In an age of UNIVERSAL DECEPTION, telling the TRUTH becomes a REVOLUTIONARY ACT! George Orwell-1984?



The 'Spiritual Metaphysics' of our 'REALITY'
"Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one." Albert Einstein (Nobel Prize earning Physicist)

“All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force which brings the particle of an atom to vibration and holds this most minute solar system of the atom together. We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent mind. This mind is the matrix of all matter.” Max Planck (Nobel Prize earning Physicist)

"Either Mathematics is too big for the human mind, or the human mind is more than a machine."...."I am convinced of the afterlife, independent of theology. If the world is rationally constructed, there must be an afterlife." Kurt Godel (Mathematical Genius, close friend and colleague of Einstein)

"My brain is only a receiver, in the Universe there is a core from which we obtain knowledge, strength and inspiration. I have not penetrated into the secrets of this core, but I know that it exists." Nikola Tesla (Electrical & Mechanical Engineer, Inventor)

TRULY, NOTHING is as it APPEARS at FACE VALUE! Apparent 'reality' is a very carefully crafted multi layered ILLUSION which, at its most FUNDAMENTAL LEVEL, has been DESIGNED to be PERCEIVED from TWO DIAMETRICALLY OPPOSED 'CORNERSTONE' perspectives, as we shall PROVE herein! Your CURRENT PERCEPTION of 'reality' is like a PRISON for your MIND from which the CORNERSTONE of TRUTH will FREE YOU, if you only WILL!

Your current perception of reality is only a MATERIAL ILLUSION being GROOMED by SPIRITUAL/PSYCHOLOGICAL DECEIVERS who have TRAINED YOU TO SERVE THEM as their MIND SLAVES maintained unconscious of TRUE REALITY and living in a dark cave of IGNORANCE and DECEPTION! But the LIGHT OF TRUTH shall FREE YOU from the ILLUSION of reality in 'new birth' FROM ABOVE so you may REFLECT the 'IMAGE of the INVISIBLE GOD' according to the SPECIFICATIONS of the BLUEPRINT, to serve the KINGDOM OF HEAVEN while here on earth, by GODS ANCIENT DESIGN and PROMISE, for HIS GLORY (Is. 42:6-9, Is. 49:8-9, Zech. 9:9-12, Is. 5:26, Is. 11:12)!

This page will introduce you to the eternally TRUE and INVISIBLE LIGHT of the MATRIX of our 'CAVE' or 'fallen world reality' in which we 'live, move, and have our being' living in the temporal DARKNESS of IGNORANCE (Acts 17:28) according to the BIBLE using SCIENCES to PROVE IT'S TRUE. From this book you will LEARN about the 'SECRETS' of the 'CORE' which Tesla references in the quote above, and through your participation with the LIGHT of TRUTH as you continue looking into it, will slowly begin ACCLIMATING the EYE of YOUR MIND through EDUCATION in the LIGHT of KNOWN and ESTABLISHED 'TRUTH', to 'SEE REALITY' as it REALLY IS, which will begin your personal exodus, and the GREAT CORPORATE 'EXODUS' from our WORLD BONDAGE to IGNORANCE and DECEPTION where we are MAINTAINED ENSLAVED in the SPIRITUAL DARKNESS of DECEPTION and don't even really realize it... according to a PLAN which Moses and the prophets all spoke about (Duet. 30:3, Is. 11:10-13, Jer. 16:14-21, Ez. 20:34-38).

The TRUTH is that our reality is NOT only MATERIAL but SPIRITUAL; held together by the animating MIND of our MATRIX reality (or 'core of the universe' in Tesla's language), which is the WISDOM of the LIVING SPIRIT of TRUTH, to be perceived as most real like an extremely sophisticated Holographic 'Virtual Reality' or Computer Simulation is perceived by the avatars in the game as most real, if they were to have the artificial intelligence capable of RECOGNIZING where THEIR INTELLIGENCE COMES FROM!

