In an age of UNIVERSAL DECEPTION, telling the truth becomes a REVOLUTIONARY ACT! George Orwell?




We have a CONFIRMATION of PROPHECY and you would do well to PAY ATTENTION TO IT like a LIGHT in a DARK PLACE until the DAWN COMES and the MORNING STAR rises in the EYE of your minds. 2 Pet. 1:19

In this e-book we will be sounding out the HEIGHT, BREADTH and DEPTH of meaning of the verse above in context of the PROPHECIES for the SALVATION of the WORLD given from the foundation of the world which Peter is alluding to. These rightly interpreted prophecies form the Spiritual D.N.A. which both identifies Israel as GODS BRIDE and the promised Messiah born to her as the PERFECT IMAGE OF GOD now seated at the RIGHT HAND of HEAVENLY POWER, according to the PLAN. The seed of this woman would form the Body of Messiah who would first be REJECTED to establish GODS TRUTH and IDENTIFY the SPIRIT OF TRUTH who would come to DELIVER US according to that TRUTH PLAN! The SPIRIT of TRUTH will UNITE the SEED of PROMISE which shall CRUSH the head of the TARE SEED of the SERPENT/BEAST/DRAGON which is DECEIVING the world with RELIGIOUS SORCERY to then lead ISRAEL into the BOND of the NEW COVENANT PROMISE (Gen. 3:15, Ezek. 20:34-38, Mat. 13:41-42, Rom. 16:20, Rev. 17:15-17, Rev. 20:2)!

Our Father in Heaven whose Name is Holy, YOUR KINGDOM COME and YOUR WILL BE DONE ON EARTH, even as in Heaven...! Mat. 6:10, Lk. 11:2

Many people believe that God has changed His mind over the course of time in REACTIONARY RESPONSE to what men would do, rather than using His FOREKNOWLEDGE of ALL of men's actions and their responses to Him in order to GLORIFY HIMSELF, despite the choices of REBELLIOUS MEN which he would use FOR HIS GLORY. He would TELL THEM IN ADVANCE what will happen and THEIR RESPONSES will merely SERVE HIS PLAN to GLORIFY HIMSELF through their obedience through faith, or their faithless rebellion when he DESTROYS THEM; for this reason HE RAISED PHARAOH UP to oppose God's obedient people to DESTROY HIM GLORIOUSLY to FREE HIS OBEDIENT PEOPLE, and even told them all in advance (Gen. 15:13-14, Gen. 50:24-25, Ex. 9:15-17)!

He has told us the END from the very BEGINNING (Is. 45:21 & 46:10)! We shall see God's Plan to CREATE MEN in HIS 'SPIRITUAL IMAGE' according to HIS SPECIFICATIONS which would SAVE THE WORLD! This spiritual 'IMAGE' He EMBEDDED in the book of Genesis and then EXPANDED ON that by embedding that same 'PLAN' in Moses 'LAW' and the PROPHETS, later. We shall unpack all those PROPHECIES in this FRAMEWORK for WORLD SALVATION promised from the FOUNDATION OF THE WORLD!

We shall see that it was ALWAYS INTENDED that Adam would CHOOSE to DISOBEY GOD and SELL HIMSELF and ALL HUMANITY into BONDAGE to the SERPENT, the BEAST/DRAGON which rules over ALL THE BEASTS in MATERIAL REALITY (the deceiving sorcerous Pharaonic SPIRITUAL 'power of this world') through his DISOBEDIENCE to God. Through this SPIRITUAL BONDAGE to IGNORANCE and DECEPTION God KNEW men would be ENSLAVED BY, God would provide first the PHYSICAL SEED (Israel) and then LATER the SPIRITUAL 'SEED', the MESSIAH who would be REJECTED like JOSEPH to be seated at the RIGHT HAND of heavenly POWER to ESTABLISH the 'spiritual D.N.A.' of GODS WORD whose SEED would CRUSH the TARE SEED of the SERPENT/BEAST/DRAGON deception of WORLD ENSLAVEMENT! God's SEED manifesting his 'SPIRITUAL D.N.A. IMAGE' will DESTROY the POWER of the SERPENTS MATERIAL DECEPTION by which he ENSLAVES Gods SPIRITUAL SEED, using the TRUTH of GOD to EXPOSE HIM, and the HEAD of HIS SPIRITUAL SEED would be CRUSHED by the spiritual SEED of the woman, ISRAEL...Gods Bride, in order to SAVE, rule, and BLESS ALL the nations of the WORLD according to His PLAN to create men in GODS 'IMAGE' (Gen. 3:15, Dan. 2:34, 7:27, Rom. 16:20, Rev.12:17, Rev. 17:1-5, Rev. 17:15-17, Rev. 20:2).

