In an age of UNIVERSAL DECEPTION, telling the TRUTH becomes a REVOLUTIONARY ACT! But be ASSURED that the Sword of Truth which proceeds from the Mouth of God is MIGHTIER than the VIOLENCE of Satan's hands!




This website constitutes my Doctoral Thesis in Philosophy, and much more! As a Biblically based "Systems Communication Theory" for "Religious Education" its purpose is to UNITE ALL the fields of Science together on ONE PHILOSOPHICAL "CORNERSTONE" as the FOUNDATION from which to view "reality" as a "NARRATIVE" to guide mankind through a DIRECTED EVOLUTION into a NEW world Kingdom MILLENNIA. This work presents an ancient Cornerstone NARRATIVE given to us by the SENTIENT "Meta Truth" or "Spirit of Truth" outlined within, which will unite the DISCONNECTED and CONFLICTING philosophies currently ruling over the fields of Genetics, Medicine, Psychology, History, Anthropology, Political Science, Quantum Physics, (Pure) Mathematics, Computer Science (Virtual Reality-Artificial Intelligence), Micro-Biology, Theology, Economics, Behavioral Science/Psychiatry, and Law, into ONE UNITED KINGDOM to bring WORLD PEACE under the Morningstar Light of the Spirit of TRUTH as our PHILOSOPHER KING or "MORNINGSTAR" for a NEW WORLD ORDER in order to create mankind in HIS IMAGE according to His Ancient MORNINGSTAR TRUTH Plan!

"What is 'TRUTH'?" Jn. 18:38

Truth is KING! Jn. 18:37

Truth is the "Master" or "Great Architect" of the Universe, the Sentient "Spirit of Creation" in whom we live, move, and have our existence (Gen. 1:1 & Acts 17:28), the "Father" of all Spirits, the "Spirit of Truth"! (Jn. 4:24 & 14:8-21)

That Spirit of Truth (our reality progammer or CREATOR henceforth referred to also as "God") created Spiritual BEINGS like Himself who have FREE WILL, and the BRIGHTEST and most BEAUTIFUL of all those created Spiritual Beings CHOSE to exercise his free will to worship and serve himself, and so he EXALTED HIMSELF against God and led a number of lower created beings in REBELLION to God...and as God KNEW BEFORE CREATING HIM, he would exalt himself as Pharaoh and would take all mankind CAPTIVE through DECEPTION to worship himself as their "God" in REBELLION to the Spirit of TRUTH who IS God. So the "CORNERSTONE GOAL" of God's Creation Plan, and His creation of mankind as a Spiritual Being a little lower than the heavenly host of Spiritual Beings, has ALWAYS been to DELIVER those Spirits from their BONDAGE to that Rebellious Spirit of Deception through the excercise of their FREE WILL and their OBEDIENCE of FAITH in His "Spirit of Truth" through His "Word of Truth" (the "Two Witnesses" for Himself which I prove in this link that the wicked SLANDER and MURDER to this very day as they CLAIM to be serving God) so that WE are WILLFULLY Created in His Spiritual Image for His Glory. Then we shall Judge and BIND the Spirit of Rebellion and Deception which took mankind captive, and all those spirits who willfully serve him in rebellion to the ONLY TRUE GOD, and we shall have the rule over ALL the enemies of God for His Glory and the SALVATION of ALL MANKIND!

This SPIRIT of DECEPTION and REBELLION to TRUTH has many names like: BELIAL, the Serpent, Dragon, Devil, the "WICKED ONE", the "Father of Lies" and all liars who OPPOSE and SUPPLANT the Spirit of TRUTH as King and USURP His Authority in REBELLION through DECEPTION and WICKED CORRUPTION. Henceforth we shall reference this "Spirit of DECEPTION" also as "Satan", which means "OPPOSER" in Hebrew. He became the PERFECTLY OPPOSITE IMAGE of God in his Rebellion to God, and this Spirit manifests in his spiritual sons in flesh as the "DARK TETRAD" and through their CONSPIRATORIAL RULE, is currently still the ruling "Cornerstone Spirit" of the world's Spiritual Kingdom (called "Mystery Babylon" and depicted by the Statue of Nebuchadnezzar in Dan. 2:31-45), which the "Cornerstone TRUTH" came to EXPOSE and DESTROY by establishing HIS ALTRUISTIC EMPATHIC SPIRIT of Truth, Justice, and Righteousness as the "CORNERSTONE SPIRIT" to RULE the WORLD through His Saints who WILLFULLY CHOOSE to OBEY His Spiritual Kingdom Gospel Plan which will DESTROY Satan's! This is how the SPIRIT of God will SAVE MANKIND to rule planet earth through THEM in PEACE leading to life eternal! Any other interpretation of the Bible than this is a SATANIC FALSE "GOSPEL" PLAN empowering Satan's REBELLION opposed to the TRUTH! And APART from God's BODY being UNITED by His SPIRIT of TRUTH to do His WILL according to THIS PLAN, NO FLESH will be SAVED from the SATANIC REBELLION now encompassing the WHOLE WORLD!

God KNEW IN ADVANCE BEFORE He ever created such spiritual beings with their own free will, that they would exercise it in REBELLION to Him (Ez. 28:15, Gen. 3:22). This is the ORIGIN of the SPIRIT of "Narcissistic Sociopathy" which has ALWAYS RULED OVER MANKIND through DECEPTION (Jude 1:8 & 13)! As the "Cornerstone" of His Plan to REMOVE REBELLION from His Kingdom in the QUALITY CONTROL type environment of the earth so that ONLY the WILLFULLY OBEDIENT manifesting HIS IMAGE would remain in His Kingdom after they JUDGE the REBELLIOUS SPIRITS, God created the world and mankind to RULE OVER IT as a "spiritual being" a little lower than the Heavenly Host, which the Heavenly Host would take into captivity for a time to serve in THEIR REBELLION ON EARTH until the JUDGEMENT of GODS SAINTS is CONVENED according to the PLAN! Through HIS SPIRITUAL CHILDREN who would bring Him Glory through their OBEDIENCE to His Plan through exercising their FREE WILL to OBEY HIS PLAN when REVEALED to them by the "Messenger-Prince" God promised to send (which the Saints HAD BEEN DECEIVED by the HARLOT of "Mystery Babylon" to NOT KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT and so IGNORANTLY OPPOSE the KINGDOM GOSPEL TRUTH until he finally overcomes the HARLOT WITCH'S "PROPAGANDA WAR" which BINDS THEM in the DARKNESS, to SET THEM FREE from the SORCERIES of "MYSTERY BABYLON"!). The God of TRUTH would "take captivity captive" [Ps. 68:18 (19), Eph. 4:8] and JUDGE the rebellious Host of Heaven on the Stage of Planet Earth through His Saints SERVING as His Kings and Priests of His Kingdom COME (Ps. 2 & 149, Ez. 28:16-18, , Dan. 7:13, Rev. 17:14-17, 1 Cor. 6:3, Rev. 20:2, Dan. 12:1-2, Rev. 2:26-28). We will be unveiling that KINGDOM PLAN to both EXPOSE AND DESTROY Satan's rebellion (including his "Body" of servants IN FLESH manifesting HIS IMAGE and doing HIS WILL in opposition to Gods "Body" enfleshing His Spirit and His Image and doing His will) in order to ESTABLISH God's Kingdom Law through HIS BODY in Flesh (Rom. 3:31) so His Will is done on earth as in heaven (Dan. 7:27, Mat. 6:10), herein. So let's get started.

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Carl Jung rightly said: "People don't have ideas, ideas have people". He basically meant that a person will ACT only in accord with a CULMINATION of IDEAS they have ADOPTED as an APRIORI "Truth Set". This TRUTH SET or "Apriori" is adopted unconsciously during a childs formative years, inculcated from birth until about 8 years old, and are often woven throughout the fabric of culture and traditions which binds collectives of people together in societies, and provide "reinforcement" for their beliefs which SEPARATE THEM from OTHER societies (and is the source of CONFLICTS between "nations"). These "apriori truths" rarely change much over time and they form the basis for all of one's subsequent thoughts and actions. Following Jung's line of thinking regarding how "ideas have people", if the apriori ideas motivating one to act are not REASONED, "free will" choices that are ACTUALLY "True", they can be said to be POSSESSED by IDEAS thoughtlessly like a PUPPETMASTER controls his SOCK PUPPETS. The Bible tells us that the WHOLE WORLD is in the DARKNESS of Ignorance and Deception but ONE DAY all the people of the world will RECOGNIZE this FACT, once faced with the TRUTH (Jer. 16:19-21). Then ALL MEN will KNOW and SERVE the Spirit of TRUTH as God and KING which will form the fabric of society into which all children will be born. Then all men will know and serve Him from the womb in a world society woven together serving the Truth in peace leading to life everlasting.

So until then we are born into a Spiritual Kingdom of WORLD DECEPTION (Olam HaSheker a.k.a. "Mystery Babylon") as MIND SLAVES lied to about "reality" from birth. As such then, if the apriori's forming the basis for ALL of one's thoughts and deeds ARE their own REASONED CHOICE based in CRITICAL THINKING (meaning at some point they question the very FOUNDATIONS of their perceived "REALITY" into which they were BORN and merely subconsciously ADOPTED as true subsequently, in order to remove ANYTHING from their decision making processes which are not TRUE), they become WILLING SERVANTS of the TRUE IDEAS they choose to adopt and obey as APRIORI for all subsequent thoughts, decisions, and actions. At some point those who RECOGNIZE and SERVE the TRUTH as KING can be said to have been "Born from Above" into a DIFFERENT SPIRITUAL KINGDOM (the Kingdom of Heaven) which will eventually grow large enough to EXPOSE and DEPOSE the REBELS KINGDOM (Olam Hasheker = World of Deception = Mystery Babylon) into which all men are currently born naturally, and they will ESTABLISH the KINGDOM of TRUTH from ABOVE, on earth below, and into which all men will be born naturally. No longer will the BODY of SATAN (the Ultimate Dark Tetrad Sociopath father of all Sociopaths who serve his spirit as his "Body" on earth) be controlling all the Narratives of all our institutions and societies. God's Saints who serve His Spirit shall be ruling as HIS BODY, and the world will see PEACE and RIGHTEOUSNESS leading to LIFE ETERNAL!

Simply put, ALL "ideas" are SPIRITUALLY SOURCED to a set of apriori's which are either TRUE or FALSE. Therefore, contrary to POPULAR DECEPTION, you have NO CHOICE in whether or not you will serve a SPIRIT as your apriori or "God" or not; you already do! Ultimately there are only TWO FATHER'S of ALL IDEAS which are SPIRITUAL; one is TRUE (the True God who may be served ONLY as one's WILLFUL CHOICE leading to increasing LIFE) and the other is FALSE (Satan who deceives men to believe they are "free" as they are DECEIVED and DECEIVE OTHERS to serve LIES leading to DEATH and DESTRUCTION as THEIR PREFERRED CHOICE as servants of Mystery Babylon).

