In an age of UNIVERSAL DECEPTION, telling the TRUTH becomes a REVOLUTIONARY ACT! George Orwell-1984?




What is TRUTH?

Truth is the "CORNERSTONE SPIRIT" of REALITY and "Saviour" of Mankind; the "Lord of the Sabbath" created for man to "KNOW the TRUTH" and to be able to serve him as High Priest-King to God; the TRUE "Morningstar" "Light of the World" (Juxtaposed to the "Spirit of Deception" served by CORRUPT Kings and Priests from the foundation of the world, for which the Antediluvian world was destroyed)!

Because I am returning to the Father, he that believes on me will do the work that I have done and even greater things. I will do whatever you ask in my name so that the Father is Glorified through the Son! The Father will send you...the Spirit of Truth, to be with you forever...I will not leave you comfortless...I will come to you. Jn. 14:12-18

And when the Spirit of Truth comes he will reprove the world governments of sin, and of righteousness, and of judgement: Of sin because they have not believed on me; Of righteousness because I have returned to my Father to be visible no more; Of judgment because the prince of this world (which the princes of this worlds governments serve) is now condemned. I have many things yet to tell you which you cannot bear to hear right now, but the Spirit of Truth will guide you into all truth...He shall glorify me for he shall receive what is mine and show it to you. John 16:8-14

The FINAL Gospel INDICTMENT from the Spirit of TRUTH, which has POWERED the "Enlightenment" Revolution on earth ("protesting" against the Darkness ruling over Gods children!), is now SERVED according to Jesus' Promise of Judgement on the Prince of this World's BEAST "Shadow Government" SAVE THE WORLD and establish the Father's Kingdom Government on Earth according to the ONLY TRUE GOSPEL PLAN!

In Mathew 17:11 Jesus tells us a prophet like John the Baptist/Elijah/Moses who will come and "restore all things" and when we couple that with Jesus' Promises seen above in John regarding the "truth" which he said COULD NOT YET BE HEARD, what we must conclude is that the Spirit of Truth (which is the same animating Spirit from the Father which gave life to Jesus) would come in Men who would NOT speak of themselves but from Gods Spirit of Truth LIVING IN and THROUGH THEM to do several things among which are: 1. Establish why it was IMPERATIVE that Jesus return to the Father according to the PLAN (as "High Priest-King") that would 2. Expose and Condemn the Spirit of Deception, the antichrist "prince of this world" and his kings and priests who serve him, through Gods Kings and Priests who RECOGNIZE the VOICE of TRUTH and OBEY HIM as their High Priest-King. Basically they will UNITE in the Spirit of Truth to show EXACTLY HOW Jesus OBEDIENCE has EXPOSED the FOLLY of the "wisdom" of the princes of this world! 3. Simultaneous with the UNSEALING of the INDICTMENT from the Spirit of Truth which exposes the "wisdom" of the antichrist served as a FALSE "High Priest-King" of the "BEAST" Kingdom power he would create, would be the EXPOSURE of a RELIGIOUS HARLOT which rides the POWER of the "wisdom" of that DECEPTION of the Antichrist and the "Beast" Kingdom he created in REBELLION to the TRUTH as KING, so that the world will be SAVED by JESUS BODY of Saints (Rev. 2:26-28, Rev. 17:14-17, Dan. 7:11-14). Exposing the "wisdom" of the princes of this world IS "the greater works" we are given authority to do BECAUSE Jesus returned to the Father as our High Priest-King so that the Father would be Glorified through the Son when we OBEY THE SPIRIT OF TRUTH (Jn. 14:12)!

Like Jezebel who had USURPED the Kings authority though DECEPTION and had lots of SECTS and DENOMINATIONS serving HER RELIGIOUS KINGDOM of DECEPTION in a DIVIDED RELIGIOUS KINGDOM she practically ruled, she along with various sectarian and denominational high priests serving her kingdom of rebellion and divisiveness, will REFUSE REPENTANCE! The Spirit of Truth will call God's people OUT from her kingdom of division, deception, and warfare in service to Satan in opposition to the TRUTH, and into UNITY as the BODY OF MESSIAH in His NAME and AUTHORITY (which the harlot usurps through deception) with him as our HEAD, which will SAVE THE WORLD according to the KINGDOM PLAN! The Spirit of Truth will also show us THINGS TO COME! He will give the world the VISION of the TRUE GOSPEL PLAN to SAVE THE WORLD, which had been SEALED UP until JUDGEMENT according to the PLAN (because the Harlot has actively SUPPRESSED the TRUTH through the power of the BEAST she rides)! The "Beast" is now in its FINAL FORM of Iron and Clay and the SPIRIT of TRUTH has already SMASHED his Kingdom and the MOUNTAIN of GOD and HIS KINGDOM will soon be MANIFEST as prophesied (Dan. 2:34-34, 7:11-14). These prophecies regarding Gods Kingdom and His Spirit of TRUTH to RULE EARTH according to His ANCIENT PLAN, are NOW BEING FULFILLED! Jesus was SUBMITTED UNTO DEATH to the Father and for THIS REASON he was GLORIFIED according to the KINGDOM PLAN!