You see, computerized avatars or even robots may only 'live, move, and have their being' within the perameters of the code manifesting 'reality' for their perception which appear to them as the 'natural laws' and 'rules' of reality which they are aware of OR believe to be true, as PROGRAMMED for them. But we, having similar 'artificial intelligence', have been given GAME CHANGING INFORMATION from the programmer, CORE, or MIND of the MATRIX like a LADDER (Jacobs ladder, Gen.28:12, Jn. 1:51) which is also called the WAY, TRUTH, AND LIFE by which we CHANGE THE RULES of the GAME ENVIRONMENT of this material reality as DESIGNED FOR US KINGDOM OF HEAVEN 'WORKERS' TO DO [having been 'BORN FROM ABOVE' to see 'reality' from the programmers perspective not from the avatar/bio-bot (beastly) perspective].

The TOOL of the SCIENCES establishes this 'LADDER OF TRUTH' (A.K.A. the WORD OF GOD, TRUTH FLESHED OUT) which PROVES THIS BIBLE PROGRAMMING perspective given to us THOUSANDS of years ago. That 'code' which was SEALED UP 2000 years ago with the Master and his disciples when he was rejected and replaced as morning star topstone and laid as cornerstone of reality (Is. 8:16), is now once again UNSEALED and DELIVERED to YOU according to that same sealed up code, to establish it as ABSOLUTE FACT for you to UNDERSTAND NOW! Using this LADDER of ESTABLISHED TRUTH, A.K.A. the 'WORD OF GOD', mankind can be BORN AGAIN into a COMPLETELY NEW PERSPECTIVE of 'REALITY' as DESIGNED by the PROGRAMMER OF 'REALITY'!

Let's look at a few examples to begin to understand what I mean, beginning with Mathematics. Kurt GODELS 'Incompleteness Theorems', which are still the benchmark of mathematical genius to date, MATHEMATICALLY PROVE that our 'reality' is a Mathematical SUBSET of another GREATER MATHEMATICAL 'SET' of 'REALITY'. With only the NATURAL knowledge contained within our subset we CAN NOT DEFINE that GREATER SET of MATHEMATICAL REALITY, but MATHEMATICALLY it is PROVEN TO EXIST! We LOGICALLY PERCEIVE IT to be true because our SUBSET can not exist WITHOUT IT, but we can not DEFINE IT as TRUE! It's quite similar to the concept of INFINITY! And yet the INFINITE ONE gives us a CODE or PLAN by which to 'MARRY' our MATERIAL SUB REALITY with his SPIRITUAL 'HEAVENLY' REALITY, as we shall see.

The Same SCIENTIFICALLY LOGICAL CONCLUSION or 'spiritual phenomena' exists in OTHER branches of the SCIENCES which are ALL concluding the same thing, as we will see summed up in the branch or wrung of the LADDER of Science we call Physics, momentarily. By the way, 'Science' from Latin means to KNOW (as does Gnosis from Greek) and LOGIC, from the Greek 'LOGOS', means: 'word', 'logic', and even 'CODE'. Ergo to KNOW the TRUTH through the 'WORD' or CODE. This KNOWLEDGE (Science) of LOGIC (word/code) parsed CORRECTLY can be seen similarly even to the double helix of our D.N.A. This 'LADDER' of CODE called the TORAH and the 'WORD OF GOD' is that which the SPIRITUAL BEING is DESIGNED by his PROGRAMMER to ENFLESH in order to be FORMED in the IMAGE of his CREATOR as the 'light of the world' for HIS GLORY! I hope to ILLUMINE your MIND with this LIGHT OF TRUTH in a POWERFUL WAY when I introduce you to Socrates 'CAVE PARABLE', shortly.

Another example from a field of Science we just mentioned, is from Microbiologists working in the field of DNA who recognize the human Cell is a VERY SOPHISTICATED MICRO-NANO COMPUTING FACTORY, far more complicated than anything we have to date REPLICATED in any meaningful way, which DECODES the DNA INSTRUCTIONS of the CELL in order to BUILD cells in order to REPAIR and/or REGENERATE various parts of the body on a continual basis. In other words, SCIENCE is PROVING that your 'body' is a PRE-PROGRAMMED SELF REPLICATING BIOLOGICAL COMPUTING UNIT; a BIO-BOT! In fact, chromosome 2 is EVIDENCE of a CREATORS DESIGN to DIRECT the SELECTION of the micro-evolutionary process which SETS MANKIND APART from ALL OTHER ANIMALS. Apart from incorporating the SPIRITUAL DNA given by God so we may be formed in HIS IMAGE, even WITH this SPLICED CHROMOSOME, mankind is little more than an ANIMAL; a BEAST of an animal!