From the BEGINNING of CHILD BEARING, the WHOLE WORLD has been born into a Spiritual Kingdom spiraling toward SELF DESTRUCTION, as did the Antediluvian world as an EXAMPLE. You could say that ONLY NOAH was "Born from Above" in God's Spiritual Kingdom and he was DELIVERED from the destruction that came on Satan's Spiritual Kingdom in the Flood. This Spiritual World Kingdom that exists today as in the "days of Noah" is called "Mystery Babylon" in prophetic literature which we will be unsealing because NOW, according to the CREATION PLAN, the Spirit of Truth wants to REASON WITH ALL Mankind about their life choices (Is. 1:18). They shall be divided one from another like Goats from Sheep and Tares from Wheat as God's Spiritual Kingdom is Manifest into "reality". Everything OFFENSIVE will be REMOVED from His Kingdom Come so He is calling men (and women) out from their service to the Spirit of Deception and his Spiritual Kingdom which has taken all mankind captive, as He told us in advance He would ALLOW to happen as OUR CHOICE (though we were deceived). The God of TRUTH has given us a TRUTH PLAN whereby we can understand that He has OPENLY EXPOSED the Spirit of Deception to END HIS REIGN as PROMISED! The TRUE GOD has taken the CAPTIVITY CAPTIVE so the only REAL CHOICE anyone has is whether or not they will SUBMIT to the TRUTH as KING or PERISH in REBELLION with the Spirit of Deception they serve leading toward DESTRUCTION, because ALL SECRETS will soon be LAID BARE before the LIGHT of TRUTH in JUDGEMENT as His Kingdom will soon begin to MANIFEST into reality according to His Programming or "Creation Plan" as the TRUE "God of Time".

"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free....The best slave is the one who thinks he is free." Goethe

"You're gonna have to serve somebody: it may be the Devil, or it may be the Lord, but you're gonna have to serve somebody!" Bob Dylan

Yahshua (Jesus) said: ...Choose today whom you will for me and my House, we shall serve YHWH. Joshua 24:15

So who is this YHWH which Joshua (a.k.a. "Yahshua") serves? YHWH means: "He who exists" as the Sentient "Spirit of Truth" apart from whom nothing exists a.k.a. "God". They say "a picture paints a thousand words" so likewise then a thousand of GODS WORDS RIGHTLY INTERPRETED can PAINT the "IMAGE of HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS" as the SABBATH LORD and CORNERSTONE "King" of HIS OWN "KINGDOM PLAN" for Human beings created in His Image of Truth and Righteousness to RECOGNIZE, SERVE, and EMULATE; as we are EXPRESSLY TOLD is the GOAL of the Law (as a sort of "PROGRAMMING CODE" to be adopted by "Sons" of the Spirit of TRUTH) by both Jesus and Paul in the New Testament (Jn. 5:46-47, Rom. 10:3-4)! The REASON is because when we ESTABLISH the RIGHT INTERPRETATION of God's Word of Truth (programming code), we also ESTABLISH our King and His Kingdom Rule ON EARTH AS IN HEAVEN (Mat. 6:10, Rom. 3:31) as OUR "APRIORI" CHOICE! And THAT Kingdom Law rightly interpreted, will be like a LIGHT which EXPOSES Satan and those who serve him in the DARKNESS of deception and ignorance, to DESTROY his Kingdom (Rev. 18:1-2), and also as a "CHAIN" by which Satan and his rebellious princes will be BOUND OVER for JUDGEMENT by God's Kingdom Come (Rev. 20:1-2, Dan. 12:1-2, Ps. 2, 82 & 149). So interpreting and assembling God's word to "paint" that "picture" of God's otherwise INVISIBLE "Image" as the "Spirit of Truth" in YOUR minds "eye" so you may "SEE" and SERVE that SPIRIT of Truth as the KING of LIGHT to destroy Satan's kingdom of darkness and BIND HIM to ESTABLISH Gods KINGDOM ON EARTH according to His Kingdom Gospel Plan, for which Jesus came as "CORNERSTONE" of the Kingdom Gospel Plan, is what we shall do now.

The Cornerstone TRUTH is God and KING!

***Begin Note: Before continuing below please click on this link to see the "Harlot Witch" of Mystery Babylon and her "Synagogue of Satan" which serves the Spirit of Satan as their "Cornerstone", and who rules the Spiritual World through DIVISION using FALSE NARRATIVES and BEASTLY MEN in her CIRCUS SHOW of DECEPTION, VIOLENCE and FEAR (like Jezebel ran Israel). This EXPOSURE will assist you to COME OUT FROM HER BONDAGE to be UNITED as GODS TEMPLE/BODY which will bring JUDGEMENT ON HER KINGDOM as prophesied! This page will help you see the TRUE GOSPEL PLAN presented below. End Note***

According to His RIGHTLY INTERPRETED WORD, that same "Spirit of Truth", (the "Father of Spirits") came to manifest His Image of Truth in flesh as the "Cornerstone" of His Plan to SHOW US His "FACE" in the CONTEXT of His PROMISES regarding His PLAN (Hos. 5:14-6:2, Jn. 4:24 & 14:9-10). He came to be REJECTED as a "Passover Sacrifice" according to His Word of Truth, in order to establish His Spirit of Truth as the "Cornerstone Spirit" of His Kingdom to be established on earth (a world which had been taken captive to serve the Spirit of Deception as God in rebellion to the Truth) according to His Own Promises hidden in His Own "Word of Truth" from the foundation of the World! That Spirit of Truth (the "Father of Spirits") enfleshed as His Own Word of Truth in the form of His own Obedient "Son", the "Lion of Judah" who came to drag Israel off into Bondage as prophesied (Hos. 5:14-6:2, Duet. 30:3, Amos 5:26-27, Acts 7:43) through His being REJECTED as a promised "Passover Sabbath Sacrifice" (typified by the "binding of Isaac" as a "sacrifice" by father Abraham, and by the rejection of Joseph as the "Prince of Israel") as the "CORNERSTONE" of His Own Kingdom Gospel Plan which Moses Codified, so that we could IDENTIFY His "Face", the "Image of Righteousness and Truth" (Jn. 5:46-47, 14:8-21, Rom. 10:3-4) and establish the "Face" of the full moon as the "Sign" for the otherwise invisible IMAGE of the Spirit of Truth (as the "God of TIME") according to His own CORNERSTONE-SABBATH PLAN for His Kingdom (given through the promise of the Father of Spirits in His rightly interpreted "Word of Truth", and seen through the obedience of the Son to that plan, who would be SACRIFICED as the FATHERS WILL and would be GLORIFIED in POWER as the FIRSTFRUIT having obediently enfleshed the Spirit of Truth as a SACRIFICE to ESTABLISH the "CORNERSTONE-SABBATH" PLAN codified by Moses; 2 TRUE WITNESSES for the "Perfect Image" of the otherwise invisible Spirit of Truth as the Sabbath LORD and CORNERSTONE of His Own Word of Truth), as the very "Cornerstone" from which His word, and all "reality", must be CORRECTLY VIEWED in service to HIS SPIRIT OF TRUTH as GOD (Jn. 4:24 & 14:9-10)! Only in this way may we "seek His Face" and CONFORM ourselves to "His Righteous Image" of His "Light" (which is His Spirit of Truth) through our obedience of faith as LIGHTS for the world to see according to His intended "Cornerstone Interpretation", as the GOAL of His Own Word of Truth which He moved Moses pen to write (Jn. 5:46-47, 14:8-21, Rom. 10:3-4).

In other words, the PASSOVER LAMB of God which He promised to provide from the foundation of the world (which PROMISE ITSELF is the ORIGIN of the CONCEPT of the "vicarious sacrifice" of animals) would ESTABLISH the "CORNERSTONE TRUTH" of His Spiritual Kingdom through his OBEDIENCE to the FATHER in laying down his life as a SACRIFICE according to the "TRUTH ELEMENTS" reflected through the SPIRITUAL instruction codified by Moses in the "Word of Truth" which would be used as God's INDICTMENT on the "Man of Sin" that would EXPOSE and ARREST the Pharaonic Narcissist SPIRIT (served by Sociopaths and Psychopaths) which mankind has been ENSLAVED TO from the foundation of the world, in an "ATONEMENTS JUDGEMENT PLAN" by which the world would be SAVED and RULED by God's Spirit of Truth and Justice instead! This PLAN is what Moses wrote about and Codified into the PATTERN of Kingdom Law which the 1st Covenant Provided as a TEACHING GUIDE to lead and eventually UNITE US to enter the MESSIANIC KINGDOM COVENANT which he envisioned on the Mountain, as the GOAL of the LAW! The ELEMENTS of the PASSOVER Speak ALL ABOUT the BODY of the WORD of TRUTH enfleshed by the Spirit of Truth who is our God and King (which Psychopaths, Sociopaths and their boot licking Narcissist and apathetic mind slave SPIRITUAL CHILDREN deceive men to REJECT as the CORNERSTONE of the World Kingdom to this very day!), and RIGHTLY DISCERNING that body of TRUTH enfleshed by His Spirit of Truth in CONTEXT of Gods Kingdom TIMES and LAW which speak ALL ABOUT HIM as the "CORNERSTONE" ruler of His Heavenly Kingdom is of UTMOST IMPORTANCE (1 Cor. 5:7-8, 11:23-25, 15:3-4 & vs. 20).

The perpetual 7 day FRAUD SABBATH WEEKS of our CURRENT spiritual world Kingdom of "Mystery Babylon" [which do NOT Sanctify New Moons as SET APART from weekdays and their Sabbaths, as SHALL BE DONE in the future when the CORNERSTONE TRUTH is Honored as the World's KING as "Cornerstone" of His SPIRITUAL KINGDOM (Is. 66:23, Ez. 46:1 & 3, Zech. 14:16)], and which are anchored to the ancient Winter Solstice BIRTH of the "Sun God" (called "Christmas" today) and the ancient Spring fertility-gestation celebration of Ishtar 9 months earlier (called Easter today), have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH IDENTIFYING the Cornerstone SPIRIT OF TRUTH of the TRUE GOD'S Kingdom according to His WORD of TRUTH (as the Full Moon Passover-Sabbath CORNERSTONE of God's Kingdom which He anchored to the Sanctified New Moon as the SIGN for His Spirit of Truth as the "God of TIME"), but RATHER they were CREATED and INCORPORATED by the SYNCRETIC Shape Shifting Pharaonic SPIRIT of DECEPTION and his Princes (and the "kingdom builders" serving them) as THEIR "Cornerstone" upon which they built "Mystery Babylon" which is depicted by the statue of Nebuchadnezzar (Dan. 2:31-45), when they REJECTED God's Cornerstone from Heaven! That's all part of their POWERFUL CORNERSTONE DELUSION by which Satan BLINDS MINDS through DECEPTION to NOT SEE the Glorious Gospel Plan (2 Cor. 4:4), and by which he took mankind CAPTIVE to SERVE him as the "CORNERSTONE SPIRIT" ruling over his FINAL WORLD KINGDOM called "Mystery Babylon"...OUT FROM WHICH God Calls His Holy People in GREAT EXODUS for WORLD SALVATION! The WHOLE WORLD is currently ENSLAVED to this SPIRITUAL CORNERSTONE DECEPTION as MIND SLAVES ignorantly serving the POWERFUL SPIRIT of DECPEPTION as their "Cornerstone" in Satan's Final World Kingdom which is pictorially depicted in the Statue of Nebuchadnezzar [(Dan. 2:31-45) which stands on his codified "times of the gentiles" deceptively called a "Christian Calendar" to this very day], from which the TRUTH SHALL SET US FREE IN JUDGEMENTS and GREAT EXODUS as God promised in PATTERNS to understand! It is NOW TIME to "Come out" from BONDAGE to the DECEPTIONS of the SYNCRETIC spiritual DRAGON kingdom of "Mystery Babylon" (as depicted by the Statue of Nebuchadnezzar in Dan. 2:31-45), and serve the CORNERSTONE SPIRIT OF TRUTH as God and ESTABLISH HIS KINGDOM ON EARTH according to His own WONDEROUS TRUTH PLAN!

