In an age of UNIVERSAL DECEPTION, telling the TRUTH becomes a REVOLUTIONARY ACT! George Orwell-1984?




The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand!

The time is come when "TRUTH" worshippers must worship the "Father" in Spirit and Truth...God is Spirit and those who worship Him must do so in Spirit and in Truth. John 4:23-24

"Shelo" the "son of man" is IDENTIFIED herein as the "Root of Jesse" and "Son of God" according to God's Kingdom Plan to UNITE the Firstborn Son of God, ISRAEL (Gen. 49:10, Lk. 18:8, Dan. 7:13 & 22, Ez. 37:16-22)!

In that day a "Root from Jesse" will stand as a "SIGN" to the people to gather the nations to him...(and in a Global Exodus) YHWH will gather his assemble lost Israel and gather the dispersed of Judah from the four corners of the earth! Isaiah 11:10-12 (Deut. 30:3, Jer. 16:14-15, Ez. 20:34-37, Dan. 7:22).

We will be identifying the "promised seed" of God who will CRUSH Satan's head as being the same as "Shelo", the "son of man" and the "SIGN" of the "Root from Jesse" who himself will acknowledge and serve the ONE who has secured the RIGHT to ALL AUTHORITY and POWER over Heaven and Earth according to Gods Kingdom Building Plan to Save and Rule the world through His Kings and Priests who will assemble under him as the "MORNINGSTAR" Light of the World according to the Kingdom Building PLAN for WORLD SALVATION!

I Jesus, have sent my ambassador to tell you that I am the "Root of David", the True "Morningstar"! Rev. 22:16 (Rev. 2:26-28, 20:1-5, Ps. 2:7-12, Dan. 12:1-2).

Herein we shall UNSEAL THE SCROLL in order to PROVE the IDENTITY of the "Root of Jesse" (as the "Root of David") and "HEIR" of God's PROMISE as His "FIRSTBORN SON" to RULE EARTH for His Glory, and is from the FRUITFUL BOUGH of EPHRAIM the SON of JOSEPH, to whom Judah's prophetic "Donkey" is TIED (Gen. 49:10-11)! The promise to ISRAEL'S Firstborn Son (Joseph/Ephraim) comes through Boaz (from Judah) who raised "SEED" to the PROMISED SON so that HIS NAME and his INHERITANCE would be REMEMBERED at the APPOINTED TIME! As we shall UNSEAL HEREIN, Judah's prophecy is quite literally TIED to "Shelo" who comes from EPHRAIM the son of Joseph, as God Designed (Gen. 49:10-11)!

In a nutshell, we will be UNPACKING the PROMISE regarding the "SEED" INHERITANCE of Earth which God gives to HIS "FIRSTBORN SON", a corporate BODY which He later names "Isra-El" [which is a Theophoric name meaning: "Gods Ruler" (composed of the word "YSR" meaning "straight" like a ruler and "El" meaning authority or God)] as their RIGHT (and responsibility) given in LEGAL CONTRACT from HIM who has ALL AUTHORITY in Heaven and on Earth, and against whom Satan and his (Amalekite) "seed" are in OPEN SECRET conpsiratorial REBELLION (through deception) and SHALL BE CRUSHED by the TRUTH, the TRUE "KING"!

(God said to the Serpent:) I will put enmity between you and the woman and between your seed and her seed. You will strike his heel but he will crush your head. Gen. 3:15

If you belong to the Messiah (through obedience of Faith), then you are Abraham's "Seed" and Heirs of the Promise. Gal. 3:29

The God of peace will soon crush Satan under your feet. Rom. 16:20

Though we will begin 'wading in to the shallow end of the pool' as they say, we will quickly begin going ever deeper to dive into the DEPTHS of GODS PROMISES of "INHERITANCE" to "HIS SONS" (like the "New Covenant", "Salvation", and "Kingdom Restoration" promises), which are ALL TIED to the PROMISE of Gods "FIRSTBORN SON" which He promised as a SACRIFICE from the foundation of the world as the "CORNERSTONE" of God's Kingdom Plan from whom COUNTLESS SEED would come as HIS SONS born through OBEDIENCE OF FAITH in the FATHER of our FAITH, GOD!

That means we will begin this page with a short review of this "seed" promise to ask a few pertinent questions regarding the ever important INHERITANCE RIGHT of the FIRSTBORN SONS of God which are NEVER ASKED but SHOULD BE; because as we shall see, the PROMISES are INHERITED only through the OBEDIENCE of FAITH in GODS PROMISES! Faith in God produces the MIRROR "IMAGE" of God on Earth in which He is PLEASED and upon whom He shines His FACE, as we shall see...these are the DESIRABLE "GOOD SEED" of God; the "Father's" of our Faith mirroring something of Gods IMAGE to us as OUR "FATHER" through THEIR OBEDIENCE of FAITH to Him as He DESIGNED for us to "SEE".

Likewise these promises are FORFEITED through IGNORANCE, APATHY, DECEPTION, and REBELLION of WICKED (Edomite/Amalekite) "SEED" a.k.a. weeds or "TARES" who try to STEAL all the BLESSINGS and INHERITANCE RIGHTS from the GOOD SEED (through deception and violence) so that the WEEDS THRIVE and the GOOD SEED perish (contrary to God's WILL)! Then we shall go on to ANSWER those same questions so we may enter those PROMISES OF GOD through OBEDIENCE of FAITH for HIS GLORY as He designed, because the HARVEST is AT HAND!

The FOCUS of this analysis of the "Promised SEED" of God is in regard to "REDEEMING INHERITANCE RIGHTS" which are associated with "RAISING UP SEED" to the DECEASED BIRTHRIGHT HOLDER of God's PROMISES, so that the INHERITANCE RIGHTS of the "GOOD SEED" are not STOLEN, LOST, or FORFEITED through deception to be ASSUMED or USURPED by those to whom it does not belong; as GOD'S WILL (Deut. 25:5-10, Lev. 25:25-28)! This RIGHT of AUTHORITY from GOD belongs ONLY to GODS CHOSEN SONS which MANIFEST HIS IMAGE through their OBEDIENCE of FAITH and goes all the way back to Seth being the "seed" of promise raised up in place of the GOOD SEED, Abel (Gen. 3:15, 4:25 & 5:3) whose faith (emulating the sacrifice of God to cover the nakedness of his parents with skins) brought Gods COUNTENANCE and FAVOR to rest on HIM; for which his wicked brother slew him (as God KNEW IN ADVANCE was going to happen, as part of His plan to use PATTERNS as EXAMPLES for our INSTRUCTION regarding His Promised "SEED" to whom the WORLD BELONGS as their inheritance RIGHTS, which He was going to send at a VERY SPECIFIC TIME and PLACE as a "Passover Sacrifice" to ESTABLISH His CORNERSTONE of TRUTH as our MORNINGSTAR RULER according to His CONTRACTUAL PLAN)!

This PROMISED "HEIR", the "SEED OF GOD" to CRUSH SATAN'S HEAD and to INHERIT and RULE EARTH (who would have a "love/hate" relationship to the children in Satan's world of REBELLION, usually rejected and marginalized and/or murdered by his own brethren DECEIVED BY SATAN to make them a "sacrifice" or "scapegoat" for THEIR "PEACE"), is traced through history from Seth (raised up in place of Abel as the favored seed line of Gods IMAGE in Man, sacrificed as a Lamb by his brother) to Noah, then to Shem, and Melek Zedek (Melchizedek) who gives it to the "Patriarchs" through Abraham. Then from Abraham to whom the "seed" promise begins to germinate and develop (who after receiving the Blessing from Melek Zedek, is given the ancient promise that his "seed" would fulfill the promise of CRUSHING the world serpent God/Pharaohs head to become MANY NATIONS), then the promise goes to Isaac, and from him to Jacob to whom more of the promise is unpacked from the "seed promise" to be developed as a result of his obedience of faith, and God gives him his Theophoric Name "ISRA-EL" (which means: "God's Ruler") as the FIRSTBORN SON of God, which INHERITANCE RIGHTS and NAME ["Gods RULER" ("Isra-El"), as His "Firstborn SON" which will destroy Satan's kingdom and set us free to INHERIT Gods SEED PROMISES] are EXPRESSLY bestowed on the head of Joseph/Ephraim (Gen. 48:16, 49:26, Deut. 33:16, 1 Chr. 5:2, Jer. 31:9). All of these things took place over the course of history as EXAMPLES and mini PATTERNS to be used for OUR INSTRUCTION toward the FINAL GOAL!

So lest we FORGET ABOUT and FORFEIT OUR RIGHTS of INHERITANCE given to Father Abraham and us as HIS SEED, to allow the faithless, wicked, deceived and deceiving SEED of the SERPENT to continue to STEAL our inheritance rights, continue to murder God's seed (usurping Gods name and authority to do it), and fill the world with their CORRUPT seed to DESTROY OUR INHERITANCE, let's remember the PROMISES, OBJECTIONS, and CONTESTS which have gone on throughout history, as PATERNS and EXAMPLES for our instruction regarding this RIGHT of the FIRSTBORN SON of GOD to have ALL AUTHORITY; which when excercised CORRECTLY will CRUSH the SERPENTS HEAD (who deceives men to murder Gods image and steal their RIGHT to rule) and THEN to RULE EARTH in PEACE as OUR INHERITANCE RIGHTS for Gods GLORY; it ABSOLUTELY STILL MATTERS so don't let any Demon try to DECEIVE YOU otherwise through ANY OTHER "GOSPEL" than THIS!

And it's not just a "coincidence" that this "ORAL LAW" of raising up seed to the deceased so that the PROMISED "SEED" of God would CONTINUE to "LIVE" (which began with Seth raised up in place of Abel) so their NAME and INHERITANCE RIGHTS would not be LOST, was RECOGNIZED and SPECIFICALLY EMPLOYED by JUDAH long before it had been written down by Moses (Gen. 38:8). This account gives us another PATTERN to be used as an EXAMPLE for our INSTRUCTION toward the Goal! Judah employed this INHERITANCE LAW after leaping like a crouching Lion to secure the leadership over all the rest of his brothers (Gen. 49:9, Hos. 5:14-6:2, Rev. 5:5) by ASSUMING JOSEPH'S INHERITANCE RIGHTS as FIRSTBORN of Isra-El (as "Gods Ruler") to HIMSELF after Joseph was SACRIFICED! This is WHERE the CONCEPT of the "Lion of Judah" has it's ORIGIN. Then unable to stand seeing his father crying over Joseph EVERY DAY, he "cut himself off" from Israel's encampment to marry a Canaanite and live among them (Gen. 38:1-2) and by whom he raised some WICKED SEED which God had to "CUT OFF" (Gen. 38:7-10). As we shall see, this would be a PATTERN which would be REPEATED AGAIN in the future (Mal. 2:11-12).

[***NOTE*** As we shall see in great detail by the end of this page, the original "Seed Promise" received by Abraham and passed down to Isaac and then to Jacob/Israel which he intended to give to Joseph, was divided into 3 different promises and "scattered" them among the tribes in "blessing" after Israel went down to Egypt. All three promises would EVENTUALLY converge back to the RIGHTFUL HEIR "Sheloh" as the "Messiah ben Joseph" according to a PLAN which was veiled in these BLESSINGS which Israel "scattered in Israel", his sons to be UNITED as GODS FIRSTBORN SON in EXODUS from bondage! The 3 promises were specifically: 1. The Right of INHERITANCE as the 1st Born SON OF GOD, to include the name "Isra-El", 2. The Kingship, and 3. The Priesthood to God. (and as described in Psalms 2 and 110 which we will elaborate on more fully in the notes sections called "MOSES" and its subsection called "Melchizedek", below). We can see that Judah employed the law later codified by Moses regarding "raising seed" to the deceased inheritor. But he also employs another Law codified later by Moses which applied only to the daughter of a Priest; that if she "play a harlot" she is to be burned in fire (Lev. 21:9, Gen. 38:24). So it's interesting to note that the Seed Promise was divided into three parts, of which Judah receives ONLY a "Sceptre between his feet" (?) which, along with the High Priesthood, come to "Sheloh" (the Messiah) who has the "RIGHT OF FIRSTBORN" in the end days. We shall be looking at that through the PATTERNS and EXAMPLES given for our instruction, in ever increasing detail later. ***End Note***]

Judah had not yet learned the lessons Father Israel had learned in regard to character through breeding QUALITY SHEEP with DESIRED CHARACTERISTICS by SELECTING and BREEDING for those DESIRED CHARACTERISTICS and DESELECTING UNDESIRED CHARACTERISTICS by CUTTING OFF the UNDESIRABLE seed line from propagating, which father Israel had learned from God through his OBEDIENCE of FAITH to him as the TRUE SHEPHERD of MANKIND (Gen. 30-31)...and how men are similar to sheep and God creates us in HIS IMAGE to raise SEED in HIS IMAGE beginning with Adam (leading to the PERFECT ADAM, the MESSIAH to RULE EARTH as KING, through the CHOSEN "SEED" LINE of GOD). That's what this DESIRED "SEED" of the FIRSTBORN is all about! We will see that God intended to use ALL OF THESE EVENTS as prophetic "windows" to show Jacob things which would take place in the future regarding the "SEED" LINES over the DIVIDED "HOUSES" of Judah and Joseph/Isra-El respectively, and how the BREACH between them [caused by WICKED (AMALEKITE) "SEED" which would be "bred out" and "culled" from the seed lines], would be REPAIRED to become ONE HOUSE under the PROMISED MESSIAH! We will see that God guided Father Isra-El's EYE OF FAITH, to SEE and SPEAK the "SEED OF PROMISE" which would be ENFLESHED through OBEDIENCE of FAITH in the PROMISES, and guided his RIGHT HAND to BLESS HIM (as his "Right Hand Son") so ALL ISRAEL would RECOGNIZE HIS "IMAGE" according to GODS PLAN at the APPOINTED TIME when the scroll, which is SEALED until that time (Duet. 32:34, Is. 8:16, Is. 29:11, Dan. 9:24b, Dan. 12:4 & 9), is finally UNSEALED as promised and the Saints INHERIT the PROMISES from the KING over Heaven and Earth to rule with him (Dan. 7;22, 12:1-4, Jn. 3:33, Rev. 5:5)! We will see he specifically tells us the "FRUITFUL BRANCH" would spring out from the "FRUITFUL PLACE" and as a LION of the Tribe of Judah he would SECURE not only the Sceptre, but his NAME "Israel" given to the house of Joseph and a Mediatorial PRIESTLY ROLE between men and God, to whom ALL HIS BRETHREN would BOW in OBEDIENCE to Him as GOD (Hos. 5:14-6:2, Rev. 5:5)!

These PATTERNS given in prophecy and played out in history are to be used as EXAMPLES for our INSTRUCTION (Heb. 11:39-40) and would play themselves out in even greater ways through THEIR "SEED" in the future to unpack even MORE of the DETAILS regarding the DESIRED FRUIT from these Roots and Tree BRANCHES, which is the IMAGE OF GOD to be RECOGNIZED. That's why we are given the DETAILS of the account of Judah ASSUMING Joseph's birthright after his betrayal for EXAMPLE, then Judah cutting himself off from the Tents of his father Isra-El to marry a Canaanite (daughter of a foreign God, Mal. 2:11-12) and the sceptre "between his feet"(?) being exposed by the FAITH of a "woman" more righteous than himself, and through "HER SEED" which would come to REPAIR Judah's "breach" (Perets) against Joseph and to RESTORE HIS BIRTHRIGHT according to the SEED PROMISES; which God had always intended to use like a 'SEAL AND CORD' of IDENTIFICATION so we CAN'T MISTAKE the IDENTITY of the PROMISED "SEED" when the TIME COMES, even if our spiritual sight is dim! And likewise EXACTLY for this reason the details of this account of Judah and Tamar are TUCKED right between the account of Joseph's BETRAYAL, and Judah and his brothers BOWING before the Glorified Joseph in Egypt as their Lord and Saviour of the World (Gen. 38)! The VERY THING they were REBELLING against their Father AND GOD in order to ESCAPE by REJECTING JOSEPH in the first place, their OWN DEEDS brought about AS GOD PLANNED; proving that with God and His Plans which CAN NOT BE THWARTED, "resistence is futile!"

Just before father Israel's death in Egypt, God guides Israel to bury the SEED of FAITH in his "blessings" to his children and he EXPRESSLY GIVES JOSEPH the RIGHT OF FIRSTBORN and his Name "Isra-El" (Gods Ruler). And to Judah crouching as a Lion and would be King attempting to SEIZE authority which did not belong to him, he gave a "sceptre between his feet" (?) until the one to whom it belongs (Joseph/Ephraim) would come to receive it from the hand of a Priest who restores ALL RIGHTS of FIRSTBORN on the head of the Messiah. In essence the promise to Joseph/Ephraim (and that of Levi, as we shall see) was HIDDEN WITHIN the promise given to Judah [like the behive with honey which Samson found in the lions corpse (Jdg. 14:8), as we shall see].