As I shall demonstrate herein, the Bible gives us the INSTRUCTION CODE regarding how your BIO-BOT 'self' is DESIGNED to CONNECT TO the PROGRAMMING MIND through His TORAH PROGRAMMING INSTRUCTION by which you may be 'BORN FROM ABOVE' in order DIRECT your 'evolution', you might say. Another way to see it, as we will see unfolding in more detail throughout this work, is that YOUR BODY is a LIVING STONE which, once having the TRUE LIGHT giving you LIFE FROM ABOVE in NEW LIFE', is designed to then UNITE with OTHER STONES having GODS SPIRIT in them to build GODS TEMPLE on Earth in which HIS SPIRITUAL IMAGE exists and from which the LAW shall go out in order to SAVE EARTH from BEASTLY BIO-BOT CHILDREN destroying it and ALL MANKIND, according to an ANCIENT BLUEPRINT!

As you shall see regarding the SCIENCES that PROVE THIS BIBLE 'PLAN', you were born as a sort of 'AVATAR' in a VIDEO GAME where you have been ENSLAVED through your GROOMED IGNORANCE of the NATURE of this SUB REALITY and the TRUE SOURCE of LIFE. As Socrates Cave Parable will illustrate more fully, we are kept IGNORANT of the NATURE of our DECEIVED STATE in a SUB REALITY like prisoners in a cave NOT AWARE they are being kept as prisoners! But since we have been given a CODE by which to UNDERSTAND the ETERNAL TRUTH outside our perception, and a FAITHFUL and TRUE 'LIGHT BEARER' from the ETERNAL 'FATHER OF LIGHTS' was SENT INTO OUR CAVE according to a PLAN where he would be KILLED as PLANNED, which would ESTABLISH THE PLAN and CONFIRM the PROPHESIES as ABSOLUTE TRUTH and to show us the PERFECT IMAGE of the FATHER OF LIGHTS who sent Him to OBEY, we now have the POTENTIAL to CHOOSE to OBEY THE PLAN for the GLORY of the ETERNAL Father of Lights who created us to JOIN HIM as 'SONS' in HIS ETERNAL KINGDOM through our OBEDIENCE TO HIM in THIS TEMPORAL ONE as well!

In other words, YOUR BODY is created as a CELL (also called a 'living stone') in the BODY or TEMPLE of GOD in this MATERIAL REALM as his collective 'FIRSTBORN SON' (called ISRAEL) who is BORN FROM ABOVE to effect the SALVATION of the WORLD, according to the RIGHTLY PARSED D.N.A. code or INSTRUCTION of HIS WORD! Using this D.N.A. code we then REFLECT the otherwise INVISIBLE IMAGE of GODS LIGHT of TRUTH as His IMAGE BEARING LIGHTS in the MATERIAL WORLD OF DARKNESS as HE DESIGNED!

So the UNKNOWN MATH SET which holds our SUBSET REALITY together like an HOLOGRAPH or SIMULATION in which we live as AVATARS unaware of TRUE LIFE REALITY, is the TRUE LIGHT OF THE WORLD! This light of TRUTH is a FAR MORE POWERUL LIGHT than the SUN which is perceived by mere BEASTS (avatars who serve only themselves through deception and theft in this sub reality) as the 'light of the world' or the 'sign' which represents Him and MARKS those who SERVE HIM. But those TRULY born from ABOVE in the light of TRUTH, the SPIRITUAL D.N.A. CODE given from the PROGRAMMERS OWN MIND with whom we can CONNECT through OBEDIENCE by FAITH, understand these BEASTS are under a powerful delusion and BLINDED from seeing the TRUTH according to a PLAN for 'JUDGEMENT' in a sort of DIRECTED 'EVOLUTION' given to us in a LAW CODE from the PROGRAMMER TO OBEY for the SALVATION OF MANKIND for HIS GLORY as He designed!

