Carvacrol: the active component of Oregano Oil,

is One of the BIGGEST THREATS to the GREEDY, SELF- INTERESTED, PROFIT MOTIVATED, Pharmaceutical Industry, which is feeding itself off perpetuating your illness and disease like PARASITES on the BODY of MANKIND! Big PHARMA is a POWERFUL 'MILITARY TOOL' or 'ARM' of the INTERNATIONAL BANKSTERS who want to use 'PLANDEMIC' to HIDE THEIR STRATEGIC ECONOMIC COLLAPSE, out of the ASHES of which they intend to CREATE and CONTROL our NEW WORLD ORDER! Wake UP and OBEY GODS PLAN for HIS GLORY!




***BREAKING NEWS*** KNOWLEDGE IS POWER! If you KNOW how the DECEPTION WORKS, you CAN'T BE DECEIVED! Please watch this VERY TIMELY and IMPORTANT 5 minute video from developmental Biologist Dr. Bruce Lipton on YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM and the VACCINE AGENDA which co-incides with an agenda to HIDE the IMMINENT ECONOMIC COLLAPSE! Please understand that the AVERAGE death toll attributed to the influenza (Flu) virus is 31,000 in the U.S. annually! 2 years ago there were 61,000 deaths attributed to the FLU!

In light of these FACTS, the Corona virus seems to be clearly HYPED, likely to BLAME corona and HIDE the cause of the IMMINENT ECONOMIC COLLAPSE, and to both SHIELD those who want to KEEP THEIR STOLEN RICHES AND POWER while allowing them to also POSE AS OUR SAVIOURS as they STEER US TO ACCEPT the 'NEW WORLD ORDER' they intend to RAISE OUT OF THE ASHES of the DESTRUCTION they have CAUSED! Do not be DECEIVED by these SORCERERS who are making this PREMATURE POWER GRAB out of FEAR that YOU ARE WAKING UP to WHAT THEY ARE DOING!

This documentation is to PROVE the EFFICACIOUS USE of a NATURAL REMEDY for some of the MOST COMMON and DEADLY of VIRAL and BACTERIAL strains, as an argument that this NATURAL REMEDY should not only be a FIRST 'go to' RESOURCE to be used IN PLACE OF PHARMACEUTICAL influenza VACCINES and ANTI-BIOTICS, but it should also be the focus of far more research than is currently being done!

Despite the lack of research available to tell us EXACTLY ALL we could POSSIBLY know about it, we have enough data to establish that Oregano Oil (Origanum Vulgare) is a TRUE PANACEA. In fact it's already ESTABLISHED by anecdotal evidences over thousands of years use, as well as by a few recent laboratory studies posted below, to be the most natural, the most economical, the safest, and the most powerful wide spectrum antibiotic, antiviral, antifungal and antiparasitic known to mankind! As you will see in the FEW studies that I have provided in the links below, it's effective against the following POTENTIALLY DEADLY bacterium: E-coli, Staph, MRSA, Salmonella, C-diff., Campylobacter, and Botulism just to name a few!

Sadly, because the pharmaceutical industry PROFITS ALONE (excluding R & D costs, ADMINISTRATIVE costs, ADVERTISING, EDUCATION and EXECUTIVE SALARIES) are currently nearly 100 Billion dollars per year, you will NEVER HEAR about these POWERFUL TRUTHs as long as they have money to throw in the direction of SILENCING and or COUNTERING such information with PROPAGANDA in order to ENSURE the SUSTAINABILITY of their 'BUSINESS'; their EXPONENTIALLY GROWING DEATH INDUSTRY and related PROFITS which are DEPENDENT on YOUR IGNORANCE, SUFFERING, AND DEATH while at the same time requiring your TACIT APPROVAL and SUPPORT for THEIR GROWTH and POWER AGENDA over the BODY of mankind.

Because of ignorance, my people perish...Hosea 4:6a

As a personal note, over the years I have collected both personal anecdotal experience and ANECDOTAL testimonies from friends who have used Oregano Oil, that demonstrate that NO FLU or COLD VIRUS or internal OR external BACTERIAL INFECTION (to INCLUDE MRSA) is able to resist its powerful 'DESTROYING' effects (provided it contains a minimum Carvacrol content of 70%)! As long as you have no medical contraindications to it like allergies or conlficts with any other medications you may be taking, etc. (it's in the same family as mint, thyme, basil and sage so check with your doctor or pharmacist), it's the SAFEST and MOST POWERFUL all natural wide spectrum antiviral and antibiotic known to mankind!

