Mankinds tyrannical enslavement to blinding ignorance is exposed by a Light more powerful than the Sun, reflected by the Moon and the Heavenly Host as FAITHFUL WITNESSES of CONQUERING TRUTH of the LIGHT of LOVE. This is the TRUE 'LIFE' giving 'light' of TRUTH which exposes the Sun as the Mark of the Beast of Pharaonic Mans wisdom manifest as BLINDING IGNORANCE by the FAITHFUL WITNESS of the Moon as the SIGN of the LIGHT OF MESSIAH which FREES US from our CAPTIVITY.

The earth is our MOTHER WOMB or DARK CAVE DUNGEON of IGNORANCE regarding the 'reality' we being PREPARED to enter by our INVISIBLE FATHER for ETERNAL REALITY according to HIS ANCIENTLY EXPRESSED DESIRE. He desires we CONQUER our BEASTLY FALLEN NATURE and be JOINED WITH HIM as he has PROVIDED BOTH THE WAY AND THE MEANS to accomplish it. This COMMUNICATION is associated with our PERCEPTION of 'reality' itself in His COMMANDMENTS as an ABSOLUTE PROOF POSITIVE of HIS DESIRE!

This is the Ancient Oral Tradition from which all tradition and drama has its origin, the Bible. The DRAMA of the PERSECUTED, WAXING/WANING MESSIANIC FULL MOON conquering the self-exalting PHARAONIC SON as the FAITHFUL WITNESS of the FATHER OF LIGHTS leading mankind from darkness into the light of the SABBATH DAY of PEACE established on this CORNERSTONE of TRUTH by HIS DESIGN for PERFECT JUSTICE to be KNOWN and FULFILLED according to HIS PLAN given to mankind from the foundation of the world.

This Oral Tradition can require MANY BOOKS to attempt to reassemble and convey properly the meaning of the symbols, much like the many commentaries on Torah/Bible and various explanations for it...but the TWO WRITTEN TESTIMONIES GO HAND IN GLOVE to see the LIGHT of their POWERFUL WITNESS.

The Torah (Bible) can NOT be interpreted correctly APART from the SIGNS of CREATED 'ORDER' from which ALL LANGUAGE has its ORIGIN (Ps. 19), nor can the SIGNS (any longer) be properly interpreted and BELIEVED to have ANY REAL MEANING given in PROMISE from the FOUNDATION of the world to MANKIND in any form of coherency apart from the ORIGINAL ORAL TRADITION from which they have all came so far, but which details are still embedded in BIBLE DETAILS to be unsealed and made manifest here in this work for PROPER REASSEMBLY according to the CONSTRUCTION PLAN. The SIGNS and the TESTIMONY go HAND IN GLOVE like a KEY fitting a LOCKED DOOR or KEY to understanding symbols in a construction Blueprint. Together their WITNESS TESTIMONY is regarding the SAME LIGHT of ETERNAL SAVING TRUTH creating MANKIND to KNOW HIM INTIMATELY in a HEAVENLY MARRIAGE UNION. They are TWO ANCIENT AND POWERFUL 'LIGHT' TESTIMONIES regarding the ORIGIN and PURPOSE for MANKIND in regard to a CLEAR PLAN embedded in HIS STORY ALL AROUND US in which we ARE LIVING. It was FORGOTTEN while enslaved but WRITTEN DOWN in TORAH after leaving Egyptian BONDAGE where the ORAL TRADITION was RE-ESTABLISHED by Moses then, according to the Vision He was given, even as it is NOW REVEALED AGAIN after being lost in our NEO-BABYLONIAN/EGYPTIAN ENSLAVEMENT after the destruction of the Temple in 70 A.D. as prophesied OVER 600 YEARS in advance of it happening...EVEN BEFORE the Temple would be BUILT to BE destroyed, as we shall see!

To deny the SAVING TRUTH any longer to remain willfully BLINDED by the APPEARANCE of reality alone as an ANIMAL, unwilling to consider the INVISIBLE REALITY which has been trying to COMMUNICATE WITH MANKIND to create him in HIS IMAGE, a TRUTH which ALL SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE points to as EXISTING FACT despite our ability to DEFINE HIM apart from his SELF DISCLOSURE, is now tantamount to WILLFUL INSANITY! We know His essence is PURE VIRTUE (where else does such a CONCEPT as VIRTUE even 'evolve' from?) and when manifest in flesh, we see otherwise INVISIBLE SAVING TRUTH. For Mankind to continue to have a DIFFERENT CORNERSTONE of 'law' and 'order' apart from HIS MERCIFUL and PERFECT TEN COMMANDMENTS written by his own 'finger' in STONE and testified as true by the WITNESS of the FAITHFUL MOON and Stars to be APPLIED IN YOUR HEART as HE DESIRES, is tantamount to a choice for SELF DESTRUCTION at this point.

