The GOSPEL according to Paul:


The 'Gospel' of Vicarious 'Blood Atonement' for the Redemption of Mankind is THE CORNERSTONE of what Paul calls our 'HOUSE of FAITH' (Heb. 11:10, Eph. 2:20, 1 Cor. 3:10) and this 'House of Faith' is the very HEART of the GOSPEL PLAN of YHWH given for mankind to understand FROM THE FOUNDATION OF THE WORLD. This GOSPEL 'house of faith' was merely SYMBOLIZED for us by the Fathers of our faith, as intended by YHWH, for INSTRUCTIONAL PURPOSES. It is symbolized in the Old Testament in various ways but primarily as Noah's Ark of SALVATION for the OBEDIENT, and the INVISIBLE PROMISE given to Abraham when he left Ur. This invisible promise Abraham saw was later PHYSICALLY represented in MODELS or FORMS to be REASONED ABOUT by his progeny in both Jacob's 'PILLAR' in Beth El with it's cornerstone and topstone being the same stone (which itself was only a memorial to his vision of the STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN with 'GOD' at its TOP. Gen. 28:18)...and even later in MOSES HOUSE (Heb. 3) the physical TEMPLE. We just saw that the promised cornerstone of sacrifice merely symbolized by animals from the foundation of the world pointing to YHWH's promise, was to be the TOPSTONE-CROWN of YHWH's Holy, MERCIFUL Law (Zech. 4:6-7). So David showed us that the CORNERSTONE of Sabbath SACRIFICE and the CROWN of Sabbath SACRIFICE for MOSES HOUSE, the TEMPLE SYSTEM, are ALSO pointing to the SAME ETERNAL IDEAL of our HOLY yet MERCIFUL God to LEAD US into RELATIONSHIP with HIS HOLINESS; another TEMPORARY model or 'STAIRWAY' of sorts by which to LEAD US, if you will, by which we can REASON ABOUT the INVISIBLE REALITY, the IDEAL reality which it CERTAINLY points to in a FORM as a SCHOOL MARM to TEACH and LEAD US. Then the prophets and particularly Daniel who DID REASON ABOUT THE INVISIBLE LAW in the SPIRIT OF TRUTH which the physical law points to, and he tells us this physical TEMPLE representation of our INVISIBLE HOUSE OF FAITH would be destroyed after the CORNERSTONE REALITY to which it pointed symbolically, was LAID in the INVISIBLE, METAPHYSICAL REALITY according to the BLUEPRINT of Scripture, told IN ADVANCE through the SPIRIT OF PROPHECY which is the SPIRIT OF TRUTH, which IS ALSO the SABBATH MASTER MANIFESTED in VEILED FLESH who the first century Rabbinic Jews did not recognize; and neither would most POP Christians led by EDOMITE GOATS in our own day! This CORNERSTONE is ALSO the TOPSTONE (Zech. 4:6-7) of the STAIRCASE of the HEAVENLY KNOWLEDGE, the DOOR to ETERNAL TRUTH REALITY...the very SAVING TRUTH of SABBATH REST that SETS US FREE from our TEMPORAL BONDAGE to fallen flesh within our DARK WOMB DUNGEON of MISPERCEIVED 'REALITY' (Gen. 28:12, Jn. 1:51)!

He gives us the NECESSARY BUILDING INSTRUCTIONS for the PERFECTION OF MANKIND as he DESIRES and as He has told to us FROM THE FOUNDATION OF THE WORLD. His KINGDOM shall come upon this EARTH as He has DESIGNED and promised from the very FOUNDATION of the world if we simply DO THE 'SABBATH WORK' of OBEDIENCE, as ABEL, NOAH, ABRAHAM and MOSES DID, for which HE SAVES US to do as a LIVING SACRIFICE TO HIM! It will take time in reflection on all the truths found within before this otherwise invisible HOLY CITY of our ANCIENT FAITH, seen by our HOLY FATHERS in the TORAH and written down for our instruction, will begin to be SEEN in your MINDS EYE as DESIGNED. So let us BEGIN our JOURNEY with the FIRST STEP of FAITH in HIS FINISHED WORK promised for us to ENTER from the foundation of the world, as EVERY SINGLE ONE of them DID, by FAITH.

