon be coming according to prophetic expectation, effectively CREATES the 7 Headed Dragon 10 Horned "Beast Kingdom" of the Roman Empire which would ANTICIPATE the TRUE SON OF GOD coming according to PROPHECY and attempt to "Devour" the Messiah of Israel in order to steal his Kingdom, as John tells us clearly in Rev. 12:4-5, 12:11, 12:17 & 17:10, where he identifies those first 6 heads which already fulfilled parts of the prophecies, and the 7th who would soon be coming to fulfill the rest of them listed there (which is a clarification through expansion of Daniels prophecies, as we saw earlier). Julius as the 1st head of the BEAST he created, ended the Republic of Rome by changing its RELIGIOUS CORNERSTONE from a Lunar Calendar whose year began with March (December as the name implies, was the 10th month of their lunar calendar) and an 8 day week which was loosely anchored to the Lunar Calendar through a system of "nundinae" (part of the former complex religious system devolving into pure corruption at the hands of the priests), and created a new EMPIRE with a NEW CALENDAR and RELIGIOUS SYSTEM worshipping a NEW CORNERSTONE for the NEW ROME whose Kings and Priests would serve him as the seemingly eternal High Priest-King (Pontifex Maximus) over the observances of "TIME" (to include a FRAUD "sabbath week") which HE CREATED for an EMPIRE devoted to the BLINDING CORNERSTONE SPIRIT of Satan as the DECEPTIVE "God of War" over this world, whose "CORNERSTONE SIGN" was the SUN (anchored specifically to the ancient religious "birthday" of all "Sun God" systems known previously in history being served at that time under the names "Mithras" and "Saturnalia", and called "Christmas" today). The twelve months would be static as we have today; each having a subjectively fixed number of days totalling 365 1/4 days where a "leap year" of an additional day would be added every 4 years to ANCHOR the "birthday" of the Sun God to the 3rd day after the Winter Solstice (death/resurrection/birth of the Sun) as the "Sign" of his annual rebirth. It was Satanically ingenious but his math was about 10.8 minutes off per year which would require a later "intercalation" by Pope Gregory (which we will cover in more detail in this timeline at year 1582 C.E.) in order to re-anchor the December 25th "birthday" of the "God of this World" back to the Winter Solstice from which it had drifted more than a week away over the centuries. The most crafty forethought (for the purpose of war through deception, and specifically to take Israel into bondage through the change in SABBATH "times and laws" that would be given into his hand so people would serve him as "Lord of the Sabbath") was creating a perpetual 7 day solar calendar week (to replace the overly complicated 8 day weeks tied loosely to the moons through the overly complex system of "nondinae" which had become thoroughly corrupted by the Roman Priesthood) and adopting the same Planetary Names for the days of the week which Israel had adopted for their lunar calendar weeks while in Babylon. The significant differences being that the days were rearranged such that: 1. Saturns Day was the 1st and holiest day of Rome's week (followed by Sun Day as the second and Venus Day/Friday was the 7th or last), and 2. it was a perpetual Solar week of days which was NOT ANCHORED to the CORNERSTONE "SIGN" of the Moon (which REQUIRES "sanctification of the New Moon" in Israels calendar system), as Israel's LUNAR calendar weeks were, prior to the destruction of the Temple! We have TONS of archeological evidence that IRREFUTABLY DEMONSTRATES that in EVERY CENTURY from the time Julius created the calendar in 46/45 B.C.E., until the 4th century when Constantine made his edict changing the order of the days, "Saturns Day" (in Honor of the "God of TIME" known as Saturn and "CHRONOS" and worshipped during the winter SOLstice called SATURNALIA) was the 1st and HOLIEST DAY of the Roman Calendar "WEEK" created by JULIUS CAESAR (followed by Sun Day), not the 7th Day (which was Venus' Day called Friday today)! You can see those hundreds of years of archeological evidences here, just CLICK on this page which covers them! For this reason, the Arabic speaking world subjugated under Rome even prior to Israel, and which had adopted and used the Roman calendar recognizing Venus Day (Friday) as their "holy" 7th Day over the course of those several hundred years, continued to observe Friday as the 7th day of the week even after Constantine changed the order of days in the 4th century (which we will discuss more at that part of the "Timeline"), even up until and after the formalization of Islam, and as is still practiced to this day. So Arabs continued to observe Friday as the last day of the week, Jews observed the FRAUD "Saturns Day" of Romes FRAUD perpetual WEEKLY SYSTEM (where new moons were NO LONGER "SANCTIFIED" or HOLY DAYS) which they were forced to adopt after the destruction of the Temple, which WAS the HOLIEST DAY of the Roman week having the SAME NAME (a sort of well thought out PAVLOVIAN deception), and which was LATER DEMOTED to the LAST and LEAST HOLY DAY of the Roman week for those BLAMED as "christ killers" in the NEW SYNCRETIC (shapeshifting) RELIGION of ROME, and Christians who were being deceived through MANDATES to SEPARATE THEMSELVES from anything even remotely "Jewish" or SUFFER with the "christ killers" as a result, were happy to adopt SUN DAY as the 1st and Holiest Day of the Roman calendar week in pretense of serving Jesus (but in reality being forced to submit to Satan's Priests and Kings USURPING JESUS' NAME AND KINGDOM AUTHORITY!) when the Rabidly Antisemitic Constantine MANDATED IT with the LEGALIZATION of this antisemite "flavor" of religious expression. He essentailly made ANTISEMITE "Christianity" the official State Religion in service to Julius Caesar as the "High Priest-King" to Satan whose CORNERSTONE "SIGN" was the SUN, through deception in Jesus' Name! Until this time the "priests" of Satans religious harlot of Mystery Babylon was working secretly (Mat. 13:25, Acts 20:29, 2 Pet. 2:1, Jude 1:4-13), but after this LONG ENVISIONED CHANGE, she begins openly riding the power of the antisemite "Beast" and openly persecuting the TRUE saints of God for their OBEDIENCE to Jesus as Gods HIGH PRIEST and KING (in rebellion to CAESAR who they serve) as "CRYPTO JEWS" and "judaizers" ever since (Rev. 12:11, 12:17 & 17:6)! These kings and priests under CAESAR as their High Priest King have maintained this CHASM OF HATE between the House of Judah and the House of Israel (who don't even know their inheritance rights are being stolen from them by this Harlot serving Satan in Jesus' Name while OPPOSING HIS KINGDOM RULE as High Priest-King to God) through their SUPPRESSION and MANIPULATION of the BODY OF TRUTH regarding the "New Covenant" of God for which they have always posed as ARBITRATORS and JUDGES over. The whole purpose for God "CREATING SABBATH FOR MAN" and CODIFYING IT with our EXODUS from EGYPT, was so that Man could KNOW THE TRUTH regarding the TRUE "Lord of the Sabbath" as the TRUE "High Priest-King" over heaven and earth, as the TRUE "Morningstar" "Light of the World" and be SET FREE from Satans WORLD BONDAGE to a POWERFUL DELUSION, a CORNERSTONE LIE which God was going to ALLOW Satan (through his antichrist kings and priests serving Satan as god) to FOIST ON THE WORLD to take the WHOLE WORLD into BONDAGE, for the purpose of SAVING HIS PEOPLE through JUDGEMENT on their ENSLAVERS in an "EXODUS" promised to be FAR GREATER than that from EGYPT (Dan. 2:21, Dan. 7:25, 2 Thes. 2:11, Duet. 30:3, Jer. 16:14-15, Ez. 20:34-38)! And the pupose of that is so that Mankind can be ruled by God though His Kingdom on earth through His Kings and Priests to raise the CHILDREN of God according to His CREATION PLAN told to us from the foundation of the world in an OVERVIEW or SEED FORM of "7 days" (which you can see developed futher in calendar charts at the end of this page)!

1 B.C.E -- 1 C.E. The 2nd "antichrist" Head of the Dragon "BEAST" of Rome, Augustus (Rev. 17:10), the 'Son of God' in flesh and "High Priest-King" on earth serving his FATHER now exalted in the "heavenlies" according to their new religion, is notified by his puppet King Herod (the Edomite King of subjugated Israel) that the prophetic "Messiah of Israel" had been born (as Julius recognized would happen and no doubt had passed this "STATE SECRET" down to his RULING HEIR as the 2nd Head of the BLASPHEMOUS DRAGON-BEAST to be waiting for the Virgin Daughter of Zion to give him birth; Rev. 12:4) and the EDOMITE KING Herod, unsuccessful in identifying him for a more "surgical removal", murders all infants under 2 years of age in an attempt to "devour" the Messiah of Israel in a "dragnet", in service to the "BEAST" (Mat. 2:16, Rev. 12:4, Rev. 17:10). Augustus as the 2nd HEAD of the BLASPHEMOUS BEAST exalting itself against God, is identified as the "Son of God", in service to his deceased Father who was the "HIGH PRIEST-KING" (PONTIFEX MAXIMUS) on earth NOW EXALTED to the HEAVENS as their Kingdom "MORNINGSTAR" (Lucifer) in service to Satan. For this reason the Calendar his father created and implemented at the foundation of the ROMAN DRAGON BEAST KINGDOM 46/45 years earlier, now begins with year 1 during Augustus' reign as the self exalted "son of god", in OPPOSITION to the TRUE SON of God and his "times and laws" (Dan. 7:25); all part of the well thought out WORLD DECEPTION of Satan's Kings and Priests who have ENSLAVED THE WORLD to Satan as God, as God told us in advance he would allow these neo PHARAOH'S to do. The former Roman lunar months of Quintilius and Sextilius (meaning 5th and 6th), and which were the HOTTEST SOLAR MONTHS of the year, were renamed in honor of these two "INCARNATE SUN GODS" as July and August and ANCHORED to the "cornerstone" of the WINTER SOLSTICE death and birth of the ancient Sun God ruler of Satans kingdoms on earth, worshipped first by the Antediluvians, merely repackaged by Julius and served openly to this day.

