In an age of UNIVERSAL DECEPTION, telling the TRUTH becomes a REVOLUTIONARY ACT! But be ASSURED that the Sword of Truth which proceeds from the Mouth of God is MIGHTIER than the VIOLENCE of Satan's hands!




The New Covenant Sabbath Kingdom Promise

You saw the distress of our ancestors you REVEALED your HOLY SABBATH to them...through Your Servant Moses. Neh. 9:9 & 14

Herein we shall be looking at the REASON the Sabbath was created and CODIFIED for man, and WHY it's SO IMPORTANT to know WHO the "LORD OF THE SABBATH IS" so HE can SAVE US FROM OUR BONDAGE to CORRUPTION at the hands of SINFUL MEN in REBELLION to Him and sitting in God's seat as Pharaoh was, in a "GREAT EXODUS" into HIS "New Covenant Sabbath Kingdom", for which the first exodus from bondage in Egypt into the 1st Sabbath Covenant Kingdom was a PATTERN to be used as an EXAMPLE for OUR INSTRUCTION! After doing that we will specifically address the SATANIC DECEPTION prevailing today that argues that God "rested" on "Sabbath" in the PAST (from our perspective of Time) which FLIES IN THE FACE of what Jesus himself said in Jn. 5:17

Even until now my Father is STILL WORKING...Jn. 5:17

In other words we will be developing the promise of the END TIME SABBATH KINGDOM for HIS KINGS AND PRIESTS to enter, which God has promised for us from the beginning of Creation and has revealed over the course of History. The Father RESTED from His work after Jesus said: "It is finished" when as the Sacrifice PROMISED from the foundation of the world, He ESTABLISHED the TRUE SABBATH which Moses CODIFIED so that we could be set FREE from serving the "Prince of this World" as the Cornerstone Spirit of God which he codified to REPLACE the CORNERSTONE-SABBATH TRUTH! It's all part of God's Plan to SANCTIFY MANKIND through His Kingdom Times and Laws which speak all about His Cornerstone-Sabbath by which we KNOW that it is He, the Spirit of Truth (our God), who has Sanctified us according to the promises codified in His own Word of Truth (Ex. 31:13, Jn. 17:17)!

We will demonstrate that God NEVER revealed His Sabbath to Adam and Eve for them to observe OR that ANYONE EVER observed a "7 day week" of ANY SORT PRIOR to God REVEALING His Lunar Sabbath Plan for His Kingdom in the CONTEXT of SAVING US FROM BONDAGE to Satan's Kingdom in order to make us a KINGDOM of KINGS AND PRIESTS to rule HIS KINGDOM ON EARTH in a NEW COVENANT for which the 1st Covenant was a PATTERN to be used as a teaching example. if you hear his voice, don't harden your hearts. If Jesus had already led them into the (Sabbath) promise of rest, He would not have spoken later of another day. Therefore a Sabbath Rest yet remains for the people of God to enter into. Hebrews 4:7b-9

So we will first go into the details of exactly WHEN and WHY God revealed his Sabbath to Israel in context of bringing us out from bondage and into covenant with Him as a TEACHING TOOL to see exactly HOW it points to Jesus as the Lord of Sabbath and High Priest-King who would call us to UNITE TOGETHER in preparation of coming OUT from our CURRENT WORLD BONDAGE in GREAT EXODUS, much like Moses called Israel to UNITE in Gods promise to deliver them from bondage to become a Nation of Kings and Priests in Gods 1st Covenant Kingdom, as a prototype. After that we will then address any and all objections regarding any remaining sabbath misconceptions.

So let's begin

Though we have gone over it many times in many places, let's go over the PATTERN of the Gospel Plan for the New Covenant Sabbath Kingdom which was given for our instruction exemplified in the 1st Covenant Sabbath Kingdom, beginning with Abraham because Abraham (like Moses later; Duet. 30:3) is promised that his PROMISED SEED were going to go into BONDAGE. Also keep in mind that the SABBATH had NOT YET been REVEALED and CODIFIED until God created His nation of Kings and Priests which culminated in the Glorious reign of David and Solomon, which was a PATTERN pointing us to the Far MORE GLORIOUS reign of the Messianic Kingdom we will be manifesting through OUR OBEDIENCE, as these verses explicitly express:

You saw the distress of our ancestors in you REVEALED your HOLY SABBATH to them...through Your Servant Moses. Neh. 9:9 & 14

Abraham had NO CHILDREN when he was given the promise that he would have so many SEED he wouldn't be able to count them all, and they would be ENSLAVED to later EXODUS from their bondage through JUDGEMENT on their enslavers. So let me shorten the story a bit by telling you the NEXT PROMISE he received was that THOSE SEED (of FAITH) which Abraham believed God for, would come from a MIRACULOUS BIRTHED 'SEED' from his BARREN WIFE Sarah! Now Abraham, and later Sarah, laughed about it when they heard this word, but they believed God and the MIRACULOUS BIRTH of Isaac happened as a SHADOW to teach us some things about a FUTURE MIRACLE CHILD GOD WOULD PROVIDE in order to FULFILL the PROMISE of the SEED of FAITH who would be BORN FROM ABOVE as the FINAL INHERITORS of the PROMISE of GOD! We Jews recognize that Isaac was not only BORN on the "SIGN" of the FULL MOON DAY which would later be CODIFIED IN LAW as "PASSOVER SABBATH", but as another picture of both Abrahams FAITH in Gods promises AND to show US the END TIME FULFILMENT to which THESE EVENTS POINT US TO HAVE FAITH, he was told to take him to Mt. Moriah (Jerusalem) and slay him there on THAT SAME FULL MOON DAY as a 'SIGN', many years later. Abraham did not understand HOW God was going to fulfill the FIRST PROMISE (that he would have MANY SEED) if he SLAYS the ALREADY FULFILLED SECOND PROMISE of the "MIRACLE SEED" (Isaac) from which THEY ARE PROMISED TO COME, but he had FAITH that GOD will FULFILL His FIRST PROMISE of MANY "SEED" who would COME FROM HIM (those who would EXODUS from bondage through JUDGEMENT on the Serpent god of this world Pharaoh, through THEIR FAITH in GODS PROMISE given to them through ABRAHAMS FAITH), so he obeyed by FAITH for THEIR INSTRUCTION and for OUR LATER INSTRUCTION toward FAITH in THIS SACRIFICIAL SABBATH PLAN to ESTABLISH the 'SIGN' of our PASSOVER "SABBATH REDEMPTION" from bondage to the Serpent god of this world Pharaoh's kingdom, and our SANCTIFICATION in God's SABBATH Kingdom as His Kings and Priests.

So continuing with the 'short version' of events, Isaac later gives birth to Jacob who is given the PROMISE of the RIGHT OF INHERITANCE and is renamed "Isra El" which means the "RULER of GOD"; namely he is promised that it's his "SEED" that would 'crush the head of the serpent' and "possess the gates of their enemies" (Gen. 22:17 & 24:60) and Joseph is born to him. Joseph (and later his son Ephraim, which is the "fruitful branch" of Isra El) receives this INHERITANCE RIGHT of the "PROMISED SEED" of Isra El, along with the INHERITANCE RIGHT of the NAME "Isra El" as the PRINCE of Isra El because of his MERIT based in HIS FAITH as THE RIGHTEOUS SON having the very "SPIRIT OF GOD IN HIM" (Gen. 41:38)...but he is hated by his brothers who, not wanting to bow before him as their RIGHTEOUS LEADER anointed of God (which has to do with WILLINGNESS to be ACCOUNTABLE TO GOD!), they reject him as leader and sold him into the bondage of death to the serpent god of this world Pharaoh from which they believed they would never see him again. Joseph was NAZIR (separated) from his brothers and for this reason THE CROWN WOULD COME ON HIS HEAD to FULFILL the PROMISES (Gen. 49:26, Deut. 33:16, Mat. 2:23) as the ROOT OF JESSE, the "Promised Son" which the "LION OF JUDAH" promised as a "SIGN" who would stand up in the end days (Is. 11:10-12, Rev. 22:16, 21:7, 2:26-28, Dan. 12:1)!

His wicked brothers did not have FAITH in GODS PROMISES, and that the INHERITOR of those promises would POSSESS THE GATES of his enemies as HIS BIRTH RIGHT to RULE for GOD; as GOD KNEW IN ADVANCE! So they sacrificed one of their father's goats (tying the Passover Sabbath together with the Atonements sacrifice, which leads us into the JUBILE PROMISE of SABBATH in GODS KINGDOM as he promised in SEED FORM from the foundation of the world) and dipped Joseph's special coat in its blood in order to deceive their father into believing he had been killed and completely consumed by a BEAST (similar to Jesus later, Rev. 12:4-5). And they roasted the sacrifice over the fire and ate it with unleavened bread while their brother, thrown alive in a dry well as his grave, cried out for his life. In the morning, after they had sold him into death to the serpent god pharaohs human trafficking network rather than leave him to die in the pit, they burned up everything that was left of the sacrifice they made (which they had eaten and into which blood they had dipped Joseph's coat). They burned the skin, organs and bones, in the fire so there would be no evidence left of their crime. They didn't want anyone stumbling on what they had done, or otherwise attracting buzzards to circle overhead to lead any "search party" to find the remains of one of their fathers goats and start questioning the "OFFICIAL (false) NARRATIVE" they presented and maintained IN CONSPIRACY TOGETHER against God and their own father for so many years.

Continuing with the shortened version, Joseph was taken to the RIGHT HAND OF POWER as God had INTENDED, as a picture of Jesus who would be rejected as THE Passover Lamb of God (and the first goat of the Atonements sacrifice) which God was promising to provide for a MUCH BETTER COVENANT than the first one, who would then be taken to His ETERNAL THRONE as GODS RIGHT HAND (Ps. 110, Rev. 12:5) which would BEGIN our diaspora into all nations; our FINAL BONDAGE to the God of this world, Satan which will CULMINATE in a GREATER EXODUS than from Egypt (Deut. 30:3, Is. 11:10-12, Jer. 16:14-15 & Ez. 20:34-37). All of these events were of course the very elements of GODS "Passover Lamb/Unleavened Bread" SABBATH they were required to MEMORIALIZE later in Egypt in order to COME OUT from bondage, even required to make sure to "burn up all the remains", the "EVIDENCE" that which would have EXPOSED the RULING NARRATIVE as a FRAUD!

Eventually the NARRATIVE that was foisted on the world when GODS 'CORNERSTONE' of HIS PLAN would be MANIFEST, would have to be REMEMBERED so they could UNITE to COME OUT from the PROMISED BONDAGE when God VISITS THEM with a prophet like Moses (Elijah) to LEAD THEM. It was not EXPRESSED but they nevertheless had to REMEMBER they would be ENSLAVED (for rejecting Joseph/Jesus as Gods ruler, AS HE PLANNED FOR) and that HE WOULD UNITE THEM to INHERIT THE PROMISE of EXODUS with GREAT SUBSTANCE through their OBEDIENCE to "REMEMBER" (Ex. 20:8) and "OBSERVE" (Deut. 5:12) the "SABBATH is a SIGN" (Ex. 31:13)... as a SHADOW to teach us the END TIME 'EXODUS' GOAL into the FINAL PROMISE, which is developed and expanded by later prophets (Deut. 30:3, Is. 11:10-12, Jer. 16:14-15 & Ez. 20:34-37).

