In an age of UNIVERSAL DECEPTION, telling the TRUTH becomes a REVOLUTIONARY ACT! But be ASSURED that the Sword of Truth which proceeds from the Mouth of God is MIGHTIER than the VIOLENCE of Satan's hands!




Conclusion of the Matter

"Blessed be the Name of God to whom belongs all wisdom and power for ever and ever! HE CHANGES TIMES and memorials. He deposes and anoints Kings. He gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to the understanding. He reveals the deep and secret things to them because He knows what is in the darkness, and light dwells with Him". Daniel 2:20-22

When the Spirit of Truth comes he will speak of...Judgement, because the Prince of this world is NOW CONDEMNED! Jn. 16:11

I created this page to present the "Conclusion" of the full INDICTMENT from the Spirit of Truth as a SHORT "Abstract" of some of the most important details of the "Sabbath-Cornerstone Perspective" from which God's word MUST be CORRECTLY interpreted...please be sure to read the entire INDICTMENT.

Mystery Babylon is Falling! Come out from her my people!

The "Statue of Nebuchadnezzar" in Dan. 2:31-45 is a Pictorial representation of the "Times of the Gentiles" a.k.a. "Mystery Babylon" now ending as promised (Lk. 21:24, Rom. 11:25, Rev. 17:14-17, Rev. 18:1-4).

The Stone from Heaven is NOW EXPOSING and SMASHING the FOUNDATION of the "Times of the Gentiles" upon which their Spiritual Kingdom of "Mystery Babylon" stands as represented by that Statue of Nebuchadnezzar!

In this INDICTMENT we are SPECIFICALLY fulfilling the prophecies of Dan. 2:45, 2 Thes. 2:8-12, Rev. 17:14-17, Rev. 18 & 20:1-2, as well as many others, in "REAL TIME"!

We have POSITIVELY IDENTIFIED ALL of the "coming Princes" for the FOUR BEAST KINGDOMS composing the Statue of Nebuchadnezzar in Dan. 2:31-45, which ALSO correlate to the FOUR BEASTS in Dan. 7:4-8 and which REPRESENTS the syncretic Dragon-Beast world power of "Mystery Babylon" created 2000 years ago, and the Religious Harlot which rides its power deceiving the world to this very day! As a brief review they are as follows:

1. Head of Gold = Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon, the "LION-Beast" (with Eagles Wings) of Dan. 7:4.

2. Silver Chest and Arms = Darius & Cyrus of Medo-Persia, the "BEAR-Beast" of Dan. 7:5 which correlates also to the Goat with 2 unequal horns of Dan. 8:3

3. Bronze Belly/Thighs = Alexander the Great (and his four generals) of Greece, the "LEOPARD-Beast" of Dan. 7:6 which correlates also to the Shaggy Goat with the "Notable Horn" of Dan. 8:5.

4. Legs/Feet of Iron and Clay = The "10 Horns" (7 Heads) of the Roman Empire "DRAGON-Beast" of Dan. 7:7-8 which correlates also to the Dragon-Beast of Rev. 12:3-5 & 17:10, whose "10 horns" (7 Heads/Kings) are POSITIVELY IDENTIFIED and listed below.

As previously discussed, those first THREE Kingdoms and their "coming princes" depicted in the Statue of Nebuchadnezzar which represents "Mystery Babylon" [1. Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon, 2. Darius the Mede and Cyrus the Persian of Medo-Persia, 3. Alexander the Great and his 4 Generals (and the little horn of Antiochus Epiphanes which came from that 4th General) of the Grecian Kingdom], are the ones whose identities ARE KNOWN and are NOT CONCEALED or CONTESTED by the "princes" and "priests" serving the POWER of "Mystery Babylon" and its 4th Kingdom "Foundation", the Spirit of Rebellion and Deception which the Statue of Nebuchadnezzar represents and upon which it stands to this day. Identifying the "coming princes" (10 horns) of the 4th Beast upon which "Mystery Babylon" stands as its foundation to this day is a different matter. The Harlot RELIGIOUS SYSTEM of Mystery Babylon who DOES NOT WANT the House of Judah and the House of Israel UNITING as GODS FIRSTBORN SON to come OUT in GREAT EXODUS from their BONDAGE TO HER DECEPTIONS, works VERY HARD unrighteously suppressing THESE "FOUNDATIONAL TRUTHS" through DECEPTIVE INTERPRETATIONS of God's Word which were MANIFESTED in HISTORY PAST, and what to expect in the FUTURE regarding God's Word MANIFESTING according to HIS PLAN which will DESTROY THEIR KINGDOM built on DECEPTION.

Through subtle twists in translation, wording, and sleight of hand MISDIRECTIONS of large GROUPS of people she unites in POLARIZED OPPOSITION to one another in their various POPULARIZED DECEPTIONS which compose her DIVIDED HOUSE [and through the marginalization, GASLIGHTING, and otherwise SILENCING (including through MURDER) of WITNESSES like me who would DARE speak OPENLY of the HISTORICITY of the NAKEDLY EXPOSED EVIL EMPEROR she enslaves HER CHILDREN to serve through DECEPTION, as SHE HERSELF DOES; Rev. 12:17 & 17:5] she keeps them DIVIDED and bickering in DARKNESS and DECEPTION because once those TEN "princes" (horns) are POSITIVELY IDENTIFIED, the whole system of Mystery Babylon which the Statue represents, and its "CORNERSTONE" POWER OF DECEPTION upon which it was established and which the HARLOT SERVES, her kingdom of deception will come tumbling down and she, along with the princes and priests with whom she fornicates TODAY IN OPEN CONSPIRACY TOGETHER AGAINST the CORNERSTONE TRUTH (who is the REAL "CORNERSTONE" KING over Heaven and Earth which SHE OPPOSES through hypocritical narcissistic DECEPTION pretending to serve him as LEADERS of Gods children), will be thrown on a bed of "Great Tribulation" for her crimes against humanity, as prophesied (Rev. 17:14-17 & Rev. 18)! We have already POSITIVELY IDENTIFIED those 10 horns in some detail, and will review them again now before zooming in to look at the MOST IMPORTANT DETAILS of this POWERFUL "CORNERSTONE" DECEPTION by which she has taken the world CAPTIVE to serve the SPIRIT of DECEPTION as GOD (and out from whose kingdom the God of TRUTH is now calling those who LOVE and SERVE HIM in Spirit and TRUTH!)!

The 4th Dragon-Beast Kingdom (Dan. 2:40, 7:8)

The following "10 Horns" a.k.a. "princes" of that 4th BEAST KINGDOM who came, and upon which "Mystery Babylon" was founded and stands to this day, are those whose identities have been CONCEALED by the Harlot of Mystery Babylon who RIDES THE POWER of the DRAGON'S "CORNERSTONE" DECEPTION to this very day. But their identities are IRREFUTABLE since God sealed it in His Word of Truth to bring forth their POSITIVE IDENTIFICATION in His INDICTMENT against them at the APPOINTED TIME. Truth is God and He is the ESTABLISHED KING over Heaven and Earth according to His Kingdom building Plan a.k.a. the "Word of Truth", and though He allowed His Biblical authority to be USURPED by these REBELS and the Harlot which rides the POWER of this Dragon-Beast DECEPTION until the Book is Unsealed by the "Prince of Israel", He can not be DEPOSED and He promised JUDGEMENT would come on them for their crimes against humanity when He gives the Kingdom to His Saints!

4. Legs/Feet of Iron and Clay = The "10 Horns" (7 Heads) of the Roman Empire "DRAGON-Beast" of Dan. 7:7-8 which correlates also to the Dragon-Beast of Rev. 12:3-5 & 17:10, whose "10 horns" (7 Heads/Kings) are POSITIVELY IDENTIFIED and listed below.