This "blessing" would effectively recognize the BREACH which Judah had made which would keep the two houses of Judah and Joseph DIVIDED until ALL AUTHORITY "comes to him to whom it belongs" (dimly pictured first in the example of Moses, then in that of David as a "seed" prototype or PATTERN to recognize) in the END DAYS of our current world kingdom; PROPHETIC RIDDLES which shall now be unsealed herein! As we shall cover in ever increasing detail, this FIRSTBORN RIGHT of "ISRA-EL" ("Gods Ruler") is clearly given to Joseph and his sons, and in particular to Ephraim as recorded here:

Israel stretched out his right hand and laid it on Ephraim's head...and HE BLESSED JOSEPH and said...let MY NAME (Isra-El = Gods Ruler) be ON THEM.... Genesis 48:14-16

And RATIFIED by God in these verses:

...Thus says YHWH elohim: Israel is My Son, My Firstborn Son! Ex. 4:22

For Judah became greater than his brothers and a Prince comes from him, but THE BIRTHRIGHT (of Isra-El as "Gods Ruler") BELONGS TO JOSEPH! 1 Chron. 5:2

...I am Israel's Father and Ephraim is my Firstborn! Jer. 31:9b

So here we begin the QUESTIONS:

Whatever happened to this EVER IMPORTANT right of INHERITANCE of "Israel" as Gods "FIRSTBORN SON" and RULER for which Isra-El was clearly grooming Joseph and the REASON his brother's betrayed him, and which was EXPRESSLY given to Joseph/Ephraim after Jacob comes to Egypt? We also see above that GOD HIMSELF ratifies Joseph/Ephraim as HIS FIRSTBORN SON "Isra-El", so how in the world is it just ASSUMED to belong to Judah? I've suggested, and alluded to the answer all along, but let me be very EXPLICIT about this now before we dig into the details: The prophecy of a "ROOT FROM JESSE" as a "SIGN" is for the EXPRESSED PURPOSE of IDENTIFYING THE MESSIAH to "REPAIR THE BREACH" of JUDAH and JOIN the HOUSE OF ISRAEL back together with the HOUSE OF JUDAH as "ONE SEED" in the MESSIANIC NEW COVENANT KINGDOM of God, to CRUSH SATAN'S HEAD and RULE EARTH in PEACE as God's "FIRSTBORN SON" coming out of WORLD BONDAGE in GREAT EXODUS according to the ANCIENT PROMISE given in a PATTERN as an EXAMPLE for our instruction toward the application of OBEDIENCE OF FAITH!

In that day a "Root from Jesse" will stand as a "SIGN" to the people to gather the nations to him...Is. 11:10

In the "lineage of Jesus" given in Mat. 1:2 and Lk. 3:33 we have the "SCEPTRE LINEAGE" of the overcoming "Lion of Judah" being TRACED. But the LINEAGE of the RIGHT of the PROMISED "SEED" as the FIRSTBORN SON of God to be CALLED "ISRAEL" which was EXPRESSLY given to Joseph/Ephraim and RATIFIED by God, is CONSPICUOUSLY MISSING! What happened to it? How is it just ASSUMED AGAIN to belong to Judah, JUST LIKE when Joseph's brothers had betrayed him and Judah ASSUMED all his rights which brought them all to BOW BEFORE HIM whom they had BETRAYED as the GLORIFIED RIGHT HAND POWER and "RIGHTFUL HEIR" in Egypt, as PROMISED and PLANNED by God? How did the "Lion of Judah" overcome to SECURE the RIGHTS given to Joseph/Ephraim as "Gods Ruler" (Isa-El) as His FIRSTBORN SON?

With all the STRUGGLE that had gone on throughout history for this RIGHT (beginning with Cain and Abel, then Ham and Shem, then Ishmael and Isaac, and Esau and Jacob, has this RIGHT been LOST, FORGOTTEN or STOLEN through DECPETION? Have the TRUE INHERITORS somehow been DECEIVED, or have they MISPLACED their FAITH in God through FALSE GOSPEL PROMISES to not even KNOW the TRUE GOSPEL PROMISES of Gods INHERITANCE? People have gone to GREAT LENGTHS through the TESTING of their OBEDIENCE of FAITH to suffer and have even DIED to secure this INHERITANCE PROMISE from GOD as their hear the words: "Well done good and faithful servant"; "you are my son in whom I am well pleased"! And God will RAISE UP SEED on earth to REPLACE those who have GLORIFIED HIM (like Abel) even to their (temporal) death in order to ATTAIN that PROMISE of RESURRECTION to ETERNAL LIFE in HIS KINGDOM through their OBEDIENCE OF FAITH and so GLORIFY GOD. And the WICKED SEED, and those who LACK faith in God and as FEARFUL COWARDS do NOTHING and so effectively side with Satan and his antichrists and their "tare seed" to murder the rightful heirs on earth in an attempt to STEAL THEIR RIGHTS, will NOT escape JUDGEMENT, as it says in Rev. 21:8. Cowards are the first mentioned who are tossed into eternal Hell!

So how does the firstborn SEED PROMISE as Gods Ruler (Isra-El) go from the tribe of Joseph-Ephraim to whom it rightfully belongs, to the tribe of Judah AGAIN? Surely a "prince" of Judah would have the SCEPTRE "between his feet" (?) until "SHELOH" comes TO WHOM IT RIGHTFULLY BELONGS...but how does Judah as the sceptre holder just ASSUME the RIGHT OF THE FIRSTBORN "SEED" of Gods Promise given to Joseph-Ephraim?

And what is this "Lion of Judah" promise for this sceptre holder all about (Gen. 49:9)? And exactly HOW does the "LION" of the TRIBE OF JUDAH "overcome", and what does that even mean, EXACTLY (Hos. 5:14-6:2, Rev. 5:5)?

Surely it must have SOMETHING to do with the RESTORATION of the RIGHTS of AUTHORITY which Father "ISRA-EL" gave to Joseph/Ephraim as his "FIRSTBORN SON", the PROMISED "SEED" and HEIR OF GOD to RULE EARTH, right? Surely He overcomes by UNSEALING a book that had been SEALED in order to REVEAL HIS IDENTITY like Joseph revealed his identity to his brothers in Egypt...or when Tamar brought forth Judah's own "seal and cord" to reveal the identity of the PROMISED "SEED" in her womb so Judah wouldn't murder the woman of FAITH and HIS OWN "SEED" in her womb as a HYPOCRITE and so "CUT HIMSELF and HIS OWN SEEDLINE OFF" from God FOREVER (Pharets, Gen. 38:25), right?

Let's take a look at the "seal and cord" in the NOW UNSEALED BOOK and SEE for ourselves the "IMAGE" of GODS FACE, the "IDENTITY" of GODS PROMISED "SON" and his "HEIR", the "seed of the WOMAN" promised to CONQUER this WORLD which Satan has ruled through deception, theft, murder, and destruction from its FOUNDATION, shall we?

"I will be a Lion to Ephraim and to the House of Judah: I myself will tear them and drag Israel off (into bondage) and no one will rescue him. Then I WILL RETURN to MY PLACE (the INVISIBLE Holy of Holies) until they acknowledge their offense and SEEK MY FACE"...."Come, let us return to YHWH because it was He who tore us (and took us into bondage) but He will bind up our wounds (and bring us back). After two (millenial) days He will revive us and we will live before HIS FACE on the third (millenial) day." Hosea 5:14 - 6:2 of the Ancients said to me: "Stop crying, look! The Lion of the Tribe of Judah has OVERCOME to open the book" I looked but all I saw was a Lamb that had apparently been slain...and he was able to take the book from Him who sat on the throne. Revelation 5:1-6

I Jesus, have sent my ambassador to tell you that I am the "Root of David", the True "Morningstar"! Rev. 22:16 (Rev. 2:26-28, 20:1-5, Ps. 2:7-12, Dan. 12:1-2).

In that day a "Root from Jesse" will stand as a "SIGN" to the people to gather the nations to him...(and in a Global Exodus) YHWH will gather his assemble lost Israel and gather the dispersed of Judah from the four corners of the earth! Isaiah 11:10-12 (Deut. 30:3, Jer. 16:14-15, Ez. 20:34-37, Dan. 7:22).

(Jesus said) He who overcomes (doing my work) will inherit all things! I will be his Elohim (God) and he will be my son (Rev. 21:7)...even as I have received authority from my father, I will give him authority to rule over all the nations with a "Sceptre of Iron". I will also give him the "Morningstar" Rev. 2:26-28.

We will learn that the "ROOT of DAVID" (and "root of Jesse") is a reference to the EPHRATHITE Joshua, the "Prince of Israel" (from the tribe of Joseph/Ephraim), but even more specifically to his "firstborn son" Elimelech, the husband of Naomi and the INHERITOR of the PROMISED "SEED" of "Israel" as GODS "FIRSTBORN SON"! For this reason they are called EPHRATHITES (the full word study on "EPHRATHITE" can be found in the **notes section ** at the bottom of this page):

And the name of the man was Elimelech, and the name of his wife Naomi, and the name of his two sons were Mahlon and Chilion, EPHRATHITES from Bethlehem-Judah. And they came into the country of Moab, and continued there. Ruth 1:2

Now David was the son of that EPHRATHITE from Bethlehem-Judah whose name was Jesse; and he had eight sons, and in the days of Saul he was very aged among the men. 1 Sam. 17:12

We will learn that Boaz, the "Prince of Judah" and himself the "SEED" of "women" of "faith" (like his matriarchs Tamar and Rahab who through their FAITH joined themselves to the INHERITANCE PROMISES of Isra-El through MARRIAGE) who would be the bearer of the COMBINATION of FAITH and the genetic SEED of the "Overcoming Lion of Judah" who, as the "IMAGE of God" to be ENFLESHED (Hos. 5:14-6:2), "raised seed" to his half brother Elimelech the "Prince of Ephraim/Israel" and his wife Naomi through Ruth (Ruth 4:17) according to the LAW OF REDEMPTION regarding GODS "INHERITANCE PROMISE" of the FIRSTBORN SON! We shall see that as the "Lion of Judah" and the "OVERCOMER", through his OBEDIENCE to the Father's PLAN to DIE as a LAMB (the promised SEED of God as "CORNERSTONE" of the Plan to be recognized as MORNINGSTAR RULER), Jesus is the INHERITOR of ALL the "SEED" PROMISES of God as His PERFECT IMAGE in flesh who would come as GODS RULER ("Isra-El"), to be rejected, SACRIFICED, and BURIED (as the enfleshed CORNERSTONE of Gods Kingdom TIMES AND LAWS) having victoriously SECURED THE SCEPTRE PROMISE of GOD as HIS FIRSTBORN SON (similar to how Joseph was "victorious" as a result of betrayal, to receive all birthright authority of Isra-El) he would be GLORIFIED as the "Firstfruit" from the Dead as PATTERNED in that SAME KINGDOM LAW, and NOW SITS "ENTHRONED" at God's right hand over Gods Kingdom, JUST LIKE Joseph who was rejected to then be EXALTED at Pharaoh's right hand as a PATTERN to teach us through these EXAMPLES (Ps. 110)! The Lion of Judah "OVERCAME" through his OBEDIENCE of FAITH as a "PASSOVER SACRIFICE" as "CORNERSTONE" of the Father's KINGDOM PLAN to ESTABLISH HIS TIMES AND LAW on earth to DESTROY Satan's Kingdom of Mystery Babylon!

"I will be a Lion to Ephraim and to the House of Judah: I myself will tear them and drag Israel off (into bondage) and no one will rescue him. Then I WILL RETURN to MY PLACE (the INVISIBLE Holy of Holies) until they acknowledge their offense and SEEK MY FACE"...."Come, let us return to YHWH because it was He who tore us (and took us into bondage) but He will bind up our wounds (and bring us back). After two (millenial) days He will revive us and we will live before HIS FACE on the third (millenial) day." Hosea 5:14 - 6:2 of the Ancients said to me: "Stop crying, look! The Lion of the Tribe of Judah has OVERCOME to open the book" I looked but all I saw was a Lamb that had apparently been slain...and he was able to take the book from Him who sat on the throne. Revelation 5:1-6 (Hos. 5:14-6:2)

This "Lion of Judah" who OVERCAME through his OBEDIENCE of FAITH to GODS SPIRIT which LIVED IN HIM [PATTERNED for our INSTRUCTION in the EXAMPLES of the "sacrifice of Abel", the "Akedah" (binding of Isaac by Abraham on Mt. Moriah) and the "rejection of Joseph"] has been given ALL AUTHORITY as Gods SON, his PERFECT IMAGE seen through his OBEDIENCE of FAITH (Ps. 2:7-12)...including the RIGHT to UNSEAL THE SCROLL to REVEAL his IDENTITY to his brethren (Rev. 5:5, 22:16)...and he gives this PROMISE and RIGHT OF INHERITANCE to HIS OWN "SON" (as his "Messenger", "Prince" as his Ambassador) as follows!

YHWH said to me: "You are my Son whom I have begotten! Ask from me and today I will give you the nations as your inheritance, and the uttermost parts of the earth as your possession for you to rule with a "Sceptre of Iron"...(Ps. 2:7-9). (Jesus said) He who overcomes (doing my work) will inherit all things! I will be his Elohim (God) and he will be my son (Rev. 21:7)...even as I have received authority from my father, I will give him authority to rule over all the nations with a "Sceptre of Iron". I will also give him the "Morningstar" Rev. 2:26-28. See I Jesus, have sent my ambassador to tell you that I am the "Root of David" and the True "Morningstar"! Rev. 22:16 (Rev. 20:1-5, Dan. 12:1-2).[the "Morningstar Gospel Plan" to unite His KINGS and PRIESTS to establish GODS KINGDOM on Earth according to the Father's PLAN (Rev. 1:6, 5:10)!] Rev. 22:16, Rev. 20:1-5, Dan. 12:1-3, Deut. 18:15 & 18, Ez. 20:37, Dan. 7:13-14

In order to understand the TRUE ANCIENT 'GOSPEL' PLAN for WORLD SALVATION through his EXPRESSED INHERITANCE 'WILL' correctly, we must put away the HAMANITE (Edomite-Amalekite) MYTH or DECEPTION which the WHOLE WORLD IS YET UNDER; that Judah is the FIRSTBORN HEIR of the title and rights of the NAME "ISRAEL" (which means "Gods Ruler"); HE IS NOT, JOSEPH IS! Through the SET APART "SEED" line of David, belonging to EPHRATAH which is HIDDEN (like Honey) WITHIN the inheritance of Judah, he came as the "LION of Judah" to DIE in order to SECURE the "sceptre of Judah" AND the inheritance of Joseph (to whom the sceptre rightfully belongs) as the Righteous King of Israel promised to Abraham through Melek Zedek (Melchizedek-see notes on "Moses" below), through HIS REJECTION (like Josephs) as the "CORNERSTONE" of the PLAN, for which he would then be GLORIFIED to the RIGHT HAND of the Father in Heaven as Joseph was at Pharaoh's right hand as a PATTERN to be used as an EXAMPLE for our INSTRUCTION (Psalm 110)!

He said...behold, the Lion of the Tribe of Judah has OVERCOME...and I looked and all I saw was a Lamb that had apparently been slain.... Revelation 5:5-6 (Hos. 5:14-6:2)

By the end of this page we will have demonstrated EXACTLY HOW the "Lion of Judah", who is the "Root of David", has OVERCOME to SECURE ALL AUTHORITY over Heaven and Earth through OBEDIENCE to Father God; specifically SECURING THREE "SEED" PROMISES which Father Israel "scattered" among his sons which would EVENTUALLY UNITE THEM AS ONE under HIM as KING to RULE THE WORLD which are PATTERNED first in Moses! 1. the Eternal Melek Zedek Priesthood as KING OVER Levi's (Elieazar/Pinchas/ZADOK) ETERNAL Priesthood (as Mediator between God and Man, with the High Priest serving him (Moses) as God on Earth! 2. the right of "Isra-El" given to Joseph/Ephraim as Gods "Firstborn Son" and RULER "inherited" by Joshua (Jesus) from MOSES as practical "King", and 3. the Sceptre between Judah's feet which comes into his hand as the ONE (the ANOINTED "KING" and God on Earth) to whom it BELONGS through his OBEDIENCE of FAITH in God as His Father and he being the FIRSTBORN SON, the HEAD over a Kingdom of FIRSTBORN SONS collectively called ISRA-EL, the "BODY of GOD" on EARTH created in HIS IMAGE according to HIS PLAN!

We will address how Moses receives ALL 3 OF these SEED PROMISES as a STEWARD of the first covenent (which he himself recognized would be broken as he told us in Deut. 30:3, because he saw it was only a PATTERN of a MUCH GREATER KINGDOM PROMISE!), as a pattern regarding the "Messiah" who INHERITS these RIGHTS from His "Father". He came as the"Lion of Judah" to secure these rights through his OBEDIENCE of FAITH to be SACRIFICED as a Passover Lamb. We will be unveiling the PATTERNS for our INSTRUCTION regarding the MEDIATOR of the NEW COVENANT of the Messianic Kingdom in the EXAMPLES of David and Solomon, under whom the priesthood is "RESTORED" as a PATTERN, in detail under "Moses" in the ***Notes Section*** below, but for now let's just try to stay focused on the breach between the House of Judah and the House of Isra-El PRIOR to that RESTORATION EXAMPLE patterned in Moses as the MEDIATOR of the 1st Covenant (which was given for our instruction to LEAD US into the BOND of the New Covenant under the MESSIAH as MEDIATOR!).

This set apart seed line (Joseph-Ephraim) which was within a set apart seed line (Judah) is similar (and as we shall see, RELATED) to the set apart "seed line" of Eleazar the son of Aaron which was WITHIN the tribe of Levi. Not all Levites could be High Priest under the 1st Covenant, ONLY the "set apart" seed line of Levi's great grandson Aaron (who married Elisheva the daughter of Amminadab the Prince of Judah) could be High Priest. Then from Aarons four sons, only the line of Eleazar, then only his son Pinchas and his sons, etc., could be High Priest...until the promise comes to his descendent Zadok (which again, we will discuss that in detail under: "Moses", in the ***Notes Section*** below)! In like manner the promised INHERITOR of ISRA-EL would come ONLY from the ROOT OF JESSE which was the SEED LINE of JOSEPH/EPHRAIM in EPHRATAH which was WITHIN the inheritance of JUDAH!

