In an age of UNIVERSAL DECEPTION, telling the TRUTH becomes a REVOLUTIONARY ACT! George Orwell-1984?




What is "TRUTH"?

"Truth" CAN NOT BE subjective!

LOGIC (Logos) dictates that "Any CLAIM to 'truth' MUST be ESTABLISHED by at least "2 TRUE WITNESSES". Therefore a God who is TRUE must have TWO "WITNESSES" to establish Him as KING over heaven and earth. Those 2 WITNESSES have been PROVIDED according to God's Plan to RULE EARTH through His Servant Israel!

There IS an OBJECTIVE "CORNERSTONE" of TRUTH from which mankind MUST establish their perception of "reality" as the TRUTH...but NARCISSISTS serving a FRAUD "CORNERSTONE" have HISTORICALLY MURDERED those witnesses in flesh to SILENCE the TRUTH!

If mankind is to be SAVED from the tactic of Spiritual WARFARE through DECEPTION used by PSYCHOPATHS and NARCISSISTS serving the Spirit of Deception as their "Cornerstone" EMPEROR , who are able to DIVIDE the people and HARNESS the psychology of FEAR based in ignorance and uncertainty RESULTING from their DECEPTIONS (regarding the CORNERSTONE FRAUD by which they MANIPULATE THE MASSES to SERVE THEM as SLAVES while posing as their guardians and saviours), a "CORNERSTONE TRUTH" must UNITE US for the SALVATION of the WORLD from that SPIRIT of VIOLENCE and DECEPTION!


In this page we will be defining the META TRUTH of our SUB REALITY called the "Spirit of Truth" (a.k.a. "Spirit of the Law" or "The Holy Spirit") and the "RIGHTEOUS IMAGE" of that "SPIRIT of TRUTH" according to the PLAN for CREATION which has been recorded by our ancient FATHERS through their OBEDIENCE OF FAITH at the DIRECTION of THAT SPIRIT as WITNESSES for Him, so that WE may KNOW and GLORIFY HIM as our KING through OUR OBEDIENCE OF FAITH, which is the purest form of "WORSHIP".

In the light of more recent events (the MASS MURDERS committed by MIND ENSLAVED populations of MYSTERY BABYLON serving Psychopaths and Narcissists like Hitler, Mau, Stalin, Pol Pot, etc.) there has been renewed interest in the study of MASS PSYCHOLOGY or "Social Psychopathology". Today there's a new term being popularly used to describe this ancient phenomena known as "Mass Formation Psychosis" springing from the work of Mattias Desmet, Professor of Clinical Psychology at Ghent University-Belgium, and his new book published in the aftermath of the Covid Plandemic called "The Psychology of Totalitarianism". But this is certainly not a new phenomena and has long been studied by others.

Since they are generally Satanic Psychopaths (as well as other Narcissists like Sociopaths and their Apathetic enablers) at the top tier of the organization of their totalitarian POWER STRUCTURE of MYSTERY BABYLON which they BUILT and maintain which has been imposed on the WHOLE WORLD as their victims, totalitarians themselves know this phenomena and its processes INNATELY well. They use this psychology of the Masses called GROUP THINK as their Modus Operandi in order to rule the darkness of ignorance and uncertainty which they GROOM openly as they gain MORE CONTROL in order to RULE TYRANNICALLY OVER their VICTIMS while posing as their legitimate rulers and saviours. That has been the nature of mankind for thousands of years and in fact it is what the Bible directly addresses with a PLAN for JUDGEMENT on them for their CRIMES AGAINST GOD and HUMANITY, as we shall see.