As we have discussed in great detail already and cover again briefly henceforth, the "1st horn" of the "4th Beast" (the "Dragon" with 10 horns/7 heads) of Dan. 2:45 and 7:8, was Julius Caesar, the "coming Prince" identified in Dan. 9:24-26 a.k.a. the "Christ" who created the "Sabbath Calendar" DECEPTION to usurp the authority of the True Messiah as John alludes to in Revelation 12:4-5. So Julius Caesar was the 1st horn, then came his nephew/adopted son Augustus as the 2nd horn, Tiberius was the 3rd horn, Caligula the 4th horn, Claudius was the 5th horn, and Nero was the 6th horn ruling at the time when John wrote Rev. 17:10. The 7th "king" was none other than the 10th "little horn" before whom the "three horns" of Galba, Otho, and Vitellius were killed ("uprooted") THAT SAME YEAR in which Vespasian came to power as the 10th "little horn", the 7th Head of the Dragon of Rome (dubbed the "Year of the Four Emperors"). Vespasian was that 10th "little horn", the 7th Head and "coming prince" of the Dragon of Rome (Dan. 7:8, 7:25 & 9:26). That's essentially the Summary identifying the Dragon-Beast which came into existence, which is a powerful revelation in itself. But the DETAILS of HOW it came into existence will begin to REVEAL the FORM in which it EXISTS TO THIS DAY, and how Men WORSHIP and SERVE this DRAGON-BEAST and it's EMPIRE which a RELIGIOUS HARLOT deceives the WHOLE WORLD to serve as God ever since! So we shall go into THOSE DETAILS where the DEVIL is EXPOSED henceforth.

Please keep in mind that this Dragon Beast has CHANGED FORMS throughout history since it first came into existence and HISTORIANS never speak of it so men don't even RECOGNIZE how it has SLITHERED OPENLY through the Centuries. For that reason also the Scriptures talk primarily about its TWO MOST DISTINCT FORMS; its FIRST and its LAST. The LAST FORM will not be MANIFEST until the FIRST FORM has been EXPOSED and is RECOGNIZED. So henceforth we will be concerned primarily with the details which identify the FIRST FORM which we already outlined above. But because the details regarding the 2 distinct forms are not only so similar, but are ALSO in the same scriptural CONTEXT which can confuse people, we MUST distinguish the scriptures which CLEARLY pertain to the FIRST FORM from those which speak about the FINAL FORM, to try to eliminate some of that confusion. I can think of no better place to do that than Rev. 17:10-12 where we see BOTH FORMS being discussed. In verse 10 we see the FIRST FORM of "7 Kings" (the 7th was about to come). This is the SAME DRAGON which John describes in Rev. 12:3-5 & vs. 17 which has 7 crowns on its HEADS not on its horns. So Rev. chapter 12 is CLEARLY the FIRST FORM of the Dragon-Beast. Then a transition occurs in the next verse (Rev. 17:11) by another TIME CHANGER KING; an 8th which belongs to the first 7 previously identified (Constantine, whom we will discuss a bit more later). Then a CLEAR CHANGE occurs in verse 12 from 7 Kings to the FINAL FORM of "10 KINGS" with the 10 crowns on the HORNS not on the heads. This FINAL FORM of this Dragon-Beast is described in more detail in Rev. 13:1-2. The names of 7 BLASPHEMOUS PLANETARY DAYS representing the first 7 TIME CHANGING EMPERORS is FINALIZED on these HEADS of the first form by Constantine who SYNCRETIZES the LAST FORM of the Dragon-Beast which has slithered through the centuries ever since. Summarizing then we see Rev. 17 speaking about BOTH distinct forms of the Dragon-Beast; its 1st form in Rev. 17:10 is the Dragon of chapter 12, and its last form described in Rev. 17:12 references its last form in chapter 13. Again, Rev. 17:10 is identifying the FIRST FORM of the Dragon in Rev. 12 and Rev. 17:12 is describing the LAST FORM of this SAME DRAGON depicted in chapter 13:1-2, and the CLEAREST DISTINCTION between them is in the NUMBER of "Crowns" and whether they are on the 7 HEADS (First form) or the 10 HORNS (last form). Also the incorporation of the elements of the FOUR BEASTS in the last form in Rev. 13:2 (Eagle, Bear, Leopard, Dragon-Beast) which is related to Daniel's Statue in Dan. 7:4-8...the Dragon-Beast syncretically morphs to represent the SUMMATION of the Statue of Nebuchadnezzar as "Mystery Babylon" upon which God's TRUTH FALLS in Judgement!

Though the "kings" have changed over time, this 10 king form has existed as an open secret ruling the world in service to the (deified) Julius Caesar as High Priest-King to the syncretic "Sun God Spirit" of NARCISSISTIC DECEPTION as the "Cornerstone" of the Empire ever since Constantine (the 8th belonging to the former 7 and going to hell with them) adopted his distinctly Antisemite form of "Sun God Christianity" as an official State religion (which by that time already murdered the Saints who refused the Mark of Caesar's Fraud Sabbath Calendar and had been infused with elements from several other distinct forms of Sun God worship through "Sol Invictus" created by Priests of deception for that very purpose) at which time he CHANGED the 1st and Holiest Day of the Roman Empire from Saturn's Day to Sun Day in order to FINALIZE the "CORNERSTONE DECEPTION" requiring DIVISION between the House of Israel and the House of Judah in their WORLD ENSLAVEMENT to Mystery Babylon and its PRIESTS OF DECEPTION! It is THOSE DETAILS we shall now begin to delve into.

So the first form had "7 CROWNS" or "Kings" from 10 horns (three of which were "plucked up" in front of the 10th "Little Horn" which was the 7th head) who ALREADY CAME and was ANTICIPATING the Birth of the Manchild from God (Dan. 7:8, Rev. 12:3-5 & 17:10), and the LAST FORM of "10 CROWNS" which has EXISTED SECRETLY for over 1500 years (Rev. 13:1, Rev. 17:12), and with the assistance of the BLINDFOLDED BUILDERS working in the SPIRITUAL DARKNESS of Mystery Babylon, has CHANGED FORMS MANY TIMES unbeknownst to the MASSES ("seas" of people from which it derives power) but will soon be MANIFEST when they give their power to the Beast with 2 horns which came up in the WILDERNESS which will SERVE JESUS (the "Cornerstone" from Heaven; Dan. 2:45) and His Faithful and Chosen Saints to do Gods will (17:12-17)! Again, we shall NOT be addressing this LAST FORM of the Dragon-Beast, only its FIRST FORM. It is sufficient only to acknowledge the TWO DISTINCT FORMS and that despite changing forms throughout the Centuries and still existing UNRECOGNIZED TODAY, the FIRST FORM did indeed come into existence 2000 years ago, which we shall POSITIVELY IDENTIFY in far more detail now so it becomes CLEAR. Once that FIRST FORM has been positively identified with the accompanying details to CLARIFY the "vision", only then can one begin to "SEE" (in the "minds eye" where true "vision" resides) its CURRENT FORM and how it has slithered through history.

With that said, let's now ZOOM IN for a closer look at ALL TEN HORNS (7 Kings) of the FIRST PROPHETIC FORM which is RECORDED in HISTORY and which has UNDENIABLY FULFILLED PROPHECIES which can NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN...history which has been KEPT SUPPRESSED so that the CHILDREN of God have been DECEIVED to serve the CORNERSTONE SPIRIT of the NOW NAKEDLY EXPOSED "EMPEROR" (as the 1st HEAD of the Dragon which LIVES ON; Rev. 13:1). This is FULFILLED PROPHETIC HISTORY which God's children have NEVER BEEN ALLOWED TO KNOW let alone DISCUSS, as all mankind serves this DRAGON'S POWER OF DECEPTION which the HARLOT RIDES to this very day!

