In an age of UNIVERSAL DECEPTION, telling the TRUTH becomes a REVOLUTIONARY ACT! George Orwell-1984?




Summary and Call to Action through recognition of:

Ha Biccur = The 'First Born'

(& 'First Fruit') of God!


We will BRIEFLY outline the CONTROVERSY over the INHERITANCE and AUTHORITY RIGHTS of the 'FIRST BORN' of God on the STAGE of PLANET EARTH, whom God would PROVIDE as an ATONING SACRIFICE to REDEEM His creation from the ERROR of the SERPENTS REBELLION and ESTABLISH GODS KINGDOM of SAINTS ON EARTH to RULE and BLESS all the NATIONS, according to the TORAH PLAN. We shall begin with Man-Adam.

We are beginning with Man, not because he is the first creation of God, but because it would be THROUGH a "SON of MAN" that God would REDEEM ALL CREATION from the ERROR of REBELLION. Through HIS 'RIGHTFUL FIRSTBORN SON', whom GOD WOULD SEND to become the TRUE 'LIGHT' of the WORLD, our MESSIAH and KING who HAS CONQUERED the FALSE LIGHT OF THE WORLD through his OBEDIENCE to the FATHER'S PLAN for CREATION, we would be SET FREE from the REBELLION!

In this link we have already covered where the SERPENTS REBELLION, which precipitated a NEED for a 'Messiah to FREE US, has it's origin...even before man was created, according to the PLAN. We discussed there how the FIRST CREATED CHERUB exalted his BRILLIANCE against God and CORRUPTED his WISDOM through REBELLION to Gods WORD. He stretched forth his hand to TAKE what did not rightfully belong to him, the right to RULE planet earth. God knew even before creating him that he would REBEL and had a PLAN to REDEEM those the serpent would deceive to obey his word IN PLACE of GODS WORD of TRUTH who would be VICTORIOUS over Satan's Kingdom of DECEPTION and CORRUPTION, according to the PLAN!

For the CURRENT FOCUS of unfolding this PLAN to REDEEM CREATION through a "SON of MAN" who would RESTORE AUTHORITY to the TRUE GOD on the STAGE of HUMANITY through his OBEDIENCE even to DEATH as an AKEDAH (sacrifice to God), for ALL DECEIVED CREATION to recognize on their MATERIAL 'STAGE', like in a COURT ROOM DRAMA, we shall begin with the first MAN-ADAM and his wife Eve (from whom the promised 'SEED' of the 'Son of Man' and "Second Adam" would come to CRUSH the serpents head and FREE MANKIND from DECEPTION) who was taken captive in REBELLION to GODS WORD by the SERPENT. It is for THIS SIN that God promised to send a 'SECOND ADAM' to OBEDIENTLY ENFLESH the SPIRIT of GODS WORD/TORAH (Messiah/Memra/Adam Kadmon/Metatron) to be RECOGNIZED by HIS NATION of SAINTS and SECURE THEIR OBEDIENCE on the day of HIS POWER (Ps. 110:1-3). Let's quickly review the provenance or 'lineage' of the PROMISE of GOD to provide a REDEEMING SACRIFCE (Codified as Law and pictured significantly in the Passover and 1st portion of the Atonements by Moses in later revelation) to temporarily COVER the exposed sin of His saints in the worlds kingdom of rebellion serving the 'WORLD'S PHARAOH,' beginning with Adam.

Adam and Eve had temporary coverings of skins provided them by God, to COVER their exposed rebellion, the CRAFT of the SERPENT. Abel, recognizing a sacrifice had to be made to provide clothing of skins, emulated faith in Gods Plan by sacrificing the FIRSTBORN of his Lambs (Gen. 4:4). Cain, the firstborn son of Adam, sacrificed his brother Abel because he was jealous that his brothers FAITH in God, manifest through his sacrifice of FIRST BORN LAMBS, had SECURED GODS FAVOR. Cain had been deceived by the serpents CRAFT to obey the God of this world in REBELLION to Gods plan to REDEEM HIM, in which Abel's deed had expressed HIS FAITH IN GOD. The 'Son of Man' which God FAVORED was sacrificed by the WICKED son as part of Gods PLAN He was UNFOLDING FOR US; a Plan to REDEEM MANKIND from the power of DEATH, into whose power the first MAN had SUBMITTED through REBELLION to God in IGNORANCE through DECEPTION! This is what God wanted us to LEARN from this event as expressed by the writer of Hebrews 12:24. This would be done through FAITH when righteous men like Abraham would have to WONDER: 'where is the JUSTICE of God in that event?' Which leads us to the next event or learning lesson of Gods UNFOLDING PLAN.

