Big Pharma = Organized Crime

"Drugs are the 3rd leading cause of death in the Western World after Heart disease and cancer...mostly because the business model of the Pharmaceutical Industry is ORGANIZED CRIME; but they steal more money and kill far more people than the Mob can ever do." Dr. Peter Gotzsche




In this page you will be introduced to Dr. Peter Gotzsche quoted above, because he's a modern day HERO. He's a 'whistle blower' who worked first within the pharmaceutical industry before becoming a Psychiatrist and working in the industry from that perspective. He has investigated the 10 largest Pharmaceutical industries and after documenting his evidences (often received only after court proceedings), he published his research titled: "Deadly Medicines and Organized Crime: How big pharma has corrupted healthcare". He's also co-founder of the Cochrane Collaberation, which came to be the worlds largest INDEPENDENT analysist of HEALTHCARE RESEARCH world-wide, providing thorough reviews of health care interventions and diagnostic tests to health care professionals and policy makers around the world. As the beurocracy of the organization grew in power and in collaberation with big pharma, it has since changed it's name to 'Cochrane' as its leadership has distanced themselves from Dr. Gotzsche and his original vision.

Then we will be taking a look at some other video's RELATED to this SAME CORRUPTION in a 'drug war' DECEPTION exposed in the last section at the bottom of this page, which reveals the other side of this 'pharmacia SORCERY' coin of DECEPTION: They are INTERDEPENDENTLY RELATED ISSUES.

So these documentary videos highlight the MISTAKES we have made in regard to the PHARMACIA INDUSTRY; the WRONG DIRECTIONS we have gone, which must be REPENTED OF! The current 'Science' of Psychiatry (which AT BEST is a 'pseudo science', and NOT REAL SCIENCE AT ALL, til the SORCERY and CORRUPTION are REMOVED!) is CONTROLLED BY PHARMACEUTICAL PILL PUSHERS who have a SATANICALLY 'MATERIALIST' paradigm concerning the PERCEPTION of 'reality' and an ECONOMIC AGENDA to PROFIT from it! If you are a 'SPIRITUALIST' of ANY ILK, you are basically considered INSANE by this INDUSTRY; and if they are ABLE to do so (and their power to do so is INCREASING EXPONENTIALLY EVERY YEAR), they will 'MEDICATE' YOU to COMPLIANCE in their SATANICALLY MATERIALIST HOPELESS REALITY so you CAN NOT EXPERIENCE SPIRITUAL TRUTH and live in FREEDOM and JOY! They are using NUERO TOXINS (like MSG, Flouride, Lithium, synthetic sweeteners, and 'flavor enhancing' CHEMICALS added even to your FOOD and WATER) in order to DESTROY the RECEPTORS IN YOUR BRAIN which are ABLE TO CONNECT to the SPIRITUAL CONSCIOUSNESS WHICH HOLDS OUR REALITY TOGETHER...and they SUPPRESS the KNOWLEDGE of TRUTH and the USE of the NATURAL MEDICATIONS which ASSIST THOSE RECEPTORS, so we can EXPERIENCE TRUE HEALING and CONNECTION as GOD DESIGNED, in a BOGUS 'WAR ON DRUGS' which is NOTHING LESS than a 'WAR ON CONSCIOUSNESS'! They are MAKING WAR on those who understand the SPIRITUAL NATURE of our material reality which REAL SCIENCE PROVES EXISTS! Please make sure you UNDERSTAND that we are talking about the 'LEGISLATION' of a 'DRUG WAR' which is nothing more than a legal DECEPTION which has created the REAL 'SWAMP' and the 'LEVIATHAN' and all the other SWAMP 'BEASTS' dependent on that SWAMP LEVIATHAN, like lampreys stuck on a sharks body, which are FEEDING ON THE FLOCKS like schoals of fish! If you don't watch any other video's in the list below, at least please watch this one:

The Most SHOCKING Psychiatry Documentary EVER!