When the Spirit of Truth comes he will speak of...Judgement, because the Prince of this world is NOW CONDEMNED! Jn. 16:11

God knew in advance that when He created free will beings, that the Spirit of BRIGHT BEAUTY which God created to SHINE FORTH the Glory of His Maker, would exercise his FREE WILL to REBEL against Him and His Kingdom to become the Spirit of Deception (Ez. 28:16-19) which would take mankind captive and rule over him on earth as god through DECEPTION in REBELLION to the true God, and he would use the Sun as the "cornerstone sign" for his kingdom calendar system by which ALL mankind would serve him as the "God of Time" in REBELLION to the TRUE God (Gen. 3:22). It is THIS DARK TETRAD "SPIRIT" which other Sociopath "princes" (and their Kingdom "builders" serving THEM) have ALWAYS served as "God" through their various calendar systems by which they ORGANIZED their kingdoms. The "Cornerstone Sign" for the "TIMES of the Gentiles" by which their kingdoms have always been organized to serve that BRILLIANT Spirit of Deception in REBELLION to the True "Light of the World" and "God of Time", has predominantly ALWAYS been the "death" and "rebirth" or RESURRECTION of the Sun at the Winter Solstice, on which the INCARNATE SUN GOD "Princes" of this world have celebrated their "births" as the "Incarnate Sun God" (like Nimrod, Tammuz, Pharaoh, Antiochus Epiphanes, Mithras of Persia later adopted by Julius Caesar in Rome and subsequently Syncretized into "Sol", "Sol Invictus" and finally "Christmas" as it is to this day), which is now anchored to a FRAUD SABBATH WEEK SYSTEM by which the house of ISRAEL was taken into WORLD BONDAGE to forget their identity by the house of Judah who married the Daughter of Babylon, ROME (Mal. 2:10-12) like the unholy marriage of Ahab and Jezebel! It was from this INCARNATE SPIRIT of Satan as Pharoah in Egypt that God called His people out to serve in His Kingdom and His Sabbath Times and Laws which He revealed and codified through Moses to speak ALL ABOUT "His Spirit" which would be MANIFEST in Men according to His Kingdom Building PLAN which would DESTROY SATAN'S KINGDOM on earth through OUR OBEDIENCE!

***Begin Note: Please click on this link created especially for God's Children who have been taken CAPTIVE to believe the VERY POPULAR Satanic "Rapture" Propaganda deceptively called the "Blessed Hope". It will demonstrate from Dan. 12:2 and Rev. 20:4 that they have been deceived to OPPOSE the "Prince of the Covenant" as their "ANTICHRIST" through IGNORANCE of the TRUTH! This is a necessary preparation to open the Eye of the Mind to see and OBEY the MORNINGSTAR "LIGHT" of the TRUE KINGDOM GOSPEL PLAN. End Note***

God had a plan before ever creating anything where He would create man as a Spiritual Being a little lower than the Heavenly Host of Beings, and He would select the Moon as the CORNERSTONE "SIGN" of His Spiritual Kingdom (as the "God of TIME") by which He would show His "Face" to His People who would be ENSLAVED through deception, and so FREE HIS PEOPLE through the "2nd Adam" who would express His PERFECT IMAGE through His Obedience to HIS FATHERS PLAN by which all who WOULD BELIEVE and SERVE HIM through their FAITH in His "Passover Sabbath Lamb" as the CORNERSTONE and "SIGN" of His Kingdom, would be SET FREE to serve His Kingdom which they would ESTABLISH on earth as His Kings and Priests which would SAVE the world from their BONDAGE to the Pharaonic Spirit of the "Prince of this World". Then the whole world would Serve His Heavenly Kingdom of Truth and Justice and ESTABLISH IT on earth through their OBEDIENCE OF FAITH! He had a plan whereby He would be GLORIFIED by His Own Word through Men who would serve Him and His WORD through His Spirit of Truth as ONE with Him in HIS PLAN by which they would CONDEMN SATAN and his "seed" and CRUSH their head on the stage of planet earth in JUDGMENT in order to take the REBELLIOUS CAPTORS CAPTIVE and simultaneously ESTABLISH GODS KINGDOM of RIGHTEOUSNESS and TRUTH on earth for the FATHERS GLORY, through their OBEDIENCE to HIS "CORNERSTONE-SABBATH" PLAN!

From the foundation of the world the deceiver selected the "Sun" as the powerful "sign" to REPRESENT the light of his beauty by which he would promote himself in the eyes of CARNAL MEN as the "God of Time" and regenerative and life giving "Light of the World" as its RULING SPIRIT they would serve as their God through HIS CALENDAR SYSTEM anchored to the Winter Solstice Death and Resurrection of the Sun as the "Cornerstone" of his various kingdoms (now codified as the "CORNERSTONE DECEPTION" upon which his FINAL world kingdom of "Mystery Babylon" depicted in the Statue of Nebuchadnezzar in Dan. 2:31-45 was established, and called a "Christian Calendar" by which he BLINDS THEIR MINDS from SEEING the TRUTH!); mere SLAVES of His POWERFUL DECEPTION in REBELLION to the Spirit of Truth...a WORLD of REBELLION to the SPIRIT of TRUTH serving DECEIVING NARCISSISTS (Psychopathic Sociopaths) united in service to the Spirit of Satan as their God and RULING VIOLENTLY over mankind and leading them to DESTRUCTION. But the "Spirit of Truth" (who is the Father of Spirits and CREATOR of ALL THINGS against whom Satan rebelled and exalted himself in HIS PLACE) in His Wisdom before ever creating anything (Prov. 8:27), selected the FAITHFUL WITNESS of the HUMBLE FULL MOON in His Word of Truth to represent the PERFECT IMAGE of His otherwise INVISIBLE Self (which is represented in the SANCTIFIED NEW MOON when NO LIGHT is seen on the moon), as the CORNERSTONE "Sign" (as the "God of TIME") to REFLECT His Light of TRUTH more powerful than the Sun according to His Creation PLAN to establish His Kingdom of LIGHT on earth to set mankind FREE from their CAPTIVITY in SPIRITUAL DARKNESS maintained by the Spirit of Deception and those who serve him (as even understood and beautifully depicted by Socrates in his famous Cave Parable, which I elaborate on here). Another way to understand it is that the "Cornerstone TRUTH" exposes the "Cornerstone Deception" served in a Kingdom of Mystery Babylon and when this UNDERSTANDING takes place it's like being "red pilled" to be able to see the MATRIX of DECEPTION which the WHOLE WORLD is ENSLAVED to serve as MIND SLAVES in IGNORANCE of the TRUTH.

***Begin Note***Although the maker of the 23 minute YouTube video linked in this paragraph never mentions how Socrates expressly states that the use of the SUN in our world is used by the EVIL ONES to BLIND the minds of the SLAVES, for which the fire used in his Cave Parable is mere allegory (and therefore in REALITY the Moon represents the "LIGHT from above" for which the Sun used in his parable is mere allegory, such that the "Sun" is equivalent to the "Blue Pill" in the dystopian Matrix movie, and the "Moon" is allegorized by the "Red Pill" which let's us see the REALITY of our "Matrix" from the perspective of the REAL "programmer" of Reality, God), he does a pretty good job at juxtapositioning many of the other parallels between Socrates Cave Parable and the dystopian Matrix movie; both of which speak of our "BIBLICAL REALITY" (from two opposing perspectives) which I am addressing in this work. Not only have I linked an entire page dedicated to outlining the Gospel Plan which Socrates gleaned and taught FROM THE BIBLE PLAN here, I also discuss this same concept couched in the new QUANTUM PHYSICS theory that our perception of "reality" is much like a COMPUTER SIMULATION and our bodies MERE AVATARS for our SPIRIT/SOUL to manifest through and FROM WHICH one CHOOSES how to perceive "reality" by which their SPIRIT will be MANIFEST for judgement by their DEEDS, as a sort of QUALITY CONTROL process (from which the dystopian "Matrix" writers derived their concepts), on this "NARRATIVE" PAGE. In other words, all the world is a stage and all men are actors...a mascarade where spirits manifest in bodies to be RECOGNIZED by what they DO and JUDGED according to a PROGRAMMING GUIDE called the Bible (Heb. 4:12, 1 Cor. 6:3, & Ps. 82 & 149). ***End Note***

According to this PLAN, the Moon would REFLECT His Spiritual Light of TRUTH as it reflects the Light of the Sun He created knowing the spirit of rebellion would select the sun as his sign (as the "God of TIME"). Then according to His plan, the "SIGN" for His PERFECT IMAGE of the otherwise invisible "CORNERSTONE SPIRIT" of TRUTH codified through a System of SABBATHS which speak ALL ABOUT HIM and WHAT HE WOULD DO to create men in HIS RIGHTEOUS IMAGE of TRUTH as LORD of His Sabbath Kingdom by which He would SET MANKIND FREE from their bondage to the spirit of deception, and the SABBATH DECEPTION that spirit of DECEPTION created as the "cornerstone" they serve as his SPIRITUAL SLAVES in bondage to the spiritual kingdom of "Mystery Babylon" and his Psychopath Emperors, Kings, and Priests serving him as the "God of Time" (like Pharaoah claimed to be as the "Sun God"), and God would set them free in a GREATER EXODUS than that from Egypt. He ANCHORED that PLAN and its SIGN to "see" the "CORNERSTONE SPIRIT" of TRUTH to the SABBATHS and FESTIVALS of His Kingdom Times and Laws He created as the "God of Time" and the "Cornerstone" of TRUTH which the builders of "Mystery Babylon" would REJECT, but which would eventually DESTROY the foundation of lies upon which they built their spiritual world kingdom.

