In an age of UNIVERSAL DECEPTION, telling the TRUTH becomes a REVOLUTIONARY ACT! George Orwell-1984?




The people walking in darkness have seen a great light: upon those dwelling in the land of the death shadow, a light has manifest. Isaiah 9:2(9:1)

The Unofficial Story

I have lived a more colorful and eventful life than what Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain) could even imagine to then write about in his classic 'Huckleberry Finn' adventure story, and it's still in progress with each day looking more like a mirror of Tolkien's 'Lord of the Rings' trilogy, his sequel to 'The Hobbit': The Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers, and The Return of the King. This is a very short summary merely highlighting some of the key events and milestones up to this point in the adventure in which you are now embarking with me to one degree or another, merely by reading these events of my life. Please forgive my inability to write as captivatingly well as either Mr. Clemens or Mr. Tolkien as I recount my FAITHFULLY TRUE life's 'story', to catch you up to date in my TRUE LIFE 'ADVENTURE'.

Born in Flint Michigan in the Spring of 1964, I have remembered all my life the day that I was born. The older I get the more vague that subjective memory has become. But as it fades there is a much stronger 'hope' that supplants it as my 'dream.' It is my great hope of returning 'to the garden' if you will, based upon the solid bedrock of Scripture and not my subjective and fading memory.

I remember it now, much more vaguely than before. I remember that one moment I was in perfect peace and calm, whereas the next I was being torn from my peaceful existence where I was one with my creator. A place of unspeakable love and no selfishness and its associated hate, violence, and all manner of evil.

I could only now assume that I had either somehow volunteered or had been drafted to accomplish a task which at the time was truly inconceivable to me. It's possible that I somehow 'fell' from grace to experience sin to know its evil and turn from it in full repentence, I know that like Samson I was deceived to do plenty of sinning after I arrived here and before I UNDERSTOOD THE TRUTH of this SUB-REALITY and WHY I AM HERE. I'm here to CONQUER the DARKNESS and TAKE CAPTIVES for the ETERNAL KINGDOM of LIGHT! I like to think now that it was of my own ignorant choosing to come here, but at this point in time, it really doesn't make much difference to me either way; I belong to Him and to Him I SHALL return as MY JOB; and you are welcome to follow me as I follow Him and the LIGHT of TRUTH HE PROMISED TO LEAD US WITH!

Again, those details are the foggy memories. What I remember most clearly is the drastic transition from THERE to HERE. It was immediately nausiating and repulsive. I remember making a conscious decision to turn back, that I of myself did not want to go. But I was bid to trust and obey and my spirit was calmed as I arrived in HELL. There is NO evil in Heaven nor in the restored earth, it exists for Hell alone.

Like in this modern song, I remember begging not to go...pleading to make the transition to stop. Not with words for which I had no voice, but in a perfect communication of the mind. When I understood the concept that I would be in a different place where He was not, that a sort of 'separation' would take place, and was introduced to the pain and suffering of the womb experience, it was too late. There was no turning back. But as I left he promised to never leave me without his light to signal my way back from the dark place where I was going.

I was born to French Canadian immigrants on my fathers' side. On my mothers' was a mix of English descent on her father's side and her mother was the daughter of Jewish immigrants 'displaced' by anti-semitic persecution before and after WWI and WWII in which my grandfather lost his arm before 'saving' and marrying my grandmother. Actually my grandfather was quite the RACIST, SELF RIGHTEOUS BIGOT...he probably BOUGHT my grandmother as a 'wife' from Catholic 'Saviors' in North Africa while in the Mediterranean during the War...later as a boy of 8, I remember my grandmother basically suffering and dying of cancer practically all alone in the basement of our home. These were ORDERS given to my mother who was her HOSPICE CARE NURSE and BALKED REGULARLY AT THIS TREATMENT OF ANOTHER HUMAN BEING. Though I really know nothing of her personal history, I tend to think of my great grandmother as a type of 'Hodel' who married 'Perchick' in the classic 'Fiddler on the Roof'; it just fits some characteristic traits shared in that line of my family 'stereotypically'. So to continue the scenario for me, I imagine my grandmother to be someone like the daughter of Hodel who married Perchick who was separated from her, imprisoned, and likely killed at some point. So she was a 'widowed Jewess' raising a daughter who was estranged from community during the Shoah (Holocaust) and the 'daughter' was 'saved' by my Grandfather who purchased her as a 'wife' while stationed in North Africa, and who brought her to America through human trafficking deception under cover of war created over RELIGIOUS LIES of the SYNCRETISTIC OCCULT hiding under the priest frocks of the Catholic Church. So my mother's mother was 'sold into bondage' like Joseph to the HARLOT OF BABYLON and her blasphemous daughters, which are now HEREIN EXPOSED for JUDGEMENT by the PROMISED 'SON OF JOSEPH' (and Judah) to SET THE WORLD FREE according to a PLAN for which Jesus DIED and was GLORIFIED as both CORNERSTONE and MORNING STAR of the 'BUILDERS BLUEPRINT' or 'GOSPEL PLAN'!

According to the Myers-Briggs Personality Preference Indicator which I have taken at various times throughout my life, I score solidly as an INTJ personality type. Leaving aside the question of how much my personality was hardwired by my DNA and how much was programmed in through experiential choices after birth, I was born to a troubled, post Shoah (Holocaust/WWII) home and family; a house of war (beit lechem = the 'house of war' over the FaceBread of God). Both my grandfather's and most of my uncle's were servicemen for some portion of their lives (if not career). Both my fathers' and mothers' sides were staunch Catholic [my mother's mother being a 'Crypto Jew' (that is a 'Jew in hiding'; she came under 'protection' of the banner of Catholicism at some point, began learning English, and married my Grandfather...not necessarily in that order), her family history like many others of the time, has been lost to memory...a painful wound yet to be healed]. My father (much like my mother's) was a stern man, an atheist who self medicated on alcohol and was seldom home. I credit him with instilling in me (as YHWH knew my parents would) the desire to search for ABSOLUTE JUSTICE which is rooted in IMMUTABLE TRUTH discovered only through application of rigorous honesty and development of personal integrity and character as PRIORITIES in 'life'. My mother instilled in me the capacity to understand and reflect NON-BIGOTED, NON-RACIST, UNIVERSAL LOVE concerned for the welfare of ALL; and to being sensitive, motivated, and encouraged by such POWERFUL LOVE as to cross any and all socio-economic barriers in order to see it expressed in SOCIETY (which necessarily means as a byproduct or corresponding action, the exposing of SELF HATE in all of its TWISTED FORMS to those DECEIVED BY IT so it may be RECOGNIZED as NOT from 'God' easy task).

Shortly after I began to read English (before starting public school) I began dabbling in Biblical Language, being raised in a 'Catholic family' in Catholic dominated Michigan from predominantly Catholic backgrounds (this was a religiously 'liberating' time in America, my mother turned 'Protestant' to marry my father who turned to 'Atheism' and a secret, Criminal Underworld connected to Masonry now controlling America), I of course began to learn to chant/sing Latin in preparation of becoming an altar boy and in choir (which I never actually did). I was astute. Despite having been hopefully named after MacArthur, the famous WWII General who inspired many with his military prowess, many came to believe I would one day become a Priest or an Astronaut based on my BENT. I was treated special, especially by my wonderful grandmothers (one of whom told me I would be 'a Messiah greater than George Washington' and the other later adopted me as her own son when my mother became incapacitated. She insisted I watch 'only a few good men' with her so she could scratch it off her 'bucket list' before she died. She had been the ONE who was instrumental in having me named after my father AND the famous General after whom she had named my father). I seemed to be clearly 'gifted' in a myriad of ways as a male INTJ youth, and my grandmother instilled in me the hope for greatness. Her faith in me was very great. I enjoyed being favored but like Joseph, that favor was very short lived and came with a heavy price. One must have insulation or protection from Satanic MEN who run things in Gods name still, to have such favor lavished on them in this YET FALLEN and MIND BLINDED world controlled by FALLEN MEN as before the DELUGE, who need to be BORN AGAIN 'FROM ABOVE' into the TRUE, LIFE GIVING LIGHT OF THE WORLD selected by the father for our HEALING, SALVATION, AND WORLD PEACE, or be REMOVED FROM POWER before they DESTROY THE WORLD AGAIN! I was soon to learn about the jealous spirit of Cain perfected in the EDOMITE SPIRIT which is still allowed to openly manifest and is ruling/wreaking havoc on planet earth because of our IGNORANCE and DISOBEDIENCE to INVISIBLE VIRTUOUS TRUTH which will SET US FREE and HEAL US if we seek HIS PRESENCE. We moved to Florida where my father jumped through the hoops set before him by the Electrical Union while I continued to learn and grow in context of time and place.

Looking back retrospectively my parents seemed to be disagreeing over some fundamental issues which should have been worked out before marriage. It seems it was a mistake that has become increasingly more common since that 'liberating' but not quite 'lawless' time in American History. They ended in divorce when I was seven. My mother took custody of me and my younger sister and we returned to live with her parents in Michigan until the death of my grandmother who died of cancer at home (my mother was a nurse before my birth, so she then was her own mother's 'hospice' worker). That was made into a more traumatic experience than it needed to be for all of us, because of my grandfather's self-medication/alcoholism and related drama. She is the one I credit with instilling in me the CONCEPT that the IMAGE of GOD TRUTH is associated with the FULL MOON through Oral Tradition.

