In an age of UNIVERSAL DECEPTION, telling the TRUTH becomes a REVOLUTIONARY ACT! But be ASSURED that the Sword of Truth which proceeds from the Mouth of God is MIGHTIER than the VIOLENCE of Satan's hands!




When the Spirit of Truth comes he will speak of...Judgement, because the Prince of this world is NOW CONDEMNED! Jn. 16:11

The "RAPTURE" Dogma of the "4th REICH" of Satan's Kingdom!

The "Rapture" Dogma is proven herein as "Satanic Gospel" PROPAGANDA which is DIABOLICALLY OPPOSED to the Kingdom Gospel Truth! The "Harlot Church of Satan" (and the "Masses" deceived to believe they are serving Jesus) intend to use it to bring another ANTICHRIST "Emperor" like Hitler to power...and their PLOT is herein EXPOSED! As prophesied in 2 Thes. 2, the WICKED ONE and his Kings and Priests who SERVE this "Mystery of Iniquity" as the "Cornerstone" of their Spiritual World Kingdom called "Mystery Babylon" in OPPOSITION to the CORNERSTONE TRUTH of God's Spiritual Kingdom, are NOW EXPOSED for JUDGEMENT!

Though there are literally HUNDREDS of prophecies which describe the Kingdom Gospel Plan which Christians have been deceived by FALSE INTERPRETATIONS of the word to ignorantly OPPOSE while in their spiritual enslavement in the Spiritual Kingdom of "Mystery Babylon" (depicted by the statue of Nebuchadnezzar in Dan. 2:31-45), there is no need for a lengthy analysis of the false "Rapture" gospel here. A simple review of Dan. 12:2 and Rev. 20:4 which describe the same event of the 1st resurrection AFTER the Great Tribulation, and Paul's Reference to this timeline of events in 2 Thes. 2:3, will be sufficient to demonstrate the error in their INTERPRETATION of 2 Thes. 2. When interpreted CORRECTLY we see that Dan. 12:1-2, and Rev. 20:1-4 are describing the SAME EVENT which Paul is alluding to in 2 Thes. 2. The dead simply SHALL NOT BE resurrected in their glorified eternal bodies BEFORE the Saints defeat Satan, and BIND HIM and his servants in JUDGEMENT and establish God's Kingdom on earth. Only AFTER those events will the FIRST RESURRECTION take place according to the CORRECT INTERPRETATION of all three of these passages.

But with that said, if a person PREFERS to serve a LIE, no amount of PROOFS or reasoning about the TRUTH from verses THEY CAN'T EXPLAIN in context of the LIE they serve, will ever dissuade them from serving a POWERFUL DELUSION God sends on them as THEIR OWN CHOICE (2 Thes. 2:11-12). Such persons would likely NEVER even venture on to this page, unless they had nefarious motives for doing so. They simply DON'T WANT TO HEAR or KNOW THE TRUTH...but then they also don't want anyone else to either...for this I have suffered for decades as if I were EVIL for simply telling the the little boy pointing out to all the MIND SLAVES of a kingdom of spiritual deception, that the "Cornerstone" they serve as "god" is a NAKEDLY EXPOSED EMPEROR served by PYSCHOPATH LIARS who are TREACHEROUSLY DECEIVING THE CHILDREN!

Conversely it's really not necessary to belabor a point for anyone who RECOGNIZES a LIE once EXPOSED by the LIGHT of the TRUTH, if they have the Spirit of Truth RULING over their hearts and minds as their CHOICE and they are willing to go where He leads. So we will do a very brief look at the basic tenets of the "Rapture" Dogma in the LIGHT of SCRIPTURES which demonstrate IT CAN'T POSSIBLY BE TRUE and in fact is SATANICALLY OPPOSED to the TRUTH of the COMING Messenger-Prince who Stands to BEGIN JUDGMENT on Satan and deliver the Kingdom to the Saints (Dan. 12:1-2, 18:1-2, Rev. 20:1-4, Is. 11: 10-12, Ez. 20:34-37) in Satan's FINAL ATTEMPT to STEAL THE BIRTHRIGHT of the SAINTS which they've been deceived to lose sight of!

