In an age of UNIVERSAL DECEPTION, telling the truth becomes a REVOLUTIONARY ACT! George Orwell?





The Stone the builders rejected has become the CORNER STONE, this is YHWH's doing and is MARVELLOUS in OUR EYES! Ps. 118:21-22, Mat. 21:42, Mk. 12:10, Lk. 20:17

Bind up the testimony and seal the Torah with my disciples. Is. 8:16

God's glory is in hiding a matter; the glory of Kings is to search the matter out. Prov. 25:2

If you have not yet done so, PLEASE make sure you have READ and GRASP the RAMIFICATIONS of this page which will give you the HEAVENLY CORNERSTONE PERSPECTIVE by which to be freed of the BLINDING MATERIAL DECEPTION which God promised we would be taken into when His ENFLESHED 'cornerstone' would be rejected. And this page which EXPOSES the WICKED ONE from JUDAH (A.K.A. 'Lucifer'), the FALSE PROPHET and BETRAYER of the COVENANT who God fingered for the REJECTION of HIS KING AND HIGH PRIEST and who ALSO CONSPIRED with the ANTICHRIST (VESPASIAN) to DESTROY THE CITY and the TEMPLE and CHANGE TIMES AND LAWS, which sent us Jews into our (wandering star) EXILE (BEYOND BABYLON) into NEO BABYLONIAN WORLD BONDAGE, which GOD PROMISED IN ADVANCE would take place!

and ALSO...

this page EXPOSING the 'ANTICHRIST' A.K.A. the 7th HEAD/10th 'LITTLE HORN' of the BEAST/DRAGON. This page specifically details the FULFILLED PROPHECY of the 'CHANGE in TIMES AND LAW' which would be given into his power UNTIL HE'S EXPOSED, which ends 'the time of the Gentiles'...which ALSO exposes those who WORSHIP THIS IDENTITY THIEF IMPOSTER (A.K.A. 'The BEAST') and UNRIGHTEOUSLY SUPPRESS the TRUTH in order to continue to DECEIVE PEOPLE (as they were) into believing this antichrist is coming in the FUTURE. In this way men enslave others minds to lies in order for those who are ILLUMINED LEADERS to CONTINUE to profit from the CORRUPTION of this CURRENT SATANIC SYSTEM of DECEPTION, as 'TARES' (traitorous betrayers) in our midst!

Like TWO PILLARS holding up the HOUSE of LIES in which SAMSON WAS MOCKED, those two pages contain VERY IMPORTANT PROPHETIC HISTORY regarding the ANTICHRIST and his FALSE PROPHET in their HISTORICAL CONTEXT, which is an OPEN SECRET regarding HISTORY which is never ALLOWED to be discussed openly TO THIS VERY DAY! EXPOSING THESE TWO LIARS holding up our world's current HOUSE OF CORRUPTION is PRE-REQUISITE to understanding THIS PAGE in context of a NEW WORLD HOUSE being RAISED OUT FROM THE RUBBLE when that 'DIVIDED 2 PILLAR SYSTEM' is DESTROYED and REPLACED with the ONE CORNERSTONE of TRUTH to UNITE MANKIND, according to the BLUEPRINT of the GREAT ARCHITECT of the UNIVERSE who gave us HIS KINGDOM BUILDING INSTRUCTIONS to FOLLOW!

The 'Time of the Gentiles' which Jesus (Yahshua) references from prophecy according to the blueprint for Kingdom construction, which began with his rejection and the subsequent destruction of the Temple and changing of Times and Laws by the Antichrist (Lk. 21:24, Dan. 7:25), is now coming to its end as prophesied. It's now time to re-establish the REJECTED 'CORNERSTONE' TRUTH 'hidden by the builders', the FAITHFUL WITNESS and RULER of the FATHER'S KINGDOM as His VISIBLE SHEKINAH SIGN and MASTER OF SABBATH which shall RULE PLANET EARTH as the 'MORNING STAR' of the MESSIANIC WORLD KINGDOM, by GODS DESIGN!

"PRAY THIS when you pray: 'Our Father in Heaven whose Name is Holy, YOUR KINGDOM COME and YOUR WILL BE DONE ON EARTH, even as in Heaven...!" Jesus 30 C.E. -- Mat. 6:10, Lk. 11:2


He created the Moon for the Calendar, the Sun knows he's going down! Ps. 104:19

It shall come to pass from one NEW MOON to another, and from one (full moon) SABBATH to another, ALL FLESH will WORSHIP BEFORE ME, says YHWH! Is. 66:23

It shall come to pass that every one that is left from all the nations which came against Jerusalem shall go up from year to year to worship the King, YHWH of armies, and to celebrate the (full moon sabbath) Feast of Tabernacles. Zechariah 14:16

YHWH God says: The gate of the inner court that faces Eastward shall be SHUT the SIX WORKING DAYS; but on the SABBATH days and on NEW MOON days IT SHALL BE OPENED...and the people of Earth shall worship at the opening of that gate on SABBATHS and NEW MOONS before YHWH. Ezekiel 46:1 & 3

***Please NOTE that NEW MOONS are SET APART from WEEK DAYS and their SABBATHS as HOLY DAYS! In other words, like SABBATHS which ARE 'week days' that are set apart from the REST of the WEEK DAYS as HOLY, NEW MOON DAYS are SET APART as HOLY from ALL THE REST OF THE DAYS OF THE MONTH! New Moons are NOT 'WEEK DAYS'! This FACT is FUNDAMENTAL to the MATHEMATICALLY 'TRUE' EQUATION of the count of SHAVUOT (Week Days/Pentecost) and is the very CORNERSTONE 'TRUTH' of KINGDOM TIMES and LAW, the 'KEY OF DAVID' which was HIDDEN BY THE 'BUILDERS' with the REJECTION OF JESUS by the 'FALSE PROPHET' (MorningStar/Lucifer) of the ANTICHRIST [Lk. 11:52, Is. 22:22, Is. 9:6 (9:5), Rev. 3:7], as we shall see!***

This page is going to deal primarily with re-establishing the TRUE LUNAR WEEK DAY 'MATH' COUNT of SHAVUOT (PENTECOST) which, according to the EVIDENCES PROVIDED to RE-ESTABLISH THE TRUTH after it was PROMISED TO BE FORGOTTEN, EXCLUDES 'NEW MOONS' as SET APART (HOLY) from ALL WEEK DAYS. Only in this way can one arrive on B'YOM HAZEH of Exodus 19:1, the SAME FULL MOON DAY of the 3rd month on which the OTHER 2 GREAT FEASTS begin in their respective months (the 1st and 7th respectively) as the VISIBLE SIGN of the MESSIAH, the MASTER of SABBATH, the SHEKINAH of GOD! You could say this MIDDLE FEAST is the CORNERSTONE BODY OF TRUTH represented by the MIDDLE LOAF at the Feast of MATZAH.

"Three times in a year all your males shall appear before YHWH your Elohim in the place which He chooses, at the Feast of Matzah (Passover), at the Feast of Shavuot (Pentecost), and at the Feast of Succot (Tabernacles)...." Deuteronomy 16:16

Why is this important? Because 'PENTECOST' A.K.A. 'Shavuot' (Feast of Weeks) is THE CORNERSTONE DAY of our MARRIAGE CONTRACT with God which is held SACRED by BOTH Christians AND Jews! And DESPITE THE FACT that GOD GAVE a VERY SPECIFIC COUNT to THIS DAY, and the INTERNAL TORAH EVIDENCE to KNOW EXACTLY what day this IS in relation to the LUNAR CORNERSTONE OF TIME...there is NO UNITY today between Jews OR 'Christians' on WHEN THIS DAY OCCURS, as there was before the Temple was destroyed as exemplified in Acts 2:1.

Karaite Jews observe this day on a DIFERENT day than Rabbinic or Orthodox Jews who observe it on a different day than Ethiopian Jews or the Essenes (the last 2 traditions go back further than the first 2) who observe it on a different day than Samaritans who differ with some Protestant Christians which is ALSO DIFFERENT than the Catholic/Orthodox Christians! Because of the LUCIFERIC DECEPTION, the FALSE 'MORNING STAR' perspective of viewing the world given to them by the ANTICHRIST and his FALSE PROPHET, men are BLINDED from seeing this CORNERSTONE of SALVATION!