The HUMBLE MOON is the Cornerstone-Sabbath "SIGN" for His PROPHETIC KINGDOM PLAN as the "God of Time" which we would not recognize to UNITE US in His KINGDOM POWER until long AFTER HE FULFILLED HIS WORD OF PROMISE and we find ourselves CRYING OUT in our WORLD BONDAGE to NARCISSISTS (ruled by the DARK TETRAD Spirit of Satan as their "CORNERSTONE" and "Lord"; a PSYCHOPATH "World Emperor" his "Body" serves as their "head") leading us to DESTRUCTION "as in the days of Noah" once again. Then suddenly one day God would send a MESSENGER into our DARK WORLD (Rev. 18:1) who "overcome" and would UNSEAL the scroll and DELIVER IT in such a way as to "LIGHT UP" the WHOLE WORLD with its UNSEALED MESSAGE like turning on a light in a dark dungeon, and we would suddenly UNDERSTAND the Plan to RECOGNIZE and KNOW that it is HE, the SPIRIT OF TRUTH, who has SANCTIFIED US by His Own Word of Truth (Ex. 31:13, Jn. 17:17) according to His Own Kingdom building PLAN, and has GIVEN US THE RESPONSIBILITY of AUTHORITY to UNITE in obedience to His Spirit defined as the "CORNERSTONE TRUTH" of His Plan which was rejected as a Passover Lamb as planned, by which we would EXPOSE the Spirit of Deception to the LIGHT of that CORNERSTONE TRUTH which will DESTROY SATAN'S KINGDOM of DECEPTION, and we would then establish the FATHER'S KINGDOM come so that His WILL is DONE ON EARTH as in Heaven! This "SIGN" of the Moon representing God's otherwise INVISIBLE Spirit of Truth as the "God of Time" was Codified by Moses in a CALENDAR SYSTEM in the PATTERN of the 1st Exodus and Covenant which would speak ALL ABOUT HIM and DEFINE His "Image" of RIGHTEOUSNESS according to the WORD OF TRUTH rightly INTERPRETED (Jn. 5:46-47, Rom. 10:3-4). This calendar system of Sabbaths and SABBATH WEEK FESTIVALS are called "Moedim" and are DESIGNED to Speak all about Him, the SPIRIT OF TRUTH from whom the WORD OF TRUTH PROCEEDED FORTH as His FAITHFUL WITNESS, as the CORNERSTONE SPIRIT of Truth around which His Kingdom of Kings and Priests is to March as to a drumbeat [Ps. 89:37 (38), Ps. 104:19, Lev. 23:2-4, Ex. 31:13, Jn. 17:17].

The SANCTIFIED New Moon Represents the otherwise INVISIBLE Spirit of Truth and the Full Moon REFLECTS His PERFECT IMAGE of the "Light of TRUTH" through his SACRIFICIAL OBEDIENCE as the LORD of His Messianic Passover Sabbath Covenant Kingdom by which we KNOW that the Spirit of Truth has REDEEMED US so we may be SANCTIFIED to ENTER HIS KINGDOM of TRUTH! The Three GREATEST of these FULL MOON "Sabbaths" which IDENTIFY our GOD and KING are the Passover Sabbath (whereby the "Perfect Image" of the Father of Spirits ENFLESHED the Word of Truth through his OBEDIENCE and thus ESTABLISHED the "Sabbath-Cornerstone" Spirit and Sabbath Sign of the Kingdom), the FULL MOON Shavuot (Pentecost) Sabbath (establishing the Sabbath WEEKS to the Full Moon Sabbath MARRIAGE DAY with that Spirit in Covenant), and the Full Moon Sabbath which BEGINS the Sabbath Festival of Tabernacles [which also ENDS with a "Great Sabbath"; the 2 Sabbaths representing the SPIRIT of the Aleph and Tav (Alpha and Omega, the "beginning and end") tabernacling within the midst of His Covenant People ruling His Sabbath Kingdom come]. The God who CREATED BOTH the sun and the moon selected the Moon to FAITHFULLY REFLECT His Light of TRUTH brighter than the sun to identify the CORNERSTONE SPIRIT of TRUTH as our SABBATH LORD of the Covenant by which we KNOW that the God of Truth has SANCTIFIED US by HIS OWN WORD of TRUTH (Ex. 31:13, Jn. 17:17). The TRUE "Light of the World" who created the Sun, Moon, and Stars, KNOWING IN ADVANCE that the Spirit of Deception (Satan) would REBEL AGAINST HIM and attempt to OUTSHINE HIS LIGHT in the minds of LOWER CREATED BEINGS and would arrogantly select the Sun as his "Sign" that would "MARK" him and his arrogant servants, created the humble Moon as the SIGN for His FAITHFUL WITNESS and the Stars who would serve Him as the "God of Time"...they would be as a CLOUD of WITNESSES having the Spirit of God in them as seen through their UNITY of FAITH in that TRUE SPIRIT OF GOD, which they can actually "see" through the minds eye of understanding seated on His ETERNAL THRONE as our King FOREVER according to HIS WORD OF TRUTH which IDENTIFIES HIM for us!

The prophecy of the Sun, Moon, and Stars bowing to Joseph (Gen. 37:9) as the one "separated" ("nazir") from his brothers and upon whose head the crown comes as the RULER OVER THE EARTH having the Spirit of God in him (Gen. 41:38, Deut. 33:16, Ps. 2:7-12, Rev. 2:26-28), will be REALIZED when those currently deceived by FALSE INTERPRETATIONS of the Text and the INCORRECT perception of the RELATIONSHIP between the Sun, Moon, and Stars in a CALENDAR ARRANGEMENT for a "kingdom" which is in REBELLION to the one GOD MANDATED for His Kingdom, then they will REALIZE His SPIRIT is in a SPIRITUAL BONDAGE in our MATERIAL REALITY, and they BRING HIM OUT of the DUNGEON to be the SAVIOUR of the world...then the WHOLE WORLD will recognize the FACE of GOD sitting on His Throne like the practically INVISIBLE PHARAOH in Egypt, and ALL MEN will BOW before His MANIFEST "RIGHT ARM" as if before His own FACE just like Joseph's brothers bowed before God and HIS ANOINTED ARM who brought them into Egypt as God promised!

As the "Messiah ben Joseph" (which Jews misunderstand and Christians are deceived to know ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ABOUT), his garments were "dipped" or "washed" in the Blood of the New Covenant Kingdom because Judah's Sceptre is TIED to him through the Donkey prophecy (Gen. 37:31, 49:10-11 & Rev. 19:13)! He is BOTH the Messiah ben Joseph AND the Messiah ben David (having the BIRTHRIGHT of BOTH the House of Israel (Joseph) and the House of Judah (David), Jesus sits as HIGH PRIEST-KING showing us the FACE of God's Spirit of Truth as the "CORNERSTONE" (and "Morning Star"; Num. 24:17) of God's Kingdom Building Plan for ALL CREATION!

Blow the shofar (trumpet) on the FULL MOON DAY of our FEAST in its MONTH! Ps. 81:4 (Ps. 81:3)

He made the Moon for His ("Moedim" Covenant) Calendar, the Sun knows he's going down! Ps. 104:19

[the Messianic "throne" (keseh) of David's 'seed'] has been established FOREVER as the MOON, the FAITHFUL WITNESS in the CLOUDS! Ps. 89:37 (38) (Heb. 12:1)

(the Full Moon Passover) Sabbath is the 'SIGN' (of the COVENANT) between ME and YOU forever, so that you will KNOW that I AM HE WHO HAS SANCTIFIED YOU! Ex. 31:13

It is only by seeing what He did in HINDSIGHT, being sacrificed as the "Passover Lamb" and resting on the PASSOVER SABBATH from the work he declared he "FINISHED" as the "Cornerstone Spirit of Truth" as promised from the foundation of the world (Gen. 2:3, Jn. 19:30), to establish HIS "Passover SABBATH" on which HE RESTED FROM HIS WORK (the very 1st Sabbath He revealed to Us in the PATTERN Moses codified when He brought us out of bondage in Egypt) according to His own INTENDED "Sabbath-Cornerstone Interpretation" of His Word which He enfleshed and which DEFINES His Spirit of Truth (Jn. 14:8-21) and the Sabbath SIGN for that otherwise INVISIBLE SPIRIT of TRUTH by which we are able to RECOGNIZE that the God of TRUTH (who is the "God of Time" and Spirit of Truth; Jn. 4:24) has SANCTIFIED US according to His Own promises in His own Word of Truth (Ex. 31:13, Jn. 17:17, Hos. 5:14-6:2) in order to UNITE US as HIS "ONE BODY" (having His Spirit of Truth in us, which IS GOD; Jn. 4:24, & 14:8-21) as the LORD of His Sabbath Kingdom of TRUTH in order to SET US FREE in "GREAT EXODUS" from Satan's Pharaonic Spiritual World Kingdom of Sabbath Deception, Sorcery, and Corruption (Ex. 31:13, Jn. 17:17-19) called "Mystery Babylon" and the "times of the Gentiles" (pictorially represented by the Statue of Nebuchadnezzar in Dan. 2:31-45), so that we could be UNITED AS "ONE" (Stone from Heaven) in HIS SPIRIT of TRUTH (which IS "God"; Jn. 4:24 & 14:8-21); "fitted together" and united in the LOVE of the Spirit of Truth indwelling and uniting us as HIS OWN "TEMPLE"-"BODY" stones UNITED as His Own "Firstborn Son" (Israel) to come out from our bondage to the current world kingdom of deception, to establish HIS KINGDOM of TRUTH, Righteousness, and PEACE on earth according to His Own "Kingdom Gospel" Plan to SAVE and RULE THE WORLD through Us, His Kings and Priests, for which He was manifest as the CORNERSTONE SACRIFICE of His Own Kingdom which He moved Moses pen to "frame out" for us to understand!

In other words the Moon is the "Cornerstone SIGN" of the "Spirit of God" Himself as the "God of Time" and "CORNERSTONE SPIRIT" of HIS OWN KINGDOM PLAN, which He CREATED to CODIFY IN HIS PLAN to speak ALL ABOUT HIMSELF; the TRUE "DAYSTAR" RULER of the WORLD when His Spiritual Kingdom COMES to EXPOSE the DECEPTION and set us FREE to serve HIMSELF [the Moon is seen 28 weekdays a month and hidden for 2 "sanctified days" in the "blinding light" of the sun (representing the "prince of this world", the "sign" of the Spirit of Deception as the "God of Time"); 2 Cor. 4:4) when He drags Israel into WORLD BONDAGE as He Promised, to then be "seen" again on the "3rd day" so we could SEEK HIS FACE and LIVE IN HIS PRESENCE in His eternally established WORLD KINGDOM come, Hos. 5:14-6-2]. The light of the Moon, as the SIGN of our SABBATH LORD which REFLECTS the LIGHT of TRUTH as the CORNERSTONE SIGN of the "God of Time" which establishes the TESTIMONY of the TWO TRUE WITNESSES (Father and Son) for the ONE Spirit of Truth with whom WE ARE TO UNITE AS ONE, as the CORNERSTONE SPIRIT of His Own Kingdom according to His Plan which MOSES CODIFIED as the "WORD of TRUTH". This is how Moses Speaks ALL ABOUT the GOD OF TRUTH who would PROVIDE the SACRIFICE as the CORNERSTONE of His Own Kingdom building PLAN to establish HIS SPIRITUAL KINGDOM on EARTH (Jn. 5:46-47, Rom. 10:3-4)! The INVISIBLE NEW MOON represents the otherwise invisible "Father", the Spirit of Truth, and the Full Moon Passover Sabbath is the SIGN for the "God of Time" that God Himself established by PROVIDING the Sacrifice of His Own Son who OBEYED HIM as a SACRIFICE to HIS FATHER (as Isaac obeyed his father Abraham who himself obeyed God as His own Father by FAITH) to ESTABLISH the CORNERSTONE TRUTH of His SPIRITUAL KINGDOM of TRUTH to EXPOSE and DEPOSE the spirit of deception and the SORCERERS who serve him which took mankind captive, according to HIS LEGAL PLAN we are to OBEY as His Kings and Priests for HIS GLORY and WORLD SALVATION!

