According to the mercy given me by God as a wise 'MASTERBUILDER' like PAUL (1 Cor. 3:10), in this work I have already covered in great detail the HISTORY of the 'ANTI-CHRIST', the little horn beast (Dan. 7:8, Dan. 8:9) Vespasian, whose 'power was not his own' (Dan. 8:24), as depicted by the eyes of the man (Yochanan ben Zachai) on that little horn, who, as the WORSHIPFUL MASTER of the WORLD 'BUILDER' SYSTEM known as ZERUBABEL in prophecy and modernly as 'MASONS' (Zech. 4, Psalm 118:22), uprooted emporers GALBA, OTHO, and VITELLIUS the same year he brought Vespasian to power (as the MESSIAH BEN JOSEPH who would be 'slain' in war to bring forth the Messiah ben David according to HIS FALSE VIEW OF PROPHECY, still being propagated in DECEPTION and IGNORANCE by SORCERERS and their MIND SLAVES to this very day). He was promoted from General to Emporer (called 'the year of the four emporers) as the 'MESSIAH BEN JOSEPH' by the WICKED SCHOLAR of Mal. 2:12 who BROKE THE COVENANT WITH GOD when he REJECTED GODS CHOSEN RULER as pictured in JOSEPH as the PASSOVER LAMB to be REMEMBERED!

TOGETHER these THREE PEDERISTS, Vespasian, Zachai, and Josephus (the Little Horn, the eyes, and the mouth), destroyed the Temple in CONSPIRACY against GODS CORNERSTONE and the COVENANT SABBATH (the 'THREE WICKED CRAFTSMEN' of MASONIC LORE, A.K.A. known as THREE SPIRITS like FROGS in Rev. 16:13, whose LIES have deceived the WHOLE EARTH). They had planned together CAREFULLY to 'CHANGE TIME AND LAW' and write a DECEPTIVE 'history' of events (Dan. 7:25). [In short, Zachai conspired with General Vespasian (and Josephus their interpreter who takes credit for Zachai's prophecy in his version of 'history'), who seiged Jerusalem, to bring Vespasian to power as Emporer, giving him a PROPHETIC PROMISE of being the world's 'MESSIAH' (EMPORER) in advance, upon which Vesapsian relied]. These events were SEALED UP in HISTORY until the TIME OF THE END (Is. 8:16, Dan. 9:24, Dan. 12:4) when the BEAST POWER OF 'ZERUBABEL' would REPENT and BRING FORTH THE TOPSTONE (Zech. 4:10, Rev. 17:17) of the 'WORLD HOUSE' they have been building in DARKNESS since putting out that CORNERSTONE LIGHT, when they see the LIGHT of the TOPSTONE of the House, who is given the MORNING STAR (Rev. 2:26-28), unseal the Bible BLUEPRINT or PROGRAMMING CODE (Rev. 17:14 & 17, Rev. 19:15-16)!

The Great Prince Michael (meaning: 'one who is like God') A.K.A. EliJah and the 'Ancient of Days', is the one who 'OVERCOMES' and is given AUTHORITY to UNSEAL the scrolls (Dan. 12, Rev. 2:26-28) which were SEALED UP with the destruction of the temple and the murder of all the DISCIPLES of the ANOINTED 'LIGHT' of GOD ENFLESHED who CAME INTO OUR 'CAVE' of 'REALITY' to FREE US, according to prophecy (Dan. 7:21 & 25), the last one being the Disciple John's student, Polycarp, who died as a martyr in what then became known as the 'Quartodecimen debate' which would FINISH the CHANGE IN TIMES AND LAWS (Is. 8:16, Dan. 9:24, Dan. 12:4, Dan. 12:9), which when unsealed would BIND THE DEVIL in the END DAYS from being able to deceive the world with religious 'anti-christ' deceptions anymore (Rev. 20:1-4); ending the HUMAN TRAFFICKING system of HAM AND CANAAN which they brought through the FLOOD (the SAME 'CURSE' of SEXUAL VIOLENCE which destroyed the Ante-deluvian world and for which the Law was given to SAVE THE WORLD from THAT CURSE of BEASTLY REBELLION!).

This work constitutes that 'unsealing'. Though JOSEPHUS was the 'mouth' of the little horn (TRANSLATOR) between the two major conspirators, the little horn beast VESAPASIAN and his eyes of a man, ZACHAI, and the dates and the significant events would be SEALED UP until the TIME OF THE END when the KINGDOM WOULD BE GIVEN TO THE 'ANCIENT OF DAYS' and the 'SAINTS' (Dan. 7:22), those UNSEALED EVENTS which HAVE BEEN RECORDED in history and the 'DOTS NEVER CONNECTED' before, are as follows:

Jesus commanded his disciples regarding the 'abomination' which would cause the 'desolation' spoken of in Dan. 8:13 and 9:27 (Mat. 24:13, Mat. 13:14). This abomination took place in 67 A.D. when James the just, the half brother of Jesus and the ANOINTED LEADER of the MESSIANIC COMMUNITY and ALSO of the 'TEMPLE ZEALOTS', was taken up to the wing of the Temple by the High Priest, who had been tricked to do so by ZACHAI (both of whom wanted to BREAK THE MESSIANIC POWER James held for their own power and control), and James was thrown down to his death in front of all the worshippers in the Temple. This was the ABOMINATION causing the DESOLATION of the TEMPLE, the 'BEGINNING OF THE END' [and we've had desolations ever since according to Dan. 8:13 and 9:26 until the end of days when the kingdom is given to the 'saints' as a result of Michaels (A.K.A. the ANCIENT OF DAYS) STAND in unsealing the 'saving work' from the SCROLLS according to Dan. 7:9, 7:13, 7:22 and Dan. 12:1-4]. CIVIL WAR IN JERUSALEM BEGAN and a GREAT PERSECUTION of JEW AGAINST JEW for which ROME RESPONDED. This 'Jew against Jew' war 'mediated' by ANTI-SEMITE, PEDERIST ROMANS has resulted in a WORLD WIDE HUMAN TRAFFICKING RING which EXISTS TO THIS DAY and is becoming EVER MORE POWERFUL now as the FRUITS of what was 'sewn' as seeds then, are now ripe fruit manifesting in the world TODAY at HARVEST TIME. [Jesus died as a cornerstone SEED of TRUTH which would eventually be recognized as the MORNING STAR which would bring down this wall of HATRED used by this SECRET RELIGION which allows this CORRUPTION and HATRED AGAINST GODS 'JEWISH' IMAGE to exist, by allowing Gentiles (ephraimites at heart) to be grafted INTO THE COVENANT OF ISRAEL so the SAVING LAW would go out from ZION as promised...because salvation is FROM THE JEWS (Jn. 4:22)]!

