In an age of UNIVERSAL DECEPTION, telling the TRUTH becomes a REVOLUTIONARY ACT! But be ASSURED that the Sword of Truth which proceeds from the Mouth of God is MIGHTIER than the VIOLENCE of Satan's hands!




Why do you say "we are WISE because we have the instruction of YHWH" when SURELY the pen of the TRANSLATORS has DECEIVED you? Jer. 8:8

...they do not love the truth, therefore God will send on them a powerful delusion to believe a lie and so be damned because they refuse to love the truth. 2 Thes. 2:11-12

"It's easier to fool people than to convince them they've been fooled." Mark Twain

The very "CORNERSTONE" of God's WISE PLAN for CREATING MANKIND was to TROLL, EXPOSE, and BIND the Spirit of Deception and Rebellion (Belial/Satan) which the "Princes of this world" and the "Builders" of "Mystery Babylon" would serve as the "Cornerstone Genius" of their Spiritual Kingdom (depicted by the Statue of Nebuchadnezzar in Dan. 2:31-45), and so SAVE MANKIND through their OBEDIENCE of FAITH so that God's Spiritual Kingdom of RIGHTEOUSNESS and TRUTH will be established so that His Will is done on earth as in Heaven. We shall JUDGE our captors; Satan and his servants, as God designed before ever creating Spirit Beings in His Image which have Free Will to CHOOSE whom they shall serve (2 Thes. 2:4, Is. 29:14, Jn. 12:31, 16:11, 1 Cor. 1:19, 2:6-8, Ps. 2:4 & Rev. 18:1-4)!

We will begin our exposure of the "Man of Sin" and the "Mystery of Iniquity" which the "Religious Harlot" of "Mystery Babylon" serves as the "Cornerstone Genius " of her Spiritual Empire (in OPPOSITION to the "Cornerstone Truth", the "Mystery of Godliness" of Gods Spiritual Kingdom), by tracing the etymology of the word "Church" through History back to the ancient Latin word "Circe" (pronounced "Chirche") as the SOURCE which has controlled the RULING NARRATIVES of RELIGIO-POLITICAL DECEPTION opposed to the TRUTH for 2000 years; all the while hypocritically pretending to embody, defend, and propagate the truth.


Herein we shall expose the "SYNAGOGUE of Satan" as those of "THE GREAT FALLING AWAY" who worship the "Man of Sin" and his "Spirit of GENIUS" as the "CORNERSTONE" God of Time and "Sabbath Lord" of their Spiritual Kingdom called "Mystery Babylon" (2 Thes. 2:3) and to whom ALL MEN were required to pay homage as "Saviour", "God", and "Father of the Nation" on pain of death, and to be allowed to buy or sell in the Roman market system after the destruction of the Temple and subjugation of the Jews to serve the FRAUD LORD of the FRAUD SABBATH of the Spiritual Kingdom of "Mystery Babylon", as is done to this very day! THIS SORCERESS HARLOT WITCH is Satan's "BODY" of RELIGIOUS "TARES" who invoke the incantation of the "UNDERWORLD SPELL" of the "CHIRCHE" which has HISTORICALLY CONTROLLED the NARRATIVES of DECEPTION in the Spiritual World Kingdom of "Mystery Babylon" where we have been SPIRITUALLY ENSLAVED like BEASTS by these RELIGIOUS HARLOT TARES through their SORCERIES to SERVE the SPIRIT OF DECEPTION and the PSYCHOPATH LEADERS serving that spirit as the "CORNERSTONE" and "light of the world" in OPPOSITION to the CORNERSTONE SPIRIT of TRUTH, the TRUE Light of the World and CORNERSTONE of GODS SPIRITUAL KINGDOM!

Through the NARCISSISTIC CONTROL of the "NARRATIVES" of POWER in service to the SPIRIT of DECEPTION as "God" (and EMBODIED by PSYCHOPATH LEADERS who rise EASILY to power in the spiritual SYSTEM of "Mystery Babylon" to which the world is enslaved through IGNORANCE and DECEPTION), most people WRONGLY ASSUME that the English word 'Church' has its etymology derived from the Greek word "ekklesia" or its Latin equivalent "ecclesia" as seen TRANSLITERATED (not translated) in Bibles of other languages like "Iglesia" in Spanish, "Eglise" in French, "Igreja" in Portuguese, and "Esglesia" in Catalan. As we shall demonstrate with TEXTUAL EVIDENCE, this is simply NOT TRUE! The word "Church" has been used to REPLACE the MEANING of the Latin word "ecclesia", through transliteration and translational "PriestCraft Sorcery"; RELIGIOUS WITCHCRAFT!

We shall see that the Greek words "ekklesia" AND "synagogue" are used INTERCHANGEABLY in the GREEK SEPTUAGINT (Old Testament) as SYNONYMS LITERALLY HUNDREDS OF TIMES and NOT ONCE are they EVER TRANLITERATED or REPLACED in English Protestant translations by the words "Church" or "Synagogue"! But that IS EXACTLY what HAS BEEN DONE in the New Testament by both Protestant AND Catholic translators, AND it wasn't done CONSISTENTLY by either! In SOME PLACES they chose to translate the ACTUAL MEANINGS of the words and we shall discover WHY after we discover the MEANINGS of these words and how they are RIGHTLY TRANSLATED!

What will become CLEAR by the time we finish our examination of the text is that the MEANINGS of the GREEK WORDS found in the Septuagint (Greek Old Testament) for which the words "Church" and "Synagogue" are used to REPLACE the REAL MEANINGS in the English New Testament, was done to keep Gods Kingdom House, the House of Judah and the House of Israel (who don't even KNOW their IDENTITY or their RIGHTS as INHERITORS of the TRUE PROMISES of God) DIVIDED against one another in BONDAGE to the Spirit of Deception and rebellion, Satan! Like Ahab who married the Princess of Tyre Jezebel (the daughter of Babylon), the "Scholar from Judah" VIOLENTLY broke Gods Covenant and "MARRIED" the HARLOT of RELIGION (Rome) to serve "Kivan" (the "Black Sun, Saturn") as as the "Sabbath Lord" and "CORNERSTONE" of his Kingdom of DECEPTION called "Mystery Babylon". Worse than Ahab, he betrayed ALL ISRAEL into WORLD BONDAGE to "Mystery Babylon" as prophesied (Mal. 2:10-12, Is. 14:12).

As we shall IRREFUTABLY PROVE, as "Pontifex Maximus" or "High Priest-King", Julius Caesar created his FRAUD SABBATH CALENDAR RELIGION of "Mystery Babylon" to take mankind CAPTIVE as prophesied, and the CORNERSTONE "Day of Saturn" (Saturday) SABBATH he created was in honor of the "Black Sun of Saturn" a.k.a. Kronos/Kivan/Remphan (Amos 5:26-27, Acts 7:43) as the GOD OF TIME and WARFARE and was the HOLY CORNERSTONE DAY to which he ANCHORED the "Empire" he created and INAUGURATED ONE "HOLY 7 DAY WEEK" LATER as the 1st and HOLIEST Day of the New "Weekly" Calendar System for the Spiritual Kingdom he created; the "Dragon-Beast" empire of "Mystery Babylon" which rules the world to this very day. That "Cornerstone Day" for his Dragon-Beast empire of Mystery Babylon (deceptively called "Christ Mass" today) and the "holy week" anchoring it to the 1st Holy Day of the "New Year" for that Spiritual Kingdom, is STILL the "Cornerstone" ruling the NARRATIVES of DECEPTION opposed to God's times and laws which DEFINE the Holy Cornerstone of His Spiritual Kingdom which the "Jewish Builders" rejected in service to the Genius of Caesar as King, as it is to this very day!

You were carrying the Tabernacle of your King Saturn, and the (Star) Images of the Planet of your God which you made for yourselves, therefore I will carry you into captivity beyond Babylon! Amos 5:26-27 & Acts 7:43

The EXPOSURE of the TRUTH on these DECEPTIONS in this work, will bring an END to his kingdom and our BONDAGE so we can UNITE in the PASSOVER LAMB which God provided to ESTABLISH HIMSELF as the "CORNERSTONE TRUTH" and "SABBATH LORD" over His Spiritual Kingdom of TRUTH and RIGHTEOUSNESS with us serving Him as His Kings and Priests as He planned before ever creating anything! We will end our examination of history in context of rightly interpreted scripture by REVEALING that the previously unknown "Testimony of Jesus" revealed herein, IS EXACTLY THE SAME "Testimony" as the "Two Witnesses", which is being SUPPRESSED through the MURDER of the WITNESSES by the Religious Harlot and the Spirit of the Dragon she serves as her "cornerstone lord" to THIS VERY DAY, as John himself tells us would be the case UNTIL the SPIRIT of TRUTH, that is the SPIRIT of PROPHECY which IS JESUS, Overcomes through his OBEDIENT SAINTS made in His IMAGE and even suffering to see the CERTAIN TRIUMPH of our KING (Rev. 1:2, 1:9, 12:17, & 19:10)!

So let's get started

Men have been DECEIVED through TRANSLATIONS to NOT KNOW that the Greek word SYNAGOGUE is ALSO used to translate the SAME HEBREW WORDS for which "ekklesia" is ALSO used! In Hebrew the words "Adat" (or "Ad/Adah", Strongs # H-5707-15) and "Kahal" (Strongs # H-6950-51) are BOTH translated into English as "Assembly", "Congregation", and/or "Gathering" and are likewise used interchangeably in the Greek Septuagint translation through the use of the words "Synagogue" and "Ekklesia"...they are ALL basically used SYNONYMOUSLY and we shall look at some specific places where they FIRST APPEAR UNITED TOGETHER in the Hebrew Source text. But here are three places where they occur together in the Hebrew AND ARE LIKEWISE TRANSLATED into the Greek Septuagint using the words "synagogue" and "ekklesia" TOGETHER!: Lev. 8:3, Num. 20:8 & Prov. 5:14. In the case of this last verse (Prov. 5:14), even in the Latin Vulgate Jerome incorporates the words "ecclesia" and "synagogue" TOGETHER (both of which are "loan words" FROM Greek INTO Latin).

Unfortunately we don't have a Concordance like the Strong's to number the words of the Greek Septuagint (Old Testament) or the Latin Vulgate for English speaking students to readily see that, as we do for the Hebrew TaNaKh (Old Testament). But using "Interlinear Bibles" with the Greek/Latin and an English translation paralled or "side by side" with it, or perhaps some electronic resource that are becoming freely available, they could see the correct translation coupled with a minimal familiarity with the Greek alphabet to SEE the words "ekklesia" and "synagogue" are used together in those three places (and in the Latin Vulgate in Prov. 5:14).

Without going too far into the weeds of detail and the DEEP PROPHETIC IMPLICATIONS found there (beyond the scope of this page), based on the CONTEXT, the Hebrew words "Kahal" and "Adat" are both translated into English relatively interchangeably as "Assembly", "Congregation" and/or "Gathering" and into the Greek of the Septuagint (Old Testament) rather interchangeably as "ekklesia" and "synagogue", which are themselves also translated from Greek rather interchangeably into English likewise. All these words are used in the Bible texts as EITHER a verb OR a noun meaning: to "assemble" (verb) OR an "assembly" (noun), to "congregate" (verb) OR a "congregation" (noun), or to "gather" (verb) OR a "gathering" (noun) in English. As already mentioned, the Greek words "synagogue" and "ekklesia" used in the Greek Septuagint to TRANSLATE the Hebrew words "kahal" and "adat" interchangeably, are BOTH conjugated as verbs or nouns in the Greek Septuagint depending on context, and are themselves CORRECTLY TRANSLATED into English in BOTH the Greek Septuagint (Old Testament) and the New Testament as "Assemble/Assembly", "Congregate/Congregation", and "Gather/Gathering", and we shall be CITING MORE EXAMPLES from the Greek Septuagint TEXTS to ESTABLISH THAT FACT herein!

After we ESTABLISH the FACT that in BOTH the Hebrew and Greek Texts there is NO SEGREGATION between these two words and in fact they are frequently used TOGETHER and INTERCHANGEABLY, then we shall analyze the HISTORICAL IMPACT of using the words "CHURCH" and "SYNAGOGUE" to SUBTLY REPLACE the MEANING of the TEXT in the SELECT PLACES where they have been employed specifically in English translations of the "New Testament" to RACIALLY SEGREGATE these "assemblies", "congregations" or "gatherings", in order to get a sense for the SPIRIT motivating the translators in context of PROPHECY after the destruction of the Temple. We will begin with the Greek word Ekklesia, then the etymology of the word "Church" before ending with the New Testament transliteration of the Greek word "Synagogue" directly into the New Testament text ONLY IN CERTAIN PLACES while OMITTING OTHERS, for reasons that will become rather obvious by the time we finish our examination of the text...but first a Note on the Hebrew Source words "Adat" and "Kahal".

Special Note on the Hebrew Source

***Begin Note*** With exception of the section where we trace the etymology of the word "Church" from Latin, I am dealing mostly with the Greek Text translations into English in this page; specifically the Greek Septuagint (Old Testament translation of the Hebrew source) written before the 1st Century B.C.E., and the New Testament written after the first half of the 1st Century C.E.. But I want to STRESS how important the Hebrew Source is to us, from which we should NOT LOSE SIGHT as we get into the DETAILS of how words and particularly TRANSLATIONS have "evolved" to lead us AWAY from the UNITY of the INTENDED "CORNERSTONE TRUTH" of these words in their ORIGINAL HEBREW CONTEXT. Here we shall BRIEFLY address the IMPORTANCE of the uses of the Hebrew words "Kahal" and "Adat" mentioned above (and for which the Greek translators used the words "Ekklesia" and "Synagogue" interchageably), and trace their evolution of occurances in the Hebrew Text, then recall this IMPORTANCE as we close out this page regarding the DECEPTION of "Mystery Babylon" for which God gave us the CORNERSTONE TRUTH in the first place, to "CALL HIS PEOPLE OUT FROM BONDAGE" from serving the Spirit of DECEPTION of "Mystery Babylon" for which Egypt was to be an EXAMPLE to lead us to UNDERSTAND, as the INTENDED GOAL of His Word of TRUTH (Rev. 18:4).

The VERY FIRST OCCURRENCE of the word "Kahal" in the Hebrew text is used in context of Isaac blessing Jacob (who God would later rename "Israel") to become a "Congregation" (Kahal) of many "Peoples" (amim) in Gen. 28:3 (note that in the Septuagint they use the Greek word "Synagogue" to translate both "Adat" and "Kahal" as Congregation/Synagogue" in each of these particular instances).

(Isaac said to his son Jacob) "El Shaddai will bless you to be fruitful (Parat) to become a KAHAL (congregation/synagogue) of peoples (amim)." Gen. 28:3

The next time it's used is when God reiterates Isaac's promise to Jacob after God renames Jacob "Israel" (which means "Gods Ruler") and promises He will make "Israel" a Great "Nation" (Goy) and a Congregation (Kahal) of "Nations" (Goyim) in Gen. 35:11 (just before he loses his beloved wife Rachel just outside Bethlehem, a plot of ground where he buried his wife and named "Ephratah"; "I will make her fruitful").

God said (to Israel) "I am God Almighty. Be fruitful (Parat) and become a great nation (Goy). A Kahal (congregation/synagogue) of Nations (Goyim) shall come from you and Kings will proceed forth from you. Gen. 35:11

The word occurs next when this "FIRSTBORN PROMISE" of God given to him, he then reiterates and passes on this "RIGHT OF THE FIRSTBORN" promise of God to Joseph and Ephraim as his own "right hand son" in Gen. 48:4.

Jacob said (to Joseph): God appeared to me and blessed me saying "From your fruitfulness (Parat) I will make you into a huge multitude. I will make you a Kahal (congregation/synagogue) of peoples and will give this land to your seed after you forever"... and Jacob said (to Joseph) now your two sons Ephraim (I will be fruitful) and Manasseh are my own sons...(your mother) Rachel died in Canaan on the way to "I will make her fruitful" (Ephratah) at Bethlehem....and Jacob crossed his hands and put his right hand (of "Firstborn" blessing of God) on the head of "Ephraim" ("I will be fruitful")...and he blessed the lads (with the Right of Firstborn and the NAME he received from God as His Firstborn Son and Ruler, "Israel" whom God will call OUT from bondage to ESTABLISH HIS KINGDOM.) Gen. 48:4-16

The next time the word Kahal is used is with the Hebrew word "Adat". So before we take a look at the next place the word "kahal" occurs, let's take a look at the FIRST OCCURRENCE of the Hebrew word "Adat", which is VERY IMPORTANT to NOTE that it's etymologically related to the ROOT WORDS (H-5707-15) which translated into English as "WITNESS", "TESTIMONY" and also as a relative to "Time" . This will become very important to recall later in context of the "Two Witnesses" (Kahal & Adat) section at the end.

The VERY FIRST OCCURRENCE of the word "Adat" in the Hebrew text is in context of the "Passover Lamb" in Exodus 12:3 (which God was promising from the foundation of the world and the origin of the concept of "vicarious sacrifice").

This shall be the First (Lunar) Month for you (from now on)...Speak to the whole Adat (congregation/synagogue) of the children of Israel and tell them to select a Lamb on the 10th day of this (lunar) month... Ex. 12:2-3

The following verse is the VERY NEXT place where the word "Kahal" occurs AND it occurs TOGETHER WITH the VERY NEXT place the word Adat" ALSO occurs! BOTH of these Hebrew words (Adat & Kahal) occur together for the FIRST TIME by COMMAND of God to OBSERVE the "CORNERSTONE" of Gods "Passover Sabbath" PROMISE...a promise regarding our EXODUS from BONDAGE to become a GREAT CONGREGATION (synagogue) of NATIONS serving Him as His Kings and Priests for His Spiritual Kingdom to RULE EARTH; a promise He has been unveiling since the foundation of the world and which is NOW AT THE DOOR!

...and keep him until the 14th day of this (lunar) month when the whole Adat-Kahal (Assembly of Congregation = "Witnesses for the TESTIMONY") is to slay him at evening. Ex. 12:6

Then the VERY NEXT place these TWO WORDS occur together is as follows:

And Moses Kahal (gathered) the whole Adat (Assembly/Synagogue) together and said: "these are all the words of YHWH which He has commanded you to do: six days you shall work but the seventh day is the Holy Rest of Sabbath, anyone who works on it shall die." Ex. 35:1-2

This "Sabbath Rest" given to us by our "Lord of Sabbath" is ANCHORED to the LUNAR MONTHS which He CODIFIED in Ex. 12 and COMMANDED to be observed in association with the FULL MOON SABBATH of PASSOVER as the very FIRST SABBATH of our DELIVERANCE as the "CORNERSTONE" and "SIGN" of His Spiritual Kingdom for US TO OBSERVE as His Kings and Priests as HIS TESTIMONY as the Cornerstone of His Own Spiritual Kingdom so that we would KNOW and TESTIFY that it is HE, the Spirit of Truth, who "Sanctifies us" by His "Word of Truth" (Ex. 31:13 & Jn. 17:17, Jn. 4:24)! This EVENT and the observance of THIS PASSOVER "SABBATH" in particular, is the CORNERSTONE "Sign" for the SPIRIT of TRUTH as the "Cornerstone" of His Own Spiritual Kingdom for which Egypt was a mere PATTERN to be used to help us understand the CORNERSTONE TRUTH who shall LEAD US OUT FROM BONDAGE to "Mystery Babylon" depicted by the Statue of Nebuchdnezzar (Dan. 2:31-45) and into the PROMISE of the New Covenant Kingdom established on earth through OUR OBEDIENCE to His Passover/Exodus Plan! As we shall see, He calls us OUT from world bondage to the Spiritual Kingdom of "Mystery Babylon" we would be enslaved by, UNITED by the PASSOVER LAMB which He promised from the foundation of the world and revealed to the prophets to show us, beginning with Moses (Deut. 30:3, Is. 11:10-12, Jer. 16:14-15, Ez. 20:34-37, Amos. 5:26-27, Acts 7:43, Hos. 5:14-6:2). This is HOW the "Stone from heaven" DESTROYS SATAN'S KINGDOM ON EARTH through His People who shall ESTABLISH HIS KINGDOM AS SUPREME FOREVER when we COME OUT from our BONDAGE in the GREAT EXODUS as God designed and has revealed from the FOUNDATION of the World!

This EVENT would become the CORNERSTONE of His Spiritual Kingdom only AFTER these events took place, for which Egypt was a mere PATTERN to be used to help us understand. As we shall see, He calls us OUT from world bondage to the Spiritual Kingdom of "Mystery Babylon" which He promised over and over we would be taken into, and from which He SHALL bring us OUT, beginning with Moses (Deut. 30:3, Is. 11:10-12, Jer. 16:14-15, Ez. 20:34-37, Amos. 5:26-27, Acts 7:43, Hos. 5:14-6:2) It was all part of His plan before ever creating ANYTHING (knowing in advance a Spirit of Rebellion would take mankind captive to serve other "gods" which are NOT GODS in REBELLION to the TRUTH), in order to IDENTIFY HIS SPIRIT of TRUTH in order to EXPOSE the IMPOSTER SPIRIT of Deception and REBELLION and those serving him, set mankind FREE, and establish HIS KINGDOM on earth to SAVE the world from THE REBELLION and RULE IT in PEACE through His Kings and Priests. He ESTABLISHED the CORNERSTONE TRUTH of His Passover Sabbath to EXPOSE the FRAUD SABBATH cornerstone of our BONDAGE in order to UNITE US TOGETHER in observance of the "Passover Sabbath Lamb" He provided as the CORNERSTONE TRUTH of His Spiritual Kingdom He promised to provide to DELIVER US, as He had been showing us from the foundation of the world by which we are to establish His Kingdom on earth through our OBEDIENCE of FAITH for His Glory as His Kings and Priests called out of BONDAGE! ***End Note***

Ekklesia = a called out together "Assembly", "Congregation", or "Gathering"

The Greek root word Ekklesia is used in BOTH the Greek Septuagint (Old Testament) AND Greek New Testament scriptures NEARLY EQUALLY in number, over 100 times each. In translations from the Greek Septuagint (Old Testament) to English it's always translated as indicated in the title of this subsection above as "Assembly", "Congregation", or "Gathering". But in the New Testament translations to English like the K.J.V. as an example, it is ALMOST EXCLUSIVELY ALWAYS REPLACED by the word "Church" from its VERY FIRST OCCURRENCE in Mat. 16:18 (which will give us a clue later)! We do not have a source like the Strong's Concordance to help one who has no access to the Greek Septuagint to see that the SAME Greek WORD "ekklesia" (G-1577 in Strong's) found in the New Testament and rendered as "Church", is NEVER rendered as "Church" in English translations of the Greek Septuagint (Old Testament)! One must ask themselves WHY have the translators (under authority of Rome) done this?

