In an age of UNIVERSAL DECEPTION, telling the truth becomes a REVOLUTIONARY ACT! George Orwell?



As Above, So Below

"The Kingdom of Heaven is at Hand"!

(Heavenly Father) Your Kingdom come, Your Will be done, on Earth even as in Heaven! Mat. 6:10

Being conformed to His Image....we are Gods workmanship created for Good Works which He has prepared in advance for us to walk in (for His Glory). Rom. 8:29 & Eph. 2:9

This is the BLUEPRINT or 'PLAN' with its 'specifications' by which the 'Kingdom of God' above, shall be ESTABLISHED on Earth, here below. This is the 'New Covenant PLAN' for WORLD SALVATION and PEACE to be raised from the ashes of destruction of the Serpent/Satan's world kingdom of deception, greed, divisive strife, corruption, war, suffering and death.

The WHOLE WORLD has been DECEIVED to OPPOSE GODS KINGDOM PLAN in service to building Satan's world kingdom of DIVISION, GREED, HATRED and WAR to maintain the spiritual darkness of deception and corruption in every nation, which will destroy mankind apart from our uniting in obedience to GODS KINGDOM PLAN and coming into His Kingdom of the LIGHT of TRUTH!

The Serpent/Satan and his POLITICAL and RELIGIOUS HARLOTS colluding together to STEAL the KINGDOM of Earth through the DECEPTION and MURDER of all the rightful INHERITORS, are HEREIN EXPOSED by the UNSEALED and MANIFEST TRUTH from Gods PLAN for the FINAL PHASE of the BUILDING PROJECT to begin! Repent and obey Gods Holy Kingdom Plan or you will SURELY PERISH in SATAN'S REBELLION against the KINGDOM of GOD!

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