The most DEMONSTRABLE LIE sufficient to EXPOSE this SATANIC PROPAGANDA is the tenet that the "dead in Christ rise first". That is: they are "raised from the dead' in their glorified eternal bodies in the twinkling of an eye before those who are yet alive are changed into their glorified (resurrected) bodies and this event takes place BEFORE the "Great Tribulation". Looking at the context of both Dan. 12:1-2 & Rev. 20:1-4 where we see the SAME EVENTS being described (i.e. God sends a messenger-Prince with authority to OPEN the BOOKS to EXPOSE and DESTROY Satan's world Kingdom of deceptions thereby SAVING the Saints so they INHERIT and RULE the world serving the Spirit of TRUTH as God and King) AFTER WHICH comes the FIRST RESURRECTION (Rev. 20:4, Dan. 12:2)! Clearly the FIRST resurrection happens AFTER SATAN IS DEFEATED not BEFORE! And the purpose of the "Great Tribulation" is to END SATAN'S SPIRITUAL KINGDOM RULE! Paul makes this VERY CLEAR in 2 Thes. 2:3 where he says "Let NO ONE DECEIVE YOU in ANY WAY" because THAT DAY of "resurrection" WILL NOT PRECEDE the EXPOSURE and JUDGEMENT which will come on the "MAN OF SIN", the "CORNERSTONE" of Satan's Kingdom of "Mystery Babylon" and ALL the CHURCH HARLOT'S and WITCHES WHO PREFER to SERVE HIS LIES in REBELLION to the TRUTH because they DO NOT LOVE THE TRUTH! So the tribulation is NOT on Gods Kingdom Saints but on Satan's Spiritual KINGDOM of "Mystery Babylon" (and his "TARES" who claim to be "saints" and control the religious narratives enslaving the children in Mystery Babylon), and he will give the positions of world authority to God's Saints to rule THE NARRATIVE...this IS the "Blessed Hope"! The END of our persecutions and struggles at the hands of NARCISSISTIC DECEIVERS serving the DARK TETRAD SPIRIT of SATAN as their "Cornerstone" King, who GRAVITATE to positions of power in his Spiritual Kingdom of "Mystery Babylon", and HATE GODS SPIRIT OF TRUTH...they are REMOVED and their Spiritual Kingdom serving the Spirit of the DARK TETRAD as their "CORNERSTONE LORD", is DESTROYED so that GODS SPIRIT OPENLY RULES as the CORNERSTONE of His Spiritual Kingdom on earth even as in Heaven. This is certainly MY "BLESSED HOPE" and it should be yours too!

Since the beginning Satan's NARCISSISTIC SPIRIT has been allowed to control the worlds Narratives through servants of the DARK TETRAD SPIRIT of Satan exemplified by Pharaoh in Egypt only now WORLD WIDE. Satan has DECEIVED THE SAINTS to not even RECOGNIZE they are SLAVES in his spiritual kingdom of DECEPTION (called "Mystery Babylon"). They do not RECOGNIZE the differences between the manifestation of his spiritual kingdom and the TRUE SPIRITUAL KINGDOM GOSPEL PLAN, let alone the SPIRIT of DECEPTION as the "Nakedly Exposed Emperor" and "CORNERSTONE" they're all deceived to SERVE as God, from whom God is going to FREE US in a GREATER "EXODUS" than our exodus from the Pharaoh of Egypt as He PROMISED in the TRUE KINGDOM GOSPEL PLAN; the TRUE "Blessed Hope"! Satan has in fact replaced the Kingdom Gospel TRUTH with a SATANIC FORGERY GOSPEL (lots of them really) in order to OPPOSE GODS MESSENGER-PRINCE (who is to LEAD God's Children into the PROMISE of their INHERITANCE) as "antichrist" with the assistance of the CHILDREN OF GOD he DECEIVES to SERVE HIM in his REBELLION to God! He has deceived them to GIVE HIM and his "ANTICHRISTS" all the seats of power in the world kingdom in his rebellion to God, AND to OPPOSE the KINGDOM OF TRUTH and the Messenger-Prince which God sends to save them from Satan's BONDAGE...Satan has deceived them to oppose the Messenger-Prince as Jannes and Jambres opposed Moses! Their "rapture gospel" was created by Satan to REPLACE and OPPOSE the Spirit of TRUTH as God so the whole world serves the SPIRIT OF DECEPTION as God and they ALL WORK TOGETHER in a SYSTEM of SPIRITUAL ENSLAVEMENT becoming EVER MORE TYRANNICAL in order to get rid of ANYONE who would DARE to serve the TRUTH as God in OPPOSITION to HIS INCREASINGLY PERVERTED NAKED TYRANNY being made MANIFEST TO ALL! It's a POWERFUL DECEPTION as Paul warned us (2 Thes. 2:11-12)!