In the Greek Septuagint both "ekklesia" and "synagogue" are used interchangeably to translate the Hebrew source words "Adat" (or "Ad/Adah", Strongs # H-5707-15) and "Kahal" (Strongs # H-6950-51) which are CORRECTLY translated into English variously as "assembly", "congregation", and "gathering". But the translators clearly had a DIFFERENT RULE for the SAME GREEK WORDS used in the New Testament! In fact their TENDENCY is not to translate them at all. The word "ekklesia" they REPLACED ALTOGETHER with the word "Church" which seems to just MAGICALLY APPEAR out of NOWHERE to suddenly be found in translations of the "Word of Truth" and people merely ASSUME they know what it means as they INVOKE THIS INCANTATION on themselves to be BOUND by a SPELL. We will go over the TRUE ORIGIN and MEANING of this word to CALL those who LOVE TRUTH out from their BONDAGE to Sorcery, momentarily. We shall also see a bit later that the MEANING of the Greek word "synagogue" they DID NOT TRANSLATE but rather they TRANSLITERATED directly into New Testament English from the Greek (that is they merely swapped the Greek letters with English letters to keep the Greek word the same in English i.e. "synagogue" BEREFT of its TRUE MEANING). So really the reader is left to ASSUME that they know the meaning of the words "Church" and "Synagogue" when in fact THEY DON'T know or understand GODS PLAN to allow the translators to deceive. Israel is taken into WORLD BONDAGE to a Spiritual Kingdom called "Mystery Babylon" and the "times and laws of the gentiles" represented by the Statue of Nebuchadnezzar (Dan. 2:31-45), then the CORNERSTONE TRUTH of His Word UNITES HIS PEOPLE as the "Stone from Heaven" and His Judgement gets poured out on the Harlot of Mystery Babylon and the princes of this world fornicating with her as God establishes His Spiritual Kingdom on earth through His Kings and Priests (Dan. 12:1-2, Rev. 20:1-4).

Why do you say "we are WISE because we have the instruction of YHWH" when SURELY the pen of the TRANSLATORS has DECEIVED you? Jer. 8:8

...they do not love the truth, therefore God will send on them a powerful delusion to believe a lie and so be damned because they refuse to love the truth. 2 Thes. 2:11-12

Come out from her (Mystery Babylon) my people so you no longer partake of her sin and will not suffer in her punishment. Rev. 18:4

Having access to so many electronic language tools today, we are "tipped off" to a problem by the fact that the translators were NOT CONSISTENT in their translations of the words, particularly in the New Testament. In fact they seemed to have a CLEAR AGENDA to put the TRUTH OUT from their DIVIDED HOUSE or "Church/Synagogues"! They translated, replaced, or transliterated IN SELECT PLACES in the New Testament ALONE so that anyone who BECOMES AWARE of this situation is forced to ask WHY, as a critical thinker...why do they treat these words so INCONSISTENTLY DIFFERENT, and ONLY in the New Testament? In Acts 7:38 for example we see the KJV translators even used the word "CHURCH" to replace the word 'ekklesia' in this New Testament passage which is CLEARLY a reference to what the Greek Septuagint translates as EITHER "ekklesia" OR "synagogue" literally HUNDREDS of times (eg. "ekklesia" is used in Lev. 8:3, Num. 20:8, Deut. 4:10, 9:10, 18:16, 31:12, 31:30, 31:28, Jgs. 20:2, 21:5, 21:8, 1 Sam. 17:47, & Mic. 2:5, for just a few examples where the word "ekklesia" is used).

Working from both the Greek and Hebrew ("Old Testament") texts, Jerome translated the Hebrew words Kahal and Adat in a myriad of ways and quite variously. Translating from the Hebrew text he uses the Latin word "ecclesia" ONLY to translate the Hebrew word "Kahal"!

***Begin note*** Jerome NEVER used the word "ecclesia" to translate the word "adat", not even ONCE! But he DOES use the word "synagog" to translate it 11 times [Ex. 34:31, Num. 4:34, 16:2, 27:20, 31:13, Ps. 7:8, 82:1 (81:1), 86:14 (85:14), 106:18 (105:18), and Prov. 5:14]!

A bit more often he renders it as "congregati" (congregation) but most often he tends to render "adat" more closely aligned with its ROOT MEANING of "testimony" or "witness", paricularly when used in relationship to the Tent or Tabernacle of "Witness" or "Testimony" [H-5707 being the SAME EXPRESSED "ROOT" for all its conjugations (5712, 13, & 15), and apart from context is differentiated only by gender or number (ie. masculine/feminine - singular/plural)]. The information in this "note" will become VERY IMPORTANT to recall later, along with the already noted FIRST OCCURRANCES of the word "adat" in the Hebrew text related to the Passover Sabbath Lamb as the TESTIMONY of the Two Houses of Israel UNITED in OBEDIENCE, which was a foretaste of things yet to come and now at the door]. ***End Note***

Jerome only uses the word "ecclesia" 28 times out of the more than 100 times that the Hebrew word "kahal" occurs, and for which the Greek translators used EITHER "ekklesia" OR "synagogue" in translation, as they did with the word "adat". Jerome used the Latin word "ecclesia" 28 times whereas the Greek translators used the word "ekklesia" over 100 times to translate EITHER the word "Kahal" OR the word "adat". What we can CONCLUDE from these statistics is that Jerome DOES use the Latin word "synagog" on occasion to translate the word "adat" EXCLUSIVELY and the word "ecclesia" on occasion to translate the Hebrew word "kahal" EXCLUSIVELY wheras the Greek Septuagint translators treated them fairly SYNONOMOUSLY.

So Jerome is CLEARLY inserting a late 4th Century ANTISMITE POLITICAL AGENDA of the "Chirche" into his "Vulgate" translation! He used the word ekklesia LESS than 25% of the time to translate Kahal from Hebrew for which the Greek translators used the word "ekklesia" over 100 times to translate EITHER the words Kahal OR Adat! In summary his translation called the Latin Vulgate, which was held up as "the authoritative text" for over a millenium (1000 years), is VERY INCONSISTENT and rather poorly done regarding the Hebrew text, and sub par in comparison to the far more consistent translation of the Greek Septuagint, but considering it's the work of one man it's fairly remarkable. Nevertheless he CLEARLY had an ANTISEMITE POLITICAL AGENDA which he was eisegeting INTO the text which would not only SEPARATE the "kahal" of Israel as the Latin "ecclesia", but the "ADAT" of Israel as the Latin "synagog". Then the "Kahal-Adat" (Congregation of TESTIMONY) would be divided again though SEPARATING the TWO WITNESSES of the TaNaK/Septuagint (Old Testament) FROM UNITY with the "New Testament" such that the TWO may NEVER be ONE! This was and OVERTLY RELIGIO-POLITICAL SEGREGATION done to RACIALLY DIVIDE and CONQUER "Israel" by the ANTI-SEMITE DRAGON and his Religious Harlot "Chirche" who would CONTROL the NARRATIVES through her translations and historical revisionism for WELL OVER 1000 YEARS afterwords!

You see Jerome translated the New Testament Greek word "ekklesia" 91 of the 104 times it occurs in the Greek text, beginning with its first occurance in Mat. 16:18, and NEVER where the word "synagogue" occurs, as he did for the "Old Testament" text. So he translates the Greek "ekklesia" with the Latin word "ecclesia" about 88% of the time in the New Testament compared to less than 25% of the time for the "Old Testament"! Nevertheless despite these interesting and ENLIGHTENING statistics, we're still faced with the question of WHY the English translators, particularly the Protestant translators, chose to replace the meaning of the Greek word "ekklesia" with the word "church" only in the New Testament English? Where did this word "church" come from, how did it find its way into the text, and WHAT does it REALLY mean? Why did they not just translate the MEANING of the Greek word "ekklesia" or the Latin "ecclesia" into English as "assembly", "congregation" or "gathering" as it's properly translated EVERYWHERE ELSE in the "Old Testament" English over 100 times? In other words this SAME LATIN WORD used only 28 times to translate the Hebrew word "Kahal" in the "Old Testament" where the Greek uses EITHER "synagogue" OR "ekklesia" over 100 times, and is translated in English as "assembly", "congregation", or "gathering", but it's REPLACED ALTOGETHER in the English translations of the NEW TESTAMENT by the word 'CHURCH' (beginning with Mat. 16:18) which has NO HEBREW or GREEK ROOT WORD IN THE BIBLE to JUSTIFY IT even being put into translation! To be CLEAR, the word "church" is an EXTRA BIBLICAL WORD used simply as a REPLACEMENT for the MEANINGS of the actual words used in the BIBLICAL SOURCES to subtly REPLACE those MEANINGS with a RELIGIOUS INCANTATION of DIVISION and HATRED! The word "ekklesia" is used more than 100 times in the Greek Septuagint and NOT ONCE was it EVER replaced by Protestant translators in the English "Old Testament" with the word "Church"! The Hebrew words "kahal" and "adat" are SYNONOMOUSLY TRANSLATED into Greek as EITHER "ekklesia" OR "synagogue" in the Septuagint, and SYNONOMOUSLY into English as "Assembly, "Congregation", or "Gathering" EVERY SINGLE TIME, as they SHOULD have done CONSISTENTLY in the New Testament! But there is CLEARLY a POLITICALLY MOTIVATED RACIAL AGENDA being OVERTLY INSTERTED into the TEXT by the LYING PEN of the TRANSLATORS as God warned us!

Why do you say "we are WISE because we have the instruction of YHWH" when SURELY the pen of the TRANSLATORS has DECEIVED you? Jer. 8:8

As evidenced by the relative uniformity in English translations made directly from the Greek Septuagint as "Assembly", "Congregation", or "Gathering" more than 100 times, it would APPEAR the 'rule' for translating this Greek word ANYWHERE it occurs in the New Testament source texts (beginning with Mat. 16:18) even by "protestant" translators, was to replace it with the LATIN word "CHURCH", EVEN WHEN IT WAS A CLEAR ALLUSION TO THE "ASSEMBLY", "Gathering" or "CONGREGATION of the LORD" in the TaNaKh "("Old Testament") which uses the words "kahal" OR "adat" in Hebrew, and "ekklesia" OR "synagogue" in Greek!

This is he who was in the CHURCH in the wilderness, with the messenger (angel) who spoke to him on Mount Sinai, and with our fathers who received the words of life to give to us. Acts 7:38

This DISCREPANCY between the TWO DISTINCT TRANSLATIONS of this ONE GREEK WORD (being SEPARATED from its Greek counterpart "synagogue") should get one to THINK a bit more deeply about the potential SPIRITUAL DECEPTION behind these HISTORICALLY ANTI-SEMITE TRANSLATIONAL TRADITIONS which have BUILT and MAINTAIN to this very DAY a WALL OF DIVISION between TWO HOUSES of "Israel"; the House of Judah (Jews) and the House of Joseph/Ephraim (who have the BIRTHRIGHT of "Israel" yet don't even know their IDENTITY, inheritance RIGHTS, or the TRUE "Kingdom Gospel" of God because they are in SPIRITUAL BONDAGE to antisemite TARE gentiles calling themselves "chirche" and attempting to STEAL THESE RIGHTS AND BLESSINGS through DIVISION, DECEPTION, and MURDER!). As we shall see, the RELIGIOUS HARLOT "CHIRCHE" (who we shall see IS the "Synagogue of Satan") have DIVIDED ISRAEL and in her ATTEMPT to STEAL their BIRTHRIGHT, BLESSINGS, AND COVENANT such that those of Joseph/Ephraim who have the NAME "Israel" (God's Ruler) and the RIGHTS of INHERITANCE as the FIRSTBORN SON of God, do not even RECOGNIZE THEIR OWN IDENTITY, the TRUE KINGDOM GOSPEL PLAN, or their INHERITANCE RIGHTS as the "seed of promise" which the CHURCH HARLOT "seed of the SERPENT" is trying to SWINDLE THEM OUT OF through DECEPTION and VIOLENT CONTROL of the "NARRATIVE"! They are IN BONDAGE to the "Great Apostacy" of a SPIRITUAL KINGDOM called "Mystery Babylon" through a POWERFUL DECEPTION, as God promised in advance would take place (2 Thes. 2:3-12)! Their own "chirche" leaders are themselves SO DECEIVED (and arrogant to not even consider it possible and therefore even refuse to evaluate the evidence of TRUTH in the INDICTMENT AGAINST THEM) that they believe the "Wicked One" who would come to deceive the whole world, HAS NOT YET COME but is coming in the FUTURE to deceive EVERYONE ELSE EXCEPT THEM! But we are RIGHT NOW REVEALING or EXPOSING this deception and JUDGEMENT will soon come on THEM if they REFUSE TO LOVE THE TRUTH (2 Thes. 2:12)!

It's interesting to note that in the Greek of Acts 7:38 the word used is "ekklesia" and Jerome did not deviate here, he used the Latin word "ecclesia" in his translation. So the anomlies of the translators of the NJB and RSV, two official English translations of the Catholic "Chirche", stand out in STARK CONTRAST to most other English translations. The NJB uses the word "Assembly" and the RSV uses the word "Congregation" in Acts 7:38 (as its MEANING should have CORRECTLY been translated EVERYWHERE in the New Testament) yet in other places of the New Testament they use the word "church"! Why are they SO INCONSISTENT unless they are trying to EISEGETE (TRANSLATE their AGENDA/DECEPTION into the TEXT) such that English speakers INCORRECTLY EXEGETE (translate OUT FROM the text) this OVERT DECEPTION which they UNQUESTIONINGLY ADOPT into their BELIEF SYSTEM?

Clearly the Protestant Translators understood the power of the "chirche" INCANTATION by which the English speaking "masses" had already been SPELLBOUND, and so they were just giving future generations a "RED FLAG" to take notice of when they would be READY to "come out from her". As I cover in this link they gave us another "red flag" when they CHOSE to use the LATIN VULGATE WORD "Lucifer" in Isaiah. 14:12, but DID NOT use it ANYWHERE ELSE that SAME WORD occurs elsewhere in the Latin Vulgate like 2 Pet. 1:19 for example!

Before we get into EXAMPLES of how the Greek word "synagogue" is used hundreds of times THROUGHOUT the Septuagint (Old Testament) where it is NOT ONE TIME EVER transliterated as "synagogue" into English, but in the "New Testament in SELECT PLACES as "synagogue" and OTHER SELECT PLACES it's translated according to its MEANING as it is in the Septuagint/TaNaKh (Old Testament) similarly to how they did the word "ekklesia" in the New Testament, let's try to understand the ORIGIN and TRUE MEANING of the word "church".

We shall now begin to pull back the curtain to see the "DAUGHTER" and "HARLOT WITCH" of "MYSTERY BABYLON" (who RIDES THE "DRAGON BEAST" of Rome's "ecclesiatic authority", which IS "Mystery Babylon") a.k.a. "TARES" and the "seed of the serpent" who have controlled the BIBLICAL NARRATIVE through false translation (Satanic Propaganda) DECEPTION, TYRANNICAL VIOLENCE, TERRORISM and WARFARE ever since the CORNERSTONE TRUTH was rejected 2000 years ago by the "princes" and "builders" FROM WHOM GOD IS NOW CALLING YOU OUT OF BONDAGE AS PLANNED IN THE TRUE GOSPEL PLAN, because SHE OPENLY SERVES the "CORNERSTONE SPIRIT of SATAN" as her "Sabbath Lord" and "God" over her SPIRITUAL "UNDERWORLD" EMPIRE of "Mystery Babylon"; they serve the Spirit of Satan and his Psychopath Emperors as his "GODFATHER" IMAGE in flesh!

Kirke = Circe = Chirche = Church

Contrary to popular deception, the word "Church" is NOT etymologically derived from the Greek word "ekklesia" or its Latin equivalent "ecclesia" for which it is used to REPLACE in English translations of the New Testament ONLY...and NEVER where the same Greek word ekklesia occurs in the Septuagint (Old Testament). It's a LOAN WORD which has NO ORIGIN or connection to the God of the Bible or His Word of Truth AT ALL! As we shall demonstrate, it's derived from the LATIN WORD "CIRCE" (pronounced "chirche") which itself comes from the Greek word KIRKE (pronounced as spelled) from Homer's Oddysey (800 B.C.E.) and from which the WORD and CONCEPT of a "CIRCUS" would be galvanized and associated with "POLITICS", "Chirche-Circus Politics" first known as "Panem et Circenses" (Bread and Circuses). We shall see this etymology has IMPORTANT significance for those who have been DECEIVED for HUNDREDS (even THOUSANDS) of YEARS by the SORCERIES of the "LYING PEN of the SCRIBES" in service to a DIFFERENT "CORNERSTONE" as their LORD and "wisdom" as we were warned in Jer. 8:8 and 2 Thes. 2:11 and the KJV protestant translators were becoming cognizant of and were trying to warn us...a Bloody History which has been ALL BUT FORGOTTEN today as the protestant DAUGHTERS are being DECEIVED to hold hands with the HARLOT MOTHER CHIRCHE, even as they did in Nazi Germany when they brought Hitler to power TOGETHER and betrayed ALL from their own flocks who refused!

Why do you say "we are WISE because we have the instruction of YHWH" when SURELY the pen of the TRANSLATORS has DECEIVED you? Jer. 8:8

...they do not love the truth, therefore God will send on them a powerful delusion to believe a lie and so be damned because they refuse to love the truth. 2 Thes. 2:11-12

The word "church" is a later English cognate from the earlier Anglo Saxon word "circe", which like other latin based words (like "Ciao" in Italian which is pronounced exactly the same way as the same Portuguese word spelled "Chau") had the "ch" SOUND before it was recognized in a variant spelling as the word was incorporated into English from the Latin over the course of WRITTEN HISTORY, which we shall look at in detail. In other words, at one point before it was recognized in a variant spelling, the word "circe" was PRONOUNCED as "chirche", then it took on the SPELLING of "Chirche", and finally as "Church". Therefore through these known transitions of words from one language to be incorporated into another, we see the word "Church" can be easily recognized as a clear cognate of the Latin word "Circe" into Anglo Saxon, then into Middle English and finally as we have it today in modern English (and we will trace that in the historical record shortly with links to the text so you can SEE IT with your own eyes!). The Latin word INDISPUTABLY originates from the Greek word Kirke translated into ancient LATIN as "CIRCE" and which NEVER OCCURS IN THE BIBLE because it was a PROPER NOUN, a NAME (and for this reason Tyndale refused to use the word in his translation of the New Testament at the cost of his own blood spilled for us to know)! The Greek name KIRKE (Circe in Latin, Cirque in French, Kirche in German, Circe in Old English and Church in modern English) was originally the NAME of a SIREN or SEA WITCH, the daughter of the incarnate SUN GOD, in HOMERS ODYSSEY (8th Century B.C.E.). This RELIGIOUS HARLOT WITCH in the midst of the SEAS ("seas" in the Bible is a spiritual reference to "MASSES of PEOPLE") enchanted sailors with her songs which she broadcast over the seas (masses of people) to lure the mariners to her island where she then turned them into BEASTS, particularly PIGS which are very intelligent beasts, who then SERVED HER WILLINGLY and REFUSED TO LEAVE HER SERVICE as HER WILLING SLAVES...a BEASTLY KINGDOM of DECEPTION and SORCERY (Rev. 18:4-19)! They then ASSIST HER in luring in MORE mariners to then BEWITCH THEM into HER SERVICE alongside themselves.

She was said to be the Daughter of the incarnate SUN GOD and also came to be called the 'QUEEN OF HEAVEN'. This Greek NAME was religiously SYNCRETIZED or "morphed" (a.k.a. spiritual fornication) to be associated with the CONCEPT of a 'CIRCUS', like where ANIMALS would put on SHOWS to MESMERIZE through ENTERTAINMENT to DECEIVE through the CONTROL of the SHOW/NARRATIVE. In the Ancient Roman myths she was said to live on "Monte Circaeum" on the Southwest coast of Italy. We can easily see the etymology of the words "Circumference", "Circle", and "Circus" from her name "Circe" to this day in Latin derived languages like "Circo" (Circus) & "Circa" (Circle) in Spanish, and "Cirque de Solei" ("Circus of the Sun") in French, as examples.

