In an age of UNIVERSAL DECEPTION, telling the TRUTH becomes a REVOLUTIONARY ACT! But be ASSURED that the Sword of Truth which proceeds from the Mouth of God is MIGHTIER than the VIOLENCE of Satan's hands!




Daniel said: "Blessed be the Name of God to whom belongs all wisdom and power for ever and ever! HE CHANGES TIMES and memorials. He removes kings and he sets up kings. He gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to them who have understanding and He reveals the deep and secret things to them because He knows what is in the darkness, and light dwells with Him". Daniel 2:20-22

This is the INDICTMENT from the REJECTED "Sabbath-Cornerstone Spirit of Truth" NOW SERVED on the "Builders, "Princes" and "Harlot" of "Mystery Babylon" (depicted in the Statue of Nebuchadnezzar in Dan. 2:45) and the "Sabbath Cornerstone Spirit of Deception" they serve as LORD!

The COUNTERFEIT "Sabbath-Cornerstone" of Satan's Spirit of DECEPTION codified in the "Times of the Gentiles" (deceptively called a "Christian Calendar") is herein exposed by the Sabbath-Cornerstone Spirit of TRUTH of God's Kingdom come as designed!

***Note: If you want to skip the RICH HISTORY leading up to, and setting the stage for, the WORLD DECEPTION God promised was going to happen (and did happen as irrefutably established within) to take Israel into WORLD BONDAGE greater than that of Egypt, which He also promised to bring to TRIAL AND JUDGEMENT on the WORLD STAGE for our GREAT EXODUS, for which the Exodus from Egypt was only a pattern (and which is now at the door for which the Indictment is now brought forth and considered "served"), and just want to skip to the SABBATH-CORNERSTONE FACTS of this INDICTMENT on the world's princes to evaluate its MERIT, you can scroll down to the section under the bolded title: "Conclusion of the Matter" at the bottom of the page to review the short "Abstract" of this indictment there...or click on this link which will take you directly to it on another page to read it there. End Note***

This work is designed more as a summary of history and archeology into an easy to comprehend NARRATIVE overview of the INDICTMENT which this entire website brings forth against a SABBATH-CORNERSTONE FRAUD exposed by the SABBATH-CORNERSTONE TRUTH according to God's PLAN summarized by Dan. 2:45, Rev. 17:14-17, Rev. 18 & 2nd Thes. 2:8! The goal herein is to give a brief overview of the use of Calendars as a "Cornerstone" upon which Syncretic Religious "Beast Empires" have been established since the beginning of "time" by the world's Builders, culminating in our CURRENT and FINAL world system of "Mystery Babylon" bondage to Syncretic BEAST kingdoms (depicted in the Statue of Nebuchadnezzar in Dan. 2:34-45) which was built on a "Sabbath-Cornerstone DECEPTION" when God's "Sabbath-Cornerstone of TRUTH" for His Kingdom was Rejected 2000 years ago, according to God's ancient Plan to expose and destroy Satan's Kingdom of Deception, to establish God's Kingdom of Truth on earth, also summarized in the Statue of Nebuchadnezzar by Daniel (Dan. 2:34-45).

This "Cornerstone" for Satan's Syncretic Religious Empires would take its FINAL FORM as the FOUNDATION upon which "Mystery Babylon" stands to this very day (represented by the 4th and final Beast Kingdom depicted in the Statue of Nebuchadnezzar in Dan. 2:34-45). So we will IDENTIFY the "coming prince" of THAT ANTICHRIST KINGDOM as the "SABBATH-CORNERSTONE LORD" over Mystery Babylon which men have been decevied to serve as slaves of Mystery Babylon through GROOMED IGNORANCE of the SABBATH-CORNERSTONE TRUTH of Gods Plan, by the Religious Harlot which rides the POWER of the Sabbath-Cornerstone Spirit of Deception in service to the ANTICHRIST as Lord of a FRAUD SABBATH system!

We will begin by briefly covering the history of the Solar Calendar and its Syncretic Religious Systems which ruled the world from the time of the Antediluvians (Atlanteans) which came through the flood and was established to rule once again beginning with Nimrod at the Tower of Babel, then syncretized for use in Persia, then Egypt UNTIL God revealed His LUNAR CALENDAR KINGDOM and its 7 Day SABBATH (which NEVER EXISTED PRIOR to the context of His SANCTIFYING His People and DELIVERING them from bondage to Satans SOLAR CORNERSTONE KINGDOM Spirit of Deception and Sorcery, as explicitly expressed in Nehemiah 9:9 & 14). Then we will discuss how Gods Lunar Calendar essentially came to RULE the world after that UNTIL Israel was taken into bondage to the 4TH KINGDOM BEAST spoken of in Daniel 2 and depicted in the Statue of Nebuchadnezzar. We will discuss how TRAITOR JEWS were planning on ASSISTING this final 4th BEAST to WORLD POWER similarly to how they recognized and assisted Alexander the Great as the 3rd Beast prior, by submitting to him and giving him the prophecy from Daniel that he would conquer Persia (the 2nd Beast), under whose rule they were subjects. They recognized this final BEAST would CHANGE the TIMES and LAWS of Israel and the LUNAR CALENDARS which the whole world was using AT THAT TIME (as a result of Israel coming out of bondage and its introduction to the world through Solomon's Glorious Reign). These traitors recreated a PROTOTYPE SOLAR CALENDAR SYSTEM which had been used by the Antediluvians (Atlanteans) and the whole world BEFORE God introduced HIS KINGDOM CALENDAR, and which was effectively ADOPTED by Julius Caesar in the SABBATH DECEPTION CALENDAR he created and has deceived the WHOLE WORLD to ADOPT as the CORNERSTONE of their BONDAGE to the SPIRIT OF SATAN as the WORLDS PHARAOH in "Mystery Babylon" depicted by the Statue of Nebuchadnezzar, as God told us in advance WOULD HAPPEN. With that preface...

Let's Begin

We will begin with an overview of the PRIMARY ROLE of any "priesthood" in establishing the FOUNDATION of any KINGDOM or "nation", by which they MANDATE the TIMES and their associated LAWS deemed as the CORNERSTONE of the Kingdom by which it is brought to ORDER. Here we will briefly outline the various calendar "CORNERSTONES" used in the foundation of various kingdoms or governmental systems by which Kings and Priests have ALWAYS RULED THE WORLD in some kingdom form since recorded time to this very day.

Since the observation of time has always been the realm of the most learned classes of any kingdom (like the "Magi" or "wise men" who came from Persia to Bethlehem at Jesus' birth), this topic can become extremely complicated. But to try to keep things as simple as possible, I will introduce you to Gods MANDATED Kingdom Times calendar system after a brief introduction to the 3 basic calendrical systems of history (the Solar Year, Lunar Year, and Sidereal Year of the "Sun, Moon, and Stars") which Kings and Priests have tried to reconcile together into ONE "perfect" KINGDOM SYSTEM of observing/measuring time which come DIRECTLY from ASTRONOMICAL OBSERVATIONS of CREATED ORDER and the recognition of the hand of God in ORDERING THEM (referred to as "Natures God" in the U.S. Constitution's Preamble, discussed here), as He Himself lays claim when He says of the STARRY HOST:

There is no speech nor language where their voice is not heard. Psalm 19:3

1. The Constellation Calendar of the "Stars": called the "Sidereal Year" or "Great Year", is estimated to be about 26,000 years as understood through the procession of the 12 constellations. This calendar system is far beyond the scope of this study apart from the recognition of the VERY IMPORTANT ROLE it has always played in the priestly systems of observing TIME and their ESOTERIC RELIGIOUS OBSERVATIONS, to this very day. It was clearly known and observed by the Antediluvian (Atlantean) world before it was destroyed. Each of the constellation "Months" (called an "Age") is about 2000/2200 years long. To put that into some sort of historical perspective as CONTEXT, the "AGE of Taurus" (the "Bull") came to its end about the same time as the Exodus of Israel from bondage to Egypt. The "Exodus from Taurus" was simultaneous with entering the "Age of of Aries" (the Lamb or Ram) which came to its end around the time of the birth/death of Jesus and destruction of the Temple. The end of the "Age of Aries" simultaneously began the "Age of Pisces" (the "Fish") which will soon be coming to its end. As we Exodus from the Age of Pisces we will enter into the "Age of Aquarius" ("water"). This "constellation calendar" has been observed by Kings and Priests ruling over the 4 BEASTS governments which took Israel captive and have ruled the world ever since, depicted in the Statue in Daniel 2:32-45, those being: Babylon under Nebuchadnezzar, Persia, Greece, and the 7 headed 10 horned Dragon-Beast of Rome in its shapeshifting forms, to this very day...which is now being smashed by the rejected cornerstone TRUTH rising as Morningstar of the Eternal Kingdom manifesting on earth according to Gods creation plan.

2. The Solar Calendar. The "Solar Year" is about 365.24219 solar days in length. This means that solar years are not evenly divided by "days" because it's about 365 days + 5 hours, 48 minutes and 46 seconds on average. This requires a "leap year" to "reset" or "re-anchor" time to some determined SOLAR CALENDAR "cornerstone" so that the SEASONS do not "drift" or "float" around in relation to the Solar Calendar System of observing "time". There is also about 20 minutes difference per year between the solar year and the Sidereal year called the "procession of the equinoxes", by which the "GREAT YEAR" was estimated over long periods of time. As we shall cover shortly, this Solar Year calendar was used as the PRIMARY calendar by the Antediluvians, Noah, Babel (which Abraham came out from), Persia, Egypt (which Israel came out from, introducing God's Kingdom Times and Laws to the world), and it was then recreated in TWO DISTINCT FORMS by which to ENSLAVE ISRAEL and the WHOLE WORLD once again. The first was by the Qumran Jews who created a PROTOTYPE for the 2nd which was created later by Julius Caesar as Mystery Babylon's 1st Pontifex Maximus (High Priest-King) in 46/45 B.C.E., and it is this system which is used as the world's "Cornerstone" for "Kingdom Times and Law" in our "Mystery Babylon" WORLD BONDAGE to this very day, as depicted by the Statue of Nebuchadnezzar.

3. The Lunar Calendar-"Lunar Year". There are 29.53 solar days in a lunar cycle equalling 354 solar days in a Lunar Year of 12 Lunar Months. As can be readily seen, there are 11 days difference between the Lunar Year and Solar Year and therefore just like the solar days of a solar year, requires an "adjustment" every so often also called a "leap year", so that the seasons do not drift or "float" around in relation to the Solar Year and its seasons. Otherwise in a purely lunar calendar not anchored to the seasons, like the Islamic Lunar calendar for example, the"months" (like Ramadan) will "float" each year in relation to the seasons of the Solar Year. This calendar was used by Abraham when he came out of Babel which had been using the ancient solar calendar used by the Antediluvians (Atlantean's) which Noah and his sons brought through the flood, and by Israel coming out of the solar calendar of Pharaonic Sun God worship in Egypt later, as MANDATED by God by which HIS SABBATH was revealed to the world (Neh. 9:9-14). The Lunar Calendar God MANDATED Israel (together with the 7 day WEEK and its "SABBATHS" anchored to the Sanctified New Moon which God REVEALED AT THAT TIME) eventually came to rule the world and all kingdoms in SOME FORM after that, through Solomon's Kingdom as a PROTOTYPE adopted in some form by ALL THE NATIONS. So it was through the Kingdom of Israel, established firmly under Solomon (to which all the nations were attracted to the Wisdom and Power of Gods Kingdom TIMES and LAW) that all nations adopted a Lunar Calendar as the "CORNERSTONE" for their Kingdoms until Israel started playing with WANDERING STAR SORCERY of BABYLON (Amos 5:26). Then Israel was taken into bondage to Mystery Babylon under Nebuchadnezzar (Jer. 27:8 & 28:14). So it was as a result of the 1st Exodus that the primary Lunar Calendar which God Mandated to Israel, had in some form or another replaced the Solar Calendar which had formerly been predominant on earth since before the flood (and for which the antediluvian world had been destroyed) and BLESSED ALL NATIONS. It had been adopted in different forms by Babylon, Persia, Greece, Egypt and the Kingdom-Republic of Rome until the Antichrist Caesar learned of the ancient solar calendar by which Israel had once been enslaved (and which ruled the Antediluvian/Atlantean world), and he CHANGED TIMES AND LAWS of the Republic to a SOLAR CORNERSTONE and perpetual 7 day week FRAUD SABBATH (inspired by the Qumran Jews) by which he created the (Dragon-Beast) Empire of Rome in 46/45 B.C.E. to take the whole world captive through his kings and priests to serve the Spirit of Satan for which Satan selected the Sun as his SIGN by which to deceive men to serve him in opposition to God from the very beginning, and as is done to this very day.

You saw the distress of our ancestors in you REVEALED your HOLY SABBATH to them...through Your Servant Moses. Neh. 9:9 & 14

4. Gods Lunar Harvest WEEKS calendar. God gave us the FIRST "WEEKLY" Calendar system known to mankind when He brought us out of bondage to the Pharaonic Sun God. So from ancient times God gave us His PERFECTLY "TRUE" Calendar system as the MANDATED CORNERSTONE-SABBATH "SIGN" (requiring two TRUE "WITNESSES" to establish the "SIGN" as TRUE) for HIS KINGDOM as HE DESIGNED as our HIGH PRIEST-KING whose SPIRIT OF TRUTH we serve as GOD according to HIS TRUTH PLAN! So in regard to Israel's Kingdom, the Bible gives us the information regarding Gods MANDATED Lunar Harvest Calendar Year of 12 Lunar Months which each begin with a SANCTIFIED "New Moon" and 48 PERFECT SABBATH WEEKS (divided by 24 Priestly courses of 2 weeks for each) anchored to the SANCTIFICATION of New Moons (representing the INVISIBLE Spirit of God) in a consistent 29 Day Lunar Month (29.53 solar days) of a 348 lunar day year (354 solar days), as well as the specifically mandated rules regarding how it is to be adjusted for leap years; which we can extrapolate from details in the rest of scripture that they DID INDEED OBSERVE during the time of Solomons Temple.

This calendar system required INTIMATE KNOWLEDGE of the Sidereal Calendar and the constellations, the Solar year and its required "leap years", the lunar year in relation to them AND gave us a PERFECT WEEKLY SYSTEM of SABBATHS by an obviously VERY INTELLIGENT DESIGNER who created those HOSTS as SIGNS knowing that He had a PLAN by which He would CONFOUND the foolish wisdom of the worlds "wise men" THROUGH THEM, in order to SAVE THE WORLD from Satans REBELLION based in IGNORANCE and DECEPTION, and the LIGHT of HIS TRUTH would then RULE EARTH!

The Astrologer/Sorcerer Designers of BEAST SYSTEMS who think themselves more intelligent than the MAKER of the SIGNS (who has far more intimate knowledge than any of them regarding all of their workings in relationship), like to disparage the CREATORS MANDATED CALENDAR system as not as "perfect" as their BEASTLY systems. But it's simply not true...but then that's why God in His great wisdom knew they would select the SUN as the sign of their blinding "wisdom" which he would EXPOSE with the Light of TRUTH through the Sign of the FULL MOON to represent His Messiah as His PERFECT IMAGE of His otherwise INVISIBLE WISDOM and TRUTH (symbolized by the SANCTIFIED "invisible New Moon", two WITNESSES for HIS TRUE "LIGHT" OF THE WORLD) as the "CORNERSTONE" of His PLAN to SAVE THE WORLD from Satan's BLINDING DECEPTIONS!

So by no means are we ignorant of the existence of other cycles of time and their measurement and how they have been used by the world's "wise men" and "Builders" (kings, princes and priests serving the spirit of deception as God) building SYNCRETIC RELIGIOUS SYSTEMS to this very day...quite the contrary in fact. It means we believe Gods "SABBATH CYCLES" from the Weekly through the Monthly, Yearly, and Jubilee SABBATH YEAR cycles of time for HIS SABBATH KINGDOM (and His Mandated "leap year" adjustments for them) which DESCRIBE His Spirit of Truth is the BEST ONE for HIS KINGDOM SAINTS to observe according to HIS SABBATH CORNERSTONE PLAN to SAVE THE WORLD from Satans deceptions, and RULE it in PEACE though His Kings and Priests serving Him in TRUTH, JUSTICE and MERCY by our OBEDIENCE of FAITH dimly pictured in the pattern of Solomon's Kingdom given for our instruction! His Calendar Cornerstone Perspective of the SANCTIFIED NEW MOON is the very SIGN of His otherwise INVISIBLE SPIRIT by which we KNOW that God has SANCTIFIED US by HIS TRUTH (Ex. 31:13, Jn. 17:17)! In fact, as shall be demonstrated herein, His CORNERSTONE PERSPECTIVE which seemed FOOLISH to the wise men of this world, is the very WISDOM of God's spirit which will EXPOSE THEIR WISDOM as FOOLISH and make a MOCKERY of them (Is. 29:14, Jn. 12:31, 16:11, 1 Cor. 1:19, 2:6-8, & Ps. 2:4). There is simply NO OTHER WAY for Man to KNOW the CORNERSTONE SPIRIT of TRUTH and Serve Him as God than through the "CORNERSTONE-SABBATH SIGN" of the TRUE "Spirit of God" as the LORD over His Sabbath Kingdom for which He told us in ADVANCE we would REJECT His "Cornerstone Sabbath" Covenant with Him and He would provide the sacrifice for our redemption. The invisible New Moon is the SIGN for His Spirit of Truth as our Kingdom "Cornerstone" and the Full Moon Sabbath of Passover is the SIGN for the PERFECT IMAGE of that invisible Spirit of Truth which is ANCHORED to His Passover Sabbath SACRIFICE which He promised to MAKE from the Foundation of the world by which we would KNOW that it is He, the SPIRIT OF TRUTH, who "SANCTIFIES US BY HIS WORD OF TRUTH" according to His Sabbath Kingdom Plan (Ex. 31:13 & Jn. 17:17)!

The Glory of any former "solar calendar" Beast Kingdom like that of Nimrods "Tower" in Babel, Persia, Egypt, or even the Empire of Rome in any of its shapeshifting Syncretic forms soon coming to their end, will PALE in comparison to what the world has to look forward to for the next 1000 years, only dimly pictured in the glorious reign of Solomon as a PROTOTYPE for our instruction. We absolutely believe the WHOLE WORLD will agree with Deut. 4:6 that His way is the BEST! With that said, let's dive into the narrative on how this has worked over the history of mankind. Then we will speak in detail regarding how Satan's antichrist Caesar, working together with the CORRUPT JEWS (like those in Qumran AND those in Jerusalem), would CALCULATE the CHANGE of GODS PERFECT TIMES for his BLINDING DECEPTION which would take the WHOLE WORLD CAPTIVE, as God told us in advance He would allow him to do. He has a plan for our GREAT EXODUS as promised in PATTERNS from the foundation of the world, if we will merely TRUST and OBEY HIM!

Calendar History Review

Now let's get a grasp on the BASICS of how some former kingdoms and their sorcerer priests have mandated time for their people. We will BRIEFLY outline a summary of the ancient calendar systems used by Noah, Egypt, Babylon, Persia, Greece and Rome in relationship to their INFLUENCE on Israel's ANCIENTLY REVEALED and MANDATED CALENDAR SYSTEM which is ESTABLISHED AS TRUE, which is NOT THE SAME TODAY. The reason of course is to RESTORE this Kingdom CORNERSTONE which is the SIGN of the CORNERSTONE SPIRIT who came to ESTABLISH IT according to HIS PLAN for HIS KINGS and PRIESTS to serve HIS SPIRIT of TRUTH as "HIGH PRIEST-KING" who enfleshed that truth and is now GLORIFIED as the LIGHT OF TRUTH over His Kingdom of TRUTH according to HIS PLAN to establish HIS KINGDOM on earth! Though each kingdom we are going to cover were aware of, and to some extent used, both the Solar and Lunar calendar systems, we will go over these ancient calendars in two categories based on the PRIMARY SYSTEM used by the respective kingdom; whether a SOLAR MONTH/YEAR calendar, or a LUNAR MONTH/YEAR calendar.

The ancient Solar Month/Year calendars

used by the Antediluvians, Noah, Babel, Egypt, Persia, and Greece [note that the Kingdom and Republic of Rome also used a LUNAR CALENDAR until Julius Caesar formed the (Beast-Dragon) Empire of Rome on a SOLAR CORNERSTONE in 46/45 B.C.E., as the foundation on which the world Empire of "Mystery Babylon" Stands as depicted in the Statue of Nebuchadnezzar, which we will cover in detail later]

As we shall go over later, the lunar calendar did not become a primary calendar system until Abraham adopted it in Haran/Canaan after he came out of Babel, and it was later EXPRESSLY CODIFIED and MANDATED to Israel by God through Moses beginning in Exodus 12 as we are expressly told by Nehemiah (Neh. 9:9 & 14). God called His people out of the IDOLATROUS Kingdoms which used a primarily Solar Calendar system for their respective kingdoms and gave them His CORNERSTONE PERSPECTIVE from which to view the world (for the world's SALVATION through THEIR OBEDIENCE OF FAITH!). So contrary to popular belief, the first calendar systems after the flood were NOT primarily lunar calendars but SOLAR; adapted from one used by the Antediluvians (Atlanteans) before their destruction for rebellion to the Spirit of God. The 5th Century B.C.E. Greek Historian Herodotus tells us: "The sun clock, the sun dial, and the 12 divisions of the day, came to Hellas (Greece) not from Egypt, but from Babylonia". In fact the "Stele of Hammurabi" is one of the oldest "sundials" (called an "Obelisk" in Egypt where it's associated with the Phallus of Osiris murdered and dismembered by his brother Seth in religious myth) given to King Hammurabi by "Shemesh" (which means: "Sun", and was worshipped as an anthropomorphized "God"), and which EXPRESSLY articulates the ORIGIN of "AUTHORITY" and "JUSTICE" on earth according to the ancient world, as coming from the "heavens". It was essentially the Spirit of Deception (Satan) selecting the Sun as the "SIGN" for his authority as the "god of this world" which he gives to his Kings and Priests, and for which the antediluvian (Atlantean) world had been destroyed in flood. Father Abraham was CALLED OUT from that Kingdom of idolatry serving the DECEIVING SPIRIT which selected the Sun as his SIGN as the greatest, regenerative, life giving, "light of the world", and which a pantheon of lesser 'gods' served as supreme, and which themselves were served by those under their authority in an hierarchy of "gods".

Like ancient Babel, Persia, and Egypt later, (and which the whole world observes today in our modern "days like Noahs") Noah and his sons observed a Solar Year which they brought from the other side of the flood which was destroyed for REBELLION to God! Though we have no idea how or when they observed their "leap year" to reconcile the remaining 5.24219 days of the OBVIOUSLY 12 Month, 360 day SOLAR YEAR CALENDAR they observed, a 30 solar day month calendar can be easily deduced from the Biblical text. The details of the "5 months" which is described from the beginning of the flood (Gen. 7:11) til the day the waters stopped "prevailing" (Gen. 8:3-4) no doubt consisted of exactly 30 days each totalling 150 days (Gen. 7:24). This Biblical evidence REFUTES the CLAIM made by the Qumran Jews later that their SABBATH FRAUD Calendar (which has a 31 day month every 3rd month) was observed by Noah and the patriarchs and the Lunar Calendar being observed by the Priests and Pharisees (and Jesus and his Disciples) in Jerusalem (before the destruction of the Temple), was a fraud. Their "Solar Month/Year" calendar, as well as that created by Caesar later and observed to this day, is NOT COMPATIBLE or CONSISTENT with the Lunar calendar "SABBATH SIGN" for the God and SPIRIT of TRUTH and the Month/Year/Week SABBATH calendar which we KNOW He "revealed" and MANDATED to His FIRSTBORN SON "Israel" upon their Exodus from bondage to the Pharaonic Sun God SPIRIT of this worlds DECEPTION, beginning in Exodus 12, and as summarized here:

You saw the distress of our ancestors in you REVEALED your HOLY SABBATH to them...through Your Servant Moses. Neh. 9:9 & 14

As we shall discuss momentarily, after God brought Israel out of bondage to the Pharonic Sun God ruling Egypt to be His Kings and Priests using His Lunar Calendar, the WHOLE WORLD was converted from a PRIMARILY SOLAR CALENDAR Kingdom to a LUNAR CALENDAR Kingdom. This was the case from about the Time of Solomon until the GREAT APOSTASY reflected in both the Qumran Calendar which was anticipating the coming of the God of this world to his throne, and that which was created by Julius Caesar...both of which were FIXED SOLAR CALENDAR YEARS of FIXED MONTHS of varying days. It is the MARRIAGE of TRAITOR JEWS to the ANTICHRIST of ROME which took the WHOLE WORLD back under bondage to a PRIMARILY SOLAR CALENDER "Syncretic Religious" Kingdom in REBELLION to Gods CORNERSTONE of TRUTH for HIS KINGDOM, as it is to this very day. The "Cornerstone" of this final Syncretic Religious Beast Kingdom of "Mystery Babylon" we are currently enslaved to, has ALWAYS been in service to the SPIRIT of DECEPTION as the "God" of this world's Kingdom Builders.

As is the case today since the antichrist took the whole world captive once again (as we shall demonstrate), before God brought his nation of kings and priests out from bondage to the Sun God Pharaoh, the "winter solstice" had ALWAYS been the CODIFIED "Cornerstone" of TIME for the Syncretic Religious Systems of the Neo Atlantean Kingdom Builders, beginning again after the flood with the Sumerian (Tower of Babyl) kingdom calendar system re-introduced by Nimrod. It's the very CORNERSTONE REPRESENTATION of the "wisdom" of their POWER as the "princes of this world" in service to the Spirit of Deception as their "GOD", which the CORNERSTONE SPIRIT of TRUTH herein exposes! It consisted of 12 months of 30 days with '5 intercalary days' added each year (and I would argue had a 6th day added every 4 years, but that's a bit too technically beyond the scope of this general overview) to ENSURE that the cornerstone DAY (devoted to the 'God of this world' they called "Shemesh" which means "SUN") and the CORNERSTONE 'SIGN' of the winter solstice, remain ANCHORED TOGETHER as the "sign" for the "God of Time" (and therefore all creation) in their Syncretic Religious System. This CODIFIED SOLAR CORNERSTONE CALENDAR SYSTEM, which was DIVORCED FROM, and had NOTHING to do with the Lunar Cycle as a CORNERSTONE SIGN, is later taken to the EAST to Persia (Aryan/Iran and beyond) where the Sun God was renamed "Mithra", and to the WEST to Egypt (and later to the rest of the world through Rome) where the Sun God was renamed Osirus/Horus and Pharoah "Ra", after the destruction of Babyl. It's aligned to the winter solstice 'death of the sun' and its annual BIRTH or 'resurrection from the dead' three days later (associated with the Sun God Nimrod/Tammuz, Osiris/Horus, Ra, Baal, Molech, Sol, Saturnalia, Sol Invictus, Mithras and the Antichrist's 'Christmas' today). This FUNDAMENTAL ELEMENT or CORNERSTONE religious WORLD VIEW has been the RULING "SIGN" which MARKS those who serve this "CORNERSTONE NARRATIVE" of the shapeshifting SERPENT SPIRIT of DECEPTION representing the 'God' and 'Light of THIS WORLD' SYSTEM in REBELLION to the TRUTH of God through their "CONTROL OF THE KINGDOM NARRATIVES", from the foundation of the just changes FORMS.

The ancient planisphere

Before we cover the Lunar Year/MonthWeekly Harvest Calendar system (and its PERFECT Sabbath Weeks requiring the SANCTIFICATION of New Moon) revealed to Israel as the CORNERSTONE "SIGN" for the CORNERSTONE SPIRIT and LORD OF SABBATH over their Kingdom when God delivered them from bondage to the Pharaonic Sun God Spirit of deception ruling Egypt, which afterwords was adapted in great extent for use in Babylon, Greece, and the Republic of Rome (before it became the Sun worshipping Dragon-Beast "Empire" under Caesar), let's do a quick review of the ancient planisphere and its "order" in the ancient world.

The 12 divisions of the stars/planets of the night sky called "constellations", also come to us from the antediluvian (Atlantean) world. Their origin from antiquity is older than written history and even the spoken word itself had its beginning in them as God Himself tells us.

There is no speech nor language where their voice is not heard. Psalm 19:3

As we have already alluded to, the 12 constellations govern the 12 SOLAR DIVISIONS of a "GREAT YEAR" which consists of an estimate of about 26000 years, and has been recognized since BEFORE the flood, and this "knowledge" was brought through the flood and implemented again beginning at Babel by Nimrod. The constellations have played a HUGE ROLE in the development of "civilization" built on RELIGIOUS MYTHS by those Kings and Priests (and their astologers, soothsayers and prognosticating magicians) observing both Solar Years/Months, as well as those observing Lunar Year/Months, from the foundation of the world.

