Moses LAW and the PROPHETS describe the SPIRIT OF TRUTH who IS GOD which shall RULE MANKIND through HIS MESSIAH!




Don't even THINK that I have come to destroy the law or the prophets! I have NOT come to DESTROY THEM but to CROWN THEM! Truly I'm telling you that until heaven and earth pass away, NOT ONE SMALL STROKE or command will pass away from the law UNTIL EVERYTHING WRITTEN HAS BEEN ACCOMPLISHED! Therefore whoever breaks even the smallest of the commandments and teaches others to do so, he shall be called LEAST in the Kingdom but whoever shall DO THEM AND TEACH THEM shall be GREAT in the Kingdom of Heaven. Matthew 5:17-19

Lawless Anti-semite FALSE TEACHING ANTI-CHRIST tares not only break, and teach others to break, the smallest or 'least of the commandments', they go so far as to say that the TeNaKh (Torah, Prophets, and Psalms) have ALL been DONE AWAY as part of an 'Old Covenant' having NO APPLICATION FOR THE FUTURE of mankind; which is absolutely contrary to JESUS OWN EMPHATIC PROCLAMATION! Let's take a look at some of the SPECIOUS arguments these POPULAR FALSE TEACHERS use to SERVE SATAN, in Jesus name! They will be TURNED AWAY as 'LAWLESS' despite their POPULARITY and BIG MINISTRIES doing wonderful works in Jesus name, as NEVER HAVING HAD A RELATIONSHIP with his HOLY SPIRIT as described by the LAW (Mat. 7:21-23)!

The TWO 'PILLARS' used as arguments most often to build this ANTI-SEMITE HOUSE OF CARDS, are the DEMONSTRABLE LIES they teach about PAUL and Peter, two RIGHTEOUS JEWISH LEADERS of the SECT of ISRAELITE FAITH called the 'NAZARENES' (Acts 24:5 & Acts 28:22)! They TWIST Paul and Peter's words to teach CONTRARY TO WHAT THEY TAUGHT! Let's take a look at their first 'PILLAR' for their ANTICHRIST house of cards, Paul.

...(Paul's letters) in which there are things that are very difficult to understand, which the ignorant and unstable twist and distort to their own destruction, as they do the rest of the scriptures. 2 Peter 3:16


Many Christians twist Paul's teachings to teach that Paul 'did away with the law'. We shall see that is clearly a DEMONSTRABLE LIE which Paul went to TRIAL to put to an END!

In Acts 15 we see that there was a debate about circumcision which is alluded to in other places in scripture. Some brethren claiming to have authority from Jerusalem were teaching that adult male Gentiles coming to faith in the God of Israel were to be circumcised at the outset of their profession of faith in Jesus as God's promised Messiah (probably either right before or after baptism). Paul's argument was that, although adult circumcision was a central part of the HALACHA of the RABBINIC SECT for converts to ISRAEL, circumcision was NOT a Torah command given to Gentiles by Moses (with the exception of anyone who wanted to eat the PASSOVER with JEWS), and was simply these men's ADDITION to the LAW of Moses which in fact was CONTRARY to the SPIRIT of the LAW! Therefore PAUL ARGUED that OUR 'SECT' of ISRAELITE FAITH was not going to recognize RABBINIC Jewish HALACHA as BINDING on ANYONE! We see Jesus had the same issue on many occasions with the PHARISAIC Jewish SECTS TRADITIONS which were exalted OVER the Law of Moses given for ALL ISRAEL, which BROKE the very SPIRIT and INTENT of the Law. They didn't even RECOGNIZE Jesus EMBODIED THE VERY CORNERSTONE SPIRIT of the TORAH LAW! So the issue was brought before the Messianic Court in Jerusalem for a decision to be made. The issue is not whether or not TORAH LAW is 'VALID' but HOW TO INTERPRET IT. In other words, it was not the LAW which was on trial but the SPIRIT of the LAW reflected through MESSIANIC HALAKHA was on trial, by the very ones who REJECTED ITS CORNERSTONE in the first place (as designed! Just like Judah rejected Joseph to FULFILL THE PROMISE OF GOD, so it was INTENDED Judah would ALSO REJECT JESUS to FULFILL THE PLAN OF GOD!)!