The next event which sort of completes this ANTE TYPICAL PICTURE we have for human history is in Noah. This is the first place where we see a REDEMPTION of the RIGHTEOUS on the heels of the DESTRUCTION of the WICKED; a sort of pre-codification of a spiritual 'Atonements Sacrifice' taking place to DESELECT EVIL and SELECT for God's 'Chosen People' through ATONING REDEMPTION. So one could say that with the sacrifice of the rightous son Abel as a sort of 'Passover Lamb', and 1st goat in the Atonements Sacrifice to allow the wicked to be released like the 2nd Goat of the Atonements, the earth suffered under the flourishing of evil until the 2nd Goat of the Atonements Sacrifice was bound/removed through death (pushed off a cliff into the abyss) by their being drowned in flood.

One could also say that with Noah's salvation and the destruction of the Antedeluvian world, we see God intervening to DIRECT the POSITIVE 'evolution' of Man to be conformed to an IMAGE of GODS DESIGN rather than that of the REBELLION of the SERPENT. Like a herdsman might SELECT those from his flock who will breed to continue the flocks (and deselecting those unwanted strains which would DIE OFF), God SELECTED Noah as the FATHER of the NEW WORLD of MANKIND. Noah was the BICCUR (firstborn) selected by God as the INHERITOR of the 'NEW WORLD ORDER' in the next STAGE of the DEVELOPMENTAL GROWTH of MANKIND into Gods perfect IMAGE, as designed from the foundation of the world. But the process of forming the IMAGE of God in Man that God desires was not complete.

We see that some of the same SPIRITUAL DEFECTS survived through Noah's son Ham who re-introduced them into THIS CURRENT WORLD SYSTEM which shall soon undergo ANOTHER 'SELECTED EVOLUTION' according to the PLAN. Since then God has given us even MORE DETAILS regarding the BICCUR to be SELECTED for the LAST 'NEW WORLD ORDER' we are about to enter, in regard to the SECOND/FINAL 'ADAM' and his 'seed', if you will. We shall see this as we continue to follow the 'SCARLET THREAD' of REDEMPTION through the BLUEPRINT of the BIBLE [tying the redemption SEED (ZERAH) of JUDAH and the fruitful branch (Ephraim) of Joseph, the BICCUR of God to whom Judah's donkey of prophecy is tied, TOGETHER in a PASSOVER of SALVATION through the WOMAN OF FAITH, Rahab who gives birth to the Prince to come from BOTH LINES of Joseph AND Judah, for Judah's BREECH who would RULE as KING on DAVIDS ETERNAL THRONE; the LION of JUDAH, the EPHRATHITE!]. But I'm getting ahead of myself again. The next account where we are given more details to follow this SCARLET THREAD of ATONING REDEMPTION of Gods PLAN is through Abraham.

For Abraham's OBEDIENCE borne of FAITH IN GOD who is forming his character in His Image as the Father of our Faith in Gods BICCUR (firstborn) PROMISE, he is promised that he will be the father of many nations. But specifically he will be the father of a SPIRITUAL NATION which would CONQUER the worlds PHARAOH and his Government of WILLING SLAVES who serve him as God in REBELLION to GOD. This 'nation' to conquer the world's Pharaoh would come through a MIRACULOUS SON of SPIRITUAL PROMISE, the BICCUR. As seen in the AKEDAH (binding of Isaac to be slain on what came to be codified later as 'Passover'), this MIRACLE CHILD from GOD would be a PASSOVER SACRIFICE which would 'GIVE BIRTH' (through FAITH IN GOD) to the SPIRITUAL NATION 'ISRAEL' as God's FIRSTBORN SON who INHERITS the PROMISES and the RIGHT to RULE and BLESS ALL THE NATIONS of the world for GOD'S GLORY through their OBEDIENCE OF FAITH in the GOD of ISRAEL. Israel means: RULER OF GOD! As I have demonstrated previously, the very purpose of the CREATION of MAN is to EXPOSE and CONQUER the world's PHARAOH and RULE THE WORLD for Gods Glory through their OBEDIENCE! Now let's develop this PLAN in even more unfolded DETAIL.