The current form of Hillel's calendar (who by the way, Catholic Tradition claims was secretly baptized as a Catholic and had converted Jews as his 'disciples'!) is NOT EVEN THE ORIGINAL FORM he gave us, it has undergone changes and CORRECTIONS up until AT LEAST 10th CENTURY so that there would be no APPARENT conflict between the SACRIFICIAL SABBATH CALENDAR and this WEEKLY WANDERING STAR SABBATH created after the destruction of the Temple AS GOD PROMISED. This PRIMA FACIA EVIDENCE itself SPEAKS VOLUMES regarding the FALSITY of the 'ORAL TORAH' CLAIMS of the TALMUDIC WRITERS in regard to its AUTHORITY OVER TORAH! They 'LOST' this ORAL CALENDAR LAW when the SABBATH WAS CHANGED with the DESTRUCTION OF THE TEMPLE as GOD PROMISED, and they had to CREATE a DIFFERENT 'TRADITION' with POSTPONEMENTS to address the PROBLEMS between their FLOATING PLANET SABBATH in relation to the CORNERSTONE of the MOON and all its other HOLY DAYS clearly ANCHORED TO IT; especially in regard to SACRIFICIAL REQUIREMENTS which EXPOSED THE LIE of the FLOATING PLANETARY SABBATH which ZACHAI MARRIED in CONSPIRACY WITH THE WHORE OF ROME! This 'marriage' of Zachai's WANDERING STAR 'SATURN DAY' SABBATH to the SUN WORSHIP CORNERSTONE of ROME, like the marriage of AHAB and JEZEBEL, is the CAUSE OF OUR SUFFERING in WORLD ENSLAVEMENT to THIS VERY DAY!

Is God not the father of ALL men? Why does one brother deal treacherously against another to profane the Covenant of our (Holy) fathers? (Because) Judah has dealt treacherously, and an abomination has been committed in Israel and in Jerusalem! Because Judah has profaned the holiness of YHWH who loved him and has married the daughter (Wisdom/Philosophy) of a strange god! YHWH will cut off the man that does this thing, the master and the scholar, out from the tabernacles of Jacob, and him that offers this from those bringing tribute to YHWH of hosts. Mal. 2:11-12

You have lifted up the Tabernacle of your King and the Star of Saturn as your IMAGE of your God, which you did for yourselves. Therefore I will take you into bondage beyond Damascus (beyond Babylon)... Amos 5:26-27 & Acts 7:43

Behold your own offspring will REBUKE YOU and I WILL SLING DUNG ON YOUR FACES, even the DUNG of your FESTIVALS, and you will be SWEPT AWAY with one of them! Mal. 2:3

So with that said, and before we get started CORRECTING all the misconceptions and errors regarding GODS CORNERSTONE SYSTEM for MOEDIM (Calendar), I want to introduce you to a couple brief word studies that will EXPAND our topic to give it even more significant DEPTH and MEANING as we progress.

The first word is originally a Sumerian-AKKADIAN word (the language spoken in Ur of the Chaldees in Abrahams day) for three words we have in modern Hebrew which are translated into English as: the Wilderness of Sin, Mt. Sinai and the 'burning BUSH' (s'ney) where Moses saw the Light of God. The two letter Hebrew root of all three of these words is 'Sin' (spelled 'samekh-nun' and pronounced 'seen') and are original to Sumerian and later Akkadian where they are a reference to the MOON in both languages. It is therefore PROPER to understand this LOAN WORD into Hebrew translated into English MORE MEANINGFULLY as the 'Wilderness of the Moon', 'Moon Mountain' and the 'Moon Bush' respectively. This will greatly ENRICH your understanding in regard to the CONCEPT of the God of TRUTH represented by the cornerstone of the Moon vs. the BLINDINGLY POWERFUL DELUSION of the SOLAR CORNERSTONE which BEASTS would select as the cornerstone 'light of the world' and 'morning star' when they REJECT GODS SELECTED CORNERSTONE and WISDOM. He promised in advance that this would happen so he could EXPOSE THE POWERFUL DECEPTION for HIS GLORY in order to SAVE THE WORLD in the END DAYS!

The second word is in regard to Sabbath. 'SABBATH' (SABBATU-SAPPATU) is also NOT originally a Hebrew word but another Sumerian-Akkadian LOAN WORD into Hebrew. Because people believe the ANTICHRIST DECEPTION whereby weekly sabbaths FLOAT AROUND in relationship to the CORNERSTONE of the MOON since being MARRIED to the SOLAR CORNERSTONE blinding deception, they reject the concept that Sabbath has it's origin ANCHORED to the CORNERSTONE of the MOON through this AKKADIAN word 'Sabat/sabatu'.

In ancient Sumerian-Akkadian sappatu/SABBATH means 'to REST', as it does in Hebrew, but WAS SPECIFICALLY a reference to when the LIGHT of GOD was FULLY SEATED on the THRONE of the MOON at 'MID MONTH'. In other words 'SABAT' SPECIFICALLY means: the 'FULL MOON REST' in the MIDDLE of the MOON CYCLE, the DAY on which ALL THREE GREAT SABBATH FEASTS BEGIN (and by extension, for ALL of the SEVEN DAY SABBATHS anchored to it, where the NEW MOON is SET APART from WEEK DAYS, which we shall establish). New Moons are NOT 'WEEK DAYS' but are SET APART from SABBATHS and the rest of the WEEK DAYS as HOLY DAYS! This will become very important as we establish the TRUE MATH for the COUNT of SHAVUOT (weeks/day count) as the CORNERSTONE SABBATH of our SABBATH MARRIAGE CONTRACT WITH GOD!

Before we get into that though, let's address or CORRECT some other misconceptions regarding the Father's Kingdom CORNERSTONE of the MOON which he selected for MOEDIM (all appointed times). The first is that it is NOT a 'Luni-Solar' calendar but a LUNAR HARVEST CALENDAR. A luni-solar calendar implies a DIRECT CONNECTION or 'MARRIAGE' between the lunar 'cornerstone' cycle and the solar 'cornerstone' cycle and that is NOT THE CASE, that's a WICKED DECEPTION, as shall be made CLEAR by GOD'S MARVELLOUS DESIGN! God EXPRESSLY anchored the HARVESTS to his LUNAR CORNERSTONE CALENDAR, not the solar cornerstone cycle! The HARVEST CALENDAR, the RULE for GODS KINGDOM and the SABBATH SIGN OF MESSIAH, is NOT ANCHORED to the CORNERSTONE of the SUN, but is ANCHORED or MARRIED to the MOON CYCLE ALONE!

This LUNAR HARVEST CALENDAR system requires that about every third year an extra month (called "shanah may'uberet" in Hebrew today) is necessarily added to line the entire series of Sabbaths up to coincide with the agricultural requirements associated with each of the three major ones in the 1st, 3rd, and 7th months, to the growing seasons (not according to the SUN or solar CORNERSTONE calendar of SATANIC BONDAGE from which GOD FREES US, but the HARVEST season!); hence every third year or so, the months that currently have 1 chodesh day would alternate to have 2--and vice-versa, generally speaking. We know this intercalary month WAS PRACTICED because we can extrapolate from the internal evidence between Ezekiel 1:1 and 8:1 that this year he recieved visions from YHWH, was an intercalary year (having 13 lunar moonths rather than the normal 12) because THE MATH DEMANDS IT (see **NOTE on EZEKIEL** at the end of this page for the Math details).

New Moons are a COMMANDED FEAST at the beginning of each month which, in regard to the required sacrifices, is GREATER than the regular sabbaths and nearing the equivalent of the three Great Full Moon Sabbath Feasts of the year, as we see being practiced by David in 1 Sam. 20 (this was the MAJOR ERROR of the HILLEL CALENDAR which had to be addressed later with 'postponements' to AVOID CONFLICT...and which SPEAKS VOLUMES of the FALSE 'ORAL TRADITION' they CREATED!). The FULL MOON FEAST of the THREE GREAT SABBATHS are ANCHORED to the CORNERSTONE of the MOON; the KEY of DAVID and his GOVERNMENT AUTHORITY!

We will look in more detail at the account with David in 1 Sam. 20 later, since that 2 DAY NEW MOON which David and Jonathan were observing that particular month, known to them in advance, has MUCH SIGNIFICANCE in relationship to the MESSIAH's association with the LUNAR CYCLE, the HIDING of the LIGHT OF MESSIAH for 2 millenial days, and the 'KEY OF DAVID' which opens the door to the MESSIANIC KINGDOM according to prophecy, later.