For Solar Months the ASTRONOMICAL SIGNS of the constellations (and their associated astrologies, horoscopes, soothsaying, sorceries, witchcraft, etc) in which the SUN was being "HOUSED" for those approximately 30 days, and the relationship the WANDERING STARS (called planets today) had to those SIGNS and to one another, was the "CORNERSTONE" perspective giving their "Kings and Priests" their "SPIRITUAL ENLIGHTENMENT". Really not dissimilar from reading tea leaves, animal entrails, Tarot cards, or throwing dice. Conversely those who used a LUNAR cornerstone pespective used the same astronomical constellations and wandering stars for their magical "light", using the Moon as the "CORNERSTONE" in the constellation "House" ruling the night sky from dusk to dawn during the LUNAR MONTH. Basically the Solar and Lunar "astrology" PARADIGMS were OPPOSITE from one another...So for example, one born when the Sun began to rise in the house or "sign" of Pisces would from the Lunar perspective of the setting sun when the New Moon cycle would begin rising, it would be in the house or "sign" of Virgo or Libra which would dominate the night sky, not Pisces which is hidden in the House of the Rising Sun on the opposite side of the planet from the Full moon in the MIDDLE of the CONSTELLATION for that month. The perspective from which one views the world is completely dependent on the "cornerstone" from which one chose to perceive their "reality"; either from the night sky where all the starry host rule together with the Moon in their ORDER, or from the Solar Cornerstone which DOMINATED ones vision and BLINDED them from seeing the Sign of the perfect Image of God and his HOSTS, and by extension, from SEEING the SPIRITUAL NATURE of REALITY all together. In addition then, there would be a ton of various possible interpretations of these 'signs' based on SUBJECTIVELY established "rules" by which the myriad of soothsayers could deceive people regarding the various WANDERING STARS in relation to those "SIGNS" to be interpreted. It's basically pagan sorcery and witchcraft and it's still being used to deceive simple minded initiates into the practice of the CRAFT of the "deep things" of the Spirit of SATAN, TO THIS VERY DAY!

That being said we see the CREATOR of these SIGNS gives us meanings and rules to interpret them. For instance God interprets the constellations as "stars" in many places (like in Josephs Dream in Gen. 37:9) and those he interprets as the 12 "tents" of Israel when all their "HOST" came out of Bondage to the Pharaonic Sun God (Gen. 2:1, Ex. 12:41). He also tells us that these "stars" and "lights" and their "tents" as "houses" are "signs" for much greater things to be understood spiritually, for which words must be used to HELP convey the esoteric MEANING of the SYMBOLS; like in Rev. 12:1 & 21:23 as a pertinent example. But again the creation of God's Hosts or "armies" (constellations) as signs for His Kingdom rule over the "wandering stars" which orbit the sun as signs for marking Satan's kingdom to be judged on earth (Jude 1:13) before we enter into our SABBATH REST with God which He PROMISED from the foundation of the world (Heb. 4:8-11), is well beyond the scope of this simple overview. I want to focus primarily on the ROLE which the WANDERING STARS called "Planets" had in the ancient past, particularly in regard to the 7 DAYS of the WEEK since Israel came out of Egypt, before we get into how they came to be incorporated in our current kingdom of enslavement awaiting judgement, as God designed and tells us in the book of Jude and elsewhere.

As we shall soon learn in regard to the archeological evidence and recorded history, in the Ancient world (and most particularly in regard to this narrative: Israel, Qumran, and Rome), the "wandering stars" and their RELATIONSHIPS to eachother and to the constellations ABOVE were thought to have SIGNIFICANT IMPACT on the lives of humans which would be MIRRORED on earth here BELOW. Numerous and varied Astrologies and "horoscopes" were contrived by the ancient SOOTHSAYERS, MAGICIANS, and SORCERERS of corrupted Israel and Rome whose "priests" PERVERTED and USED actual ASTRONOMICAL OBSERVATIONS as a sort of "higher wisdom" by which they could ENRICH THEMSELVES, AND by which to exert POWER over the minds of the ignorant masses they DECEIVED to serve them...AS THEY DO TO THIS VERY DAY! The SPIRIT served by those who have used the WANDERING STARS to DECEIVE THE WORLD will be coming to its end as prophesied anciently, and which Jude 1:13 tells us will come on the RELIGIOUS LEADERS who are deceiving men to serve the Spirit and Kingdom of Satan, in the end days. That's really the purpose of material creation...but again that's well beyond the pale of this narrative.

The INFLUENCE that these "wandering stars" has had in various kingdoms and cultures over the course of mans history, has changed as directed by their Kings and Priests (and astrologers, soothsayers, magicians, and sorcerers) over their BEAST GOVERNMENTS. But until the Dragon Beast of Rome was formed in 46/45 B.C.E. (with NO SMALL AMOUNT of assistance whether directly or indirectly from the Qumran community, as we shall see), their ORDER of orbit (from a geocentric perspective) had been recognized rather consistently, and COINCIDED with their order of INFLUENCE on mankind (from the GREATEST to LEAST amount of INFLUENCE they exerted) according to the following list; where for convenience sake I will put the "day" of the SOLAR WEEK to which it's anchored today in parenthesis next to it.

***Please NOTE that the ORDER of the weekdays as you observe them today are NOT THE SAME as those created by Julius Caesar in 46 B.C.E. and used until Constantine CHANGED the order of the weekdays in 321 C.E., which the world observes today. Julius created the 7 day week with "Saturday" as the 1st and holiest day of the Roman week, as proven by the archeological evidences in this link. This means that it is a "Cornerstone" ERROR to assume that when you read "1st day of the week" in the Bible for example, that it's referencing "Sunday"; IT IS NOT!...neither is it referencing "Sabbath"!***

I number the following planets from their base being Saturn, which was thought to have the LARGEST ORBIT and so has the largest IMPACT on mankind and is therefore the largest platform of an ancient Babylonian "Temple", the Ziggurat which Nebuchadnezzar built in Borrsippa in honor of Nimrod and his "Tower of Babel" which he called the "Temple of the 7 Planets". Being constructed from the ground up with the foundation of Saturn being 1st with the largest orbit and so the largest and most important platform as its "foundation", and progressing up with 6 more increasingly smaller platforms representing each of the 7 spheres or planets, to the top platform representing the Moon as the smallest and least important in terms of its impact on human activity in the PAGAN MINDS of the DECEIVED ANCIENTS:

7. Moon (Monday)

6. Mercury (Wednesday)

5. Venus (Friday)

4. Sun (sunday)

3. Mars (Tuesday)

2. Jupiter (Thursday)

1. Saturn (Saturday)

The first thing that draws our attention is the order and how that order has changed from ancient times to the current order reflected in our "solar week" today. Babylon AND Israel BOTH had "LUNAR WEEKS" and they shared the EXACT SAME WEEKDAYS of the WEEKS despite numbering the days of their months differently. Babylon treated "new moon" as the period of time which ENDED their months and so they STARTED their months on the 1st weekday of the 1st week, which was the 2nd day of Israel's months because they SANCTIFIED New Moon as the 1st and Holiest Month Day of every Lunar Month Cycle, which was NOT A WEEKDAY in either system. Therefore Israel's "sabbaths" were on the Babylonian "Day of Saturn" which was also an "auspicious day" for the Babylonians. We also know that Philo of Alexandria expressly associates the 7 lights of the Menorah with this same above order of planetary weekdays with Shemesh (the "sun") being represented by the middle light of the Menorah ("Questions and Answers on Exodus", 75 & "Life of Moses", 2, 102-3.). A generation later Josephus also makes the same analogy of the 7 lights representing the 7 planets ("Jewish War", 5.216-17, & "Antiquities of the Jews", 3.146). Though Josephus does not express the "order" of the Planets as did Philo previously, we can be ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN he adopted not only the CHANGE of the Planetary Weekday order assigned by Julius Caesar, but also the "Solar Cornerstone" representing the blinding light of the "Spirit of Deception" to which he anchored the perspective of "time" at the FOUNDATION of our Mystery Babylon enslavement, as PROPHESIED. We will touch more on some of this in the next section, but for now let's describe what we are looking at a bit more clearly to establish its historicity.

Over the last couple of centuries Archeologists in ancient Babylon have made numerous Ziggurat discoveries which indicate the relationship the wandering stars had and how they were "interpreted" into their kingdom/culture and religion. As indicated by inscriptions found at the corner of one of the foundations found in "Borsippa", it was constructed by Nebuchadnezzar in honor of the "tower of the planets" a.k.a. the Tower of Babel which he said had been built formerly but never finished. These discoveries and their interpetations are also substantiated by ancient Greek and Jewish historians, which we will touch on later.

But to summarize, a ziggurat was sort of an observational tower used since the Tower of Babel by the astrologers (Priests) of Babylon. Its "foundation" had the GREATEST INFLUENCE over the KINGDOM and its people and represented the planet Saturn in an hiararchy of smaller stepped platforms leading to the top and ending with the final step/platform representing the Moon on which was built an enclosure for the observers to work from (which one might say itself represented the earth).

The Lunar Month/Year calendars

(of Israel, Babylon, Greece, and the Republic of Rome)

There was of course no small amount of "jockying" for kingdom AUTHORITY by the world's builders REBUILDING the ancient antediluvian (Atlantean) World Kingdom (and by extrapolation, the spirit of deception as the authority of "God") on earth in the ancient world served by the various Beast Kings and Priests trying to bring ORDER to the chaos on EARTH by proving their god (the spirit of deception) was greater than all others. This of course required different myths which created DIVISIONS (resulting in wars) regarding the fundamental understanding of these celestial beings which had to be put into some form of MYTHOS or NARRATIVE by which the Kingdom derived its CLAIM to AUTHORITY through its Kings and Priests (and soothsayers, magicians, sorcerers and witches). Of course all of these myths being VERY SIMILAR, took various forms to distinguish them as unique and "better", but which were all created by the Spirit of Deception (Satan), the "God of this world" (and his "builder" kings and priests who have served him from ancient times; in blinding darkness) which took mankind captive to serve him through such POWERFUL DECEPTIONS from the beginning. God knew and PLANNED to expose satans kingdom of deceptions with HIS CORNERSTONE LIGHT of TRUTH as the true life giving light of the world from the very beginning, as He told us in promise.

So in regard to this SEED of God which would come through the woman (Israel) promised in seed form from the foundation of the world, God first calls Abraham out of Ur of the Chaldees (Babel) where they had eventually come to believe that the CENTRAL GOD for earth was the Sun in special relationship to the earth, and above which were 3 stars and below which were the other 3 stars. This "narrative" is alluded to on the Stele of Hammurabi previously mentioned and was adopted later in ancient Greece and also alluded to by Philo (the Jewish commentator-historian in Alexandria) when he declared that the planets were reflected in the 7 lights of the Menorah, the MIDDLE (4th) representing the SUN and called the "shemesh". So eventually the "myths" (generally speaking) took a different form where they theorized that the Sun represented the GREATEST of Gods as the regenerative, life giving "light of the world" which gave its light to the other stars, even as had been practiced in the antediluvian (Atlantian) world from which Noah was "called out".

So Abraham is "called out" and moves first to Haran which was the seat of Moon worship [called "Sin" (pronounced "seen") which is the root of the word "Sinai"; so instead of "wilderness of Sin", "Mt. Sinai" and the "(Snei) bush", replacing "sin" for its meaning "moon" we derive the MEANINGFUL TRANSLATIONS of "Wilderness of the Moon", "Moon Mountain" and the "Moon Bush", which feature so prominently with Moses who leads the people out of Bondage to the Sun God Spirit of Egypt later]. So Abraham leaves the seat of Sun (Shemesh) worship of Babel and goes to Haran, the seat of Moon worship of the Canaanites. So here is the first place where we begin to see the TRUE SPIRIT of God developing a PLAN by which to use the SIGNS which He created (and which Satan uses to confuse and blind minds in DECEPTION and rebellion regarding the "light" of TRUTH), in order to COMMUNICATE the Light of TRUTH to those in the BLINDING DARKNESS of DECEPTION; to lead them OUT from their dungeon of BONDAGE to the Spirit of Satan binding them in the darkness of ignorance and deception. He MANDATES His FULL MOON Passover "SABBATH Sacrifice", anchored to the MANDATED "Sanctified NEW MOON" as the "SIGN" by which we would know it is HE, the SPIRIT OF TRUTH, who SANCTIFIES US according to HIS OWN WORD of PROMISE for WORLD SALVATION (Ex. 31:13, Jn. 17:17); two WITNESSES as the "SIGN" for His "CORNERSTONE" Spirit of TRUTH, the TRUE "Light of the World"; which we shall develop further to UNDERSTAND shortly.

So to Adam and Eve was given the PROMISE of a SEED which would come through Seth raised up in place of Abel [not to be confused with "Seth" the brother of Osiris in Egyptian Mythos who killed and dismembered his brother, which is really a twisted retelling of the Cain and Abel account by those whom Gods "STAR" (the Messiah and his Saints) will destroy in the end days as promised in Num. 24:17] which would unite together through obedience of Faith in his Provision of a PASSOVER LAMB to ESTABLISH His KINGDOM SABBATH YEARS, MONTHS, and WEEKS as His Kingdom "CORNERSTONE TRUTH" which would SET US FREE from bondage to SATANS KINGDOM of DECEPTION, to be Gods Kings and Priests and INHERIT the KINGDOM OF EARTH to rule if for the GLORY of GOD as He designed!

The promise was passed down to Father Abraham, then to Isaac, then to Jacob who is renamed Israel (as Gods FIRSTBORN SON brought out of Bondage as a pattern for our instruction regarding the GREAT EXODUS for which the exodus from Egypt was an EXAMPLE), who then gave the promise to Joseph and his "right hand son" Ephraim from whom would come another prophet like Moses and Elijah called "sheloh", a "Root from Jesse" who stands up in the end days to receive his inheritance and to gather us in GREAT EXODUS!

In that day a "Root from Jesse" will stand as a "SIGN" to the people to gather the nations to him...(and in a Global Exodus) YHWH will gather his assemble lost Israel and gather the dispersed of Judah from the four corners of the earth! Isaiah 11:10-12 (Deut. 30:3, Jer. 16:14-15, Ez. 20:34-37, Dan. 7:22).

So God reveals his SABBATH PLAN fully to Moses who himself RECOGNIZES and tells us in places like Deut. 30:3 that the first "exodus" is a PATTERN for a MUCH GREATER exodus in the future when God would pass his hand a 2nd time to regather us from ALL NATIONS and to UNITE THE WORLD KINGDOM under HIM as its TRUE RULING SPIRIT. But this could ONLY HAPPEN after His SPIRIT OF TRUTH came in flesh to first be REJECTED as a "CORNERSTONE SACRIFICE" in order to ESTABLISH IT as the CORNERSTONE TRUTH for HIS KINGDOM which we would RECOGNIZE seated at the RIGHT HAND OF GOD in the end, just like Joseph was taken to the Right hand of Power when he was rejected by his brothers as an EXAMPLE to teach us through PATTERNS! That CORNERSTONE SPIRIT is the LORD of the SABBATH and his SIGN is the FULL MOON, the perfect IMAGE of the INVISIBLE SANCTIFIED New Moon, representing the INVISIBLE FATHER of LIGHTS!

You saw the distress of our ancestors in you REVEALED your HOLY SABBATH to them...through Your Servant Moses. Neh. 9:9 & 14

So basically God delivered us from bondage by associating His promised "Seed", His promise to provide the "SACRIFICE", and His Passover SABBATH anchored to the cornerstone SIGN of the MOON [by which we KNOW that it is He, the "Cornerstone Spirit of TRUTH (which IS "God") who "SANCTIFIES" US according to His Word of Truth (Ex. 31:13, Jn. 17:17)], together in a SABBATH COVENANT PLAN whose CORNERSTONE SPIRIT and CORNERSTONE SIGN would be REJECTED for an IMPOSTER created by the Spirit of DECEPTION and his priests and kings. This FINAL KINGDOM of the Spirit of Deception which God told us Satan would be allowed to foist onto the WHOLE WORLD when Israel is taken CAPTIVE to it during the "Times of the Gentiles", is called "Mystery Babylon" and is represented pictorially in the Statue of Nebuchadnezzar (Dan. 2:31-45). This Kingdom represented by that Statue shall be EXPOSED and DESTROYED in the END DAYS by the MANIFEST TRUTH from another prophet like Moses, a Root from Jesse, to begin the GREAT EXODUS into GODS KINGDOM COME according to HIS TRUTH PLAN, for which the first exodus and covenant was a PATTERN used for our INSTRUCTION in order to SAVE THE WORLD from SATAN whereby ISRAEL crushes the head of SATAN for the GLORY OF GOD through their OBEDIENCE OF FAITH!

So this of course requires that the Sabbath which God REVEALED to bring us out from Egypt, would be REPLACED by the IMPOSTER and FORGOTTEN about while in our WORLD BONDAGE, until the time for our REDEMPTION and KINGDOM RESTORATION. Now we will outline how that deception of a FRAUD SABBATH took place.

Obedience to the "CORNERSTONE Spirit of TRUTH", is rebellion to the world's cornerstone spirit of deception!

The purpose of Gods Mandated Calendar system is for IDENTIFYING the CORNERSTONE SPIRIT of "TRUTH" for HIS KINGDOM of Kings and Priests which will EXPOSE the cornerstone DECEPTION of Satans Kingdom for JUDGEMENT. One can never serve the BRIGHT MORNINGSTAR while in rebellion to HIS CORNERSTONE TRUTH, in service to the fraud morningstar (Lucifer) through ignorance and/or DECEPTION!

So as mentioned previously, the deceiving spirit of Satan selected the SIGN of the SUN by which he would deceive the "wise men" of this world to serve him as "god", and the maker of "time" and the "light of the world", but God selected the Sign of the Moon to represent His Spirit of Wisdom and Truth according to a plan to redeem His Son Israel. The Sanctified NEW MOON represents His INVISIBLE Spirit of Wisdom and Truth, and the Full Moon Sabbath (which begins the 3 GREAT SABBATH Festivals of Passover, Pentecost, and Tabernacles) represents the PERFECT IMAGE of His Son who was REJECTED (beginning our world bondage as Josephs rejection began our bondage in Egypt) so that we could RECOGNIZE and OBEY the TRUTH when a prophet like Moses is RAISED UP by GODS SPIRIT to LEAD US!

As a result of their obedience of faith they would crush Satans head in great exodus as promised from the foundation of the world and rolled out with more details to the fathers of our faith in PATTERNS for our instruction beginning with Abraham called out of Babel which was serving SHEMESH (which means "sun"), and God brought him first to Haran which was the center of Moon God worship (called "seen"). He is given the promise that his children would be taken into bondage but God would bring them out (as the seed crushing the serpent Gods head) to bless all the nations of the world. His son was born on what came to be codified later as Passover Day and many years later on this SAME DAY God instructs him to lift his knife over Isaac as a sacrifice (another EXAMPLE for instruction) on Mt. Moriah. Then Joseph is sold into the bondage of death at the hands of human traffickers ON THIS SAME DAY which begins the BONDAGE of the SEED OF GOD which would come through ABRAHAMS SEED through his FAITH in God, as promised.

Fast forward to Moses who leaves Egypt only to be sent back to deliver his people. He reveals Gods Sabbath with the Passover Lamb God was promising to send and he leads the people out into the Wilderness of Seen (Sinai, the Wilderness of the Moon) and takes them to Moon Mountain where they entered COVENANT with God on the Mountain on what came to be codified as the "Feast of Weeks" called Shavuot or Pentecost, the SECOND of THREE GREAT SABBATH FESTIVALS which speak ALL ABOUT the "SON" God was going to send in the future to lead us into the FINAL SABBATH REST of Tabernacles. Shavuot (Pentecost in Greek) is ANCHORED to the PASSOVER by a SPECIAL MATH EQUATION which would RE-ESTABLISH the CORNERSTONE SIGN of the LORD OF SABBATH after he would be REJECTED to begin our bondage into the WHOLE WORLD which Moses foresaw. Israel had brought a lot of the "myths" regarding the Stars out of bondage in Egypt with them, into the wilderness. The prophet Amos predicted the beginning of our bondage to the WHOLE WORLD and associated it with a WANDERING STAR named CHIVAN (Saturn) for which we would go into bondage first to BABYLON (the 1st of 4 BEAST KINGDOMS) where we would BEGIN FORGETTING the SABBATH and the APPOINTED FEASTS as also told to us in Lam. 2:6!

You were carrying the Tabernacle of your King Saturn, and the (Star) Images of the Planet of your God which you made for yourselves, therefore I will carry you into captivity beyond Babylon! Amos 5:26-27 & Acts 7:43

As if it were a little garden shed, YHWH has destroyed his meeting place. He has spurned king and priest in his wrath and has caused his Feast and Sabbath to be forgotten in Zion. Lam. 2:6

He will carefully calculate to change (Gods) times and laws which will be given into his hands. Dan. 7:15

In like manner to Egypt, we would be taken into bondage BEYOND BABYLON with the spurning of Gods High Priest-King like Joseph was, for which the bondage of Egypt and that to Babylon were PATTERNS to understand our world bondage in order to recognize the prophet God sends, REPENT, and COME OUT from bondage and into HIS KINGDOM for the SALVATION OF THE WORLD, as planned. What that means is that our bondage would have the earmarks of Egypt and of Babylon. Why? Because after Israel's coming out of bondage to Egypt using the LUNAR CORNERSTONE "SABBATH WEEK" which God had mandated, Babylon CHANGED its primary calendar system to a Lunar based Year/Month/WEEKLY system very similar to the one which God revealed to Israel through Moses, and Saturns Day was their sabbath! The greatest difference between the two kingdom calendars was that the Babylonians DID NOT "SANCTIFY NEW MOONS", and though their WEEK DAYS were anchored to the LUNAR CORNERSTONE just like Israels, they were associated with the 7 "WANDERING STARS" and SATURNS DAY was the "CORNERSTONE" of their weeks which fell on the SAME LUNAR SIGN as Israels Sabbaths!

Note that Israels sabbaths were on the 8th, 15th, 22nd, and 29th days of the Lunar Cycle with the 1st DAY being the SANCTIFIED New Moon and NOT a weekday. While Babylon treated New Moon as "left over days" at the end of the month (very much like the Jewish calendar does today) they declared the 1st WEEK DAY of the month the beginning of their "New Moon". Hence they did NOT declare the beginning of the New Moon with the LAST SLIVER of the Month to SANCTIFY the DARK MOON as "New" before the new sliver ENDED new moon "day". Rather they began their new month when new moon was OVER (with the sighting of the new sliver which begins the 1st WEEKDAY in Israels ancient calendar). Hence they observed the SAME DAYS of the weeks anchored to the same lunar cycle "SIGN" of the Moon, to include Sabbaths falling on the 1/4 moon and full moon SIGNS as did Israel, but Babylon numbered their sabbaths on the 7th, 14th, 21st and 28th of their months because New Moon was not the SANCTIFIED FIRST DAY of the month! They also associated the days of the weeks with the PLANETS. As we shall see when discussing Rome's ADOPTION of the Babylonian Planetary weekdays by Julius Caesar where each day (and even "hours" within each day, which we will not get into) were devoted to, and named after the "Planets" (which included the Sun Day and Moon Day as is still th practice under the "Times of the Gentiles" in our "Mystery Babylon" captivity), despite the FACT that Babylon and Israel (as well as early Rome) had LUNAR WEEKS anchored to a "New Moon Reset" of some sort as the "cornerstone" of their Calendar Systems, Julius Caeasar INTRODUCED a perpetual 7 day week system anchored to the Winter Solstice SUN as the annual "cornerstone" where he RE-ORDERED the PLANETARY WEEKDAYS associated with the days of the "wandering star weekdays" (Jude 1:13). So how did it come about (over the course of the next 3 enslavements) that Israel REJECTED and then totally forgot the CORNERSTONE SIGN of their SABBATH WEEKS for a WANDERING SABBATH STAR called Saturn anchored to the Winter Solstice SUN as their "cornerstone"? The details of that "SPIRITUAL FALSE FLAG" event are what we shall be going into now.

Daniel's Prophecies in their UNSEALED historical context

In Daniel 2:34-45 we are given a description of an image of Syncretic Kingdoms in a Statue of Nebuchadnezzar representing ("Mystery") Babylon as the head of gold and we're told WITH ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY (Dan. 2:46) that there would be 3 more BEAST KINGDOMS under the Head of Gold, then God's Kingdom would destroy all the former kingdoms. This entire statue represents "Mystery Babylon" into which Israel has been taken captive until such time that the TIMES AND LAWS upon which they would STAND as their "Cornerstone" foundation, would be STRUCK by the CORNERSTONE TRUTH of Gods Kingdom Times and Laws (which Cornerstone of TRUTH the BUILDERS of Mystery Babylon REJECTED and CHANGED with a FRAUD in conspiracy with that 4th Dragon-Beast, and is the CORNERSTONE on which it stands as the foundation of the Statue of Nebuchadnezzar which represents Mystery Babylon). Israel would be enslaved to each of these BEAST KINGDOMS until that CORNERSTONE TRUTH smashes their CORNERSTONE LIE upon which it STANDS and the Kingdom of this World is TAKEN FROM THEM and given to Gods Kings and Priest who will serve Him as their High Priest-King and LORD OF THE SABBATH anchored to His CORNERSTONE TRUTH of His WORD OF TRUTH by which He Sanctifies us (Ex. 31:13, Jn. 17:17)!

Daniel was shown the plan and that ALL men would be taken CAPTIVE by the spirit of Satanic rebellion serving BEAST KINGDOMS until the TRUTH would set us free to serve God's Spirit of TRUTH in His Kingdom of TRUTH as the TRUE LIFE GIVING LIGHT OF THE WORLD, for which God selected the MOON as His "SIGN". You can click on this link to see the details of when the ENSLAVEMENT to that LAST DRAGON BEAST representing the ROMAN EMPIRE officially began according to the PLAN. But let's briefly cover those approximately 700 years of history in overview.

After Nebuchadnezzars death, Babylon was conquered by the Medo-Persian Beast as Daniel was told. On the very night it would take place, he informed Nebuchadnezzar's son Belshazzar who had taken over the kingdom (Dan. 5:20-21). Darius the Mede conquered Babylon and he exalted Daniel as an official in his Beast kingdom of the Medo-Persian empire. Recall in the book of Esther which took place during the reign of this Medo-Persian Beast which conquered Babylon, there was an enemy traitor in its midst which wanted to OPPOSE GODS BEAST KINGDOM PLAN, kill all Gods Saints to STEAL their birthright and blessing, and take Medo-Persia as his own. His name was Haman (possessed by the spirit of Satan) and he and his sons and their co-conspirators were all rounded up and executed in yet another pattern for our instruction, which details are beyond the scope of this narrative. Suffice it to say that this Medo-Persian Beast through Cyrus, allows the Jewish people to return to rebuild the Temple destroyed by Babylon. Keep in mind that Daniel was not only told that it would be rebuilt before the decree ever went out, but also "THE VERY TIME" in which the "COMING PRINCE" of the 4th BEAST EMPIRE would DESTROY the Temple and CHANGE GODS TIMES AND LAWS upon which the STATUE OF BEASTS STANDS until the END DAYS (Dan. 9:24-26, 7:25-27, 2:38-41)!

Daniel told us after the decree to rebuild the Temple (by Medo-Persia) another Beast would come which would destroy Medo-Persia and take Israel captive in their place, Greece. We see that after the people return and build a very modest little temple, Alexander the Great came near to the city of Jerusalem after destroying Gaza in conquest, and the High Priest and all the people went out in procession to meet him and pledge their allegiance and fielty to him and his kingdom authority. They also showed him the prophecies which induced them to submit and also that he would conquer Persia to become the next ruler, which he did...and as recorded by Josephus.

And when the Book of Daniel was showed to him (Alexander the Great) where Daniel declared that one of the Greeks would destroy the empire of the Persians (Dan. 2:39, 8:5-7), he believed that he was the intended person. (Jewish Antiquities 11.337).

But remember that the prophecies to Daniel regarding the future and the conquering Beast Kingdoms did not end there with Alexander. Through Daniel God told us that another "Prince" of another "Beast" having "10 horns" would come to take Greece captive, and according to Dan. 7:25, this Beast would "calculate to change the Times and Laws" of Israel [which had already been under assault from WITHIN by JEWISH TRAITORS for nearly 200 years before the destruction of the Temple (2nd Mac. 5:26, 6:6, & 6:11), as we shall see is also evidenced by the Qumran Calendar which itself was later syncretized into a different form by Julius Caesar who took the whole world captive to this SABBATH DECEPTION of MYSTERY BABYLON] and would be ASSISTED by traitor Jews who PLANNED on HAILING the "coming prince" of that BEAST to power, just as they did Alexander, and CHANGING GODS TIMES AND LAWS WITH HIM (as the "eyes" and "mouth" of the "LITTLE HORN").

This final Beast (Dragon) which would have 10 horns (and 7 heads) would come and he would make war with the saints and would oppose the Holy One and carefully calculate to change the "times and laws" (of Israel, Gods Kingdom). We are given many details of prophecy regarding this Dragon Beast Kingdom which was LIKEWISE RECOGNIZED and HAILED TO POWER by the LEADERS OF THE PEOPLE, even as was Alexander the Great; as I demonstrate in this link. The difference between the "hailing" of these "coming princes" was the people were not being deceived to serve Alexander but the last "coming prince" depicted by this Statue which represents "Mystery Babylon", the leaders of Israel would deceive the people to serve as LORD of a FRAUD SABBATH CALENDAR after they assist him in the destruction of the temple and rewrite history to make themselves out as "saviours" rather than BETRAYERS of the people! Unlike the masses, the leaders understood the Temple would be destroyed by the next coming Prince and the Times and Laws would be CHANGED because the INTERPRETATION of the STATUE of Daniel is ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN and the whole INTELLECTUAL WORLD (beginning with Socrates 400 years earlier) KNEW IT by then!