During Imperial Rome the Emperors had their Summer Palaces located at "Monte Circaeum" and there were many "Circus" areas in Rome after her namesake, the main one being the "Circo" (Chircho-Circus) of Nero where he killed Peter and Paul and upon which "Cornerstone Spirit" the "Palace Chircho" of the spiritual kingdom of "Mystery Babylon" was built. She was the Goddess of enchantments, witchcraft and drug sorcery. The great PLAZA in the middle of Vatican City where potentially MILLIONS of believers in the JEWISH GOD of ISRAEL (like Peter and Paul) were OPENLY MURDERED for CENTURIES after the destruction of the Temple (and which was the seat of "Authority" which murdered millions more of the "Body of our Lord" in the INQUISITIONS for hundreds of years after that), was called the "Circens" (CIRCUS) of Rome as it is to this very day in HONOR OF CIRCE, the HARLOT DAUGHTER of the SUN GOD, the "DAUGHTER of BABYLON" and 'QUEEN OF HEAVEN', the "HARLOT CHURCH" of "MYSTERY BABYLON"! As we shall see, there's no need to IMAGINE HOW this JEZEBEL SPIRIT might want all her FALSE PROPHETS to perceive the Spirit of Elijah as their ENEMY, denounce them as heretics and "Antichrist" enemies in order to JUSTIFY persecuting and murdering them in their "gatherings" (synagogues), WE HAVE THE HISTORICAL RECORD which they SUPPRESS through their CONTROL of the NARRATIVES to this very day! Keep that in mind as we take a look at how this ANCIENT WITCHCRAFT with ALL of its various SECTS and DENOMINATIONS, works RIGHT IN FRONT OF EVERYONE TODAY, even as it did during the reign of Jezebel and Ahab when ancient "Baal" and "Asherah" worship, with their 2 main sects and 850 denominations between them, was the OFFICIALLY SANCTIONED kingdom religion (1 Kings 18:19). Also please note that in Hebrew the MEANING of "Baal" is "Possessor" or "Lord" (from which the Old English Feudal "Lords" were derived, and from which we still have the concept and term of a "Land Lord" today). Asherah was a Sex Goddess, often a CONSORT of Baal, and "Poles" were associated with the worship of Asherah (incorrectly rendered "Groves" in the KJV) which also served as a sort of sundial. Essentially the "poles" associated with Baal/Asherah worship were the Canaanite counterparts of the Sex Cult of ancient Egypt created by Seth when he murdered his brother Osiris for whom Isis created a "Holy Wood Phallus", which became the "Cornerstone" of the religion in the form of huge stone "Obelisks" which functioned also as a "clock" a.k.a. "sundials".

This ancient religion adopted by Julius Caesar as the "Sun God" and "Father" of the Empire he built, was re-introduced to the "new world" through Ham and his children after the flood, and for which he and his children were cursed. It was syncretized from ancient Babyl to Persia, then to Egypt before adopted by Rome through Julius Caesar. A reference to the Eastern or "Morning Star" of the Messiah DESTROYING this perverse ancient "Sun God" religion (serving the "mystery of iniquity" and the Spirit of Satan as God) is found in Num. 24:17, but is also referenced in many other places like Dan. 2:45, 2 Thes. 2:8. We shall now begin to see the MODERN FORMS of the "children of Seth" and the "High Places of Baal" and the "Asherah Poles" which covered the land then, all around us in MODERN FORMS and "names" today.

***Begin Note*** These "sundials" of ancient "Baal/Asherah" worship were Syncretized into a different religious form by the Qumran Jews as the "cornerstone" of their CALENDAR SCHISM REBELLION they created for themselves during the early 2nd Temple period, in anticipation of ASSISTING the "christ" of the 4th Beast Kingdom who would carefully calculate to change times and laws upon which he would establish "Mystery Babylon" depicted by the Statue of Nebuchadnezzar (Dan. 2:31-45), and his 10th "little horn", the "coming prince" who would "destroy the Temple and priesthood" and take Israel into bondage to "Mystery Babylon", which I discuss in more detail toward the bottom of this page. ***End Note***

It's NOT A COINCIDENCE that a "CHIRCHE STEEPLE" [like the Asherah Poles of the "Lord" (Baal) at his "High Places"] is associated with a "TIMEPIECE" and became a COMMON SYMBOL of the "Church" structure...frequently with BELLS and later with CLOCKS, all originating with the PHALLUS of OSIRIS (which symbolized the "erection" of the "Sun God", as the "God of Time" having open "intercourse" with the 'Queen of Heaven" and "ringing her bell" in front of all the ignorant masses of uninitiated children in the PERVERSITY of the "Deep things of Satan" and the "Mystery of Iniquity" (Eph. 5:12, Rev. 2:24, Mal. 3:24/4:6) which those who "GROOM" and rule the narratives of "Mystery Babylon" serve as their "cornerstone"). It's all just such a big sick JOKE to these Demons wearing priest frocks and deceiving the "masses". These OPENLY DISPLAYED SYMBOLS of the "Mystery of Iniquity" these CHURCH WITCHES serve have VERY PERVERSE RELIGIOUS ORIGINS and ARE KNOWN by the older, seasoned "initiates" and GROOMERS of the "DEEP THINGS OF SATAN" in the "Occult Church" as their OPEN SECRET kept "HIDDEN IN PLAIN VIEW" of all of the uninitiated and or lower level MASSES of children being DECEIVED (molested and abused) by them as their "anointed leaders" (Eph. 5:12, Rev. 2:24, Mal. 3:24/4:6).

It would not be an easy task today, and 2000 years ago it was certainly nothing short of a MONUMENTAL TASK whose SYMBOLIC IMPORTANCE was to be understood, when the Obelisks of Egypt each weighing HUNDREDS of TONS, were taken from Heliopolis (the "City of the Sun" which was the center of "Sun God Worship" of antiquity) in Egypt, and were moved to Rome beginning with Augustus Caesar the "SON of the SUN GOD" of "Time" for the New Empire (Julius Caesar, the "GENIUS" creator of the New Calendar Religion of Rome and to whom ALL MEN were required to pay homage as "Saviour", "God", and "Father of the Nation", after the destruction of the Temple and its times were forgotten as Israel was taken into world bondage to "Mystery Babylon" and the "Times of the Gentiles" as God promised...and through DECEPTION of the HARLOT of Mystery Babylon, men pay homage to him as the "LORD" (Baal) of the FRAUD SABBATH calendar he created as the "Cornerstone Genius" of the Empire of "Mystery Babylon" to this very day!). And this "erect symbol" stands as a monument like an Asherah Pole to the Genius of Julius Caesar (Baal) as the "Cornerstone" and "Lord of Sabbath" and Father of the Kingdom of "Mystery Babylon" and "Pontifex Maximus" (High Priest King) to the Spirit of Satan, the "Mystery of Iniquity" and SPIRIT of GENIUS by which Circe, the DAUGHTER of the "Sun God" built her Spiritual Kingdom of "Mystery Babylon" through RELIGIOUS HARLOTRY also known as "Syncretism". Like Seth in ancient Egypt who murdered his brother King Osiris to usurp his authority, and Isis who fashioned a "Holy Wood" Phallus by which to "memorialize" him...which then became huge stone monuments a.k.a. Obelisk used also as a "time piece", so did likewise the SYNCRETIC RELIGIOUS HARLOT of ROME when the TRUE "HIGH PRIEST KING" of Heaven and the TRUE Sabbath Calendar TIMES AND LAWS were REJECTED and REPLACED by their SATANIC FORGERIES. It is THIS FORM of the "Sons of Seth" (who were themselves the "sons of Ham" who was cursed for this perversion) which the Morningstar Light of the Messiah SHALL EXPOSE and DESTROY (Num. 24:17, Dan. 2:45 & 2 Thes. 2:8).

It was the "DIVINE SON OF GOD" Octavian/Augustus who brought the first 2 "horologium" to Rome. The Obelisk at the center of "St. Peter's Plaza" was orignally inscribed as "the Divine Augustus" (no longer inscribed) and placed in the "Julian Forum" of Alexandria. It was later moved again to the "Spina" in Rome in 37 C.E. which came to be known as the "Circus of Nero". It was finally moved again to where it stands ERECT in the CENTER of the "Circus Court" in the "EMBRACE" of the "Witch Mother Chirche" today, such that the "Sacred Geometry" of the "SHADOWS" of the PHALLUS of the SUN GOD/God of Time falls on the "holy place" (ovato tondo) of the Witch Queen Mother's "EMBRACE" at certain times of year (like in Spring for the Fertility Rites of the Goddess "ISHTAR" who celebrates the "birth" of the "SUN GOD" at the "MASS of CHRIST" nine months later, created as the "Cornerstone" of the Kingdom by Julius Caesar and called "Christmas" by the ignorant uninitiated Masses today).

This "in your face" OPENLY DISPLAYED "OCCULT RELIGION" of the SATANIC "ELITE" has HISTORICALLY played a CENTRAL ROLE in the SATANIC RITES of the ESOTERIC RELIGIOUS HARLOT in service to her CORNERSTONE SPIRIT done in PLAIN VIEW of all the IGNORANT CHILDREN they DECEIVE. Since at least the time of Nero [when the location of St. Peters Basilica was known as the Chircho or "Circo de Nero" (Circus of Nero) who mudered Peter, Paul and many others] the Emperors have HISTORICALLY received their PUBLIC SUPPORT for their WARCRAFT through POLITICAL DRAMA and ENTERTAINMENTS called "Panem et Circenses" (BREAD and CIRCUS) entertainment; a BEASTLY KINGDOM of DECEPTIONS which requires ENDLESS political FOES to be "Conquered" through "HOLY WARS" and MURDERS as a form of SATANIC SPORT!

The transfer of these PHARAONIC EGYPTIAN PHALLUS SYMBOLS to Rome began with "Octavian" (Augustus Caesar), the "Son" of the "SUN GOD" in service to the "Genius" of His "Father" Julius Caesar as the DEIFIED "Sun God" who ENDED the REPUBLIC of Rome when he created the DRAGON EMPIRE and established it on a NEW CALENDAR SYSTEM as the very CORNERSTONE of "Mystery Babylon" which HE CREATED as prophesied (yet covered up by this HARLOT religious system through OPEN DECEPTION in CONTROL of the NARRATIVES of power to this very day!). These SATANIC SYMBOLS FILLING THE LAND are NOT INOCUOUS! This OPEN DISPLAY of the SYMBOLS of the ESOTERIC "deep things of Satan" gives these demons POWER in the minds of the CHILDREN who often times slowly come to the realization that NOT ONLY are there POWERFUL PEOPLE doing VERY EVIL THINGS in secret while their SYMBOLS OF POWER are OPENLY DISPLAYED to all the ignorant "masses" who simply DON'T WANT TO BELIEVE THE TERRIFYINGLY HIDEOUS TRUTH that is in front of them, but that their OWN PARENTS are the BOOTLICKING SERVANTS of these DEMONS IN FLESH often times BETRAYING THEIR OWN CHILDREN into their hands to be "INITIATED" in their PERVERSE RELIGION (Eph. 5:12, Rev. 2:24)!

As prophesied in advance BEFORE it would happen, after the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem the "WICKED PRINCE" of Judah conspired with this 'Queen of Heaven' and ruler of the worlds CIRCUS in a sort of 'MARRIAGE CONTRACT' whereby he would BREAK GODS COVENANT to Spiritually "Marry" this HARLOT RELIGION (Mal. 2:10-12) whereby she would ENSLAVE THE CHILDREN of Israel and the whole WORLD with her "SABBATH COVENANT LIES" and ENCHANTMENTS [in the "Great falling away" which will be exposed in the last "Protestant Revolution" by the body of Jesus (2 Thes. 2:3) BEFORE the resurrection of the Dead (Dan. 12:2, Rev. 20:4)] and they keep the BEASTLY CIRCUS DRAMA going through DIVISION, WARFARE, and SACRIFICE of HOLY MEN, just like Jezebel did under Ahab for a period of time. Then the "Messenger-Prince" of Israel, a prophet like Moses and ELIJAH (or Pinehas), would come and PULL BACK THE CURTAIN of LIES to EXPOSE HER NAKEDNESS [as well as the "wicked prince" fornicating with her like Pinchas did (Num. 25:7-12)] to the LIGHT of TRUTH so everyone could WAKE UP from their ENCHANTMENTS to how they were being OPENLY DECEIVED and MANIPULATED to do EVIL for this WICKED HARLOT riding a BEAST of her own creation, whose KINGS shall TURN ON HER and BURN HER WITH FIRE (Rev. 17:17)! They will NEVER REPENT of their REBELLION TO GOD and their CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY, they are simply INCAPABLE of acknowledging the TRUTH!

In summary, the "Witch Queen Mother Chirche" is the "Daughter" of the King of Babylon, the FATHER of her "Empire" Julius Caesar, whose deified "Spirit of GENIUS" CREATED THE CALENDAR of Rome to SERVE this SPIRIT as the "Cornerstone" of its "DRAGON RELIGION" Empire as its FIRST "HEAD" and deified "Sun God", when he ENDED the REPUBLIC of Rome and created Mystery Babylon, the Empire of the Dragon Beast of Babylon. For all practical intents and purposes he is the DEIFIED Black Sun Saturn, the CHRIST and "CORNERSTONE" of Rome for whom the Phariseees rejected Jesus as King, and for which the Calendar created by "King Saturn" was later called a "Christian Calendar" by Constantine after his final BETRAYAL of these "Jewish Builders" of their kingdom of deception...and sending them into exile as God told us would happen.

You were carrying the Tabernacle of your King Saturn, and the (Star) Images of the Planet of your God which you made for yourselves, therefore I will carry you into captivity beyond Babylon! Amos 5:26-27 & Acts 7:43

These "times and laws" which GOD CREATED to SPEAK ALL ABOUT JESUS as His Image of Truth and the CORNERSTONE of His Spiritual Kingdom were REJECTED to take Israel into WORLD BONDAGE to SATAN'S SPIRIT as their VIOLENT KING (Jn. 5:46-47, Rom. 10:3-4, Mal. 2:10-12). Jesus was the "CORNERSTONE SACRIFICE" made at the hands of PRIESTS SERVING THE SPIRIT OF SATAN who, as the PERFECT "IMAGE" of the TRUE "God of Time" and "Sabbath Lord", established the "SIGN" of the FULL Moon of the PASSOVER SABBATH on which He RESTED from His WORK, as the "CORNERSTONE SIGN" for His own Calendar to rule His Spiritual Kingdom of TRUTH...a SIGN which Mystery Babylon and her BUILDERS REJECTED and deceives God's Children to OPPOSE through DECEPTION as SPIRITUAL SLAVES to her ANTISEMITE SATANIC KINGDOM to this very day (as ingeniously understood by both Julius Caesar who CREATED the Dragons Kingdom of "Mystery Babylon" as its "cornerstone" and "lord" over its FRAUD SABBATH, and CONSTANTINE who finished the "SABBATH DECEPTION" of RACIAL DIVISION which stands IN REBELLION to God during the "Times of the Gentiles", as God told us in advance would take place.

The Serpent DRAGON of Rome was anticipating the birth of the PROMISED MESSIAH and "Son of God" who would be born from the heavenly "Daughter of Zion" whose "WISDOM from above" stands on the Cornerstone SIGN of the Moon which God selected before creating anything to REPRESENT His Wisdom by which He would EXPOSE and JUDGE the REBELLION of SATAN as the FRAUD "God of Time" (Rev. 12:4-5 & 17:10) which the Serpent Dragon and his Princes NEVER UNDERSTOOD would eventually DESTROY THEIR KINGDOM of deception as a RESULT of their crucifying him (Dan. 2:45, 7:26-27, 12:1-2, Rev. 17:17, 18:1-2, 20:1-4)). So all they could do is TAKE CONTROL of the NARRATIVES through DECEPTION to SUPPRESS the TRUTH so that the SEED of the SERPENT could attempt to STEAL the WORLD INHERITANCE of the GODLY SEED, until the JUDGMENT of the SPIRIT of TRUTH EXPOSES and ENDS their Kingdom of "Mystery Babylon". Satan and his "Body" of kings and priests who SERVE HIM have a REPLACEMENT or FORGERY for EVERYTHING which God has promised, by which he DECEIVES MEN to SERVE HIS SPIRIT of DECEPTION as "God", the "Cornerstone" of his FINAL WORLD KINGDOM called "Mystery Babylon" (and depicted by the Statue of Nebuchadnezzar in Dan. 2:31-45), as God told us in advance of any of it ever happening...these PSYCHOPATH "geniuses" simply NEVER BELIEVED GOD and will NEVER REPENT of using religion syncretically to DECEIVE and CONTROL the MASSES because THAT is what DEFINES Satan's Spirit! The Harlot Chirche worships the "Spirit of GENIUS" of the "God of this world", the SERPENT DRAGON as the FRAUD "God of Time", and the "SUN" is the CORNERSTONE SIGN of her RELIGION opposed to the CORNERSTONE TRUTH of the TRUE GOD OF TIME, and it is by THAT SPIRIT and the SIGN of the Sun by which the children's minds are blinded through DECEPTION from seeing the CORNERSTONE TRUTH (2 Cor. 4:4) until the TRUTH destroys their Kingdom as promised (Dan. 2:45, 7:26-27, 12:1-2, Rev. 17:17, 18:1-2, 20:1-4)! So let me be AS CLEAR as I can possibly be. The "SIGN" of the Cornerstone TRUTH of God's Kingdom which He created as a FAITHFUL WITNESS to speak ALL ABOUT HIMSELF as the "Cornerstone" Spirit of Truth DEFINED by His Word of Truth for which He would make the SACRIFICE to establish in ZION forever. His BRIDE ISRAEL recognizes this SABBATH SIGN of their COVENANT PROMISE with the TRUTH as King and they come OUT from bondage to the POWERFUL DELUSION and the sign of the Sun by which the FRAUD SABBATH LORD has blinded the minds of the WHOLE WORLD in a shapeshifting syncretic kingdom of DIVISION, DECEPTION and VIOLENCE called "Mystery Babylon" ruled by his RELIGIOUS HARLOT "Chirche".


Some people "object" to the HISTORICAL FACTS presented above which demonstrate the connection the witch "Circe" had leading up to and DURING the Imperial Reign of Rome, and particularly to the "Chircho of Nero" upon which the Palace of Chirche was built over the blood of the Saints, by claiming the English word "Church", like that of the German equivalent "Kirche", did not just appear out of nowhere and it's NOT derived from the Latin name of "Circe". They claim a DIFFERENT etymology altogether. So let's look at this so called objection.

They claim BOTH the German and the English are derived from the Greek words "Kuriakon Domo" which means "Dwelling place of the Lord" OR "the Lord's House" and is a reference to the physical meeting place; a structural edifice, a building or house designated for the purpose of "gathering the masses". It's great that they APPEAR to be willing to admit that the word "Church" is OBVIOUSLY NOT etymologically derived from the Greek word "ekklesia" (or even the Latin equivalent "ecclesia"). But they are STILL REFUSING to ADMIT THE WHOLE TRUTH when they continue to make ARGUMENTS which DENY FACTS [which is the M.O. for ALL sociopaths, narcissists, and their apathetic mind slaves IN SERVICE to the PSYCHOPATH SPIRIT of SATAN as their "god"...ever learning but NEVER able to acknowledge the TRUTH (2 Tim. 3:7)!]. They simply bring NEW and even MORE ABSURD ARGUMENTS in their attempts to DENY the OBVIOUS TRUTH, as we shall demonstrate with the WRITTEN HISTORICAL EVIDENCE! So these "objectioners" make the argument that the English word "church" (and German Kirche) is derived from the Greek "Kuriakon Doma" (supposedly shortened to the possessive word "Kuriakon" meaning "the Lords", as of ownership or "possession"), from which the word "Church" supposedly evolved etymologically through the offical Latin translation...which we shall see is AN ABSOLUTELY ABSURD CLAIM made out of THIN AIR!

We shall demonstrate clearly the etymological provenance of the English word "Church", which REALLY came to mean something like "Opiate of the Masses" to the Latin Elite manipulating the people through religious deception before coming DIRECTLY into English from the Latin as "Circe" (and "Circen" which more literally means "Circus" as we saw earlier) to later be cognated into English as "Chyrcan", then "Chirche", and finally "Church", because there is ABSOLUTELY NO DOUBT. We have the WRITTEN HISTORICAL EVIDENCE to demonstrate that eymological provenance. I will even provide LINKS to online RESOURCES, archaic BIBLE TEXTS so you can SEE THE EVIDENCES with YOUR OWN EYES! But first let's put the ONLY objection against these FACTS to the test of just a bit of scrutiny, shall we.

Objections to the Objection!

When scrutinized we find a lot of problems with the CLAIM (seemingly made out of thin air) that the "possessive pronoun" (Kuriakon = "The Lords") from the Greek (Kuriakon Domo = "The Lord's House") is the root for the word "Church" in English (or Kirche in German). Not among the least of those problems is that the claim simply doesn't address how that could happen when we know that from the late 4th until the 16th Century the LATIN was the ONLY AUTHORITATIVE TEXT allowed to be used by the UNIVERSAL (Catholic) CHIRCHE EMPIRE...the Greek was SUBJECTED to the Latin speaking "power elite" who APPROVED and/or DIRECTED any text translations and IT'S NOT found in the LATIN!

But that's not all, it's also NEVER FOUND in the GREEK text from which it's claimed to have originated by these "objectors". That's right, though the word "kuriakon" is used ONCE in all of the Greek Bible text, only in the "New Testament", it's a reference to the Passover and rightly diserning and honoring the "Lord's BODY" at that "Communal Meal of the Lord", not a referance to a place or building structure (1 Cor. 11:20). The Greek phrase "Kuriakon Domo" from which they CLAIM the word "Chirche" is derived, NEVER EVEN OCCURS ANYWHERE in ANY Greek Bible TEXT from which it could even possibly have been translated. These TWO FACTS ALONE evicerate the veracity and substance of the "objection" making it a CLEARLY ABSURD CLAIM MADE OUT OF THIN AIR...nothing more than GASLIGHTING of the TRUTH by people who PREFER LIES! But were not finished objecting to the objectioners DENIAL of TRUTH. Let's go a step further because even the "objection", if one were to take it at face value without ANY EVIDENCE or even some basic LOGIC to support its viability, begs the question of "who" exactly is the "Lord" to whom this structure belongs as POSSESSOR then?