We see that James interpreted the LAW by the SAME SPIRIT as Jesus and Paul did. He decided there was nowhere in the minutia of Moses Instruction (Torah=Instruction/Law) a command requiring adult males to be circumcised to sojourn with and be joined to Israel [though they would not be allowed to eat the Passover WITH JEWS without having been circumcised, and they would be still be required to circumcise their male children born into the believing community on the eighth day after birth (and CLEARLY there would be CHANGES to the SACRIFICIAL LAWS and TEMPLE PURITY LAWS of the NEW COVENANT which the FIRST COVENANT PROMISES within it's own framework. For example, the differences between the numbers of Bulls and Lambs sacrificed on Sabbaths and New Moons under the 'Old' covenant system of Num. 28:9-14 which would pass away with the soon destruction of the Temple as prophesied, and those of the PROMISED 'New Covenant Temple System' described in Ez. 46:3-6. These passages demonstrate the CLEAR EXAMPLES of the PROMISED CHANGES between the 'OLD' and 'NEW' covenants, detailed in the LAW and PROPHETS of the TeNaKh (Old Testament). These 'CHANGES' between the 'Old' and the 'New' MARRIAGE COVENANT SYSTEM with God CAN NOT EVER TAKE EFFECT until the MESSIAH BUILD THE PROMISED EZEKIEL TEMPLE where we see the SPECIFICS of those CHANGES from the 'FIRST' to the 'NEW' COVENANT taking EFFECT, according to MOSES AND THE PROPHETS! In other words, THAT 'NEW COVENANT' PROMISE CAN NOT EVER MANIFEST into REALITY until THESE PROPHESIED 'Judgement' events BEGINS in GODS HOUSE to EXPOSE and REMOVE the RELIGIOUS HARLOT of WORLD DECEPTION, to then JOIN JUDAH and ISRAEL TOGETHER as ONE BODY or HOUSE purified in the 'WILDERNESS OF THE NATIONS', before being LED INTO THE LAND PROMISE as PROPHESIED!)]! We are talking about VERY DIFFICULT 'PROPHETIC LEGAL ISSUES' that would not be FULLY HASHED OUT until the END DAYS when JUDGEMENT IS MADE for the SAINTS according to the PROPHECIES contained in MOSES and the PROPHETS...the LAW which JESUS SAID must be COMPLETELY FULFILLED and not ONE JOT OR TITTLE WILL EVER PASS AWAY UNTIL IT HAS BEEN! This is WHY we shall see the HOLY SPIRIT bound PAUL over for TRIAL in regard to these END DAYS ISSUES for which JUDGEMENT WOULD BE POURED OUT as PROPHESIED! Therefore James RULED as follows:

Therefore my decision is that we should not burdon those from the Gentiles who are turning to God (with circumcision) BUT we are requesting that they abstain from meats sacrificed to idols, from sexual immorality, from meat that had been strangled, and from consuming blood; because from ancient times Moses is preached every Sabbath in cities with Synagogues. Acts 15:19-21

What is most notable is that the MIND SLAVES of these HARLOT TARES frequently use the MANTRA: 'we're not under the law' without any understanding of what they are saying as MINDLESS SLAVES of the LAWLESS ONE! They can't seem to comprehend that the Apostled DID UPHOLD THE LAW when they chose THESE FOUR COMMANDMENTS as the REQUIREMENT to REMAIN IN GOOD STANDING What's also interesting here is that DESPITE the fact that circumcision of adult male proselytes, which was made into a huge issue while not even FOUND in Moses instructions, is that these FOUR COMMANDS found in the MINUTIA of MOSES LAW, and are given to ALL ISRAEL, ARE COMMANDED TO THESE PROSELYTES TURNING TO FAITH in the GOD OF ISREAL through their faith in JESUS as the MESSIAH of GOD and the KING of ISRAEL! Since SEXUAL IMMORALITY of all sorts, and eating meats STRANGLED or OFFERED TO IDOLS and consuming BLOOD was SO COMMON among the Gentiles, THESE TORAH COMMANDS WERE TO BE IMMEDIATLY PLACED ON ALL WITHIN THE COMMUNITY OF BELIEVERS COMING INTO ISRAEL BY FAITH IN JESUS! Also noteworthy is the context that these believers can LEARN MOSES IN THE SYNAGOGUES (because the 'sect of Nazarenes' was not yet 'excommunicated' from the streams of ISRAELITE FAITH called 'Judaism' today, to be TRODDEN DOWN by ANTI-SEMITE GENTILES calling themselves 'christians' and BUILDING ANTI-SEMITE WALLS of HATRED against the ROOT OF FAITH. Interestingly it's THESE VERY PRACTICES which were PROPHESIED to be some of the very things which would CHARACTERIZE the ANTI-SEMITE JEZEBEL CHURCH HARLOT of REVELATION who would attempt to STEAL Gods covenant and PRETEND to be GODS BRIDE/BODY on Earth! Judgement, ACCORDING TO THE LAW, will COME ON HER FOR HER LAWLESS REBELLION to the COVENANT according to JESUS HIMSELF (Mic. 4:10-13, Ex. 20:33-38, Dan. 7, Rev. 2:14, 20-23, & 26-28, & Rev. chpts. 17 & 18)!