I have already covered in other places, and in greater detail, that Isaac was born on what came to be codified later as 'Passover Day' as a TEACHING TOOL for us, Gods SAINTS. The sages of Israel have also discussed this in GREAT DETAIL (often losing focus in the plethora of opinions). So we will briefly touch on the FACTS as regards our FOCUS. Abraham was told he would have a NATION of people who would be a blessing to ALL NATIONS, which would come through a MIRACULOUS BIRTHED CHILD of GODS PROMISE (a nation which would be enslaved and would come out of their world bondage in JUDGEMENT on their enslavers; another sort of 'atonement', when the REJECTED 'passover lamb' which brought them there, like Joseph to Egypt, is recognized as commanded).

Abraham believed God for this promise as reflected in his willingness to take the SEED of promise from which that NATION PROMISE would come forth, to Mt. Moriah to be SLAIN as a 'Passover' SACRIFICE (on his 'birthday'...signifying the very REASON God gave him as a MIRACLE BIRTHED CHILD OF PROMISE) in OBEDIENCE to the GOD who GAVE HIM THE PROMISES. In this event we recognize Abraham as the FATHER of our FAITH in GODS PROMISE to provide REDEMPTION for MANKIND from their BONDAGE to the WORLDS PHARAOH who would enslave them... and of the promise of VICTORY on the heels of that world Pharaohs DESTRUCTIOIN for GODS GLORY, according to the PLAN, which God had in mind BEFORE the SERPENT was even created.

Abraham demonstrated his FAITH that God would RAISE THE PROMISED SEED (the BICCUR and 'Passover Lamb') from DEATH as the 'FIRST FRUIT' (BICCUR-waive sheaf) in order to KEEP HIS FIRST PROMISE of 'MANY SEED' which would come from HIM to be UNITED as a NATION which would come out of BONDAGE to the world pharaoh and BLESS ALL NATIONS as Gods 'FIRSTBORN SON', according to Gods PLAN which He's been showing us from the FOUNDATION OF THE WORLD! God was using this event as a TEACHING TOOL and he provided a TEMPORARY SACRIFICE to cover Isaac as a sacrifice IN HIS STEAD, until the ONE COMES for which Isaac (and Abel) was a mere shadow, and the rest is history as they say. From Isaac, the 'MIRACLE CHILD' of GOD (partially fulfilling the promise of Gen. 3:15), came TWO diametrically OPPOSING 'SEED of a WOMAN'. Esau and Jacob: Fraternal (di-zygotic) TWINS. One would come to ENFLESH the SPIRIT of FAITHLESS REBELLION TO GOD (in a final 'world pharaoh' weoponized world system built in secret through deception and corruption) and the other, OBEDIENCE borne of FAITH which would save the world from this Pharaohnic Haman according to Gods BLUEPRINT.

Esau was the older, stronger, more charismatic brother who held sway over the minds of men as a LEADER, a Serpent of a Man. He was a DECEIVER and a HUNTER who through his CRAFT of DECEPTION and the VIOLENCE of his SWORD, he would epitimize the SPIRIT of the the world's Serpent God Pharaoh attempting to STEAL A RIGHT TO RULE that DOES NOT BELONG TO HIM. This ARCHETYPE would be represented later in flesh by the line of Amelek/Haman who would Join himself to Judah and Israel through DECEPTION as a TRAITOR IN THEIR MIDST until the LIGHT OF GOD rises on HIS PLOT to BETRAY AND DESTROY GODS PEOPLE in order to SUDDENLY EXPOSE HIM FOR JUDGEMENT.

But that's another whole story in itself that we'll revisit later as we develop the 2nd half of the ATONEMENTS SACRIFICE God is showing us must take place for the DIRECTED EVOLUTION of HIS CHOSEN PEOPLE (and the DESELECTION of sorcerous and rebellious HAMANITE criminals) according to the PLAN. We don't want to lose track of our focus of the BICCUR PROMISE which comes through the sacrifice of the 1st half of the Atonements which is closely associated with the PASSOVER and the Akedah (binding of Isaac as a sacrifice), which came through Isaac to Jacob, the second born and seemingly insignificant son God had selected as His BICCUR-firstborn to INHERIT the WORLD (as opposed to the Worlds deceiver who would attempt to steal it represented in Esau/Haman). .