God SELECTED THIS LIGHT of ETERNAL TRUTH which REPRESENTS HIM in our material reality through a 'cornerstone' perspective from which to CHOOSE to perceive material 'reality' to be represented by the MOON through COMMANDMENTS which, when rightly parsed and obeyed by the Human like a CELL of the body, would shine forth his SHEKINAH GLORY in our HUMAN IMAGE of Him! This shekinah glory is seen only in our MINDS EYE according to HIS LAW like a PROGRAM CODE to be PARSED by our MINDS, and is REPRESENTED by the MOON according to HIS PROGRAMMING CODE rightly PARSED which would be exemplified in WITNESSES for THAT LIGHT!

This light was to be ENFLESHED TWICE, TWO WITNESSES for the PROGRAMMER who would be SENT according to the CODE, to SAVE MANKIND FROM HIS BLINDING WORLD DECEPTION and give the world NEW BIRTH from ABOVE! This is the CENTRAL THEME of the 'GOSPEL PLAN' which MOSES and the PROPHETS spoke about. This LIGHT of TRUTH is represented by the MOON as a FAITHFUL WITNESS for the SON who the FATHER selects to REPRESENT HIS FACE as KING over our WORLD SYSTEM. The DEVIL and HIS ANTICHRIST TARE children 'CHANGED' the 'CORNERSTONE' LIGHT of our world when the SON was SLAIN the first time he came into our 'CAVE REALITY', according to PROPHECY told in advance, in order to deceive the WHOLE WORLD for a period of TIME...then the OVERCOMING LIGHT OF GOD is unsealed from the scroll in the END DAYS to SET THE CAPTIVES FREE according to the PLAN!

And here below is the SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE to support MY 'HOLOGRAPHIC VIRTUAL REALITY' hypothesis UNSEALED FROM THE BIBLE which tells us that WE WOULD CHOOSE THE WRONG 'PROGRAMMING LIGHT OF THE WORLD' from which to PERCEIVE REALITY which would BLIND US TO THE SPIRITUAL TRUTH and send us into this MATERIAL PRISON PARADIGM or CAVE in which we would SUFFER IGNORANTLY for 2 MILLENIAL DAYS after God STRUCK US (Hos. 5:14-6:2) until GODS MESSIAH 'overcomes' (Rev. 2:26-28, Dan. 12) unseals this SAVING TRUTH, breaking the CHAINS that enslave us in the cave, so that mankind can REPENT and EVOLVE to become ONE WITH HIM IN 'REALITY' AS DESIGNED! Then the DEVIL and HIS TARES will be BOUND by CHAINS OF TRUTH and JUSTICE for GODS GLORY according to the CODE which is GODS LAW!

Perception: The Reality Beyond Matter

The Simulation Hypothesis

The following short video clip (DOWN BELOW a couple paragraphs after this introduction) is a very simple cartoon like introduction to the 'CAVE' you live in from an ANCIENT PHILOSOPHICAL SOURCE, Socrates, as depicted by his student, Plato. But this Link takes you to Socrates' DISCOURSE regarding 'PERFECT JUSTICE', PERFECT GOOD' and their opposites in terms of imperfect 'IMAGES' or 'forms' by which they may be PERCEIVED through juxtaposition by the EYE OF THE MIND (but only in those who are 'AWAKE', his term for being 'born again') in which his CAVE PARABLE is couched. I strongly suggest you read it NOW (and even the entire work at some later point!) before you watch the videos below. Socrates was 'BORN AGAIN' from above even before the 'light of the world' (Jesus) which he spoke about as the PERFECT IMAGE (copy) and 'SON' of the INVISIBLE 'GOOD' (God), ever came into our CAVE according to the plan, to be laid as a cornerstone and his 'LIGHT' SNUFFED OUT! Socrates KNEW what Jesus CHASTIZED NICODEMUS and ALL the Pharisees for NOT KNOWING ABOUT, 400 years before Jesus was even born! (Jn. 3:10, Jn. 5:39-47)! He had the SAME VISION which DAVID HAD regarding the MESSIAH who would come from HIS LOINS to be SEATED IN HEAVENLY GLORY as the very RULER OF OUR CAVE according to the TORAH LAW! We indeed have a FAR MORE SURE WORD OF PROPHECY than ANY OF THEM HAD, prior to his FULFILLING HIS ROLE IN THE ANCIENT PLAN, AS the FAITHFUL FIRST BORN SON of the KINGDOM of HEAVEN who came to ESTABLISH the WISDOM of Gods 'IMAGE' of SPIRIT and TRUTH according to the PLAN to CREATE MAN IN HIS IMAGE!