So we see that the LAW is what will EXPOSE, JUDGE and SENTENCE the 'lawless' HARLOT and all her FALSE TEACHING TARES who DO NOT EVEN KNOW the SPIRIT OF JESUS, but worship the SERPENT GOD of this world IN JESUS NAME while TRYING TO STEAL the NEW COVENANT given to ISRAEL into which GENTILES are GRAFFED BY FAITH IN JESUS (Mat. 7:21-23, Mat. 13:30, Rom. 11)!

Let me point out that Paul not only did NOT teach against Moses Law or the prophets as both the AHAB JUDAIZERS and the JEZEBEL HARLOT TARES BOTH ACCUSE HIM in their DIVIDED WORLD KINGDOM to THIS VERY DAY, but he had the CORRECT INTERPRETATION and SPIRIT which is the CORNERSTONE of the LAW which will JOIN the TWO HOUSES of JUDAH and ISRAEL so that ALL ISRAEL IS SAVED according to the PROPHECIES HE KNEW WELL (Rom. 11). Paul (like John in Rev. 19:10) recognized JESUS 'SPIRIT OF PROPHECY' as the very CORNERSTONE of the LAW which men have always REBELLED AGAINST, while pretending to be the ADMINISTRATORS OF LAW! Jesus, being the ALPHA and OMEGA (Aleph & Tav) is not only the BEGINNING of the father's 'WORD' known as LAW, but he is also the GOAL or END of the SAME, as we saw he stated above in Mat. 5:17, but also here in Romans 10:4 by Paul (which is often twisted out of context):

For the Messiah is the righteous GOAL of the Law for all who believe. Romans 10:4

Paul says the same thing here:

What is the purpose of the law? It was added because of transgression (against Gods spirit in a man, like both Joseph and Jesus), till the seed should come to whom the promise was made.... Galatians 3:19a

So Paul is saying the SAME THING Jesus said in Mat. 5:17-18 quoted at the beginning of this page, and also here:

If you believed Moses you would also believe me because he wrote about me. How can you possibly believe me if you don't believe Moses writings? John 5:46-47

Paul, like Jesus before him, was telling us the LAW IS SPIRITUAL and speaks ALL ABOUT JESUS SPIRIT OF PROPHECY as the KING over his FATHERS LAW (now seated next to him according to Psalm 110) who would be REJECTED according to the SOD (SECRET/HIDDEN) teachings of MOSES sealed up until the END DAYS when Judah and Israel would UNITE AND OBEY FOR THE GLORY OF GOD! This is the ONLY TRUE INTERPRETATION of MOSES and the PROPHETS! Any other interpretation of Moses and the Prophets is a LAWLESS LIE with a SATANIC SPIRIT which MISSES THE VERY GOAL OF THE LAW ALL TOGETHER, and being BLINDED by that WRONG SPIRIT, CAN NOT AND WILL NOT RECOGNIZE GODS HOLY SPIRIT OF TRUTH and PROPHECY IN A MAN!

In fact this became a VERY HUGE ISSUE which has LAST DAYS IMPLICATIONS! You see the ANTICHRIST and HIS SPIRIT and 'SEED/tares', LIKE AHAB AND JEZEBEL, were going to come shortly to REPLACE the Spirit of GODS 'TIMES AND LAW', which speak ALL ABOUT the TRUE JESUS, so that he and his HARLOT CHURCH could DECEIVE THE WHOLE WORLD until the END DAYS when the COURTS WILL SIT and these TRUTHS which he would throw down and she would VIOLENTLY SUPPRESS, would be RESTORED by GODS JUDGEMENT, according to the BLUEPRINT! These TIMES and LAWS of Moses, which would be REPLACED with LAWLESS LIES by the antichrist and his HARLOT CHURCH so that DECEPTION and CORRUPTION COULD PROSPER, speak ALL ABOUT JESUS and HIS HOLY SPIRIT as the CORNERSTONE of the LAW AND PROPHETS!

