Prince Joseph Manifest!

What is the PURPOSE of the (written) Law? It was ADDED (as a SCHOOLMASTER to our faith to lead us BACK to OBEDIENCE to the SPIRIT of GOD who WROTE IT and SEALED IT UP with HIS OWN BLOOD as HE PROMISED) because of TRANSGRESSION (or RAPING or DISRESPECTFUL WHORING of the SPIRITUAL LAW we VIOLATE IGNORANTLY because of JUDAH'S 'BREACH', which IS the curse of HAM for which ESAU and AMELEK are BOTH HATED as an ATONEMENT SACRIFICE or RANSOM, which 'the Law' came to LEAD US as a SCHOOL MARM to WILLFULLY MAKE at the APPOINTED TIME, or PERISH for rebellion to GOD!) UNTIL the ONE to WHOM the PROMISES of the 'FIRSTBORN SON' WERE MADE shall COME, the SPIRIT OF GOD in 'PRINCE JOSEPH' A.K.A. the ANCIENT OF DAYS who would SERVE GOD as KING and RE-UNITE ISRAEL AND JUDAH under God and the ETERNAL KING from DAVIDS LINE (Zech, 10:6, Dan. 7:13, Rev. 2:26-28, Ez. 37:16-24, Ps. 60:7b, Is. 11:11-13, Rom. 11:26)! Gal. 3:19

In other words, the TORAH LAW was given to lead us to see the FACE OF JOSEPH as the RIGHTFUL FIRSTBORN INHERITOR of father ISRAEL and lead us into the PROMISE of the MESSIANIC NEW WORLD ORDER ON EARTH, which JUDAH WAS SELECTED to STRIKE with an USURPED ROD OF AUTHORITY as GOD DESIGNED, for us to SEE over the course of HIS STORY PROPHETICALLY, which would be SEALED IN FRONT OF OUR FACES until the ONE to whom the FATHER GIVES IT opens the SEAL so ALL MAY SEE, UNDERSTAND, AND KNOW as ANCIENTLY PROMISED; the ANCIENT OF DAYS (Dan. 7:13, Rev. 2:26-28)!

We shall see that the written law was given to lead Judah and the WHOLE WORLD into the PROMISE of ISRAEL's VIRTUOUS KINGDOM when the FACE of GOD'S MESSIAH is finally SEEN according to GODS LAW which DESCRIBES HIM (which will begin the judgement on the SPIRITUALLY DRUNKEN REBELLIOUS CHURCH HARLOT of revelation); as testified by the PROPHETS now UNSEALED and MANIFESTING IT! The written law was given to bring us back to VIRTUOUS RELATIONSHIPS and SAVE US FROM THE CONSEQUENCES OF OUR REBELLION LEADING TO SELF DESTRUCTION! Judah carries the ROD of USURPED AUTHORITY until JOSEPH COMES and RECEIVES HIS KINGDOM RIGHTS as the JUDGE and 'PRINCE' of ISRAEL under the ETERNAL KING who is now seated on DAVIDS THRONE in ETERNAL GLORY FOREVER; for this reason the DONKEY of Judah's prophecy regarding the SCEPTOR of LAW, is tied to JOSEPHS FRUITFUL BOUGH as the one who would OVERCOME and PREVAIL and be GIVEN THE KINGDOM ON EARTH under the ETERNAL KING AND HIGH PRIEST! And this SUDDEN REALIZATION and REPENTENCE will leave AMELEK-EDOM EXPOSED...and all according to PERFECT LAW given to us by which the MESSIAH SHALL JUDGE and REFINE his HOLY PEOPLE!

In order to understand this ANCIENT PLAN correctly we must put away the AMALEKITE MYTH or DECEPTION which the WHOLE WORLD IS YET UNDER; that Judah is the FIRSTBORN HEIR of the title and rights of the NAME 'ISRAEL'. HE IS NOT, JOSEPH IS!

For Judah became greater than his brothers and a prince comes from him, but the BIRTHRIGHT belongs to Joseph! 1 Chron. 5:2

Judah is the SPIRITUALLY BLINDFOLDED SERVANT of GOD working in DARKNESS! Judah is the one who has been KEPT 'BLINDED' by his own HYPOCRISY as GODS SERVANT, CLUELESS to GODS PLAN to use HIS EVIL for GODS GOOD by BETRAYING the PROMISED MESSIAH from HIS OWN LOINS until the 'LIGHT' which GOD PROMISED to SEND INTO THE WORLD would REVEAL IT TO HIM at the APPOINTED TIME! That light is the Messiah ben JOSEPH who would be REJECTED as the MESSIAH BEN DAVID according to the SPIRIT OF PROPHECY, which is the TESTIMONY OF JOSHUA (Jesus) as we shall SEE UNSEALED from the LAW OF PROPHECY herein (Rev. 19:10)!

Judah [through the 'ILLUMINED' Yochanan Ben Zachai (Mal. 2:11-12), the PRAISED 'son o the morning' and leader of the Pharisaic sect of Judaism (Is. 14:12)] was the LEADER of the REBELLIOUS SONS of father Israel who struck his father on the cheek with a ROD of AUTHORITY (Mic. 5:1-2) which he VIOLENTLY TOOK from the RIGHTFUL HEIR, Joshua (A.K.A Jesus as will be shown below) as the UNRECOGNIZED 'MESSIAH ben JOSEPH', when he BETRAYED him in CONSPIRACY with ROME and got PAID to do it, as God PROPHESIED IN ADVANCE (and therefore intended to use it FOR HIS GOOD)! Judah was INSENSITIVE to SENTIENT TRUTH and the SPIRIT OF PROPHECY and REBELLED AGAINST GOD HIMSELF! The true 'LAW', the 'LAW of PROPHECY' hidden WITHIN the Law of Moses, was given to him by JACOB in SHADOW, as a ROD with which HE WOULD BE SPANKED until he recognize the SPIRIT of JOSEPH in the END DAYS: the SPIRIT OF PROPHECY WITHIN THE BODY OF THE LAW who he REJECTED in a SACRIFICE as a 'passover lamb' as prophesied from the foundation of the world! That KING MESSIAH from DAVID who was rejected to then be EXALTED TO THE RIGHT HAND OF POWER (as Joseph was) gives to PRINCE JOSEPH under him the SCEPTRE to put ALL THE KINGS ENEMIES UNDER HIS FEET as PROMISED (Ps. 110:1 & 5, Ps. 2, Acts 7:56, Rev. 2:26-28, Gal. 3:19) !

After these things were revealed by GOD through JOSEPH, father Israel was instructed to give to Judah in a 'blessing' from YHWH, this ROD of LAW which would be ADDED FOR THIS TRANSGRESSION which he would CARRY until it is finally USED ON HIM for THIS MANIFEST SIN...much like the son who needs discipline may be commanded by his father to go select a good stout branch with which that same son shall be dealt LOVING BLOWS by his FATHER WHO CARES about HIS CHARACTER!

What is the PURPOSE of the Law? It was added because of rebellion to address crime until the Seed to whom the PROMISES BELONG should come (sheloh) Galatians 3:19

YHWH cares for JUDAH (and the boys who FOLLOWED HIS LEAD in an HYPOCRITICAL BLOOD OATH of REBELLION, as GOD FOREKNEW and PLANNED to USE for HIS OWN GOOD PURPOSES, from the very FOUNDATION of the WORLD!) and wants men of INTEGRITY AND HONOR who VALUE the VIRTUE of TRUTH...He expects NOTHING SHORT of FULL CONFESSION and REPENTENCE over the SACRIFICE HE PROVIDED as promised from the foundation of the world FOR THAT PURPOSE! This is the SIN of FIRST ADAM (who enslaved himself and all his progeny to the SERPENT GOD/PHARAOH of earth through DISOBEDIENCE to God) that must be worked out in proper HOLY RELATIONAL ORDER according to GODS PLAN. Only in THIS WAY will mankind be HEALED from his ENSLAVEMENT to a WORLD GOVERNMENTAL SYSTEM of NARCISSISTIC PSYCHOPATHY to see PEACE and LIFE ETERNAL according to the CREATION PLAN. He shall enter a MESSIANIC NEW WORLD ORDER where he is formed in GODS IMAGE of ALTRUISTIC HOLINESS; his PERFECT IMAGE being seen in HIS PROMISED SON now seated at HIS RIGHT HAND according to the PLAN to create ALL MEN in HIS RULING 'IMAGE' rather than the image of NARCISSISTIC PSYCHOPATHY still currently ruling over them; the image of REBELLIOUS HYPOCRITICAL FALLEN MEN; the DECEPTION of the spiritual SERPENT GOD/PHARAOH ruling over the world since the garden, whose kingdom shall soon be destroyed!

We see that father Israel gave Joseph's children (and particularly Ephraim) a SPECIAL BLESSING IN SECRET where he bestowed on them the BLESSING of the FIRSTBORN 'RIGHTS AND NAME' of the PROMISE of 'ISRAEL' (Gen. 48:16) before he blessed all the rest of his sons together in Gen. 49! The 'law' was added for Judah's transgression against Joseph until the promised son from the CHOSEN LINE of Joseph/Ephraim/Joshua (A.K.A. Jesus as will be shown below) comes to whom it RIGHTFULLY BELONGS!

And he blessed Joseph and said, God before whom my fathers Abraham and Isaac did walk, the God which fed me all my life long unto this day, The REDEEMING MESSENGER (Angel) which redeemed me from all evil, bless the lads; and let MY NAME be ON THEM, and the name of my fathers Abraham and Isaac; and let them grow into a multitude in the midst of the earth. Genesis 48:15-16

In Gen. 49:8-12 Judah appears to get the greater blessing when he is given the SCEPTRE to RULE 'between his feet' but the DONKEY of his blessing is tied to a FRUITFUL BOUGH and a few verses later we see a bit more cryptically that upon the head of Joseph (through Ephraim, to a son whose name would be JOSHUA/JESUS, as we shall see shortly) would come ALL the world as his POSSESSION as its KING in the END DAYS. This blessing to Joseph is practically repeated almost word for word by Moses in Deut. 33:13-17 with some addition regarding the HORNS of Ephraim and Manasseh driving the herds to/from the ends of the Earth. Please note the repeat regarding the DEW which is referenced by David in Psalm 110. Also of note is that the blessing of the sceptre to Judah is NOT REPEATED by Moses, the Law Giver. And finally we have this verse which makes the BIRTHRIGHT BLESSING official:

For Judah became greater than his brothers and a prince comes from him, but the BIRTHRIGHT belongs to Joseph! 1 Chron. 5:2

So even as we see Judah became the leader of all his brothers who betrayed Joseph and TOOK HIS SCEPTRE, and when he did so he cut himself off from the tents of his father Israel, and DESPITE HIMSELF a 'prince' would come from his loins (who would expose his hypocritical guilt when finally identified) as from Tamar...the SCEPTRE 'between his feet' is TIED TO JOSEPHS FRUITFUL BOUGH as the PROMISED HEIR! That means the PROMISED SON of our FAITH would have BOTH LINEAGES! He would be the son of JUDAH AND the son of JOSEPH so that HE WOULD GIVE THE SCEPTRE to ('SHELO' = HIM TO WHOM IT BELONGS) PRINCE JOSEPH under HIM as his own RIGHT HAND 'son of man' after HE IS GLORIFIED to the RIGHT HAND of GOD (even as Joseph had been, as a SHADOW to SHOW US!) who would put all his enemies under his feet so that he receive IN HEAVEN all the PRAISE and WORSHIP OF ALL HIS BROTHERS for his OBEDIENCE EVEN TO DEATH, even as ISAAC was obedient at the hands of his beloved FATHER (Gen. 49:8, Ps. 110:5, Rev. 2:26-28, Dan. 7:13, Dan. 12:1)!

Specifically we see this 'joining' of the TWO TRIBES took place when the Judahite Boaz raised seed to his STEP BROTHER Elimelech the EPHRATHITE (from EPHRAIM)! Boaz and Elimelech were STEP BROTHERS having the SAME MOTHER, Rahab! That's right! Elimelech (and his unnamed BROTHER who was a 'closer kinsmen' than Boaz: Ruth 3:12) was an EPHRATHITE from the tribe of EPHRAIM who had been 'adopted' through MARRIAGE to Joshua's WIDOW by SALMON, Boaz' father and a younger contemporary of Joshua!