That's right, the 'ROOT OF JESSE' is a reference to the INHERITANCE RIGHTS of ISRA-EL ("Gods Ruler") given to JOSEPH/EPHRAIM as the "EPHRATHITE" son of DAVID (who would come as "Lion of Judah" from the "Root of David" so the "Root of Jesse" would be CONCEALED until the TIME OF INHERITANCE FOR "HIS SEED" and the RESTORATION of the PRIESTHOOD, as patterned in the example of David and Solomon, as we shall see!), the MESSIAH and "Gods Ruler" who OVERCAME THROUGH HIS OBEDIENCE, and through HIS SON to inherit ON EARTH (Rev. 21:7, Rev. 2:26-28, Ps. 2:7-12) who will STAND UP as a "SIGN" in the END DAYS to IDENTIFY HIS FATHER and CLAIM HIS INHERITANCE as the "Root of Jesse" (and "Root of David"), and who will submit all the KINGS ENEMIES under his feet, as the "PRINCE of ISRAEL" serving God as his Father and KING according to the PLAN (Dan. 12:1-2, Rev. 20:1-5, 21:7, 2:26-28, 22:16, Ez. 20:34-37, Mal. 3:1), as we shall DEMONSTRATE!

In that day a "Root from Jesse" will stand as a "SIGN" to the people to gather the nations to him...(and in a Global Exodus) YHWH will gather his assemble lost Israel and gather the dispersed of Judah from the four corners of the earth! Isaiah 11:10-12 (Deut. 30:3, Jer. 16:14-15, Ez. 20:34-37, Dan. 7:22).

We will see that God had ALWAYS PLANNED that Judah would be the one who would make the "SACRIFICE" of the "SEED OF GOD" for their "PEACE" (patterned for our example in the sacrifice of Abel, the "Akedah" or "binding of Isaac" by father Abraham, and the rejection of Joseph as ruler) and to attempt to TAKE THE SCEPTOR from the RIGHTFUL HEIR [and give it to a HARLOT "Daughter of Babylon" (Rome) he would "marry" like JEZEBEL, who would USURP HIS AUTHORITY in a WICKED KINGDOM through their WICKED "SEED" (Mal. 2:11-12)] until the TIME for the TRUE "HEIR" to be REVEALED, as Joseph was! It was PLANNED that after he ASSUMED Jesus' BIRTHRIGHT as he did Joseph's through BETRAYAL, then married a harlot daughter of a "foreign God" to then be separated from the ROOT of ISRAEL (again), he would eventually be GRAFFED BACK IN when he bows before the PRINCE of ISRAEL as designed to be understood through the PATTERNS as EXAMPLES for our instruction regarding the PLAN (Gen. 38:1-2, Mal. 2:11-12)! In this way Judah will be GRAFFED BACK IN to the ROOT of the "HOUSE of ISRAEL" (Rom. 11:15) from which his house is currently separated, and REBELLIOUS 'HAMANITES' (Edomite-Amalekites) which have SLIPPED IN among them to ASSUME the INHERITANCE OF ISRAEL and REFUSE to BEND THE KNEE in SERVICE to the KING OF ISRAEL according to the PLAN (that is to say they will refuse to "REMEMBER" and OBSERVE the TRUE SABBATH as established by the "CORNERSTONE TRUTH" repesented in the MIDDLE SABBATH FESTIVAL of Shavuot/Pentecost which was BROKEN but like the AFIKOMEN, has now has been MATZAH/found!), will be CULLED OUT by the PRINCE of Israel serving the KING (like the lawless ANTISEMITE harlot church 'tare' Amalekites that are also trying to steal the COVENANT of Israel and their INHERITANCE by keeping them IGNORANT of their IDENTITY AND RIGHTS and SEPARATED from the house of Judah, shall also be culled out for their REBELLION to Gods INHERITANCE PLAN for "ISRA-EL", as it speaks about in Zech. 14:16 & Is. 66:23-24)! The House of Judah and the House of Israel shall become ONE under the "son of man" Prince of Isra-El in service to the King of Heaven and Earth, and ALL REBELLION will be removed (Ez. 20:34-37, Ez. 37:16-19, Zech. 14:16 & Is. 66:23-24)!

For Judah became greater than his brothers and a Prince comes from him, but THE BIRTHRIGHT (of Isra-El as "Gods Ruler") BELONGS TO JOSEPH! 1 Chron. 5:2

The true 'LAW', the 'LAW of PROPHECY' hidden WITHIN the Law of Moses, was given to him by JACOB in SHADOW, as a ROD with which HE WOULD BE SPANKED until he recognize the SPIRIT of JOSEPH in the END DAYS: the SPIRIT OF PROPHECY WITHIN THE BODY OF THE LAW who he REJECTED in a SACRIFICE as a 'Passover Lamb' as prophesied from the foundation of the world! That KING MESSIAH from DAVID who was rejected to then be EXALTED TO THE RIGHT HAND OF POWER (as Joseph was) gives to the "PRINCE of ISRAEL" under him (Dan. 12:1) the SCEPTRE to put ALL THE KINGS ENEMIES UNDER HIS FEET as PROMISED (Ps. 110:1 & 5, Ps. 2, Acts 7:56, Rev. 2:26-28, Gal. 3:19) !

Judah has been KEPT 'BLINDFOLDED' (much like the lost "House of Israel" has regarding HER IDENTITY, and how together with the House of Judah joined together as the "CORPORATE BODY" of "ISRAEL" and "FIRSTBORN SON" of God under the KING as the HEAD of this BODY of "Isra-El", whose FEET will CRUSH SATANS HEAD and BIND HIS BODY of "TARE SEED", and who will then INHERIT ALL THE PROMISES OF GOD) by their own wicked leaders who keep them divided and BICKERING over Gods PLAN and the body of Gods SACRIFICE and their relationship to HIM as inheritors of the FIRSTBORN PROMISE given to "Israel", which God had planned would come from JUDAH'S OWN LOINS to separate them from the INHERITOR to whom the PROMISES COME, until the MORNINGSTAR 'LIGHT' OF ISRA-EL as the "Root of Jesse", to whom BOTH the sceptre and the INHERITANCE of the FIRSTBORN PROMISE of God BELONGS as his inheritance on earth (sheloh, Gen 49:10, Deut. 18:15, Ez. 21:37, Dan. 7:13-14), would be RECOGNIZED to UNITE THEM and remove all rebellion to Gods PLAN to SAVE ALL ISRAEL in a NEW COVENANT KINGDOM of PEACE ON EARTH! That "Morningstar" LIGHT of the WORLD is the Messiah ben JOSEPH (the "Root of Jesse/David") who would be REJECTED like Joseph was, to take Israel into bondage to the WHOLE WORLD (even as Joseph's rejection brought his brothers to bow before him in Egypt), where his "face" would then be recognized to unite them in GREAT EXODUS into the PROMISE, as prophesied first by Moses (Deut. 30:5, Jer. 16:14-15, Ez. 20:34-37, Dan. 7:13-14 & 22).

The corporate body of Judah [through the 'ILLUMINED' Yochanan Ben Zachai (Mal. 2:11-12), the "PRAISED son of the morning" (the "Zerah"-Morningstar/Lucifer as their "Head" now caught "RED HANDED" trying to steal the right of firstborn Gen. 38:28 , Is. 14:12) born as a sort of "twin" into the WOMB of Israel as a contemporary of the TRUE LIGHT of Israel to whom the birthright belonged but would be rejected as "cornerstone" of Gods Plan, was the leader of the Pharisaic sect of Judaism which BETRAYED the TRUE INHERITOR of the PROMISE as GOD KNEW IN ADVANCE (like He knew even before Cain murdered Abel)] cut himself off from the congregations of Israel when he struck his father on the cheek with the ROD of AUTHORITY on earth [Mic. 5:1-2 (4:14-5:1)] which is the INHERITANCE of the "Root of Jesse", the RIGHTFUL HEIR of the PROMISE of ISRA-EL as the UNRECOGNIZED 'MESSIAH ben JOSEPH', when he WICKEDLY BETRAYED him in CONSPIRACY with ROME (the daughter of a "foreign God" which he "married" in political conspiracy for power, Mal: 2:11-12) and got PAID to do it, as God PROPHESIED IN ADVANCE (and therefore intended to use it FOR HIS PURPOSES, as he did with JOSEPHS BETRAYAL, to SAVE THE WORLD, Rom. 11:15)! Judah (through Yochanan ben Zakkai, the leader of the Pharisees as the "wicked seed" to be cut off) was INSENSITIVE to the SPIRIT OF PROPHECY and REBELLED AGAINST GOD HIMSELF when he knowingly CONSPIRED WITH ROME to reject the promised HEIR of ISRAEL which would result in ISRAELS ENSLAVEMENT, even as happened previously with the betrayal of JOSEPH, in an attempt to ASSUME HIS BIRTHRIGHT!

After these things were revealed by GOD through JOSEPH (who had Gods Spirit living in him, Gen. 41:38), Father Israel was instructed to give to Judah in a 'blessing' from YHWH, this ROD of LAW with which he would (again) figuratively strike his father's cheek when he BETRAY the FIRSTBORN SON of PROMISE [Mic. 5:1-2 (4:14-5:1)]...and this ROD of LAW which would be ADDED FOR THIS TRANSGRESSION, he would CARRY until it is finally USED ON HIM to remove his wicked seed (Yochanan ben Zachai, like He removed Er and Onan and their WICKED SEED from the tents of Israel, Gen. 38:7-10, Mal. 2:11-12) for THIS MANIFEST SIN...much like the son who needs discipline may be commanded by his father to go select a good stout branch with which that same son shall be dealt LOVING BLOWS by his FATHER WHO CARES about HIS CHARACTER!

What is the PURPOSE of the Law? It was added because of rebellion to address crime until the Seed to whom the PROMISES BELONG (sheloh) should come. Galatians 3:19 (Gen. 49:10)

YHWH cares for JUDAH (and the boys who FOLLOWED HIS LEAD in an HYPOCRITICAL BLOOD OATH of REBELLION, as GOD FOREKNEW and PLANNED to USE for HIS OWN GOOD PURPOSES, from the very FOUNDATION of the WORLD!) and wants men of INTEGRITY AND HONOR who VALUE and LOVE TRUTH and VIRTUE (the "IMAGE" of God)...He expects NOTHING SHORT of FULL CONFESSION and REPENTENCE over the SACRIFICE HE PROVIDED as promised from the foundation of the world FOR THAT PURPOSE! This is the SIN of FIRST ADAM pictured through Judah who enslaved himself and all his progeny to the SERPENT GOD/PHARAOH of earth through DISOBEDIENCE to God followed by the MURDER of the RIGHTFUL HEIR bearing Gods "IMAGE", that would be played out through history on the DRAMA STAGE of planet earth for the GLORY of God as he designed. Only in THIS WAY will mankind be HEALED from his ENSLAVEMENT to a WORLD GOVERNMENTAL SYSTEM of NARCISSISTIC PSYCHOPATHY to see PEACE, healing, resurrection from death and LIFE ETERNAL according to the CREATION PLAN! He shall enter a MESSIANIC NEW WORLD ORDER where he is formed in GODS IMAGE of ALTRUISTIC HOLINESS; his PERFECT IMAGE being seen in HIS PROMISED SON now seated at HIS RIGHT HAND according to the PLAN to create ALL MEN in HIS RULING 'IMAGE' rather than the image of NARCISSISTIC PSYCHOPATHY still currently ruling over them; the image of REBELLIOUS HYPOCRITICAL FALLEN MEN -- the DECEPTION of the spiritual SERPENT GOD/PHARAOH and his wicked "seed" ruling over the world since the garden, whose kingdom shall soon be destroyed!

We see that father Israel gave Joseph's children (and particularly Ephraim) a SPECIAL BLESSING IN SECRET where he bestowed on them the BLESSING of the FIRSTBORN 'RIGHTS AND NAME', the promised INHERITANCE OF 'ISRAEL' (Gen. 48:16), before he blessed all the rest of his sons together in Gen. 49! We see that Joseph was called 'Nazir' in Hebrew here, translated as "CONSECRATED" or 'separated' (from his brothers, Gen. 49:26, Duet. 33:16) and FOR THIS REASON the promise of the CROWN comes upon HIS HEAD in the END (because it ALSO means "crown" or "diadem"), the "FIRSTBORN SON" of the PROMISE who has the INHERITANCE RIGHTS to the NAME and AUTHORITY of 'ISRAEL' (which means: "Gods Ruler"). This FIRST BORN RIGHT belongs to JESUS and HIS 'SEED' of FAITH (Gen. 49:26, Deut. 33:16, Mat. 2:23, Rev. 2:26-28, Rev. 21:7, Ps. 2:7-12). The 'law' was added for Judah's transgression against Joseph until the promised son from the CHOSEN LINE of Joseph/Ephraim/Joshua (A.K.A. Jesus as will be shown below) comes to whom it RIGHTFULLY BELONGS...that is the BLESSING of the ONE who DWELT IN THE BURNING BUSH which MOSES SAW "FACE TO FACE", comes on HIM (Deut. 33:16)! Father Jacob said the following in a SECRET BLESSING to Joseph/Ephraim as FIRSTBORN:

Israel stretched out his right hand and laid it on Ephraim's head...and HE BLESSED JOSEPH and said...The REDEEMING MESSENGER (Angel) which redeemed me from all evil, bless the lads; and let MY NAME be ON THEM, and the name of my fathers Abraham and Isaac; and let them grow into a multitude in the midst of the earth. Genesis 48:14-16

Then he said in public 'blessing' of all the brothers:

The blessings of your father have prevailed even over the blessings of my progenitors (Abraham and his FIRSTBORN, Isaac) unto the utmost bound of the everlasting hills: and they (the blessings of the FIRSTBORN) shall come on the head of Joseph, to CROWN the head of him that was separated (Nazir-Consecrated) from his brothers. Genesis 49:26

Moses who really did not give Judah any significant blessing, and with whom God spoke face to face, said it this way when blessing Joseph as father Israel did:

...and for the precious things of the earth and all its fulness, and the good will of him that dwelt in the bush, let these blessings come upon the head of Joseph, to CROWN the head of him that was separated (Nazir-Consecrated) from his brothers. Deuteronomy 33:16

Finally, since we know that it was the preincarnate Jesus who blessed Israel's fathers and who delivered him whom he invokes to BLESS the RIGHTFUL INHERITORS of HIS NAME (Gen. 48:16), and this same Jesus was the Light which Moses saw in the bush and who spoke with him face to face, we can see that it is HE (and the 'overcomers' who bring this 'INHERITANCE WILL' Rev. 21:7, Rev. 2:26-28, Ps. 2:7-12, Dan. 12:1-2, Ez. 20:34-37) who is being IDENTIFIED as the RIGHTFUL HEIR of father "ISRAEL" as follows:

Out from Egypt I called my son....and he went to live in the city called Nazareth so that which the prophets spoke should be fulfilled that "he would be called a Nazirite". Mat. 2:15 & 23 (Hos. 11:1, Jer. 31:9, Is. 11:1)

The concept of a HOMONYM is being employed here. That's where two words which may sound very similar (and perhaps spelled identically) but have two different meanings whose NUANCES may be confused one for the other, or missed completely. A classic example are the two Hebrew words "Moshiach" which means "Anointed One", and "Moshiah" which means "Saviour". The differences and SIGNIFICANT NUANCES between these two different words are often confused or MISSED COMPLETELY when they are FUSED together through translation, as is often done in Dan. 9:25-26 by using the word "Messiah" (Savior) to replace the word "Moshiach" (Anointed One) used there, for example.

In the case of the verses referenced above, we're discussing two words which sound alike and which are spelled very similarly in English and are conflated much like the example of Moshiah and Moshiach, but in Hebrew the "Z" letters are different. One is the word NAZIR which means "branch" and is the root of the word used for the city of "Nazareth", which was probably named as a direct reference to the Messianic "branch" (Is. 11:1). The other is NAZIR (spelled with a different Hebrew "Z", which when pronounced in Hebrew, sounds more like an English Z than the former Z used in "Nazareth") which is first employed for Joseph who is "CONSECRATED" or "separated" (as HOLIER but hated) from his brothers (Gen. 49:26, Duet. 33:16).

In Gen. 49:8-12 Judah APPEARS to get the greater blessing when he is given the SCEPTRE to RULE "between his feet" (?), but the DONKEY of his blessing is tied to JOSEPH/Ephraim as the "fruitful bough" (Ephraim = "I'll be FRUITFUL", and whose "Root" was in "EPHRATAH" = "I'll be a FRUITFUL PLACE") who's garments are washed in the BLOOD of the grapes of the fruitful bough (a reference to the SEED of JOSEPH/Ephraim to whom the BIRTHRIGHT BELONGS) and a few verses later we see a bit more cryptically that upon the head of Joseph (through Ephraim, to a son whose name would be JOSHUA/JESUS, as we shall see shortly) would come ALL the world as his POSSESSION as its KING in the END DAYS...and the reason WHY is because he is "NAZIR" [Consecrated, separated as more holy than his brothers yet OVERCOMES (Gen. 49:26, Duet. 33:16, Rev. 5:5)!].

