The following establishes the SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE for the solipsistic prison for your mind; our HOLOGRAPHIC VIRTUAL REALITY described in the BIBLE CODE UNSEALED, in which YOU LIVE, move, and have your very 'being' as NOTHING MORE than an AVATAR (created to STEAL, KILL, AND DESTROY hypocritically within the BLINDING DARKNESS of your PERCEPTIONS of 'reality' like an ANIMAL), which has the POTENTIAL to be 'BORN AGAIN' to become ONE with the PROGRAMMING MIND who IS 'GOD', and live in the LIGHT OF TRUTH to expose such FALLEN BEASTS, by HIS WONDEROUS DESIGN and FOR HIS GLORY!

The TWO riveting video's linked below will present SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE which ESTABLISHES the FACT that our PERCEPTION of 'reality' is an AMAZINGLY SOPHISTICATED, SOLIPSISTICALLY DESIGNED type of SUB-REALITY. In principle it's not conceptually too dissimilar from an Holograph, though more sophisticated than anything we have the capability to replicate, apart from being enabled to CONCEPTUALIZE it's possiblity based on LOGIC, REASON, and FACTS to then conclude that we LIVE, MOVE, AND HAVE OUR VERY BEING INSIDE THIS HOLOGRAPH like an 'avatar' within a VIRTUAL REALITY! In other words, we can BECOME ONE with the MIND OF GOD so that we are RULING AND REIGNING from a paradigm OUTSIDE OUR MERELY MATERIAL REALITY, even as stated THOUSANDS OF YEARS AGO by others in the now UNSEALED Bible 'PROGRAMMING CODE'.

We have been given a CORNERSTONE of TRUTH by which mankind may EVOLVE from this reality, to be BORN AGAIN into THAT REALITY from which MANKIND CAME, as the BIBLE DECLARED thousands of years ago; long before we could even begin to imagine how such things could be true. When we ADMIT and ADOPT the TRUTH regarding THIS REALITY, then we may begin to APPRECIATE the PEARL of GREAT PRICE given to us by the MAKER of our reality, for which we should GIVE UP ALL in order to ADOPT: A-PRIORI TRUTH of HIS LOVE for us, HIS CREATION!

PERCEPTION: The Reality Beyond Matter