The SPIRIT of TRUTH established HIS FULL MOON "PASSOVER SABBATH" through the "sacrifice" He Promised to provide to REDEEM the world from the spirit of deception and ESTABLISH the LIGHT of TRUTH anchored to the "Sanctified New Moon" as the INVISIBLE "FATHER" which the PERFECT IMAGE obeyed in BEING "REJECTED" as CORNERSTONE SPIRIT and LORD over the Kingdom of Truth. Through the LOVE of HIS SON who OBEYED HIS FATHER GOD even unto DEATH as a PASSOVER SABBATH SACRIFICE in order to ESTABLISH THAT SPIRIT as the TRUE SABBATH LORD over His Spiritual Kingdom of TRUTH according to HIS WORD OF TRUTH so the TESTIMONIES of these WITNESSES will be RECOGNIZED as TRUE! This is how JESUS established himself as the CORNERSTONE of Gods Kingdom Building Plan through HIS OBEDIENCE to the SPIRIT OF TRUTH as HIS FATHER (even as Isaac who obeyed Abraham who obeyed God as THEIR "FATHER") so that we would know the invisible GOD OF TRUTH has SANCTIFIED US by His own WORD of TRUTH and the SABBATH, particularly the PASSOVER SABBATH is the SIGN for the "God of Time" (Ex. 31:13, Jn. 17:17) to save us from the SPIRIT OF DECEPTION which RULES "Mystery Babylon" as its "Cornerstone Spirit" codified in the ANTICHRIST KINGDOM CALENDAR represented by the Statue of Nebuchadnezzar in Dan. 2:45!

***Begin Note*** I can already hear the cries of protest from those IGNORANTLY DECEIVED TEACHERS OF LIES (arrogant "mind slaves" serving the DECEIVING SPIRIT as "lord" over his FRAUD SABBATHS and deceiving others to serve him too) screaming that "Passover Day" proper (which is ALSO the 1st day of "Unleavened Bread", another ELEMENT of the "BODY of TRUTH" our LORD of the SABBATH enfleshed as the WORD of TRUTH which must be "RIGHTLY DISCERNED"; 1 Cor. 5:7-8 & 11:29) is NOT the 1st of the THREE MOST IMPORTANT and EXALTED of Sabbath's in the year..."no" they claim, "it's not even a Sabbath"! Here's the MAJOR ISSUE with that CLEARLY FALSE claim (which I cover in great detail here). The "count" of SABBATH WEEKS to the PENTECOST SABBATH (the 2nd of the THREE Greatest Sabbaths which speak all about our King), is ANCHORED TO the proper determination of the "Passover Sabbath Week" (a.k.a. "Feast of Unleavened Bread"). This Passover Sabbath WEEK a.k.a. "Feast of Unleavened Bread" which is anchored to the SANCTIFIED New Moon, BEGINS with the Sabbath of Passover as its 1st day, and Ends with a Sabbath on the 7th day of this special Sabbath WEEK having ONLY 5 WEEKDAYS between 2 Sabbaths. It's the very FIRST "SABBATH WEEK" of the very 1st Month of God's Kingdom times and Laws which He revealed to us (Ex. 12, Neh. 9:14). Christians are AT LEAST as guilty perpetuating this SPIRITUAL KINGDOM FRAUD in their IGNORANCE based in DECEPTION, but I want to focus on the Rabbi's who broke the TRUE Sabbath Covenant with God and REJECTED HIM as LORD over His Own Sabbath Kingdom (Hos. 5:14-6:2), to marry themselves to the Syncretic Religious Dragon of Rome and the power of Political Deception to serve the Spirit of Deception as Lord of his own FRAUD SABBATH CALENDAR, which USURPS the AUTHORITY of the God of Truth in OPPOSITION to HIM (Mal. 2:10-12, Amos 5:26-27 & Acts 7:43)! The "Father" of the Pharisees (Yochanan ben Zakkai) MARRIED themselves to the SPIRIT of "Mystery Babylon" (Rome) like Ahab who married Jezebel, and thus sold themselves, their children, and the whole world into BONDAGE to a FRAUD SABBATH LORD as the Cornerstone of the Kingdom of VIOLENCE and DECEPTION these "builders" created 2000 years ago (Mal. 2:10-12, Is. 14:12), and in so doing they officially BROKE the SABBATH CONTRACT with God when they rejected God's "Cornerstone Spirit of TRUTH" as LORD of His Own Sabbath Kingdom, and Sacrificed His Son as the GROOM of our New Covenant who was GLORIFIED to POWER and now Tabernacles IN and WITH His yet unrecognized Kings and Priests ACCORDING TO GODS FORE ORDAINED PLAN! Their children are still being deceived by their own leaders through their traditions so that they continue to perpetuate this easily demonstrable LIE in blind ignorance to this very day. The TRUTH is now making a MOCKERY of their so called "wisdom" AS PROMISED (Is. 29:14, Jn. 12:31, 16:11, 1 Cor. 1:19, 2:6-8, & Ps. 2:4)! So note that they begin their count for these 7 festival "WEEKS" to the "SABBATH DAY" (called "Pentecost"...the Covenant "Marriage Day" with God for BOTH Covenants) on the day the "Firstfruit" is waived ("Resurrection Day", another element of the "Body of Truth" enfleshed by the Spirit of God; 1 Cor. 5:7-8, 11:23-25, 15:3-4 & vs. 20), the day after the Passover Sabbath which BEGAN this SABBATH WEEK [whereas the count ACTUALLY begins after the Sabbath of the 21st day which ENDS the Passover Sabbath Week (Feast of Unleavened Bread; Ex. 12:8, Lev. 23:6-8 & 15) such that this SABBATH WEEK is followed by the COUNT of 7 more IDENTICAL SABBATH WEEKS, from which New Moons are "SANCTIFIED" from the count of WEEKS because they are NOT WEEK DAYS in God's Kingdom, as expressed in the text of Ez. 46:1 & 3 and which I demonstrate mathematically here]. In other words they begin the COUNT of WEEKS on the day AFTER "Passover Day" proper WHICH IS CLEARLY CALLED "SABBATH" Lev. 23:6-8 & 15 (Ex. 12:8) according to THEIR OWN INTERPRETATION. Therefore the question I would ask of them who have been DECEIVED to perpetuate this untenable SABBATH DECEPTION as the CORNERSTONE of their RELIGIOUS CULT is: "HOW on earth can you make the CLAIM on one hand that Passover Day proper (a.k.a. the 1st Day of Unleavened Bread) is NOT a "Sabbath" when you begin your COUNT of WEEKS on the DAY on which the Firstfruit is waived (Resurrection Day) which is the day AFTER this PASSOVER SABBATH according to YOUR OWN INTERPRETATION of Lev. 23:15?" Additionally, the PLETHORA of internal textual evidence as well as archeological evidences, which I have compiled here, demonstrates that their COUNT of WEEKS to the "SABBATH DAY" of our Marriage promise called Shavuot/Pentecost, is WRONG! Unlike the TRUE MATH EQUATION which God gave us to PROVE HIM TRUE...their MATH EQUATION is proven WRONG...see for yourself! All I can say is there seems to be a TOTAL DISCONNECT with LOGIC and CRITICAL THINKING SKILLS going on with these MIND SLAVES who make such INSANE CLAIMS that Passover is NOT a Sabbath but begin their COUNT for "Sabbath weeks" on the "day after" Passover Day SABBATH! The "Christian disconnect" on this issue is even worse as it's rooted in the far worse Satanic deception of Antisemitism and thus are serving the SAME SPIRIT of DECEPTION as their "SABBATH LORD" over his FRAUD SABBATH KINGDOM over the period of time called "the Times of the Gentiles" (a.k.a. "Mystery Babylon" and pictorially represented by the Statue of Nebuchadnezzar in Dan. 2:31-45 which I cover here in more detail). ***End Note***

The Spirit of Truth who moved Moses pen would be REJECTED in a man (like JOSEPH was for the same reason), to then be RESURRECTED and GLORIFIED as the "Right Arm" and "Face" of God (like Joseph was as the RIGHT ARM and "Face" of the "invisible" Pharaoh) which we would then be able to "SEE" (through the mind's eye of UNDERSTANDING)! He sits ENTHRONED as the very "CORNERSTONE" of God's Plan so we could RECOGNIZE His SPIRIT OF TRUTH we rejected as the CORNERSTONE of His Plan which BEGAN OUR WORLD BONDAGE as promised 1st through Moses (Duet. 30:3, Hos. 5:14-6:2, Amos 5:26-27 & Acts 7:43). Being Sacrificed as a "Passover Sabbath Lamb" like Isaac who was obedient to His Father who was likewise obedient to God as His Father, His righteous blood would speak of better things regarding God's Plan than does Abel's blood which GOD KNEW CAIN WOULD SPILL as a result of showing him FAVOR! This EVENT, like the rejection of Gods Spirit in Joseph which began our bondage in Egypt, would begin our WORLD BONDAGE which Moses promised we would be taken into for REJECTING GODS SPIRIT as the "Cornerstone" of His own Word of Truth from which it must be correctly interpreted. When we ACKNOWLEDGE our offense for which we were taken into bondage (for serving the WRONG SPIRIT as our "Cornerstone" and "Lord of Sabbath"; Amos 5:26-27 & Acts 7:43) and we SEEK HIS "FACE" of TRUTH which this Sacrifice ESTABLISHES (Hos. 5:14-6:2) then God would bring us back in a GREATER EXODUS than from Egypt (Deut. 30:3, Is. 11:10-12, Jer. 16:14-15, Ez. 20:34-37). This "Cornerstone" of God's Plan is the "Son of God" who came to show us the "Perfect Image" of Father God (the Spirit of Truth who enfleshed him like Joseph) to be SACRIFICED, RESURRECTED and GLORIFIED (like Joseph) which would begin Israel's world bondage, from which God will bring us back (Hos. 5:14-6:2) in "GREAT EXODUS" to ESTABLISH His Spiritual Sabbath Kingdom on earth according to His Kingdom Gospel Plan which He Himself preached as its "CORNERSTONE" (Is. 28:16, Mat. 4:23, 9:35, 24:14, Mk. 1:14-15).