So far we have identified all the important "coming princes" of the first 3 of the 4 Beast Kingdoms which would take Israel captive represented in the Statue of Mystery Babylon as: Nebuchadnezzar as the head = Babylon; followed by Darius-Cyrus = Medo-Persia; then Greece = Alexander the Great, so now let's identify the final Kingdom and its "Coming Prince" which God anointed to take the whole world captive to "Mystery Babylon" represented by this statue, which God raised up like Pharaoh to enslave his people and the WHOLE WORLD for their rebellion to His Spirit in men (like Joseph and all the REAL prophets). Daniel gives us a great deal of information about him but until now, it had been sealed up through DECEPTION so no one could READ to UNDERSTAND since these events took place. Let's begin with an OVERVIEW of Dan. 9:24-26 in order to identify THAT "Anointed Prince" of "Mystery Babylon" before we get into the great amount of details to establish it beyond any reasonable doubt.

We are told that from Cyrus' decree to restore Jerusalem and rebuild the Temple there would be "70 weeks" (of years) until this Prince finishes his work of establishing the CORNERSTONE for the MYSTERY of INIQUITY (for which God's anointed CORNERSTONE for His UBER PLAN to TRUMP their plan, had to be REJECTED, like Joseph was rejected as the CORNERSTONE of the 1st Covenant plan promised by God in advance) so that the CRAFT of DECEPTION would PROSPER in "MYSTERY BABYLON" as the foundation upon which the Statue of Nebuchanezzar stands to REPESENT these SPIRITUAL IDEALS, as Socrates envisioned and told us in his work over 300 years earlier. Sixty-two weeks AFTER that "PRINCE" would come and ESTABLISH that CORNERSTONE, he would be "cut off". This could be NONE OTHER than Julius Caesar!

Claudius Ptolemy, the Alexandrian Scientist and Historian, tells us that Cyrus made his decree to restore Jerusalem and rebuild the Temple in 536 B.C.. Julius Caesar came to power as SOLE DICTATOR over Rome in 46 BC. exactly 490 years (7 x 70) from Cyrus' decree, and he OFFICIALLY ENDED the Republic of Rome and its FORMER Lunar Calendar (which began in spring and had an 8 day week) and he CREATED the DRAGON EMPIRE of Rome as its 1st Head which he inaugurated on Jan. 1, 45 BC. of a NEW CALENDAR and syncretic religious system (dedicated to the God of WAR and CONTRACTS), . He was then "cut off" exactly 62 weeks later on March 15, 44 BC., exactly as prophesied! So the FOUNDER of the "CORNERSTONE DECEPTION" of the worlds "Mystery Babylon" enslavement (which was promised FIRST by Moses), and depicted by Daniel as a 10 horned beast, and by John as a 7 headed 10 horned DRAGON-Beast, had OFFICIALLY come into existence even as John gives testimony in Rev. 12:4 & 17:10 (but the 10th horn which would be the 7th Crowned Head had not yet come to destroy the Temple). So Julius Caesar is the 1st "Coming Prince", the 1st Head of this LAST "DRAGON" BEAST of the "Mystery Babylon" statue (which John also identifies for us in Rev. 17:10). But it will be the 7th Head and 10th Horn of this DRAGON BEAST which enslaves Israel with the destruction of the Temple AFTER another "anointed one" is "cut off" by the one who later ASSISTS this 7th Head/10th Little Horn "Prince" to come to world power (giving him the prophecy that he would become the next Emperor after 3 "horns" would be uprooted THAT SAME YEAR!). Of course we are referencing Jesus as the "anointed one" who is also "Cut Off" in the interim between the 1st and 7th "prince" which destroys the Temple. The 3rd person identified by the correct translation of Dan. 9:26 is fingered by God for rejecting him and this same person 40 years later sneaks out of the beseiged Temple to hail the "coming prince" to power, WITH WHOM he assists in the destruction of the Temple and City and deceives the people to adopt the FRAUD SABBATH CALENDAR created by Julius Caesar to take the world into BONDAGE (Mal. 2:10-12, Is. 14:12)! So contrary to the misdirected focus of Dan. 9:24-26 being about the identification of Jesus, its PRIMARY purpose is the identification of the 1st Head/Horn of the last kingdom represented on the Statue of Nebuchadnezzar, its 7th Head/10th Horn which destroyed the Temple, and the traitor Jew who "cut off" Jesus as leader of the Pharisees and 40 years later hails Vespasian to power and, as the eyes on that "little horn", assisted him to take Israel captive to a FRAUD SABBATH CALENDAR SYSTEM! The identification of Jesus as the "CORNERSTONE" these Kingdom "BULDERS" REJECTED in CONSPIRACY together, is only SECONDARY to the POSITIVE IDENTIFICATION of these CONSPIRATORS and the CORNERSTONE of their WORLD DECEPTION upon which they ESTABLISHED the Kingdom of "Mystery Babylon" represented by the Statue of Nebuchadnezzar by which it still stands to this day!

The Leader of the Pharisees at the time Jesus was "cut off" 40 years earlier, sneaks out of the besieged Temple and into General Vespasian's tent to give him the prophecy that "3 horns" of Rome would be "plucked up" that same year and he, the 10th (little) horn would become the 7th Head of the Dragon, and together they destroyed the Temple and city and MANDATED a FRAUD sabbath system (which OPPOSES GODS which was REJECTED as He allowed and told us from the foundation of the world he would make sacrifice for) as the "CORNERSTONE" of this CONSPIRACY against God and His Saints which would not be unsealed to EXPOSE the "wicked one" until the end days. So that's the brief "unsealing" to expose the 1st important "coming prince" of this LAST BEAST of Mystery Babylon which would change forms over time. We will get into more of those details later.

So John recognized the FIRST FORM of this LAST BEAST was ALREADY in EXISTENCE and he is DESCRIBING it over the course of time until it's finally CONQUERED by the Stone from Heaven (Rev. 12:4-5, 17:10, 17:14-27, Dan. 2:45). He also gives us more detail regarding the "Syncretic" MORPHING of their rule than does Daniel, a rule that would take place over the course of 2 Millenial Days until the WEAKEST form of 10 Kings (iron and clay) come to power in the morning of the 3rd millenial Day, and then the TRUE CORNERSTONE Truth unseals the scroll to STRIKE the CORNERSTONE LIE upon which the Beast Kingdoms are FOUNDED and STANDING (Dan. 2:34 & 45, Dan. 7:18, 22 & 27) to unite Gods people in the Morning of this 3rd Millenial Day, where we are now (Rev. 17:14), to begin ruling.

In the book of Daniel we are given details regarding the transition from the divided Grecian Kingdom to the Roman Empire in Dan. 8, which history I cover in some detail at the end of this page, and even more in this page linked here. The last and weakest form of the 4th/Last Dragon-Beast Kingdom, the dregs of the shapeshifting Un-Holy Roman Empire (which has poised itself to "reset" its kingdom power through sorcery once again), is currently ruling through an Elite controlled Deep State Intelligence System of Control serving its cornerstone power of deception in rebellion to God. But John talks about this LAST KINGDOM of ROME and its syncretic FORMS morphing over the course of history until it's "cornerstone of iniquity" is EXPOSED and it's finally CONQUERED by Jesus and his Body of Chosen and Faithful followers (Rev. 17:14-17, Dan. 2:45). And that's where we are now according to the BLUEPRINT of HIS STORY as we shall demonstrate. Big changes are soon coming to the world...indeed they are already happening. A restored Messianic Kingdom of Israel is at the door as prophesied! By the time you finish reading and understanding this chapter, prophecy should become very 'real' to you.

Daniel 9:26 is a key verse which is always subtly mistranslated. I go over this in far more detail elsewhere but as an introduction, it speaks of a singular 3rd person male as "HE" who would "cut off the Anointed One" and "HE" would destroy the city and Temple "WITH" that "coming prince" who would be the 7th Head and 10th Horn of the FIRST FORM of this "Dragon" to ESTABLISH THIS FOUNDATION for THEIR RULE. Here Daniel identifies the Jewish TRAITOR "eyes" on the "little horn" described in Dan. 7:8 (and their translator "mouth")! The "He" being identified by God was none other than the leader of the pharisees, Yochanan Ben Zakkai! He was the EYES on the LITTLE HORN of Daniel which CHANGED TIMES AND LAWS to MANDATE the adoption of a FRAUD SABBATH tied to the WANDERING STAR "SATURN" after the temple was destroyed and it was made ILLEGAL to SANCTIFY NEW MOON!

***Note: Another place where the "lying pen" of the "translators" have worked their DECEPTIVE MAGIC as it says in Jer. 8:8, is in Revelation 2:9 & 3:9 where the translators merely TRANSLITERATE the Greek noun which means "gathering" as "synagogue" to DECEPTIVELY be understood by readers as a reference ONLY to Jews! It's CLEARLY a SATANIC MISINTERPRETATION since the word came to be applied to "Jewish Gatherings" in other languages besides Greek only AFTER the diaspora! It's CLEARLY an EISEGETIC interpretation of the text by the SYNAGOGUE of SATAN themselves who CLAIM to be "YHWH/God Praisers" ("Jews"), but are NOT "YHWH PRAISERS" ("Jews")! We EASILY see the TRUTH of this accusation not only in the HISTORICAL EVIDENCE provided below, but the TEXTUAL EVIDENCE where the SAME GREEK NOUN is used in MANY other places in the Septuagint which are CLEARLY NOT references to Jewish "Gatherings", like Gen. 1:9 and James 2:2 as just 2 examples! This ANTISEMITIC interpretation was DELIBERATELY done to HIDE the FACT that EVERYONE in the ROMAN WORLD at that time KNEW that Pergamos and Smyrna was the CENTER of EMPEROR WORSHIP (as "God") long before the destuction of the Temple in Jerusalem! A brief history is provided in this link for your convenience. End Note***

In fact here are the historical accounts that tell us the MASSES of the Jews were DECEIVED by their leaders to MISINTERPRET the scriptures (most specifically Daniel, which would then be "sealed up" until it's time to EXPOSE and DESTROY "Mystery Babylon" depicted by the Statue of Nebuchadnezzar in Dan. 2:31-45). Like many Jews AND Christians in Nazi Germany (and TO THIS VERY DAY), they were not able to recognize their leaders were deceiving them. Rather than lose their lives, they lost their faith and were enslaved. They had believed the Messiah of God was going to begin his OPEN Rule, not the ANTICHRIST BEAST. Today the deception is EXACTLY OPPOSITE once again. The corrupt leaders did not believe their "DIVINE CAESAR", "Sun God" incarnate was the world's "antichrist" but its SAVIOUR...Ceasar was WORSHPPED as GOD (like in the "Temples" of the "Divine Caesar" in Pergamos and Smyrna which was the CENTER of Emperor worship called the "Synagogue of Satan" and the "Seat of Satan" in Rev. 2). He is worshipped and/OR SERVED (as lord of his fraud sabbath) as the "CORNERSTONE" of REBELLION AND DECEPTION upon which the SYNCRETIC BEAST KINGDOMS of MYSTERY BABYLON STAND to this very day!).

So the book of Daniel clearly lays out the timeline that Medo-Persia would decree the rebuilding of the Temple and when the 4th and final "Beast Kingdom" (a Dragon-Empire) would come to power to destroy the Temple to enslave the world to a FALSE "CORNERSTONE" as the FOUNDATION upon which Mystery Babylon would stand (later called a "Christian Calendar" as part of the powerful deception). The "moshiah" would be CUT OFF and like Joseph, Glorified in POWER [as Cornerstone of Gods plan to establish the Spirit of Truth as Lord of His Kingdom times and laws as the TRUE KING over heaven and earth which, through His Servants continuing His work (Jn. 14:11-12, Rev. 21:7 & 2:26-28) would eventually DESTROY the foundational LIE upon which Mystery Babylon was established IN PLACE of God's Kingdom, and God will RIGHTLY RULE through His Saints AS DESIGNED (Dan. 2:45, Rev. 17:14-17)!] and the one RESPONSIBLE for "cutting off the Moshiah" in the interim between the 1st Horn and 10th Horn of the 4th Beast depicted in the Statue would then hail the final "coming prince" to power as his "eyes" (the 10th "little horn" before whom 3 would be uprooted so that this "antichrist" could come to power). The world's religious leaders have ALREADY HAILED the "antichrist" to power and ever since have SERVED the SPIRIT of DECEPTION as their LORD of a FRAUD SABBATH as CORNERSTONE of the kingdom they built!

You were carrying the Tabernacle of your King Saturn, and the (Star) Images of the Planet of your God which you made for yourselves, therefore I will carry you into captivity beyond Babylon! Amos 5:26-27 & Acts 7:43

This was the "CORNERSTONE" of God's KINGDOM BUILDING PLAN by which He promised (Hos. 5:14-6-2) He would "come as a Lion" to "drag Israel off into world bondage" (promised first by Moses) to then "RETURN TO HIS PLACE" until his people SEEK HIS FACE as SAVIOUR and KING. The "Spirit of Truth" was enfleshed by His own "Word of Truth" as His own "Right Hand", the "Lion of Judah", the PERFECT IMAGE of the otherwise "invisible GOD", and was SACRIFICED as a Passover SABBATH Lamb by wicked men as the CORNERSTONE of His Plan to establish the SPIRIT of TRUTH as the CORNERSTONE TRUTH for His Kingdom, and the SABBATH is the "SIGN" by which we KNOW that it is GOD, the Spirit of Truth, who SANCTIFIES US to enter His Kingdom according to His Word of Truth (Ex. 31:13, Jn. 17:17). We can now SEEK HIS "FACE" according to His Plan to RULE EARTH through His People!

Historical accounts of the Jewish Revolt against the "Anointed Prince"...the ANTICHRIST Vespasian, hailed to power by traitor Jews after the Moshiach was CUT OFF, as prophesied in advance (Dan. 2:40, 7:25, & 9:26)!

"All over the East there had spread an OLD AND ESTABLISHED BELIEF that it was fated AT THAT TIME (of the destruction of the Temple) for men coming from Judea would rule the world. This prediction was referring to the Emperor of Rome (Vespasian) as evidenced by the event, but the people of Judaea took it to themselves (believing they would be delivered); accordingly they revolted." [ Suetonius, "Lives of the Twelve Caesars" Vespasian 4 para. 2 (see the linked notes on the "established belief" referencing the "prediction")].

"...there was a firm persuasion that in the ancient records of their priests was contained a prediction of how AT THAT VERY TIME the East was to grow powerful and rulers coming from Judea were to acquire a universal empire. These mysterious prophecies had pointed to Vespasian and Titus, but the common people, with the usual blindness of ambition, had interpreted these mighty destinies of themselves and could not be brought even by disasters to believe the truth" (that the prophecies were about Vespasian). (Tacitus, "Histories" 5.13).

"What more than all else incited them (the Jewish masses) to war was an ambiguous oracle found in their sacred scriptures to the effect that AT THAT TIME one from their country would become ruler of the world". (Josephus, "Jewish Wars" 6.312).

Josephus is hinting at the FACT that the Jewish Leaders who "CUT OFF THE MOSHIACH", were also those who BETRAYED THE PEOPLE to DECEIVE THEM to think the JEWISH MESSIAH was coming, only to "cut him off" and hail the "coming prince" (antichrist) to WORLD POWER in his stead as CORNERSTONE of Gods plan to EXPOSE and DESTROY the Spirit of Deception and those who serve him IN OPPOSITION TO THE TRUTH on the WORLD STAGE according to the now unsealed prophecies of Daniel. As the "builders" of "Mystery Babylon" laying its foundation upon which it stands to this day, they established the Spirit of Deception as the cornerstone of the foundation on which their kingdom stands to this day after DESTROYING the TEMPLE to CHANGE the TIMES AND LAWS of Gods Kingdom, for which God Made the SACRIFICE to establish as TRUTH in order to FREE US from our CAPTIVITY to the antichrist "COUNTERFEIT SABBATH" KINGDOM of DECEPTION, as He PROMISED us in advance of any of it taking place!

So these "oracles" were NOT "ambiguous" at all, but RATHER SPECIFICALLY IDENTIFY Zakkai as the "EYES" of that little horn and Josephus as the translator "MOUTH" between them (who boastfully takes personal credit for giving the prophecy to Vespasian in his version of events) who would HAIL VESPASIAN as EMPEROR while he was still IN JUDEA seiging the Temple, as prophesied. But these SPECIFICS would be "SEALED UP" so that the LIES of these 3 CONSPIRATORIAL "FROGS" would be croaked throughout the whole world until their CORNERSTONE LIE IS EXPOSED by the CORNERSTONE TRUTH according to PROPHECY (Dan. 2:45, Rev. 17:14-17).

As a final point before we move on, as we have seen these prophesies were understood by the NATIONS around Israel FAR BETTER than the masses of the people of Israel themselves, and this can be seen NO CLEARER than in the work of Socrates through the work of his student Plato in "The Republic" which Paul references; because of course there were students waiting to see the prophesy fulfilled and the cornerstone of God's Constitutional Kingdom laid according to the Blueprint which Socrates spoke about (Jn. 12:20-28). In the book of Acts Paul is speaking to the Greek Philosophers in Athens and describes this Being to them as follows:

In Him we live, move, and have our very existence, as even some of your own authors have said...Acts 17:18a

The "author" Paul is clearly referencing above all others was none other than Socrates, whom not only Paul but others of the New Testament authors make many references to in the New Testament text, and even quote him VERBATUM in many places (as I demonstrate at the end of this page). In the verse above he was alluding to Socrates' own summary or explanation of his famous "Cave Parable" which I append for your convenience here. But to summarize Socrates, who lived JUST AFTER the PROPHECIES were fulfilled regarding the return of Israel from exile to rebuild the Temple (for which the Moshiah would be "CUT OFF" and the Temple DESTROYED in order to plunge the whole world into the DARKNESS of the "cave" bondage Socrates envisioned...and which I prove here did indeed take place already), and he wove many prophecies together to develop an "allegory" whereby he recounted the "Gospel Plan" HUNDREDS OF YEARS before Jesus even came to be "CUT OFF"!

In his "GOSPEL PARABLE" he equated the visible material world to a cave DUNGEON into which the "Father of Lights" would send the "SON MOST LIKE HIM" to "free the prisoners" from the DUNGEON MASTERS who are working for Satan and are using the Sun like a fire in a cave to DECEIVE; Blinding the MINDS of the people into remaining comfortable as THEIR SLAVES in the cave dungeon, and believing there is no greater "Light of Reality". So when the Son of Light most like that otherwise invisible FATHER OF LIGHTS (the SPIRIT OF TRUTH) would come into the cave controlled by the Dungeon Masters who BLIND THE MINDS of their slaves, they would refuse to recognize the "Light" he represented (as the enfleshed "Spirit" of the "Word of Truth" as its "Cornerstone"), and they would murder him. Socrates talked about how this murder was the CORNERSTONE of the PLAN to SET THE PRISONERS FREE in order to establish the HEAVENLY KINGDOM PATTERN of PERFECT GOVERNMENT on earth. I highly encourage you to read at least the portion I have appended here. It's couched in a very enlightening dialogue regarding having the ABILITY to SEE and distinguish between, PERFECT JUSTICE and the PERFECTLY JUST juxtapposed to PERFECT INJUSTICE and the PERFECTLY UNJUST.

It's interesting to me that Socrates, who clearly served the sentient "Spirit of Truth" and died as a Martyr for this God (to which the Athenian Philosophers had erected a monument to the "Unknown God" which Paul is teaching them about from Socrates work) and the Bible writers, speak of the same PLAN regarding how the otherwise invisible "Light of the World" whom the beastly rulers of this world OPPOSE in REBELLION, would come in flesh as a "Lion of Judah" (Hos. 5:14-6:2, Rev. 5:5-6) to manifest himself through A MAN of flesh according to HIS PLAN to UNITE HIS CHILDREN to GLORIFY HIM through their OBEDIENCE to SAVE THE WORLD from the SPIRIT OF REBELLION which took them that the Kingdom of God would be MANIFEST ON EARTH so that His will is done "on earth even as in heaven". Socrates put it this way:

"No State (governing body) can be happy which is not designed by artists imitating the heavenly pattern." Socrates, Plato's Republic book 6

The INDICTMENT of the Dead Sea Scrolls Calendar!

Before we get into more of the details concerning the 4th Beast (Dragon) of the Roman Empire spoken of by the historians above, and Yochanan ben Zakkai as the "eyes" on the "little horn" which would assist him to power to destroy the Temple and change times and laws, I want to point out that like the books of the Maccabees (2nd Mac. 5:26, 6:6, & 6:11) the Dead Sea Scrolls indicate there were already GREAT RIFTS IN ISRAEL regarding the CALENDAR...well over 200 years before the destruction of the Temple, to include not just Lunar Sabbath Feast Days (like Passover, Pentecost, the Day of Atonements, and Tabernacles which speak all about Jesus) but the regular WEEKLY SABBATHS which were CONNECTED TO THEM through the CORNERSTONE of Gods SPIRIT, for which He selected the Sanctification of the New Moon as the "SIGN"! The Qumran Jews were NOT serving the "Cornerstone Spirit of Truth" but the "Cornerstone Spirit of Deception" whose Cornerstone Sign was the SUN to which they anchored their FRAUD SABBATH CALENDAR SYSTEM! This attack on the CORNERSTONE SPIRIT of God's Kingdom for which He sent His WORD OF TRUTH to ESTABLISH as TRUE, can be seen NO CLEARER than in the Day of Shavuot a.k.a. Pentecost, as we shall demonstrate through the Word of Truth!

This attempt to DIVORCE the SABBATHS from the CORNERSTONE SPIRIT of TRUTH which is symbolized by the SANCTIFIED NEW MOON as the "SIGN" in God's Sabbath Kingdom (which speaks all about Jesus) was first done by the Qumran CULT! These DISPUTES regarding WHEN to KEEP SABBATH and WHAT CALENDAR by which they should be observed, PREPARED the GROUNDWORK for, and CULMINATED IN, this LAST BEAST who would come to "CHANGE TIMES AND LAWS", which THEY ANTICIPATED would be "given into his hand" (Dan. 7:25b)...then all these things would be "SEALED UP" (Dan. 9:24b) until the TIME OF THE END when it's time to RESTORE the KINGDOM "CORNERSTONE TRUTH" (Dan. 12:1-4) and EXODUS from our WORLD BONDAGE into the NEW COVENANT under Gods Spirit of Truth as King (Is. 11:10-12)!

So let's discuss some of the specifics which the D.S.S. calendar heresies teach us about the TUMULTUOUS activities that were going on for at least 200 years PRIOR to "that very time" when the Temple would be destroyed, and which prepared the ground for the BEAST that would SOON BE COMING and MANY KNEW IT and were PLANNING ON SUBMITTING and BETRAYING and SLAYING anyone who OPPOSED them!

Though there are many things we still don't know about the Qumran community and the "Essenes" from the Dead Sea Scrolls (which some argue provide a link between the Essenes and Sadducees, perhaps as a rival faction, who were later known as "bayit usim" or Boethusians), there are things which we do know with ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY. The fundamentals of the "SOLAR MONTH" calendar and its YEARLY "Perpetual Sabbath Week" cycle which they DEVELOPED and USED, is a prime example and is what we shall focus on here...because their "monthly sabbaths" and its perpetual "sabbath week" is both OLDER, AND COMPLETELY INCOMPATIBLE with the annual "WEEKLY SABBATH" CALENDAR system which Julius Caesar created in 46 B.C.E. and which the world observes to this very day (albeit "adjusted" first by Constantine in the 4th Century and again by Gregorian in the 16th Century). The Qumran Calendar provides us the OLDEST archeological evidence for the perpetual FRAUD "sabbath weeks" which we have today, and their ORIGIN.

So let's begin with some concrete examples. The Qumran community observed the "CORNERSTONE SABBATH" of Shavuot (Pentecost) as the "RENEWAL OF THE COVENANT" on the 15th day of the 3rd month. On its face one might ask what the problem is because as proven here, Pentecost ALWAYS happens on the 15th day FULL MOON SABBATH in the 3rd Month as the "CORNERSTONE SABBATH" of our Kingdom Covenent with God. So it APPEARS to be the EXACTLY CORRECT DAY of the correct month, BUT they're anchoring their Sabbaths to the SOLAR CORNERSTONE for their SOLAR CALENDAR Year/Month/Week system COMPLETELY DIVORCED from the Lunar Calendar which God MANDATED in TORAH for His Kingdom of Kings and Priests to observe! So this is EVIDENCE that what the Rabbi's call "High Sabbaths" in our "weekly sabbath" calendar deception of the BEAST men serve hypocritically today, were ANCHORED to the SOLAR CORNERSTONE calendar for the Qumran community just like their WEEKLY SABBATH was, IN ANTICIPATION of the COMING BEAST who would take the world captive to the Spirit of Deception anchored to the sign of the Sun through a FRAUD SABBATH WEEK system! This EVIDENCE exposes the SATANIC AGENDA to CHANGE GODS SABBATH CORNERSTONE and is the smoking gun EVIDENCE that the whole world has BEEN DECEIVED by a SOLAR WEEK CALENDAR SYSTEM in a SATANIC MARRIAGE between SATAN and his RELIGIOUS CHURCH HARLOT WITCHES riding the POWER of this BLINDING DECEPTION of WITCHCRAFT to this very day!

For the Qumran community, Pentecost was VERY IMPORTANT on their calendar, as it was for all Jews, because ONLY on Pentecost could new members be ADDED to their LEGALISTIC community feigning holiness through their LEGALISTIC SABBATH OBSERVANCES! They were far more legalistic than the Pharisees who they claimed to have fraud sabbaths. Your clothes were to be SPOTLESS without even a hint of dust on Sabbath and contrary to Jesus teaching (Mat. 12:11, Lk. 14:5) they EXPRESSLY FORBID the rescuing of an animal that might fall in a pit (like a cistern full of water in which it was drowning or if dry, filled with vipors threating its life) AND they forbade the RETRIEVAL, CARRYING, or USE of a rope, ladder, or any other implement to RESCUE even a man who might fall into such a pit or even a fire (being burned to death) on the Sabbath (4Q266; "Community Rules" in the Damascus Document)! They didn't even allow their members to go out to the latrine (bathroom) area to relieve themselves on their FRAUD that's "holy" eh! Men thought this sort of RIGOUROUS STANDARDS is what defined real holiness. So you can see that Jesus was not only reprimanding the Jews for suggesting he was breaking sabbath (keep in mind we are talking about LUNAR CALENDAR SABBATHS which the Qumran Jews claimed were fraud sabbaths) but he's giving the Pharisees some KUDOS in that THEY WOULD SAVE A DROWNING ANIMAL on Sabbath but the Qumran Jews FORBADE IT! That sort of zealous observance of laws seemed REALLY HOLY to many people deceived by this sort of witchcraft POLEMIC on defining "sin", seen against the backdrop of the OBVIOUS CORRUPTION of the priesthood in Jerusalem (which really was a sort of Jewish "Mafia Family") ran by Annas, the High Priest and "holy father" of ALL 5 of his sons who each later successively held the office of the Priesthood in the 1st Century C.E. (though the Pharisees were the real POLITICAL POWER cultivating the nations relationship with Rome, and the leader of the Pharisees Yochanan Ben Zakkai, remained the CONSTANT POWER over the Pharisees throughout that entire period of time while the revolving door Priesthood held increasingly less power. Eventually Zakkai and his Sect of Pharisees came out on top to control a NEW "Jewish era" as the undisputed leaders over the Jewish people after the destruction of the Temple).

The Qumran Jews believed and taught that the LUNAR CALENDAR PENTECOST (and their LUNAR WEEKS proven here) was an heretical contrivance of the "wicked" Priests and Pharisees in Jerusalem who they claimed had corrupted the scriptures and inserted a LUNAR CORNERSTONE SABBATH by which to DECEIVE the people to submit to their authority. Of course their argument, which is exactly OPPOSITE of the TRUTH, could NOT possibly admit to all of the ARCHEOLOGICAL EVIDENCE of HUNDREDS of years of history in regard to the origin of Israel's Calendar in its historical context which we have already covered, nor the INFLUENCE it had on the ENTIRE WORLD afterwords (the very reason Babylon had switched from a Solar calendar to a Lunar calendar to begin with), which we discussed earlier. Nor could they ever admit they were serving the Cornerstone Spirit of Deception which has ALWAYS used the SUN as its Cornerstone "SIGN" (and the very REASON God always intended to REVEAL His FIRST SABBATH anchored to the SIGN of the Sanctified New Moon as HIS PROMISED PASSOVER SABBATH SACRIFICE to IDENTIFY His Cornerstone Spirit of TRUTH). They merely understood and BELIEVED that the "coming prince" was going to change times and laws and had confidence that their "solar sabbath" calendar would be adopted by him and THEY would become the disseminators of Jewish Law instead of the Rabbi's...and since the Victors write the history, they had every intention of SCRUBBING HISTORY of ANY REFERENCE to a LUNAR SABBATH of any kind, and ESPECIALLY the passage from Neh. 9:14 in order to CLAIM that their Weekly Sabbath FRAUD was observed since the foundation of the world. Thank God He put the Rabbis in Moses' seat and they didn't go that far in their conspiracy with the "coming prince" of Mystery Babylon!