Jewish tradition tells us that Joshua married Rahab but we know NOTHING SPECIFIC regarding his GENEOLOGY AFTERWORDS. It appears the LINEAGE of the SPIRIT OF PROPHECY which lived IN JOSEPH, and ALSO in JOSHUA (A.K.A. 'Jesus' as we shall see) was HIDDEN (like the 'PASSOVER MATZAH') in the WORD at this point, only to be UNSEALED at the APPOINTED TIMES in the FUTURE, as PLANNED.

It seems clear according to New Testament tradition that Salmon, who was the 'firstborn' Prince of the tribe of Judah (1 Chr. 2:10), married Rachab after the death of Joshua and the ONLY CHILD of SALMON with Rachab was BOAZ; the YOUNGEST of HER three sons! Boaz was the ONLY CHILD of SALMON with Rachab (Mt. 1:5) who ADOPTED the two 'OLDER' EPHRATHITE SONS of JOSHUA as his 'STEP SONS'. Elimelech was the FIRSTBORN SON of JOSHUA for whom his STEP BROTHER BOAZ RAISED UP THE 'FIRSTBORN SEED OF PROMISE' resulting in KING David and HIS 'PROMISED SEED' after him! David (and his 'promised seed') were both UNRECOGNIZED 'EPHRATHITES' according to the LAWS of 'REDEEMING an INHERITANCE' and raising up SEED to the DECEASED so the NAME OF THE DECEASED and his INHERITANCE are not LOST OR FORGOTTEN (Gen. 38:8, Lev. 25:25-28, Deut. 25:5). The promised SEED of Obed/Jesse/David has the 'RIGHTS OF FIRSTBORN' from the tribes of BOTH Judah (through Salmon/Boaz) AND Joseph (through Ephraim/Joshua (Jesus)! He is FIRSTBORN INHERITOR of BOTH PROMISES!

Both David and Jesus (Jesus and Joshua are the SAME HEBREW NAME) had the SPIRIT OF PROPHECY living in them, and both were born in 'Beth-Lechem' (the house of WAR/bread), the INHERITANCE of JOSEPH/EPHRAIM/JOSHUA which was WITHIN Judah's tribal inheritance! In other words, it was PROPHETICALLY INTENDED that JUDAH would SACRIFICE HIS OWN 'PROMISED SEED' at the APPOINTED TIME in Jerusalem as a PASSOVER LAMB as PROPHETICALLY PROMISED from the foundation of the world (as shadowed by Abraham with Isaac, and by Judah who betrayed and sold Joseph to TAKE his sceptre) not recognizing that He would be EXALTED to the RIGHT HAND OF POWER even as Joseph had been, as DAVID ENVISIONED as the CROWN of the LAW (Ps. 110:1)! And this Joshua/Jesus from the 'tribe of Judah' would become both KING and HIGH PRIEST over both JUDAH and ISRAEL/JOSEPH/EPHRAIM, and HE would then RESTORE THE SCEPTRE of RULERSHIP ON EARTH to JOSEPH/EPHRAIM/JOSHUA/JESUS under HIM as his OWN 'right hand son' (a 'son of man' having the SAME SPIRIT of GOD living IN HIM as JOSEPH DID). His IDENTITY would be ESTABLISHED when the SPIRIT OF PROPHECY, which IS the Spirit of God, enables him to unseal the TESTIMONY of his identity before ALL even as Joseph revealed his identity to his brothers. So the RIGHT to RULE ISRAEL would be restored to a MAN IN FLESH from JOSEPH/EPHRAIM/JOSHUA (JESUS), a man who had GODS SPIRIT LIVING IN HIM from whom it had FIRST BEEN TAKEN, and for which the LAW WAS ADDED to lead us BACK TO OBEDIENCE to the SPIRIT OF GOD in HIS ANOINTED MAN!

What is the PURPOSE of the Law? It was added because of rebellion to address crime until the Seed to whom the PROMISES BELONG should come (sheloh) Galatians 3:19

The word 'EPHRATHITE' (and plural, 'Ephrathites') is used ONLY 5 TIMES in scripture and is used to refer to the TRIBAL INHERITANCE of EPHRAIM! In SOME places it is misleadingly translated into English as Ephraimite rather than EPHRATHITE as it correctly and phonetically reads IN HEBREW in the following verses where I translate it accordingly:

And the Gileadites took the passages of the Jordan in front of Ephraim and it came to pass that when those from Ephraim were trying to escape would say: 'Let me pass over', that the men of Gilead would ask him, are you an EPHRATHITE? If he would say 'No'... Judges 12:5

***@ Now there was a certain man from the mountains of Ramathaim-zophim IN EPHRAIM, and his name was Elkanah, the son of Jeroham, the son of Elihu, the son of Tohu, the son of Zuph, the EPHRATHITE; 1 Sam. 1:1

And Jeroboam the son of Nebat the EPHRATHITE from Zereda, Solomon's servant, whose widowed mother's name was Zeruah, lifted up his hand against the king. Now this is how it came about that he lifted up his hand against the king: Solomon built Millo and repaired the breaches of the city of David his father. Jeroboam was a mighty man of valour. Solomon seeing that the young man was industrious, made him RULER over the WHOLE HOUSE of JOSEPH. 1 Kings 11:26-28

***# Based on these and other texts it may be convincingly argued that despite the city of Bethlehem was in the TERRITORY of JUDAH, it was actually the INHERITANCE possession (at least in part) of the house of JOSEPH/Ephraim (the resting place of Joseph/Ephraim/Joshua's Matriarch)! One thing IS CERTAIN, each time the word EPHRATHITE is used (in the HEBREW which is sometimes ERRONEOUSLY translated as 'Ephraimite'), it is ALWAYS a reference to a PERSON coming from the TRIBAL INHERITANCE of EPHRAIM, the firstborn INHERITOR of the HOUSE OF JOSEPH (who is the FIRSTBORN HEIR of father ISRAEL: 1 Chron. 5:1-2)! Now let's take a deeper look.

***@# And the name of the man was Elimelech, and the name of his wife Naomi, and the name of his two sons were Mahlon and Chilion, EPHRATHITES from Bethlehem-Judah. And they came into the country of Moab, and continued there. Ruth 1:2

In this account we see there was a CLOSER BROTHER to Elimelech than Boaz (Ruth 3:12). What this means is an OLDER BROTHER than BOAZ. This older brother of Boaz clearly has HIS OWN CHILDREN ALREADY and does not want to 'mar' THEIR 'inheritance' by raising up children to his deceased OLDER BROTHER to whom the INHERITANCE RIGHTS (of Joshua) actually belonged (Ruth 4:6). Boaz, the FIRSTBORN of SALMON (through Rahab) has NO CHILDREN or 'inheritance' so he raises up an inheritance to BOTH HIMSELF and to his HALF BROTHER Elimelech, the deceased EPHRATHITE (firsborn of Joshua with Rahab before his death) for NAOMI who becomes like BOTH LEAH AND RACHEL through RUTH (Ruth 4:11)! Leah would be mother of the MESSIAH BEN JUDAH and Rachel is the Mother of Messiah ben Joseph, the PRINCE OF ISRAEL who has the BIRTHRIGHT and BLESSING of FATHER ISRAEL as RULER, and NAOMI, through RUTH, is MOTHER TO BOTH (Ruth 4:11) through the JUDAHITE 'HALF BROTHER' BOAZ, raising up SEED to the DECEASED according to the SPIRIT of PROPHECY which the LAW IDENTIFIES as the very TESTIMONY OF JESUS (Joshua)! In fact you could say that the WIFE of BOTH Joshua, as the 'prince over israel' to lead all the clans into the promise, and Salmon (after the death of Joshua) who was the prince over the tribe of Judah, had BOTH TRIBAL PRINCES come through HER LOINS even as did RAHAB!

This is the promised SEED LINE from which the MESSIAH, being BOTH of the TRIBE OF JUDAH who would have the SCEPTRE, and the tribe of JOSEPH who is the RIGHTFUL HEIR, would come as the PROMISED SEED to sit NEXT TO GOD on his ETERNAL THRONE according to the SPIRITUAL PLAN of God which he has been showing us from the FOUNDATION OF THE WORLD to SAVE US from BEASTLY NARCISSISTIC MEN serving the PSYCHOPATHIC SERPENT GOD of this FALLEN WORLD REALITY, like CAIN, NIMROD, PHARAOH, and ANTICHRIST and his FOLLOWERS who would be found DESTROYING THE WORLD as before the DELUGE in their ATTEMPT TO STEAL THE COVENANT AND PLAN using his RELIGIOUS WHORES! Naomi and her daughter Ruth, who married the also now deceased EPHRATHITE SON of NAOMI, is PURCHASED by the Judahite BOAZ who raises seed to BUILD BOTH the house of JUDAH AND ISRAEL (Ruth 4:10-14)! Even as the line of KOHATH was SET APART from all of the rest of the Levites, so Davids line (from Obed/Jessy) was SET APART from the rest of JUDAH!

We see that clearly here where we find that Davids Patriarchs Obed and Jesse, despite being JUDAHITES, are also called EPHRATHITES according to the LAW for raising CHILDREN in the name of the DECEASED so the INHERITANCE (of Joseph/Ephraim/Joshua through RAHAB/Naomi/Ruth) is not LOST!

Now David was the son of that EPHRATHITE from Bethlehem-Judah whose name was Jesse; and he had eight sons, and in the days of Saul he was very aged among the men. 1 Sam. 17:12

Clearly the MESSIAH, like the donkey of JUDAH'S PROPHECY, is TIED TO the FRUITFUL BRANCH of the house of JOSEPH who has the RIGHT OF 'FIRSTBORN' over the WHOLE HOUSE OF ISRAEL. Joseph is the FIRSTBORN and RIGHTFUL HEIR of the NAME and BLESSINGS of Father 'ISRAEL' on EARTH (1 Chron. 5:2) according to GODS WILL AND TESTIMONY given to us IN CONTRACT to understand, NOT to JUDAH (Jews) alone. This 'PROPHETIC LINE' of JOSEPH from Boaz, which has the TESTIMONY of JOSHUA (Jesus), was REJECTED by the REST of the TRIBE of JUDAH (Spearheaded by the 'ILLUMINED' Yochanan Ben Zachai, Mal. 2:11-12) and SOLD INTO BONDAGE to DEATH at the HANDS OF ROME! It is INTO JOSEPHS HAND, FROM DAVIDS LINE, who was REJECTED by JUDAH, that the SCEPTRE to RULE shall come in the END DAYS according to the PLAN for which JUDAH WOULD SLAY HIM from his OWN LOINS, REJECTED AS A 'CORNERSTONE' to BUILD the HOUSE OF ISRAEL, to then LATER RECOGNIZE HIS FACE according to the SPIRIT OF PROPHECY within TORAH LAW, which would be unsealed and MANIFEST BY JOSEPH, to then become the TOP STONE over the HOUSE according to the ANCIENT PLAN for WORLD SALVATION!

Notes from above:

***@ It must be noted that in 1 Sam. 1:1 posted above, we have to consider something a bit different which is not readily available in the plain text. Here we must understand that Levites were given cities of inheritance WITHIN the inheritances of the other tribes (Lev. 25:32-33, Num. 35:2-8, Josh. 14:4, Josh. 21:3-5). So even as these Levites could sell their possession/city WITHIN THE BORDERS of another TRIBE (to members of that other tribe), it had to be RETURNED to the TRIBE of LEVI at the JUBILEE! A Levite living WITHIN THE TRIBAL POSSESSION could be named by or confused for a member of THAT TRIBE. This seems to be the case with Elkanah who was a Kohen (priestly line) from the tribe Levi (1 Chron. 6:33-34) coming from a Levite city WITHIN the TRIBAL POSSESSION of EPHRAIM. It seems clear he is called an 'Ephrathite' because his Levitical INHERITANCE was WITHIN the inheritance of EPHRAIM.