This event would ESTABLISH the "Cornerstone-Sabbath Truth" interpretation of His Own Word of Truth as the "IMAGE" of the "Father" of Spirits who indwelled him (Jn. 14:8-21) as seen through his OBEDIENCE to the Kingdom Gospel Plan as its CORNERSTONE SACRIFICE (and typified by Isaac's obedience to Abraham as a "sacrifice"), so we can "SEEK the Face" of our Messiah and God ("YHWH our righteousness"; Is. 4:2, Jer. 23:5-6 & 33:15-16) through whom we are Sanctified according to that SAME SPIRIT and WORD of TRUTH (Ex. 31:13, Jn. 17:17, Hos. 5:14-6:2)...and the Full Moon of the Passover Sabbath on which he rested from his work when he said "it is finished", is the SIGN for the otherwise invisible "CORNERSTONE SPIRIT" as the "Lord" of our SABBATH Kingdom (and its WEEKS) which is ANCHORED to the SANCTIFICATION of the New Moon which Moses CODIFIED into Kingdom Law as its CORNERSTONE SIGN (Ex. 12:1-16, 31:13, Jn. 17:17-19)! This would later be recognized as speaking about the "Perfect Image" of the Spirit of Truth or "Father God" (symbolizd by the INVISIBLE "New Moon"), his BELOVED SON (like Isaac & Joseph) as the PERFECT IMAGE of the Father of our faith and seen in the FACE of the FULL MOON SIGN as the "Daystar", the Passover Sabbath Sacrifice which God PROMISED in order to establish the FULL MOON SIGN for HIMSELF (as the "DayStar", the "Perfect "Image" of His otherwisee Invisible Spirit symbolized by the "New Moon") ) as "Cornerstone Lord" of His SABBATH COVENANT KINGDOM with His OBEDIENTLY FAITHFUL PEOPLE as His Kings and Priests! This "SABBATH SIGN" for the TRUE SABBATH "Cornerstone" and "Lord" was REJECTED with him and REPLACED with a POWERFULLY DECEPTIVE FRAUD by the "Builders" who inducted us into the WORLD BONDAGE which God promised because we were serving the WRONG SPIRIT as our SABBATH LORD all along (Amos 5:26-27 & Acts 7:43). This ENSLAVEMENT in a SPIRITUAL KINGDOM of Deception called "Mystery Babylon" is pictorially represented by the Statue of Nebuchadnezzar in Dan. 2:31-45 and the "SIGN" for the CORNERSTONE SPIRIT they selected to RULE THIS KINGDOM when the TRUE CORNERSTONE SPIRIT was REJECTED is EVIDENCED by its FRAUD SABBATH CALENDAR system (deceptively called a "Christian Calendar") which they created as the rulers over the "Times of the Gentiles" which NOT ONLY has NOTHING to do with God's Times and Laws, but in fact SUPPLANTS Gods times and laws such that NO MAN can SERVE THE SPIRIT OF TRUTH without being SORELY PERSECUTED and even MURDERED by ANTISEMITES posing as followers of the King of Israel but serving the Spirit of Satan which the "BUILDERS" CHOSE instead, as has been the case for Jews like me who know the TRUE CORNERSTONE JESUS since the Destruction of the Temple, as proven herein!

As the Resurrected Passover Sabbath Sacrifice, our King established the SIGN for the Perfect IMAGE of the otherwise invisible Spirit of TRUTH as our FATHER (signified by the sanctified INVISIBLE "New Moon") as the "FULL MOON" "SABBATH SIGN" on which "he RESTED" after his OBEDIENCE to the FATHER of Spirits (like Isaac was to Abraham) to establish the LUNAR CALENDAR and its associated SABBATHS as the "CORNERSTONE SIGN" of His Kingdom of Truth so we could be SET FREE from the blinding Spirit of Deception who would simultaneously take Israel (and all mankind) captive in his final world kingdom built on a "Cornerstone" DECEPTION when the CORNERSTONE-SABBATH TRUTH was rejected (a deception which REQUIRED the destruction of God's TEMPLE and the PERSECUTION of all who would DARE to "REMEMBER" and "KEEP" the TRUE SABBATHS by which it ran, which Jesus death and resurrection ESTABLISHES as TRUE according to the PLAN!). The House of Judah along with the House of Israel (who do not yet recognize their identity and their true rights of inheritance which the devil cons them out of) together with ALL MANKIND have been taken captive to serve Satan's FINAL Pharaonic World Kingdom of Sorcery and Corruption (olam hasheker) established on a FRAUD CORNERSTONE serving a FRAUD "Lord" of a FRAUD SABBATH. Through OUR UNITY in OBEDIENCE to the "PASSOVER LAMB" of God and the SABBATH-CORNERSTONE "SIGN" He ESTABLISHED through His OBEDIENCE to the FATHER of Spirits when He finished the WORK of establishing the FACE of God which is the Spirit of Truth (when He said: "it is finished" and he was laid to REST for the Passover Sabbath and ROSE on the 3rd day, the 1st day of the week as the "FIRSTFRUIT" according to the Law which Moses Codified as the "Word of Truth"), we can KNOW that the God of Truth SANCTIFIES US according to His own Word of Truth as the "Sabbath-Cornerstone Spirit " of His Kingdom such that our DIASPORA and PERSECUTIONS can come to their END as we come out from the kingdom of "Mystery Babylon" and her DECEPTIONS (depicted in the statue of Nebuchadnezzar in Dan. 2:45) in GREAT EXODUS in order to establish His New Covenant Kingdom of Heaven on earth according to the Kingdom Gospel Plan (tikkun olam) for which Jesus came as the SABBATH-CORNERSTONE and which John, the Disciples, and Jesus himself preached. And he commanded us to continue doing his work establishing the FATHERS KINGDOM through our obedience of faith in his obedience of faith as the Passover Sabbath-CORNERSTONE of the Plan as the PERFECT IMAGE of THE ULTIMATE "Father of our Faith" now seated as High Priest-King over heaven and earth (Mk. 1:14, Mt. 4:23, 10:7, Jn. 14:8-21, 20:21)! There is NO OTHER WAY to be SET FREE from serving the powerful Spirit of Deception (Satan) as God, to serve the Spirit of Truth as God (The "Father of Spirits"), than through "REBIRTH" in the LIGHT from the Spirit of Truth above through His Faithful Son who came in HIS SPIRIT as His "High Priest-King" to ESTABLISH that Sabbath-Cornerstone Spirit of Truth as our FATHER GOD so we may serve as HIS CHILDREN of LIGHT and TRUTH to establish HIS KINGDOM on earth as His Kings and Priests!

When the Spirit of Truth comes He will speak of...Judgement, because the Prince of this world is NOW CONDEMNED! Jn. 16:11

The New Testament rightly interpreted tells us that we are to ESTABLISH the Law of Moses through our FAITH (Rom. 3:31) because he gives us the LEGAL DEFINITION for the "Righteous Image" of the "Spirit of Truth" as its "END GOAL" (Jn. 5:46-47, 14:8-21, Rom. 10:3-4) who would be ENFLESHED and REJECTED as His Own PASSOVER SACRIFICE which like the rejection of the Spirit of God in Joseph, would BEGIN our PROMISED "Bondage" (Gen. 15:13-14, Hos. 5:14-6:2)! The Lion of Judah was REJECTED and SLAIN like a Passover Lamb and GLORIFIED to the RIGHT HAND OF GOD similarly to Joseph's rejection and glorification, as "CORNERSTONE" of the PLAN (Hos. 5:14-6:2, 1 Cor. 15:3-4 & vs. 20, Rev. 5:1-7) to ESTABLISH His "Righteous Image" as the "Cornerstone Spirit" of His Heavenly Kingdom on earth according to His Plan by which we recognize that it is He who Sanctifies us through His own Word of Truth (Ex. 31:13, Mat. 6:10, Jn. 5:46-47, Hos. 5:14-6:2, Jn. 14:8-21, 17:17)! Like Israel who brought glory to God through their obedience to observe the Passover Sabbath Lamb revealed to them in the 1st Exodus from bondage to the Spirit of Sorcery which ruled over Egypt, and into the 1st Kingdom Covenant of God (Neh. 9:14) which was always intended as a PATTERN, we will UNITE in the promised "Great Exodus" to serve "His Face" as our Passover Lamb and Pentecost Groom Tabernacling in and with us (Hos. 5:14-6:2) in His "New Covenant Kingdom" we will establish on earth for His Glory, as Promised first by Moses (Deut. 30:3) for which later prophets give us more detail (Is. 11:10-12, Jer. 16:14-15, Jer. 31:31, Ez. 20:34-37), and for which the Glorious Kingdom of David and Solomon is but a PATTERN and dim shadow of the Glorious Kingdom we have been mandated to establish (Mat. 6:10, Jn. 14:8-21, Rev. 2:26-28, 21:7)!

Moses saw the Heavenly Kingdom PLAN on the Mountain by which the Spirit of Truth (which is God) would establish Himself as the Cornerstone-Sabbath "Lord" and "King" over earth in the "New Covenant Kingdom" for which HE HIMSELF RECOGNIZED the 1st Covenant Kingdom of Israel was always ONLY A TEMPORAL PATTERN which he Codified to IDENTIFY THAT "CORNERSTONE SPIRIT of TRUTH" (juxtapposed to the Spirit of Deception childlike men prefer to serve) when He came ENFLESHED as THE anticipated "Passover Lamb" which would ESTABLISH the "CORNERSTONE-SABBATH SIGN" for that "SPIRIT of TRUTH" who moved Moses to pen the "WORD OF TRUTH" by which we would KNOW that the "God of Truth" has SANCTIFIED US according to HIS OWN PASSOVER "SABBATH" PROMISE from the foundation of the world, for which the first Exodus from bondage to that Pharaonic Spirit ruling Egypt to enter into the 1st Covenant was only an earthly PATTERN from which to learn regarding the heavenly IDEAL to be established on earth as the GOAL to which it points (Ex. 31:13, Jn. 17:17)!

So Moses framed out the GOAL of the "NEW COVENANT" in the temporal 1st Covenant he promised we would break and be taken into a GREATER BONDAGE (for having rejected the SPIRIT of GOD enfleshing in His annointed "Firstborn Son" as the Ruler of Israel, first in the form of Joshua, then in the form of Jesus) from which we would come out of bondage in a GREATER EXODUS than the FIRST, and the "Passover Sabbath Sacrifice" of the SPIRIT of God ENFLESHED is the "CORNERSTONE" of BOTH COVENANT KINGDOM PLANS! The temporal earthly Kingdom Plan FRAMES OUT the Eternal Heavenly Kingdom to be established on earth as the "end GOAL" of the Word of Truth which Moses and the Prophets gave us as a BLUEPRINT when they PROMISED we would be taken into WORLD BONDAGE (for rejecting the Spirit of Truth in the ANOINTED "SON" as a "PASSOVER SACRIFICE" to ESTABLISH the SABBATH TRUTH, for which Abel, Isaac, and Joseph were only PATTERNS of the IDEAL SACRIFICIAL "PASSOVER LAMB" being PROMISED by God); a WORLD BONDAGE from which we would come OUT in GREAT EXODUS to establish the HEAVENLY "New Covenant" KINGDOM on earth as His Kings and Priests according to the PLAN for which our first promised bondage and exodus was only a PATTERN (Deut. 30:3, Amos 5:26-27, Hos. 5:14-6:2, Is. 11:10-12, Jer. 16:14-15, Ez. 20:34-37).

