In an age of UNIVERSAL DECEPTION, telling the truth becomes a REVOLUTIONARY ACT! George Orwell?





What we have learned herein in a sort of story form, is about the nature of TWO OPPOSING KINGDOMS, or rather, One Supreme Kingdom in which other kingdoms exist in rebellion to the Supreme King. The "rebellion" began when the brightest created being over creation exalted himself against God's Kingdom Law, His Life Giving Word, and deceived mankind to join his rebellion to become his subjects in a Kingdom of deception ruling over all the divided kingdoms on the outpost of planet earth. Though the children of men are born with an innate belief that a creator God exists as the father of all, they are quickly deceived by the REBELLIOUS SPIRIT ruling earth through cultural, religious, and/or educational traditions, to give their allegiances to the rebel in one form or another and to maintain a world system of division and warfare based in such deception and ignorance.

God, knowing in advance that the Serpent/Dragon (the Devil, Satan) would rebel and deceive mankind to join his outpost of rebellion in his kingdom of deception, corruption, suffering and death, had a plan to conquer the rebellion of deception conceived out of ignorance, with His Kingdom Rule of Truth. Through their OBEDIENCE to HIS PLAN, He will unite the world in the light of His TRUTH to FREE MANKIND from the CORRUPT KINGDOM POWERS who are UNITING tyrannically to ENSLAVE THEM ALL MERCILESSLY.

God knew the BRILLIANT REBEL of heaven would select the SUN as the 'obvious' representative of 'God' as a life giving 'light of the world' by which he would DECEIVE MAN using their OWN beastly reasoning abilities divorced from the spirit of TRUTH, to deceive them. The REBEL would eventually set up a WORLD ECONOMIC SYSTEM where no one would be able to participate in HIS WORLD SYSTEM apart from their SUBMISSION to HIM as the LIFE GIVING POWER to LIVE in his system, which the DRAGON would IMPOSE on the world. Little did he know that God would FORCE HIS HAND to first DESTROY the KINGDOM OF ISRAEL whose Kingdom Temple 'CORNERSTONE' was the LUNAR CALENDAR, the 'SIGN' for the TRUE SPIRIT of GOD, 'LIGHT OF THE WORLD' and MASTER of SABBATH, he would be DECEIVED to SLAY to SECURE HIS POLITICAL WORLD POWER in an ATTEMPT to STEAL THE WORLD KINGDOM!

So God selected the MOON as a FAITHFUL WITNESS for the SACRIFICE He would provide to REDEEM MANKIND from SATAN'S REBELLION in it's FINAL STAGE; so they could COME OUT from the SATANIC POLITICAL UNITY which would be foisted on them by Satan's religious Harlot riding his Dragon power, Rome...the LAST BEAST KINGDOM (an international system 'house' filled with every unclean bird and detestable practice controlling the world through black market corruption, Rev. 18:2) to be destroyed before the inauguration of GODS KINGDOM ON EARTH. The rejected 'CORNERSTONE SPIRIT' of God manifest in His PERFECT SON, the SABBATH Messiah and King of Gods Kingdom Rule, and that of the restored Kingdom of Israel (which is synonomous), is God's SPIRIT OF TRUTH and is illuminated on the SIGN of the LUNAR SABBATH FULL MOON as the PERFECT IMAGE of the INVISIBLE GOD!

The CORNERSTONE SPIRIT OF TRUTH and RIGHTEOUSNESS described by His Law, would be enfleshed according to a 'CODE' hidden in HIS LAW like a PURE MATHEMATICAL EQUATION, and embedded in the very nature of His creation and ANCHORED to a visible 'SIGN' with which the MIND of man could be ENLIGHTENED by seeing HIS IMAGE of TRUTH in their MINDS EYE in order to connect in OBEDIENCE to the TRUTH and HIS PLAN regarding HIS TRUE KINGDOM LAW which HE SELECTED FOR HIMSELF to EXPOSE SATANS REBELLION, who selected the blinding cornerstone of the Sun to DECEIVE THE WORLD, for JUDGEMENT in the LIGHT of TRUTH as HE DESIGNED! For the 'SIGN' of this ETERNAL RULING SPIRIT OF TRUTH, and the 'FAITHFUL WITNESS' in a CLOUD OF WITNESSES for the LIFE GIVING LIGHT OF THE WORLD regarding the APPOINTED TIMES for His 'seasons' of VISITATION, He SELECTED and ORDAINED the MOON! The MOON is the CORNERSTONE SIGN of the CORNERSTONE MESSIAH who were BOTH REJECTED with the DESTRUCTION OF THE TEMPLE and REPLACED with SATAN'S BLINDING COUNTERFEIT OF DECEPTION! In NO OTHER WAY could the SPIRIT OF DECEPTION prosper after Jesus was taken up in Glory to His THRONE (Ps. 110).