This murder of James, being thrown down from the wing of the Temple by the High Priest, was the 'abomination' for which Emporer Nero in Rome decreed the disbanding of the Temple Priesthood and the END of sacrifices at the Temple in Jerusalem for a 7 year period; 'UNTIL ORDER COULD BE RESTORED.' But NERO was murder/suicided the following year and in the Middle of this period he decreed, Vespasian, who in the meantime 'uprooted' the three emporers who had ascended to the throne before him, came to power as emporer himself ACCORDING TO PROPHECY, and he destroyed the temple WITH ZACHAI'S ASSISTANCE as his 'eyes of a man' on this LITTLE HORN BEAST in this CONSPIRACY together which brought him to power, according to Dan. 9:26 ('yashichit im ha nagid ha bo' = 'with the coming prince HE WILL DESTROY' a reference to Zachai as the MAN OF SIN or AZAZEL of the Atonements Sacrifice).

Yochanan ben Zachai was the man, being AWARE AND AWAKE regarding what he was doing in BETRAYING GODS LUNAR SABBATH WISDOM (Mal. 2:12) which JESUS ENFLESHED to establish this CORNERSTONE TRUTH FOREVER IN ZION when the SCROLL IS UNSEALED, in order to bring VESPASIAN to POWER as WORLD RULER. It was Zachai who tricked the High Priest into murdering their rival and causing the DISBANDING of the priesthood and putting an END to the Temple SACRIFICIAL SYSTEM (and which simultaneously put Zachai in political position as the 'SCHOLARLY LEADER' or WICKED PHILOSOPHER-KING in Jerusalem, the KING OF BABYLON and the FALSE 'MORNING STAR' of Is. 14:12, a BEASTLY BRILLIANT MOVE). Zachai was the leader of the Jewish world 'BUILDERS' and the 'Synagogue of Satan' system coming out of Babylon which SECRETLY WORSHIPPED CHIUN (A.K.A. SATURNALIA or KRONOS Amos 5:26, Acts 7:43), in conspiracy with Vespasian/Rome, who then himself became the LEADER or 'Philosopher-King' (of NEO-BABYLON) in Jerusalem when the High Priest power was TAKEN AWAY. Josephus was 'adopted' into the ROMAN/edomite 'ROYAL FAMILY' by Vespasian, and Zachai was given his 'Philosopher-Kingship' (King of NEO-BABYLON as a FALSE 'LIGHT BEARER' prophet) over the Jews as a vassal of Emporer Vespasian the High King of Neo Babylon whose capital is VATICAN CITY to this day!

In short, Zachai conspired with General Vespasian (and Josephus their interpreter who takes credit for Zachai's prophecy in his version of 'history'), who seiged Jerusalem, to bring him to power as Emporer, giving him a PROPHETIC PROMISE of being the world's 'MESSIAH' (EMPORER) in advance, upon which Vesapsian relied. The long time Emporer Nero was Murdered/suicided in 68 A.D. and subsequently THREE CAESARS came to power and were murdered (by the 'builders' Zerubabel) within a ONE YEAR PERIOD, GALBA, OTHO, and VITELLIUS (called 'the year of the four emporers'). Vespasian was made Emporer in 69 A.D. and the Temple was destroyed in 70 A.D.; in the middle of the 'week' of years determined to 'restore order and peace' by Nero, as prophesied.

At a certain point before it's destruction Yochanan ben Zachai tried, unsuccessfully, to get the Jews to accept Vespasian as the promised 'Messiah ben Joseph' (who would be slain according to Jewish legend passed down to this very day) in the Temple with great boasting words, perhaps even setting up an Idol of Vespasian which could 'speak' (somehow using Vespasians voice) in order to try to deceive them into compliance. After he was unsuccessful he snuck himself out of the Temple in a casket which was taken right into Vespasians tent just outside the City. Then the Emporer, Vespasian ordered his son Titus, then the General, to bring in the newly crafted Catapult engines to toss burning pitch into the coming down from heaven on all left within the Temple. With Zachai's assistance he then hunted down everyone (particularly those from DAVIDS LINEAGE) who opposed his rule or held on to the PROMISE of a MESSIAH who would yet COME.