33 C.E. Jesus is 'cut off' under the reign of the 3rd antichrist Head of the Dragon (Rev. 17:10) "BEAST" of Rome (Tiberius) by the "UNSEEN HAND" of Satanic Politicians among the "holy people" who were courting the Satanic Antichrist Power of the "BEAST" of Rome. He is memorialized in a PASSOVER "meal" by which the Dragons Kings and Priests DAMN THEMSELVES through not rightly discerning his BODY of TRUTH according to a PASSOVER JUDGEMENT PLAN for GREAT EXODUS into the NEW COVENANT (1 Cor. 11:23-32). Zakkai both initiated Jesus' arrest AND instigated the crowds to yell "crucify him" at his fraud "trial" before Pilate whom Zakkai was MANIPULATING as his POLITICAL PUPPET or TOOL to do HIS POLITICAL WILL (Jn. 19:12). The High Priest Annas and His son in law Ciaphas, his acting "high priest" puppet (both of them doing Zakkai's will), had already "tried" Jesus and sent him to Pilate (Jn. 18:13, 24, 28, & Mat. 26:57-66). No doubt they gave the "chief priests" who would be in attendence at Pilate's trial their marching orders to make sure Jesus would be SACRIFICED (as a 'Scapegoat' and "Passover Lamb" for their POLITICAL AGENDA to PROSPER; Jn. 19:15) according to a PLAN of God to EXPOSE THEM and MAKE A MOCKERY OF THEIR REBELLION such that IF THEY HAD KNOWN IT and BELEIVED GOD, they would NOT HAVE EVER DONE IT (Ps. 2:2, 1 Cor. 2:8, Jn. 16:11).

35 C.E. The Disciples are jailed, beaten and warned against teaching about Jesus as God's Messiah rejected as a "CORNERSTONE" to be RAISED and Glorified at the Father's Right hand as "High Priest-King" over heaven and earth (whose authority would be usurped by a FRAUD kingdom in service to the CAESAR as "High Priest-King" as an IDENTITY THIEF), to eventually be RECOGNIZED by the WHOLE WORLD as the TRUE "High Prist-King" and "Morningstar" "Light of the World" over Gods Holy Kingdom on Earth, according to the Blueprint of TeNaKh (Old Testament), which leads to the conversion of "Rabban Gamaliel", the Grand Master Builder (Acts 5:34-39).

36 C.E. Stephen Killed at the hands of the "Builders" as a result of Paul's (Saul's) obedience to Zakkai as his "master" and the "Shadow Hand" of Satanic Politics and EFFECTIVE LEADER of the Pharisees, in rebellion to the counsel of their TRUE GRAND MASTER builder, Gamaliel (Acts 5:38-39, Acts ch. 8).

39 C.E. During the reign of the 4th antichrist Head of the Dragon (Rev. 17:10) "BEAST" of Rome (Caligula), Paul (Saul) is converted to OBEDIENCE to God (Acts 9:4, 22:7 & 26:14) and in rebellion to the murderous Zakkai who had been manipulating him to do SATAN'S WILL as an antichrist, and simultaneously exposing Zakkai as the "hidden hand" BETRAYER of GODS Cornerstone-Morningstar "High Priest-King" over heaven and earth, as well as his true Kings, Priests and Saints who serve him. Paul is also now in obedience to the counsel of his Master Gamaliel (Acts 5:39) who likely became openly Messianic after his best student Paul's conversion and testimony to serve the TRUE CORNERSTONE of God in opposition to his former mentor Zakkai who politically/religiously marries himself to the ROMAN IMPOSTER.

52 C.E. Under the 5th antichrist Head of the Dragon (Rev. 17:10) "BEAST" of Rome (Claudius), Gamaliel dies (likely covertly assassinated because of his openly Messianic conversion and political position in open opposition to Zakkai's AGENDA after Paul's repentence and conversion). He is replaced by Zakkai as the "Worshipful Master" of the "Builders" who rejected Jesus as a result of Zakkai's own Political CRAFT of DECEPTION to be FINGERED by God for DELIBERATELY rejecting Gods Sabbath Covenant Cornerstone in order to marry the "Cornerstone" of Mystery Babylon/Rome, as previously discussed in great detail (Zech. 4:8, Mal. 2:10-12, Dan. 9:26). As the TRUE Master Builder of Israel over the Pharisees, Gamaliel is given the following epithet in the Talmud: "Since Rabban Gamaliel the Elder died, there has been no more reverence for the law, and purity and piety died out at the same time"...this seems to be a back handed slap to Zakkai who took his place as "Rabban" (a title given only to the recognized leader from David's line).

63 C.E. Under the 6th antichrist Head of the Dragon (Rev. 17:10) BEAST of Rome (Nero), Paul is arrested and brought before Zakkai's hand puppet, Annas ben Annas (Acts 23). He's "tried" over and over for his PEACEFUL KINGDOM WORK as a TRUE MASTER BUILDER (in opposition to the now exposed FRAUD and traitor to God and his people, Zakkai), and after more than a year of incarceration in Judea (Jerusalem/Caesarea), is sent to Rome where he's held under house arrest by Nero for another 2 more years (Acts 28:30).

64 C.E. Nero (with whom General Vespasian knows Zakkai has built a strong relationship through couriers, and as Zakkai himself openly admits later to the other leaders of Jerusalem as recorded in the Talmud, which you can read in the paragraph which begins: "When Vespasian came to destroy Jerusalem..." a little over 1/3 the way down this page) burns Rome blaming the "Messianics" and declaring them as an extremist sectarian "Terrorist Group" of "radical Jews" (thus sending Zakkai his first "green light" preparing him to OPENLY attack the THRIVING Messianic Community in Jerusalem which was under the recognized authority of James the half brother of Jesus as their leader).

65/66 C.E. The Spirit of Satan working through the Dragon head Nero, sends Zakkai his clearest and final "Green Light" (to murder James and begin the OPEN PERSECUTION of the Body of Messiah) when he executes Paul and Peter in Rome (the "2 witnesses" who are themselves "Lights" and Pillars who as "MASTER BUILDERS" are "images" of the MORNINGSTAR KING of Gods Kingdom). They were executed as "Ringleaders" of the "Messianics" after he brands them as a fanatical "right wing terrorist group" of Jews, and ENEMIES of the EMPIRE for their "HaLakha" which caused the Romans such consternation. ["Halakha" is not an invention of the Rabbi's. It refers to specific INTERPRETATIONS of the BIBLE for the purpose of APPLICATION! To this day it's HALAKHIC INTERPRETATION which distinguishes one STREAM or TRADITION of Jews from another regarding the "WAY they WALK OUT" their interpretation...even regarding RIGHT and WRONG direction as those walking in LIGHT or as "Blind Guides" leading others in DARKNESS! It's the word conjugated in PLURAL and translated as "walking" in English Bibles in Is. 9:2 which Jesus references indirectly so many times when others, who PREFERRED the DARKNESS they walked and led others in, opposed the "LIGHT" he walked in as a RESULT of his CORRECT HALAKHIC INTERPRETATION! The "literal translation" of this word into Greek is "Odos" and THEN into English as "The Way"; Acts 24:14, 26:13). In "Christianese" today this word would have its practical equivalence to the word "Denomination" (since "Sect" is translated from the Greek word "HERESY" in Acts 5:17, 15:5, 24:5, 26:5 and 28:22 as demonstrated by Acts 24:14 where the same Greek word is translated (or transliterated) as "Heresy" in some older English Bible versions like the KJV and GNV)]. Remember that the beginning of the Roman year was advanced to begin at Winter rather than Spring. It's very likely they were Killed some time during 65, perhaps as late as December or the beginning of 66 as a sacrifice to Janus (January). The news of their execution is delivered to Jerusalem.

Likely to begin the year (Passover 66 being the beginning of the Great Tribulation on the saints and part of the calculation of the number of the name of Nero as the 6th Horn, with the 6th Crown as the 6th Head of the Dragon of Rome created by the 1st Horn Julius Caesar) Zakkai heeds Nero's cue and James, the half brother of Jesus and leader of the Messianic community in Jerusalem, is thrown down from the Pinnacle of the Temple this same year at Passover to die in the midst of thousands of worshippers in the Temple Court below, by the ABOMINABLE High Priest Annas ben Annas (where he had absolutely NO BUSINESS TAKING HIM other than his WILLFUL obedience to Zakkai's WILL!) for refusing to recant of belief in Jesus as the MESSIAH of GOD before the hundreds of thousands who had come to the Passover, to send a CLEAR MESSAGE to all would be Messianics. Thus the abominable Priest DESECRATED the Temple through this TRANSGRESSION which begins its immediate "siege" by Rome, preceding its destruction 4 years later. This EVENT is that which would officially begin the "GREAT TRIBULATION" of Messianics in Jerusalem (already begun in Rome) which Jesus prophesied to be watching for (Mk. 13:14). If that wasn't enough to start the "GREAT REVOLT" (for which Messianics would become the "scapegoat" in "great tribulation"), this same year a statue of Nero is erected in the Temple. Between the murder of James and the erection of the statue of Nero, the Temple is taken under seige. By the end of this year a "7 year peace plan" is struck between NERO and his SELF ADMITTED "FRIEND" Yochanan Ben Zakkai, in order to restore order in Jerusalem and RE-INSTITUTE sacrifices under a "new" High Priest (another puppet selected by Zakkai because Annus ben Annus was killed earlier that same year) and is announced by Nero and Zakkai. As we shall see, the Temple was destroyed in the middle of this 7 year plan by the "coming prince" Vespasian, assisted and hailed to power by Zakkai as God decreed through prophecy.