Why are the nations raging and the people protesting in vain? Because the kings of the earth have set themselves up in conspiracy together against YHWH and against His Anointed One saying; "Let's break their fetters and cast away their restraint from us." But He who sits in Heaven is laughing at them...and He will bring tribulation on them saying "I have set my King on my holy hill of Zion...Kiss the Son so you do not perish in his wrath; blessed are all who trust him!" Excerpt from Psalm 2

"The MASSES have never thirsted after the truth! They turn aside from "evidences" that do not suit them, preferring to deify seducing errors. Whoever can supply them with such seducing delusions will easily be their ruler; and whoever will attempt to destroy their delusions will become their victim." Quote adapted from "Psychologie des Foules" (Mass Psychology) by Gustave le Bron (1895) poorly translated into English as 'The Crowd: A Study of the Popular Mind'

Until the FAULTY "CORNERSTONE" PARADIGM by which the CRAFT of DECEPTION prospers and by which the PEOPLE PERISH in IGNORANCE and DECEPTION is CORRECTED by the EVIDENCES for the TRUE "CORNERSTONE" PARADIGM according to the PLAN, the SATANIC-TOTALITARIAN march toward the EXTINCTION of MANKIND will CONTINUE, and it's now clearly ACHIEVABLE and within their grasp, so TIME IS VERY SHORT...the "BODY OF GOD" must NOW UNITE in OBEDIENCE to the HEAD of the BODY or NO FLESH WILL BE SAVED!

In the following verses Jesus is giving us META DETAILS in regard to the "Father of Spirits" whose IMAGE of TRUTH he came to MANIFEST through his OBEDIENCE to the TRUTH PLAN as the "Son of God" and "Son of Man" in order to UNITE HIS CHILDREN in FLESH in the "SPIRIT OF TRUTH" defined by the PLAN, as the GOAL of CREATION; United as ONE SPIRITUAL "BODY" of Kings and Priests which comes out from BONDAGE to IGNORANCE and DECEPTION groomed by PSYCHOPATHS and NARCISSISTS in a "GREAT EXODUS" (for which the 1st exodus was a PATTERN to be used for our instruction), through their obedience to the SPIRIT OF TRUTH as HIS HOLY NATION according to His ANCIENT TRUTH PLAN which shall RULE MANKIND in PEACE for HIS GLORY under His NEW COVENANT KINGDOM!

The time is come when "TRUTH" worshippers must worship the "Father" in Spirit and Truth...God is Spirit and those who worship Him must do so in Spirit and in Truth. John 4:23-24

In the verses below Jesus tells us that "BECAUSE" he is "RETURNING to the Father" he would send the Spirit of Truth to us [note the LOGIC which is the LANGUAGE of TRUTH: the "son" of Truth returns to the "father" of Truth sharing the same SPIRIT of Truth as ONE TRUTH according to a TRUTH PLAN to which he was OBEDIENT as "CORNERSTONE" of the PLAN, for which WE ARE TRUTH (or "SPIRIT" of Truth) can be established as TRUE apart from AT LEAST TWO TRUE WITNESSES]. So having been GLORIFIED for his OBEDIENCE to the TRUTH PLAN of God to INHERIT ALL AUTHORITY as THE "IMAGE" of the "META TRUTH" (the Father) he GLORIFIED through HIS OBEDIENCE, he would send (communicate) to us the "Spirit of Truth" to EMPOWER US (as HIS CHILDREN "born from above" through the LOGIC of HIS PLAN) so that WE would DO "HIS WORKS"...and "even GREATER WORKS" by MANIFESTING THE TRUTH as WITNESSES (obedient "Sons" of the TRUTH) glorifying OUR FATHER, the META TRUTH "Cornerstone" of His PLAN to SAVE US so we can manifest HIS IMAGE for HIS GLORY! The TaNaKh (Old Testament) and the New Testament are TWO WITNESSES for the SAME PLAN OF GOD and both IDENTIFY the CORNERSTONE TRUTH and apart from HAMONIZING those two WITNESSES, one can only be DECEIVED regarding the TRUTH!

The expressed purpose for sending the "Spirit of Truth" to us (conveyed through the language of LOGIC which only those who LOVE TRUTH will hear) is to do JESUS' WORKS as WITNESSES for the TRUTH "so that the FATHER is GLORIFIED through the SON" (the BODY OF MESSIAH created in HIS "IMAGE" of HOLY TRUTH on earth serving Him as Kings and Priests)! What are the SPECIFIC "works" which he came to do that WE are to CONTINUE DOING? His WORK is found in his NAME! In Hebrew his name means: "YHWH saves" (as demonstrated in detail at the end of this page)! The TRUTH sets men free from DEMONIC KINGDOMS under which they SUFFER! The Father (YHWH = He Who Exists) has a PLAN to SAVE and RULE this WORLD through HIS "SONS" who GLORIFY HIM through their OBEDIENCE to the TRUTH doing His WORK (YHWH saves!) for which Jesus is the CORNERSTONE of the KINGDOM BUILDING PLAN!