To SUGGEST there is no invisible law to which these TEN RULES POINT TO and are given by a SUPREME SENTIENT BEING in order for Man to SEE and fulfil in OBEDIENCE, even as the material reality around us held in place by that SAME INVISIBLE SET OF UNKNOWABLE TRUTHS (termed the invisible, unknowable 'God Set' of TRUTH) which I prove all the Sciences also Establish as TRUE, is an INjustice to the CHARACTER and DIGNITY of MANKIND who is to be formed in the otherwise INVISIBLE IMAGE OF SAVING TRUTH, whose time for addressing has come. How can such as we currently have ever be anything more than CRIMINAL justice system SUPPORTING INJUSTICE while murdering truth in the street? To claim there is not an INVISIBLE IDEAL we are to GROW TOWARD like trees is tantamount to believing trees are designed to grow upside down! It is to refuse to be WILLING to come into the LIGHT of TRUTH and grow toward it; an INSANE REJECTION of the LIGHT OF LIFE. The light of our system of 'JUSTICE' divorced from THAT SAVING CORNERSTONE is now revealed as a BLINDING DARKNESS which is CAUSING many of mankinds illnesses and BARS HIM from ever UNITING over the PROVIDED 'SACRIFICE' which would lead to WORLD PEACE, by Grand Design.

This section shall undergo MUCH EDITING to make it as reader friendly of an ORALLY COMMUNICATED TRUTH as possible, so please bear with me and check back frequently.

The Basic Tradition is that the Sun represents light in the FALLEN, BEAST MIND divorced from the true, life giving light of TRUTH which holds our very perception of temporal reality together to be perceived and has always been symbolized by the Moon to the Eye of Understanding. Mankind is in a FALLEN STATE OF REALITY but he is ALLOWED TO RETURN if he ONLY WILL come INTO THE LIGHT OF ETERNAL TRUTH through REASONING and OBEDIENCE! The Moon is associated through EXPRESSED and IMPLIED COMMANDS to represent that otherwise UNSEEN REALITY of YHWH's LOVING CORNERSTONE of MERCIFUL LAW; ETERNAL LIGHT OF TRUTH which is His LOVE seen on the face of the Moon SYMBOLICALLY from the foundation of the World.

Since we already have the ONLY BOOK NECESSARY (the BIBLE) to understand the HEAVENLY SIGNS CREATED, through which those ORAL TRADITIONS which were ORIGINALLY CONVEYED by early man through ASSOCIATION with their VISIBLE LIGHT in CYCLES of 'time' (as verified by archeology), I shall merely RE-ASSOCIATE the WRITTEN BOOK, whose provenance is virtually pristine for 2000 + years as verified by the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls which verify authenticity, with those also archeologically established associations of the ancient 'SIGNS' we know of, in a RE-CREATED ORAL TRADITION from THE TWO BOOKS of HIS STORY (written in created order, and in text format to be sealed up until the time of the end) in a BARE BONES FASHION for you to fill in more DETAIL at your own leisure. It is my job only to MANIFEST this now UNSEALED TRUTH.

Basically we see in all of the world's 'Oral Traditions' common threads between them which clearly suggest they all share the SAME ORIGINAL SOURCE. And I posit that by DESIGN, they shall ALL RETURN to the SOURCE from which they came to be divided OUT from the beginning, to once again return to become ONE through sharing of the SAME CORNERSTONE of TRUTH, rejected according to the plan unsealed here, which shall NOW BIND US TOGETHER as He designed for our INSTRUCTION and PEACE toward PERFECTION according to HIS PLAN. This message contains that unsealed plan.


I want to bring your attention to the FACT which I will allude to again in later places, that the cave drawings in Lascaux France dated to 15000 B.C. provide EVIDENCE that ancient Man kept time by counting MOON CYCLES of DAYS and MAY ALSO PROVIDE us with the OLDEST REFERENCES to the constellation TAURUS known to man. Nevertheless, a 'Month' has ALWAYS had its ANCIENT association with TIME according to a LUNAR NOT SOLAR count of DAYS as evidenced even as recently as with the Native Americans who we still remember used to observe 'time', as YHWH COMMANDED FROM THE FOUNDATION OF THE WORLD, 12 MONTHS ACCORDING TO THE MOON CYCLE! It has only been the past 2000 years (and in Egyptian bondage) that the PHARAONIC SUN has been BLINDING THE WORLD to the ANCIENT TRUTH of Gods COMMANDED CALENDAR OF HIS STORY whose CORNERSTONE is the MOON not the Sun, as the Bible itself TOLD US IN ADVANCE WOULD HAPPEN!