***# In like manner to the special case above, an 'EPHRATHITE' WITHIN the inheritance of JUDAH could EASILY be confused for a JUDAHITE! So we see Bethlehem was a city within the tribal possession of Judah but was the inheritance of Josephs MOTHER Rachel (where she was buried by father Israel) belonging to Joshua the EPHRATHITE who CONQUERED THE LAND and divided it out. NO DOUBT HE TOOK POSSESSION of BethLechem, his matriarchs resting place, as his own inheritance WITHIN the borders of the portion of land he gave as Judah's inheritance possession. This is another great example of the TIES between the SEED OF PROMISE given to Joseph which is found WITHIN the promise of the SCEPTRE inheritance given to Judah. This INHERITANCE of Joseph/Ephraim was obviously 'sold' to JUDAH, particularly in the case of ELIMELECH'S inheritance PURCHASED BY BOAZ the JUDAHITE, and this city BELONGS to the RIGHTFUL HEIR of DAVID who will be recognized to have BOTH LINEAGES as the 'SEED OF PROMISE' (for whom THE LAW and the TESTIMONIES were GIVEN! Gal. 3:19), the 'son of man' who has GODS SPIRIT living in him and will UNITE THE TWO HOUSES according to PROPHECY, the 'right hand son of the right hand son' if you will, and it shall be given to him AT THE 'JUBILEE' as HIS INHERITANCE!

A note regarding Jewish Midrashic tradition on Rahab

There are a lot of Midrashic and Aggadic texts related to Rahab and Joshua. Some of the most noteworthy are that Rahab is said to be one of the four most beautiful women in the Biblical text along with Abrahams wife Sarah, Davids wife Abigail (after the death of her former husband, Nabal), and Esther the wife of King Ahasuerus.

Though absolutely NO details are given, she is said to have married Joshua many years after the conquest of Jericho (midrash tells us he was 82 at the conquest of Jericho, so clearly it had to be before he died at 110 according to Josh. 24:29). By him she is said to be the Matriarch of many Kings, Priests, and Prophets. The following is taken from the online encyclopedia 'Jewish Women's Archive' in regard to Rahab:

"seven kings and eight prophets issued forth from her (Seder Eliyahu Zuta [ed. Friedmann (Ish-Shalom)], para. 22)."

There are many references and sources which seem to confirm the most noteworthy of her progeny (in addition to Boaz and Elimelech from whom came King DAVID and his promised 'seed' now GLORIFIED at the RIGHT HAND of God, as demonstrated in this work), were Jeremiah and Ezekiel. But these were mostly 'rumored' progeny because there was some amount of 'shame' associated with being her descendent, despite the fact that her 'conversion' to the God of Israel was considered of far greater piety than Jethro (Moses father in law) or Naaman (the leper healed by Elisha). This of course would explain why we're told nothing expressly about Joshua's INHERITANCE after him THROUGH HER! The legends tell us that her progeny like Hilkiah (father of Jeremiah) and 'buzi' (which means 'mockery') the father of (the 'son of man') Ezekiel, were mocked and bullied by those who thought themselves of more pious lineage than those who would come from a former harlot (much like David himself according to the same legends).

It seems to me that hiding the'despised' lineage of the FIRSTBORN SON of Joseph/Ephraim/Joshua/Elimelech in the lineage of a harlot to be 'ridiculed' as 'bastards', then TYING this lineage BACK to JUDAH through Boaz in SECRET (until the key is given to us in Mat. 1:5 to put the pieces together), seems to be something God wanted to do in order to show how much more righteous the 'bastard' children of even repentent harlots can be, than those self righteous hypocrites and narcissists who seem to always have 'immaculately groomed pedigrees'.

It's also interesting to note Jesus' deliberate TABOO interaction with the harlot at the plot of ground father ISRAEL purchased outside SHECHEM (in Samaria). Israel purchased this property and called this property where he dug the well 'el elohei israel' (God, the God of Israel, Gen. 33:19-20). It was also on this property where Josephs bones were carried out of Egypt in exodus, to be buried there to become the INHERITANCE of JOSEPH/Ephraim/Joshua (Josh. 24:32). It seems Jesus deliberately goes to HIS INHERITANCE and is extending the offer of HOLINESS through REPENTENCE to a woman like HIS MATRIARCH Rahab, DESPITE the GOSSIP that would be SPREAD about him by the NARCISSISTS in POWER, as a TRULY RIGHTEOUS MAN would be humble AND HOLY enough to do.


On a different note in this symphony of prophecy, Hosea/Hoshea (who was the 'son of nun' from the tribe of Joseph/Ephraim) means 'save' and just before he was 'commissioned', Moses renames him Joshua (Num. 13:8 & 16) which means: 'He/Yah Saves' or 'YHWHsaves'. Jesus' name in Hebrew is EXACTLY the same as Joshua's name, a little known fact easily proven simply by contemplating why Joshua received a 'name change' before he led TWO MISSIONS: 1. to first SPY OUT and 2. to later CONQUER, the LAND OF PROMISE (which he never completely accomplished). Additionally we are expressly told the name of this messianic 'branch' would be Joshua (YahSaves) in Zech. 6:12.

It's no coincidence then that Jesus came in this name to be the Passover Lamb according to THE LAW PLAN OF PROPHECY where he would come into the SERPENT GOD/PHARAOH'S 'WORLD HOUSE' to begin binding him (the power of sin and DEATH ruling earth since Adam, to CONQUER DEATH according to the PLAN), as we see mandated in Mat. 1:21 (you shall call his name 'YHWHsaves' because he will save his people from their sins). So what we see is that the first 'Messiah ben Joseph' named Joshua/Jesus (YHWHsaves) anointed by Moses to lead the people in to the promised land (Deut. 34:9) never finished the job, as we see alluded to in Heb. 4:8 which in the K.J.V. reads:

For if Jesus (Joshua/YHWHsaves) had given them rest, then would he not afterward have spoken of another day. There remaineth therefore a rest to the people of God. Hebrews 4:8-9

The 'son of man' A.K.A. the 'Messiah ben Joseph' to whom the promise ON EARTH belongs, will come in a name NO ONE KNOWS BUT HIMSELF to be UNRECOGNIZED as a 'THEIF' and shall LEAD US IN TO THE PROMISE according to the SAME PROPHETIC LAW for which the LAMB WAS SLAIN by THAT SAME SPIRIT who LIVES IN HIM, RAISED FROM THE DEAD!

And if Messiah lives in you, it's his spirit giving life through his righteousness and the body is dead because of sin. So if the Spirit of him that raised up Jesus from the dead lives in you, he that raised up Messiah from the dead shall also quicken your mortal bodies by his Spirit that lives in you. Romans 8:10-11

And he gave some as apostles; and some as prophets; and some as evangelists; and some as pastors and teachers; For the perfecting of the saints and for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Messiah until we all come in the unity of the faith and of the knowledge of the Son of God, unto a perfect man: the FULL MEASURE, STATURE, AND FULLNESS OF MESSIAH. Ephesians 4:11-13

And I will put my spirit within you and cause you to walk in my statutes. And you will keep my judgments and do them. Ezekiel 36:27

I will put my spirit in you and you will live. And I will put you in your own land. Then you will know that I, YHWH have spoken it, and performed it, says YHWH. Ezekiel 37:14

The Messiah would be a man of sorrows aquainted with ridicule, grief and shame at the hands of BEASTLY MEN (Narcissists) who were nothing more than HYPOCRITES in priests frocks. His SPIRIT living in HIS SEED would be rejected by his own brethren obeying the same Narcissistic ilk until the end of days when men will be faced with the truth of having served Psychopaths in Gods name, and will mourn over what they've done in Jesus' name (Mt. 7:21-26, Mt. 13:30 & 38, Lk. 19:27), at the dawn of a Messianic New World Order.

And to you wickedly profane prince of Israel whose day of iniquity has come to an end, thus says the Lord YHWH: Take off the turban and remove the crown! Things will no longer be the same! Raise up the humble and humble the exalted! I have assigned iniquity, overturning, and destruction until he comes to whom it belongs, and judgement I will give to him. Ezekiel 21:25-27

He would be MOCKED and ABUSED, even called insane or demon possessed, and his 'lineage' would be called into question as BASTARDLY, despite the OVERWHELMING EVIDENCE of his own ABSOLUTE PIETY and DEVOTION to the GOD of ISRAEL! This would be the situation the ANOINTED SON OF MAN would be born in to endure and DIE under before being RECOGNIZED as the 'SON OF GOD' to be EXALTED to GOD'S RIGHT HAND on his HEAVENLY THRONE, GLORIFIED as the 'PERFECT IMAGE of GOD' which ALL MEN will be FORMED IN according to a LAW PLAN which DAVID SAW as the CROWN of the LAW (Ps. 110, Mt. 5:17-19)! The humble 'son of man' (like a Mordechai) who reflects the IMAGE of GOD exposes the HYPOCRITICAL PSYCHOPATHY of RELIGIOUS MEN (Pedophile priests and their secret WORLD GOVERNMENT, like HAMAN) pretending to know GOD but DO LIE and who really reflect the IMAGE of NARCISSISTIC PSYCHOPATHY from the 'high places' of 'HEAVENLY POWER' through DECEPTION, so that the world is filled with SOCIOPATHIC CRIMINALS awaiting THEIR 'antichrist' who shall JUDGE THEM!

And I heard another voice from heaven, saying: 'Come out from her my people, so that you share not in her sins and do not suffer from her plagues. For her sins have reached even to heaven, and God will visit her iniquities with justice.' Revelation 18:4-5

According to the PLAN, through their RELIGIOUS SORCERIES and their GROOMED SPIRITUAL BLINDNESS and DEPRAVITY, they would eventually create a world like the ANTE-DELUVIANS of Noahs day, and that of Sodom and Gomorra! God tells us he would send a PROPHET LIKE MOSES (A.K.A. EliJah) in the end days to STAND UP and demand RIGHT JUDGEMENTS be made by GODS CHILDREN in order to SAVE THE WORLD from the NARCISSIST REBELS who are DESTROYING IT (Psalm 82)!

The TRUE reflection of 'GODS IMAGE' in a 'SON OF MAN' would suffer for what is RIGHT even to his DEATH (like John the Baptist), at the hands of those 'sons of god' who SET THEMSELVES UP as 'leaders' and DEMAND 'CONTROL' for SELFISH REASONS; because they are REALLY NARCISSISTIC PSYCHOPATHS 'SCAPEGOATING' others in SACRIFICE so they may RULE over Gods children ABUSIVELY in an OPEN SECRET as before the deluge, as GOD PROMISED he would EXPOSE in order to SAVE THE WORLD FROM THEM according to a LAW PLAN he has given us TO DO BY FAITH from the FOUNDATION OF THE WORLD!

Without a vision the people perish, happy is he who keeps the Law. Prov. 29:18

When the 'son of man' comes (as a thief), will he find faith on the earth? Lk. 18:8

Judah is NEVER called 'Israel' in prophecy apart from the IDENTIFICATION of JOSEPH/EPHRAIM being his HEAD! Joseph is the FIRSTBORN SON and HEIR of 'ISRAEL' not JUDAH! It shall ONLY BE the HATEFUL deceiving AMALEKITES/EDOMITES who must be separated out from the families of earth through DAN (judgement), who will REFUSE THE TRUTH (and who have always used RELIGIONS to CLOAK THEMSELVES and their SELFISH PERVERSIONS until now), like a HAMAN, that will CONTINUE to BELIEVE A LIE in the face of the UNSEALED TESTIMONY from GOD HIMSELF! GOD has ALLOWED this hypocritical sickness (pretending to love a 'God of TRUTH' while OPENLY dishonoring His INVISIBLE VIRTUOUS SPIRIT to SERVE LIES in IDOLATRY in a groomed SPIRITUAL DARKNESS of an only MATERIAL perception of reality which allows such SOCIAL CANCER as the OPEN TYRNANNY ON THE VIRTUE OF GOD to thrive in our midst) to be the situation of mans LEADERSHIP in RECURRING CYLCES over HIS STORY until NOW! Now its time for JUDGEMENT to BEGIN with the FACTS OF THE CASE in the HOUSE of GOD! Gods children of LIGHT shall NOW TAKE POSSESION of the KINGDOM of DARKNESS as its POSSESSORS as promised and to do so, the Sceptor of JUDAH must come into the hand of ISRAEL, joined as ONE as GOD PLANNED and has given us in these accounts to UNDERSTAND NOW in HIS STORY!