My mother was very loving but very naive about the world and its sorceries, and after setting out to raise us alone after the passing of my grandmother, got caught in its schemes to control one's soul in its cast system of spiritual enslavement to criminal mentalities who still currently work within its darkness and blind spots unaware to most. As a result of her ability to 'see' SPIRITUAL TRUTH REALITY to some degree, and the PRACTICE and TEACHING (to ME) of her beliefs (disparaged as 'rebellion' and 'witchcraft' by the MIND ENSLAVED) and her resistance to local criminal tyrants (who love to start RUMORS among the IGNORANT MASSES they MANIPULATE/CONTROL in order to SUPPRESS TRUTH, and that is done by using their IGNORANT MIND SLAVE DUPES to do so) resulting from merely remaining true to her principles, my mother was abruptly deemed an 'unfit parent' through the machinations of a few men who are WELL ABLE to weild power but were NOT ABLE to control my mother's MIND, and it was 'approved' by the State of Michigan shortly before I was eleven. She was summarily incarcerated in an insane asylum with no trial or even a court hearing where TRUTH REIGNED and she was lobotomized through electroshock 'therapy'. She was made into a vegetable and was never really socially functional again afterwords...she was turned into a drone for the wicked system she suffered to sheild me from (UNRECOGNIZED BY ALL OF YOU).

This should give you insight to appreciate why I've always related to Charleton Heston's ROLE in Planet of the Apes...particularly the scene where he finally finds one of his COMRADES (role of 'Landon') and excited to recognize an intellectual peer with whom he shared a WORLD VIEW and could relate with while in their imprisoned condition, had his joy stolen just as quickly when he discovered that he had been lobotomized by the fearful powers in control (sorta like what was going on in 'One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest'). He understood as I do (and as we all should), why such THINKING is a THREAT to the tyrant psychopaths usurping YHWH's authority. It is they who manipulate the ECONOMIC SLAVE CASTE SYSTEM they CREATE to remain in power, accountable to no one except in theory and usurping the seat of God in practice. The power we have allowed some men and their institutions has CERTAINLY been ABUSED. When will we understand that we want men who have TRUE GODLY CHARACTER in positions of AUTHORITY or we ALL SUFFER as a result?! Spritually speaking it is INSANITY PARADING NAKEDLY before all to have leaders who do not OPENLY CONFESS their dependence on and ACCOUNTABLITY to GOD. He is the giver of the TEN COMMANDMENTS which they should serve and protect as they will serve and protect us as the very CORNERSTONE of our SOCIALLY UTOPIC 'reality'. Please see more about what happens when we DO NOT have such a society; a serious and EVER INCREASING problem which MUST BE ADDRESSED if mankind is to EVER evolve, HERE

The State took custody of me and my sister and turned us over to Grandmother (on father's side). I stayed on the farm for a while but was eventually was re-united with my father and sister for a few years, returning to live again in Palm Beach County, Fl. I lived with them until I had become 'born again' after receiving and reading through, a Gideons New Testament at age 14 (you know, the little pocket deals the 'Gideons' organization distributes with Psalms and Proverbs?).

As I said, my father was not a god fearing man but an atheist. He told me that religion was a SYNCRETISTIC deception used by the ELITE to control the weak minded MASSES. I believed him until the day I read that book. I was convinced of the Light of the SPIRIT of TRUTH I saw in it. I heard the voice and ring of absolute TRUTH in that book which could not be denied by my soul; which bore witness in spirit and truth. But because I believed some lies with that truth, those being essentially exposed by the details in the body of this work, I had been DECEIVED in a PAVLOVIAN STYLE DECEPTION regarding the Name, Character, Plans, and Purposes of our Creator whose message I had 'heard' in the book yet had slowly been deceived to accept a subtle forgery given to me by traditions of men AFTER I HAD FIRST BELIEVED. Again, the very purpose of this work is to expose those deceptions with THE SAVING TRUTH. My father was clearly not happy with the choice I had made. Convinced that SENTIENT TRUTH was calling me out to follow and DISCOVER him, I was finally successful in running away from 'foster care' (where I was imprisoned for trying to 'run away from home' to set out on my own path of OBEDIENCE TO THE HEAVENLY FATHER). My father thought me a FOOL. I had just turned fifteen. I envisioned myself as a sort of KWAI CHAIN CAIN in 'KUNG FU' on a search for my long lost BROTHER and encountering ALL SORTS of CRIMINAL ACTIVITY in all the 'border towns' I visited, but like Huck Finn, I was barely a teenager!

I immediately began having 'Huckleberry Finn' type adventures you might also analogize them. The first big adventure was working for the local "Worshipful Master" of the Masonic Lodge in a pool hall he owned in a small town in Central Florida where I had stopped. He offered me a job and I stayed in the Mason Hall at night. We shared 'secrets' in a sort of OPEN RITUAL which GOD had ORCHESTRATED for MY INSTRUCTION (where he did not recognize me or why I was there anymore than I him or anything about 'Masonry' at that time). He traitorously betrayed my confidence (as I suspected he would, despite describing my father as Sam Clemens described the father of 'Huckleberry Finn' as a deleriously DANGEROUS and ABUSIVE alcoholic who would have killed me had I not finally been able to escape) and he turned me in to the 'authorities' as a runaway who had 'murdered his father'. From that UNLAWFUL CAPTIVITY to keep me from SEEKING TRUTH, I was MIRACULOUSLY DELIVERED. I was 'led by an angel' out of my incarceration sorta like Peter in Acts 12:6-9. I was given 'clues' when and how to leave from that STATE FOSTER CARE (jail) and I SUCCESSFULLY ESCAPED after hiking through orange groves for a week (handy food supply) and nearly freezing to death at night. Sadly I believe that 'Worshipful Master Mason' made a SELF FULFILLING PROPHECY regarding MY fathers future murder, but it wasn't ME who murdered him but the ONE WHO MADE THE PROPHECY was in on the CONSPIRACY!

God delivered me and INSTRUCTED ME for the future to MANIFEST HIS SAVING LIGHT which will set us ALL FREE from our BONDAGE to a FALSE PARADIGM, a "RULING NARRATIVE" based in DECEPTION by which MANKIND IS BEING DESTROYED, so we may have LIFE and INCREASING PEACE instead! After finding work under the table in another small central Florida town, I became 'legitimate' by petitioning family court to remain with my new found employers as my 'guardians'. I had many more wonderful learning experiences during the next year or two after which I ended up as a Roadee and Sound Technician with a Blue-Grass/Southern Rock/Gospel Group who 'took me in'. While with them I also learned to play guitar and to sing whenever opportunity arose. We sang and ministered the 'Wonderful Love of Jesus' all over the South-East Coast of the United States, playing in all types of venues from prisons to church socials and revivals as the leader was a Pastor and we had a Blind Evangelist who travelled with us. We even cut an albulm at a studio in Tampa.

We essentially all lived together, all the members of the band totalling usually fewer than ten persons. It was fairly close quarters most of the time. It was during this time that YHWH had been dealing with me regarding unresolved family issues stemming from my childhood and the family he had placed me with in this world. I was really wrestling with these issues and I was transparent with my peers and elders in our little 'acts community'.

Well it happened that I tried to contact my father (this was just the beginning to understanding that my deep seated issues were with the Heavenly father not my earthly one, but it had to be worked through this way). I wanted to let him know that I had come to understand and forgive him. I wanted to let him know that I was willing to have him back in my I had left on bad terms feeling hurt and betrayed, unwilling to forgive him I simply refused his attempts to contact me when he discovered my whereabouts later. It had been nearly three years since I had spoken to him despite his attempts.

After wrestling for some time, I finally attempted the call. I called three consecutive evenings (after work) to get in touch with him. I left messages. On the fourth day I received notice that he had committed suicide the previous night (the third night). Wow! Right? I was devastated with a tidal wave of emotions which ended up overwhelming me for a time. I would turn 18 in just a few months.

I now know that it was not merely a suicide but a conspiracy of sorts to murder my father and make it look like a 'suicide'. My father was right handed but was shot in the left temple. Perhaps it was motivated in some way by my fathers' missing gold/coin collection and antique guns. Or perhaps my father had been deceived into making an eternal promise to Satan and turned back to God, the cost of reneging on Satan being death in this world as long as he's still allowed to run things secretly... Additionally, my fathers' things (which were all packed for his return to Michigan the next day which had been confiscated, sealed and impounded by police), had been obviously rifled through carefully. Nevertheless, the case was quickly ruled a 'suicide' by the Fort Pierce Police Department without taking any of those facts into account. They simply have no budget to spend on any case that can be just as easily dismissed as 'solved'; and it looks much better on the crime STATISTICS report too than an ugly 'open' or 'unsolved' murder case. But I was not able to discover all the facts surrounding that event for some years, myself. All I knew at that time was that the TIMING and CIRCUMSTANCES really stunk and it would be YEARS before I would connect all the dots! What were the odds of so many traumatic events happening to me while others seemed to be enjoying 'life' blissfully in America? What is the Message gleaned from such events if life has ANY MEANING or PURPOSE? What was the GRAND DESIGN God was trying to show me?!

I was floored. GOD had struck me a very hard blow. I was not able to handle it really. I was nearly inconsolable. I struggled alot. I did not understand. And GOD wasn't giving me any answers. But I found consolation in the arms of my Pastors' attractive young wife. I mean we were a 'happy family' in many ways. I was young and foolish. He was 25 years her senior as she was 10 years mine. She consoled me through my crisis and helped me to get in touch with my feelings. I loved her very much.