In like manner to Joseph, when Jesus was rejected and taken to the RIGHT HAND of POWER on High, as David recognized would happen as pictured in Ps. 110:1, Rev. 12:5 and elsewhere, Israel went into bondage to all the nations even as Moses prophesied first in Deut. 30:1-6 because he recognized THE FUTURE EVENTS these promises to Abraham were pointing toward in ABSOLUTE FULFILLMENT. It is the rest of the "SEED of INHERITANCE" who is born to the "WOMAN" ISRAEL (who first gave birth to the MIRACLE SEED who was TAKEN TO HIS THRONE at the RIGHT HAND of POWER, Rev. 12:5) who is taken into BONDAGE in the WILDERNESS of the NATIONS who gives birth to the 'rest of her seed' born from above (Mic. 4:10, Rev. 12:17), who will UNITE like Israel in Egypt to form the BODY OF MESSIAH, the SON of God and rightful RULER (Isra El), coming out from our BONDAGE by CRUSHING the head of SATAN and HIS SEED, the antisemite 'Mystery Babylon' church TARES who worship ANTICHRIST in the name of our King and head Jesus, and who HATE and exalt themselves AGAINST OUR MOTHER ISRAEL, the WISDOM OF GOD and the true 'QUEEN of Heaven' and her bosom JERUSALEM (Mic. 4:10-13, Rev. 12:17, Gal. 4:26, Rev. 17:14-17).

So through FAITH in the MIRACULOUS SEED OF PASSOVER 'SABBATH' PROMISE provided by God, and the FULL MOON PASSOVER SABBATH being the "SIGN" of this "CORNERSTONE TRUTH" who would be REJECTED and REPLACED by the ANTICHRIST IMPOSTER, we recognize the OBEDIENCE OF FAITH of the 'fleshed out' TRUE INTERPRETATION of the TORAH/BIBLE as a "PASSOVER SABBATH SIGN" who is NOW seated as KING of Heaven and Earth at the right hand of POWER before whom all men will bow, even as David recognized as CORNERSTONE of GODS KINGDOM PLAN in Ps. 110. Through FAITH in the FULL MOON PASSOVER SABBATH SACRIFICE God was promising to PROVIDE from the foundation of the world, we are BORN FROM ABOVE to MANIFEST HIS OBEDIENCE OF FAITH as the "SEED" OF INHERITANCE PROMISE which will UNITE and come out from our BONDAGE TO THE NATIONS and their SERVICE to the OPEN SECRET RELIGION of BONDAGE to the ANCIENT SERPENT GOD PHARAOH (now in the FINAL FORM of a "deep state" alien deception agenda of the "4th Aryan Reich") honored according to their ANCIENT SOLAR CALENDAR, even as Israel came out of BONDAGE to the SUN GOD PHARAOH as a SHADOW to SHOW US! It is WE, coming out in OBEDIENCE of FAITH to the PASSOVER SABBATH and the SABBATH "CORNERSTONE" which is our "SIGN" by which we KNOW God has REDEEMED us to be SANCTIFIED by HIS SABBATH SACRIFICE of TRUTH in FLESH to ESTABLISH our "CORNERSTONE" as KING over GODS KINGDOM ON EARTH, who will CRUSH the head of the SERPENT GOD PHARAOH-SATAN and his ANTICHRIST "SEED" TARES of MYSTERY BABYLON, to come into the CONSUMATION of the NEW COVENANT to bless ALL THE NATIONS in the FULFILMENT of the PROMISE to establish GODS KINGDOM ON EARTH through OUR OBEDIENCE of FAITH for HIS GLORY as HE DESIGNED!

Even as Israel had forgotten their LUNAR CALENDAR by which the MIRACLE CHILD Isaac was BORN and later Father Abraham raised his knife over him in OBEDIENCE of FAITH TO GOD (and from thence forth observed a 7 day Festival, later codified as "Passover/Unleavened Bread"; Jubilees 18:18, circa 150 B.C.E.), when they were taken into bondage to the SUN GOD of this world in Egypt after rejecting Joseph as their ANOINTED RULER on this VERY SAME DAY as a SHADOW of Jesus (the true passover/atonements sacrifice), so with Jesus' rejection like that of Joseph (and his being taken to the RIGHT HAND of POWER as the ANNOINTED 'KING OF HEAVEN AND EARTH' by the FATHER), the ANTICHRIST of Satan came and destroyed the Temple and CHANGED the TIMES and LAWS of GOD to DECEIVE THE GENTILES to serve him in Jesus name, and Israel (including the house of Judah) was taken into bondage to the WILDERNESS of the NATIONS as PROPHESIED even by MOSES (Deut. 30:1-6). Both Moses and Jesus also told us ANOTHER PROPHET LIKE HIM (Elijah) would be RAISED BY GOD to RESTORE THIS PASSOVER PLAN which has been SEALED UP BEFORE US, even as Paul alludes to in Gal. 3:8-19.

When the SEED OF PROMISE unite in our CURRENT BONDAGE by remembering the PASSOVER LAMB, the MASTER of SABBATH which God PROVIDED as the "CORNERSTONE" in Zion to RULE HIS KINGDOM and to SAVE US from SATANS WORLD KINGDOM, coming out in OBEDIENCE to the "SABBATH SIGN" as Israel did from Egypt and CRUSHING the head of Satan the serpent God-Pharaoh of this world by the SPIRIT of this CORNERSTONE TRUTH which EXPOSES HIS ANTICHRIST DECEPTION according to GODS PLAN, then men will no longer be created in the Image of BEASTS and MYSTERY BABYLON HARLOTS who HATE ONE ANOTHER and are DESTROYING the world through SELFISH GREED and RELIGIOUS DECEPTIONS of DEMONS, but rather PROMOTED and ASSISTED to be created and formed in THE IMAGE OF GOD and His PERFECT WORD/TORAH who OBEDIENTLY REFLECTS THAT IMAGE and who was REJECTED as PLANNED so he may be EXALTED to the RIGHT HAND of POWER as our KING and MEDIATOR, as designed from the foundation of the world. He has been given ALL AUTHORITY and even POSSESSES THE GATES of DEATH and HELL...and He gives us AUTHORITY to RULE over ALL THE BEASTS of the field and to CRUSH the HEAD of the SERPENT GOD PHARAOH and HIS HARLOT "SEED" attempting to STEAL OUR INHERITANCE! Then the world will see PEACE and HEALING because ALL REBELLION to the KING of HEAVEN AND EARTH will be REMOVED according to HIS WORD!

Now let's put away the MYTH of the "perpetual 7 day sabbath" WEEK which Caesar created to take the world into BONDAGE from which the TRUE "LORD OF THE SABBATH" sets us FREE to become HIS KINGS AND PRIESTS to rule the world through HIS KINGDOM COME!


We have already gone over the History of the primarly Solar Calendar systems that have ruled the world which culminated in God's Codifying His Lunar Calendar Kingdom to deliver HIS KINGDOM from SATANS KINGDOM (pictured in Israel coming out from Egypt in the 1st covenant) and how eventually the WHOLE WORLD was converted to a primarily Lunar Calendar system under Solomons Glorious Reign, as a prototype to LOOK FORWARD TO in this page. And we have covered HOW the ANTICHRIST already came and has deceived the WHOLE WORLD to serve him as the "Lord of the Sabbath" of a COUNTERFEIT "KINGDOM SYSTEM", a DRAGON-BEAST which the WHOLE WORLD SERVES as SLAVES in DECEPTION and IGNORANCE, in this page. So let's move on to the final arguments by which we shall DEPROGRAM the DECEIVED.




Answer: Because if you OPPOSE THE TRUTH to CONTINUE to serve the "Antichrist" IMPOSTER who came and has deceived the WHOLE WORLD and taken them into BONDAGE to serve a "powerful delusion" as God PROMISED (which includes you), you are in DANGER of NOT LOVING THE TRUTH enough to COME OUT from service to the LIE, and so being DAMNED for Satanic REBELLION to God and HIS KINGDOM!

And then the Wicked shall be manifest, whom the Lord shall expose with the spirit from his mouth, and shall destroy with the brightness of his coming; him whose coming was after the working of Satan....and all the deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish, because they received not the love of the truth that they might be saved.

For this reason God sent them a powerful delusion that they should believe the lie so that all who refuse to believe the truth, because they prefer unrighteousness, will be damned. 2 Thessalonians 2:8-12

"You're gonna have to serve somebody: it may be the Devil, or it may be the Lord, but you're gonna have to serve somebody!" Bob Dylan

"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free....The best slave is the one who thinks he is free." Goethe

Choose today whom you will serve....forsake the (demon) gods of your fathers and serve YHWH in sincerity and in TRUTH; as for me and my house, we will serve YHWH. Yahshua 24:14-15

In like manner to little children in America who at some point are confronted with the truth that Santa Claus is a LIE, a FAIRY TALE which their own parents had DECEIVED THEM WITH, older adults also tend to BALK at a truth they have never heard before which contradicts the LIES and FAIRY TALES they've already accepted as CORNERSTONE TRUTHS regarding their PERCEPTION of "Time-Space" REALITY, upon which they've built their entire lives as a house upon a foundation (of SAND). Like many of those deceived little children trying to COPE with the WORLD SHAKING TRAUMATIZATION of realizing their OWN PARENTS and their TRUSTED LEADERS have LIED TO THEM, they will often DENY the TRUTH and attempt to JUSTIFY the LIES their RELIGIOUS LEADERS DECEIVED THEM WITH, in DENIAL of, and OPPOSITION TO, the TRUTH! That is CERTAINLY TRUE in the case of their perpetual 7 day week FRAUD in service to SATAN as their "CORNERSTONE" "LORD OF THE SABBATH" and "MORNINGSTAR" "LIGHT OF THE WORLD" in the FACE of the TRUTH of God's Lunar Sabbath Kingdom "Cornerstone" of "Truth" as the TRUE "Lord of the Sabbath" and "Morningstar" "Light of the World" which SHINES a POWERFUL LIGHT on the NATURE of their ENSLAVEMENT to the IMPOSTER! They SUPPRESS the truth to SELFISHLY PROTECT the LIE from EXPOSURE to the LIGHT of TRUTH which would otherwise DESTROY THEIR WORLD VIEW! They PROVE that they're WILLFULLY ENSLAVED by a POWERFUL DELUSION by which THEY DECEIVE OTHERS, and are COMFORTABLE doing so!

Churchill nicely summed up most people's reaction to my life's work and message after they understand it, when he said this in regard to the TRUTH:

"Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing had happened." Winston Churchill

Because such deceived people like to immediately go to the 7th day of the CREATION ACCOUNT in Genesis where God tells us the END from the BEGINNING in the form of 7 days, to try to 'prove' or JUSTIFY the POWERFUL DELUSION of their "perpetual 7 day week" FRAUD foisted on them through TRADITION of their fathers in service to the Antichrist of Rome and his Jewish false prophet 2000 years ago (exactly as God PROMISED would happen) as having been handed down and observed by Godly men since the creation of Adam in the Garden, let me point out a few MAJOR ERRORS in the logic they use to support that SATANIC 'perpetual 7 day sabbath' ANTICHRIST FRAUD THEY SERVE, by merely this ONE VERSE and the 7 arguments which follow it:

You saw the distress of our ancestors in you REVEALED your HOLY SABBATH to them (AT EXODUS FROM BONDAGE!) and you laid down commandments and statutes as Law for them through Your Servant Moses. Neh. 9:9 & 14

1. If you believe the "7 Days" of the Genesis account of Creation are 7 LITERAL 24 HOUR SOLAR DAYS as Satan and his Antichrists have deceived the whole world to believe (which on its face is ridiculous since the sun and the '24 hour solar day' could not have existed prior to day 4 according to Gen. 1:14), and that the "7th Day SABBATH OF CREATION" is a PAST EVENT from OUR PERSPECTIVE, and not the 1st place where God told us the END of HIS STORY of CREATION from the very BEGINNING of HIS STORY regarding HIS SABBATH KINGDOM PLAN to create MAN in HIS IMAGE, then please take a moment to review Gen. 1:26-27, 2:7-8 & 2:18-25 to REALLY UNDERSTAND before you attempt to answer the following questions: A. Was Adam and Eve created on Day 6 before the 7th Day Sabbath of God (Gen. 1:26-27) or AFTER SABBATH, presumably on the 8th day of creation as indicated in Gen. 2:7 and beyond? And B. WHAT "DAY" were they driven out of the Garden of God, exactly; the 6th day or the 8th Day? Surely if that Sabbath is a PAST EVENT and man had been observing Sabbath since BEFORE leaving the garden, then surely they were created and driven out on day 6 BEFORE the 7th Day Sabbath of God.