In quick overview (expanded in GREAT DETAIL HERE to understand the PLAN which fingered JUDAH as the leader who would REJECT GODS ANOINTED SON according to the PROMISE) we see the promise of mans redemption first given in Gen. 3:15 developed further in prophecy like Is. 66:12, and we follow that promise through Abel replaced by Seth, down through Noah, Shem, Abraham, Isaac, and then Jacob (who is renamed Israel) who CLEARLY GAVE THE PROMISE to his BELOVED SON Joseph, despite Judah having secured the favor of all his other brothers contrary to his fathers LONGING DESIRE!

Here are the 7 major proof texts which I shall give an introduction to for your own follow up research to be done into the matter if you care to:

Gen. 48:15-16, 49:8-12 & 22-26, Deut. 33:7 & 13-16, Ps. 60:7 & 108:8, Is. 11:10-13, Ez. 37:15-28, Dan. 7:9-14

The anchor PROPHECY for JUDAH'S DEED of SPURNING the KING and PRIEST which would cause the subsequent abomination of the Temple (the Murder of James) that would usher in its DESTRUCTION according to the Plan of God now unsealed, and which I cover in great detail within, is this one from Malachi 2:11:

Judah has dealt treacherously and committed an abomination in Israel and in Jerusalem. Judah has profaned the holiness of YHWH who loved him and has married the daughter of a foreign God. YHWH will cut off the man that knowingly does this from the tabernacles of Jacob, he (the EXPOSED ATHEIST/EDOMITE) who hypocritically offers this sacrifice to YHWH of hosts. Malachi 2:11-12

The destruction of the Temple in 70 A.D. is the SETTING or CONTEXT in which to understand the FULFILLMENT OF ALL PROPHECY in an HISTORICAL SETTING! Edomites, who 'Judah' had forcefully circumcised in flesh during the Maccabean revolt (but who had NO CIRCUMCISION IN HEART), converted them to become 'Jews' and ALLOWED THEM and THEIR CHILDREN INTO THE SANCTUARY and the ranks of Israel in the first century B.C., and this as an EXPRESSED BREACH OF THE LAW which we have evidence was recognized by many, like the Essenes and the writers of the WAR SCROLLS unearthed in Qumran which discuss this war between the sons of darkness and the sons of light and how to distinguish them. History tells us Herod was an Edomite as well as ANNAS FAMILY LINE of HIGH PRIESTS... they were able to take their ancient revenge RAZING THE TEMPLE TO HER FOUNDATIONS (Ps. 137).

In the days of her affliction and misery Jerusalem remembered all her pleasant things that she had in the days of old, when her people fell into the hand of the enemy and none did help her: the adversaries saw her and DESPISED HER SABBATHS...the enemy has spread out his hand over all her pleasant things as she saw that the heathen entered into her sanctuary...who you commanded that they should not enter into your congregation. Lamentations 1:7-10

In order to see the SPIRITUAL REALITY or TRUTH which YHWH is intending to MIRROR to us through his TORAH LAW regarding the VIRGIN WISDOM OF GOD and the SACRIFICE OF HIS SON by EDOMITE IMPOSTERS who would BETRAY the virgin daughter of Israel to MARRY the WISDOM OF TEMAN on the STAGE of PLANET EARTH, which GOD would THEN EXPOSE as he ALWAYS PROMISED before our CAPTIVITY is TURNED BACK, we must relearn HIS STORY from HIS PERSPECTIVE.

He did it to show us his WISDOM, MERCY and LOVE in the form of a PARENTAL TYPE SACRIFICE for HIS CHILDREN TO LEARN FROM in order to SAVE THE WORLD at HARVEST TIME. We will be looking primarily at the account at Shechem where Gods Name was profaned by Israels 10 REBELLIOUS sons in Gen. 34 and the general plan of REDEMPTION and SALVATION given in Joseph as an historical Metaphor for the METAPHYSICAL EVENT which would take place in Jerusalem according to a Plan told to us from the foundation of the world (outlined as the ancient promised 'CORNERSTONE' here in my Full Message). THE WISDOM OF GOD WAS TIED TO VIRTUOUS SEXUALITY WHICH JUDAH WAS SELECTED TO SLAY FOR GODS GREATER GLORY in the END, when JUDAH REPENTS of his EDOMITE ERROR now EXPOSED as GOD PROMISED he would do for the HEALING OF THE NATIONS so HIS MERCY IS KNOWN TO THE WHOLE WORLD!

We will be covering the case of God, Israel & Hamor (the father of the MURDERED Prince of Shechem whose name means DONKEY which Jacob gave to Judah which would bring him before Joseph AGAIN) vs. Man's Fallen world view seen in Judah (as TRIUMPHANT LEADER of the REBELLION against GODS FACE on Earth; the JUDGE of ISRAEL) and how THIS EVENT is sort of parable for the ancient COURT DRAMA of GOD where HIS PROMISED CORNERSTONE OF TRUTH would be SLAIN as promised from the foundation of the world, and Judah brought before the face of JOSEPH/JESUS who he SACRIFICED for 'power' in his SPIRITUAL BLINDNESS. The LAW is TIED to the ANOINTED JUDGE in this matter at the END OF DAYS; the REASON the LAW of MOSES came in the first place (Gal. 3:19).

This is where Judah, according to the prophetic record, was understood to have struck the Judge, his father on the cheek, which he would be blinded to until Joseph/Jesus manifests it to him at the end of His Story; then TOGETHER they will ROOT OUT EDOM according to the PROPHECIES yet to be FULFILLED! God had Joseph place his hand over Father Israels eyes when he went down to Egypt to meet his SON THE SAVIOR, denoting that the SONS OF ISRAEL would be BLINDED TO THIS EVENT until the END OF HIS STORY when God would have his Joseph, the SPIRIT OF PROPHECY which is CORNERSTONE of the LAW, lift his hand from their eyes so THEY MAY SEE (Gen. 46:6)!

This event which we shall now reveiw, is similar and directly tied to the event where Nathan was commanded by God to first INDICT and then RESTORE DAVID after his CONFESSION of losing his FIRST LOVE (the holy spirit) through material deception (his lust for Bathsheba) where he FELL FROM GRACE and had to be RESTORED through HONESTY REGARDING REALITY. It all comes down to VALUING the VIRTUE of TRUTH which is its HEALING (not destroying) POWER...but TRUTH SHALL DESTROY ALL WHO HATE HIS RULING THEIR MINDS IN REALITY! This is what the LAW SHOWS US when RIGHTLY PERCEIVED as DAVID DID! The account is found beginning in Gen. 34 and goes through the end of the book. We will be looking specifically at chapters 34, 37, 38, 48 & 49 in considerable detail and you may wish to review them now so you may follow the reasoning as God DESIGNED.

Rueben was the actual firstborn but the RIGHT of the FIRSTBORN to INHERIT THE FATHERS WILL was given to ISRAELS BELOVED SON JOSEPH when Rueben dishonored his fathers holy marriage bed. Now this is EXPRESSLY DESPITE the fact that a MESSIAH would rise from JUDAH to be recognized (1 Chr. 5:2), which HE HIMSELF WOULD SLAY (pictured with David and Bathsheba and God providing the sacrifice from Judah's loins in the form of Davids FIRSTBORN from Bathsheba), then Joseph would reveal the METAPHYSICAL REALITY in the end days when the TRUTH is raised as a BANNER and JUDAH WILL REPENT leaving EDOM EXPOSED for the second half of the ATONEMENTS SACRIFICE for our NEW WORLD ORDER of KINGDOM PEACE. Judah was selected and fore-ordained by God as the OFFICIATING 'HIGH PRIEST' for this EVOLUTIONARY DESELECTION SACRIFICE where he would first SIN by SACRIFICING HIS KING then REPENT in his own WILLING 'flesh sacrifice' in the END. All of this in SNOWBALLING LEGISLATION designed to lead us back from our LOST sensitivity to the SENTIENT VIRTUOUS TRUTH, the SPIRIT OF GOD who lived in both JOSEPH and JESUS who wants to DWELL IN OUR MIDST and BLESS US ABUNDANTLY after a HIDDEN KING who unseals the SCROLL is FOUND and HE GIVES THE SHOUT with TRUMPETS to RETURN!

We see CLEARLY that MARRIAGE PURITY is regarded as SACRED to ISRAEL (and his father's before him) who was SELECTED FROM ALL THE NATIONS as the FAMILY LINE through which the MESSIAH A.K.A. the 'ANCIENT OF DAYS' FATHER of a NEW WORLD ORDER would COME, to take away the CURSE of HAM AND CANAAN and begin the NEW WORLD ORDER. It is so sacred that to disrespect its VIRTUE is to LOSE RESPECT FROM GOD according to the OBVIOUS ORAL LAW which Israel walked by as GODS JUDGE ON EARTH; it UNWITTINGLY SEPARATES ONE FROM SENSITIVITY TO GODS HOLY SPIRIT like a SPIRITUAL 'LEPROSY'! The other boys seeing power as a thing to be desired for SELFISH PURPOSES (like a vulnerable woman or child might be victimized by such ignorant and unrestrained ANIMAL 'desires'), thought the birthright might be up for grabs and in WICKED DESIRE/LUST started fighting over who might be 'greatest' among them. Joseph, being HUMBLE and OBEDIENT to the WILL OF THE FATHER which cares for ALL THE FAMILY, was the hands down choice of their father to lead the clan as its SHEPHERD and STONE, which angered these BOYS pretending to be men. God allowed it because he loves us and wants to TEACH US what TO DO and WHAT NOT TO DO which PLEASES HIM.

They conspired together to murder the FATHERS CHOSEN FIRSTBORN SON after sentencing him in a MOB 'monkey trial' SET-UP, conducted by BIASED SELF INTERESTS who condemned him as UNFIT to be their ruler...but God saw to it that Judah found it more profitable to sell him into death at the hands of others than do the deed themselves. And so Judah became the hands down leader of a band of PROFITEERING TRAITOROUSLY MURDUROUS CRIMINALS (later to become CONSCIOUSLESS PIRATES and SPIRITUAL LEPORS who would come to control todays world wide sex-slave industry through a PEDOPHILE MAFIA NETWORK of CRIMINAL MAFIA FAMILY NETWORKS!) who were REBELLING AGAINST GODS LAW inherent in father ISRAEL who he DECEIVED for over 2 decades in a CONSPIRACY for POWER, which YHWH intended to allow and LATER USE in order to EXPOSE with VIRTUOUS TRUTH, JUDAH'S REBELLION TO GOD, and have him REPENT as PLANNED. This is HOW Judah FIRST struck FATHER YHWH on the CHEEK! Only an ATHEIST EDOMITE pretending to be a TRUE JEW and loving a God of TRUTH (but really the exposed 'synagogue of satan' whoring out the 'daughters of Israel') will simply REFUSE to REASON ABOUT or even LOOK at the WORLD COURT EVIDENCES and TESTIMONIES now unsealed by GOD HIMSELF and CHARGED AGAINST THEM.