When Paul gives us the SPECIFIC DETAILS of the SACRIFICIAL LAW given from the foundation of the world as the ELEMENTS of his 'Gospel' in 1 Cor. 15:1-4 (& vs. 20) and he specifically mentions the DETAILS of MOSES SYSTEM which pointed to the SABBATH SACRIFICE of MESSIAH as its CORNERSTONE when he says that Messiah was prophesied to die for sin (both Passover AND Atonements 'SABBATH' Sacrifices point to HIS FULFILLING SACRIFICE) , and how that SACRIFICE was raised from the dead as the FIRSTFRUITS (which is waived on the THIRD DAY from the sacrifice of the Passover Lamb, the day after PASSOVER SABBATH on which HE RESTED IN THE TOMB, raised on the 16th day of the month which is always the 1st day of the week as described in Moses Law regarding THAT HOLY PROPHETIC SACRIFICE (Lev. 23:10-17), how is it then that some New Testament readers can glean that Paul was dismissing the HOLY LAW as superfluous to our understanding as opposed to trying to demonstrate the ERROR of those who were doing that very thing? Though they pretended to be 'Law Keepers' Paul (and Messiah, the MASTER OF SABBATH) taught they were NOT...even though they were using the SAME 'SCRIPTURES' to 'support' their DIFFERING positions, they had DIRECTLY OPPOSING interpretations of Moses than what YHWH had intended and Messiah and Paul are both CLEAR on this issue. According to Paul, ANY INTERPRETATION of Moses which departs from what YHWH INTENDS TO SHOW US, as he himself went to Jerusalem to confirm as true and DIED FOR THAT TESTIMONY, is a FALSE GOSPEL (Gal. 1:8-9). Here's what Messiah had to say to those who PRETENDED to UNDERSTAND MOSES WRITINGS which is PERTINENT YET TO THIS DAY! Keep in mind the ONLY 'scripture' in existence at the time of the uttering of these statements is OLD TESTAMENT GOSPEL SCRIPTURES which the JEWS MISINTERPRETED and so they DISHONORED BOTH FATHER AND HIS SON!

The Father himself bears testimony of me but you have never seen search the scriptures because you think you will find eternal life (from the father) in them, and they are the words (from the father) which testify of me; yet you will not come to me that you might have life. Jn. 5:39:40

And down just a few more verses:

I have come in my Father's name and you do not receive can you believe when you look to one another for your honor and none of you seeks the honor which comes from God alone? Don't think that I will accuse you to the Father. Moses will accuse you, even the one in whom you trust because IF YOU HAD BELIEVED MOSES, you WOULD HAVE BELIEVED ME because HE WROTE ABOUT ME. So how will you ever believe MY WORDS if you REFUSE TO BELIEVE HIS? John 5:43-47

Was Paul NOT trying to say they were making a LAW FOR THEMSELVES and acting as JUDGES over the Holy Law by so doing...MISSING OBEDIENCE to the SPIRITUAL LAW which the WRITTEN CODE helps us to SEE and REST IN? 'DOING' the Law comes AFTER the Law shows us OUR INABILITY and HIS LOVING DESIRE! While pretending to be obedient to the HOLY LAW they were actually DOING THEIR OWN WORKS (like Cain) by sitting in JUDGEMENT of YHWH and His HOLY LAW and LASHING the SABBATH MESSIAH again in their JEALOUS IGNORANCE of INVISIBLE SPIRITUAL REALITY just like CAIN!?! They were SPITTING ON GODS MERCY TOWARD THEM (Heb. 10:29) and did not recognize it while in a self righteous religious delusion. They were CONDEMNING THEMSELVES AS BRUTE BEASTS WHILE EXALTING THEMSELVES AS LEADERS in their HUBEROUS! In IGNORANCE they were VICTIMIZING the very IMAGE of MESSIAH IN THE LAW which THEY HAD MISSED in their HARD HEARTED REBELLION and PRETENSE of being LEADERS, and which WE ARE SUPPOSED TO SEE in this CORRECT INTERPRETATION of that PERFECT LAW which the NEW TESTAMENT WRITERS were attempting to SHOW US, if in fact WE DO NOT FOLLOW THEIR EXAMPLE of ERROR and DISOBEDIENCE in a similar HARD HEARTED REBELLION TO THE LAW; having a FANTASY of HYPOCRITICAL PRETENSE of being 'GODS CHOSEN PEOPLE' and so CONDEMN OURSELVES regarding HIS INVISIBLE HOLINESS as THEY DID as YHWH MERCIFULLY DESIGNED FOR OUR INSTRUCTION (Heb. 3, 4, & 4:9-11)!