Are we just supposed to ASSUME that there is NO CONNECTION between this word and the HIGH PLACE "Temple" where the "Two Witnesses" ("Peter and Paul"; see the section on "The Two Witnesses" at the end of this page for clarification) whose LITERAL BLOOD was spilled in OBEDIENCE to the Spirit of Truth who took them to ROME to TESTIFY of the CORNERSTONE TRUTH they REJECTED, in order to BIND the Spirit of EVIL according to a PLAN by which God intended to EXPOSE THE NAKEDNESS of the Religious Harlot and LEVEL the MOUNTAIN of LIES upon which she built her Spiritual Kingdom in REBELLION to God's Cornerstone (Rev. 17:14-17, Zech. 4:7-10)? This MURDER of the "Two Witnesses" by Nero is what gave the his "friend" in Jerusalem, the Leader of the Pharisees (who had REJECTED JESUS 40 years earlier and called himself the "Friend of Nero"), the "Green Light" to subsequently order the MURDER of JAMES the Just which DEFILED the Temple and began its SEIGE by Rome, ending ALL SACRIFICE and abolishing the priesthood (and which would culminate in the destruction of the Temple as Israel would be taken into world enslavement), exactly as Jesus told the Disciples to be watching for because this event would begin the "Tribulation of the Saints"; a SUPPRESSED "HISTORY" of EVENTS which I cover in GREAT PROPHETIC DETAIL in several different places like here, and from a different angle here.

Are we supposed to just IGNORE these Historical FACTS forever as the Religious Harlot wants the world to do? Satan, the king of his underworld abyss and working through the 6th Head of his "Dragon Beast" (Nero), murdered Paul and Peter from whom the Religious Harlot of the Dragon, Chirche, claims to have received (stolen) the "Keys of the Kingdom". Is this NOT the EXPRESSED "Cornerstone" upon which this "BUILDING" called "Chirche" was established as the Capital of the UNIVERSAL (catholic) Spiritual World Kingdom house, as SHE HERSELF LAYS CLAIM? Has SHE HERSELF NOT EXPRESSLY CLAIMED throughout HISTORY that Peter is the "Cornerstone" of the Palace "Temple" called the "Chirche"...which we KNOW has been established on the MURDER of the WITNESSES AGAINST HER and her TWISTING of their testimonies and of the SCRIPTURE in the PRACTICE of her CRAFT to remain in POLITICAL POWER over her SPIRITUAL UNDERWORLD KINGDOM?

And Jesus responded to him saying: "I tell you Peter that you are a Stone and upon THIS Stone I will build my CALLED OUT ASSEMBLY (ekklesia), and the Gates of the Underworld (Kingdom of Hades/Hell/Death) shall NOT prevail over IT [ie. "THE Corner Stone TRUTH" of God which Peter himself confessed by faith and upon which he laid his life as "A stone" (Acts 4:11 & 1 Pet. 2:4-8)]! Mat. 16:18

When the 6th Head of the Dragon whose power the Chirche rides, MURDERED PETER (and Paul) whom God sent to TESTIFY AGAINST THEM and BIND THEM OVER for JUDGEMENT DAY (as I IRREFUTABLY demonstrate DID take place), hasn't she merely STOLEN the "Keys of the Kingdom" of Heaven and USURPED God's Authority through DECEPTION in OPPOSITION to the "Kingdom of Heaven"; building her own UNDERWORLD KINGDOM in OPPOSITION to Him, as God knew all along would take place? Didn't He send these "TWO WITNESSES" to TESTIFY of the CORNERSTONE TRUTH of Gods Kingdom (which they REJECT to this day) as God designed in order to BIND THEM OVER for JUDGMENT which would END THE UNDERWORLD KINGDOM of the DECEIVER and his RELIGIOUS HARLOT, bringing SWIFT JUSTICE on the RELIGIOUS SORCERIES of the HARLOT WITCH and simultaneously ESTABLISH HIS KINGDOM as planned? Has the Chirche (or any of her so called "protestant" daughters) EVER DEMONSTRATED that they TEACH the POWER of the "CORNERSTONE TRUTH" which will DESTROY HER EMPIRE, as depicted by the Statue of Nebuchadnezzar and its CORRECT INTERPRETATION which SHE SUPPRESSES through the MURDER of the witnesses against her and the control of the FALSE NARRATIVES she spins to DECEIVE and BIND men in IGNORANCE to this very day?

Clearly they don't! In fact the WHOLE WORLD STILL HONORS the DRAGON-BEAST of TIME which Julius CAESAR created as it's 1st Head as the INCARNATE "Black Sun", "Pontifex Maximus" (High Priest-King), and the "Cornerstone Lord" of the Empire whose 6th head MURDERED the "Two Witnesses", by SENDING EACHOTHER GIFTS on that "Cornerstone Day" of the "mystery of iniquity" worshiped and served by ALL the subjects of "Mystery Babylon", deceptively called "CHRIST MAS" by the IGNORANT UNEDUCATED and DECEIVED MASSES of the Queen Mother Chirche to this very day!

So you will NEVER convince me as a TRUE "WITNESS" having the TESTIMONY of JESUS as the CORNERSTONE of God, that the "authority" of the Harlot Chirche (or any of her HARLOT DAUGHTERS falsely called "Protestants" while retaining her NAME "Chirche" and serve that mystery of iniquity as her "cornerstone" in OPPOSITION to the CORNERSTONE TRUTH whose WITNESSES SHE MURDERS) is legitimate! They ignorantly serve the PRINCES and PRIESTS of the Spiritual Kingdom of "Mystery Babylon" in which they don't recognize themselves as SPIRITUAL SLAVES of the "Cornerstone Spirit of Deception", and they honor the "Mystery of Iniquity" as "Holy" and they call what REALLY IS "holy", abominable! They serve the Dragon-Beast upon which her Chirche built her UNDERWORLD KINGDOM which is MAINTAINED through the USURPATION of Kingdom Authority, Deception, and MURDER of the WITNESSES or ANYONE who might DARE to threaten her CRIMINAL ORGANIZATION which sits in OPPOSITION to the Cornerstone Spirit of TRUTH of the Kingdom of Heaven she opposes. They have HISTORICALLY SILENCED the TESTIMONIES of the WITNESSES against her [whose BLOOD has been poured out "under the altar of heaven" (Rev. 6:9, Rev. 1:2, 1:9, 12:17, & 19:10) in service to the TRUE LORD over Earth, in order to ESTABLISH HIS KINGDOM which shall DESTROY the very MOUNTAIN of LIES upon which her kingdom was established as was PROPHESIED (Zech. 4:7, Dan. 2:45, Rev. 17:17)]! It's NOW the morning of the "3rd Millenial Day" of Israel's promised bondage and they shall LOOK TO HIM and the MOUNTAIN OF CHIRCHE LIES will be LEVELED as a plain when they bring forth the TOPSTONE of the BUILDING PROJECT for which the 2 witnesses from both Houses have been slain for 2 Millenial Days (Zech. 4, Hos. 5:14-6-2). The attempt to RE-WRITE HISTORY to BURY the BODY of INCRIMINATING EVIDENCE has FAILED! The CORNERSTONE TRUTH of His Story from His Perspective is NOW PRESENTED in INDICTMENT for Judgment AS PROPHESIED and SHALL BE KNOWN to the WHOLE WORLD.

As I demonstrate here, the "chirche" in service to the EMPEROR as their "Lord of Earth" as the "cornerstone" for THEIR UNDERWORLD KINGDOM of "Mystery Babylon" (mountain of lies), have NEVER TAUGHT what it means for Jesus to be the Cornerstone "God of Time" and "Lord of Sabbath" of God's Kingdom because THAT STONE will DESTROY the very MOUNTAIN of LIES upon which their UNDERWORLD KINGDOM, the "Spiritual City" of "Mystery Babylon", was BUILT and by which she has held the reins of POWER since the DRAGON of power she rides ANTICIPATED the BIRTH of the TRUE LORD of Earth (Rev. 12:4-5) and the MURDER of the first 2 witnesses against her UPON whom she built her Palace Temple as she continues to SILENCE the TRUE TESTIMONY of GODS WORD which EXPOSES HER from the THRONE in HEAVEN and UNDER the ALTAR on earth (Rev. 1:2, 1:9, 12:17, & 19:10)!

So are we supposed to just continue to ignore this MOUNTAIN of EVIDENCE and just ASSUME this word "chirche" just APPEARS OUT OF NOWHERE to find its way into the Bible text without ANYONE knowing WHERE it REALLY came from, what it REALLY means, or HOW it REALLY got there in the first place? We are supposed to ASSUME this Chirche serves the SPIRIT of TRUTH as "LORD" and IGNORE or whitewash the IN YOUR FACE EVIDENCE of the NAME ITSELF being SYNONOMOUS with the Spirit of SORCERY...and that she has NOT historically MURDERED the saints who EXPOSE her LIES or otherwise threaten her ILLEGITIMATE CLAIMS to AUTHORITY while keeping the MASSES DISTRACTED or DECEIVED with BREAD and CIRCUS SHOWS to keep them SHACKLED in DECEPTION in her UNDERWORLD KINGDOM since the MURDER of the Two Witnesses (Peter and Paul) whom God sent to testify against them, by Nero (who was still ruling as the "6th King" of the Dragon-Beast John wrote about in Rev. 17:10, as I demonstrate here)?

The CORNERSTONE TRUTH (which the Religious Harlot SUPPLANTS and SUPPRESSES through MURDER and DECEPTION) is IMPORTANT because it sets us free from FALSE CLAIMS to truth and the TYRANTS who make them to JUSTIFY their tyranny by which they USURP AUTHORITY from God through DECEPTION. And as we saw earlier in reference to 1 Kings 18:19, "Baal" also means "Lord" and he was the POSSESSOR of all the "High Places" which filled the land where the "Asherah Poles " of his harlot consort were erected under Jezebel's reign, which itself was built on the MURDER of SAINTS as its CORNERSTONE. But aside from those objections to the objectioners claims, they are simply Gaslighting the TRUTH by making CLAIMS out of THIN AIR which DENY HISTORY which they are obviously trying to get people to FORGET ABOUT, REPLACE with LIES, or WHITEWASH as if these LIES built on MURDERS in service to BAAL and the WITCH MOTHER are of no consequence to God just like Jezebel's false prophets did!

Though we don't have any hard historical evidence to link them together, it seems obvious on its face that the German word Kirche came from the Latin word Circe treating the first C as a hard consonantal sound such that it was translated as "Kirche" due to ancient Gothic/German Grammar issues. The ancient Anglo Saxon-English Grammar did not have those issues and we shall see the VERY STRONG GRAMMATICAL EVIDENCE that the possibility that the word "Chirche" or "Church" is derived directly from the Greek word "Kuriakon" is an ABSURD CLAIM, at best requiring one to show some form of evidence that the Chirche Mother EVER authorized translation to Anglo Saxon from the Greek, or ANY language prior to 1000 C.E. and HOW this word, which DOES NOT EVEN OCCUR in the GREEK SEPTUAGINT, found its way into Anglo Saxon-English. WHY did they REPLACE the word ekklesia and its MEANING with SOME OTHER GREEK WORD which is NOT EVEN IN THE TEXT and translate that into another language?! How could that even possibly happen? It COULDN'T! It's just plain ABSURD to even entertain this GASLIGHTING NONSENSE put forth by those living in DENIAL of the TRUTH of the ORIGIN and SPIRIT behind the name "Chirche" as the Lord of DECEPTION she has ALWAYS served! This is why one SHOULD NOT use this INCANTATION rooted in SORCERY and BLOODSHED and so BIND THEMSELVES in the SPELL of the WITCHCRAFT of "Chirche", the Goddess of Sorcery and Enchantment OPENLY WORSHIPED and SERVED by the Emperors of Rome as their "WISDOM" (Sophia) and Queen of Heaven!

Etymological Provenance of the word "Chirche/Church"

The DIRECT PROVENANCE linking the Latin word "Circe" (pronounced "Chirche") to English is evidenced by Mat. 16:18 & 18:17 in the SEVEN EXTANT COPIES of the "Wessex Gospels" (consisting of only Mathew, Mark, Luke and John) of the Western Anglo Saxons during the proselytizing of Britannia by Rome (960 C.E.). The Saxons working under the direction of the Monks, had access ONLY to the AUTHORIZED TEXT of the Latin Vulgate and the Latin speaking Monks directing their work. This is VERY IMPORTANT to keep in mind as we TRACE the etymological cognates of this now ANGLICIZED Latin word forward in time. From these early Anglo Saxon texts (which began in 960 C.E.) we can trace the etymological cognates of the word coming directly from the EARLY Latin Vulgate translation words "Circe" and "Circen" into the later Anglo Saxon (1175 C.E.) copies of the text of Mat. 16:18 seen in this link as "Chyrcan". Clearly not only the first "C" but the second "C" would have ALSO been pronounced as a "ch" sound as we see reflected in the contemporaneus Gothic/German "Kirche". But that would not be reflected in spelling through English Grammar until later, as we shall see. So this Anglo Saxon word was likely pronounced "Chirchan" before it was reflected through Grammar. This is the Anglicized singular form of the English cognate word "Circus", from the Latin " Circens" as discussed earlier.

Doing his translational work 200 years later, Wycliffe ALSO had access ONLY to the "authoritative" Latin Vulgate from which he translated, and we see those same Anglo Saxon cognates of the Latin word Circe translated into the Middle English version of Mat. 16:18 & 18:17 of Wycliffe's Bible (1382 C.E.) as "Chirche". It seems to me that this English cognate of the Latin name "Circe" reflects the correct pronounciation in its spelling. This is one of the most powerful evidences we have working from the ancient Latin language as it was understood by early English translators. As we shall see, Tyndale challenged the AUTHENTICITY of this word in translation and the CIRCUS "Chirche" of Rome didn't like people recognizing the LITERAL CONNECTION between the WITCHCRAFT of "Chirche", and the Chircho of Nero where the BODY and BLOOD of PETER as its "Cornerstone" (as well as millions of other SAINTS, the Body of Jesus, was murdered there for HUNDREDS of years) is the "Cornerstone" on which the Religious Harlot of Revelation built her "Palace" where she sits as queen in the Capital "City" in the midst of the seas ("Masses" of people) ruling her Spiritual Empire called "Mystery Babylon"!

So the provenance of the etymology of the word was originally translated and handwritten into the common vernacular of the Western Anglo Saxons from the Latin Vulgate as directed by the Catholic Monks (960 C.E.). These "Gospels" translated from the "Authoritative" Latin Vulgate under the DIRECTION and "authority" of the Catholic Chirche, were the precursors of Wycliffe's own hand written translation ALSO FROM THE LATIN TEXT where he ALSO replaced the word ecclesia with Chirche. Of course those hand copied translations preceeded the first Printed New Testament in Middle English by William Tyndale (1526) who CHANGED HISTORY when he EXPOSED the Mother Chirche and her religious deceptions in her Eucharist Cup of blasphemies which she has the masses drinking from. So we have seen the etymology of the Latin word Circe changed over the course of WRITTEN HISTORY from Circe, to Chyrcan and Chyrce, to Chirche, and finally Church as it SADLY remains today despite Tyndales own blood having been spilled to set Gods children free from this blasphemous RELIGIOUS WITCHCRAFT!

You see Tyndale was NOT translating from Latin under direction of the "Catholic Chirche" Monks, but directly from the original Greek texts for his printed New Testament in English, and he refused to use the Latin or Anglo Saxon words, or its Middle English cognate (Chirche), to REPLACE the word "ekklesia" found in the original Greek Texts of the New Testament. Referencing Erasmus' Scholarly notes translating the MEANING of the Greek word "Ekklesia" into the Latin vernacular used by the Scholars of his day as "Congregatio" for his scholarly audience, Tyndale likewise translated the word in Mat. 16:18 (and throughout his New Testament) which would be published in print and widely distributed. He chose to CORRECTLY TRANSLATE the MEANING of the word "ekklesia" into English of the New Testament as "congregation" (spelled "congregacion" in English at that time) as he ALSO CORRECTLY translated from the Septuagint (Greek Old Testament) as it is to this very day! The choice to use this MEANINGFUL word, which required one to THINK MORE CORRECTLY about what is actually being said, was EXPOSED the FALSE TRANSLATION of the word "Chirche" used to REPLACE the MEANING with a WITCHCRAFT word which everyone ASSUMES they know what it means as they BIND THEMSELVES in this NAME rooted in SORCERY as an INCANTATION! How revolutionary, and the importance of translating Ekklesia correctly as "congregation" and the IMPACT on the world which it had, you can glean for yourself by reading this short treatise on the matter here. His work (and that of Erasmus' scholarly work translating the MEANING of the Greek "ekklesia" and Latin "ecclesia" into the Scholarly Latin of his day as "Congregatio" and giving it REAL MEANING) would EVENTUALLY cause the Chirche to show her colors as she scrambled to remain in control over her MOUNTAIN of LIES, POLITICAL CONSPIRACIES, and MURDERS of the WITNESSES as the very CORNERSTONE of her UNDERWORLD KINGDOM POWER.

Now you just have to ask yourself WHERE did the Catholic Monks overseeing and directing the Anglo Saxon translations in the 10th Century, and later Wycliffe himself working DIRECTLY from the Authoritative Latin in the 13th Century, come up with this word "chirche"? It is CLEARLY NOT a cognate of ANY WORD found in the Bible text! Could it have come from ANYWHERE other than the Name of the "Chirche of Nero" (Circus of Nero) where NERO MURDERED PETER AND PAUL [the FIRST TWO "witnesses" whose blood cries out from under the Altar of Heaven (Rev. 6:9, Rev. 1:2, 1:9, 12:17, & 19:10)], as the EXPRESSED CLAIM to her "cornerstone" AUTHORITY? If NOT, then WHERE DID IT COME FROM and why didn't they just TRANSLITERATE the word "ecclesia" into English, bereft of any real ENGLISH MEANING as we see they did LATER in OTHER languages which use COGNATES of the word "ecclesia", like "Iglesia" in Spanish, "Eglise" in French, "Igreja" in Portuguese, and "Esglesia" in Catalan, and NOT "Chirche"? It seems to me that those languages CONFUSE the word "ecclessia" with the BUILDING STRUCTURE built on the MURDER of the Saints to which ALL SATELLITE BUILDINGS around the world BELONG as their "land lord" MOTHER, Chirche.

Under her SPELL, no one seems to think very deeply about how the MEANING of "ecclesia" should NOT have anything to do with the actual BUILDING structure or "Castle" (Basilica in Greek) being built over DEAD BODIES, a literal GRAVEYARD where the Blood of COUNTLESS THOUSANDS of Saints was POURED OUT for SPORT for HUNDREDS of years, only later historically REVISED to be USED as their CLAIM to AUTHORITY. And don't pay any mind to the heathen "Obelisk" dedicated to the BLACK SUN God Caesar "erected" on the "High Place" over Rome where the Saint's were MURDERED and buried as it's LITERAL "cornerstone" standing as the TESTIMONY of a world SYNAGOGUE of SATANIC WICHCRAFT and MURDER...and don't even think twice about invoking the witch mother's name "Chirche" over yourselves in English out of FEAR or TRAINED SUBSERVIANCE! It's NORMALIZED witchcraft IN YOUR FACE! Spiritual SLAVES are DECEIVED to believe they are FREE because they make the BEST SLAVES OF ALL; they LOVE their CAPTORS just like the sailors who were turned into BEASTS would NEVER leave the Circus of the Witch Chirche!

Have you ever heard tales of how the mafia might "hide" the incriminating "evidence" against them by sinking their murder victim into the concrete piling or "cornerstone" of one of their highrise building projects, and wonder about the origin of this "ritual" of "underworld" criminal power? People today still don't seem to understand how the WITCHCRAFT of PSYCHOPATH EMPEROR WORSHIP and the MURDER of those who REFUSE to submit to the EVIL of their Bishops and GodFathers, is the very CORNERSTONE of the Spiritual Kingdom of the "underworld" called "Mystery Babylon" which, as we shall demonstrate FROM THE SCRIPTURES and HISTORICAL CONTEXT, IS the "Synagogue of Satan" a.k.a. the "Chirche"! We shall DEMONSTRATE that there is NO OTHER POSSIBLE EXPLANATION for this OBVIOUS TRANSLATIONAL "error" of WITCHCRAFT and DECEPTION!

If the Palace of Rome, which was BUILT on the "Chirche of Nero" where the MURDER of Jesus' Body of Saints took place for hundreds of years, was NOT intended to be used as their CLAIM to POWER, why did they NOT just translate the MEANING of the word ecclesia as "called out assembly" or "congregation"? To THIS VERY DAY they REJECT the FAITH of JESUS and the SPIRIT of TRUTH which Jesus enfleshed, and which prompted Peter to confess as the "Cornerstone" of our faith (Acts 4:11 & 1 Pet. 2:4-8). They built the seat of their UNDERWORLD POWER on the MURDER of ALL who BOTH "Keep the commands of God" ("Old Testament Word") AND do so AS the "Testimony of Jesus" (Rev. 1:2, 1:9, 12:17, & 19:10)!

This is the ABSOLUTELY UNDENIABLE EVIDENCE of the DECEPTION and IDENTITY of the "INFALLABLE MOTHER CHIRCHE" who has MURDERED GODS SAINTS and become DRUNK on their blood (Rev. 17:4-6) in order to MAINTAIN CONTROL of the FALSE NARRRATIVES of POWER and HIDE the ORIGIN and HISTORY of HER NAME and IDENTITY as the Harlot Mother CHIRCHE of "Mystery Babylon". She has become DRUNK on the blood of the saints in order to protect her RELIGIOUS OPIATES of the masses which are the BLASPHEMIES in her "EUCHARIST CUP" she holds (Rev. 17:4-6). She serves the Spirit of Deception as the MURDEROUS "Cornerstone" of her underworld kingdom and she is OBLVIOUS to RIGHTLY DISCERNING the "Body of Messiah", as we shall see from Paul and the correct context and interpretation of 1 Corinthians 5:7-8 and 11:29, shortly!