You saw the distress of our ancestors in you REVEALED your HOLY SABBATH to them...through Your Servant Moses. Neh. 9:9 & 14

So the Qumran Jews coupled their perpetual 7 day sabbath of their 364 day year as being observed since the foundation of the world with their METICULOUS LEGALISM in regard to it's observance in order to draw new members to their SABBATH CULT who were fed up with the political HYPOCRISY of the leadership in Jerusalem, into their own cult very similarly to how people CULT HOP today and use POLEMICS to "justify" their cult practices. So let's be clear, they were right about the corruption of the system controlling Jerusalem as Jesus himself, and later the Disciples tell us clearly about, but for this cult to create their own calendar system and laws as a polemic response to the corruption of others...while at the same time attempting to create an even more legalistic CARNAL BASED approach to serving God than those others who they claimed were serving Belial (Satan) in hypocrisy already, was little more than the pot calling the kettle black! But that's the PLOY taken by ALL SATAN'S CULTS bickering with one another for the best spot at Jezebel's Table, to this very day!

Below is a rendering of the 1st-3rd and the 7th Months and their Festivals. Please note there may be discrepencies in the order of the Priestly Course of service listed on the left, but they are not the focus here. More importantly to note is the documents are CLEAR that their year ALWAYS begins at the Vernal Equinox in Spring, and the 1st day of this 1st month ALWAYS falls on the 4th weekday which, as we saw in the Babylonian order of Planets associated with the Menorah by Philo, was the day of the SUN! Like Israel's ancient lunar Calendar, this pattern of days of the month falling on the exact same weekdays every "solar month" of every year, NEVER CHANGES. So the FIRST DAY of their 364 day SOLAR YEAR was ALWAYS the 4th day of the WEEK, "Sunday" according to Philo's ordering of the planets associated with the 7 lights of the Menorah cited earlier! But this day of the "week" would be equated to Wednesday on the world's calendar today, which was created by Caesar AFTER the Qumran calendar (and not to be confused with the original order of the planetary week days divised by Julius Caesar where "SUNday" was the 2nd day of the week until Constantine mandated it to be the 1st day in the 4th Century). No doubt if Josephus who like Philo associated the 7 lights of the Menorah with the order of Planets (and therefore the days of the week) as cited earlier, and writing post temple destruction at least 50 years after the death of Philo, he would have associated the order of the Planets as MANDATED by Julius Caesar in his FRAUD SABBATH WEEK SYSTEM, and NOT as either Philo or the Qumran Jews (who themselves were describing 2 different "CORNERSTONES" for their 7 DAY WEEKS)!

The Solar "weekly sabbath" was CLEARLY a FRAUD designed to replace Gods TRUE SABBATH "CORNERSTONE" with the REJECTION of the LORD OF HIS SABBATH KINGDOM, as He told us in ADVANCE was going to happen, and THIS EVIDENCE gives us GREAT HISTORICAL INSIGHT into EXACTLY HOW IT HAPPENED! Please note in the calendar below that they have COMPLETELY disregarded the SPECIAL SABBATH COMMAND given by God to END this 7 day Sabbath Feast of Passover/Unleavend bread on the 21st (Ex. 12:18, Lev. 23:6-8) and they simply begin their count on the 26th day after their FRAUD "WEEKLY SABBATH" of the 25th instead (bolded to assist you) for the sole purpose of arriving on the 15th day of their 3rd month as the TARGET for their count to fall on (the same day of the 3rd month on which they left Egypt in the 1st month according to Ex. 19:1 & 7-8, "The Day" we are commanded to "never forget" in Deut. 4:9-10). Everyone KNEW that DAY was the 15th of the month, the "same day" we left Egypt in the 1st month, but the Qumran Jews were simply trying to push a FRAUD SOLAR calendar in service to the SPIRIT of DECEPTION as their "Cornerstone"! Also note that at the end of every quarter (that is every 3rd, 6th, 9th, and 12th month) their months are fixed with 31 days not 30 days as the rest of the months are. This means that IF Noah observed their calendar as they CLAIMED, there would have been EXACTLY 152 DAYS (and not exactly 150 days) that transpired between the 17th day of the 2nd month (Gen. 7:11 & 24) and the 17th day of the 7th month (Gen 8:2-3) that year! That's just another SMOKING GUN EVIDENCE against these FRAUDULENT CLAIMS they were making to push their SOLAR SABBATH CALENDAR FRAUD! No doubt they would have CHANGED that text after they were in full control as the leaders of the Jews...again, THANK GOD He selected the Pharisees to take the people into captivity or we would NEVER be able to ESTABLISH THE TRUTH later! And as a last note before we get into the specifics, please note that there are MANY SABBATHS whose DAY of the Month upon which they fell, we KNOW FOR SURE; and NONE OF THEM are listed in the Qumran calendar below! Again, the BEST EXAMPLES we have are the DAYS on which the Sabbaths fell in the 1st three Months (Ex. 12, 16, and 19 respectively). That's MORE smoking gun evidence of the COMPLETELY SATANIC FRAUD of this Qumran "Sabbath" Calendar system. I post that TRUE CALENDAR which is ESTABLISHED in the WORD of TRUTH after this one BELOW, so you can COMPARE the two IN THE WORD!

The Qumran SOLAR "CORNERSTONE" count of perpetual "WEEKS" (Shavuot) to the 50th weekday a.k.a. Pentecost (in blue)

Weekly Course Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Day 7  
Gamul       1 2 3 4  
5 6 7 8 9 10 11  
12 13 14 15 16 17 18  
Yoyarib 19 20 21 22 23 24 25  
Yedayah  26 27 28 29 30      
Weekly Course Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Day 7  
Harim           1 2  
3 4 5 6 7 8 9  
9 11 12 13 14 15 16  
Miyamin 17 18 19 20 21 22 23  
 Hakoz 24 25 26 27 28 29 30  
Weekly Course Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Day 7  
Abiyah 1 2 3 4 5 6 7  
8 9 10 11 12 13 14  
15 16 17 18 19 20 21  
Eliyashiv 22 23 24 25 26 27 28  
Yakim  29 30 31          

Below is the 7th Solar Month with the Day of Atonements on the 10th, Feast of Tabernacles on the 15th and the last great day on the 22nd. Note that like the 2nd Month it has 30 days which begin on the 6th day of the week and ends on the 7th. The 3rd and 6th months have 31 days.

Weekly Course Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Day 7  
Imer       1 2 3 4  
5 6 7 8 9 10 11  
12 13 14 15 16 17 18  
Pethiah 19 20 21 22 23 24 25  
 Yehezekel 26 27 28 29 30      

Note that ALL the days of EVERY month fall on the EXACT SAME DAYS of the SAME WEEKS of every year and evey quarter the pattern of months REPEAT (eg. the 1st, 4th, 7th & 10th begin on the 4th day of the week)! So ALL "SABBATHS" fell on the EXACT SAME DAY of the same months EVERY YEAR! It has some SIMILARITY to the SOLAR SABBATH FRAUD CALENDAR created by Caesar in 46 B.C.E., but they are COMPLETELY INCOMPATIBLE "sabbath calendars" because Caesar's Sabbaths "FLOAT AROUND" and are not ANCHORED to the MONTH DAYS as both the Qumran prototype for deception AND the TRUE LUNAR CALENDAR of Gods Kingdom!

Below is a sample of the actual Lunar Calendar observed by Jesus and the Disciples before the coming of the 7th Head/10th "little horn" of Rome (Vespasian) who destroyed the Temple and changed Israel's "times and laws" (and murdered all the Saints who refused) to conform to those created by the 1st head of the Dragon-Beast, Julius Caesar, in ANTICIPATION of usurping Jesus authority and taking the world captive to his "CORNERSTONE SABBATH FRAUD" (as alluded to by John in Rev. 12:4 & 17:10). You can click this link to find more detail on this calendar.

Shavuot is Hebrew which means "WEEKS" (7 WEEKS) and Pentecost is Greek which means "50"; a reference to counting 50 days (50 WEEK DAYS). This is going to be a new concept for you but: "New Moons" WERE NEVER, AND TO THIS DAY STILL ARE NOT, "WEEK DAYS" in God's SABBATH KINGDOM! That FACT can easily be seen in Is. 66:23 and even moreso in Ez. 46:1 where New Moons are SANCTIFIED apart from Sabbath AND the 6 working days of the weeks every month. The VERY PURPOSE of this CORNERSTONE SABBATH MATH EQUATION is to establish the CORNERSTONE SPIRIT of TRUTH which Jesus came to establish through his OBEDIENCE to the SPIRIT of TRUTH as the enfleshed WORD of TRUTH, as LORD of the SABBATH TRUTH by which we know God Sancties us (Ex. 31:13, Jn. 17:17), to EXPOSE Cornerstone Spirit of DECEPTION and DESTROY the Sabbath week FRAUD upon which Mystery Babylon stands and which has ENSLAVED THE WORLD!

New Moons are SANCTIFIED or "SET APART" from the days of the WEEKS and their Sabbaths and therefore NEVER COUNTED in the COUNT of PERFECT WEEKS and their WEEKDAYS; even as clearly indicated in the chart below! For this reason God mentions them separately from the sanctified Sabbaths which ARE "week days", by saying "New Moons and Sabbaths" are SANCTIFIED DAYS of the MONTHS in places like Isaiah 66:23, because they are ANCHORED CAN NOT observe Sabbaths which ARE "week days", APART from SANCTIFYING the NEW MOONS which is NOT "week days"! But God's Kingdom TIMES and LAW were promised to be CHANGED by the SEED OF SATAN after the destruction of God's Temple (by Satan's "ANTICHRIST" and "Mystery Babylon" religious whore and her "Seed" in GREAT APOSTASY, Gen. 3:15, Lam. 2:6, Dan. 7:25, 2 Thes. 2:3). This would be the FULFILLMENT of Israel being taken into bondage to ALL NATIONS to the Antichrists FRAUD SABBATH KINGDOM in Satanic REBELLION to God's SABBATH-CORNERSTONE KINGDOM, from which God will bring us out from bondage in GREATER EXODUS than from Egypt (as outlined in Deut. 30:1-6, Jer. 16:14-15 and elsewhere)!

Lunar "Cornerstone" Count of WEEKS (Shavuot) and their (Pentecost) 50 WEEK DAYS (in blue) which REQUIRE the SANCTIFICATION (setting apart) of New Moons, as God Commands. Note the count begins on the day after the 21st which is a SPECIAL SABBATH to END this WEEK which began on the SABBATH which ended the prior week. So following this special week of "Passover' are 7 more IDENTICAL WEEKS to the very day AFTER 7 weeks, which is PENTECOST DAY!

1st Sanctified New Moon Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Day 7 Moon Cycle
1, 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 end 1st 1/4
  9 10 11 12 13 14 15 end 1st half
  16 17 18 19 20 21 22 end 3rd 1/4
  23 24 25 26 27 28 29 end last 1/4
2nd Sanctified New Moon Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Day 7 Moon Cycle
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 end 1st 1/4
  9 10 11 12 13 14 15 end 1st half
  16 17 18 19 20 21 22 end 3rd 1/4
  23 24 25 26 27 28 29 end last 1/4
3rd Sanctified New Moon Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Day 7 Moon Cycle
1, 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 end 1st 1/4
  9 10 11 12 13 14 15 end 1st half
  16 17 18 19 20 21 22 end 3rd 1/4
  23 24 25 26 27 28 29 end last 1/4

Note that there are EIGHT IDENTICAL "SABBATH WEEKS" between the 15th Day Full Moon Passover Sabbath on which Israel left Egypt in the 1st Month, and the 15th Day Full Moon Pentecost Sabbath in the 3rd month when they arrived at Moon Mountain to PROMISE to be God's People (Ex. 19:1 & 7-8), the day of our marriage we were told to NEVER FORGET (Deut. 4:9-10)! I have posted the same calendar above again below, not highlighting the count of Pentecost this time but rather only the Sabbaths, so you can see the symetry of the SABBATH WEEKS and how they REQUIRE the SANCTIFICATION of "New Moon Days" (setting apart as HOLY DAYS which are NOT "week days") to be OBSERVED in God's Kingdom.

So in the 1st month the following day after this SPECIALLY COMMANDED 7th Day (Ex. 12:18, Lev. 23:6-8) ending the Feast of Unleavened bread on the 21st (which begins on the Full Moon Sabbath of the 15th, which is "Passover Sabbath"), is the 22nd. This regular sabbath is in this case, a 1st Day Sabbath beginning a count of 7 more IDENTICAL WEEKS as the Passover/Feast of Unleavened Bread week which began ON SABBATH! So the 1st Day to BEGIN the COUNT of WEEKS (7 festival weeks which each begin on what would be a regular weekly sabbath, like Passover did...and the purpose is to RESTORE the SABBATH WEEKS of the COUNT to PENTECOST for our MARRIAGE COVENANT) is the 'regular' third quarter moon Sabbath. You could say this "8th Day SABBATH" of Passover/Feast of Unleavened bread week, is the 1st day which BEGINS the count of 7 more SPECIAL ("Festival") WEEKS that are IDENTICAL to Passover/Feast of Unleavened Bread week, which ALSO BEGAN ON SABBATH as its 1st day, and consisting of 49 week days/sabbaths (excluding New Moons as "SET APART" from LUNAR WEEKS/WEEK DAYS) to end on the 50th DAY SABBATH of the FULL MOON of the 3rd month; the DAY which begins SHAVUOT/PENTECOST "Marriage Week" (Ex. 19:1 & 7-8)! So from the very day of the full Moon Passover Sabbath to the the DAY we were told to NEVER FORGET (for which God made SACRIFICE knowing in advance IT WOULD BE "REJECTED" AND "FORGOTTEN" so that we would know that HE, the SPIRIT OF TRUTH has SANCTIFIED US by His "WORD of TRUTH" and SABBATH is the SIGN of our COVENANT with the CORNERSTONE SPIRIT OF TRUTH (Lev. 2:6, Dan. 7:25, Ex. 31:13, Jn. 17:17), are 8 IDENTICAL "Sabbath Weeks! The Passover Sabbath and the Shavuot/Pentecost Sabbath are ANCHORED TIED through THIS MATH EQUATION which REQUIRES the "Sanctification of New Moon" as the "KEY" count REQUIRED to "TRUE" the equation and then RECOGNIZE the CORNERSTONE "SIGN" of the otherwise invisible "Spirit of Truth" as the CORNERSTONE of God's Kingdom for which those "Full Moon" Sabbaths are the PERFECT IMAGE of our Groom of our Covenant with the Spirit of TRUTH!

This 50th day of Shavuot/Pentecost is the EXACT SAME FULL MOON SABBATH DAY of the 3rd month which began Passover/Feast of Unleavened Bread in the 1st month, the DAY they came out of Egypt in the 1st month being the SAME DAY they arrived at Mt. Sinai and entered the COVENANT with God in PROMISE in the 3rd month (Ex. 19:1, 7-8 & Deut. 4:9-10) ANCHORING THEM TOGETHER in a PLAN; a SABBATH KINGDOM PLAN! Again, I go over this CORNERSTONE SABBATH in far more detail HERE, where I cover not only the Qumran tradition from 2000 years ago but the tradition of other sects who CLAIM to observe the "TRUTH" of this day with NO EVIDENCE to support their TRADITIONS (like the Orthodox, Karaite, Ethiopian Jews, Samaritians and various Christian sects who EACH observe a DIFFERENT DAY which CAN NOT BE ESTABLISHED as TRUE because they REJECT the CORNERSTONE "SIGN" of the MESSIAH who ESTABLISHED IT as TRUE through His Sacrifice as the GROOM of our COVENANT WITH HIM)!

They arrived in the wilderness of the Moon on the SAME DAY they left Egypt the previous month where God "reveals His Sabbath" in context of giving us "Bread from Heaven" in Exodus 16. The next morning being the first day of the week count, the next "sabbath" was clearly the 22nd which ends the sabbath week of that month as it does for EVERY MONTH of the YEAR (including the Feast of Tabernacles which begins on the 15 day full moon Sabbath of the 7th month and ends on the 22nd day exactly as this revelation of Sabbath begins and ends in Ex. 16! So again, just note the sanctified "SABBATHS" of EVERY "WEEK" for ALL THREE MONTHS of these months (like all months including Tabernacles month) fall on the EXACT SAME DAYS of the Lunar Months where New Moon MUST BE SANCTIFIED!

Revealed Sabbaths for the first 3 months of the year beginning with 15th Day Full Moon Passover Sabbath of the first month of the year in Ex. 12, followed by the 15th Day Full Moon Sabbath on which God promised "Bread from Heaven" in the second month in Ex. 16:1, and finally with the 15th Day Full Moon Shavuot/Pentecost MARRIAGE Sabbath of third month revealed in Ex. 19:1 & 7-8

1st Sanctified New Moon Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Day 7 Moon Cycle
1, 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 end 1st 1/4
  9 10 11 12 13 14 15 end 1st half
  16 17 18 19 20 21 22 end 3rd 1/4
  23 24 25 26 27 28 29 end last 1/4
2nd Sanctified New Moon Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Day 7 Moon Cycle
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 end 1st 1/4
  9 10 11 12 13 14 15 end 1st half
  16 17 18 19 20 21 22 end 3rd 1/4
  23 24 25 26 27 28 29 end last 1/4
3rd Sanctified New Moon Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Day 7 Moon Cycle
1, 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 end 1st 1/4
  9 10 11 12 13 14 15 end 1st half
  16 17 18 19 20 21 22 end 3rd 1/4
  23 24 25 26 27 28 29 end last 1/4

Month 7 beginning Fall Wheat, Vegetables and Fruits harvest (15th day Full Moon Succot/Tabernacles Sabbath Feast, Lev. 23:34-36 & 39, Num. 29:35)

7th Month (New Moon) Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Day 7 Moon Cycle
1, 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 end 1st 1/4
  9 10 11 12 13 14 15 end 1st half
  16 17 18 19 20 21 22 end 3rd 1/4
  23 24 25 26 27 28 29 end last 1/4

The 4 months in the chart above, [the 1st month (Ex. 12:1), the 2nd month (Ex. 16:1), the 3rd month (Ex. 19:1) and the 7th month (Lev. 23:24-36 & 39, Num. 29:35)] provide the SABBATH PATTERN for all other months not listed in this chart (the 4th-6th and 8th-12th). With exception of the Day of Atonements on the 10th day of the 7th month (which will not be observed as EITHER a fast day or "sabbath" in the future) and which is tied to the Judgement and removal of the fraud sabbath and its "Lord" (as I elaborate on here), you will not find a Sabbath falling on ANY OTHER DAY of the MONTH than those listed above; namely the 8th, 15th, 22nd, and 29th of every lunar month!

You saw the distress of our ancestors in you REVEALED your HOLY SABBATH to them...through Your Servant Moses. Neh. 9:9 & 14

If it were NOT "CORNERSTONE TRUTH" to establish the SIGN of our COVENANT with the God of TRUTH by which we are to KNOW that it is HE who SANCTIFIES US according to HIS RIGHTLY INTERPRETED "WORD OF TRUTH" to SET US FREE from our BONDAGE in "Mystery Babylon" as the very CORNERSTONE of HIS PLAN (Ex. 31:13, Jn. 17:17), it would be incredibly easy to DISPROVE...even as I have already disproven both the prototype Solar Calendar created by Qumran AND that which was created from it by Julius Caesar before the Temple was destroyed (to include its modern day form observed by both Jews and Christians today since the 4th century). All one would have to do is demonstrate from the BIBLE TEXT which DESCRIBES both the REJECTED CORNERSTONE Spirit of Truth AND His Sabbath "Sign" by which we KNOW that it is God who has SANCTIFIED US by His Sabbath TRUTH as our "CORNERSTONE TRUTH" (Ex. 31:13, Jn. 17:17), that a "sabbath" EVER fell on ANY OTHER DAY than those listed in the chart above (note that the Atonements Sabbath will NOT be observed after the coming 2nd half of JUDGEMENT of which it speaks, occurs.). But since the Spirit of God IS TRUTH, He established His plan which CAN NOT BE DISPROVEN but only DENIED by those SATANIC REBELS who REFUSE TO SERVE HIM and upon whom His WRATH shall be meted out in JUDGEMENT!

As symbolic of the GROOM of our Covenant (a rejected New Moon "CORNERSTONE" Spirit of TRUTH "enfleshed" as the "Word of Truth" and slain as a Full Moon "Passover Sabbath Lamb" as the "Lion of Judah" as He TOLD US in ADVANCE!) for which Sabbath is the "SIGN" (especially the FULL MOON sabbath which is the SIGN of the "PERFECT IMAGE" of the otherwise Invisible SPIRIT of TRUTH for which New Moon MUST BE SANCTIFIED so the WITNESS of the SIGNS bear WITNESS of the TRUTH of the God who sent His WORD OF TRUTH as His PERFECT IMAGE according to His Kingdom Plan). The Sabbath is the "SIGN" by which we know we are SANCTIFIED by a GOD OF TRUTH (Ex. 31:13, Jn. 17:17), and the Pentecost day of our marriage with the Groom of our covenant is the "day of ALL DAYS for us NOT to forget" (Deut. 4:9-10), and which we KNOW EXACTLY what day it was (Ex. 19:1 & 7-8), and is clearly anchored to a LUNAR WEEK CALENDAR from the Passover Week, it HAS BEEN FORGOTTEN! As I demonstrate in this link with all the details, there are a DOZEN DIFFERENT "days" on which this "CORNERSTONE DAY" of Shavuot/Pentecost is observed by various Jewish and Christian groups for whom this day has any significance. Since the destruction of the Temple and CHANGING of GODS SABBATHS, NONE of them are on the 15th day FULL MOON Sabbath of the 3rd Month, the very DAY they left Egypt in the 1st month! Yet the Qumran Jews, keeping the RIGHT DAY of the "15th" of the 3rd month according to the evidence of Ex. 19:1 which is anchored to the Passover Day of the 1st month, had every intention of erasing any and all references to the Lunar Cornerstone "SIGN" to which these SABBATH events are ANCHORED in Torah once they were in power!

So the Qumran community (and related "Essenes") had some VERY HERETICALLY CORRUPT TRADITIONS upon which they based their "Sabbath Week" observances as their CLAIM to authority. They DID AWAY with GODS MANDATED CALENDAR (in preparation for rejection of the CORNERSTONE SPIRIT who would be ENFLESHED and SACRIFICED in order to ESTABLISH the Fathers CORNERSTONE KINGDOM according to His MORNINGSTAR PLAN to SAVE THE WORLD from Satans kindom of DECEPTION) and they created their own calendar system in service to the DECEIVING SPIRIT of Satan! Though the Feasts all maintained the correct DATE of the MONTH, for instance Passover to be slain in the 1st month by the end of the 14th day at evening (which is the beginning of Passover Sabbath proper and the beginning of the Feast of Unleavend Bread on the 15th), Pentecost on the 15th of the 3rd month, Tabernacles on the 15th of the 7th month etc., but they certainly did NOT observe the commands regarding the SANCTIFICATION of New Moon to KNOW WHEN Sabbaths are according to the LUNAR MONTHS as God CODIFIED through His revelation of the SABBATH by which we are to KNOW that it is HE who SANCTIFIES US through His own Word of Truth in His own Right Hand as our High Priest King; a SABBATH He REVEALS to HIS "Kings and Priests" by the hand of Moses beginning in Exodus 12 as recorded in the Masoretic Text, the Greek Septuagint, and the Samaritan Pentateuch which OBVIOUSLY PREDATE THE POLEMICAL QUMRAN WRITINGS and their FRAUDULENT CLAIM that their "weekly sabbath" anchored to their "solar calendar" had been observed from the foundation of the world (and which no doubt they planned on scrubbing any reference of the TRUE SABBATH, like the one below, from history once in power with the Beast!)!

You saw the distress of our ancestors in you REVEALED your HOLY SABBATH to them...through Your Servant Moses. Neh. 9:9 & 14

In DENIAL of the above verse and the Lunar Calendar and its associated FULL MOON "Sabbath" anchored to the SANCTIFICATION of the New Moon as God revealed beginning in Exodus 12, they claimed that a PERPETUAL 7 DAY Sabbath had been revealed and observed from the foundation of the world anchored to the SOLAR CORNERSTONE CALENDAR SYSTEM they created and claimed Noah kept (with NO EVIDENCE to support ANY of these SATANIC CLAIMS which are still taught to support ANOTHER DIFFERENT and INCOMPATIBLE SOLAR CORNERSTONE-SABBATH CALENDAR SYSTEM of DECEPTION created by Julius Caesar in service to the Spirit of Deception as the "Cornerstone" they serve!). So NO DOUBT they recognized the COMING BEAST was going to come and anchor his "change of time", which WOULD BE GIVEN INTO HIS HAND (Dan. 7:25b), to that SOLAR CORNERSTONE and they had the INTENT of eventually ERASING THOSE LUNAR SABBATH CALENDAR COMMANDS from Torah ONCE IN POWER [after "marriage" to the coming "prince" they were ASSISTING in anticipation of his coming, which the Pharisees wedded instead; adopting Caesars solar "weekly sabbaths" and later in the 4th century creating the concept of "high sabbaths" (as originally done by Quman to distinguish "weekly sabbaths" from the festival sabbaths, which were also weekly but were expressly anchored to specific days of the months!) anchored to the Lunar Cornerstone in a FEEBLE TWO SABBATH CALENDAR SYSTEM in an attempt to address the Bibles Lunar Calendar Sabbath Commandments which they had ben forced to BETRAY].

The Qumran Jews had contrived a VERY ELABORATELY DESIGNED SOLAR CALENDAR of fixed months where the sabbaths ("weekly sabbaths" which they divorced from "festival sabbaths" which are WEEKLY SABBATHS on the LUNAR CALENDAR) ALWAYS fell on the EXACT SAME DAYS in their respective SOLAR MONTHS (for instance, Passover always began on their 3rd day of their WEEK equivalent to Tuesday today on our DIFFERENT and COMPLETELY INCOMPATIBLE "WEEKLY" SOLAR CALENDAR given to us by CAESAR over 100 years later than this one...which was created as the PROTOTYPE for WORLD ENSLAVEMENT to a BEAST KINGDOM founded on the CHANGE OF TIMES AND LAWS to what would later be called a "christian calendar"!). They devised a solar year consisting of EXACTLY 52 WEEKS EQUALLING EXACTLY 364 DAYS for which they had 26 priestly courses (supplanting the 24 courses we see in 1 Chron. 24, which they intended to change once in power). So not only did they have a different Pentecost than those who were observing the LUNAR CALENDAR (like Jesus and the Disciples were the ACCUSATION would apply to JESUS HIMSELF...they would argue that he observed the WRONG CALENDAR and therefore COULD NOT BE the High Priest-King to God) by which the Temple was run by admittedly corrupt priests in Jerusalem, but also a different Passover Festival, Day of Atonements, and Tabernacles (and ALL OTHER LUNAR SABBATHS, which INCLUDED the weekly sabbath, which they taught were ALL heretical!)! What's interesting is they devised a Solar Calendar where their "holy days" not only fell on the same days of their associated Solar Month, but that day was ALWAYS on the EXACT same WEEKDAY of EVERY YEAR as well. This was exactly how Gods Lunar calendar works they just anchored all their sabbaths to the SOLAR CORNERSTONE in REJECTION of Gods LUNAR CORNERSTONE to be used as an anchor for ANY "sabbath".

As the creators of the 1st "PERPETUAL 7 DAY SOLAR WEEK CALENDAR" for which we have ANY ARCHEOLOGICAL EVIDENCE WHATSOEVER to ESTABLISH that such a "weekly system" of sabbaths EVER EXISTED (dated to about 200 B.C.E.), they were CLEARLY observing a WEEKLY SOLAR CALENDAR "SABBATH" and the "Great Sabbath" festivals COMPLETELY DIVORCED FROM THE TORAH LUNAR CALENDAR! The "Great Sabbaths" of Passover, Pentecost, and Tabernacles whose SIGN was the 15th Day FULL MOON SABBATH of their respective months as the perfect image of the INVISIBLE SPIRIT OF GOD, which is symbolized by the SANCTIFIED NEW MOON (when NO LIGHT is seen on the moon) in GODS CODIFIED and MANDATED SYSTEM, was TOTALLY REPLACED by their FRAUD SYSTEM and celebrated on the 15th day of their Solar calendar months COMPLETELY DIVORCED from the LUNAR MONTHS CODIFIED BY GOD. And men have been kept IGNORANT of this "kingdom warfare" of WITCHCRAFT at the foundation of Biblical faith which took place 2000 years ago. The weekly solar calendar YOU OBSERVE TODAY did NOT EVEN EXIST 2000 years ago and to assume your calendar observance is what the Bible is describing, is part of the CORNERSTONE DECEPTION which was FOISTED ON THE WHOLE WORLD by Satans ANTICHRIST as prophesied!

So the Roman Calendar that did exist (where Saturday was the 1st day of the week and Sunday was the 2nd day), which was created by Julius Caesar and used in the first 3 centuries, was NOT COMPATIBLE with EITHER of those calendars...nor with the one you use today! The Solar Week calendar created by Caesar differed by at least ONE DAY EVERY YEAR. So the two different solar "weekly" calendars (Caesars and Qumran) that did exist together 2000 years ago would DRIFT away from eachother by one day every year. So for instance if they shared the same "1st day of the week" one year, the following year Caesar's 2nd day of the week would be the 1st day of the Qumran week, etc.

Since we know that the priesthood in Jerusalem did not create the Julian Solar Week/Month/Year Calendar system, either the Qumran solar week calendar is the TRUE sabbath calendar or BOTH theirs AND Caesars (which was ADOPTED by the corrupt leaders of Jerusalem after the destruction of the Temple as God said would happen, and as proven here) ARE FRAUDS!