Yochanan ben Zachai is the FALSE 'Lucifer' or 'morning star' (the Duoay Rheims is translated from the LATIN VULGATE which uses the word LUCIFER to refer to JESUS, translated as the 'morning star' into English in Several places like 2 Pet. 1:19. The KJV deceptively uses the LATIN WORD transmitted DIRECTLY from the Vulgate only ONE TIME for the FALSE 'lucifer' of Is. 14:12) of the OLD WORLD ORDER which is NOW brought low, thrown down from the heavenly places in peoples minds where he has been ruling for the past 2000 years according to Is 14:12, by the one who is GIVEN the TRUE LUCIFER or 'bright morning star' FOR OUR 'NEW WORLD ORDER' by 'one like the son of man in the heavens', and who shall RULE THE NATIONS with a ROD OF IRON (Dan. 7:13-14, Rev. 2:26-28, Psalm 2)...the NEW 'MORNING STAR' of a NEW DAY; a NEW WORLD ORDER planned from the foundation of the world can now begin to SHINE and can RISE IN YOUR HEART for the next 1000 years according to the Blueprint or PROGRAMMING CODE for the PERFECTION OF MANKIND! This 'MORNING STAR' is GODS CALENDAR 'CORNERSTONE', the fathers 'FAITHFUL WITNESS and LIGHT OF THE WORLD' he selected for our world which JESUS ENFLESHED OBEDIENTLY, as would MICHAEL in the END DAYS, to LEAD US into the new world order established on THIS 'CORNERSTONE' AND 'MORNING STAR' of TRUTH; having unsealed this SIGN of the MESSIAH, the SHAVUOT/PENTECOST LUNAR CORNERSTONE SABBATH CALENDAR 'LIGHT OF THE WORLD' TRUTH from the SCROLLS, as PROMISED IN ADVANCE.

I would point out that ONLY AFTER the destruction of the Temple and its associated SACRIFICIAL SYSTEM could the Fathers CHOSEN and FAITHFUL CORNERSTONE WITNESS of the LUNAR CALENDAR, for which Jesus, being REJECTED BY HIS BROTHERS like JOSEPH in EGYPT, and was 'sold into DEATH' as the 'FAITHFUL WITNESS' in FLESH to RE-ESTABLISH this CORNERSTONE 'LIGHT OF THE WORLD' TRUTH selected by the father (Ps. 89:37, Rev. 1:5), could this LUNAR SABBATH WISDOM 'WEDDING DAY' have been forgotten in the first place (Lam. 2:6). The BLINDING DECEPTION of SATURNALIA/SOLAR REBELLION, which keeps men who LOVE DECEPTION more than they LOVE TRUTH from seeing the SIGN of the MESSIAH and the GLORIOUS GOSPEL of GOD, was foisted on the entire world and later (after Constantine created his IMAGE of this BEAST) called a 'christian calendar' with it's FLOATING SATURNALIA/SOLAR SABBATH divorced from the fathers LUNAR CORNERSTONE CALENDAR (as evidenced by a 'TWO SABBATH CALENDAR' system being used by Jews since about the 4th Century A.D.when they AGAIN began to recognize a RE-ADAPTED 'LUNAR CALENDAR' after it was 'reformed' (CREATED) by HILLEL II). That BLINDING CHIUN/SATURNALIA SABBATH DECEPTION 'calendar' was created by JULIUS CAESAR in 46 B.C.E., who was the FIRST emporer and 'HEAD OF THE BEAST' of ROME A.K.A. the 'DRAGON' which had 7 HEADS and 10 horns (Dan. 7:7 & 20, Rev. Rev. 12:3). The TEMPLE'S SACRIFICIAL SYSTEM was always ONLY a TEMPORARY SHADOW of MERCY from God pointing TO the PERFECT SACRIFICE he himself would make to ESTABLISH THE 'CORNERSTONE' TRUTH OF THE TORAH GOSPEL LAW, THE MARRIAGE CONTRACT with HIS BRIDE which SHE WOULD BREAK, a Gospel of REBIRTH into a NEW WORLD ORDER, which would not be UNSEALED and the OBJECTIVE, EMPIRICAL EVIDENCE BROUGHT FORTH IN INDICTMENT until the ONE TO WHOM THE KINGDOM BELONGS SHALL COME AND UNSEAL THE TEXT ACCORDING TO THE PROMISE, the TOPSTONE of ISRAEL, Michael (Zech. 4:7, Dan. 12:4)! To HIM belongs the SCEPTOR of TORAH LAW as the 'JOSEPH' RULER who was SOLD INTO DEATH by HIS BROTHERS, the SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN who will BOW BEFORE HIM IN REPENTENCE or be CUT OFF FROM ISRAEL for REBELLING AGAINST GODS SABBATH WISDOM OF WORLD SALVATION! The purpose, like with the first Joseph selected by the father to SAVE THE WORLD and who was 'sold into death' as the NAZIR (separated one), is to SAVE THE WHOLE WORLD in the END DAYS, so that the SAVING LAW hated by the SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN who hypocritically hold the rod IN REBELLION TO THE FATHER, will REPENT or BE CUT OFF IN JUDGEMENT so that the TORAH LAW will go out from ZION to save the WHOLE WORLD! Vespasian was the 7TH 'head' of the DRAGON/BEAST who 'plucked up' three horns: GALBA, OTHO, and VITELLIUS (Dan. 7:8, 7:20, 7:24, Rev. 12:3) and CONSTANTINE, being the one who FINISHED this CALENDAR DECEPTION in the 4th Century was the 8TH 'King' who belonged to these original 7 time conspirators.