In order for God to FRUSTRATE the corrupted WISDOM of the REBEL (Serpent/Satan/Edom/Haman) who is attempting to STEAL the right of authority to rule earth through his SORCERY and CORRUPTION, God had to SEPARATE the SWORD and ROD to RULE from the BIRTHRIGHT! God gave the SWORD to ESAU and the ROD to JUDAH [who ESAU (Haman) would DECEIVE by his CRAFT and SWORD to attempt to steal the ROD of AUTHORITY as an IDENTITY THIEF] and the BIRTHRIGHT he gave to ISRAEL/JOSEPH/ Ephraim (betrayed by Judah and taken captive by 'Jezebel' the DAUGHTER of 'mystery BABYLON' who is attempting to STEAL ISRAELS BIRTHRIGHT/COVENANT), until He JOINS the TWO HOUSES of TRUE JUDAH and TRUE ISRAEL TOGETHER in the END DAYS to EXPOSE the IMPOSTER (HAMANITE) AHAB and his imposter wife JEZEBEL!

God gave us HIS WILL in the LEGAL DOCUMENT of the BIBLE and the RIGHT of GODS FIRSTBORN SON to RULE the WORLD clearly goes from Israel Ex. 4:22, through Joseph 1 Chron. 5:2 to Ephraim Jer. 31:9 and ultimately to 'sheloh' from David so JUDAH may be graffed back in to ISRAEL after ESAU/HAMAN deceived him to REBEL, and give to Sheloh the SCEPTOR (of TORAH) he was to carry OBEDIENTLY through diaspora until THAT TIME. When JUDAH is GRAFFED BACK TOGETHER WITH ISRAEL, Esau (Edom/Amelek/Haman) will be LEFT EXPOSED FOR JUDGEMENT because of REBELLION TO GODS PLAN and attempting to STEAL A BIRTHRIGHT that doesn't BELONG TO JUDAH or the HARLOT of MYSTERY BABYLON, JEZEBEL!

But we will come back to Amelek/Haman as the EMBODIMENT of the SPIRIT of the WORLD'S final PHARAOH like an AHAB and HIS PEOPLE, the HARLOT of MYSTERY BABYLON (Jezebel) which shall be DESTROYED by the CHILDREN OF PROMISE in the 2nd portion of the ATONEMENTS SACRIFICE (the 'deselection' or SACRIFICE for the NEXT STAGE in the directed evolution of Mankind), later. Let's continue tracing the SCARLET THREAD of GODS REDEMPTION [pictured in Judah's BREECH with TAMAR tied to the betrayal of Joseph, through 'Ephraim', his fruitful branch Ephraim/Joshua/Elimelech] through Jacob to whom the RIGHT of the BICCUR of the 'NEW WORLD ORDER' belongs by Gods DESIGN.

Jacob is renamed Israel, which means 'integrity of authority' or 'RULER OF GOD', and this is very important in relationship to keeping our focus on the BICCUR (rightful RULER over Gods firstborn son, ISRAEL). Like Isaac, I have covered Israel and his promised seed in greater detail elsewhere so I will briefly cover it here. The Promise of the SEED of Israel was given to Joseph and his smaller son, Ephraim. Judah (deceived by Satan as epitomized in Haman to be removed to redeem Judah, later) took the sceptor to rule over the other boys from Joseph, with the consent of the other brothers. But as Joseph points out later, God had intended to use Judah's evil for God's good. Ultimately it is to EXPOSE AMELEK/HAMAN for the 2nd half of the ATONEMENTS SACRIFICE with the UNIFICATION of the 2 houses of Judah and Joseph under the MESSIAH when his IDENTITY IS FINALLY RECOGNIZED according to the TORAH LAW!