As we shall elaborate on in the next section, Caesar created and implemented a 365 1/4 day SOLAR CALENDAR YEAR in 46/45 B.C.E. which is NOT equally divided by weeks as was the Qumran calendar of 364 days devised AT LEAST 100 years earlier, which was exactly 52 weeks for which they devised a 26 priestly course system (each priest family serving a 2 weeks course each year, and that was to replace the 24 course system we see in 1 Chron. 24 being used for Gods 48 week lunar year system). Thus the SOLAR SABBATH WEEKS and their DAYS for the Qumran solar week calendar and that created later by Caesar which the world observes today, would only synchronize to share the SAME weekdays NO MORE than once every six years! So for example they BOTH recognize the WINTER and SUMMER SOLSTICES and the VERNAL and AUTUMNAL EQUINOXES on the SAME WEEKDAY every 6th year but they would "drift" apart by ONE DAY each year and every 4th year (Julian "leap year") and by TWO days and by more than a week every 7 years apart from an "intercalation" to RE-ANCHOR THEM to these SOLAR "SIGNS" which MARKED THEM!

They made a CLAIM to "SECRET WISDOM" as the source of the AUTHORITY they had for their supposedly "PERFECT" God given "PRIESTLY SOLAR WEEK/MONTH/YEAR CALENDAR" system they devised (no doubt based on misunderstanding and deception regarding Noah's Solar Calendar which we looked at earlier, and which had been incorporated into other non canonical books like Enoch and Jubilees which they held in greater esteem than Torah!) and by which they made the FALSE CLAIM that the Lunar calendar was a "Babylonian fraud" created by wicked priests serving Babylon rather than recognizing Babylon adopted SOLOMONS KINGDOM CALENDAR as we discussed earlier! They CLAIMED that their PERPETUAL solar week and its sabbath was established at creation and was not anchored to the lunar cornerstone perspective of observing time. Including the five months of EXACTLY 30 days each (as deduced from the text of Gen. 7:11 & 24 through 8:3-4 discussed earlier in this page) which Noah and his sons were observing which DISPROVES the Qumran claim (as well as that of the books of Jasher and Enoch) that their 364 day year of 26 PERPETUAL SOLAR SABBATH WEEKS divorced from the LUNAR CORNERSTONE God Commanded for His Calendar, was passed down from creation (because Noah CLEARLY DID NOT OBSERVE their quarterly 31 day months according to the TEXT they NEVER GOT TO CHANGE as they CLEARLY INTENDED TO DO!), we have already addressed that TEXTUAL and MATHEMATICALLY IMPOSSIBLE perspective as a SATANIC LIE from many other different angles already in this link, so there's no need to belabor that point.

Despite all the evidence which demonstrates the weekly solar sabbath is a SATANIC FRAUD, let's just ASSUME for a minute that maybe it is true... EVEN IF their claim to a perpetual weekly sabbath day was TRUE (therefore requiring the Sanctification of New Moon for ANYTHING was fraudulent and therefore ALL SUCH REFERENCES in the BIBLE TEXT would have to be REMOVED as rabbinic perversions of the text, which they ALSO assert), it has LONG SINCE been completely REPLACED by CAESAR'S PERPETUAL 7 DAY WEEK "SABBATH" system which is COMPLETELY INCOMPATIBLE with their perpetual sabbath week!...they were NOT THE SAME DAYS OF THE WEEKS 5 out of every 6 YEARS and after the Constantine and Gregorian "adjustments", can NEVER BE RECONCILED to the modern day solar calendar week again as some neo Qumran religious sorcerers are now trying to do in the wake of the discovery of this ancient solar week calendar! Even IF one could find a way to reconcile the DIFFERENT "LEAP" required for their INCOMPATIBLE LENGTH of Solar Days in a year, they are STILL COMPLETELY INCOMPATIBLE weeks 5 out of every 6 years! Either one would have to ADMIT that Caesar's is a FRAUD and observe the Qumran Sabbath Calendar as the TRUE SABBATH Calendar which PREDATES Caesar's, OR ADMIT BOTH ARE FRAUDS as I AM PROVING with the TRUE CORNERSTONE-SABBATH "SIGN" which identifies the "Cornerstone Spirit of Truth" in God's "Word of Truth" which was "REJECTED by the BUILDERS" of MYSTERY BABYLON pictorially represented in the Statue of Nebuchadnezzar in Dan. 2:31-45!

There is ABSOLUTLY NO WAY of getting around the FACT that you were born as a MIND SLAVE in Satan's "SABBATH" Kingdom of DECEPTION (called "Mystery Babylon" and pictorially representing the "Times of the Gentiles" in the Statue of Nebuchadnezzar in Dan. 2:31-45) which adopted a CORNERSTONE-SABBATH LIE as the "SIGN" for the KINGDOM SPIRIT of DECEPTION which it was created to SERVE (as the "MARK" OF BEAST WORSHIP) in service to SATANS CORRUPT KINGDOM which is DESTROYING THE PLANET in IGNORANT REBELLION TO THE MORNINGSTAR TRUTH as the TRUE LORD over Heaven and Earth of GODS KINGDOM! Additionally the SORCERERS TODAY trying to DECEIVE PEOPLE into believing that the Qumran Sabbath week and Caesars "sabbath week" are compatible today, are using SLEIGHT OF HAND DECEPTION. They simply IGNORE the FACT that after Constantine changed the 1st and Holiest day of the Roman week created by Caesar from Saturnsday to Sunday (as demonstrated by tons of "calendars" found in the archeological evidence from the 1st three centuries), and the subsequent "leap year adjustment" and re-anchoring the 25th of December to the Winter Solstice REBIRTH of the SUN GOD which was done by Gregorian in the 16th century, the "sabbath" first became a DIFFERENT DAY OF THE ROMAN WEEK and THEN could NEVER be reconciled to their weekly system of intercalations afterwords...these "INTERCALATIONS" were no longer RECONCILABLE to their sabbath week system by any form of MATH! For that reason they IGNORE these FACTS when doing their sleight of hand shows!

Clearly the DESIRE they had as a "priesthood" claiming authority seemed to revolve around their likewise erroneous concept that the 24 PRIESTLY COURSES of 2 weeks for each family listed in 1 Chron. 24 and tied to Gods 48 LUNAR WEEK Calendar year, was a FRAUD. The Qumran community devised a 26 priestly course system in a "PERFECT" 52 week SOLAR calendar (of 12 months having either 30 or 31 days each totalling 91 each quarter; 2 months having 30 days and 1 having 31 days every quarter totalling a 364 day solar year) so that the SABBATHS and the PRIESTLY COURSES fell on the SAME DAYS of the SOLAR CALENDAR they devised, every year, completely independent of the Lunar cycle! In this way, the same priest family would, for example, preside over the SAME SABBATH WEEKS every single solar year, FOREVER! But God devised the Lunar calendar system so that the Feasts all fell on the same lunar calendar months and weeks of every year SO THAT the priestly course would DRIFT ONE LUNAR MONTH in relation to the sabbaths EVERY LEAP YEAR as HE MANDATED. In this way the same family of priests would NOT be presiding over the same course (like for the COVETED FESTIVALS) EVERY YEAR perpetually, they would ROTATE to SHARE!

It appears the ONLY PURPOSE the lunations had in the very intricately designed "weekly priestly course system" which they had devised, was only used for the SOLE PURPOSE of ASTROLOGY and HOROSCOPES (as indicated in many places, not the least of which are found in 4Q186 & 4Q561)! They had a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT set of SABBATHS and their related FESTIVALS than those being observed in Jerusalem (by Jesus and his disciples who were NOT UNAWARE of these CALENDAR CONTROVERSIES) and it was based on a SOLAR CALENDAR SYSTEM which was practically DIVORCED from any and ALL lunar calendar commands which God had MANDATED for HIS KINGDOM, until the destruction of the Temple as HE TOLD US IN ADVANCE! It was basically a LEGALISTIC CULT claiming to be HOLIER than everyone else but were clearly in REBELLION to the "SPIRIT" of TRUTH and were ANTICIPATING the coming of the BEAST and COMPLETE BETRAYAL of the GOD of TRUTH and His TIMES and laws (even as Alexander the Great had been anticipated and greeted at his coming, as we discussed earlier)! They were therefore a far more dangerous CULT than the Rabbis who at least maintained an appearance of submission to the Torah truth, and who eventually took control of the masses and DID MARRY the BEAST of Rome and assisted in changing the Times and Laws as prophesied. All I can say is God was in control because IF the Qumran community had become more powerful than the Rabbinics and they married Rome instead, they would have eventually EXPONGED ALL REFERENCES regarding Gods MANDATED Lunar Calendar in TORAH (which had changed the whole worlds paradigm under Solomon as a PATTERN for what is coming) and which speaks about the "rejected cornerstone" becoming the "chosen cornerstone" and RECOGNIZED as the MORNINGSTAR SPIRIT of Gods Kingdom of TRUTH, the JEWS WOULD HAVE CEASED TO EXIST in any recognizable form to be graffed back together with Israel to be REDEEMED in GREAT EXODUS and given the MESSIANIC NEW COVENANT KINGDOM to SAVE THE WORLD from SATANIC REBELLION! But none of it surprised God...he told us what to expect before any of it ever happened and he sealed up the indictment and evidences to be unsealed at just the right time FOR HIS PURPOSES to be ACCOMPLISHED by HIS SAINTS!

Just like the coming of Alexander the Great was anticipated because of Daniels prophecies, likewise in preparation for a Beast who would come and destroy the city and the sanctuary and change times and laws, as he prophesied, they were working on SYNCHRONIZING a NEW SYSTEM to ASSIST THE BEAST long before he ever came to power! It appears the Qumran community and the Essenes were PROTOTYPE 'SUITORS' anticipating their "MARRIAGE" to the WORLD POWER of the ROMAN EMPIRE (which itself had been founded on the rejection of the FORMER LUNAR calendar they had observed for HUNDREDS of years, and the ADOPTION of a NEW SOLAR 'cornerstone' calendar for the DRAGON-BEAST EMPIRE); the precursor to the PHARISAIC POLITICAL 'MARRIAGE' to Rome which indeed took place with the destruction of the Temple, as prophesied that one from the tribe of 'Judah' would do.

As just another 'SORCERER CULT', a religio-Political Suitor to the SYNCRETIC SPIRIT of WORLD POWER (Satan and his SHAPESHIFTING religio-political BEAST GOVERNMENTS), they were merely trying to incorporate the CURRENT RELIGIOUS PRACTICE of observing the 15th day of the 3rd month being practiced by ALL the sects of Jews from all over the world WHILE THE TEMPLE STILL STOOD, into their own unique calendar system of perpetual weeks, and divorcing it from the commands to count lunar weeks/days. The leader of the Pharisees took a more sophisticated POST TEMPLE DESTRUCTION approach, using a DISTORTION of the equation (regarding WHEN to BEGIN the count) and COMPLETELY IGNORING the current cultural practice and significance of the textual evidence of the equation in order to accomplish this 'sabbath wedding' of calendars in political conspiracy, which REQUIRED the SACRIFICE of the SANCTIFICATION of the NEW MOON required to recognize the FULL MOON SABBATH "SIGN" of the "CORNERSTONE" of our COVENANT as our TRUE "BRIDE-GROOM","Lord of the Sabbath" and "Morningstar" as the IMAGE of the HOLY SPIRIT OF TRUTH it describes to the FAITHFUL. Clearly he saw that 'times and laws' would be given into their hands according to the prophecies (Lam. 2:6 & Dan. 7:25) so their CRAFT of POLITICAL DECEPTION to create Satan's last syncretic religio-political world empire of DECEPTION, could PROSPER! He recognized "the winner writes the history" as it were.

The Dragon-Beast of Rome!

This is the "Back Story" leading up to the formation of the 4th (LAST) WORLD KINGDOM of IRON; the IRON Beast-Dragon with 10 horns and 7 crowned heads (Dan. 2:40 & 7:7, Rev. 12:3 & 17:10)

Before getting into the PROPHECIES, let's begin with a very brief outline regarding the SYNCRETIC RELIGIO-POLITICAL History of the ENTITY of ROME which is founded on a LIE from Satan from its inception; a Religious Myth regarding its founding in the 8th Century B.C.E.

The myths regarding WANDERING STARS called planets today, played a VERY IMPORTANT ROLE in the fomation of the Kingdom City of Rome which was founded in 753 B.C.E. by "Romulus", who murdered his twin brother "Remus"; twin sons of a "Vestal Virgin", a Latin Princess of Alba Longa who had allegedly been raped by the "War God", Mars (the incarnate God, Mars). The calendar "cornerstone" of both their Kingdom and the later Republic, like that of Babylon, Persia, Greece and finally Egypt, AFTER Israel came out of bondage in the 1st exodus, was a lunar calendar. [The WHOLE WORLD was eventually CONVERTED from a primarily Solar Calendar world to a LUNAR CALENDAR WORLD. All nations came to serve Solomon and Israel's Lunar Calendar became known throughout the whole world. Under Solomon, the whole world hungered to know more about the wisdom of this God. But eventually Israel and ALL NATIONS went into bondage to Babylon (Jer. 27:8 & 28:14) with their new calendar system which was very similar to Israel's, because of course they had previously been serving Solomons between the Rule of Israel while Solomons Temple stood, and the Bondage of all nations to Nebuchadnezzar, the WHOLE WORLD previously using a PRIMARILY SOLAR calendar, adopted a PRIMARILY LUNAR CALENDAR when Israel came out of bondage from our 1st world enslavement after the Flood]. As a previously vassal kingdom, Rome also used a LUNAR CALENDAR as the "cornerstone" of their RULE.

So the Lunar Calendar of the Roman Kingdom, and later Republic, eventually evolved into a VERY ELABORATE SYSTEM which required the "Calend" ("calling out") of the New Moon by the Priests and an 8 solar day week loosely tied to the lunar cycles through a system of Nundae, which was the "cornerstone" of their kingdom. Like Babylon and the other nations, they DID NOT "sanctify" New Moons as HOLY and set apart as Israel was MANDATED to do by God, and their (political SORCERER) priesthood became very corrupt and the "calling" ("Calend", from which we get the word "calendar") of New Moon became more of a POLITICAL TOOL of CONTROL than one of SERVICE to any form of holiness.

So backtracking a bit, the Kingdom and its service to corrupt "Kings" ended with the formation of the Republic of Rome in 509 B.C.E.. The period of the "Republic of Rome" is divided into an Early Republic and after the Punic Wars and the fall of Carthage, a "Later Republic" which dwarfed the former Republic in its scope and power. The latter and Greater Republic Ended ABRUPTLY with the LAST "WORLD BEAST KINGDOM" of Daniel's STATUE PROPHECY coming to Power in the form of the "EMPIRE of ROME" (Dan. 2:33). This is the Dragon which was ANTICIPATING the Birth of the Messiah of Israel to FINISH ISRAELS ENSLAVEMENT to HIS SATANIC WORLD KINGDOM as prophesied would take place (Rev. 12:4-5). I date the DESTRUCTION of the REPUBLIC and its REFORMATION into a DICTATORIAL EMPIRE (a Dragon-Beast) at 46/45 B.C.E. with Julius Caesar who, having been POSSESSED with a SATANIC VISION of the FUTURE (Dan. 7:25, 8:23, Rev. 12:4-5 & Lam. 2:63), CHANGED the "CORNERSTONE" of "TIME" and its PRIESTHOOD for the Republic (giving the World what would later be DECEPTIVELY called a "Christian" Calendar but is really SATAN'S given to the world by this first Antichrist who created it, and 7th Head "Little Horn" ANTICHRIST of this DRAGON who compelled Jews to take this "Mark" of BEAST SERVICE after destroying the Temple, on pain of death) and BY SO DOING created the DRAGON-BEAST EMPIRE that would ENSLAVE and attempt to DESTROY ISRAEL and her MESSIANIC KING and his CHOSEN AND FAITHFUL FOLLOWERS (Dan. 8:10-11 & 8:23-35, Rev. 12:5 & 12:17).

4th (Last) World Kingdom Beast Formation (Dan. 2:40 & 7:7)

Depending on the motivations for who is writing the NARRATIVE of History and the reasons they cite (and those they don't, for the purpose of their NARRATIVE), the EMPIRE of Rome [which begins with the EFFECTIVE END of the REPUBLIC of Rome AFTER the 'latter days' of the Kings which came up from Greece (to include the first "little horn" which came up from the 4th horn of the 3rd Beast of Greece (Dan. 8:23) and was a FORESHADOW of the "little horn with eyes and a mouth" that comes up from the FOURTH BEAST of ROME "after the end of those kingdoms" of Greece)] is often ERRONEOUSLY described as beginning with the adopted son of Julius Caesar, Augustus who was the 2nd ruling "Caesar" NOT the 1st! It was Julius Caesar who, having had a SATANIC VISION and understanding "MYSTERIES" (Dan. 8:23) while acting as "Dictator for Life" (rejecting being called a "king"), ENDED the "Republic of Rome" by REPLACING its "CORNERSTONE of TIME" as its new "PONTIFEX MAXIMUS" (Pontifex Maximus = High Priest-King over a NEW PRIESTHOOD and WORLD CALENDAR SYSTEM; a "NEW WORLD ORDER" and religious "NARRATIVE" by which it would be RULED) and making it a DICTATORIAL EMPIRE as its 1st "Caesar" and "DICTATOR for Life"...a FIERCE KING with a SATANIC VISION (Dan. 8:23). He was the FIRST HEAD and HORN of a TEN HORNED, Seven HEADED Dragon-Beast whose 10th "Little Horn with EYES and MOUTH" before whom 3 horns would be UPROOTED so that he becomes the 7TH HEAD of this FIRST FORM of the 10 horned DRAGON according to PROPHECY of God, which is HIS STORY PERSPECTIVE we should have as we shall IRREFUTABLY ESTABLISH. The 7 Day Week you currently observe is ANCHORED to the 7 "SOLAR GODS" which represent the 7 HEADED DRAGON-BEAST which has DECEIVED THE WHOLE WORLD to SERVE HIM as PROPHESIED IN ADVANCE!

So REGARDLESS of the fact that Augustus was the 1st DICTATOR FOR LIFE from the ROYAL FAMILY of "Caesar" to be called an "Emperor" (as the reason some cite for the beginning of the Empire), he was really the 2nd CAESAR and "Pontifex Maximus" (Head/Horn) over the NEW "EMPIRE" which Julius had CREATED as its 1st (Head/Horn) CAESAR "Priest-King" (Pontifex Maximus), when he ENDED the SYSTEM of the FORMER "REPUBLIC" of ROME! For this reason, the FORMERLY "LUNAR ROMAN CALENDAR" MONTHS of Quintilius and Sextilius (meaning 5th and 6th Months, respectively) were changed to July and August (for the Sun Gods incarnate, Julius and his 'son' Augustus, in the PRIME of his LIFE FORCE) and the NUMBER OF DAYS WERE 'FIXED' (the 12 months given arbitrary lengths adding up to a 365 1/4 day SOLAR year) as well as changing the ORDER of the months (for instance Sept. = 7, Oct. = 8, Nov. = 9, and Dec. = 10, all speak of the OLD "LUNAR ROMAN CALENDAR" ORDER of ROME'S FORMER "REPUBLIC"), and anchored to Julius' new SOLAR CALENDAR SYSTEM in HONOR of the INCARNATE SPIRIT of SATAN, and his "SONS" (a "syncretic" continuation of the INCARNATE worship of SATAN, like the incarnate Satan/Sun God Nimrod and his son Tammuz, Osirus and his son Horus, the Spirit of the DRAGON/SATAN in the SUN Mithras and his incarnate Son Gods like Antiochus Epiphenes claimed to be; born and worshipped on the SOLAR DAY called "Christmas" by the deceived "masses" to this very day). The "CORNERSTONE" of the SUN was chosen and established at the FOUNDATION of observing Satan's Kingdom TIME and as the "Sign" of SATAN as the "Morningstar" (Lucifer) of his LAST "WORLD EMPIRE" (as it was in the Antediluvian world of Noah). Being in the PRIME of his LIFE CYCLE and associated with the HEAT required for IRON SMELTING and forging Iron implements of war, the HOTTEST SOLAR MONTHS of the year (Quintilius and Sextilius) were renamed in honor of the 1st SUN God in Flesh and his SON (July and August) for the 1st and 2nd HEADS of this BLASPHEMOUS BEAST KINGDOM John is describing in Rev. 17:10!

After his adulterous affair with Cleopatra in Egypt where he learned of the Ancient Solar Calendar "MYSTERIES" of Satan worship and the practice of SORCERY (which came through the Flood by way of Ham/Canaan/Nimrod, and under which Israel had once been enslaved to the SUN GOD incarnate Pharaoh in Egypt, and later in Babylon under a new syncretistic form, and under which the WHOLE WORLD is CURRENTLY ENSLAVED in its LAST FORM according to PROPHECY) while in the Temple of Dendera and touring Heliopolis [(the City of the Sun from which the Obelisks DEDICATED to ancient SUN GOD (Satan) WORSHIP (for which Babyl was destroyed previously, and the antediluvians were destroyed in flood previous to that) were transferred to Rome where they stand ERECT in "Mystery Babylon" to this day!] which was dedicated to Sun God worship, Julius was POSSESSED with the SATANIC VISION of a "NEW WORLD ORDER". He recognized he would have to END the Priesthood of the Republic of Rome and their LUNAR CALENDAR SYSTEM ("Calend" was the Latin word used by the PRIESTHOOD of Rome to "call out" the "New Moon" MONTHS, as all of the nations under the Grecian Empire did in SOME FORM, including Israel, and from which we get the word "Calendar" today) and taking the WHOLE WORLD CAPTIVE to a "NEW WORLD ORDER" of a "FIXED" calendar "CORNERSTONE BLASPHEMY" divorced from Gods CHOSEN CORNERSTONE and his "SIGN" under a SYNCRETICALLY REVISED ANCIENT SOLAR CALENDAR KINGDOM in HONOR of the ARYAN GOD of THIS WORLD, SATAN (Dan. 8:23); a "2nd Reich" as it were (which some call the "1st Reich")!

Julius made this CALENDAR CORNERSTONE CHANGE in ROME in 46/45 B.C. shortly after 'crossing the Rubicon' to become the FIRST 'DICTATOR' for life of an EMPIRE he BUILT on this BLASPHEMOUS CORNERSTONE for SATANS HOUSE instead of GODS CORNERSTONE (who was REJECTED according to Gods PLAN to EXPOSE the ANTICHRIST BLASPHEMY of SATAN and HIS SERVANTS for JUDGEMENT). His name 'CAESAR' later came to be recognized as SYNONOMOUS with the concept of an ULTIMATE DICTATOR a.k.a. "Pontifex Maximus" (the term 'Emperor' was coined a few years later to describe Augustus, the 2nd "Pontifex Maximus" from the New "ROYAL FAMILY" of "PRIESTLY DICTATORS" over the New "Empire Narrative", to avoid returning to the antiquated and small scope form of being a "king" over a kingdom", which Julius had rejected), and from which the later cognates of CZAR, CSAR, KAISER, KAIZER, TZAR and TSAR have their origin and derive their meaning.

Despite the fact that the NEW TERM of 'Emperor' would not be coined for use until his Nephew Octavian, as his adopted 'son' renamed "Augustus", takes the throne in 27 B.C.E. as the next "Caesar" (ROYAL "Pontifex Maximus" and "Dictator for Life"), Julius Caesar IN REALITY was the 1st "Dictator for Life", "Pontifex Maxumus" (High Priest-King) and "FATHER" (POPPA/POPE) of the NEW BEAST "EMPIRE" he EFFECTIVELY created and GAVE ITS BLASPHEMOUS VISION for WORLD DOMINATION (Dan. 8:23) for which ALL 7 HEADS of the FIRST Dragon-Beast, having been PERFECTED by the Little Horn "Antichrist" as its 7th head, are all "named" (Rev. 13:1, Rev. 17:3), as we shall see.

After returning from Egypt (where he was having an adulterous affair with Cleopatra) where he learned about the ancient shapeshifting "Reich" of the Aryan Religion of the worship of Satan as the "God of War" and its related prophecies, he returned to Rome and not only took power away from the senators of Rome in its REFORMATION, but EVEN MORE IMPORTANTLY AND NEVER DISCUSSED, he took the AUTHORITY away from the PRIESTS OF ROME to determine new months based on LUNAR OBSERVATIONS as most of the rest of the world was doing (including the JEWS who used the LUNAR CALENDAR as the CORNERSTONE of TEMPLE SERVICE which all point to JESUS, the TRUE JESUS "CORNERSTONE" in contradistinction from the BLASPHEMOUS ANTICHRIST "CORNERSTONE" IMPOSTER created by ROME and worshipped through an ANTICHRIST CALENDAR which men are DECEIVED to call a "Christian Calendar" today!). HE CREATED A 'NEW RELIGION' (a SYNCRETIC "Mithras/Saturnalia" system) with a SOLAR CALENDAR as the 'CORNERSTONE' of HIS NEW 'RELIGIOUS' WORLD EMPIRE, based DIRECTLY off the EGYPTIAN MODEL of ENSLAVEMENT of ISRAEL (which itself came from Babyl where it sprung up after the old world order was destroyed, as Sodom and Egypt was later, for this very same beastly powerful delusion in service to Satan!). So DESPITE the intended goal the Senate had in ASSASSINATING CAESAR and attempting to return Rome to its former status as a REPUBLIC, by keeping the "CORNERSTONE" for a NEW RELIGIOUS SYSTEM as the PRIESTLY NARRATIVE of Rome, the road was already paved for CAESERS 'son' to take the THRONE as the 2nd BLASPHEMOUS HEAD to be crowned as "King", which John is identifying in Rev. 17:10. Augustus was the 2nd "king" over the EMPIRE dedicated to Satan as the "Sun God" and "God of War" which his 'father' had created. The first blasphemous antichrist 'HEAD' of the Dragon-Beast was killed, and yet IT LIVES ON to this very day!

As one might easily imagine, there was no small amount of chaotic turbulance associated with the TRANSITION of the Roman Government from a REPUBLIC (with a Lunar Calendar where the "UNFIXED" number of DAYS in the LUNAR MONTH of December, for example, was the 10th month of their LUNAR YEAR, with a PERPETUAL 8 DAY WEEK cycle) to a DICTATORIAL 'EMPIRE' with a NEW "SOLAR CALENDAR" of "FIXED" month days of a "FIXED" SOLAR YEAR anchored to the "DEATH/RE-BIRTH of MITHRAS" the SUN GOD (with the 10th formerly LUNAR MONTH of December becoming the Last/12th month of a SOLAR CORNERSTONE calendar, and a new perpetual 7 DAY WEEK week replacing the complicated 8 day week cycle tied to the lunar calendar of the former Roman Republic...and ADOPTING the ancient "wandering star" PLANETARY NAMES for the 7 days of the LUNAR WEEK to the NEW SOLAR PERPETUAL WEEK, with "Saturns Day" as the FIRST and HOLIEST Day of the new perpetual weekly system). You heard that right. Saturns day was the "CORNERSTONE" of the FOUNDATION of Romes Empire as its HOLIEST DAY, and it was PLANNED that it would be CHANGED to become the LAST DAY of the WEEK when SUN DAY would become the CORNERSTONE of the FOUNDATION. This happened when Constantine, like an OCTAVE in this time change conspiracy of Satan and his ENFLESHED DEMONS, the 8th who belonged to the first 7 time changing demon kings (Rev. 17:11) CREATED the NEXT FORM of the SHAPE SHIFTING DRAGON BEAST kingdom when he recognized Vespasian as the 7th King who took Israel and her SABBATH CAPTIVE and made Julius CAESAR the SUN GOD of Rome which the "HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE" worshipped as God according to SATANS PLAN! The archeological evidence which ESTABLISHES THIS FACT is both PLETHORA and IRREFUTABLE! Until the 4th Century Saturnsday was the FIRST DAY of the week NOT THE LAST! Until Julius CAESAR was RECOGNIZED as the CONQUERING INVINCIBLE SUN GOD and WORSHIPPED as the HIGH PRIEST-KING of HEAVEN and EARTH by all his SORCERER KINGS, Saturns Day was the CAPSTONE of CAESARS DECEPTION (as evidenced by ALL archeological CALENDARS dated from the 1st to the 4th Century)!


This was a VERY CAREFULLY CRAFTED DECEPTION thought out well in advance FOR THE VERY PURPOSE of ENSLAVING ISRAEL (and the whole world) through DECEPTION to Satan as their "Cornerstone" "Lord of the Sabbath" and "Morningstar" "Light of the World", as God through both Daniel and John tells us (Dan. 8:23 & 7:25, Rev. 12:4 & 17:10)! While in Babylon Israel also adopted the "planetary names" and associated them with THEIR 7 day LUNAR WEEK which they practically shared with them (though the Babylonians did not SANCTIFY "New Moon" as the 1st DAY of the month, all their WEEKDAYS were exactly the same as Israels just numbered month days differently. So the Babylonians AND ISRAEL shared the same "sabbaths", now associated with SATURN (basically called "Saturday" in various languages since Babylon) on the SAME LUNAR "SIGNS" of EVERY LUNAR MONTH! But the DRAGON-BEAST of the Roman Empire, which Julius Caesar created as its 1ST BLASPHEMOUS HEAD, took Israel into BONDAGE to a A SYNCRETIC religious system/kingdom over which he, as the first "FIERCE KING", presided as "Pontifex Maxumus" and the "Cornerstone" in flesh of the NEW RULING NARRATIVE of the new WORLDLY BEAST POWER (Dan. 7:25, 8:23, Rev. 12:4-5 & Lam. 2:6). As we shall see, it was "THE ANTICHRIST" and his "FALSE PROPHET" who destroyed the Temple and COMPELLED JEWS to adopt the recently created FIXED MONTH SOLAR CALENDAR and its perpetual FLOATING SATURNDAY SABBATH, divorced from SANCTIFICATION of the Moonths as the "SIGN" of the TRUE "Lord of the Sabbath" as God commanded, on PAIN OF DEATH!

