In an age of UNIVERSAL DECEPTION, telling the TRUTH becomes a REVOLUTIONARY ACT! George Orwell-1984?




Satan has a COUNTERFEIT for everything God does!

The "Cornerstone FRAUD" upon which MYSTERY BABYLON stands (depicted in Nebuchadnezzar's Statue; Dan. 2:40-44) is now being EXPOSED and STRUCK by the CORNERSTONE TRUTH from Heaven as prophesied (Dan. 2:45)!

Herein we shall EXPOSE Julius Caesar as the "Cornerstone" "Christ", "Lord" and "High Priest-King" (Pontifex Maximus) of Satan's 7 headed/10 horned Dragon-Beast Empire (Mystery Babylon) which he ESTABLISHED as a COUNTERFEIT KINGDOM (feet of iron and clay) in service to Satan in order to SUPPLANT GODS TRUE "Sabbath Kingdom" and the TRUE "Cornerstone" "Lord of the Sabbath" and "High Priest-King" which men REJECT and OPPOSE through DECEPTION of THEIR RELIGIOUS LEADERS to this very day (Dan. 9:24-27)! In short, Men have been deceived to serve Caesar as the Cornerstone Christ (over the "Christian Calendar" he created for that purpose) through the world's BUILDERS, PRIESTS and PRINCES serving Him as King as they DECEIVE their Masses to serve him (and them) through the USURPATION of Jesus' Name and authority while continuing to REJECT HIM and God's Times and Laws which speak ALL ABOUT HIM as the TRUE "CORNERSTONE" and "Lord"!

As a SHORT PREFACE before we begin, it must be noted that Julius Caesar is the 1st "coming Prince" and "Christ" of the last kingdom described in the Statue of Nebuchadnezzar in Dan. 2:31-45 whose identity has been shielded through false gospel deceptions and interpretations of the text; particularly Dan. 7:8, 25, 9:24-26, 2nd Thes. 2:3-7 and 9-12 which already happened. We shall soon see the fulfillment of 2 Thes. 2:8, Dan. 2:45, 7:9, 14, 24-26, 12:1-2, Is. 11:10-12, Ez. 20:34-37, Rev. 17:14-17, 18:1 & 20:1-5, which are all speaking about the same "gentile end times" of Mystery Babylon "Gospel Event", which will begin the setting up of thrones for God's Saints inaugurating God's "New Covenant Kingdom" on earth, given from different "visionary" perspectives with different details. So let's get into it.

In Rev. 17:10 John, and Daniel in Dan. 9:24-26, clearly identify Julius Caesar as the 1st "coming prince" and "Christ", and Vespasian as the 7th head/10th "little horn" "coming prince" who destroyed the Temple as prophesied (Vespasian was the 10th "little horn" of that 4th kingdom identified in Dan. 7:8, 7:25 and 9:26, before whom Galba, Otho, and Vitellius were "uprooted", who then destroyed the Temple and took Israel and THE WHOLE WORLD into bondage to serve Caesar as the LORD of his "Christian Calendar" in "Mystery Babylon" as the 7th head of the Dragon). That was the fulfillment of the first FORM of this 4th DRAGON-BEAST Kingdom upon which the shapeshifting syncretic kingdom of "Mystery Babylon" stands to this day, as represented by the Statue of Nebuchadnezzar in Dan. 2:31-45 and discussed in Revelation. But the "CORNERSTONE TRUTH" from Heaven is now "REVEALING" this "wicked one" and the DRAGON-BEAST kingdom, which is the FOUNDATION upon which Nebuchadnezzar's Statue stands, to SMASH Satan's final kingdom and establish God's Kingdom IN ITS PLACE, as God Promised!

So we know that through Moses God promised that Israel would be taken into a WORLD KINGDOM BONDAGE far greater than our bondage in Egypt (Deut. 30:3, Amos 5:27, Acts 7:43), from which He PROMISES to bring us OUT from bondage in an even GREATER EXODUS than from Egypt (Is. 11:10-12, Jer. 16:14-15) to a WILDERNESS where He will bring us into the BOND of an even GREATER COVENANT (Is. 31:31, Ez. 20:34-37) before His Kingdom will be FINALLY established on this earth (Obad. 1:21, Mat. 6:10, Ez. 20:42)! This bondage BEGAN with Nebuchadnezzar as the Head of Gold on the Statue which represents the WORLD KINGDOM of "Mystery Babylon" which is discussed throughout chapters 14-18 of Revelation as well as Mic. 4:10-13, Zech. 2:7, Is. 47:1, Jer. 27:6, 8, 28:14, 50:42, 51:33, Ps. 137:8-9. So let's briefly identify the "princes" of these "Beast Kingdoms" represented in this statue which stands until judgement is given to Gods Saints as Daniel ASSURES US as ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN to take place (Dan. 2:45b).