New Moons are FESTIVAL DAYS! They are SET APART as HOLY from WEEK DAYS! Additionally 'New Moons' are not reckoned from the FIRST SLIVER in the NEW MONTH as has been traditionally and ERRONEOUSLY taught, but by the LAST SLIVER of the month and known IN ADVANCE as we see clearly being observed by David and Jonathan in 1 Sam. 20. That means that NEW MOONS were CALCULATED IN ADVANCE being ESTABLISHED by the sighting of BOTH the LAST SLIVER in the morning just before sunrise on the 28th or 29th ALTERNATELY, and the 1st sliver on the third evening from that morning, which would END NEW MOON DAY and begin the FIRST WEEK DAY just after dark, the 2nd day of the month. So the NEW MOON is a period of time SANDWICHED BETWEEN these TWO slivers of light, the period of time when NO LIGHT IS SEEN ON THE MOON, which for all practical purposes lasts an AVERAGE of approximately 60 hours in any locality and alternates, through calculated adjustment, to keep it between the two slivers, resulting in a 1 and 2 day 'new moon' period alternately at the beginning of every month.

On months which begin with 2 new moon days, the last sliver will be seen on the 28th followed by a black sabbath (where no light will be seen) and a 1 day New Moon to begin the next month. In other words, after sighting the LAST SLIVER of a month cycle early in the morning, you can be assured that on the 3rd evening from that morning, just after sundown, you will see the FIRST sliver of the new cycle. It is through these sightings that the MOLAD or CONJUNCTION of the sun and moon is CALCULATED with mathematical precision.

So in practice, if the last sliver is seen on the morning of the 29th (as would be expected if the previous month it was seen on the 28th), which is ALWAYS A SABBATH, then a 2 day new moon 'DAY' will follow as KNOWN IN ADVANCE and merely ESTABLISHED as TRUE by SIGHTING the FAITHFUL WITNESS (as is the case in 1 Sam. 20). Then one can expect that at the end of this month which begins with a 2 day New Moon, the last sliver will be seen in the early morning of the 28th, the day before the last Sabbath (the 29th) which will be a BLACK SABBATH (having no light of the moon seen on it). Then the following day will be 'New Moon' with the New sliver seen at the END OF THE DAY which BEGINS the FIRST WEEKDAY of the new Month.

***TRANSLATIONAL NOTE*** The 2 DAYS of this 'NEW MOON' period which ARE NOT 'WEEK DAYS' are called (YOM) 'HAKODESH' and (YOM) 'HAKODESH HASHENI' respectively, as we see in 1 Sam. 20:27 & 34. This HEBREW PHRASE used HERE in a COLLOQUIAL SENSE to reference the SECOND DAY of this NEW MOON PERIOD which is OUTSIDE the WEEKLY CYCLE, is NORMALLY and CORRECTLY TRANSLATED ELSEWHERE as 'the SECOND MONTH (of the year)'. But in this case it's clearly a COLLOQUIAL PHRASE to reference this NEW MOON DAY and not a MONTH, OR even as a 'weekday' within the month! Out of IGNORANCE based in DECEPTION, the translators MISTRANSLATE ITS SIGNIFICANCE as 'second day of the month', as if it's a WEEKDAY within the month and it's NOT. This is a SERIOUS MISTRANSLATION which MISSES THE SIGNIFICANCE of the MEANING of this ANCIENT COLLOQUIAL PHRASE referencing NOT A MONTH (as it would NORMALLY translate) or a weekday within the month (as is MISTRANSLATED here), but the SECOND DAY of a 2 DAY NEW MOON which is OUTSIDE THE WEEKLY CYCLE! The first WEEK DAY is the 2nd day of the month; the day AFTER THE NEW MOON PERIOD! Also please NOTE the PLACE where David was to come OUT from his HIDING at the APPOINTED TIME (Moed) on the morning of the 3rd DAY in vs. 19. In Hebrew this 'ROCK' is called AZEL and is related to AZ'AZEL of the ATONEMENTS SACRIFICE (Lev. 16:8-26) and is REPRESENTED by the SUN even as the MOON represents DAVID. The REMOVAL of this 'CORNERSTONE' DECEPTION which keeps men from seeing the GLORIOUS LIGHT of the MESSIAH FULFILLS PROPHECY, and must be done before we enter into the MESSIANIC KINGDOM, as we shall see. When the POWER (AZ) of DECEPTION has been EXAUSTED (AZEL), the LIGHT of MESSIAH comes OUT from hiding on the 3RD DAY. This CORNERSTONE TRUTH is the 'KEY OF DAVID', the BURDON on the SHOULDER of the MESSIAH and HIS MESSIANIC KINGDOM GOVERNMENT! [Is. 22:22, Is. 9:6 (9:5), Lk. 11:52, Rev. 3:7] ***END NOTE***

Only when the NEW MOON is 'observed' BETWEEN these TWO SLIVERS (as David sort of 'fleshed out' this MESSIANIC LIGHT of TRUTH for Jonathan as a sort of HIDDEN MESSAGE in 1 Sam. 20 regarding the 2 millenial days of DARKNESS we have been in now) will the FULL MOON LIGHT of MESSIAH be 'SEATED on the THRONE of the MOON at mid-month, the 15th DAY of the month (and the waning and waxing QUARTER MOON SIGNS on their respective 'SABBATHS') as an 'OBSERVABLE 'SIGN' of SABBATH over which MESSIAH, representing the LIGHT of TRUTH, is the MASTER!). This is how the FAITHFUL WITNESS GOD SELECTED establishes the MATHEMATICAL TRUTH of SABBATHS and NEW MOONS as a SIGN TO BE SEEN; the VISIBLE SHEKINAH of the OTHERWISE INVISIBLE God! This is the RECURRING MONTHLY PATTERN ESTABLISHED BY THE FAITHFUL WITNESS IN THE SKY WHICH GOD SELECTED TO RULE HIS KINGDOM ON EARTH and we see the EVIDENCE of this practice by DAVID and JONATHAN in 1 Sam. 20. The Moon is a FAITHFUL WITNESS in the sky, and like MATH it can be ESTABLISHED as TRUE and itself is USED BY GOD to ESTABLISH HIS TRUTH!

That being established we will now get into the details of the SHAVUOT COUNT. That is the WEEK DAYS counting 7 PERFECT WEEKS of WEEK DAYS which takes us to the FULL MOON DAY of the 3rd month. ON THIS SAME FULL MOON DAY of the 3rd month in which Israel left Egypt in the 1st month (bayom hazeh Ex. 19:1) Israel came to Mt. Sinai (moon mountain) and was called together by Moses at Gods request to ANSWER whether or not they would MARRY HIM and the people said 'WE WILL' (Ex. 19:7-8). God KNEW we would break the covenant so HE PROVIDED for another 3RD DAY CONSUMATION to enter the promise of the NEW 'RENEWED MARRIAGE CONTRACT' (Hosea 6:1-2)!


Only TAKE HEED TO YOURSELF and lead a DILIGENT LIFE so that you DO NOT are to teach these STATUTES to your sons and grandsons; ESPECIALLY about 'THE DAY' when you TESTIFIED before YHWH your God in Horeb the day YHWH said to me: 'Gather the People to Me'. Duet. 4:7-10 (referencing Ex. 19:1-8)

Beginning the day after the sabbath (ending the HOLY WEEK which began ON full moon Sabbath) from the day of bringing the wave offering, you are to count seven complete sabbaths until the day after the seventh sabbath you shall count 50 days and bring a NEW OFFERING of two baked loaves. Lev. 23:15-16

The first thing to note is that the two baked loaves represent the house of Judah and the house of Israel approaching YHWH together as ONE 'first fruit' gift (bicurim). This would not be fulfilled prophetically until the END DAYS when the BICURIM or FIRST FRUIT of the SHAVUOT/PENTECOST harvest is UNITED and COMES INTO the WEDDING PROMISE with GOD and the LAND.