67 C.E. John, hearing of the siege of the Temple caused by the murder of James in the Temple Court by the High Priest (puppet of Zakkai) which desecrated the Temple, writes Revelation indicating the "Great Tribulation" of the Saints (and giving us the CALCULATION of the NAME of the ANTICHRIST BEAST HEAD who begun it), and which Jesus had warned about (Mk. 13:14, Lk. 21:20), had begun (Rev. 1:9, 12:17) and the ANTICHRIST who would DESTROY the Temple, CHANGE TIMES AND LAWS and WAGE WAR on the SAINTS, was soon coming to DECEIVE THE WHOLE WORLD, as Daniel and Paul also prophesied (Dan. 7:25, 2 Thes. 2:11, Rev. 17:10). In Rev. 17:10 John identifies the first 5 'Kings' of that BEAST by telling us they had already "fallen" which we described earlier (Julius, Augustus, Tiberius, Caligula, Claudius) and the 6th one ruling when he wrote Revelation was Nero, and he tells us the 7th would soon be coming (because it's he who destroys the Temple, changes the TRUE SABBATH "times and laws" as prophesied, and makes war with and overcomes the Saints to deceive the whole world to serve the FRAUD SABBATH KINGDOM of the BEAST in Jesus' name; Dan. 7:25, Lam. 2:6), and it happened shortly after he wrote it! Note: This "tribulation" which the "antichrist" of the BEAST began against the saints 2000 years ago to attempt to STEAL JESUS' KINGDOM, and which would put a "seal" on the books of prophecy (Is. 8:16, Dan. 9:24, Dan. 12:4), is not to be confused with the BED OF "GREAT TRIBULATION" the HARLOT is thrown on in the END DAYS when these things are UNSEALED to EXPOSE the False Prophet, the Antichrist, the BEAST, and the HARLOT riding the power of their DECEPTION, so that the Kingdom of Israel is RE-ESTABLISHED under the TRUE "High Priest-King" of Heaven and Earth (Exposing Julius as the FRAUD "High Priest-King" over the BEAST KINGDOM his CHURCH HARLOT rides) and HIS FAITHFUL and CHOSEN KINGS AND PRIESTS and the SAINTS under him inherit the Kingdom of earth and begin ruling in their stead, also according to the same prophecies of Daniel, John, and Paul (Dan. 12:1, Dan. 2:44, Dan. 7:11, 2 Thes. 2:8 & 12, Rev. 17:14-17, Rev. 19:20, 20:1-2).

68 C.E. Caesar Nero 'Suicided' and Galba innaugurated as Emperor. This was an unexpected blow for Zakkai who had placed his hope in Nero to assist him to emerge from the seige as the "Messianic King" of the Jews after a 7 year "peace plan" to restore order in Jerusalem (during which time they intended to SCAPEGOAT ALL "MESSIANIC OPPOSITION" together). He really did not want to destroy the Temple but the people simply would not submit to him as he had planned, and God forced this blind guide who had previously 'cut off the Moshiah' (fulfilling Dan. 9:26 whose CORRECT translation we looked at in detail earlier) to destroy the Temple "WITH the COMING PRINCE", Vespasian, with whom he would CHANGE "times and law" as his "eyes" (Dan. 7:8 & 7:25). You can read more about Zakkai's eventual admission as a "BUILDER" as a "friend Caesar (Nero)", prior to Vespasian destroying the Temple, here in the paragraph which begins: "When Vespasian came to destroy Jerusalem..." a little over 1/3 the way down this page).

69 C.E. Zakkai in the Temple now under siege and Nero suicided, recognizing he would not emerge triumphant as the Messiah under Nero as planned, begins "seeing" his TRUE fate as a FALSE PROPHET fingered by God in PROPHECIES he's now recognizing were written about him, openly betrays ALL Jews (not just "Messianics" and their "Zealot" supporters) by sneaking himself out of the Temple and gives Vespasian the "prophecy" as recorded in the Talmud (and also in the works of Josephus where as the BOASTING MOUTH interpreter, he takes credit for the prophecy) that Vespasian would become the next "King". The seemingly "MIRACULOUS EVENT" of three "horns" being plucked up that very year for it to take place as God told us in advance, and they were recognizing they were fulfilling, thus ANOINTED VESPASIAN as "the Antichrist" with whom he would DESTROY the Temple and CHANGE the SABBATH "CORNERSTONE" as the "SIGN" of the true High Priest-King for that of Julius Caesars creation after the Temple is destroyed and the whole world is forced to submit to Julius Caesar as the LORD OF A SABBATH WEEK of HIS OWN CREATION! They made it ILLEGAL, on PAIN OF DEATH to observe NEW MOONS and their assocated SABBATHS which speak about the TRUE "High Priest-King" over Gods Kingdom, for over 300 years. This paves the way for the NEED of our current "2 CALENDAR SABBATH SYSTEM" to be DEVISED later in the 4th Century.

69 C.E. Galba, Otho, and Vitellius coronated as Emperors but all suicided/killed (plucked up by their roots; Dan. 7:8) in quick succession, and the "10th Little Horn" Vespasian, coronated as the 7th Head of the Dragon-Beast within that same year, as his false prophet "EYES" (Zakkai) promised him (through their TRANSLATOR "mouth", Josephus) at the beginning of that year. This has been labelled as the "year of the four emperor's" by secular historians working as administrators of the Beast Kingdom the HARLOT RIDES, rather than the "Year the 'Little Horn Antichrist' was anointed by his False Prophet 'Eyes' (Zakkai) and their interpreter 'Mouth' (Josephus)", according to the prophesy of God; which is the perspective His Kings and Priests should have of His Story!

70 C.E. The "Antichrist" and his false prophet who anointed him, destroyed the Temple and changed the SABBATH "CORNERSTONE" in service to Satan as the "Lord of the Sabbath" anchored to the SUN symbolizing SATAN'S SYNCRETIC KINGDOM of DECEPTION which Jesus came to EXPOSE and DESTROY as a result of his OBEDIENCE UNTO DEATH according to a PLAN devised from the foundation of the world. The EXPOSURE and DESTRUCTION of Satan's world Kingdom of bondage in an "EXODUS" into a NEW COVENANT KINGDOM for which the 1st Exodus from bondage to Egypt into a 1st Covenant (promised even by Moses would be broken requiring a New Covenant; Deut. 30:3) was only a TEACHING TOOL to help us understand the end time GOAL; and the PLAN for WORLD SALVATION into a NEW COVENANT KINGDOM under the Messiah as our High Priest-King of Heaven and earth, is still underway by those of us who have FAITH in the PROMISOR (Duet. 30:3, Jer. 16:14-15, Ez. 20:34-38)!

73 C.E. Of course the TRAITOR "Historian" Josephus, working with the 7th Head 10th "Little Horn" Antichrist of the BEAST of Rome (Vespasian) which he helped to bring to power, along with the "false prophet" Zakkai who wanted NO SURVIVORS of the Messianic movement which had opposed him for so many years, spun out disinformation as their Historical NARRATIVE regarding what happened at the Temple and then at Masada, and why it happened! But we are to have Gods perspective not their faithless one! They tell you that they were "zeolots" in rebellion to Rome rather than believing the BEAST was WROTH and WAGING WAR ON THEM (Rev. 12:17). They tell you that at Masada they "ALL committed suicide" because the almighty BEAST of Rome was so invincible as to build a seigeworks against the mountain, and were going to soon defeat them there, so they all committed suicide. But escavations have been done to find the skeletal remains have all come up EMPTY! 1000 "corpses" just DISAPPEARED into thin AIR! So I don't believe the false NARRATIVE of these antichrist TRAITORS, personally. I believe those disciples who obeyed the Master's warning to flee to the mountains to protect their families/children (Mk. 13:14, Lk. 21:21), and had no doubt fortified the mountain fortress of Masada for years with supplies and munitions to last for years to come (knowing the dragon "BEAST" would be searching most specifically for them), were delivered miraculously by God (like Enoch or Elijah) because of their remaining faithful and obedient til the very end. But this is a matter of faith in God because the antichrists wrting their Narrative of history didn't want ANY MESSIANIC FAITH cropping back up to cause them trouble! If they were taken out like Enoch or Elijah, that would have FOREVER REMAINED A STATE SECRET of the ANTISEMITE ANTICHRIST "BEAST"! Their ONLY incentive was to LIE ABOUT WHAT HAPPENED so that it reflected WELL on THEMSELVES and badly on those they BETRAYED and MURDERED at the Temple and Masada, no matter WHAT really happened!