So with his persecution of the WOMAN 'ISRAEL' who had given birth to a MANCHILD who was 'taken up to heaven' after the DESTRUCTION of the SACRIFICIAL CALENDAR SYSTEM and the persecution of the rest of her children who held to the 'LUNAR CORNERSTONE COMMANDS OF GOD' and the TESTIMONY OF JESUS (which included observing PENTECOST/SHAVUOT as a CORNERSTONE SABBATH WEDDING FEAST) who were 'taken into the wilderness' to HIDE from the WIDOW, the HARLOT CHURCH (Rev. 18:7) whose BEAST POWER, described herein she reigns by TO THIS VERY DAY, and her 'sons' after the destruction of the Temple, to include ME, also a 'WIDOWS SON'', MY MOTHER AND my GRANDMOTHER (Rev. 1:2, 1:9, 12:17 and 19:10), those who PRESERVED the 'lunar cornerstone' TRUE 'Light of the World' truth in the MASONIC DARKNESS of this WORLD HOUSE of WAR blinded by the FALSE LUCIFER cornerstone of the SUN (particularly those from DAVIDS LINEAGE). Truth was THROWN TO THE GROUND (Dan. 8:12) and EVIL HAS PROSPERED and we have had DESOLATIONS as promised until the END when the KINGDOM WOULD BE GIVEN TO ME, as Socrates envisioned from the OLD TESTAMENT GOSPEL and who he referred to as the 'PHILOSOPHER-KING' in his work, which would FREE THE PRISONERS of the BLINDING SATURNALIA SABBATH DARKNESS and DECEPTION of their CAVE with the LIGHT OF LUNAR CORNERSTONE SABBATH WISDOM by GOSPEL DESIGN; A.K.A. PROGRAMMING/GOD 'CORNERSTONE CALENDAR' TRUTH as MORNING STAR for the KINGDOM OF GOD on Earth! (Dan. 7:18, 22, and 27, Dan. 12, Zech. 4, Rev. 2:26-28). All secrets shall be MANIFEST and the world house will live in the LIGHT OF RIGHTEOUSNESS and PEACE according to the ANCIENT BLUEPRINT.

Please note the EMPORERS of the DRAGON of ROME which became a BEAST forcing ALL MEN TO WORSHIP IT and was reformed into an IMAGE of the BEAST in the 4th Century, were as follows:

Julius Caesar, the 'FIRST HEAD' who CREATED the DRAGON in the SUN calendar of ROME, Augustus, Tiberius, Caligula, Claudius, Nero, (Galba, Otho, Vitellius), and the 7th head and 10th Horn, the LITTLE HORN with ZACHAI in CONSPIRACY who uprooted the THREE HORNS of Galba, Otho, and Vitellius the SAME YEAR VESPASIAN BECAME THE 7TH 'HEAD' IN THEIR PLACE! Constantine was the 8th King who, in the 4th Century gave us the IMAGE of the beast we have yet to this day!

This history is the ONLY DRAGON/BEAST which COULD EVER HAVE BEEN according to BOTH DAN. 7 and 8 and REV. 12! This little horn MADE WAR on all the SAINTS OF JESUS, those who KEPT THE COMMANDMENTS OF GOD, to INCLUDE the SHAVUOT/PENTECOST 'CORNERSTONE' of the WEDDING CONTRACT DAY of the OLD COVENANT and the NEW COVENANT with God, according to the TRUE SIGN OF MESSIAH, HIS LUNAR CALENDAR, and he OVERCAME THEM so that ALL MEN WERE FORCED TO WORSHIP THE SATURNALIA/SOLAR CALENDAR which is the MARK or SIGN OF THE BEAST, to THIS VERY DAY! And the CORNERSTONE SHAVUOT/PENTECOST SABBATH which was REJECTED WITH JESUS, was FORGOTTEN with the DESTRUCTION OF THE TEMPLE and being SEALED UP with his disciples as PROMISED (Lam. 2:6, Is. 8:16). THE TRUTH OF THE SHAVUOT/PENTECOST CORNERSTONE was THROWN DOWN and DESOLATIONS would continue until the time of the END when the KINGDOM would suddenly be given to the SAINTS because the ANCIENT OF DAYS, A.K.A. the GREAT PRINCE MICHAEL is given the AUTHORITY to ONCE AGAIN unseal this ANCIENT 'MORNING STAR', CORNERSTONE GOSPEL by 'one like the son of man coming in the clouds' so he could BREAK THE POWER OF THE DRAGON/BEAST and send the devil to his city underground for 1000 years(Dan. 7:13-14, Dan. 12:1-4, Rev. 2:26-28 and Rev. 20:1-4).

It is NOT ANTI-CHRIST who is coming, he already came and the MARK OF THE BEAST is the CORNERSTONE or BABYLONIAN KING's 'MORNING STAR' of the CURRENT WORLD 'MARKET' SYSTEM run by PEDOPHILES for HUMAN TRAFFICKING PURPOSES foisted on the world 2000 years ago by the LITTLE HORN (7th head, 10th horn of the DRAGON/BEAST in the SUN) VESAPSIAN and his 'eyes of a man' ZACHAI who is called the 'KING OF BABYLON' and represented the FALSE CORNERSTONE and 'morning star' adopted by the WORLD POWERS when he committed VIOLENCE against his GOD and his brethren in this CONSPIRACY against the LUNAR SABBATH WISDOM 'BRIDE' OF GOD according to PROPHECY(Is. 14:12, Mal. 2:12). It is PRINCE MICHAEL who comes to EXPOSE that 'AHAB/JEZEBEL CONSPIRACY' for world power and END the power of that DEMONIC SYSTEM and the MINIONS who are STILL DECEIVING THE WORLD regarding THAT HISTORY! THE ANTICHRIST HAS ALREADY COME AND GONE and it is HIS POWER these DEMONS are working under! THE SIGN OR MARK OF THE ANTICHRIST BEAST POWER IS YOUR SATURNALIA/SOLAR 'CORNERSTONE' CALENDAR SYSTEM created by the FIRST HEAD of the DRAGON of ROME, Julius Caesar. The SEVENTH HEAD (who uprooted three horns) was VESPASIAN (and his FALSE PROPHET and MAN OF SIN or AZAZEL of the ATONEMENTS SACRIFICE was ZACHAI) and the 8th King who created an IMAGE OF THE BEAST was CONSTANTINE in the 4th Century!