I had not quite reached 18 when (looking back retrospectively) she had pounced like a cougar on my spiritually weakened state in my groomed ignorance and well aware of my 'blind spots' to ATTACK MY VIRTUE. No DOUBT a victim of the same type of 'love' which RAPES VIRTUE which she was showing me. I did not put that together right away, along with other 'patterns' I learned from that event which, apparently to everyone else, all seemed to be disconnected and 'random events'. But I did not know any of what I now know today regarding Neuroplastics and it's related predictable 'laws', at that time. I did not understand the INVISIBLE SYSTEM which I seemed now to be BUMPING INTO as a PINBALL in a machine and how its MECHANISMS work, yet. I just knew that I was still VIRTUOUSLY a 'virgin' in regard to romance or 'sexual love,' and she had DELIBERATELY and with FORETHOUGHT deceived me in my weakness, ignorance and DEPENDENCE to STEAL my VIRTUE as HER PRIZE; and I simply did not recognize it for what it was. I had been lied to, manipulated, used and DISCARDED like toilet paper for someone's selfish TEMPORAL agenda of HATEFUL DELUSION. And THAT my friend is NOT YHWH's love but it IS the Psychopathic 'God of this worlds' type of 'love' and they CAN and MUST be DISTUINGUISHED from one another according to their ACTIONS, BY DEFINING the CORNERSTONE 'TRUTH', the STANDARD of TRULY PERCEIVED 'reality' for which this unofficial biography is mere corollary to that Thesis.

She told me she loved and needed me and assured me that 'love conquers all'. I felt I could release all my care to her embrace, I trusted her. I had been deceived by the whore of Proverbs and looking back retrospectively I see the parallels with the Whore of Rev. 17. In my dark time, and due to the undermining of a solid foundation of truth upon which to stand, I had quickly abandoned any moral restraint as a conscious and SUPPOSEDLY 'rational' decision (because of course 'love,' is the 'NEW COVENANT' law of freedom which replaces the 'letter' of the Old Testament Law which brings death, right? Any sin can be forgiven and therefore there was no law of sin and death for the 'believer', right? We walk by a higher law of 'love' which allows such MANIPULATION and VICTIMIZATION to take place IN GODS NAME, right?). This Doctoral Thesis posits that men in the end days, after the religious deception of the end-days is FULLY exposed to have been CONTROLLED BY THEIR OWN PARTICIPATION in the SATANIC MIND of the COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS of Mankind all along, while thinking insanely they have escaped it but in reality, PERPETUATING IT (the 'collective consciousness' still being in a STOCKHOLM SYNDROME BONDAGE to the BEAST SYSTEM given to mankind 2000 years ago as outlined within). Some men will cry out for death to end their COGNITIVE DISSONENCE in the SAME WAY I DID; if they are not able to continue to get rid of the EXPOSING MESSENGERS as they have ALWAYS DONE in the past. Please understand my life events from THAT spiritual perspective which I endured and have so far survived for your vicarious INSTRUCTION in righteousness.

Looking back, because of this deception and the VICTIMIZATION of the VICTIM which followed that event by the OTHER 'LEADERS' in that town; a fairly predictable set of events (essentially what can be termed a spiritual 'feeding frenzy' on 'fresh meat' culled from the herd by the packs of SPIRITUAL WOLVES maintaining the local flocks in the groomed darkness regarding true reality. Ez. 22:27). In my own ignorance of that REALITY of BETRAYAL and SELFISH HATRED which I EXPERIENCED, I began to feel betrayed by the creator himself. How could I have been so deceived and abused by those in positions of power and ruling by the authority of God in THESE UNITED STATES WHOSE FOUNDING FATHERS ESTABLISHED GOD AS THE HIGHEST AUTHORITY OF GOVERNMENT, if there is a loving creator who has purpose and meaning for life? I didn't really realize it at the time, but I slowly began to resent him for what the dogs, who were HIJACKING HIS GOVERNMENT and USURPING HIS AUTHORITY, were allowed to do in his name. I did not have the character of Job in my suffering but rather I equated these things with HIM, not seeing His PROVIDENTIAL HAND INSTRUCTING ME at that time. Eventually coming to hate him (like CAIN) and even refusing to deal with Him about my feelings and eventually searing my own conscience to INSANELY DENY his very existence. To deny the existence of the INVISIBLE, SENTIENT TRUTH is the FIRST STEP toward WILLFUL INSANITY and eventual SELF DESTRUCTION. I had even been deceived to take the advice of Job's wife; to 'curse God and die'. It was all very subtle deceptions established as a MOUNTAIN of PERCEIVED 'truth' (which was not true at all), and which I had not yet perceived and put together in any meaningful way. I had no available MODEL or PARABLE by which to UNDERSTAND the TRUTH of the INVISBILE REALITIES I was EXPERIENCING. The amount of deception this world is under is INCREDIBLE; all the result of an UNCHALLENGED CORNERSTONE LIE they all LIVE UNDER like MIND SLAVES TO SATAN!

They do not recognize that though DIVIDED AMONG THEMSELVES, they all SACRIFICE TRUTH TOGETHER in their NEO-AZTEC like SYSTEM which was established on the REJECTION and HATRED of the INVISIBLE CORNERSTONE TRUTH of the FATHERS VIRTUE as TESTIFIED by HIS TRUE SONS hated by this world RULERS, secretly. It's a system where they are now ignorantly STILL CONFESSING DECEPTION and MURDER on their OWN HEADS as they continue to FEED themselves on the flock they were hired to protect and serve 2000 years ago, not to victimize and enslave.

It was just too overwhelming for my mind to grasp at that time (probably much like it is for you to understand NOW, having just been introduced to these DEEP CONCEPTS in mere words). It was all just too painful for me to deal with consciously at the time. When my lover's mask came off, I was cut to the quick and I ran away from the darkness in which YHWH was trying to show me HIS LIGHT OF TRUTH. Spiritually, there can be no worse cut than betrayal followed by treachery and cut throat scullduggery. She made it unequivically clear that she had been manipulating and deceiving me all along, using my own naivety and childish thinking. I was stricken with grief and shame and felt treacherously betrayed. I felt abslolutely betrayed by everyone dear to me INCLUDING and most especially, GOD! I had been deceived by the SELFISH GOD of THIS WORLD just like THEY OBVIOUSLY HAD before me! Would I learn to PLAY BALL with 'god of this world' TEAM, or NOT? I guess that was the question in these 'leaders' minds.

Having been so dis-illusioned by popular Christianity in a 'Pavlovian style deception', the OPEN MANIFESTATION of the book of JUDE parading around as if they have clothes on because of the SPIRITUAL DARKNESS we live in and ACCEPT as 'normal', but in REALITY are spiritually EXPOSED to all except those who like me, they DECEIVE as part of the 'Education' and INDUCTION into their vicious system (please see this EXPOSING DOCUMENTARY regarding the KINSEY REPORT which is the CORNERSTONE for 'sex education' in the U.S. here: the Kinsey Syndrome). Understanding this, I had given up faith in a RATIONAL PLAN of LOVE altogether and VIRTUE seemed to be a CURSE in this worlds CURRENT SYSTEM, as the GAME IS CLEARLY 'RIGGED' and EVERYBODY KNOWS (and I did not yet see the SUPER 'RIG' programmed into the SUB reality nature through the CORRECTION of my PARADIGM regarding the perception of reality itself as an A-PRIORI PATCH for CORRECT PERCEPTION of 'REALITY', yet). I still did not realize the depth of the deception this world is under, unable to conceive and articulate it though it paraded openly in front of me. I was deceived to throw away the BIBLE as the very SOURCE and CHECK for ALL TRUTH in our sub reality by the INVISIBLE SUPER REALITY who WROTE, COMPILED, and DELIVERED IT, merely because of the STOCKHOLM SYNDROME type PSYCHOPATHY of those who POSE as LEADERS and TEACHERS of it in OUR GROOMED DELUSION OF REALITY...AS GOD DESIGNED and he was trying to AWAKEN ME TO SEE. So I decided to change paths completely.

I became atheistic and hedonistic as my father had been. I gave up temporarily (as is my hope for my father and the ultimate reason for his death) on the philosophizing of life which seemed to drive my mind since earliest childhood. I was just going to enjoy life in ignorance of purpose. I chose to forget about what I knew to be the pre-requisite matter of establishing a PURPOSE or 'mission statement' at the outset of undertaking any endeavor in life; ultimately to include the purpose for having lived it. I chose to live without finding any purpose or meaning upon which to base my view regarding why one decision is ultimately better than another in a grand scheme of things as a foundation to begin building a life on, and just be like the masses of other ignorant people milling around me 'enjoying life'. No different than what is expected of them, having no real GOAL or PURPOSE for which they live relatively SELFISHLY (in a sort of MIND PRISON), just fit in somewhere in the spiritual Babylon and be a 'normal' guy who lives a normal life...which means one who does not think about the purpose and meaning of life ALL THE TIME! It was driving me nuts and I wanted to run from it now (as Jonah did) as I began to see it as the source of my misery (rather than a blessing to the blind world); sorta like one who does not like what he sees with his eyes in a world of blind men and unable to convey it effectively and suffering as a 'freak' and outcast as a result of such 'vision', may try to remove the source of such 'vision' to end the associated suffering. So I began to live life; so I thought. I had actually ignorantly begun a cycle of self-destructing behavior of running away from my original call, turning a blind eye to what I saw myself being called to do, sort of like Jonah. Like him, I could not seem to stop myself from my own flesh reaction, even had I the desire at the time.

I was ignorantly self medicating on alcohol (as I had learned to do); again hopeless and not finding anyone to share my burdon. I lost control one night (easy to do when hopeless and desperate in a world which seems ignorant and apathetic) and was sent to prison for 'disturbing the peace', 'resisting' and 'battery on a police officer'. It was a convenient way for the local 'authorities' to be rid of me so they could live peacefully unhampered again; a necessary sacrifice for the continued peace and harmony of the delusion of reality they live in. I was nineteen. I served eight months in prison where I tested for, and received my G.E.D., and I was released on my twentieth birthday. The self-destructive lifestyle of rejecting YHWH's discipline and missing his objective promises still dogging my steps. I was still not finding any direction and I recognized I was sliding downhill fast. I needed to make a change but did not know exactly what or where. My grandmother sent me an airline ticket.