This blessing to Joseph is practically repeated almost word for word by Moses in Deut. 33:13-17 with some addition regarding the HORNS of Ephraim and Manasseh driving the herds to/from the ends of the Earth. Please note the repeat regarding the DEW which is also referenced by David in Psalm 110. Also of note is that the blessing of the sceptre to Judah is NOT REPEATED by Moses, the Law Giver. And finally we have these verses which makes the BIRTHRIGHT BLESSING official:

Israel stretched out his right hand and laid it on Ephraim's head...and HE BLESSED JOSEPH and said...let MY NAME be ON THEM.... Genesis 48:14-16

...Thus says YHWH elohim: Israel is My Son, My Firstborn Son! Ex. 4:22

For Judah became greater than his brothers and a Prince comes from him, but THE BIRTHRIGHT (of Isra-El as "Gods Ruler") BELONGS TO JOSEPH! 1 Chron. 5:2

...I am Israel's Father and Ephraim is my Firstborn! Jer. 31:9b

So even though we see Judah became the leader of all his brothers who betrayed Joseph and TOOK HIS SCEPTRE, and when he did he cut himself off from the tents of his father Israel to marry a harlot and raise some wicked seed [who treated Tamar even more shamefully than Judah treated his Canaanite wife (the daughter of Shua), from whom those wicked "seed" learned it], and DESPITE HIMSELF a 'prince' would come from his loins (who like Tamar and her Son with Judah, Peretz as the PROMISED "SEED" LINE of the "Lion" from Judah (Gen. 49:9), would expose his "breach" of guilt for REJECTING the PROMISED SEED which would COME FROM HIS OWN LOINS when finally identified in the end days according to the PROMISE)...the SCEPTRE "between his feet" (?) is TIED TO JOSEPHS FRUITFUL BOUGH as the PROMISED HEIR of ISRAEL as KING whose ROOTS for BOTH HOUSES come out of the "FRUITFUL PLACE" (Ephratah)! That means the Messiah of God, the "PROMISED SON" of our FAITH would have BOTH LINEAGES! He would be the son of JUDAH AND the son of JOSEPH so that HE WOULD GIVE THE SCEPTRE to 'SHELO' (HIM TO WHOM IT BELONGS) when his IDENTITY as the "Root of Jesse" (referencing the Ephrathite) and the "Root of David" (referencing the "Lion of Judah" whose ROOTS are also in the "FRUITFUL PLACE") is REVEALED by his MESSENGER who stands up as his "son" and HEIR of the PROMISED "SEED" as PRINCE of Israel, Dan. 12:1-2, Rev. 20:1-5, Rev. 22:16, Gen 49:10, Deut. 18:15, Ez. 20:37, Dan. 7:13-14, Rev. 21:7, Rev. 2:26-28, Rev. 22:16), his own RIGHT HAND 'son of man' (Ps. 110:5), after the MESSIAH IS GLORIFIED to the RIGHT HAND of GOD (even as Joseph had been a PATTERN for our INSTRUCTION through EXAMPLES!) who would put all his enemies under his feet so that he receive IN HEAVEN all the PRAISE of ALL HIS BROTHERS who would BOW DOWN and WORSHIP HIM (Gen. 49:8) for his OBEDIENCE EVEN TO DEATH, even as ISAAC had been obedient at the hands of his beloved FATHER (Gen. 49:8, Ps. 110:5, Rev. 2:26-28, Dan. 7:13, Dan. 12:1)!

Specifically we see this 'joining' of the TWO HOUSES of Israel took place genetically in "SEED" FORM when the Judahite Boaz raised "seed" IN EPHRATAH (the fruitful place) to his STEP BROTHER Elimelech the EPHRATHITE (from EPHRAIM the FRUITFUL BRANCH)!

For Judah became greater than his brothers and a Prince comes from him, but THE BIRTHRIGHT (of Isra-El as "Gods Ruler") BELONGS TO JOSEPH! 1 Chron. 5:2

God as our "husbandman" or "breeder" (like Jacob bred sheep characteristics for himself and Laban, Gen. 30-31) was separating the "LION" portion of Judah's genetic "seed" from the undesirable (wicked) genetic "seed line", pictured first with Er and Onan with Shelah to be redeemed by Peretz from Tamar (Gen. 38:7-10). This "PROMISED SEED" from JUDAH came to REPAIR the "PERETZ" (BREACH of the "praised" Zerah/Lucifer) of Judah with Joseph as the one to whom ALL the FIRSTBORN RIGHTS as GODS SON BELONG (having "saved" BOTH SEED LINES from perishing)!

Boaz and Elimelech were STEP BROTHERS having the SAME MOTHER; Rahab! That's right! Elimelech [and his unnamed YOUNGER BROTHER ("ploni almoni" which basically means "so and so" or "such and such", Ruth 4:1) who was a 'closer kinsmen' than Boaz (Ruth 3:12) but Deut. 25:7-10 was invoked on him] was an EPHRATHITE from the tribe of EPHRAIM who had been RAISED by SALMON when he MARRIED Joshua's young WIDOW, by whom he fathered Boaz!

So, Judah begat Pherets from Tamar (the promised "seed of a WOMAN" admittedly "more righteous" than himself, Gen. 38:25-29); and Pheretz begat....Salmon.... Ruth 4:18

And Salmon begat Boaz from Rachab; and Boaz begat Obed from Ruth; and Obed begat Jesse; (and Jesse begat David the King); Matthew 1:5 (Ruth 4:18-22, Lk. 3:32-33)

Jewish tradition tells us that Joshua, the Prince over the House of Israel (the inheritor of the SEED PROMISE of ISRA-EL as "Firstborn Son of God") married Rachab after he conquered Jericho, not Salmon the Prince of the House of Judah as the New Testament tells us, as seen in the verse above. But we'll get more into those details shortly, I don't want you to miss all the great stuff in Ruth 4:9-17

Boaz went to the gate (where legal matters were carried out) and his older brother came. After gathering ten elders as witnesses he said: Naomi the widow of our deceased brother Elimelech has returned from Moab his inheritance (a plot of land and the woman Ruth by which seed must be raised by the REDEEMER so that Elimelech's NAME and inheritance RIGHTS are not lost).... and the kinsman redeemer said: "I can not redeem his inheritance because it would destroy my inheritance, so you may redeem it"...And Boaz are all witnesses: I have bought everything that belonged to (the deceased) Elimelech and his (deceased) sons Mahlon and Chilion from (the widow) Naomi, to include Ruth the Moabitess the widow of Mahlon as my wife, to raise up SEED to HIS INHERITANCE so that HIS NAME is not cut off!....And (they) responded "We are witnesses! And may YHWH make the woman coming into your house like Rachel and Leah, the two women who built the House of Israel, and make you proud in the FRUITFUL PLACE (Ephratah) and famous in the House of War (Bethlehem--through the Lion of Judah!). May the SEED she bares to you be like that of Pharez, whom Tamar bore to Judah"....So Boaz took Ruth as his wife and YHWH gave her a son. And the women said to Naomi: "Blessed be YHWH who gave you a REDEEMER to restore your life...through your loving daughter in law....WHO BORE HIM!" And Naomi took the child and laid him on her bosom and became his nurse. And the neighbor women gave him the name Obed; he is the father of Jesse, the father of David. Ruth 4:1-17

This is where God CLEARLY tells us this is the PROMISED "SEED" of the WOMAN, NAOMI who was the PRINCESS of Ephraim whose "SEED" would be the "ANOINTED HEIR" (like Joseph, "cut off" to be GLORIFIED at God's Right hand over our "WORLD HOUSE") and SAVIOUR of "ALL ISRAEL", the REPAIRER of the BREACH (Pherets) which would JOIN the TWO HOUSES of Judah and Israel back together as "CORNERSTONE" of the PLAN, who himself would come as the "SEED OF A WOMAN" of great faith (Ruth) as "REDEEMER" to RESTORE LIFE! See the BEAUTY of what God has been doing by SELECTING the desirable genetics with OBEDIENCE OF FAITH IN HIS PROMISES to bring forth HIS PROMISED "SEED" formed in HIS "IMAGE"? This is the IDENTITY of the "ROOT of JESSE" the "Ephrathite" Prince of Israel AND the "Lion from the tribe of Judah" who "conquered" by FAITH IN GODS PLAN through his SUFFERING and REJECTION like Joseph (Is. 53) to become KING over Heaven and Earth (Ps. 110) according to the KINGDOM BUILDING PLAN of GOD!

And don't think this went unnoticed in past Biblical history either, Boaz himself had the proceedings recorded along with names of the witnesses, and perhaps a family historian wrote the Book of Ruth or at least its prequel! In any event Jewish tradition tells us that Samuel wrote this final account of David's lineage down in this book we call "Ruth", after he learned of it. He obviously had to have something to work from since it essentially contains the LEGAL CONTRACT of a WILL and TESTAMENT as well as a DEED. The PURPOSE is to RECORD the "inheritance rights" of Elimelech which belong to Obed/Jesse/David, in order to be unsealed at the proper time (when the children come of age) according to the WILL of the one who SEALED IT. Only the one who has the RIGHT to unseal it to IDENTIFY HIMSELF to MAKE HIS CLAIM will be able to break the seal God put on it! It would be SEALED until the RIGHTFUL HEIR comes as Gods promised "SIGN" at the time of INHERITANCE (Is. 11:10).

That being the case I suggest Samuel recorded the details of Obed's lineage which he learned from Jesse AND from any legal documents (prequels to the Book of Ruth) which had been written down (I mean this was a LEGAL DOCUMENT, a "DEED" as well as a "WILL" and "TESTAMENT" that had to be RECORDED for INHERITANCE PURPOSES, after all!), as well as from any of the elderly WITNESSES who were yet alive, after he ascertained all the facts of the matter, and as God guided his pen.

We can see that David himself had BECOME AWARE of HIS OWN LINEAGE as the PROMISED SEED LINE of God who had the RIGHT to be called God's "FIRSTBORN SON" in Psalm 2:7-12 (the name "Isra-El", "Gods Ruler", is a Legal RIGHT belonging ONLY to the house of Joseph/Ephraim...and now belongs to Davids line ALONE!), which is about him AND the ONE who would come as the "CORNERSTONE" of this SEED PROMISE and PLAN, who would be GLORIFIED to Gods RIGHT HAND after his REJECTION as we see David tells us in Ps. 2:7-12 & 110, and as described in Isaiah 53 and elsewhere. And of course Saul also began his own inquiry into David's lineage as we see in 1 Sam. 17:55-58. At some point after that he became aware of the details recorded in the book of Ruth and HE KNEW David was the ANOINTED ONE of PROPHECY (Root of the TRUE "Lion of Judah" and "THE ANOINTED" as the "CORNERSTONE SEED" of Gods PLAN to be REJECTED and GLORIFIED) and for this reason he HATED HIM and wanted to KILL HIM in order to REMAIN IN POWER in REBELLION TO GODS WILL! Of course he was not successful. I suggest to you that Yochanan ben Zachai did EXACTLY LIKEWISE with Jesus and he was successful, but he had NO IDEA that by REJECTING God's "CORNERSTONE SEED" (who would then be GLORIFIED according to the PLAN) to then "Marry the Daughter of a foreign God" (neo-Babylon-Rome), his BREACH against GOD WOULD eventually be brought into the TRUE "MORNINGSTAR" LIGHT to be EXPOSED, and he would be FOREVER CUT OFF from the tents of Israel (Mic 4:14/5:1, Mal. 2:11-12, Is. 14:11)!

Now as I said, Jewish tradition tells us that Joshua married Rahab (not Salmon as we are told in Mat. 1:5 above) but we know NOTHING SPECIFIC regarding his GENEOLOGY AFTERWORDS, nor does Jewish tradition tell us who Boaz' mother was as the New Testament does. Like the House of ISRAEL, the rightful "heir" of the SEED PROMISE as God's firstborn son "Isra-El" which comes through Joseph/Ephraim, APPEARS to have been LOST! God PLANNED FOR the apparent DELIBERATE OBFUSCATION of the LINEAGE [as expressed by the term "so and so"/'ploni almoni' in Ruth 4:1 for Elimelechs younger brother who did not want to redeem the TRUE FIRSTBORNS inheritance and name, which he no doubt already ASSUMED to himself and his children and did not wish to DEMOTE HIS OWN CHILDRENS ALREADY USURPED SOCIAL STATUS AS HAVING THE "FIRSTBORN RIGHTS" of Ephraim as PRINCES which didn't really belong to them...and for this reason the "curse" of Deut. 25:7-10 was invoked on him (Ruth 4:8) so that we hear NOTHING of the inheritance of Ephraim as having the RIGHTS of the FIRSTBORN of ISRAEL afterwords (Ruth 4:6-12). Also please note the "repairing of the breach" (Pharets) being referenced in Ruth 4:12. These "Firstborn" RIGHTS were now found ONLY in the SEED which BOAZ RAISED to THEIR 'ROOT' so his RIGHTS of INHERITANCE would be REMEMBERED at the APPOINTED TIMES: Obed, Jesse, David...Jesus as the "Lion of Judah", "Root of David" and "CORNERSTONE SEED" over the Kingdom of God according to the PLAN!] until the time the "FRUITFUL" and RIGHTFUL HEIRS come to INHERIT THEIR RIGHTS. That is what the Isaiah 11:10 allusion to the "ROOT OF JESSE" standing up as a "SIGN" in the LAST DAYS before our "GREAT EXODUS" from ALL NATIONS to enter into the ALWAYS INTENDED "NEW COVENANT" of Gods Kingdom established ON EARTH through HIS PLAN for HIS "FIRSTBORN SON" to CRUSH SATANS KINGDOM and RULE EARTH for GODS GLORY, is all about!

God's glory is in hiding a matter; the glory of Kings is to search the matter out. Prov. 25:2

I would point out that this was ALL QUITE POLITICAL and Boaz was playing his LEGAL CARDS superbly, to include RECORDING THE DEED/WILL for POSTERITY knowing it would be CONCEALED, so as to ALLOW this USURPER to NOT FULFILL the COMMAND of "RAISING UP SEED" TO HIS DECEASED BROTHER because as a "Lion of Judah" and "repairer of the breach", BOAZ WANTED TO DO raise the "SEED" of the "firstborn" promise of Father "Isra-El" given to Joseph/Ephraim and for his "Lion of Judah" to come through Ruth as the BEAUTIFUL "SEED OF A WOMAN" of GREAT FAITH like his own matriarchs Tamar and Rachab!

For Judah became greater than his brothers and a Prince comes from him, but THE BIRTHRIGHT (of Isra-El as "Gods Ruler") BELONGS TO JOSEPH! 1 Chron. 5:2

It's quite clear that after the PROMISED SEED as the "son of Joseph" came to be BETRAYED, the "VISION" of his IDENTITY and these "PROPHECIES" would be once again "SEALED UP" with his disciples until the "TIME OF THE END" (Is. 8:16, Dan. 9:24b, & 12:4), until the time when the SPIRIT OF PROPHECY HIMSELF would move HIS "SON" to UNSEAL the SCROLL to REVEAL THESE THINGS (Rev. 5:5, Dan. 7:13-14, 12:1-4, Is. 11:10, Rev. 20:1-5, 21:7. 2:26-28, Ez. 20:34-37). The LINEAGE of the SPIRIT OF PROPHECY which lived IN JOSEPH through FAITH, and ALSO in JOSHUA (A.K.A. 'Jesus' as we shall see) was "BROKEN" and "HIDDEN" (like the 'PASSOVER MATZAH' or GROOM of the SHAVUOT/PENTECOST WEDDING CONTRACT) in the WORD at this point, only to be UNSEALED at the APPOINTED TIME in the FUTURE by the "Root of Jesse" as a "SIGN" for the GREAT EXODUS into the KINGDOM to begin, as PLANNED.

It seems clear according to New Testament tradition that Salmon, who was the 'firstborn' Prince of the tribe of Judah (1 Chr. 2:10), married Rachab after the death of Joshua and the ONLY CHILD of SALMON with Rachab was BOAZ (Mt. 1:5); the YOUNGEST of HER THREE SONS! Boaz was the ONLY CHILD of SALMON with Rachab (Mt. 1:5) who RAISED the two 'OLDER' EPHRATHITE SONS of JOSHUA as his 'STEP SONS'. Elimelech was the FIRSTBORN SON of JOSHUA for whom his STEP BROTHER BOAZ RAISED UP THE 'FIRSTBORN SEED OF PROMISE' resulting in KING David and HIS 'PROMISED SEED' after him! David (and his 'promised seed') were both UNRECOGNIZED 'EPHRATHITES' according to the LAWS of 'REDEEMING an INHERITANCE' and raising up SEED to the DECEASED so the NAME OF THE DECEASED and his INHERITANCE are not FORFEITED, LOST, or STOLEN (Deut. 25:5-6, Lev. 25:25-28)! The promised SEED of Obed/Jesse/David has the 'RIGHTS OF FIRSTBORN' from the tribes of BOTH Judah (through Salmon/Boaz) AND Joseph (through Ephraim/Joshua (Jesus)! He is FIRSTBORN INHERITOR of BOTH PROMISES! The Scepter of Judah and Kingship of ISRAEL are upon HIS HEAD even as PROMISED TO DAVID!

As the "Lion of Judah" which was the "PROMISED SEED" to Joseph/Ephraim (the Heir of Isra-El; Joshua/Elimelech) which is the "Root of Jesse", both David and Jesus had the SPIRIT OF PROPHECY living in them and both were born in 'Beth-Lechem' (the house of WAR/bread), the FRUITUL PLACE (Ephratah) as the INHERITANCE of JOSEPH/EPHRAIM/JOSHUA the EPHRATHITES, which was WITHIN Judah's tribal inheritance! In other words, it was PROPHETICALLY INTENDED that JUDAH would SACRIFICE HIS OWN 'PROMISED SEED' at the APPOINTED TIME in Jerusalem as a PASSOVER LAMB as PROPHETICALLY PROMISED from the foundation of the world (as patterned in the examples of Cain and Abel, later through God's command to Abraham regarding Isaac, and later by Judah who betrayed and sold Joseph to TAKE his sceptre) not recognizing that He would be EXALTED to the RIGHT HAND OF POWER even as Joseph had been, and as DAVID ENVISIONED as the CROWNING 'GOAL' of the HOLY LAW (Ps. 110:1, Mat. 5:17, Rom. 10:4)! And this Joshua/Jesus from the 'tribe of Judah' would become both KING and HIGH PRIEST over both JUDAH and ISRAEL/JOSEPH/EPHRAIM, and HE would then RESTORE THE SCEPTRE of RULERSHIP ON EARTH to JOSEPH/EPHRAIM/JOSHUA/JESUS under HIM as his OWN 'right hand son' (a 'son of man' having the SAME SPIRIT of GOD living IN HIM as JOSEPH DID). His IDENTITY would be ESTABLISHED when the SPIRIT OF PROPHECY, which IS the Spirit of God, enables him to unseal the TESTIMONY of his identity before ALL even as Joseph revealed his identity to his brothers (Dan. 7:13, Rev. 2:26-28). So the RIGHT to RULE ISRAEL would be restored to a MAN IN FLESH from JOSEPH/EPHRAIM/JOSHUA (JESUS), a man who had GODS SPIRIT LIVING IN HIM and had been CONFORMED to GODS IMAGE even as Joseph was, from whom the RIGHT TO RULE had FIRST BEEN TAKEN by JUDAH, and for which the LAW WAS ADDED to lead us BACK TO OBEDIENCE to the SPIRIT OF GOD in HIS ANOINTED MAN made in GODS IMAGE as DECLARED BY THE SON who came to RESTORE THAT IMAGE AND AUTHORITY ON PLANET EARTH according to a PLAN (Dan. 7:13, Rev. 2:26-28)! Then the House of Judah will be JOINED BACK to the House of Israel as ONE HOUSE under the KING of HEAVEN AND EARTH!