321 C.E. The FLAMING ANTISEMITE antichrist Constantine finishes the DECEPTION of the 1st Seven antichrist Heads of the Dragon-Beast of Rome (like an octave in a musical procession, he's an "8th King" that would be REQUIRED to FINISH the VISION of our BONDAGE SYSTEM that would be envisioned and accomplished through the first 7 kings possessed by the spirit of the Dragon-Satan, by EXCHANGING SATURNS DAY for SUN DAY, briefly mentioned by John in Rev. 17:10) when he CHANGED the 1st and MOST VENERABLE DAY of the Roman Calendar week created by Julius Caesar from Saturns Day to Sun Day. We have TONS of archeological evidence (like the 'stick calendar' on Titus' Bath house, and others, which you can see here) that IRREFUTABLY DEMONSTRATE that until the 4th century, "Saturns Day" (in Honor of the "God of TIME" known as Saturn and "CHRONOS" and worshipped during the winter SOLstice called SATURNALIA) was the 1st and HOLIEST DAY of the Roman Calendar "WEEK" created by JULIUS CAESAR, not the 7th! It appears Hillel II, considered the creator of the Modern Jewish Calendar, was in on this CONSPIRACY against the TRUTH to create an uncompassable CHASM between Jew and Gentile over the very CORNERSTONE BODY of TRUTH! As a secretly converted Jewish convert to CATHOLICISM merely CONTINUING the SYNCRETISM as a "priest" of SATANS KINGDOM which the world and its ENSLAVED JEWS have to this very day (where the whole world pays homage to Satan as the ANTICHRIST "Lord of the Sabbath" and "Morningstar" which his "7 Headed Blasphemous Antichrist Dragon-Beast" created to DECEIVE THE WORLD as prophesied) DESPISE the rejected CORNERSTONE Spirit of TRUTH and his lunar cornerstone "SIGN" as the FAITHFUL WITNESS in the CLOUDS (and therefore rejected God's true SABBATH Kingdom He created for man so that he could KNOW THE TRUTH and the TRUE "LORD OF THE SABBATH" and TRUE "Morningstar" King of Heaven and Earth, and be SET FREE from BONDAGE to ANTISEMITE ANTICHRIST DECEPTION), as "TOO Jewish"!

1582 C.E. As a Priest serving the "Cornerstone Spirit of Satan" as "God" and the "Light of the World" (as had been done since ancient days), Pope Gregory INTERCALATES or "adjusts" the Julian Calendar, which had DRIFTED from the CORNERSTONE Julius chose. Julius ANCHORED his BEAST KINGDOM CALENDAR to the annual DEATH and Resurrection or "BIRTHDAY" of the SUN God in flesh symbolized by the Winter Solstice. This "cornerstone" has been a SIGN for the worship of the God of this world for thousands of years before Jesus was ever born. This "intercalation" was required because Julian's Solar Calendar was about 10.8 minutes per year off in its calculation. Over the course of 1600 years since its creation in 46/45 B.C.E. it had "drifted" away from the "CORNERSTONE SIGN" of the winter solstice to which Julius anchored it. This is evidenced by the Easten Orthodox who still observe the December 25th "Birth of the Sun" according to the UNREVISED original Julian calendar on January 6th of the REVISED Gregorian-Julian Calendar which merely RE-ANCHORED the BIRTHDAY with the SOLSTICE. Gregorian still recognized Julius as the original "HIGH PRIEST-KING" (Ponitfus Maximus) over Satan's Kingdom "Times and Laws", being served by them as Kings and Priests under him who had REPLACED GODS TRUE CORNERSTONE "Times and Laws" for Satan's Kingdom. Satan anciently selected the Sun as his "cornerstone sign" for which Julius Caesar and his ANTICHRIST SPIRIT would be the High Priest-King over Satans FINAL WORLD EMPIRE of BONDAGE which his pharaonic priests would preside over. But God selected the Moon as a FAITHFUL WITNESS and SIGN for HIS CORNERSTONE SPIRIT of TRUTH which Jesus enfleshed through his OBEDIENCE to the TRUTH PLAN as a PASSOVER LAMB to EXPOSE the deception of the IMPOSTER, so we could KNOW THE TRUTH and be SET FREE from bondage to Satan's world Kingdom in GREAT EXODUS to SERVE the true High Priest-King of Heaven and Earth in his New Covenant Kingdom of TRUTH in FREEDOM and PEACE, as He designed before ever creating ANYTHING, and for which he CODIFIED in our 1st Passover Sabbath Exodus into the 1st Covenant as just a SHADOW of that which is YET to COME!

In Final: It's interesting that many people, rather than recognizing Gregorian merely RE-ESTABLISHED the "CORNERSTONE SIGN" for the SPIRIT which Julius anchored his BEAST religious system to in order to OPPOSE and SUPPLANT the CORNERSTONE SPIRIT of TRUTH symbolized by the Moon and CODIFIED by God for HIS RIGHTEOUS KINGDOM, they believe that Gregorian somehow gave us a completely DIFFERENT calendar system. But they're very confused. He didn't, he merely "perfected" the blemishes in Caesars original. At the same time they are KEPT IGNORANT of the FACT that Caesar created, with AFORE THOUGHT, a perpetual weekly calendar of days, divorced from sanctification of the MOON as the "SIGN", where Saturns Day as the "1st and HOLIEST DAY" of the week (because the 1st day of the week has always been the HOLY DAY for Romans, not the 7th day). And so they are kept IGNORANT of the integral part Constantine played in making a PLANNED CHANGE to the original CARDINAL ORDER of the Week Days which Julius had EXPRESSLY ESTABLISHED in service to the Saturn/Chronos as the "GOD OF TIME" (irrefutably established by archeology which is UNRIGHTEOUSLY SUPPRESSED by the HARLOT and her PRIESTS riding the POWER of this DECEPTION to this very day!) to later be changed in service to the INVINCIBLE SUN (Sol Invictus) in service to Julius as the High Priest King to SATAN! It seems to be a non issue for most people kept IGNORANT of these PRIESTLY issues, except for certain cults of the Harlot whose PRIESTS attempt to OBSCURE these issues. Like the Seventh Day Adventists who serve the original "Saturns Day" of antisemite antichrist Rome. And the Eastern Orthodox Church serving Julian's original antisemite antichrist calendar and its now "floating mithras/christmas day" on Jan. 6 of the Calendar merely corrected by Gregorian. The Arabs/Muslums recognizing Venus Day (Friday) as their holy 7th day according to Rome's original cardinal order for the days which Julian created and they serve in ignorance and deception to SATANS High Priest-King in opposition to Gods. And last but certainly not least, the Jews under ZAKKAI'S POLITICAL DECEPTIONS and MARRIAGE to the "antichrist" who would CHANGE "times and laws", who were mandated to submit to the Pavlovian deception of this fraud "Holy Day" by the SAME NAME (but having a different Cardinal order in ROMES perpetual 7 day week system FRAUD) after the destruction of the Temple, which was divorced from the lunar cornerstone SIGN and FAITHFUL WITNESS in the sky which God selected for the Messiah as the true "LORD of the SABBATH" and "High Priest-King" on his ETERNAL THRONE according to Gods Great Exodus Plan for which he had been REJECTED as a SACRIFICE to then be GLORIFIED as the RIGHT HAND of God according to a PLAN whereby he would PRESERVE the TEMPLE SABBATH KINGDOM of God through his OBEDIENCE UNTO DEATH to later be recognized as the TRUE "HIGH PRIEST-KING" to God [Ps. 104:19, Ps. 110:1 & 4, Ps. 89:38 (37)]! They all actually SERVE and REVERE Julius Caesar as their "High Priest-King" in the BEAST SYSTEM and its BLASPHEMY of the SABBATH FRAUD "WEEK" he created, anchored to the CORNERSTONE SPIRIT of REBELLION and his SIGN of the SUN for all his RELIGIOUS WHORES Riding his power of CORRUPTION to SERVE in Satans Kingdom of REBELLION to the TRUTH! Thus in their self righteous 'zeal' and posing as kings and priests feigning "holiness" as their cloak for "rebellion" to the changes, they are actually STILL serving the SAME SPIRIT of SATANIC DECEPTION as the BEAST and his HARLOT while in OPPOSITION to the CORNERSTONE TRUTH they merely CLAIM to be serving; they OPPOSE the TRUE "High Priest-King" over heaven and earth according to the TRUTH PLAN he established through his OBEDIENCE to TRUTH, through THEIR FALSE INTERPRETATIONS, IGNORANCE OF HISTORY, and FALSE GOSPEL "PLANS" in service to SATAN as ANTICHRISTS! The WHOLE WORLD will serve the TRUE "HIGH PRIEST-KING" and the TIMES AND LAWS of Gods Kingdom on earth or they will CONTINUE TO PERISH IN REBELLION TO THE TRUTH as SERVANTS OF SATAN (Zech. 14:16, Is. 66:23, Ez. 46:1 & 3)!

