In an age of UNIVERSAL DECEPTION, telling the truth becomes a REVOLUTIONARY ACT! George Orwell?



As Above, So Below

"The Kingdom of Heaven is at Hand"!

This is the BLUEPRINT or 'PLAN' with its 'specifications' by which you may be 'BORN FROM ABOVE' to MANIFEST the otherwise invisible 'IMAGE OF GOD' on EARTH through your OBEDIENCE to the TRUTH, for HIS GLORY as He designed! These 'specs' are rightly understood as the 'Spiritual D.N.A.' which, when correctly 'parsed' and applied, allows one to MANIFEST the otherwise INVISIBLE NATURE of 'GOD' in our MATERIAL REALITY; being reborn in HIS SPIRITUAL IMAGE from ABOVE according to HIS DESIGN PLAN. Subsequent to this 'rebirth' in the LIGHT of INVISIBLE ETERNAL TRUTH, we then begin UNITING to DO the WORK for which we are BORN FROM ABOVE to DO as 'living stones' forming GODS BODY or TEMPLE/HOUSE in which HIS 'SHEKINAH GLORY' DWELLS ON EARTH! The ETERNAL TRUTH is KING; SUBMIT YOURSELF to the TRUTH or you will surely PERISH for REBELLION to the ETERNAL KING of REALITY!

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