I came back to Michigan in '85 and started taking classes on and off at a small community college in Mid Michigan near where I had spent time as a boy on my grandparents' 160 acre farm in Sherman City. I found a little gal at College that I liked and we got engaged. I was studying Philosophy, Karate, and Eastern Religions/Mysticism. I was really searching for meaning and purpose in life which would replace the concept of the worlds popular concept of the 'Judeo-Christian God' and his 'Plan for Man' which they teach; which I now ALSO believed to be a deception; as my father had believed and tried to WARN ME about! They DO NOT KNOW MY TRUE FATHER as I NOW DO! He says:

MY NAME has been BLASPHEMED AMONG THE NATIONS because of YOU. Therefore My People shall KNOW MY NAME and they shall know ON THAT DAY that I AM HE thats speaks: behold, it's ME! Rom. 2:24, Is. 52:5

I was unable to accept in my dark hour that a caring God would allow such a DECEPTION to befall me (and my parents before me); that his people are called to be victims in this world by those who call themselves His and sit in HIS seat of authority. Whoever wants to please God in this world may as well love suffering and death in this current world economy. I suppose that's what we see in the account of Cain and Abel who represent the TWO OPPOSING 'MINDS' of their FATHER. I had been innocently deceived through my own ignorant desires, very much like Adam and Eve had been, the reason why we were CUT OFF from the REALITY of the SUPER LIFE. WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN when the 'tribulation' which man has been deceived to bring upon himself, finally comes and those same men who have been DECEIVED into waiting for the 'blessed hope' (rapture/witness protection program) to take them away from the 'disasters' they themselves bring as a RESULT of what they CHOSE to BELIEVE was TRUE regarding THIS FALLEN REALITY, does not come to pass?.. that THEY HAD BEEN DECEIVED to SPEND THEIR LIVES looking forward to inevitable DEATH and DESTRUCTION (as they miraculously escape what they PARTICIPATED IN CREATING as they lived in SELFISH DELUSION in this SUB REALITY) and things that DO NOT MATTER in the KINGDOM of in a DELUSION of reality handed to them 'prophetically' by WAR MONGERING HATERS to believe in a FALSE and SELFISH HOPE in order to BRING DESTRUCTION on themselves and everyone around them?

They will do as I did when their deception is revealed to them as it was to me. They will reject the 'God' they are pretending to worship WHILE IN their deep deception. They will REMAIN DECEIVED BY THEIR OWN HEART thinking God deceived them and they will believe they have NOWHERE LEFT to go for consolation...except this message which can CUT THROUGH their DELUSION to show them GODS TRUTH now. If they refuse this message, when all the masks come off in the end, they will be exposed as SELFISHLY PSYCHOPATHIC MURDERERS just like Cain. They will kill ANYONE who stands as a witness for YHWH TRUTH! The (so called) New Covenant REPLACEMENT THEOLOGY, which is part of popular Christian world theology today, tells us this life is about YOU BEING BLESSED. They say NOTHING AT ALL ABOUT WHY! Why are we here? Well, we will get to that...let me get back on the topic of my life's summary.

I knew how empty I was after being deceived by Popular Theology (which I like most, thought was the truth regarding 'god'; because thats what they do as 'accepted professionals', no one does it better, right?). I knew first hand what a sham and farce pop Christianity really was; from inside ministry...its a variety of whorehouse feelgood ministries who sweep the dirt under the rug, wink at their sin and are POPULAR WITH PEOPLE WHO LOVE SIN in this TEMPORAL WORLD BUT WANT TO APPEAR RIGHTEOUS to those who do believe in accountability to a HIGHER REALITY LAW! It's really a new form of selling indulgances or GOLDEN TICKETS into heaven in god's name by GREEDY SHEISTERS popularly recognized by a MIND BLINDED collective conscience society as the 'Professionals' in charge! As long as you pay your tithes and don't give your religious leaders any 'problems' you are viewed as a 'good Christian' despite what is done in secret; which is usually KNOWN or at least SUSPECTED by many but NEVER DISCUSSED OPENLY; even if the SYMPTOMS of this WICKED DOCTRINE get exposed, a SCAPEGOAT is blamed (usually a victim being further victimized) so that the CAUSE is NEVER EXPOSED and CURED! It spiritually boils down to those who stand exposed as the AZAZEL in the ATONEMENTS SACRIFICE whose GUILT is PLACED ON THEM and removed from the KINGDOM OF is THOSE TEACHINGS which are still being REFERENCED and PROPPED UP as 'authoratative' 2000 years later. ALL are exposed as effectively standing over the corpse of Messiah TRUTH to maintain their own pharisaic positions in the DARKNESS of our current GOOD OLE BOYS CLUBS running the PSYCHOPATHIC MIND of MANKIND yet to this day...the same CORNERSTONE of PSYCHOPATHY begun THEN, with its aggressive, victim based economic system of GREED. The darkness is SO BLINDING to the masses that these leaders are able to OPENLY PARADE as the teachers of the mind and will of God in a SUICIDAL DELUSION regarding THE FUTURE which these FALSE PROPHETS are inducting the whole world into; SUICIDAL SELF DESTRUCTION WAITING FOR AND ASSISTING AN ANTICHRIST TO COME TO WORLD POWER, BELIVING THEY WILL ESCAPE! What could be more appropriate a picture for these SPIRITUALLY DRUNK WHORES RIDING THE BEAST OF POWER TO THEIR MUTUAL DESTRUCTION than this self-same description given to us by John in Revelation 17?

Just like the book of Jude exposes, these practiced LIARS tell you what you THINK you want to hear; they are PRACTICED in SMOOTH SPEECH and FLATTERY and are CUNNING MANIPULATORS of the masses and who recognize those FEW who see them. They rid themselves of their threats by manipulating their mind puppets into position around them to effect their desires; mostly DUPES usually totally unwitting to having been used for the NEFARIOUS SCHEME of someone they TRUSTED. STEALTH is the most preferred technique of HUNTERS like Edom, the Masters of the Craft of deception and VIOLENCE based in SELFISH GREED. THEY PANDER TO FLESH while patting heads and FEEDING THEIR OWN FLESH...TEARING their spiritual PREY secretly (Ez. 22:24-31)! That does not mean that ALL positions of leadership in our current broken system do this OR that everyone being deceived by them is complicit. Not at all! What it means is that their leaders are kept spiritually CASTRATED to 'continue the course' and their FLOCKS are always kept as BABES to be fleeced by those SPIRITUAL EDOMITES whose groomed DARKNESS they walk in! NO ONE is ever allowed to RISE ABOVE the KABAL and hold them ACCOUNTABLE to TRUTH. You are KEPT from seeing the FULNESS of GOSPEL LIGHT and therefore REACHING YOUR POTENTIAL! At best the children are always allowed to get the subjective 'love' message without ever hearing CONCRETE TRUTH upon which to build a structure of principles and ethics that will SET THEM FREE and keep them from ever being ensnared and DISILLUSIONED BY SUCH DECEIT. Rather, they REMAIN ENSLAVED IN and BY ITS SYSTEM in their self delusion of reality thinking themself already free WHILE WORKING IN A SLAVE SYSTEM OF DIVISION AND ENMITY HANDED TO THEM 2000 YEARS AGO! They have NO CORNERSTONE of SOLID and UNCHANGING PRINCIPLES despite WHAT THEY SAY! When tough times that require solid faith in SOLID PROMISES test the baby faith they are groomed to maintain from cradle to grave, the babes become dis-illusioned and fall away; just like what happened to the now spiritually BANKRUPT nation of Germany after Hitler's deception. They hailed him as savior in their DARKNESS regarding REALITY!

The Master said: 'forsake not the little children to come to me'. In addition to the Master telling us that ALL have access to him directly, he was also saying "stop pandering to babies by allowing these spiritual Edomites to 'teach them', keeping them as ignorant babes, and lets make men who are able to weather the storms of life". We need men able to SEE THE DECEPTION of the GOATS (the sheep are so dumb they sometimes don't even know their master is smarter than they are let alone how goats deceive them) who like to DECEIVE and MANUPULATE them SELFISHLY for their own perpetual CONTROL (Jude 1:3-19, Ez. 22:24-31). That can only be done, as we shall see, ONE WAY; for the Old Testament LAW to come to life in your flesh as your life's CORNERSTONE! This is the EXAMPLE SET FOR US! The Master was the word made flesh. What word? THE OLD TESTAMENT! Anyone who denies THAT OLD TESTAMENT MESSIAH HAS COME IN HIS OWN FLESH IS A LIAR! And that is how to know who the liar is and is not. Today the liars OPENLY TELL YOU the law has been 'done away' as they give you THEIR OWN TWISTED VERSION to control you in the DARKNESS of THEIR INTERPRETATION of 'law' in place of the CORNERSTONE OF TRUTH. Baby's caught in this WICKED, NEO-JUDAIZING system ARE EXTENDED GRACE (MERCY!)...if in fact they are truly babes caught in deception and not learning to perpetuate it themselves as WOLVES in sheep clothing as they LEARN to do from their LEADERS (Ez. 22:24-31). Deceiving and being deceived is the popular Christian system of a subjective, shape shifting law of 'love' under a 'New Covenant' which IS ANOTHER Gospel altogether when it comes to TRUTH being SAVIOR according to the DESIGN PLAN and how we are to view 'law'. The tares and the wheat were SEWN TOGETHER 2000 years ago. It's NOW HARVEST TIME and we can TELL fairly CLEARLY the TARES from the WHEAT now!