Origin of the "Rapture" Dogma

Though it did not originate with him, the basic framework for this dogma was put forward by an exiled Spanish Jesuit Priest in 1790 named Manuel Lacunza. Because he himself was in exile and his views were not sanctioned and in fact banned by the Catholic Church, he wrote it under the "Ghost Name" of Juan Josefat Ben-Ezra pretending to be Jewish. His work was titled in Spanish and properly translated in English as: "The coming of the Messiah in Glory and Majesty". It's important to note that the theme of Lacunza's work was the coming of Messiah and the saints inheriting the kingdom, and NOT of an "antichrist" coming to power but of an "antichrist system" already in power being CONQUERED by the coming of Messiah! I think it would be safe to say that these new ideas being introduced to the world controlled by the antichrist spirit of Satan already, gave political impetus for repatriating Jews to the Holy Land by people like Theodor Herzl and others (i.e. those who want to see the Messiah come to rule the kingdom, and those Satanically deceived antisemites who want to gather all the Jews to one place to destroy them there).

His work in Spanish was later picked up and translated into English by Edward Irving in a two volume set he entitled: "The coming of the Messiah in Majesty and Glory" (transposing "Glory and Majesty") in which it was he who EMPHASIZED the coming of an ANTICHRIST king to world power and HE ADDED a "pre-tribulaion rapture" to the work essentially giving the world to Satan...which was NOT Lacunza's message AT ALL. So rather than the Messiah receiving the Kingdom it would be an ANTICHRIST who inherits the world kingdom. This is the ORIGIN of the "pre-tribulation rapture" doctrine SYSTEMETIZED into "PROPHECY"...AND IT NEVER EXISTED IN HISTORY PRIOR TO THIS (though the NARRATIVE of both Catholics and Protestants was the coming of a single antichrist to power while Lacunza taught the antichrist was a system of people serving a spirit that was already in place and would eventually include the whole of the Catholic Church which would become thoroughly apostate and joined by (syncretized with) 7 other world religions who would OPPOSE the coming of the Messiah in rebellion, hence Lacunza's exile)! This work really opened the door for many Jews to begin thinking of returning to the land.

It was then adopted and systemeized further by John Nelson Darby, though Darby rejected Irvings concept of "Speaking in Tongues" (also not existing in history prior to Irving but later adopted and popularized at "Azuza Street" in the U.S.A.) as "Devilish", and the doctrine came under further refinement and systemization by Scofield by the beginning of the 20th century. It became widely popular after it was LUCRATIVELY INCENTIVIZED to be promoted through Jesuit PROPAGANDA puppets after WWII, primarily through the works of Dwight Pentecost ("Things to Come"), Hal Lindsey ("Late Great Planet Earth"), and Tim Lahaye ("Left Behind"), whose theological works, books, and movie deals combined, were REWARDED with BILLIONS of dollars (not to mention being recognized like "Prophets" and "STARS" from heaven). They deceived MILLIONS of people with their FALSE PROPHECY BLITZ which incentivized many others to get on the "gravy train" to also become FALSE PROPHET PUPPETS parroting their antisemitic "Nazi" DECEPTION following after the error of Balaam (Jude 1:11)!