My work proves my identity! Because I am returning to the Father, he who believes on me WILL DO MY WORK and even greater that the Father is glorified through the Son. Jn. 14:11-13

He who overcomes (doing my work) will INHERIT EVERYTHING (from me). I will be his God and he will be my Son. Rev. 21:7

In fact Jesus PROMISED that to one PARTICULAR "son" who "overcomes" to manifest the IMAGE of TRUTH (to unite the BODY of "Messiah" through the SPIRIT OF TRUTH which UNITES THEM under "God" as their HEAD) he will give the promise of Ps. 2:7-12

I will declare the decree which YHWH said to me: "You are my Son...ask from me and I will give you the nations as YOUR INHERITANCE... and YOU will RULE over them WITH A ROD OF IRON." Psalm 2:7-9

As we saw in the verse above (Jn. 14:11-13), "Because" Jesus "returned to the Father" (Glorified for his obedience to the father's PLAN depicted in Ps. 110), we would have the AUTHORITY to DO HIS WORK. What is Jesus work as "Cornerstone" and "Saviour"? It is to ESTABLISH the FATHER'S KINGDOM on THIS PLANET to SAVE IT and RULE OVER IT in RIGHTEOUSNESS and PEACE! So Jesus is PROMISING that this INHERITANCE RIGHT which He received from HIS FATHER he will give to THE ONE who CONTINUES DOING HIS WORK as HIS SON so that the FATHER is GLORIFIED through THE SON who will eventually become the MORNINGSTAR of the KINGDOM of God manifest on earth according to the KINGDOM BUILDING PLAN!

Even as I received from my Father (Ps. 2:7-10), the one who overcomes DOING MY WORK, I will give a rod of iron to rule over all the nations...I will also give him the Morningstar. Rev. 2:26-28

That "son" will be none other than a prophet like Moses/Elijah having the Spirit of Truth/God in Him [Deut. 18:15 & 18, Mal. 31, 3:23 (4:5), Mat. 17:11, Rev. 22:16] a.k.a. "Prince Michael" (Dan. 12:1-2) through whom God will Judge His people "face to face" as He promises in Ez. 20:34-37 and elsewhere.

My doctrine is not my own but His who sent me. If any man desires to do God's will, he will know whether or not this doctrine is from God or if I made it up myself. He that speaks of himself seeks his own glory, but he who seeks the glory of the one who sent him, the same is a true witness in whom is no injustice. Jn. 7:16-18

So ULTIMATELY the "Truth" may only be KNOWN to be "TRUE" from the CORNERSTONE PERSPECTIVE from which we RIGHTLY PERCEIVE "REALITY", the "META TRUTH" perspective, the Sentient Spirit and progenitor of all material Creation whose "IMAGE" we must manifest is "seen" in the rightly interpreted "Commands of the Father" of Creation being FLESHED OUT through the OBEDIENCE of the SON which He Promised to send to LEAD US in OBEDIENCE as "High Priest-King" according to His CREATION PLAN; a NATION of KINGS AND PRIESTS having Gods Spirit of TRUTH indwelling them and UNITING THEM as "HIS BODY" composed of many members, a.k.a. a "Temple made of LIVING STONES" by which the WORLD will be SAVED (Rom. 12:4-5, Eph. 4:13, 1 Cor. 12:12-20, Rom. 16:20). And it is through the "wisdom" or LIGHT of that SPIRIT of TRUTH that all material "reality" has its genesis and growth and within which it is held together in ORDER by the LAWS dictated by that Sentient Spirit of TRUTH (which we erroneously call the "laws of nature" rather than the laws of the SUPERNATURAL SPIRIT of the "Meta Truth" creator of our SUB "reality"!).