In order to enter THESE EVIDENCES into the END DAYS COURTROOM by which that LAWLESS 'SPIRITUAL' HARLOT would be EXPOSED, and CONDEMNED, Paul was prompted by the HOLY SPIRIT to go to Jerusalem WITHOUT KNOWING WHY!

And now behold, I've been BOUND BY THE SPIRIT to go to Jerusalem not knowing what's going to happen to me there. Acts 20:22

In the next chapter we see him arrive at Ceasaria on the northern coast a couple days journey from Jerusalem where he is told WHAT is going to happen when he arrives AS THE SPIRIT IS COMMANDING HIM.

Since we stayed many days, a prophet named Agabus came from Judaea. When he arrived and came to us, he took Paul's girdle and bound his own hands and feet, and said: 'The Holy Spirit has told me the Jews in Jerusalem will bind the owner of this girdle and deliver him into custody of the Gentiles'. Acts 21:10-12

Now Paul knows WHAT is going to happen in Jerusalem; he's going to be arrested and put on trial...but he doesn't know WHY yet, until he gets there! Now let's take a look at WHY he's to be arrested and put on trial:

So when we came to Jerusalem, the brethren received us gladly....they said 'brother do you see how many thousands of believers (in Jesus) have come and they're all zealous for Torah? But they've heard that you are teaching Jews living among the Gentiles to forsake Moses teachings; telling them not to circumcise their children or walk according to custom (halakha)! What's to be done? Surely there will be a big meeting on this when they hear that you've come. Therefore you should do as we instruct you (and take the OPTIONAL RITE of the NAZARITE VOW with four other men who don't have the money for the sacrifices, so you can pay for them to keep the Halakha) SO THAT THOSE WHO HAVE HEARD THESE LIES MAY SEE THAT YOU YOURSELF KEEP THE COMMANDS AND HALAKHA. In regard to the Gentiles coming to faith, we have already established that they need do nothing more than keep themselves from things offered to idols, and from blood, and from strangled meat, and from fornication (because Moses instructions are taught every week). Acts 21:17-25

Now we see WHY the HOLY SPIRIT was having Paul go to Jerusalem to be arrested and PUT ON TRIAL for his FAITH; to ESTABLISH THE TRUTH of WHAT HE WAS TEACHING!

Rumors had spread based on TWISTING the very INTRICATE NUANCES of HOW to CORRECTLY INTERPRET MOSES which the SECT OF NAZARENES was Teaching which resulted in the SLANDER that Paul was teaching AGAINST MOSES; because he was the MOST PROLIFIC EVANGELIST for the NEW JEWISH SECT going out into the GENTILE WORLD [as we see brought him no small amount of trouble with anti-semites and their pagan customs as we see in Acts 16:21-21 and Acts 19:34). They MISREPRESENTED Paul's (and the Nazarene SECT or Halakha of the ISREALITE/Jewish FAITH he was teaching) based on his REJECTION of the halakha of the PHARISAIC SECT which some men were trying to FORCE on the GENTILE converts coming into faith in the GOD of ISRAEL and his PLAN for WORLD SALVATION in the END DAYS, after the (AHAB/JEZEBEL) ANTICHRIST/HARLOT DECEPTION is EXPOSED according to the PLAN]! Paul was being REQUIRED to be ARRESTED and PUT ON TRIAL as a TESTIMONY for the TRUE JESUS which is ESTABLISHED in the LAW OF MOSES and the PROPHETS RIGHTLY UNDERSTOOD as HE HIMSELF GIVES TESTIMONY before the court!

(all of these charges are completely false! They have no credible witness to establish any of it and therefore can't prove a word of it) But of this I do confess to you, that after the Halakha which they call a heresy (the sect of Nazarene Jews which they accuse me as a leader), I do worship the God of my fathers, BELIEVING (and therefore DOING) ALL THE THINGS WRITTEN IN THE LAW AND THE PROPHETS!: Acts 24:14

While still under house arrest he later gave this testimony before procurator Felix and King Agrippa:

... I continue to this day witnessing to both small and great, SPEAKING ONLY THOSE THINGS WHICH MOSES AND THE PROPHETS SAID WOULD COME: That the Messiah would suffer and be the first to rise from the dead as a light to the people and to the Gentiles. Acts 26:22-23

So there were a lot of political wranglings over the next couple of years, during which time Paul made appeal to Ceasar in Rome where he was finally sent (his shipwreck on Malta not withstanding). After arriving and being placed under house arrest, he immediately called the Jewish leadership together, who told him they had heard nothing of these proceedings. Nevertheless they were very interested in hearing more about his perspective of this 'sect' of the Nazarenes for which he was on trial, which went as follows.