The 10 "Horns" of the 4th Kingdom, the Dragon-Beast of Rome (Dan. 2:40, 7:7-8)

1st Horn, 1st Head, 1st Crown (King), Julius Caesar (1,1,1)

2nd Horn, 2nd Head, 2nd Crown (King), Augustus Caesar (2,2,2)

3rd Horn, 3rd Head, 3rd Crown (King), Tiberius Caesar (3,3,3)

4th Horn, 4th Head, 4th Crown (King), Caligula Caesar (4,4,4)

5th Horn, 5th Head, 5th Crown (King), Claudius Caesar (5,5,5)

6th Horn, 6th Head, 6th Crown (King), Nero Caesar (6,6,6)

7th horn (UPROOTED). Galba

8th horn (UPROOTED). Otho

9th horn (UPROOTED). Vitellius

10th "Little Horn", 7th Head, 7th Crown (King), Vespasian Flavius (10,7,7)

The 1st horn and the 10th horn are the MOST IMPORTANT ones which God wants us to identify as recorded in Dan. 9:24-26. I can hear the cries of protest from those who have been DECEIVED to NEVER PERCEIVE that those "CORNERSTONE VERSES", which they have been TRAINED to THINK speak ONLY of the "christ" of God (Jesus) who was "rejected" (by the "builders" and "princes" of this world serving the Spirit of Deception whom we shall POSITIVELY IDENTIFY), but NEVER ALLOWED to see they speak in FAR MORE DETAIL regarding not only the IDENTITY of those "Builders" who rejected God's "Cornerstone", but of the FRAUD "Cornerstone" they SELECTED as the FOUNDATION upon which those "Builders" and coming "princes" built "Mystery Babylon" (depicted by the Statue of Nebuchadnezzar), and who they have DECEIVED THE WHOLE WORLD to serve as "High Priest-King" and LORD over a FRAUD SABBATH serving the SPIRIT of DECEPTION, to this very day! They have been DECEIVED to believe this "wicked one" which would take Israel (and the WHOLE WORLD) into BONDAGE to the SPIRIT OF DECEPTION, is coming in the FUTURE but that simply CAN NOT BE TRUE because HE CLEARLY ALREADY CAME as PROPHESIED!

God was SO SPECIFIC with these prophecies which HISTORY (which has been SUPPRESSED through various forms of DECEPTION) TELLS US were already "MIRACULOUSLY" fulfilled (despite the NARCISSISTIC strategies and attempts to SUPPRESS the TRUTH of this History in order to MAINTAIN CONTROL of the NARRATIVE of DECEPTION by the wicked "princes", "priests" and the apathetic Flying Monkey's who serve the DRAGON and NOW NAKEDLY EXPOSED "Emperor" of "Mystery Babylon"), that the POSITIVE IDENTIFICATION of these "Ten Horns" can not even be legitimately contested once THEIR HISTORICITY is KNOWN! Beginning with the first whose identity has been kept an OPEN SECRET through sleight of hand deception by the Harlot Church of Mystery Babylon who deceives the whole world to serve this FALSE "CORNERSTONE" in rebellion to the TRUTH, is the "Christ" who God "anointed" to create the "Christ Calendar" as the "Cornerstone" of "Mystery Babylon" on which the Statue of Nebuchadnezzar would stand over the course of the "times of the Gentiles" ruling the world like Pharaoh until judgement day (Jer. 27:6-8, 28:14, Dan. 2:35, 2:45, 7:8-9, 2 Thes. 2:8-12, Rev. 17:14-17 & Rev. 18) and the "times of the Gentiles" and their kingdom of "Mystery Babylon" comes to its end; now at the door (Lk. 21:24, Rom. 11:25, Rev. 17:14-17, Rev. 18:1-4).

The 1st "Horn" of the 4th Dragon-Beast Kingdom (Dan. 2:40, 7:7 & 9:24-25)

The 1st "Christ" (horn/prince) of the 4th Beast Kingdom came EXACTLY as prophesied (70 x 7) 490 years from the decree which God "anointed" (Christ) Cyrus to make (Is. 44:28-45:1, Dan. 9:24-26), and which Ptolemy tells us he made in 536 B.C.. In 46 B.C., exactly 490 years from that decree, Julius Caesar became the 1st Sole Dictator over Rome ending the "Republic" of Rome, and three months before that year ended he FIRMLY established the NEW DRAGON-BEAST "Empire" of Rome on a COMPLETELY NEW CALENDAR system as its "Cornerstone", as God "anointed" him to do as "Christ" (and to which the whole world was taken CAPTIVE and serves to this day as the "Cornerstone" of the MORPHING, SYNCRETIC DRAGON KINGDOM of Mystery Babylon depicted by the Statue of Nebuchadnezzar; Jer. 27:6-8, 28:14 & Dan. 2:36-38).

So all of the (previously lunar) months of the FORMER Roman Republic were advanced forward in the year so that January, (named after Janus, the "God of new beginnings") which had always begun the year with the first New Moon in Spring prior, would now be "divorced" from the lunations and anchored not only to the "God of Time", "Saturn" (a.k.a. the Black Sun), but to the Sun as the new "Cornerstone SIGN" of the essentially NEW RELIGIOUS KINGDOM, and it would "begin" in Winter three months before the end of 46 B.C., as it's observed by the WHOLE WORLD to this very day. He also changed the "week" from the very complicated religious 8 day week (named simply by the first 8 letters of the Latin Alphabet where "A" was the 1st and Holiest weekday and "H" was the last) which they observed previously, to a new 7 Day Planetary Week (Wandering Star) System for which the 1st and "Holiest Day" of the New Weekly System would be named "Saturn's Day" (until the 4th Century when the Syncretic DRAGON morphed to a slightly different FORM where the 2nd day of the week "Sunday", would become the 1st and Holiest Day of the week and Saturday demoted to the last day of their week, as it's observed by the Religious Harlot of Mystery Babylon to this day). It is THIS SYSTEM of power which the leaders of the Jewish people were courting, and for which one will be the recognized BETRAYER of the people through whom the Sabbath Covenant would be broken and Israel would be taken into world bondage as God told us in advance (Mal. 2:10-12, Hos. 5:14-6:2).

You were carrying the Tabernacle of your King Saturn, and the (Star) Images of the Planet of your God which you made for yourselves, therefore I will carry you into captivity beyond Babylon! Amos 5:26-27 & Acts 7:43

The inauguration of the new Annual system of the "Calends" (from "Calling of the Month" a.k.a. "New Moon Days" from which the term "Calendar" with its SOLAR MONTHS was derived), with the new "beginning" position of its New Year Month of January in Winter rather than Spring, and its new 7 day Planetary Named Week Days (replacing the former "A" thru "H" eight day week), which "wandering star" weekdays would be anchored to the Winter Solstice of the Sun as its "Cornerstone" SIGN (called Yalda in ancient Persian and means "Birth of the Sun" and his "Epiphanes" or "MANIFESTATION" on earth; "Mithras"). This "Cornerstone Solar Day" of the Winter Solstice had been the "Cornerstone Sign" of many ancient kingdoms and their "Sun God" religious myths prior to being "syncretically re-adapted" by Julius Caesar. Examples of these include the "Sun God Birth Day" of the Babylonian "Shemesh", Egyptian "Ra", "Horus", and the Pharaoh as the manifestation of the "Incarnate Sun" as the ruling "light of the world", and even the God "Sol" (the "Sun" God) in the Roman Republic itself. As already mentioned, the most noteworthy is the ancient Aryan/Persian "Mithra" and his "Yalda Birthday" as the Incarnate "Epiphanes" (like the self proclaimed re-incarnation or "Epiphany" of the "Sun God" Mithra in flesh, Antiochus Epiphanes whose actual birth name "Mithradates" was also a cognate of "Mithra"). The ANCIENT FORM of Mithraism was clearly syncretized in a new RELIGIOUS FORM for use in ROME by Julius Caesar, as established by the archeological evidence springing up all over the ROMAN WORLD at that very time in history. There seems to have been a convergence of MANY RELIGIOUS TRADITIONS of the "Sun God" being galvanized into a NEW FORM at that very time in history to include not only Sol ("God the Sun" a.k.a. "Helios" in Greek), Saturn, the "Black Sun" (a.k.a. the God of Time and War) and Mithras (the ancient Aryan/Persian Sun God) but also the later popularized Sol Invictus (the Invincible Sun) which came to be DIRECTLY ASSOCIATED with the POPULAR "Christianity" of the DECEIVED MASSES of the Roman Empire just prior to its adoption as the official religion of the Roman Empire in its EVER MORPHING SYNCRETIC FORMS.