But if that's true and the SABBATH OF GOD ALREADY HAPPENED (and not a future event that would be REVEALED in the CONTEXT of DELIVERING US from BONDAGE as Neh. 9:14 makes CLEAR) how do we reconcile the APPARENTLY TWO DIFFERENT ACCOUNTS of the CREATION of MANKIND that results from that position; one on the DAY BEFORE SABBATH (Gen. 1:26-27) and one AFTER SABBATH (Gen. 2:7 and beyond)??? If the Sabbath of God is a PAST EVENT, then certainly the creation of mankind happened AFTER SABBATH according to Gen. 2:7, right? But if so, then that creates an entirely different set of problems all together! There's really only ONE possible way to RECONCILE this APPARENT CONTRADICTION!

From the BEGINNING I have declared the END, and have revealed the future in advance! Is. 46:10a

You saw the distress of our ancestors in you REVEALED your HOLY SABBATH to them and you laid down commandments and statutes as Law for them through Your Servant Moses. Neh. 9:9 & 14

Is it not only possible, but ABSOLUTELY TRUE, that Gen. 2:7 and BEYOND is merely an EXPANSION of Day 6, from GODS PERSPECTIVE where He first declared the end from the beginning by telling us THE HISTORY OF ALL CREATED TIME AND SPACE in a SEED FORM as 7 DAYS? Isn't God merely expanding the DETAILS of Day 6, which we are STILL IN being CREATED IN HIS (Perfect "Cornerstone" "Lord of the Sabbath") "IMAGE" of righteousness and TRUTH as He PLANNED and declared from the beginning, after He declared the 7th day END as a PROMISE TO US, also from the beginning? In other words, hasn't God been "revealing the future in advance" by UNVEILING the DETAILS of the Passover SABBATH PLAN in relationship to the "SEED" of the PROMISE He is giving us, WHILE WE ARE STILL IN DAY 6 (from His perspective, which is also the Mind of the Messiah we should have), such that the TRUTH SEED of that plan is germinating, EXPANDING and BRANCHING OUT with more DETAILS in order to LEAD US into the PROMISE to SABBATH WITH GOD 'IN THE GARDEN' and to EAT from the TREE OF LIFE by FAITH, as I have already shown, and as Hebrews 4 discusses in some detail? Is He not leading us to REST in HIS SABBATH PROMISE at the END OF MANKINDS HISTORY, by FAITH IN HIM as Hebrews 4 and elsewhere are indicating?

1a. In other words, if the 7 days of creation are NOT the place where God DECLARED the END from the BEGINNING the FIRST TIME as a SEED of a "SABBATH PROMISE", the OVERVIEW of ALL CREATED HISTORY in a SEED FORM told to us from the very beginning, then God was apparently LYING when He claims to have told us the end from the beginning, since they can provide NO "END" promised from the beginning to prove their God was TELLING THE TRUTH FROM THE BEGINNING!

1b. Additionally it would mean we have TWO INCOMPATABLE SABBATH SYSTEMS that He SUPPOSEDLY created. The ONE He clearly CREATED in order to LEAD US OUT FROM BONDAGE and into a MARRIAGE CONTRACT with Him (as shown in the charts on this page), which is being SPURNED for an ILLOGICALLY INCONSISTENT and UNTENABLE perpetual sabbath FRAUD being CLAIMED in absence of ANY EVIDENCE in regard to it being TRUE, which no doubt Satans Antichrist seed PREFER TO SERVE as their MASTER through LYING TRADITIONS in REBELLION to the TRUE SABBATH and its MASTER which is ESTABLISHED AS TRUE by the TESTIMONY of His own WORD and the "CORNERSTONE MATH" regarding the TIMES and their LAWS which speak ALL ABOUT that CORNERSTONE SPIRIT of TRUTH, as the very GOAL of Gods Law (Rom. 10:3-4)!

Being ignorant of the righteousness of God (as "Gods Image" to be conformed to, described by the Law), they established their own (image of) righteousness, and have not submitted themselves to the rightousness of God (to be formed in His Image). The GOAL of the Law is the ANOINTED which imparts (Gods Image of) RIGHTEOUSNESS to all who BELIEVE! Rom. 10:3-4

1c. But we ALSO have TWO DIFFERING accounts for the creation of Adam and Eve! One account takes place ON DAY 6 in Gen. 1:26-27, a supposedly 24 hour solar day, and ANOTHER takes place AFTER SABBATH, presumably ON DAY 8 beginning in Gen. 2:7 whereupon so many things happened during this day before God drives them out from the Garden so as to make one think this 8th day had to be at least 1000 years long! How does that work? It makes NO SENSE!

So if we are NOT STILL in DAY 6 where God has been telling us the future before it happens, FROM THE BEGINNING, and the Sabbath of God is therefore NOT the FIRST PROMISE of a FUTURE EVENT that happens at the 'END' of CREATED HISTORY, from OUR PERSPECTIVE as Hebrews 4 and elsewhere clearly indicate, then the God you serve CAN NOT BE ESTABLISHED AS TRUE TO HIS WORD! Not only can you NOT provide a LOGICAL ANSWER to RECONCILE those PROBLEMS, but MORE IMPORTANTLY you can't PROVIDE any ANSWER for WHEN in the BEGINNING God told us the "END", as He CLAIMS He did! Nor can you demonstrate how YOUR MESSIAH is the "Cornerstone" "Lord of the Sabbath" of Gods Kingdom PLAN as HE CLAIMED! You just serve LIES spun out of Bible verses and false interpretations of REALITY like little children believing FAIRY TALES; people whose parents and culture LIE TO YOU with SATANIC FAIRY TALES like SANTA CLAUS and ISHTAR BUNNY; which then YOU PASS ON TO YOUR OWN CHILDREN BY LYING TO THEM IN LIKE MANNER! This IS a form of PSYCHOLOGICAL ABUSE you really need to recognize, so you stop TRAINING YOUR CHILDREN to serve the INVISIBLE EMPEROR SPIRIT of SATAN in God's name! Be assured such REBELLION to the TRUTH as KING OF HEAVEN AND EARTH is soon coming to its END!

2. Until God begins CREATING the FRAMEWORK of OBEDIENCE OF FAITH in HIS SABBATH PLAN through which to UNDERSTAND the 'SABBATH REST' He was creating for Mankind to ENTER WITH HIM (in His Kingdom established on earth, as I've established IS the MORNINGSTAR GOSPEL PLAN), and He EXPRESSLY REVEALS that OBEDIENCE OF FAITH is ANCHORED TO THE 'PASSOVER SABBATH' (which itself is tied to the Atonements Sacrifice, as demonstrated in this page) by which He will REDEEM and SANCTIFY MANKIND pictured in the shadow of Exodus 12 where He EXPRESSLY begins CODIFYING HIS KINGDOM'S SABBATH SYSTEM PROMISED FROM THE BEGINNING, there are at least 2000 years of SILENCE in regard to this supposed perpetual 7 day 'sabbath' claimed to have already been in existence by Satan's ANTICHRIST SERVANTS. If there was already a perpetual 7 day sabbath being observed before the creation of this LUNAR SABBATH CALENDAR SYSTEM that speaks as a FAITHFUL WITNESS about the "LORD of the SABBATH" as its CORNERSTONE (as Gods Lunar calendar does), why is there no mention of it over the course of those 2000 years of Biblical history of events before God Codifies His LUNAR Sabbath's in relationship to the PASSOVER LAMB and our EXODUS from Satan's Pharaohnic Kingdom? Why don't we see Adam or his children or Noah and his children or Abraham or his children ever observing this perpetual 7 day sabbath if it was so important to Gods Plan?

3. Even more importantly, if sabbath existed for 2000 years PRIOR to Exodus 12 from MANS PERSPECTIVE, as men deceived by Satan CLAIM, why did God CREATE A DIFFERENT SABBATH SYSTEM LATER? Why does God EXPRESSLY create a LUNAR SABBATH CALENDAR SYSTEM in Exodus 12 to bring the people out from their BONDAGE to the kingdom of the serpent's SUN GOD Pharaoh, AND COMMAND US TO KEEP THAT "PASSOVER SABBATH" AS A PERPETUAL 'SIGN' OF HIS REDEEMING US, if He already had a PERPETUAL WEEKLY sabbath to rule His Kingdom? Where is the EVIDENCE that God ever commands man to keep a PERPETUAL 7 DAY SABBATH, or the evidence that they ever did keep such a 'sabbath'??? And why would He CREATE a DIFFERENT SABBATH SYSTEM with so much specificity anchoring it to His LUNAR CALENDAR as a "CORNERSTONE SIGN" and then COMMAND US to Keep THAT SABBATH SYSTEM...supposedly IN ADDITION to this perpetual 7 day sabbath He supposedly already had? It's a PREPOSTEROUS proposition on its face! He clearly ANCHORED His Sabbath to the "SIGN" of the MOON as a "FAITHFUL WITNESS" of the "CORNERSTONE SPIRIT OF TRUTH" as the "LORD OF THE SABBATH" and TRUE "MORNINGSTAR" "LIGHT OF THE WORLD" according to His "PASSOVER SABBATH PLAN" PROMISED from the FOUNDATION of the WORLD, to be REJECTED in SACRIFICE and HIS KINGDOM TIMES AND LAWS REPLACED by the "BUILDERS" of our CURRENT "WORLD KINGDOM" who CHANGED THOSE TIMES AND LAWS as PROMISED! Don't you SEE that His CORNERSTONE-SABBATH PLAN has been REPLACED by a FORGERY as ALSO PROMISED; a supposedly pre-existing 'floating week sabbath' which is not only incompatable with this LUNAR CORNERSTONE WEEK SABBATH which HE CREATED in the CONTEXT of the OBEDIENCE OF FAITH of our FATHERS, and by which He was CRUSHING the HEAD of the SEED of the SERPENT, Pharaoh, through our OBEDIENCE anchored to this SABBATH CALENDAR He created FOR US, but there's NOTHING BUT UNQUESTIONED SATANIC TRADITIONAL LIES handed down from the very CONSPIRATORS who rejected GODS SABBATH CORNERSTONE (which He told us IN ADVANCE they would do) which is supporting it as EVEN MORE HOLY of a SABBATH-CORNERSTONE system than the one GOD CLEARLY CREATED AND COMMANDED IN CONTEXT OF HIS PLAN PROMISED FROM THE FOUNDATION OF THE WORLD?!

