In an age of UNIVERSAL DECEPTION, telling the truth becomes a REVOLUTIONARY ACT! George Orwell?



What is TRUTH?

Any 'world view' or 'religion' (including atheists or MATERIALIST SCIENTISTS attempting to HIJACK the tool and authority of SCIENCE to DISTORT the TRUTH OF REALITY) that would have you stop REASONING about the TRUTH and DEMAND your UNQUESTIONING SUBMISSION to their GOD LIKE AUTHORITY, is a DANGEROUS CULT being controlled by an INSANE RELIGIOUS SPIRIT! The REALITY IS that you have an OBLIGATION to RESIST THAT SPIRIT standing on the BEDROCK of RATIONAL THOUGHT, by DESIGN!

The RATIONAL TRUTH sets us FREE from such MIND CONTROLLED INSANITY so that we can have "SOUND MINDS"! In fact this is how the field of Science, which once ENSHRINED the concept of CRITICAL THINKING, originally began!

The SUPERNATURALLY LOGICAL 'CORNERSTONE TRUTH' perspective of our CREATOR, which He gives us in the form of a "NARRATIVE" from which He wants us to view reality as HIS PERSPECTIVE, is the very "MIND OF MESSIAH" He wants us to have as HIS CHILDREN 'born from above' in His light of TRUTH to manifest His IMAGE of RATIONAL THOUGHT!

LOGIC (Logos/Word) is the CORNERSTONE SPIRIT of TRUTH, which is the Spirit of "GOD"; the TRUE LIFE GIVING "LIGHT of the WORLD"!

The Stone REJECTED by The Builders (as the Cornerstone perspective from which to view 'reality'), has NOW BECOME the CHOSEN "CORNERSTONE" of YHWH, and it's SUPERNATURAL in our eyes! Ps. 118:22-23, Mat. 21:42, Mk. 12:10, Lk. 20:17, Acts 4:11 & 1 Pet. 2:7

God's Kingdom CORNERSTONE of LOGIC (Logos/Word) is NOW DESTROYING Satan's Kingdom Narratives of Deception and PROPAGANDA to soon begin RULING a NEW WORLD NARRATIVE by His ANCIENT DESIGN as the CORNERSTONE TRUTH of REALITY!

Please join with us in OBEDIENCE to the GREAT ARCHITECT of the Universe, the 'UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS' called 'God', and His now unsealed and manifest LOGICAL BLUEPRINT for building His WORLD KINGDOM on earth to establish PEACE leading to ETERNAL LIFE, today!

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