The purpose of slaying this RIGHTEOUS ONE (in imperfect FORMS leading up to the IDEAL FORM to which they all pointed at the CROSS, then followed by imperfect forms seen in their PROPHETIC CHARACTER thereafter) from the Father as a SACRIFICE all throughout HIS STORY, as we will deduce from SCIENCE FACTS we now know regarding our perception of reality in conjunction with His unsealed perspective of HIS WORD regarding the CORNERSTONE as He designed to be done at this time in His Story, is to bring KNOWLEDGE of the ETERNAL METAPHYSICAL REALITY in which we ABSOLUTELY DO EXIST (as well as all those who APPEARED to 'die' when the eternal energy of life was removed from their temporal avatar), into our merely MATERIALLY perceived REALITY in a BEDROCK and PRACTICAL WAY as a CORNERSTONE for ALL REALITY and ALL JUDGEMENT as HE DESIGNED for OUR FUTURE PEACE; to bring HIS ETERNAL KINGDOM LIGHT seen in THOSE WITNESS TESTIMONIES to the REIGN in the DARK MINDS on this IGNORANT planet for its EVOLUTION to being ONE with TRUTH, to become ONE WITH GOD living in HIS KINGDOM LIGHT (Jer. 31:34). This is the ANCIENT PLAN regarding the ZION STONE God selected as the CORNERSTONE for our planet from its foundation to REPRESENT HIS WISDOM; the MOON being the SYMBOL or KEY of DAVID by which we unlock Gods wisdom from his word where he SEALED IT up (as explained elsewhere).

This PERSPECTIVE of REALITY has been given MIRACULOUSLY to us from the FOUNDATION of the world for the HEALING OF THE NATIONS even as SOCRATES tells us in his CAVE PARABLE. This SPIRIT of GODS WISDOM would come into the world to be FIRST SORELY ABUSED, MURDERED and HACKED TO PIECES for a PURPOSE as PROMISED in advance, then we would REPENT TO BE HEALED when we become REASONABLE ENOUGH TO LOOK AT THE EVIDENCES of our RELIGIOUS INSANITY and we would turn from OUR DARKNESS to HIS LIGHT and be HEALED BY GRAND DESIGN PLAN (Judges 19:25-30)! This is what we shall see from the TRUE BIBLE CODE NOW UNSEALED to be LOGICALLY REASONED ABOUT by GODS ANCIENT DESIGN in SEED FORM in the TeNaKh (Bible) even as SOCRATES will help us SEE in our MINDS EYE!

We shall very briefly go over how god fingered Judah as the tribe to bring forth the Messiah who MANKIND WOULD SLAY (Judah being the HIGH PRIEST who God selected, using the Shechem/Tamar/Joseph account to show us through ante-typical shadow, how he in his BLIND RUSH FOR POWER would SLAY the PROMISED SON from GOD) in the HEIGHT of HIS MANIFEST RELIGIOUS INSANITY in the generation of the destruction of the temple in 70 A.D. as prophesied in DETAIL by Daniel (which we go over later). That Messiah was slain for Judah's sin and the sin of the ENTIRE WORLD according to Gods DESIGN PLAN from the foundation of the world (unsealed within), using Judah in SELF RIGHTEOUS HYPOCRISY which he will MOURN OVER (Zech. 12:10)! It was Yochanan Ben Zachai who LAID CHARGES against MARY as a WHORE so that Joseph was put in the position of DISQUALIFYING the MESSIAH from taking the throne on the TECHNICALITY: No one could EXPLAIN the 'miraculous birth' (when in fact the Bible is REPLETE with examples and PROMISES of SUCH A BIRTH even as the CONSTELLATION VIRGO named by God, speaks of) so ZACHAI'S CHALLENGE to the LEGITIMACY was SUFFICIENT to END legal 'ELIGIBILITY' as THEY UNDERSTOOD THE LAW AT THAT TIME because Joseph could not PROVE that HE HIMSELF had 'violated her vow of marriage purity' (as ZACHAI was able to get everyone to ASSUME was the case). So it was recorded in the Talmud that she had been 'raped by a Roman soldier' in order to preserve her integrity while DISQUALIFYING THE CHILD according to THIS ANIMALS INTERPRETATION of HOLY SPIRIT LAW!


Now it is important for us to understand some known and easily confirmable Archeological facts in context of His Story. We must first recognize the promise of a child from a mother who would be savior of the world given in Genesis 3:15 was obviously recognized by the ENTIRE WORLD long before Moses wrote about it. We have the ancient name and associations of the Constellation Virgo (parthenos, alma/betulah, virgin) as well as archeological evidence for such 'Mother-child' fertility cults going back as far as Nimrod and Semiramis (King and Queen of Babyl) long before Egypt. This promise had been given to Adam orally from the foundation of the world since we know the origin of their names for the Constellations (some mentioned IN the Bible) far precedes the date of the penning of the Bible which tells us that God named the stars (Job 38:22, Ps. 147:4). The oldest depiction we have is cave drawings of Taurus, pleiades, and the lunar month found in Lascaux France. Archeology shows us clearly that it was commonly (and therefore paganly) recognized that a MAN CHILD born from a VIRGIN would become SAVIOR of the WORLD seen in VIRGO (Gen. 3:15 & Is. 66:12 being the HEBREW VERSION of the STELLAR PROMISE understood to have been written in the sky by God, over which there were 30,000 competing WORLD TRANSLATIONS regarding HIS ANCIENT PROMISE to MANKIND).

Sex was considered HOLY FROM THE FOUNDATION OF THE WORLD but there were NO EXACT RULES for what it MEANT to LOVE PURITY and VIRTUE, to BE HOLY, to EVOLVE or DEVOLVE. Our ABILITY to distinguish SELFISH LUST (which is now RECOGNIZED as SELF HATRED or SELF CONDEMNATION according to GODS RULE BOOK for HIS KINGDOM in distinction from our currently MANIFEST SOCIOPATHIC HATRED FOR GOD reflected in CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY) from GODS LOVE is where a SACRIFICE must NECESSARILY COME into REALITY, ultimately. For this reason the FAITHFUL Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob all found it EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that their women were VIRGINS from THEIR OWN RELATIVES and not to be foreign women (as Ishmael and Esau/EDOM had done) who had generally been debased in knowledge of God through VIOLENCE seen FIRST in FALLEN SEXUAL PRACTICES (which Ham the BOY RAPIST re-introduced to the world)...the VIRTUE of a WOMAN is her PURPOSE as a FAITHFUL WIFE and MOTHER in the FAMILY UNIT not as a PRIZED SEX OBJECT OF SODIMITE MIND SLAVE NEANDERTHALS; the WOMAN is the basic building block of a VIRTUOUS SOCIETY. The purpose of a MAN is to PROTECT THAT VIRTUE so that GODS REFLECTION may be seen in his CHILDREN and THROUGHOUT SOCIETY. Failing to protect such FUNDAMENTAL virtue regarding SEXUALITY through LEGISLATION with TEETH is exactly what DESTROYS SOCIETY and we see this FACT over and over throughout HIS STORY and for THIS REASON a PROMISED SON comes from a VIRTUOUS WOMAN to SAVE MANKIND from HER TYRANT HUSBAND who is MIND ENSLAVED to INSANE PHILOSOPHY using ETERNAL VIRTUOUS TRUTH! We are ENABLED to EVOLVE from ANIMAL PASSIONS to become GODLIKE in our CHARACTER. In fact various traditions tell us that Abraham, Moses, and Jesus (as well as Budda, Zoroaster and Mohammad) were all recognized as a 'fulfillment' (in their respective days) of this ancient promise of redemption and peace born of a woman to lead mankind into world peace. Few do anymore since the anti-christ came to DESTROY and REPLACE the TEMPLE OF TRUTH and fill it with LIES 2000 years ago the world has a paradigm of increasing hopelessness, death, and utter destruction even AS PROMISED in advance in the NOW UNSEALED CODEBOOK.

We are so ignorant of His Story as to be working in and under a FALLEN PARADIGM regarding 'REALITY'; a philosophical MIND ENSLAVEMENT believing it is ANTICHRIST (and not MESSIAH) who is coming to THIS WORLD TO RULE IT and THEY OPPOSE TRUTH INSANELY AS DECEIVED TO DO! Nevertheless, DESPITE their INSANE/IGNORANT OPPOSITION to the TRUTH, Truth shall be CORNERSTONE of a REDEEMED PLANET by GRAND ARCHITECTUAL DESIGN as PROMISED from the foundation of the WORLD (Dan. 7:22, Obad. 1:21)! That is where we are in the construction process according to the BLUEPRINT.

The Shechemites, like most modern cultures today, did NOT have the HOLY REGARD for INVISIBLE VIRTUE tied to HUMAN SEXUALITY contained in SEED FORM we see in this ANCIENT PROMISE written in the Stars which Israel had retained knowledge of through ORAL TRANSMISSION (but I posit the Shechemites of THAT DAY were FAR MORE 'CHASTE' and PURE than anything you will see on television today...our 'civilized' world TRUMPS SODOM and Gomorra for their PERVERSION and VIOLENCE!). They had ALREADY LOST knowledge of the VIRTUE of SEXUALITY through ENSLAVEMENT to HUMAN PASSIONS and so became DEPRAVED.

Because though they knew God THEY DID NOT GLORIFY HIM AS GOD (by recognizing HIS APPOINTED JUDGES) and were THANKLESS and became VAIN IN THEIR IMAGINATIONS and their foolish hearts were darkened. Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools and changed the glory of the VIRTUOUS dishonour their own bodies between themselves. THEY CHANGED THE TRUTH OF GOD INTO A LIE and WORSHIPPED THE CREATURE rather than the CREATOR WHO IS forever blessed, amen. Romans 1:21-25

(Rom. 1:21-25). Noah delivered that knowledge of HOLINESS into a freshly regenerated earth (after it had been destroyed for this very same INSENSITIVITY TO VIRTUE and the VIOLENCE IT FOMENTS) but it was again quickly debased into general sexual depravity through IGNORANCE regarding the invisible REALITY of VIRTUE in TRUTH (through Ham who saw the 'nakedness of his father' through the PERVERTED LENS of the ANTE-DELUVIAN FALLEN WORLD PHILOSOPHY which God wants to EXPOSE for the HEALING OF MANKIND so we STOP DESTROYING OURSELVES ignorantly), which Judah's deed will highlight for us as God fore-ordained. After Shechem sinned against Israel (insensitively disregarding the Holiness of VIRTUE exemplified in Dinahs purity toward the PROMISE of God) and he was SENSITIVE ENOUGH to IMMEDIATELY REPENT through right action...he CHANGED HIS INSENSITIVE BEHAVIOR to become EVEN MORE SENSITIVE(demonstrating an EVOLUTION in his CHARACTER... as GOD would DESIGN for us to see in the LAW he designed to RESTORE THIS BREACH made by JUDAH for OUR INSTRUCTION to remove the CURSE OF HAM, for which GOD MADE ATONEMENT for as promised, Gal. 3:19). His HEART was CIRCUMCISED to be SENSITIVE to HOLY VIRTUE and so Israel forgave him his transgression on basis of the sacrifice of his flesh which marked the INWARD CHANGE and the acceptance of becoming SENSITIVE TO THE INVISIBLE HOLY GOD as Israel would LEAD as the RIGHTEOUS JUDGE.

Israel RECOGNIZED the HEART CIRCUMCISION which SHECHEM had received at GODS HANDS and upon his agreement to circumcise his OUTWARD FLESH (to MARK the INWARD CHANGE), he was accepted by GODS JUDGE as a MEMBER of 'GREATER ISRAEL'. The promise of Gods SAVING LIGHT had come to the world FULFILLED IN ISRAEL through DINAHS 'SACRIFICE' of VIRTUE and the REDEMPTION PRICE of HEART CIRCUMCISION paid by SHECHEM to redeem himself from HIS ERROR against GODS HOLY VIRTUE in THAT WOMAN. The whole world could have come to obey Israel and HIS SENSITIVITY TO INVISIBLE VIRTUES OF GOD, EXCEPT the INSENSITIVE HEARTED boys VIOLENTLY OVERTURNED THEIR FATHERS DECISION and SEALED IT in SECRECY with the SACRIFICE OF JOSEPH (a lamb dying in his stead as God designed), Israels RIGHTFUL HEIR for which the LAW OF MOSES was ADDED to SAVE US from the BREACH (Gal. 3:19) which JUDAH was FINGERED FOR according to the LAW which came because of HAMS CURSE on mankind through the line of ESAU; as the JUDAH-TAMAR account will make clear!