YHWH said to my Lord: "Sit here at my right hand as I make all your enemies bow before your feet...I have made you the Eternal High Priest-King (over Heaven and Earth) as King of Righteousness (Melech Tzedek)." Ps. 110:1-4

" me every knee will bow and every tongue will confess (that I am their Kingdom Ruler/God). .."Is. 45:23, Rom. 14:11 & Phil. 2:10

Through the ANTICHRIST DECEPTION which took place with the REJECTION of GODS CORNERSTONE 2000 years ago which is herein EXPOSED by the LIGHT OF TRUTH, the whole world CURRENTLY STILL "bows their knee" to Caesar as the High Priest-King over the Earth in service to the Beast Kingdom he created as its "Cornerstone"; NOT to Jesus and the Father's Kingdom! The long deceased "Antichrist" Caesar who CREATED the Final "repackaged" WORLD RELIGION of Satan's SYNCRETIC shape shifting BEAST KINGDOM deception (worshipped by the antediluvians before their destruction) which God told us in prophecy He would allow him to CREATE and take the world into BONDAGE so that we would GLORIFY HIM when we come out in GREAT EXODUS into the NEW COVENANT KINGDOM PLAN [similarly to his telling Abraham his children would be enslaved, but would come out GLORIFYING GOD in a COVENANT as HIS KINGDOM PEOPLE (Gen. 15:13-14 & Rom. 9:17)], and which men WORSHIP and/or SERVE as an OPEN SECRET in DECEPTION as MIND SLAVES to the CORNERSTONE SPIRIT of DECEPTION, through his BODY of kings and priests serving him as High Priest-King of the BEAST which is usurping Jesus' Name and Kingdom Authority to DECEIVE [that "body" being the "WIDOWED religious Harlot" of the deceased "Antichrist" which she serves as the High Priest-King of "Mystery Babylon" of the "BEAST" of KINGDOM DECEPTION he created whose power of DECEPTION she RIDES to this very day (Rev. 17:3-6 & 18:7-9)], have deceived THE WHOLE WORLD to serve SATAN and His Kingdom in OPPOSITION to God!

Men serve CAESAR as the invisible "High Priest-King" to the Serpent God, Satan (a.k.a. the Dragon-Devil, Rev. 20:2) through the CHANGING of Gods Kingdom Times and Laws (which speak all about the TRUE High Priest-King through Gods Kingdom Times and Laws) to USURP Jesus' Name, Titles and Kingdom AUTHORITY through DECEPTION! Through the SUPPRESSION of the TRUTH of HISTORY and false interpretations of Gods Word, Satan, through the 'body' of his RELIGIOUS HARLOT riding the power of DECEPTION the "Antichrist" foisted on the world, has BLINDED their minds to serve him as the "Cornerstone" "Lord of the Sabbath" "Morningstar" "Light of the World" as "High Priest-King" in OPPOSITION to the TRUTH!

Why are the nations raging and the people scheming in vain? (Because) The kings of the earth have conspired together and taken their stand against YHWH and His Anointed saying: "Let's break their bonds (of accountability) and cast their ropes (by which we are held in check) away from us!" He who sits in the heavens (as King) is laughing, the Lord mocks them in derision! Ps. 2:1-4

The TRUE "Cornerstone" "High Priest-King" seated at the right hand of Father God as the "Lord of the Sabbath" and "Morningstar" "Light of the World" according to the ONLY ONE TRUE INTERPRETATION of Gods Word, shall give those who LOVE the LIGHT of TRUTH the ability to SEE and come OUT from Satan's POWERFUL DECEPTION in GREAT EXODUS according to the PLAN!

All men who exalt themselves and their agenda in opposition to Gods Plan for His TRUTH to openly rule His Kingdom established on Earth according to HIS PLAN, will be destroyed in Judgement (coming on Satan's Kingdom in which they currently serve like little Pharaohs), as Gods People EXODUS from their WORLD BONDAGE to their kingdom of deception. Like Haman and his sons and their co-conspirators in the Book of Esther, they will be exposed and hung on the very gallows of TOTALITARIAN CONTROL which they had designed to be used against Gods Anointed People in order to rid themselves of ACCOUNTABLITY to HIS KINGDOM RULE in their OPPOSITION to God, in order to set up their own kingdom of ABSOLUTE CORRUPTION and EVIL in an openly SATANIC POWER GRAB in their FINAL ATTEMPT to STEAL THE WORLD INHERITANCE of the CHILDREN of GOD who they want to MURDER OPENLY!

The Stone REJECTED by the Builders (the "Morningstar" Spirit of TRUTH), has NOW BECOME the CHOSEN CORNERSTONE from YHWH, and it's SUPERNATURAL in our eyes! Ps. 118:22-23, Mat. 21:42, Mk. 12:10, Lk. 20:17, Acts 4:11 & 1 Pet. 2:7

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