The HOLY LAW is the IMAGE of the INVISIBLE FATHER (represented by New Moon) donned by the SON of LIGHT and ALL HIS BROTHERS! (represented by Full Moon and stars) to EXPOSE WORLD DARKNESS (represented by the Sun) according to the PLAN pictured in the ATONEMENTS SACRIFICE, by which we SHALL LIVE OR DIE IN THE ETERNAL REALITY regarding our RELATIONSHIPSHIP TO THE 'WAY' of 'TRUTH' which HE PROVIDED FOR US in this one! It all comes down to a RELATIONSHIP OF TRUST! Do we LOVE and TRUST the TRUTH of HOLY LOVE which will SAVE US or are we SELF CONDEMNED in IMPERFECTION, LIES, REBELLION and SELF JUSTIFICATION in SELF DECEPTION...blinded by WORLD DARKNESS and its LUSTS? Our response to UNKNOWN SABBATH TRUTH when it is revealed to us, as it was to them, is a STRONG INDICATOR of the SPIRIT we follow! It is SABBATH TRUTH BEYOND OUR PERCEPTION which is SAVIOR, we must be ready to receive HIM in LOVE or we SHALL CONDEMN OURSELVES exactly as they did FOR OUR INSTRUCTION to NOT FOLLOW (Heb. 4:11)!

They were effectively ACCUSING the SABBATH MESSIAH TRUTH embedded within the Law ALL OVER AGAIN, which MOSES LAW DEFINES...they were LASHING MESSIAH AGAIN when they FALSELY INTERPRET the HOLY LAW and make it into ANYTHING ELSE than what the FATHER intended! There is only ONE PROPER INTERPRETATION of MOSES GOSPEL! Didn't Messiah Himself say the LAW SPEAKS ALL ABOUT HIM? (Jn. 5:39). It seems we should especially understand this to be the case after Paul deliberately goes to Jerusalem to take the NAZARITE VOW of PURITY to the LAW (a completely OPTIONAL RITE within the LAW to demonstrate one's LOVE FOR THE LAW). He goes to Jerusalem to take THIS VOW (to himself BECOME A SACRIFICE) knowing the SURE dangers and even specifically told by a prophet while still en route to Jerusalem, that he WOULD be arrested and bound over to imprisonment and death over this issue of UNDERSTANDING THE IMAGE OF YHWH in the HOLY LAW which MESSIAH FULFILLED AS PROMISED IN IT (Acts 21:11)...which so many did not (and still do not) understand! Himself understanding the REALITY of the UNSEEN HOLY REALM for which SACRIFICIAL LOVE was the CROWNING PINNACLE of Moses Law in THIS REALM, it's TRUE INTERPRETATION, having witnessed it first hand in Stephen for whom he was responsible as the leader of the ruling MOB for having murdered him AGAINST TORAH (Acts 7:58). Here is part of the accusation Stephen laid against his RELIGIOUSLY INSANE MURDERERS in Paul's hearing; keep in mind he forgave them their insanity for murdering him in an attempt to be rid of the ETERNAL TRUTH as he died and by so doing, exemplified the perfection of MOSES LAW even as Abel and Messiah did:

This same Moses is the one....who RECEIVED the LIVING WORD (in SCRIPTURE form) to GIVE TO US! Acts 7:37-38

Stephen was a HOLY MAN and Paul knew it. He was a man HE KNEW to be even MORE RIGHTEOUS than himself (exactly as YHWH had accused David in regard to Uriah!), the SELF-RIGHTEOUS PHARISEE OF PHARISEES (Acts 7:57-60). While looking up into the heavens Stephen testified that he saw the Davidic Messiah at the right hand of Power as David had, the very CROWNING Pinnacle of the CHARACTER of the Law which itself is the BODY of the LIVING WORD, the Stairway to Heaven who himself SHOWS US THE FATHERS CHARACTER, HIS INVISIBLE IMAGE, as planned from the foundation of the world. Stephen himself had reached the summit of the PERFECTION of the INVISIBLE LAW of LOVE able to FORGIVE the ANIMAL IGNORANCE of the IMPRISONED SPIRITS who were murdering him CONTRARY TO THE LAW they claimed to be upholding and protecting, but now we see clearly they were USURPING the law and CONDEMNING THEMSELVES in ETERNAL REALITY in ANIMAL IGNORANCE of it. Again, all of these things are given to show us YHWH's MERCIFUL LOVE so that as MANY AS WILL may come to him in TRUTH without FEAR of those who simply DON'T WANT LOVE TO RULE OVER THEM because THEY ENJOY the GLORY of USURPING LAW, as SATAN...the UNMERCIFUL OPPOSER of GODS HOLY LAW of LOVE!