What is the PURPOSE of the Law? It was added because of rebellion to address crime until the Seed to whom the PROMISES BELONG (sheloh) should come. Galatians 3:19 (Gen. 49:10)

***Notes Section***

A note regarding Jewish Midrashic tradition on Rahab

There are a lot of Midrashic and Aggadic texts related to Rahab and Joshua. Some of the most noteworthy are that Rahab is said to be one of the four most beautiful women in the Biblical text along with Abrahams wife Sarah, Davids wife Abigail (after the death of her former husband, Nabal), and Esther the wife of King Ahasuerus (and I would argue the 1st not mentioned would be Adam's wife Eve, and a 6th would be Abishag the Shunammite virgin given to David in his old age, 1 Kings 1:3).

Though absolutely no CONCRETE details are given, according to Jewish Midrashic sources she is said to have married Joshua many years after the conquest of Jericho at 82 years old. Though the Bible tells us he died at 110 years old (Josh. 24:29) it does not tell us how old he was when he conquered Jericho. Some Christian calculations put Joshua at 101 years old at the conquest of Jericho but as I said, Jewish Midrash tells us he was 82. So let me just suggest a settlement can be made so the confusion is cleared up by understanding that he married Rachab at 101 before he died a few years later at 110. By him she is said to be the Matriarch of daughters (thus 'explaining away' why his INHERITANCE appears to be LOST) from whom came many Kings , Priests, and Prophets. The following is taken from the online encyclopedia 'Jewish Women's Archive' in regard to Rahab:

"seven kings and eight prophets issued forth from her (Seder Eliyahu Zuta [ed. Friedmann (Ish-Shalom)], para. 22)."

There are many references and sources which seem to confirm that the most noteworthy of her progeny (in addition to Boaz and Elimelech from whom came King DAVID and his promised 'seed' now GLORIFIED at the RIGHT HAND of God, as demonstrated in this work), were Jeremiah and Ezekiel. But these were mostly 'rumored' progeny because there was some amount of 'shame' associated with being her descendent, despite the fact that her 'conversion' to the God of Israel was considered of far greater piety than Jethro (Moses father in law) or Naaman (the leper healed by Elisha) and equaling that of Ruth. Tradition tells us that Joshua waited a few years after his conquest of Jericho in order to prove out the sincerity of her faith/conversion before he married her. Then he dies and according to New Testament PROPHETIC tradition, Salmon marries her and adopts her two small boys. She was obviously a woman of GREAT FAITH and GREAT BEAUTY! And this of course would explain why we're not told who Boaz' mother was in Jewish Midrash, let alone about Joshua's INHERITANCE after him THROUGH BOAZ (Salmon's Firstborn) born to HER, who RAISED SEED to his OLDEST "STEP BROTHER" Elimelech the Firstborn of Joshua!

The legends tell us that her progeny (through only daughters) like Hilkiah (father of Jeremiah) and 'buzi' (which means 'mockery') the father of (the 'son of man') Ezekiel, were mocked and bullied by those who thought themselves of more pious lineage than those who would come from a former harlot (much like the Midrashic legend that Jesse gave birth to David through a 'different mother' than his other brothers). It seems to me that hiding the 'despised' LINEAGE of the FIRSTBORN SON of Isra-El/Joseph/Ephraim/Joshua/Elimelech in the lineage of a former harlot to be 'ridiculed' as 'bastards', then TYING this lineage BACK to JUDAH through Boaz in SECRET (until the key of Mat. 1:5 comes to help us put the MISSING PIECES of the DOCUMENTATION provided in the Book of Ruth together), seems to be something God wanted to do in order to show how much more righteous the 'bastard' children of even repentent harlots can be THROUGH FAITH IN GOD, than those self righteous hypocrites and narcissists who seem to always have 'immaculately groomed pedigrees'.

It's also interesting to note Jesus' deliberate TABOO interaction with the harlot at the plot of ground father ISRAEL purchased outside SHECHEM (in Samaria). Israel purchased this property and called this property where he dug the well 'el elohei israel' (God, the God of Israel, Gen. 33:19-20). It was also on this property given to him by father Israel as his special inheritance (Gen. 48:22 as translated from Hebrew into the LXX Greek, and later as interpreted from the Hebrew text by Rashi, but is missing from most English translations with exceptions of the NAB and the NJB) where Josephs bones were carried out in Exodus from Egypt to be buried of course become the INHERITANCE of Ephraim/Joshua (Josh. 24:32). It seems Jesus deliberately goes to HIS INHERITANCE which father Israel purchased and named "God, the God of Israel" and gave to Joseph where his bones were buried, near SHECHEM, to bring several allusions back to our memory. Among them of course is that Shechem is where father Israel sent Joseph to inquire of his brothers who were supposed to be there, and was not seen by Jacob again for many years as a result of the BETRAYAL of his brothers in CONSPIRACY against FATHER (Gen. 37:3).

Jesus dwells in Shechem among those 'lost tribes' despised by the 'Jews' for 2 (millenial?) days making converts (Jn. 4:5-42). He is extending the offer of HOLINESS through FAITH BASED REPENTENCE to a woman like HIS MATRIARCH Rahab at a site with much history behind it, DESPITE the GOSSIP that would be SPREAD about him by the NARCISSISTS in POWER, as a TRULY RIGHTEOUS MAN would be humble AND HOLY enough to do as a HEALER of OLD WOUNDS caused by the REBELLION to FATHER ISRAEL and JOSEPH by JOSEPHS BROTHERS at THIS VERY SITE!

"EPHRATHITE" word study.

The word 'EPHRATHITE' (and plural, 'Ephrathites') is used ONLY 5 TIMES in scripture: Ruth 1:2, Judges 12:5, 1 Sam. 1:1, 1 Sam. 17:12 & 1 Kings 11:26. In every case, as we will see below, it is used to refer to the TRIBAL INHERITANCE of EPHRAIM! The etymology of the word is quite deep and requires meditation for it to really sink in. For this reason I will only briefly discuss the origins before getting into the scriptural references.

We must remember that when Jacob purchased the parcel outside the walls of Shechem [which he later gave to Joseph as his inheritance (Gen. 48:22 in the LXX) and where his bones were buried (Jos. 24:32)], he did so in part so that his beloved wife Rachel could give birth to Joseph's little brother (Ben-Yamini = my right hand son) with whom she was pregnant. As you know those plans were abruptly changed when Father Israel had to flee after Simeon and Levy broke his contract with the Shechemites who wanted to Repair the Breach of the Prince of Shechem in the matter with Dinah, through marriage after circumcision and conversion to worship YHWH. While fleeing the shame of the holocaust his sons made on Shechem, Rachel goes into labor and dies giving birth in a place called Beth Lechem (meaning "house of conflict/war" as well as "house of bread") which is also called Ephratah meaning "I'll be a fruitful place" (probably so named by Father Israel himself!) and is buried there (Gen. 35:19).

So the mother of Joseph, the "Firstborn Son" of Rachel the beloved wife of Father Isra-El, is buried in Bethlehem which is called Ephratah which means: "I'll be a FRUITFUL PLACE". This "fruitful place", and "place of rest" for the Matriarch of the EPHRATHITE "SEED" Joshua who conquered the land and divided out the portions, was NO DOUBT the SPECIAL PORTION of HIS OWN INHERITANCE as the "BEN-YIMINI" of Israel/Joseph/Ephraim, upon whose head Isra-El laid "HIS RIGHT HAND" and gave the RIGHT of FIRSTBORN PROMISE! Joshua OBVIOUSLY gave himself a SET APART INHERITANCE portion WITHIN the INHERITANCE he apportioned to the Tribe of Judah by decree. It's obviously the place where Joshua also chose for Rahab to raise his children Elimelech and Ploni TO FULFILL the "FRUITFUL VISION" of Father Israel through his FAITH (as did Salmon the Prince of Judah when he married the Widowed Rahab to finish raising Joshua's small children, Elimelech and Ploni, with his own Firstborn Son with her Boaz, after Joshua died!)!

Now I will only briefly cover where this word, which Joseph used to name his younger son Ephraim which Isra-El made the "Son of his right hand" when he put the BLESSING of FIRSTBORN SON on him, in the 5 places where it's used as a reference to INHERITANCE RIGHTS. In SOME places it is misleadingly translated into English as Ephraimite rather than EPHRATHITE as it correctly and phonetically reads IN HEBREW in the following verses where I translate it accordingly:

And the Gileadites took the passages of the Jordan in front of Ephraim and it came to pass that when those from Ephraim were trying to escape would say: 'Let me pass over', that the men of Gilead would ask him, are you an EPHRATHITE? If he would say 'No'... Judges 12:5

***@ Now there was a certain man from the mountains of Ramathaim-zophim IN EPHRAIM, and his name was Elkanah, the son of Jeroham, the son of Elihu, the son of Tohu, the son of Zuph, the EPHRATHITE; 1 Sam. 1:1

And Jeroboam the son of Nebat the EPHRATHITE from Zereda, Solomon's servant, whose widowed mother's name was Zeruah, lifted up his hand against the king. Now this is how it came about that he lifted up his hand against the king: Solomon built Millo and repaired the breaches of the city of David his father. Jeroboam was a mighty man of valour. Solomon seeing that the young man was industrious, made him RULER over the WHOLE HOUSE of JOSEPH. 1 Kings 11:26-28

***# Based on these and other texts it may be convincingly argued that despite the city of Bethlehem was in the TERRITORY of JUDAH, it was actually the INHERITANCE possession (at least in part) of the house of JOSEPH/Ephraim (the resting place of Joseph/Ephraim/Joshua's Matriarch)! One thing IS CERTAIN, each time the word EPHRATHITE is used (in the HEBREW which is sometimes ERRONEOUSLY translated as 'Ephraimite'), it is ALWAYS a reference to a PERSON coming from the TRIBAL INHERITANCE of EPHRAIM, the firstborn INHERITOR of the HOUSE OF JOSEPH (who is the FIRSTBORN HEIR of father ISRAEL: 1 Chron. 5:1-2)! Now let's take a deeper look.

More Notes on the "Set apart inheritance within a set apart inheritance"

***@# And the name of the man was Elimelech, and the name of his wife Naomi, and the name of his two sons were Mahlon and Chilion, EPHRATHITES from Bethlehem-Judah. And they came into the country of Moab, and continued there. Ruth 1:2

In this account we see there was a CLOSER BROTHER to Elimelech than Boaz (Ruth 3:12). What this means is an OLDER BROTHER than BOAZ. This older brother of Boaz clearly has HIS OWN CHILDREN ALREADY and does not want to 'mar' THEIR 'inheritance' by raising up children to his deceased OLDER BROTHER to whom the INHERITANCE RIGHTS (of Joshua) actually belonged (Ruth 4:6). Boaz, the FIRSTBORN of SALMON (through Rahab) has NO CHILDREN or 'inheritance' so he raises up an inheritance to BOTH HIMSELF and to his HALF BROTHER Elimelech, the deceased EPHRATHITE (firsborn of Joshua with Rahab before his death) for NAOMI who becomes like BOTH LEAH AND RACHEL through RUTH (Ruth 4:11)! Leah would be mother of the MESSIAH BEN JUDAH and Rachel is the Mother of Messiah ben Joseph, the PRINCE OF ISRAEL who has the BIRTHRIGHT and BLESSING of FATHER ISRAEL as RULER, and NAOMI, through RUTH, is MOTHER TO BOTH (Ruth 4:11) through the JUDAHITE 'HALF BROTHER' BOAZ, raising up SEED to the DECEASED according to the SPIRIT of PROPHECY which the LAW IDENTIFIES as the very TESTIMONY OF JESUS (Joshua)! In fact you could say that the 'seed line' of Rahab became sort of like the seed line of Aaron from Levi, a 'set apart' seed line WITHIN an already set apart seed line. As the WIFE of BOTH Joshua (as the 'Prince of Israel' to lead all the clans into 'the promise'), and Salmon (after Joshua's death, who was the Prince over the tribe of Judah who would prevail), BOTH TRIBAL PRINCES come through HER LOINS through a NEW SET APART 'SEED line' WITHIN 'JUDAH', that of the EPHRATHITES from JUDAH: Obed/Jesse/David (through her Daughter in law, Ruth!)!

This is the promised SEED LINE from which the MESSIAH, being BOTH of the TRIBE OF JUDAH who would have the SCEPTRE, and the tribe of JOSEPH who is the RIGHTFUL HEIR of ISRA-EL, would come as the PROMISED SEED to sit NEXT TO GOD on his ETERNAL THRONE according to the SPIRITUAL PLAN of God which he has been showing us from the FOUNDATION OF THE WORLD to SAVE US from BEASTLY NARCISSISTIC MEN serving the PSYCHOPATHIC SERPENT GOD of this FALLEN WORLD REALITY, like CAIN, NIMROD, PHARAOH, and ANTICHRIST and his FOLLOWERS who would be found DESTROYING THE WORLD as before the DELUGE in their ATTEMPT TO STEAL THE COVENANT AND PLAN using his RELIGIOUS WHORES! Naomi and her step-daughter Ruth, who married the also now deceased EPHRATHITE SON of NAOMI, is PURCHASED by the Judahite BOAZ who raises seed to BUILD BOTH the house of JUDAH AND JOSEPH (Ruth 4:10-14)! Even as the line of Aaron was SET APART from all of the rest of the Levites who were 'set aside' from the rest of Israel, so Davids line (from Obed/Jesse) was SET APART from the rest of JUDAH, and from HIS LINE ALONE would come the 'promised seed' and fruitful 'CHOICE BRANCH' NAMED 'JOSHUA' (Jesus), the Prince from JOSEPH who would have his robes WASHED in the BLOOD of the GRAPES from that CHOICE BRANCH!

We see that clearly here where we find that Davids Patriarchs Obed and Jesse, despite being JUDAHITES, are also called EPHRATHITES according to the LAW for raising CHILDREN in the name of the DECEASED so the INHERITANCE (of Joseph/Ephraim/Joshua through RAHAB/Naomi/Ruth) is not LOST!

Now David was the son of that EPHRATHITE from Bethlehem-Judah whose name was Jesse; and he had eight sons, and in the days of Saul he was very aged among the men. 1 Sam. 17:12

Clearly the MESSIAH, like the donkey of JUDAH'S PROPHECY, is TIED TO the FRUITFUL BRANCH of the house of JOSEPH who has the RIGHT OF 'FIRSTBORN' over the WHOLE HOUSE OF ISRAEL. Joseph is the FIRSTBORN and RIGHTFUL HEIR of the NAME and BLESSINGS of Father 'ISRAEL' on EARTH (1 Chron. 5:2) according to GODS WILL AND TESTIMONY given to us IN CONTRACT to understand, NOT to JUDAH (Jews) alone. This 'PROPHETIC LINE' of JOSEPH from Boaz, which has the TESTIMONY of JOSHUA (Jesus), was REJECTED by the REST of the TRIBE of JUDAH (Spearheaded by the 'ILLUMINED' Yochanan Ben Zachai who rejected Gods "Morningstar" and hailed the "Antichrist" in his place, Mal. 2:11-12) and SOLD INTO BONDAGE to DEATH at the HANDS OF ROME! It is INTO JOSEPHS HAND, FROM DAVIDS LINE, who was REJECTED by JUDAH, that the SCEPTRE to RULE shall come in the END DAYS according to the PLAN for which JUDAH WOULD SLAY HIM from his OWN LOINS, REJECTED AS A 'CORNERSTONE' to BUILD the HOUSE OF ISRAEL, to then LATER RECOGNIZE HIS 'Prophetic FACE' according to the SPIRIT OF PROPHECY within TORAH LAW, which would be unsealed and MANIFEST BY 'JOSEPH', to then become the TOP STONE over the WORLD 'HOUSE' God has been BUILDING, according to the ANCIENT 'BLUE PRINT' for WORLD SALVATION!

Final notes on the "set apart inheritance within the set apart tribe/portion"

***@ It must be noted that in 1 Sam. 1:1 posted above, we have to consider something a bit different which is not readily available in the plain text. Here we must understand that Levites receive NO TRIBAL "LAND INHERITANCE", but they were given CITIES of inheritance WITHIN the LAND inheritances of ALL of the other tribes (Lev. 25:32-33, Num. 35:2-8, Josh. 14:4, Josh. 21:3-5). So even as these Levites could sell their CITY possession/inheritance which was WITHIN THE BORDERS of the INHERITANCE of one of the TRIBES (to members of that other tribe), it had to be RETURNED to the TRIBE of LEVI at the JUBILEE! Likewise, a Levite living WITHIN the LEVITICAL CITY located WITHIN one of the OTHER TRIBAL POSSESSIONS (as all Levitical cities were because Levites had NO TRIBAL "LAND INHERITANCE"), they could be named by or confused for a member of THAT TRIBE within which their SET APART CITY exists. This seems to be the case with Elkanah who was a Kohathite (a son of Korah) from the tribe of Levi (1 Chron. 6:22-23 & 33-34) coming from a Levite city WITHIN the TRIBAL POSSESSION of EPHRAIM. It seems clear he is called an 'Ephrathite' because his Levitical CITY INHERITANCE was WITHIN the LAND INHERITANCE of the TRIBE of EPHRAIM.