We shall see the details of exactly how the first 'exodus' teaches us through a SHADOW regarding the GREAT EXODUS into the 'NEW COVENANT' MARRIAGE PROMISE of WORLD SALVATION that has been the GOAL from the very foundation of the world! The Physical 'ISRAEL' would give birth to the 'PROMISED SEED' of GOD created in HIS IMAGE before being taken into WORLD BONDAGE beyond Babylon, who then leads the reconstituted ISRAEL out from their WORLD DIASPORA as Gods firstborn seed (plural) who are formed in his SPIRITUAL 'DNA' IMAGE, who then OVERCOME the 'TARE SEED' of the SERPENT GOD of this world and his HARLOT who rides his DRAGON POWER which ENSLAVES THEM in bondage to IGNORANCE and DECEPTION through SPIRITUAL WARFARE on EARTH!

God promised that the PHYSICAL SEED of the woman 'ISRAEL', from which this SPIRITUAL SEED and IMAGE OF GOD would later come to restore the SPIRITUAL TRUTH and IMAGE OF GOD as CORNERSTONE of the PLAN to CREATE MAN IN HIS IMAGE after being REJECTED like Joseph, would be taken into BONDAGE from which God would LEAD THEM OUT in the END DAYS similar to the PATTERN of EGYPT only WORLD WIDE. This rejection, like Joseph's, would BEGIN an OFFICIAL 'BONDAGE' period which would have a DEFINED END (2 Pet. 3:8, Hos. 6:1-2), like the bondage of Egypt had been defined in promise to Abraham (Gen. 15:13). We will see the parallel of God's promise to Abraham that he would have SO MANY SEED he would not be able to count them all, but they would be ENSLAVED FIRST to come out in a MARRIAGE COVENANT which God had always INTENDED would be BROKEN, which he would USE to SHOW US THE NEW COVENANT MARRIAGE PROMISE which is the END DAYS 'GOAL' of His 'PLAN' from the very foundation of the world.

God would FREE Abrahams 'seed' from their 1st bondage to the world's serpent god/Pharaoh in Egypt and bring them into the 1st MARRIAGE COVENANT as a SHADOW to show us the INTENDED end days 'NEW COVENANT MARRIAGE PROMISE' where God would CREATE MEN in HIS SPIRITUAL IMAGE by FAITH IN HIS PLAN which would COMPOSE this 'SPIRITUAL BRIDE' of God, ISRAEL REGATHERED as PROMISED! Abraham had NO CHILDREN when he was given that promise of MANY SEED. So God gave him a MIRACLE SON from whom this many 'SEED' called 'ISRAEL' would come into bondage to then CRUSH PHARAOH'S HEAD through their OBEDIENCE to God as their 'FATHER', and come out from bondage to the world's Pharaoh to MARRY GOD in a COVENANT in order to BLESS ALL THE NATIONS of the world, as God promised Abraham, all as a SHADOW of what would COME in the END DAYS!

Pointing in shadow to THE MIRACLE SON God would provide to be REJECTED as the CORNERSTONE of HIS PLAN at a VERY SPECIFIC TIME AND PLACE in HISTORY who would OBEDIENTLY go to his DEATH, Abraham was given ISAAC as a partial fulfilment of Gen. 3:15 which would shadow this SON OF GOD who would OBEY to his DEATH, this PLAN which he would RECOGNIZE was WRITTEN ABOUT HIM to 'FLESH OUT' as the very MESSIANIC KING. From this Miracle son Isaac, came Jacob and then Joseph who was the TRUE BIRTHRIGHT HOLDER who was REJECTED BY HIS BROTHER JUDAH who TOOK HIS SCEPTOR to RULE, as a SHADOW of things to come which would not be UNSEALED to be UNDERSTOOD until SHELOH COME, the RIGHTFUL HEIR according to the PLAN, who would UNSEAL IT in the END DAYS (which we shall cover here in chapter 9)!