This beast which WAS, was not, and YET LIVES TO THIS DAY despite having received a deadly wound on his SATURNALIA 'HEAD' OR VENERABLE 'FIRST DAY', lives because of the EIGHTH KING, the PONTIFUS MAXUMUS or HIGH PRIEST of the RELIGION of 'SOL INVICTUS', replaced the ancient form of 'SATURNALIA' WORSHIP and that VENERABLE 'FIRST CALENDAR DAY' of Saturnalia worship, SATURNS DAY, with SUN DAY worship when the PEDERISTS morphed their perverted religion and took it underground to the catacombs when 'CHRISTIANITY' CAME UP FROM THE CATACOMBS OF DEATH. This weekly SATURNALIA worship was on the FIRST DAY of the week as the 'MOST VENERABLE' day of ROMAN WORSHIP until CONSTANTINE created his IMAGE to this first beast by CHANGING THE ORDER of the DAYS of the 'FIRST BEAST' calendar. This FACT is evidenced in SEVERAL VARIOUS PLACES but few compile them together as well as the book entitled 'Sunday in Roman Paganism' by Robert Lee Odom. We see this FACT in MANY ARCHEOLOGICAL EVIDENCES compiled in this ONE SOURCE, like the order of the figures on the 'stick calendar' found on Titus' first century bathhouse, the engraved stone found in Trajans first century bath 'tubs', the order given to us by Lucius Ampellus early in the second century, and other archeological evidences compiled by Odom. We can therefore CONCLUDE based in this available information, and LACKING any evidence to the contrary, that until the 4th century when CONSTANTINE made an IMAGE to this original SATURNALIA BEAST, Saturns Day (the day of CHIUN for the SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN) was a weekly mini celebration or rememberance of 'CHIUN' or SATURNALIA, the 'sabbath' adopted by Zachai with the destruction of the Temple (Amos 5:26, Acts 7:43; A.K.A. Saturnalia in Latin and Kronia in Greek). This new BLINDING DECEPTION foisted on the Jews in this CONSPIRACY of the 'SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN' after the Destruction of the Temple and END of the LUNAR CALENDAR CORNERSTONE SYSTEM, was the FIRST and MOST VENERABLE DAY of the ROMAN CALENDAR until Constantine made the IMAGE of the beast as the HIGH PRIEST of the religion of SOL INVICTUS (the invincible sun) and made SUN DAY the FIRST and MOST VENERABLE day of the WEEKLY new world ORDER. This then became the IMAGE of the first SATURNALIA BEAST with it's CELEBRATION of the ANNUAL RE-BIRTH or 'RESSURRECTION of the ANTI-CHRIST 'SUN GOD', (A.K.A. the SUN GOD of BABYL known as TAMMUZ and the EGYPTIAN SUN GOD 'HORUS', both worshipped on the 3rd day after the WINTER SOLSTICE 'death of GOD the Sun'). Today this BLINDING DECEPTION which keeps the WHOLE WORLD from seeing the GLORIOUS GOSPEL of JESUS in the FATHERS CHOSEN AND FAITHFUL WITNESS of the MOON, is known as 'CHRISTMAS' day because of the ANTI CHRIST CALENDAR DECEPTION of the ROMAN 'DRAGON IN THE SUN' according to PROPHECY given IN ADVANCE and SEALED UP until NOW!

Constantine was the 8TH CALENDAR BEAST KING and became ONE with the original 7 heads of the dragon in the sun when he FINISHED the CALENDAR DECEPTION in the FOURTH CENTURY when he declared his SECRET SOL INVICTUS RELIGION as openly 'CHRISTIAN' and gave us the FORM of the SOL INVICTUS BEAST which EXISTS TO THIS DAY. In other words, he changed the FORMER 'most venerable' first day of the ROMAN WEEK to be OFFICIALLY recognized as the SATURNALIA (Chiun) 'SABBATH DAY' of the 'JEWS' and adopted the second day, 'SUN DAY', as the NEW first and MOST VENERABLE day of the week for SOL INVICTUS 'Christians'. Numerous 1st and 2nd Century ARCHEOLOGICAL EVIDENCES ESTABLISH THIS as FACTUAL 'CALENDAR' HISTORY!

Therefore Constantine was the '8th King' and HEAD of the DRAGON in the SUN when he CREATED THE IMAGE of the BEAST the WHOLE WORLD WORSHIPS TODAY according to the PROPHECY of REVELATION (Rev. 17:11)! He was the HIGH PRIEST of the ancient RELIGION of SOL INVICTUS, A.K.A. the 'INVINCIBLE SUN', by which the HOLY ROMAN CATHOLIC EMPIRE was formed, the ROMAN 'EMPIRE' which HE REVIVED in THIS FORM; an Empire whose SATURNALIA 'head received a deadly wound and yet lived again' in the form of BOTH Saturnalia (Chiun for the 'Synagogue of Satan' BUILDERS/ZERUBABEL which HID THE CORNERSTONE but who SHALL REPENT!) AND 'SUN' DAY WORSHIP for ANTI-SEMITE ANTI-CHRIST 'Christians'! Constantine was the first 'POPE' who was the OUTWARD 'high priest' of ANTI-SEMITE 'Christianity' AND he was the SECRET high priest of this ANCIENT RELIGION OF SUN WORSHIPPING PEDERISTS who had merged from the prior 'SATURNALIA WORSHIP' (who still had CONSPIRATORIAL TIES with the SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN, BUILDERS!).