After his triumph as Dictator over a triumvirate of power and becoming the "Pontifex Maximus" of his newly created empire, Julius was assassinated on March 15, 44 BC by the Senate just 62 weeks after this FIERCE KING inaugurated his new calendar for the NEW WORLD DRAGON BEAST EMPIRE OF ROME on Jan. 1, 45 B.C. which OFFICIALLY ENDED the REPUBLIC of Rome, and another short lived 'triumvirate' was formed. The NEXT 'King' (Horn, Head, and Crown) of the NEWLY CREATED EMPIRE would be his adopted son Octavian a.k.a. Augustus CAESAR who is given the name "Emperor" rather than "Dictator for Life" after his triumph over the 2nd triumvirate. Julius was the 1st of a FAMILY LINE of ROYAL "CAESARS" who were DICTATORS FOR LIFE of a ROMAN EMPIRE which HE CREATED, and his 'son' FINALIZED his 'fathers' work in Rome, which prepared it for EXPANSION to CONQUER the WORLD (after taking Israel "captive" through SABBATH DECEPTION anchored to SATAN'S "CORNERSTONE") as ENVISIONED by his 'father' (Dan. 7:25, 8:23, Rev. 12:4-5 & Lam. 2:6).

After Julius and Augustus, the next three of the five "Kings" of this Dragon/Beast which John mentions in Revelation 17:10 as having already 'fallen' are Tiberius, Caligula, and Claudius, all "CAESARS" (the "Royal Family"). Obviously the one who was ruling when he wrote Revelation 17:10 could have been NONE OTHER than Caesar Nero, who was not only the 6th Horn, 6th Head, and 6th Crown according to His and Daniel's descriptions, but HIS NAME in Hebrew also ADDS UP to 666! Without expressly NAMING HIM, John wants to make his identity, and even more importantly his SATANIC SPIRIT which PENTULTIMATELY EPITOMIZES the SPIRIT of this BEAST POWER of ROME and how it was founded, UNMISTAKABLY CLEAR to anyone even slightly familiar with the PROPHECIES of Daniel, which Jesus also referenced (Mat. 24:15, Mk. 13:14)!

1st Horn, 1st Head, 1st Crown (King), Julius Caesar (1,1,1)

2nd Horn, 2nd Head, 2nd Crown (King), Augustus Caesar (2,2,2)

3rd Horn, 3rd Head, 3rd Crown (King), Tiberius Caesar (3,3,3)

4th Horn, 4th Head, 4th Crown (King), Caligula Caesar (4,4,4)

5th Horn, 5th Head, 5th Crown (King), Claudius Caesar (5,5,5)

6th Horn, 6th Head, 6th Crown (King), Nero Caesar (6,6,6)

7th horn (UPROOTED). Galba

8th horn (UPROOTED). Otho

9th horn (UPROOTED). Vitellius

10th "Little Horn", 7th Head, 7th Crown (King), Vespasian Flavius (10,7,7)

So now that we have POSITIVELY IDENTIFIED the 5 Kings who John tells us ALREADY FELL, and the 6th ONE who was ruling when the GREAT TRIBULATION begun in 66 A.D. which John identified as part of the CALCULATION of HIS NAME when he wrote Revelation 17:10 (and which I cover in more detail in a "TIMELINE" in this link), let's now identify with EQUALLY UNAMBIGIOUS PROPHECIES that Vespasian was indeed the 10th "Little Horn" of Dan. 7:7-8, the 7th King John tells us would soon be coming, by IDENTIFYING his "EYES and MOUTH" who HAILED HIM TO POWER prophesying that "3 horns" would be PLUCKED UP BEFORE HIM THAT VERY YEAR!

Though he was the 10th horn, 3 "horns" would be "plucked up" so that He would be the 7th Head and 7th Crown; the 7th King which was "DIFFERENT from the FORMER" (a "Flavius" NOT a "CAESAR"!) according to Daniel, and which John and Paul both tell us would be soon coming, despite his not being EXPOSED as the last of SEVEN "BLASPHEMOUS" HEADS of BEASTLY POWER until JUDGEMENT DAY when his DECEPTION, and all those who SERVE IT (the Harlot and her TARES) are to be JUDGED by THEIR DEEDS according to THIS PLAN of God (2 Thes. 2:3-12, Dan. 7:12, Mat. 13:40:43, Rev. 17:14-17)!

Let's take a look at HISTORY in context of Daniel who talks in great detail about the 4th/Last Beast Kingdom of Rome and this "Antichrist" 10th Horn Crowned as the 7th Head (King) who would "Change Times and Laws" to DECEIVE THE WHOLE WORLD to serve SATAN as the "SAVIOUR" in Jesus' Name so that the "CRAFT" of SORCERY and WARFARE could PROSPER through his "CORNERSTONE" "LORD OF THE SABBATH" "MORNINGSTAR" "LIGHT OF THE WORLD" FRAUD in PLACE of the TRUTH; the USURPATION of AUTHORITY and POWER in JESUS' NAME which is the "MYSTERY of INIQUITY" we are EXPOSING!:

Regarding the ten horns that were in his head, and of THE ONE before whom THREE FELL, the HORN that had EYES and the boastful MOUTH who appeared greater than his companions. I watched as that same horn MADE WAR WITH THE SAINTS AND PREVAILED AGAINST THEM.... he shall speak boastfully against the most High, and shall wear out the saints of the Most High and CALCULATE THE CHANGE OF TIMES and laws which will be given into his power for a period of time. Daniel 7:20-25

Despite SECONDARY FULFILMENTS of prophecy through the LATER FORMS of this FIRST DRAGON-BEAST which comes up out of the sea LATER as it MORPHS over the course of history (which is what confuses people so that they are deceived to believe this Little Horn antichrist is coming in the future), Vespasian was the "BLASPHEMOUS" 7th Head and 10th "little horn" (with Zachai's eyes and Josephus' mouth) of the 1st DRAGON/BEAST of ROME before whom 3 horns were ROOTED UP (called: 'the year of the four emperor's)! He was the LITTLE HORN of the DRAGON/BEAST POWER of ROME who's 1st Head, Julius Caesar, gave us a BLASPHEMOUS "FRAUD SABBATH WEEK" anchored to his BLASPHEMOUS "CORNERSTONE" of 'TIME', which is the MARK OF THE BEAST of SATAN which the whole world is DECEIVED TO SERVE while BLINDED TO THE TRUE GOSPEL CORNERSTONE/MORNING STAR 'SIGN OF MESSIAH' by the TARES who serve this BLASPHEMOUS ANTICHRIST DECEPTION (Dan. 7:25, 8:23, Rev. 12:4-5 & Lam. 2:6). When their FALSE 'CORNERSTONE', which was hailed as the world's 'MORNING STAR' when Gods true morning star was REJECTED AS A CORNERSTONE, is EXPOSED and THROWN DOWN according to the PLAN, the TRUE (rejected) 'CORNERSTONE' will then BECOME the worlds MORNING STAR of the MESSIANIC KINGDOM OF HEAVEN MANIFESTED ON EARTH!

The 3 Horns of Galba, Otho, and Vitellius never became recognized crowned heads or 'Kings' of Rome (as they had no 'roots' put down outside of the City of Rome itself) as they were each 'uprooted' (murdered or suicided) within a few months or even weeks from eachother in THE VERY SAME YEAR in which Vespasian was promoted from GENERAL to EMPEROR based on ZACHAI'S PROPHECY that he would become the world's 'MESSIAH' (Zachai being the VISIONARY EYES, and Josephus as translator MOUTH between them who boastfully takes credit for Zachai's prophecy in his writings, which in the Talmud are credited to Zachai), called the 'Year of the Four Emperors'!


***A Briefly CONDENSED NOTE regarding the 40 year HISTORY of the FALSE PROPHET who, as a MASTER BUILDER (Zech. 4:9), "cut off Moshiah" and hailed the ANTICHRIST in his place (Dan. 9:26, Mal 2:10-12) as "Morningstar" (Is. 14:12) and has effectively BLINDED the whole world from seeing the TRUE "Morningstar" risen in POWER and seated at the RIGHT HAND of God as PLANNED (Ps. 110, 2 Cor. 4:4, 1 Pet. 1:19, Rev. 22:16, Rev. 2:26-28)! THIS "ANTICHRIST CORNERSTONE CONSPIRACY" has DECEIVED THE WHOLE WORLD as GOD PROMISED us through Daniel long before it ever happened. God is the TRUE "WRITER OF HIS STORY" and the REAL 'CHANGER OF TIMES' (Dan. 2:21, 2 Thes. 2:11) who ALLOWED 3 worthless workman as "BUILDERS" (the Antichrist "Little Horn", his False Prophet "Eyes", and their Interpreter "Mouth") to change TIMES and LAWS in order to CONTROL THE WORLD GOVERNMENT NARRATIVE...their DECEPTIVE LIES would be croaked by others like FROGS until JUDGEMENT (Dan. 7:25, 2:9, Rev. 16:13 & 18:2)***

Please understand the only reason the following history has not been made COMMON KNOWLEDGE through education, Book Publications, and Movies, is because the Antichrist Conspiracy and the FALSE NARRATIVES they have spun, are still in control of the world's Narrative and SELLING LIES instead. The TRUE HISTORICAL NARRATIVE is still being UNRIGHTEOUSLY SUPPRESSED through their WICKED PRIESTCRAFT til the NEXT PHASE of the BUILDING PROJECT begins; which won't be too much longer now. The old adage goes: "The Victor writes the History." Since God is the Victor who told us the END from the very BEGINNING, we have to recognize His Version of events written IN ADVANCE of SATANS MEN who thought they would merely MURDER ALL THE WITNESSES and BURN ALL THE BOOKS and versions of history that would EXPOSE WHAT THEY DID, and re-write their own version of history as the "Victors". But God already told us His Story and as He told us IN ADVANCE, they were NOT able to murder ALL the witnesses and burn ALL the books that reveal what they did in order to RE-WRITE HISTORY forever; God has ALWAYS had a surviving REMNANT to CARRY the TRUTH forth to VICTORY for HIS GLORY as "OVERCOMERS" (Rev. 12:11 & 17:14)!

So continuing in their footsteps as suffering servants of Israel at the hands of Satans Amalekite Aryans like Haman, Hitler, and the men I'm about to identify based on my investigative research uncovering KEY misinterpretations of text and DISTORTIONS of Historical accounts designed to mislead, CONFUSE, and DECEIVE, I have put the KNOWN HISTORICAL EVENTS in their PROPER PROPHETIC FRAMEWORK to EXPOSE the "ANTICHRIST" who the MASSES of people are DECEIVED TO BELIEVE is coming in the FUTURE, to demonstrate HIS BEAST POWER is currently being WORSHIPPED and SERVED by a DECEIVED WORLD already, as follows:

After the leader of the Pharisaic POLITICAL SECT of the Jews, who the New Testament tells us in Jn. 11:47-53 were trying to cultivate and maintain a POLITICAL RELATIONSHIP with ROME, Yochanan ben Zakkai tricked or incited the High Priest Ananus ben Ananus to kill James the Just. He was probably "green lighted" by Nero, who shared the same ANTICHRIST SPIRIT, to begin the persecution of the MESSIANIC SECT of Jews in Jerusalem as their POLITICAL SACRIFICE for WORLD DOMINATION, after Nero scapegoated them in Rome for starting the fires he had started in order to make way for his unpopular new building projects, and his subsequent and most recent murder/execution of Paul and Peter as 'ringleaders' of the Messianic Jews outside Jerusalem, NOW branded as INSURGENT TERRORISTS by Nero.

A quick note on Zakkai's political history and the 'revolving' PUPPET PRIESTHOOD he controlled by this time (which may give you DEEP INSIGHT into Paul's seemingly counter-intuitive words in Acts 23:3-5):

[Ananus was Zakkai's POLITICAL TOOL who had previously tried Paul (Acts 23:2 & 24:1) before he was sent to Rome where he was executed by Nero. Please understand that the Talmud tells us that Zakkai was the youngest student of Hillel, a descendant of King David, and grandfather of Rabban Gamaliel, who was likely the Grand Master or "Worshipful Master" of the Temple of Freed Masons AND the "Prince" or leader of the Sanhedrin (though there is some argument about that). Zakkai obviously disagreed with Rabban Gamliel in regard to the disciples of Jesus (Acts 5:34). Paul was ALSO a student at Gamaliel's feet (Acts 22:3) albeit Zakkai was at least 40 years Paul's senior as was Gamaliel. If not also the leader or "PRINCE of the Sanhedrin", Gamaliel was most certianly the "WORSHIPFUL MASTER" of the Lodge of Freedmen ("zerbabel" = "seed of Babylon" = those set free from Babylonian captivity and returning from exile and having "connections" throughout the known world at that time, and referred to as "BUILDERS" Ps. 118:22, Zech. 4:9, Acts 4:11, 1 Pet. 2:7 & 1 Cor. 3:10), under whose AUTHORITY both Paul and Zakkai sat as "Master Builders" and students at his feet. But it was clearly Zakkai who incited his much younger colleague Paul (in BETRAYAL of the counsel of Grand Master Gamaliel, who some believe had also become a disciple of the Messiah as a result of Jesus' Disciples teachings and so was probably "Martyred" in 52 A.D. as a result, and REPLACED BY ZAKKAI as the "WORSHIPFUL MASTER BUILDER" at that time...interestingly Gamaliel is given the following epithet in the Talmud: "Since Rabban Gamaliel the Elder died, there has been no more reverence for the law, and purity and piety died out at the same time"). Even before Gamaliel's likely conversion and subsequent untimely death in 52 C.E., Zakkai was easily able to persuade Paul to oversee the death of Stephen (Acts 7:1 & 8:1) AND to get the LEGAL PAPERWORK from Zakkai's "revolving High Priest puppet", to round up believers in Damascus; which was obviously an ENCLAVE for the Messianic movement OUTSIDE of Israel (Acts 9:1 & 22:5) and a threat to Zachai's political rise in relationship with the BLASPHEMOUS ANTICHRIST POWER of Rome. Paul and Zakkai were BOTH "Master Builders" from the same Lodge under Gamaliel's authority (until Paul's conversion and Gamaliel's subsequent death) and BOTH ZAKKAI AND PAUL FEARED and HATED the Messianics and REBELLED against Master Gamaliel's counsel. But Paul, having been called by the true CORNERSTONE who he found himself OPPOSING, even as his Master Gamaliel had warned (Acts 5:39), came to understand the BLUEPRINT far better than Zakkai who he betrayed IN SERVICE to the MESSIANIC KING now seated on His Throne according to the "CORNERSTONE-MORNINGSTAR GOSPEL PLAN" to ESTABLISH GODS KINGDOM ON EARTH (and also now in OBEDIENCE to the Counsel of the Martyred Gamaliel who, if not a believer in Messiah BEFORE Paul's conversion, almost certainly became one afterwords...which then exposed Zakkai as the real TRAITOR in the DIVINE COUNCIL! Acts 5:34 & 39) which he recognized he had BETRAYED along with Zakkai, and who had been "Rejected" and "LAID" in the SPIRITUAL FOUNDATION of Gods Kingdom on Earth by the 'Zer Babel' BUILDERS (1 Cor. 3:10, Zech. 4:9) as planned from the foundation of the world! Ananus was the son of the High Priest by the same name who was Zakkai's political puppet 36 years earlier (Jn. 7:36), which he used as the tool by which to slay Jesus; Lk. 3:2, Jn. 18:13 & 24, Acts 4:6. End Note on Zakkai's political history]

So in 66 (the same year he 'died') Ananus took James the Just, the leader of the Messianics in Jerusalem, up to the Pinnacle of the Temple from which he was thrown down to his death in front of hundreds of thousands of worshippers from all over the world that had gathered in Jerusalem at Passover in the spring of 66 (to send a clear and threatening message to all would be "Messianics" thinking about joining this PHENOMENALLY GROWING MOVEMENT), which would begin the great persecution Jesus warned was coming through his correct understanding of Daniel (Mat. 24:15, Mk. 13:14). General Vespasian IMMEDIATELY locked down the City and the Temple with his ARMY for the BLATENT "TRANSGRESSION" of CIVIL LAW and the HUGE AMOUNT of CIVIL UNREST which resulted from it, as prophesied. He DISBANDED the authority of the Priesthood which simultaneously ENDED Temple sacrifices being performed, also as prophesied. The High Priest Ananus ben Ananus was probably assassinated in order for Zakkai (and any other of his CO-CONSPIRATORS) to remain insulated from any implication in the event as a result of Ananus' potential confession at the hands of Roman 'inquisitors', which allowed them to remain in control of the "NARRATIVE" they were CREATING together with Rome, whose ANTICHRIST POWER Zachai was COURTING through political DECEPTIONS and BETRAYALS of his own people for so many years.

Because of the history of unrest in the area prior, and now certainly AFTER these HUGELY DESTABLIZING events, Nero probably felt very comfortable implementing a "7 year plan" (posing as a "peacemaker") for the restoration of order in Jerusalem with the promise of resuming the sacrifices under a resumed Priesthood authority as the goal, likely slated for some time around the end of 73 C.E. (the Messianics and any of the Zealots who continued to support them would be TAKEN OUT OF THE WAY in the meantime, as the unstated GOAL of both Zakkai and the Roman ANTICHRIST POWER he was COURTING, as referenced by Paul in 2 Thes. 2:7). The "7 year Plan" to 'restore order' UNDER ZAKKAI as the effective "MESSIAH" of the Jews by these ANTICHRIST POLITICIANS through their CONSPIRACIES, became complicated by other turns of events even after Nero's "suicide", which Zachai did not foresee, and the plan they devised was scrapped with the "anointing of the Antichrist" by Zakkai (the False Prophet forced now to do Gods will) and subsequent destruction of the Temple in 70 C.E.. The "peace deal" was broken by these TRAITORS 3.5 years after it had been initiated by them.

As a BLIND GUIDE (Jn. 9:39-41), Zachai was forced to play a hand as "FALSE PROPHET" which he did not at first SEE in the cards he was choosing to hold since he "cut off the Moshiah" nearly 40 years earlier in his position as an ANTICHRIST POLITICAL STATESMAN/RELIGIOUS SORCERER, but likely came to accept his prophetic fate after Nero's unexpected "suicide" (and surely after Galba was "uprooted", which I will elaborate on shortly) and he SAW HIMSELF in the PROPHECIES. He played the hand out as written for him, of course believing that at least during his lifetime as he controlled the "narrative" he would be able to 're-write biblical history' after his BETRAYAL AND MURDER of all the witnesses against him (with Vespasians complete cooperation), which would create a Religio-Political NARRATIVE which put his TREACHERY in BREAKING GODS SABBATH COVENANT and SELLING US INTO BONDAGE through a CONSPIRATORIAL LIE (like Joseph had been) and trying to couch it all in a"favorable light"; a POLITICAL CRAFT of DECEPTION by which DARKNESS is made to appear as if it's a LIGHT...the "CONSPIRATORIAL" Light of Lucifer (Satan) which STILL CONTROLS THE WORLD'S "CORNERSTONE" NARRATIVE TO THIS DAY! Since the destruction of the Temple and to this very day he is considered the "Saviour of the Jews" and "Father of Rabbinic Judaism"; since he and those serving him CREATED THIS "CORNERSTONE" NARRATIVE for people to believe IN OPPOSITION to the CORNERSTONE TRUTH, as GOD TOLD US IN ADVANCE!

In the late fall of 68 Vespasian received the official report that Nero had been 'suicided' and that General Galba had been declared Emperor and word had been sent to him in Gaul to bring him back to Rome from Gaul (France-Germany) to be coronated as Emperor. General Vespasian sent his Son Titus (his Under General who was with him in the siege of Jerusalem) to Rome to hail the new Emperor (after his coronation), vow their allegiance, and receive instructions from him regarding Jerusalem and Nero's prior 'plan' to 'restore peace' to the region. Before Titus reached Rome he received news that Galba had been coronated but was murdered by the Praetorian Guard with whom he had not only lost favor, but who had become incensed against him and installed Otho as the new Emperor on Jan. 15th of 69 C.E.

Titus returned to his father in Jerusalem without ever having entered Rome, in order to get new orders from his father based on this sudden turn of events. Based on my research of known history in context of GODS PROPHECIES of HIS STORY, it was AT THIS EXACT MOMENT in PROPHETIC TIME (late winter/early spring of 69 C.E.) that Yochanan ben Zachai, recognizing his prophetic destiny as the FALSE PROPHET who would HAIL the ANTICHRIST and assist him to DESTROY THE TEMPLE and the city and CHANGE TIMES AND LAWS, betrayed ALL Jews to sell us into BONDAGE in DIASPORA (even as Joseph had been sold into bondage in Egypt) BEYOND BABYLON, to ALL NATIONS as prophesied, when he snuck himself out of the besieged Temple in a coffin pretending to have died, and right into Vespasian's tent to give him the prophecy that Otho, and another "Horn" after him, would be "plucked up", and that Vespasian would become the next Emperor, the 10th horn/7th CROWNED HEAD as written in Dan. 7:8 & 9:26, and which John alludes to in Rev. 17:10 (which indeed happened on 'Boxing Day' by the end of that very year of 69 C.E.), as recorded in both the Talmud and in the works of Josephus their translator and co-conspirator/traitor and official Roman Historian. Vespasian became the next INCARNATE antichrist son of SATAN, the SUN God of Rome!

The "Little Horn" power of Vespasian together with Josephus as the boastful mouth-interpreter for the Horn (Vespasian) and his "Eyes" (Zakkai, who did not speak Greek or Latin), conspired together to make it so, and THE 'SYNCRETIC LIE' of this ANTICHRIST POWER, like 3 unclean FROGS, has been CROAKED throughout the shapeshifting LAST WORLD BEAST EMPIRE ever since, even as had been written by God in ADVANCE (Rev. 16:13)!

The CORRECT TRANSLATION of Dan. 9:26 POSITIVELY identifies Zachai in this context: "HE will cut off the Moshiah...and HE will destroy the Holy Place and the City 'WITH' the coming Prince". The Key MISTRANSLATIONS are in the verb "to Cut off" which is conjugated in 3rd person masculine singular imperfect tense and is correctly translated as: "He will Cut off (moshiach)"; In the word "to Destroy" which is ALSO conjugated in 3rd person masculine singular imperfect tense translated as: "He will Destroy (the city and the sanctuary)"; And finally the word spelled AYIN-MEM and translated as "WITH" and NOT as "people" as ALL translations render it based solely on the Masoretic vowel pointings which direct one to change the pronunciation (and therefore the MEANING) of the word spelled "ayin mem" in the Leningrad Codex used by Bible translators. CHANGING those vowel pointings changes the meaning of the word "WITH" to "people". The notes on this word in the BHS text-critical apparatus of the Leningrad codex tells us that "MOST or ALL" other Hebrew Manuscripts other than the Leningrad Codex, point this word to mean "WITH" not 'people'! Regardless of how this VARIANT found itself in the SOURCE from which all translations are made, it certainly seems to make the point of Jer. 8:8 through the identification of at least this one "TRANSLATORS LIE". This is just ONE of the many facts which conveniently come together to VEIL the identity of this MAN as one of the "HIDDEN HANDS" of "HIS STORY" who God would EXPOSE (2 Thes. 2:8) by telling us IN ADVANCE that he would CUT OFF the MOSHIAH and would ALSO DESTROY the city and the sanctuary "WITH" the "COMING PRINCE" whiich he would ANOINT through PROPHECY as the next Emperor; a "Little Horn" which he would HAIL to power when he recognized he was to be the prophetic "EYES" of a man on that little horn (Dan. 7:8)! Through his LUST for power he married the house of Judah to the ANTICHRIST POWER of ROME and their FRAUD SABBATH CALENDAR (later called a "Christian Calendar" but is really the ANTICHRISTS Calendar). He CUT OFF the TRUE CORNERSTONE and 40 years later was forced to choose the ANTICHRIST "CORNERSTONE" of Rome as the "Lord" of a FRAUD SABBATH which he would help to FOIST on the WHOLE WORLD after he assisted the "coming prince" to power in a political conspiracy, and by so doing would ENSLAVE his own people in CAPTIVITY "Beyond Babylon" (Acts 7:43). Though he did not immediately recognize it in the text regarding his deeds, he HAD TO EVENTUALLY KNOW that he would be FINGERED by GOD after his DEATH according to PROPHECY, for BREAKING GODS HOLY SABBATH COVENANT (Mal. 2:10-12, Is. 14:12) as GOD PLANNED in order to SAVE THE WORLD with the RESTORATION of the Kingdom of ISRAEL and her TIMES AND LAWS which speak ALL ABOUT the TRUE CORNERSTONE and "Light of the World" for GODS WORLD KINGDOM built ON EARTH according to the ancient BLUEPRINT which ZAKKAI REJECTED as a FALSE PROPHET and worthless workman "MASTER BUILDER"!

So again the SUBJECT of this PROPHECY of Dan. 9:26 is really NOT so much about the ANOINTED ("CORNERSTONE") of God's Kingdom Times and laws that would be REJECTED, but about IDENTIFYING the FALSE PROPHET who "CUT HIM OFF" and as the prophetic EYES of the ANTICHRIST POWER OF ROME, HAILED the ANTICHRIST (FALSE CORNERSTONE) "WITH" whom he destroyed the city and sanctuary and assisted in CHANGING the "CORNERSTONE TIME" of "SABBATH" with this Antichrist "LORD" of a DEMONSTRABLE FRAUD SABBATH SYSTEM of his own creation, in place of the TRUE ONE which God CREATED so we could KNOW THE TRUE "CORNERSTONE" of TIME who is "LORD OF THE SABBATH" by which He SAVES US from our bondage to SATAN'S POWERFUL DECEPTION which God ALLOWED THEM to bring on those who LOVE NOT THE TRUTH (2 Thes. 2:11)!

HE will cut off the Moshiah...and HE will destroy the Holy Place and the City "WITH the coming Prince". Dan. 9:26

Zachai was THE UNDISPUTED LEADER of the PHARISEES (after the Martydom of Gamaliel), a religio-POLITICAL SECT which CONTROLLED THE JEWISH PEOPLE AS THEIR SLAVEMASTERS even before Jesus' ministry began; a POLITICAL RULE in relationship with the POWER of Rome which Zachai established, cultivated, and maintained throughout his entire life, as also indicated by the New Testament and AFFIRMATION of PROPHECIES cited earlier. The revolving office of High Priest (much like that of the Presidency in the U.S. today) who also became the Head of the Sanhedrin after Gamaliel's demise, was the puppet office controlled by Zachai's Shadow Government as the WORSHIPFUL MASTER of the Temple of Freed Masons in conspiracy with the ANTICHRIST Power of ROME (which later became OPENLY ANTI-SEMITIC when this FIRST BEAST changed FORM through CONSTANTINE)!

Conclusion of the Matter

Mystery Babylon is Falling! Come out from her my people!

The "Statue of Nebuchadnezzar" in Dan. 2:31-45 is a Pictorial representation of the "Times of the Gentiles" a.k.a. "Mystery Babylon" now ending as promised (Lk. 21:24, Rom. 11:25, Rev. 17:14-17, Rev. 18:1-4).

The Stone from Heaven is NOW EXPOSING and SMASHING the FOUNDATION of the "Times of the Gentiles" upon which their Spiritual Kingdom of "Mystery Babylon" stands as represented by that Statue of Nebuchadnezzar!

In this INDICTMENT we are SPECIFICALLY fulfilling the prophecies of Dan. 2:45, 2 Thes. 2:8-12, Rev. 17:14-17, Rev. 18 & 20:1-2, as well as many others, in "REAL TIME"!

We have POSITIVELY IDENTIFIED ALL of the "coming Princes" for the FOUR BEAST KINGDOMS composing the Statue of Nebuchadnezzar in Dan. 2:31-45, which ALSO correlate to the FOUR BEASTS in Dan. 7:4-8 and which REPRESENTS the syncretic Dragon-Beast world power of "Mystery Babylon" created 2000 years ago, and the Religious Harlot which rides its power deceiving the world to this very day! As a brief review they are as follows:

1. Head of Gold = Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon, the "LION-Beast" (with Eagles Wings) of Dan. 7:4.

2. Silver Chest and Arms = Darius & Cyrus of Medo-Persia, the "BEAR-Beast" of Dan. 7:5 which correlates also to the Goat with 2 unequal horns of Dan. 8:3

3. Bronze Belly/Thighs = Alexander the Great (and his four generals) of Greece, the "LEOPARD-Beast" of Dan. 7:6 which correlates also to the Shaggy Goat with the "Notable Horn" of Dan. 8:5.

4. Legs/Feet of Iron and Clay = The "10 Horns" (7 Heads) of the Roman Empire "DRAGON-Beast" of Dan. 7:7-8 which correlates also to the Dragon-Beast of Rev. 12:3-5 & 17:10, whose "10 horns" (7 Heads/Kings) are POSITIVELY IDENTIFIED and listed below.