“All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force which brings the particle of an atom to vibration and holds this most minute solar system of the atom together. We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent mind. This mind is the matrix of all matter.” Max Planck (Nobel Prize earning Physicist)

In other words, the kingdom of material reality (our "SUB REALITY" of the "visible" material world which both beasts, and children deceived from birth, perceive as more "real" than the "spiritual reality" or META TRUTH within which we exist as within a WOMB, and which is not immediately perceived as a "reality" by the "senses" of the ignorant and rebellious in the SUB REALITY of our WOMB) has its very EXISTENCE within the SPIRITUAL KINGDOM of TRUTH and is SUBJECT TO THE LAWS of THAT SPIRITUAL KINGDOM which generates, sustains and organizes "created reality" to hold it together in ORDER, according to HIS KINGDOM LAW. All of the sciences are now pointing to this FACT.

The LAWS and LANGUAGE of the Sentient Spirit of Truth or META TRUTH are really quite SUPERNATURALLY LOGICAL and MATHEMATICAL (as the Math Genius Godel himself proves in his "Incompleteness Theorems", and as poignantly demonstrated in a "VISUAL format" through the use of more recently discovered "Mandelbrot Sets" which, if you want to skip the Math lesson, you can SEE beginning about minute 19 through about minute 35 here at youtube as an EXAMPLE to ponder). Our "set" of mathematically perceived "physical/material reality" is DEPENDENT ON and EXISTS within the REALM of an UNKNOWN "SET" of SUPERNATURAL (Spiritual) REALITY which "LAWS" rule over our SET of reality similar to the LAWS within which a computer AVATAR is CONFINED as its only perceivable "reality"!

The fields of Genetics, Psychology, History, Anthropology, Political Science, Quantum Physics, (Pure) Mathematics, Computer Science (Virtual Reality-Artificial Intelligence), Micro-Biology, Theology, Economics, Behavioral Science/Psychiatry, and Law, have those within their fields who are practically screaming for this NOW OBVIOUS "Spiritual Truth" or "META TRUTH" to be openly acknowledged as the "CORNERSTONE" or "MORNINGSTAR KING" in their fields currently controlled by the BEASTLY NARCISSISTIC SCIENTISTS who UNRIGHTEOUSLY SUPPRESS THE TRUTH to control a FRAUD NARRATIVE, in order for mankind to UNITE and PROGRESS in the "LIGHT OF TRUTH" CONTINUE "evolving" as DESIGNED by the SENTIENT SPIRIT of TRUTH which is CREATING US with PURPOSE (which I discuss in more detail here)!

The Hebrew Scriptures SPEAK ALL ABOUT that SPIRIT of TRUTH, and even DEFINES the "IMAGE" of this BEING who is CREATING US as well as the REASON for our creation; a PURPOSEFUL PLAN. In the book of Acts Paul is speaking to the Greek Philosophers in Athens and describes this Being to them as follows:

In Him we live, move, and have our very existence, as even some of your own authors have said...Acts 17:18a

The "author" Paul is clearly referencing above all others was none other than Socrates who had made the "Unkown God" known to them through his LIFE'S WORK for which he was Martyred, and to whom not only Paul but others of the New Testament authors make many references in the New Testament text, and even quote him VERBATUM in many places (as I demonstrate at the end of this page). In the verse above he was alluding to Socrates' own summary or explanation of HIS WORLD VIEW encapsulated in his famous "Cave Parable", which I append for your convenience here. But to summarize Socrates' WORLD VIEW, having lived JUST AFTER some of the 1st PROPHECIES of Daniel were fulfilled regarding the return of Israel from exile to rebuild the Temple [for which the Moshiah would be "CUT OFF" and the Temple DESTROYED in order to plunge the whole world into the DARKNESS of the "cave" bondage Socrates envisioned...and as RECOGNIZED by historians speaking of that time (of the destruction of the Temple by the Antichrist), and which I prove here did indeed take place already], he wove many of the prophecies together to develop an "allegory" whereby he gave us the BIBLICAL WORLD VIEW or "Gospel Plan" HUNDREDS OF YEARS before Jesus even came to be "CUT OFF"!