So like Joseph who was the REJECTED 'STONE' of ISRAEL which BEGAN THE PROMISED 'BONDAGE' in Egypt, which was only a SHADOW of what GOD WAS PROMISING from the foundation of the world would happen in the FUTURE at a VERY SPECIFIC TIME and PLACE, this promised Miracle Child God would provide like Isaac who would obey the father even to his death, like Joseph would be REJECTED, to then be GLORIFIED to the RIGHT HAND of the POWER OF HEAVEN as the WORLD'S RULER! We shall see HOW David recognized this was the very SPIRIT of the LAW which would be ENFLESHED by a son from HIS OWN LOINS in order to ESTABLISH the ETERNAL TRUTH 'IMAGE' of GOD which would SAVE THE WORLD from the DECEPTION and CORRUPTION of the SORCERIES of the Pharaonic Serpent/DRAGON ruling over our MATERIAL reality in order to SET US FREE from the 'World System' of ENSLAVEMENT to DECEPTION and CORRUPTION which the TRUTH of GOD and HIS OBEDIENT PEOPLE will EXPOSE and DESTROY!

In the end days of this WORLD BONDAGE into which Adam sold us all, which would officially BEGIN with the rejection of GODS PROMISED SON at a SPECIFIC TIME and PLACE in HISTORY who would RESTORE GODS 'IMAGE' of TRUTH ON EARTH as an OBEDIENT SON, on the morning of the 3rd millenial day that 'son' of ETERNAL TRUTH would be 'SEEN', like the FACE OF JOSEPH had been 'REVEALED' as the RULER GOD SELECTED to sit at the RIGHT HAND OF POWER, the PERFECT 'IMAGE' of the INVISIBLE GOD who would be RECOGNIZED by ALL ISRAEL as THE 'rejected stone', NOW THE MORNING STAR RULER, in order to UNITE THEM for the GREAT EXODUS into the NEW COVENANT WEDDING PROMISE under HIM as the worlds TRUE MORNING STAR LIGHT (2 Pet. 3:8, Hos. 6:1-2). His LIGHT of TRUTH would EXPOSE the SERPENT GOD PHARAOHS BLINDING MORNING STAR DECEPTION and 'powerful delusion', all according to a MARRIAGE COVENANT PLAN for which the 1st covenant was ALWAYS just a MERE SHADOW to learn from!

So like Joseph who recognized the PROMISE OF BONDAGE was JUST BEGINNING with HIS REJECTION and ISRAEL being taken into BONDAGE as God promised, he REASSURED his brothers that God would SURELY VISIT and DELIVER THEM, bringing them out in JUDGEMENT on their ENSLAVERS according to the SAME PROMISE which brought them there to BEGIN WITH. Joseph RECOGNIZED the SURETY of GOD keeping his WORD of bondage of Abrahams seed, for which Joseph had been REJECTED to BEGIN that DEFINED BONDAGE period. He REMINDED THE CHILDREN of the SECOND HALF of the PROMISE which GOD WOULD DELIVER THEM as he ALSO PROMISED! This is essentially EXACTLY what PETER is telling us also!

We have a CONFIRMATION of PROPHECY and you would do well to PAY ATTENTION TO IT like a LIGHT in a DARK PLACE until the DAWN COMES and the MORNING STAR rises in the EYE of your minds. 2 Pet. 1:19

So as the book of Genesis ends with Joseph recognizing that he had been betrayed in order to fulfil Gods promise that Abrahams MANY SEED would be taken into bondage for 400 years and THEN God would JUDGE the ENSLAVERS and FREE ISRAEL in EXODUS to be WEDDED TO GOD in the 1st covenant, ALL AS A SHADOW to show us THE INTENDED GOAL of HISTORY, we have an EVEN MORE SURE WORD of DELIVERANCE into a NEW COVENANT MARRIAGE PROMISE for which JESUS had been REJECTED according to THAT SAME PLAN! This is EXACTLY HOW MOSES and the PROPHETS speak ALL ABOUT JESUS as a REJECTED STONE and the MORNING STAR RULER who would be RECOGNIZED in the END DAYS, even as JOSEPH BECAME RULER at pharaohs right hand as a SHADOW to learn from. This rejected 'STONE', cut without hands, shall DEMOLISH all the world's BEASTLY RUN KINGDOMS and set up GODS KINGDOM on EARTH which shall NEVER BE DESTROYED, it is CERTAIN TO HAPPEN (Dan. 2:45)!