We have identified Nebuchadnezzar as the "Head of Gold", the "prince of this world" which ALL NATIONS would serve (Jer. 27:6, 8, 28:14), The 2nd is Medo-Persia (Dan. 7:5 & 8:20) and correlates primarily with the coming "princes" of Darius the Mede and Cyrus the Persian. The 3rd is Greece (Dan. 7:6 & 8:21) which begins with Alexander the Great as its "coming prince" and is divided among his four Generals after his death [Antiochus Epiphanes (Mithradites) is a little horn coming from that fourth part of the Grecian Empire, Seleucus]. And the IDENTITY of the 4th and LAST KINGDOM with 10 horns or "coming princes" (a "syncretic" kingdom which morphs over time) has been SEALED UP until now. Though most scholars might concede that it is ROME (Dan. 7:7 & 8:23), they are UNABLE to come to any consensus on NAMING any of the major coming "Princes", ESPECIALLY the 1st one and the 10th one which they claim is coming in the future! Why? Because it has been SEALED UP in prophecy until JUDGEMENT, AS PROPHESIED...NOW we are going to "REVEAL" the coming "prince" of this LAST KINGDOM and his 10th horn "ANTICHRIST" which made war against the SAINTS of ISRAEL when he took Judah captive with the destruction of the Temple, ALSO AS PROPHESIED!

Claudius Ptolemy, the Alexandrian Scientist and Historian, tells us that Cyrus made his decree to restore Jerusalem and rebuild the Temple in 536 B.C.. Julius Caesar came to power as SOLE DICTATOR over Rome in 46 BC. exactly 490 years (Dan. 9:24) from Cyrus' decree, and he OFFICIALLY ENDED the Republic of Rome and its FORMER Lunar Calendar (which began in spring and had an 8 day week) and he CREATED the DRAGON EMPIRE of Rome as its 1st Head which he inaugurated on Jan. 1, 45 BC. of a NEW CALENDAR and syncretic religious system (dedicated to the God of WAR and CONTRACTS), . He was then "cut off after 62 weeks" on March 15, 44 BC. exactly as prophesied (Dan. 9:26)! The 7th "HEAD" of this Dragon-Beast was none other than the 10th horn (before whom Galba, Otho, and Vitellious were all uprooted the year he came to power; called the "year of four emperors" by historians), General Vesapsian who destroyed the Temple in CONSPIRACY with TRAITOR JEWS! But the conspiracy didn't end with Jews but FEROCIOUS WOLVES infiltrated the Body of Messiah and BETRAYED those who served the TRUE CORNERSTONE of God defined by HIS KINGDOM CALENDAR, to deceive the WHOLE WORLD to serve the ANTICHRIST and his ANTISEMITE cornerstone DECEPTION (now called a "christian calendar") in Jesus' Name! So the WHOLE WORLD has been taken captive to the Spirit of Rebellion to Gods Kingdom represented by a Statue for which He appointed Nebuchadnezzar as HEAD as a "Lion Kingdom" with "Wings as Eagles" (Jer. 27:6-8, 28:14, Dan. 2:38, 7:4)! And the "princes of this world" and their "kingdom builders" of "Mystery Babylon" represented by the Statue which come later, would rule in one syncetic form after another until Judgment day when the "CORNERSTONE TRUTH" from heaven EXPOSES the "wicked one" to SMASH the FOUNDATION upon which the kingdom of "Mystery Babylon" Stands to this day (2:45, 7:8-9, 2 Thes. 2:8-12 & Rev. 17:14-17). The "princes of this world" represented in that last FOUNDATIONAL KINGDOM are now EXPOSED as CRIMINALS and REBELS by the Cornerstone Spirit of God and His Word of Truth which IS KING over heaven and earth!

I cover these events in far more detail in this page: discussing Calendar History, and also in this page where I "reveal" the identity of this "Antichrist" in much more historical detail (which the whole world has been deceived through false interpretations of the text and FALSE GOSPELS to serve this CORNERSTONE DECEPTION in OPPOSITION to the CORNERSTONE TRUTH of the TRUE Gospel Plan which I demonstrate more clearly in this page by showing how "Moses wrote all about Jesus" (Jn. 5:46) as the "REJECTED CORNERSTONE" of God's PLAN to ESTABLISH HIS KINDGOM on THIS EARTH). Men are deceived to think these prophecies identify Jesus (which they also do, but that's not their primary perspective) and through FALSE GOSPELS they have kept the book "sealed" so that no one could understand that their PRIMARY PERSPECTIVE is NOT to identify Jesus but to "REVEAL" or EXPOSE the "WICKED ONE" who took the whole world captive to the FALSE CORNERSTONE of MYSTERY BABYLON in Jesus' name, as God designed as the CORNERSTONE of His Plan to REVEAL HIS "FACE" from HEAVEN to RULE THE WORLD!.