Now let's get into just SOME of the specific nuances (and implications) of the count. The first point is that Karaite Jews, Samaritans and Christians all begin the count on a 'SUNDAY' (though not necessarily the SAME SUNDAY, they do differ), the day after 'SATURNS DAY' (because they ANCHORED 'the count' to the 'wandering star' planetary week of PERPETUAL 'week days' where NEW MOONS are NOT SET APART AS HOLY 'CORNERSTONE' DAYS!). Orthodox Jews, Ethiopian Jews and the Essenes all ANCHOR the day/count to the Lunar Cornerstone but they TOO adopted the WANDERING STAR planetary week of PERPETUAL week days and therefore INCLUDE New Moons in the count of LUNAR WEEK DAYS which have been ANCHORED to the WANDERING STAR PLANETARY WEEK of the WRONG CORNERSTONE and therefore ALSO DO NOT HONOR GODS CORNERSTONE NEW MOON DAYS AS HOLY! To THIS DAY Gods CHOSEN CORNERSTONE is not HONORED as HOLY! All the SONS OF GOD are honoring the BLINDING IMAGE of SATAN who STEALS THE GLORY OF THE FATHER and is the SIGN or MARK by which his 'children' USURP GODS AUTHORITY ON EARTH! The INVISIBLE FATHER is HONORED AT NEW MOON and the FAITHFUL SONS are REFLECTED in the SIGN of the MASTER OF SABBATH who is the FATHERS FAITHFUL WITNESS on FULL MOON SABBATHS AND FESTIVALS which speak ALL ABOUT HIM in MATERIAL REALITY according to the TORAH TRUTH designed to FREE US from the ILLUSION of MATERIAL REALITY in NEW BIRTH from ABOVE! The father selected the MOON as a FAITHFUL WITNESS for the TRUTH of the MASTER OF SABBATH who was REJECTED for a BLINDING DECEPTION as PROMISED IN ADVANCE OF IT HAPPENING! Only by being REJECTED like Joseph could the TRUE SON who reflects the TRUTH of the INVISIBLE FATHER establish the PLAN as TRUE to then be taken to the RIGHT HAND OF THE FATHER as Joseph was taken to the RIGHT HAND of the POWER on EARTH!

Let's look at these variations a bit more closely. Orthodox Jews begin the count on the day the waive offering is brought, the day after PASSOVER SABBATH, the very day on which the waive sheaf was waived, and so they always observe shavuot on the 6th day of the 3rd lunar month. The Ethiopian Jews (whose tradition goes back from BEFORE the destruction of the Temple and is therefore OLDER than Orthodox Jews and their HILLEL II calendar tradition) begin the day after the sabbath which ENDS the festival WEEK in which the waive sheaf is brought. So they always observe Shavuot on the 12th day of the 3rd lunar month. Archeological evidence demonstrates that the Qumran community/Essenes (also OLDER than the Hillel II calendar tradition of Orthodox Jews) had fixed the day of Shavuot on the 15th day full moon of the 3rd Lunar Month and used Ex. 19:1 as the supporting evidence, but when they began the count and how they arrived on that day through THE COUNT has been lost. So as we shall see, the Ethiopian Jews are CLOSEST to the TRUTH in WHEN they BEGIN the count, yet somewhere over the course of time after the destruction of the Temple they ADOPTED the PLANETARY WEEK OF ROME and began INCLUDING 'New Moon' Days in their count of WEEK DAYS, no longer SETTING APART 'NEW MOONS' from the WEEK DAYS as HOLY, and that's where they went wrong. Therefore they observe Shavuot on the 12th and not the 15th day FULL MOON of the 3rd Lunar Month. And the Essenes correctly fixed the day on the 15th day (full moon) of the 3rd month, the same day of the 3rd month which Israel left Egypt in the 1st month (Full Moon/Passover day of the 15th) by tying it to Ex. 19:1, but they also 'lost' the MATH regarding the COUNT.


When one begins the count as the Ethiopian Jews do on the day after the special 'Sabbath' which ends the SPECIAL 7 day 'holy week' tied to the CORNERSTONE, which begins ON a Full Moon Sabbath, and excluding NEW MOON DAYS from the COUNT of SPECIAL WEEKS of DAYS ( 'special weeks' beginning ON SABBATHS as Passover Week began, and which were all tied to the LUNAR CORNERSTONE before the destruction of the Temple and the REJECTION of this 'cornerstone' to RULE mankind), one arrives on the 15th day FULL MOON of the 3rd month as the Essenes RIGHTLY FIXED and associated with Ex. 19:1!

So though NONE of these ERRONEOUS 'MATH COUNTS' are VERIFIABLE with any OBSERVABLE EVIDENCE, we shall establish the EVIDENCE which demonstrates that the Ethiopian Jews are correct in WHEN they BEGIN the count, and the Essenes are correct in having FIXED the date on the 15 day (full moon) of the 3rd month and by tying it to the TEXTUAL EVIDENCE of Ex. 19:1, thereby bringing THIS DAY into CONGRUENCY as the SAME DAY the OTHER 2 GREAT SABBATH FESTIVALS begin in their respective MONTHS with the SAME VISIBLE 'SIGN'; the 15th day FULL MOON! The KEY OF DAVID is in recognizing that the CORNERSTONE DAYS of NEW MOON are HOLY DAYS of a MONTH, not WEEK DAYS and therefore CAN NOT BE COUNTED in this count of WEEK DAYS if the math is to remain TRUE!

We will therefore EXPOSE the ERRONEOUS INHERITED TRADITIONS which have absolutely NO EVIDENCE to support them as TRUE with the TRUTH of the GOD OF TRUTH who knew we would REJECT HIS CORNERSTONE and PLANNED that His rejected CORNERSTONE of TRUTH would be RE-ESTABLISHED (using the MATHEMATICAL EVIDENCES He provided which would be SEARCHED OUT!) in order to UNITE ISREAL on HIS REJECTED CORNERSTONE which would then become the world's 'MORNING STAR RULER' of the MESSIANIC KINGDOM of God on Earth, as HE DESIGNED! The 'stone cut without hands' striking and smashing the DIVIDED FOUNDATION of all the world's kingdoms (Dan. 2:34-45, Dan. 7:22, Rev. 17:14-17)

God's glory is in hiding a matter; the glory of Kings is to search the matter out. Prov. 25:2

So let's begin RE-ESTABLISHING what God knew, and PLANNED FOR in advance, would be REJECTED and 'HIDDEN' by the BUILDERS!

Beginning on the evening of the fourteenth day of the month until the evening of the twenty-first day, you shall eat unleavened bread. Seven days no leaven shall be found in your houses...Ex. 12:18-19

On the fifteenth day of the month begins the feast of unleavened bread to YHWH: seven days you shall eat unleavened bread. You are to have a Holy Assembly on the first day...and on the seventh day a Holy assembly where no servile work is to be done. Leviticus 23:6-8

So please NOTE that this HOLY WEEK BEGINS on the EVENING ending the 14th day and beginning the FULL MOON PASSOVER SABBATH DAY of the 15th. It lasts 7 days INCLUDING the first day which is a SABBATH and ends on the 7th day which is ALSO a SABBATH which ends on the 21'st day of the month at evening. So there are 5 DAYS between these 2 SABBATHS. This SAME special week 'PATTERN' will now CONTINUE THROUGH THE COUNT OF WEEKS, which each BEGIN on SABBATH DAYS as reflected in the CALENDAR REPRESENTATION below (please note that the days in 'blue' END the SEVEN PERFECT WEEKS of this count in which EACH week BEGINS with a REGULAR SABBATH, even as PASSOVER WEEK does!)! Each 'week' will begin on a REGULAR SABBATH and end with a special 'count sabbath' until we arrive on the 50th day which is the REGULAR FULL MOON SABBATH of the 3rd month, the SAME DAY of the THIRD MONTH in which Israel LEFT EGYPT (Ex. 19:1). They arrived at Moon Mountain on THIS FULL MOON SABBATH DAY to VERBALLY ENTER the MARRIAGE CONTRACT with GOD in an ASSEMBLY CALLED by Moses ON THAT DAY!