The BLOODY WARS of HISTORY waged against TRUTH TELLING MEN OF CONSCIENCE who SACRIFICED ALL to King Jesus to set the world FREE from the "Great Falling Away" lead by the Pope and those who serve him as the "Vicar of Christ" ("In Place of Christ" literally "ANTICHRIST") seems to have been FORGOTTEN. One would do well to watch this riveting 3 hour documentary regarding the SUPPRESSED and/or FORGOTTEN History of the "Dragon Empire" and its "ANTICHRISTS" waging SPIRITUAL WARFARE against God's Saints though DECEPTION, in order to SNAP THEM OUT from the SPELL OF SORCERY they are under and ROUSE THEM into Service to King Jesus according to the TRUE GOSPEL PLAN they have been DECEIVED TO OPPOSE! But clearly after the previous Globalist agenda of this "ANTICHRIST SYSTEM" which Lacunza himself talked about ended with WWII, their goal is to ONCE AGAIN DECEIVE the "Masses" of Bible Believers to adopt Antisemitic religious propaganda and POPULARIZE IT in order to get the world to support their Globalist Agenda in an anticipated "4th Reich", which the world is now on the brink of adopting while COMPLETELY IGNORANT regarding what is really going on! As a Jew who is living ONLY BECAUSE his grandmother providentially escaped death at the hands of the Nazi's, I can tell you that these INCENTIVIZED "antichrist" DEMONS IN FLESH who control ALL the NARRATIVES of EVERY INSTITUTION, to include the Church Narratives over their "flocks" in this GREAT APOSTACY, want to bring ANOTHER "Antichrist" even WORSE than Hitler to power, and they DECEIVE THEIR FLOCKS to do it! Once they have DECEIVED the flocks to CLAMOR for such a "saviour", then they will BETRAY ANY AND ALL who OPPOSE their SATANIC GLOBALIST AGENDA and REFUSE to serve the NAKEDLY EXPOSED LIES just like they did to TRUE BIBLE BELIEVERS in Germany! They have been INCENTIVIZED to POPULARIZE SATANS AGENDA as if it's Gods plan and they package it as a "Blessed Hope" Gospel.

It should also be noted that part of this AGENDA concerns the PLANETS, also called WANDERING STARS (Jude 1:13). They themselves have been worshipped as Gods in this pantheon SERVING the Sign of the SUN as the SUPREME "God of Time" and the BELIEF was that GIANTS and/or ALIENS from these planets and from the stars (like from Aldebaran and Pleiades to mention a couple ancient beliefs) are in fact the GODS who 'created man' in their image. In fact Rome herself (whose secret religions have ruled the world intelligence narratives for 2800 years) was named after Romulus, the legendary SON of the planetary GOD 'MARS' who came to earth and raped his mother, a 'VESTAL VIRGIN'! So it should not be a SURPRISE to see this ANCIENT PAGAN RELIGION practiced IN SECRET by the WORLDS ELITE is constantly shapeshifting into NEW SYNCRETIC FORMS of "alien" and "space craft" worship. It's an ANCIENT RELIGION which we can see has TENTACLES around the WORLD to this day. There are many examples like the belief that God lives on Mars or another planet like NABIRU, Planet X, or KOLOB and the SECRET PRIESTS of this ANCIENT WORSHIP of the SERPENT/REPTILE/DRAGON/SATAN the DEVIL as GOD, are trying to DECEIVE MANKIND into SUBMISSION to their NEW WORLD VISION using TECHNOLOGY and the CONTROL of the INTELLIGENCE NARRATIVES of WORLD GOVERNMENTS today. They indeed have a "4TH REICH" of "ALIENS" to present in order to TRY to DECEIVE THE MASSES and DEMORALIZE THEM regarding "reality" itself in OPPOSITION to the GOD OF TRUTH exposing their DECEPTION for JUDGEMENT! But we know the TRUE GOD, the CONSCIOUS MIND within whom we live, move, and have our very existence, has told us the END from the BEGINNING and we know what a FAILURE these LOSERS will be PROVEN to be if they REFUSE TO REPENT of their REBELLION to the TRUTH and their SORCERIES and WITCHCRAFT in service to the SPIRIT of SATAN committing CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY!