4. Some people argue that Israel forgot their 'PERPETUAL 7 DAY SABBATH' while in bondage to Satan's Pharaoh in Egypt and God re-reveals it to them again in Exodus 16. If that's true, it seems to be a MIRACULOUS coincidence that these sabbaths He reveals in Ex. 16, in the 2nd month from coming out of Egypt (and related to the "bread from heaven" or "man", called "manna" in English), conveniently fall on the SAME EXTRAPOLATED PATTERN of SABBATHS (the 8th, 15th, 22nd, and 29th) as those of the 1st MONTH prior to that one, and those of the 3rd LUNAR MONTH after that one, as demonstrated in the charts on this page! It's IMPOSSIBLE for a perpetual 7 day sabbath to fall on the SAME DAYS of a LUNAR CYCLE 3 months in a row! Only through the SANCTIFICATION (setting apart) of the NEW MOON from the WEEKDAYS is it POSSIBLE to have sabbaths fall on the SAME LUNAR CALENDAR DAYS of the Month as faithful "SIGNS" for His Sabbath ("Signs" speaking as a FAITHFUL WITNESS regarding Gods TRUE "Lord of the Sabbath" as the very CORNERSTONE of the COVENANT, Slain as a PASSOVER/ATONEMENT SACRIFICE in REJECTION which would EXALT HIM to the RIGHT HAND OF GOD according to the PLAN, Is. 42:6, Ps. 110, Rev. 12:5, Lk. 22:69, Rom. 8:34, Heb. 10:12 & 12:2)! It seems clear that if God wanted to PROVE to US that He had a DIFFERENT SABBATH CALENDAR than this one He is CLEARLY ANCHORING to the LUNAR CALENDAR and its "SIGNS" as a FAITHFUL WITNESS, it would certainly have been HERE, right? But He DOESN'T! In fact He clearly PROVES HERE that He has only ever had ONE SABBATH PLAN, a LUNAR HARVEST SABBATH PLAN, as DEMONSTRATED in the charts on this page, and this is THE TIME and PLACE for which He is CREATING IT to speak ALL ABOUT the very "CORNERSTONE" of His MERCIFUL SACRIFICIAL SABBATH PLAN which would FIRST BE REJECTED with a BROKEN 1ST COVENANT, to then SAVE MANKIND in a NEW COVENANT, His own SACRIFICE being the very COVENANT He PROVIDED to REDEEM and SANCTIFY US from our BONDAGE to SATANS WORLD KINGDOM OF DECEPTION; bringing us OUT in a GREATER EXODUS than from EGYPT and into the BOND of THAT NEW COVENANT KINGDOM according to His Plan PROMISED FROM THE FOUNDATION OF THE WORLD!

5. It would also mean that Jesus/Yahshua, the very "CORNERSTONE" "LORD of the SABBATH" and "LIGHT OF THE WORLD" for which the Lunar SABBATH Calendar of God was CREATED to speak ALL ABOUT as a "FAITHFUL WITNESS" "SABBATH SIGN" [for the "Passover Lamb" God was promising to provide from the foundation of the world that would ultimately UNITE the two houses of Judah and Israel together as ONE through the ONE SPIRIT of TRUTH (as planned from Gen. 1:26) seen in the FULL MOON SABBATH "SIGN" of Gods CHOSEN "CORNERSTONE" as the "Lord of the Sabbath" which was REJECTED for an ANTICHRIST IMPOSTER as God promised would happen], was himself LYING when he said his Father was "STILL WORKING" up to that point in time, even as he himself was (Jn. 5:7)! In other words, the 7th Day SABBATH REST of GOD from MAN'S PERSPECTIVE (of Time-Space) is still a FUTURE PROMISE which he came to LEAD US INTO through our FAITH in HIS "REST", the work of PASSOVER-ATONEMENT SABBATH FAITH which HE "FINISHED" as the CORNERSTONE-Lord of the Sabbath PLAN who was OBEDIENT to DEATH, even as Isaac was to Abraham, and Abraham was to God, as SHADOWS to teach us about the UNITY of His Kingdom of Authority (elohim)! In this way he will LEAD US through OUR OBEDIENCE of FAITH in the FATHERS PLAN which HE ESTABLISHED as the CORNERSTONE elohim of it through HIS OBEDIENCE of FAITH, into the Father's SABBATH REST with THEM as "ONE" (echad) in the glorious GOAL of His CREATION, as Ps. 110, Romans 10:3-4 and Hebrews 4:8-11 tell us! This Sabbath Plan of His Story in Time-Space is graphically pictured in the Expanded 7 Day-Jubilee charts at the bottom of this page.

This is the "SABBATH GOSPEL PLAN", His Story for HIS CREATION (and the 'Image' of the Father and Son united as ONE HOLY SPIRIT of TRUTH in the PLAN, which was pictured first most graphically in Abraham and Isaac and the "Akedah/binding of Isaac" as a Passover-Atonements SABBATH sacrifice as SHADOW for us to recognize the "CORNERSTONE SPIRIT" of the SABBATH PLAN of REDEMPTION and SANCTIFICATION for our UNITY by FAITH ) and is reflected in the LITERALLY TRUE (modern tense) Hebrew Grammar translation of Gen. 2:3 (which I will attempt to break down as simply as possible). This 'FINISH', "end" or 'rest' of 'elohim' MUST be recognized in context of Jesus' work as the "Sabbath Cornerstone" and "Lord of the Sabbath", the "Moshiah" of the Elohim Plan to provide the SABBATH Sacrifice, as he himself testified when he quoted Psalm 82:6, Ps. 89:37 (38), and Ps. 110:1 (Mk. 14:62 & Jn. 10:34-36).

Elohim will bless the seventh day and will sanctify it because on it He finished all His work WHICH HE CREATED ELOHIM TO DO! Gen. 2:3

SIMPLE Hebrew sentence structure is Verb-Subject-Object or "V-S-O" (in English the Verb and Subject are obverse as: "S-V-O"). In the sentence above the first 3 words of the Hebrew are: "(V)will bless-(S)Elohim-(O)the 7th Day" (translated into English as: "(S)Elohim-(V)will bless-(O)the 7th Day").

But this is just the beginning of a VERY COMPLEX COMPOUND SENTENCE containing many verbs and which is ended with a clause connected by the Conjunction "(C)which". This clause containing the final two conjugated Verbs and a Noun as an Indirect Object (I.O.N.) of the sentence is: "(C) which-(V)He created-(I.O.N.)elohim-(V)to do".

Simply stated the Indirect Object-Noun "(I.O.N.) elohim" in this CLAUSE should NOT be MISTRANSLATED as a re-identification of the Subject "(S)Elohim" already identified in the very beginning of this complex compound sentence, as most translators do! It should RIGHTLY BE TRANSLATED as:

Elohim will bless the seventh day and will sanctify it because on it He finished all His work WHICH HE CREATED ELOHIM TO DO! Gen. 2:3

Clearly (YHWH) Elohim has been CREATING "Elohim" according to His SABBATH PLAN through which they become ONE through the OBEDIENCE OF FAITH played out over the COURSE of time; the 6th DAY of TIME which we are STILL IN, as alluded to from the BEGINNING of creation! This is not only reflected through the CONTEXTUAL-HISTORICAL OBEDIENCE of our fathers of FAITH being conformed to His Image to do His "Passover Sabbath" Will for His Glory (to include Moses who was made "Elohim to Pharaoh" in Ex. 7:1), but is also reflected in the following verses for our instuction toward that same Goal:

I said "you are elohim"; all of you are children of the Most High. Ps. 82:6 (Jn. 10:34-36)

...he who believes me will do GREATER THINGS (than me) because I am returning to the Father" Jn. 14:12b

YHWH said to my Lord, sit here at my right hand until I make your enemies a footstool for your feet. Ps. 110:1

For if Yashua/Jesus had given them rest, there would not have been spoken of another Day. Therefore a "Sabbath Keeping" (sabbatismos/shabbaton) remains for the people of Elohim. He that enters his rest ceases from doing HIS OWN WORKS even as elohim rested pertaining to His. Let us exert our faith (in the Sabbath-Cornerstone promise; the only true "Gospel Plan" to create a Kingdom of Kings and Priests in the IMAGE of Elohim) to enter into that rest so that none of you fail to enter by following their examples of disobedience. Heb. 4:8-11

After allowing these truths to take root, they should completely change your understanding regarding the perception of (Time-Space) reality so that you begin to ALIGN and UNITE with the HEAVENLY PATTERN as the BODY of "MESSIAH" to make RIGHT JUDGEMENT according to GODS TRUE "SABBATH PLAN" for His CREATION BIND the Pharaonic serpent god Satan and his antichrist servants on earth for Gods Glory for their opposition to Gods true SABBATH PLAN through which we are UNITED as ONE through OBEDIENCE to the PLAN (Deut. 6:4, Ps. 82:6, Ps. 149:6-9, 1 Cor. 6:3)!

6. The continual or 'daily' (tamid) offering was required to be brought every day, of every month, of every year (Numbers 28:3). So it was a sacrifice that was done EVEN on WEEKDAYS not only on New Moons and SABBATHS. By the way, please keep in mind that UNLIKE your current FRAUD SABBATH SYSTEM where not only the "fraud sabbath" can fall on a HOLY NEW MOON, but FRAUD 'weekdays' also DESECRATE the Holy New Moon! But God clearly tells us that SHOULD NOT BE when he says that NEW MOONS and SABBATHS are SET APART from eachother AND and from the SIX WORKING DAYS of the LUNAR WEEKS as follows:

YHWH God says: The gate of the inner court that faces Eastward shall be SHUT the SIX WORKING DAYS; but on the SABBATH days and on NEW MOON days IT SHALL BE OPENED. Ez. 46:1.

So we see throughout Numbers 28 that the Tamid ("continual offering" which is made EVEN ON "weekdays") is SPECIFICALLY mentioned to be IN ADDITION to EVERY OTHER SACRIFICE offered at ANY OTHER TIME of the year. For instance in Num. 28:10 we see the Tamid is IN ADDITION to the SABBATH sacrifices. Likewise in vs. 15 they are IN ADDITION to the New Moon sacrifices. Going through the rest of the special Feast or "GREAT Sabbath" sacrifices mentioned (Passover, Shavuot/Pentecost, and Tabernacles) these are SPECIFICALLY MENTIONED to be IN ADDITION to the Tamid or 'daily' sacrifice for all those other SPECIAL FESTIVAL SACRIFICES throughout the rest of the chapter as well. What is CONSPICUOUSLY MISSING, if sabbaths could 'float around' within the lunar calendar such that it could fall on New Moon or a Great Sabbath, is any sort of instruction regarding what happens in that case! If sabbaths were not anchored to the Lunar Calendar but could float around such that they could fall on a New Moon, or on a Great Sabbath, why dont we see that SPECIFICALLY addressed like the Tamid (daily sacrifice) is for EVERY OTHER POSSIBILITY? In other words, if a sabbath could fall on a New Moon or a Great Sabbath for example, WHICH sacrifice PREVAILS: the sabbath sacrifice or the sacrifice of the New Moon or Great Sabbath on which it falls? Or are BOTH the sacrifice for sabbath and that of the New Moon or Great Sabbath on which it falls required? Keep in mind that the New Moon sacrifice, similar to GREAT SABBATH sacrifices, is SUBSTANTIALLY MORE than a regular sabbath sacrifice (Requiring not only more than twice the amount of sheep, but also TWO BULLS!). And if BOTH are done, is the Tamid-daily sacrifice DOUBLED in such case (once because it's not only sabbath but also New Moon or a Great Sabbath), or NOT DONE AT ALL? Of course the reason why such instructions are conspicuously missing is because the "perpetual week" and its FRAUD "sabbaths" which can 'float around' in regard to the Lunar Cornerstone of Gods Kingdom, NEVER EXISTED prior to the destruction of the Temple and the ANTICHRIST changing Gods Times and Laws (which speak about the TRUE "CORNERSTONE" and Lord of the Sabbath as King over heaven and earth)! The ANTICHRIST gave us his WANDERING STAR planetary week sabbath FRAUD by which he has TAKEN THE WHOLE WORLD INTO BONDAGE TO HIS "CORNERSTONE LIE" to serve SATANS KINGDOM in OPPOSITION to the Kingdom of TRUTH, as God TOLD US IN GREAT DETAIL IN ADVANCE THAT THEY WOULD DO, and I'M SHOWING YOU in EVEN MORE DETAIL, that they DID IT! The Book of Jude talks about this fraud of DARKNESS and their "wandering star" PLANETARY WEEK DECEPTION awaiting the Day of Judgment, NOW UPON US...WAKE UP!