***# In like manner to the special case above, an 'EPHRATHITE' WITHIN the inheritance of JUDAH could EASILY be confused for a JUDAHITE (especially if his Ephrathite INHERITANCE has been redeemed and seed raised in HIS NAME by a JUDAHITE)! So we see Bethlehem was a city within the tribal possession of Judah but was the inheritance of Josephs MOTHER Rachel (where she was buried by father Israel) belonging to Joshua the EPHRATHITE who CONQUERED THE LAND as the PRINCE of ALL ISRAEL and with the High Priest he divided out the LAND INHERITANCES (Num. 34:17). NO DOUBT the PRINCE of ALL ISRAEL, Joshua the EPHRATHITE, TOOK POSSESSION of his matriarchs RESTING PLACE "Ephratah" (Bethlehem), as his own inheritance (for which he was named and for which Isra-El placed his RIGHT HAND on him) WITHIN the borders of the portion of land he gave as Judah's inheritance possession, and he lived there with Rahab and gave birth to Elimelech there, to FULFILL the "FRUITFUL VISION" of his Father by FAITH in the SEED PROMISES. It is clearly there that the Widow Rahab married Salmon after Joshua's death and gave birth to Elimelechs half brother, Boaz. Salmon raised 3 boys but only one of them was his son, the other two were Joshua's.

This is another great example of the TIES between the SEED OF PROMISE given to Joseph which is found WITHIN the inheritance promise of the SCEPTRE given to Judah as the LION (Hos. 5:14-6:2, Rev. 5:5). This INHERITANCE posession of Joseph/Ephraim was 'sold' to Boaz after their mother died and Ploni did not wish to redeem it because he did not want to RAISE SEED to their eldest brother; which Boaz was happy to do because of HIS FAITH in the SEED PROMISES! So this city is not the inheritance of JUDAH, nor of EPHRAIM, but to the RIGHTFUL HEIR of DAVID who will be recognized to have BOTH LINEAGES as the 'SEED OF PROMISE' [for whom THE LAW and the TESTIMONIES were GIVEN (Gal. 3:19)!], the 'son of man' who has GODS SPIRIT living in him and will UNITE THE TWO HOUSES according to PROPHECY, the 'right hand son of the right hand son' if you will (depicted in Ps. 110:5 as well as Dan. 12:1-2, Rev. 20:1-5, Rev. 22:16, Gen 49:10, Deut. 18:15, Ez. 20:37, Dan. 7:13-14, Rev. 21:7, Rev. 2:26-28, Rev. 22:16), and it shall be given to him AT THE 'JUBILEE' as HIS INHERITANCE!

Moses and Joshua

(together with David and Solomon)

Examples of "MEDIATORS" over the 1st Covenant to be used to recognize a PATTERN for our INSTRUCTION regarding the "Messiah" as the MEDIATOR of the ETERNAL "New Covenant"!

Now we are going to do a DEEP DIVE into the esoteric nature of ETERNAL PROMISES received by father Isra-El which he SCATTERED among the tribes of his "sons" [through Levi whose RIGHTEOUS indignation is tempered and purified through JUSTICE to be separated from Simeon's hot headed, injust cruelty while in bondage, to become YHWH's Lawgiver (King) over the Armies (TZVA'OT) of Isra-El and Isra-El's Priests (police); Gen. 49:7 in the TEMPLATE or PATTERN of the 1st Covenant] through Moses who is the FIRST having ALL THREE of these offices as the SAVIOUR and MEDIATOR of the 1st Covenant, as an archetype which would eventually CONVERGE in the end to come on the head of Messiah from David to lead us into the BOND of the ETERNAL Covenant; those promises being specifically: 1. The KINGSHIP of Isra-El (to be given to Joseph/Ephraim as the RIGHTFUL HEIR). 2. The SCEPTRE of Law (to be given to Judah to hold "between his feet"). 3. The MEDIATORY WORK of Melek Zedek (Melchizedek) OVER the PRIESTHOOD of Levi (given to Moses as the prototype of the Messiah as GODS ANOINTED LAWGIVER and "GOD ON EARTH"). ALL THREE of these OFFICES held by Moses, then bestowed on Joshua after him, are to be eventually be UNITED in the "Lion of Judah" who PREVAILED to SECURE them all through his OBEDIENCE OF FAITH in God and the PLAN (Ps. 110)...and he offers to US these INHERITANCE RIGHTS as HIS "SEED" through OUR OBEDIENCE OF FAITH in HIS 'SIGN' of the ROOT FROM JESSE which STANDS preceding our EXODUS from bondage to ENTER the ETERNAL COVENANT promised from the foundation of the world, as alluded to in Psalm 2, Ps. 110, Is. 11:10-12, 66:21 & Rev. 5:10 (among other places)! These PATTERNS are to be used as EXAMPLES for our INSTRUCTION (1 Cor. 10:6a, 2 Tim. 3:16-17, Heb. 11:39-40). This will only be an INTRODUCTORY DEEP DIVE into the secret Holy place. It is expected that you, as a "seed" of the Holy One, will meditate on these things to incorporate them into the fabric of your being through FAITH in HIS PROMISES, as He intends.

So in beginning, we know that the "Levitical Priesthood" is named after Levi, one of the sons of father Israel taken into Egypt with him to bow before Joseph. Levi had 3 sons of which Kohath (recieving his fathers Blessing) gave birth to 4 sons from which Amram was the father of two sons which GOD SANCTIFIES to Himself; Moses and Aaron. So Moses is selected as the set apart "Saviour" of Isra-El as the MEDIATOR of the 1st Covenant, to become YHWH's "Elohim" (God) on earth EVEN OVER PHARAOH (who exalted himself in REBELLION TO GOD), and Aaron was High Priest to Moses in service to God...Moses being MEDIATOR between God and the High Priest as "God on Earth"; Gods LAWGIVER-KING if you will. Anyone who rebelled against this authority which God set up, perished...even if it was another Levite like Korah!

YHWH said to Moses: "Look I'm making you Elohim (God) to Pharaoh and Aaron will be your prophet to speak your words to him". Exodus 7:1

Moses commanded us the Law (of God)...he was King in Yesurun (Isra-El) when the leaders and tribes were gathered together. Duet. 33:4-5

As we shall elaborate on further as we go, the correlation between Moses and Messiah is quite striking in the above verses. Please note that Moses was above his brother Aaron in an hierarchy of authority in which he was Moses' High Priest and Prophet. In other words Moses and Aaron, the sons of Amram from the sons of Kohath (great grandsons of Levi), had been given special "roles" in the FIRST Covenant by God as HIS "SONS" to do HIS WILL as "Mediators" under the HIERARCHY of the 1st Covenant to be used as a PATTERN for his "IMAGE" to be RECOGNIZED in the ETERNAL COVENANT under Messiah as MEDIATOR, if you will (and this particular HIERARCHICAL PATTERN is developed further in the EXAMPLES which David and Solomon provide for our instruction, which we will examine shortly).

Moses had a "set apart" ROLE from that of his brother Aaron which was ALSO "set apart" WITHIN the tribe of Levi, from all other Levites (who were themselves "set apart" as "ADMINISTRATORS" to God, from all the other Tribes). We will bring forth more of the details shortly but suffice it to say for now that after the death of Aaron, his natural "seed" Eleazar became High Priest. But Moses role as LAWGIVER and "KING in Yeshurun" (Isra-El) as "God on earth" serving God in heaven as MEDIATOR, was not "inherited" by either of his two natural born "SEED", but rather was INHERITED by the "SEED of FAITH" Joshua, as Gods CHOSEN "SEED".

Before Moses passes through the "veil" of death into the eternal "Holy of Holies" he passes his MANTLE of authority to Joshua (the name Moses gave him which SIGNIFICANTLY is the EXACT SAME HEBREW NAME as "Jesus" and means "YHWH saves", as explained in the notes below). So Joshua received not only a NAME CHANGE from Moses, but the 'Sceptre' of his AUTHORITY as MEDIATOR on earth to LEAD US INTO THE PROMISE of the Covenant (which he never finished doing; Heb. 4:8) resulting from his FAITHFUL DEVOTION and OBEDIENCE of FAITH manifesting GODS IMAGE as his"SEED", and Moses "laid hands on him" to PASS THE MANTLE OF HIS AUTHORITY before their High Priest Eleazar and all the people (Num. 27:18 & 22). Recall it was he who was raised up in the Holy Tent of Meeting [(Ex. 33:11) similar to Samuel later (Sam. 2)], where ONLY he and Moses were allowed (as "Mediators" of the Covenant between God and Men)! So the PRACTICAL ROLE of "Kingship" over Isra-El was inherited from the Saviour of Isra-El who "spoke with God face to face" to do His will as MEDIATOR, and this position was "inherited" by Joshua as Gods chosen "Seed" on earth after Moses "passes through the veil" of death into the ETERNAL "Holy of Holies" as EXALTED "mediator" over the 1st Covenant, if you will. It's a BEAUTIFUL PATTERN to meditate on to understand the New, Eternal Covenant and the Messiah as its ETERNAL MEDIATOR in the ETERNAL HOLY OF HOLIES!

Now let's take a closer look at Moses' brother Aaron who inherited the role of "High Priest" to the exclusion of all other Levites [to include Gershom and Eliezer, the two sons of Moses and their "seed" (Ex. 18:3-4) who were ALSO "Levites" as was Moses, and so their seed could also be "priests" despite not being sons of Aaron. But to Aaron and his "anointed seed" alone belonged the INHERITANCE RIGHT of the role of High Priest.]. As I said before, after the death of his father Aaron, Eleazar was SELECTED over Ithamar, Aaron's only other son (his first two sons Nadab and Abihu were slain by God for serving a Strange Fire). He was not given this "birthright" of the High Priest merely because he was the oldest son of the two left alive, but because of his DESIRABLE TRAITS as a holy man through his service up to that point, as shall be demonstrated shortly. In fact I would point out that because of the WICKEDNESS of Aarons first two sons Nadab and Abihu (sorta like Judah's sons Er and Onan) in the service of STRANGE FIRE, God killed them (Num. 26:61) and we will see he does likewise with the sons of Eleazar's brother Ithamar (Eli and his sons) who somehow SEIZED the Priesthood! So Eleazar INHERITED this position as the natural born "seed" of Gods promises over the rest of the sons of Aaron, to be High Priest under Joshua due to his MERITS for the POSITION (Duet. 10:6).

Now please note that LONG BEFORE entering the land of promise and the subsequent CORRUPTION of the priesthood after the death of Joshua and Eleazar (Josh. 24:29 & 33) [and which begins the times of the Book of Judges where we see Judah is selected (by Pinchas) to lead the tribes (Jdg. 1:2), but "Benjamin" comes to be in GROSS rebellion to God and his holiness, obviously through his usurpation of authority as the "Right Hand Son" and which is represented fully later in Saul as the natural or FLESHLY "seed" of the promise of God as his "right hand son" as King, the WICKED SEED of Benjamin which had to be "CUT OFF" before Judah (through David) receives the sceptre], the ETERNAL PRIESTHOOD had already been given to Eleazar's son PINCHAS (Phinehas) by GOD HIMSELF (Num. 25:11-13, Ex. 6:25)! But after Pinchas stands before the Ark of the Covenant in Shiloh where it was located at that time (Judges 20:28), we hear NOTHING expressly concerning Pinchas' ETERNAL INHERITANCE after that, nor of his DEATH! His inheritance is STILL ETERNAL but it certainly did not go to His son Abishua (which means: "My Father Saves") listed in 1 Chronicles 6:4 and 6:50. It APPEARS his "seed" had been "cut off" in Shiloh and the ETERNAL PRIESTHOOD given to him was LOST to others who had NO MERIT (sort of like inheritance RIGHTS of the "seed" of the "righteous servant" in Is. 53:8-10)!

But since we KNOW that Gods gifts and his CALL are IRREVOCABLE (Rom. 11:29), then we know by FAITH in the PROMISOR that this is an APPEARANCE ONLY! Especially since we see that God knew this priesthood would be PERVERTED [three times in fact: 1. Before David and Solomon restore it for the 1st Temple. 2. Before it was restored by Ezra/Nehemiah for the 2nd Temple. 3. After it was perverted by Rome and her Edomite puppet Kings of Judah (like Herod), corrupt priests (like Annas and his sons) and their political lawmaker Rabbi's serving Rome, who together rejected Jesus which caused the subsequent destruction of the Temple and our diaspora into all nations until NOW, just before our GREAT EXODUS into the PROMISE (which the 1st Joshua did not complete as the "MEDIATOR" of God's covenant on earth) and it's FINAL RESTORATION!] by men TAKING positions of authority for which they were NOT QUALIFIED to perform and so perverted the administration and offices of GODS GOVERNING BODY called "Isra-El", and God cut them off (Mal. 1:6, 2:1-10). Nevertheless He PROMISES that He will RE-ESTABLISH the Eternal Levitical Priesthood of Righteousness and PEACE in a RESTORED GOVERNING BODY on Earth (Is. 66:21, Ps. 110:4)!

I would point out that the next time we hear anything about the Eternal Priesthood or its legitimacy, is many years later after Eleazar and his son Pinchas die [though it should be noted that the text NEVER SPEAKS of Pinchas' death like "Melek Zedek" (see notes on Melchizedek below) and despite knowing his lineage, we are not told who replaced him as High Priest!]. The account is in 1 Samuel 1 in regard to the birth of Samuel whom Eli raises in the HOLY PLACE, much like Joshua had been groomed by Moses. But it's God that put him there and who is grooming him, not Eli who raised wicked sons! In fact, unlike Pinchas, we know NOTHING about the provenance of Eli's lineage or how he secured the priesthood during the chaotic and corrupt "wild west" period of the Judges where everyone did whatever they wanted! Like Melek Zedek (see notes on Melchizedek below), Eli just shows up out of nowhere with NO LINEAGE...but (unlike Pinchas) we DO KNOW about his INGLORIOUS death, and that's the very reason Samuel is sent by God to RESTORE GODS AUTHORITY ON EARTH (lost by Adam and promised to be restored by the "Seed of the Woman" who CRUSHES SATANS HEAD according to GODS PLAN)! God sent the Levite Samuel, a descendent of one of the Holy sons of Korah who did not die in the rebellion of their father (1 Chron. 6:22-23 & 33-34) to RESTORE the AUTHORITY of Israel and its priesthood under David as the ANOINTED of God!

Side note on Eli's downstream lineage

**[Begin note on Eli. Eli just shows up out of nowhere but we can PRESUME he's a descendent of Ithamar the brother of Eleazar as these lineages are juxtaposed downstream under David (1 Chr. 24). He is obviously a levite related downstream from Aaron somehow but we certainly DO NOT see that he's a descendent of Pinchas' or his son "Abishua" (1 Chron. 6:4). He somehow comes to possession of this Firstborn Right of Inheritance to become High Priest under Aaron according to the FLESH and NOT THE SPIRIT as a son of Abiathar, Eleazar's brother who is the father of Pinchas to whom GOD GAVE THE ETERNAL PRIESTHOOD! And we see God promising in 1 Sam. 2:30-36 that He's going to cut Eli off for dishouring Him (as a spiritual drunk) together with his sons Hophni and "Pinchas" (though identically named, this "Pinchas" son of Eli is NOT to be confused with the son of Eleazar to whom the priesthood rightly belongs!) to begin RESTORING the Honour of the Priesthood through Right of MERIT rather than INHERITANCE of FLESHLY MEN seizing power! Eli just seems to appear out of nowhere with "no provenance of lineage" (similar but opposite to Melek Zedek, the righteous King of Peace as we shall see) as an INTERLOPER sometime during the period of the Judges, and it's interesting that his son by the same name of Pinchas, has a son who gets named "Ichabod", which means "NO HONOUR" as his patriarchs are killed and the Ark is taken from Shiloh as God promised (1 Sam. 2:30-36 & 4:21). Then we see later that Ichabod gets a brother (older? younger? different father?) named Ahitub that becomes "YHWH's Priest" in Shiloh to BEGIN the RESTORATION of the PROMISED SEED (1 Sam. 14:3, 22:20). Then we see the TWO DIFFERENT priesthood streams, from TWO DIFFERENT "Pinchas" lines, CONVERGING as co-Priests under David as King; one is from the Eleazar-Pinchas line and the other from the Ithamar-Eli-Pinchas line, and together they (Zadok and Abiathar) restore the Glory of the Ark to Jerusalem under David (2 Sam. 15:29, 2 Sam. 8:17, 1 Chron. 6:4-12, 1 Kings 4:4). Then Zadok became High Priest under Solomon as Abiathar is DESELECTED (cut off as priest) for TREASON against GODS ANOINTED which finishes the prophecy of God to Eli (1 Sam 2:35-36, 1 Kings 1:19, 2:26-27, 1 Chr. 29:22)! So Solomon (which means "peace") the son of David the Ephrathite and "Lion of Judah" (having the Birthright of the Son of Isra-el and Sceptre of Judah) establishes the PRIESTHOOD to the "SEED" of Zadok (which means "Righteous") as a TYPE of MEDIATOR on earth like Moses or the "Melek Zedek King of PEACE" serving God and his father David who passes through the "veil" into the heavenly Holy of Holies as David himself prophesies of the one who would come in the end days in Psalms 2 and 110). All these things happened as EXAMPLES for OUR INSTRUCTION (1 Cor. 10:6a, 2 Tim. 3:16-17, Heb. 11:39-40). End note on Eli]***

We see Samuel's lineage from Elkanah as a Levitical descendent of Kohath and Korah (from one of the sons of Korah who did not rebel with their father against Moses to perish in the wilderness) 1 Chron. 6:22-23 & 33-34. So Eleazar, the High Priest anointed by God to succeed Aaron, died in the "promised land" and was buried on a HILL that belonged to Pinchas (who the text never tells us he died, but we can presume he was also buried there) on the "Mountain of Ephraim" [planted on the "hill" of the "mountain of my fruitfulness", if you will (Joshua 24:33, Is. 61:3)]......and with him the ETERNAL LEVITICAL COVENANT of RIGHTEOUSNESS and PEACE given to Pinchas and his "SEED" as their INHERITANCE, seems to have just been LOST until it is RESTORED BY DAVID (1 Chron. 24). And notice where Elkanah and Hannah (the woman of faith) are living from which Samuel CAME, as we've already noted a couple of times: the "Levitical City inheritance" of PINCHAS which was within the TRIBAL LAND INHERITANCE PORTION of EPHRAIM!