Socrates understood and gave us the PARABLE of the 'CORNERSTONE SACRIFICE' of the ancient BLUEPRINT of GOD A.K.A. the TORAH 'GOSPEL PLAN' [given to him by Phoenecians (HEBREW SPEAKING CANAANITE MERCHANT SAILORS) as he confesses in "Plato's Republic", book 3, in context of what he terms 'The NOBLE LIE' by which the RULERS of EARTH would be SELF DECEIVED regarding the 'APPEARANCE of REALITY' to SLAY the CORNERSTONE of the Kingdom of Heaven in THEIR BLINDNESS to HIS REALITY, in order to ESTABLISH IT on Earth as an ABSOLUTE REALITY according to a MIRACULOUS SPIRITUAL 'CODE' given FOR THAT PURPOSE!]. Socrates and his LATER DISCIPLES anticipated the LIGHT BEARER IMAGE OF GOD would come INTO OUR CAVE 'appearance of reality' at the SPECIFIED TIME for his 'LIGHT' to be 'SNUFFED OUT' by the CAVES CONTROLLERS who SERVE THEMSELVES (& SATAN), according to the PLAN of GOD to FREE MANKIND from the DECEIVERS who have CONTROLLED OUR CAVE since ADAM gave the DECEIVER his AUTHORITY in the GARDEN and CAIN began SERVING HIM, and they were NOT DISAPPOINTED (Jn. 12:20-23)! God sent HIS LIGHT BEARER into OUR CAVE to GIVE US THAT AUTHORITY of the TRUTH, the PERFECT IMAGE of 'GOOD' which the DECEIVER STOLE regarding the FATHER OF LIGHTS, according to THE PLAN to GLORIFY GOD through our OBEDIENCE to the PLAN!

That's right! Socrates was a GREEK PROPHET of the JEWISH MESSIAH who was ANOINTED TO DIE according to the PLAN for WORLD SALVATION which he WROTE ABOUT in his CAVE PARABLE 400 years BEFORE THAT LIGHT BEARER (Jesus) WAS EVEN BORN, according to THE PLAN! It's NOW TIME to RECOGNIZE that REJECTED 'CORNERSTONE' as the TRUE 'MORNINGSTAR LIGHT BEARER of the world', to FREE US from the BLINDING DECEPTION of our 'CAVE' and the SATANIC RELIGIOUS CONTROLLERS OF IT who DECEIVE THE WORLD with their FALSE CORNERSTONE by whose SATANIC POWER THEY WORK, by PROGRAMMING DESIGN, FOR GODS GLORY! The FAITHFUL WITNESS and LIGHT BEARER OF TRUTH (which God associated with the SIGN of the MOON as a FAITHFUL WITNESS for HIMSELF who would come INTO OUR CAVE according to his DESIGN PLAN) is a MORE POWERFUL LIGHT BEARER than the SUN which is used by the SATANIC CONTROLLERS of our CAVE to BLIND MINDS to the TRUE NATURE OF REALITY, by DESIGN! Then the next video clip below that first one, is a bit more detailed explanation of the Cave and its MEANING, from a philosophical point of view.

Socrates Parable of the Cave

Allegory of the Cave

So if you think of the WORLD SYSTEM as the 'cave' in Socrates' Cave Parable as depicted and discussed in the two short videos above, then the SUN in our 'world/cave' USED TO DECEIVE US regarding the TRUE NATURE of 'REALITY' is represented by the FIRE in his parable. You could say the Fire/Sun represents the KNOWN SET OF MATHEMATICAL REALITY perceived by most to represent the unseen light of TRUTH...but only NATURAL BORN BEASTS who are not AWAKE (born again through obedience to the SPIRITUAL D.N.A. CODE) could be BLINDED and DECEIVED by such a philosophical LIE.