I did not yet understand that YHWH was giving me the 'big picture' of the purpose for my living this life. That it was my calling to experience the wickedness and suffering of this world first hand, to be able to see its wounds and how they might be addressed, ultimately by exposing the very foundation of the system we have all been working on for 2000 year in ignorance as having a MAJOR DESIGN FLAW which is the very CAUSE of our ILLNESS. EVERY SINGLE PERSON now needs to be REFOCUSED to the ANCIENT BLUEPRINT of the Bible to begin BUILDING CORRECTLY on that NOW UNSEALED 'CORNERSTONE' PERSPECTIVE which was rejected 2000 years ago; the one given for our PEACE and the HEALING OF THE NATIONS. It was known in advance by the GREAT ARCHITECT of the Universe and he embedded the details of the 'BLUEPRINT' in the CREATED ORDER which he SEALED UP in the Bible to be understood at this time in HIS STORY. And He chose me to UNSEAL and MANIFEST these 'mysteries' at THIS PHASE of the CONSTRUCTION PLAN. But I was just getting the overall picture put in my head, I still had a lot more training and discipline to endure.

My fiance left me after a couple of her trists, and I was really struggling with the thoughts in my mind as I just could not believe in, hard as I tried, the mystic crap I was studying. I just could not seem to escape the Sentient Creators voice I once heard and at the same time reconcile what I thought to be his character, plan and purpose...with all the suffering and deception I had endured so far in this 'matrix' of deceptions.

Every time I thought I may have found an 'escape' from the concept of a 'sentient creative force' (who I simply did not want to 'hear' from anymore) through Eastern Religion and Mysticism, I found YHWH there in my mind presenting a question that I could not answer once again. He outsmarted me at every turn. Everything kept pointing back to, despite all my attempts to deny it, a 'sentient creative force' as the answer to the purpose for life, and he had a PURPOSE for MY LIFE if I would GIVE IT TO HIM; but I just couldn't...wouldn't TRUST HIM (I was still being very childishly selfish, holding onto pain as an IDOL in my delusion). And at the same time I could not believe, hard as I tried, that there is NO ACCOUNTABILITY for this life as with a (purposeless) creationless evolution (or even Eastern Philosophies); the only other theories for 'perceiving reality'. I thought if I simply chose to believe something else, then I could find a comfortable 'niche' in this world. But I also knew that I would be part of a world where the 'strong' (unconscionably shrewd reptilian brains) survive and hunt in the intellectual darkness of hypocritical narcisism, preying on ignorance and innocence until ALL ARE CORRUPT!

I would be consenting to live peacefully in a Beast System if you will, where there is no objective source of truth, and justice is THEREFORE SHAPE SHIFTING and subjective to the WILL of the (shrewd) RULERS as well. This is the situation Mankind finds himself in yet to this day 2000 years after the PRINCE OF PEACE came. And this is why I studied Eastern Religions (I studied Judaism and Islam as well). Having been trained to equate TRUTH with God from an early age, I tried to believe there was another way to be a TRUTHFUL and 'moral' person in an increasingly functional and healthy society, I earnestly did...but at the same time I was becoming a rather cynical and vociferous agnostic-atheist like my father (for about 6 years). But I could not escape what I always knew deep inside, that there is a SPECIFIC PURPOSE FOR LIFE assigned by a SENTIENT CREATOR (even if it is for us to discover and believe ignorantly that we create, by trying to envision something better to improve our condition and evolve as HE DESIGNED). Purpose is required by logic to make a plan or otherwise accomplish an action. The very reason we move is not soley to move but to move meaningfully to effect a change; which IS 'purpose'. The 'big bang' did not happen for no cause at all if you will...what was the cause for being. WHY was I here? Was it to find a wife and raise children in this HELL with nothing more? That seemed to be a goal for most others but it seemed a meaningless perpetuaion of suffering to me. What was I supposed to live for as my PURPOSE to give my life MEANING...a GOAL to live for so that once attained, one can REST in what has been accomplished? What could be WORTHY of one toiling here all the days of their life, potentially SACRIFICING their life to ATTAIN or PROTECT that GOAL? That was what haunted me.

I hated this world and had no desire to live in and perpetuate its evils as I saw was required. I simply saw no PURPOSE to do so, there was NOTHING WORTH LIVING FOR; living life in this 'reality' was MEANINGLESS to me. I was suicidally depressed for several years and I finally attempted suicide to escape this 'call' on my life; which I simply was not dealing with internally...with Him. Retrospectively I see that it was a fear of this call, like Jonah, fear of the apparent obstacles and my feelings regarding 'justice' seen through my colored lens regarding the nature of 'reality' (like Cain) that kept me from a sense my own refusal to believe that he DID have a plan which I was here to accomplish that I did not want to know because SUBCONSCIOUSLY I did not want to do what he placed me here to do, just like Cain. It was more painful and ugly than my childishly selfish CONSCIOUS mind was willing to look at. That's what kept me from obedience...but his providential MERCY was still at work within me.

It was my fear of living by faith in HIS LOVE and POWER (as Abel did), in a sense recognizing subconsciously how impossible the task before me seemed. Ironically, YHWH had brought me to a place where I would rather consciously face death in faith that there was something better than THIS 'reality'... if nothing else, that it was BETTER to DIE WITH INTEGRITY, than to SERVE IN this WORLD'S DELUSIONS AND VIOLENT DECEPTIONS with no real, meaningful and ENDURING purpose!

As an aside, let me suggest to you that this MESSAGE could potentially SAVE the LIVES AND SOULS of countless US VETERANS who are COMMITTING SUICIDE AT AN EPIDEMIC RATE OF ABOUT 1 PER HOUR RIGHT NOW. They are finding themselves as BETRAYED VICTIMS in a SPIRITUAL DECEPTION being REVEALED TO THEM which they simply DO NOT UNDERSTAND and coupled with the inability of OTHERS TO SEE their NEED or empathize with their suffering, are enduring EXTREME MENTAL ANGUISH with suicide eventually coming into their view as the ONLY seeming ESCAPE from the TORMENT experienced by 'living' in such SPIRITUAL DARKNESS! My Message demonstrates there IS a BETTER WAY to PERCEIVE REALITY and to TRULY LIVE according to a PROVIDENTIAL PLAN! To potentially save the LIFE and SOUL of a VET who you may not even REALIZE is STRUGGLING, please share this message with them TODAY!

I certainly knew the pain of mental anquish as a result of 'seeing' (and being considered 'crazy' for 'seeing' what others can not even conceptualize) what was really going on in this demonically controlled world, and I wanted to escape it. I was basically an ATHEIST living with a woman who claimed to be CHRISTIAN who was little more than a whore for her handler brother, an ex black belt Tae Kwondo Championship winner and Instructor who was tied to LAW ENFORCEMENT in a LOCAL CRIMINAL NETWORK they controlled. They tried to get me in the middle of their NASTY BUSINESS til I realized what was going on, then they set me up to silence me. My only intent was to love this woman who had loved me despite she clearly had mental issues no doubt exacerbated if not also caused as a result of her human trafficking family ties: she was stuggling with anorexia, bulemia, and deep depression because of her UNHEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS...of which I was one as an avowed atheist trying to counsel her and TAKING HER TO 'ATHEIST BASED' COUNSELING to 'HELP HER OUT' of her clear MENTAL BONDAGE which was likely stemming from her physical and emotional dependence on her trafickers. She chose not to leave her world view and I got too involved at a heart level as an atheist, without the MASTER of LOVE to help me out of the trouble my heart had gotten me into. A DEVILISH TRAP WHICH IS LAID EVERYWHERE TODAY to HARDEN HEARTS!

Without going into any of the circumstances and drama details leading directly up to the actual event, let me just say I had decided to 'end it'. Feeling shame and pain at my failure and seeing no purpose to continue living, since I could help no one in their pain, to include even myself now. So I stabbed myself in the abdomen Seppuku or 'hara kiri' style. To make the story short and to the point, I ended up undergoing surgery as a result of my injuries and loss of blood; all this un-be-knownst to me until I woke up in Hell again. That was not the first time (nor the last time) that I awoke from what I thought was my 'death bed'. Sorta like the movie 'GroundHog Day'...would it never end...could I do nothing to escape my pain? Nothing that would allow me to escape the pain of existing in this wickedly deceived condition with no light in a dark world to lead me?

I recovered physically enough to try to go back to school where I was introduced to Socrates through Platos 'Republic' with its Theory of Ideals and its famous 'CAVE PARABLE' (which I have excerpted within because of its POWERFUL BIBLICAL MESSAGE). Six months later I was arrested for 'disturbing the peace' while self medicating on alcohol in your ATHEISTICALLY RELIGIOUS SYSTEM OF SEXUAL IMMORALITY AND CHILD MOSLESTATION, again. While in the cell I went 'mad' quite literally. I was a bloody mess from various wild and unsuccessful attempts at suicide while in custody. I was chained down and involuntarily committed to a psychiatric hospital for some time (I don't recall, let's call it five weeks) for continued 'evaluation.' I had been classified as 'manically (suicidally) depressed' and a threat to myself and/or society. I had become a temporary ward of the state and the length of my stay was indefinite. The doctors were 'green lighted' to begin experimenting with their sorceries. I could not be released until I was evaluated and deemed to be no longer a threat to myself or others. I was either going to die, or they were going to EXPERIMENT on me til they found something that 'worked'; something to FORCE ME CHEMICALLY to ENJOY THIS HELL because THEY COULD NOT ADDRESS THE INTELLECTUAL QUESTIONS regarding REALITY and the PURPOSE for living that were creating the COGNITIVE DISSONENCE in my mind. Attempting to rid me of the outward appearances or SYMPTOMS of cognitive dissonance through DRUGS...chemically lobotomizing BRAIN RESTRAINTS was the ONLY AVENUE such PAID 'professionals' have in their medical bag of TRICKS.