7. The "Sabbath" we enter with God (through our OBEDIENCE of FAITH in His PASSOVER-ATONEMENTS SABBATH PLAN) can not happen until AFTER God FINISHES CREATING ALL HIS ARMIES ON EARTH, AS IN HEAVEN! Please note this verse is JUST BEFORE Elohim "finished/ended/rested" (shabbat) His Work On the 7th Day which clearly MUST BE A YET FUTURE DAY!:

And God FINISHED CREATING the Heavens and Earth AND ALL THEIR ARMIES! Gen. 2:1

On that very day YHWH brought the children of Israel out from Egypt according to their ARMIES. Ex. 12:51

Please notice that God did not CREATE the ARMIES of Israel (the PROTOTYPE for his NEW COVENANT ARMIES) until He UNITES THEM in His Passover SABBATH PLAN which HE CREATED in order to bring them out from BONDAGE to the serpent-god Pharaoh of this world, as a TEACHING TOOL! He is NOT FINISHED CREATING THESE ARMIES "ON EARTH AS IN HEAVEN" according to the PROPHECIES, so we are CLEARLY STILL in DAY 6 of creation from His OVERVIEW Perspective of His Story which He told us FROM THE BEGINNING (which is the Mind of the Messiah we are to be UNITED IN as HIS BODY created in His Image according to His TRUTH PLAN)!

This last argument regarding the creation of these Armies requires a bit more Hebrew (which will be far too tedious here, and opens up prophetic implications beyond the scope of this study, so I will merely point you in the right direction to confirm what I'm saying, if you choose to) in order to see how the word is translated in some places as "Host" ("Tzvah"/"ARMY", and the juxtapositioning of 2 plural forms in both masculine "Tzvam" and femine "Tzvaot"), which is used in Gen. 2:1 and Is. 34:2, and how God refers to Himself throughout His Word as the "LORD of HOSTS" (YHWH tzvaot = "He Who Is over ARMIES"), recognizing the FEMININE form of ARMIES is used in these places. His armies on earth are His Bride Israel composed of people (and ARMIES) from EVERY NATION who OBEY HIM (and excluding the people and armies of prophetic Edom/Amelek/Satan/Pharaoh who oppose God and His armies)!

YHWH said to Moses "I have made you ELOHIM to Pharaoh..." Ex. 7:1a

"But Pharaoh will not listen to you and I will lay my hand on Egypt to bring my ARMIES (Tzvaot) AND MY PEOPLE, the children of Israel, OUT from Egypt through GREAT JUDGEMENTS!" Exodus 7:4

A prophet from among you, one of your brethren, YHWH your Elohim will raise up, and you must listen to him. Deut. 18:15

Behold the days are coming when no one will be talking about the Exodus of the children of ISRAEL from Egypt anymore, but rather about their Great Exodus from ALL the nations in the world where God has scattered them! Jer. 16:14-15

I will gather you from all nations...and bring you in the wilderness of the People where I will plead with you face to face as I pleaded with your fathers (though Moses) in the wilderness of Sinai...I will pass you under the rod and and purge out all rebellion to bring you into the bond of the (new) covenant and you will know that I am YHWH.. Ez. 20:34-37

YHWH did not create the FIRST "Army" of Israel, as a sort of PROTOTYPE for His end time GOAL on earth, UNTIL He UNITED THEM to bring them out of BONDAGE to the ARMY of PHARAOH (Ex. 7:4) through their OBEDIENCE to His PROMISE given to ABRAHAM, in a 1st covenant for which He PLANNED on being BROKEN! So according to Jer. 16:14-15 and elsewhere, God is CLEARLY NOT YET FINISHED CREATING HIS ARMIES! After He FINISHES creating HIS ARMIES of ISRAEL and they CONQUER the world Pharaoh-SATANS ARMIES coming out in GREAT JUDGEMENT on SATANS WORLD KINGDOM, then and ONLY THEN will MANKIND be FINISHED being created in Gods IMAGE to then ENTER INTO THE PROMISE of the SABBATH KINGDOM as He Designed and TOLD US FROM THE VERY BEGINNING! So don't let the Devil deceive you to serve in HIS ARMY in OPPOSITION to GODS because you will DEFINITELY LOSE; IT HAS BEEN WRITTEN and rolled out in PROMISE from the very BEGINNING as a DONE DEAL! Any other 'Gospel' Plan than what I have just shown you, is a SATANIC DECEPTION designed to deceive you to SERVE SATAN as your GOD in REBELLION to the TRUTH...DON'T DO IT! That's why it's SO IMPORTANT, if you claim to SERVE TRUTH as your KING, to study and UNDERSTAND this page regarding Gods SABBATH KINGDOM PROMISE and the CORNERSTONE KING over it so you will not PERISH for REBELLION like Pharaoh and his army did!

"No man can serve two Lords! He will either hate one and love the other OR will serve one and spurn the other. You cannot serve BOTH Elohim AND mammon." Mat. 6:24, Lk. 16:13

8. As a final addendum I would point out that the Moon is SUCH A MATHEMATICALLY FAITHFUL "WITNESS" that the "New Moons" can be ACCURATELY ESTABLISHED years in advance! Establishing "Times and Laws" is one of the PRIMARY FUNCTIONS of Gods Kings and Priests as His representative governing officials. Jesus, as our HIGH PRIEST and KING who ESTABLISHED the ELOHIM SPIRIT OF TRUTH as the CORNERSTONE of our Heavenly patterned Kingdom, is OUR EXAMPLE. As Kings and Priests under HIM as our CORNERSTONE LORD of the Sabbath, we ESTABLISH the TIMES and LAWS of OUR MORNINGSTAR LIGHT OF THE WORLD as our "HIGH PRIEST and KING" over HEAVEN and EARTH (Ps. 110, Rev. 12:5, Lk. 22:69, Rom. 8:34, Heb. 10:12 & 12:2), in order to GUIDE GOD'S CHILDREN to be formed in THEIR spiritual IMAGE of righteousness and TRUTH according to THEIR PLAN we UNITE in together with them as ONE BODY (Gen. 1:26, Ps. 82, Ps. 110, Jn. 10:34-37, Mk. 14:61-62)... NOT the image of SATANIC ANTISEMITE ANTICHRIST COUNTERFEITS currently DIVIDING and DESTROYING THE WORLD in GREED and selfish REBELLION to our KING!

So in summary, God clearly CREATED Sabbath in the CONTEXT of OUR DAY in which SATAN took us CAPTIVE, DAY 6 of CREATION which we are STILL IN, and He is LEADING US to be CREATED IN HIS PERFECT IMAGE to CRUSH THE HEAD of SATANS SEED and inaugurate HIS KINGDOM on earth...and OUR "RESTING IN FAITH" in HIS 7th Day PROMISE, is a FUTURE EVENT we ENTER TODAY BY FAITH in His CREATING US in His Image for His Glory! He told us the SABBATH END from the BEGINNING in relationship to the PROMISE of His CORNERSTONE, the GROOM of the PROMISE, who would be SACRIFICED as a "PASSOVER LAMB" who LEADS US into the WEDDING PROMISE such that it would be REQUIRED to SANCTIFY NEW MOON apart from WEEKDAYS and their SABBATHS as HOLY in order to establish the 'CORNERSTONE SIGN' of the "Lord of the Sabbath" as our "PASSOVER", the TRUE SPIRIT of the King of His Kingdom of Kings and Priests (Ps. 110)!

New Moon representing the INVISIBLE REALITY of the ETERNAL GOD was SET APART from the first "WEEK" of creation. So in the context of the MONTH, which God does not DISCLOSE through CODIFICATION until Ex. 12, the 1st DAY "new moon" is SET APART from the WEEKS of the MONTH, even as the Sabbath is set apart from the rest of the weekdays in Ex. 16! The 1st day of the MONTH which BEGINS THE WEEKS was not COUNTED in the BEGINNING. It was not til Ex. 12 that KEY to ESTABLISH GODS SABBATHS was GIVEN in CONTEXT of the PASSOVER LAMB He had been promising to PROVIDE from the FOUNDATION of the WORLD as the PASSOVER MORNINGSTAR of his KINGDOM on earth!

You saw the distress of our ancestors in you REVEALED your HOLY SABBATH to them and you laid down commandments and statutes as Law for them through Your Servant Moses. Neh. 9:9 & 14

He ESTABLISHED this "CORNERSTONE-SABBATH TRUTH" MATHEMATICALLY in HIS WORD, knowing that Satan, through his antichrist and false prophet, would REPLACE it for 2 millennial days in his last kingdom stand which would begin our LAST BONDAGE as prophesied. The Passover Sabbath/Exodus from our BONDAGE in Egypt was just a shadow pointing to the TRUE PASSOVER/EXODUS from our WORLD BONDAGE to Satan which God has been promising us from the foundation of the world! He intended to RE-ESTABLISH this CORNERSTONE "SIGN" of His SANCTIFYING and SAVING TRUTH of His HOLY KINGDOM in the Morning of the 3rd Millennial Day after HE STRUCK US and went back to HIS PLACE (Hos. 5:14-6:2) in order to DESTROY SATANS KINGDOM of DECEPTION built on a FRAUD SABBATH WEEK associated with the BLINDING CORNERSTONE of the Sun in the end days, through a HOLY PEOPLE who will BRING HIM GLORY through their OBEDIENCE as His KINGS and PRIESTS. As the very cornerstone of his kingdom of REBELLION and DECEPTION, Satan's perpetual 7 day sabbath calendar DISHONORS GODS CORNERSTONE. The CORNERSTONE SPIRIT and "SIGN" of the MESSIAH simply CAN NOT be Honored through OBEDIENCE in Satan's Pharaohnic Kingdom of DECEPTION and CORRUPTION! For this reason a GREAT EXODUS will take place on the HEELS of the DESTRUCTION of SATANS WORLD KINGDOM to ESTABLISH GODS in its place as DESIGNED from the foundation of the world (Deut. 30:1-6, Jer. 16:14-15 & Ez. 20:34-37)!