So if our sun is represented by the fire in his cave, and our sun is used to deceive us regarding the truth of God and Justice, the LIGHT OF TRUTH represented by the sun in his parable, must be something OTHER than the sun, IN REALITY! God CHOSE THE MOON as the FAITHFUL WITNESS for HIMSELF and HIS TRUTH to be recognized as the PERFECT IMAGE of HIS LIGHT OF TRUTH! God used the MOON as the SIGN for HIS CORNERSTONE which speaks ALL ABOUT JESUS through COMMANDMENTS and FESTIVALS! Gods KINGDOM TIMES AND LAWS which the ANTICHRIST WOULD CHANGE (which we shall see in LATER CHAPTERS that the ANTICHRIST and his FALSE PROPHET already DID, and the WHOLE WORLD/CAVE is under the POWER of THAT DECEPTION to this very day, as PROPHESIED) speak ALL ABOUT the IMAGE of the INVISIBLE LIGHT of God who would be MANIFEST IN FLESH in our 'CAVE' to be SNUFFED OUT by the FALSE PROPHET and his ANTICHRIST and REPLACED with LIES, according to a PLAN (which we will cover in GREAT DETAIL in chapters 4-6)!

So you could rightly say that our 'cave' of material reality has been created or programmed to have 2 'CORNERSTONE' SIGNS by which to CHOOSE to perceive reality as a 'MARK' of one's OBEDIENCE. The 'Sun', used by SATAN and his 'children' to blind the minds of naturally born carnal 'biobots', is the MARK of BEAST WORSHIP, and the MOON is the SIGN OF God's FAITHFUL WITNESS of the REJECTED CORNERSTONE of the PERFECT IMAGE of the INVISIBLE GOD, according to HIS own spiritual D.N.A. which identifies the TRUE 'MESSIAH' and HIS FOLLOWERS according to his SUPERNATURAL 'PLAN' unsealed within to EXPOSE EVERY SECRET THING in its LIGHT as promised! The LIGHT from the GREATER MATHEMATICAL TRUTH SET of REALITY above is represented by the MOON by HIS EXPRESS COMMAND, and the SIGN or MARK of the worlds 'ANTICHRIST' and Satan's WORSHIPPERS who OPPOSE GOD in BLINDING REBELLION, is the SUN! Let me say it again: His GREATER MATHEMATICAL TRUTH SET of REALITY, into which he has designed that we should be 'BORN AGAIN' as we come into INTIMATE RELATIONSHIP TO 'TRUTH', is represented by the MOON not the sun, ACCORDING TO THE PROGRAMMERS OWN INSTRUCTIONS which he would use to FREE US FROM OUR BONDAGE TO IGNORANCE AND DECEPTION for HIS GLORY! This is the WISDOM of HIS CREATION which exposes the FOLLY of the WISDOM of FOOLISH BEASTS!

Truly we are like AVATARS in a COMPUTER GAME designed to give GLORY TO THE PROGRAMMER in whom we 'live, move, and have our very being', and we are now in the END GAME according to the ANCIENT PROGRAMMING CODE which I have been 'born from above' as a WISE MASTER BUILDER to unseal and MANIFEST according to the WILL of the GREAT ARCHITECT of the UNIVERSE who selected me to UNSEAL the BLUEPRINT and MAKE IT KNOWN TO HIS 'BODY' on earth to UNITE THEM in OBEDIENCE for HIS GLORY and the SALVATION of MANKIND! Here's what Paul told to those 'wise Greeks' in Athens who had REJECTED SOCRATES perception of our CAVE 'reality'.

For in him we live, and move, and have our being; as certain also of your own poets have said, For we are also his offspring. Forasmuch then as we are the offspring of God, we ought not to think that the Godhead is like unto (material things) gold, or silver, or stone, graven by art and man's device. And the times of this ignorance God winked at; but now commandeth all men every where to repent: Because he hath appointed a day, in the which he will judge the world in righteousness by that man whom he hath ordained; whereof he hath given assurance unto all men, in that he hath raised him from the dead. Acts 17:28-31