Antiochus had previously desecrated the Temple in Jerusalem on that very day as a "birthday present" for himself, the epiphany of the "Sun God" Mithras in flesh whose "Winter Solstice Birthday" on God's Lunar Calendar was the 25th of Kislev (FOREVER MEMORIALIZED as the day we (Israel) SANCTIFIED and REDEDICATED our Kingdom Temple. It's called the "Festival of Dedication" a.k.a. "Hanukkah"; 1st Mac. 1:59, 4:36, 4:52-59, 2nd Mac. 1:9, 1:18, 6:7, 10:5, & Jn. 10:21-22). This same day on Julius Caesar's New Solar Calendar for the WORLD TEMPLE of Mystery Babylon which HE CREATED as its CHRIST, was memorialized as the Birth of "King Saturn" (the "God of Time" a.k.a. Chronos & Chiun) a.k.a. th "Black Sun", and the "Mass of Christ" (Mithras) for our prophetic DIASPORA "TABERNACLING" in WORLD BONDAGE to "Mystery Babylon" and the "times of the Gentiles" (Lk. 21:24, Rom. 11:25, Rev. 17:14-17, Rev. 18:1-4) until our "GREAT EXODUS" (for which our first bondage and exodus was ALWAYS only a PATTERN) as God promised through the prophets beginning with Moses (Deut. 30:3).

You were carrying the Tabernacle of your King Saturn, and the (Star) Images of the Planet of your God which you made for yourselves, therefore I will carry you into captivity beyond Babylon! Amos 5:26-27 & Acts 7:43

***Begin Note. One must KNOW and keep in mind that TO THIS VERY DAY the ONE THING that has ALWAYS REMAINED THE SAME AND HAS NEVER CHANGED (despite the months and even the number of days or even the ORDER of the DAYS of the week themselves changing in the ROMAN WEEKLY SYSTEM) is that the 1st Day of Week has ALWAYS been the MOST HOLY DAY of the Syncretic Weekly System of ROME, to this very day! Additionally the NEW YEAR DAY as the 1st Day of the Year was SET APART (as the most Holy CORNERSTONE DAY) to which all of the rest of the HOLY 1st Days of the rest of the weeks of the year were anchored as the Janus (New Beginning) of a New Year Cycle of perpetually counted 8 Day Weeks and 12 "Calends" (Lunar Months) of their Year. Julius Caesar "reformed" this practice when he CREATED his NEW CALENDAR SYSTEM of RELIGIOUS SORCERY!

Though the original calendars have been HOPELESSLY LOST and all that remains is legends and piecemeal (with no small amount of SLEIGHT OF HAND to keep people from ever KNOWING the TRUTH), under the Lunar Calendar of the former Roman Republic, when January (Janus = New Beginning) BEGAN with the 1st "New Moon Day" (called the "Calend" which meant to "Call out" the "New Moons" and is the root of the modern word "Calendar") in Spring as its 1ST DAY of the NEW YEAR CYCLE as the "CORNERSTONE DAY" of the Calend System (as did all the other nations of the world at that time, following Israel's EXAMPLE where their revealed Sabbaths, beginning with Passover coming out from Egypt, were anchored to the sanctified "New Moon" as their "Cornerstone Sign" to begin their Kingdom Years from then on, as we discussed previously above, and also here), exactly one week from that NEW YEAR "Cornerstone" New Moon DAY of the year to the SAME FIRST DAY ("A", also called the "Nones") of the next week of the NEW YEAR, they had their HOLY SACRIFICE (to Janus, their "God of New Beginnings") for their NEW YEAR called the "Agonalia". You could say it was a HOLY 9 DAY WEEK inclusive of TWO "1st days" since weeks were 8 days long in the Republic. So the NEW MOON DAY (Calend) of Janus was the "CORNERSTONE" of the YEAR to which the NEXT 1ST DAY of the NEXT WEEK, EXACTLY 1 WEEK LATER, was the first Holy WEEK Day on which they had their sacrifices to Janus. Thus that New Moon (Calend) of Janus (which was the 1st and "Holiest Day" of the NEW YEAR as its CORNERSTONE) was ANCHORED to the 1st day of the NEXT WEEK exactly ONE WEEK APART as its 1st and Holiest WEEK DAY of the New Year Cycle of weeks ("New Year Day" being "set apart" from the rest of the Holy Week Days beginning the rest of the weeks of the year). These two "1st Days" (New Years Lunar "Calend" Day as the CORNERSTONE of the Calend System, and the 1st Holy Week Day one week later) were "anchored together" in their complicated 8 day WEEK SYSTEM (named: A through H) which was anchored to the CORNERSTONE of the New Moon in "January" (which was in Spring) as the "New Year Day" in their complicated religious cycle of time.

The "reform" which Julius Caesar made regarding this RELIGIOUS SYSTEM of TIME when he CREATED a COMPLETELY NEW CALENDAR SYSTEM, was to "syncretize" this former practice of anchoring the "CORNERSTONE" of the YEAR to the 1st Holy WEEK DAY of the year in a new form. He anchored the YALDA of CHRIST MITHRAS (birthday of Mithras Epiphanes and his desecration of the Temple in Jerusalem 120 years earlier) to his new SOLAR MONTH calendar as "December 25th", and that was anchored to the 1st HOLY WEEK DAY of Janus (New Beginning now anchored to the Sun rather than the Moon as "Cornerstone") the following week. So the first Holy WEEKDAY anchored to the new HOLY CORNERSTONE was "Saturn Day" (the God of Time and War a.k.a. the "Black Sun") as the 1st Day of Janus...the "New Beginning" of a NEW KINGDOM and its FIRST "New Year Day"! This 8 Day celebration beginning on the "25th" and ending with the Janus (New Beginning), now openly celebrates Rome's "triumph" over God's People by the "little horn" of Rome (Vespasian, Dan. 7:8, 25 & 9:26) [FULFILLING what the "little horn" from the 4th General under Alexander of the 3rd "Grecian" Kingdom (Antiochus Epiphanes) only dreamed of doing as a PROTOTYPE (Dan. 8:9-14 & 8:23-25) for the ABOMINATION which VESPASIAN (in service to the Spirit of Deception Julius Caesar codified as the Cornerstone of Rome) would be the "coming prince" to FULFILL the prophecies, which Jesus told his disciples they would see and they indeed did see (Mat. 24:15, Mk. 13:14, Lk. 16:15)].

The Cornerstone Day and the 1st HOLY DAY of New Beginnings being the 8th day, have been "anchored together" as the religious "Cornerstone" of DECEPTION, the "Mystery of Iniquity" which EMPOWERS the Harlot Religious System of the syncretized DRAGON Empire which the WHOLE WORLD SERVES to this very day. They send gifts to one another (and with very LICENTIOUS PRACTICES like those with which Antiochus Epiphanes desecrated Gods Temple; 1st Mac. 1:59, 4:36, 4:52-59, 2nd Mac. 1:9, 1:18, 6:7, 10:5, & Jn. 10:21-22) because through DECEPTION they have "OPENLY SLAIN" the "2 true witnesses" (Spirit and Truth) REQUIRED to establish the "Cornerstone TRUTH" as GODS IMAGE raised in FLESH according to the TRUE "CORNERSTONE" INTERPRETATION of the Word of Truth. Those 2 witnesses are the Spirit of Truth (Elijah) and the Word of Truth (Moses) UNITED as ONE (like Jesus) and RAISED in MEN OF FLESH whose IMAGE of God these DEMONS RECOGNIZE and CAN'T through the CUNNING of SORCERY they make up rules to JUSTIFY sacrificing them OPENLY with the CONSENT of the CHILDREN they have DECEIVED ever since!