Additionally we have the promise of YHWH to the woman in Gen. 3:15 seen in the ANCIENT NAME of the constellation 'VIRGO' known LONG BEFORE Moses wrote the Torah/Bible according to ARCHEOLOGICAL EVIDENCE. Virgo is the Latin name for the constellation known in ancient Greece as 'Parthenos' and 'Betulah' in Hebrew. Virgo in Latin, Parthenos in Greek and Betulah in Hebrew all mean 'virgin'. The earliest archeology we have of this constellation points to much earlier knowledge than the Dendera Zodiak of Egypt but that one is seen in essentially the same detail as in our modern planisphere/zodiakal maps. The virgin is seen as a woman holding either a branch of wheat (porrima = a prophetic 'messianic branch') or a child, the MESSIANIC PROMISE given to Eve and spoken of elsewhere (Gen. 3:15, Is. 4:2, Jer. 23:5, Jer. 33:15, Zech. 3:8, Zech. 6:12). There was some partial promise received by Eve with more details of its ultimate fulfulment given in the Prophet Abel's death as well as the other TWO anomolies of PROPHETIC HUMAN SACRIFICIAL PICTURES which YHWH was careful to show us ANTE-TYPICALLY to its actual FULFILMENT with ORION conquering WORLD DARKNESS and DEATH wearing this THREE STARRED BELT of TRUTH...and we have cultural art of this PROMISED MESSIAH (savior) 'SEEN' in the SKY going back before Egypt. Both Abraham and Moses are partial lights of this Messianic Promise which Yahshua has yet to lead the people into, as we will see in THE MESSAGE. Such cultural art based on ancient myth seen in the skies and handed down through oral traditions seems to have begun before Moses in Egypt ended abruptly with the destruction of the Temple, to coincide with prophecy; only the CULTURAL descendents of the RABBINIC Jews who REJECTED the Messiah CORNERSTONE 2000 years ago as prophesied in advance they would do, and who confessed His blood on their heads that have yet to officially answer these UNSEALED TRUTHS regarding the CHARGES against the FATHERS before that ERROR which they introduced is removed from the Kingdom of Peace established on the TRUE CORNERSTONE of TIME and LAW, as designed. It seems the one most common element of ALL of the MOST ANCIENT CULTURES is their SHARING of TWELVE LUNAR MONTHS (even ANCIENT china we know originally had 12) and one of them associated with this CHILD OF A WOMAN 'SAVIOR/GOD' WHO WOULD CONQUER THE DRAGON IN THE SKY. We don't seem to hear much about that with the hype of the relatively recent invention of the Mayan Aztec calendar based ALREADY on the BLINDING SUN (and look at the bloodshed their system required!). I suggest to you it is THIS LUNAR CALENDAR with its ASSOCIATED CONSTELLATION STORY which was the FIRST LANGUAGE which was CONFUSED and DISPERSED INTO THE ENTIRE WORLD. So the promise was associated with the STARS but the transmission of that original story got 'lost' in confusion requiring it to be put into a DIFFERENT FORM of WRITING. So the LIGHT of the WORLD came to MOSES embushed and gave him the ORIGINAL ACCOUNT to WRITE DOWN for PROVIDENTIAL POSTERITY for us to LEARN and UNDERSTAND the ANCIENT PLAN. Gen. 3:15 establishes an ancient PROMISE of a SACRIFICE of a PROMISED 'REDEEMER' from GOD who would be KNOWN AS SAVIOR OF MANKIND, the CORNERSTONE of mans PERCEPTION OF REALITY for his PERFECTION!