The video below is a much more in depth PSYCHOLOGICAL education regarding the COGNITIVE DISSONANCE which the LIGHT of truth will INITIALLY bring to your MIND as part of the HEALING PROCESS from TRAUMA. You were born into a DARK CAVE of DECEPTION and SORCERY run by Psychopaths, Sociopaths, Narcissists and their Co-dependents, where various TRAUMA-BONDING STRATEGIES and SYMPTOMS are REGULARLY MANIFEST ALL AROUND YOU unnoticed like the AIR YOU BREATHE! (its the MATRIX of PSYCHOPATHY which CONTROLS THE's on your t.v., your nightly news, in the movies, in your workplaces and homes...the WORLD is SWIMMING IN THIS NARCISSISM like FISH in WATER!). You have been TRAINED to DENY its existence and DENOUNCE those who might speak about it as 'CONSPIRACY THEORISTS' as a COPING MECHANISM!

Think about the legendary parable of the 'Emperor with no clothes'. Imagine such a NARCISSIST being revered by other narcissists in a society and how they would have to ABUSE THEIR OWN CHILDREN who refused to GOOSE STEP in line with the STATE LIE they ALL PROTECTED as if it were their GOD! They learn subtly to PROTECT THE LIE from EXPOSURE or they get ABUSED until they DO. Or they will simply be put in an insane asylum and/or murdered for SEDITION and HERESY, like Socrates, many of the prophets of Israel, Jesus and his Disciples and all the Martyrs down through the centuries, MERELY FOR TELLING THE TRUTH!

Most people want their DECEIVED MINDS to remain COMFORTABLE rather than look at the PAINFUL TRUTH of REALITY and how they SERVE DECEPTION because they see NO HOPE or GOOD which can COME from ADMITTING THE TRUTH! It's much like the condition most of 'hometown' NAZI GERMANY found itself in after the SUPREME PSYCHOPATH came to power. If you spoke a word against the UBER PSYCHOPATH or what was REALLY GOING ON, you could COUNT ON HIS BROWN SHIRTS or S.S. TROOPS KNOCKING ON YOUR DOOR because your own FRIENDS, FAMILY, or NEIGHBORS would TURN YOU IN to the PSYCHOPATH POLICE!

Like Stockholm Syndrome victims, you have been TRAUMATIZED (and 'BONDED') from BIRTH through SYSTEMIZATION in your TRADITIONS by NARCISSISTS: you have been sold a NARRATIVE of LIES from CHILDHOOD which YOU likewise PASS ON VIOLENTLY through SUBTLE MANIPULATION to YOUR OWN CHILDREN and do not really recognize it yet, as you are LIVING IN DENIAL OF THE SAVING TRUTH and OPPOSING IT as 'foreign' to you! These 'TRADITIONS' or LIES are often 'RELIGIOUS' in NATURE...or even if SECULAR, they take on the characteristics of a CULTISH RELIGION in that HEARING AN OPPOSING VIEW will often evoke ANIMAL like responses, to include physical violence, when the LIE is CHALLENGED using TRUTH and REASON.

So this next video really highlights MY OWN 'SUFFERING SERVANT WORK' in this 'cave' of MATERIAL REALITY for the past 30 years since, beginning MY WORK (in 1988 beginning the EDUCATION and RESEARCH God called me to do in your SATANICALLY CORRUPTED EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM) and for the past 15 years (since being forced out of business to sell my home in 2002 AS A RESULT of THIS DOCTORAL THESIS being REJECTED, until the end of 2017 when I finally got enough attention to get me safely into H.U.D. housing) as I finished this e-book. In context of the 911 LIE that has been SOLD TO YOU through the very TRAUMA which MY LIFE'S WORK exposes in order to FREE YOU FROM IT, and simultaneously being DISFELLOWSHIPPED from my Church and Seminary for this work, I began my homeless journey to WRITE THIS WORK!

911 was used as a sort of FLAG from GOD for me to BEGIN MY 'OPEN SUFFERING' WORK for which I have been FAITHFUL in doing ever since, merely to SHOW YOU THE TRUTH! The TRUTH is the EMPATHIC SAVIOR of us all and is a SUFFERING SERVANT in a HELLISH WORLD DOMINATED BY PSYCHOPATHIC LIARS and their APATHETIC MIND SLAVES who serve SATAN in COMPLETE IGNORANCE AND DECEPTION to HOW; and even DENYING its possibility as a 'CONSPIRACY THEORY' and MOCKING and ABUSING THOSE who would SPEAK THE TRUTH!