On the SAME DAY of the third month in which Israel came out of Egypt in the first month (the VISIBLE LUNAR 'SIGN' of the 15th day FULL MOON 'SABBATH' in a LUNAR CORNERSTONE 'VISUAL CALENDAR SYSTEM' of 'WEEK DAYS' and 'SABBATHS'), they arrived in the 'Wilderness of the Moon' ...and camped in front of 'Moon Mountain'...and Moses called all the Elders of Israel together and laid the PROPOSAL of YHWH before them as commanded. And the people ALL ANSWERED TOGETHER: 'We will do EVERYTHING YHWH has commanded' and so Moses returned to YHWH with their answer. Ex. 19:1-8

According to the BIBLICAL EVIDENCES we shall RE-ESTABLISH NOW, the COUNT of SHAVUOT WEEJS begins on the REGULAR SABBATH DAY which is the DAY AFTER this SPECIALLY INSERTED SABBATH of the 21st day which ends this FEAST of UNLEAVEND BREAD in which the day of FIRST FRUIT was waived (on the 16th). So beginning the SHAVUOT COUNT of WEEK DAYS for this 50 DAY count of WEEK DAYS (and EXCLUDING NEW MOONS AS 'SET APART' from WEEK DAYS as the KEY OF DAVID), beginning with the REGULAR (3rd quarter moon) SABBATH DAY of the 22nd, which is "the day after" the INSERTED SABBATH of the 21'st (which is the "sabbath day AFTER the waving of the first fruit" which ends this Sabbath week festival which BEGAN ON FULL MOON SABBATH DAY), we arrive on the FULL MOON of the SAME DAY of the 3rd month in which Israel left Egypt in the first month, FULL MOON SABBATH DAY, as EVIDENCED by Ex. 19:1 & 7-8 which is REFERENCED by Deut. 4:10 as THAT VERY DAY!

This is the day we were commanded NEVER TO FORGET (Deut. 4:8-10) but GOD PROMISED that we WOULD FORGET when an EVIL MAN WOULD CHANGE IT (Dan. 7:25) with the REJECTION and GLORIFICATION of the MESSIAH (King and High Priest, Ps. 110) and the DESTRUCTION OF THE TEMPLE (Lam. 2:6)! By counting 50 days beginning with the 22 day, the day after the 7 day Feast of Unleavened Bread, and arriving on 'Bayom Haze' of Ex. 19:1, the 15th day FULL MOON of the 3rd month, the day they left Egypt in the 1st month, we know we have done the MATH of the FAITHFUL WITNESS as GOD INTENDED...TO RE-ESTABLISH HIS WILL SO THAT IT WILL BE DONE ON EARTH BY GOOD AND FAITHFUL SERVANTS IN THE END DAYS!

Month 1 (Full Moon Passover Sabbath Month)

Chodesh (New Moon) Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Day 7 Moon Cycle
1, 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 end 1st 1/4
  9 10 11 12 13 14 15 end 1st half
  16 17 18 19 20 21 22 end 3rd 1/4
  23 24 25 26 27 28 29 end last 1/4

Month 2 (when Full Moon Sabbath count was re-established by Manna count in Ex. 16)

Chodesh (New Moon) Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Day 7 Moon Cycle
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 end 1st 1/4
  9 10 11 12 13 14 15 end 1st half
  16 17 18 19 20 21 22 end 3rd 1/4
  23 24 25 26 27 28 29 end last 1/4

Month 3 (Full Moon Shavuot Feast, Ex. 19:1 & 7-8)

Chodesh (New Moon) Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Day 7 Moon Cycle
1, 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 end 1st 1/4
  9 10 11 12 13 14 15 end 1st half
  16 17 18 19 20 21 22 end 3rd 1/4
  23 24 25 26 27 28 29 end last 1/4

Month 7 (Full Moon Succot/Tabernacles Sabbath Feast)

Chodesh (New Moon) Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Day 7 Moon Cycle
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 end 1st 1/4
  9 10 11 12 13 14 15 end 1st half
  16 17 18 19 20 21 22 end 3rd 1/4
  23 24 25 26 27 28 29 end last 1/4

Please note that in the RE-ESTABLISHED LUNAR SABBATH SYSTEM of the NEW COVENANT described in some amount of detail in relationship to the Ezekiel Temple (where New Moons will be SET APART from WEEK DAYS and their SABBATHS as HOLY according to Ez. 46:1 & 3), the anomoly of the 10th day 'sabbath' of the 7th month (the Day of Atonements where the AZ'AZEL cornerstone POWER of FLOATING SABBATH DECEPTION is REMOVED) is NO LONGER OBSERVED as a Sabbath/Holy Day. It REPRESENTS the FLOATING SABBATH tied to the BLINDING CORNERSTONE which would be adopted when GODS CHOSEN CORNERSTONE would be REJECTED! So it's NO COINCIDENCE that this is the same DAY the PASSOVER LAMB was SELECTED for slaughter in the 1st month (when the power of this deception BEGAN and the LIGHT of MESSIAH has been IN HIDING for 2 millenial days AS DEPICTED in 1 Sam. 20!)!

The CORNERSTONE ERROR of our world kingdom system will have FINALLY been REMOVED in the form of the AZAZEL of ATONEMENT according to the PLAN, which will BEGIN the MESSIANIC WORLD KINGDOM of the NEW COVENANT (which has ALWAYS been the GOAL by which God would USE HIS PEOPLE, even our EVIL for HIS GOOD, as OUTLINED in the SCRIPTURES!) and the WHOLE WORLD will celebrate TABERNACLES with GOD (Zech. 14:16). Also note that in Ex. 16 we can establish that SABBATH was on the 8th, 15th, 22nd, and 29th which PROVES that BOTH the RABBINIC/ORTHODOX and KARAITE/CHRISTIAN COUNTS ARE WRONG!

You have lifted up the Tabernacle of your King and the Star of Saturn as your IMAGE of your God, which you did for yourselves. Therefore I will take you into bondage beyond Damascus (beyond Babylon)... Amos 5:26-27 & Acts 7:43

Behold your own offspring will REBUKE YOU and I WILL SLING DUNG ON YOUR FACES, even the DUNG of your FESTIVALS, and you will be SWEPT AWAY with one of them! Mal. 2:3

Also the sacrificial system is changed in the amount and types of sacrifices. Particularly notable are those required for NEW MOONS and SABBATHS which are quite different from the former Temple and its system. For instance, in the OLD COVENANT/TEMPLE SYSTEM 2 bulls were the required sacrifice on New moons and 2 lambs on Sabbaths (Numbers 28:9-14). But in the NEW COVENANT/TEMPLE SYSTEM only 1 bull is required on New Moons but 6 lambs on Sabbaths (Ez. 46:3-6)! Clearly this COMPLETELY DIFFERENT TEMPLE (having COMPLETELY DIFFERENT DIMENSIONS than anything ever existing before) and COMPLETELY DIFFERENT SACRIFICES (no longer requiring an ATONEMENT SACRIFICE on the 10th day of the 7th Month) ASSOCIATED WITH IT, in relationship to the promise of a NEW or RENEWED COVENANT given in Jer. 31:31, is AT LEAST IN PART what the writer of Hebrews 8:13 was REFERENCING as his AUTHORITATIVE SOURCE for the CLAIM that the OLD COVENANT SYSTEM would 'PASS AWAY'!

Also please note that the Bible NEVER IDENTIFIES a NEW MOON or a Sabbath EVER falling on ANY OTHER DAY of the month than those IDENTIFIED in the CALENDAR SYSTEM ABOVE! That ITSELF is POWERFUL EVIDENCE which SUPPORTS THE TRUTH of this CORNERSTONE CALENDAR and STRIKES at the CORNERSTONE LIE of a perpetual 'saturns day sabbath' being handed down from Adam's day. We are supposed to believe, according to the TRADITION handed down by ZACHAI and his ILK, that the PERPETUAL SEVEN COUNT FALSE PLANETARY SABBATH ('saturns day') associated with the SOLAR CORNERSTONE CALENDAR of ROME, has been handed down faithfully from Adam...EVEN THROUGH our BONDAGE in EGYPT! The problem is GOD CLEARLY RE-ESTABLISHES His SABBATH COUNT in Ex. 16 (depicted in the calendar representation above) and the days fall on the SAME LUNAR CORNERSTONE DAYS as all of the other sabbaths which can be identified in scripture! He also PROMISES that it would be FORGOTTEN AGAIN (Lam. 2:6, Dan. 7:25) when a PHILOSOPHICAL WORLD PHARAOH and his FALSE PROPHET would DECEIVE THE WORLD with their BLINDING DECEPTION for 2 Millenial days (a sort of philosphical 'new moon'), and in the 3rd day, HE would DESTROY the TWO LEGS/PILLARS of all the worlds kingdoms in similar way to how He destroyed Egypt, and he would set up His ETERNAL KINGDOM on EARTH (Dan. 2:44)!

The REDEMPTION of GOD is ANCHORED to the CORNERSTONE of the MOON, the STONE cut WITHOUT HANDS which will DESTROY the worlds kingdoms and is the VISIBLE 'SIGN' of the 'MASTER OF SABBATH' which HE PROMISED to provide as the PASSOVER SACRIFICE for OUR REDEMPTION, and anyone who DEFILES HIS SABBATH must be CUT OFF FROM HIS PEOPLE (Ex. 31:13-18)! The 'WANDERING STAR' SATURNS DAY SABBATH anchored or MARRIED to the SOLAR CORNERSTONE of ROME is A FRAUD and God PROMISED to CUT OFF the MAN who would DO IT (Mal. 2:12)!