(Satan's IMPOSTER CHRIST would) carefully calculate to CHANGE (Gods Kingdom) TIME and LAW (which identify the true Messiah as Gods Spirit of TRUTH) which will be given into his hand. Dan. 7:25

Like a temporary garden shack YHWH has destroyed His Holy Place and has forgotten His (Lunar) Sabbath and Festivals in Zion with the spurning of His King and Priest. Lam. 2:6

He (God) appointed the Moon for seasons (moadim/appointed times), the sun knows he's coming! Ps. 104:19

The seed of David will endure forever. His Throne will be like the Sun before me, ESTABLISHED BY THE TESTIMONY OF THE MOON IN THE FAITHFUL CLOUD OF WITNESS! Ps. 89:38 (37)

God told us in advance that when He sent His SPIRIT OF TRUTH into the world, the DRAGON would be ANTICIPATING HIS ARRIVAL and desire to KILL HIM, not recognizing he would be FALLING RIGHT INTO GODS TRAP to ESTABLISH THE 'CORNERSTONE OF TRUTH' of HIS KINGDOM ON EARTH FOREVER, which the Moon represents as a witness, by so doing!

Therefore thus says my Master YHWH: "behold he establishes in Zion a Stone, a precious foundation cornerstone for a sure foundation, he hastes not." Is. 28:16

And she (Israel standing on the CORNERSTONE of the MOON) brought forth a son who shall rule all nations with a rod of iron. Her child was taken up to God and to His Throne. And the woman (Israel) fled into the wilderness where God prepared a place for her. (Mic. 4:10) Rev. 12:5-6

God knew the brilliant REBEL would select the SUN as the SIGN or MARK to represent himself as God on earth. God always intended to EXPOSE HIS DECEPTIVE REBELLION to those who LOVE TRUTH and want to be FREED from their ENSLAVEMENT to the SERPENT/DRAGONS KINGDOM of CORRUPTION. So God selected the MOON to represent HIS LIGHT of TRUTH MORE POWERFUL THAN THE SUN when seen as the REJECTED 'CORNERSTONE' of a MARVELLOUS PLAN, like the KEY to solving a PURE MATHEMATICS EQUATION; the MOON speaks ALL ABOUT the TRUE SON OF GOD according to the FATHER'S TESTIMONY in His TIMES and LAW! Using the MOON as the SIGN of the MESSIAH who is FAITHFUL and TRUE, we know the difference between the SPIRIT OF TRUTH and the SPIRIT OF ERROR AND DECEPTION according to a SPIRITUAL LAW which is TRUE!

God made it IMPOSSIBLE for the REBEL to NOT take His bait; HOOK, LINE, AND SINKER! He even told us IN ADVANCE that he would raise up a brilliant POLITICAL 'BEAST/DRAGON KINGDOM' under HIS 'MARK' of the SUN as his 'LIGHT OF THE WORLD' having 7 ANTICHRIST heads who would CAREFULLY CALCULATE the CHANGING of GODS KINGDOM TIMES AND LAW. This ROMAN DRAGON in the SUN would require the DESTRUCTION of God's Kingdom Temple because its CORNERSTONE was the LUNAR SABBATH. This SACRIFICIAL LUNAR SABBATH 'CORNERSTONE' is the SIGN of the MESSIAH, the LORD OF THE SABBATH and GODS NEW COVENANT by which HIS BRIDE 'ISRAEL' comes OUT from her BABYLONIAN MYSTERY DECEPTIONS in SATANS KINGDOM, to be WED WITH GOD in His NEW COVENANT PROMISE of the RE-ESTABLISHED KINGDOM of ISRAEL! Over the course of several centuries he ACCOMPLISHED his PLAN to replace the CORNERSTONE OF TRUTH with his BLINDING DECEPTION IMPOSTER, so that Gods SABBATH was FORGOTTEN, as God told us in advance he would do!