Believing the HOLINESS of the INVISIBLE LAW reflected in DEEDS of LOVE seen in STEPHEN, Paul came to realize, JUST LIKE DAVID DID, that he had JUST VIOLATED the VERY PINNACLE of the SPIRITUAL LAW of MOSES, the INVISIBLE REALITY BRIGHTER THAN THE SUN, by MISINTERPRETATION and MISAPPLICATION of the WRITTEN CODE through a POWER CULT INTERPRETATION and POPULAR TRADITIONS they introduced regarding the interpretation of Law! The PERFECTION of the Law brings FREEDOM to the MIND SET FREE by it's PROFOUND TRUTH; its HEALING TRUTH. The Law is designed to SERVE HUMANITY NOT ENSLAVE THEM as the LEADERS had done (and STILL do 2000 years later because of OUR GROOMED IGNORANCE!)! Paul saw the PERFECTION of the LAW being FLESHED OUT by Stephen, in preparation for his own service to that ETERNAL REALITY only HE would be able to ENVISION. As a result he would then be able to put into WORD PICTURES, FROM THE TORAH LAW where this LAW IS FOUND, the GOSPEL PLAN for us to SEE DARKLY here in our DUNGEON of IGNORANCE where we are still GROWING TOWARD THE LIGHT of HIS ETERNAL TRUTH REALITY, the TRUE LIFE GIVING LIGHT OF THE WORLD, like SMART TREES reaching for the light of HOLY TRUTH. After this event he was willing to defend the SPIRITUAL TRUTH of ETERNAL SABBATH LOVE, our WEDDING PROMISE embedded in MOSES LAW, against the ACCUSERS in Jerusalem who were OPPOSING THEMSELVES in IGNORANCE and SELF DECEPTION in a SPIRITUAL REALITY they were completely MISSING through POMPOUSLY ERRONEOUS INTERPRETATION and USURPED AUTHORITY to ENFORCE IT as did CAIN, even to his own DEATH, as did Abel! This was his OPPORTUNITY TO SERVE HIS walk in the GOOD WORKS prepared in advance for HIM to walk in BY FAITH, as FORE-ORDAINED that ONLY HE COULD DO, AS HE WAS SELECTED AND PREPARED TO DO AS THE TEXT WHICH HE HIMSELF WROTE TELLS US HE DID. These were the GOOD WORKS prepared IN ADVANCE for ONLY PAUL to WALK IN according to YHWH'S PLAN of SALVATION for HIS HOLY, ETERNAL BRIDE called MANKIND! And what a BLESSING his OBEDIENCE is to US who may learn VICARIOUSLY by HIS EXAMPLE as from the EXAMPLES of those HE LEARNED FROM. Are you walking in the GOOD WORKS which YHWH designed for YOU to GLORIFY HIM in ETERNAL REALITY as you are being DESIGNED to DO through YOUR FAITH or are you still SELF DECEIVED by the ILLUSION of REALITY like an ANIMAL or BRUTE BEAST bound for destruction? Those are the TWO OPTIONS.

Paul came to understand that any IDOLATROUS HEATHEN is willing to kill, like a dog over it's bone, to protect and maintain the STATUS QUO of DIVISION AND HATE for what they zealously believe about 'god' and the 'afterlife' in their DELUSION of REALITY (really deceiving and killing others for things in this reality in God's name like Cain in a system handed to us by his ILK; idolatrously ignorant of eternal reality they are creating for themselves while attempting to PROTECT THE TEMPORAL DARKNESS THEY PREFER TO LIVE IN FROM BEING EXPOSED BY THE ETERNAL, SAVING, LIFE GIVING LIGHT OF SABBATH LOVE), it is those who will SUFFER and even DIE AS INNOCENT SACRIFICES ACCORDING TO THE LAW, like the MASTER of SABBATH and the prophets preceding his coming, then afterwords seen in STEPHEN, PAUL, and all the Disciples, and YOU AND ME that is and always has been, ITS POWER within OUR DARKNESS. We also have the OPPORTUNITY to WALK IN the TRUE LIGHT of LIFE. Those of us who walk in the GOOD WORKS prepared IN ADVANCE for us to walk in, through RELATIONSHIP with the HOLY TRUTH, that we are seated already in the HEAVENLIES with our SERVICE TO HIM, now...even as Abel, Abraham, Stephen and FAITH IN HIS SABBATH PROMISE OF LOVE which is ETERNAL TRUTH; the LAW OF LOVE (Job 36:7, Ps. 113:4-8, Col. 3:1-4)! What is the VALUE of this 'life' to you? OUR LIVES ARE STONES TO BE LAID ON THE FOUNDATION OF AN ETERNAL HOME! If there is nothing so precious as to be willing rather to die as a WITNESS defending it to make it AVAILABLE FOR OTHERS, then this life has no real VALUE, does it? What do YOU SERVE to your DEATH as HOLY? How important is entering the saving SABBATH PROMISE of MARRIAGE with your MAKER to you? His sons do not shrink from death because THEY KNOW HE IS THE MASTER OF LIFE AND DEATH! One must be willing to sacrifice ALL of this life's pleasures to attain TRUE LIFE, or he stands self condemned by a FALSE STANDARD proven as FAITHLESS DISOBEDIENCE according to the REVEALED HOLY ETERNAL LAW! This is the CORNERSTONE TRUTH of this only TEMPORAL reality found in the LAW; the TORAH Gospel of BLOOD ATONEMENT which is THAT PRECIOUS to YHWH as He CLEARLY SHOWS US and as he BOASTS about from the FOUNDATION of the WORLD! This truth has CONQUERED THE WORLD already, by Design.