My source is 86% (or higher) Carvacrol content (and less than 2% Thymol). I will usually dilute 8-12 drops (as often as every 6-8 hours dependent on stage/severity, and as needed) in a Tablespoon of carrier oil like Olive or Coconut Oil and take it internally (taken after a light snack and chased by a little water 'cause it BURNS). Often if I catch it early enough, like at the onset or first suspicion of a viral or bacterial infection like a little sniffle, a cough or scratchy throat, but before any more severe symptoms like body aches or bowel discomfort, diarrhea and/or fever and viola, one dose of 8 drops and I'm cured! But even if for some reason I catch it late and begin taking it only after more severe symptoms and have to use the maximum dose of 10-12 drops 3-4 times every 24 hours, within 72 hours I'm completely well again! So far I have NEVER had to use it more than 3 times a day (every 6 hours) for 3 days, and had nothing but GOOD RESULTS for even the MOST SEVERE and SUDDEN ONSET of illness (which I believe was an otherwise LETHAL case of food poisoning, likely salmonella but possibly botulism, which came on SUDDENLY and VIOLENTLY)! You will KNOW it's working by the second day when your condition IMPROVES SIGNIFICANTLY! I also take 4 drops any time I need a prophalactic boost to my immune system, like if I'm going to be visiting hospitals or nursing homes or go into the homes of people who are ill or I'm in densly populated places or events for extended periods. In such cases I have taken 2 drops a day for 2 months with no issues. I am VERY COMFORTABLE in using Oregano Oil but I suppose everyone's system is a bit different. You should also certainly EXPERIMENT until you FEEL COMFORTABLE with it's SAFETY and EFFICACY as a PANACEA for VIRUS' and BACTERIAL INFECTIONS as well!

Now let's begin the more formal science aspect of this page with a couple of articles that sort of summarize all of the rest of the anecdotal evidences of various people's experience, and following that, all the lab studies I've compiled.

This is an article discussing the 'Vaccine industries biggest threat', Oregano Oil

This article will give you tons more information and it alludes to several of the studies I've posted below (as a side note, you can find oregano oil at Amazon far less than half the price for which it is offered here)

Afer I requested it, WalMart used to carry a brand called 'Gurunanda' which wasn't bad, but after I linked it to this page they pulled it off the shelves. Another source which has been the BEST supplier I've found over the years, is a company called Zane HELLAS in GREECE which is available and shipped through Amazon here (I notice there's some sort of anomoly going on with this link/source now also, so beware!); they offer a spectrolosis to GUARANTEE the CARVACROL content of each batch. If I were you, wanting to secure a supplier for Oregano Oil for my use and that of family and friends, I would find SEVERAL GOOD SOURCES which ship directly from the Mediterranean where ORIGANUM VULGARE is WILD HARVESTED and STEAM DISTILLED. There are plenty of good sources in France, Italy, Greece, and Turkey. You can also purchase seeds, cultivate, and steam distil your own!

Now for some of the actual research studies:


This study demonstrates the efficacy of Oregano Oil on E-coli

This study demonstrates the efficacy of Oregano Oil against E-coli

This study demonstrates the efficacy of Oregano Oil on E-coli

This study demonstrates the efficacy of Oregano Oil on E-coli

This is a study proving the efficacy of Oregano Oil on Staph infections (Staphylococcus bacterium)

This is a journal article discussing the anectodotal findings of Medical professionals in third world settings (India) regarding the efficacy of Oregano Oil to kill MRSA (drug resistant Staphylococcus or 'Staph' infection)!

This is another journal article discussing the ability of Oregano Oil to Kill MRSA (drug resistant Staphylococcus or 'Staph' infection)


This study demonstrates the efficacy of Oregano Oil for killing Salmonella bacterium (food poisoning)

This study proves the efficacy of Oregano Oil to kill Salmonella, specifically on stainless steel food prep surfaces

This study demonstrates the efficacy of Oregano Oil specific to plastic containers/surfaces (Polypropalene)

This study demonstrates that Oregano Oil kills C-diff

This study demonstrates that Oregano Oil kills Campylobacter (worlds most common food poisoning bacteria)

This study demonstrates that Oregano Oil kills Campylobacter (food poisoning bacteria)

This study discusses carvacrol inhibibiting growth of Botulism

Oregano Oil DESTROYS VIRUS' and viral infections:

This study demonstrates the efficacy of Oregano Oil against 5 different viral infections of Humans and mice

This study demonstrates the efficacy of Oregano Oil on a VIRUS (specifically the Murine Norovirus in lab mice)

Here's another study on the efficacy of Oregano Oil on viral infections (Murine Norovirus in lab mice)

Here's another study on the efficacy of Oregano Oil to destroy viral infections (Murine Norovirus in lab mice)

This is a sort of hub link to other research done on viral and bacterial infections with an interest in preventing biological warfare on citizens by big pharma and/or military