Abel brought the FIRSTBORN of his flocks...and God was pleased with Abel and with his gift. Gen. 4:4

Isaac said: "Father...where is the Lamb for the sacrifice?" Abraham said: "God will provide Himself the Lamb for the sacrifice my son." Gen. 22:8-9

They sacrificed a kid of the goats and dipped Joseph's coat in its blood. Gen. 37:31

This (Lunar Cycle) Month shall be the beginning of your (Lunar) Months, the 1st Month of the Year...on the 10th day you are to select a lamb...and keep it until the 14th day...and slay it at evening...this is YHWH's Passover. Ex. 12:2-11

You saw the distress of our ancestors in you REVEALED your HOLY SABBATH to them...through Your Servant Moses. Neh. 9:9 & 14

Contrary to POPULAR DECEPTION, and as alluded to in the verses above (and elaborated on throughout this website), the "END GOAL" of our bondage in Egypt was the REVELATION and CODIFICATION (for a much greater Exodus from WORLD BONDAGE) of the VERY 1ST "appointed time" ("Moed") a.k.a. "Holy Convocation" (a.k.a. "SABBATH"; Ex. 12:16, Lev. 23:2-8 & vs. 15, Ex. 31:13) of God's Kingdom, which God revealed to His people when He brought us OUT OF BONDAGE to SERVE HIMSELF as His "Kings and Priests" in His Sabbath Covenant Kingdom, was the "PASSOVER SABBATH" (a.k.a. Feast of Unleavened Bread; Ex. 12:16, Lev. 23:2-8 & vs. 15) which was the FULL MOON that was anchored to the 1st "Sanctified New Moon" of their years, as the CORNERSTONE "SIGN" for His New Kingdom of Kings and Priests for which He was bringing them out from bondage to the Spirit of Sorcery ruling over Egypt, and for a GOOD was a PATTERN for us to UNDERSTAND would have a FAR GREATER FULFILLMENT in the future! The LAMB which Moses recognized God was PROMISING from the foundation of the world, would CRUSH the head of the Prince of this world (the Pharaonic Serpent Spirit men serve as God) in JUDGEMENT when His People come out from their WORLD BONDAGE to his "Cornerstone-Sabbath" DECEPTION, to establish God's Cornerstone-Sabbath Kingdom of TRUTH on earth as His Kings and Priests so that ALL MEN WILL KNOW HIM according to His Passover Sabbath-Cornerstone Plan!

The NEXT revealed SABBATH the 15th Day FULL MOON of the 2nd month (which was the same day they came out of bondage the previous month) was in relation to God promising "BREAD FROM HEAVEN" (called "Man" in Hebrew, "Manna" in English) and a TEST to see if they would CORRECTLY COUNT to KEEP His Sabbaths in Ex. 16 (knowing in advance we WOULD NOT). This SAME FULL MOON DAY of the 3rd month was THE SAME DAY we entered into VERBAL CONTRACT to be God's people on Mt. Sinai (Ex. 19:1 & 5-8), a DAY we were told to NEVER FORGET because it would be OUR WISDOM in the eyes of all the nations (Deut. 4:9-10), knowing IN ADVANCE we would be DECEIVED to FORGET and BREAK His Sabbath Covenant when we REJECTED HIS SABBATH SPIRIT as a PASSOVER SACRIFICE that would take us and the WHOLE WORLD into bondage to a FRAUD SABBATH KINGDOM called Mystery Babylon! So God gave us a MATH COUNT to ESTABLISH the "CORNERSTONE-SABBATH" TRUTH of this very DAY, correlating the COUNT together with these EVENTS codified by Moses, to establish the TRUE INTENDED MARRIAGE of the NEW COVENANT MESSIANIC KINGDOM He would lead us to ENTER when He brings us OUT from WORLD BONDAGE to "Mystery Babylon". The TRUE COUNT to the SABBATH of SHAVUOT (Pentecost) would ESTABLISH the IMAGE of HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS and TRUTH to whom EVERY KNEE SHALL BOW and EVERY TONGUE CONFESS as the TRUE "CORNERSTONE-SABBATH" KING over Heaven and Earth!

You shall observe MY Sabbaths because they are the SIGN between us throughout all your generations so that YOU KNOW that I Am He who sanctifies you. Ex. 31:13

It SHALL come to pass that from one (sanctified) New Moon to another and from one Sabbath to another, all flesh will come to worship before me, says YHWH. Is. 66:23

It SHALL come to pass that the people of EVERY NATION which survives, shall send delegates to Jerusalem every year to keep the Sabbath Festival of Tabernacles. Zech. 14:16

Thus says YHWH God: The east gate of the inner court shall be closed on the 6 working days but on the (sanctified) New Moons and their Sabbaths it shall be open...and the Prince shall enter through that gate and stand by the gatepost...and the people of earth shall worship in front of that gate on the (sanctified) New Moons and their Sabbaths. Ez. 46:1-3

In fact Jesus as well as Paul expressly tell us that Moses wrote all about Jesus as the "Righteous Image" of God's Spirit of Truth as the "CORNERSTONE-SABBATH LORD" of God's Times and Law which speak all about him (Jn. 5:45-47, Rom. 10:3-4, 1 Cor. 15:3-4 & vs. 20) and if one doesn't believe Moses from THAT "CORNERSTONE-SABBATH" PERSPECTIVE as the "SIGN" codified in the WORD OF TRUTH by which we are to IDENTIFY the "CORNERSTONE-SABBATH SPIRIT of TRUTH" which "IMAGE" he came to manifest as the "PERFECT FATHER" of our Kingdom THROUGH HIS OBEDIENCE to the PLAN (so we could know the God of Truth SANCTIFIES US by His Word of Truth; Ex. 31:13, Jn. 17:17), then it's simply IMPOSSIBLE to RECOGNIZE or BELIEVE the TRUE "Cornerstone-Sabbath Spirit" of God's Kingdom AS "TRUE", OR to distinguish Him as SET APART from the POWERFUL DELUSION of the Cornerstone-Sabbath Spirit of Deception which the whole world currently serves IN BONDAGE WITH ISRAEL to "Mystery Babylon" to this very day, as represented pictorially in the Statue of Nebuchadnezzar (Dan. 2:31-45)!

You were carrying the Tabernacle of your King Saturn, and the (Star) Images of the Planet of your God which you made for yourselves, therefore I will carry you into captivity beyond Babylon! Amos 5:26-27 & Acts 7:43

The "Kingdom Gospel Plan" embedded in God's "Word of Truth" is all about how the "Spirit of Truth", which is the "SABBATH-CORNERSTONE" perspective of God's Spiritual Sabbath Kingdom from which we are to INTERPRET HIS WORD to perceive "reality" CORRECTLY, would come in FLESH to be SACRIFICED (rejected and exalted to the Right Hand of Power on High, so that we could recognize and seek His Face as the CORNERSTONE of His own Kingdom Gospel Plan (Hos. 5:14-6:2), similarly to Joseph who had the "Spirit of God IN HIM"; Gen. 41:38) in order to establish the "CORNERSTONE-SABBATH SIGN" for that SPIRIT of TRUTH according to the Word of Truth, which will EXPOSE, BIND, and JUDGE the Pharaonic Spirit of Deception and his "Cornerstone-Sabbath" FRAUD by which he took mankind captive to serve him as the "Cornerstone-Sabbath LORD" as "God" on the Stage of planet earth during the "Times of the Gentiles" called "Mystery Babylon" and depicted in the Statue of Nebuchadnezzar in Dan. 2:31-45 as God PROMISED in ADVANCE was going to happen (2 Thes. 2:11)!

Israel's bondage to, and exodus from Egypt, is a PATTERN for how the God of Truth would eventually expose and destroy the Cornerstone Spirit of Deception and his FINAL Spiritual Kingdom on earth called "Mystery Babylon" (where he deceives mankind to serve him as God as he has done from the beginning of creation) so the Spirit of Truth could set Mankind FREE from their WORLD BONDAGE to Satan and his servants who shall be BOUND when God's SAINTS COME OUT from their BONDAGE to the CORNERSTONE-SABBATH DECEPTION of "Mystery Babylon" to establish the CORNERSTONE-SABBATH TRUTH of God's Kingdom on earth through their OBEDIENCE of FAITH in Him and His "Cornerstone-Sabbath" PLAN.

As previously mentioned, the final expression of the Pharaonic Spiritual World Kingdom of Sorcery and Deception which Egypt merely REPRESENTED preceding our Exodus from bondage into the 1st Covenant, is called "Mystery Babylon" for our promised "GREAT EXODUS" from WORLD BONDAGE, and is pictorially represented by the Statue of Nebuchadnezzar in Dan. 2:31-45. It is this kingdom which enslaves Israel and the WHOLE WORLD through a "CORNERSTONE-SABBATH" DECEPTION in WORLD BONDAGE during the "Times of the Gentiles" (codified by the "Christian Calendar" DECEPTION), until it's time for God, the "Spirit of Truth" ("Stone from Heaven") to EXPOSE that Gentile Kingdom deception for JUDGEMENT and ESTABLISH HIS KINGDOM in its place. The "Times of the Gentiles" upon which "Mystery Babylon" Stands as depicted in the Statue of Nebuchadnezzar in Dan. 2:31-45, comes to its END, and ALL ISRAEL is SAVED in GREAT EXODUS and is given the Kingdom along with a GREAT "mixed multitude" which COMES OUT from "Mystery Babylon" with them and are GRAFFED IN to the New Covenant Kingdom by Faith in the TRUE SABBATH-CORNERSTONE of God (Romans 11).

So ultimately the God of Truth, who REVEALED His PASSOVER SABBATH as the "Cornerstone Lord" over His Kingdom so that we would KNOW that it is He who SANCTIFIES US by His Word of Truth, was REJECTED as a PASSOVER LAMB and He RESTED on that PASSOVER SABBATH as He told us from the Beginning He would do as the ENFLESHED WORD of Truth. He was then RAISED and GLORIFIED as the "RIGHT HAND of POWER" on High as the "Firstfruit" of His Plan on the 3rd Day of these events (which was the 16th of the lunar month, which is the 1st day of the week every Lunar Month) according to the Law which MOSES CODIFIED in God's Kingdom Calendar as its CORNERSTONE (1 Cor. 15:3-4 & vs. 20).

This rejection of God's Spirit of Truth as the SABBATH-CORNERSTONE Lord over His Kingdom, which Moses Codified in our Sabbath Kingdom Calendar, was REJECTED by the "Scholar from Judah" (Mal. 2:10-12) who BETRAYED the Sabbath Covenant and took the House of Judah, Israel, and the WHOLE WORLD into bondage to "Mystery Babylon" (depicted in the Statue of Nebuchadnezzar in Dan. 2:31-45) when he MARRIED the Spirit of Deception (the "Prince of this World"/Age) and the FRAUD SABBATH calendar created by Julius Caesar FOR THAT PURPOSE! It is this CORNERSTONE SPIRIT of TRUTH which will EXPOSE and DESTROY the "Cornerstone-Sabbath" LIE which took ALL MANKIND CAPTIVE when He was REJECTED. A "Cornerstone-Sabbath" FRAUD which already "MARKS" ALL of those UNREPENTANT REBELS who will not only REFUSE to hear the TRUTH and REPENT of serving the Pharaonic Spirit of Deception and COME OUT from their BONDAGE to that spiritual kingdom, but they will insist on serving the Dragon-Beast and his Spiritual Kingdom of Darkness which is in OPPOSITION to God's Kingdom Spirit and the CORNERSTONE-SABBATH TRUTH of His Spiritual Kingdom of TRUTH which they will OPPOSE like Pharaoh! The Amalekite Tares LOVE THEIR BONDAGE serving and EMULATING the Pharaonic Spirit of Deception in service to the "LORD" of the PHARAONIC CORNERSTONE-SABBATH LIE, and will NOT "come out" from the kingdom of "Mystery Babylon" in the promised "GREAT EXODUS" to be SANCTIFIED to Serve the TRUE "Sabbath-Cornerstone Spirit of TRUTH" as LORD over the TRUE SABBATHS of His Kingdom which were codified by Moses to speak ALL ABOUT HIM (Deut. 30:3, Is. 11:10-12, Jer. 16:14-15, Ez. 20:34-37, Rev. 18:4, Zech. 14:16, Is. 66:23, Ez. 46:1 & 3).