So these INCENTIVIZED SATANIC PULPIT PUPPETS teach that there is NOTHING which GOOD MEN can do except wait in fetal position for a FAKE RAPTURE to "save them" (which they likely intend to introduce SIMULTANEOUSLY with the unveiling of their ALIEN DECEPTION, which will NO DOUBT in some way INCORPORATE the new "Space Force" of the U.S....probably INTENDED to be clueless "controlled opposition" dupes in a GLOBAL "alien" DECEPTION to be foisted on the MASSES, during which they can CULL OUT the TRUTH TELLERS like me blowing the whistle on the HUGE "alien/rapture" SCAM). Until they "UNVEIL" this "rapture/alien" FINALE for WORLD DOMINATION they teach that it's Gods PERFECT WILL that the world MUST get worse and worse, and more wicked men must be put into key positions of power so that the "antichrist" (nothing but a PUPPET of the BODY of SATAN controlling the INTELLIGENCE SERVICES) will be "revealed". They DECEPTIVELY TEACH that he will be brought to world power (by them and everyone who believes their LIES) in order to MURDER 2/3 of the JEWS (and any REAL "christians" left) so that only a "remnant" remain.

That's what they OPENLY TEACH! They acknowledge a few MIGHT escape by saying that ONLY "a remnant will be saved", but that's really not their plan! The RELIGIOUS JEWS hold the TEXTS which describe the God of the New Testament as the CORNERSTONE Spirit of TRUTH in His Kingdom through its CALENDAR SYSTEM. This Kingdom Calendar system SPEAKS ALL ABOUT HIM as the CORNERSTONE of His OWN KINGDOM which He revealed in the FIRST COVENANT, which was only a TEMPLATE or PATTERN to be used to UNITE US in the "GREAT EXODUS" into HIS KINGDOM PLAN. This KINGDOM CALENDAR PLAN which He revealed to Moses and the Prophets as the CORNERSTONE of His own Kingdom, for which HE CAME as "CORNERSTONE" to UNITE US for our GREAT EXODUS from SATANS WORLD KINGDOM of "Mystery Babylon" (built on a CORNERSTONE LIE) before its COLLAPSE, is what He showed to Moses in a PATTERN and these DEMONS DO NOT want God's BODY of LIVING STONES to UNITE in THAT PLAN to establish HIS "Temple" on earth which will END THEIR DOMINION! Their INTENT (like HAMAN in the book of Esther) is to get rid of EVERY ONE of us who rebels against SATANS kingdom and their DECEPTIONS as his princes and priests, to SERVE the SPIRIT of TRUTH as our God in His RIGHTEOUS Kingdom of JUSTICE and PEACE serving as His Kings and Priests!

Until their last breath these DEMONIC REBELS to God's Kingdom will REFUSE to be held accountable for their CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY and incentivizing children to become DEMONS in THEIR IMAGE! The once 95% Christian nation of Germany before the war, is today 95% ATHEIST! They got rid of the VERY BEST Germans whether they were Jewish, Christian, or just someone who had a CONSCIENCE and REFUSED to submit to SATAN'S AGENDA once they recognized how EVIL it was! Today, just like then, they KNOW that once Gods TRUE CHILDREN realize they've been deceived and BETRAYED by THEIR OWN RELIGIOUS LEADERS, it will be too late! They plan to take them to their deaths for OPPOSING the SATANIC GLOBALIST AGENDA which will MANIFEST BEFORE THEM just like they did in Nazi Germany! That's Satan's Globalist "New World Order" Agenda they PREACH as their "BLESSED HOPE" and "GOSPEL PLAN" called the "Rapture" which is DIAMETRICALLY OPPOSED to the TRUE "New World Order" of Gods Kingdom COME according to the PLAN which I TEACH!