With that preface, herein we shall be going over just a few of the ARCHEOLOGICAL EVIDENCES that PROVE that the "1st and holiest day" of the 7 day week FORGERY which Julius Caesar CREATED as the "cornerstone" of the "Mystery Babylon Empire" he founded, was the day we call "Saturday" today. Yes the archeological evidences provided below UNEQUIVACALLY PROVE that the 7th day of the week called "Saturday" today was originally the "1ST and HOLIEST DAY" of the Roman Week (and Sunday was 2nd and Friday was the 7th) from the time Julius Caesar CREATED and INAUGURATED his CALENDAR FRAUD in 46/45 B.C.E. until 321 C.E. when Constantine MANDATED that Sunday would become the NEW "1st and holiest day of the week" INSTEAD of Saturday. This "Cornerstone Evidence" SMASHES the FOUNDATION upon which the ancient BEAST KINGDOMS of "Mystery Babylon" were FOUNDED (Dan. 2:31-45), as I prove in this link. As proven in that link, this Prophecy could NOT be fulfilled UNLESS and UNTIL Julius Caesar took the whole world BONDAGE to the FINAL BEAST of Mystery Babylon (depicted as a Statue in Dan. 2:31-45) through THIS DECEPTION established on this FOUNDATIONAL LIE regarding the "CORNERSTONE" from which we are to OBSERVE TIME according to the PLAN devised by the SPIRIT OF TRUTH thousands of years ago. The WHOLE WORLD serves Nebuchadnezzar repesented by the Head of Gold on the Statue representing "Mystery Babylon" as God Promised (Jer. 27:6-8, 28:14, Dan. 2:31-45).

So the evidences below prove that the CALENDAR you ASSUME to be the SAME ONE being used in the Bible to know the TRUTH and MEMORIALIZE in a "kingdom calendar" what day Jesus died or resurrected as "firstfruit" according to the Gospels (Mat. 28:1, Mk. 16:9, Lk. 24:1 & Jn. 20:1, 1 Cor. 15:3-4 & vs. 20) and according to PROPHECY written LONG BEFORE IT EVER HAPPENED (as alluded to in 1 Cor. 15:3-4 & 20 and even predicted by Socrates) for example...or ANY OTHER "HOLY DAY" based on the Bible times, is a COMPLETE AND TOTAL FRAUD of SATANIC ANTICHRIST DECEPTION and is in fact the "MARK" of SERVING the DRAGON and his BEAST Kingdom of Mystery Babylon in PLACE of the CORNERSTONE TRUTH of God's Kingdom!

This UNSEALING of the CORNERSTONE TRUTH to EXPOSE and SMASH the FOUNDATION upon which Satan's DRAGON-BEAST kingdom of "Mystery Babylon" deception stands (which is an ABOMINATION which has been erected through DECEPTION in the "HOLY PLACE" of many peoples HEARTS and MINDS where ONLY the TRUTH should be RULING SUPREME, NOT CAESAR!), and which will simultaneously BEGIN OUR UNITING for the "GREAT EXODUS" into GODS KINGDOM according to the PLAN (Dan. 2:31-35 & 44-45, Is. 49:2, 2 Thes. 2:8, Rev. 19:15)!

So in this page we will just go over a few of the archeological evidences proving Saturday was the 1st and holiest day of the week in the Roman Empire from its creation by Julius Caesar in 46/45 B.C.E., until Constantine mandated Sunday as the 1st and holiest day of the Holy Roman Empire in the 4th Century instead of Saturday; as it's now observed today. The purpose is to DEMONSTRATE by presenting the EVIDENCE that the Calendar you observe today DID NOT EXIST 2000 YEARS AGO (as demonstrated in EVEN MORE DETAIL in this link) and CAN NOT BE APPLIED to your understanding of the Bible , unless you DESIRE to be DECEIVED and/OR to DECEIVE OTHERS as a PRIEST serving the ANTICHRIST of SATANS "Mystery Babylon" WORLD DECEPTION as the "Lord of the Sabbath", "High Priest-King", and "Light of the World" as a Satanic "CORNERSTONE" DECEPTION which Caesar created for the PURPOSE of ENSLAVING THE WORLD to himself as LORD, in PLACE of the "CORNERSTONE TRUTH" as LORD of God's Kingdom, which is being REJECTED to this very day by THOSE DECEIVING REBELS UPON WHOM GODS WRATH SHALL FALL IN JUDGEMENT!