Now there was a certain man from the mountains of Ramathaim-zophim IN EPHRAIM, and his name was Elkanah, the son of Jeroham, the son of Elihu, the son of Tohu, the son of Zuph, the EPHRATHITE; 1 Sam. 1:1

So Elkanah the Levite and his family are from a levitical city WITHIN the INHERITANCE PORTION of EPHRAIM and for this reason he's called an EPHRATHITE (and which ESTABLISHES the FACT that "Bethlehem" likewise was an EPHRATHITE INHERITANCE of Joshua which was WITHIN the Tribal Portion of land given to Judah, as we demonstrated earlier!). And through the PROMISE OF FAITH given to his barren but beloved wife Hannah, she is given the SEED OF PROMISE by FAITH to give birth to Samuel who effectively TAKES the AUTHORITY of the PRIESTHOOD as a PROPHET OF GOD, from Hophni and Phinehas the sons of Eli who became a spiritual drunk to raise EVIL SEED serving "belial" (the Devil), and who are killed together with their father after the taking of the Ark of the Covenant in 1 Samuel 4:21 according to God's promise to him through Samuel in 1 Sam. 2:34-35. And so in summary (skipping over the Pattern and lessons of the "Benjamite King" Saul, the FLESHLY "Right hand Son" of God USURPING Gods authority to be CUT OFF for REBELLION), Samuel RESTORES the AUTHORITY of "God on Earth": the King of Isra-El, the Sceptor of Judah, and the Righteous (Zadok) Priesthood, to David as the PATTERN for Gods PROMISED "SEED" (and David being the promised SEED LINE)!

Recall that the "Ark" containing the HOLY LAW, which was the "Glory of Isra-El", was NOT RESTORED until Samuel anointed David (who himself was a type of EMBODIMENT of that Law, the GLORY of Isra-El) who RESTORED the Ark and GLORY of God to Israel in Jerusalem TOGETHER WITH purifying the holy ADMINISTATION of HIS PRIESTHOOD which surrounded him on all sides as a "Tabernacle of flesh" housing the GLORY of Isra-El...and his physical 'seed' (Solomon) BUILT a GLORIOUS TEMPLE of STONES to HOUSE God's Glory...(all of this a PATTERN for a future restoration of the KING and his Eternal Levitical "Pinchas" Priesthood which the Messiah will build made of LIVING, ETERNAL, FIREY STONES having the GLORY OF GOD INDWELLING THEM; and who will also reside and work within a house of stone)!

Tying it all Together

So backtracking a bit to TIE IT ALL TOGETHER, Jewish tradition tells us Pinchas was one of the "two spies" Joshua sent in to Jericho; one of the HOLY MEN hand picked by the practical "King" of Isra-El (Joshua who had "inherited" the effective role of "God" on earth from Moses and God in Heaven). He was sent in as an Ambassador SPY and finding the RIGHTEOUS RAHAB not awaiting destruction but SALVATION, promised her that SALVATION because of her FAITH (and through this "Woman" of faith all the SEED PROMISES come together to form the MESSIAH of God as we demonstrated earlier)! Now for the "coup de gras" as they say. The OTHER SPY accompanying Pinchas and was a second witness to Rahab's GREAT FAITH, COURAGE, and LOYALTY, was Salmon! Salmon was the Prince of Judah (father of Boaz) who later married this woman according to Mat. 1:5 after she had been widowed by THEIR EFFECTIVE "KING of Isra-El" Jesus (see the note on Joshua = Jesus = "YHWH saves" below) who married her after her deliverance promised by the Holy Priest of the Eternal Covenant of Peace, Pinchas!

So we see Joshua, Salmon, and Pinchas working together to save the righteous from the destruction God wants to bring on the WICKED PEOPLE of the land THROUGH they are bringing BOTH the JUDGEMENT OF GOD on the people of the land but they are also Gods SAVING ARM for anyone whose OBEDIENCE of FAITH merits salvation! And we see that Rahab, as a NOBLE WOMAN of GREAT FAITH and CHARACTER was "SAVED" and MARRIED to the God of Isra-El through Joshua the Effective King of Israel, and later Salmon the Prince of Judah (no doubt both of them married to her through Pinchas, the Holy Priest over the Eternal Covenant of PEACE!)! Salmon married Joshua's widow who then bore to him Boaz as the youngest half brother to Elimelech and Ploni, the sons she bore to her deceased husband Joshua the EFFECTIVE "KING" of Isra-El as COMMANDER in Moses place! And so as we saw earlier, it was Boaz who REPAIRED the ancient BREACH between the House of Judah and the House of Joseph through the HOLY SEED of PROMISE which he RAISED UP through his FAITH in God through ANOTHER WOMAN of great faith, Ruth. These then are the very ROOTS of Jesse from whom come the Branch of Messiah, and the ROOT from the BRANCH: King David the "Ephrathite"; Solomon Melek Zedek...and finally the "Root of David", the MESSIAH as "THE" OVERCOMING "LION OF JUDAH" who has secured ALL SEED RIGHTS AND PROMISES as THE INHERITOR of ALL AUTHORITY over HEAVEN AND EARTH to rule over ALL NATIONS for the Glory of God according to HIS PLAN (Ps. 2 & 110)! And it is HE who UNSEALS THE SCROLL through HIS "SEED" at the time of "THE RESTORATION" according to the PLAN!

Note on Melek Zedek (Melchizedek)

Now backtracking again BRIEFLY to trace the seed promise of rulership given to Seth who was "raised up" in place of Abel as the chosen seed line to crush Satan's head and rule the world. We see that Noah was the inheritor and he gave this promise to RULE the world to Shem based on his MERIT (exemplifying God by employing Japath's assistance in "covering the nakedness" of their father, as God did for Adam and Eve; Gen. 9:26-27). Though we have Abraham's lineage given to us and he is indeed a descendent of Shem, this lineage is NOT the provenance of the promised "seed" line of inheritance. It went through a DIFFERENT lineage from Shem than Abrahams but is BESTOWED ON HIM by God through Melek Zedek the King of Shalom due to his MERIT based on his OBEDIENCE of FAITH! Abrahams father (and no doubt his father before him) was an idolator and God called Abraham OUT from his father's house to be HIS SON through FAITH! As a result of his OBEDIENCE OF FAITH, he came to RECIEVE the BIRTHRIGHT of HIGH PRIEST-KING of the world from Melek Zedek King of Shalom. Only AFTER THAT was he given the promise of SEED to whom these RIGHTS OF INHERITANCE as GODS SON (later named "Isra-El") would come, to then later be bestowed on his son Joseph/Ephraim whose blessing is HIDDEN within that given to Judah who would STAND up as inheritor in the end days to UNITE Judah and Israel in GREAT EXODUS, and whose FEET would then CRUSH the SERPENTS HEAD as SAVIOURS of the WORLD through whom ALL NATIONS would be BLESSED...ALL AS PATTERNS: EXAMPLES for OUR INSTRUCTION (1 Cor. 10:6a, 2 Tim. 3:16-17, Heb. 11:39-40)!

Now, though Jewish Tradition tells us Melek Zedek was himself Shem, this can not be established to have been the view PRIOR to the destruction of the Temple. After reviewing the EVIDENCES, this tradition seems to be a POLEMIC RESPONSE to the book of Hebrews (Heb. 5:6-10 & 6:20-7:21), and particularly Heb. 7:3, a "tradition" which arises ONLY AFTER the destruction of the Temple. Not only is there NO BASIS IN FACT to make the claim, but after serious examination of the EXTANT TEXTUAL VARIANTS regarding the birth chronologies from Shem to Abraham in Gen. 11 (most particularly the LXX and the Samaritan Pentateuch which both have a chronology that has Abraham being born at least 500 years after the death of Shem), it's clear that the Masoretic Text cuts the birth chronology down to have Shem still alive in order to claim Melchizedek was the same person as Shem (whose lineage we know, as a refutation of Heb. 7:3). Additionally we have the UNIVERSALITY of ancient commentaries (including from fragment 11Q13 from the D.S.S.) referencing Melchizedek as the MESSIANIC being a.k.a. Mi Ca El the GREAT PRINCE of Israel in Dan. 12 (which they identified with "God", the "son" of God Most High standing up in Ps. 82) associated with the JUDGEMENT of the BELIAL (the Devil) and his "SONS OF WICKEDNESS" (which we see also in Rev. 20 as in Dan. 12) and the JUBILEE RESTORATION of Gods Kingdom in the MESSIANIC NEW COVENANT. Therefore the claim that Shem is Melchizedek can NOT be established as having ever existed until AFTER the writing of Hebrews and as such, is proven as a POLIMIC FRAUD against the Hebrews 7:3; as Shem clearly died over 500 years before Abraham was even born according to those more ancient chronologies!

Again, it seems to be clearly a POLEMIC created by the very one's who opposed and "cut off" the rightful heir (who is now GLORIFIED HIGH-PRIEST KING over heaven and earth according to the PLAN) in order to obfuscate the evidences of his identity in order to attempt to STEAL the BIRTHRIGHT, exactly as God told us in advance WOULD HAPPEN and HE WOULD EXPOSE! Nevertheless, one thing which can be agreed on is that Abraham "inherited" the promise given to Shem through Melek Zedek, and NOT from his own FLESHLY FATHER, as a result of his MERIT based on his OBEDIENCE OF FAITH in God as his Father! Remember what we said about Korah earlier?

The Book of Hebrews is contrasting these very types of OPPOSING "seed provenances" we were looking at in regard to the "seed promise" being RESTORED to the Elimelech-Pinchas line, after it had somehow been SEIZED by the Ithamar-Eli-Pinchas line! In like manner you could say Abraham is being RESTORED the right given to Shem for which his patriarchs had been previously DESELECTED due to REBELLION to God (Idolatry) and are now being GRAFFED BACK IN through Abraham's OBEDIENCE of FAITH! The Sons of Korah did not perish in the REBELLION of their father, and inherited GREAT NAMES in history becoming VERY CLOSE and BELOVED SERVANTS of DAVID (particularly ministering to and for David in HOLY MUSIC and Psalms)! Judah and Israel MUST BE RE-UNITED as the SAVIOUR of the WORLD for GODS GLORY!

As the INHERITOR of Gods ETERNAL COVENANT given to the patriarchs Abraham, Isaac and Israel, which then are divided out to Joseph, Judah, and Levi (through Moses and Aaron), we see ALL THREE SEED LINE PROMISES converging on the woman to whom Pinchas promises SALVATION; the Harlot Rahab who REPENTS and is SAVED from CERTAIN DESTRUCTION! So the former harlot turned "WOMAN OF GREAT FAITH" through repentence and OBEDIENCE of FAITH in GODS PROMISES, would bear the SEED of the PROMISED MESSIAH through her FAITH in the eternal covenant holder sent by Joshua! So we have the "Seed" of three promises (held by Pinchas, Joshua and Salmon from the tribes of Levi, Joseph/Ephraim and Judah respectively) converging as ONE in the WOMAN RAHAB! The Male "seed" of PROMISE comes through the FLESH "WOMAN" of FAITH who Married the "firstborn son" of "God on earth", the "King" of Isra-El through obedience of FAITH!

And so after David begins the RESTORATION of the priesthood perverted by Eli and his sons which took the GLORY of Gods PRESENCE out from Israel, then he "passes through the veil" of death to enter the eternal "holy of holies", his "firstborn son" and INHERITOR of the AUTHORITY of GOD on Earth [(Shalomo "King of Peace"), also a pattern for THE "Lion of the Tribe of Judah" and "Root of Jesse" who would come later and for which all these things are but PATTERNS], having the Sceptre (belonging to Judah), the Kingship of the firstborn son of God "Isra-el" (belonging to Joshua) and the MEDIATOR ON EARTH over the "Eternal Priesthood" of Levi-Zadok (Zadok means: "RIGHTEOUS" and was the rightful HEIR of the seed promise given to Pinchas, Zadok's progenitor which had to be RESTORED) to fulfill DAVID'S VISION in a PATTERN, RESTORED the ETERNAL PRIESTHOOD of Levi/Pinchas/"ZADOK" as "Gods Son" and MEDIATOR on earth as a sort of spiritual MIRROR: "as above so below". A "Melek Zedek" (Righteous King) of Peace as MEDIATOR between God and Man in HEAVEN and the MIRROR IMAGE of that PATTERN to be MANIFEST through OBEDIENCE OF FAITH by His "SEED" as His Kings and Priests ON EARTH according to a PLAN which David ENVISIONED and encapsulated in Psalm 2 and Ps. 110 (and also by Daniel in his vision of the Ancient of Days, which is the "SON" of Jesus, a.k.a. "One who is like God"; the Prince of Israel)!


YHWH said to me: "You are my Son whom I have begotten! Ask from me and today I will give you the nations as your inheritance, and the uttermost parts of the earth as your possession for you to rule with a "Sceptre of Iron"...(Ps. 2:7-9).

YHWH said to my Lord, sit here at my right hand as I make all your enemies bow before your feet. (Ps. 110:1)


(Jesus said) He who overcomes (doing my work) will inherit all things! I will be his Elohim (God) and he will be my son (Rev. 21:7)...even as I have received authority from my father, I will give him authority to rule over all the nations with a "Sceptre of Iron". I will also give him the "Morningstar" Rev. 2:26-28.

I Jesus, have sent my ambassador to tell you that I am the "Root of David" and the True "Morningstar"! Rev. 22:16 (Rev. 20:1-5, Dan. 12:1-2).

In that day a "Root from Jesse" will stand as a "SIGN" to the people to gather the nations to him...(and in a Global Exodus) YHWH will gather his assemble lost Israel and gather the dispersed of Judah from the four corners of the earth! Isaiah 11:10-12 (Deut. 30:3, Jer. 16:14-15, Ez. 20:34-37, Dan. 7:22, Dan. 12:1-2).

So you see all these things are PATTERNS for our INSTRUCTION through EXAMPLES, to TEACH US until we "come of age" through FAITH to INHERIT THE ETERNAL PROMISES of God's Kingdom as his FIRSTBORN SON "Isra-El" (Gods Ruler) on earth, who comes out in GREAT EXODUS from bondage to fleshly men to ENTER IN to the PROMISES through our OBEDIENCE OF FAITH, as they all worked for as a CORPORATE BODY! For this reason Jesus tells us another JUDGEMENT is coming on the WORLD KINGDOM OF RELIGIOUS HARLOTRIES and commands all those of FAITH like Abraham and his family, and Rahab and her family, to "COME OUT FROM HER MY PEOPLE" and be my SONS manifesting MY RIGHTEOUS "IMAGE" through your OBEDIENCE OF FAITH in ME and MY "MORNINGSTAR" WORLD KINGDOM PLAN!

For if Jesus (Joshua/YHWHsaves) had given them rest it would not have been spoken of another day afterwords. Therefore a (Sabbath) REST (which will be GLORIOUS) still remains for the people of God to enter into. Hebrews 4:8-9 (Is. 11:10-12)



Note that in Hebrew the names "Jesus" and "Joshua" (alternately "YahuShua" with an additional letter wav, Deut. 3:21, Jdg. 2:7b) are spelled EXACTLY the SAME as shown in Hebrew at the top of each page in this website. It was not the original name of Joshua. Moses CHANGED his name from Hoshea to Joshua (Num. 13:16). It is the CONTRACTION of TWO CONJUGATED VERBS: "YHWH" which is conjugated to mean: "He Exists" (the conjugation of a unique verb meaning "Being" used exclusively for the SUPREME, ETERNAL BEING, the "God of Isra-El", and having the connotation that everything exists within His BEING, and nothing exists apart from His BEING), and the other VERB is "Hoshea" meaning: "to SAVE" (as used in Ps. 86:2). Though a verb, Hoshea was also the full proper noun-name of Joshua BEFORE Moses reconjugated it with the first conjugated verb above to indicate the AUTHORITY he would represent through his WORK. Hoshea is also the name of many other persons in the Bible to include the Prophet of the Book by the same name and Hebrew spelling (not consistently translated in other languages as we see variants like Osea, Oshea, Hosea, Hosha, etc. being employed for this Hebrew word in English for example.).

So Joshua and Jesus are the SAME HEBREW PROPER NOUN (Name) composed of the CONTRACTION of these TWO CONJUGATED VERBS which are spelled IDENTICALLY in Hebrew and have the SAME MEANING: "He's the (ETERNAL) BEING who SAVES", "YHWH saves" or "Yahu Saves" (Mat. 1:21)! For this reason Hoshea son of Nun's name had been changed before first spying out, then conquering the land to take us into the Promise (Num. 13:8 & 16); which he did not fulfill (Heb. 4:8), and "Jesus" was so named in Mat. 1:21 to indicate his role in like manner.