This promised Messianic 'son' was NOT Cain as Eve likely assumed at first, but it was partually fulfilled in ABEL who gives us MORE INSIGHT into the PLAN of the PROMISE which would come far in the future...that this REDEEMER would DIE as an ATONEMENT SACRIFICE to SATISFY the JUSTICE REQUIREMENT of MANKIND having TRANSGRESSED the HOLY LAW beginning with Adam in the Garden. Abel was the BLESSED SON whose line was carried on by Seth who replaced him as the FAITHFUL WITNESS after his brother, who wanted to be the only 'light' in the world, selfishly put his Light out...and so the SPIRITUAL struggle between ISRAELITE LIGHT and EDOMITE DARKNESS is then recorded throughout the rest of Scripture in the ATONEMENTS SACRIFICE DRAMA of HIS STORY. The struggle that has been taking place in the Heavens by Creative Design is to take place in your mind to enlighten you to the TRUE nature of otherwise unperceived REALITY and there is a sort of DRAMA being played out. Messiah finished his part of the ATONEMENTS SACRIFICE DRAMA by suffering and dying and his blood was figuratively received in the heavenly temple before the father, waived as a firstfruit from death. The second half of that ATONEMENTS sacrifice comes when we recognize our condition, repent, and remove that error in perception from mankind foisted on us in conspiracy by EDOMITES in CONSPIRACY (the 'authorities' of Rome and Judah) by making the TORAH LAW with its LUNAR WEEK CALENDAR as the CORNERSTONE of REALITY as YHWH designed. Then we shall know peace as we evolve in our understanding to be united with the creative force of the mind holding our perception of material reality together as the FINAL GOAL of the PLAN. The Material world shall be destroyed and only the INVISIBLE REALITIES of LIFE will remain forever; this is what we are to LEARN as we strive toward the LIGHT of such VIRTUOUS LOVING CHARACTER.

The three anomolies of human sacrifice YHWH gives us to show us HIS CHARACTER while at the same time EMPOWERING US to OBTAIN IT (which I go over in great detail here in THE MESSAGE) are regarding his MOED SACRIFICE, the sacrificial promise of HIS LAMB and HIS CORNERSTONE for perceiving time/space reality, and they should be viewed as TEXTUAL STARS to light the way for the eye of our mind to see the MESSIANIC STAR of PROMISE they are intended to DIRECT OUR MINDS TO SEE. Then coupled with understanding these sacrifices happen at the time of FULL MOON SABBATH (which is flagged by full moon the evening before the Sabbath day), we can begin to understand such prophesies as:

The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and the terrible day of YHWH come. Joel 2:31

I suggest through ORAL TRADITION we understand that the three GREAT SACRIFICIAL FEASTS of YHWH which He commanded to be kept for ALL TIME as a MEMORIAL (Passover, Shavuot/Pentecost, and Tabernacles looked at in detail within), which are set to a FULL MOON cycle of TIME (a CALENDAR SYSTEM OF 'SABBATHS') which was SACRIFICED by the children of the BLINDING DARKNESS of the SUN 2000 years ago exactly as the GREAT SPIRIT and ARCHITECT of PERFECTED MANKIND has rightly boasted in telling us from the foundation of the world! Its written in CREATED ORDER as a SIGNITURE and now a WARNING to the RULERS OF EARTH! I suggest to you that the BELT of THREE STARS which the MIGHTY WARRIOR ORION mentioned in scripture wears as he conquers the DARKNESS of WINTER which REPRESENTS DEATH, is a BELT OF TRUTH regarding the THREE ANOMOLIES of HUMAN SACRIFICE by which the PLAN is ACCOMPLISHED. This battle in the Heavens takes place on Earth when the BODY of MESSIAH puts the BELT OF TRUTH ON to CONQUER the DARKNESS on EARTH.


It is time to COME OUT from the BLINDING DARKNESS of the DRAGON IN THE SUN (and the ANTI-CHRIST CALENDAR SYSTEM given to us 2000 years ago, the deception the WHOLE WORLD is currently under) to walk in the LIGHT of the INVISIBLE GREAT SPIRIT by using the EYE OF UNDERSTANDING and SIMPLE OBEDIENCE to the CODEBOOK and ARCHITECTUAL PLAN! The BIBLE is the codebook which contains this ANCIENT PLAN here unsealed from the text in a RESTORED Oral tradition which makes the MOON the symbol for the Messiah who is the PROMISED LIGHT to be SENT IN to be SNUFFED OUT, seen through reflection on the COMMANDMENTS of BLOOD SACRIFICE which would eventually expose the psychopathy of mans thinking regarding reality itself, reflected in the sun which blinds minds by which the world has been conquered through GREED and LUSTS as the Bible tells us would happen. The first shall become last and the last, first. It's time for Mankind to learn some CHARACTER and get his affairs in ORDER before a HOLY CREATOR.