Again, this 'HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE' was the IMAGE of the first PEDERISTIC ANCIENT CHIUN or SATURNALIA worship to a neo-egyptian SUN WORSHIP when it went UNDERGROUND in conspiracy with the BUILDERS/ZERUBABEL and 'openly' it BECAME the anti-semitic 'HOLY ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH'. Constantine was the FIRST HEAD or POPE of this IMAGE to the first beast which gave it life. He finished the DECEPTION of the DRAGON in the sun, the BEAST of ROME, by changing the DAYS of the SATURNALIA/CHIUN CALENDAR which had ALREADY been foisted on the entire world through VESPASIAN and ZACHAI'S conspiracy and ALL were FORCED to ACCEPT on pain of death. The 'FIRST BEAST' EXISTED UNTIL the 4th CENTURY when constantine changed the ORDER the DAYS of the first beast so that VENUS DAY DAY, which was the 7th day of the ROMAN week, would no longer be their LAST DAY of the WEEK, but would be the 6th day, and SATURNS DAY, which had been the FIRST DAY of the ROMAN week, would become the 7th or last day of the week, and SUN DAY, which had been the second day of the Roman week, would become the FIRST and MOST VENERABLE DAY in this NEWLY REFORMED 'BEAST' system! At this time a REVISED 'lunar calendar' was recognized by HILLEL II. Constantine was the 8th head or King who gave us the IMAGE of the beast, and he was of the ORIGINAL 7 TIME CONSPIRATORS of the DRAGON of ROME when he FINISHED the deception and gave us the CURRENT FORM of the BEAST SYSTEM which ALL MEN HAVE BEEN FORCED TO WORSHIP AND TAKE IT'S 'TIME STAMP' AS THEIR 'MARK' TO PARTICIPATE IN IT'S WORLD 'MARKETING' SYSTEM OF HUMAN TRAFFICKING and WARS ever since (Rev. 17:11)! SATURNS DAY worship for Jews, SUN DAY worship for Christians, and VENUS DAY for Muslims, along with 'CHRISTMAS' and ISHTAR Celebrations enjoyed by even ATHEIST HEATHENS, is NOTHING MORE than paying HOMAGE or WORSHIP to SATAN and the BEAST of ROME...Jesus himself OBSERVED the WINTER 'LUNAR FESTIVAL' of DEDICATION called 'Hanukah' as we see recorded in John 10:22, as the SIGN of the TRUE 'CORNERSTONE' LIGHT OF THE WORLD selected by the FATHER for which he ENFLESHED and HE DIED and was 'taken up to heaven' to establish as ETERNAL TRUTH when these things SEALED UP would again be UNSEALED to SAVE US (Dan. 12, Rev. 12). Anyone worshipping ANY OTHER SACRED 'CORNERSTONE' of TIME and LAW than the FAITHFUL WITNESS IN THE SKY which the FATHER SELECTED, and Jesus ENFLESHED and DIED to ESTABLISH AS ETERNAL TRUTH as a DEDICATED LIGHT sent from the FATHER, is attempting to come by some OTHER WAY than by the DOOR of TRUTH and is EXPOSED by the LIGHT of TRUTH as a DESTROYING ROBBER AND MURDERER. This is what the TOPSTONE LIGHT, ALSO PROMISED BY THE FATHER (Zech 4:7, Dan. 12:4, Rev. 20:1-4) will UNSEAL and bring FORTH as the EVIDENCE of his IDENTITY (Dan. 12:4, Zech. 4:7). This TOPSTONE sent by the FATHER is who shall EXPOSE the DECEIVERS in the WORLD HOUSE of 'ISRAEL', which belongs to FATHER GOD, and shall send them to their UNDERGROUND CITY (Rev. 20:2) and shall RULE THIS EARTH IN TRUTH AND JUSTICE AS DESIGNED in the OLD TESTAMENT 'GOSPEL' OF 'REBIRTH' IN THE 'MORNING STAR' LIGHT of the MESSIANIC DAY (Ps. 2)!

The SAVING TRUTH, which comes from GOD to be MANIFEST in our reality, did so ON SHAVUOT A.K.A. PENTECOST (Shavuot/Pentecost is the CORNERSTONE 'COUNTING OF DAYS' in TORAH LAW which HAS BEEN FORGOTTEN about according to the UNSEALED EVIDENCE God PUT IN TORAH to be UNSEALED IN THE END DAYS to PROVE ALL THESE THINGS AS TRUE as the CORNERSTONE of the INDICEMTMENT to SAVE THE WORLD by HIS BODY ON EARTH who will JUDGE THIS MATTER according to PS. 82 which JESUS HIMSELF QUOTED!). This LUNAR FESTIVAL tied to the FAITHFUL WITNESS in the SKY, like the OTHER TWO GREAT FEASTS of God between which it is sandwiched (Passover and Tabernacles), is the ONLY ONE where we are commanded NOT TO HAVE HUMAN SEXUAL UNION beginning THAT FIRST DAY of the VERBAL CONTRACT AGREEMENT (and lasting 3 days in total Ex. 19:15)! You might say this is the 'IMMACULATE CONERNSTONE' FEAST OF GOD set apart as a PARTICULARLY HOLY 'CORNERSTONE SABBATH' OF THE MARRIAGE CONTRACT! This WEDDING DAY festival of GOD is when we entered VERBAL CONTRACT with YHWH on the mountain and SANCTIFIED OURSELVES TO HIM ALONE until He manifest himself in POWER on the mountain to his BRIDE Israel on the 'THIRD DAY', and they were WEDDED IN DEED! This is the CORNERSTONE 'SABBATH WEDDING' ANNIVERSARY OF GOD which should NEVER BE FORGOTTEN (Deut. 4:10) according to the FIRST CONTRACT which GOD KNEW WE WOULD BREAK and THIS 'FORGOTTEN' WEDDING DAY of the FIRST COVENANT is the SEALED UP EVIDENCE that WE DID! It's also the day in the New Testament when the HOLY SPIRIT of GOD came on the DISCIPLES in POWER for their OBEDIENCE (Acts 1 & 2) so these thing would be SEALED UP until the TIME OF THE END TIME MANIFESTATION OF GOD IN HIS BRIDE ON EARTH, the 'THIRD MILLENIAL DAY'...TO BRING FORTH THE PROMISE OF 'ISRAEL' IN THIS LAST 'DAY' (Is. 8:16, Hos. 6:2, Is. 66:8)! We would EXODUS from our BLINDING DECEPTION to be BORN AGAIN into the FATHERS CHOSEN AND FAITHFUL WITNESS 'LIGHT OF THE WORLD', which was the SAME 'CORNERSTONE' which was FORGOTTEN ABOUT WHEN JOSEPH WAS REJECTED and the children went into the FIRST BONDAGE in EGYPT, intended as an UNMISTAKABLE 'SHADOW' for our INSTRUCTION to LEARN FROM and UNDERSTAND FULLY, later!