As previously discussed, those first THREE Kingdoms and their "coming princes" depicted in the Statue of Nebuchadnezzar which represents "Mystery Babylon" [1. Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon, 2. Darius the Mede and Cyrus the Persian of Medo-Persia, 3. Alexander the Great and his 4 Generals (and the little horn of Antiochus Epiphanes which came from that 4th General) of the Grecian Kingdom], are the ones whose identities ARE KNOWN and are NOT CONCEALED or CONTESTED by the "princes" and "priests" serving the POWER of "Mystery Babylon" and its 4th Kingdom "Foundation", the Spirit of Rebellion and Deception which the Statue of Nebuchadnezzar represents and upon which it stands to this day. Identifying the "coming princes" (10 horns) of the 4th Beast upon which "Mystery Babylon" stands as its foundation to this day is a different matter. The Harlot RELIGIOUS SYSTEM of Mystery Babylon who DOES NOT WANT the House of Judah and the House of Israel UNITING as GODS FIRSTBORN SON to come OUT in GREAT EXODUS from their BONDAGE TO HER DECEPTIONS, works VERY HARD unrighteously suppressing THESE "FOUNDATIONAL TRUTHS" through DECEPTIVE INTERPRETATIONS of God's Word which were MANIFESTED in HISTORY PAST, and what to expect in the FUTURE regarding God's Word MANIFESTING according to HIS PLAN which will DESTROY THEIR KINGDOM built on DECEPTION.

Through subtle twists in translation, wording, and sleight of hand MISDIRECTIONS of large GROUPS of people she unites in POLARIZED OPPOSITION to one another in their various POPULARIZED DECEPTIONS which compose her DIVIDED HOUSE [and through the marginalization, GASLIGHTING, and otherwise SILENCING (including through MURDER) of WITNESSES like me who would DARE speak OPENLY of the HISTORICITY of the NAKEDLY EXPOSED EVIL EMPEROR she enslaves HER CHILDREN to serve through DECEPTION, as SHE HERSELF DOES; Rev. 12:17 & 17:5] she keeps them DIVIDED and bickering in DARKNESS and DECEPTION because once those TEN "princes" (horns) are POSITIVELY IDENTIFIED, the whole system of Mystery Babylon which the Statue represents, and its "CORNERSTONE" POWER OF DECEPTION upon which it was established and which the HARLOT SERVES, her kingdom of deception will come tumbling down and she, along with the princes and priests with whom she fornicates TODAY IN OPEN CONSPIRACY TOGETHER AGAINST the CORNERSTONE TRUTH (who is the REAL "CORNERSTONE" KING over Heaven and Earth which SHE OPPOSES through hypocritical narcissistic DECEPTION pretending to serve him as LEADERS of Gods children), will be thrown on a bed of "Great Tribulation" for her crimes against humanity, as prophesied (Rev. 17:14-17 & Rev. 18)! We have already POSITIVELY IDENTIFIED those 10 horns in some detail, and will review them again now before zooming in to look at the MOST IMPORTANT DETAILS of this POWERFUL "CORNERSTONE" DECEPTION by which she has taken the world CAPTIVE to serve the SPIRIT of DECEPTION as GOD (and out from whose kingdom the God of TRUTH is now calling those who LOVE and SERVE HIM in Spirit and TRUTH!)!

The 4th Dragon-Beast Kingdom (Dan. 2:40, 7:8)

The following "10 Horns" a.k.a. "princes" of that 4th BEAST KINGDOM who came, and upon which "Mystery Babylon" was founded and stands to this day, are those whose identities have been CONCEALED by the Harlot of Mystery Babylon who RIDES THE POWER of the DRAGON'S "CORNERSTONE" DECEPTION to this very day. But their identities are IRREFUTABLE since God sealed it in His Word of Truth to bring forth their POSITIVE IDENTIFICATION in His INDICTMENT against them at the APPOINTED TIME. Truth is God and He is the ESTABLISHED KING over Heaven and Earth according to His Kingdom building Plan a.k.a. the "Word of Truth", and though He allowed His Biblical authority to be USURPED by these REBELS and the Harlot which rides the POWER of this Dragon-Beast DECEPTION until the Book is Unsealed by the "Prince of Israel", He can not be DEPOSED and He promised JUDGEMENT would come on them for their crimes against humanity when He gives the Kingdom to His Saints!

4. Legs/Feet of Iron and Clay = The "10 Horns" (7 Heads) of the Roman Empire "DRAGON-Beast" of Dan. 7:7-8 which correlates also to the Dragon-Beast of Rev. 12:3-5 & 17:10, whose "10 horns" (7 Heads/Kings) are POSITIVELY IDENTIFIED and listed below.

As we have discussed in great detail already and cover again briefly henceforth, the "1st horn" of the "4th Beast" (the "Dragon" with 10 horns/7 heads) of Dan. 2:45 and 7:8, was Julius Caesar, the "coming Prince" identified in Dan. 9:24-26 a.k.a. the "Christ" who created the "Sabbath Calendar" DECEPTION to usurp the authority of the True Messiah as John alludes to in Revelation 12:4-5. So Julius Caesar was the 1st horn, then came his nephew/adopted son Augustus as the 2nd horn, Tiberius was the 3rd horn, Caligula the 4th horn, Claudius was the 5th horn, and Nero was the 6th horn ruling at the time when John wrote Rev. 17:10. The 7th "king" was none other than the 10th "little horn" before whom the "three horns" of Galba, Otho, and Vitellius were killed ("uprooted") THAT SAME YEAR in which Vespasian came to power as the 10th "little horn", the 7th Head of the Dragon of Rome (dubbed the "Year of the Four Emperors"). Vespasian was that 10th "little horn", the 7th Head and "coming prince" of the Dragon of Rome (Dan. 7:8, 7:25 & 9:26). That's essentially the Summary identifying the Dragon-Beast which came into existence, which is a powerful revelation in itself. But the DETAILS of HOW it came into existence will begin to REVEAL the FORM in which it EXISTS TO THIS DAY, and how Men WORSHIP and SERVE this DRAGON-BEAST and it's EMPIRE which a RELIGIOUS HARLOT deceives the WHOLE WORLD to serve as God ever since! So we shall go into THOSE DETAILS where the DEVIL is EXPOSED henceforth.

Please keep in mind that this Dragon Beast has CHANGED FORMS throughout history since it first came into existence and HISTORIANS never speak of it so men don't even RECOGNIZE how it has SLITHERED OPENLY through the Centuries. For that reason also the Scriptures talk primarily about its TWO MOST DISTINCT FORMS; its FIRST and its LAST. The LAST FORM will not be MANIFEST until the FIRST FORM has been EXPOSED and is RECOGNIZED. So henceforth we will be concerned primarily with the details which identify the FIRST FORM which we already outlined above. But because the details regarding the 2 distinct forms are not only so similar, but are ALSO in the same scriptural CONTEXT which can confuse people, we MUST distinguish the scriptures which CLEARLY pertain to the FIRST FORM from those which speak about the FINAL FORM, to try to eliminate some of that confusion. I can think of no better place to do that than Rev. 17:10-12 where we see BOTH FORMS being discussed. In verse 10 we see the FIRST FORM of "7 Kings" (the 7th was about to come). This is the SAME DRAGON which John describes in Rev. 12:3-5 & vs. 17 which has 7 crowns on its HEADS not on its horns. So Rev. chapter 12 is CLEARLY the FIRST FORM of the Dragon-Beast. Then a transition occurs in the next verse (Rev. 17:11) by another TIME CHANGER KING; an 8th which belongs to the first 7 previously identified (Constantine, whom we will discuss a bit more later). Then a CLEAR CHANGE occurs in verse 12 from 7 Kings to the FINAL FORM of "10 KINGS" with the 10 crowns on the HORNS not on the heads. This FINAL FORM of this Dragon-Beast is described in more detail in Rev. 13:1-2. The names of 7 BLASPHEMOUS PLANETARY DAYS representing the first 7 TIME CHANGING EMPERORS is FINALIZED on these HEADS of the first form by Constantine who SYNCRETIZES the LAST FORM of the Dragon-Beast which has slithered through the centuries ever since. Summarizing then we see Rev. 17 speaking about BOTH distinct forms of the Dragon-Beast; its 1st form in Rev. 17:10 is the Dragon of chapter 12, and its last form described in Rev. 17:12 references its last form in chapter 13. Again, Rev. 17:10 is identifying the FIRST FORM of the Dragon in Rev. 12 and Rev. 17:12 is describing the LAST FORM of this SAME DRAGON depicted in chapter 13:1-2, and the CLEAREST DISTINCTION between them is in the NUMBER of "Crowns" and whether they are on the 7 HEADS (First form) or the 10 HORNS (last form). Also the incorporation of the elements of the FOUR BEASTS in the last form in Rev. 13:2 (Eagle, Bear, Leopard, Dragon-Beast) which is related to Daniel's Statue in Dan. 7:4-8...the Dragon-Beast syncretically morphs to represent the SUMMATION of the Statue of Nebuchadnezzar as "Mystery Babylon" upon which God's TRUTH FALLS in Judgement!

Though the "kings" have changed over time, this 10 king form has existed as an open secret ruling the world in service to the (deified) Julius Caesar as High Priest-King to the syncretic "Sun God Spirit" of NARCISSISTIC DECEPTION as the "Cornerstone" of the Empire ever since Constantine (the 8th belonging to the former 7 and going to hell with them) adopted his distinctly Antisemite form of "Sun God Christianity" as an official State religion (which by that time already murdered the Saints who refused the Mark of Caesar's Fraud Sabbath Calendar and had been infused with elements from several other distinct forms of Sun God worship through "Sol Invictus" created by Priests of deception for that very purpose) at which time he CHANGED the 1st and Holiest Day of the Roman Empire from Saturn's Day to Sun Day in order to FINALIZE the "CORNERSTONE DECEPTION" requiring DIVISION between the House of Israel and the House of Judah in their WORLD ENSLAVEMENT to Mystery Babylon and its PRIESTS OF DECEPTION! It is THOSE DETAILS we shall now begin to delve into.

So the first form had "7 CROWNS" or "Kings" from 10 horns (three of which were "plucked up" in front of the 10th "Little Horn" which was the 7th head) who ALREADY CAME and was ANTICIPATING the Birth of the Manchild from God (Dan. 7:8, Rev. 12:3-5 & 17:10), and the LAST FORM of "10 CROWNS" which has EXISTED SECRETLY for over 1500 years (Rev. 13:1, Rev. 17:12), and with the assistance of the BLINDFOLDED BUILDERS working in the SPIRITUAL DARKNESS of Mystery Babylon, has CHANGED FORMS MANY TIMES unbeknownst to the MASSES ("seas" of people from which it derives power) but will soon be MANIFEST when they give their power to the Beast with 2 horns which came up in the WILDERNESS which will SERVE JESUS (the "Cornerstone" from Heaven; Dan. 2:45) and His Faithful and Chosen Saints to do Gods will (17:12-17)! Again, we shall NOT be addressing this LAST FORM of the Dragon-Beast, only its FIRST FORM. It is sufficient only to acknowledge the TWO DISTINCT FORMS and that despite changing forms throughout the Centuries and still existing UNRECOGNIZED TODAY, the FIRST FORM did indeed come into existence 2000 years ago, which we shall POSITIVELY IDENTIFY in far more detail now so it becomes CLEAR. Once that FIRST FORM has been positively identified with the accompanying details to CLARIFY the "vision", only then can one begin to "SEE" (in the "minds eye" where true "vision" resides) its CURRENT FORM and how it has slithered through history.

With that said, let's now ZOOM IN for a closer look at ALL TEN HORNS (7 Kings) of the FIRST PROPHETIC FORM which is RECORDED in HISTORY and which has UNDENIABLY FULFILLED PROPHECIES which can NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN...history which has been KEPT SUPPRESSED so that the CHILDREN of God have been DECEIVED to serve the CORNERSTONE SPIRIT of the NOW NAKEDLY EXPOSED "EMPEROR" (as the 1st HEAD of the Dragon which LIVES ON; Rev. 13:1). This is FULFILLED PROPHETIC HISTORY which God's children have NEVER BEEN ALLOWED TO KNOW let alone DISCUSS, as all mankind serves this DRAGON'S POWER OF DECEPTION which the HARLOT RIDES to this very day!

The 10 "Horns" of the 4th Kingdom, the Dragon-Beast of Rome (Dan. 2:40, 7:7-8)

1st Horn, 1st Head, 1st Crown (King), Julius Caesar (1,1,1)

2nd Horn, 2nd Head, 2nd Crown (King), Augustus Caesar (2,2,2)

3rd Horn, 3rd Head, 3rd Crown (King), Tiberius Caesar (3,3,3)

4th Horn, 4th Head, 4th Crown (King), Caligula Caesar (4,4,4)

5th Horn, 5th Head, 5th Crown (King), Claudius Caesar (5,5,5)

6th Horn, 6th Head, 6th Crown (King), Nero Caesar (6,6,6)

7th horn (UPROOTED). Galba

8th horn (UPROOTED). Otho

9th horn (UPROOTED). Vitellius

10th "Little Horn", 7th Head, 7th Crown (King), Vespasian Flavius (10,7,7)

The 1st horn and the 10th horn are the MOST IMPORTANT ones which God wants us to identify as recorded in Dan. 9:24-26. I can hear the cries of protest from those who have been DECEIVED to NEVER PERCEIVE that those "CORNERSTONE VERSES", which they have been TRAINED to THINK speak ONLY of the "christ" of God (Jesus) who was "rejected" (by the "builders" and "princes" of this world serving the Spirit of Deception whom we shall POSITIVELY IDENTIFY), but NEVER ALLOWED to see they speak in FAR MORE DETAIL regarding not only the IDENTITY of those "Builders" who rejected God's "Cornerstone", but of the FRAUD "Cornerstone" they SELECTED as the FOUNDATION upon which those "Builders" and coming "princes" built "Mystery Babylon" (depicted by the Statue of Nebuchadnezzar), and who they have DECEIVED THE WHOLE WORLD to serve as "High Priest-King" and LORD over a FRAUD SABBATH serving the SPIRIT of DECEPTION, to this very day! They have been DECEIVED to believe this "wicked one" which would take Israel (and the WHOLE WORLD) into BONDAGE to the SPIRIT OF DECEPTION, is coming in the FUTURE but that simply CAN NOT BE TRUE because HE CLEARLY ALREADY CAME as PROPHESIED!

God was SO SPECIFIC with these prophecies which HISTORY (which has been SUPPRESSED through various forms of DECEPTION) TELLS US were already "MIRACULOUSLY" fulfilled (despite the NARCISSISTIC strategies and attempts to SUPPRESS the TRUTH of this History in order to MAINTAIN CONTROL of the NARRATIVE of DECEPTION by the wicked "princes", "priests" and the apathetic Flying Monkey's who serve the DRAGON and NOW NAKEDLY EXPOSED "Emperor" of "Mystery Babylon"), that the POSITIVE IDENTIFICATION of these "Ten Horns" can not even be legitimately contested once THEIR HISTORICITY is KNOWN! Beginning with the first whose identity has been kept an OPEN SECRET through sleight of hand deception by the Harlot Church of Mystery Babylon who deceives the whole world to serve this FALSE "CORNERSTONE" in rebellion to the TRUTH, is the "Christ" who God "anointed" to create the "Christ Calendar" as the "Cornerstone" of "Mystery Babylon" on which the Statue of Nebuchadnezzar would stand over the course of the "times of the Gentiles" ruling the world like Pharaoh until judgement day (Jer. 27:6-8, 28:14, Dan. 2:35, 2:45, 7:8-9, 2 Thes. 2:8-12, Rev. 17:14-17 & Rev. 18) and the "times of the Gentiles" and their kingdom of "Mystery Babylon" comes to its end; now at the door (Lk. 21:24, Rom. 11:25, Rev. 17:14-17, Rev. 18:1-4).

The 1st "Horn" of the 4th Dragon-Beast Kingdom (Dan. 2:40, 7:7 & 9:24-25)

The 1st "Christ" (horn/prince) of the 4th Beast Kingdom came EXACTLY as prophesied (70 x 7) 490 years from the decree which God "anointed" (Christ) Cyrus to make (Is. 44:28-45:1, Dan. 9:24-26), and which Ptolemy tells us he made in 536 B.C.. In 46 B.C., exactly 490 years from that decree, Julius Caesar became the 1st Sole Dictator over Rome ending the "Republic" of Rome, and three months before that year ended he FIRMLY established the NEW DRAGON-BEAST "Empire" of Rome on a COMPLETELY NEW CALENDAR system as its "Cornerstone", as God "anointed" him to do as "Christ" (and to which the whole world was taken CAPTIVE and serves to this day as the "Cornerstone" of the MORPHING, SYNCRETIC DRAGON KINGDOM of Mystery Babylon depicted by the Statue of Nebuchadnezzar; Jer. 27:6-8, 28:14 & Dan. 2:36-38).

So all of the (previously lunar) months of the FORMER Roman Republic were advanced forward in the year so that January, (named after Janus, the "God of new beginnings") which had always begun the year with the first New Moon in Spring prior, would now be "divorced" from the lunations and anchored not only to the "God of Time", "Saturn" (a.k.a. the Black Sun), but to the Sun as the new "Cornerstone SIGN" of the essentially NEW RELIGIOUS KINGDOM, and it would "begin" in Winter three months before the end of 46 B.C., as it's observed by the WHOLE WORLD to this very day. He also changed the "week" from the very complicated religious 8 day week (named simply by the first 8 letters of the Latin Alphabet where "A" was the 1st and Holiest weekday and "H" was the last) which they observed previously, to a new 7 Day Planetary Week (Wandering Star) System for which the 1st and "Holiest Day" of the New Weekly System would be named "Saturn's Day" (until the 4th Century when the Syncretic DRAGON morphed to a slightly different FORM where the 2nd day of the week "Sunday", would become the 1st and Holiest Day of the week and Saturday demoted to the last day of their week, as it's observed by the Religious Harlot of Mystery Babylon to this day). It is THIS SYSTEM of power which the leaders of the Jewish people were courting, and for which one will be the recognized BETRAYER of the people through whom the Sabbath Covenant would be broken and Israel would be taken into world bondage as God told us in advance (Mal. 2:10-12, Hos. 5:14-6:2).

You were carrying the Tabernacle of your King Saturn, and the (Star) Images of the Planet of your God which you made for yourselves, therefore I will carry you into captivity beyond Babylon! Amos 5:26-27 & Acts 7:43

The inauguration of the new Annual system of the "Calends" (from "Calling of the Month" a.k.a. "New Moon Days" from which the term "Calendar" with its SOLAR MONTHS was derived), with the new "beginning" position of its New Year Month of January in Winter rather than Spring, and its new 7 day Planetary Named Week Days (replacing the former "A" thru "H" eight day week), which "wandering star" weekdays would be anchored to the Winter Solstice of the Sun as its "Cornerstone" SIGN (called Yalda in ancient Persian and means "Birth of the Sun" and his "Epiphanes" or "MANIFESTATION" on earth; "Mithras"). This "Cornerstone Solar Day" of the Winter Solstice had been the "Cornerstone Sign" of many ancient kingdoms and their "Sun God" religious myths prior to being "syncretically re-adapted" by Julius Caesar. Examples of these include the "Sun God Birth Day" of the Babylonian "Shemesh", Egyptian "Ra", "Horus", and the Pharaoh as the manifestation of the "Incarnate Sun" as the ruling "light of the world", and even the God "Sol" (the "Sun" God) in the Roman Republic itself. As already mentioned, the most noteworthy is the ancient Aryan/Persian "Mithra" and his "Yalda Birthday" as the Incarnate "Epiphanes" (like the self proclaimed re-incarnation or "Epiphany" of the "Sun God" Mithra in flesh, Antiochus Epiphanes whose actual birth name "Mithradates" was also a cognate of "Mithra"). The ANCIENT FORM of Mithraism was clearly syncretized in a new RELIGIOUS FORM for use in ROME by Julius Caesar, as established by the archeological evidence springing up all over the ROMAN WORLD at that very time in history. There seems to have been a convergence of MANY RELIGIOUS TRADITIONS of the "Sun God" being galvanized into a NEW FORM at that very time in history to include not only Sol ("God the Sun" a.k.a. "Helios" in Greek), Saturn, the "Black Sun" (a.k.a. the God of Time and War) and Mithras (the ancient Aryan/Persian Sun God) but also the later popularized Sol Invictus (the Invincible Sun) which came to be DIRECTLY ASSOCIATED with the POPULAR "Christianity" of the DECEIVED MASSES of the Roman Empire just prior to its adoption as the official religion of the Roman Empire in its EVER MORPHING SYNCRETIC FORMS.

Antiochus had previously desecrated the Temple in Jerusalem on that very day as a "birthday present" for himself, the epiphany of the "Sun God" Mithras in flesh whose "Winter Solstice Birthday" on God's Lunar Calendar was the 25th of Kislev (FOREVER MEMORIALIZED as the day we (Israel) SANCTIFIED and REDEDICATED our Kingdom Temple. It's called the "Festival of Dedication" a.k.a. "Hanukkah"; 1st Mac. 1:59, 4:36, 4:52-59, 2nd Mac. 1:9, 1:18, 6:7, 10:5, & Jn. 10:21-22). This same day on Julius Caesar's New Solar Calendar for the WORLD TEMPLE of Mystery Babylon which HE CREATED as its CHRIST, was memorialized as the Birth of "King Saturn" (the "God of Time" a.k.a. Chronos & Chiun) a.k.a. th "Black Sun", and the "Mass of Christ" (Mithras) for our prophetic DIASPORA "TABERNACLING" in WORLD BONDAGE to "Mystery Babylon" and the "times of the Gentiles" (Lk. 21:24, Rom. 11:25, Rev. 17:14-17, Rev. 18:1-4) until our "GREAT EXODUS" (for which our first bondage and exodus was ALWAYS only a PATTERN) as God promised through the prophets beginning with Moses (Deut. 30:3).

You were carrying the Tabernacle of your King Saturn, and the (Star) Images of the Planet of your God which you made for yourselves, therefore I will carry you into captivity beyond Babylon! Amos 5:26-27 & Acts 7:43

***Begin Note. One must KNOW and keep in mind that TO THIS VERY DAY the ONE THING that has ALWAYS REMAINED THE SAME AND HAS NEVER CHANGED (despite the months and even the number of days or even the ORDER of the DAYS of the week themselves changing in the ROMAN WEEKLY SYSTEM) is that the 1st Day of Week has ALWAYS been the MOST HOLY DAY of the Syncretic Weekly System of ROME, to this very day! Additionally the NEW YEAR DAY as the 1st Day of the Year was SET APART (as the most Holy CORNERSTONE DAY) to which all of the rest of the HOLY 1st Days of the rest of the weeks of the year were anchored as the Janus (New Beginning) of a New Year Cycle of perpetually counted 8 Day Weeks and 12 "Calends" (Lunar Months) of their Year. Julius Caesar "reformed" this practice when he CREATED his NEW CALENDAR SYSTEM of RELIGIOUS SORCERY!

Though the original calendars have been HOPELESSLY LOST and all that remains is legends and piecemeal (with no small amount of SLEIGHT OF HAND to keep people from ever KNOWING the TRUTH), under the Lunar Calendar of the former Roman Republic, when January (Janus = New Beginning) BEGAN with the 1st "New Moon Day" (called the "Calend" which meant to "Call out" the "New Moons" and is the root of the modern word "Calendar") in Spring as its 1ST DAY of the NEW YEAR CYCLE as the "CORNERSTONE DAY" of the Calend System (as did all the other nations of the world at that time, following Israel's EXAMPLE where their revealed Sabbaths, beginning with Passover coming out from Egypt, were anchored to the sanctified "New Moon" as their "Cornerstone Sign" to begin their Kingdom Years from then on, as we discussed previously above, and also here), exactly one week from that NEW YEAR "Cornerstone" New Moon DAY of the year to the SAME FIRST DAY ("A", also called the "Nones") of the next week of the NEW YEAR, they had their HOLY SACRIFICE (to Janus, their "God of New Beginnings") for their NEW YEAR called the "Agonalia". You could say it was a HOLY 9 DAY WEEK inclusive of TWO "1st days" since weeks were 8 days long in the Republic. So the NEW MOON DAY (Calend) of Janus was the "CORNERSTONE" of the YEAR to which the NEXT 1ST DAY of the NEXT WEEK, EXACTLY 1 WEEK LATER, was the first Holy WEEK Day on which they had their sacrifices to Janus. Thus that New Moon (Calend) of Janus (which was the 1st and "Holiest Day" of the NEW YEAR as its CORNERSTONE) was ANCHORED to the 1st day of the NEXT WEEK exactly ONE WEEK APART as its 1st and Holiest WEEK DAY of the New Year Cycle of weeks ("New Year Day" being "set apart" from the rest of the Holy Week Days beginning the rest of the weeks of the year). These two "1st Days" (New Years Lunar "Calend" Day as the CORNERSTONE of the Calend System, and the 1st Holy Week Day one week later) were "anchored together" in their complicated 8 day WEEK SYSTEM (named: A through H) which was anchored to the CORNERSTONE of the New Moon in "January" (which was in Spring) as the "New Year Day" in their complicated religious cycle of time.

The "reform" which Julius Caesar made regarding this RELIGIOUS SYSTEM of TIME when he CREATED a COMPLETELY NEW CALENDAR SYSTEM, was to "syncretize" this former practice of anchoring the "CORNERSTONE" of the YEAR to the 1st Holy WEEK DAY of the year in a new form. He anchored the YALDA of CHRIST MITHRAS (birthday of Mithras Epiphanes and his desecration of the Temple in Jerusalem 120 years earlier) to his new SOLAR MONTH calendar as "December 25th", and that was anchored to the 1st HOLY WEEK DAY of Janus (New Beginning now anchored to the Sun rather than the Moon as "Cornerstone") the following week. So the first Holy WEEKDAY anchored to the new HOLY CORNERSTONE was "Saturn Day" (the God of Time and War a.k.a. the "Black Sun") as the 1st Day of Janus...the "New Beginning" of a NEW KINGDOM and its FIRST "New Year Day"! This 8 Day celebration beginning on the "25th" and ending with the Janus (New Beginning), now openly celebrates Rome's "triumph" over God's People by the "little horn" of Rome (Vespasian, Dan. 7:8, 25 & 9:26) [FULFILLING what the "little horn" from the 4th General under Alexander of the 3rd "Grecian" Kingdom (Antiochus Epiphanes) only dreamed of doing as a PROTOTYPE (Dan. 8:9-14 & 8:23-25) for the ABOMINATION which VESPASIAN (in service to the Spirit of Deception Julius Caesar codified as the Cornerstone of Rome) would be the "coming prince" to FULFILL the prophecies, which Jesus told his disciples they would see and they indeed did see (Mat. 24:15, Mk. 13:14, Lk. 16:15)].

The Cornerstone Day and the 1st HOLY DAY of New Beginnings being the 8th day, have been "anchored together" as the religious "Cornerstone" of DECEPTION, the "Mystery of Iniquity" which EMPOWERS the Harlot Religious System of the syncretized DRAGON Empire which the WHOLE WORLD SERVES to this very day. They send gifts to one another (and with very LICENTIOUS PRACTICES like those with which Antiochus Epiphanes desecrated Gods Temple; 1st Mac. 1:59, 4:36, 4:52-59, 2nd Mac. 1:9, 1:18, 6:7, 10:5, & Jn. 10:21-22) because through DECEPTION they have "OPENLY SLAIN" the "2 true witnesses" (Spirit and Truth) REQUIRED to establish the "Cornerstone TRUTH" as GODS IMAGE raised in FLESH according to the TRUE "CORNERSTONE" INTERPRETATION of the Word of Truth. Those 2 witnesses are the Spirit of Truth (Elijah) and the Word of Truth (Moses) UNITED as ONE (like Jesus) and RAISED in MEN OF FLESH whose IMAGE of God these DEMONS RECOGNIZE and CAN'T through the CUNNING of SORCERY they make up rules to JUSTIFY sacrificing them OPENLY with the CONSENT of the CHILDREN they have DECEIVED ever since!

Since that time the Spirit of DECEPTION and VILE CORRUPTION rules over their kingdom through HYPOCRISY established on a LIE as its "Cornerstone Truth" so that ANY CHILD of God who comes to MATURITY having the WITNESS of the WORD OF TRUTH (Commands of God) and Testimony of Jesus SPIRIT of Truth gaining the spiritual "VISION" to be able to SEE and IDENTIFY the NAKEDLY EXPOSED LIE (the EMPEROR which the whole world is deceived to serve as their SABBATH LORD), have been MURDERED by them in order to maintain the NARRATIVE OF DARKNESS over which these Narcissistic Priests of Satan RULE in the DARKNESS they groom to appear as "lights" to the CHILDREN (Rev. 12:17 & 17:5)! Through this NARRATIVE of DECEPTION they CONTROL as the Princes and Priest classes which all their INSTITUTIONS serve, the worlds CHILDREN have HAD NO CHOICE but to serve THEM and the CORNERSTONE FRAUD they foisted on the world, instead of the TRUTH because they SIMPLY DON'T KNOW ANY BETTER...they don't UNDERSTAND the nature of their ENSLAVEMENT to a SPIRITUAL KINGDOM of DECEPTION or HOW IT WORKS!