So God DIVIDED the SCEPTOR/SWORD of the PROMISE from the INHERITANCE RIGHTS when he TIED the promise of the SCEPTOR to Judah until the end days when EDOM and the SWORD of Amelek/Haman would be FERRETED OUT for their TREACHEROUS REBELLION by the finally IDENTIFIED KING OF ISRAEL and HIS 'OVERCOMER', the 'SON OF MAN' who would JOIN the house of Judah and the house of Israel together as ONE HOUSE FOREVER under the ETERNAL KING, GODS LIVING WORD/TORAH, as the TRUE 'LIGHT OF THE WORLD' as designed before creating Satan as a DECEIVING 'light of the world' which REBELLIOUS MEN like ESAU/AMELEK/HAMAN would CHOOSE to serve as 'God' in REBELLION to God until JUDGEMENT DAY when Judah SEES THE TRUE LIGHT OF THE WORLD in THE TORAH! But I'm getting a bit ahead of myself again here.

So the PROMISED SEED of 'ISRAEL' (God's RULER) would come through Joseph/Ephraim and the SCEPTOR between JUDAH's feet would be delivered into the HAND of the overcomer 'cut off' by his brothers from the FRUITFUL BOUGH to whom Judah's donkey is TIED in PROPHETIC PROMISE (Gen. 49:11)! In fact we see that Joshua is the 'overcomer' who conquers Canaan. The epoch of the 'Kingdom of Israel', a nation of people to be Wed with the LAND, BEGAN with entering the land and the destruction of Jericho as Passover ended. The harlot Rahab hung a SCARLET ROPE out her window as the SIGN of her FAITH in Israel to REDEEM HER from the destruction that would come on the SLAVE CITY of Jericho, a 'scarlet thread' of deliverance from destruction. She was SAVED by her FAITH in GODS PROMISE of PASSOVER REDEMPTION and ended up marrying Joshua, the Prince of Ephraim a few years later. They had 2 boys together before he died leaving her a widow with small children who would then marry Salmon the Prince of Judah [the son selected by God to atone for JUDAH'S (zachai's) 'BREECH', those who come later as the TRUE 'SEED' (zerah) of JUDAH recognizing the SON slain from PERETZ whose garments were washed in the blood of grapes from the fruitful bough of Joseph/Ephraim/Joshua, having the scarlet thread of prophetic VISION or RECOGNITION tied to their wrist, symbolically speaking] for whom she bore Boaz (Mat. 1:5). Boaz raised the seed of PERETZ (BREECH, the one who 'broke through' suddenly and unexpectedly) to his DECEASED HALF BROTHER from EPHRAIM, the FRUITFUL BOUGH of JOSEPH! This is WHERE the SCARLET THREAD of RAHABS FAITH and her son from Judah who holds the sceptor is TIED through the donkey of prophecy to her Firstborn Son from the FRUITFUL BOUGH, Josephs fruitful bough (Ephraim) to bring forth the DAVIDIC LINE and the promised 'PASSOVER LAMB' MESSIAH who would be REJECTED as a son of 'Joseph' and RAISED to POWER as the King to sit on DAVIDS THRONE as HIS SEED at Gods right hand (Ps. 110), the true 'LIGHT' of the WORLD, to be RECOGNIZED by JUDAH at time of JUDGEMENT on the the worlds 'PHARAOH' (SERPENT/HAMAN/SATAN) and the JOINING of the HOUSE OF JOSEPH and the HOUSE OF JUDAH together as ONE HOUSE OF ISRAEL, the FIRSTBORN SON OF GOD and our EXODUS into the NEW COVENANT KINGDOM PROMISE of a NEW WORLD ORDER!

He is the INHERITOR of ALL the RIGHTS and FIRSTBORN PROMISES of father ISRAEL through Joseph, Ephraim, Joshua and the SCEPTOR from JUDAH tied to HIM through BOAZ who raised up SEED to the PRINCE of EPHRAIM, Joshua (same name as Jesus in Hebrew)! As he did before Joseph in Egypt, JUDAH (and ALL ISRAEL) will BOW BEFORE GODS CHOSEN SON seated at HIS RIGHT HAND in the END DAYS, in order to ENTER the BOND of the NEW COVENANT KINGDOM because it's TO HIM that the RIGHT TO RULE BELONGS (sheloh)! He would be recognized as the PROMISED REDEEMING SACRIFICE who would come through JUDAH'S OWN LOINS as a 'firstborn son' that would be SLAIN and RAISED in POWER as the BICCUR OF GOD to His RIGHT HAND, even as David recognized through his deep meditations on the LAW OF GOD and the DIVINE MISSION of MANKIND to be created in GOD'S IMAGE (Ps. 110) to DESTROY the WORLDS PHARAOH who would be recognized as SPIRITUAL AMALEKITES (Hamanites descended from Esau) MASCARADING in BOTH HOUSES of JUDAH and JOSEPH/ISRAEL. Servants of the SERPENT/SATAN the worlds PHARAOH who deceives ISRAEL like JEZEBEL who usurped AHABS AUTHORITY to keep ISRAEL SUFFERING and DIVIDED in REBELLION TO GOD! Cutting off ALL REBELS from the HOUSE OF ISRAEL (CHRISTIANS) AND JUDAH (JEWS) according to GODS PLAN in order to UNITE the TWO HOUSES under GODS LIVING TORAH KING GLORIFIED at His RIGHT HAND, is where we are NOW in the PLAN for creating MANKIND.