***End of Timeline***

As a politically motivated "scholar and master" (Mal. 2:10-12) who wanted to "marry himself" to the SATANIC ANTICHRIST POWER of Rome (the Daughter of a foreign God) and worked his entire life to cultivate that relationship (Jn. 11:47-48), he became the proverbial "King of Mystery Babylon" as the prophetic "morning star" (Luciferic false prophet) of the New World Order of Satan as discussed in Is. 14:12 (for which Ahab who married Jezabels idolatrous religious SYSTEM OF DIVISION and SORCERY, was a "GEO-POLITICAL WORLD KINGDOM" foreshadowing of ZACHAI as the "SAVIOUR of the JEWS" and "Father of Judaism"), and that CHURCH HARLOT of MYSTERY BABYLON has been RIDING the "BLASPHEMOUS" POWER of this false prophets ANTICHRIST CORNERSTONE DECEPTION by which he ENSLAVED "Pious Jews" [not the TRAITOROUS FACTION of SECULAR Jews who MARRIED the RELIGIOUS HARLOT spoken of in propaganda like the JESUIT DOCUMENTS called "The Protocols of Zion", those who CLAIM to be Jews but are ANTISEMITES from the Synagogue of Satan who BETRAY PIOUS JEWS (and "True Christians") through TREACHEROUS DECEPTION as their political pawns in SERVICE TO SATAN, for FILTHY LUCRE and SATANIC ANTICHRIST POWER] ever since! To highlight this I will give you ONE QUOTE from the 5th protocol regarding "Super Government" (centralization of Government through the tool of corruption) and ask you if it's Jews who are "kept in the shade" as the HIDDEN HAND of corrupt GOVERNMENT or is it the JESUITS! Who do the "unthinking mobs" REALLY accuse as the "OVERT ORGANIZATION" behind the CORRUPTION trying to control the world, while the other "secret organization" (Jesuits) is kept "in the shade"? This statement really EXPOSES the TRUE COMPOSERS of these (propaganda) "protocols":

....Reared on analysis, observation, on delicacies of fine calculation, in this species of skill we have no rivals, any more than we have either in the drawing up of plans of political actions and solidarity. ln this respect the Jesuits alone might have compared with us, but we have contrived to discredit them in the eyes of the unthinking mob as an overt organization, while we ourselves all the while have kept our secret organization in the shade....

Clearly it's the Harlot (Jesuits who have infiltrated every religious sect, political sphere, and educational institution) who NEED this apparent "enemy" to BLAME in order to continue DECEIVING THE MASSES to REBEL AGAINST GODS PLAN believing they do God a service! Just recognize the above is JESUIT PROPAGANDA designed to use PIOUS JEWS who are kept IGNORANT of the true Gospel plan (cause Jesuits propagate ANTICHRIST GOSPELS to DECEIVE THE WORLD to ASSIST THEM in bringing yet ANOTHER antisemite ANTICHRIST to POWER!) so they can use them as PAWNS in their game; their SCAPEGOATS kept as SLAVES in IGNORANCE to their MANIPULATED LEADERS!

The "SPIRITUAL MARRIAGE" to a FRAUD SABBATH KINGDOM anchored to Satan's ANTICHRIST "CORNERSTONE" as its "LORD" and ENSLAVING JEWS as their PAWNS, created a DIVIDED WORLD KINGDOM between "Jew" and "Gentile" where the TRUE "LORD OF THE SABBATH" and "CORNERSTONE" of the COVENANT was REJECTED and those who KNOW and HONOUR HIM as the KING of Gods WORD of TRUTH as their MORNINGSTAR KING, have been BANISHED from their own people (if Jewish) and hunted down and murdered by this ANTISEMITE HARLOT in service to SATAN as her God and "Light of the World" through the CRAFT of her RELIGIOUS-POLITICAL SORCERY in service to a FRAUD "CORNERSTONE" and "Lord of the Sabbath" ever since! Like Elijah and the prophets formerly if they, like Joseph with Potiphers wife, REFUSE to commit SPIRITUAL FORNICATION with her (Rev. 1:9, 12:17, 14:4 & 19:10) because they know and are FAITHFUL to the TRUE KING and HIS PLAN, they are "MARKED FOR SLAUGHTER" by the MASSES which Ahab and Jezebel DECEIVE to SERVE SATAN as God!

Vespasian, Zakkai, and Josephus (assuming the function of PRIESTS creating a "KINGDOM NARRATIVE" for the Antichrist Dragon-Beast POWER) is "THE ANTICHRIST" "Little Horn" of the Dragon-Beast "marriage" FORGED in the FIRES OF HELL which has DECEIVED THE WHOLE WORLD with the SYNCRETIC RELIGION of SATAN; the Ancient Aryan/NEO BABYLON BEAST WORLD POWER of MYSTERY BABYLON by which they MAINTAIN the "NARRATIVE of CONTROL" through PRIESTCRAFT SORCERY and PSYCHOLOGICAL WARCRAFT to this very day... til the day her "HUSBAND" and "antichrist BRANCH", whose BLASPHEMOUS POWER she rides, is EXPOSED as being DEAD and gone (Is. 14:19, Rev. 18:7) and SHE is JUDGED for her WORSHIP of HIS DECEPTION and RIDING HIS MORPHING BEAST POWER through her own SORCERIES (Is. 47:8-9, Rev. 17:14-17 & 18:7-8)!

I would even go so far as to say the ALLEGORY of the "3 worthless workmen" who killed Hiram Abif according to Masonic Lore, is really all about these three men who REJECTED and REPLACED the TRUE CORNERSTONE as the "Light of the World" and through their PRIESTCRAFT have BLINDED the WHOLE WORLD with the BLASPHEMOUS FRAUD of Julius Caesar's creation, and they BETRAY TRUE MASTER BUILDERS like Gamaliel and Paul who RECOGNIZE and serve the TRUE CORNERSTONE and LIGHT of the World, to keep the MASSES CONTROLLED IN DARKNESS they GROOM as FALSE MASTER BUILDERS!

Only those SKILLED and FAITHFUL WORKMEN like Gamaliel and Paul who KNEW THE BLUEPRINT and RECOGNIZED the CORNERSTONE ERROR that was MADE, and who REPENTED of their REBELLION to the King who gave them VISION to SEE the TRUE CORNERSTONE "Light of the World", the Lion of the Tribe of Judah who raised them in the LIGHT of TRUE LIFE and lifted the SPIRITUAL VEIL from their eyes to SEE from the CORRECT CORNERSTONE "LIGHT" PERSPECTIVE (Acts 9 & 22:5-15), will be REWARDED for their GOOD WORK when the BUILDING PROJECT is finished according to the BLUEPRINT (1 Cor. 3:10-19)!

***End Historical Note***

The prophecy of THREE HORNS (Galba, Otho, and Vitellius) being UPROOTED to make room for the TENTH HORN to become the 7TH HEAD as 'CROWN' (King) in their place, who would BLIND THE MINDS of the WHOLE WORLD so that NARCISSISTIC DECEPTION and POLITICAL CORRUPTION would PROSPER (2 Cor. 4:2-4), was "MARVELLOUSLY FULFILLED" in Vespasian with Zachai's assistance (Dan. 7:8, 20, 24 Dan 8:24-25 & 9:26) and can NEVER BE REPEATED! Christians, like ignorant children who naturally trust their leaders, are merely being MANIPULATED by the Mystery Babylon Church Whore and her ANTICHRIST TARES who ride the POWER of the IMAGE of the Beast formed later (The IMAGE of the UnHoly Roman Empire) which their TRAITOROUS LEADERS LOVE and SERVE; the ANTICHRIST LIE in place of the TRUTH of JESUS! The CHANGE of GODS TIMES AND LAWS for the SYNCRETIC DECEPTION of the God of this world served from the foundation of the world is the very "MARK OF THE BEAST" they SERVE in place of the TRUE KING and HIS TIMES AND LAWS which they REPLACED and they refuse to RECOGNIZE as they CEDE ALL AUTHORITY TO SATAN through their FALSE GOSPEL FAIRY TALES which they sell to IGNORANT CHILDREN who BUY THEIR LIES!


First, without delving into the PROPHETIC END TIME IMPLICATIONS of the conquering of (spiritual "mystery") Babylon by (spiritual) Persia (and the anti-semite spirit of Haman within that "Persia" which is exposed by Esther and Mordechai for world salvation) and the subsequent rise of (the Beast) Cyrus who DOES GODS WILL (Is. 45, Rev. 17:14-17), we must point out the significance of the CORRECT ORDER of the Chapters of Daniel being 1-4, 7-8, 5-6, 9-12. The prophetic 'flip-flop' of UNDERSTANDING the DIFFERENCES in the "little horns" of Dan. 7 & 8 respectively, will essentially begin the destruction of the DRAGON BEAST and the HARLOT of "Mystery Babylon" riding his ANTISEMITE POWER, by the "Beast" (Cyrus) obeying Jesus and His Bride to whom the Kingdom is given, spoken of in Revelation.

So for clarity we must point out that because THERE are TWO DIFFERENT "4TH KINGDOMS" from which TWO DIFFERENT "LITTLE HORNS" come forth being described in Dan. 7 and Dan. 8 respectively, which are CONFLATED one with the other, and they both SHARE ROLES as "Little Horns" to fulfill ALL of the prophecies of Daniel AND which Jesus gave [the "Little Horn with eyes and mouth" (Dan. 7:8) belonging to Vespasian is often conflated with the "Little Horn" of Antiochus Epiphanes that had come up previously from the Grecian Kingdom (Dan. 8:9-12) after the death of the 'Conspicuous Great Horn' (Alexander the Great), as described in Daniel 8:5-8...and they begin to be conflated primarily with the rise of Julius Caesar described in Dan. 8:23 & Rev. 12:4-5] People are kept IGNORANT of "THE ANTICHRIST" or "little horn" represented by Vespasian and are DECEIVED by the HARLOT RIDING HIS POWER OF DECEPTION to believe he's coming to power in the FUTURE! So, as difficult as it is to untangle and convey these POWERFUL TRUTHS in writing (at least for me...perhaps someone else will do a better job than me) let's see if we can unravel some of the SIMILARITIES which confuse people about this MYSTERY of INIQUITY (which is the same as the "Blasphemy" written on the 7 heads of the Dragon Beast of Rome).