They were most likely only going to end up destroying my mind with their pharmaceutical sorceries in the process of their EXPERIMENTAL CRAP SHOOT to find something that 'works', and just call it a 'success' if I wound up chemically lobotomized similar to what had been done to my mother...unless there was a change in my thinking to 'LIKE' serving in HELL...their GREED BASED SYSTEM of EXPLOITATION and VICTIMIZATION in the name of God...a SUICIDAL PATH on the HIGHWAY TO HELL; some peoples PARTY BOAT. I was still simply unable yet to see the beauty of YHWH's PLAN for its monstruous hideousness as it was manifested to me in the rotten underbelly of this whale.

I do thank GOD that the written and recognized laws ARE STILL EVOLVING (to slightly more closely reflect HOLY REALITY LAW) and had changed since my mothers 'therapeutic success' regarding what was allowed to be done under the guise of 'helping' the 'mentally ill' so that forced incarceration was more difficult to obtain and electroshock 'therapy' was no longer a POPULARLY ACCEPTED and PREFERRED 'CURE' for those suffering from the effects of THIS INSANE WORLD on their minds. Nevertheless, we still live on a sort of 'Planet of the Apes' where a Cast System of NEANDERTHAL MINDS are still in positions of power over the children, flippantly destroying lives (though you can't tell who is who simply by appearance, as in the Movie). Even if they are not able to be completely sociopathically free to do as they demonically would if they could (as during chaotic times, like 'war' which THEY LOVE because it gives them plenty of plausable excuse and the cover to take more 'liberties' with their ABUSE of 'power'!). While there I was pumped full of 'chemical cocktails.' I felt like I was being slowly tortured without the possibility of death as an escape in a sort of eternal Hell. I envisioned soon being a PERMANANT 'walking zombie' as they had done to my mother. I came to believe death would be the only place where I could find 'rest' from the hell I had suffered at the hands of others in this world, most of whom would tell me they were 'children of God' and what they were doing was 'for the best', when I KNEW OTHERWISE. I longed for death to give me REST from my TORMENT and could not find it! The mantra in my mind became 'Death is the only Escape from this HELL'. I had a DEATH WISH that just wasn't coming true!

I began to contemplate how I might be successful in a plan of 'escape' be trusted outside of the padded cell room and/or straight jacket JUST LONG ENOUGH to get the 'deed' done...and THAT my friend, is when I heard YHWH's voice and was given VISIONS of LIGHT brighter than the Sun! Yes, its TRUE, like PAUL on the road to Damascus, I SAW THE LIGHT...and all a matter of Hospital record! In the nut house is when YHWH showed himself to me and disclosed to me the VERY PURPOSE OF MY LIFE! It is TO DIE as a SACRIFICE TO HIM if THAT IS WHAT HE Abel or Jonah! He showed me the deception of the RELIGIOUS WHORE who rides the Beast of Revelation 17 which Paul and John came to understand, and WARNING THOSE who are DECEIVED (those who had deceived me) that they must REPENT or they will go to their own SELF MADE DESTRUCTION...this was the MERCY MISSION He sent me here to effect; even if it costs my life...THIS IS MY PURPOSE! He sent me here to LOVE THE HATEFUL! Allow me to elaborate.

I had learned to speak Spanish while living on the streets in Florida. While I was at this 'nut hut' in Central Michigan and experiencing some freedom from the padded room, I encountered a Spanish Book. I couldn't believe it. SOMETHING TO DO (to keep from going mad and reassure myself I was not a ZOMBIE like was done to Landon in Planet of the Apes)! So I began to read it only to find out that it was a 'living translation' of the New Testament in Spanish. I immediately put it down as an instant reaction of my still deceived fleshly mind regarding the nature of reality. But I kept being drawn back by his still small voice and the desire to use my brain and wrestle with the BOOK; to REASON about TRUTH in the HOPE of finding SALVATION from my HOPELESS CONDITION...perhaps not too unsimilarly from Jonah or Jacob who also wrestled with God.

I picked it up again, not having read it without the filter of MANS DOGMA essentially since I was fourteen/fifteen and had made my INITIAL decision to FORSAKE EVERYTHING and follow Messiah (where I realize now I had been subsequently deceived to follow a DIFFERENT Gospel...any one of a number of ruling philosophic traditions all sharing the same WRONG CORNERSTONE handed down in conspiracy 2000 years ago as outlined within). After hearing the voice of the Messiah and forsaking all to step out to follow him as my Master, I had been deceived into following after a DIFFERENT MESSIAH (one who did not come in his fathers' name YHWH to bring glory to the FATHER by PROPERLY ENFLESHING and so INTERPRETING the HOLY LAW for us to EMULATE, but one who made up his own Law and GLORIFIED HIMSELF and CONDONED EVIL through a FALSE SYSTEM of 'LAW'; men's cornerstone of shapeshifting laws to replace YHWH's perfect, Holy Law just like those who SLEW MESSIAH had done!). I had been called to go through the valley of the shadow of death by starting my journey by being shangheid by the warm, sensual whore of Babylon! All for the PURPOSE of my having the HONOR of being able to EXPOSE THE WORLDS DECEPTION for you! Despising the SUFFERING I would endure, I had found my PURPOSE for LIVING!

I was floored again. I read the passages where Messiah said 'pick up your cross and follow me' and 'he who tries to save his life will lose it, but he who lays down his (temporal) life for my sake and the gospels, will save his (ETERNAL) LIFE by so doing!' I immediately understood! I immediately remembered his SACRIFICIAL LOVE calling me to LIVE ABOVE this FALLEN WORLD in the VICTORY of his REST. I had subtly been deceived into hearing another's voice through the foundations of popular Christianity which taught me to be SELFISH! YHWH began giving me visions of a NEW REALITY...a completely different vision of the GOSPEL PLAN. I was enraptured by the things he was bringing to my mind, the things I saw regarding HIS HOLY, SELFLESS, SUFFERING SERVANT LOVE in THIS 'reality' and the MEANINGFUL PURPOSE for it!

I reported all these events to the doctors who evaluated me daily, though it seems sometimes they never heard a word I said; especially about my 'religious delusions' they surely felt were drug induced and not TRUTH INDUCED. When I told them of the visions, they began changing the medications they were forcing on me in their EXPERIMENTATION but the visions still came and as a result of what my mind saw regarding TRUE REALITY, I had TOTALLY CHANGED in my thinking and resultant behavior. It was NOTHING those 'Doctors' did experimentally under the guise of 'medicine', but it was THE TRUTH which SET ME FREE! A truth I had been DECEIVED to THROW AWAY by those who PRETEND to be the guardians and 'professionals' over it. I had lost my persuit of death as an immediate SELFISH goal, as if I'm here to live however I please. That's not how it works in UTOPIC SOCIAL ORDER whose LAWS are the EXPRESSION of LOVE NOT HATE! And how can HIS KINGDOM come to this Earth if no one was MATURE ENOUGH to demonstrate HIS LOVE as HE DID? ... and so I took up the ALTRUISTIC execution stake of Messiah...THE DAILY SELF SACRIFICE OF LIVING FOR GODS KINGDOM to COME TO THIS EARTH and CONQUER the DECEPTIONS and THEIR ASSOCIATED MANIFESTATIONS OF INSANITY AND HATE with his CONQUERING LAW of LOVE which is the PARADIGM of TRUTH from which to view HIS HOLY LAW!

I was healed! I had encountered YHWH's LOVE personally and he told me he wanted me to EXPOSE THE CRIMINAL PSYCHOPATHY still PLAGUING MANKIND. He promised me that since I had already gone down to Hell and wanted to ESCAPE through 'death' (rather than make a comfortable life for myself in this HELL, as do the comfortably DECEIVED who think they know and serve Him while living in a fantasy created by DECEPTION of their OWN HEARTS), then if I would merely sacrifice my life to him here in Hell as a LIVING sacrifice in this temporal existence in SERVICE to HIM, he would grant me entrance into ETERNAL LIFE where RIGHTEOUSNESS REIGNS; which is what I TRULY longed for (and still do). In the process of transitioning from here to there, he would make my joy complete and take care of all my needs.

He has held up to his end of the bargain so far and I have FULL CONFIDENCE that he will do EVEN MORE THAN PROMISED! I HAD FOUND THE PURPOSE FOR MY LIFE; IT WAS TO SUFFER AND DIE AS WITNESS FOR THE ETERNAL TRUTH of LOVE...AN ETERNAL LIGHT EXPOSING TEMPORAL DARKNESS which it seems FEW are WILLING TO RECOGNIZE because they are DELUSIONAL regarding their PERCEPTION OF REALITY as I PROVE in THIS MESSAGE! Call me insane or crazy if you want to, but do not reject the message of PEACE and SANITY I bring from YHWH (He Who Exists) without an intellectually honest review required of every person who wishes to be found having lived a TRULY MEANINGFUL and REWARDING LIFE as HE HAS PLANNED.

I re-dedicated my life to him IN THE LIGHT of His REVEALED TRUTH (reflected only dimly in my message herein) while in the Sanitarium wing of that Hospital in the Spring of 1988, and I have been devotedly researching the scriptures to put the visions he showed me together in a way that I could effectively communicate it to as many others as possible before my work on this Earth is finished. The vision I saw is ALSO testified of in the Scriptures and THESE TESTIMONIES ARE TRUE!