Before we get into the VIRTUOUS TRUTH of that account let me point out that the Talmud teaches that Jacob HID his BEAUTIFUL and VIRTUOUS DAUGHTER DINAH in a BOX from the EYES of the RAVENOUS ESAU/EDOM who would be SURE to have VIOLENTLY TAKEN HER from ISRAEL during their encounter at the JABBOK river (Gen. 33)! From THIS TEACHING we have the TRADITION of beautiful women (usually naked) popping out of large boxes (often 'wedding cakes') at festive events (like Stag Parties for EDOMITES). The truth will free us from such IGNORANT ANIMAL BONDAGE to FALLEN FLESHLY DESIRES based in IDOLATROUS God designed for us to see and reason about, if WE only WILL. That being said, it is HIGHLY LIKELY that Jacob had trained Dinah to dress VERY MODESTLY so that her beauty could not be IMMEDIATELY APPARENT. She was likely fully covered, dressed as a VEILED KEDUSHAH (a devoted virgin) much like Muslim women in a full Burkha may dress in the middle east today.

Judah and his brothers had adopted EDOMITE WAYS (and later those Spiritual Edomites who would later abuse the Daughter of Jerusalem, melded with spiritual SODOM to be seen manifesting around us now). God was not at all surprised but KNEW IT in advance and had HIS OWN SACRIFICE READY to COVER JUDAHS BREACH and his STUBBORN HARD HEARTEDNESS so that he is SAVED from EDOMITE SLAUGHTER promised on judgement day for FAILURE TO CIRCUMCISE HAMS CURSE IN SACRIFICE AS COMMANDED! The boys had OVERTURNED their fathers' AND GODS will and THEY TERRORIZED ALL THE INHABITANTS OF THE WORLD when they treacherously BROKE the HOLY CONTRACT which THEIR FATHER MADE with SHECHEM (the NATIONS) when they TREACHEROUSLY MURDERED THEM and tried to BREAK GODS COVENANT as HE HIMSELF ALLOWED and ATONED FOR IN ADVANCE; this event threw the PURITY and the VIRTUE of INVISIBLE HOLY RELATIONAL LAW to the ground, DISHONORING GOD and His JUDGE, and their father Israel; GODS ANOINTED MAN ON EARTH! For their INSENSITIVITY to HOLY INVISIBLE RELATIONAL LAW, God showed Israel exactly how to 'bless' the boys so that JUDAH would DO the 'SACRIFICIAL DEED' which he came to understand father ABRAHAM saw in VISION from GOD would be DONE in the FUTURE as GODS WILL, the SACRIFICE of GODS SON who would SPANK JUDAH IN THE END DAYS... and he put it in SEED FORM in THIS ACCOUNT of and the BLESSINGS to the boys to ENSURE it would happen ACCORDING TO THE FOREKNOWLEDGE OF THE PLAN (details of which are here in the Full Message)!

Please note that when Judah shamefully treats Tamar (Gods chosen vessel of promise; ready for when JUDAH as LEADER of the MOB, overruled father Israels decision as GODS JUDGE on Earth, that the promised son would come through DINAH to ALL NATIONS; God had TAMAR ready to CATCH JUDAH in HYPOCRITICAL SIN instead!) shortly after the boys overturned their fathers' decision with Shechem, breaking the HOLY CONTRACT which GOD'S JUDGE had made, and shaming BOTH God and their father the Judge of ALL EARTH.

Please note the chronology of the text and the insertion of the Tamar account. At this time there is no more POWER STRUGGLE going on between all the children of Israel and the RIGHTFUL HEIR to JACOBS BLESSING. The one ALREADY SELECTED as the HEIR by both father Israel AND BY GOD (since Judgement for Dinah was overturned), because they ALREADY SACRIFICED him in a WICKED CONSPIRACY where a LAMB just happened to have atoned for the LIFE of Joseph who was SOLD INTO DEATH as the SACRIFICE (sold into L'Mas, tax enslavement Lam. 1:1 just like ISRAEL when JUDAH BETRAYED HIM and got in bed with ROME/Vespasian) which would ALLOW JUDAH TO TRIUMPH as the LEAD SPIRITUAL DECEIVER of father ISRAEL and the world. Judah's sin (being the leader of this pack of criminals rebelling against the JUDGE) took the entire clan of Israel into bondage in Egypt where Joseph was waiting AS GOD DESIGNED! Joseph put his hand over his fathers eyes (Gen. 46:4) indicating the that the other boys would REMAIN BLINDED TO THIS SIN until these END DAYS when JOSEPH would LIFT his hand to MANIFEST REALITY TO THEM and turn back the captivity of our minds in the babylonian mind prison, as expounded on in my message. The VIRTUOUS IMAGE of the ETERNAL KING is now MANIFEST to be seen in the minds eye in the splendor of HIS TRUTH which WAS SACRIFICED as HE PLANNED and TOLD US ABOUT from the FOUNDATION OF THE WORLD (as explained in great detail within this message).

Judah then leaves the tribe and marries a foreign woman who bears him three evil sons. Judah secures a wife for his oldest son and to make a long story short, she is treated as a whore by Judah's sons and Judah himself offering her a sacrificial LAMB to SATISFY HIS ANIMAL LUSTS (and never actually paying her the lamb HE INTENDED but the one GOD INTENDED). We see that SHE BELIEVED THE ANCIENT PROMISE OF GOD WRITTEN IN THE STARS and she believed through FAITH in her RELATIONSHIP with GOD that JUDAH was the ONE from whom she would receive the PROMISE of SAVIOR. We see through HER RIGHTEOUS DESIRE having her eye on the PROMISE of the SAVIOR to come THROUGH HER as a RIGHTEOUS woman (more righteous than Judah as he is forced to ADMIT OPENLY in Gen. 38:26), so GOD BLESSED HER FAITH!

Let me point it out that she was NEITHER a whore NOR did anyone else in the Biblical account ASSUME she was EXCEPT Judah. She was dressed as a VIRGIN OF PROMISE (Kedushah from the word HOLY) with her FACE COVERED in MODESTY! Judah HAD VERY LITTLE REGARD for the PROMISE of the VIRTUOUS ONE! As leader of this clan of cutthroat murderers and whore mongers who slew Shechem and deceived their father by SACRIFICING JOSEPH for MONEY and kept this deed A SECRET from father ISRAEL in a CONSPIRACY for well over 2 decades (and only repenting when FORCED TO FACE THE TRUTH BEFORE THE RIGHTFUL HEIR AND JUDGE of ISRAEL, JOSEPH!), who is it that shows the true reflection of the HOLINESS of the LOVE of GOD toward the PROMISE as we NOW MAY SEE IN THE LAW OF MOSES RIGHTLY INTERPRETED THROUGH ISRAELS EYES to show us, Judah or Shechem? Judah's sin against the covenant of LOVE for which outward circumcision was only the SIGN for the INWARD QUALITY, had to be ATONED FOR and so the LAW was ADDED (Gal. 3:19) to bring us BACK INTO RIGHT RELATIONSHIP WITH THE SAVING TRUTH of a GOD of TRUTH which can only be done through sensitivity to the HOLINESS OF VIRTUE which has NO MATERIAL FORM and IS GOD!

A WRITTEN LAW was needed for the REBELLION of the 10 tribes which betrayed their KING in order for GOD to PROVE IT in WORLD COURT for HIS RIGHTEOUS GLORY and VINDICATION just before JUDGEMENT of HIS ABUSERS! Judah played the SPIRITUAL HARLOT just like DAVID had with Bathsheba over which Uriah had been murdered much like Shechem for which God took David's firstborn son and heir to the throne after giving him the promise of a perpetual name and throne, to show us the METAPHYSICAL REALITY of the REAL PROMISED LAND for which the material is but a mirror. I go over this event in GREAT DETAIL in my Full Message, but suffice it to say here that God had this event occur to show david the VERY REASON the Law of Moses was given, to CORRECT SPIRITUAL ADULTERY through its PROPER INTERPRETATION and APPLICATION, which would lead us back to the METAPHYSICAL REALITY of the GARDEN!

You see it is through THIS EVENT of Judah vs. Shechem we are seeing that YHWH wants to bring his Messiah into the world to ATONE FOR SIN and ESTABLISH the holy covenant and seal up the vision until the end days (Dan. 9:24) which I demonstrate all took place. As Judah in his bumbling perspective missed the Holiness of VIRTUE when he condemned Tamar before even having court proceedings and therefore was SHAMED when the EVIDENCE WAS BROUGHT FORTH IN in the end days YHWH intended to do so again (JOSEPH or 'yoseph' means 'he will do again' and is used in Is. 29:14 in regard to THIS MESSAGE!). He intends to EXPOSE the self righteousness of FALLEN MEN for OUR HEALING with HIS ABSOLUTE OMNISCIENT TRUTH seen from HIS PERSEPCTIVE (not that of FALLEN MEN, as outlined and distinguished in my Full Message) knowing that JUDAH would AGAIN become LEADER and NEEDING TO BE HUMBLED because his CHARACTER NEEDS PERFECTING toward VIRTUE, even as he was dragged to Egypt before JOSEPH the first time. In his hypocrisy he condemned a RIGHTEOUS WOMAN, the very VESSEL OF MESSIAH the FRUIT FROM HIS OWN LOINS, the PROMISED 'ONE' written in the STARS which the WHOLE WORLD was WAITING ON! GOD CHOSE JUDAH DESPITE and even USING HIS FOLLY, so that he would proceed from HIS LOINS to be MURDERED by him because he KNOWS that those with DAVIDS HEART will REPENT and be JOINED BACK TO ISRAEL from which he CUT HIMSELF OFF as GOD HAD DESIGNED....and NO SOCIOPATHICALLY INSANE HATEFUL EDOMITE EVER WILL...the SHEEP must be SEPARATED from the GOATS and a PERFECT LAW is REQUIRED by the MESSIAH to DO IT!

God had shown to Israel the MEANING of the sacrifices His fathers made IN RELATIONSHIP to HOLY SENTIENT VIRTUOUS TRUTH and understood WELL the DEPRAVITY of MAN and KNEW as a result of this how God intended to DIVIDE the SCEPTOR from the PROMISE of the FIRSTBORN SON for the sake of PRESERVATION of MANKIND until this ROOT of EDOMITE EVIL is worked out of mans COLLECTIVE conscious thought processing (the Bible gives us VERY SOPHISTICATED, multi-dimensional, Pure Mathematics, SYSTEMS UNIFIED PROGRAMMING INSTRUCTIONS). The division of Israel into these TWO HOUSES is seen in SEED FORM here in this blessing in Gen. 48 & 49 and we see that this VERY DIVISION did take place in His Story; and prophecy tells us how these Two Houses will AGAIN be UNITED to become ISRAEL (beginning with this message) in the MESSIANIC KINGDOM (olam haba). This is deciphered from the BLESSING which ISRAEL gives these TWO DIVIDED HOUSES of Israel and Judah as we see CODED IN SEED FORM in HIS BLESSING for their FUTURE HEALING and PEACE, after the 'azazel/edomite psychopathy' described by the LAW is exposed and removed. It is for THIS BREACH which must be judged and HEALED BY LAW, is the reason the LAW was 'added' (Gal. 3:19), to restore our THINKING from its FALLEN ANIMAL CONDITION. The law HEALS when it is PERCEIVED CORRECTLY...this is what Moses disobedience in STRIKING the ROCK rather than SPEAKING to him rationaly as commanded reflects to us (as when Judah realized he had struck his father with a blow ONCE with Joseph, he would NOT strike him again with Benjamin so he PLEADS MERCY and it is GRANTED! When Judah sees BENJAMIN in DANGER he OFFERS HIMSELF in the boys STEAD in order to PROTECT VIRTUE! He would NOT strike that CORNERSTONE of ISRAEL a SECOND TIME on his cheek but would RATHER DIE FIRST! He will have FINALLY LEARNED the LESSON for which HE SENT HIS ENTIRE FAMILY INTO EGYPT to LEARN IN THE END and REPENT and be FREED to ENTER THE PROMISE!