The Stone REJECTED by The Builders (as the Kingdom "Cornerstone"), has NOW BECOME the CHOSEN CORNERSTONE from YHWH, and it's SUPERNATURAL in our eyes! Ps. 118:22-23, Mat. 21:42, Mk. 12:10, Lk. 20:17, Acts 4:11 & 1 Pet. 2:7

These SABBATHS speak all about Gods 'Gospel Plan' and the Master of it, the MESSIAH as the "CORNERSTONE" of the Plan; the LIVING TORAH KING now seated at the RIGHT HAND of POWER ON HIGH even as pictured by the rejection of Joseph which led us into the 1st BONDAGE to the serpent-god Pharaoh as an INSTRUCTIONAL TOOL! These appointed times not only include our PASSOVER REDEMPTION in the 1st month, the promise in the 2nd month of the "man/bread from heaven", the revelation of the SABBATH COUNTDOWN to our 'marriage' in the 3rd month to be the SPECIAL KINGDOM of Kings and Priests to our God, but these things are also tied to the ATONEMENTS JUDGEMENT DAY preceding our ENTERING the PROMISE of the TABERNACLES SABBATH with God in the NEW COVENANT and the Jubilee RESTORATION of ISRAEL! you the peoples of the nations will come from the ends of the earth and say: "We have inherited worthless traditions and lies from our fathers!" Jer. 16:19

All one has to do to DEFEND the concept of a 'perpetual 7 day sabbath' which they have received as a result of LIES and WORTHLESS TRADITIONS from their fathers, is to unequivocally DEMONSTRATE that a SABBATH DAY ever fell on ANY OTHER DAY of Israel's LUNAR CALENDAR than those in the charts on this page; but it SIMPLY CAN'T BE DONE! And SADLY the LEADERS of the SATANIC CAPTIVITY still refuse to REPENT and LET THE PEOPLE GO. So the children they deceive, along with the APATHETIC MIND SLAVES of these NARCISSIST FIRSTBORN SEED OF SATAN, simply DENY THE TRUTH in order TO SERVE their ANTICHRIST "CORNERSTONE" ENSLAVER in service to SATANS KINGDOM, which in the DEPTHS of the ANTICHRISTS "POWERFUL DELUSION" they're under, the children believe must be coming on SOMEONE ELSE in the FUTURE! Unless the leaders (firstborn slavemasters of Satan's kingdom) abusing their minds to remain in BONDAGE to their LIES are taken OUT OF THE WAY (2 Thes. 2:7, Mat. 13:40-41) for PROPOGATING this deception which is destroying mankind in Jesus' name, NO FLESH WILL BE SAVED (Mat. 24:22)! These DEMONS IN FLESH refuse to even CONSIDER the fact that their INABILITY to discuss HOW and WHAT Jesus is a 'CORNERSTONE' of, in context of a PLAN of the father that SPEAKS ALL ABOUT HIM through Moses and the Prophets, as Jesus himself testified (Jn. 5:37 & 39, Jn5:46-47, Jn. 8:18, Lk. 24:44), might be THE EVIDENCE that they are ALREADY DECEIVED! They simply PREFER THEIR RELIGIOUS LIES over the TRUTH because it's PROFITABLE FOR THEM to LOVE A LIE more than the TRUTH!

If one CAN'T MEANINGFULLY DESCRIBE THE "CORNERSTONE" OF THE GOSPEL from the FATHER'S PROMISES in the TNK (Old Testament) to CONVINCE ANYONE that Jesus is GODS "CORNERSTONE" "Lord of the Sabbath" (as opposed to a Satanic deception cloaked in Jesus' name), that should be the 1ST CLUE you're dealing with a FRAUD GOSPEL PREACHER!

When you begin to ask pointed questions like "Exactly HOW is Jesus a "CORNERSTONE" and of WHAT is he a "CORNERSTONE" of, exactly?" and "HOW is Jesus the "LORD of the Sabbath" and practically speaking, WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?" He said "Sabbath was created for man" and that he's the "Lord of the sabbath" so "Which 'Sabbath' was created for man so we would know he is the rightful "Lord" over it?" (as opposed to a potential FRAUD sabbath and a "lord" over it which has taken man CAPTIVE!) or "how are those claims RELATED to his claim of being the MORNINGSTAR?" and "What exactly does it mean that he's a MORNINGSTAR?" or "what is the "GOSPEL" IMPORTANCE of ALL of those CLAIMS in some MEANINGFUL "GOSPEL PLAN" CONTEXT?". When the BIBLE 'AUTHORITY' you ask is not ABLE to give a MEANINGFUL ANSWER to those questions, that should be a HUGE CLUE that the ANTICHRIST has DECEIVED THEM with A FALSE GOSPEL using Jesus' name to SERVE SATAN IN OPPOSITION to the TRUTH which they are COMPLETELY IGNORANT ABOUT! But there may still be hope for them if they're willing to acknowledge and serve the TRUTH when they hear it.

On the other hand, if they OBFUSCATE and REFUSE the truth as they PRETEND to address these questions with WORD SALAD by merely regurgitating some of the Bible passages that make these declarations about the importance of Jesus as the "cornerstone" and "morningstar", WITHOUT ACTUALLY ANSWERING the questions or showing any LOGICAL CONNECTIONS in context of a PLAN...a "GOSPEL PLAN"; or they try to shift the topic and/or pretend these questions AREN'T absolutely "CORNERSTONE-MORNINGSTAR TRUTHS" that REQUIRE CONTEXTUALLY MEANINGFUL ANSWERS in order to demonstrate they KNOW THE TRUE GOSPEL PLAN OF GOD, the CORNERSTONE LORD OF THE SABBATH and TRUE MORNINGSTAR LIGHT OF THE WORLD as KING of HEAVEN AND EARTH, then that's very concerning behaviour. But EVEN WORSE, if they begin to GASLIGHT and PSYCHOLOGICALLY ABUSE YOU for asking such IMPORTANT QUESTIONS, then KNOW FOR SURE they are MANIFESTING A SATANIC DECEIVING SPIRIT! How do I know? You know a tree by its fruit!

When I ask these questions from such RESPECTED (antichrist) "leaders" in private they usually GASLIGHT me and ACCUSE ME of something RIGHT OFF THE BAT. Some of the most frequently used GASLIGHTING STATEMENTS they use in order to NOT BE REASONABLE with me are: "you have a different Jesus (or gospel)" and "you're a heretic" or "you need to study more" or "you don't have the spirit of God leading you, you have to be born again". They will usually parrot religious cliches or NONSENSICAL ARGUMENTS if we were in front of their APATH MIND SLAVES and/or their ABUSED children and/or parishoners before whom they are POSTURING (who don't even recognize their enslavement to DECEPTION and how it's maintained through PSYCHOLOGICAL ABUSE) in order to put on a little drama where they basically MOCK ME and the TRUTH I REPRESENT, and simultaneously PROPOGATE the current TRADITIONAL CLIMATE of LIES and the culture of PSYCHOLOGICAL BULLYING of children's minds by which the masses are kept CONTROLLED so that they are MAINTAINED as MIND SLAVES unable or UNWILLING to THINK CRITICALLY to even CONSIDER the contemplation of my life's work and message of SAVING TRUTH..

In 2001 I was disfellowshipped and kicked out of Seminary after I proposed, and refused to change (after being pressured and bullied), my Doctoral Thesis as: "The Cornerstone-Morningstar Gospel Plan": "How the Rejected Cornerstone Lord of the Sabbath exposes and destroys the powerful delusion of the "Builders" who rejected and replaced him with their antichrist IMPOSTER "Morningstar" (Lucifer) in service to Satan, to then be recognized as the TRUE "Morningstar King" before whom all men will bow through obedience as the worlds Messianic Saviour according to the Plan; the Blueprint for Gods Kingdom on Earth"!

Immediately subsequent to that I was forced out of business, had to liquidate my home and all my possessions, lost my family, and was forced to go homeless moving from place to place over 15 years just trying to survive (and since 2017 am currently in what I term as a "LOCK DOWN" in a "virtual prison" under a sort of "house arrest" not dissimilar from Joseph or Pauls bondage; a WELL CRAFTED "ISOLATION" designed by the unrecognized narcissistic TOTALITARIANS (now locking down the rest of the world in "plandemic") who DON'T WANT ME to HELP ANYONE by telling them the TRUTH that will UNITE them with the SOUND MIND of the MESSIAH which will SAVE THE WORLD FROM THEIR SATANIC DECEPTIONS!), all because of my OBEDIENCE of FAITH to this "CORNERSTONE" "LORD OF THE SABBATH" PLAN of God to SAVE THE WORLD from Satans KINGDOM OF DECEPTION AND DIVISIVENESS LEADING TO DESTRUCTION, by bringing this "MORNINGSTAR MESSAGE" of GODS SABBATH KINGDOM over which Jesus is KING of Heaven and Earth NOW! They prefer to tell people the "Antichrist is coming" because THEY'VE BEEN DECEIVED TO NOT EVEN KNOW THE HISTORY OF HOW HE ALREADY CAME and how THEY ARE OPPOSING THE TRUTH to serve and propogate Satan's "POWERFUL DELUSION" by which they are already deceived and so deceive others to ENSLAVE THEM TO SATAN using the Bible they LIE AGAINST to justify their SELF SERVING HYPOCRISY AND SATANIC LIES as they PRETEND to speak for God! It's like a DEADLY, HIGHLY CONTAGIOUS, and rapidly MUTATING ideological VIRUS infecting their MINDS which will EXTERMINATE ALL MANKIND in PRACTICAL INSANITY; for which "SABBATH CORNERSTONE-MORNINGSTAR TRUTH" is the ONLY CURE! The Truth is the CURE that will give the BODY of Messiah the SOUND MIND needed in order to OBEY GODS PLAN! They must UNITE to 'cut satans days short' or NO FLESH will be SAVED! After ARRESTING SATANS ANTICHRIST BODY to SAVE THE WORLD, they can then RESTORE THEIR SANITY by PRESENTING the TRUTH...otherwise NO FLESH WILL BE SAVED FROM THE MADNESS of the SATANIC ANTICHRISTS after they have taken FULL CONTROL as in the days of the DELUGE!

Those ANTICHRISTS who most vehemently OPPOSE my message of TRUTH AS SAVIOUR OF THE WORLD, which I represent as a SUFFERING SERVANT, have SPIT ON ME, SLANDERED ME, ACCUSED ME of HEINOUS EVILS, have PHYSICALLY ASSAULTED ME, POISONED me and left me for dead, have set me up for various potentially DEADLY 'accidents' (to include 2 separate "murder by cop" scenarios), have had me ARRESTED on FRAUDULENT and TRUMPED UP CHARGES at various times, and have had me INVOLUNTARILY COMMITTED for "PSYCHOLOGICAL EVALUATION" in their UNDERHANDED SATANIC ATTEMPTS to SILENCE ME so that everyone remains in BONDAGE TO THE LIES of THEIR NARCISSIST ANTICHRIST MASTER they are HAPPY SERVING; because they INSANELY believe it's somehow better for them and everyone to live in A SATANIC KINGDOM OF LIES RULED BY ABUSIVE NARCISSIST LIARS than to allow the "SABBATH-CORNERSTONE" TRUTH to be FLESHED OUT by just ONE CHILD OF GOD which EXPOSES THE NAKED EMPEROR they've SUBMITTED TO while POSING as servants of God! It's very much like MODERN DAY PHARISEES who are making SACRIFICES of HOLY MEN so they don't lose their cozy relationship with ANTICHRIST ROME! Currying favor to the SEED OF SATAN, whether it's the Iranian Regime, the VATICAN regime, the North Korean Regime, or the regime of the C.C.P. (or all of them in collusion together with other key operatives within many other nations, including the U.S.A., for world domination of a .01% elite SATANIC master class over the 99.99% as their subjugated slaves), has NEVER BEEN, and can NEVER BE, the path to LIBERTY!