Since that time the Spirit of DECEPTION and VILE CORRUPTION rules over their kingdom through HYPOCRISY established on a LIE as its "Cornerstone Truth" so that ANY CHILD of God who comes to MATURITY having the WITNESS of the WORD OF TRUTH (Commands of God) and Testimony of Jesus SPIRIT of Truth gaining the spiritual "VISION" to be able to SEE and IDENTIFY the NAKEDLY EXPOSED LIE (the EMPEROR which the whole world is deceived to serve as their SABBATH LORD), have been MURDERED by them in order to maintain the NARRATIVE OF DARKNESS over which these Narcissistic Priests of Satan RULE in the DARKNESS they groom to appear as "lights" to the CHILDREN (Rev. 12:17 & 17:5)! Through this NARRATIVE of DECEPTION they CONTROL as the Princes and Priest classes which all their INSTITUTIONS serve, the worlds CHILDREN have HAD NO CHOICE but to serve THEM and the CORNERSTONE FRAUD they foisted on the world, instead of the TRUTH because they SIMPLY DON'T KNOW ANY BETTER...they don't UNDERSTAND the nature of their ENSLAVEMENT to a SPIRITUAL KINGDOM of DECEPTION or HOW IT WORKS!

These SATANIC OCCULTISTS LAUGH at Gods People who they've DECEIVED to serve the SAME CORNERSTONE SPIRIT of DECEPTION which THEY SERVE, and thus the ignorant MASSES EMPOWER THEIR REBELLION AGAINST GOD (bringing one little antichrist after another to power believing it must be that way because their LEADERS DECEIVE THEM TO BELIEVE THAT through FALSE GOSPELS) and thus serve as SLAVES toward their OWN DESTRUCTION! But they will ONLY LAUGH as long as they can keep MURDERING THE WITNESSES LIKE ME who are able to EXPOSE the NAKEDNESS of the EMPEROR THEY SERVE (Rev. 12:17 & 17:5)! They serve the "Genius of Caesar" in their IMPERIAL MAN-GOD WORSHIP (to which men had to make sacrifice to in order to be able to LIVE and "buy or sell" for hundreds of years after the destruction of the Temple, on penalty of death!) usurping the power of the TRUTH of God through DECEPTION. But when one of us, the CHILDREN OF GOD, finally OVERCOME serving our Father in Heaven to establish His Kingdom on Earth as Jesus Commanded us to do in CONTINUING HIS WORK (Mat. 6:10, Jn. 14:8-12, Rev. 21:7), then their Kingdom will be SMASHED FOREVER as God's Saints come out from them in GREAT EXODUS to establish God's Kingdom as He has planned ALL ALONG. Here's how Jesus said it:

They asked Jesus, "what are the works of God we are to do?" Jesus responded: "The works of God you must do is believe him whom God sends". Jn. 6:28-29

Even as the Father sent me, so I send you. Jn. 20:21

He who believes me will continue doing my work (to establish the Father's Kingdom on Earth) and he will do even greater things than what I've done so that the Father is glorified through the Son. Jn. 14:9-13. He who overcomes (doing my work) will inherit all things! I will be his Elohim (God) and he will be my son. Rev. 21:7. I will give him authority to rule over all the nations with a "Sceptre of Iron" even as I received from my father. I will also give him the "Morningstar" Rev. 2:26-28 (Dan. 7:13-14, 12:1-4, Ez. 20:34-37).

My doctrine is not my own but His who sent me. If any man desires to do God's will, he will know whether or not this doctrine is from God or if I made it up myself. He that speaks of himself seeks his own glory, but he who seeks the glory of the one who sent him, the same is a true witness in whom is no injustice. Jn. 7:16-18

When those scriptures MANIFEST into REALITY, it's OVER for "Mystery Babylon" and all the Satanic REBELS who deceive Gods children to serve THE CORNERSTONE LIE the Harlot Serves...and it's already a DONE DEAL because IT HAS BEEN WRITTEN and it's CERTAIN to take place (Dan. 2:45)'s just a matter of TIME before we see it MANIFEST into REALITY! End Note***

So the New Rome (Dragon-Beast) was inaugurated one new Planetary 7 day week after the "Birthday" of the "CORNERSTONE" to which it was anchored, the "rebirth" of "God the Sun" (a.k.a. the Birth of "Christ Mithras" and "King Saturn") in Winter of 46 B.C. as the LITERAL "New Year Day" of a new Dragon-Beast Empire of enslavement to a CORNERSTONE DECEPTION of a RELIGIOUS WORLD EMPIRE that DECIEVES the WORLD with its SYNCRETISTIC SORCERY to this very day! What seems to me a very sordid twist is that BOTH Kingdom calendars (God's and the Dragon's) have an 8 day celebration which BEGINS ON the 25th day of their respective calendars (God's Lunar Calendar Hanukkah on the 25th of Kislev which is the MEMORIAL of how we once REDEDICATED OUR TEMPLES from having been defiled by the Dragon's Solar Calendar Birthday LICENTIOUS "Mass" of the EPIPHANY of "Christ Mithras" as the incarnate "Light of the World") which had been the VERY DAY on BOTH CALENDAR SYSTEMS on which "Antiochus Epiphanes" had desecrated the Temple with drunken orgies, defilements of idol worship, murders of priests and holy men, and the horrific sacrifice of Jewish mother's and their infant babies and young children as their SPORT, and Caesar knew it full well when he SYNCRETIZED that day as the NEW RELIGIOUS "CORNERSTONE" of the DRAGON EMPIRE of ROME which HE CREATED as its FIRST HEAD!

Julius Caesar made that "CORNERSTONE DAY" used by the SATANIC RELIGIOUS SYSTEM of the Antediluvians and later kingdoms after the flood, the VERY DAY the "Epiphany of Mithra" Antiochus DESECRATED the Temple for his "birthday", as the "HOLY CORNERSTONE" of his EVIL EMPIRE when he DELIBERATELY SELECTED the NUMBER of Days for the "months" he created (31 for December) to PURPOSEFULLY be able to SYNCRETIZE the "Cornerstone Day" and the 1st Holy Day of New Beginnings (Janus) together in a NEW FORM so that this "CORNERSTONE DECEPTION" would be ANCHORED to that ABOMINABLE DESECRATION of the Temple by "Mithras Epiphanes" 120 years earlier! The "New Beginning" month (Janus-January) would be on the 8th day exactly one week from the day of that CELEBRATION of ABOMINATION as the CORNERSTONE of his NEW DRAGON EMPIRE! Its inauguration was in Winter on "Saturn's Day" January 1, 45 B.C., the very 1st HOLY WEEKDAY of the New Roman Empire with its New Solar Calendar and New Beginning (Janus) anchored to the Yalda of Christ Mithras (December 25th) with a new 7 day week system associated with the "Wandering Stars" (a.k.a. "Solar Deities" or "Planets") awaiting judgement (Jude 1:13)! As demonstrated by archeological evidence, Saturn's Day was the 1st and Holiest Day of the Roman Solar Deity Week until the 4th Century when Constantine made another syncretic change adopting Sun Day (which had been the 2nd day of the week) as the 1st and Holiest Day when he FINALIZED the DECEPTION which has since SEPARATED the House of Judah and the House of Israel in IDEOLOGICAL WARFARE where BOTH HOUSES are DECEIVED to WAR against one another while IGNORANTLY REBELLING against the SABBATH CORNERSTONE TRUTH of God's Kingdom which would otherwise UNITE THEM and LEAD THEM OUT FROM BONDAGE to this WORLD DECEPTION!

So Julius Caesar was the "prince" who came in 46 B.C. EXACTLY 490 years from Christ Cyrus' decree in 536 B.C. and EXACTLY 62 weeks after he OFFICIALLY ENDED the Republic with the INAUGURATION of the "New Beginning" for the NEW (Syncretized Dragon-Beast) Roman "EMPIRE" (3 months before the old "Republic" year would have officially ended) on Saturn Day of Janus 1, 45 B.C. its first "Christ" and coming "prince" as its first "horn" was assassinated. Julius Caesar was assassinated ("cut off") on the 15th of March 44 B.C.. exactly 62 weeks after he became the official "Pontifex Maximus" (High Priest-King) to the DRAGON, as prophesied (Dan. 9:24-26).

