The following video is a very short but powerful introduction to the work of Dr. Carolyn Leaf, a Neurologist and Neuroplastician. This work is another Scientific evidence dovetailing with and supporting my Thesis in Communication Theory. This short introduction can be even shorter if you fast forward through the hosts 'advertisements', my apologies for the inconvenience. This will serve as a VERY BRIEF introduction to this fascinating, and what will prove to be REVOLUTIONARY, new field of Science called Neuroplastics:



This video is her own hour long presentation of clips where she gives SPECIFIC INSTRUCTION on how WE ARE MINI CREATORS which will give you INSIGHT coupled with my work on how to choose to reflect the IMAGE OF LIGHT we are created to EMULATE so the DARKNESS MUST FLEE as a result of OUR CHOICES! In this video she covers SPIRITUAL PRINCIPLES that have PHYSICAL IMPACT on our BRAINS which then result in OUR DEEDS. We do not do GOOD or BAD THINGS BY ACCIDENT, we have the ABILITY TO CHOOSE; to CHANGE BAD PATTERNS as a RESULT of OUR CONSCIOUS CHOICES regarding HOW WE ALLOW OURSELVES TO THINK! These are ABSOLUTELY TRUE PRINCIPLES regarding how the COMPUTER of our MIND works and the POWER of ALL OUR CHOICES to RE-INFORCE THEMSELVES; with the result of speaking LIFE or DEATH into real MANIFESTATION! I have recognized these INVISIBLE LAWS and have noted these principles in scripture but her work FAR SURPASSES my personal experience and counselling to make the scriptures relevant through the use of Science. I am convinced that these PRINCIPLES SHALL BE KNOWN AND PRACTICED BY ALL IN THE KINGDOM OF LIGHT BY YHWH'S MARVELLOUS DESIGN, with HIS LAW as the CORNERSTONE of our PEACE! THE LIGHT OF MESSIAH CAN AND MUST RISE IN OUR OWN CONSCIOUSSNESS AS A RESULT OF OUR OWN CHOICES! WE JUDGE OURSELVES!