Paul went to Jerusalem to SILENCE the JUDAIZERS LIES about him...those who through their translational TRADITIONS (the 'cornerstone' they selected as prophesied in advance) had NULLIFIED the POWER of the LAW by making a LAW of DEATH and DESTRUCTION UNTO THEMSELVES with their OWN PRIVATE INTERPRETATION DIFFERENT FROM YHWH'S INTENT; as both Messiah AND Stephen taught BEFORE HIM. They accused him of teaching a 'different Gospel' than they had received from Moses (clearly they had already CONDEMNED the Master of Sabbath and Stephen from this point of viewing the LAW OF FREEDOM and REST). Paul was trying to point out HE UNDERSTOOD THEIR POINT OF VIEW BETTER THAN THEY DID, and was merely trying to point out, EVEN IF HE HAD TO DIE DOING IT, that they had rejected the TRUE and LIVING WORD of Moses (its TRUE and LIVING interpetation as He learned from Stephen) for their own POPULAR TRADITIONS OF ERROR which merely made the TRUTH of THE LIVING WORD of Moses into a LIE and therefore LASHED the HOLY MESSIAH DESCRIBED BY THE LAW of LIFE ETERNAL in the SPIRITUAL REALITY which it was given to DIRECT US TO SEE. And which has kept mankind ENSLAVED BY VIOLENCE in the DARKNESS and IGNORANCE of a STOCKHOLM SYNDROME MIND ENSLAVEMENT to a DECEPTIVE 'sabbath law' FORGERY ever since. He was trying to show them the TRUE INTERPRETATION of Moses which those SPIRITUAL EDOMITES who slew the Sabbath Messiah had MISSED, hence they slew him rather than hailed him BY DESIGN, exposing themselves as EDOMITE AZAZEL GOATS by what they DID according to DETAILED PROPHECY given in advance which THEY MISSED through DISBELIEF! We are to LEARN that Moses PATTERN was NOT the INVISIBLE REALITY it is ONLY INTENDED to LEAD US to SEE as a MIRROR (1 Cor. 13:12, Jms. 1:25, Ps. 19:7, Pr. 28:9).

Once the FULFILMENT of the SABBATH SACRIFICIAL PICTURES embedded in the TEMPLE LAW had come IN FLESH to fulfill the FIRST HALF of the ATONEMENTS SACRIFICE, then that Temple system which was a TEMPORAL SYSTEM to help us see these SPIRITUAL REALITIES, would be TAKEN AWAY by DESIGN. The testimonies of what happened would be sealed up when those who had USURPED AUTHORITY through DECEPTION AND VIOLENCE to REJECT the CORNERSTONE TRUTH of the HOLY LAW as planned, brought a DIFFERENT Sabbath 'cornerstone' and 'Oral Tradition' (reflected in Talmudic-Kabbalistic teachings as opposed to New Testament teachings) than the one which had been received, as evidenced in the NOW UNSEALED TEXTS to see; to IDENTIFY the AZAZEL BEAST juxt opposed to the LAMB OF GOD, confess our sins upon THAT FALSE CORNERSTONE, and REMOVE THE CAUSE OF MANKINDS SUFFERING and so USHER IN MESSIANIC SABBATH PEACE by HIS DESIGN! It was intended by YHWH that they would make the HOLY IMAGE of YHWH into SOMETHING ELSE in their EDOMITE WISDOM which YHWH said he would FULLY EXPOSE and make into FOOLISHNESS (Ob. 1:8, Jer. 49:8, Is. 44:25, Rom. 1:22, 1 Cor. 1:19, 1 Cor. 3:19). For 2000 years now EDOMITES (both apostate Jews and Rome in a CONSPIRACY compose the the corporate body of 'Edom') have been SLAYING THE TRUTH as they PRETEND to be DEFENDING HIM...most religions are FOUNDED ON a CORNERSTONE of fantastic CLAIMS made by a COLLECTION of BLIND GUIDES (not recognizing themselves as descendents of Stockholm Syndrome forming traumatizing and subjugation to subtle, legalistic translational errors of Torah in a CONTINUALLY VICTIMIZED PEOPLE) now accepted as true by the MASSES regarding the interpretation of Moses and the LAW which Messiah EMBODIED, because THOSE EDOMITES SAT IN MOSES SEAT and HANDED THOSE ERRORS DOWN as a CORNERSTONE upon which their house of cards is established when they REJECTED the SABBATH CORNERSTONE YHWH HIMSELF PROVIDED AS HE PROMISED! They were the RECOGNIZED LEADERS of the MASSES of IGNORANT SHEEPLE they were EXALTING THEMSELVES as SHEPHERDS OVER, but they DID NOT REALLY BELIEVE MOSES as we are shown IN GREAT DETAIL in the New Testament; and also manifest again in this work. It was PROPHESIED IN ADVANCE and they STILL MISSED IT in their great 'wisdom' regarding the SABBATH SACRIFICE promised from the FOUNDATION OF THE WORLD! They made the law into nothing but SILLY REGULATIONS through their SELF SERVING INTERPRETATIONS and so CONDEMNED THEMSELVES as promised.

