Let us first put away the MYTH that Judah is the FIRSTBORN HEIR of ISRAEL (that means the NAME and rights of INHERITANCE according to GODS WILL AND TESTIMONY herin UNSEALED AND MANIFEST for INHERITANCE PURPOSES AT THIS TIME!), HE IS NOT! Joseph is the INHERITOR OF ALL!


We shall very briefly go over how god fingered Judah as the tribe to bring forth the Messiah and how that Messiah was slain for Judah's sin and the sin of the ENTIRE WORLD according to Gods DESIGN PLAN using Judah DESPITE HIMSELF...that's MERCY! We will first recognize the promise given in Genesis 3:15 obviously recognized by the entire world since we have the ancient name and associations of the Constellation Virgo (parthenos, alma/betulah, virgin) as well as archeological evidence for fertility cults dating back even before Egypt. It was commonly (and therefore 'heathenly') recognized that a child from a VIRGIN would be SAVIOR of the WORLD. For this reason the FAITHFUL Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob all found it EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that their women were VIRGINS from THEIR OWN RELATIVES and not foreign women (as Ishmael and Esau had).

The shechemites did NOT have the HOLY REGARD for this PROMISE which Israel had but had been debased with the other nations into general depravity through IGNORANCE. After he sinned against Israel (shamefully treating Dinah as a whore) and he was SENSITIVE ENOUGH to IMMEDIATELY REPENT through right action...he CHANGED HIS BEHAVIOR (demonstrating an EVOLUTION in his CHARACTER as GOD DESIGNED THE LAW FOR), Israel forgave him and brought him into the covenant of righteousness as GOD PROMPTED HIS HEART to do. The promise had come to the world FULFILLED IN ISRAEL and the world WOULD HAVE SEEN PEACE as a RESULT over TIME but the boys OVERTURNED THEIR FATHERS DECISION OVER THE SACRIFICE OF JOSEPH for which the LAW OF MOSES came to SAVE US!

God KNEW IT and had HIS OWN SACRIFICE READY to COVER JUDAH and his STUBBORN HARD HEARTEDNESS so that he is SAVED from EDOMITE SLAUGHTER promised on judgement day when the SCEPTOR which HE TOOK like he would a DEFENSELESS WOMAN comes to the FRUITFUL BOUGH selected by FATHER JACOB as DIRECTED BY GOD. The boys OVERTURNED their fathers AND GODS will and they TERRORIZED ALL THE INHABITANTS of the land when they treacherously murdered all the residents of shechem; and this DISGRACED THEIR FATHER. At this time there is no more POWER STRUGGLE going on between all the children of Israel and the RIGHTFUL HEIR to JACOBS BLESSING, the one ALREADY SELECTED as the HEIR by both father Israel AND BY GOD because they SACRIFICED him in a WICKED CONSPIRACY where a LAMB just happens to atone for the LIFE of Joseph...a SACRIFICE for which JUDAH is TRIUMPHANT and rises with the 'sceptor' recognized by all his brothers as LEAD SPIRITUAL DECEIVER of THEIR FATHER and BETRAYER of THEIR BROTHER.

Judah then leaves the tribe CUT OFF FROM ISRAEL thinking HE has the allegiance of all his brothers and he need not stick around to watch his father suffer at the hands of the OTHER LYING BOYS in this CONSPIRACY AGAINST FATHER ISRAELS AUTHORITY, over which JOSEPH was the SACRIFICE in this CONSPIRACY, over which Judah was the CLEAR LEADER triumphing in receiving the 'right of succession' to lead the clan, and he MARRIES A FOREIGN WOMAN IN DISOBEDIENCE TO THE FATHER from whom HE CUT HIMSELF OFF, who then bears him three evil sons. Judah secures a wife for his oldest son and to make a long story short, treats her like a whore offering her a sacrificial LAMB to SATISFY HIS ANIMAL LUSTS. SHE BELIEVED THE PROMISE OF GOD and she believed JUDAH was the ONE she had to DECEIVE to GET WHAT RIGHTFULLY BELONGED TO HER to begin with (like father Jacob had to do regarding the DECEIVER, Edom), and she was right in so doing, as Jacob had been, so GOD BLESSED HER FAITH IN HIM AND HIS PLAN FOR HIS OWN GLORY! Let me point it out that she was NEITHER a whore NOR did anyone else in the Biblical account ASSUME she was EXCEPT Judah. She was dressed as a VIRGIN OF PROMISE with her FACE COVERED! Judah HAD NO REGARD for the PROMISE of a HOLY CHILD from GOD to SAVE THE WORLD!