Let me begin by pointing out that contrary to the popular belief based on the DECEPTIVELY DOGMATIC USE of Gen. 2:2-3 in specious argument (as proven in detail here), there is NO EVIDENCE regarding a "7 day week" ever having been observed in history UNTIL God "REVEALED" His Sabbath to Israel when we came out from bondage to Egypt in exodus, as expressed explicitly in Nehemiah 9:9 & 14 posted below. And the 3 GREATEST SABBATHS of Pesach (Passover), Shavuot (Pentecost) and Succot (Tabernacles) when ALL the KINGS MEN were REQUIRED to come and BOW BEFORE THE KING, speak ALL ABOUT JESUS as THAT KING! Those "Sabbaths" are all anchored to Gods SANCTIFIED NEW MOON! The SANCTIFIED "New Moon" (when NO LIGHT is seen between the last and first sliver of every moon cycle) represents the INVISIBLE SPIRIT of GOD our FATHER, and those FULL MOON SABBATHS anchored to the SANCTIFIED (HOLY) New Moons are the SABBATH "SIGN" which represent the "PERFECT IMAGE" of God (who is the SPIRIT of TRUTH) enfleshed in a man of flesh as HIS SON who, as LORD of the SABBATH, would SANCTIFY US as a PASSOVER LAMB, the "LION of JUDAH" (Hos. 5:14-6:2, Rev. 5:5-6) according to HIS SABBATH KINGDOM PLAN over which He is LORD OF THE SABBATH COVENANT which WE BROKE and HE ATONED FOR! We would EXODUS from SATAN'S PHARAONIC KINGDOM of sorcery in bondage to his "Pharaoh" as lord of his SOLAR cornerstone sabbath kingdom FRAUD (exposed by a prophet like Moses/Elijah), to UNITE in the PASSOVER SABBATH EXODUS PLAN to become Kings and Priests in GODS LUNAR CORNERSTONE KINGDOM which HE ESTABLISHED by HIS OWN ARM and anchored to His CODIFIED lunar SIGNS as LORD of the SABBATH, the CORNERSTONE of His Kingdom of TRUTH!

You saw the distress of our ancestors in you REVEALED your HOLY SABBATH to them and you laid down commandments and statutes as Law for them through Your Servant Moses. Neh. 9:9 & 14

You will observe the Sabbath as a SIGN between me and you by which you will KNOW that it is I WHO SANCTIFY YOU! Ex. 31:13

To me EVERY KNEE will bow and EVERY TONGUE CONFESS that I AM LORD (Is. 45:23, Rom. 14:11)...on my New Moons and their associated Sabbaths! (Is. 66:23, Zech. 14:16)

That 1st "exodus" from Egypt (and its associated Covenant) was a PATTERN which points to a FUTURE "GREAT EXODUS" into the New Covenant Kingdom and WAS ALWAYS TO BE USED AS A TEACHING TOOL, an EXAMPLE for our instruction as IMPLIED even by the Prophets beginning with Moses in Deut. 30:3, followed by Is. 11:10-12, Jer. 16:14-15 & Ez. 20:34-37. The GREAT COVENANT KINGDOM of God could NEVER take place until AFTER God's promised son was REJECTED (as a "Passover Sabbath Lamb" like Joseph was) which would begin our BONDAGE to MYSTERY BABYLON during the "times of the Gentiles" from which we shall EXODUS into the PROMISE! The "revealing" of Gods Sabbath is in CONTEXT of bringing His people out of bondage and anchored to the promise of His PASSOVER SABBATH by which we would KNOW that it is He who sanctifies us (Ex. 31:13), and is NOW BEING REPEATED by the RE-REVEALING of the SABBATH which was promised to be FORGOTTEN after the ANTICHRIST "changed times and laws" (Lam. 2:6,, Dan. 7:25, Ex. 20:8), so we may REMEMBER the FORGOTTEN SABBATH and be FREED of the "MYSTERY BABYLON" kingdom which has ENSLAVED the WORLD through DECEPTION.

Until Julius Caesar ended the Republic of Rome it used a LUNAR CALENDAR and a complicated 8 day week system anchored to that Lunar Month/Year system, and he created the Dragon-Beast Empire of Rome (the "legs" and "feet" of "Mystery Babylon", Dan. 2:40-45 & 7:25) founded on a NEW SOLAR CORNERSTONE Calendar Month/Year System and "wandering star" 7 day week associated with the "planets" and WORSHIPPED as "SOLAR DEITIES" [and all 7 of them are referenced as "Sun Gods" and LITERALLY REPRESENT the first 7 BLASPHEMOUS HEADS or Kings ("Divine Caesars"; Rev. 13:1) of the 1st shape shifting form of Satans DRAGON-BEAST Kingdom which foisted this 7 Day Week DECEPTION on the world, and which John is describing in Rev. 12:4-5 and 17:10 from Daniel's Vision of the 10 horned beast in Dan. 7:20-25, and which Jude 1:13 references], it NEVER EXISTED PRIOR! Additionally the ORDER of the "wandering stars" SOLAR DEITIES which he anchored to the "days of the week" we observe today, never existed in history UNTIL AFTER Caesar created this 7 day week system in its original order (which is listed below) which was then changed by Constantine to the order we have today [Constantine created the Dragon-Beast which would come out of the sea to be ridden by the Harlot of Babylon (Rev. 17:3); John uses imagery derived from the ancient Greek iconography from the "7 sisters" (Pleiades) which "rides" the constellation Taurus in the night sky and which had been incorporated into Greek Myth as "Europa" (7 hills) riding the mythic God Zeus in the form of a Bull-Beast; iconography which was WIDELY POPULAR to the "masses" for HUNDREDS of years PRIOR to John adopting the imagery in Revelation). It is this "foundation" of DECEPTION upon which the DRAGON-BEAST EMPIRE of the Gentiles, Mystery Babylon, stands to this very day (Dan. 2:34 & 45) in service to the Antichrist Caesar who is served as "High Priest-King" and "Lord of the Sabbath" fraud which he created IN OPPOSITION to Jesus and Gods Kingdom Times and Laws which Caesar CHANGED, as prophesied (Dan 7:25).