So as both Jesus and Paul tell us, the Law of Moses RIGHTLY INTERPRETED, DEFINES the IMAGE of Gods Righteous Spirit of Truth as KING MESSIAH (Jn. 5:46-47, 14:8-21, Rom. 10:3-4)! Paul tells us that when used LAWFULLY the Law of Moses is GOOD (1 Tim. 1:8) because through our FAITH we ESTABLISH the Law (Rom. 3:31) which DEFINES the RIGHTEOUS IMAGE of the Spirit of Truth which IS GOD (Jn. 4:24, 14:8-21) whose IMAGE Jesus came to SHOW US so we could be set free from the Spirit of Deception (the "prince of this world" and those who serve him) to serve the TRUTH as as KING. When we UNITE as ONE BODY to SERVE HIM as our KING according to His only 1 true Kingdom Gospel Plan, then it will be OUR FEET as the BODY OF MESSIAH (as His "Seed" born of the daughter of Zion by FAITH) which will CRUSH the head of the SEED of the SERPENT-DRAGON'S body according to the ANCIENT PROMISE, to ESTABLISH GOD'S KINGDOM ON EARTH (Gen. 3:15, Rom. 16:20, Ob. 1:21)! It's now TIME for that STONE FROM HEAVEN to SMASH the Kingdoms of this world through the FAITH of His people UNITED by HIS SPIRIT (which IS "God" with whom we are to be UNITED as ONE; Jn. 4:24 & 14:8-21) for His Glory as He designed and promised!

In Summary

"Mystery Babylon" (represented by the Statue of Nebuchadnezzar in Dan. 2:32-45) is a SPIRITUAL KINGDOM of DECEPTION into which ALL MEN are currently born naturally as SPIRITUAL SLAVES serving the "Genius of Caesar" as the "Cornerstone" of their world kingdom, unaware they are serving the "Wisdom of the Princes of this Spiritual World System" Jesus came to EXPOSE and DESTROY...the Psychopath Emperors, Kings, and Priests who serve Satan as the "God" and "Cornerstone Spirit" of their Kingdom, according to HIS KINGDOM TIMES AND LAWS (deceptively called a "Christian Calendar" but is all about the PERVERSITY of Satan and those who serve him as the "God of Time" as his kings and priests IN PLACE of, and OPPOSITION to, the CORNERSTONE TRUTH as RULER of space and TIME). The TRUE "Corrnerstone" and "God of TIME" and Creation [which is the Spirit of Truth (Jn. 4:24, 14:8-21) who created the Sun, Moon, and Stars as SIGNS to SPEAK all about HIMSELF according to His Perspective for observing TIMES (Gen. 1:14, Neh. 9:14, Jn. 5:46-47], would EXPOSE and DESTROY the "wisdom" of the wise men and princes of this world who REJECTED HIM as their RULER and who took mankind captive to serve Satan and the "Genius of Caesar" as their "CORNERSTONE" and "God" in REBELLION to the Spirit of Truth and His Word of Truth as their "Cornerstone" and God. He revealed His Sabbath Kingdom Calendar for TIMES and Seasons to His People Israel when He brought us out from bondage to the Spirit of Deception which ruled Egypt (Deut. 5:15, Neh. 9:14) as an OBJECT LESSON and He commanded us to REMEMBER and OBSERVE those CODIFIED Sabbath Times FOREVER as a SIGN that the God of Truth has sanctified us according to His Sacrificial Passover Sabbath Plan (Ex. 31:13, Duet. 5:15, Jn. 17:17).

He KNEW in advance we would be taken into a world bondage of EVEN GREATER sorcery and deception for which Egypt was a mere PATTERN and we WOULD be ENSLAVED to FORGET and REPLACE the TRUTH of our SABBATH LORD for a FRAUD from which HIS TRUTH SHALL SET US FREE in GREAT EXODUS also as God promised! He was promising that He Himself, as the "CORNERSTONE SPIRIT" OF TRUTH who would be REJECTED in a Man (like Joseph was rejected and which began our bondage in Egypt as a pattern to understand), His Spirit would be rejected in another man as a PASSOVER LAMB, the"RIGHTEOUS LAMB" God Himself was promising from the foundation of the world (the ORIGIN of the concept of "Vicarious Sacrifice") to ESTABLISH the "IMAGE" the SPIRIT of TRUTH according to His CODIFIED WORD of Truth as the "PERFECT FATHER" of our Faith according to His PLAN (for which Isaac submitting to Father Abraham as a Sacrifice to the otherwise invisible God was a PATTERN which the ACTUAL SACRIFICE in flesh to the INVISIBLE FATHER had to understand in order to be GLORIFIED to His "Right Hand" as Joseph was to Pharaoh as ANOTHER PATTERN to understand), a man having the Spirit of God in Him far greater than Joseph, to be sacrificed at the hand of a "Man of renown" from Judah who would BREAK the Sabbath Covenant and SPIRITUALLY marry the RELIGIOUS HARLOT "Daughter of Babylon" and adopt her SABBATH FRAUD which would TAKE ISRAEL and ALL MANKIND into bondage to "Mystery Babylon" (Mal. 2:10-12). And that "Sacrificed Right Hand Son" which would UNITE the "Spirit of Truth" and the "Word of Truth" as ONE, as the "Cornerstone" of God's Plan, would assist us to see the "IMAGE" or "FACE" of the otherwise invisible Spirit of Truth in His otherwise invisible Holy of Holies (Hos. 5:14-6:2, Rev. 5:1) as the TRUE "Cornerstone" of His Word of Truth, the true LORD of earth and His Spiritual Kingdom who will FREE US from the BONDAGE for which His Spirit was Sacrificed in a man of flesh which would begin our bondage (twice: 1st through betrayal of Joseph resulting in our bondage in Egypt and later in World Bondage to the daughter of Mystery Babylon; Rome and her "Christ Calendar" deception through rejection of the TRUE "Cornerstone" of God's Plan) who sits as KING over our PRISON PLANET and will FREE US, those who serve Him as KING, in GREAT EXODUS to begin the New Covenant Kingdom of Israel according to the PROMISES of God rolled out from the foundation of the world, when we SEEK HIS FACE as HE PROMISED (Hos. 5:14-6:2, Rev. 5:1)!

The plan to SANCTIFY MAN and eventually set him FREE from his bondage serving the Spirit of Deception BY EXPOSING that "Spiritual Kingdom" with the LIGHT brought forth by His "TWO WITNESSES" in UNITY TOGETHER (the Spirit of Truth AND the Word of Truth UNITED as ONE which will ALSO UNITE the House of Judah and the House of Israel together as ONE) according to His Plan to SET HIS PEOPLE FREE and SIMULTANEOUSLY JUDGE that kingdom of REBELLION which took God's people captive (called "Mystery Babylon" and represented by the Statue of Nebuchadnezzar in Dan. 2:31-45), to BLESS ALL NATIONS according to God's plan to SAVE MANKIND, has NEVER CHANGED from the foundation of the world! The 1st Covenant was ALWAYS only a temporal PATTERN for the New Covenant Kingdom of Heaven to be established on earth through His Spirit of Truth DWELLING IN HIS PEOPLE as His Temple made of "living stones" through their OBEDIENCE OF FAITH!

This website UNSEALS the book of Daniel which was sealed up after the "STONE" from heaven was REJECTED as the "Lord" of the TRUE SABBATH by the Princes, Priests, and Builders of this Spiritual Kingdom who chose a DIFFERENT "stone" as their Cornerstone-Sabbath LORD; and it IDENTIFIES THEM in SPECIFICITY for Judgement. Those Princes and "Builders" (and BETRAYER of God's Sabbath Covenant; Mal. 2:10-12), along with the "Cornerstone-Sabbath" FRAUD they selected IN PLACE OF GOD'S (whose Authority they USURP THROUGH DECEPTION to this day), is now EXPOSED and will soon be SMASHED by the UNSEALED CORNERSTONE-SABBATH TRUTH from Heaven as depicted in the Statue of Nebuchadnezzar (Dan. 2:45), and the Spiritual Kingdom of "Mystery Babylon" and the "Times of the Gentiles" with their fraud Cornerstone-Sabbath and Lord which it represents, is NOW COMING TO ITS END AS PROPHESIED (Rom. 11:25-26, Dan. 2:45, 7:26-27, 12:1-2, Rev. 17:14-17, 18:1-4, 20:1-4, Is. 11:10-12 & Ez. 20:34-37)!

The rest of this website ELABORATES on showing exactly how Moses framed out the HEAVENLY KINGDOM COVENANT and its CORNERSTONE through the PATTERN of the first covenant as it was always intended to be understood by His Saints AT THIS VERY TIME; the FINAL "PHASE" of God's Kingdom Building Project...but following is more "introductory summary" with links to pages that elaborate more on the concepts:

Mankind MUST SERVE the HOLY SPIRIT of TRUTH or they will PERISH by means of CORRUPTION at the hands of their NOW EXPOSED LEADERS, the princes and priests of this world who serve the SPIRIT OF DECEPTION and DECEIVE THE WORLD for their NAKEDLY EXPOSED EMPEROR which they serve; the Pharaonic "CORNERSTONE RULER" of "Mystery Babylon"!

TRUTH is the otherwise "INVISIBLE GOD" who is "SPIRIT", and who can only be KNOWN by what He DOES according to HIS "WORD of TRUTH" which is "in His Right Hand" by which HIS otherwise INVISIBLE "IMAGE" may be "SEEN" ruling as KING according to HIS PLAN to SAVE mankind from the spirit of REBELLION destroying mankind through IGNORANCE based in DECEPTION, and to RULE EARTH to bring PEACE!

Moses wrote all about this "IMAGE" of God when he "framed out" the Promise of the "New Covenant Kingdom" (embellished with more detail by later Prophets) in the written "word of truth" and DEFINED Jesus as its "CORNERSTONE-SABBATH TRUTH" perspective! Any other "Kingdom Gospel" or "Lord" over it than that "CORNERSTONE-SABBATH TRUTH" Moses defined, is a DECEPTION serving the "CORNERSTONE LIE" of "Mystery Babylon" from which YOU MUST "come out" in the "GREAT EXODUS"!

"Truth" is the very "CORNERSTONE" perspective from which one CHOOSES to view their PERCEPTIONS of "REALITY". The CORNERSTONE SPIRIT of TRUTH (the God of Israel) EXPOSES and SMASHES the FRAUD CORNERSTONE (the spirit of DECEPTION) upon which the WORLD EMPIRE of "Mystery Babylon" stands as its foundation, according to God's Kingdom Building Blueprint to SAVE and RULE the world in PEACE!

So ultimately ALL "Truth" is sourced to the "META TRUTH" or "CORNERSTONE SPIRIT" of CREATION as He Designed before creation and He has REVEALED over the course of History through HOLY MEN whom He chose as the "Fathers" of our FAITH in Him and His RIGHTEOUSNESS by which He would ESTABLISH HIS RIGHTEOUS KINGDOM on Earth according to His Creation Plan, as established herein.


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