We want to hear more about this 'sect' and what you think because we've heard of it being spoken negatively everywhere. So they appointed a day and came to him there at his lodging and he expounded and testified regarding the Kingdom of God concerning Jesus, REASONING FROM BOTH THE LAW OF MOSES AND FROM THE PROPHETS, from morning till evening. And some believed the things he said and some didn't. Acts 28:22-24

We see that Jesus himself taught about himself from the Law of Moses and the Prophets and Psalms too, as follows:

Then he (Jesus) said to them: IT'S A FOOLISH AND UNBELIEVING HEART THAT DOESN'T BELIEVE EVERYTHING THE PROPHETS HAVE SAID! Didn't the Messiah have to suffer these things IN ORDER TO ENTER HIS GLORY (Ps. 110:1)? Then he expounded concerning himself from the scriptures beginning with Moses and all through the Prophets. Luke 24:25-27

And he said to them: 'These are the words which I spoke to you while I was still with you, SO THAT ALL THE THINGS WRITTEN IN THE LAW OF MOSES, AND IN THE PROPHETS AND PSALMS CONCERNING ME, would be fulfilled. Thus he opened their perception so they could understand the scriptures (TeNaKh/Old Testament). Luke 24:44-45

As I demonstrate in like manner in this link, Paul uses the TeNaKh (Old Testament) to demonstrate the GOSPEL PLAN of the Father for which Jesus had to come and DIE as a 'Passover Lamb' in order to be raised in glory as a 'FIRSTFRUIT' to take his rightful place next to the father according to the PLAN (Ps. 110:1). Any other 'Gospel' or rendering of TORAH LAW is a SATANIC LIE!



Now let's take a look at the other 'PILLAR' of the HARLOTS HOUSE of CARDS, the common LIE used by those being DECEIVED by those pandering to their SELFISH DESIRES and then DECEIVING OTHERS likewise; Peter's vision in Acts 10:9-20. I'm not going to bother to post the vision, it's well known. I'm just going to point out how the FALSE INTERPRETATION of the vision, which the LAWLESS have made FOR THEMSELVES so they can feed their selfish appetites with what God calls DETESTABLE for his people, is NOT WHAT PETER CONCLUDED!

As Peter was GREATLY PERPLEXED about the MEANING of this vision, the men which Cornelius sent were standing at the gate of Simons house inquiring. They called out asking whether Simon Peter was staying there. As Peter was still contemplating the vision, the Holy Spirit told him: 'There are three men downstairs looking for you. You are to get up, go down to them, and GO WITH THEM WITHOUT DISCRIMINATION, because I have sent them'. Acts 10:17-20

Now for a bit of 'back story' to help you in understanding. As with circumcision, there was a CUSTOM which had crept in which was CONFUSED with TORAH LAW. The custom was ADDED as a fence around the RITUAL PURITY LAWS (and was simply a SOCIAL 'TABOO') and dictated that a Pious Jew could not be travelling companions with, or ENTER the house, of a Gentile, as he would be DEFILED or ritually UNCLEAN for service to God. Peter says it this way:

He said to them; as you know, it's unlawful for a Jew to keep company with or come in to the home of a Gentile. But God showed me that I shouldn't call any man common or unclean. Acts 10:28

God was clearly showing Peter that this custom, recognized as 'LAW', WAS NOT HIS COMMAND and he should learn to RIGHTLY INTERPRET the laws of CLEAN and UNCLEAN; that he should not call any man that God has SANCTIFIED by his HOLY SPIRIT, 'unclean'! Peter himself tells us THIS IS THE MEANING OF THE VISION! Therefore, those who suggest that God 'did away' with his HOLY DIETARY LAWS (as opposed to anouncing the CHANGE in RITUAL LAWS which WOULD TAKE PLACE between the 'Old' and 'New' covenants when the TEMPLE would SOON BE DESTROYED and the ANTICHRIST ALLOWED TO CHANGE TIMES AND LAWS until JUDGEMENT DAY) are clearly DECEIVING THEMSELVES and DECEIVING OTHERS...or simply LYING like DEMONIC TARES serving SATAN in JESUS NAME! AT WORST they will be TURNED AWAY as LAWLESS FALSE TEACHERS, at BEST they will be called LEAST in the Kingdom, if they make it in! Let's take a look at HOW this 'RELIGIOUS HARLOT' and her 'JOHNS' would 'COMMIT FORNICATIONS' together and WHAT it LOOKS LIKE:

Come here so I can show you the judgment of the great whore that sits on many waters with whom the kings of the earth have committed fornication, and the inhabitants of the earth have been made drunk with the wine of her fornication. So he carried me away in the spirit into the wilderness where I saw a woman sitting on a red coloured beast full of blasphemous names and having seven heads and ten horns. The woman was dressed in purple and scarlet colours and wore a lot of gold, precious stones, and pearls. She had a gold cup in her hand full of abominations and the filthiness of her (religious) fornication and on her forehead was written the name: 'MYSTERY BABYLON, THE UNHOLY MOTHER OF WHORES AND THE ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH'. And I saw the woman drunk on the blood of saints, and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus. 17:1-6

These (ten nations of the world BEAST POWER which she manipulates) make war with the Lamb, but the Lamb overcomes them because he is Lord of lords, and King of kings and they that are with him are called, and chosen, and faithful. And he said to me 'the waters where you saw the whore sitting are peoples; multitudes of nations and tongues. And the ten horns which you saw on the beast shall hate the whore, and they will expose her and make her desolate. They will eat up her substance and burn her with fire because God has put in their hearts to fulfil his will. They will agree to give their kingdoms to the beast until the words of God are fulfilled. The woman you saw is that great city which reigns over the kings of the earth (through her deception and corruption). Revelation 17:14-18

I have some things against you (Gods faithful and chosen people) because you allow that woman Jezebel, which calls herself a prophetess, to teach and to seduce my servants to commit (religious) fornication, and to eat things sacrificed to demons. I gave her time to repent of her fornications but she refused. Therefore I will throw her on a bed of great tribulation, along with those who commit adultery with her, unless they repent of their deeds. I will kill her children with death; and all the congregations of God shall know that I am he which searches the motivations of hearts. I will give to every one of you according to your own works. But to the rest of you in this harlots congregation which don't share her doctrines and have not known the 'deep things of Satan', as they say; I will put on you no other burden but that you stay strong till I come. To him who overcomes and keeps my works til the end, I will give him power over the nations. He shall rule them with a rod of iron and like clay pots he will smash them (who rebel against me), as I have received this power from my Father so I will give it to him. I will also give him the MORNING STAR. Revelation 2:20-28

Now let's take a look at some admonitions against committing SPIRITUAL FORNICATION with this RELIGIOUS HARLOT, and HOW TO AVOID EVER BEING ENSNARED BY HER!

My son keep my words and store my commandments inside you. Keep my commandments and live; and my law as the apple of your eye. Bind them on your fingers and write them on your heart. Say to wisdom, 'you are my sister' and treat understanding as a close female relative so they will keep you from the spiritual whore who speaks flatteringly to deceive. Proverbs 7:1-5

My son listen to your fathers instructions and don't disobey your mother's commands because they will be like a crown to grace your head and jewelry around your neck. My son, if sinners tempt you, do not give in. If they say: 'join our blood covenant to frame the innocent and get rid of bodies of evidence in their graves like those thrown in a pit, and we'll all share the loot and be rich and live in luxurious homes filled with splendor', my son DO NOT JOIN THEM. Keep from ever stepping on their path. They are very quick to do evil things and shed blood. It is their OWN LIVES which will be taken in the end. Proverbs 1:8-16

Finally let's end this study with a few of Jesus' own warnings to those who will be caught teaching CONTRARY to the FATHERS PLAN to RULE THE WORLD and REFUSE TO REPENT according to PROPHECY where he is SEATED AS KING (Ps. 110:1) as the CORNERSTONE of that PLAN, who will GIVE HIS 'ROD' to the OVERCOMER who will OBEY HIM according to the PLAN for WORLD SALVATION:

Not every one that calls me 'Lord' will enter into the kingdom of heaven, but only those who DO THE WILL OF MY FATHER who is in heaven! On the day of judgement many will say: 'Lord, Lord, didn't we prophesy, cast out demons, and do many wonderful deeds in your name? Then I will tell them I never knew them: 'Away from me you CRIMINALS!' Matthew 7:21-23

The Son of Man shall send forth his Messengers to gather everything offensive and all criminals out of his kingdom to cast them in a refining furnace where there will be screaming and torment. Then the righteous will shine forth like the sun in the kingdom of their father. Let him who has ears, hear and understand. Matthew 13:41-43

My enemies that didn't want me to rule over them, bring them here and slay them in front of me. Luke 19:27