So as I said, I'm beginning the list of videos with a short lecture from Dr. Gotzsche's where, in the first half of his lecture, he argues the 'biological genetic link' of 'whistleblowers' to the salvation of the Jews during the Holocaust, because I link this same concept to the salvation of MANKIND (as he does, indirectly)! I argue this 'biological link' is TIED TO the SPIRITUAL promise of Curses and BLESSINGS God gives us in Ex. 20:6, Deut. 5:10 & Deut. 7:9 (showing MERCY to A THOUSAND GENERATIONS of those who love me and keep my commands).

Survival of a Whistleblower - Peter C. G°tzsche at Summer Institute 2018

Dr Peter G°tzsche exposes big pharma as organized crime

Psychiatric Drugs - Increased Suicides & Violent Acts in America

Psychiatric drugs are much more dangerous than you ever imagined! Dr. Peter Breggin

Peter G°tzsche - Prescription drugs are the third leading cause of death

Big Pharma extorts people worse than Somali pirates: Nordic Cochrane Centre Director

Dr. Peter G°tzsche: Forced Psychiatric Treatment Must be Abolished

Peter G°tzsche - Overdiagnosed & Overmedicated

Dr Peter C G°tzsche on how Psychiatry has gone astray

WARNING!!! Psychiatry can be hazardous to your mental health

Presentation of 50 years of Science RESEARCH demonstrating psychiatric drugs do more harm than good - Copenhagen Conference - September 16, 2015 - CPH

There Are No Scientific Rules Regarding Psychiatric Diagnosis--And That Must End! Paula J. Caplan, NARPA 9/4/14

Psychiatric Drugs are Neurotoxins. Why and How to Avoid Taking Them? by Peter R. Breggin , M.D.

Psychiatry is NOT a science - Phillip Sinaikin M.D.

Debunking the 'Chemical Imbalance of the Brain' theory of 'mental illness'!

Psychotropic drugs - Side Effects (Making A Killing)

Interview with Peter G°tzsche

Psych-Drugs Risks and Alternatives 1 - Olga Runciman - Oct 15, 2016

We need to debunk the fake news in healthcare, Kim Witczak

The healthcare system is broken - how can we change it? David Hammerstein

This following video is regarding Dr. Peter Gotzsche's work toward FOUNDING a NEW ORGANIZATION to continue the VISION he had when he co-founded the Cochrane Collaberation (now sold out to Big Pharma). I support his VISION outlined herein, and encourage you to so also.

Death of a whistleblower: scientific censorship in action, Peter G°tzsche

Now let's take a look at QUI BONO; who really PROFITS from the 'war on drugs' (which assists the PHARMACIA DRUG SORCERERS in ways most people would NEVER REALIZE) and why we are REALLY continually SPENDING MORE and MORE MONEY on a clearly LOSING BATTLE that will ONLY GET WORSE UNTIL WE DO!

Judge Jim Gray on The Six Groups Who Benefit From Drug Prohibition

Is The War on Drugs "All About the Money"?

Retired Police Captain demolishes the War on Drugs

Why The War on Drugs Is a Huge Failure

The Cost of the War on Drugs

Law Enforcement Officials Call for an End to "The War On Drugs"

Retired Police Officer Gets Choked Up Reflecting On The Injustices of the War On Drugs

Former LA Police Officer Mike Ruppert Confronts CIA Director John Deutch on Drug Trafficking

Is the CIA Involved in Drug Trafficking? "I think George Bush is deep into it" - Ron Paul

The Phony Drug War: How the US Government Deals Drugs (Documentary)

Stuff They Don't Want You to Know - CIA Drug Trafficking

CIA Drug Trafficking Allegations Hearing (1998) | w/ Maxine Waters Gary Webb

UNRAVELLING the American Drug CARTEL in Afghanistan | REAL MATTERS

Why hasn't the United States stopped Afghanistan's flourishing heroin production?

Does The CIA Control The International Drug Trade?

The Case to Prosecute Drug Super Kingpin George H W Bush.

The Solution to the Opioid Crisis | Joe Rogan & Johann Hari

Everything you think you know about addiction is wrong | Johann Hari


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