Antiochus was the LAST KING which came up from the 4TH HORN Kingdom which came up after Alexander the great; a "Little Horn" which was part of the 3rd Beast Kingdom described in Dan. 2 and Dan. 7. His birth name Mithradates is a cognate of Mithras (the sun God of modern day Persia/Iran, where he was born). He renamed himself Epiphanes meaning "Manifestation of God" and had coins printed naming himself as such. Through FORCE he attempted to end Israel's observation of TIMES and force them to observe His SOLAR Times and Laws in honor of himself as Mithras, the "Manifested Sun God." He ended the sacrifices and set himself up to be worshipped in the Temple and murdered anyone who refused. He fulfilled the TIME STAMPS of the "ending the daily sacrifice" and "setting up the abomination" spoken by Daniel (to which Jesus gave us a SECONDARY PROPHECY, as we shall see). He died "without hand", probably as a result of being poisoned, about 100 years before Julius Caesar came to power and adopted many of his ideas.

Julius Caesar began the 4TH BEAST KINGDOM described in Dan. 2 and Dan. 7. He also recognized the IMPORTANCE of bringing Israel into BONDAGE for his VISION of world domination but he took a far more CLEVER approach, as we saw earlier. So there's a lot of admixture going on "after the days of those Kings" referring to those 4 coming from Alexander, and most especially Antiochus (Mithradates) and the rise of the "King understanding dark mysteries". For example we see in Dan. 8:5-8 that Alexander's Grecian Beast Kingdom gets divided into 4 parts or 'lesser horn' "Kingdoms" (Alexanders Kingdom divided into FOUR kingdoms under his four Generals: Ptolemy, Cassander, Lysimachus, and Seleucus) and from the 4th horn kingdom (Seleucus) a 'Little Horn' (Antiochus Epiphanes) comes to power first, then Julius Caesar clearly comes to World Power (as a 4th Kingdom) when the vision is interpreted, in order to allow for the SYNCRETIZATION of they MYSTERY OF INIQUITY that would RULE EARTH until it's EXPOSED by the MORNINGSTAR TRUTH in the morning of the 3rd Millenial Day; two ANTISEMITE, ANTICHIRST "LITTLE HORNS" that needed to be SYNCRETIZED into a ONE WORLD KINGDOM, as envisioined by Julius Caesar in service to SATAN (Dan. 8:23).

These Two "Little Horns", Antiochus Epiphines who came up from the 4th horn "Kingdom", Seleucid (which is part of the 3rd WORLD KINGDOM Beast that came up after his Great Horn, Alexander was broken off and his Kingdom was divided into Four LESSER kingdoms) which DOES NOT HAVE "eyes and a mouth", and Vespasian as 10th "Little Horn" of Rome as its 7th King (and which HAS "eyes and a mouth" assisting him to power) referenced by John and Paul (because Jesus Spoke of His coming to change Times and Laws, destroy the Temple and wear out the saints which would begin with James' murder), have MUCH IN COMMON; particularly the SPIRIT POSSESSING THEM (1 John 2:8, Dan. 8:23). The influence of the ancient syncretic religions of Satan called "Saturnalia" (honoring the Planetary God "SATURN" from which the name "SATURNday" comes) and "Mithras" (the ancient SUN God from which we have the observance of "SUNday" to honor Mithras as God in flesh comes) at this period in history can not be UNDERSTATED as it MORPHED into a NEW RELIGIOUS UNION created by the ANTICHRIST BEAST of ROME as the "CORNERSTONE" for the LAST WORLD EMPIRE he was POSSESSED to create (Dan. 8:23). Antiochus believed himself to be the incarnate SUN GOD MITHRAS/SATAN who, in celebration of HIS (Mithras'/Satan's) BIRTHDAY (called Christmas today), he murdered many Jews who refused to worship him and held a SATANIC PIG ROAST in the Temple. But one thing HE DID NOT DO is DESTROY THE TEMPLE and CHANGE the TEMPLE TIMES and LAWS which speak ALL ABOUT JESUS. That would be done by ANOTHER Satanic "Little Horn" "Antichrist" who would REPLACE THE TIMES AND LAWS which spoke ALL ABOUT JESUS, with his FRAUD TIMES AND LAWS created as the "CORNERSTONE" of the LAST DRAGON EMPIRE by Julius Caesar in service to SATAN as the "God of War" through DECEPTION!

We could rightly say that Antiochus was a foreshadowing precursor "Little Horn", a "partial fulfillment" of prophecies written of him which Vespasian as ANOTHER "Little Horn", the 10th "Little Horn" of the DRAGON who would DESTROY the Temple and CHANGE TIMES AND LAWS (Dan. 7:25, 8:23, Rev. 12:4-5 & Lam. 2:6) to serve the ARYAN ANTICHRIST IMPOSTER of Satan to comply with JULIUS' VISION for a "NEW WORLD ORDER" using THAT SAME "MITHRAS" CALENDAR in service to SATAN, because ONLY TOGETHER were ALL the following prophecies COMPLETELY FULFILLED, even as Jesus alluded to (Mat. 24:15, Mk. 13:14, Lk. 16:15, Mal. 2:11), which would BEGIN the GREAT PERSECUTION of SAINTS. Please note the BREAK in text at verse 12, which ENDS the discussion devoted primarily to Antiochus [and his fulfillment of "ending the daily sacrifice and setting up an abomination" to fulfill Daniels vision, which is not to be confused with Jesus prophecy of the abomination of James' murder, which would be that which defiles the Temple and ends sacrifice based on an "appalling transgression" (which had to be "finished", Dan. 8:13 & 9:24) that would begin the great persecustion of his disciples and culminate in the destruction of the Temple and changing of the CORNERSTONE "sign" of the TRUE SABBATH for a SATANIC FRAUD, Mat. 24:15, Mk. 13:14, Dan. 7:25], gives a prophesy of the Re-dedicaton of the Temple (called "Hanukah" today) and where it picks up again in verse 23 where the "Fierce King understanding DARK MYSTERIES" begins the 4th/Last Beast Kingdom. Although there is much OVERLAP and admixture, this where the text begins to speak PRIMARILY of the LAST KINGDOM of Rome and references both the 1st King (Julius Caesar who had the VISION from Satan to understand dark mysteries) AND the 7th Head/10th Horrn (the "Little Horn" Vespasian, who had Eyes and Mouth which helped him fulfill Julius' vision in BLASPHEMOUS conspiracy against Gods SABBATH CORNERSTONE in a GREATER WAY than Antiochus, thus rejecting Gods anointed "stone" and EXALTING themselves against God his TIMES and Law which identify him as the TRUE "manifestation" of the IMAGE of God in flesh according to the PLAN to EXPOSE SATANS SYNCRETIC DECEPTIONS!), as previously demonstrated, has already taken place in History:

And out from them (the 4 horns which divided Alexander's kingdom into 4 smaller ones) came forth a 'little horn' (Antiochus) which became very strong toward the south and east and toward the glorious land. He became strong even against the armies of heaven. He cast some of the Stars of the Army down to the ground and stomped on them. He even exalted himself against the Prince of the Armies (of Heaven on Earth). He took away the daily sacrifices, and THE SANCTUARY WAS THROWN DOWN because an army was given to him to lay siege against the daily sacrifices BASED ON AN APPALLING TRANSGRESSION, and he cast the truth to the ground so that wickedness was practiced and prospered....

...and the Temple will be cleansed...

....and at the end of their reign (the end of the reign of the Beast of Greece) a King of Fierce countenance who understands DARK MYSTERIES shall arise (Julius Caesar, the 1st King of the Roman Empire he created). He shall be mighty but not only his own power (but the SPIRIT and power of SATAN and Vespasian as the "antichrist"). He shall marvellously destroy and shall prosper, DOING IT WITH THE HOLY PEOPLE very quickly. Through his policies he shall cause craft to prosper in his hand; and he shall magnify himself in his heart, and by peace shall destroy many: and HE SHALL STAND (as "ANTICHRIST") AGAINST THE PRINCE OF PRINCES. Daniel 8:9-12, 14 & 23-25

And finally, in regard to the MYSTERIOUS TRANSITION between the 3rd kingdom of Greece (which had been divided into 4 smaller ones) and 4th Kingdom of Rome (both identified in the Statue vision of Dan. 2 and also described as "beasts" in Dan. 7 and 8:21 & 23 respectively), there's even more detail given to us in Dan. 11. In Dan. 11:36 we see the 1st "Antichrist" of this 7 BLASPHEMOUS HEADED Antichrist Dragon-Beast (Julius Caesar) who CREATES THE ANTICHRIST DRAGON BEAST by changing times and laws, which John identifies in Revelation 12:4, and 17:10, discussed in more detail there. The 7th head is the one being identified by Paul in 2 Thes. 2. The Messianic community headed by James the Just in Jerusalem is what held him back from coming to power, destroying the Temple, and changing the Times and Laws of the Jews, even as Julius Caesar had envisioned and did first in Rome and which ended the Republic making it an EMPIRE. This ANTICHRIST EMPIRE in service to SATAN as the "God of Time" that would SUPPLANT the TRUTH of the Messiah (Dan. 7:25, 8:23, Rev. 12:4-5 & Lam. 2:6) is that which would shape shift SYNCRETICALLY over the next two millenial days until this ANTICHRIST CONSPIRACY, and the HARLOT CHURCH of MYSTERY BABYLON RIDING ITS POWER, are EXPOSED and thrown on a BED OF TRIBULATION as discussed in Dan. 2:34 & 44, Dan. 7:21-22 & 26-27, Rev. 17:14-17, and many other places too numerous to go into great detail here.