The living, breathing 'Word of God', the FATHER'S TORAH LAW PLAN for IDENTIFYING His PERFECT 'IMAGE in FLESH' into which ALL MANKIND would be FORMED, and to establish HIS KINGDOM on EARTH, the WORD which was WITH THE FATHER IN THE BEGINNING, was ENFLESHED according to the PLAN and WALKED AMONG US (Jn. 1:1), the very SPIRIT of the WALKING, TALKING TORAH SCROLL that GIVES LIFE to the WORLD would be REJECTED according to a PLAN that EVEN DAVID RECOGNIZED would be the KING of ETERNITY!

David was CONFRONTED by Nathan for MURDERING 'URIAH' (his name meant: 'LIGHT of YHWH') and STEALING HIS WIFE (a picture of Gods bride which the spiritual SERPENT would attempt to steal and replace with his SPIRITUAL HARLOT, even as pictured in Haman, as we shall see later, the very REASON the LAW WAS GIVEN is to SAVE MANKIND from such MATERIALISTIC spiritual BEASTS)! Uriah was painted as GODS PRECIOUS BELOVED LAMB by Nathan (2 Sam. 12:3) and David PRONOUNCED DEATH on Himself for having SLAIN HIM (2 Sam. 12:5)! But God forgave David this MORTAL SIN and David recognized that GOD ATONED FOR HIS MORTAL SIN by taking the LIFE of HIS 'INNOCENT' FIRSTBORN SON through whom the SPIRITUAL PROMISE of the LAW would come (2 Sam. 7:12-13), as we shall see in GREAT DETAIL in the next chapter!

David recognized the SPIRIT of Gods Holy Law is what gives TRUE LIFE to the SPIRITUAL MAN and He thanked God for not taking that SPIRIT OF LIFE from him in Psalm 51. In Psalm 110 he recognized HIS INNOCENT FIRSTBORN SON who ATONED FOR HIS SIN was indeed SITTING AT GOD'S RIGHT HAND as the ETERNAL KING of PROMISE who would build HIS TEMPLE made of LIVING STONES having GODS SPIRIT LIVING IN THEM (2 Sam. 7:12-14, Zech. 6:12-13, Mk. 14:58, 1 Pet. 2:4-9)! This is the very TOP STONE of GODS LAW who he recognized, through his MEDITATIONS on the HOLY LAW in RELATIONSHIP with the SPIRIT OF TRUTH which IS GODS SPIRIT, that He would be SACRIFICED as an INNOCENT LAMB to ATONE for SIN and ALLOW GOD TO DWELL in our TEMPLES according to the MERCY of Gods LAW, which gives SPIRITUAL LIFE to BEASTLY MEN in NEW BIRTH from ABOVE through THIS 'SACRIFICE of TRUTH' which GOD MADE as the very 'CORNERSTONE' of MATERIAL REALITY, when VIEWED CORRECTLY! We will see in the next chapter that through MEDITATING on the EVENTS in Genesis, the first book of the 'LAW' which led up to Moses receiving the Tablets of Law for the 1st wedding contract [which Moses recognized WOULD BE BROKEN to REQUIRE a GREATER BONDAGE, EXODUS, and MARRIAGE CONTRACT (Duet. 30:3-6), which we shall cover in GREAT DETAIL in chapters 3 & 8 ]. This is EXACTLY what David recognized would be his 'SEED' which would be REJECTED like Joseph to then become the MERCIFUL CROWNED KING over the HOLY LAW sitting at the right hand of the INVISIBLE POWER, which DEFINES GODS 'image', His ETERNAL SPIRIT of TRUTH, against whom carnal men are DECEIVED to REBEL, here below!

In other words, we who are BORN FROM ABOVE according to the HOLY SPIRIT OF THE LAW which IDENTIFIES the PERFECT IMAGE OF GOD who is SPIRIT AND TRUTH we are to MANIFEST according to the CREATION PLAN, recognize that the death of the flesh does NOT KILL the SPIRIT OF GOD which gives us TRUE LIFE; we are ONE with HIM in SPIRIT and TRUTH! Those who do not have that SPIRIT OF LIFE living in them through DEDICATION of their flesh TEMPLE to allow that SPIRIT OF GOD to ENTER AND RULE THEM according to the SPIRITUAL LAW which gives us LIFE, though they are 'alive' in flesh in this material SUB REALITY, are really nothing more than SPIRITUALLY DEAD 'BRUTE BEASTS'! This is EXACTLY HOW we are to RIGHTLY DISCERN the 'BODY' of the 'MESSIAH' through the ELEMENTS of the TRUTH of GODS WORD so we are not CONDEMNED in JUDGEMENT, according to PAUL (1 Cor. 11:29)!