It must be noted however that there was a PROTOTYPE from which Caesar most certainly received inspiration. The Qumran Jews had developed and were using a TOTALLY DIFFERENT and completely INCOMPATIBLE "7 DAY SOLAR WEEK/YEAR SYSTEM" for over 100 years before Caesar created his own version, as prophesied in advance and demonstrated in this link. Like they did Alexander the Great before him, these Jews were ANTICIPATING the 4th BEAST coming to power and as TRAITORS to their own people and God, were ASSISTING HIM in his work of "changing the times". Caesar DID INDEED receive inspiration for HIS CALENDAR SYSTEM based in part on THEIR WORK! Therefore the 7 Day Week system which Caesar created and we will be looking at, NEVER EXISTED PRIOR TO HIS CREATING IT and was only used until the 4th century when Constantine REPLACED Saturday with Sunday as the 1st and Holiest day of the week in the NEXT FORM, as it's observed by the DECEIVED WORLD worshipping Caesar as the Lord of the Sabbath and High Priest-King as the CORNERSTONE of their KINGDOM DECEPTION through the SUPPRESSION of the TRUTH to this day.

The order of the week with Saturday being the 1st day of the week is NEVER FOUND AGAIN in history after Constantine CHANGED it...and you have been kept IGNORANT regarding these FACTS of history and the ORIGINAL SYSTEM created by Caesar, and SELF DECEIVED through that GROOMED IGNORANCE of the TRUTH (by Satan's Babylonian Harlot Religious System riding the Dragon Kingdom Power as witches in priests robes, depicted in Rev. 17:3, Jude 1:6-16, Is. 47:9-11 & Rev. 18:7-10) when you read your Bible and eisegete your current understanding of the "weekdays" into the Bible text as if it's speaking of the same "weekdays", when they're NOT the same weekdays AT ALL! It is a "CORNERSTONE" ERROR to CONFLATE the current form of the "7 DAY WEEK" created by the shapeshifting Dragon-Beast Empire of Mystery Babylon which began in the 4th century, with EITHER the 7 day week of Israel's ancient calendar being talked about in your Bible, or even with that which Julius Caesar originally created for Mystery Babylon which the Dragon Empire was using in the 1st century...they're NOT the same "7 day weeks" AT ALL! You were born into a world kingdom of SATANIC DECEPTION serving the DRAGON-BEAST KINGDOM of Satan as an OPEN SECRET, and HELD CAPTIVE through the SUPPRESSION of the TRUTH by WICKED KINGS AND PRIESTS serving the ANTICHRIST as the HIGH PRIEST-KING to SATAN as GOD and worshipping the BEAST of their POWER in REBELLION to the TRUTH as KING (Jude 1:13, Rev. 2:21-24 & 19:17-20:4)!

Below is the order of the original "7 Solar Deity Week" which Caesar Created and inaugurated in 46/45 B.C.E. and which was used until 321 C.E., as the evidence which follows establishes as true. This perpetual week system was the "cornerstone" of his Solar Calendar Year/Month system he created for MYSTERY BABYLON, and which the whole world SERVES to this very day in its revised form.

1. Saturn (Saturday) a.k.a Kronos, Chiun & Remphan (Amos. 5:26 & Acts 7:43)

2. Sun (sunday)

3. Moon (Monday)

4. Mars (Tuesday)

5. Mercury (Wednesday)

6. Jupiter (Thursday)

7. Venus (Friday)

You were carrying the Tabernacle of your King and the Image of Saturn, the Star of your God which you made for yourselves, therefore I will carry you into captivity beyond Babylon! Amos 5:26 & Acts 7:23

Before we get into the archeological evidence that establishes this ORIGINAL ORDER of the 7 days of the week (with Saturnday as its 1st and Holiest Day), which Julius Caesar as first "King" of the 7 headed Dragon of Rome, below. Though they had a 7 day LUNAR WEEK (as established here) they KNEW that Saturnday was the first day of the Roman Week they would have to somehow ADOPT as BUILDERS of MYSTERY BABYLON! They RECOGNIZED he was the 1st "coming prince" of that 4th Kingdom THEY HELPED BUILD! It really gives NEW MEANING to Jn. 19:15 where the chief priests said: "we have no king but Caesar" when the SPIRIT of Gods Kingdom was REJECTED as the world's CORNERSTONE RULER, for which God PROMISED He would take Israel into BONDAGE to the WORLD KINGDOM of Mystery Babylon (discussed in more detail here). Anyhow, here are the 7 CROWNED HEADS and its 10 horns:

1st Horn, 1st Head, 1st Crown (King), Julius Caesar (1,1,1)

2nd Horn, 2nd Head, 2nd Crown (King), Augustus Caesar (2,2,2)