In his "GOSPEL PARABLE" which was his WORLD VIEW (which we should ALSO HAVE...and CERTAINLY NOT be ignorant about!), he equated the visible material world to a cave DUNGEON into which the "Father of Lights" would send the "SON MOST LIKE HIM" to "free the prisoners" from the DUNGEON MASTERS who are working for Satan and are using the Sun like a fire in a cave to DECEIVE; Blinding the MINDS of the people into remaining comfortable as THEIR SLAVES in the cave dungeon, and believing there is no greater "Light of Reality". So when the Son of Light most like that otherwise invisible FATHER OF LIGHTS (the SPIRIT OF TRUTH) would come into the cave controlled by the Dungeon Masters who BLIND THE MINDS of their slaves, they would not recognize the "Light" he represented, and they would murder him. Socrates talked about how this murder was the CORNERSTONE of the PLAN to SET THE PRISONERS FREE in order to establish the HEAVENLY KINGDOM PATTERN of PERFECT GOVERNMENT on earth; and as Paul tells us to "take captivity captive" (Eph. 4:8). I highly encourage you to read at least the portion I have appended here. It's couched in a very enlightening dialogue regarding having the ABILITY to SEE and distinguish between, PERFECT JUSTICE and the PERFECTLY JUST juxtapposed to PERFECT INJUSTICE and the PERFECTLY UNJUST.

It's interesting to me that Socrates, who clearly served the sentient "Spirit of Truth" and died as a Martyr for this God (to which the Athenian Philosophers had erected a monument to the "Unknown God" which Paul is teaching them about from Socrates' work), and the Bible writers speak of the same PLAN regarding how the otherwise invisible "Light of the World" whom the beastly rulers of this world OPPOSE in REBELLION, would come in flesh as a "Lion of Judah" (Hos. 5:14-6:2, Rev. 5:5-6) to manifest himself through A MAN of flesh according to HIS PLAN to UNITE HIS CHILDREN to GLORIFY HIM through their OBEDIENCE to SAVE THE WORLD from the SPIRIT OF REBELLION which took them that the Kingdom of God would be MANIFEST ON EARTH so that Gods WILL is done "on earth even as in heaven". Socrates put it this way:

"No State (governing body) can be happy which is not designed by artists imitating the heavenly pattern." Socrates, Plato's Republic book 6

Because Moses' Law DEFINES His "Image" to be recognized in the form of "Justice, Mercy, and Faith" as Jesus declared in Mat. 23:23, the founding fathers of these United States RECOGNIZED this "SPIRIT of Truth" is also the SPIRIT of LAW; the "cornerstone" upon which this nation was founded according to "The Declaration of Independence" (which itself is the preamble to the Constitution which identifies the SOURCE of AUTHORITY from which those RIGHTS are GIVEN) which specifically evokes the "God of Nature" over the "Laws of Nature", and they enshrined our RIGHTS given from that SPIRIT of Law (essentially codifying the Spirit of Truth being the ONLY legitimate authority or "King" by which the "SWORD" of Government should "NATURALLY" be weilded in SERVICE, according to the principles of Romans protect GODLY CITIZENS being formed in HIS IMAGE from SATANIC REBELLION and TYRANNY until GODS KINGDOM is MANIFEST according to the KINGDOM PLAN!). And I quote the 1st two verses of Romans 13 followed by an excerpt from the Declaration of Independence which outlines the "Authority" which the founding Fathers SERVED as King, according to the BIBLICAL PRINCIPLE of Rom. 13:

Let every soul be subject to the Higher Powers...ALL POWER IS ORDAINED FROM GOD. Therefore whosoever rebels against authority is REBELLING AGAINST THE ORDINANCES OF GOD...and they who rebel (against God) shall receive DAMNATION upon themselves. Romans 13:1-2

" becomes assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the LAWS of Nature and of Natures God entitles them... they should declare....that all men...are endowed BY THEIR CREATOR order to SECURE these RIGHTS governments are instituted among Men..." - Declaration of Independence (Preamble to the Constitution).