These prophecies Daniel gave us BEFORE THE TEMPLE WAS EVER REBUILT, were indeed FULFILLED shortly after 2 Thes. 2 was written WHILE THE REBUILT TEMPLE STILL STOOD, by the ANTICHRIST "Little Horn" who CAME and DESTROYED THE TEMPLE AND CHANGED TIMES AND LAWS SO THE DRAGONS "SABBATH DECEPTION", envisioned by Julius Caesar who IMPLEMENTED the PLAN (Dan. 7:25, 8:23, Rev. 12:4-5 & Lam. 2:6), COULD BLIND THE MINDS of the WHOLE WORLD and PROSPER after Vespasian finished his vision as the 7th head 10th "Little Horn" Antichrist of the 1st DRAGON of the LAST WORLD BEAST whose power the Harlot has ridden ever since!

Inspired by Satan, Julius Caesar created what would LATER be called a 'Christian Calendar' (after hundreds of years of SCAPEGOATING all believers in Jesus who observed Gods TRUE CALENDAR which speaks all about HIM) to ENSLAVE THE WORLD with a FRAUD WANDERING STAR planetary SABBATH anchored to Satan and his "Sign of the Sun" as its CORERNSTONE, to DECEIVE THE WORLD to serve BLASPHEMY in Gods name as the "Lord of the Sabbath" and "Light of the World", as God told us IN ADVANCE would take place (Dan. 7:25, 8:23, Rev. 12:4-5 & Lam. 2:6)! It all boils down to RECOGNIZING the 'Times and Laws' that would be CAREFULLY CALCULATED to be CHANGED by the 'antichrist' little horn of this DRAGON/BEAST when he DESTROYED THE TEMPLE by which the KINGDOM of Israel, Gods Kingdom, ran, so that the world would be BLINDED to serve SATAN as God through this BLASPHEMOUS CORNERSTONE and LORD OF THE SABBATH LIE standing in HIS PLACE! Surely Daniel was talking about the LUNAR CALENDAR SYSTEM which speaks ALL ABOUT JESUS as the HIGH PRIEST SACRIFICE and KING of the KINGDOM of ISRAEL, whose TIMES and LAWS would be CHANGED according to PROPHECIES to serve an ANTICHRIST IMPOSTER as the worlds "Cornerstone" "Lord of the Sabbath" and "Morning Star" "Light of the World" instead of the TRUE ONE; A 'CAREFULLY CALCULATED CHANGE IN TIMES' WHICH COULD ONLY HAPPEN AFTER THE TEMPLE AND ITS PRIESTHOOD SYSTEM WAS DESTROYED (VERY SIMILARLY TO WHAT JULIUS CAESAR DID TO DESTROY THE ROMAN REPUBLIC)!

In a nutshell the 10th "Little Horn" which was the 7th CROWNED HEAD of ROME was indeed GENERAL VESPASIAN, but his power was not his own. He had prophetic 'EYES' assisting him and a 'MOUTH' to TRANSLATE and subtly RE-WRITE HISTORY from THEIR PERSPECTIVE in OPPOSITION to GODS TRUTH as God TOLD US IN ADVANCE would happen; TWO "Jewish" TRAITORS of the "HOLY PEOPLE" who "HELPED HIM" come to WORLD POWER "very quickly"! Both of these TRAITORS, the "MOUTH" of the "Little Horn" (Josephus), and his "EYES" (Zakkai), take credit for the SEEMINGLY MIRACULOUS PROPHESY FROM GOD that Vespasian would become the next Emperor, which God told us these TRAITIORS would do before they ever DID IT!

The (prophetic) EYES and MOUTH (interpreter) which ASSISTED VESPASIAN TO POWER were Yochanan ben Zachai, the LEADER of the PHARISAIC RELIGIOUS CULT of the tribe of Judah which REJECTED JESUS as prophesied, and BETRAYED THE SABBATH MARRIAGE COVENANT (Mal. 2:11-12) and their interpreter and official NEW WORLD HISTORIAN, Josephus. They conspired together so that the temple would be destroyed and sabbaths forgotten in Zion in conspiracy with the HARLOT OF BABYLON (Rome) with whom he would 'MARRY' in this CONSPIRACY FOR POWER which would require the SACRIFICE of the TRUE SABBATH 'CORNERSTONE' for a FALSE ONE hailed as a 'MORNING STAR' (Lam. 2:6, Dan. 7:25, Is. 14:12).

After inciting the High Priest to throw James the Just down from the pinnacle of the Temple (where they had no business being in the first place and which caused the DESECRATION and eventual DESTRUCTION of the Temple which Jesus was telling his disciples to be WATCHING FOR), Zachai, in CONSPIRACY with the ANTICHRIST SPIRIT of NERO and Vespasian who SIEGED THE TEMPLE, DISBANDED the PRIESTHOOD, ENDED the SACRIFICIAL SYSTEM, and DESTROYED THE TEMPLE 3.5 years later, made it ILLEGAL to observe the LUNAR CALENDAR SABBATHS or to even observe NEW MOONS, and forced ALL JEWS to adopt the PERPETUAL 'SATURNS DAY' SABBATH divorced from the CORNERSTONE SIGN of the MOON which God selected, and anchored it to the BLINDING CORNERSTONE of the SOLAR CORNERSTONE chosen by the ANTICHRIST BEAST OF ROME. On pain of DEATH it was ILLEGAL to SANCTIFY the NEW MOONS or the TRUE SABBATHS and Holy Festivals anchored to it, and ANYONE WHO DID SO, whether JEW or GENTILE (like John's Greek disciple Polycarp) was MURDERED for it and ALL MEN honored SATURNS DAY as the HOLY DAY of a FRAUD "WEEK" which IS the MARK OF THE BEAST!

We have TONS of archeological evidence (like the 'stick calendar' on Titus' Bath house which you can see here by clicking on this link) that IRREFUTABLY DEMONSTRATES that until the 4th century, "Saturns Day" (in Honor of the "God of TIME" known as Saturn and "CHRONOS" and worshipped during the winter SOLstice called SATURNALIA) was the 1st and HOLIEST DAY of the Roman Calendar "WEEK" created by JULIUS CAESAR, not the 7th! It was not until the "8th King" Constantine (who was of the SAME SATANIC "Aryan" SPIRIT as the first 7 Kings of the 1st Dragon-Beast of Satans ANTI-SEMITIC ANTICHRIST Syncretic Shapeshifting WORLD RELIGION (Rev. 17:11) effectively PAVED THE PATH for the 2nd Ten Horned Dragon-Beast (with 10 Crowns) to RISE from the SEA (Masses of people, Rev. 13:1) when He FINALIZED the "CORNERSTONE" BLASPHEMY and "Lord of the Sabbath" FRAUD for the UN HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE in the 4th century. He finalized the RELIGIOUS SABBATH FRAUD by declaring SUNDAY of the FRAUD WEEK created and established by his predacessors, to be the 1st and MOST HOLY DAY for Romans (Christians) in CONTRADISTINCTION from Saturns Day now demoted to the LAST DAY of the ROMAN WEEK for the "Christ Killers" who were NOW FULLY ENSLAVED as 2nd class citizens to the FRAUD SATURNS DAY SABBATH created by the ANTICHRIST they ALL SERVED, as handed down to them from their FATHERS! He adopted this PERVERSION of HISTORY and DISTORTION of Bible texts as the CORNERSTONE of his RACIST RELIGIOUS KINGDOM of HATRED in Jesus Name; and it became the OFFICIAL WORLD RELIGION! He created an IMPASSABLE DIVISION between "JEW" and "GENTILE" as the CORNERSTONE of SATANS WORLD KINGDOM of DIVISIVE RACIST ANIMOSITY and the WITCHRAFT of WARFARE and GREED BASED EVIL usurping Gods Name and Authority! you the peoples of the nations will come from the ends of the earth and say: "We have inherited worthless traditions and lies from our fathers!" Jer. 16:19

Zachai was the PRAISED ONE of Isaiah 14:12 whose 'morning star' DECEPTION is NOW EXPOSED as prophesied and alluded to in Mal. 2:11-12! Israel NEVER HAD a TWO CALENDAR/TWO SABBATH SYSTEM as they have today as a RESULT of the BETRAYAL of these 2 JEWISH TRAITORS to bring SATANS 7TH ANTICHRIST "HEAD" and their BLASPHEMOUS "CORNERSTONE LIE" to WORLD POWER in Jesus Name, as envisioned by the 1ST HEAD, Julius Caesar (Dan. 7:25, 8:23, Rev. 12:4-5 & Lam. 2:6); It's DEMONSTRABLY A FRAUD as GOD DESIGNED (2 Thes. 2:11)! Josephus was their TRANSLATOR and official 'world historian' for ROME whom VESPASIAN gave his freedom and Josephus 'adopted' (as PEDERAST SON?) the ROYAL FAMILY NAME 'Flavius' when Vesapasian became EMPEROR based on the 'VISION' these THREE ALL WORKED FOR CONSPIRATORIALLY when they exalted themselves against GOD and AGAINST HIS ANOINTED in THEIR PURSUIT OF 'POLITICAL' WORLD POWER as GOD TOLD US IN ADVANCE THESE BEASTLY NARCISSISTIC PEDERASTS WOULD DO!