3rd Horn, 3rd Head, 3rd Crown (King), Tiberius Caesar (3,3,3)

4th Horn, 4th Head, 4th Crown (King), Caligula Caesar (4,4,4)

5th Horn, 5th Head, 5th Crown (King), Claudius Caesar (5,5,5)

6th Horn, 6th Head, 6th Crown (King), Nero Caesar (6,6,6)

7th horn (UPROOTED). Galba

8th horn (UPROOTED). Otho

9th horn (UPROOTED). Vitellius

10th "Little Horn", 7th Head, 7th Crown (King), Vespasian Flavius (10,7,7)

You were carrying the Tabernacle of your King and the Image of Saturn, the Star of your God which you made for yourselves, therefore I will carry you into captivity beyond Babylon! Amos 5:26 & Acts 7:23

The following list of archeological evidences and their dating, which is neither exhaustive nor does it include the PLETHORA of other writings and historical documents which either expressly describe the above order of the "solar deity weekdays", or make descriptive allusions to it, is as follows:

1. Pompeii and Hurculanium were SUDDENLY and CATOSTROPHICALLY COVERED in ash from Mt. Vesuvius in 79 C.E.. Archeologists are still uncovering and bringing forth evidences from these ruins to this day. These sites provide an absolute "cut off dating" for all the artifacts found therein. On several walls in both cities, large Medallion-like Murals of each of the 7 "Solar Deities" which preside over the 7 days of the week are found in the above weekday order (eg. Saturns Day the 1st, Sun Day the 2nd, ...etc.). Photos have been taken and published for some of them, and one of the wall murals (from Pompeii) was removed and has been preserved in the Museum of Naples.

2. Titus' 1st century bathhouse dated 81 C.E. (restored by Hadrian in 238 C.E.). On the stucco wall of this bath house was a "stick calendar" with the "solar deity" ruling over each of the days of the week (where pegs were inserted to indicate the day of the week, another to indicate the day of the month, and another indicating the month/constellation) can be clearly seen in the order listed above (Saturn Day the 1st, Sun Day the 2nd, etc.). The portion of the stucco wall with the "stick calendar" on it was preserved before destruction of the ruins in the 16th century. It was restored, replicated, photographed and described in historical encyclopedia's and other literary works ever since.

I found an online restoration of the calendar for you to be able to distinguish between the 7 Solar Deities which are Standardized depictions in ALL of the archeological calendar evidences from the 1st three centuries. Although the Images of the Solar Deities in a line across the top of the calendar (whose identities were IMMEDIATELY RECOGNIZABLE by everyone in the days of their use) are not expressly identified for us in this restored stick calendar from Titus' Bath House wall, they are CONSISTENT DEPICTIONS which represented each day and are CLEARLY NAMED and DEFINED in many other archeological evidences and history books of the time. You should at least familiarize yourself with at least the 1st three images at the top from left to right so you can identify them anywhere in other archeological artifacts, as they are consistent. They are identified as: Saturday represented by the Solar Deity "Saturn" (a.k.a. Kronos or "Father Time"; depicted as an old man with a sickle for harvest), Sunday represented by the Sun God [with sunbeams or a halo of the Sun emanating from his head similar to depictions of the Sun God Mithras (and Sol, the incarnate Sun, God of War, Covenants, and Justice) who Julius Caesar served as Pontifex Maximus (High Priest-King) to the "invincible sun"]; Monday, represented by the Solar Deity of the "Moon Goddess" [depicted with two crescent moons (a 1st and last crescent) as "horns of light"; similar to depictions of Moses who received the Torah on "Moon Mountain" (the root of Sinai means "moon" and is the root used for the Wilderness, the Mountain, and the Bush where Moses saw the Light of God). He is depicted with "horns" from the literal Hebrew of Ex. 34:29 depicting "horns of light" emanating from his face). The last one is Friday or the Solar Deity of the Goddess Venus which Arabs still view as the true "7th day of the week" (similar to the Orthodox Christians who refused to adopt the Gregorian calendar changes later, and observe different days for Christmas, Easter, Pentecost, etc.). Again, here's the image of Titus' Bath House Stick Calendar for your convenience.

3. An engraved stone dated to the second century C.E. is depicted in "History of Rome", Vol. 7 part 2 pg. 188 and depicts the same images of the "solar deities" and the order they're in, exactly as those seen in the link above. In this case each is also expressly identified with the first letter for the name of each of the solar deities engraved over its head.

4. An undated but well preserved early Roman Empire artifact, a small bronze boat or "STARSHIP" depicting the "7 Solar Deities" in their order (from the 1st as Saturns Day, to the last as Venus Day or "Friday"), was discovered in Montpelier France and has been preserved in the collection of antiques gathered by the 1st President of the French Republic.