This "promised seed" of "Isra-El" (Gods Ruler), the Prince of Ephraim, the "Root of Jesse" and David as the "Lion of Judah", was given the SAME NAME as the one who, having the TWO NATURES (like combining Joshua & Caleb as ONE) would FINISH leading us into the PROMISE (Heb. 4:8), and as we also see reflected in the "Song of Moses and the Lamb" (Deut. 32:44, Rev. 15:3).

We also know that in other prophecies the "name of the branch" who would unite the Kingship and Priesthood in the New Covenant (as Melek Zedek, Ps. 110) and who would build his Temple for which he shall receive the glory, would also be the EXACT SAME Hebrew name, which was that of the High Priest prefiguring him, "Joshua" (Zech. 3:8 & 6:11-12). Also please note that Rabbi Keduri's prophecy for the name of the Moshiach uses the long form variant for the "branch" Joshua (having the additional wav) found in Deut. 3:21 & Judges 2:7b which EMPHASISES the NAME of God and the WORK he would do as: "Yahu-Shua = Yahu Saves (Mat. 1:21) who will LEAD US INTO THE PROMISE!".

And as a final note on the significance of this name it must be pointed out that there is a HEBREW CONTRACTION which was popular in Aramaic then, and is also popular today: "Yeshua". This Aramaic contraction is essentially the Hebrew word "salvation" or "he saves" with the exclusive VERB used for the "BEING" (YHWH) removed. We must never forget that whatever version of the name we use in whichever language, whether Jesus in English or Spanish (phoneticized as "Heysus"), Iesus in Latin, Iesous in Greek, Isa in Arabic, Jesu in German, Isusa in Russian, Yeshua in Aramaic or Hebrew, etc., it's the NAME of the BEING which he came to GLORIFY as his PERFECT SEED in FLESH which is of UTMOST IMPORTANCE. The promised "SEED" [as prefigured by Abel, and with the "Akeda" (the "binding/sacrifice of Isaac" by father Abraham)] came to glorify the Name of the Father (BEING) through his OBEDIENCE to the FATHER'S PLAN (as its CORNERSTONE) in whose IMAGE we are to be FORMED through OBEDIENCE OF FAITH (Mat. 1:21, Jn. 5:43, Jn. 12:28, Heb. 2:12, Ps. 22:22, Prov. 30:4)

So the "Root of Jesse" is Joshua, the Prince of Israel as the PROGENITOR of David to whom Boaz raised seed, and the "BRANCH from Jesse's Root" is also "Joshua" (Jesus), the Son of David from his Root, who will lead us into the promise (Heb. 4:8)! In other words, the PROMISED "SEED" of God (Gen. 3:15) was Jesus (Joshua), the ROOT of Jesse and David from which ALSO comes the BRANCH by the SAME NAME! It's no coincidence then that Jesus came in this name of His PROGENITOR, the "Root of Jesse", Joshua to be the Passover Lamb who would be REJECTED LIKE HIS PROGENITOR, JOSEPH, according to THE LAW PLAN OF PROPHECY where he would come into the SERPENT GOD/PHARAOH'S 'WORLD HOUSE' to begin binding him, the spirit of sin and death which has ruled earth THROUGH DECEPTION since the garden, to CONQUER DEATH and DECEPTION with the SPIRIT of TRUTH which brings LIFE, and as we see mandated in Mat. 1:21 (you shall call his name 'YHWHsaves' because he will save his people from their sins). So what we see is that the first 'Messiah ben Joseph' named Joshua/Jesus (YHWHsaves) anointed by Moses to lead the people in to the promised land (Deut. 34:9) never finished the job, as we see alluded to in Heb. 4:8 which reads:

For if Jesus (Joshua/YHWHsaves) had given them rest it would not have been spoken of another day afterwords. Therefore a (Sabbath) REST (which will be GLORIOUS) still remains for the people of God to enter. Hebrews 4:8-9 (Is. 11:10-12)

The 'son of man' A.K.A. the 'Messiah ben Joseph' to whom the promise ON EARTH belongs, will come in a name NO ONE KNOWS BUT HIMSELF to be UNRECOGNIZED, even as a 'THIEF', and shall LEAD US IN TO THE PROMISE according to the SAME PROPHETIC LAW for which the LAMB WAS SLAIN by THAT SAME SPIRIT who LIVES IN HIM who was RAISED FROM THE DEAD!

And if Messiah lives in you, it's his spirit giving life through his righteousness and the body is dead because of sin. So if the Spirit of him that raised up Jesus from the dead lives in you, he that raised up Messiah from the dead shall also quicken your mortal bodies by his Spirit that lives in you. Romans 8:10-11

And he gave some as apostles; and some as prophets; and some as evangelists; and some as pastors and teachers; For the perfecting of the saints and for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Messiah until we all come in the unity of the faith and of the knowledge of the Son of God, unto a perfect man: the FULL MEASURE, STATURE, AND FULLNESS OF THE MESSIAH. Ephesians 4:11-13

And I will put my spirit within you and cause you to walk in my statutes. And you will keep my judgments and do them. Ezekiel 36:27

I will put my spirit in you and you will live. And I will put you in your own land. Then you will know that I, YHWH have spoken it, and performed it, says YHWH. Ezekiel 37:14

So what we have demonstrated is that the 2 Messiah's which Rabbinic Jews teach is coming in the FUTURE, ALREADY CAME and is SEATED at the RIGHT HAND OF POWER having OVERCOME, just like the EXAMPLE of Joseph who was LIKEWISE REJECTED according to the PLAN to SAVE ISRAEL and the WHOLE WORLD! He came through the PROMISE given to Joseph/Ephraim as an EPHRATHITE LAMB to be sacrificed like Isaac in the Akedah, and Joseph, to THEN be RECOGNIZED as the CONQUERING LION of JUDAH...through the SET APART line of David (Hos. 5:14-6:2, Rev. 5:5)!

"I will be a Lion to Ephraim and to the House of Judah: I myself will tear them and drag Israel off (into bondage) and no one will rescue him. Then I will RETURN to MY PLACE until they acknowledge their offence and seek my face"...."Come, let us return to YHWH because it was He who tore us but He will bind up our wounds. After two days He will revive us and we will live in his presence on the 3rd day." Hosea 5:14 - 6:2

One of the Ancients said to me: "Don't cry, look! The Lion of the Tribe of Judah has OVERCOME to open the book and loose its seven seals...I looked and all I saw was a Lamb that had apparently been slain.... Revelation 5:5-6 (Hos. 5:14-6:2)

The Messiah ben Judah and the Messiah ben Joseph is THE SAME PERSON!The Messiah would be a man of sorrows aquainted with suffering, ridicule, grief, and shame at the hands of BEASTLY MEN (Narcissists) who were nothing more than HYPOCRITES in priests frocks. His SPIRIT living in HIS SEED would be rejected by his own brethren obeying the same Narcissistic ilk until the end of days when men will be faced with the truth of having served Psychopaths in Gods name, and will mourn over what they've done in Jesus' name (Mt. 7:21-26, Mt. 13:30 & 38, Lk. 19:27), at the dawn of a Messianic New World Order.

And to you wickedly profane prince of Israel whose day of iniquity has come to an end, thus says the Lord YHWH: Take off the turban and remove the crown! Things will no longer be the same! Raise up the humble and humble the exalted! I have assigned iniquity, overturning, and destruction until he comes to whom it belongs, and judgement I will give to him. Ezekiel 21:25-27

He would be MOCKED and ABUSED, even called insane or demon possessed, and his 'lineage' would be called into question as BASTARDLY, despite the OVERWHELMING EVIDENCE of his own ABSOLUTE PIETY and DEVOTION to the GOD of ISRAEL! This would be the situation the ANOINTED SON OF MAN would be born in to endure and DIE under before being RECOGNIZED as the 'SON OF GOD' to be EXALTED to GOD'S RIGHT HAND on his HEAVENLY THRONE, GLORIFIED as the 'PERFECT IMAGE of GOD' which ALL MEN will be FORMED IN according to a LAW PLAN which DAVID SAW as the CROWN of the LAW (Ps. 110, Mt. 5:17-19)! The humble 'son of man' (like a Mordechai) who reflects the IMAGE of GOD exposes the HYPOCRITICAL PSYCHOPATHY of RELIGIOUS MEN (Pedophile priests and their secret WORLD GOVERNMENT, like HAMAN) pretending to know GOD but DO LIE and who really reflect the IMAGE of NARCISSISTIC PSYCHOPATHY from the 'high places' of 'HEAVENLY POWER' through DECEPTION, so that the world is filled with SOCIOPATHIC CRIMINALS awaiting THEIR 'antichrist' who shall JUDGE THEM!

And I heard another voice from heaven, saying: 'Come out from her my people, so that you share not in her sins and do not suffer from her plagues. For her sins have reached even to heaven, and God will visit her iniquities with justice.' Revelation 18:4-5

According to the PLAN, through their RELIGIOUS SORCERIES and their GROOMED SPIRITUAL BLINDNESS and DEPRAVITY, they would eventually create a world like the ANTE-DELUVIANS of Noahs day, Babyl, Sodom and Gomorra or Jericho of Canaan! God tells us he would send a PROPHET LIKE MOSES (A.K.A. EliJah) as an Ambassador (like Pinchas) to a WICKED SYSTEM in the end days, to STAND UP and demand RIGHT JUDGEMENTS be made by GODS CHILDREN in order to SAVE THE WORLD from the NARCISSIST REBELS who are DESTROYING IT and shall themselves BE DESTROYED because of it (Psalm 82, Deut. 18:15, Ez. 20:34-37, Dan. 7:13-14 & 12:1-2, Rev. 17:14-17 & 20:1-5)!

The TRUE reflection of 'GODS IMAGE' in a 'SON OF MAN' would suffer for what is RIGHT even to his DEATH (like John the Baptist), at the hands of those 'sons of god' who SET THEMSELVES UP as 'leaders' and DEMAND 'CONTROL' like those in Sodom or Jericho for SELFISH REASONS; because they are REALLY NARCISSISTIC PSYCHOPATHS 'SCAPEGOATING' others in SACRIFICE so they may RULE over Gods children ABUSIVELY in an OPEN SECRET as before the deluge, as GOD PROMISED he would EXPOSE in order to SAVE THE WORLD FROM THEM according to a LAW PLAN he has given us TO DO BY FAITH from the FOUNDATION OF THE WORLD!

Without a vision the people perish, happy is he who keeps the Law. Prov. 29:18

When the 'son of man' comes (as a thief and ROOT FROM JESSE), will he find faith on the earth? Lk. 18:8

Here's the VISION of the SON OF MAN, the 'ROOT FROM JESSE'

In that day a "Root from Jesse" will stand as a "SIGN" to the people to gather the nations to him...(and in a Global Exodus) YHWH will gather his assemble lost Israel and gather the dispersed of Judah from the four corners of the earth! Isaiah 11:10-12 (Deut. 30:3, Jer. 16:14-15, Ez. 20:34-37, Dan. 7:22).

Here's what Jesus says about HIS OVERCOMING "SONS" who will UNITE as ONE, the BODY OF MESSIAH, the FIRSTBORN SON "ISRA-EL", to RULE THE WORLD in PEACE:

YHWH said to me: "You are my Son whom I have begotten! Ask from me and today I will give you the nations as your inheritance, and the uttermost parts of the earth as your possession for you to rule with a "Sceptre of Iron"...(Ps. 2:7-9). (Jesus said) He who overcomes (doing my work) will inherit all things! I will be his Elohim (God) and he will be my son (Rev. 21:7)...even as I have received authority from my father, I will give him authority to rule over all the nations with a "Sceptre of Iron". I will also give him the "Morningstar" Rev. 2:26-28. I Jesus, have sent my ambassador to tell you that I am the "Root of David" and the True "Morningstar"! Rev. 22:16 (Rev. 20:1-5, Dan. 12:1-2).[the "Morningstar Gospel Plan" to unite His KINGS and PRIESTS to establish GODS KINGDOM on Earth according to the Father's PLAN (Rev. 1:6, 5:10)!] Rev. 22:16, Rev. 20:1-5, Dan. 12:1-3, Deut. 18:15 & 18, Ez. 20:37, Dan. 7:13-14



Here I want to briefly talk about WHY the "inheritance" of GODS SONS is NOT IMPORTANT to those BEING DECEIVED in some way, like those who merely ASSUME the inheritance with NO RIGHT to do so, or those who ABDICATE THEIR INHERITANCE as worthless while attempting to ASSUME all the BLESSINGS without taking any of the RESPONSIBILITIES (like Esau did and like the "lost" House of Israel does under the DECEPTION of the antisemite Harlot Church, the Daughter of Babylon serving the Antichrist like JEZEBEL who married the wicked Ahab). The GUILT for this belongs SQUARELY on the established LEADERSHIP (priests over her divided kingdom) who are basically HIRED HANDS who are openly serving the "LORD MAMMON" (Satan) as their "God" and KNOWINGLY BETRAYING THEIR OWN CHILDREN AND FLOCKS!

Sadly there are MANY FALSE PROPHETS today, sponsored and financed by the "LORD OF MAMMON" (Satan) who have made billions of dollars selling the LIES of SATANS "ANTICHRIST" to make FALSE GOSPELS very POPULAR, so that the CHILDREN believing these FALSE SHEPHERDS are actually opposing themselves and the TRUTH they claim (AND DESIRE) to serve! They are effectively being SOLD INTO BONDAGE TO SATAN! Nevertheless the TRUTH reigns VICTORIOUS as King having ALL AUTHORITY over heaven and earth and CAN NOT be dethroned and SHALL DESTROY Satan's world Kingdom of craft and human trafficking! The world is still being destroyed by SATANS REBELLION to Gods authority! The children have been deceived to SERVE SATAN and HIS WILL in REBELLION to the TRUTH regarding their INHERITANCE OF EARTH (and their RESPONSIBILITIES to take care of it for the Glory of the KING) which God has GIVEN HIS CHILDREN! They have ABDICATED their inheritance rights and their responsibilities to allow Satan to continue taking positions of authority (through his children manifesting his image). They have been deceived to GIVE THEIR INHERITANCE AWAY to SATAN believing that's GODS WILL...they are effectively agreeing with or WORKING FOR, SATANS REBELLION, and they do it IN THE NAME OF GOD! They await yet ANOTHER "ANTICHRIST", in ADDITION to the ONE who ALREADY CAME and has DECEIVED THE WHOLE WORLD to serve him as their "CORNERSTONE" and "MORNINGSTAR" IN JESUS' NAME (Is. 14:12), and they REFUSE to reason about their SERVICE TO THE LIE, or to believe they have to REPENT of having been BORN INTO his KINGDOM DECEPTION to be SERVING HIS LIE as "God" in OPPOSITION TO THE TRUTH...they have become so "heavenly minded" through their FALSE GOSPELS, to be of NO USE on earth as they WAIT to be SAVED from the DESTRUCTION IN WHICH THEY HAVE BEEN PARTICIPANTS! So in keeping with this HEAVENLY LIE, they DEMAND, and SEEK TO SEE, and WORK FOR through FALSE GOSPELS, YET ANOTHER ANTICHRIST (worse than Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Mao, or Pol Pot) to COME TO WORLD POWER, in OPPOSITION to the TRUTH RULING in PEACE, so they can escape in "rapturous delight" as the world is COMPLETELY ANIHILATED!

Let me be VERY CLEAR here; if you believe the Daughter of Babylon who calls herself "The Church" but serves the Antichrist who already came as her "High Priest-King" of her kingdom and teaches FALSE GOSPELS about how the 'antichrist' of Satan is coming to world power (AGAIN) and you will be airlifted out to safety as long as you obey her, you have already been deceived by a FALSE GOSPEL of SATAN to serve HIM as GOD as HIS HARLOT DAUGHTER OF BABYLON in OPPOSITION to the WORD OF TRUTH and as WICKED SEED, to FORFEIT YOUR RIGHTS to participate in the INHERITANCE of GOD...and you even SELL YOUR OWN CHILDREN into BONDAGE to his WORLD KINGDOM OF LIES! SATAN'S "POWERFUL DELUSION" is for you to REBEL against the TRUE GOSPEL PLAN which SHALL SAVE THIS WORLD for GODS GLORY, and to OPPOSE the MESSIAH (who ALREADY CONQUERED HIM and has ALL AUTHORITY over heaven and earth which is YOUR INHERITANCE) and HIS KINGDOM RULERSHIP while believing you serve the God of Truth! Only the LOVE of the TRUTH can free one from such a POWERFUL SATANIC DELUSION!

Such Satanically deceived 'Inheritance DENIERS', who don't even know the TRUE "MORNINGSTAR" GOSPEL PLAN or the PROMISES OF INHERITANCE given from the foundation of the world, ABUSE THOSE WHO DO as they assist Satan in the DESTRUCTION of the WORLD KINGDOM God has given to his SAINTS as HIS EXPRESSED WILL, through FALSE GOSPELS! They DENY the RIGHTFUL HEIR his KINGDOM RIGHTS while KILLING, STEALING, AND DESTROYING the inheritance of the MESSIANIC KING and HIS EXPRESSED 'HEIR OF ALL THINGS', and adding insult to injury these WORTHLESS WORKMEN, as inept 'administators' of HIS INHERITANCE lacking the QUALIFICATIONS of being his RIGHTFUL HEIRS and ADMINSTRATORS, are doing it in HIS NAME posing as heirs through DECEPTION (Ps. 82:8, DAN. 7:22, EZ. 20:36-37, EZ. 37:16-17, 1 COR. 6:3, REV. 2:26-28, REV. 21:7, PS. 2:7-12)!

Upon this ANTISEMITE HARLOT "CHURCH" which OPPOSES ALL RESPONSIBILITY to BUILD GODS HOUSE and His PLAN to SAVE THE WORLD while at the same time attempting to STEAL all the BLESSINGS as God's bride while SERVING SATAN in REBELLION, the WRATH OF GOD IS COMING! So God says:

"Come out from her my you will not suffer with her". Rev. 18:4


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