These SATANIC OCCULTISTS LAUGH at Gods People who they've DECEIVED to serve the SAME CORNERSTONE SPIRIT of DECEPTION which THEY SERVE, and thus the ignorant MASSES EMPOWER THEIR REBELLION AGAINST GOD (bringing one little antichrist after another to power believing it must be that way because their LEADERS DECEIVE THEM TO BELIEVE THAT through FALSE GOSPELS) and thus serve as SLAVES toward their OWN DESTRUCTION! But they will ONLY LAUGH as long as they can keep MURDERING THE WITNESSES LIKE ME who are able to EXPOSE the NAKEDNESS of the EMPEROR THEY SERVE (Rev. 12:17 & 17:5)! They serve the "Genius of Caesar" in their IMPERIAL MAN-GOD WORSHIP (to which men had to make sacrifice to in order to be able to LIVE and "buy or sell" for hundreds of years after the destruction of the Temple, on penalty of death!) usurping the power of the TRUTH of God through DECEPTION. But when one of us, the CHILDREN OF GOD, finally OVERCOME serving our Father in Heaven to establish His Kingdom on Earth as Jesus Commanded us to do in CONTINUING HIS WORK (Mat. 6:10, Jn. 14:8-12, Rev. 21:7), then their Kingdom will be SMASHED FOREVER as God's Saints come out from them in GREAT EXODUS to establish God's Kingdom as He has planned ALL ALONG. Here's how Jesus said it:

They asked Jesus, "what are the works of God we are to do?" Jesus responded: "The works of God you must do is believe him whom God sends". Jn. 6:28-29

Even as the Father sent me, so I send you. Jn. 20:21

He who believes me will continue doing my work (to establish the Father's Kingdom on Earth) and he will do even greater things than what I've done so that the Father is glorified through the Son. Jn. 14:9-13. He who overcomes (doing my work) will inherit all things! I will be his Elohim (God) and he will be my son. Rev. 21:7. I will give him authority to rule over all the nations with a "Sceptre of Iron" even as I received from my father. I will also give him the "Morningstar" Rev. 2:26-28 (Dan. 7:13-14, 12:1-4, Ez. 20:34-37).

My doctrine is not my own but His who sent me. If any man desires to do God's will, he will know whether or not this doctrine is from God or if I made it up myself. He that speaks of himself seeks his own glory, but he who seeks the glory of the one who sent him, the same is a true witness in whom is no injustice. Jn. 7:16-18

When those scriptures MANIFEST into REALITY, it's OVER for "Mystery Babylon" and all the Satanic REBELS who deceive Gods children to serve THE CORNERSTONE LIE the Harlot Serves...and it's already a DONE DEAL because IT HAS BEEN WRITTEN and it's CERTAIN to take place (Dan. 2:45)'s just a matter of TIME before we see it MANIFEST into REALITY! End Note***

So the New Rome (Dragon-Beast) was inaugurated one new Planetary 7 day week after the "Birthday" of the "CORNERSTONE" to which it was anchored, the "rebirth" of "God the Sun" (a.k.a. the Birth of "Christ Mithras" and "King Saturn") in Winter of 46 B.C. as the LITERAL "New Year Day" of a new Dragon-Beast Empire of enslavement to a CORNERSTONE DECEPTION of a RELIGIOUS WORLD EMPIRE that DECIEVES the WORLD with its SYNCRETISTIC SORCERY to this very day! What seems to me a very sordid twist is that BOTH Kingdom calendars (God's and the Dragon's) have an 8 day celebration which BEGINS ON the 25th day of their respective calendars (God's Lunar Calendar Hanukkah on the 25th of Kislev which is the MEMORIAL of how we once REDEDICATED OUR TEMPLES from having been defiled by the Dragon's Solar Calendar Birthday LICENTIOUS "Mass" of the EPIPHANY of "Christ Mithras" as the incarnate "Light of the World") which had been the VERY DAY on BOTH CALENDAR SYSTEMS on which "Antiochus Epiphanes" had desecrated the Temple with drunken orgies, defilements of idol worship, murders of priests and holy men, and the horrific sacrifice of Jewish mother's and their infant babies and young children as their SPORT, and Caesar knew it full well when he SYNCRETIZED that day as the NEW RELIGIOUS "CORNERSTONE" of the DRAGON EMPIRE of ROME which HE CREATED as its FIRST HEAD!

Julius Caesar made that "CORNERSTONE DAY" used by the SATANIC RELIGIOUS SYSTEM of the Antediluvians and later kingdoms after the flood, the VERY DAY the "Epiphany of Mithra" Antiochus DESECRATED the Temple for his "birthday", as the "HOLY CORNERSTONE" of his EVIL EMPIRE when he DELIBERATELY SELECTED the NUMBER of Days for the "months" he created (31 for December) to PURPOSEFULLY be able to SYNCRETIZE the "Cornerstone Day" and the 1st Holy Day of New Beginnings (Janus) together in a NEW FORM so that this "CORNERSTONE DECEPTION" would be ANCHORED to that ABOMINABLE DESECRATION of the Temple by "Mithras Epiphanes" 120 years earlier! The "New Beginning" month (Janus-January) would be on the 8th day exactly one week from the day of that CELEBRATION of ABOMINATION as the CORNERSTONE of his NEW DRAGON EMPIRE! Its inauguration was in Winter on "Saturn's Day" January 1, 45 B.C., the very 1st HOLY WEEKDAY of the New Roman Empire with its New Solar Calendar and New Beginning (Janus) anchored to the Yalda of Christ Mithras (December 25th) with a new 7 day week system associated with the "Wandering Stars" (a.k.a. "Solar Deities" or "Planets") awaiting judgement (Jude 1:13)! As demonstrated by archeological evidence, Saturn's Day was the 1st and Holiest Day of the Roman Solar Deity Week until the 4th Century when Constantine made another syncretic change adopting Sun Day (which had been the 2nd day of the week) as the 1st and Holiest Day when he FINALIZED the DECEPTION which has since SEPARATED the House of Judah and the House of Israel in IDEOLOGICAL WARFARE where BOTH HOUSES are DECEIVED to WAR against one another while IGNORANTLY REBELLING against the SABBATH CORNERSTONE TRUTH of God's Kingdom which would otherwise UNITE THEM and LEAD THEM OUT FROM BONDAGE to this WORLD DECEPTION!

So Julius Caesar was the "prince" who came in 46 B.C. EXACTLY 490 years from Christ Cyrus' decree in 536 B.C. and EXACTLY 62 weeks after he OFFICIALLY ENDED the Republic with the INAUGURATION of the "New Beginning" for the NEW (Syncretized Dragon-Beast) Roman "EMPIRE" (3 months before the old "Republic" year would have officially ended) on Saturn Day of Janus 1, 45 B.C. its first "Christ" and coming "prince" as its first "horn" was assassinated. Julius Caesar was assassinated ("cut off") on the 15th of March 44 B.C.. exactly 62 weeks after he became the official "Pontifex Maximus" (High Priest-King) to the DRAGON, as prophesied (Dan. 9:24-26).

***Begin Note*** Despite NUMEROUS and VARIED calendar changes made by the ABSOLUTLY CORRUPT PRIESTHOOD of Rome from it's very FOUNDATION of Rome and its associated SHAPESHIFTING "religious calendar", and continuing over the centuries between the Kingdom, Republic, and Empire Periods (and PLETHORA of VERY CUNNING DIS & MISINFORMATION one has to wade through in order to try to find the TRUTH), UNTIL Julius Caesar DIVORCED the Lunar Calendar System and CREATED the Solar Calendar System for the DRAGON-BEAST Empire, their months previously BEGAN with the Calend (that is the "calling out" of the LAST Sliver of the moon) which would officially END the prior Lunar Month and BEGIN the New Month (very similarly to Israel but different than the Babylonian practice, as we discussed earlier). This "New Moon" day called the "Calend" was the 1st and Holiest Day of the Month which anciently had 2 other important "Holy Days"; the NONES and the IDES. Originally the "Nones" was the 1st Quarter Moon on the 9th day of the Lunar Cycle (which from antiquity was the 1st and HOLIEST Day of the week FOLLOWING the 8 day Calend Week). It was on this day which sacrifices to "Janus" were originally made, as discussed earlier. It would appear this changed from being a count reference FROM the Calend Day, TO a count to the Day of the Ides (full moon) at some point...but there's so much confusion regarding how and when it's simply not worth delving into those details. The POINT of this "note" is in regard to the "Full Moon" of the 15th Day of their Lunar Month being called the "IDES", the DAY on which this CHRIST was "CUT OFF". After Julius Caesar disassociated the Month Days from the calling out of New Moon (so that the days of the month "floated" or "wandered" away from the MOON as their CORNERSTONE), and created a NEW "Cornerstone-Sabbath" System for the DRAGON, the "Ides" or 15th Day of the months RARELY EVER falls on FULL MOON anymore (Jude 1:13). But it is QUITE INTERESTING to note that Julius Caesar, being the "Pontifex Maximus" (High Priest-King) to the "Cornerstone Spirit of DECEPTION" as the "Lord" of his FRAUD CALENDAR SYSTEM, he was likewise MURDERED to establish his new system on what just may have been the 1st FULL MOON of the LUNAR Calendar Year called "PASSOVER" in Israel!***End Note***

The 1st head received a deadly wound but the Dragon-Beast HE CREATED has continued to live. He was subsequently "deified" as the "High Priest-King" over the world kingdom Temple where he serves as "High Priest-King" to the Cornerstone Spirit of Satan INSTEAD of Jesus as High Priest-King to Gods Kingdom times and laws which speak all about him as the TRUE CORNERSTONE (Spirit of Truth) of God's Kingdom by which we are to KNOW that it is GOD (the Spirit of Truth) WHO SANCTIFIES US according to HIS WORD of TRUTH (correctly interpreted from His Cornerstone Perspective; Ex. 31:13, Jn. 17:17) which was REJECTED and "SACRIFICED" for our REDEMPTION and EXODUS from BONDAGE to this Kingdom of WORLD DECEPTION according to His Plan for which Egypt was only a PATTERN to to be used for our INSTRUCTION toward THAT GOAL!

Despite the SLEIGHT OF HAND type "RUSE" used by the Harlot's deceived Historians who ERRONEOUSLY begin the "Empire" and its COUNT of DICTATORS over the NEW Rome with the "Son of God" Augustus (who was ruling when Jesus was Born and was WORSHIPPED as the "Son of God" by the new IMPERIALIST CULT of the Roman Empire), it simply CAN NOT BE CREDIBLY DENIED that his father Julius Caesar was the TRUE 1st CAESAR-DICTATOR and CREATOR of the New Rome with its COMPLETELY NEW "CORNERSTONE" for the RELIGIOUS "times and laws" of the Syncretic Dragon-Beast EMPIRE of "Mystery Babylon" upon which it stands to this very day, exactly as prophesied (Dan. 9:24-26, Rev. 11:10).

In the interim between Julius Caesar coming as the 1st horn/head of the DRAGON-BEAST as its CREATOR [the now "deified" High Priest-King (Pontifex Maximus) of the Cornerstone Spirit of Rebellion and Deception as the FRAUD "God of Time" (Saturn, a.k.a. the "Black Sun") and his "Sign" of the Sun to which it was "anchored" as a "cornerstone sign" of the Dragon-Beast (a.k.a. "mark" of Beast Worship)], and the coming of Vespasian as the 10th "little horn"/7th head [who destroyed the Temple and took Israel captive to the FRAUD SABBATH Kingdom which Caesar created for that purpose (Dan. 7:25) and for which the little horn Antiochus Epiphanes was only a PATTERN pointing to THIS 10th "Little Horn" of the 4th BEAST which Jesus told the Disciples would be soon coming (Mat. 24:13, Mk. 13:14)], came Yahshua (Jesus), another "Anointed One" (Moshiah-Christ) who came for the VERY PURPOSE of being REJECTED by these "BUILDERS" as the CORNERSTONE of God's WORLD TEMPLE KINGDOM Plan to build the Father's Heavenly Kingdom on this earth (Ps. 118:22, Mt. 21:42, Mk. 12:10, Lk. 20:17, Acts 4:11, 1 Pet. 2:7) to EXPOSE and DESTROY the kingdom of Satan (1st Jn. 3:8)!

The "manchild" of God came which the Dragon-Beast (and its BUILDERS like the puppet King Herod) was anticipating, in order to HUNT HIM DOWN and KILL HIM so that no one would EVER KNOW what they did, and they could just USURP the Authority of God through DECEPTION forever (Rev. 12:4-5, Mat. 2:16)! But he was VICTORIOUS to his mission to be slain as a Passover SABBATH Sacrifice as God had PROMISED from the FOUNDATION of the world as the "CORNERSTONE" of His PLAN to ESTABLISH the SABBATH TRUTH and its CORNERSTONE "SIGN" in ZION forever (for which many who understood the PLAN were waiting to see; Jn. 12:20-28), and he was "caught up" to His ETERNAL THRONE having ALL POWER over heaven and Earth exactly as planned (the "Word of Truth" glorified to ultimate power like Joseph after his rejection, as the CORNERSTONE of Gods UBER PLAN to establish His Sabbath Kingdom of TRUTH on earth; Ps. 110:1, Ex. 31:13, Jn. 17:17!).

The 10th "Little Horn" of the Dragon-Beast (Dan. 2:40, 7:7-8 & 25 & Dan. 9:26, 2nd Thes. 2:8-12)

Then came the next "prince", the 10th "little horn" (a.k.a. the "wicked one", "antichrist", "man of sin", etc.), Vespasian. Vespasian came to power after 3 horns fell (Dan. 7:8 & 25), with the assistance of 2 traitor Jews (the leader of the Pharisees Yochanan Ben Zachai as the "eyes" of the "little horn", and Josephus as the interpreter-"mouth" for the horn). Hence the "little horn", his "eyes", and "mouth" are actually a "TRINITY" of "PERSONS" ("three worthless builders" who rejected Jesus as High Priest-King to the Spirit of Truth as the Cornerstone Light of the World, in service to the "Genius" of Caesar as High Priest-King to the "Spirit of Deception" as the Cornerstone Light of the World in his stead) working concertedly together as ONE! This is the "Cornerstone Spirit" of Deception, the "mystery of iniquity" which the Harlot of Mystery Babylon deceives men to serve in OPPOSITION to the Cornerstone Spirit of Truth to this very day!

Those TWO traitor Jews not only assisted the "little horn" to power, but also assisted him to CHANGE the "times and laws" of God and His "Sabbath" CORNERSTONE of Israel (which speaks all about Jesus as the TRUE "Light of the World") which would be given into his hand according to Dan. 7:25 (and which could ONLY happen after the complete destruction of the Temple and DIASPORA of the Jewish people) and they took the Jewish people into BONDAGE to comply with the DRAGON'S "Wandering Star-Saturn Day" Sabbath DECEPTION of Mystery Babylon, a POWERFUL WORLD KINGDOM DECEPTION which God told us we would be taken into bondage to beginning with Moses (Deut. 30:3).

You were carrying the Tabernacle of your King Saturn, and the (Star) Images of the Planet of your God which you made for yourselves, therefore I will carry you into captivity beyond Babylon! Amos 5:26-27 & Acts 7:43

As if it were a little garden shed, YHWH has destroyed his meeting place. He has spurned king and priest in his wrath and has caused his Feast and Sabbath to be forgotten in Zion. Lam. 2:6

He will carefully calculate to change (Gods) times and laws which will be given into his hands. Dan. 7:25

***Begin Note [God specifically identifies Yochanan ben Zakkai as one of the "Builders" of "Mystery Babylon" (Mal. 2:10-12, Is. 14:1-17). He is identified in 3rd person as "He cuts off Moshiah" and "HE destroys the city and the sanctuary WITH the coming prince" in the correctly pointed/translated Hebrew of Dan. 9:26. He was the leader of the Pharisees 40 years earlier when he made the decision that Jesus had to be "cut off" so he could continue courting the power of Rome. You can read more about Zakkai's eventual admission as a BUILDER and "friend of Caesar" (Nero, who had the same Hamanite-Amalekite DEMON SPIRIT in him as Antiochus Epiphanes, Julius Caesar, and Hitler) prior to Vespasian destroying the Temple, here in the paragraph which begins: "When Vespasian came to destroy Jerusalem..." a little over 1/3 the way down this page). He rejected Jesus and 40 years later anointed Vespasian as the "Son of God", as God told us in advance He would do; which history we have covered in great detail above and in other places). This BETRAYER of God and His Saints was IDENTIFIED by God in scriptures that would be SEALED UP until time for JUDGEMENT. He is a NARCISSIST TRAITOR who SOLD Israel into BONDAGE to the Emperor of ROME which HE ASSISTED TO POWER, and he is IGNORANTLY REVERED as the "Saviour" of the Jews and Father of Rabbinic Judaism to this very day] End Note***

So the 1st horn Julius Caesar, the 10th "little horn" Vespasian, and his "eyes" and "mouth" (the leader of the Pharisees, Zakkai was his "EYES" who "SAW" in the prophecy of Dan. 7:8 & 25 that Vespasian would become emperor with his and their interpreters help and "anointed" him as the "coming prince" telling him 3 emperors would be "uprooted" THAT VERY YEAR and he would be ESTABLISHED as the Emperor in their place, and Josephus was their INTERPRETOR "mouth" who spoke for the Horn Vespasian who did not speak Aramaic or Hebrew). These are the THREE "BUILDERS" represented by that "Horn" who CHANGED the SABBATHS of ISRAEL to COMPLY with the CALEND SYSTEM which Julius Caesar CREATED for THAT PURPOSE and UPON WHICH the Kingdom of Mystery Babylon, which the Statue of Nebuchadnezzar represents, stands to THIS VERY DAY! You could say they are equivalent to the 3 Ruffians of Masonic Lore. They CONSPIRED TOGETHER to reject God's SABBATH Cornerstone EMBODIED by Jesus as a Sacrificed Passover SABBATH Lamb to ESTABLISH the Cornerstone TRUTH at the FOUNDATION of the BUILDING PROJECT to establish HIS KINGDOM on Earth as the Lord of the TRUE Sabbath and GROOM of His PENTECOST SABBATH "NEW COVENANT KINGDOM" ratified through HIS BLOOD according to God's BLUEPRINT for building HIS "TEMPLE" on earth as promised from the foundation of the world to expose the WICKED BUILDERS who serve the SERPENT DRAGON, DESTROY THEIR KINGDOM of DECEPTION through the POWER of the WORD of TRUTH, and to BIND the Spirit of SATAN (and the princes and priests who serve him) in Judgement so he may NO LONGER DECEIVE THE NATIONS (Rev. 20:3)!

With the BETRAYAL of God's Cornerstone Spirit to RULE ISRAEL, Vespasian, Zakkai, and Josephus took the WHOLE WORLD into BONDAGE to serve Caesar as the "Lord" of a FRAUD "SABBATH" CORNERSTONE, the High Priest-King (Pontifex Maximus) of "Saturn" (the Black Sun) serving the DRAGON-Beast KINGDOM in REBELLION to the CORNERSTONE TRUTH! These are the IDENTITIES of the chief "BUILDERS" and "princes of this world" who conspired together, united by the NARCISSISTIC Spirit of Deception, and established the kingdom of "Mystery Babylon" and its FRAUD SABBATH on the "Genius of Caesar" and his SOLAR CORNERSTONE "Christ Calendar" with him as the High Priest-King (Pontifex Maximus) to the Cornerstone Spirit of Deception for Satan's 4th and LAST BEAST KINGDOM, the "Dragon-Beast" depicted in the Statue of Nebuchadnezzar. This "Mystery Babylon" DRAGON and its "Wandering Stars" planetary week and FRAUD "Saturn Day" SABBATH to which Caesar tied it, have been "reserved for the Day of Judgement" ever since, and that Judgement is now at the door (Jude 1:13-16)! Then the TRUE "Lord" of the TRUE "Sabbath" which JESUS ESTABLISHED as TRUE through his OBEDIENCE to the WORD of TRUTH as a Passover SABBATH SACRIFICE and Pentecost SABBATH GROOM of our Covenant with him as the TRUE CORNERSTONE of Gods Kingdom, over which he is High Priest-King, will be honored by all men as He will be Tabernacling with us as we REIGN with Him in His SABBATH Kingdom Come (Is. 66:23, Zech. 14:16, Ez. 46:1 & 3, Is. 45:23, Rom. 14:11, Phil. 2:11)! It is this "Cornerstone Spirit of TRUTH" for which the Sabbath is the SIGN according to the rightly interpreted WORD OF TRUTH, which was rejected by these BUILDERS, as God told us in advance (Ps. 118:22, Lam. 2:6, Dan. 2:20-22 & 7:8).

In Summary

The Creator God (who is the Spirit of Truth) had a PLAN before ever creating anything, to make His otherwise invisible, undetectable "Image" of "TRUTH" known to us on earth, the stage of His Creation where we would be conformed to His "Image" of "Truth" as the perfect "Father" of our FAITH in Him, over the course of Time. He knew in advance we would use our own will to CHOOSE to serve the "Spirit of Deception and Rebellion" which He created knowing in advance He would exalt himself against His Creator and deceive mankind to serve Him as God in rebellion to the TRUTH; hence taking mankind into BONDAGE to ignorance of, and REBELLION to the TRUTH, through DECEPTION.

God allowed mankind to be taken CAPTIVE to the Spirit of Deception as their choice because He had a PLAN to take Satan's Captivity Captive and give his kingdom to His Saints who CHOOSE to serve Him in rebellion to Satan's rebellion and OVERCOME HIM. We shall JUDGE ALL REBELLION to the Spirit of Truth as our only True King. Central to His Plan to IDENTIFY HIS "IMAGE" of TRUTH which would be SACRIFICED to ESTABLISH HIS "Cornerstone Spirit" as KING according to His Plan, was the creation of the Sun, Moon, and Stars to have dominion over His creation as SIGNS. He knew Satan would choose the OBVIOUS SIGN of the Sun as the "Cornerstone" Sign for his times and laws for his kingdoms. God's Plan was to confound and expose the "wisdom" of the "Prince of this World" and all those who serve him, by selecting the Moon as the Sign for His Kingdom Times and Laws to which He would Himself provide the SACRIFICE for our REDEMPTION which He would ANCHOR to His Sabbaths which He REVEALED for that purpose, beginning with the Passover Sabbath on which He would "Rest" from His work of manifesting His "Image" and RATIFYING the NEW COVENANT SABBATH KINGDOM by the BLOOD of His Sacrifice in order to ESTABLISH the "CORNERSTONE" perspective of His "WORD OF TRUTH" and the "SIGN" of that "Cornerstone-Sabbath" TRUTH by which we could KNOW that the God of TRUTH Sanctifies us by His Spirit to LEAD US OUT from our BONDAGE to the Prince of this world and his FRAUD "Cornerstone-Sabbath" Kingdom of Deception, for which our first bondage and exodus from Egypt was always ONLY a PATTERN to lead us to SEE HIS "IMAGE" according to His Plan.

So Israel was taken into the FINAL Kingdom of the Spirit of Deception called "Mystery Babylon" and representing the "Times of the Gentiles" depicted by the Statue of Nebuchadnezzar which the Spirit of God TOOK CAPTIVE through the obedience of Jesus who ESTABLISHED the Sign for the "CORNERSTONE SPIRIT" of the Kingdom of Heaven and ANCHORED IT to the MOON as the Cornerstone SIGN for the TRUE Sabbaths anchored to the LUNAR CYCLE to free us from Satan's POWERFUL CORNERSTONE-SABBATH DECEPTION!

So this is how the BUILDERS of SYNCRETIC BEAST KINGDOMS serving the spirit of deception from the foundation of the world were FRAMED by God who told us EVEN BEFORE THEY DID IT, that they would establish Julius Caesar as the anointed "Christ" and High Priest-King to Satan's CORNERSTONE SPIRIT (through the "Christian Calendar" he created for that purpose as its FIRST "CHRIST") in REBELLION to GODS SPIRIT of TRUTH as the CORNERSTONE of His Kingdom in rebellion to Jesus by SUPPLANTING Him as the "Lord of the Sabbath" and it's CORNERSTONE "SIGN" (of the Sanctified New Moon) through DECEPTION! He created a FRAUD SABBATH and ANCHORED IT to the BIRTHDAY of the SUN GOD which had been the CORNERSTONE of all Satan's BEAST KINGDOMS to take Israel BACK INTO BONDAGE to a Kingdom of SORCERY and DECEPTION far greater than that of Egypt, as GOD PROMISED WOULD HAPPEN!

As alluded to toward the beginning of this indictment, if they had KNOWN that murdering Jesus on PREPARATION DAY when the Passover Lamb was to be SLAIN before Passover Sabbath began according to God's Times and Laws, a SABBATH which God ANCHORED His Own promise of Sacrifice itself anchored to the SIGN of the SANCTIFIED NEW MOON to ESTABLISH the CORNERSTONE SPIRIT OF TRUTH as the ONLY TRUE GOD which would EXPOSE THE Spirit of DECEPTION they serve and make a MOCKERY of the "Genius of Caesar" and all the Princes and Priests today who SERVE HIM as their SABBATH "LORD" to this very day, they would have NEVER DONE IT...but that's the point isn't it; THEY ARE NOT GOD and REBELLION TO HIM is FOOLISH!

God anchored His Sabbath to the SIGN of the Sanctified NEW MOON as the SIGN for His CORNERSTONE TRUTH which would be REJECTED (through His Sacrifice) which would BEGIN our WORLD BONDAGE far greater than that of Egypt. In fact the very FIRST SABBATH which He "revealed to His people when He brought us out of bondage to Pharaoh, the INCARNATE SUN GOD Ra, was the PASSOVER SABBATH anchored to the VERY FIRST SANCTIFIED "New Moon" as the "SIGN" of this CORNERSTONE TRUTH for which He promised He would make the SACRIFICE to ESTABLISH this WORD OF TRUTH as the very CORNERSTONE for His Kingdom of Truth which would EXPOSE and DESTROY our WORLD BONDAGE to a Kingdom of deception far greater than that of Pharaoh's, as depicted in Dan. 2:45.

God's "CORNERSTONE PERSPECTIVE" which seemed FOOLISH to the "wise men", princes, and builders of this world's kingdoms, is the very WISDOM of God's Spirit by which He planned to EXPOSE THEIR WISDOM as FOOLISH and make a MOCKERY of them (Is. 29:14, Jn. 12:31, 16:11, 1 Cor. 1:19, 2:6-8, & Ps. 2:4). There is simply NO OTHER WAY for Man to KNOW the CORNERSTONE SPIRIT of TRUTH and be "SANCTIFIED" (set apart by the TRUTH of the CORNERSTONE of God's Word by which we KNOW that God SANCTIFIED US; Ex. 31:13 & Jn. 17:17) than through the "CORNERSTONE SIGN" of the SANCTIFIED NEW MOON for His SABBATH TRUTH for which God told us in ADVANCE He would make the PASSOVER SABBATH SACRIFICE to ESTABLISH the SIGN of the CORNERSTONE TRUTH of His Kingdom which we would REJECT with Him (additionally EVIDENCED by the Math Equation for the Shavuot/Pentecost FULL MOON SABBATH as the "CORNERSTONE TRUTH" which God put in His "Word of Truth" for THAT PURPOSE) which is ANCHORED to His Passover Sabbath SACRIFICE which He promised to MAKE from the Foundation of the world by which we would KNOW that it is He, the SPIRIT OF TRUTH who "SANCTIFIES US BY HIS WORD OF TRUTH" according to His Sabbath Kingdom Plan (Ex. 31:13 & Jn. 17:17)!

You were carrying the Tabernacle of your King Saturn, and the (Star) Images of the Planet of your God which you made for yourselves, therefore I will carry you into captivity beyond Babylon! Amos 5:26-27 & Acts 7:43

"I will be as a Lion to Ephraim and to the House of Judah: I myself will tear them and drag Israel off (into bondage) and no one will rescue him. Then I WILL RETURN to MY PLACE (the INVISIBLE Holy of Holies) until they acknowledge their offense and SEEK MY FACE". Hos. 5:14-15

My hands and feet are as a Lion, a pack of evil doers has surrounded me like dogs to slay me. Ps. 22:16

YHWH said to my Lord: "Sit at my Right Hand until I make your enemies submit under your feet". Ps. 110:1

"Come, let us return to YHWH because it was He who tore us (when we rejected His Spirit as our Sabbath Cornerstone and we were taken into bondage as He promised) but He will bind up our wounds (and bring us back in a NEW COVENANT). After two (millenial) days He will revive us and we will live before HIS FACE on the third (millenial) day." Hosea 6:1-2

Israel was taken into this WORLD BONDAGE to "Mystery Babylon" for BREAKING the Sabbath Covenant (through DECEPTION) as promised by God through the Prophets beginning with Moses (Deut. 30:3), for the PURPOSE of UNITING US for our "GREAT EXODUS" and the SALVATION of the WORLD in the RENEWED SABBATH in a BETTER COVENANT for Gods Glory, as PATTERNED for us to understand through our first bondage and Exodus from Egypt in the first covenant which we BROKE (Is. 11:10-12, Jer. 16:14-15, Ez. 20:34-37)!

My doctrine is not my own but His who sent me. If any man desires to do God's will, he will know whether or not this doctrine is from God or if I made it up myself. He that speaks of himself seeks his own glory, but he who seeks the glory of the one who sent him, the same is a true witness in whom is no injustice. Jn. 7:16-18

Unite in the Plan for WORLD SALVATION and the Glory of God our Father to ESTABLISH HIS KINGDOM and HIS WILL to be done ON EARTH as He is creating you to do!

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