The LIGHT of TRUTH reflected on the FAITHFUL WITNESS 'CORNERSTONE' of the MOON outshines and EXPOSES the false cornerstone sabbath light of BEASTLY MANS MATERIALISTIC LIES which is associated with the BLINDING 'cornerstone' LIGHT of the SUN selected by the WICKED BEAST of APOSTATE JUDAH and JEZEBEL HARLOT ROME, to represent Gods cornerstone 'sabbath light of the world' in their PERVERSE MARRIAGE CONSPIRACY PHILOSOPHY of WORLD DOMINATION, NOW EXPOSED for JUDGEMENT by DESIGN of the GOD OF TRUTH who PROMISED TO DO SO to SAVE THE WORLD!

He made the (light of the) Moon as the Calendar (cornerstone), the Sun knows he's going down! Ps. 104:19

YHWH said to my Lord, 'sit here at my right hand until I make your enemies a footstool for your feet'. Ps. 110:1

(the throne of David's seed) has been established FOREVER as the (light of the) MOON as the FAITHFUL WITNESS in the CLOUD (of witnesses)! Ps. 89:37

...(the Full Moon Passover) Sabbath is the SIGN between ME and that you will KNOW that I AM HE WHO HAS SANCTIFIED YOU! Ex. 31:13

It shall come to pass from one NEW MOON to another, and from one SABBATH to another, ALL FLESH will WORSHIP BEFORE ME, says YHWH! Is. 66:23

It shall come to pass that every one that is left from all the nations which came against Jerusalem shall go up from year to year to worship the King, YHWH of armies, and to celebrate the (full moon) Feast of Tabernacles. Zechariah 14:16

YHWH God says: The gate of the inner court that faces Eastward shall be SHUT the SIX WORKING DAYS; but on the SABBATH days and on NEW MOON days IT SHALL BE OPENED...and the people of Earth shall worship at the opening of that gate on SABBATHS and NEW MOONS before YHWH. Ezekiel 46:1 & 3

Yahshua (Jesus) REPRIMANDED the Pharisees for NOT RECOGNIZING HIM as the PROMISED ONE which MOSES WROTE ABOUT whom THEY WOULD REJECT like JOSEPH (Jn. 5:45-47), which the MOON REPRESENTS as the FAITHFUL WITNESS and KEY OF KNOWLEDGE (Lk. 11:52), which would TAKE THE WORLD INTO ITS AFORE PROMISED 'WORLD BONDAGE' from which God would PASS HIS HAND A SECOND TIME to REDEEM US in a GREAT EXODUS in the END DAYS, for which the FIRST EXODUS was a SHADOW to LEARN FROM! All mankind was plunged into a 'dark age' or BLINDING WORLD SOLAR BONDAGE far more SORCEROUS than EGYPT, which keeps men from seeing the GLORIOUS GOSPEL 'CORNERSTONE SIGN' OF MESSIAH coming in the CLOUDS as a MORNING STAR. But it's now the EARLY MORNING of the THIRD DAY! The dawn is beginning to break on the horizon of mans consciousness as Intelligently Designed to happen in the End Days. We will EXODUS from our WORLD ENSLAVEMENT to CORRUPTION and SORCERY in the GREAT EXODUS which immediately precedes our entering the NEW COVENANT KINGDOM on Earth as God ANCIENTLY DESIGNED!

THESE WITNESSES ESTABLISH THE TRUTH OF THE LUNAR CALENDAR and REFLECTS THE BEAUTY OF THE WISDOM of the ETERNAL LIGHT WHO CREATED IT FOR US TO KNOW HIM THROUGH THAT CYCLE OF HOLY DAYS AND THEIR ASSOCIATED COMMANDS! These festival pictures and PROMISES are EMBODIED IN MESSIAH as they were in JOSEPH, for Moses to understand and EMBED IN TORAH LAW so we could distinguish him as the TRUE Master of the TRUE Sabbath, according to the LAW and TESTIMONIES, from ALL IMPOSTERS now exposed as COUNTERFEITS! Any other interpretation of MOSES HOLY TORAH than this REJECTED CORNERSTONE, Key of Knowledge/David PERSPECTIVE into which the WHOLE WORLD would be BORN AGAIN as into the LIGHT of a NEW 'MORNING STAR' which shall RULE THE MESSIANIC KINGDOM COME as GOD DESIGNED from the FOUNDATION OF THE WORLD, is simply WRONG! For this reason Yahshua reprimanded the pharisees for not recognizing Him or understanding this PLAN which he unsealed from Torah whereby men would be BORN AGAIN FROM ABOVE according to this MORNING STAR PLAN for WORLD SALVATION; and for exalting themselves as TORAH TEACHERS while NOT KNOWING THIS PLAN (Jn. 3:3-10)! This will begin to happen as men RECOGNIZE the PASSOVER LAMB who was REJECTED, EVEN AS THE CORNERSTONE OF THE MOON, which would take us INTO THE AFORE PROMISED BONDAGE which is based on a SATANICALLY DECEPTIVE CORNERSTONE LIE and REPENT over the SACRIFICE GOD PROMISED TO MAKE TO REDEEM AND SANCTIFY US!

...(the Full Moon) Sabbath is the SIGN between ME and that you will KNOW that I AM HE WHO HAS SANCTIFIED YOU! Ex. 31:13

'SATURN DAY SABBATH' WORSHIP for JUDAH (Jews) and SUN DAY worship for lost ISRAEL scattered among all the Nations (and for that matter 'VENUS/FRIDAY SABBATH' WORSHIP for Muslims), ALL deceived by a BABYLONIAN JEZEBEL RELIGIOUS SPIRIT of WORLD DIVISION and WARFARE controlling them ALL through DIVISION and DECEPTION regarding the TRUTH, is nothing more than paying HOMAGE to the SEXUALLY PERVERTED PAGAN Daughter of the 'SUN GOD' of the Beast of Rome, CIRCE (which means CIRCUS and is the origin of the word 'CHURCH' in Englsih), the POWER of the HARLOT QUEEN OF HEAVEN who 'married' the WICKED SCHOLAR of JUDAH, like AHAB whose SIGN was the 'Jewish Star' of SATURN A.K.A. Cronos, Chiun, and Remphan (Amos 5:26, Acts 7:43), in an economy of selfish division to which secret RITUAL child sacrifices are made to this very day (and openly in the form of abortions)! Like King Ahab who selfishly subjected his people into slavery under Jezebel who usurped his authority and was serving MOLECH, so the WICKED SCHOLAR of JUDAH BROKE THE MARRIAGE CONTRACT WITH GOD to marry the RELIGIOUS WHORE OF ROME and SOLD HIS OWN CHILDREN into BONDAGE TO HER DIVISIVELY VIOLENT RELIGIOUS WORLD SYSTEM!

Common Objections:

The lunar sabbath is a 'floating sabbath' which can fall on any day of the month.

Actually it depends on the CORNERSTONE CALENDAR one chooses to view reality from. In the MESSIANIC KINGDOM ALL DAYS of the month, including 'New Moons' and FULL MOON 'Sabbath' Festivals, are ANCHORED to the MOON CYCLE as the CORNERSTONE of TIME...the are ANCHORED in RELATIONSHIP to the LUNAR CORNERSTONE God selected as His FAITHFUL WITNESS for HIS SABBATH MESSIAH. The DAYS and SABBATHS of the MOONTH are ANCHORED and NEVER CHANGE their relationship (as seen in the calendar depiction above)! Therefore it's the FAKE weekly sabbath of the Roman SOLAR CORNERSTONE 'planetary week' WANDERING STAR calendar system which 'floats' around in relation to GODS CORNERSTONE, but it has been RESERVED for a DAY OF JUDGEMENT along with all the LYING SHEPHERDS who have and CONTINUE to foist this BLINDING DECEPTION on the WORLD (Jude 1:13)! They will receive DOUBLE punishment compared to what they PERSECUTED THE SAINTS with (Rev. 18:6)!