In other words the Declaration of AUTHORITY by which the RIGHTS outlined in the Constitution claim AUTHORITY, is based on the CODIFICATION of the "SPIRIT OF LAW" (which is the Spirit of Truth, the "GOD OF NATURE" which EVIL and REBELLIOUS MEN HATE and must DO AWAY WITH in order to ENSLAVE GODS CHILDREN through the "COLOR OF LAW" by DECEPTION, to usurp GODS AUTHORITY for THEIR REBELLIOUS PURPOSES) as the very "CORNERSTONE" of AUTHORITY and the LIVING, GUIDING FORCE which is to be SERVED by the "Governing Body" of THIS NATION, which is instituted among men to SERVE and PROTECT GODS CHILDREN from SATANIC MEN serving SATANIC GOVERNMENTS opposing the LAWS OF NATURE, by GODS DESIGN and AUTHORITY!

This EROSION of JUSTICE globally but even MORE SPECIFICALLY here in the "wilderness" of the Nations which God set up to serve him (the U.S.A.), has NATURALLY brought us to the point of JUDGEMENT, also as God designed as part of the EVOLUTION of the MANIFESTATION of HIS KINGDOM ON EARTH. Judgement will begin in His House to CLEANSE IT of REBELLION and apart from the "Body of God" UNITING IN OBEDIENCE OF FAITH, no flesh will be saved from the SATANIC REBELLION we now see manifesting IN EVERY CONCEIVABLE MANNER and in every institution (as reflected in Ps. 82 from which Jesus quoted). We must return to the old path from which we have been taken off course by those who OPPOSE GOD!

Why are the nations raging and the people protesting in vain? Because the kings of the earth have set themselves up in conspiracy together against YHWH and against His Anointed One saying; "Let's break their fetters and cast away their restraint from us." But He who sits in Heaven is laughing at them...and He will bring tribulation on them saying "I have set my King on my holy hill of Zion...Kiss the Son so you do not perish in his wrath; blessed are all who trust him!" Excerpt from Psalm 2

The Law of God is the "Schoolmaster" which defines the HOLY IMAGE of God in which we are to be conformed. Apart from recognizing the WEIGHTIER MATTERS of the LAW which IDENTIFY the HOLY SPIRIT of the Law, one CAN NOT distinguish between a HOLY SPIRIT of TRUTH (which is Just) and a DECEIVING SPIRIT of REBELLION (which is thoroughly unjust). One must look intently into the Law of Liberty and APPLY IT in order to be able to RECOGNIZE and HONOR (through obedience of FAITH) that SPIRIT of the LAW, which is also the "Spirit of Truth" Jesus ENFLESHED, and being conformed to His Image as He designed (Jam. 1:21-25). This is the very problem which faced the teachers of Israel 2000 years ago before the Temple was destroyed and the nation was taken into bondage.

The pharisees were NOT ABLE TO RECOGNIZE HIM, the very HOLY ONE of God, because they had REPLACED the WEIGHTIER MATTERS of the LAW ("Justice", "Mercy", and "Faith"; Mat. 23:23) which DEFINED HIM as the very "end GOAL of the Law" (Rom. 10:4), and they created an "IMAGE" of THEIR OWN making; as Jesus and later Paul condemned the Pharisees for not recognizing and replacing (Mat. 5:46, Mat. 23:23, Rom. 10:3). The branch of Halacha (correct legal interpretation of the Law, as its SPIRIT) which Jesus EMBODIED as the "CORNERSTONE" of the FATHERS KINGDOM which His TIMES and LAWS speak ALL ABOUT, was REJECTED and REPLACED relatively quickly after the destruction of the Temple and eventually COMPLETELY REPLACED with an ANTISEMITE FORGERY ("kingdom form") called "Christianity" by the 4th century C.E.. The IMAGE OF THE "SPIRIT of LAW" seen in GODS KINGDOM Sabbath "TIMES" had been REPLACED with an ANTISEMITE FORGERY very similarly to what the Jews at Qumran had done even prior to the Pharisees who did likewise later in conspiracy with the Antichrist Beast of Rome. To this very day men WORSHIP the ANTISEMITE BEAST as their High Priest King and Lord of the Sabbath who TOOK THEM CAPTIVE to serve his BEAST KINGDOM, as prophesied would take place.