Like a temporary garden shack YHWH has destroyed His Holy Place and has forgotten His (Lunar) Sabbath and Festivals in Zion with the spurning of His King and Priest. Lam. 2:6

For 350 years he will (exalt himself to) speak against the Most High and accuse the Holy Ones of the Most High and will carefully calculate to change (Gods Kingdom) times and law which will be given into his hand. Dan. 7:25

If the good news Plan we preach is HIDDEN, then it's hidden to unbelievers in whom the God of this Age (the REBEL of HEAVEN) has blinded their minds so that the Glorious "Light" of the MESSIAH, who is the very "IMAGE of TRUTH" (God), may not shine in them! 1 Cor. 4:3-4

So it was always intended by God before He ever created ANYTHING, that He would allow the Dragon to exalt himself in his kingdom of rebellion, so that God would be GLORIFIED through His OBEDIENT PEOPLE who LOVE TRUTH when the day of His Power comes to lead them OUT of their WORLD BONDAGE to DECEPTION and CORRUPTION in the "GREAT EXODUS" into the NEW COVENANT. The first exodus and covenant was always intended as a DIM SHADOW to instruct and LEAD US INTO OBEDIENCE of THE PROMISE of our TRUE 'SABBATH REST' in GODS KINGDOM, establishing PEACE ON EARTH through men created in HIS 'IMAGE' and REMOVING ALL REBELLION, as designed before creating anything and promised from the foundation of the world!

Your people will be willing in the day of your power.... Ps. 110:3

So the purpose of the LAW of God and His SPIRIT of TRUTH coming in FLESH to bring LIFE to the WORLD, is all about giving the SONS OF GOD the AUTHORITY of the TRUTH, the SPIRIT of which IS THE LAW, by which to EXPOSE and BIND the SERPENT/DRAGON and the DECEPTION of HIS PEOPLE controlling the world narrative through a system of CORRUPTION of LAW and deception regarding TRUTH, with CHAINS OF TRUTH and LAW so they may no longer be able to DECEIVE the NATIONS and STEAL GODS AUTHORITY (of Truth and Law) to serve their SELFISH PSYCHOPATHIC PURPOSES. This will be the 'LIGHT' which all the nations will seek, according to prophecy, that begins the 'GREAT EXODUS' of Gods Saints and the INAUGURATION of the KINGDOM OF HEAVEN being established on earth with the RE-ESTABLISHED KINGDOM OF ISRAEL!

Don't you know that we shall judge the Messengers of God (angels)? 1 Cor. 6:3

The 'KEY' of the ETERNAL KINGDOM promise given to David has been FOUND in the LAW, the result of the Messiah's WORK, the burdon on his shoulder is the CORNERSTONE KEY of HIS GOVERNMENT! When the 'Cornerstone Light' God selected as His KINGDOM RULER, 'REJECTED' (along with His Lunar 'SIGN') with the subsequent destruction of His TEMPLE as prophesied in advance, becomes the TRUE 'MORNING STAR' RULER of the RESTORED KINGDOM of ISRAEL (as the worlds Calendar) in RECOGNITION of HIS SABBATH 'SIGN' for HIS WORLD KINGDOM RULE, the MESSIANIC 'DAY' OF THE LORD will have begun to openly RULE on planet earth THROUGH HIS WILLING PEOPLE! The world will live in a NEW KINGDOM LIGHT of the world...a NEW DAY will be inaugurated on planet earth to begin Gods OPEN RULE of PEACE living in HIS LIGHT OF TRUTH and RIGHTEOUSNESS with all REBELLION and CORRUPTION OF GOVERNMENT being REMOVED in it's wake!

And it shall come to pass that from New Moon to New Moon and from (Lunar Cornerstone) Sabbath to (Lunar Cornerstone) Sabbath, all flesh will come to worship before me, says YHWH. Is. 66:23

And it shall come to pass that every one that is left of all the nations which came against Jerusalem, shall go up every year to worship the King over YHWH's armies and to celebrate the (Lunar Cornerstone Sabbath) Feast of Tabernacles. Zech. 14:16

And many nations shall come and say: ''Come, let's go up to the mountain of YHWH, to the House of the God of Jacob. He will teach us his ways and we will walk in his paths''. For the Law shall go forth from Zion, and the word of YHWH from Jerusalem. Isaiah 2:3 & Micah 4:2

YHWH God says: The gate of the inner court that faces Eastward shall be SHUT the SIX WORKING DAYS; but on the (Lunar Cornerstone) SABBATH DAYS and on NEW MOON DAYS IT SHALL BE OPENED...and the people of Earth shall worship at the opening of that gate on (Lunar Cornerstone Calendar) SABBATHS and NEW MOONS before YHWH. Ezekiel 46:1 & 3

The Stone cut without hands struck the Image (of the beast kingdoms)...which became as chaff....and the stone became a great mountain that filled the whole earth...God has made known to the King what shall happen...the dream is certain, and the interpretation is true. Dan. 2:34 & 45

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