Judah's THIRD SON (of the whore which Judah married, making him the MAMZER SON of an EDOMITE/HAMITE according to his MANIFEST DEEDS) Shiloh (translated more frequently as Shelah), was NOT EVER IN THE LINE OF PROMISE and never received any sceptor. Jacob is NOT referencing him in this blessing using a PLAY on the Hebrew name, but he is referencing JOSEPH ('shiloh' being a reference to Ephraim's portion) who received a DOUBLE BLESSING...the FIRST one for the FIRST BORN SON was done PRIVATELY when Israel FULLY ADOPTED Josephs sons as HIS OWN FIRST BORN SON and with the NAME 'ISRAEL' to be EXPRESSLY placed on the head of the FRUITFUL BOUGH, EPHRAIM (Gen. 48:5 & 16, Jer. 31:9). It is also from JOSEPH from whom the SHEPHERD and STONE of ISRAEL would come (Gen. 49:24) and for this reason the Messiah's (adopted) fathers was name Joseph (Mat. 1:16). The second blessing Joseph receives is after Judah receives his blessing for the sceptor FOR A TIME, and is IMMEDIATELY SELF DECEIVED (as his father, like Tamar before him, KNEW HE WOULD BE) by its apparent high status of POWER; even being PRAISED and WORSHIPPED by ALL THE REST of His brothers (the very thing Joseph had been HATED and SACRIFICED over when the VIRTUE of CHARACTER to HAVE AUTHORITY was RIGHTFULLY JOSEPHS to begin with, STOLEN BY JUDAH through DECEPTION AND VIOLENCE!). But that 'obvious' blessing is only the case until ALL THE BLESSINGS WOULD COME ON THE HEAD OF JOSEPH in the END DAYS (after EDOM is separated from JUDAH in the SECOND HALF of the ATONEMENTS SACRIFICE) as well as the WILL of the ANGEL of GOD (now appearing as the 'son of man') who will GUIDE THE ANOINTED JUDGE promised to come from JOSEPH (Gen. 48:16, Deut. 33:16, Dan. 7:13)!

The sceptor is between Judah's 'feet' until ANOTHER COME from the fruitful bough, Joseph/Ephraim who IS the FIRSTBORN SON of 'Isreal' to inherit the NAME AND ALL RIGHTS. The DONKEY of Judah's PROPHETIC 'BLESSING' is tied to this FRUITFUL BRANCH we know is JOSEPH (Gen. 49:22); Ephraim means: I will be fruitful! And God will CALL HIM OUT OF 'EGYPT' where he IS NOW (Hos. 9:3, Jer. 31:9). Judah has ALWAYS REFUSED PEACE, as a bit of a HARD HEAD or STIFF NECK UNTIL HE WAS CERTAIN OF GODS WILL, sort of like DAVID when he was 'insensitive', AS GOD DESIGNED... and he was assigned the role of being the 'REBEL after Gods own heart' epitomized in David seeking him in TRUTH who would be separated out from the spiritual EDOMITES who hate peace and love war, the Synagogue of Satan (hakahal haclavim) which will INSANELY DENY THE TRUTH of GOD to try to take over the world through deception and violence, to be EXPOSED by the UNSEALED LAW and their REQUIRED REPENTANCE over GODS SACRIFICE or be REMOVED in the SECOND HALF of the ATONEMENTS SACRIFICE (as described within) as EDOMITES not Jews, according to GODS DESCRIPTION of HIS JEWISH SON and KING OF THE WORLD! All who REJECT GODS SACRIFICE damn themselves according to HIS NOW MANIFEST TESTIMONY SEALED after the destruction of the Temple as HE PROMISED IN ADVANCE, now UNSEALED MERCIFULLY BEFORE GRACE ENDS and JUDGEMENT BEGINS, as he ALSO promised in advance to happen! Please REPENT and LIVE by the GRACE of his MERCIFUL ATONING BLOOD SACRIFICE!


From a Philosophical standpoint, for the PURPOSE of DIRECTING OUR EVOLUTION (as God designed) POSITIVELY, our history has been RECORDED in the Bible for us this way:

We have no idea AND no way of knowing exactly how we got into this magical place called 'CONSCIOUS reality' but the EVIDENCE DEMONSTRATES that we were obviously given a 'plan' by which we could evolve if we CHOOSE to OBEY the GRAND DESIGN PLAN of HIS LAW.

There are TWO KEYS or CORNERSTONES written in the LAW PLAN in the 'material' SKY which were given by our MARVELOUS 'IMMATERIAL' DESIGNER by which to CORRECTLY INTERPRET our perception of reality BY WHICH we COULD EVOLVE, as a sort of QUALITY CONTROL MEASURE. According to the PRESERVED RECORD, the worlds inhabitants were DESTROYED ONCE, with exception of NOAH and his family, for FAILURE to apply the CORRECT CORNERSTONE for the PHILOSOPHICAL MODEL by which to CORRECTLY perceive our reality which would SAVE US from brilliant SELFish ones (the Wisdom of Teman: EDOM) conspiring to playing GOD in a CONSPIRACY for WORLD POWER. They evolved into a VIOLENTLY INSANE SYSTEM which self destructed.

Without a FOUNDATIONAL TRUTH mankind always DEVOLVES into such 'BABYLONIAN' type RELIGIOUS SYSTEMS of divided INSANITY and self destruct in such FACTIONS becoming MORE ANIMAL LIKE and begin using ANY DECEPTIVE AND VIOLENT MEANS NECESSARY to 'win'. It is an INSANE POLITICAL GAME we should NOT be playing with ANIMALS! FOR OUR INSTRUCTION it was RECORDED that Mankind destroyed himself once already. GO ALLOWED MAN TO DESTROY HIMSELF as a WILLFUL REBELLIOUS CHOICE...and He accepted the responisibility for what he had to do to TEACH US knowing that in the END DAYS we would EVENTUALLY LEARN from our MISTAKE if he ASSISTED US in our DEVELOPMENT at certain stages. So he gave us MORE DETAILS after Noach survived world rebellion with the correct interpretation written in the Stars. These oral transmissions were eventually addended to with a WRITTEN INSTRUCTION (Torah) given in RELATIONSHIP with this SPIRIT DESIGNER telling us IN SPECIFICITY that we would AGAIN REJECT HIS CORNERSTONE of WISDOM and begin destroying ourselves.

He gave us these details knowing and proclaiming in advance that INSANELY BRILLIANT MEN (Edomite-Sodomites), after CONSPIRING TO DO EXACTLY AS HE PROPHESIED to take POWER, would then conspire to DESTROY ALL EVIDENCES of what they had done by telling us HE WOULD SEAL UP THE SCRIPTURES at the time it happens. He then told us the PERSECUTION OF SAINTS would be FIERCE and the ENEMY would try to be RID of the evidence and witnesses for what happened and REPLACE the MESSIAH TRUTH with an ANTI-CHRIST FORGERY which would be the BEGINNING OF THE 'END'. This took place and the WORST PERSECUTION of saints that EVER NEED HAPPEN AGAIN has already taken place to FULFILL PROPHECY. We are now in the period of 'desolations until the end'...we are at the END OF THE WARS and DESOLATIONS and THE SAINTS WILL SOON INHERIT THE KINGDOM AS PROMISED, and they shall THEN BEGIN JUDGING 'angels' in a NEW WORLD ORDER with HOLY KINGDOM LAW as anciently PROMISED (Dan. 7:22, Rev. 12:10, 1 Cor. 6:2-3).

He told us the very type of CHARACTER and NATURE of those who would DO such things and how to IDENTIFY THEM according to HIS CORRECT INTERPRETATION of his PERFECT LAW. He coded this PERFECT LAW by which mankind MAY EVOLVE AS HE DESIGNED JUST BEFORE THESE MEN DESTROY THE WORLD AGAIN, in a BOOK which is NOW UNSEALED TO BE UNDERSTOOD as HE DESIGNED and he gives to us the CHOICE TO OBEY or perish as a result of OUR OWN CHOSEN RELATIONSHIP to HIS PERFECT HOLY LAW now unsealed by one MANIFESTING HIS IMAGE ONTO THE WORLD like an 'insane' NOAH or MOSES.

What we see manifesting in the world around us is a REVERSAL of HEALTHY HUMAN RELATIONSHIPS where the FAMILY UNIT, the CENTER OF WHICH was the MOTHER, was culturally considered HOLY and whose HONOR and VIRTUE was GUARDED by the FATHER who is central to the HEAVENLY ORDER of things. Mother EARTH and FATHER GOD bringing forth HEALTHY children in a HEALTHY WORLD VIEW. That is not the case anymore, generally. The Heavenly image is lost, maligned, or hated as our FALLEN 'leaders' feed us images which chain, abuse, and enslave the virtue of mankind which is the very Image of God and DRAGGING Lady liberty, the Daughter of Zion through the streets naked by her hair screaming and DARING anyone to help. Anyone who is virtuous is TARGETED as PREY in this SODOMITE GROOMED DARKNESS which is DIRECTLY AND POSITIVELY CORRELATED with our PARADIGM of LAW which MUST CHANGE as DESIGNED. We see the manifestation of that fact seen in ever increasing psychopathy throughout society. Conversely recognizing this once recognized TRADITION would restore the SYSTEM to reflect more healthily throughout in terms of VALUING VIRTUE in all its forms as CENTRAL to a HEALTHY HUMAN SYSTEM as GOD DESIGNED and we see embedded in the CODING for our PROPER REFLECTION OF HIM on planet Earth for HIS GLORY and OUR PEACE as declared from the foundation of the world. This was done by our INVISIBLE GOD (within whom we exist as within a womb of sorts) who said he would send his SON into the worlds womb as a seed of LIGHT to SHOW US the IMAGE of HIS FATHER and then GO BACK to be seated with him and WAIT for his enemies to be placed under his feet. Even David saw this FACT in the TORAH RIGHTLY INTERPRETED as He gives us THIS EXPRESS PICTURE of the METAPHYSICAL REALITY which David (and the Prophets) WALKED IN REGULARLY through eyes of UNDERSTANDING!

YHWH said to my Master 'sit here at my right hand until I make your enemies a footstool for your feet'. Ps. 110:1

The fact is God gave to David a promise of a PERPETUAL KING sitting on his throne and if he is NOT sitting on that PROMISE today, then God is a liar. But the METAPHYSICAL REALITY IS TRUE, THAT IS THE POINT OF THE SON COMING TO SHOW US! David SAW BY FAITH that HIS SON would be SLAIN for the FALLEN PERSPECTIVE man has regarding the TRUE NATURE of reality, the 'SIN OF JUDAH' and the WHOLE WORLD is their BLINDNESS to THAT REALITY...their FAILURE to take that FACT into account through LEGISLATION for the PURPOSE of DEVELOPING MAN and NOT DESTROYING HIM...our PARADIGM of LAW is FALLEN and UNHOLY and the LAW WAS ADDED to RESTORE this BREACH!

Those who DENY THAT FACT to maintain this worlds DARKNESS PARADIGM of INCREASING PSYCHOPATHIC INSANITY manifesting throughout the SYSTEM, make God who gave David the PROMISE of a PERPETUAL THRONE, into a LIAR when they LIE AGAINST THE TRUTH to say that he is NOT on his throne NOW as PROMISED (2 Sam. 7:4-17, Jer. 33:17, 1 Kings 8:25 & 9:5, 2 Chr. 6:16, Jer. 33:17)! DAVID SAW IT BY FAITH after the SACRIFICE of HIS FIRSTBORN SON from BATHSHEBA reflected in Ps. 51. Not only do the fathers of our faith all show knowledge of this PLAN from the very foundation of the world (as demonstrated elsewhere in this message) but even Socrates understood this to be the CORNERSTONE of the BIBLE MESSAGE he became aware of through PHOENECIANS (Hebrew speaking seaman/merchants) over 400 years before the New Testament describes the fulfillment of the FIRST PART of the DRAMA which the Bible and Socrates describe as CORNERSTONE of a NEW WORLD ORDER; an ATONEMENTS SACRIFICE where the light of TRUTH is murdered within our CAVE PARADIGM by men with a FALLEN PARADIGM for SELFISH PURPOSES but THIS EVENT will AWAKEN those in the CAVE to an ETERNAL HOPE that can never be put out until one day ALL ARE WALKING IN THE LIGHT of the PERFECTLY JUST KINGDOM by ANCIENT DESIGN PLAN! You might even picture Yochanan Ben Zachai himself slaying the cornerstone truth which came into our cave in order to maintain the cave darkness, then the Temple was destroyed as God promised would be done when his King and Priest was rejected on earth to TAKE HIS METAPHYSICAL THRONE. The PERPETUAL KING who David saw SITTING NEXT TO YHWH in Heaven and calls his 'Master', came through the LINE of JUDAH as PROMISED, and like David who SLEW A MAN MORE RIGHTEOUS THAN HIMSELF, a HOLY LAMB of YHWH (as Nathan described Uriah, Bathsheba's husband 2 Sam. 12), so JUDAH (Yochannan Ben Zachai as LEADER of the Pharisaic SECT of Judah FINGERED BY YHWH. Mal 2:12) SLEW the RIGHTEOUS ONE as MERCIFULLY FORE ORDAINED even from the foundation of the world (as covered in great detail within).