In Genesis 1 we are told that a LIFE GIVING LIGHT of the world was sent from the FATHER OF LIGHTS into the BLINDING DARKNESS of CREATION as a LOGOS (logic, word/instruction) to bring ORDER to the chaotic darkness according to the WILL/DESIRE of the Father of Lights. This is what we glean logically from the Genesis account of creation where we have plants and trees growing on day 3 before the Creation of the Sun on day 4. Therefore we can reason that this communication is CLEARLY IMPLYING that the Sun is NOT the TRUE Life giving Light as most seem to believe to this day, and it is certainly not the FAITHFUL WITNESS of that TRUE LIGHT of the World. Through EXPRESSED COMMANDMENTS given later we see that it is the Moon which represents the TRUE LIFE GIVING LIGHT of the INVISIBLE FATHER OF LIFE and the Sun represents the pharaonic PSYCHOPATHY of MANKIND who was born into a BLINDING DARKNESS separated from direct perception and even the KNOWLEDGE of the TRUE LIFE GIVING LIGHT embedded in the pages of TORAH (the Bible), according to a DESIGN PLAN unsealed in this message for us to NOW understand. This PLAN was KNOWN TO SOCRATES who spoke of it PARABOLICALLY in terms of his THEORY of IDEALS regarding PERFECT JUSTICE in an UTOPIC KINGDOM in which his famous CAVE PARABLE is central. It is such a REVEALING WORK that we will condense it down considerably to cover the pertinent sections of that work relative to this thesis, later in the Message itself.

These two SYMBOLS created to REPRESENT the light and darkness of day ONE are for our commanded PERCEPTION of CREATED ORDER itself; to FULLY UNDERSTAND REALITY and be able to make INTELLIGENT, REASONED CHOICES. These SIGNS were created on day 4 to represent the LIGHT and DARKNESS of day ONE which are NOT SEEN WITH THE EYE alone but only through the EYE OF THE MIND which is where TRUE SIGHT resides, and only by using the LOGICAL LANGUAGE of REASON, the very IMAGE OF GOD seen and worshipped in SPIRIT and TRUTH alone, from the foundation of the world as evidenced by the lives of men like Abel, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Socrates, and Paul. Therefore we understand/see that apart from the UNSEEN TRUTH being known or taught, mankind would easily conclude in the darkness of his ignorance that the Sun represents the Light of the world and the Moon represents world Darkness, but that is EXACTLY OPPOSITE of what the Father of Lights COMMANDED for us to understand FROM THE FOUNDATION OF THE WORLD; Notice CAREFULLY as we proceed how he CROSSED HIS ARMS when HE BLESSED THEM. His Light of TRUTH FREES US from OUR BONDAGE to IGNORANCE.

We see this ORAL TRADITION regarding KNOWLEGE of our CREATOR being HATED all throughout HIS STORY beginning first with ABEL being hated and slain by his brother CAIN. In deep symbolic form this event represents both the first 'Passover' AND the first half of the ATONEMENTS sacrifice we are later given more expressed details for UNDERSTANDING with our MINDS EYE.

The loving and caring nature of Abel, symbolized by the Moon, made sacrifice according to OBEDIENCE to the INVISIBLE FATHER OF LIGHT and Cain, preferring to walk in WORLD DARKNESS symbolized by the Sun, overshadows the TRUE LIGHT of ETERNAL LIFE which his brother still SHINES TO THIS DAY in all except the MINDS of those who CHOOSE to RIGHTLY PERCEIVE the SIGNS regarding SACRIFICE given as the DRUMBEAT of TIME and the CORNERSTONE of the LAW from the foundation of the world. The one who appears BIGGER and BRIGHTER to those in DEEP DARKNESS is not YHWH's choice in rulers in the KINGDOM of LIGHT and never has been. It is the Psychopathic BEAST MIND of Man divorced from TRUE LIFE GIVING LIGHT who trusts in what he SEES with his eyes of BLINDING DARKNESS and refuses to use the LIGHT of REASON to see with his minds EYE. Seeing reality through the MIRROR of the LAW which shows us his nature, character, and purpose...extending to us the proposal to be made to REFLECT HIS INVISIBLE CHARACTER through our own actions with HIS ASSISTANCE according to His Design for the perfection of Mankind. Mankind is being DESIGNED to REFLECT the SUPREME CHARACTER of His Maker whose PURPOSE is a perfect 'BRIDE' of sorts, for HIS DOTING PLEASURE so OUR DESIRE would be TOWARD HIM, likewise.

The selfish psychopath who seeks power exalts HIMSELF as the leading Light in the minds of those in darkness and so USURPS AUTHORITY as the Life giver of the planet as a PHARAOH who knows not Joseph and not one who recognized a PROMISED JOSEPH who gives glory to the FATHER by turning the faces of ALL the children to HIM so HIS COUNTENANCE can rest upon THEM, also.