But we speak the wisdom of YHWH in a mystery, even the hidden wisdom which YHWH ordained before the world for our glory; which none of the princes of this world knew. For had they known it they would not have crucified the Lord of glory. But as it is written, 'Eye has not seen, nor has ear heard what Elohim has done; except those who wait on him'. But YHWH has revealed them to us by HIS HOLY SPIRIT (which is the LOGIC of LOVE and leads us into ALL TRUTH)! For the Spirit searches all things, yes, even the deep things of YHWH. For what man knows is the things of a man by the (fallen) spirit of man which is in him; even so the things of YHWH no man knows except by the Spirit of YHWH (Love) in him. 1 Corinthians 2:7-11

Today there are many who have been taught a 'NEO JUDAIZING' position of NOW OPENLY (as opposed to pretending to uphold the Law as the first Judaizers had done) speaking AGAINST the Holiness of Moses Law and teach that it's ok to dismiss the TEN COMMANDMENTS written in STONE by the FINGER of GOD which are designed for all men to have written on their hearts for the HEALING OF THE NATIONS. They ALSO have a DIFFERENT CORNERSTONE than the LIVING WORD in textual form which Moses received and gave to lead us like a school marm to SEE THE IMAGE of the INVISIBLE FATHER, THE CHARACTER of HIS MORAL LAW embodied by HIS PROMISED SON (and all his brothers) and by so doing THEY ALSO COMPLETELY MISS the SPIRITUAL REALITY, the SAVING SABBATH TRUTH which Moses Law is INTENDED to DIRECT us to SEE. In THEIR BLINDNESS they have ALSO made a PRIVATE INTERPRETATION of the HOLY LAW for themeselves as they continue to OBEY the LAWS of the BEAST of DIVISION, DEATH AND DESTRUCTION, the ANTI-CHRIST who CAME 2000 years ago, NOW IDENTIFIED! When will we be WILLING TO FACE THE TRUTH and come OUT from our DENIAL, REPENT, and be HEALED AS HE DESIRES TO DO?!

The Old Testament is PRACTICALLY avoided by pop 'Christians' as no longer relevant to the future of the 'Gospel' plan because they have been DECEIVED into accepting a 'gospel' DIVORCED from the GOSPEL OF MOSES in the 'scriptures' Paul uses, based only on their 'New' Testament understanding (which conveniently allows them to live like the devil within their own chosen comfort zone regarding MENS LAWS in PLACE of YHWH's LAWS which are IN CONFLICT/WAR with eachother for 2000 years now, and can NEVER BE OTHERWISE; until we ADOPT YHWH'S SABBATH CORNERSTONE which HE PROVIDED for OUR PEACE). Arbitrarily referring to what the New Testament writers called 'the SCRIPTURES' and 'the WORD', as an 'OLD Testament' is a FUNDAMENTAL ERROR at the foundation of their false interpretations! At the time of the writing of the New Testament Letters, the ONLY 'SCRIPTURES' recognized as such and therefore being referenced in the New Testament, is NOT ITSELF. The Letters now composing the 'New Testament' had not yet all been penned and were not collected to be recognized as anything more than COMMENTARY ON OLD TESTAMENT SCRIPTURES for well over 100 years after they had been written. Those New Testament commentaries (or the COMMENTARY REFLECTING TRUE 'Oral Tradition') on INTERPRETING SCRIPTURE clearly tell us that it is the OLD TESTAMENT 'SCRIPTURES' that are 'sharper than a double edged to reveal the thoughts and attitudes of a mans heart', Heb. 4:12, 'known since (Timothy's) youth' (taught to him by his grandmother 2 Tim. 1:5 & 3:14) and ARE able to make one 'wise for salvation', 2 Tim. 3:15, and useful for ALL TEACHING and instruction of YHWH so the man of YHWH may be FULLY EQUIPPED for EVERY GOOD WORK, 2 Tim. 3:16-17.