All of this was in order to draw out and EXPOSE the UREPENTANT PHILOSOPHY of HATEFUL AMELEK/EDOM (atheism) , the AZAZEL of the SECOND PART of the ATONEMENTS SACRIFICE, for which MESSIAH WAS SACRIFICED to EXPOSE, out into the open for THE PEOPLE to CONFESS THEIR SIN on it before it is REMOVED. This is to FINISH the JUDGEMENT and REMOVAL of the OFFENSIVE before KINGDOM PEACE may be ushered in and this METAPHYSICAL PLAN is now UNSEALED BEFORE US at THIS VERY TIME IN HIS STORY as HE PLANNED and TOLD US also in advance WOULD HAPPEN. This is the METAPHYSICAL KINGDOM REALITY which both DAVID and MESSIAH spoke of as being ALREADY HERE in the SECRET PLACE only WE HAVE ACCESS TOO! That SECRET PLACE is now DISCOVERED by the TOOL of SCIENCE to be a REALITY! Those who REFUSE GODS MERCIFUL SACRIFICE which HE MADE for us to make PROPER JUDGEMENT in FULL LIGHT OF REALITY are are NOW exposed by a PERFECT LAW and ALL EMPIRICAL EVIDENCE as SPIRITUAL EDOMITES according to GODS RULES; HATEFUL, animal like men whose DOGPACK IDEOLOGY enslaves the world with a SODOMITE WORLD VIEW. This ante-duluvian darkness now encompasses the ENTIRE PLANET in a neo-Babyl SYSTEM which is TOXIC to the FLOCKS of HUMANITY. The root of this SYSTEM of CORRUPTION is in its WORLD VIEW which is held by SO FEW at the highest KEY positions of POWER in the SYSTEM. This PHILOSOPHY of DEATH which THEY ESPOUSE and which is the root of all corruption, must be RECOGNIZED and CULLED OUT from the rest of the flock for its SURVIVAL, HEALTH, and EVOLUTION INTO KINGDOM PEACE at this point in HIS STORY as HE DESIGNED. Any fool is welcome to try to oppose this INFALLABLE PLAN if they choose but for those with even half a working brain left, its now time to recognize the TRUTH, do SHUV BITSHUVAH (repentance), and GET IN LINE WITH THE PLAN so we are not REMOVED in the PASSOVER REDEMPTION which will CHANGE the PARADIGM of our SYSTEM seemingly overnight (Dan. 7:12).

Now here's a very brief introduction to the LINEAGE of the PROMISED MESSIAH to come from a WOMAN and how it plays out in relationship to the PATRIARCHAL PROMISE to ISRAEL through the TWO HOUSES of JOSEPH and JUDAH. REPENTANT Judah TOGETHER WITH 'Ephraim' SHALL be JOINED to TORAH LAW in MESSIAH and BECOME 'Israel', the FIRSTBORN SON called out of NEO EGYPT in such a way as to INHERIT EARTH in a WORLD KINGDOM PEACE according to PROPHECY which has been given in great detail to be understood correctly from the foundation of the world, and now UNSEALED to be UNDERSTOOD as DESIGNED and FORETOLD (Is. 11, Ez. 37, Obad. 1). This ISRAEL shall usher in a NEW WORLD ORDER of JUSTICE and PEACE founded on an ANCIENT and UNSHAKABLE CORNERSTONE of UNDENIABLE TRUTH set in ZION from the FOUNDATION OF THE WORLD now established as ABSOLUTE FACT based in ALL OBJECTIVELY OBSERVED REALITY pointing to this truth as CORNERSTONE of our REALITY as OMNIPOTENTLY DECLARED. Here's a very brief SUMMARY of the HISTORICAL EVIDENCE which ESTABLISHES the ABSOLUTE TRUTH of the CLAIMS:

FAITHLESS EDOM murders Gods Wisdom and MARRIES A WHORE as GOD SAID he would do BEFORE HE DID IT!

In quick overview we see the promise of mans redemption first given in Gen. 3:15 developed further in prophecy like Is. 66:12, and we follow that promise through Abel replaced by Seth, down through Noah, Shem, Abraham, Isaac, and then Jacob (who is renamed Israel) who CLEARLY GAVE THE PROMISE to his BELOVED SON Joseph, despite Judah having secured the favor of all his other brothers contrary to his fathers LONGING DESIRE!

Here are the 7 major proof texts which I shall give an introduction to for your own follow up research to be done into the matter if you care to:

Gen. 48:15-16, 49:8-12 & 22-26, Deut. 33:7 & 13-16, Ps. 60:7 & 108:8, Is. 11:10-13, Ez. 37:15-28, Dan. 7:9-14

We see Israel recognizes that his son Judah, despite having almost murdered the promised Messiah in the womb of his daughter in law through his own HYPOCRITICAL BLINDNESS and INSENSITIVITY to the VIRTUE of GOD (for which the Law of Moses came to lead us back Gal. 3:19), has received the recognition and trust from all his brothers, like a pack of wolves, to be the most righteous leader among them as their LEADER. And Jacob allows him to have a sceptor...and from him an eternal prince/king does rise as LAWMAKER which, sadly, Judah (deceived by EDOM like David by his own Lust for Bathsheba) is tricked into slaying ONE MORE RIGHTEOUS THAN HIMSELF (this is easily deduced from this seeded blessing from what SPRANG FORTH later), and for this reason ISRAELS BELOVED SON Josephs seed is PERFECTED through his having been SACRIFICED by his brothers (all throughout his story as he designed) to become the SALT OF THE EARTH who in the fullness of days receives all the ancient blessings as LEADER to PRESERVE LIFE. This principle is seen as the basic theme in many dramas and even in modern childrens tales like 'Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer'.

In fact we see clearly in these passages that Judah is the (many times hypocritically insensitive rod) LAWMAKER but Joseph/Ephraim is the counterbalance as the (mercifully wise) HEAD of ISRAEL (Ps. 60:7, 108:8). But these two combinations are later seen even in David who is the model King of Judah after having suffered rejections by those of inferior character and ability, even among his own brothers and clan which was the least (lowest status) of all Judah. Judah alone is NEVER referred to as 'Israel' but ONLY when the suffering Joseph/Ephraim is joined as HEAD of the body...and the KING of that BODY/NATION (which also does have a head called the 'ancient of days' in Dan. 7) is the MESSIAH son of JUDAH who was SLAIN but YET LIVES! If the nature of David is not the head of a BODY for ISRAEL then you have identified a pack of EDOMITES trying to horn in on the promises of God to ISRAEL using DECEPTION and VIOLENCE, you can COUNT ON IT.

The true LAWMAKER (God) which would bring PEACE through OBEDIENCE was OVERTHROWN when HIS ANOINTED JUDGE was REJECTED and MURDERED by his BROTHERS in a CONSPIRACY which was PROPHESIED IN ADVANCE TO HAPPEN from the FOUNDATION OF THE WORLD (as disclosed in my Full Message) even as it did with Israel and his anointed, JOSEPH. The Law of Moses is the very ROD which will be used on Judah for CORRECTION and JUDGEMENT by THAT SAME JOSEPH which was SACRIFICED as GOD INTENDED, despite Judah's lustful delusional intentions based in his FALLEN WORLD VIEW. We see all this in SEED FORM in the last half of the book of Genesis which tells us WHY WE WENT INTO BONDAGE in the first place (JUDAH IS FINGERED FOR THE GUILT AS LEADER who will DO TESHUVAH) and gives us a VISION of HOW WE SHALL COME OUT (through FINISHING the ATONEMENTS SACRIFICE)! It is through THIS ENSLAVEMENT for REBELLION, which both YAKOV envision, and LATER MOSHE ENVISIONED, the one which we are NOW IN and about to EXODUS, that we would be able to UNDERSTAND THESE TEXTS in CONTEXT of time and space. We can now begin to understand that the MESSIAH from EPHRAIM/JUDAH are the SAME and HE IS ONE HIS THRONE NOW. The account of Shechem is TIED to JUDAHS SACRIFICE of the MESSIAH which would SEND HIM INTO BONDAGE until he RECOGNIZES JOSEPH and REPENTS. This helps us to understand Jacobs Cryptic promise/boast of CONQUERER in Gen. 48:22 where he says to Joseph: 'I have given you Shechem, one over your brothers, which I took with my sword and my bow.' I would point out that it is with the INVISIBLE VIRTUE OF LOVE over the FALLEN PARADIGM of DECEPTION and VIOLENCE which TOOK SHECHEM and MESSIAH that Judah is fingered for both the guilt and to TURN BACK THE REBELLION in RECOGNITION of the TRUTH and REPENTANCE over his STRIKING HIS FATHER ON THE CHEEK,overturning his decision @ Shechem (costing his beloved wife who died in labor while fleeing the aftermath of what the boys brought on themselves unaware Mic. 5:1).

Judah would be the recognized head of the tribes of Israel, even WORSHIPPED until the PROMISED Messiah from Joseph/Ephraim comes. This promised one has been securely tied to Judah prophetically in this way and simply CAN NOT BE DENIED. Judah receives Sceptor until Shiloh, a reference to Ephraim's possession, comes. The choice vine which Judah's donkey is tied to is none other than JOSEPH/EPHRAIM (Gen. 49:22) as the RIGHTFUL HEIR to the PROMISE of the FIRSTBORN SON, upon whom the NAME 'ISRAEL' is placed to REMAIN (1 Ch. 5:2, Gen. 49:11, Gen. 48:16, Jer. 31:9)! It is he who comes to be recognized as the HEAD over UNIFIED ISRAEL according to the promises of PEACE. This one is also called the ANCIENT OF DAYS (Dan. 7:13) and a 'little child to lead them' (Is. 11:6) so that the fallen paradigm, the EDOMITE psychopathy of mankind, is exposed and that OFFENSIVE AMALEKITE/EDOMITE DECEPTION AND VIOLENCE REMOVED FROM THE KINGDOM of GOD on EARTH as prophesied. He compiles the EVIDENCES and the TESTIMONIES and he then presents before him this evidence as CORNERSTONE TRUTH for a NEW KINGDOM AGE. This CORNERSTONE of SAVING TRUTH is the STONE upon which the BUILDERS STUMBLED and have TRADITIONALLY REJECTED in IGNORANCE and DECEPTION. It is THIS STONE which the children of BABYLON, everyone in the world today descended from the 70 A.D. WORLD CONSPIRACY, are SMASHED if they refuse to fall on it in broken repentence and so be SAVED (Lk. 20:18, Mat. 21:44, Ps. 137). This TRUTH is a SOLID FOUNDATION for LIFE. It is also recognized as a STANDARD or FLAG by ALL NATIONS TO SEE as a LIGHT to BRIGHTEN OUR FUTURE and give man HOPE BY GRAND DESIGN. Is. 11:10-13, Ez. 37:15-28

Dan. 7:9-14 Then courts shall be seated and the Kingdoms of Earth will be converted and delivered to the SAINTS with a UNIFIED ISRAEL as HEAD of the nations according to the ANCIENT BLUEPRINT Unsealed Herein!