YHWH intends that the light of JOSEPH represent his SAVING RIGHT HAND, reflected in the sign of the Moon which would be rejected by the builders, which would overcome the blinding light of PHARAOH represented by the Sun which the builders selected together in a CONSPIRACY for WORLD DOMINATION, the left hand of YHWH who blinds minds from perceiving the TRUE LIGHT of LIFE as he rules over their minds TYRANNICALLY and making himself to be 'god' over them. As father/creator of both sun and moon (and the light and darkness of day 1 they were created on day 4 to REPRESENT) we can say these two representatives of YHWH's Plan represent the TWO HANDS of YHWH which he uses to BRING ORDER and CREATE HIS DESIRE. The Sun represents the LEFT HAND which man perceives as the symbol for the right hand only until they recognize that the FATHER CROSSED HIS HANDS IN BLESSING THESE TWO ORBS REPRESENTING TWO SPIRITUAL LIGHTS/SONS WHO ALL MEN OBEY according to the PLAN of the FATHER of LIGHTS. The Moon represents the LIFE GIVING MIGHTY RIGHT HAND in EXPRESSED PASSOVER and ATONEMENTS COMMANDMENTS given later for the expressed purpose of being UNSEALED as a TESTIMONY at the proper time according to the PLAN. This same light of truth is seen through reflection regarding the CROSSING OVER of HANDS in a 'PASSOVER' event where SALVATION from the LEFT HAND (Pharaonically disobedient children of God attempting to put out the TRUE light of Life seen reflected only in the Father's CHOSEN REPRESENTATIVES; his SONS of LIGHT) is effected through a SUFFERING SERVANT RAISED to represent his otherwise INVISIBLE CHARACTER/NATURE. For this reason YHWH always selects the SUFFERING SERVANT who has perceived his INVISIBLE NATURE and REFLECTS that NATURE by what he DOES; one who does not seek glory to himself but seeks to bless others with the light of the INVISIBLE FATHER'S LOVE.

So Abel speaks of the FIRST TIME which YHWH promises to send an OBEDIENT SON into the world to teach us about the FATHER OF LIGHTS who would be SNUFFED OUT by spiritual Edomites who reject the TRUE PERSPECTIVE of TORAH LAW and the PROPHETS SENT at various times to CORRECT THEM, to walk in a HERESY of MAN in an ANCIENT ATONEMENTS SACRIFICE pictured in the sky every Month which they had no idea they were playing a part in. The JUSTICE of God shall SOON be meted out so that the DARKNESS will NO LONGER APPEAR as 'light' to those who have been BLINDED SO LONG. The sun blinds minds to the SPIRITUAL ETERNAL REALITY beyond this TEMPORAL MATERIAL reality reflected by the FAITHFUL WITNESS of the MOON in CREATION LANGUAGE from a MARVELLOUS DESIGNER attempting to speak to the EVOLVING COLLECTIVE MIND of his CREATION, PERFECTED MANKIND!

We see this is HOW he intends to SAVE MANKIND from mans own PSYCHOPATHY and it is given to us in pictures of SIGNS or HANDS 'crossing over'...a 'passover' of the Hands of Power as seen metaphorically in the younger/smaller Abel receiving YHWH's favor and blessing over the older/larger Cain to whom the blessing was presumptuously thought by all to belong despite the COMMAND of GOD who tells us in another example that it is the smaller (Israel) would receive the blessing and be served by his older brother (Edom). So this same pattern is seen throughout scripture as with the child of promise Abel over Cain, Isaac over his older brother Ishmael; Jacob over Esau; and the promise of KINGDOM RULE given by Israel to the coming 'SHEPHERD and STONE of Israel' (from Joseph NOT Judah Gen. 49:24) when he crossed his right hand to Ephraim and his left to Mannasseh in blessing the TWO children of his MOST BLESSED SON Joseph, who receives the promise of rulership from the Messiah from the tribe of Judah (Gen. 48:14, 49:10, 49:24, Dan. 7:13); and finally in the persecuted and suffering David, the least and hated of his brothers who is anointed as King over the disobedient yet statuesque figure of King Saul, in another Messianic foreshadowing of the SALVATION of MANKIND according to YHWH's Plan. YHWH often chooses those who APPEAR to the WORLDS STANDARDS to be poor candidates for the job, the least in the Kingdom to become greatest...the BOTTOM of the 'pecking order' according to Mans 'vision' regarding 'reality', but HE KNOWS THE HEART and raises men for HIS GLORY even as both Sun and Moon give him glory; but it is the Moon which receives His blessing as the FAITHFUL WITNESS for His Plan and by which he set HIS DRUMBEAT OF TIME and LAW to go out from as a CORNERSTONE of TRUTH set by YHWH's PERFECT PLUMB LINES in ZION to go out from there to establish WORLD JUSTICE which shall bring WORLD PEACE by His GRAND DESIGN.