This subtle word play to call the INSTRUCTIONS of YHWH 'old' lends greatly to this grave, COMMONLY TAUGHT ERROR based on the twisted teachings from the 'New' Testament text DIVORCED from its CONTEXTUAL POWER ABLE TO MAKE ONE WISE FOR SALVATION, the 'Old' Testament INSTRUCTIONS. The context is the POWER of the LAW seen in and through the Law through the HOLY SPIRIT OF PROPHECY using these anomolies within scriptures as STARS to guide our way regarding the GEM of the SABBATH SACRIFICE, the CORNERSTONE of the PROPHETIC PLAN for MANS SALVATION, the promised MESSIAH and PERFECT IMAGE of his FATHER, the SAVIOR OF MANKIND told to us from the FOUNDATION OF THE WORLD! We shall see within that THIS WAS UNDERSTOOD by a SIGNIFICANT 'minority' of JEWS prior to the destruction of the TEMPLE. Even the 'wise men' who bore GIFTS that were fit to HIS MINISTRY understood these prophecies of HIS DEATH to BECOME PRIEST and KING! It is HIM, the MASTER and GROOM of the SABBATH PROMISE which we ENTER by FAITH and how can we do that while IGNORANT of His very IMAGE of SAVING TRUTH as DESCRIBED in the SCRIPTURES disparigingly called 'LAW' supposedly used only by 'Jews' and 'legalistic Judaizers'; as the BLIND GUIDES of 'Christianity' have been teaching in IGNORANCE for the past 2000 years...after TRUTH WAS THROWN TO THE GROUND as promised in Prophecy from the foundation of the world!? WE HAVE BEEN COMING OUT OF THE DARKNESS not GOING INTO IT as you are still BEING DECEIVED TO BELIEVE! There has only EVER been ONE GOSPEL PLAN of SABBATH REST communicated to us through the SPIRIT OF PROPHECY from the VERY BEGINNING of COMMUNICATION and its even WRITTEN IN THE HEAVENS (a clearly ANCIENT and wonderful Oral Tradition ). YHWH's SABBATH GOSPEL PLAN HAS NEVER CHANGED IN ONE SINGLE DETAIL SINCE THE FOUNDATION OF THE WORLD! HE HAS TOLD US EVERYTHING THAT WOULD HAPPEN BEFORE IT EVER HAPPENED, as we shall SEE!

So through these THREE TESTIMONIES of Human Sacrifice given to us to RECONCILE with the concept of YHWH's JUSTICE, we see the ONLY ANCIENT 'Gospel' PLAN unfold. The CROWNING sacrifice would be over the HOLY LAW for which the VICARIOUS ATONEMENT of the MASTER of SABBATH is the CORNERSTONE and CROWN of the Law which ENABLES US to do what we otherwise CAN NOT EVER do; to ASCEND his LADDER of SAVING TRUTH in OBEDIENCE to the INVISIBLE REALITY of HOLY LOVE which the written code REVEALS to us, in order to participate in His ETERNAL HOLINESS as His very IMAGE of TRUTH as the END PRODUCT of MANKIND as HIS DESIRE from before anything was ever created: a PERFECTLY RECIPROCAL HOLY SABBATH BRIDE for HIS ETERNAL DOTING PLEASURE.


Vicarious Atonement TIED to SPACE and TIME


(not 'Saturday' or 'Sunday' which BLINDS MINDS from SEEING ETERNAL REALITY!)

There are SIGNS and there are WITNESSES which TESTIFY of this 'gospel'. The TRUE GOSPEL is ESTABLISHED by the EVIDENCES of TRIUNE TESTIMONY of ONE ETERNAL LIGHT which exposes the blinding deception of the deceived world symbolized by the Sun, and is itself SYMBOLIZED by the FULL MOON SABBATH. We shall establish the FACT that the Moon is the faithful witness in the sky, the SYMBOL of the TRUE 'Light of the World' which is brighter than the Sun, in GREAT DETAIL later. This will serve as a very brief introduction to this UNKNOWN CONCEPT of the SABBATH CORNERSTONE PROMISE which the Rabbinic Jews REJECTED as PROPHESIED IN ADVANCE and which we are now enabled to ENTER BY FAITH (Heb. 4:1-9), even as they may do Teshuvah (repentence) and come back to the ANCIENT PATH.