***Begin Note*** Despite NUMEROUS and VARIED calendar changes made by the ABSOLUTLY CORRUPT PRIESTHOOD of Rome from it's very FOUNDATION of Rome and its associated SHAPESHIFTING "religious calendar", and continuing over the centuries between the Kingdom, Republic, and Empire Periods (and PLETHORA of VERY CUNNING DIS & MISINFORMATION one has to wade through in order to try to find the TRUTH), UNTIL Julius Caesar DIVORCED the Lunar Calendar System and CREATED the Solar Calendar System for the DRAGON-BEAST Empire, their months previously BEGAN with the Calend (that is the "calling out" of the LAST Sliver of the moon) which would officially END the prior Lunar Month and BEGIN the New Month (very similarly to Israel but different than the Babylonian practice, as we discussed earlier). This "New Moon" day called the "Calend" was the 1st and Holiest Day of the Month which anciently had 2 other important "Holy Days"; the NONES and the IDES. Originally the "Nones" was the 1st Quarter Moon on the 9th day of the Lunar Cycle (which from antiquity was the 1st and HOLIEST Day of the week FOLLOWING the 8 day Calend Week). It was on this day which sacrifices to "Janus" were originally made, as discussed earlier. It would appear this changed from being a count reference FROM the Calend Day, TO a count to the Day of the Ides (full moon) at some point...but there's so much confusion regarding how and when it's simply not worth delving into those details. The POINT of this "note" is in regard to the "Full Moon" of the 15th Day of their Lunar Month being called the "IDES", the DAY on which this CHRIST was "CUT OFF". After Julius Caesar disassociated the Month Days from the calling out of New Moon (so that the days of the month "floated" or "wandered" away from the MOON as their CORNERSTONE), and created a NEW "Cornerstone-Sabbath" System for the DRAGON, the "Ides" or 15th Day of the months RARELY EVER falls on FULL MOON anymore (Jude 1:13). But it is QUITE INTERESTING to note that Julius Caesar, being the "Pontifex Maximus" (High Priest-King) to the "Cornerstone Spirit of DECEPTION" as the "Lord" of his FRAUD CALENDAR SYSTEM, he was likewise MURDERED to establish his new system on what just may have been the 1st FULL MOON of the LUNAR Calendar Year called "PASSOVER" in Israel! The "Holy Week" anchored the first "Saturn's Day" of his New Empire to the rebirth of the "Sun God" EXACTLY one week previously (the day deceptively called "Christmas" today), on the day of the Black Sun Saturn, "Saturn's Day", the VERY FIRST DAY of his new 7 day week calendar system of the 7 Headed Dragon Beast he created! It is for THIS "Cornerstone King" of "Saturn" for which the leader of the Jews who rejected Jesus, married the House of Judah to as prophesied.

You were carrying the Tabernacle of your King Saturn, and the (Star) Images of the Planet of your God which you made for yourselves, therefore I will carry you into captivity beyond Babylon! Amos 5:26-27 & Acts 7:43

***End Note***

The 1st head received a deadly wound but the Dragon-Beast HE CREATED has continued to live. He was subsequently "deified" as the "High Priest-King" over the world kingdom Temple where he serves as "High Priest-King" to the Cornerstone Spirit of Satan INSTEAD of Jesus as High Priest-King to Gods Kingdom times and laws which speak all about him as the TRUE CORNERSTONE (Spirit of Truth) of God's Kingdom by which we are to KNOW that it is GOD (the Spirit of Truth) WHO SANCTIFIES US according to HIS WORD of TRUTH (correctly interpreted from His Cornerstone Perspective; Ex. 31:13, Jn. 17:17) which was REJECTED and "SACRIFICED" for our REDEMPTION and EXODUS from BONDAGE to this Kingdom of WORLD DECEPTION according to His Plan for which Egypt was only a PATTERN to to be used for our INSTRUCTION toward THAT GOAL!

Despite the SLEIGHT OF HAND type "RUSE" used by the Harlot's deceived Historians who ERRONEOUSLY begin the "Empire" and its COUNT of DICTATORS over the NEW Rome with the "Son of God" Augustus (who was ruling when Jesus was Born and was WORSHIPPED as the "Son of God" by the new IMPERIALIST CULT of the Roman Empire), it simply CAN NOT BE CREDIBLY DENIED that his father Julius Caesar was the TRUE 1st CAESAR-DICTATOR and CREATOR of the New Rome with its COMPLETELY NEW "CORNERSTONE" for the RELIGIOUS "times and laws" of the Syncretic Dragon-Beast EMPIRE of "Mystery Babylon" upon which it stands to this very day, exactly as prophesied (Dan. 9:24-26, Rev. 11:10).

In the interim between Julius Caesar coming as the 1st horn/head of the DRAGON-BEAST as its CREATOR [the now "deified" High Priest-King (Pontifex Maximus) of the Cornerstone Spirit of Rebellion and Deception as the FRAUD "God of Time" (Saturn, a.k.a. the "Black Sun") and his "Sign" of the Sun to which it was "anchored" as a "cornerstone sign" of the Dragon-Beast (a.k.a. "mark" of Beast Worship)], and the coming of Vespasian as the 10th "little horn"/7th head [who destroyed the Temple and took Israel captive to the FRAUD SABBATH Kingdom which Caesar created for that purpose (Dan. 7:25) and for which the little horn Antiochus Epiphanes was only a PATTERN pointing to THIS 10th "Little Horn" of the 4th BEAST which Jesus told the Disciples would be soon coming (Mat. 24:13, Mk. 13:14)], came Yahshua (Jesus), another "Anointed One" (Moshiah-Christ) who came for the VERY PURPOSE of being REJECTED by these "BUILDERS" as the CORNERSTONE of God's WORLD TEMPLE KINGDOM Plan to build the Father's Heavenly Kingdom on this earth (Ps. 118:22, Mt. 21:42, Mk. 12:10, Lk. 20:17, Acts 4:11, 1 Pet. 2:7) to EXPOSE and DESTROY the kingdom of Satan (1st Jn. 3:8)!

The "manchild" of God came which the Dragon-Beast (and its BUILDERS like the puppet King Herod) was anticipating, in order to HUNT HIM DOWN and KILL HIM so that no one would EVER KNOW what they did, and they could just USURP the Authority of God through DECEPTION forever (Rev. 12:4-5, Mat. 2:16)! But he was VICTORIOUS to his mission to be slain as a Passover SABBATH Sacrifice as God had PROMISED from the FOUNDATION of the world as the "CORNERSTONE" of His PLAN to ESTABLISH the SABBATH TRUTH and its CORNERSTONE "SIGN" in ZION forever (for which many who understood the PLAN were waiting to see; Jn. 12:20-28), and he was "caught up" to His ETERNAL THRONE having ALL POWER over heaven and Earth exactly as planned (the "Word of Truth" glorified to ultimate power like Joseph after his rejection, as the CORNERSTONE of Gods UBER PLAN to establish His Sabbath Kingdom of TRUTH on earth; Ps. 110:1, Ex. 31:13, Jn. 17:17!).

The 10th "Little Horn" of the Dragon-Beast (Dan. 2:40, 7:7-8 & 25 & Dan. 9:26, 2nd Thes. 2:8-12)

Then came the next "prince", the 10th "little horn" (a.k.a. the "wicked one", "antichrist", "man of sin", etc.), Vespasian. Vespasian came to power after 3 horns fell (Dan. 7:8 & 25), with the assistance of 2 traitor Jews (the leader of the Pharisees Yochanan Ben Zachai as the "eyes" of the "little horn", and Josephus as the interpreter-"mouth" for the horn). Hence the "little horn", his "eyes", and "mouth" are actually a "TRINITY" of "PERSONS" ("three worthless builders" who rejected Jesus as High Priest-King to the Spirit of Truth as the Cornerstone Light of the World, in service to the "Genius" of Caesar as High Priest-King to the "Spirit of Deception" as the Cornerstone Light of the World in his stead) working concertedly together as ONE! This is the "Cornerstone Spirit" of Deception, the "mystery of iniquity" which the Harlot of Mystery Babylon deceives men to serve in OPPOSITION to the Cornerstone Spirit of Truth to this very day!