Today we are faced with TECHNOLOGIES like CRISPR, which in it's simplest terms essentially puts the ABILITY in the hands of MEN to SELECT/DESELECT the GENETICS of the SPECIES of mankind. Like dogs and horses (as well as domestic livestock like cattle, sheep and chickens) have been Genetically manipulated through BREEDING over CENTURIES, Mankind has the ability to make SIGNIFICANT GENETIC CHANGES in the SPECIES of ANY BIOLOGICAL CREATURE to include man himself, that are INHERITABLE FOREVER AFTER using this technology! Mankind has the ABILITY to COMPLETELY GENETICALLY RE-ENGINEER the HUMAN SPECIES, even making him UNRECOGNIZABLE from what we have always been. The technology itself is now READILY AVAILABLE and EASILY ACCESSABLE and there are many around the world [like the Chinese Red Dragon is using on their Military, which the Catholic Harlot is now RIDING using Jesuit trained politicians (and Biotech engineers) now caught betraying the U.S. and other nations in their final bid for world domination] ALREADY USING IT in OPEN SECRET (because the Scientific Community openly condemns it's use for GERM (INHERITABLE) gene editing until SERIOUS ETHICAL CONCERNS have been addressed, as brought forward in part at last years Science Fair)! These are the very ETHICAL CONCERNSaddressed by my own work before CRISPR technology was ever created, and which go back to the ANCIENT 'ATLANTIAN' (Iran/Aryan) RELIGION of the Catholic Church which brought Hitler to power in Germany for the THIRD REICH attempt at world domination. These RELIGIOUSLY INSANE GOD PLAYING SATANISTS are STILL DECEIVING mankind to do SATANS BIDDING to create a world where JEWS (and any Christian which would aid side with them) are ANIHILATED and they do it with YOUR ASSISTANCE through DECEPTION in GODS NAME! Not only did the God of TRUTH tell us THEIR PLAN, but He also gave us HIS PLAN of SALVATION to OBEY by which they will be EXPOSED and BROUGHT TO JUSTICE which, as the BODY of the SAVIOUR, the BODY OF GOD and having the MIND OF MESSIAH, we are created to OBEY for GODS GLORY and the SALVATION OF MANKIND! Apart from the BODY OF GOD rising up in OBEDIENCE TO HIS WILL, NO flesh will be SAVED!

As pointed out in this chapter, there are SPIRITUAL AMALEKITES/HAMANITES (demonic spirits working through flesh men) who have been attempting to SHAPE YOUR PERCEPTION OF 'REALITY' using ILLUSIONS of TRUTH, who have been working SECRETLY to WEAPONIZE a WORLD SYSTEM using all of the subsystems of MEDICAL, Banking, Education, Military and RELIGIOUS SYSTEMS for the purpose of selecting/deselecting INDIVIDUAL participation in the system which ALL HUMANITY will be using with THEM REMAINING IN CONTROL!

Do we allow these GOD HATING AMALEKITES/HAMANITES, who want to DESTROY GODS IMAGE IN MANKIND as they did in the ANTEDELUVIAN WORLD to continue USURPING OUR AUTHORITY as OUR NOW ESTABLISHED GOD GIVEN RIGHT, and HIS MANIFEST 'LIVING WILL', to TAKE authority of a RIGHT that DOES NOT BELONG TO THEM to DECEIVE AND DESTROY MANKIND FOR THEIR SELFISH PLEASURE, as THEY DID ONCE ALREADY? Do we allow them to use CRISPR technology to TARGET the 'God Gene' for EXTINCTION in the species, or even creating 'super soldiers' as China is currently doing, for example, or do we TAKE THE AUTHORITY which GOD HAS GIVEN US as HIS SHEPHERDS over MANKIND, AWAY FROM THEM in order to ENSURE GODS IMAGE WILL BE FORMED IN MANKIND according to HIS DESIGN PLAN as we have been MANDATED TO DO? Doing NOTHING while waiting for God to do it, as Satan has DECEIVED MAN TO DO, does NOT SERVE GOD but SATAN!