He created the (light of the) Moon as the Calendar, the Sun knows he's going down! Ps. 104:19

It is the Julian/Gregorian Calendar with its days named after the WANDERING STARS (planets) which JUDE CONDEMNS as 'DARKNESS' reserved for Judgement which 'float' around in relation to the TORAH 'LIGHT OF THE WORLD' CORNERSTONE selected as the fathers FAITHFUL WITNESS for HIS APPOINTED TIMES (Ps. 81:3, Ps. 89:37, Ps. 104:19, and Rev. 12:1).

The 'regular' Weekly Sabbath is a perpetual 7 day count and not tied to the Lunar (full moon) Sabbath Festivals which are 'High Sabbaths'.

This objection was not only addressed in the objection above, but also by the prima facia evidence presented by the creation of the Hillel II calendar with its 'postponements' which clearly NEVER EXISTED before the 10th century. Never the less we shall go a bit further in EXPOSING THIS WRONG CORNERSTONE PERSPECTIVE from which men have been DECEIVED to view reality.

In Numbers 28 and 29 we see there are DAILY SACRIFICES to be made according to the LUNAR CORNERSTONE CYCLE of TIME and BESIDES or IN ADDITION to those daily sacrifices, we are given very tedious sacrificial requirements for SPECIAL DAYS which are ALSO TIED to the LUNAR CORNERSTONE CYCLE. Never are we given any instruction in TORAH about what to do if a cycle of supposedly 'regular weekly sabbaths' (which are tied to the SOLAR CALENDAR WEEKS and FLOAT AROUND in relationship to GODS LUNAR CORNERSTONE), happens to fall on a LUNAR (full moon) SABBATH FESTIVAL or a NEW MOON. Because the Temple had been destroyed and sacrifices were no longer offered (so that the Sabbath and New Moons could be FORGOTTEN as GOD PROMISED) the Hillel II 'calendar' didn't address this PROBLEM between the ancient TEXTUAL CALENDAR no longer in practice, and their new floating Sabbath observances tied to the SOLAR WEEK, until centuries after it was first introduced in the 4th Century, with what's called 'Rules of Postponements'. It is this calendar which is the OFFICIAL 'MARRIAGE' between the TEXTUAL CALENDAR and the ROMAN WHORE of ENSLAVEMENT which is still practiced to this very day! The spiritual/philosophical Ahab and Jezebel, two pillars of the worlds kingdom currently RULING THE WORLD through DECEPTION and WARCRAFT!

You have lifted up the Tabernacle of your King and the Star of Saturn as your IMAGE of your God, which you did for yourselves. Therefore I will take you into bondage beyond Damascus (beyond Babylon)... Amos 5:26-27 & Acts 7:43

Behold your own offspring will REBUKE YOU and I WILL SLING DUNG ON YOUR FACES, even the DUNG of your FESTIVALS, and you will be SWEPT AWAY with one of them! Mal. 2:3

In other words, in the TEXT we have a REGULAR SACRIFICE done EVERY DAY which is done BESIDES or IN ADDITION to the SABBATH DAYS, the FEAST DAY SABBATHS, and the NEW MOONS. Never do we see an occasion, in all the VERY SPECIFIC AND TEDIOUS SACRIFICIAL REQUIREMENTS, where it tells us what to do WHEN a supposed 'regular sabbath' (which FLOATS AROUND in relationship to the LUNAR CORNERSTONE OF SACRIFICE) falls on a NEW MOON or FULL MOON SABBATH FEAST. This makes it CLEAR that such a 'regular sabbath' SEPARATE from the LUNAR CYCLE (so that the 'sabbath' could 'float' in regard to the Lunar CORNERSTONE so that it falls on New Moons or FULL MOON sabbaths) NEVER EXISTED prior to the DESTRUCTION of the TEMPLE and the CORNERSTONE DECEPTION given to us in CONSPIRACY by the FALSE PROPHET and the ANTI-CHRIST who FOISTED OUR CURRENT PARADIGM on us, AS GOD PROMISED IN ADVANCE WOULD HAPPEN!

It was PROMISED they would think to CHANGE (the appointed/moedim) TIMES AND LAW with the destruction of the temple (Dan. 7:25) and I have ESTABLISHED THE EVIDENCES to PROVE THEY DID IT as PROMISED...for THIS 'EVIDENCE' which would be 'REMEMBERED' in the END DAYS for our GREAT EXODUS from BEASTLY BONDAGE in a WORLD SYSTEM, Jesus died as a SANCTIFYING SACRIFICIAL 'PASSOVER LAMB'!

The 'weekly' Sabbath has been kept faithfully since the creation account of Genesis 1

1. That would make God a LIAR because he PROMISED it would be FORGOTTEN with the DESTRUCTION OF HIS TEMPLE (Lam. 2:6, Dan. 7:25)!


2. Sabbath was clearly FORGOTTEN ONCE ALREADY when Israel went into their first 'bondage' (promised in advance to Abraham along with its stated duration, even as our current bondage and its duration was promised in advance) to the BEASTLY WORSHIP which MARKS the REBELLIOUS who live in BLINDING DARKNESS as in Egypt. God RE-REVEALED his SACRIFICIAL CALENDAR by which he would RANSOM and SANCTIFY MANKIND (in a NEW COVENANT which would come after breaking the FIRST covenant on the THIRD MILLENIAL DAY) on the VERY SAME DAY Joseph was 'sold into death' in Egypt 430 years earlier, PASSOVER DAY (Ex. 12:1, Ex. 12:41), to then ENTER THE FIRST COVENANT as GODS 'BRIDE'! All of this as a SHADOW of the NEW COVENANT which was always the REAL, INTENDED END-TIME GOAL of TORAH LAW! This is how Moses speaks ALL ABOUT JESUS, the FATHERS TESTIMONY for HIS ANOINTED SON who, like JOSEPH would be REJECTED to TAKE THE WORLD INTO BLINDING SOLAR CORNERSTONE BONDAGE!

Noah observed a 30 day calendar and this throws off your math.

It's agreed that it appears clear that Noah was observing LUNAR MONTHS that were EACH 30 days long according to a calendar which existed BEFORE THE FLOOD. What this means is that the orbit of Earth in relation to the Sun and Moon has CHANGED ever so slightly over the past several thousand years, resulting in a 1/2 day LOSS of what was once a 30 day cylcle. But this does not cause a problem with the math FOR WEEKS at all. Our current system requires a 2 day New Moon only ever other month to line the WEEKS up to the corresponding Lunar Sabbath 'SIGN' in the sky. In Noah's day, EVERY MOONTH had a TWO DAY 'NEW MOON' and 28 week days. The monthly system we see David and Jonathan observing in 1 Sam. 20 would have been practiced EVERY MONTH rather than every other month as is done now. In the future we may expect further change so that EVERY MONTH is 29 days long (another .5 day loss every month) so that ONLY 1 DAY is celebrated EVERY MOONTH as 'New Moon' with 28 week days, so that all the SABBATH SIGNS correspond.

Don't Judge in regard to SABBATHS or FEAST DAYS

Let no man therefore judge you in meat, or in drink, or in respect of an holyday, or of the new moon, or of the sabbath days...Colossians 2:16

The above verse is often quoted (out of context) by those who want to MAINTAIN THEIR ANITI-SEMITE TRADITIONS whether or not they are right or wrong. There are TWO major problems with this argument.

1. The APOSTOLIC AUTHORITY is CLEAR that the DISCIPLES, and even THEIR GREEK DISCIPLES, followed the JEWISH LUNAR CALENDAR FESTIVALS and were MURDERED for it. This is why POLYCARP DIED AS A MARTYR as the FATHER of what came to be known as the QUARTODECIMEN debate which raged after his death for another 200 years until the ANTI-SEMITE emperor CONSTANTINE made the 'AUTHORITATIVE JUDGEMENT' at the First Counsel of Nicea to DIVORCE THE GENTILE 'CHURCH' from ANYTHING even REMOTELY 'JEWISH' to include the 'CORNERSTONE' of SABBATH and FESTIVAL OBSERVANCES which speak ALL ABOUT THE TRUTH OF GOD and HIS FAITHFUL SONS who they MURDER as a SACRIFICE for their ANTICHRIST LIES, in the name of the JEWISH MESSIAH whose AUTHORITY they SATANICALLY USURP!