Those TWO traitor Jews not only assisted the "little horn" to power, but also assisted him to CHANGE the "times and laws" of God and His "Sabbath" CORNERSTONE of Israel (which speaks all about Jesus as the TRUE "Light of the World") which would be given into his hand according to Dan. 7:25 (and which could ONLY happen after the complete destruction of the Temple and DIASPORA of the Jewish people) and they took the Jewish people into BONDAGE to comply with the DRAGON'S "Wandering Star-Saturn Day" Sabbath DECEPTION of Mystery Babylon, a POWERFUL WORLD KINGDOM DECEPTION which God told us we would be taken into bondage to beginning with Moses (Deut. 30:3).

You were carrying the Tabernacle of your King Saturn, and the (Star) Images of the Planet of your God which you made for yourselves, therefore I will carry you into captivity beyond Babylon! Amos 5:26-27 & Acts 7:43

As if it were a little garden shed, YHWH has destroyed his meeting place. He has spurned king and priest in his wrath and has caused his Feast and Sabbath to be forgotten in Zion. Lam. 2:6

He will carefully calculate to change (Gods) times and laws which will be given into his hands. Dan. 7:25

***Begin Note [God specifically identifies Yochanan ben Zakkai as one of the "Builders" of "Mystery Babylon" (Mal. 2:10-12, Is. 14:1-17). He is identified in 3rd person as "He cuts off Moshiah" and "HE destroys the city and the sanctuary WITH the coming prince" in the correctly pointed/translated Hebrew of Dan. 9:26. He was the leader of the Pharisees 40 years earlier when he made the decision that Jesus had to be "cut off" so he could continue courting the power of Rome. You can read more about Zakkai's eventual admission as a BUILDER and "friend of Caesar" (Nero, who had the same Hamanite-Amalekite DEMON SPIRIT in him as Antiochus Epiphanes, Julius Caesar, and Hitler) prior to Vespasian destroying the Temple, here in the paragraph which begins: "When Vespasian came to destroy Jerusalem..." a little over 1/3 the way down this page). He rejected Jesus and 40 years later anointed Vespasian as the "Son of God", as God told us in advance He would do; which history we have covered in great detail above and in other places). This BETRAYER of God and His Saints was IDENTIFIED by God in scriptures that would be SEALED UP until time for JUDGEMENT. He is a NARCISSIST TRAITOR who SOLD Israel into BONDAGE to the Emperor of ROME which HE ASSISTED TO POWER, and he is IGNORANTLY REVERED as the "Saviour" of the Jews and Father of Rabbinic Judaism to this very day] End Note***

So the 1st horn Julius Caesar, the 10th "little horn" Vespasian, and his "eyes" and "mouth" (the leader of the Pharisees, Zakkai was his "EYES" who "SAW" in the prophecy of Dan. 7:8 & 25 that Vespasian would become emperor with his and their interpreters help and "anointed" him as the "coming prince" telling him 3 emperors would be "uprooted" THAT VERY YEAR and he would be ESTABLISHED as the Emperor in their place, and Josephus was their INTERPRETOR "mouth" who spoke for the Horn Vespasian who did not speak Aramaic or Hebrew). These are the THREE "BUILDERS" represented by that "Horn" who CHANGED the SABBATHS of ISRAEL to COMPLY with the CALEND SYSTEM which Julius Caesar CREATED for THAT PURPOSE and UPON WHICH the Kingdom of Mystery Babylon, which the Statue of Nebuchadnezzar represents, stands to THIS VERY DAY! You could say they are equivalent to the 3 Ruffians of Masonic Lore. They CONSPIRED TOGETHER to reject God's SABBATH Cornerstone EMBODIED by Jesus as a Sacrificed Passover SABBATH Lamb to ESTABLISH the Cornerstone TRUTH at the FOUNDATION of the BUILDING PROJECT to establish HIS KINGDOM on Earth as the Lord of the TRUE Sabbath and GROOM of His PENTECOST SABBATH "NEW COVENANT KINGDOM" ratified through HIS BLOOD according to God's BLUEPRINT for building HIS "TEMPLE" on earth as promised from the foundation of the world to expose the WICKED BUILDERS who serve the SERPENT DRAGON, DESTROY THEIR KINGDOM of DECEPTION through the POWER of the WORD of TRUTH, and to BIND the Spirit of SATAN (and the princes and priests who serve him) in Judgement so he may NO LONGER DECEIVE THE NATIONS (Rev. 20:3)!

With the BETRAYAL of God's Cornerstone Spirit to RULE ISRAEL, Vespasian, Zakkai, and Josephus took the WHOLE WORLD into BONDAGE to serve Caesar as the "Lord" of a FRAUD "SABBATH" CORNERSTONE, the High Priest-King (Pontifex Maximus) of "Saturn" (the Black Sun) serving the DRAGON-Beast KINGDOM in REBELLION to the CORNERSTONE TRUTH! These are the IDENTITIES of the chief "BUILDERS" and "princes of this world" who conspired together, united by the NARCISSISTIC Spirit of Deception, and established the kingdom of "Mystery Babylon" and its FRAUD SABBATH on the "Genius of Caesar" and his SOLAR CORNERSTONE "Christ Calendar" with him as the High Priest-King (Pontifex Maximus) to the Cornerstone Spirit of Deception for Satan's 4th and LAST BEAST KINGDOM, the "Dragon-Beast" depicted in the Statue of Nebuchadnezzar. This "Mystery Babylon" DRAGON and its "Wandering Stars" planetary week and FRAUD "Saturn Day" SABBATH to which Caesar tied it, have been "reserved for the Day of Judgement" ever since, and that Judgement is now at the door (Jude 1:13-16)! Then the TRUE "Lord" of the TRUE "Sabbath" which JESUS ESTABLISHED as TRUE through his OBEDIENCE to the WORD of TRUTH as a Passover SABBATH SACRIFICE and Pentecost SABBATH GROOM of our Covenant with him as the TRUE CORNERSTONE of Gods Kingdom, over which he is High Priest-King, will be honored by all men as He will be Tabernacling with us as we REIGN with Him in His SABBATH Kingdom Come (Is. 66:23, Zech. 14:16, Ez. 46:1 & 3, Is. 45:23, Rom. 14:11, Phil. 2:11)! It is this "Cornerstone Spirit of TRUTH" for which the Sabbath is the SIGN according to the rightly interpreted WORD OF TRUTH, which was rejected by these BUILDERS, as God told us in advance (Ps. 118:22, Lam. 2:6, Dan. 2:20-22 & 7:8).

In Summary

The Creator God (who is the Spirit of Truth) had a PLAN before ever creating anything, to make His otherwise invisible, undetectable "Image" of "TRUTH" known to us on earth, the stage of His Creation where we would be conformed to His "Image" of "Truth" as the perfect "Father" of our FAITH in Him, over the course of Time. He knew in advance we would use our own will to CHOOSE to serve the "Spirit of Deception and Rebellion" which He created knowing in advance He would exalt himself against His Creator and deceive mankind to serve Him as God in rebellion to the TRUTH; hence taking mankind into BONDAGE to ignorance of, and REBELLION to the TRUTH, through DECEPTION.