The "Protestant Movement" is founded on trying to rediscover that "HOLY IMAGE" of the "SPIRIT of TRUTH" (which is also the Spirit of Law) which each of its sects claim exclusively to themselves, claiming erroneously that they each preach the EXACT SAME gospel Paul taught and therefore only THEIR particular sect has the "apostolic authority" to claim Gal. 1:8-9 as they condemn ALL OTHER SECTS who disagree with their particular halacha (interpretation of the "IMAGE" of the SPIRIT of TRUTH and his PLAN for us to CONFORM to HIS IMAGE). They have been SET UP by Satan to also NOT RECOGNIZE the very IMAGE of the Spirit of Truth in flesh, and to protect their own CULT from him just like the Pharisees did 2000 years ago. The difference today is that those who HONOR and OBEY that Spirit of Truth are NOT going to be rounded up and murdered as they were 2000 years ago.

Knowing in advance that these Satanic REBELS who like to pose as "Ministers of Light" and "adminstrators" of Government would INFILTRATE the congregations of God and his governing bodies in order to DECEIVE and RULE OVER Gods children, who would also introduce destructive heresies much like the Qumran Jews and later the Pharisees did, to deceive the children to do things which are NOT IN THEIR BEST INTEREST and certainly NOT GODS WILL, Jesus warned them in MANY PARABLES. He expressly declares that the "Son of Man" would come as a "thief" in a way in which they would not expect and that the UNBELIEVERS who oppose him would be CAUGHT NAKED in their REBELLION to him and he warns them to REPENT. Loving and SERVING the SPIRIT of TRUTH in humility is IMPERATIVE to not be caught OPPOSING HIM in HYPOCRISY and REBELLION!

Because they work for the Spirit of Deception which is PERFECTLY EVIL they are VERY POPULAR with the children they deceive, but a few things will "mark them" which will make them OBVIOUS at the END TIME JUDGEMENT to establish GODS GOVERNMENT according to His Kingdom Plan. The first and MOST IMPORTANT is their REFUSAL to ADMIT THE TRUTH regarding the CORNERSTONE of the deception they serve in OPPOSITION to serving the Holy Spirit of Truth identified as the CORNERSTONE of Gods META TRUTH Kingdom to be ESTABLISHED on earth, and REPENT. Since they can all be seen to serve a fraud like a "Prince with no clothes" which JUST ONE PERSON serving the "Cornerstone" of the META TRUTH KINGDOM is NOW ABLE to PROCLAIM OPENLY without being MURDERED or otherwise SILENCED BY THEM as GOD DESIGNED and PROMISED, those who REFUSE REPENTENCE will all likely be some of the most HARDENED and EVIL of NARCISSISTS who HATE TRUTH and will NEVER SUBMIT to his KINGSHIP; or they will be the victimized, Brainwashed, Trauma Bonded, and/or Apathetic MIND SLAVES, of those NARCISSIST ABUSERS who MANIPULATE them (like those who served Hitler, Stalin, Mau, Pol Pot, etc.). MIND SLAVES who have been rendered incapable of rational thought and devoid of critical thinking skills as a result of the psychological abuse now RAMPANT in their BEAST KINGDOM. Narcissists always reduce their slaves into people whose very lives are dedicated to serving their master upon whom they are completely dependent, and are incapable of doing anything else as CO-DEPENDENTS of ABUSERS. Of such narcissists Jesus says:

"when the son of man comes (to bring judgement), will he find faith on the earth?" Lk. 18:18

The Son of Man shall send forth his messengers (reapers) to gather out from his Kingdom all that offends him and all those who do evil (tares). Mat. 13:41