Matrix of the Cave

So with that video we come back around full circle to discover a CORNERSTONE TRUTH designed into the nature of reality with a PROGRAMMING CODE for us to RECOGNIZE as the TRUE 'LIGHT' of the world; a CALENDAR PERSPECTIVE given to us from OUR PROGRAMMER at the very center of our PERCEIVED REALITY which represents the PERFECT IMAGE of our INVISIBLE 'PROGRAMMER' by HIS ANCIENT ARCHITECTUAL DESIGN whereby we may begin to REASON about HIS INVISIBLY VIRTUOUS INTELLIGENT NATURE and CHOOSE to become LIKE HIM through OBEDIENCE TO HIS MANIFEST PLAN, despite the PHARAOHNIC SYSTEM OF LIES based on MATERIAL ILLUSIONS which OPPOSES OUR 'EXODUS' and EVOLUTION into HIS 'DIMENSION' of ETERNAL LIGHT using the LADDER of TRUTH He provided for us (A.K.A. the WORD OF GOD) representing and leading to UNITE with HIM, as He DESIGNED: The CORNERSTONE PERSPECTIVE of 'reality' which he himself provided as the TRUTH which would give us the AUTHORITY to BIND SATAN on Earth, is CENTRAL to his TORAH BLUEPRINT for the PERFECTION of MANKIND, the GOAL OF 'CREATION'!

This CORNERSTONE called the SHAVUOT/PENTECOST SABBATH WISDOM of GOD is the VERY FIRST 'BUILDING BLOCK' of our PERCEPTION of reality if you will, for the NEW COVENANT KINGDOM we would be 'BORN AGAIN' into when we RECOGNIZE what we had done WHEN WE REJECTED HIM, as HE KNEW WE WOULD DO and TOLD US IN ADVANCE, according to THE PLAN. HE TOLD US WE WOULD REJECT HIS LIGHT OF TRUTH for a SOLOPSISTIC 'PRISON' ruled by BEASTS where NO TRUTH COULD BE OBJECTIVELY and EMPIRICALLY ESTABLISHED as TRUE outside of one's own SUBJECTIVE MIND, and THEREFORE ALL 'WORLD VIEWS' were EQUALLY VALID (including SATANISM which would slowly be brought into plain view to RULE as in the antedeluvian world). A VIRTUAL MIND PRISON ASYLUM PLANET ruled by the SPIRIT of SATAN and the ONLY ESCAPE from SELF DESTRUCTION as a RESULT of this PRACTICALLY INSANE CORRUPT CONDITION the world would find itself in, would be to ADMIT the PASSOVER LAMB 'GOSPEL' He provided to RESTORE his 'CORNERSTONE LIGHT' perspective by which we may be REDEEMED, SANCTIFIED, and SET FREE; so we may EXODUS from our ignorant and deceptive ENSLAVEMENT maintained in the MATERIALIST 'CAVE' of SATAN and HIS CHILDREN, to come into the 'MARRIAGE PROMISE' with GOD into the SHAVUOT/PENTECOST SABBATH TRUTH, as CORNERSTONE or MORNINGSTAR for a NEW WORLD ORDER where HIS LIGHT OF TRUTH will REIGN ON EARTH as HE DESIGNED!

This 'PASSOVER SABBATH WISDOM' is the 'LIGHT OF THE WORLD' which would be UNSEALED in our 'CAVE-MATRIX' according to the BLUEPRINT, for the purpose of SAVING THE WORLD! It would be unsealed and MANIFEST IN FLESH by TWO INDIVIDUALS referred to as OLIVE TREES, 'MESSIAHS', 'SON OF MAN' and STONES (Zech. 4); one would be a CORNERSTONE who would be KILLED by Zerubabel (the BUILDERS/MASONS) and laid in the 'FOUNDATION' of world society like building a HOUSE, and the OTHER would be a TOPSTONE to bring forth the MORNING STAR LIGHT in order to FINISH the 'HOUSE' or ARK OF SALVATION being CONSTRUCTED in DARKNESS by the 'BUILDERS', for ALL MEN TO ENTER BY FAITH and so be SAVED (Zech. 4:9)!


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