This is also the SAME DAY when the HOLY SPIRIT came in power on MARY so she conceived the 'IMMACULATE SON' of God in FLESH who would be SACRIFICED as a 'SACRIFICAL LAMB' to RE-ESTABLISH THE WEDDING CONTRACT with GOD which he knew WE WOULD BREAK and FORGET ABOUT (Jer. 31)! This SACRIFICIAL LAMB OF GOD was born 9 months later on the 10th DAY of the 1st LUNAR month according to the LAW for the PASSOVER LAMB to be SET ASIDE for slaughter (Ex. 12:3-14), as witnessed by the SHEPHERDS who were watching over THOSE SACRIFICAL FLOCKS set aside THAT DAY outside Jerusalem, at his BIRTH (Lk. 2:8-20)! He was BARMITZVAHED after leaving Nazareth at age 12 to go to Jerusalem where he turned 13 just before Passover on the 15th, and as a BAR-MITZVAH it was REQUIRED THAT HE TEACH FROM TORAH in the TEMPLE [no longer a BOY in his earthly fathers house but a MAN ACCOUNTABLE to God as his HEAVENLY FATHER and to HIS HOUSE/TEMPLE; a change in HOUSEHOLD PROTOCOL! (Lk. 2:42-50)]. He was born to be REJECTED LIKE JOSEPH, though from the tribe of JUDAH, so that those who APPLY GODS HOLY LAW TO THEIR HEARTS by figuratively writing them there AS THE DOORPOSTS OF THEIR BODY/TEMPLE WHERE HIS SPIRIT IS TO DWELL IN HOLINESS, in HIS BLOOD as the LAMB OF GOD in DEDICATION TO THAT HOLY SPIRIT LIGHT sent from the FATHER, we could THEN come into OBEDIENCE of the NEW COVENANT MARRIAGE. We shall RECOGNIZE the REQUIRED LAMB sacrificed like Joseph which LED US INTO THIS BLINDING DECEPTION as the CORNERSTONE and MORNING STAR which shall LEAD US OUT. We shall be 'PASSED OVER' in the GREATEST EXODUS (and its accompanying 'judgement' on the rebellious TEACHERS and LEADERS as were the firstborn sons/rulers in Egypt who refused to LET GODS CHILDREN GO to be FREE to WORSHIP HIM, called the 'wedding supper of the lamb') which this world shall ever see, a PROMISED 'EXODUS' (for which Jesus was the PASSOVER LAMB to be REMEMBERED as JOSEPH was 'remembered') which shall OUTSHINE THE FIRST 'EXODUS' so that it is practically FORGOTTEN (Jer. 16:14-21)!

Paul made it a point to go to Jerusalem for THIS HOLY 'CORNERSTONE SABBATH WEDDING' FESTIVAL where he took the OPTIONAL RITE of the NAZARITE VOW to DEMONSTRATE HIS FAITHFULNESS to GODS HOLY SAVING LAW which JESUS ENFLESHED (to demonstrate by his DEEDS that those who claimed he taught against HOLY TORAH LAW and its IMMACULATE CORNERSTONE of SALVATION into a RE-NEWED CONTRACT, were LYING ABOUT HIM and TORAH LAW GOSPEL PLAN) where he would be BOUND, arrested and eventually KILLED, and this TRUTH would be FORGOTTEN and SEALED UP; the SHAVUOT/PENTECOST 'CORNERSTONE' of the WEDDING CONTRACT DAY of the OLD COVENANT which would become the MORNING STAR of the MESSIANIC KINGDOM COME when UNSEALED! This is the 'CORNERSTONE LIGHT' of the OLD COVENANT which from the VERY BEGINNING was promised to be REJECTED and a SACRIFICE MADE to ESTABLISH THAT TRUTH IN ZION FOREVER with a promised 'NEW COVENANT with God' which would be figuratively SEALED UP in the scriptures WITH HIS DEATH, until HARVEST TIME when the TARES who have HELD THE SCEPTOR OF POWER until then END DAYS, are EXPOSED FOR REMOVAL FROM HIS KINGDOM COME (Acts 20:16, Acts 21:10, Is. 8:16)!


This reformed CATHOLIC 'beast' with ten horns which went out to the WHOLE WORLD to deceive it and FORCE ALL MEN TO WORSHIP IT or they would NOT BE ALLOWED TO 'BUY OR SELL' in this WORLD MARKET SYSTEM, will SOON be OVERPOWERED BY THE CORNERSTONE TRUTH OF JESUS unsealed as a MORNING STAR upon which to build a NEW WORLD ORDER, so that men will REPENT and ADOPT THE SIGN OF MESSIAH as the TRUE 'TIME STAMP' and MARK OF GOD (Zech. 14:19, Is. 66:23, Rev. 17:14) and will HATE THE FALSE PROPHETESS JEZEBEL which rides its back for power and has waged war SECRETLY on the SAINTS, and will receive POWER to MAKE WAR ON HER for GODS SAKE according to Rev. 13 and 17. That FALSE PROPHETESS and all of her FALSE PROPHETS are working from the POWER of an ANTI-CHRIST, who is DEAD AND GONE, through DECEPTION like STOCKHOLM SYNDROME MIND ENSLAVERS! Those ANTI-CHRISTS will call the TRUTH OF GOD their ANTI-CHRIST as they have done for 2000 years because the LIGHT OF MESSIAH EXPOSES THEM as the TRUE ANTI-CHRISTS, and by so doing, all those UNREPENTANT BEASTS will be REMOVED FROM POWER ACCORDING TO HOLY LAW (Dan. 7:12)!