QuartoDecimen means 14th in Latin. It's a reference to the evening of the FULL MOON, the LUNAR CALENDAR DAY which the PASSOVER LAMB, JESUS was SLAIN FOR SIN according to the LAW (Lev. 23:5-11) as testified in the Gospels and by PAUL. Paul ties the BODY of JESUS, who IS THE 'TRUTH' sent from the father, to this LUNAR CORNERSTONE of the Father when in 1 Corinthians 5:7-8, 11:23-27, 15:3-4 & vs. 20, he describes Jesus as the PASSOVER LAMB, UNLEAVENED BREAD, and FIRST FRUIT elements of that FEAST which he COMMANDS WE KEEP WITHOUT HYPOCRISY.

I am constantly 'judged' and CONDEMNED as a 'JUDAIZER' [as the SAINTS HAVE BEEN FOR THOUSANDS OF YEARS (Rev. 12:7, Rev. 14:12)] for MY SABBATHS and FEAST DAYS which are based on GODS COMMANDS and the APOSTOLIC AUTHORITY given in the NEW TESTAMENT by Yahshua and the Apostles and NOT the TRADITIONS OF MEN handed down from the ANTI-SEMITE ANTICHRIST CONSTANTINE which has attempted to REPLACE THAT AUTHORITY with a GENTILE FORGERY and STEAL THE COVENANT OF ISRAEL!

By the way, please note that ACCORDING TO THE LEVITICUS 23:5-11 LAW which PAUL IS REFERENCING in 1 Cor. 5:7-8, 11:23-27, 15:3-4 & vs. 20, Jesus was SLAIN as the PASSOVER LAMB on the 14th and laid in the tomb (day 1) where he rested all through the FOLLOWING SABBATH DAY (day 2), and very early, the NEXT DAY AFTER PASSOVER SABBATH (16th day of the month) and FIRST DAY of the WEEK, he was RAISED AS FIRSTFRUIT (day 3) according to the LAW! This is the VERY BODY of GODS WORD to be RIGHTLY DISCERNED so that one can JUDGE THEMSELVES and NOT BE JUDGED BY THE WORD, according to both Jesus AND Paul (Jn. 12:48, 1 Cor. 11:27-32)! That LAW of the MASTERS DEATH to ESTABLISH the CORNERSTONE OF GOD IN ZION as PROMISED, is just ANOTHER EXAMPLE of the LUNAR SABBATH CALENDAR SYSTEM which existed until the DESTRUCTION of Gods TEMPLE and the DECEPTION of the ANTICHRIST who would CHANGE THAT 'TIMES AND LAW' of God for his BLINDING SOLAR PLANETARY WEEK DECEPTION by which to DECEIVE THE WHOLE WORLD, which is the 'MARK OF THE BEAST' which was FORCED ON THE WHOLE WORLD by ROME as the DAUGHTER OF BABYLON as PROPHESIED!

So like the disciples, PAUL, JOHN and POLYCARP, I am judged and condemned by the RCC HARLOT of Rev. 17 (and her orthodox and protestant daughters, the blasphemous names on her head) who RIDES THE WORLDLY BLIND BEAST POWER, as all my JEWISH BROTHERS HAVE BEEN since the destruction of the GODS TEMPLE (Rev. 1:2, Rev. 1:9, Rev. 12:17 and Rev. 19:10). I am NOT a SLAVE OF THE ROMAN ANTI-SEMITE TARE 'JESUS' DECEPTION which has DECEIVED and ENSLAVED THE WORLD WITH ITS ASSOCIATED CORRUPTION, HUMAN TRAFFICKING AND MURDER in JESUS NAME! Though I was BORN in the house of CORRUPTION and ENSLAVEMENT ruled by SATAN and his MIND SLAVES, the MATHEMATICALLY ESTABLISHED TRUTH of the FAITHUL WITNESS IN THE SKY which the FATHER SELECTED to RULE PLANET EARTH has SET ME FREE in NEW BIRTH from ABOVE, praise GOD for his FIRSTBORN SON YAHSHUA and his FAITHFUL OBEDIENCE to the FATHERS PLAN which SHOWED ME THE LIGHT of SALVATION and the WAY to ETERNAL LIFE! As the Father sent him, so HE SENT ME (Jn. 20:21)!

2. The next verse usually left UNQUOTED tells us that these LAWS are a SHADOW OF THINGS TO COME to FULFILLMENT in the BODY OF MESSIAH (which is YOU WHO WILL JUDGE ALL THINGS as HIS TEMPLE BODY having HIS SPIRIT LIVING IN THEM as their TESTIMONY which has come to the AGE of MATURITY in order to SAVE THE PLANET according to the DESIGN PLAN!)!

Which are a shadow of the things that shall come, the body of Messiah (unified). Col. 2:17

In the following verses Paul tells us that the COURT SYSTEM of the SAINTS is concerned most with RIGHTEOUSNESS and TRUTH which is THE HOLY THINGS OF GOD, and DOES NOT COMPROMISE for WORLDLY, mundane passions! He is making reference to PSALM 82 (which Jesus also quoted in Jn. 10:34) and DAN. 7 when he asks: 'DON'T YOU KNOW THAT THE SAINTS WILL JUDGE THE WORLD? The LEADER of this body of the PASSOVER 'LAMB SLAIN FROM THE FOUNDATION OF THE WORLD' is called 'ONE WHO OVERCOMES' in Rev. 2:26-28, and to Him is given Jesus ROD OF IRON by which he shall rule over ALL NATIONS. He is also given the MORNING STAR GOSPEL as the SIGN of his IDENTITY!'

Dare any of you, having a matter against another, go to law before the unjust (IN THEIR CORRUPT COURTS), and not before the saints (in a HOLY COURT)? Don't you know that the saints shall judge the world? and if the world shall be judged by you, are you unworthy to judge the smallest of matters? Don't you know that we shall judge angels? 1 Cor. 6:1-3

Of course the religious HARLOT of Rev. 17, upon whom OUR HOLY JUDGEMENT FROM GOD will be POURED OUT, teaches AGAINST the COMMANDS of God, though she and her false prophets and teachers have HUGE MINISTRIES in Jesus' name. Historically they have MURDERED the SAINTS who 1. Keep the commands of God, and 2. Hold to the testimony of Jesus.

They are TARES who shall be DESTROYED as REBELS TO THE TRUTH WHO IS KING OF PEACE...she LOVES WAR and so WAR MUST COME UPON HER HOUSE to FREE THE WORLD from SELF DESTRUCTION in REBELLION as the antedeluvian world was (Rev. 2:14, 2:20, 14:8, 17:16-18, & Rev. Ch. 18)


Please note the beginning date in Ez. 1:1-2, on which Ezekiel has a vision, is the 5th day of the 4th month...and the end date on which he has another vision in Ez. 8:1 is the 5th day of the 6th month of the following year. That's EXACTLY 14 LUNAR MONTHS and 1 DAY.

Then we're given a SCHEDULE of EVENTS between these 2 days on which he had visions of 7 days sitting (ch. 3:15), and then laying on his sides for 430 days (left side 390 days and right side 40 days in ch. 4:5-6) for a GRAND TOTAL of a MINIMUM of 439 days [and no doubt requiring another 1 DAY for travel between the PLACES where these events occurred (even though he appears to have been 'flying' through the air in 3:14) and another 1 Day for cutting and burning his hair in ch. 5:1-4], which brings us to a GRAND TOTAL of 441 DAYS!

Even if we were to simplify things by multiplying 30 day lunar months (rather than the alternating 29/30 day lunar months, as is the actual case) multiplied by 14 months, the MAXIMUM TOTAL amount of days could only come to 420 + 1 = 421 days (the actual math being only 414 days)! This falls WAY SHORT of the absolute MINIMUM of 439 or the likely GRAND TOTAL of 441 days which would be REQUIRED for this account to be MATHEMATICALLY TRUE!

The SOLUTION to this apparent MATH PROBLEM is to CONCLUDE that this particular year was a 'LEAP YEAR' (shanah may'uberet) having an ADDITIONAL LUNAR MONTH ADDED in order for the AGRICULTURAL REQUIREMENTS of the LAW to be fulfilled, as is CLEARLY PRACTICED by this system about every 3rd year!

With an additional lunar month added, this particular time frame consisted of 443 or 444 days. Subtracting the 439-441 known days in our problem leaves a REMAINING 2 or 3 days! Now our math problem is MATHEMATICALLY TRUE or CONSISTENT with the FACTS! This is how we KNOW that this particular year was a LEAP YEAR (shanah may'uberet); having an additional LUNAR MONTH ADDED so that the SABBATH FEASTS and the HARVESTS were SYNCRONIZED as demanded by the LAW.