You probably read in this short treatise posted above about the revolutionarry impact of Tyndale's translation of the word "Congregation" from the Greek word Ekklesia, and His INSISTENCE on the INTEGRITY of his work which did not go without retribution from the witch harlot mother "Chirche". For maintaining his INTEGRITY to the FAITHFULNESS of his text and his REFUSAL to submit to the Spirit of EVIL by PROMULGATING the WITCHCRAFT of the "chirche mother" which HE EXPOSED as being IN OBVIOUS ERROR, Tyndales translations were banned and wherever found, seized and burned by Rome who found him guilty of heresy and sentenced him to be publicly executed by strangling, after which (some claiming he was still alive) he was also publicly burned at the stake in 1536.

***Begin Note*** It's hard for a normal person (one who does NOT have the DESIRE to RULE OVER or otherwise VICTIMIZE other human beings made in God's IMAGE) to understand that there are psychopaths (categorized by Psychologists as the DARK TETRAD) who are QUITE ELATED when they victimize others. They derive pleasure from it. The more sinister and EVIL their victimization of another is, the more PLEASURE they experience. It's quite the opposite of a normal, social human being. They are literally demons in flesh. Then there is another class of psychopath "demon in flesh" (let's call them the "ELITE" class) who are oriented more toward weilding POWER and CONTROL. These types usually hire others under them to do the hands on work as they prefer to WATCH OTHERS who they MANIPULATE like PUPPETS to do their evil bidding which they CHOREOGRAPH as SUPREME CONTROL FREAKS; like in "War Theatres". It's simply difficult for most normal people to imagine the Satanic elation of the psychopath demon in flesh who was not only ALLOWED, through the LEGAL SYSTEM built and controlled by the pyschopaths of his day, to put his hands around Tyndale's GODLY neck (which he risked in service to the TRUTH as King, to set the children free from the RELIGIOUS WITCHCRAFT of "Mystery Babylon" and the SATANIC DECEIVERS and MANIPULATORS wearing priest frocks), and literally squeeze the life out of him with his bare hands, but he was paid to do it and it was billed by the psychopaths who orchestrated these satanic circus shows, as a MORAL NECESSITY in service to God (their god being Satan). These same types of events and even WORSE, ALWAYS take place in the WARS which these psychopaths love to start to gain more power and control, and which they manipulate others to carry out for them, like though Hitler and the German people who they manipulated during the 3rd Reich. As Frederic Bastiat rightly said in his treatise called "The Law":

"When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men in society, over the course of time they create for themselves a legal system that authorizes it, and a moral code that glorifies it." Frederic Bastiat

The same is true for ALL forms of SATANIC TYRANNY. Apart from GOOD MEN standing up to SERVE GOD according to His True Gospel Plan, NO FLESH will be SAVED from these TYRANTS and their "END GAME"! These same demonic TYRANT spirits in service to Satan are right now engaged in an UNCONVENTIONAL 4TH REICH WAR against humanity which is not even being recognized for what it is by the vast majority of people, yet. ***End Note***.

This sort of "retribution" from the HARLOT CHIRCHE for exposure has NOT GONE AWAY, it's merely gotten MORE CRAFTY as men are STILL WAKING UP from the SPELL of the SPIRITUAL UNDERWORLD SYMBOLS of DARKNESS and WITCHCRAFT SURRROUNDING them, which the ANTICHRIST DRAGON-BEAST plunged the world into, the SPIRITUAL DARKNESS of the GENIUS SORCERY which this HARLOT tries to maintain and GROOM to maintain POWER just like Jezebel filled the land with her RELIGIOUS SORCERY in REBELLION to God, and MURDERED the Saints and Prophets of God for remaining FAITHFUL to Him (which is "rebellion" to the Witch and her SORCERY). It appears to me that Martin Luther, who was STEEPED in the traditions of the Mother Kirche to which he merely wanted to make some reformations, had no problem with replacing the MEANING of "ecclessia" with the German equivalent of the Latin name "Circe" (which more closely resembles the original Greek name of the witch "Kirke") in his printed Bible (1534) as he was already accustomed to doing as a Monk, similar to the Anglo Saxons who had previously done likewise under Monk supervision in their hand copied Gospels. I suppose one could say his work evolved to be a sort of "controlled opposition" for the next "German REICH" of the "Holy Roman Empire", which would manifest later. But again, whether "church" comes from the possessive pronoun as the possession of the "Lord" (Baal), or the Name of the witch mother herself is MOOT since IT HAS NO PLACE BEING PUT INTO TRANSLATION because IT'S NOT IN ANY ORIGINAL TEXTS IN ANY FORM. So let's just settle for recognizing HOW IMPORTANT it is for the witch mother to have this SORCERY in the Bible and fill the land with her SYMBOLS of SORCERY in front of all the ignorant masses as an OPEN SECRET whose meanings are known only to the intiates entrusted with knowledge of the deep things of Satan who weild power in her kingdom, just like Jezebel did in ancient Israel (Eph. 5:12, Rev. 2:24, Mal. 3:24/4:6).

These BEASTLY EMPEROR WORSHIPING DEMONS controlling the "Narrative" as our leaders riding the "DRAGON" of GOVERNMENT WILL NOT REPENT until the CORNERSTONE they serve IN REJECTION AND REBELLION to the CORNERSTONE TRUTH is EXPOSED, and even then ONLY GRUDGINGLY! They will just keep bringing one PUPPET ANTICHRIST after another to power to DO THEIR COLLECTIVE WILL and will STOP AT NOTHING to EVADE ACCOUNTABILITY and to remain in CONTROL of the NARRATIVE, until they are finally BROUGHT TO TRIAL for their CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY, as the Bible tells us SHALL HAPPEN! Let me ASSURE you they work VERY HARD to try to maintain their EVER SHIFTING FALSE NARRATIVES in service to the SPIRIT OF SATAN to remain IN POWER over the MASSES to this very day! Like Tyndale and MILLIONS OF OTHERS (which Bloody History of their SACRIFICES to the SERVICE of King Jesus to set men FREE from SATAN'S "CHIRCHE DECEPTION" is STILL NOT ALLOWED to be OPENLY TAUGHT!), I want to glorify MY KING by CONTINUING HIS WORK of SETTING FREE the MINDS OF THE CHILDREN being held CAPTIVE to these DEMONS IN FLESH and SAVING HUMANITY from them...they are RIGHT NOW planning and EXECUTING a 4TH REICH WAR on the MINDS OF THE PEOPLE in PLAIN VIEW of the deceived children who simply don't recognize it for what it is!

Interestingly no one ever raises these issues when they claim that the word "Church" is etymologically derived from ANYTHING other than CHIRCHE, the QUEEN OF HEAVEN who worships the "Genius" of Julius Caesar as her LORD and "Christ" over the Calendar Kingdom REPLACEMENT of God's Times and Laws which DEFINE the TRUE IMAGE of God as the CORNERSTONE of His Spiritual Kingdom (Jn. 5:46-47, Rom. 10:3-4). They serve the "Spirit of GENIUS", DECEPTION, and FEAR and HAVE MURDERED anyone who would DARE question their GODLIKE AUTHORITY, which was already recognized and worshiped in the form of Octavian/Augustus Caesar as the FIRST "Son of God" (Julius Caesar being his "Father God" who created the Empire) in the TEMPLES of the "IMPERIAL CULT" of Rome CREATED FOR THAT PURPOSE of WORSHIPING the Emperor as GOD INCARNATE (a.k.a. "Synagogues of Satan") before Jesus was even born [which contemporary knowledge of history should give us insight to how the CORNERSTONE TRUTH Jesus REPRESENTED, would EVENTUALLY DESTROY the "genius" of the princes of this world as the "Cornerstone Testimony" of Jesus (Dan. 2:45, 1 Cor. 1:19, 2:7-7, 3:18, Jn. 12:31, 16:11, Is. 29:14-15, & Ps. 2:4-6)]. This EXPOSURE is the very CORNERSTONE PLAN of God to JUDGE the REBELLIOUS SPIRITS on earth through His Kingdom Saints (2 Thes. 2:4, Is. 29:14, Jn. 12:31, 16:11, 1 Cor. 1:19, 2:6-8, Ps. 2:4 & Rev. 18:1-4)! When one begins to really research this topic it only becomes too clear at some point for those who want to KNOW THE TRUTH (despite the amount of CONFLICTING ACCOUNTS and GASLIGHTING) that there IS a DELIBERATE AGENDA to CONFUSE PEOPLE on this issue to REMAIN IN CONTROL of FALSE NARRATIVES. Eventually we begin to realize that the CONNECTION between the origin of the Germanic word Kirche and the English word Chirche, is ALL ABOUT BEASTLY EMPEROR WORSHIP now manifesting in a 4th Reich!

As already pointed out, the Greek word "ekklesia" erroneously REPLACED by the word "church" through FALSE TRANSLATION, really means a "called out assembly" or "congregation of YHWH" [it is NOT a reference to the Palace ("Basilica" in Greek) built on the "High Place" of the Chircho of Nero where the Obelisk (Asherah Pole) stands erect in honor of the "Black Sun God" and "Lord of Time" Julius Caesar], and we shall see shortly is a reference to BELIEVERS who "SYNAGOGUE" (gather) together as the TEMPLE/BODY of God (and NOT a building structure belonging to "Land Lords")! We shall see there are TWO DISTINCT BODIES or "ECCLESIAS" (called out ones) who "SYNAGOGUE" (gather) together. One is the HARLOT CHURCH OF MYSTERY BABYLON a.k.a. the "Synagogue of Satan" who built her Palace Temple on the Circus of Nero, and the other is the "CALLED OUT (ekklesia) GATHERING (synagogue) of the SAINTS of GOD who are the very BODY of God who have his SPIRIT of TRUTH living in them and UNITING THEM for HIS GLORY as HIS TEMPLE/BODY made of LIVING STONES!

Obey GOD who is CALLING YOU OUT FROM THE HARLOTS UNDERWORLD kingdom of Mystery Babylon (Rev. 18:4) in the LAST and GREATEST "Protestant Revolution", so that the UNDERWORLD KINGDOM of "Mystery Babylon" will be ENDED and we will INAUGURATE the OPEN REIGN of the Spiritual Kingdom from above so that Gods Will is done on earth as in Heaven to SAVE THE WORLD and lead mankind to see PEACE leading to LIFE EVERLASTING according to His Kingdom Gospel Plan devised before He ever created anything (Rev. 19 & 20)!

Synagogue = Gathering, Assembly, Congregation

So let's take a look at the Greek word "Synagogue" which is a RELATED word used as a Synonym for "ekklesia" in translating the same Hebrew words in the Septuagint. The "DIVISION" between the Greek words ekklesia and synagogue to be references denoting ETHNICALLY DISTINCT PEOPLE GROUPS was done by LATER TRANSLATORS who in their "wisdom" thought they were doing God a service, as alluded to in Jer. 8:8. As already mentioned, the word "SYNAGOGUE" is used throughout the Greek Septuagint where it's properly translated to English and never transliterated into the text as "synagogue". ONLY in the New Testament is this word TRANSLITERATED (NOT "translated") directly from the Greek as a DECEPTIVE DEVICE. The word literally MEANS "gather" or "gathering" in English TRANSLATION and is used as BOTH a NOUN and a VERB depending on context. The first occurrnce of the word "Synagogue" used in the Greek Septuagint is in Gen. 1:9 to translate the Hebrew verb conjugated "yikavu", and is correctly translated (not TRANSLITERATED) into English as "let the waters be GATHERED together". The Latin Vulgate translates it as "congregentur locum unum" (literally: "Gather the one place"), which is interesting when you recognize large groups of people are also referenced as "waters" in prophetic symbolism which did not go unnoticed by the Chirche. So it's even more interesting that the most popular English language Catholic Bible, the "New Jerusalem Bible", translates it as

God said, "Let the waters under heaven come together into a single mass (synagogue)..." Gen. 1:9 NJB

In other words the Greek Septuagint word "Synagogue" used in the above verse is rendered "Mass" through Chirche translation! It would seem the Chirche sees all the people under heaven being brought together like water into a single MASS translated in Greek as a "SYNAGOGUE". Simply put they recognize that "Synagogue" is a "Mass"!

In fact the word "synagogue" (like the word ekklesia we looked at in detail earlier) is used THROUGHOUT the Greek Septuagint (Old Testament) to translate the Hebrew words "adat" and "kahal", particularly notable are places where Moses is commanded to GATHER the people together, or they were ASSEMBLED together in one place eg. "synagogue" in Gen. 35:11, 48:4, Ex. 12:3, 16:1, 17:1, Lev. 4:13-15, 21, 8:3-4, and at least 78 times in the book of numbers alone beginning with Num. 1:2, for just a few examples! In other words "EKKLESIA" and "SYNAGOGUE" are used INTERCHANGEABLY as SYNONYMS to translate the HEBREW WORDS "adat" and "kahal" in the Greek Septuagint and in Chirche English as "MASS"! Unfortunately for those who do not possess and/or are not able to use the Hebrew, Greek and Latin texts, the Strong's Concordance will not be any help because it does not reference the Septuagint or Vulgate. So there really are no other resources available to easily verify my work. The "Narratives" are SO CONTROLLED by "BEASTLY UNDERWORLD KINGDOM LEADERS" that no one wants to "rock the boat" by telling the TRUTH, such that NO ONE EVER DISCUSSES THESE REVOLUTIONARY TRUTHS!

Thankfully there ARE online resources available such that even without the ability to READ the languages, one can SEE the WORDS and the CHARACTERS/LETTERS which COMPOSE the words in the original languages, and VERIFY these words DO OCCUR in those places just as I've described. But concerning the New Testament where the word Synagogue ALSO occurs and is CONSPICUOUSLY NOT "TRANSLITERATED" as "Synagogue" but is rather TRANSLATED into English as "assembly", "congregation" or "gathering", there IS a resource available to easily see that; the Strong's Concordance we referenced in the beginning for the words "Adat" (or "Ad/Adah", Strongs # H-5707-15) and "Kahal" (Strongs # H-6950-51) in the Hebrew source texts. The Strong's Concordance gives us the Greek for the New Testament source texts. The most conspicuous place this TRANSLATION DECEPTION occurs is in James 2:2 and the Strong's number is G-4864!

If a rich man dressed in fine apparel and jewelry comes to your SYNAGOGUE (assembly), and also a poor man dressed shabbily...James 2:2

So the Strong's Concordance will be a VERY USEFUL REFERENCE TOOL for anyone who is limited in their knowledge of Hebrew and Greek. And from this point on in particular for the New Testament Greek. As I said, the Strong's Number for the Greek word which the KJV version translates as "assembly" in the verse above is G-4864. This is the EXACT SAME GREEK WORD which is TRANSLITERATED directly from the Greek into the text of Rev. 2:9 & 3:9 as "Synagogue". Keep in mind that the Greek word "synagogue" occurs literally HUNDREDS of times in the Septuagint (Greek Old Testament) but NOT ONCE do we find it being transliterated into English by Protestant translators as is done IN THESE SELECT PLACES in the New Testament. So as a critical thinker ASK YOURSELF WHY the translators were NOT CONSISTENT...why did they NOT transliterate the SAME WORD here as in ALL of the OTHER places in the New Testament OR WHY did they not just TRANSLATE the MEANING of these words IN EVERY CASE? Why are they PICKING AND CHOOSING when to transliterate rather than translate here in the New Testament rather than just TRANSLATE the word as they did ALL THROUGHOUT the Greek Septuagint (Old Testament)? Why are they creating this RACIST "ANTISEMITE" ILLUSION through the DECEPTIVE USE of WORDS such that people CONCLUDE WRONGLY that the word SYNAGOGUE and EKKLESIA are speaking of ETHNICALLY DISTINCT PEOPLE GROUPS, when BOTH WORDS are FREQUENTLY used rather INTERCHANGEABLY in the Old Testament for the SAME PEOPLE (as clearly was done ALSO in the New Testament!)? Why are they MISLEADINGLY (beginning with Jerome) choosing to TRANSLITERATE the word "synagogue" (rather than TRANSLATE IT) in SELECT PLACES in the New Testament? Jerome translates the word "synagogue" to Latin as "conventu" (Convent) in this verse yet we see he transliterates the same Greek word directly into the Latin as "Synagoga" in other places.

If a rich man dressed in fine apparel and jewelry comes to your SYNAGOGUE (Latin = "conventu"), and also a poor man dressed shabbily...James 2:2

Now let's contrast the TRANSLATION of the word "Synagogue" in the text above keeping in mind that the word "Synagogue" is LIKEWISE ALWAYS TRANSLATED in the Greek Septuagint (Old Testament), but in the New Testament it is SPECIFICALLY NOT TRANSLATED in certain texts, but rather it's TRANSLITERATED PURPOSELY, as is done in the passages below FREQUENTLY QUOTED by ANTISEMITES who DON'T EVEN KNOW what John is REALLY SAYING here, they are DELIBERATELY DECEIVED to ASSUME they know but ARE in FACT completely deceived!

"...I know the blasphemy of those who claim to be Jews but are not, they are from the Synagogue of Satan." Rev. 2:9b

"I will make those from the Synagogue of Satan who claim to be Jews (but aren't, they are lying) come to bow before your feet and acknowledge that I have loved you." Rev. 3:9

It appears there was a CLEAR ANTISEMITE AGENDA to TRANSLITERATE the Greek word "synagogue" directly into the English of the New Testament in STRATEGIC PLACES (rather than TRANSLATE the word as "assembly", "congregation", or "gathering" as done in the Hebrew TaNaKh/Greek Septuagint/Old Testament and James 2:2 above) to DECEPTIVELY be understood by readers as a reference ONLY to "Jews"...and ESPECIALLY here in Revelation 2:9 & 3:9, which is NOT a reference to "Jews" AT ALL! These were TRAITORS claiming to be Jews (God praisers) but were OPENLY serving the PSYCHOPATH EMPERORS and the Spirit of NARCISSISM and DECEPTION they ENFLESHED in the TEMPLES of the "IMPERIAL CULT" of ROME, the "Sons of God" (Julius Caesar) as their "Lord" of a FRAUD SABBATH which has ABSOLUTELY NO CONNECTION to the FULL MOON PASSOVER SABBATH God CODIFIED in HIS WORD as the "SIGN" of the "CORNERSTONE TRUTH" for His Sabbath Kingdom and the LORD of HIS SABBATH! Do not be CONFUSED by the SYSTEM of SPIRITUAL ENSLAVEMENT you were BORN INTO and MUST COME OUT FROM! Saturday was the 1st and Holiest day of the Roman week created by the Christ, Julius Caesar, and used by Rome until the 4th Century when Constantine promoted Sunday from the 2nd day of the week to the 1st, thereby demoting Saturday to the last day of the week!

ANYONE who KEPT THE LUNAR SABBATH COMMANDS OF GOD which began with the Full Moon Passover Sabbath as the "TESTIMONY OF JESUS" [which is how Moses wrote all about him as the CORNERSTONE and IMAGE OF GODS RIGHTEOUSNESS found in the CORRECT INTERPRETATION of Gods Word (Jn. 5:46-47, Rom. 10:3-4)], were rounded up and MURDERED for their REBELLION to the Black Sun, the God of Time and WAR, "Kronos" a.k.a. Saturn and the FRAUD SABBATH which the "Genius" of Julius Caesar created as the FIRST and Holiest Day of the Dragon Empire (like John the Revelator's Greek Disciple Polycarp, the "MESSENGER" of the "Called Out Assembly" of Saints in Smyrna who was murdered at the HANDS of this "SYNAGOGUE" or "GATHERING OF SATAN" (later to be called the "CHURCH") as John WARNED THEM would take place (Rev. 2:8-11).

This FRAUD CALENDAR and the CORNERSTONE "Day of Saturn" (Saturday) SABBATH created through the "Genius of Caesar" in honor of the "Black Sun of Saturn" a.k.a. Kronos/Kivan/Remphan (Amos 5:26-27, Acts 7:43) as the GREATEST GOD, was the FIRST and HOLIEST DAY of the ancient Roman Empire Julius Caesar CREATED as its Pontifex Maximus (High Priest King). Sunday was the 2nd day of the week until the 4th Century when Constantine DEMOTED SATURDAY to the last day when he PROMOTED SUNDAY to the 1st and Holiest Day of the DRAGONS SPIRITUAL EMPIRE of "Mystery Babylon" in which the WHOLE WORLD is currently ENSLAVED with Israel as God promised!

You were carrying the Tabernacle of your King Saturn, and the (Star) Images of the Planet of your God which you made for yourselves, therefore I will carry you into captivity beyond Babylon! Amos 5:26-27 & Acts 7:43

Polycarp DID NOT DIE at the hands of JEWS [though traitor Jews who worshipped the Black Sun Saturn were there at the "GATHERING OF SATAN" and did provide CONSENT and SUPPORT to his BEASTLY EMPEROR WORSHIPING murderers like the RABIDLY ANTISEMITE "TARE" (Emperor worshiping fake Christian) "Marcion" who he called "the Son of Satan"], he was MURDERED at the hands of the EMPEROR WORSHIPERS who RAN THE CITY...Those LAWLESS ANTISEMITE TARE Christians like Marcion were SPECIFICALLY IDENTIFIED by Polycarp as the "sons of Satan". THEY were the "Gathering" or "Synagogue of Satan" with whom TRAITOR JEWS were allowed to participate in THEIR SYNAGOGUES (gatherings) and "TEMPLES of the LORD", CAESAR (later to be called "chirches" in "Mystery Babylon")!