Additionally, as I have SUFFERED PROCLAIMING FOR SEVERAL DECADES was going to happen at the hands of these DEMONS IN FLESH as they increase their power, THEY ARE NOW DOING IT! They are OPENLY committing treasonous CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY in their LUST for GLOBAL MONOPOLY all the while DISARMING their VICTIMS and pushing more "laws" to make it "LEGAL" to STEAL children and MOLEST THEM in front of their own parents as in the "Days of Noah"! If the parents push back against the TYRANNY of these PEDOVORES, they are painted as TERRORISTS...and God's Saints are looking on in horror and WAITING ON THE RAPTURE FAIRYTALE sold to them by these SAME DEMONS which keep them IMPOTENT in divisive bickering not even recognizing the SPIRIT driving those TARES who are MAINTAINING THE DIVISIONS in their midst, is NOT GODS SPIRIT! They are COMPLETELY DECEIVED and the DEVILS INCENTIVIZED TARES who are PUT IN PLACE keep them DELUDED as his agenda presses forward unrecognized in its VAST SCOPE. The BODY of GOD MUST WAKE UP to the TARES OPPOSING GODS PLAN because apart from God's Body rising up to DO HIS WILL in JUDGEMENT on THESE DEMONS, NO FLESH will be SAVED from this POWERFUL SATANIC DECEPTION which now has a rear naked choke hold on mankind (Dan. 7:26, Ps. 149, Mat. 24:22, Mk. 13:20, Rev. 17:14-17, Dan. 7:26, Ez. 20:34-37)! When Good men do NOTHING, MANKIND PERISHES at the hands of SATANICALLY INSANE SOCIOPATHS (serving the DARK TETRAD SPIRIT of SATAN) and that is what the Rapture Gospel teaches as a "Blessed Hope"'s a NARCISSISTS DREAM!

The fact is that the Bible tells us that PEOPLE are like TEMPLES and LIVING STONES which should UNITE TOGETHER as God's Kingdom Temple in service to the SPIRIT they serve which INDWELLS THEM. The OPEN SECRET is that there are 2 opposing Spirits indwelling two opposing types of LIVING STONES which compose TWO OPPOSING TEMPLES or "BODIES" of people serving TWO OPPOSING SPIRITS as their "CORNERSTONES". These people are currently COMBINED TOGETHER like Sheep and Goats, Wheat and Tares or IRON and CLAY in TWO OPPOSING SPIRITUAL KINGDOMS and the SHEEP can't tell the difference betweeen themselves and the goats but the GOATS CAN! The Temple of God is merely Scattered stones NOT BUILT TOGETHER who are serving in the Kingdom of the SATANIC TARE TEMPLE who now sit in all the seats of world power and serving Satan as God and deceive the children to serve him as god too! The TARES sit in the KEY SEATS of Power composing a WORLD TEMPLE for the Kingdom of MYSTERY BABYLON as its anointed PRINCES and PRIESTS which are CONSPIRING TOGETHER and serve Satan as the CORNERSTONE of their WORLD TEMPLE, so God's saints are DECEIVED by them to OPPOSE the MESSENGER of the COVENANT which will UNITE THEM as GODS "STONE" from heaven or heavenly "TEMPLE" of kings and priests who will bring JUDGEMENT on Satan's Kingdom and all his kings and priests (Mal. 3:1, Dan. 2:45, Ps. 149, Rev. 17:14-17). But we are PROMISED that this ONE SHALL "overcome" and the SAINTS SHALL INHERIT the WORLD KINGDOM as our Birthright INHERITANCE given to us by God according to HIS PLAN (Rev. 2:26-28, Ps. 2:7-12, Rev. 21:7, Ps. 149)!

That's the end of this expose of Satan's BLESSED HOPE of getting rid of the Son's of God to STEAL their world inheritance. Sadly in Satan's Kingdom where HIS SPIRIT OF DECEPTION still rules the narratives as God, the TRUE Children of the TRUE God are lied to RIGHT OUT OF THE WOMB with fairytales and kept IGNORANT of the KINGDOM GOSPEL TRUTH...and the FAIRYTALE Gospels of deception NEVER END because Satan and his princes and priests are LYING NARCISSISTS and all who serve them are NARCISSISTS and APATHETIC MIND SLAVES who ABUSE any of GODS CHILDREN who would DARE to point out the NAKED EVIL and INSANE HYPOCRISY of their RULERS...but IT SHALL HAPPEN that the CHILDREN shall repent of their LEADERS LIES and serve the Spirit of TRUTH as God one day (Jer. 16:19-21) or perish in their rebellion as insane, demon possessed, violent criminals as THEIR OWN CHOICE!


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