My change was IMMEDIATE and apparent! I remained under supervision only about a week more before it was determined that I was no longer a threat to myself or anyone else, and I was released from my incarceration. Like Jonah, I had been CURED FRIENDS...HEALED FROM MY OWN IGNORANT REBELLION TO THE CALL ON MY LIFE! I finally understood that I wasn't sent here to selfishly enjoy my life as the Whore of Babylon teaches, BUT TO DIE AS WITNESS FOR THE TRUTH WHICH EXPOSES THAT SATANIC DECEPTION FROM HELL which had decieved me and for which YHWH's people, HIS PURE VIRGIN BRIDE in these end times, are being given this CALL TO REPENTENCE before her end is meted out.

I initially began working in ministry full time once again at a Street Evangelization Ministry which funtioned daily as an emergency homeless shelter and coffee house/soup kitchen in Mid Michigan. I spent eleven years with them in various capacities from housing supervisor, hosting/leading Bible studies, and Bible Counseling to doing social outreach like Jail visitations and organizing community service events (like beginning the towns first recycling efforts which have only increased since). I was in a position to be 'trained' by YHWH and he gave me a couple of excellent 'Mentors' who were both well seasoned in terms of knowing Satan's devices and deceptions; anointed men of God in terms of the spiritual influence they possessed. Though the ministry still operates to this day (under a re-organized business structure) it has not recovered from the loss of those two anointed men (and the loss of the Director) who were it's very HEART pumping the LIFE OF MESSIAH into the place. I of course learned about this restructuring of the Board of Directors, who had laid hands on me to continue my Ministry before leaving for Florida in '98, after I came back some years later to visit. They were dear Men of God (the Director was also an anointed, God fearing woman) and crucial to my training. We ministered to individuals from every walk of life from activities in local events (like getting recycling efforts 'off the ground'), homeless, alcoholics/drug addicts, domestic violence emergencies and just 'drop offs' by police, but we catered especially to assisting ex-cons through the prison ministries who had made a decision to follow the Messiah Yahshua (Jesus) when leaving prison and wanted to enter our 'halfway house' and/or our community service program (the only parts of the program still appearing somewhat functional today, probably only because of securing government funding to continue what previously worked on DONATIONS from CARING PEOPLE getting personally involved; just another EFFECTIVELY Godless and CORRUPT State agency now, sadly) to try to get back on their feet in society.

I worked at various levels in the organization, mostly all volunteer positions of service while on an accelerated growth and learning plan regarding Scripture. I have spent thousands upon thousands upon thousands of hours in the Text of Scripture over the years, putting entire books to verbatum memorization in the first few years. I have become a polyglot. I began learning the Biblical Languages and transltions prior to English translations (Hebrew, Aramaic, Latin, Greek and Spanish) to make sure I understood the ORIGINAL COMMUNICATION, in as much detail as I could [in order to evaluate our 'received' English tradition,; like the ORIGINAL meaning of the Latin word LUCIFER which we have today in English, which is DIFFERENT than JEROMES meaning, for example (Jerome is the writer of the LATIN VULGATE from which the KJV interpreters pulled the word in only ONE of the 5 places where it originally occurred), which reflects JEROMES original meaning and APPLICATION which is 180 degrees OPPOSITE from what ENGLISH SPEAKERS have received]. I was building a solid foundation of scripture upon which to understand the TRUTH missed by popular Christianity whose various denominations and doctrinal differences I also studied. As we shall see exposed in the body of this work, they stand exposed as THE SAME END-TIME DECEPTION...the harlot of Proverbs which is also the spiritually drunken Whore of Revelation 17 (their BLASPHEMOUS DENOMINATIONAL NAMES written on HER FOREHEAD) riding the VIOLENT Beast Power to their MUTUAL DESTRUCTION!

I eventually went to serving on a part-time basis while I returned to College earning an A.S., A.A., B.S. and met and married my wife (and her 2 young children whom I adopted as my own) as she finished her Undergradate Study in Design and I continued another year in Graduate Study toward an M.S. in Communication Theory (for Systems). The Elders or 'Board of Directors' at the Ministry I still worked at off and on, laid hands on me to continue in anointed ministry after my wife finished her Under-Graduate work, and we moved to Florida. We both then began working full swing while I also finished my Graduate Study at a small Seminary to finish with a Master's Degree in Religious Education (M.R.E.) rather than System Theory in Communication (for which I still lack only another Semester of credits to receive). She worked as a licensed Interior Designer and myself as the owner of a small Corporation I started; a Property Management Company catering to the wealthy elite of Palm Beach County (vacation mansion holders on Jupiter and Palm Beach Islands). I had approximately a dozen clients, give or take. They were all extremely powerful/wealthy men; pillars and bulwarks of Cosmopolitan World Society. YHWH had 'prepped' and 'placed' me carefully for my continued education, spiritual growth, and later testimony.

I had been transparent with my wife who was a believer in the popular Christian 'Jesus' who winks at sin, when we met. She came to believe the gospel of YHWH that I had been given (though I was still struggling to articulate it all, as is still the case today) and supposedly like Ruth with Boaz, she had committed to follow me in my persuit of HIM, the TRUE MESSIAH named Yahshua who EMBODIES the LAW OF HIS FATHER...the ONE TO BE DISTINGUISHED from the DECEIVER MESSIAH (the IMPOSTER taught to THE WHOLE WORLD by the WHORE who's in bed with the Devil who protects her from the TRUTH!). She was baptised in the FAMILY NAME of YHWH (father/son/spirit sharing this same name) but she has yet to fully recover from her former SATANIC PROGRAMMING and her PROGRAMMER/HANDLERS...and I have yet to see evidence of the INDWELLING, LIFE GIVING SPIRIT OF GOD in her life (she's still in my prayers). We had plans to make enough money to purchase a spread of land in the wilderness where we could become self-sufficient in preparation for the end-times 'destruction' mankind is determined to bring on himself as detailed in the body of this, my Doctoral Thesis (my perspective has become slightly more HOPEFUL since then). My employers/clients all knew as well. As I said, I am bold and transparent.

They thought me odd but of exceptional caliber, and so they tolerated what they would often jokingly refer to as my 'neanderthal' concept of a creator and my clear devotion to him which they would mock as 'dark ages' behavior based in animalistic superstition stemming from my obviously not quite as 'evolved' level of 'philosophy' [one's own 'godlike' (pharaonic not servant-leader) evolution is a fairly universally accepted concept by the elite who wield world power and are IDOLIZED and served by the RELIGIOUSLY INSANE who are enslaved by this UNHOLY WEDDING as nothing more than SPIRITUAL WHORES]. I remember being told on various ways and occasions: 'you're so intelligent, how can you believe in a 'sky daddy'? The elite who hold the sceptor of power mock the God whom their false prophets teach about to control the masses. They have their own agenda and they wanted to know why I wasn't smart enough to join them when there was so much wealth to be had. My Doctoral Thesis, for which this auto-biography is mere corrolary, is the articulation of a methodically comprehensive answer to their questioning.

Eventually they began to make it clear that they were not going to continue to take 'no' for an answer. Their secret 'taps' on the shoulder if you will, were a constant assault. A wink here and a nod there, if you know what I mean. I refused to join any 'round tables' and was continually being threatened in terms of my own worldly status and influence which I had received from them as a faithful servant to YHWH first, and also to them, as a result. They were trying to coerce me to forsake my first love, YHWH...or at least to put me in a position where I would rely on THEM and not YHWH; to SELL OUT my integrity. But my faith in INVISIBLE TRUTH was unshakable by then.

I did not realize it at the time (foolish me), they were also working on my wife. I knew I was nearing the end of my days in Egypt. YHWH was DEFINITELY CALLING ME OUT and my undercover identity as a true Israeli (and no mere 'Christian') was blown; and Satan was irate and his minions got a little rough with me. My life was even threatened on several occasions...intimidation tactics. Nothing happens by mistake, even though it may appear so. But YHWH is in control of EVERY SINGLE THING THAT HAPPENS if in fact he IS omniscient and HAS an OMNIPOTENT PLAN which I KNOW, and YOU CAN ALSO KNOW, to be TRUE!

They forced me out of business as a result of my refusal to submit and to deny my faith. This of course after I was tempted with all the luxuries Egypt has to offer. They offered me much more MONEY, power, and social status than what I was currently enjoying (which one has to admit, for a 'crazy' street kid from a broken home, was quite impressively far!). And of course with that, would come anything else the heart can lust after in this BABYLONIAN HELL. They wanted me to 'throw in with them and share their purse' if you will. It is the dream many in my shoes would literally KILL FOR (Prov. 1:14-16). But that was not my character nor the character of the one whom I had pledged my life to serve.

This all was happening on the heels of the 'hanging chad' Bush election SCANDAL which happened in my county and the subsequent attack on the Trade Towers in New York (which were NOT randomly unrelated events). My response to PRAY and SEEK DIVINE GUIDANCE was met with incredulous resistance by those claiming to believe in a god of ABSOLUTE TRUTH and JUSTICE. They were being pressured and subtly MANIPULATED TO RESPOND with CLAMORING FOR WAR by those in power (who they SERVE as SPIRITUAL WHORES). Now in retrospect we see it was A HATEFUL AND UNJUSTIFIED RESPONSE based on LIES, FABRICATIONS, AND THE TWISTING OF THE TRUTH which was heeded over my call to REPENT AND PRAY...for which I was disfellowshipped as a 'sounding brass'! I was tempted by the temporal STATUS they were offering me in what THEY WERE DOING, as one of their SPIRITUAL WHORES, and I knew it. At the same time I was being tempted, I was also being threatened. I was being offered a reward to do what was WRONG and threatened for doing what was RIGHT, if you will. It was clearly a deal with Satan Himself through his agents. He tried the same tactics with the Messiah. If you have not experienced it, it may well be that HE ALREADY CONTROLS YOU and you simply don't want to FACE THE FACTS!