The last bit of natural law and order being seen camaflaged in prophetic detail is regarding the 'lesser' being served by the greater is in regard to the wonderful lessons we can glean from the animal kingdom. I don't have professional knowledge of the concepts I'm about to share, no professional field studies but only what I have observed and come to understand from the observations of others which have been related to me. Please feel free to share with me any insights or knowledge you have which may be helpful in correcting or clarifying the 'image' I'm trying to present here, thanks.

In many animal cultures we see what is referred to as a 'pecking order', for instance in chickens. Anyone who has raised chickens knows there is a 'pecking order' which literally means a SELECTED DEATH for the 'survival of the fittest'. Any chicken who becomes too weak or sickly will QUICKLY SUCCUMB to their societal VICTIMIZATION. Chickens are very dumb domesticated birds and without humans to save them from their 'children of the flies' condition, would not survive their own system of evolutionary survival. Most people are like dumb nitpicking chickens bound to destroy themselves and or anyone who gets around their chicken pen.

Lions are a bit smarter. A male lion is the KING of his 'pride' of hunting lionesses and young males. He will generally kill or run off any young Male offspring which presents opposition to his rule over the pride. Such a young male may become King of the pride should something happen to the King that he could no longer defend his position over the pride; but in likelihood will simply die in time. This is also a 'survival of the fittest' system which does not lend to a 'peaceful' kingdom for most. This much more closely represents the majority of Mans Kingdoms/Governmental structures.

Similarly in Wolf packs have greater social structure there is a pecking order of couples; each Male wolf having his own corresponding bitch in the pecking order, ie. Alpha male & his bitch, Beta male & his bitch, Gamma male...etc. and so forth. An adult male wolf with no corresponding bitch is at the BOTTOM of the 'pecking order', which means relegated to eating whatever may be left over from a kill. This 'lone one' is called the pack 'Lakota' wolf. Such a male serves some sort of a positive design outlet for the 'pecking order' and at the same time is constantly struggling to stay alive and well. This is done in a pack where resources are limited, while at the same time being greatly devoted to the survival of the pack despite his low status in it, even if it meant being its most aggressive defender and saving the others in the pack from attack or die trying; demonstrating fidelity and courage and even a sacrificial devotion to save the pack which treats him so poorly. Such great character YHWH seems to have given them. Can we not learn something from this system? Interestingly, in the event that something happens to the Alpha Male so that he is no longer able to lead the pack, the whole pack does NOT move up in rank so that the Beta male moves up to the station of the leading Alpha Male but rather it is the SCRAPPING LAKOTA who has been properly prepared IN COMMUNITY and ascends naturally to the position of alpha. It's interesting that even in culture today the Lone or rejected 'Lakota' Wolf is associated with the Full Moon in picture and film as with 'wolf man' stories. In modern oral tradition the man becomes a wolflike beast associated with the full moon but according to ancient promise from which it came, unsealed here that is also obverse. Man will evolve from his packlike beastly state when he rightly perceives the communication of the Moon representing the Light of the World according to programming design. We even have this same principle being captured allegorically in children's tales like 'Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer'.