There is a priceless resource printed in 1944 which thoroughly and meticulously documents not only all of the above evidences, but many others not mentioned references from historical documents, sketches from old encyclopedia's, and photos of the archeological objects themselves (albeit black and white). The author was a 7th Day Adventist researcher whose rather narrow focus seemed to be trained on how "Rome changed the Sabbath Day of the Jews from Saturday to Sunday", and therefore he never mentions the ORIGIN of the 7 day week with Saturns Day as its 1st and holiest day of the week. Despite the fact that the author merely PRESUMES this 7 day week (with "Saturday" as the 1st day of the week) is the same one Israel was observing (where "Saturday" was the 7th day of the week), and never mentions the pertinent historical fact that Julius Caesar created this well thought out and calculated DECEPTION of a "weekly" calendar as the 1ST SUN GOD of the 7 HEADED DRAGON-BEAST for the very purpose of ENSLAVING ISRAEL (and the whole world) to serve a SATANIC "CORNERSTONE" DECEPTION according to prophesies told to us in advance through Daniel and elsewhere (and which should have been the very FOCUS of his work), he none-the-less has meticulously gathered, collated, and documented the irrefutable evidences for us to ESTABLISH the FACT that Saturns Day was the 1st Day of the Roman week until Constantine changed the order of the weekdays in the 4th century C.E..

His name is Robert L. Odom and his book originally published in 1944, has been electronically reproduced in 2003 and is available on Kindle (currently offered through Amazon for $9.99). I have no affiliation and receive no royalties or kickback in any form, I merely provide a link to it here for your convenience. It's called: "Sunday in Roman Paganism".

You saw the distress of our ancestors in you REVEALED your HOLY SABBATH to them and you laid down commandments and statutes as Law for them through Your Servant Moses. Neh. 9:9 & 14

Until God revealed His Sabbath with our Exodus from bondage in Egypt as expressed in the above verse, the Kings and Priests of the whole world were serving the Spirit of Deception and using a primarily Solar Calendar Cornerstone for their Kingdoms. AFTER God revealed His Sabbath the whole world EVENTUALLY CONVERTED to a primarily Lunar Cornerstone System until the ANTICHRIST BEAST took the world captive through DECEPTION to the ANTEDILUVIAN REBELLION once again! The Dead Sea Scrolls give us the DETAILS regarding the 7 day Solar Week calendar they clearly created in ANTICIPATION of the Dragon-Beast of Rome coming to power. It was the PROTOTYPE for Julius Caesar's calendar which the world serves through deception today. The most important thing we learn from it is that these Jews were EXPRESSLY NOT keeping the Lunar MONTHS and THEIR ASSOCIATED SABBATHS but anchored ALL SABBATHS to a SOLAR CALENDAR "CORNERSTONE", AND the 7 Day Weekly Sabbath they observed is NOT the SAME and NOT COMPATIBLE WITH that which Caesar created later...which ITSELF is DIFFERENT TODAY than it was 2000 years ago!

In this link we have already gone over the history of both the Kingdom and Republic of Rome and the LUNAR MONTH/YEAR Calendar and the 8 DAY WEEKS which they used UNTIL the ANTICHRIST Caesar's creation of this "7 Day Dragon-Beast" with its Solar "Cornerstone" honoring Satan, by which he INAUGURATED the EMPIRE in 46/45 B.C.E.. We have also covered the historical EVIDENCE brought forth by the Dead Sea Scrolls discoveries which give us GREAT INSIGHT into the TRAITOR Jews of Qumran who were ANTICIPATING the coming of this DRAGON-BEAST (as they did Alexander the Great before him) and were greasing the skids to ASSIST HIM to power by creating the first perpetual 7 day solar week system, which Julius Caesar did adopt in a DIFFERENT but similar 7 day week system to inaugurate the DRAGON-BEAST in 46/45 B.C.E., both of which are different from the "sabbath week" you observe today, as demonstrated in this link! So all three of these DIFFERENT and INCOMPATIBLE "solar cornerstone" FRAUD "sabbath weeks" (the one created by the Qumran Jews anticipating the Beast, the one created by the Beast and adopted by the Rabbinic Jews, and the one you observe today) are ALL based on the REJECTION of the LUNAR CORNERSTONE SIGN for the TRUE SABBATH WEEK and the SPIRIT OF TRUTH which Jesus enfleshed as LORD OF THE SABBATH and HIGH PRIEST-KING in order to establish the CORNERSTONE TRUTH of GODS KINGDOM SABBATHS [and particularly through the "ZACHOR" (REMEMBERING, Ex. 20:8, 31:13) of the SHAVUOT/PENTECOST Sabbath which was REJECTED with HIM] according to Gods PLAN to SAVE THE WORLD, covered in this link!