As leader of this clan of cutthroat murderers and whore mongers who slew Shechem and deceived their father by SACRIFICING JOSEPH for MONEY, who is it that shows the true reflection of the HOLINESS of the VIRTUOUS CHARACTER of GOD toward the PROMISE of HOLY MATRIMONY as we NOW MAY SEE IN THE LAW OF MOSES RIGHTLY INTERPRETED to show us, Judah or Shechem? Judah's sin against the covenant of LOVE had to be ATONED FOR and a LAW ADDED to bring us BACK INTO RIGHT RELATIONSHIP WITH THE SAVING TRUTH of a GOD of TRUTH for BREECHING or STRIKING the IMAGE of HOLY MATRIMONY! You see it is through THIS EVENT that Father YHWH wants to bring his Messiah into the world, like JOSEPH in Egypt as a PATTERN by which to SEE how MARRIAGE to GODS HOLY SABBATH WISDOM will SAVE US when a PROPHET LIKE MOSES comes to LEAD US OUT from the BONDAGE his IGNORANCE OF REALITY led us into. He intends to EXPOSE the self righteousness of FALLEN MEN for OUR HEALING with HIS ABSOLUTE OMNISCIENT TRUTH knowing that JUDAH would AGAIN become LEADER and NEEDING TO BE HUMBLED even as he was before JOSEPH before Jacob gave him this CODED BLESSING from God for THIS END DAYS 'EXODUS'.

Judah's surviving THIRD SON 'Shiloh' was NOT IN THE LINE OF PROMISE and never received any sceptor despite his not defiling Dinah who represents GODS SABBATH WISDOM which JUDAH ABUSED. Jacob is NOT referencing him in this blessing in Gen. 49, but JOSEPH who received a DOUBLE for his children as JACOBS OWN WITH HIS NAME ON EPHRAIM (Gen. 48) and the second after Judah receives the sceptor (Gen. 49), that ALL THE BLESSINGS WOULD COME ON THE HEAD OF JOSEPH as well as the WILL of the ANGELIC SON of GOD who marries HIS SAVING SABBATH WISDOM and it is GIVEN HIM to UNSEAL THE SCROLL!

The sceptor is between Judah's feet until ANOTHER COME. The DONKEY of PROPHECY is tied to this FRUITFUL BRANCH we know is JOSEPH! Judah has ALWAYS REFUSED PEACE AS GOD DESIGNED and was the REBEL after his OWN HEART seeking him in TRUTH which would be separated from spiritual EDOMITES through the use of GODS OWN SACRIFICE. All who REJECT GODS SACRIFICE damn themselves according to HIS MANIFEST TESTIMONY SEALED IN ADVANCE, now UNSEALED MERCIFULLY BEFORE JUDGEMENT!

The Messiah came through JUDAH and JUDAH SLEW HIM as MERCIFULLY FORE ORDAINED to UNITE ISRAEL and EXPOSE EDOM for JUDGEMENT before KINGDOM PEACE is ushered in, and as has been previously SEALED UP BEFORE US until THIS VERY TIME IN HIS STORY as HE PLANNED and TOLD US. Those who REFUSE GODS SACRIFICE are exposed as SPIRITUAL EDOMITES, beastly HATEFUL ANIMALS who must be separated from the rest of the flock for its SURVIVAL, HEALTH, and EVOLUTION INTO PEACE as designed. It is now time to recognize that FACT and SHUV BITSHUVAH (return in repentance)!

Now here's a very brief introduction to the LINEAGE of the PROMISED MESSIAH to come from a WOMAN and how it plays out in relationship to the PATRIARCHAL PROMISE to ISRAEL through the TWO HOUSES of JOSEPH and JUDAH. Judah TOGETHER WITH 'Ephraim' SHALL BECOME 'Israel' according to PROPHECY which has been given in great detail to be understood correctly from the foundation of the world, and now UNSEALED to be UNDERSTOOD as DESIGNED and FORETOLD. This ISRAEL shall usher in a NEW WORLD ORDER of JUSTICE and PEACE founded on an ANCIENT and UNSHAKABLE CORNERSTONE of UNDENIABLE TRUTH.