Oregano Oil kills PARASITES

This study proves Oregano Oil kills the intestinal parasite Giardia

This study shows that Oregano Oil kills Tapeworm larvae

Oregano oil kills FUNGI

This study demonstrates Oregano Oil kills Candida Albicans

This study shows that Oregano Oil kills Candida fungi

Finally, some of the most DAMNING of evidences of the GREED and CORRUPTION of the PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY come INADVERTENTLY right out of the mouth of Stanley Plotkin (A.K.A. the GODFATHER of VACCINES) during a videotaped court deposition done recently for the Circuit Court in Oakland County, Michigan. In this deposition he admits to the Billions of dollars the industry makes annually (and the unspecified Millions he himself has personally made).He also admits to the lack of any studies being done to assure there is no link between vaccinations (or their ingredients) and the apparent rise in Autism, or their possible association with other illness AND DEATH. While at the same time admitting that there are NO STUDIES being done to rule out vaccines as a link to the rise in autism and other related syndromes and death in a significant percentage of recipients, he also admits to his own part in creating PROPAGANDA ORGANIZATIONS (at least one) which he expressly stated were designed to counter the 'anti-vaxers' by 'proving them wrong'...this of course is aided by the fact that there is NO WILL ON THE PART OF THE INDUSTRY TO EVEN KNOW if they are wrong or not. The ONE company in question was also set up to APPEAR that there was no 'conflict of interest' by receiving any DIRECT funding from any Pharmaceutical company. It's all PARLOR TRICKS and ILLUSION with these DRUG SORCERERS!

He also admits that despite the fact that "only 2" healthy Human fetuses aborted after the first trimester were used to create the MRC-5 and WI-38 diploid cell strains used in the creation of at least 4 vaccines being used today, and Human Albunim is an INGREDIENT of these vaccines, there were obviously UNSPECIFIED hundreds, thousands, or POTENTIALLY HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of such healthy aborted baby's CHOPPED INTO TINY PIECES in order to develop that line of 'only two' strains; and RESEARCH CONTINUES USING HEALTHY BABY FETUSES TO THIS VERY DAY!.

The entire 9 part video taped court deposition (each segment about 1 hour long), can be found on youtube beginning with the 1st section here. Here's a link to the entire written transcript of the deposition. I just want to pull up one quote from that lengthy expose as an end note, here.

On page 345 line 6 of the transcript the attorney for plaintiff asks:

"Are you aware that one of the objections to vaccination by the Plaintiff in this case is the inclusion of aborted fetal tissue in the development of vaccines and the fact that it's actually a part of the ingredients of vaccines?"

to which Plotkin responds in line 11:

"Yea, I'm aware of those objections. The Catholic Church has actually issued a document on that which says that individuals who need the vaccine should receive the vaccines, regardless of the fact, and I think it implies that I am the individual who will go to hell because of the use of aborted tissues, which I am glad to do."

Here's a short video clip of Plotkin answering this question at about minute 5:08

I would like to point out the inadvertant admission that there was NO REASON for believing that aborted fetal tissues COULD even be used. Apparently some SATANIST at a meeting said one day 'hey, let's not only get these women to elect to murder their own babies, but LET'S FIND A WAY TO MAKE MONEY ON IT AND INVOLVE THE WHOLE HUMAN POPULATION BY PUTTING IT IN THEIR VACCINES AS A 'NECESSARY' INGREDIENT (AND ALSO IN OUR FOOD!). The following admission in that same section of the video tape, beginning at about 2:45 is:

'The idea was to study the cell strains from fetuses TO DETERMINE WHETHER OR NOT THEY COULD BE USED TO MAKE VACCINES."

It seems to be quite a CONVENIENT RELATIONSHIP between those SATANIC 'TARES' who POSE AS PRIESTS OF GOD giving absolvtion from GUILT to those they DIRECT to SUPPORT creating a SUPPLY DEMAND FOR ABORTIONS (murder of babies) in order to continue 'RESEARCH and DEVELOPMENT' for SATANIC ATHEISTS who are PLAYING GOD (and who don't mind 'going to hell' for it) while KEEPING YOU IGNORANT OF THE TRUTH, and even USING PROPAGANDA TO DECEIVE YOU REGARDING TRUTH as CAUGHT ADMITTING in THIS DEPOSITION! May I suggest they're ALL probably HIGHLY INVESTED in MEDICAL and PHARMACEUTICAL 'R & D' frauds, administrative frauds, propaganda frauds, and even STOCK FRAUDS doled out to INVESTERS, which all exist and are competely DEPENDENT ON YOUR IGNORANCE of how things REALLY WORK in this GODLESSLY CORRUPT SYSTEM, to include THESE OPEN SACRIFICES TO SATAN, in order for them to LIVE LUXURIOUSLY in their current 'heaven on earth', which is a HELL ON EARTH they are creating for the rest of us!



'The CDC is actually a vaccine company' Robert F. Kennedy Jr


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