God allowed mankind to be taken CAPTIVE to the Spirit of Deception as their choice because He had a PLAN to take Satan's Captivity Captive and give his kingdom to His Saints who CHOOSE to serve Him in rebellion to Satan's rebellion and OVERCOME HIM. We shall JUDGE ALL REBELLION to the Spirit of Truth as our only True King. Central to His Plan to IDENTIFY HIS "IMAGE" of TRUTH which would be SACRIFICED to ESTABLISH HIS "Cornerstone Spirit" as KING according to His Plan, was the creation of the Sun, Moon, and Stars to have dominion over His creation as SIGNS. He knew Satan would choose the OBVIOUS SIGN of the Sun as the "Cornerstone" Sign for his times and laws for his kingdoms. God's Plan was to confound and expose the "wisdom" of the "Prince of this World" and all those who serve him, by selecting the Moon as the Sign for His Kingdom Times and Laws to which He would Himself provide the SACRIFICE for our REDEMPTION which He would ANCHOR to His Sabbaths which He REVEALED for that purpose, beginning with the Passover Sabbath on which He would "Rest" from His work of manifesting His "Image" and RATIFYING the NEW COVENANT SABBATH KINGDOM by the BLOOD of His Sacrifice in order to ESTABLISH the "CORNERSTONE" perspective of His "WORD OF TRUTH" and the "SIGN" of that "Cornerstone-Sabbath" TRUTH by which we could KNOW that the God of TRUTH Sanctifies us by His Spirit to LEAD US OUT from our BONDAGE to the Prince of this world and his FRAUD "Cornerstone-Sabbath" Kingdom of Deception, for which our first bondage and exodus from Egypt was always ONLY a PATTERN to lead us to SEE HIS "IMAGE" according to His Plan.

So Israel was taken into the FINAL Kingdom of the Spirit of Deception called "Mystery Babylon" and representing the "Times of the Gentiles" depicted by the Statue of Nebuchadnezzar which the Spirit of God TOOK CAPTIVE through the obedience of Jesus who ESTABLISHED the Sign for the "CORNERSTONE SPIRIT" of the Kingdom of Heaven and ANCHORED IT to the MOON as the Cornerstone SIGN for the TRUE Sabbaths anchored to the LUNAR CYCLE to free us from Satan's POWERFUL CORNERSTONE-SABBATH DECEPTION!

So this is how the BUILDERS of SYNCRETIC BEAST KINGDOMS serving the spirit of deception from the foundation of the world were FRAMED by God who told us EVEN BEFORE THEY DID IT, that they would establish Julius Caesar as the anointed "Christ" and High Priest-King to Satan's CORNERSTONE SPIRIT (through the "Christian Calendar" he created for that purpose as its FIRST "CHRIST") in REBELLION to GODS SPIRIT of TRUTH as the CORNERSTONE of His Kingdom in rebellion to Jesus by SUPPLANTING Him as the "Lord of the Sabbath" and it's CORNERSTONE "SIGN" (of the Sanctified New Moon) through DECEPTION! He created a FRAUD SABBATH and ANCHORED IT to the BIRTHDAY of the SUN GOD which had been the CORNERSTONE of all Satan's BEAST KINGDOMS to take Israel BACK INTO BONDAGE to a Kingdom of SORCERY and DECEPTION far greater than that of Egypt, as GOD PROMISED WOULD HAPPEN!

As alluded to toward the beginning of this indictment, if they had KNOWN that murdering Jesus on PREPARATION DAY when the Passover Lamb was to be SLAIN before Passover Sabbath began according to God's Times and Laws, a SABBATH which God ANCHORED His Own promise of Sacrifice itself anchored to the SIGN of the SANCTIFIED NEW MOON to ESTABLISH the CORNERSTONE SPIRIT OF TRUTH as the ONLY TRUE GOD which would EXPOSE THE Spirit of DECEPTION they serve and make a MOCKERY of the "Genius of Caesar" and all the Princes and Priests today who SERVE HIM as their SABBATH "LORD" to this very day, they would have NEVER DONE IT...but that's the point isn't it; THEY ARE NOT GOD and REBELLION TO HIM is FOOLISH!

God anchored His Sabbath to the SIGN of the Sanctified NEW MOON as the SIGN for His CORNERSTONE TRUTH which would be REJECTED (through His Sacrifice) which would BEGIN our WORLD BONDAGE far greater than that of Egypt. In fact the very FIRST SABBATH which He "revealed to His people when He brought us out of bondage to Pharaoh, the INCARNATE SUN GOD Ra, was the PASSOVER SABBATH anchored to the VERY FIRST SANCTIFIED "New Moon" as the "SIGN" of this CORNERSTONE TRUTH for which He promised He would make the SACRIFICE to ESTABLISH this WORD OF TRUTH as the very CORNERSTONE for His Kingdom of Truth which would EXPOSE and DESTROY our WORLD BONDAGE to a Kingdom of deception far greater than that of Pharaoh's, as depicted in Dan. 2:45.

God's "CORNERSTONE PERSPECTIVE" which seemed FOOLISH to the "wise men", princes, and builders of this world's kingdoms, is the very WISDOM of God's Spirit by which He planned to EXPOSE THEIR WISDOM as FOOLISH and make a MOCKERY of them (Is. 29:14, Jn. 12:31, 16:11, 1 Cor. 1:19, 2:6-8, & Ps. 2:4). There is simply NO OTHER WAY for Man to KNOW the CORNERSTONE SPIRIT of TRUTH and be "SANCTIFIED" (set apart by the TRUTH of the CORNERSTONE of God's Word by which we KNOW that God SANCTIFIED US; Ex. 31:13 & Jn. 17:17) than through the "CORNERSTONE SIGN" of the SANCTIFIED NEW MOON for His SABBATH TRUTH for which God told us in ADVANCE He would make the PASSOVER SABBATH SACRIFICE to ESTABLISH the SIGN of the CORNERSTONE TRUTH of His Kingdom which we would REJECT with Him (additionally EVIDENCED by the Math Equation for the Shavuot/Pentecost FULL MOON SABBATH as the "CORNERSTONE TRUTH" which God put in His "Word of Truth" for THAT PURPOSE) which is ANCHORED to His Passover Sabbath SACRIFICE which He promised to MAKE from the Foundation of the world by which we would KNOW that it is He, the SPIRIT OF TRUTH who "SANCTIFIES US BY HIS WORD OF TRUTH" according to His Sabbath Kingdom Plan (Ex. 31:13 & Jn. 17:17)!

You were carrying the Tabernacle of your King Saturn, and the (Star) Images of the Planet of your God which you made for yourselves, therefore I will carry you into captivity beyond Babylon! Amos 5:26-27 & Acts 7:43

"I will be as a Lion to Ephraim and to the House of Judah: I myself will tear them and drag Israel off (into bondage) and no one will rescue him. Then I WILL RETURN to MY PLACE (the INVISIBLE Holy of Holies) until they acknowledge their offense and SEEK MY FACE". Hos. 5:14-15

My hands and feet are as a Lion, a pack of evil doers has surrounded me like dogs to slay me. Ps. 22:16

YHWH said to my Lord: "Sit at my Right Hand until I make your enemies submit under your feet". Ps. 110:1

"Come, let us return to YHWH because it was He who tore us (when we rejected His Spirit as our Sabbath Cornerstone and we were taken into bondage as He promised) but He will bind up our wounds (and bring us back in a NEW COVENANT). After two (millenial) days He will revive us and we will live before HIS FACE on the third (millenial) day." Hosea 6:1-2

Israel was taken into this WORLD BONDAGE to "Mystery Babylon" for BREAKING the Sabbath Covenant (through DECEPTION) as promised by God through the Prophets beginning with Moses (Deut. 30:3), for the PURPOSE of UNITING US for our "GREAT EXODUS" and the SALVATION of the WORLD in the RENEWED SABBATH in a BETTER COVENANT for Gods Glory, as PATTERNED for us to understand through our first bondage and Exodus from Egypt in the first covenant which we BROKE (Is. 11:10-12, Jer. 16:14-15, Ez. 20:34-37)!

My doctrine is not my own but His who sent me. If any man desires to do God's will, he will know whether or not this doctrine is from God or if I made it up myself. He that speaks of himself seeks his own glory, but he who seeks the glory of the one who sent him, the same is a true witness in whom is no injustice. Jn. 7:16-18

Unite in the Plan for WORLD SALVATION and the Glory of God our Father to ESTABLISH HIS KINGDOM and HIS WILL to be done ON EARTH as He is creating you to do!

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