The EVIDENCE for the TRUE Sabbath WEEK and its "CORNERSTONE" as the TRUE "Lord of the Sabbath", which was CREATED and CODIFIED over the course of TIME through the FAITH of our forefathers in OBEDIENCE to GOD'S PLAN which He has been UNVEILING over the course of HIS STORY, is ESTABLISHED as ABSOLUTELY TRUE and is CLEARLY a LUNAR SABBATH CALENDAR! There is NO OTHER 'SABBATH' or Lord of the Sabbath as its CORNERSTONE than this one in TORAH and as testified by the Messiah, Jesus/Yahshua through his OBEDIENCE to the PLAN! Anyone claiming God gave mankind a perpetual 7 day sabbath week from the beginning and is re-revealing it in Exodus 16 after it was supposedly forgotten while in Egypt, HAS ABSOLUTELY NO CORNERSTONE of TRUTH upon which to ESTABLISH their CLAIM to truth, which is NOW EXPOSED as SERVICE TO SATAN as the CORNERSTONE and LORD of a FRAUD SABBATH KINGDOM, a "POWERFUL DELUSION" that stands OPPOSED to THE TRUTH and is served as the "Light of the World" by those who LOVE DARKNESS! In fact they must go to GREAT LENGTHS in order to "REJECT THE CORNERSTONE TRUTH" and TRUE "Lord of the Sabbath" in order to maintain this PERPETUAL SABBATH WEEK FRAUD as the "CORNERSTONE" of their BONDAGE to the DECEIVER as their imposter "Lord of the Sabbath"; the "CORNERSTONE LIE" who BLINDS THEIR MINDS (2 Cor. 4:3-4), and they do it for the SAKE OF "TRADITION" handed down to them by the very CONSPIRATORS who REJECTED GODS CORNERSTONE, DESTROYED HIS TEMPLE, and CHANGED THE TIMES AND LAWS OF GODS KINGDOM which He CHOSE as a FAITHFUL WITNESS to SPEAK ALL ABOUT HIS KINGDOM PLAN and the "CORNERSTONE" of it; AS HE TOLD US IN ADVANCE THEY WOULD DO!

The ONE STATEMENT SUMMARY IS: The "perpetual sabbath" FRAUD of HIS CREATION is the smoking gun EVIDENCE that Satan's ANTICHRIST has CHANGED God's Kingdom Times and Laws and has deceived the whole world to SERVE SATAN as the 'cornerstone' 'lord of the sabath' and 'morningstar' 'light of the world' over HIS KINGDOM OF DECEPTION and LIES in place of the TRUTH, as an IDENTITY THIEF and FRAUD as God PROMISED would happen! They have DECIEVED the world with FALSE INTERPRETATIONS and 'GOSPELS' built on this FRAUD CORNERSTONE, but the TRUE GOSPEL speaks ALL ABOUT God's LUNAR KINGDOM TIMES and LAWS He Created in the CONTEXT of the OBEDIENCE of our FOREFATHERS OF FAITH, and which REQUIRES the SANCTIFICATION of the NEW MOON as the "INVISIBLE CORNERSTONE SPIRIT" OF "TRUTH" whose FULL MOON SABBATHS speak as a FAITHFUL WITNESS ALL ABOUT the TRUE MESSIAH as the PERFECT IMAGE of that SPIRIT of TRUTH; The TRUE "CORNERSTONE" "Lord of the Sabbath" and "Morningstar" "Light of the World" before whom ALL NATIONS will BOW through their OBEDIENCE! This is the PLAN for MANKIND'S SALVATION and PEACE promised from the FOUNDATION of the WORLD!

Further notes on "Sabbath Keeping"

Please note that the work of God's priests was NEVER DONE with their WORK OF OBEDIENCE to GOD, ESPECIALLY on Sabbaths! They worked in service to God and his people DAILY and on New Moons and Sabbaths their work was FOURFOLD...on special new moons and 'great sabbath' festivals it was EVEN MORE LABORIOUS. But these were not THEIR WORKS but the WORKS OF GOD done through the OBEDIENCE OF FAITH! Even as Jesus was being persecuted by the Satanically deceived for supposedly violating the sabbath, the priests were in the Temple doing MORE WORK than they had done all week long in OBEDIENCE to God. How much moreso then was the KING of Kings and HIGH PRIEST over Gods NATION of Kings and Priests doing the work of Him who sent him! As Gods Kings and Priests we are COMMANDED to do the WORK OF FAITH so that we may ENTER INTO THE PROMISE of our SABBATH REST with God in His Sabbath rest!

Therefore a "Sabbath Keeping" (sabbatismos/shabbaton) remains for the people of Elohim. He that enters his rest ceases from doing HIS OWN WORKS even as elohim rested pertaining to His. Let us exert our faith (in the Sabbath-Cornerstone promise; the only true "Gospel Plan") to enter into that rest so that none of you fail to enter by following their examples of disobedience. Heb. 4:8-11

God's Kings and Priests KEEP SABBATH not through their WORKS of IDLENESS, but through their OBEDEIENCE to the WORKS OF GOD prepared by HIM for them to do, borne out of FAITH in His FUTURE PROMISE. This is what the WORKS of all of our Father's in the faith SPEAK ABOUT. It was NOT THEIR WORKS! They had FAVOR WITH GOD as a result of their RESTING IN HIS PROMISES and therefore DOING HIS WORK (not their own) by FAITH IN HIM, for OUR EXAMPLE!

As just ONE example of MANY which are CENTRAL to our FAITH in GODS PROMISE given from the FOUNDATION OF THE WORLD, Isaac being a 37 year old man wanting to do the WORK OF FAITH in GODS PROMISES (that He, being a BELOVED Miracle Child promised to Abraham from whom MANY SEED would come) he asked his father to BIND HIS HANDS so that when His father raised the knife over him IN OBEDIENCE OF FAITH IN GOD, RESTING IN HIS PROMISE, he would not struggle against GODS WILL. That is a foreshadowing of the PASSOVER/ATONEMENT WORK OF FAITH which Jesus FINISHED in order to ESTABLISH the "CORNERSTONE" of our SABBATH KINGDOM which is CREATED for US to ENTER into through the GOOD WORKS PREPARED IN ADVANCE FOR US TO DO, together WITH THEM, through OUR FAITH in THIS PLAN they all RESTED IN through FAITH as EXEMPLIFIED by the DEEDS of GOD done through OBEDIENCE OF FAITH! Like Esther, you were created and put in place for SUCH A TIME AS THIS (Est. 4:14)!

For by His Favor (grace) you are saved THROUGH FAITH which is not from YOU but a GIFT from God. It's not done of YOUR WORKS, so that no one can boast (except in what God has done), because we are His WORKMANSHIP created (in His Image) through Messiah Yahshua to do HIS WORKS, which God has ORDAINED for us to walk in (through FAITH in His Plan as the "BODY of MESSIAH"). Ephesians 2:8-10


The first promise given to mankind was the PROMISE of being created in Gods Image (of ELOHIM, like Moses in Ex. 7:1 and Jesus the PERFECT IMAGE of Elohim according to 2 Cor. 4:4, Col. 1:15) to rule over the Serpent-Pharaoh and all the beasts (Gen. 1:26), to bring peace to earth for His Glory in a NEW then be called "very good" and enter His Rest for which He creates "ARMIES" of "elohim" to do (Gen. 1:30-2:3).

I said "you are elohim"; all of you are children of the Most High. Ps. 82:6 (Jn. 10:34-36)

...he who believes me will do GREATER THINGS (than me) because I am returning to the Father" Jn. 14:12b

Thus the heavens AND EARTH and ALL THEIR ARMIES were finished. Gen. 2:1

Elohim will bless the seventh day and will sanctify it because on it He finished all His work WHICH HE CREATED ELOHIM TO DO! Gen. 2:3

From God's perspective it's a done deal. From our perspective it's a FUTURE DAY OF THE LORD we are yet being led to ENTER by FAITH, as He LEADS US by sending PROPHETS to tell us, as the writer of Hebrews 4 elaborates. This Sabbath was CREATED FOR MAN so he could CHOOSE GOOD over EVIL through OBEDIENCE of FAITH to the Lord of the Sabbath who wants to save mankind from SATANS DECEPTION and form him in his image of obedience to the Father, even as Isaac obeyed Abraham at the Akedah ('Binding of Isaac' as a picture of this SACRIFICIAL OBEDIENCE to Gods PLAN associated with the LUNAR CALENDAR which was created for JESUS to OBEY for OUR EXAMPLE of FAITH!). This will ESTABLISH the FATHERS KINGDOM and HIS SABBATHS which speak ALL ABOUT OUR KING, on EARTH. No longer will the governments of men be propagating GREED, HATE and INSANITY; the NARCISSISTIC IMAGE OF SATAN and his seed throughout the body of mankind, but the MIND OF MESSIAH will be reigning to form the ALTRUISTIC IMAGE of GOD throughout the rest of the BODY of MANKIND which will SAVE HIM and establish PEACE ON EARTH according to the PLAN.

Jesus came as the enfleshed TORAH/WORD to OBEDIENTLY FLESH OUT the Father's command of a LUNAR SABBATH "CORNERSTONE SACRIFICE" which would EXPOSE SATANS KINGDOM of DECEPTION and to become the MASTER of Gods Sabbath rest and TRUE 'LIGHT OF THE WORLD' by ESTABLISHING THE FATHER'S KINGDOM TIMES AND LAWS FOREVER through his OBEDIENCE! This was done in order to LEAD mankind in GREAT EXODUS out from their BONDAGE to the SERPENT GOD PHARAOH of this world and his RELIGIOUS SORCERERS who have always used the SUN to represent him as the light of the world as the 'CORNERSTONE SPIRIT' of his Kingdom of DECEPTION and REBELLION TO GOD.

God's Kingdom TIMES, for which He selected the MOON as a FAITHFUL WITNESS to speak all about His PASSOVER SABBATH "CORNERSTONE" SACRIFICE He was promising from the FOUNDATION of the world, is the CORNERSTONE 'TIMES AND LAWS' by which God will UNITE HIS BODY on earth in order to redeem HIS SEED from SATANS seed in GREAT EXODUS as PLANNED even before creating the Serpent-Satan. ALL who trust in GODS PASSOVER SABBATH SACRIFICE which he provided to DELIVER THEM from SATANS KINGDOM OF DECEPTION, will be SAVED in GREAT EXODUS from Satan's Kingdom which will be COMPLETELY DESTROYED!

The sons of GOD born from the woman Israel from above (Rev. 12:17), will CRUSH the head of the Serpent God Satan and his ANTICHRIST REBELS born of the MYSTERY BABYLON HARLOT here below and all her seed (Rom. 16:20, Mic. 4:13, Rev. 17:17). We shall inherit the world and possess the gates of our enemies. Then the WHOLE WORLD will be observing Gods LUNAR CORNERSTONE SIGN which speaks as a FAITHFUL WITNESS about the SACRIFICE HE MADE to REDEEM AND SANCTIFY US to be CREATED IN HIS IMAGE in order to RULE HIS KINGDOM ON EARTH for HIS GLORY!