The "Synagogue of Satan" included EVERYONE who BETRAYED the TRUE LORD OF THE TRUE SABBATH [for which God created and revealed HIS SABBATH CALENDAR in CONTEXT of the "Passover Lamb" to SPEAK ALL ABOUT HIS "BODY" of "RIGHTEOUSNESS" symbolized through HIS SABBATHS as the "CORNERSTONE" of HIS KINGDOM, His RIGHTEOUS TRUTH which SANCTIFIES US through HIS OWN PROMISE beginning with Moses (Jn. 5:46-47, Rom. 10:3-4, Ex. 31:13, Jn. 17:17)] to WORSHIP and/or SERVE Caesar and his "Spirit of GENIUS" as the "CORNERSTONE" and "LORD" of his FRAUD SABBATH KINGDOM; "Mystery Babylon" into which "ISRAEL" has been taken into WORLD BONDAGE as God promised! So just to be CLEAR, the "Synagogue of Satan" is composed of EVERYONE who does NOT rightly discern the BODY which God Himself promised to provide as a PASSOVER LAMB (and unleavened bread, and the wine of our marrriage contract) for which the SYMBOLS of the "Passover" from Egypt was a mere OBJECT LESSON which God had Moses CODIFY to be ETERNALLY OBSERVED because it would be pointing to the GREAT EXODUS from our WORLD BONDAGE to the Pharaonic Spirit of Satan ruling the Spiritual world kingdom of Mystery Babylon WHICH MOSES HIMSELF WROTE ALL ABOUT, which is now at the door!

That's the reason Paul in 1 Cor. 15:3-4 & 20 alludes to this TIMING of "3 days" between the COMMAND for the SLAYING of the "Passover Lamb" and his body being swollowed up by the grave (on the 14th), and his resurrection symbolized by the "Firstfruit" which was COMMANDED to be RAISED on the 16th, the day AFTER the full moon Passover Sabbath, the "3rd day". That's why he tells us in 1 Cor. 5:7-8 to KEEP the Feast of Unleavened Bread which BEGINS with the Passover slain for us. That's why he tells us in 1 Cor. 11:29, after going through the elements of the Passover Seder being the BODY of Gods righteousness (sacrificed according to the ancient plan for which vicarious sacrifice of animals was implemented in the first place), that one should be careful to "RIGHTLY DISCERN" his body THROUGH THOSE COMMANDS regarding the PASSOVER which are "SHADOWS of things that are COMING", the "Tabernacle of Testimony" which IS the SUBSTANCE of the "BODY of MESSIAH!", as he tells us in Col. 2:17! It is for THIS "TESTIMONY of Jesus" for which we have been CONDEMNED AND SLAIN for 2000 years at the hands of SATAN'S PRIESTS!

For the first few centuries this TRIBULATION of the Saints who honored the TRUE LORD of the TRUE SABBATH came under the political deception dubbed by the NARRRATIVE CONTROLLING HISTORICAL REVISIONISTS as the "Quarto Decimen Debate", for which they painted Polycarp as "Father" of this "debate", which was nothing more than a POLITICAL CIRCUS SHOW which legitimized the persecution of anything remotely "too Jewish" until the "church" was thoroughly ANTI SEMITE and was then legitimized by RABID ANTISEMITE Constantine (who then changed the FIRST and HOLIEST DAY of Rome from "Saturn's Day" to "Sun Day").

This is TRUE TO THIS VERY DAY in regard to RIGHTLY DISCERNING JESUS BODY as the "UNLEAVENED BREAD" of the WEEK LONG SABBATH FEAST of UNLEAVENED BREAD which BEGINS with the "PASSOVER SABBATH" (and is followed by the COMMANDED OBSERVANCE of 7 more IDENTICAL SABBATH WEEKS to the very DAY of our "Marriage Contract" with God called "Shavuot" or "Pentecost") and which we are COMMANDED TO REMEMBER AND KEEP (1 Cor. 5:7-8 & 11:23-29) in honor of the CORNERSTONE TRUTH of God's Kingdom Times and Laws which ARE THE TESTIMONY OF JESUS (Rev. 1:2, 1:9, 12:17, & 19:10)...we have been ROUNDED UP AND MURDERED by the HARLOT CHIRCHE and her POLITICAL DRAGON POWERS merely for HONORING the CORNERSTONE TRUTH whose KINGDOM AUTHORITY she OPPOSES through DECEPTION!

The descendents of the very one's who JUDGED, CONDEMNED as HERETICS, and MURDERED the SAINTS who REFUSED to go along with the CHANGE of SABBATH TIMES and LAWS 2000 years ago which DEFINE JESUS BODY as the CORNERSTONE of Gods Spiritual Kingdom, now INCORRECTLY QUOTE the following verse to JUSTIFY their MURDEROUS REBELLION to the CORNERSTONE TRUTH they PRETEND to love, in order to REMAIN ENSLAVED by the WICKED ONE and his FRAUD SABBATH KINGDOM of "Mystery Babylon" and deceive their children to do likewise!

Don't let anyone judge you in regard to meat or drink (the symbols of the "Body of Messiah") or your calendar of Holy Days of New Moons or their associated Sabbaths (Gods Calendar which speaks all about Jesus as "Cornerstone" of the Kingdom) because these are a shadow of THINGS THAT ARE COMING, THEIR SUBSTANCE (that which UNITES THEM as a "Tabernacle of Testimony") BEING THE "MESSIAH" (Saviour)! Col. 2:16

They murdered all the saints who had THIS CORNERSTONE TESTIMONY so they could REPLACE THESE CORNERSTONE TRUTHS with LIES and therefore they DO NOT RIGHTLY DISCERN the "Body of Messiah" as the "Assembly" or "Tabernacle of Testimony" being UNITED through these "substances" AT ALL, as Paul alluded to in 1 Cor. 11:29! They DO NOT observe the elements of the Passover COMMANDED BY GOD which is the TESTIMONY of Jesus and His Saints they have MURDERED for MILLENIA! They TEACH SORCERY instead. They believe the bread and wine of THEIR CUP which they partake whenever they choose, is "transubstantiated" to become LITERAL HUMAN FLESH AND BLOOD as it enters their mouths... a cup of RELIGIOUS BLASPHEMY and SATANIC SORCERY is what the Religious Harlot is DRUNK on in their SYNAGOGUE of SATAN, the "Temple of the Lord", Caesar! They serve the SPIRIT of DECEPTION as the "Cornerstone" of their Spiritual Kingdom NOT the "Passover Lamb" of God which He provided as the "Cornerstone" of the HIS TRUE SABBATH KINGDOM!

So Rev. 2:9 & 3:9 is a reference to those who CLAIMED to be Jews but were WORSHIPING the "Spirit of GENIUS" of the CREATOR of the "SPIRITUAL EMPIRE" of ROME, Julius Caesar, the INCARNATE "Black Sun of Saturn" a.k.a. the "God of Time" Kronos/Kivan/Remphan (Amos 5:26-27, Acts 7:43, Mal. 2:10-12) and his FRAUD SABBATH system, where "Passover Sabbath" and the PASSOVER LAMB God provided, and the UNLEAVENED BREAD and CUP is PRACTICALLY MEANINGLESS and REPLACED by RELIGIOUS SORCERY; the "opiate of the masses"). They MARCH to the TIMES AND LAWS by which the "IMPERIAL CULT TEMPLES" ran (today called "Chirches"), and those who WORSHIPED CAESAR as the INCARNATE (Black Sun) SUN GOD were "GATHERED" (Synagogue) on HIS HOLY DAYS, SATURDAYS until the 4th Century when they changed it to SUNDAYS! As PROPHESIED would take place after the destruction of Gods Temple subsequent to the REJECTION of Gods SPIRIT as its CORNERSTONE LORD of His Spiritual Sabbath Kingdom for a FRAUD Spiritual Kingdom "SABBATH LORD" which would take mankind CAPTIVE (for which God promised from the foundation of the world to provide the SACRIFICE to REDEEM US from BONDAGE and establish His Spirit as the "Cornerstone" of His Sabbath Kingdom on earth, and Himself as the TRUE "BRIGHT MORNINGSTAR" which would expose the Spirit of Deception which took mankind captive by usurping the authority of the TRUE "Light of the World"), and demonstrated by ARCHEOLOGICAL EVIDENCE did take place.

Julius Caesar created the 7 day week the world observes today, but the 1st and HOLIEST DAY of the new Roman Week was SATURDAY, and Sunday was the 2nd day of the week until the 4th Century. Therefore when you read your Bible and ASSUME the "Sabbath" being referenced in it was "Saturday", the last day of the week, and the 1st day of the week was "Sunday" according to the CALENDAR YOU SERVE TODAY in "Mystery Babylon", YOU ARE DECEIVED through ignorance of the TRUTH by DESIGN of the HARLOT CHURCH who CONTROLS THE NARRATIVE in service to the "god of this world" and his SIGN of the "SUN" [and the "Black Sun of Saturn" a.k.a. Kronos/Kivan/Remphan (Amos 5:26-27, Acts 7:43, Mal. 2:10-12) as the "God of Time" and "Lord of Sabbath"] as the "CORNERSTONE SIGN" for the SPIRIT of his kingdom of DECEPTION as the FRAUD "God of Time" in OPPOSITION to GODS CORNERSTONE SPIRIT and the TIMES and LAWS of GODS Kingdom by which Moses DEFINED HIS IMAGE of RIGHTEOUSNESS and TRUTH as "CORNERSTONE" of God's Kingdom (Jn. 5:46:47, Rom. 10:3-4, Mal. 2:10-12)!

You were carrying the Tabernacle of your King Saturn, and the (Star) Images of the Planet of your God which you made for yourselves, therefore I will carry you into captivity beyond Babylon! Amos 5:26-27 & Acts 7:43

The SABBATH of God was NOT anchored to the "WANDERING STARS" of the Planetary Solar Week Julius Caesar created to TAKE THE WORLD INTO BONDAGE in "Chains of Darkness" until JUDGEMENT DAY (2 Peter 2:4, Jude 1:13). God ANCHORED His Sabbath to the MOED MOON as the "Sign" for the CORNERSTONE TRUTH of His Spiritual Kingdom. It was the SABBATH TRUTH for which Jesus was Sacrificed as LORD and SAVIOUR which is the CORNERSTONE of God's Kingdom and it was EXCHANGED for a FRAUD SABBATH tied to ROMES FLOATING 'SOLAR' PLANETARY WEEK, specifically selecting the "Black Sun" of SATURN a.k.a. Kronos, the "God of Time" and WAR (a.k.a. Chiun/Remphan: Amos 5:6-7, Acts 7:43, Mal. 2:11) in ROMES SOLAR CALENDAR WORSHIP SYSTEM, which would BLIND THE MINDS of the WHOLE WORLD for 2 Millenial days, according to prophecy (Hos. 5:14-6:2).

That's how Moses WROTE ALL ABOUT JESUS! The archeological and historical record CLEARLY EXPOSES this DECEPTION of the "God of this age" now seen STANDING as the Spiritual "God of Time" in all the Holy Places (whether synagogue OR church) as the FRAUD CORNERSTONE of "Mystery Babylon" (depicted by the Statue of Nebuchadnezzar in Dan. 2:31-45). Peter was NOT confessing HIMSELF as the "Cornerstone" of Gods TEMPLE made of LIVING STONES against which DEATH would NOT PREVAIL as he himself elaborates in his instruction on how to interpret these verses in Acts 4:11 & 1 Pet. 2:4-8. So CONTRARY to the WITCHCRAFT teachings of "Chirche", Jesus was NOT confessing Peter as the stone upon whom we shall be built as living stones (though his name means stone and Peter was indeed a "stone" who by his OBEDIENCE of FAITH established himself as a "living stone" on the ETERNAL CORNERSTONE TRUTH against which his MURDER by the kingdom of DEATH shall NOT PREVAIL as he himself taught (Acts 4:11 & 1 Pet. 2:4-8).

God sent a POWERFUL DELUSION on the world through Rome as He promised (2 Thes. 2:6-12). Paul was CLEARLY alluding to the STANDING TEMPLE "times and laws" which had to BE DESTROYED by the "coming prince" of the "mystery of iniquity" for this POWERFUL DECEPTION to come on the whole world with Israel being taken captive to "Mystery Babylon" to serve "King Saturn" [by the 10th Horn of Rome (Vespasian) as the 7th Head of the Dragon-Beast before whom 3 horns were plucked up (Galba, Otho, and Vitellius); an HISTORICAL EVENT which history is SUPPRESSED by Chirche who serves this "mystery of iniquity" of the Dragon-Beast SHE RIDES to the day of Judgement, as I demonstrate in this link). The DESTRUCTION of the STANDING TEMPLE according to prophecy was the ONLY EVENT "HOLDING BACK this REVELATION" (2 Thes. 2:6-12) which would be KEPT SECRET, held under CHAINS OF DARKNESS until JUDGEMENT DAY as God promised!

Paul was NOT teaching a "rapture gospel" by which the Chirche has DECEIVED Gods saints to REMAIN ENSLAVED in her kingdom of DEATH and HELL, as I demonstrate in this link. He was referencing Dan. 12:2 and Rev. 20:4 and elsewhere which clearly teach the Resurrection of the dead SHALL NOT HAPPEN before this EVENT is EXPOSED and the Harlot of Mystery Babylon and the WICKED ONE she serves as her cornerstone lord have been JUDGED by the BODY of MESSIAH (Judah and Israel) who come OUT from bondage JOINED TOGETHER as Gods FIRSTBORN SON ISRAEL, who shall RECEIVE THE KINGDOM BEFORE the resurrection of the dead (Dan. 12:2, Rev. 20:4)!

So keep in mind that the word "Church" DID NOT EXIST in English (or in German as "Kirche") for 1000 YEARS AFTER the destruction of the Jewish Temple of God and the MURDER and/or SCATTERING of ALL His living stones of His "CALLED OUT BODY" of Saints who WILL UNITE and OVERCOME Satan's Kingdom of Deception whose GATES OF HELL shall NOT PREVAIL against us who LIVE OUR LIVES BUILT on OBEDIENCE to the CORNERSTONE of GOD as He Designed for those He CALLS OUT from the Kingdom of Hell on earth to ESTABLISH HIS KINGDOM ON EARTH in its PLACE!

And Jesus responded to him saying: "I tell you Peter that you are a Stone and upon THIS Stone I will build my CALLED OUT ASSEMBLY (ekklesia), and the Gates of the Underworld (Kingdom of Hades/Hell/Death) shall NOT prevail over IT [ie. "THE Corner Stone TRUTH" of God which Peter himself confessed by faith and upon which he laid his life as "A stone" (Acts 4:11 & 1 Pet. 2:4-8)]! Mat. 16:18

Likewise only AFTER the FIRST and HOLIEST DAY of Saturday in the Roman Week was DEMOTED to the LAST DAY of the Roman week, and SUNDAY was declared the 1st and Holiest Day of the "NEW ROME" under Constantine in the 4th century (the IMAGE of the 1st Dragon-Beast), did these "Temples" which were previously devoted to openly worshiping the "Spirit of GENIUS" of the Psychopath Emperors where the BODY of SATAN "Synagogued" (gathered) together into "one mass", OFFICIALLY CONVERT to later become "CHURCHES" [where the "deep things of Satan" became the hidden esoteric rites of the ELITE occult "synagogue of Satan"/Church in an OPEN SECRET in your face! (Eph. 5:12, Rev. 2:24, Mal. 3:24/4:6)].

But that could only happen once all of the TRUE "Jews" like Peter and Paul (those who "keep the commands of God AND have the Testimony of Jesus, like all the REAL "Christians" who wrote the New Testament, and their Greek disciples like Polycarp who received the TRUE DOCTRINE) who REFUSED OPEN WORSHIP of the Psychopath EMPEROR as God and CONTINUED observing GODS CALENDAR which speaks all about the TRUE "LORD" of the TRUE "SABBATH" were finally "CULLED" from the "MASSES" as a NECESSARY "SACRIFICE" of the BODY of Jesus upon which Chirche literally built her Palace Temple. The Jews who remained alive IN BONDAGE to a FRAUD SABBATH which their fathers inducted them into, or were otherwise ignorantly born into after the 1st Century, themselves became a WANDERING "SCAPEGOAT" in the WILDERNESS of the EMPIRE after the 4th century, to be BLAMED from time to time for the KINGDOM NARRATIVES of CONTROL for the CIRCUS SHOWS of "CHURCH POLITICS"; as I demonstrate IS STILL THE AGENDA of these SATANISTS who are STILL DECEIVING THE MASSES with their POLITICAL CIRCUS SHOWS (deceiving the House of Israel) to try to STEAL the INHERITANCE of the TRUE HEIRS of God's Promises, for whom God Promised to make the Sacrifice. That agenda did not end with their attempt to OPENLY MURDER the House of Judah (and covertly the House of Israel who are deceived to believe these TARES are their "leaders"). That's what the 3rd Reich was all about...and they have not given up their plans to get rid of the TRUE HEIRS, they've merely REGROUPED and are IMPLEMENTING the 4th Reich RIGHT NOW and DECEIVING the HOUSE OF ISRAEL once again!

It's CLEARLY a SATANIC MISINTERPRETATION since the word "Synagogue" came to be applied EXCLUSIVELY to "Jewish Gatherings" through TRANSLATIONS only AFTER the destruction of the Temple and their diaspora (and the simultaneous exaltation of the Emperor in the Temples of the Imperial Cult to be worshipped as "God Incarnate" above all gods even the God of the Jews!). Since then the HOUSE of JUDAH and the House of ISRAEL have been kept DIVIDED AGAINST ONE ANOTHER in service to the SPIRIT of DECEPTION which the PSYCHOPATH EMPEROR EMBODIED as the "Lord" of his FRAUD SABBATH as the "Cornerstone" of his World Empire of "Mystery Babylon", the "Image of Satan" in flesh! It's CLEARLY an EISEGETIC interpretation of the text by the "CHURCH" SYNAGOGUE of SATAN themselves who CLAIM to be serving God but in fact TOGETHER (Jew and Gentile) compose the DIVIDED BODY of the "HARLOT of Mystery Babylon" serving the Spirit of SATAN and his ANTICHRIST "Emperor" as the "CORNERSTONE SPIRIT" of SORCERY in the Spiritual Kingdom of Mystery Babylon which has enslaved mankind and is OPPOSED to the CORNERSTONE SPIRIT of God's Kingdom!

We EASILY see the TRUTH of this INDICTMENT not only in the HISTORICAL EVIDENCE, but the TEXTUAL EVIDENCE given to us by God who TOLD US IN ADVANCE that it WOULD HAPPEN! This ANTISEMITIC interpretation was DELIBERATELY done to HIDE the FACT that EVERYONE in the ROMAN WORLD at that time KNEW that Pergamos was the FIRST CENTER of EMPEROR WORSHIP (a.k.a. the IMPERIAL CULT formed by Augustus Caesar in honor of his "Father God" Julius Caesar) where they built GATHERING PLACES (synagogues/temples) to OPENLY WORSHIP CAESAR and his "Spirit of GENIUS" as "God" long before the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem. Julius Caesar, as the INCARNATE SUN GOD [like the "imperialist cults" worshiping their leaders as the incarnate SUN GODS of other empires like those of China or Tammuz in Babylon, Pharaoh of Egypt, Mithras of Persia, and now that of Rome called "Christmas" (the "anointed mass") today, as envisioned by Julius Caesar], CREATED the CALENDAR in SERVICE to this "CORNERSTONE SPIRIT" as God TOLD US IN ADVANCE would take place. With the REJECTION of the CORNERSTONE SPIRIT of God and His Calendar which He created to speak ALL ABOUT HIM as the CORNERSTONE of HIS SPIRITUAL KINGDOM, was the CREATION and ADOPTION of a FRAUD CORNERSTONE SPIRIT and the calendar CREATED to take the world into BONDAGE to MYSTERY BABYLON! One would do well to watch this riveting 3 hour documentary regarding the SUPPRESSED and/or FORGOTTEN History of the "Dragon Empire" and its "ANTICHRISTS" waging SPIRITUAL WARFARE against God's Saints though DECEPTION, in order to SNAP THEM OUT from the SPELL OF SORCERY they are under and ROUSE THEM into Service to King Jesus according to the TRUE GOSPEL PLAN they have been DECEIVED TO OPPOSE!

Here's another brief history of the earliest ADMITTED history of EMPEROR WORSHIP (which really DEFINES those who WORSHIP Julius Caesar as the "CHRIST" who CREATED the "Christian Calendar", as the INCARNATE "SUN GOD", the "SUPREME GOD" of "MYSTERY BABYLON". And here's another page which discusses the VAST ARRAY of SATANIC PRACTICES (where Caesar was recognized the SUPREME "God" as the "CORNERSTONE" of this PANTHEON of DEMONIC WORSHIP) which we see OPENLY springing up ALL AROUND US TODAY in modernized forms of our Spiritual Captivity in "Mystery Bablyon".

In fact here is the PROPHETIC HISTORY which tell us the MASSES of the Jews were DECEIVED by their own leaders, as are CHRISTIANS TODAY, to MISINTERPRET the scriptures (most specifically Daniel, which would then be "sealed up" until it's time to EXPOSE and DESTROY "Mystery Babylon" depicted by the Statue of Nebuchadnezzar in Dan. 2:31-45). Like many Jews AND Christians in Nazi Germany (and TO THIS VERY DAY), they were not able to recognize their leaders were deceiving them. Rather than lose their lives, they lost their faith and were enslaved. They had believed the Messiah of God was going to begin his OPEN Rule, not the ANTICHRIST BEAST. Today the deception is EXACTLY OPPOSITE once again. The Christians are teaching that the "Jewish Antichrist" is coming to power and say NOTHING about the Prince of Israel because they've been DECEIVED...they have been DECEIVED by the ANTICHRIST and his TARES who are RULING NOW, to OPPOSE THE TRUTH and the MESSENGER PRINCE of ISRAEL as if he were their ENEMY, their "antichrist". They are deceived to perceive EVIL as normal and good, and GOOD as if it were abnormal and EVIL!