In Summary:

Now the question should be: "what difference does it make when one observes a holy day, which are shadows of things to come?" My answer is: That's what the Gospel of the Kingdom for which Jesus came to establish the SIGN of the CORNERSTONE SPIRIT as the "Lord of Sabbath" as our High Priest-King Glorified to ULTIMATE POWER (as JOSEPH was in the PATTERN regarding the "Lamb" God promised to provide from the "foundation of the world") according to the PLAN for His Kings and Priests to SERVE in order to ESTABLISH HIS KINGDOM so HIS WILL shall be done ON EARTH is all about! The SPIRIT of GOD working IN JESUS (as patterned in the EXAMPLE of Joseph) KNEW he would be REJECTED by his own who would be taken into BONDAGE to BOW BEFORE HIM as the GLORIFIED LORD, the CORNERSTONE of the SPIRITUAL KINGDOM of GOD to be MANIFESTED on EARTH! It is HIS SAME SPIRIT which FREES US from BONDAGE to Satan's COUNTERFEIT Kingdom "CORNERSTONE" which would TAKE THE WHOLE WORLD CAPTIVE, and He made that the CORNERSTONE of His SABBATH PLAN in the PATTERN of the 1st covenant as a TEACHING EXAMPLE. When He REVEALS this MORNINGSTAR SABBATH PLAN it would EXPOSE the COUNTERFEIT such that we could SEE with the EYE OF THE MIND, the light of the TRUTH for all those who have HIS HOLY SPIRIT of TRUTH in them to lead them OUT from their BONDAGE in a MUCH GREATER EXODUS than from Egypt!

The 1st covenant has the DETAILS WITHIN IT which tell us it was ALWAYS temporary and to be used as a PATTERN for our instruction to lead us into the INTENDED COVENANT of the MESSIANIC KINGDOM under the IMAGE OF GOD it describes as our RIGHTOUS KING, as the prophets have told us with ever increasing detail beginning with Moses in Deut. 30:3, then with Isaiah 11:10-12, Jeremiah 16:14-15, and Ezekiel 20:34-37. That means the "rejection of Jesus" (like that of Joseph) would be for his Glorification to the right hand of Power on High (Ps. 110, Rev. 12:4-5) and the BEGINNING of our being taken into WORLD BONDAGE from which we would EXODUS.

Yes the prophets tell us clearly that this "cutting off" of Moshiach (Dan. 9:26) would be for his GLORIFICATION at the right hand of power (Ps. 110, Rev. 12:5) according to His PLAN to have the WHOLE WORLD eventually bow before HIM as the LIGHT OF THE WORLD! His rejection would begin OUR WORLD BONDAGE to the shapeshifting Dragon-Beast Empire who would change Gods Kingdom times and laws to USURP the AUTHORITY of the Messiah, as demonstrated in this link. Eventually the TRUTH of the book of Daniel would be UNSEALED and the Saints would OVERCOME to INHERIT the PROMISES of the KINGDOM (Rev. 21:7, 2:26-28). That means we will have a GREATER EXODUS than that from the CORRUPT kingdom of Egypt and their SORCERIES for which the Full Moon Passover Sabbath (as well as the other 2 GREAT FULL MOON SABBATHS of Pentecost and Tabernacles are SIGNS) was an EXAMPLE for our instruction. This SABBATH KINGDOM speaks all about our God and His High Priest-King who REVEALED His SABBATH to us to LEAD US OUT FROM BONDAGE as expressed here:

You saw the distress of our ancestors in you REVEALED your HOLY SABBATH to them and you laid down commandments and statutes as Law for them through Your Servant Moses. Neh. 9:9 & 14

For if Jesus had given them (Sabbath) rest then he would not have spoken of another day later. Therefore a (Sabbath) rest yet remains for the people of God (to enter through their Obedience of Faith). Hebrews 4:8-9

So we will UNITE according to the COVENANT promise we received at PENTECOST (Shavuot) from the SPIRIT OF TRUTH when we come out of BONDAGE to CAESAR'S SABBATH KINGDOM of DECEPTION"! Jesus came to enflesh, as the "Lord of the Sabbath", the CORNERSTONE SPIRIT of TRUTH for GODS KINGDOM LAW according to the GOSPEL PLAN, which the whole world will serve even as they did in the time of Solomon's Kingdom as a PATTERN, as we discussed in this page. The SABBATH, as the very SIGN of the SPIRIT of GOD and His SABBATH by which we are SANCTIFIED (Ex. 31:13) speaks all about Jesus as the rejected "cornerstone" of the Fathers Kingdom, which becomes the MORNINGSTAR RULER when the FRAUD CORNERSTONE of SATAN'S KINGDOM is EXPOSED by the MANIFEST TRUTH for our GREAT EXODUS!

In this link we establish Jesus as the High Priest-King and MORNINGSTAR over Gods Kingdom according to the Morningstar Gospel Plan. The whole world will convert from using a primarily Solar Calendar serving Caesar as High Priest-King of Satan's kingdom to serving Jesus as High Priest-King to Gods Lunar Calendar Kingdom in an even greater way than what happened after the first exodus and the glorious reign of King Solomon, which was a pattern for our instruction. The whole world was once converted from a primarily solar calendar system used since even before the flood, to Gods Lunar Calendar Cornerstone...and will do so again to serve our High Priest King and Gods KINGDOM CALENDAR WISDOM for the salvation of the world and the glory of God according to the Morningstar Gospel Plan!


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