The Lord of those servants (who are not doing their Lords will but their own will and abusing the rest of the Lords servants) will come unexpectedly to catch them and will tear them up and cast them out with the unbelievers. The servant who knew his lord's will and didn't do it (out of fear of those wicked servants more than their Lord) will be severely punished. But the servants who didn't know his will shall receive a lighter punishment because they were kept ignorant of their Lords will. To whomever much is given more will be required and to whom men have committed much, of him they will ask the more. Luke 12:46-48

"those enemies of mine who refuse to have me rule over them, bring them here and slay them in front of me." Lk. 19:27

This is the "SIGN" of the "Son of Man" (Sheloh) which will BEGIN the GREAT EXODUS of Gods People into His New Covenant Kingdom as prophesied here:

In that day a "Root from Jesse" will stand as a "SIGN" to the people to gather the nations to him...(and in a Global Exodus) YHWH will gather his assemble lost Israel and gather the dispersed of Judah from the four corners of the earth! Isaiah 11:10-12 (Deut. 30:3, Jer. 16:14-15, Ez. 20:34-37, Dan. 7:22).

I will...gather you out from all the nations where you have been scattered...and I will bring you into the WILDERNESS of the nations (the United States-Artzot HaBrit), and I will plead with you there face to face even as I pleaded with your fathers in the wilderness of Egypt...and I will cause you to pass under the rod and bring you into the bond of the (new) covenant...Ez. 20:34-37

God's plan has always been to remove the veil between us in the realm of His material, visible CREATED Realm and Himself in the immaterial "Heavenly" ETERNAL Realm so that His Kingdom would be established on this earth through His people doing His will as His "Body" to both SAVE the world from its rebellion AND to enter into the ETERNAL Realm with Him. The "veil" of flesh being removed, we now can have DIRECT COMMUNICATION with His Conscious Mind so He may direct us as His BODY.

Just like a human body has SYSTEMS within it which COMMUNICATE with eachother mostly SUBCONSCIOUSLY through various means (eg. the homeostatic regulation of the body and its organs ie. body temperature, breathing, blood pressure, etc.) through the sympatheitic and parasympathetic nervous systems, etc. But also through CONSCIOUS means we regulate our bodies in various ways eg. the brain signals muscles to coordinate and move for a purpose planned out in advance. Such intentionally planned and executed movements are even able to train muscle memory so that the movements become almost automated with precision over time so they become like a second nature skill requiring very little, if any focused intention, similar to the nervous system once trained.

When these internal regulatory communcations between tissues, organs, muscles and the brain are disrupted in even slight ways, the effects can be immediately recognized in some form of "condition" whether or not the causes and remedies are known...and such imbalance or disruptions in the body's internal regulating communications in any of its systems can be devastating to the entire body either immediately, or eventually if left unremedied.

Though each human being may be brought into covenant with God, like the cells of our own bodies, we are not all individually and corporately consciously cognizant regarding that CONSCIOUS BEING within whom we have our existence (Acts 17:28), nevertheless we compose His Body of sorts. The Messiah is that Word of Truth, the SPEAKER who communicates to the SYSTEMS of the body of mankind to regulate them and bring them together as ONE BODY doing His Will for our Father. He is the COMMUNICATION between us and the CONSCIOUS BEING, our FATHER within whom we exist and should be united AS ONE in Him.

Please do not confuse the METAPHORS God uses to express our relationship with the CARNAL MIND (because these are SPIRITUAL and has NOTHING to do with the CARNAL Human or Beastly mind regarding SEXUALITY!), but God has been creating His "Firstborn Son" and His "Bride" called "Israel" as HIS BODY, to be ONE in, with, and through HIM who is SPIRIT to DO HIS WILL for His Glory! This is the TRUE TEMPLE of God made with LIVING STONES. The UNIFYING of these "Living Stones" will compose the LAST and GREATEST "Protestant Movement" of God on earth...when His People (the House of Judah and the House of Israel) hear and obey His voice to UNITE in the "Great Exodus" from their BONDAGE to "Mystery Babylon" to establish HIS KINGDOM as His Kings and Priests who will DEPOSE and JUDGE Satan's REBELLION on the stage of planet earth for the Glory of our FATHER!

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