The corrupt leaders DECEIVING the children do not want the children to even CONTEMPLATE, let alone begin to understand, that their "DIVINE CAESAR", is their "Sun God" incarnate, the CORNERSTONE of their Kingdom...the world's "antichrist" CHOSEN in REJECTION of the JEWISH MESSIAH as PROPHESIED...they don't want their OPEN SECRET revealed or EXPOSED to the knowledge of the MASSES THEY DECEIVE TO SERVE THE MYSTERY OF INIQUITY as the CORNERSTONE of their SPIRITUAL KINGDOM of SORCERY; "Mystery Babylon"!

Caesar was WORSHPPED as the DIVINE SUN GOD (like in the "Temples" of the "Divine Caesar" in Pergamos and Smyrna which was the CENTER of Emperor worship called the "Synagogue of Satan" and the "Seat of Satan" in Rev. 2). Just like in ancient Egypt, Satan is worshiped and/OR SERVED (as lord of his fraud Sabbath) as the "CORNERSTONE" of REBELLION AND DECEPTION upon which the SYNCRETIC SPIRITUAL BEAST KINGDOM of "MYSTERY BABYLON" STANDS to this very day!). You could say that all of this was a sort of TEMPLATE for how God told us the "BUILDERS" would REJECT HIM in service to the Spiritual Kingdom of Mystery Babylon and serving this JEZEBEL WITCH who serves the CORNERSTONE Spirit of DECEPTION in REBELLION to Gods Kingdom Gospel Plan!

It was prophesied in the BIBLE that the DAUGHTER of ZION would be taken CAPTIVE in the "Wilderness" of the World Kingdom of "Mystery Babylon" and its HARLOT CHURCH called the 'DAUGHTER of BABYLON' who exalts herself as God's bride and sits as the 'QUEEN OF HEAVEN' [while teaching the "DEEP THINGS OF SATAN" (Eph. 5:12, Rev. 2:24, Mal. 3:24/4:6)], until the END DAYS when she would be "NAKEDLY EXPOSED" and the Judgement of FIRE would be POURED OUT on her for her CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY and her ATTEMPT to STEAL the HOLY MARRIAGE COVENANT God made with the DAUGHTER of ZION, HIS FAITHFUL BRIDE (Mic. 4:10-13, Rev. 12:5-6 & 17, Ps. 137, Rev. 17:17, Rev. 18:1-2)! He promises to SAVE the DAUGHTER of ZION from the HARLOT DAUGHTER of BABYLON who sits in the midst of the "SEAS" and who has ENSLAVED THE WHOLE WORLD with her Calendar System serving the Spirit of Deception and her PHARMAKEIA (DRUG SORCERIES), and PARTICULARLY He will save HIS PEOPLE in a GREATER 'EXODUS' than that from EGYPT, as promised throughout the prophets beginning with Moses (Duet. 30:3, Is. 11:10-12, Jer. 16:14-15, Ez. 20:34-37)! He does this by "CALLING TOGETHER" or "ASSEMBLING" the pieces of the UNLEAVENED BREAD which compose the "BODY OF GOD" as "Living Stones", a Temple of People who have His Spirit of Truth living in them and uniting them under God, the Head of the BODY of MESSIAH ON EARTH, those who RIGHTLY DISCERN the BODY OF GODS WORD which was ENFLESHED as a PASSOVER LAMB according to the KINGDOM GOSPEL PLAN! Then the WHOLE WORLD will be "BORN AGAIN" into a "NEW COVENANT KINGDOM" on Earth where the spirit of SATANIC CORRUPTION and DECETION no longer reigns, but rather the RIGHTEOUS Spirit of TRUTH and JUSTICE for ALL! The "SEED" of God, which is the "BODY of the MESSIAH" whose FEET will CRUSH SATAN'S HEAD, is a WOMAN of GREAT BEAUTY and FAITH like the MATRIARCHS of the Messiah himself; Tamar, Sarah, Rebecca, Rachel & Leah, Rahab, Ruth, and Mary who, through their OBEDIENCE of FAITH in the "SEED" promises, MARRIED THEMSELVES to the GOD OF ISRAEL! The members of the Body of the Daughter of Zion and all her SEED (Rev. 12:17) will recognize that the Daughter of Babylon a.k.a. the "Harlot of Mystery Babylon" who rides the DRAGON of GOVERNMENT, has ALWAYS SPUN THE TRUTH into a POWERFUL LIE to remain in control of the NARRATIVE that rules the world through her institutions to this very day, like the "rapture gospel" PROPAGANDA of Satan recently popularized into mainstream culture after WWII, and they will COME OUT from the HARLOT TARES of Mystery Babylon for GODS GLORY!

God PROMISED His "Firstborn Son, Israel" would go INTO BONDAGE and COME OUT in "EXODUS" twice. The first time was as a PATTERN IN EGYPT and the SECOND is a SPIRITUAL WORLD KINGDOM called "Mystery Babylon" from which He is UNTING US in the PASSOVER LAMB He provided FOR THIS END TIME GOAL to DESTROY SATAN'S KINGDOM of "Mystery Babylon" controlled by his Religious Harlot Chirche in which we suffer.

Oddysey = Suffering

As a final note regarding the Queen witch of heaven "Circe" encountered in the ancient mythic travels in Homer's Odyssey, named after the Ship's Captain "Odysseus" ("Sufferer"), who saves his crew and the world from the sorceries of "Circe" (Chirche) and her siren witches and their POWERFUL DELUSION by which they BIND MEN through DECEPTION to SERVE in their Kingdom as BEASTS, there was an Oracle (prophecy) that stated if JUST ONE was EVER subjected to hearing the SIRENS BEWITCHING SONGS and yet was EVER ABLE to RESIST her call to serve her...if just ONE OVERCAME her DECEPTIONS, it would be the DEATH of ALL THE WITCHES and the END of her kingdom of SORCERIES. You could see this "ORACLE" also known as a PROPHECY really went beyond the telling of an ANCIENT MYTH well into the FUTURE of the Daughter of Babylon, the Spiritual Daughter of the INCARNATE SUN as the "queen of heaven" who would EXALT HERSELF as God's Bride in her Kingdom of Deceptions called "Mystery Babylon".

So as the story goes, Odysseus had some of his faithful chosen men bind him to the mast of his ship and he gave them instructions NOT TO UNTIE HIM no matter how much he begged and pleaded, until the sirens had finished their singing and he no longer struggled to be free, which they did. As they sang he begged, pleaded and threatened his chosen and faithful servants to free him...until the witches couldn't sing anymore so they stopped, and then he no longer struggled to be free because he was no longer suffering. Then they cut him loose from the ships mast as he had instructed them and the WITCHES ALL PERISHED according to the oracle (Mal. 3:5)!

I think the SPIRITUAL REALITY symbolized in this ancient myth is IRONICALLY (and perhaps like witchcraft) MANIFEST by the harlot church crucifix depicting the TRUE "Lord" of the TRUE "SABBATH KINGDOM" who resurrected and is RULING NOW, depicted as STILL "BOUND" ON THE CROSS as the FRAUD CORNERSTONE Lord of Mystery Babylon she serves is USURPING his AUTHORITY of TRUTH through DECEPTION! When just ONE serving the TRUE CORNERSTONE (which is the Testimony of Jesus) finally OVERCOMES (as Jesus himself promises according to the TRUE KINGDOM GOSPEL PLAN Rev. 2:26-28) then her "song" CONTROLLING the world's NARRATIVES through DECEPTION and WAR CRAFT will be OVER. She will be EXPOSED as serving SATAN as the "CORNERSTONE" and FRAUD "SABBATH LORD" of her kingdom which will be VANQUISHED, and the BODY of Gods FIRSTBORN SON will no longer be SPIRITUALLY BOUND by WITCHCRAFT in her increasingly HELLISH KINGDOM listening to HER RELIGIOUS LIES. She will be EXPOSED and her kingdom of "Mystery Babylon" serving the "Cornerstone Spirit of Deception" in place of the TRUTH, will be DESTROYED as depicted in Dan. 2:45, Rev. 17:14-17, and elsewhere, for OPPOSING the Kingdom of God and HIS WILL being done (Mal. 3:5)!

The God of peace will soon crush Satan under your feet...! Rom. 16:20 (Gen. 3:15).

***Note on the "Two Witnesses" ("adot") ***

Let me remind you now of the "Note" we alluded to several times previously in regard to the Testimony (adah) of the "Two Witnesses (adot) we covered earlier, and make sure you explore and meditate on all the connections in order to understand fully, because the "Testimony of Jesus" IS EXACTLY THE SAME as the "Testimony" of the "Two Witnesses" for which the BODY of Messiah SUFFERS in IGNORANCE needlessly!

***Begin Note*** Here I need to insert an AID for the readers understanding of what John is referencing when he speaks of "two witnesses" in Revelation 11 for which I used Peter and Paul earlier as REPRESENTATIVES which IN PART fulfilled the SPIRITUALLY DISCERNED PROPHETIC PARABLES John gives us regarding the Dragon-Beast which would REJECT God's "Cornerstone", CHANGE God's "times and laws" of His Kingdom (which are themselves "Two Witnesses" for the TRUE "Cornerstone Lord"), to take Israel Captive in a "world bondage" during a period of Time called "the times of the Gentiles" (2 Millenial Days, Hos. 5:14-6-2) to a "SPIRITUAL WORLD KINGDOM" of Syncretic Priestcraft (Religious Sorcery) that has existed from the FALL of man which God would eventually DEFINE through His Word as "Mystery Babylon" according to His PLan, and which is depicted in the Statue of Nebuchadnezzar in Dan. 2:31-45 which 4th Kingdom John is DEFINING for us as the "Dragon-Beast" with "7 heads" and "Ten Horns". This "Beast" IS the Roman Empire which Julius Caesar created as its 1st of 7 "kings" according to John's reference to the 10 horned Beast of Daniel's prophecy. Galba, Otho, and Vitellius were the "3 horns uprooted" the year the 10th "little horn" came to power as the "7th "King", Vespasian who destroyed the Temple and took Israel captive as prophesied...which John tells us would soon be coming according to prophecy in Rev. 17:10, a SUPPRESSED History of events from a TRUE "WITNESS" PERSPECTIVE, as I demonstrate in this link and many others on this site).

As with ALL of the "visions" and accounts in the Book of Revelation, John has masterfully distilled and condensed MANY PROPHECIES and PARABLES from the TaNaKh (Old Testament) down into POWERFUL VISIONARY language at the behest of the Spirit of Prophecy which IS the "Testimony of Jesus" that should be LIVING in all His Saints. He has made the PROFOUND parables to APPEAR at face value as sort of fairytales or children's stories easily understood...and the religious Harlot is DRUNK on this powerful elixir she uses to DECEIVE, but which really EXPOSES HER SPIRITUAL POVERTY and NAKEDNESS to all of God's "Witnesses" who KNOW the PROPHECIES John is referencing and repackaging for us to understand. Therefore let's BEGIN by being CLEAR that this is PROPHETIC LANGUAGE describing SPIRITUAL REALITIES which are FAR MORE TRUE than the literal, carnal language being employed which make it APPEAR "literal" to the carnal, childlike mind, by design. The carnal mind of spiritual CHILDREN CAN NEVER UNDERSTAND these SPIRITUAL REALITIES which both UNPACK PRIOR PROPHECIES developed over a long period of time, beginning with Moses being fulfilled at that time, and REPACKAGES some of them which would unfold over MILLENIA to come, apart from recognizing the SPIRITUAL NATURE of what is being described and DIGGING DEEPER than face value.

Therefore as we shall see, when John speaks of a "Beast" coming up from a "bottomless pit" and killing "two witnesses" who are ALSO "the two olive trees" of prophecy, he is REFERENCING PRIOR PROPHECY which was being fulfilled AT THAT TIME, AND which would be SEALED UP again after the MURDER and/or MARGINALIZATION of the TESTIMONY of ALL the "Witnesses" who have the "TESTIMONY of Jesus" [which IS the "Testimony" of the "Witnesses" being SILENCED since that time (Rev. 1:2, 1:9, 12:17, & 19:10)] until Judgment Day, which is NOW at the DOOR with this UNSEALED "WITNESS TESTIMONY" being DELIVERED by an "overcomer" to the rest of "Body of Messiah" to UNITE THEM according to the PLAN which has NEVER CHANGED from before creation!

He is clearly NOT speaking of literal CARNAL events to be fulfilled by two literal men and a literal beast coming up from some literal hole that goes through one side of the earth to the other! There is NO LITERAL "DRAGON beast" of flesh and blood, no literal "bottomless pit", and men are NOT "trees"! CONFLATING "LITERALLY PHYSICAL" events in place of the SPIRITUAL EVENTS (which are more "real" than the "literal events" which SEEM to be described by the use of carnal human language and imagery) through the use of carnal imagery employed to help the reader understand the SPIRITUAL TRUTH, is clearly a WRONG UNDERSTANDING which most people are deceived to believe BY DESIGN...all Gods CHILDREN have been born into a world CONTROLLED by the DRAGON Spirit of Deception and his Religious Harlot who SILENCE the TESTIMONY of TRUTH to remain IN POWER over a SPIRITUAL KINGDOM of DECEPTION... and only those who LOVE TRUTH will come OUT from that SPIRITUAL Kingdom of Deception wherein the DRAGON'S SPIRIT and Julius Caesar as his "Pontifex Maximus" (High Priest-King) which created their WANDERING STAR kingdom of deception awaiting the day of judgement, is the "cornerstone of deception" the "Mystery of Iniquity" selected by the "builders" who REJECTED the "Cornerstone Truth", the "Mystery of God"! The Religious Harlot who sits as Queen atop her Mountain of Lies on which "Mystery Babylon" was established through MURDER of the WITNESSES, is a "WIDOW" serving the "cornerstone of Death and Hell" and not only DOES NOT KNOW the Living CORNERSTONE TRUTH, but is SO DRUNK on her RELIGIOUS OPIATES that she can't see how NAKED and BLIND she is before GOD'S TRUE PROPHETS whom she MURDERS until JUDGMENT DAY comes ON HER!

So let me try to assist those who DESIRE to KNOW THE TRUTH, which will not be easy and will require them to STRUGGLE with the FACTS which are DELIBERATELY OVERLOOKED by those who DON'T love the truth and want to CONTROL THE NARRATIVE as a servant of the Witch Chirche (using childish translations of these SPIRITUAL TEXTS) so that they PROTECT the CORNERSTONE FRAUD of the DRAGON-Beast and his Spiritual Kingdom of Deception (Mystery Babylon) which they serve, from ever being EXPOSED by the CORNERSTONE TRUTH of Gods Spiritual Kingdom which they themselves don't understand and they DECEIVE God's children to OPPOSE IGNORANTLY. That is the PURPOSE of the TESTIMONY of the "Two Witnesses"; to IDENTIFY the "Cornestone Spirit of Truth" according to the Word of the FATHER which IS the Testimony of Jesus! The TESTIMONY of the Two Witnesses is ETERNAL and is MOST IMPORTANT to understand NOW; TODAY! All of Gods TRUE PROPHETS MUST KNOW because the "CORNERSTONE TRUTH" can not be ESTABLISHED apart from the UNITY of those TWO TESTIMONIES as God designed before ever creating anything!

The first thing we see as we dig into the LANGUAGE is that the Hebrew Word for "Witness" is "AD" (H-5707) and is the ROOT for the conjugations of H-5712, 13, & 15 translated variously as "testimony", "assembly" and "congregation" and for which the Greek translators used the words "Synagogue" and "Ekklesia" interchageably, as we saw earlier in this page. This SAME ROOT WORD is ALSO used for the Tent and Ark of "Testimony" over which TWO "MESSENGERS" ("Keruvim" often CONFLATED with Malakim in translation) stood as "WITNESSES" of the "COVENANT" in the "Holy of Holies". The word used to translate that same word (H-5715) in regard to the Tent or Tabernacle of "Testimony" or "Witnesses" is "Martyr" in the Greek Septuagint!

***Begin Note*** "Kerubim", like "Seraphim", are heavenly beings a.k.a. "Angels" and they are also referenced as "messengers" called "malakim". The Hebrew word "Malakim" in plural form (as well as the Greek word: "Aggelos" and Latin word: "Angelos") means: "MESSENGERS" in those respective languages where MORE OFTEN THAN NOT these words reference "MEN" of flesh and blood, not kerubim or seraphim! In those original ancient languages the reader themselves were ALLOWED to determine WHEN these "messengers" denote something OTHER THAN flesh and blood men or not. The modern Latin and English translators have TAKEN THAT OPTION AWAY from English speakers by transliterating the modern Latin CONCEPT of flying fairy type beings (keruvim & seraphim) associated with the word "angel" INTO the text. The reader is left to CONCLUDE that these "messengers" are MORE than flesh and blood men (especially where prophetic visionary language is being employed) and that is rarely the case such that they are not looking for the BODY of Messiah COMING TO POWER led by the voice of a "CHEIF MESSENGER" (prophet like Elijah) UNITING THEM together, but for "Jesus leading all the "angels" (flying fairies with pixie dust) and the "arc angel" being the "voice" leading them; absolute FAIRYTALES!

Therefore "aggelo/angel" should have ALWAYS been translated into English as "Messenger", and should be UNDERSTOOD that way by the reader when the word "angel" is encountered in English. The reader NEVER assume "angel" ONLY means heavenly beings like Keruvim and Seraphim because the "malakim" (aggelos/angelos) are throughout the corpus of Biblical text, MORE OFTEN than not, CLEARLY "MEN" with flesh and blood! The reader should be ALLOWED to "INTERPRET" for themselves WHEN these "messengers" (poorly translated "angels" to English) are something OTHER than mere men, and when they may in fact be HEAVENLY MINDED HOLY SPIRIT INSPIRED MEN (a.k.a. "Prophets") SENT BY GOD to UNITE THEM in the POWER of the CORNERSTONE TRUTH. ***End Note***

Please look up the words "Witness", Testimonies/Testimony", "Congregation/Congregations", and "Assemblies/Assembly" in the Strong's Concordance and SEE the EVIDENCE with your own eyes. The SAME WORDS (H-5707, 12, 13, & 15) are used in MANY PLACES often SYNONOMOUSLY, and they ALL EXPRESSLY SHARE H-5707 as the ROOT WORD/MEANING (singular masculine "witness/testimony") from which EACH is derived and conjugated; essentially being contextually distinquished through gender and number (masc./fem. & sing./plural)! See the INDISTINGUISHABLE ROOT shared by each of these conjugations and their CONTEXTS with YOUR OWN EYES and as you MEDITATE on it, ask God to let you "SEE" through the EYE of UNDERSTANDING into the "HOLY PLACE" as a "Witness" for Him as John did and WANTED YOU TO ALSO DO; to "See" the God of TRUTH through these "WITNESS TESTIMOMIES" of His CALLED OUT SAINTS!).

Let's go even DEEPER now. As briefly alluded to, depending on CONTEXT the Greek Septuagint translates "Adat", for which they frequently use the words "ekklesia" and "synagogue" synonomously, with the conjugation of the word "martyr". That's the Greek word used here by John and rendered into English as "Witnesses". Now you know what "Martyr" means to us in English right!? It basically means SLAIN "witnesses" (assemblies/synagogues) to SILENCE their "TESTIMONY" or "witness" of their "assembly", the Testimony of the "TRUE CORNERSTONE SPIRIT" because THAT is the Testimony of Jesus which, as the TRUE LIGHT of the WORLD, EXPOSES ALL DECEPTIONS and the SPIRITUAL KINGDOM built ON THOSE DECEPTIONS and the MURDER of ALL THOSE WITNESSES! Now that's HEAVY and DEEP when you PAUSE TO THINK ABOUT IT for a while; as YOU SHOULD DO if you REALLY WANT TO UNDERSTAND this PARABLE about what HAPPENS to GODS REAL PROPHETS until JUST ONE finally overcomes with the Testimony of Jesus so that ISRAEL is is UNITED in the INHERITANCE PROMISE as the FIRSTBORN SON to come OUT from their world bondage and the WHOLE world is SAVED (Rev. 2:26-28, Rev. 21:7, Rev. 20:1-4, Dan. 12:1-2, Dan. 7:22)! It is WE who have the "Keys of the Kingdom", the UNSEALED TESTIMONY of the Messiah of God and His Disciples which was SEALED UP as prophesied (Is. 8:16 & 20, Dan. 12:1-4).

Before we finish reading this page you will see EVEN MORE evidence DEMONSTRATING EXACTLY HOW the "Chirche" (who brought Hitler to power using DECEPTION) IS POSSESSED by the Spirit of Jezebel and IS the "Synagogue of Satan" who keeps the TWO HOUSES or "Testimonies" (plural = "adat" H-5707-15) of "Israel" DIVIDED through DECEPTIONS and MURDER in her ATTEMPT to STEAL the AUTHORITY of Israel's "BIRTHRIGHT" and OUR COVENANT with God through DECEPTION and MURDER to this very day! She puts religious leaders in place who are WILLING to serve her as PROPAGANDA PUPPETS telling FAIRYTALES to the CHILDREN to get the "MASSES" to OBEY HER, JUST LIKE SHE DID IN NAZI GERMANY...and anyone who DIDN'T (especially TRUE BELIEVERS in the Messiah who KNEW BETTER) were taken to the DEATH CAMPS (thankfully my grandmother, the ONLY KNOWN SURVIVOR of my mother's maternal lineage, survived and escaped). So stop arguing over FAIRYTALES and PROPAGANDA because God gave us a TRUE KINGDOM GOSPEL PLAN and "ONE" from ISRAEL SHALL EVENTUALLY "OVERCOME" (Rev. 2:26-28, Dan. 7:25-27, Rev. 20:1-4, Dan. 12:1-2) the FALSE NARRATIVES spewn from the mouth of the Dragon and his Religious Harlot, and as the UNITED BODY of MESSIAH, the "Firstborn Son" of God, "Israel" (which MEANS "Gods Ruler"), and WE SHALL RECEIVE OUR INHERITANCE TOGETHER (Rev. 21:7)!