Obviously this flies in the FACE of FALSE GOSPEL "PROPHECIES" which have made BILLIONS of dollars selling their ANTICHRIST LIES in opposition to the Gospel truth through books like "The Late Great Planet Earth" and the "Left Behind" FAIRYTALES! So some of the FIRST THINGS that should clue us in to the FACT that pop Christian PROTESTANT THEOLOGY has been COMPLETELY DECEIVED (by SATANS HARLOT of MYSTERY BABYLON who SERVES the BLASPHEMOUS ANTICHRIST "BEAST" as her "Morningstar") by thinking that this "antichrist", whose POWER of DECEPTION the HARLOT of RELIGION already RIDES, is coming on someone else in the future, and that they will escape through 'rapture' the APPARENT 'tribulation' (which IS COMING on the DRUNKEN RELIGIOUS HARLOT who is a TRAITOR riding the IMAGE of the DRAGON POWER created by this ANTICHRIST DECEPTION, now being EXPOSED AS PROPHESIED), is because these passages make it CLEAR that this WICKED ONE was given POWER to PERSECUTE, WEAR OUT, and OVERCOME the 'SAINTS', and HE DID IT! Since the Murder of Stephen followed Gamaliel, Paul, Peter, then James the Just which caused the siege and ultimately the destruction of the Temple and beginning the GREAT PERSECUTION, the TRUE BELIEVERS who observe GODS TIMES AND LAWS which speak ALL ABOUT the TRUE "CORNERSTONE" as the "Lord of the Sabbath" and "Light of the World" DID NOT ESCAPE TRIBULATION in this world system controlled by those serving SATANS ANTICHRIST CORNERSTONE of DECEPTION! Thankfully Satan has ALREADY BEEN ALLOWED just about ALL the USURPED AUTHORITY he's going to get to OPENLY KILL anyone who REFUSES HIS MARK OF WORSHIP! Those days are SOON OVER because Jesus and his FAITHFUL AND CHOSEN ONES will SOON OVERCOME the Beast out of the Earth (the U.S.A.) to DO GODS WILL (Rev. 17:14-17)! The SAINTS are NOW BEING SEALED in the SIGN OF MESSIAH to PREACH THE TRUE GOSPEL, the "CORNERSTONE-MORNINGSTAR GOSPEL" which EXPOSES the FRAUD CORNERSTONE of Satan's DECEPTION, so others may ESCAPE the TRIBULATION and WRATH that will COME ON THEM who have SATAN'S "CORNERSTONE" MARK OF WORSHIP for their WICKEDNESS in OPPOSING GODS CORNERSTONE and His KINGDOM of PRIESTS and KINGS which SERVE HIM! The SAINTS will soon receive the Kingdom and Judgement will soon be coming on the HARLOT OF ROME and all her BLASPHEMOUS PROTESTANT DAUGHTERS who REFUSE the LOVE OF THE TRUTH and LOVE the LIE and so WORSHIP the IMAGE of the DRAGON-Beast POWER of SATAN they RIDE, which MARKS THEM (Dan. 7:12, 7:21-22, 7:25-27, 2 Thes. 2:10-12 & Rev. 17:17)!

The Book of Daniel is UNSEALED! The ANTICHRIST is EXPOSED!

Fulfilling 2 Thes. 2:8 begins the RULE of the Kingdom of God ON EARTH as Jesus commanded us to pray and work for!

The Wicked shall be EXPOSED; all whom the Lord shall consume with the Spirit from his mouth, and shall destroy with the brightness of his coming. 2 Thes. 2:8


I (Jesus) will give to the one who overcomes (Joseph the son of David), a Rod of Iron to rule over all the nations...even as I received from my Father; I will also give to him the Morningstar. Rev. 2:26-28

So now that we have identified the False Prophet and the Antichrist he hailed to power as the "Morningstar" in PLACE of the TRUE MORNINGSTAR who was "cut off" and "laid as the CORNERSTONE of the Foundation" of Gods Spiritual House/Temple that will rule earth, let's now take a look at a few scriptures that give us more detail on WHEN and HOW the TRUE MORNINGSTAR exposes the "Blasphemous Deception" of the FRAUD MORNINGSTAR for judgement. I will be focusing on the LAST PART of Dan. 9:24 which says: " SEAL UP the VISION AND PROPHECY....". This PROPHECY is RARELY discussed (if EVER) and yet we have a re-iteration of this PROMISE in Dan. 12:4 & 9 (and also Is. 8:16 & 29:11). And concerning the promise of the UNSEALING spoken of in Dan. 7:10, 12:1, Rev. 2:26-28 and elsewhere, I will post a few of the more pertinent verses according to the CONTEXT of His Story which they are ALL DESCRIBING, and connect the dots with a minimal amount of commentary to help you start to "get the picture".

...and HE will cut off the Moshiah, and HE will destroy the Holy Place and the City WITH the coming Prince...wars and desolations are decreed until the time of the end. Dan. 9:26-27

As we have already covered in great detail, the "he" in the verse above is the "false prophet" who not only cut off God's Moshiah, but anointed "the Antichrist" to world power to change Gods Kingdom Sabbath Calendar in service to Satan as the worlds "Lord of the Sabbath" and "Morningstar", in stead of the TRUE "Lord of the Sabbath" and "Morningstar" they REJECTED! This is the PROPHECY which was SEALED UP til the END when the MORNINGSTAR DECEPTION of the "God of this world" is GIVEN to "one who overcomes" as Jesus did through his OBEDIENCE (Rev. 2:26-28), and the books are opened and the prophecies unsealed to EXPOSE THE WICKED for judgement; according to PROPHECY which WAS SEALED up in a CLOSED BOOK but is NOW UNSEALED in an OPEN BOOK for all to see! God fingered him in prophecy to be the ONE from JUDAH who would "break the sabbath covenant" and "marry the daughter of a foreign God (the SPIRIT of Jezebel, the "Mystery Babylon Harlot of Rome," Mal. 2:10-12).

He would CUT HIMSELF OFF from the tents of Jacob/Israel by assisting the "Antichrist" to destroy Gods Temple and "change times and laws" which speak all about the FIRSTBORN SON of ISRAEL as its TRUE "Morningstar" (and his Spiritual House/Temple/Body recognizing him as King) for a FRAUD "morningstar" (the House/Temple/Body of Satan; the Harlot of Mystery Babylon) which would take the whole world into bondage to Satan's POWERFUL (Morningstar) DECEPTION (Dan. 7:25, Lam. 2:6, 2 Thes. 2:9-12). In the end these things would be 'unsealed' by Jesus Body/Temple who RECOGNIZE the "face of Joseph" the "son of David" as the "FACE OF GOD" in His Prophetic WORD MADE FLESH, in order to SAVE THE WORLD by EXPOSING the WICKED "body" of Satan's Harlot!

But you Daniel are to close the words of the book and seal it up until the time of the end when many will be searching everywhere for truth, and knowledge will increase....the book is closed and sealed until the time of the end. Daniel 12:4 & 9

Remember the Law of Moses...Look, I will send Elijah before the...dreadful day of that the earth be will not be struck with a curse. Mal. 4:4-6 (3:22-24)

Don't you know that you are the Temple of God if Gods Spirit dwells in you? 1 Cor. 3:16

Together with the Precious Cornerstone of God, you are also living stones to be built up together as a Spiritual House/Temple. 1 Pet. 2:4-5

Where two or three are gathered in my name, I AM THERE IN THEIR MIDST! Mat. 18:20

...perfecting the Saints...edifying the Body of Messiah until we come together in the UNITY of the FAITH and knowledge of the Son of God, the PERFECT MAN (Joseph the son of David); the FULL STATURE of MATURITY and FULNESS of MESSIAH. Eph. 4:12-13 are the Temple of the living God even as God said: "I will dwell in them, and walk in them. I will be their God and they shall be my people." Corinthians 6:16

Look, I will send my messenger (malak/angel) and he shall prepare the way before me: and the Lord you are looking for will suddenly come to his Temple; even the Messenger (malak/angel) of the Covenant you delight in; look, he will come! Says YHWH of armies. Mal. 3.

At that time the Great Prince (Joseph the son of David) who is like God will stand up, and the BOOKS (which were closed and sealed) WILL BE OPENED....Dan. 12:1

I (Jesus) will give to the one who overcomes (Joseph the son of David), a Rod of Iron to rule over all the nations...even as I received from my Father; I will also give to him the Morningstar. Rev. 2:26-28

Where two or three are gathered in my name, I AM THERE IN THEIR MIDST! Mat. 18:20

these 10 kings (the Ten Toes of Daniels Statue; the last 10 horned dragon-beast which morphs over time which the Harlot rides) make war against Jesus but he OVERCOMES them because he is King of Kings and Lord of Lords and those with him are CALLED, CHOSEN, and FAITHFUL. And they will EXPOSE the Harlot (that had been deceiving them) and will give their authority to the Beast (which came up in the wilderness where Gods people will Exodus, Ez. 20:34-38) and He will do Gods will because God put it in his heart to do.

I beheld till the thrones were cast down, and the Ancient of Days (Joseph the son of David) did sit...A fiery stream issued and came forth from before him: thousands ministered to him, and hundreds of thousands stood before him: the judgment was set, and the books were opened. I kept watching because of the arrogant words, which was the voice of the "little horn": I watched even till the beast was slain and HIS BODY (the Harlot) was destroyed and burned with fire. As for the rest of the beasts, they had their authority taken away but their lives were spared for a season of time. Dan. 7:9-12

I saw in the night visions and beheld one like the Son of Man came with the clouds of heaven. He came to the Ancient of Days (Joseph the son of David), and they brought him near before them. And he was given authority, and glory, and a kingdom, so that all people, nations, and languages, should serve him, as his Kingdom is an eternal Kingdom which will never pass away, and his Kingdom shall never be destroyed. Daniel 7:13-14

I (Jesus) will give to the one who overcomes (Joseph the son of David), a Rod of Iron to rule over all the nations...even as I received from my Father; I will also give to him the Morningstar. Rev. 2:26-28

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