In quick overview we see the promise of mans redemption first given in Gen. 3:15 and we follow that promise through Abel replaced by Seth, down through Noah, Shem, Abraham, Isaac, and then Jacob (who is renamed Israel) who CLEARLY GAVE THE PROMISE to his BELOVED SON Joseph, despite Judah having secured the favor of all his other brothers contrary to his fathers LONGING DESIRE!

Here are the 7 major proof texts which I shall give an introduction to for your own follow up research to be done into the matter if you care to:

Gen. 49:8-12 & 22-26, Deut. 33:7 & 13-16, Ps. 60:7 & 108:8, Is. 11:1-13, Ez. 37:15-28, Dan. 7:13-14

We see Israel recognizes that his son Judah, despite having almost murdered the promised Messiah in the womb of his daughter in law through his own BLINDNESS, has received the recognition and trust from all his brothers to be the most righteous leader among them as their LEADER and he allows him to have a sceptor...and from him an eternal prince/king does rise as LAWMAKER. Sadly Judah (deceived by EDOM) is tricked into slaying the DAVIDIC MESSIAH, and for this reason ISRAELS BELOVED SON Joseph is PERFECTED through his having been SACRIFICED by his brothers, sold into enslavement to the CHRISTIAN HARLOT to become the SALT OF THE EARTH who in the fullness of days, TURNS HER ACCUSATIONS BACK ON HER OWN HEAD and receives all the ancient blessings as GODS CHOSEN RULER. This principle of the 'chosen one' being HATED and CONSPIRED AGAINST by those he SERVES AS THEIR LOVING LEADER sent from GOD to SAVE THEM, is even seen in modern tales like 'Rudolf the red nosed reigndeer'.

In fact we see clearly in these passages that Judah is the (hypocritically insensitive rod) LAWMAKER but Joseph/Ephraim is the counterbalance as the (mercifully wise) HEAD of ISRAEL. Judah alone is NEVER referred to as 'Israel' but ONLY when Ephraim is joined as HEAD of the body...and the KING of that BODY (which does have a head called the 'ancient of days') is the MESSIAH son of JUDAH who was SLAIN but YET LIVES as a HIDDEN 'JOSEPH' (or a sort of MORDECHAI as in the book of 'Esther' which means 'I WILL HIDE'!)!

The true LAWMAKER which would bring PEACE was MURDERED by his BROTHERS in a CONSPIRACY which was PROPHESIED IN ADVANCE TO HAPPEN even as with JOSEPH. Judah would be the recognized head of the tribes of Israel, even WORSHIPPED until the promised Messiah from Joseph/Ephraim, having been securely tied to Judah prophetically in this way (Judah receives Sceptor until Shiloh, a reference to Ephraim, comes. The choice vine Judah's donkey is tied to is JOSEPH/EPHRAIM (Gen. 49:22) as the RIGHTFUL HEIR to the PROMISE of the FIRSTBORN SON upon whom the NAME 'ISRAEL' is to REMAIN! (1 Ch. 5:2, Gen. 49:11, Gen. 48:16), it is he comes to be recognized as HEAD over UNIFIED ISRAEL. This one is also called the ANCIENT OF DAYS (Dan. 7:13) and a 'little child to lead them' (Is. 11:6) so that the psychopathy of mankind is exposed and VIOLENCE REMOVED from the kingdom as prophesied. He compiles the EVIDENCES and the TESTIMONIES and he then presents before him this evidence as CORNERSTONE TRUTH; a STANDARD or FLAG to be recognized by ALL NATIONS TO SEE as a LIGHT to BRIGHTEN OUR FUTURE and give man HOPE BY GRAND DESIGN. Then courts shall be seated and the Kingdoms of Earth will be converted and delivered to the SAINTS with a UNIFIED ISRAEL as HEAD of the nations according to the ANCIENT BLUEPRINT herein unsealed by the HOLY SPIRIT of TRUTH which is GODS SABBATH WISDOM!