The TWO "TESTIMONIES" establishing the "CORNERSTONE TRUTH" of God's Spiritual Kingdom, and which simultaneously EXPOSES the FRAUD Spiritual Kingdom of the BEAST and those deceived to serve him as their "Cornerstone" by his kings and priests, was of SUCH IMPORTANCE to the "witnesses" throughout history that they have ALWAYS laid down their LIVES as STONES in a foundation to SERVE HIM and ESTABLISH HIS KINGDOM ON EARTH! But the Two "TESTIMONIES" (Adat) which Establish the "Passover Lamb" as the "Lord of Sabbath" as the "CORNERSTONE TRUTH" of God's Spiritual Kingdom is NEVER DISCUSSED by the FAIRYTALE TELLING antismites who serve the FRAUD CORNERSTONE of "Mystery Babylon" who keep the Adat (Testimonies/Congregations) DIVIDED and the children ignorantly haggling over the POSSIBLE "identities" of the literally only "2 men" they are deceived to believe will come in the FUTURE to a "rebuilt temple" in which a "Beast" will be sitting "as God" and the "Beast" will kill them and their literal "bodies" will literally "lay dead in the street" before resurrecting and flying up in the sky. This is little more than a childish fairytale which does not address any of the DEEP PROPHETIC EVENTS of scripture in CONTEXT of the very purpose for creation which IS THEIR TESTIMONY! This is why I used Peter and Paul because John was CLEARLY telling us in PROPHETIC SYMBOLOGY that the 4th Kingdom of the STATUE of Nebuchadnezzar is Rome when he tells us THIS DRAGON BEAST was WAITING to devour Messiah (Rev. 12:4-5) because its first "5 kings" had already come and NERO [who MURDERED Peter and Paul as the FIRST TWO "witnesses" (Martyrs) of THOUSANDS who would be Slain in the "Chirche of Nero" and thousands more throughout the Empire during the "Tribulation of the Saints" over the next few centuries), was the "6th King" ruling at that time (Rev. 17:10); a SUPPRESSED PROPHETIC HISTORY which I cover in GREAT DETAIL here.

So let's take a look at some more of the DELIBERATELY OVERLOOKED or IGNORED FACTS, the IMPORTANT DETAILS which show us the children are CURRENTLY being deceived to serve the Dragon-Beast through the Religious Harlot who, through her FALSE NARRATIVES of DECEPTION in service to the Dragon, deceive the children to serve him as their "cornerstone" of her Spiritual Kingdom of SORCERY called "Mystery Babylon", in OPPOSITION to the CORNERSTONE of God's Spiritual Kingdom which the TWO TESTIMONIES DEFINE! For example John openly declares that these two witnesses are "THE TWO OLIVE TREES", clearly referencing Zechariah chapter 4 which was well known AND UNDERSTOOD by Jesus and the Apostles who reference this "Building Project" couched BETWEEN the TWO PICTURES of the TWO TREES which BEGIN and END that "BUILDING" CHAPTER, many times. But it is NOT understood by SPIRITUAL SLAVES who have been TAKEN CAPTIVE, the "Children" born into the Spiritual Kingdom of "Mystery Babylon" (Zer Babel = Seed from Babylon). The NARRATIVE CONTROLLERS don't understand these prophecies and they generally teach the children not to read those texts. Their religious leaders who deceive them with fairytales in service to the Dragon as their "cornerstone", generally treat these as insignificant details to be COMPLETELY DISREGARDED and even MOCK those who do KNOW and UNDERSTAND and they ABUSE anyone who might TEACH IT.

All the while they are ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN in their self righteous hypocritical ARROGANCE and AGREE TOGETHER, that these "two witnesses" are regarding FUTURE EVENTS for which they merely haggle over the identity of the "men" WITHOUT EVER trying to REASON about or understand the EXPRESSED IDENTITY of the "TREES" or the LIGHT which they not only "stand by" but which they BECOME LIKE HIM as John alludes to in Rev. 11:4 when he alludes to the passages of Zech. 4:3 & 11 as the CONTEXT by which they are to be INTERPRETED and UNDERSTOOD. One could say the TESTIMONY of the Father for the SON and the SON for the FATHER, the UNITY of which is the LIGHT of the HOLY SPIRIT of TRUTH as the "CORNERSTONE" and "IMAGE" Jesus came to MANIFEST for us to be CONFORMED TO...this "CORNERSTONE TESTIMONY" is the "Cornerstone Key" of the Kingdom.

Nor do they EVER connect the DOTS between the "Death of the Witnesses" in relation to the "CORNERSTONE DAY" (called Christmas) of the Dragon's Kingdom in which they have been enslaved and ON WHICH they ALL SEND EACHOTHER GIFTS as the CORNERSTONE DAY of their kingdom...they don't recognize this is done BECAUSE the TWO TESTIMONIES are DIVIDED AGAINST ONE ANOTHER by the Religious Harlot who has BEWITCHED THEM. They don't recognize that from the time that Julius Caesar ended the Republic of Rome and ANCHORED the Empire to THAT DAY as its "CORNERSTONE" BEFORE JESUS WAS EVER BORN, that day has ALWAYS been celebrated with GIFTS (and drunken debauchery), and the ONLY WAY that could CONTINUE to be the case was by TAKING the TWO HOUSES/TESTIMONIES of the PASSOVER LAMB CAPTIVE and making them ENEMIES of one another THROUGH DECEPTION! Neither HOUSE recongnizes God's Times and Law which IDENTIFY the TRUE "Sabbath Lord" of the TRUE spiritual Kingdom of God as its very CORNERSTONE which should UNITE THEM! It's a HUGE SATANIC JOKE being put IN THE FACE of all God's Children who simply don't know how to correctly interpret what they see manifest before them by their SORCERY PRACTICING LEADERS who are punking them. Their leaders will NEVER REPENT as they march the world toward the "DAYS LIKE NOAH" where the ELITE "god like" leaders basically take whichever of the children of men they want, and there will be nothing they can do about it as they abuse them in front of their own parents because they made it APPEAR "legal"...a time of HATRED AND VIOLENCE because they REJECT the SPIRIT OF TRUTH and the TIMES AND LAWS He defined for Himself as their "Cornestone King" whose "restraints" they have "cast off" as it says in Psalm 2.

Thus the children themselves have been taught to treat the PROFANE CORNERSTONE as holy, and treat the HOLY CORNERSTONE as profane through the observation of THEIR "Times and Laws" in OPPOSITION to God's...all the while things just get worse because they IGNORANTLY EMPOWER the very SOURCE of the "mystery of iniquity"... they complain yet do nothing to make REAL change AS GOD COMMANDED because they even teach FALSE GOSPEL LIES claiming satan and his children will "inherit" the world as God flies them is the MYSTERY OF INIQUITY which OPPOSES UNITY in the PASSOVER SABBATH LAMB! This "mystery of iniquity" is the POWER of the CORNERSTONE DECEPTION of Mystery Babylon...a POWERFUL DELUSION God promised would come on the world as MANKINDS CHOICE at THAT TIME but which SHALL be EXPOSED and come under judgement!

Since the Two Houses of Israel [the House of Judah (Jews) and that of Joseph/Ephraim (who are kept IGNORANT of their IDENTITY by the Antisemite Religious Harlot attempting to STEAL their INHERITANCE RIGHTS as the "FIRSTBORN HEIR" of God through DECEPTION and VIOLENCE)] have been taken captive, the WHOLE WORLD has HISTORICALLY been DECEIVED by ANTISEMITE TARES attempting to STEAL Israel's inheritance, and without a FAR GREATER understanding of the PROPHECIES John was STEEPED IN as a Jew and is referencing, the children can simply NEVER KNOW the SPIRITUAL REALITIES which these prophetic parables are describing. But that's ok the "Zer Babel" [the children "coming out" from their Bondage to Babylon (Rev. 18:4)] will not accuse the CORNERSTONE TRUTH of being a LIE they will NOT blasphemy the Holy Spirit who calls them out (Rev. 18:4). While STILL IN BABYLON, very FEW will ever understand these prophetic parables which takes DECADES of research and meditation in concert with the Spirit of Truth LEADING THEM to understand what they read all the while being persecuted by the spirit of Jezebel through her servants in flesh posing as governing administrators and religious leaders in HER SPIRITUAL KINGDOM of deception, hypocrisy, and violence which yet CONTROLS ALL of the WORLD'S NARRATIVES...and fewer yet will be those who can help others to understand them.

These will be men from whom MOST of the deceived children will TURN THEIR FACE AWAY while still enslaved in "Mystery Babylon" as they begin to recognize the amount of PERSECUTION they themselves may have to endure otherwise, sometimes even for just giving a glass of water to one of these parched and weary PROPHETS OF GOD to refresh them. And that's ok because there are MANY DIFFERENT MEMBERS and ROLES within the "Body of Messiah" which IS COMING, as many still are "waking up" to reality to know their place in the "Body". With that said I shall attempt to provide an introduction to these SPIRITUALLY DISCERNED KINGDOM REALITIES in order to assist those who may be called to take up this mantle to know and teach others THE TRUTH which SHALL SAVE MANKIND!

As mentioned previously, apart from John alluding to the Statue of Nebuchadnezzar as the Spiritual Kingdom of Mystery Babylon and the Dragon men serve as their "cornerstone" through the murder of the Two Testimonies being the 4th coming "Beast" of that Statue of Nebuchadnezzar, the next greatest prophetic CLUE which John himself gives us regarding UNLOCKING the "mystery" of this parable, is a reference to the PARABLE of Zechariah 4 which must be brought in for CONTEXT, that's WHY John references it; it's IMPORTANT! As I demonstrate in the "full indictment" of this work here (and more briefly here in this "abstract" of the indictment), that PARABLE of the "Cornerstone" which was laid "in the foundation" by the "Seed of Babylon" (Zer Babel, those coming out from literal "Babylon") was understood by Jesus and his disciples but was sealed up again after they were murdered by the Dragon of Rome and his kingdom builders (Is. 8:16 & 20), as the SPIRITUAL FOUNDATION of the Kingdom of "Mystery Babylon" (as depicted by the Statue of Nebuchadnezzar) IN which the WHOLE WORLD is now ENSLAVED as prophesied. Since then the official NARRATIVE of the "interpretations" of the text as well as history itself, have been controlled by the Religious Harlot riding the the power of the Dragon who murdered them which she serves as her FRAUD "Cornerstone" of POWER usurping the AUTHORITY of the TRUE CORNERSTONE which was laid. In other words she has built her house on a FRAUD cornerstone and through DECEPTION has usurped the AUTHORITY of the TRUE CORNERSTONE. So those prophesies were SEALED UP AGAIN until it's TIME FOR JUDGEMENT on the Dragon's Harlot and her SPIRITUAL KINGDOM by the TRUE "CORNERSTONE" (Zech. 4:7) a.k.a. the "DIVIDING STONE" in Zech. 4:10 (the KJV renders "Evan Havdil" here as "plummet") which will be brought forth by the "Builders" of Gods Kingdom. The specific reference is found in Zechariah chapter 4 which itself is describing events which would take place over the course of 2000 years, namely the "laying of the cornerstone of truth" in the "Foundation" of the SPIRITUAL world Kingdom, then the REVELATION of that "Cornerstone Truth" which would LEVEL the MOUNTAIN of MYSTERY BABYLON as the "Dividing Stone" when the "builders" bring forth the TRUE "CORNERSTONE" of God's Spiritual Kingdom according to His Plan. After the Saints receive the Kingdom and bind all of Gods enemies, the world will be healed to see peace and LONG LIFE, even RESURRECTION from the Dead as described in Dan. 12:2 and Rev. 20:4 (which those deceived by the Harlot oppose as they ignorantly serve her fly away "rapture gospel", and OTHER religious "denominational/sectarian" fairytales).

Those being described for instance in 2 Thes. and throughout Revelation (and elsewhere which they also have NEVER READ and/or DO NOT UNDERSTAND or BELIEVE) who ALREADY WORSHIP and/or are comfortable SERVING the Spirit of Deception and the CORNERSTONE LIE which OPPOSES the Cornerstone Spirit of Truth defined by God's Gospel Plan (for which the PLAN was DEVISED before EVER creating ANYTHING), and will REFUSE to come out from serving the CORNERSTONE "LIE" of the Spiritual Kingdom of Mystery Babylon into which they were BORN as spiritual SLAVES, and which ALREADY "MARKS" THEM as SLAVES in "Mystery Babylon"; the "UNDERWORD KINGDOM" of Hell on earth; the GATES to DEATH and ETERNAL TORMENT!

It is IMPOSSIBLE to understand what God MEANS in this PROPHETIC PARABLE using the carnal depiction of "two witnesses" apart from being CONTEXTUALIZED through the spiritual understanding of the parable of the Kingdom Blueprint Plan for the builders, the "seed from Babylon" (zer babel), which is SANDWICHED WITHIN the understanding of the "two witnesses" of Zech. 4; which itself is alluding to SO MANY OTHER PROPHESIES. The best clue I can give you to help you understand this SEALED TEXT is that when the TESTIMONY of the "two witnesses" is DIVIDED one from another through the MURDER of all the saints in whom this LIGHT of God shines brightest, then the world is kept in darkness where the NARRATIVE CONTROLLERS APPEAR to be the "authorities" of God to the children they deceive with the blinding light of Satan's evil genius (2 Cor. 4:4). But when the TESTIMONIES of the Two Witnesses are UNITED as ONE AND THE SAME TESTIMONY [like the Word and the Spirit being two Testimonies for the ONE TRUTH which IS "God" and give TRUE LIFE to flesh men; and like the 2 Houses of Israel currently kept divided against one another by the Religious Sorcerous, but SHALL BE UNITED in the POWER of God's Spirit of TRUTH according to HIS WORD which shall RAISE THEM UP on the 3rd day according to many prophecies (like Hosea 5:14-6:2 for example)] then the 2 become ONE TRUE LIGHT of the world having the SPIRIT OF GOD in them giving them the TRUE LIGHT of Life. When these TWO TESTIMONIES of Gods Word and His Spirit are UNITED together as ONE in men of Flesh, they each become an IMAGE of the ONE true light of the world like the two olive trees of Zech. 4 which become 2 Menorah's (candlesticks) CREATED IN HIS IMAGE as John describes in Rev. 11!

To this very day, SINCE THE TWO WITNESSES were FIRST SLAIN by the DRAGON [whose first 2 "heads" of the Dragon Empire (Julius Caesar and his son Augustus) were anticipating the birth of Jesus according to "Old Testament" prophecies which John summarizes in Rev. 12:4-5, and the 6th head (Nero) murdered Peter and Paul as John alludes to in Rev. 17:10 before the 7th head came to take Israel into bondage to "Mystery Babylon" which I outline here] the RELIGIOUS HARLOT riding the Beast of Power which those first 7 HEADS created as prophesied in advance (as I prove here), has kept their TESTIMONIES DIVIDED against one another during the COURSE of Tribulation of the Saints since that time, and she continues to slay anyone who would dare UNITE those testimonies as a WITNESS AGAINST HER no matter how slight the exposure or challenge to her authority. Another way of looking at it is THERE IS NO SEPARATION or DIVISION between the WORD of God written by Moses, and the SPIRIT of God enfleshed by Elijah who BOTH STOOD BY the "Lord of the Whole earth" at the mount of transfiguration (Mat. 17:1-3, Mk 9:1-4). Moses, representing the CODIFIED WORD and Elijah representing the Spirit are PERFECTLY UNITED through Jesus as the CORNERSTONE TESTIMONY of the Word AND the Spirit as the PERFECT IMAGE of the Spirit of Truth which Moses codified into Law (Jn. 4:24).

Moses DEFINED Jesus (John 5:46-47, Rom. 10:3-4) and Elijah testifies of Him as the SPIRIT of PROPHECY (Rev. 19:10). The Spirit and the Word are the TWO WITNESSES and when their Testimonies are rightly discerned they are UNITED AS ONE and become the LIGHT OF LIFE! Anyone who DIVIDES those testimonies AGAINST ONE ANOTHER is guilty of OPPOSING the "SPIRIT of Truth" and His "WORD of Truth" which are ONE and should become ONE in YOUR FLESH as HIS HOLY IMAGE of LIGHT, too! These ARE the "two witnesses"! He will be TABERNACLING IN and WITH US in His Spiritual Kingdom as we OPENLY serve Him as King and RULER over earth for His Glory and the SALVATION of the world [Mal. 3:22-24 (4:4-6)]! Succinctly stated, one simply CAN NOT KNOW they are DECEIVED to serve a CORNERSTONE FRAUD apart from those TWO WITNESSES of the WORD of Truth and the SPIRIT of Truth UNITED AS ONE which DEFINE the Cornerstone TRUTH simultaneously exposes the cornerstone FRAUD!

So just recognize that when the "Zer Babel builders" (that is the "seed" coming out of captivity to "Mystery Babylon" represented by the Statue of Nebuchadnezzar in Dan. 2:31-45 as described by John in Rev. 18:4) bringing forth the "dividing stone" (translated as "plummet" in Zech. 4:10) which will level the Mountain of LIES upon which the Spiritual Kingdom of Mystery Babylon was established as prophesied in advance (Is. 28:17), the Religious Harlot and all her so called "protestant daughters", those who are COMPLETELY, WILLFULLY IGNORANT of "Old Testament" PROPHECIES which the New Testament writers ESTABLISHED as TRUE and FOUNDATIONAL, who will REFUSE to acknowledge the "CORNERSTONE TRUTH" and in fact will DOUBLE DOWN and accuse the CORNERSTONE TRUTH of being a SATANIC LIE (Antichrist) and will PERISH for BLASPHEMY against the Spirit of Truth because they PREFER SERVING LIES. They have been MURDERING the "Two Witnesses" and keeping Israel IGNORANT of the TRUE Kingdom Gospel in order to PROTECT the CORNERSTONE LIE of their Spiritual Kingdom they serve, in REJECTION of the TRUE "Cornerstone" of God's Spiritual Kingdom for 2000 years already (Rev. 1:2, 1:9, 12:17, & 19:10). The "Tribulation" of the Saints will soon be coming to its END with the SIMULTANEOUS END of "Mystery Babylon" and her kings and priests being thrown on the bed of tribulation for their crimes against humanity (Dan. 7:25-27, Rev. 17:17, 18:6, & 20:1-4). Only those who REPENT will COME OUT in the "Great Exodus" promised to Israel, in the LAST and GREATEST "Protestant Revolution" which will ESTABLISH GODS CORNERSTONE TRUTH as KING according to His Plan. Those who serve the CORNERSTONE TRUTH shall DESTROY the Spiritual Kingdom of "Mystery Babylon" as they come out in the GREAT EXODUS to serve in God's Spiritual Kingdom as His Kings and Priests according to His Plan which has NEVER CHANGED from the foundation of the world. This event will END the "times of the Gentiles" and the spiritual kingdom of "Mystery Babylon" to which the whole world is enslaved, and as ALL ISRAEL is SAVED and they INHERIT the Kingdom of God on earth which will ALSO BE SAVED! ***End Note***

Post Script Note

There are other WORDS by which the translators have deceived us with their SORCERIES as well. As an example there is the Hebrew word "Malak" which is translated into Greek as "Aggelos" and into Latin as "Angel" and means "MESSENGER" in EACH of THOSE LANGUAGES and is used FREQUENTLY in reference to MEN; flesh and blood MEN. But in English the translators have TAKEN THAT MEANING away completely and replaced it with flying FAIRYS! The PROPHETIC VISIONARY LANGUAGE has been LITERALIZED into CHILDISH FAIRYTALES! They translate it CORRECTLY as "Messenger" in EVERY PLACE they COULD NOT get away with inserting the TRANSLITERATION of "Angel" (and therefore the concept of ethereal beings like FLYING FAIRIES) in PLACE of the MEANING of the Hebrew, Greek, or Latin WORD which MEANS "Messenger". This becomes PARTICULARLY PROBLEMATIC with PROPHETIC "VISIONARY" language such that people are NOT AWAITING "MESSENGERS" but " flying FAIRIES called "angels" like in CHILDREN'S STORIES! I cover some of those pertinent PROPHETIC EXAMPLES toward the bottom of this page under the Subsection called "Malakim/Aggelos/Angelos/Messengers".

There are also the MEANINGS of the 2 distinct Hebrew words "Moshiah" and "Moshiach" which are not only conflated together by translators as "Messiah" but also in Greek as "Christ". I touch on that translational deception in two different places. For the two different Hebrew words "Moshiach" and "Moshiah" that sound similar and are often conflated with one another in translation into English as "Messiah" That can be found here about 1/3 down this page under the subsection titled: "Homophones".

The other is where the word "Christ" was used in Greek for ALL SORTS of "Anointed princes" like the 10 horns of Rome, the 4th Kingdom which came EXACTLY 490 years from the decree of the "Christ" Cyrus. Cyrus is translated as "anointed one" and NOT as "Messiah" or "Christ" in Is. 44:28-45:1 as SHOULD be done if the translators were to be CONSISTENT in their translations and not LEAD the reader to EXCLUDE the REAL MEANING of the text in favor of FAIRYTALES. An example of how BAD this problem really is, in Dan. 9:24-26 the "anointed one" who comes EXACTLY 490 years from his decree is DECEPTIVELY thought to be the "Messiah" or "Christ", Jesus, and NOTHING could be further from the truth! He was the prince who would be anointed IN PLACE OF JESUS as "Cornerstone" of the TIMES and LAWS of the Gentiles and he was executed EXACTLY 62 WEEKS LATER as PROPHESIED...and it was the 10th LITTLE HORN "prince" who DESTROYED THE TEMPLE exactly as prophesied! You can see all that in detail here in this page, and also toward the bottom of this page.


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