YHWH selected HIS TRUTH to come as a LIGHT into a BEAST WORLD that would not perceive it correctly to be treated as the LAKOTA or like JOSEPH, rejected and sacrificed by INSANE, CHICKEN like men dashing for their share of the perceived limited and dwindling resources in a merely temporal material reality and in blindness regarding TRUE REALITY. This is the SEED of ETERNAL TRUTH which is to become the TREE OF LIFE in YOUR MIND so you can EAT and LIVE FOREVER from it and there can NEVER BE LACK OF RESOURCES. Our creator wants us to see HIS REFLECTED LIGHT REALITY so we may RECOGNIZE our BLINDING DARKNESS 'reality' of CAPTIVITY for what it is, desire HIS LIGHT to replace our darkness and FREE US so we may EVOLVE from our BEASTLY FALLEN CONDITION we come to RECOGNIZE exists using the RULES HE ESTABLISHED for that purpose as a STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN in YOUR MIND. Heaven and Hell are chosen WITHIN YOU whether or not you believe it, CHOOSE LIFE! In this way we judge ourselves according to IMMUTABLE TRUTH and our own CHOSEN RELATIONSHIP to HIM in a HIERARCHY of a GOVERNING BODY of AUTHORITY where HE is HEAD over MANKIND as its LIFE GIVING LIGHT! Knowledge of Him is what will knit his GOLEM BODY together to OBEY HIS WILL as HIS DESIRE! Do you want to be PART of that BODY of MANKIND? YHWH chose Israel, composed of the TWO houses Judah AND Joseph, to be his SUFFERING SERVANT to ascend the position of Alpha over the nations according to HIS PLAN for our WEDDING SABBATH TO HIM as the GROOM of MANKIND, His Bride, as He has planned and promised from the foundation of the world! When ALL ISRAEL (composed of Judah and Joseph/Ephraim who is part of every nation) are united as the LAKOTA under the SIGN of the MOON, this body will then become ALPHA to the Nations which may ALL ENTER THE WEDDING PROMISE at that point in time, before Edomite DARKNESS is removed from the world of LIGHT before entering the ETERNAL PROMISE outlined herein, according to my understanding of the BLUEPRINT of COMMUNICATION embedded in CREATED ORDER as REVEALED by the UNSEALED SCROLL, as I perceive it. There is certainly nothing MORE TRUE than that one judges themself regarding how they CHOOSE to perceive a reality now known to be held together and being controlled by POWERS BEYOND OUR ABILITY TO DISCOVER! The Bible itself tells us that we 'fell' and Science now ESTABLISHES THE FACT that we live in a sort of MIND TESTING BOX or TESTING PROGRAM reality, if you will. Sort of living like in an holographic reality or dream while thinking it most real. Those who live apart from accountability to the programmers expressed instructions only condemn themselves by so doing. They play god in opposition to him, according to his design but it was still their choice to oppose his character while pretending to offer something better. Trading for worthless shells and pretty stones, shiny rocks and MATERIAL THINGS in a FALLEN REALITY while forsaking HOLY INVISIBLE CHARACTER in their DELUSION regarding the PERCEPTION of REALITY itself.

One remains condemned in the darkness of fallen material reality or they may choose to ascend to the light of unknown TRUTH when presented to them, and so show themselves to be already walking in the LIFE giving light and merely looking for more, or not. This is the ancient FAITH of our salvation from our BEASTLY FALLEN CONDITION.

Whether or not one chooses to admit it and so come into the light of SAVING TRUTH, there is only ONE TRUE MODEL for EXPLAINING REALITY and the PURPOSE FOR MAN giving him HOPE around which to UNITE to have PURPOSEFUL DIRECTION and POSITIVE EVOLUTION given from the FOUNDATION of the world as revealed in THIS MESSAGE reassembled from ALL KNOWN FACTS according to the BIBLE, and its STILL MOST TRUE TO THIS DAY according to the NOW UNSEALED EVIDENCES as ITSELF PROCLAIMED would be done. There is NO OTHER WAY to COMPREHENSIVELY STRUCTURE ALL KNOWN FACTS REGARDING REALITY than in this FRAMEWORK given to MANKIND in a SEVEN DAY PROMISE from the FOUNDATION OF THE WORLD as declared by THIS MESSAGE. AS JUDGE YOU condemn or pardon YOUR SELF ALONE according to YOUR OWN CHOICE in RELATIONSHIP to LOVE or HATE the SAVING TRUTH which HOLDS YOUR LIFE in HIS HANDS! Do you love Him enough to DIE for him, even LIVE DAILY as a SUFFERING LAKOTA SACRIFICE to show HIS LOVE to the rest of the PACK he LOVES until WE ALL EVOLVE TOGETHER as HE DESIGNED; to SABBATH in HIS LOVE as PROMISED? Only truly EVOLVED or 'reborn' MEN 'sold out' and giving their DEVOTED ALL in SERVICE to see the KINGDOM RULE which establishes PEACE to come to PLANET EARTH need apply to this branch of SERVICE to MANKIND. It's too demanding for the BEASTLY MINDED man. This is how we see the signs representing the faithful LIGHT of YHWH which conquers the DARKNESS of the blinding GODS who spin their DELUSIONS of materialistic perception to create the DARKNESS which conceals them. YHWH has unsealed his light so the spiritual REALITY people CHOOSE to 'live in' may be DIVIDED and DISTINGUISHED according to their DEEDS made manifest...REPENT, BE WASHED OF YOUR ERRORS AND COME INTO THE ETERNAL LIGHT OF SAVING TRUTH, TODAY!

More to be added in later editing and re-colating.