Jesus is the Lord of the Sabbath (Mat. 12:8) which was CREATED FOR MAN (Mk. 2:27) so that we could be FORMED IN GODS IMAGE through our OBEDIENCE OF FAITH in the SABBATH-CORNERSTONE TRUTH which he came to ESTABLISH IN ZION through his OBEDIENCE! When that RULE goes out to the WHOLE WORLD, THEN the KINGDOM OF GOD will be WITH MEN!

In the FULL MOON PASSOVER account of Ex. 12, anchored to the FULL MOON SABBATH PROMISE of the 'bread from heaven' in the 2nd Month (Ex. 16:1), which then takes us to the REJECTED CORNERSTONE of the FULL MOON SABBATH of the 3rd month (Ex. 19:1) representing the PERFECT IMAGE of GOD and the TRUE LIGHT of the WORLD as the CORNERSTONE of Gods COVENANT Kingdom, which would be REJECTED by the KINGDOM BUILDERS to build SATANS LAST WORLD KINGDOM according to prophecy, is the Gospel Plan of God's Kingdom FOUND. The very PURPOSE of this "CORNERSTONE" TRUTH being REJECTED is to RE-ESTABLISH IT in order to EXPOSE and DESTROY SATANS KINGDOM of DECEPTION as the CORNERSTONE FRAUD and master of a 'SABBATH DECEPTION' God had a plan from BEFORE CREATION to expose on the stage of planet earth, to DESTROY SATANS KINGDOM in JUDGEMENT according to His SABBATH KINGDOM PLAN; in the 2nd half of the ATONEMENTS SACRIFICE!

Our KING established the LUNAR CORNERSTONE in ZION as the CORNERSTONE "SIGN" in ZION through his OBEDIENCE because it speaks ALL ABOUT THE TRUE KING (Ps. 89:37, Ps. 104:19) and the PURPOSE this CORNERSTONE and SABBATH was GIVEN TO MAN is to CRUSH THE HEAD of the SERPENT GOD PHARAOH of this world and his KINGDOM OF DECEPTION with the "CORNERSTONE TRUTH" of GOD being WALKED OUT through the OBEDIENCE of FAITH by HIS BODY of FLESH ON EARTH who have been 'born from above' and WED with GOD through the MESSIAH as their HEAD and KING. This BODY is His FIRSTBORN SON composed of HIS KINGS AND PRIESTS who will RULE HIS KINGDOM on earth under Him as KING of HEAVEN AND EARTH and the TRUE LIGHT OF THE WORLD according to His ANCIENT PLAN! Any other 'Gospel' is a SATANIC FRAUD deceiving people to REBEL against OUR SABBATH "CORNERSTONE" as KING!


The following has wide ranging relevance and APPLICATION well beyond the parameters of this study, but since it does have some overlap application I must mention it. We have already demonstated that the "7 Days of Creation" are not a PAST EVENT but a PRESENT REALITY within the context of TIME and space told to us from the beginning of DAY 6 of creation WHICH WE ARE STILL IN. So let's EXPAND that 7 Day Calendar out to identify exactly where we are in the "6th Day", for ALL PRACTICAL INTENTS AND PURPOSES, for which God CREATED SABBATH within the context of DAY 6 for MAN to KNOW where he stands in regard to the "END" promised from the beginning!

As we have already demonstrated to some degree, God's 7 Day Creation Calendar spoken of from the beginning can be thought of like a Matryoshka or Babushka doll that "nests" several practically identical smaller dolls, one within another, inside of it. Or maybe you might think of it as a Mandelbrot Set such that when you begin to zoom in and magnify a portion of the set, another new set begins to come into focus, ad infinitum. So in like manner the 7 days of creation are enormously long EPOCHS of TIME from OUR perspective, within which MILLENNIA WEEKS of "DAYS" can be recognized. And within those Millennial days, relatively identical Sabbath patterns of shorter duration are CODIFIED.

For all practical intents and purposes we are told, through Gods Sabbath Calendar which Jesus, as the Lord of the Sabbath, told us was CREATED for MAN (Mk. 2:27, Jn. 5:17), that each of those days of creation are an EPOCH of time consisting of 7 more epochs of time similar to the count of JUBILEE YEARS. For example, within a "Jubilee Month" there are 7 weeks of years WITHIN WHICH each year contains MONTHS and WEEKS of shorter duration, as we've demonstrated previously in all the charts on this page.

So to keep this as simple as possible (because it can be mind boggling), let's just say that each of these '7 days' of the Creation acount in Genesis are EPOCHS of Time which each have 7 more 'days' nested inside of them, each of the 7 being a "MILLENNIAL DAY" consisting of 1000 yrs. each. So there are "7 Epoch Days", each of which consist of 7 thousand years totaling 49 thousand years. Therefore according to the simplest version of understanding this SABBATH CALENDAR and OUR PLACE IN HIS STORY told to us from the beginning, we are finishing up the 6th MILLENNIAL YEAR of the 6th EPOCH DAY in which man is being created; which is the 41st Mil. Day, for ALL PRACTICAL intents and purposes. You can VISUALIZE what that looks like in the following charts:

The 7 Epoch Days of created Time and Space

Eternity Prior Epoch Day 1 Epoch Day 2 Epoch Day 3 Epoch Day 4 Epoch Day 5 Epoch Day 6

Epoch Day 7

8th Eternal Day

The expanded or MAGNIFIED 7 Epoch days, and our current place in the MILLENNIA of those Days of Created History (for all practical intents and purposes).


Mil. 1


Mil. 3

Mil. 4

Mil. 5

Mil. 6

Mil. 7

Creation Day Cycle
1st Day Creation 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 1st Day Creation
2nd Day Creation 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 2nd Day Creation
3rd Day Creation 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 3rd Day Creation
4th Day Creation 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 4th Day Creation
5th Day Creation  29 30 31 32 33 34 35 5th Day Creation
6th Day Creation 36 37 38 39 40 41<- -->42 6th Day Creation
7th Day Creation 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 7th Day Creation
50th Jubilee = 8th "Great Day" Eternal                

Notice after the 7 days of Creation, the 50th Millennial Year "Jubilee" (which would be the "8th Great Day"), is the "ETERNAL DAY" outside of Created Time and Space; the final GOAL of His Story. This is when creation history, as we can conceive it, is over and corruptable "flesh" is cut off as we enter a completely new and glorious "reality" of the 8th day, as pictured in the Circumcision of the 8th day. This "Eternal Day" is also pictured in the "8th Great Day" of the 7 day Feast of Tabernacles which Jesus promised to lead us into (Mat. 17:9, Mk. 9:9, Jn. 7:37, Heb. 4:8-11, Zech. 14:16); the ULTIMATE "Jubilee Sabbath"!

So as you can visualize in the charts above, we are closing out the 41st Mil. Day (the end of the "6th day" NESTED INSIDE the greater "6th day" of Creation) and entering the "Sabbath Morning" of the 42nd millennium, the Messianic Sabbath Kingdom 'end' of the 6th EPOCH DAY of His Creation PLAN: when Mankind will reflect GODS IMAGE and His Creation will be DECLARED "very good" (Gen. 1:31)! This millennial day PRECEDES the 7th Epoch Day of the Genesis Creation Account. In other words we see the "7 Days" of the Creation account is EXPANDED OUT (or "zoomed in" and "magnified") to have the 3 IDENTICAL SABBATH PATTERNS as the "50th" day sabbath of the "Shavuot/Pentecost", which itself is WITHIN the Jubilee count of weeks and its 50th "Sabbath" which itself is WITHIN the 1st promise given from the foundation of the world which is pictured in the TABERNACLES "WEEK" where the "last great day" of this SABBATH EPOCH DAY, is the ETERNAL "DAY" when time and space (as we currently conceive as the PARAMETERS of our "reality") ARE NO MORE!

So as seen in the charts above regarding the various overlaps and expansions of Gods SABBATH CALENDAR which was CREATED FOR MAN, is for the EXPRESSED PURPOSE of our doing the SABBATH "WORK OF FAITH". We enter GODS REST by the obedience of FAITH in HIS "SABBATH PLAN" to become HIS CREATION; as our Fathers in the faith and Jesus himself EXEMPLIFIED for us (Jn. (Jn. 10:37, Jn. 14:10-12). Only through RESTING OUR FAITH in GODS SABBATH PLAN may we be CREATED IN THEIR IMAGE according to the PLAN told to us FROM THE VERY BEGINNING OF CREATION (Heb. 4:8-11)!

A few more things to notice:

Adam was told by God, who KNEW IN ADVANCE ALL OF MANKINDS HISTORY before He created ANYTHING, that the day he ate from the tree he would die (Gen. 2:17). Peter tells us that these 'days' were as 1000 years from our perspective (2 Pet. 3:8). Therefore we see that Adam died before the end of the 36th Millennial Day (the 1st Mil. Day within the 6th Epoch Day) and we are now about to be formed in Gods image according to His Sabbath Plan promised from the foundation of the world, to then ENTER HIS SABBATH KINGDOM at the END of the 6th Epoch Day (the 42nd Millenial Day). Jesus was rejected to be taken to the right hand of power and the Temple of God destroyed (and His times and laws cunningly replaced for forgeries) 2 Millennial days ago, and we are now in the morning of the 3rd Millennial day when the SPIRIT OF TRUTH comes into his temples of flesh, to unite them as LIVING STONES; his UNITED TEMPLE made of LIVING STONES on earth according to His Plan (1 Pet. 2:5, Mk. 14:58, Jn. 2:19, Hos. 5:14-6:2).

The GREATEST "take away" I hope you receive from this brief introduction to the study of CREATED TIME AND SPACE from God's perspective [which is the "Mind of Messiah" which should UNITE US as HIS TEMPLE (Rom. 8:7, 1 Cor. 1:10 & 2:16, Phil. 2:5) which is HIS "BODY", the BODY of MESSIAH (Rom. 12:5, 1 Cor. 6:17, 10:17 & 12:12-25)!], is that the WORST/DARKEST PART of mankinds History is nearly over, and we have A LONG, WONDERFUL CREATION HISTORY YET TO LOOK FORWARD TO, AHEAD OF US!

This is an introduction to a much bigger ponder that's well beyond the scope of this study, so we will end it here!

The ONE STATEMENT SUMMARY IS: The "perpetual sabbath" FRAUD of HIS CREATION is the smoking gun EVIDENCE that Satan's ANTICHRIST has CHANGED God's Kingdom Times and Laws and has deceived the whole world to SERVE SATAN as the 'cornerstone' 'lord of the sabath' and 'morningstar' 'light of the world' over HIS KINGDOM OF DECEPTION and LIES in place of the TRUTH, as an IDENTITY THIEF and FRAUD as God PROMISED would happen! They have DECIEVED the world with FALSE INTERPRETATIONS and 'GOSPELS' built on this FRAUD CORNERSTONE, but the TRUE GOSPEL speaks ALL ABOUT God's LUNAR KINGDOM TIMES and LAWS He Created in the CONTEXT of the OBEDIENCE of our FOREFATHERS OF FAITH, and which REQUIRES the SANCTIFICATION of the NEW MOON as the "INVISIBLE CORNERSTONE SPIRIT" OF "TRUTH" whose FULL MOON SABBATHS speak as a FAITHFUL WITNESS ALL ABOUT the TRUE MESSIAH as the PERFECT IMAGE of that SPIRIT of TRUTH; The TRUE "CORNERSTONE" "Lord of the Sabbath" and "Morningstar" "Light of the World" before whom ALL NATIONS will BOW through their OBEDIENCE! This is the PLAN for MANKIND'S SALVATION and PEACE promised from the FOUNDATION of the WORLD!



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