I was even tempted with the position of sailing abroad in a private luxury Yaht owned by a Catholic Arch-Bishop for his family, as a personal/family atache/assistant. Even to be the doorsweeper at the White House has prestige and status in this world, my friend. What I was being offered was a pretty High Position as a servant among the circles of elite power in this world. No telling where an opportunity like that could lead. It truly was an opportunity TRUMP (who is only servant to the same world masters) has demonstrated is COVETED by most in the world today. They thought me a FOOL for not 'throwing in' to SHARE THEIR PURSE with them.

I also worked for others, more and less powerful whom also shall remain prudently nameless. Let's just say that I know from whom they receive their worldly power and authority WHETHER OR NOT THEY DO. I chose not to join them but rather to EXPOSE them and their ERROR for their OWN GOOD, as I was clearly called and SELECTED while still in the womb, to do it. That is WHAT LOVE DOES in this world's current system BOUND FOR HELL; that's what a LIGHT in the DARKNESS does!

My wife was compelled to use the apparent darkening circumstances surrounding my seeming contrary response to these events and subsequent loss of my clients/business, as the platform from which to announce her intent to leave me. Just like Samson with Delilah, they got to her. She had been seduced by the luxuries of Spiritual Egypt, and under compulsion to renounce me while at the same time being 'rewarded' for doing so, she chose a seemingly more secure future for herself and my (soon to be barmitzvah) 12 year old son still with us. She essentially agreed with the deceived world around us that I was the 'insane' one and she rejected the Message of YHWH to preserve herself; leaning on the flesh arm of spiritual Egypt/Babylon.

It was another devastating blow to me at the time. Next to YHWH, she and the children were my world. She continued to live with me in the spare, 3rd bedroom of our home for three months while she saved enough money to rent a flat elswhere (as we had recently spent all our cash 'vacationing'). I used that time as an opportunity to plead the case for her to remain faithful to her promises to YHWH in the face of all opposition and temptation. I have hope that one day YHWH will grant her the ability to repent of her faithlessness toward his revealed plan. I know Satan has twisted her up with deception and guilt which YHWH will free her from if she will just trust him in repentance. All things work out for the good of those who sacrifice their lives persuing the God of SENTIENT TRUTH in FAITH!

Within a 1 year period from the TRADE TOWERS ATTACK seen by me as a FLAG FROM YHWH to bolster and strengthen me in MY RESOLVE to STAND FIRM on the CORNERSTONE OF TRUTH I had found, I lost my wife (and children), most of my household pets (I kept my Lab who was later poisoned by 'haters'), my clients, and was forced to dissolve my corporation. The Seminary where I was also a lay minister (and had my son enrolled in private school associated with the ministry) and where I had continued my education, finishing my Masters Degree in 'Religious Education', and had just recently announced the nature of THIS Doctoral Thesis (which is why they began turning on me, calling for repentence during their war rallies was merely the last straw), they decided to disfellowship me as a heretic. I had no family, no friends, no ministry, no business.

I sold my home and a few other 'possessions' and gave away everything else that I couldn't carry. I was essentially homeless by Oct. 2002 of the Edomite/Roman Calendar year with a full backpack and a van soon to be repossessed. I was all alone with nothing and no one except YHWH; for whom I had sacrificed all those things as a result of my simple obedience to his revealed ETERNAL truths in my life and remaining FAITHFUL TO HIM despite the temporal losses. Few people realize Abraham's obedience not only estranged him from his son for the rest of his life, but his wife Sarah left him in B'er-Sheva to die estranged from him in the land of Canaan because of his OBEDIENCE to GOD! From the WORLDS PERSPECTIVE, it was basically assumed that Abraham had gone insane or had a momentary lapse in sanity. Paul put it this way when he found himself in this situation, he says in Acts 26:19 when giving his testimony before the court: I HAVE NOT BEEN DISOBEDIENT TO THE HEAVENLY VISION. Of course the 'judge' replied (vs. 24) 'Paul you are not even intelligable; you have studied too much and gone insane.' Certainly from the perspective of a blissfully ignorant and hopelessly faithless world, I also must be seen by them as just as insane for KNOWING THE TRUTH and OBEYING THE HEAVENLY VISION!

I have had many more 'adventures' since then in my travels. I would not want to delude anyone by telling them it's easy being a 'voice crying out in the wilderness' in this spiritual DARKNESS we currently live in. It's a high price to pay, the sacrifice of one's own person to pursue the SAVING, SENTIENT TRUTH, but the promised payoff for faithfulness is many times the cost of this initial, temporal life investment! Unless of course I live, as some say, in a fantasy world and there really will be no accountability or reward for our lives here. If that's the case I must echo Paul's sentiment in this regard:

"If only for this life we have hope in Messiah then we should be pitied more than all men!" 1 Cor. 15:19

And if there is no hope in Messiah, what a miserable Hell this life really is for the poor, ignorant or otherwise 'non-elite' citizens of the cosmopolitan world. They will increasingly come under the tryanny of their SATANIC WORLD MASTERS as exposed in this Doctoral Thesis. Why? Because, they don't understand or have not COMMITTED TO, the VALUABLE purpose for their life; deceived to FORFEIT their ETERNAL BIRTHRIGHT for temporal comforts. The purpose for this life is to be SANCTIFIED (set apart) by TRUTH, and to stand as witnesses for HIM at cost of ALL! This is TRUE FAITH! Messiah said: 'Father sanctify them in your Truth; your WORD (Old Testament Law which Messiah FLESHED OUT as OUR EXAMPLE to follow) is TRUTH (Jn. 17:17)! It is the SELFISH WICKED who TEACH YOU that he suffered and died so you can enjoy the 'good life' as THE WORLD SUFFERS AROUND YOU and YOU are GIVEN JUSTIFICATION to TURN A BLIND EYE and suggest they DESERVE SUFFERING AND DEATH because they AREN'T AS HOLY AS YOU! Satan has DECEIVED THE WHOLE WORLD into believing this LIE FROM HELL for 2000 years now!

My FAITH revolves around the HOPE of the ULTIMATE PRIZE for which I RUN THIS RACE...not for rewards that come in this life, but rather by using this life as a daily sacrifice toward that ultimate payoff toward which He has called me Heavenward, with the FAITH that this hope is NOT in vain. That there WILL be an accounting for deeds done in this world. That there IS a resurrection for the dead. That there is OBJECTIVE ETERNAL TRUTH given to us by our creator; Immutable evidences of his character, plans, and purposes which we are given OPPORTUNITY to FELLOWSHIP IN. By faith my soul again resonates with the sentiments of Paul:

"I press on to take hold of that for which Messiah Yahwshua took hold of me. Brothers, I do not consider myself yet to have taken hold of it. But one thing I do: forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead, I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which YHWH has called me heavenward in Messiah Yahwshua. All of us who are mature should take such a view of things." Phil 3:12-14

I have lived perennially 'homeless' now since October 2002 as an itinerant Minister of the Gospel; marginalized as 'insane' and REGULARLY VICTIMIZED as a result. IT SEEMS NO ONE PLEADS THE CASE FOR JUSTICE if they think it MIGHT COST THEM PERSONALLY!

I am currently in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan living in the National Forests rent free during summer (and in cheap, often condemnable rentals in winter) while I pour my life's blood into COMMUNICATING the SAVING TRUTH to whoever will LISTEN. In summer I live most of the time in either a tent or a wig-wam (a sort of 'rib-cage' type structure made by bending and lashing saplings together and using tarps as the covering 'skin'). I refer to it as a wig-wam up here because that's what the local natives (who've dubbed me the 'White Ghost') traditionally called this structure. But I suppose most of you reading this site should know it better by the Biblical name of a Succah or Tabernacle.

YHWH seems to have me 'treading water' right now it seems. I am spending much of my time merely trying to subsist in a Satanically deceived and controlled world. I believe I have a greater appreciation for Moses struggles and later the various struggles that the Israelites faced when they stepped out in simple obedience OPPOSING PHARAOH as our historical, ante-typical teaching example; or as David after he was anointed as the next King but was having to hide in the wilderness living in caves because the psychopathically suicidal King Saul refused to step down after he KNEW the kingdom had been torn from him by GOD HIMSELF (he insanely thought if he killed David he would RETAIN HIS PSYCHOPATHIC HOLD ON POWER but he was on a SUICIDAL PATH just like the WORLD LEADERS TODAY). There is certainly not much in the way of 'fleshly comforts' when you are following the Holy Spirit in the wilderness. Never-the-less if I had it to do it all over again I would not change a thing. YHWH has been clearly directing my path. He has STRENGTHENED MY RESOLVE to BRING HIM GLORY through my SUFFERING and OBEDIENCE. I am now able to fearlessly devote my entire being to his full time service as His TRUTH of ETERNAL LOVE has already SET ME FREE!

I have relied on him to supply my needs and shelter me as I merely go where he leads and do that which I hear him command. I have learned to abound and to be abased. I have given up all so as to follow him and not be found on shifting sand as regards my faith. I intend to finish the race faithfully and without compromise. To TRUST and OBEY the SAVING, SENTIENT TRUTH is the ONLY WAY to meaningully LIVE. This is the very PURPOSE FOR LIFE and in it is GREAT REWARD.

ObedYah (servant of YHWH)

Shavuot (Pentecost) 2007