But let a man examine himself....for he that eats and drinks unworthily, eats and drinks damnation to himself by not rightly discerning the body of Messiah....For if we would judge ourselves, we shall not be judged. 1 Corinthians 11:26-32

Jesus' 'body' for us to RIGHTLY DISCERN so that one is NOT CONDEMNED (1 Cor. 11:29), is a body of TRUTH, GODS WORD which is SPIRIT AND TRUTH rightly interpreted! He was/is the very SPIRIT and LIGHT of the TORAH PLAN which was WITH God in the BEGINNING (Jn. 1:1) who would be ENFLESHED and SACRIFICED as a PASSOVER LAMB who would GIVE LIGHT to MANKIND in order to FREE HIM from his BONDAGE to the spiritual DARKNESS of MATERIAL DECEPTION and would EXPOSE all the BEASTLY REBELS for JUDGEMENT in an ATONEMENT SACRIFICE! That Word or 'BODY OF LAW' is KING over the FATHER'S KINGDOM on earth and DESCRIBES the SPIRITUAL 'IMAGE' we are to MANIFEST in flesh as GOD'S SONS who shall place ALL HIS ENEMIES under his FEET as HIS WILL! This earth and ALL ITS BEASTS and THEIR KINGDOMS will be made SUBJECT TO US according to the FATHER'S CREATION PLAN for US being created in GODS IMAGE!

And God said, Let us make man in our image....and they shall....RULE OVER...ALL the BEASTS...and over...every living thing. Genesis 1:26-28

The SERPENT (A.K.A. the 'DRAGON'; DEVIL; Satan, Rev. 12:8, Rev. 20:2) was more CRAFTY than any other BEAST...(Gen. 3:1)

God said to the woman: 'what have you done?!' and the woman replied, 'the serpent deceived me...!' So God said to the Serpent: 'Because YOU DID THIS you are CURSED above ALL the BEASTS...I shall place ENMITY between YOU and HER and YOUR SEED and HER SEED, and....HE will CRUSH YOUR HEAD...!

The God of Peace will soon crush the the head of Satan under your feet...Rom. 16:20a

And he grabbed the DRAGON, the SERPENT A.K.A. the 'Devil' and 'Satan', and BOUND HIM for a thousand he could NO LONGER DECEIVE the nations....Revelation 20:2

The Saints of the Most High shall take the (world) Kingdom (from the SERPENT/BEAST/DRAGON) and possess it forever! Dan. 7:18, Rev. 17:17, Rev. 20:2

....and they shall....RULE OVER...ALL the BEASTS...and over...every living thing. Genesis 1:26-28

Our Father in Heaven whose Name is Holy, YOUR KINGDOM COME and YOUR WILL BE DONE ON EARTH, even as in Heaven...! Mat. 6:10, Lk. 11:2

All this is what we shall 'UNPACK' IN GREAT DETAIL from the scriptures within the following chapters of this e-book! This is the 'GOSPEL PLAN' for WORLD SALVATION which must NOW BE PREACHED into the WHOLE WORLD as PLANNED! This is the TRUE 'New World Order' God has planned for HIS SAINTS which will EXPOSE the treachery of the HAMANITES; the SERPENT and his religious HARLOT and their 'TARE SEED', who shall be 'HUNG' for their TREASONOUS ATTEMPT TO STEAL GODS KINGDOM!

The SERPENT GOD PHARAOH currently usurping Gods authority through ignorance, DECEPTION, and CORRUPTION and deceiving the world to SERVE HIM in REBELLION TO GOD, will be BOUND and CAST OUT of the KINGDOM like the AZAZEL GOAT of the ATONEMENTS SACRIFICE, and God's MESSIAH will be recognized as GODS FAITHFUL WITNESS and MORNING STAR RULER for PLANET EARTH according to the PLAN! All who rebel against him shall be REMOVED from the Kingdom ruled by His 'Saints' whose 'image' and WORK is OUTLINED in THIS BOOK!

But those enemies of mine who did not want me to rule over them, bring them here and kill them in front of me! Luke 19:27