Do we allow Satan to DECEIVE the children using RELIGION or SCIENCE or the MEDICAL INDUSTRY or through WARCRAFT, to think GOD WANTS TO DESELECT THEM from the BODY of MANKIND in order to allow Satan to have FULL DOMINION over the BODY of MANKIND, contrary to GODS WILL, merely because the MASSES HAVE BOUGHT INTO THEIR SATANIC LIES using their CONTROLLED MEDIA? Are we not MANDATED to TAKE A STAND against SATAN like Moses did Pharaoh? We are at a place where MANKIND will now be making these GOD LIKE DECISIONS in regard to our FUTURE/EVOLUTION, as God Himself designed for us for HIS GLORY. We must RECOGNIZE the SPIRIT of the SERPENT/EDOM/AMELEK/HAMAN is attempting to STEAL that RIGHT from GODS CHOSEN, and DESELECT THEIR IMAGE FROM THE FLOCKS OF MANKIND using the very GALLOWS THEY BUILT FOR US! Is there NO PROPHET like MOSES/ELIJAH we are to RALLY BEHIND in OBEDIENCE TO GODS PLAN TO UNITE US UNDER HIS LIVING TORAH 'WORD' AS 'KING'?

Recognizing there IS a SATANIC AGENDA of SPIRITUAL HAMANITES working together like AHAB (over Judah) and JEZEBEL (over Israel) which has INFILTRATED BOTH HOUSES OF ISRAEL (Jews = Judah & Christians = Jezebel) and have created a DIVIDED KINGDOM and a WEAPONIZED WORLD SYSTEM to DESTROY the FAITHFUL SPIRITUAL SEED OF GOD from BOTH HOUSES in order to STEAL THE WORLD, is where we are in this PROCESS of DIRECTED EVOLUTION. The HAMANITE PLOT must be recognized for what it really is and his Plot and the WEAPONIZED SYSTEM he and his conspirators have created for us SAINTS, must be USED ON HIM AND HIS CONSPIRATORS instead; beginning at the TOP TIER MANAGERS of the SYSTEM and working down! No flesh will survive otherwise. We are faced with man's EXTINCTION for REBELLION to GOD, OR his SALVATION and EVOLUTION in a NEW WORLD ORDER for their OBEDIENCE TO GOD.

Ahab epitomizes the WICKED KING who would MARRY a JEZEBEL. This WICKED KING who married ROME, the 'DAUGHTER OF (mystery) BABYLON', was a SERVANT to AMALEKITES (Edomites who had converted to Judaism as IMPOSTER JEWS and were sitting in all the seats of power in Israel, and who wanted to 'BREAK ISRAELS YOKE off their neck' as prophesied, Gen. 27:40) who took the VIRGIN DAUGHTER of ZION CAPTIVE after she gave birth to the MESSIAH who they MURDERED in the CONSPIRACY together, as God TOLD US IN ADVANCE would take place ACCORDING TO THE PLAN! This CONSPIRACY against God is also known as the "SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN" who POLYCARP identified as morphing into what came to be called the 'ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH'! It is this ANTISEMITE CONSPIRACY and the WORLD SYSTEM MANAGERS in conspiracy with THAT EMBODIMENT OF SATAN, which OPPOSES the BODY of Messiah (his FAITHFUL and CHOSEN followers) and TOOK ALL ISRAEL CAPTIVE according to PROPHECY! This WORLD PHARAOH and all his HAMANITE CHILDREN (puppet RULERS and world SYSTEM MANAGERS) who serve his SECRET DARK POWER will now be EXPOSED by the UNIFICATION of the TWO HOUSES under the SEED OF PROMISE and the TRUE WORLD KING for GODS GLORY as GOD DESIGNED from the FOUNDATION OF THE WORLD!



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