Time and law was CHANGED (Dan. 7:25) and the LUNAR SABBATH WAS FORGOTTEN (Lam. 2:6)...replaced with a BLINDING CHIUN/SATURNALIA DECEPTION as promised (2 Cor. 4:4). The EMPIRICAL OBJECTIVE 'CORNERSTONE' EVIDENCE of this being TRUE is the SHAVUOT/PENTECOST COUNT in the LAW of God...the VERY CORNERSTONE DAY of our WEDDING CONTRACT we were commanded to NEVER FORGET (Duet. 4:10) which is the cornerstone of my work This day was the 15th day FULL MOON of the 3rd month (Ex. 19:1) and the ONLY WAY to arrive on that day using the SPECIFIC COUNT GOD PLACED in TORAH LAW for us to OBEY is through a LUNAR SABBATH WEEK count in which NEW MOONS are SET APART from the COUNT OF WEEK DAYS as HOLY, not part of any WEEK DAY in this FEAST OF 'COMPLETE WEEKS' the father EXPRESSLY GAVE to re-establish this MORNING STAR CORNERSTONE! This is the KEY OF DAVID which the 'builders hid, and when FOUND by MICHAEL who the FATHER SENDS, would be the EVIDENCE of HIS IDENTITY as the 'GOVERNMENT' of the NEW WORLD ORDER which he would carry 'on his SHOULDER' as his LIFE'S WORK (Is. 22:22, Is. 9:6)...the EVIDENCE of his IDENTITY as GODS RULING SON (Ps. 2, Rev. 2:26-28)!

The 'Shavuot' LUNAR SABBATH, A.K.A. the FULL MOON Pentecost SABBATH DAY, is the TRUTH of God which Jesus enfleshed as the MERCIFUL CORNERSTONE of God to be 'laid' and HIDDEN IN THE FOUNDATION by ZERUBABEL (Zech. 4). According to that text, it would be ANOTHER 'light of the world', depicted as ANOTHER 'OLIVE TREE' and a TOPSTONE, who is called Michael the GREAT PRINCE and Savior of Israel in the END DAYS, who UNSEALS AND MANIFESTS THIS REJECTED CORNERSTONE GOSPEL LIGHT, as the MORNING STAR of the NEW WORLD ORDER Messianic Kingdom he rules over (Zech. 4, Dan. 12, Rev. 2:26-28, Ps. 2).
The FALSE RELIGIOUS PROPHETESS ‘JEZEBEL’, the HARLOT of Revelation 17, and her FALSE PROPHET SECTS AND DENOMINATIONAL TEACHERS (depicted as blasphemous names on her head), and which have ridden the BEAST OF POWER until the END DAYS, are EXPOSED BY THE TRUTH of this ‘LUNAR CORNERSTONE SABBATH LIGHT’ of God which Michael would unseal from the THE OLD TESTAMENT TEXT to EXPOSE THEM as ELIJAH MOCKED THE PROPHETS OF BAAL in 1 Kings 18, and EXPOSE THEM for the SALVATION OF THE WORLD (Zech 4,2, Rev. 2:26-28, Rev. 20:1-4, Rev. 17).

Simply put we KNOW EXACTLY WHEN THAT ‘SHAVUOT/PENTECOST’ DAY IS because God gave us a VERY DETAILED MATH COUNT for this 'LUNAR CORNERSTONE SABBATH MARRIAGE DAY' and OBJECTIVE EVIDENCES (TO INCLUDE 'VISIBLE') to determine the TRUTH of EXACTLY what day it is. Specifically Ex. 19:1 tells us this day is the FULL MOON LUNAR SABBATH of the 3rd LUNAR MONTH...the EXACT SAME DAY of the 3rd month in which they left Egypt in the 1st month (and the SAME full moon 'sabbath day' where they arrived in Elim in the second month where the SABBATH WAS RE-REVEALED to them after coming out of SOLAR CALENDAR BONDAGE in Egypt in Ex. 16). Today Jews, Christians and Muslims (the three modern and WARRING 'sects' of the religious HARLOT drunk on blood, ‘Jezebel’ of Revelation 17) observe this MARRIAGE DAY WITH GOD, a day COMMANDED NOT TO BE FORGOTTEN, before the 15th day! God knew in advance we would REJECT and FORGET ABOUT this day and PROVIDED JESUS as HIS MERCIFUL SACRIFICIAL LAMB to RE-ESTABLISH this LIGHT OF THE WORLD TRUTH, ESTABLISHED IN ZION FOREVER with HIS SACRIFICE, when these truths are unsealed from the text FOR OUR 'REBIRTH' into a RENEWED CONTRACT in a NEW WORLD ORDER and RE-ESTABLISHED 'NEW' COVENANT! Jer. 31), ALL BIBLE 'RELIGIONS' OBSERVE THIS MARRIAGE DAY BEFORE the 15th LUNAR CALENDAR day; BEFORE the VERY DAY Israel even arrived on the Mountain to ENTER the MARRIAGE contract! CLEARLY THIS IS A SERIOUS 'CORNERSTONE', 'light of the world' or 'MORNING STAR' ERROR TO BE DEALT WITH BY THOSE WHO CLAIM to LOVE TRUTH AND A GOD OF TRUTH, WHO PROVES HIMSELF AS TRUE using OBJECTIVE MATH as 'CORNERSTONE EVIDENCE'!