There are TWO HEAVENLY LIGHTS (INVISIBLE to us here in our FALLEN MATERIAL REALITY) in DAY ONE of the Creation Account which are NOT PERCEIVED by the eye but are SYMBOLIZED on DAY FOUR by the Sun and Moon to help us here in DARKNESS to REASON about, and to understand how the SUN represents SPIRITUAL DARKNESS and the MOON is created as a FAITHFUL WITNESS of the LIGHT of the FATHER OF LIGHTS to lead us OUT from our BONDAGE TO IGNORANCE through OBEDIENCE to the PROPER INTERPRETATION of HIS COMMANDS as HE DESIRES. These REALITIES are SEEN only with the EYE which TRULY SEES, the MIND. The GOSPEL of eternal light is SYMBOLIZED by the full moon through COMMANDMENTS, and the SUN was appointed to be used as a symbol of the god of this world who BLINDS MINDS from ever seeing this GOSPEL LIGHT by usurping authority and OBSCURING REALITY regarding TRUTH so that he may REMAIN IN POWER over BEASTLY DARKENED MINDS! But this SYMBOL of the FAITHFUL WITNESS of the Moon being the SIGN OF MESSIAH has several POWERFUL TESTIMONIES to back it up as pointing to ETERNAL TRUTH (and therefore himself as a 'faithful witness' FOR TRUTH). These testimonies and evidences expose the DARKNESS of creation day 1 represented by the creation of the temporal SUN on day four. In Acts 26:13 Paul said he saw the Messiah in the form of 'A light from heaven BRIGHTER than the sun'. We shall see that the Greek Philosopher Socrates (400 B.C.) ALSO saw this light BEFORE PAUL had and Paul makes reference to the 'unknown god' which Socrates preached about who would send a light into our darkness to free us from our ignorance (for which Socrates was slain as a Martyr). The Bible also tells us of these things to establish the TRUE GOSPEL from that separate witness as a logically established foundation to be SET APART from ANY FORGERY which may try to exalt itself against the truth! These ancient testimonies are THE STANDARD by which to know the TRUTH which can EXPOSE THE SPIRITUAL DARKNESS WE LIVE IN and so SET US FREE by DESIGN PLAN! We will now begin to slowly introduce ourselves to the concept to then begin to work our way up to the crescendo of that POWERFUL LIGHT TESTIMONY; climbing the TRUTHS adorning the very BODY of the MESSIAH in the LAW of the FATHER, the STAIRWAY to HEAVEN which Messiah came to BE the WAY of TRUTH which sets us FREE from our DELUSION regarding the PERCEPTION of REALITY itself (Jn. 1:51).

Every good and every perfect gift is from above and comes down from the FATHER OF LIGHTS within whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning. James 1:17

The 'INVISIBLE' FATHER OF LIGHTS is the SOURCE FOR ALL TRULY GOOD THINGS in THIS TEMPORAL WORLD where men live in DARKNESS blinded by what their EYES see. He placed TWO GREAT LIGHTS as SYMBOLS struggling in the heavens, warring over our minds by which to SEE HIS INVISIBLE REFLECTION by REASONING through the EYE of our MIND; Spirit and Truth are the WITNESSES of his INVISBILE REALITY! Both the Sun and Moon reflect the Father's otherwise unseen GLORY but only one of them is the TRUE SYMBOL of the ONLY BEGOTTEN son of LIGHT; a FAITHFUL witness who REFLECTS HIS GLORY, the LIGHT of LOVE...the other is a BLINDING DARKNESS which RETAINS GLORY TO HIMSELF as a tyrant PHARAOH. Messiah is Master of Sabbath whose sign is the Moon (as shall be IRREFUTABLY PROVEN later) and both reflect the ULTIMATE truth to which we are LED through their TESTIMONIES to see...for the purpose of distinguishing Light FROM DARKNESS in order to make a CHOICE to ESTABLISH OURSELVES on the CORNERSTONE of REALITY in the END DAYS as INTENDED by our CREATOR. True sons of God are DESIGNED to REFLECT the CHARACTER of the IMAGE OF GOD as a FAITHFUL WITNESS to the rest of mankind who are ENSLAVED by the PHARAONIC MIND (symbolized by the Sun) and are truly SICK and in DARKNESS; even as HE REPRESENTED for us in a monthly SHOW of SIGNS in the sky. The Bible tells us he EXPLICITLY created and APPOINTED THEM for THAT PURPOSE to be RIGHTLY UNDERSTOOD.

"And elohim speaks: "let there be lights in the expanse of the heavens to divide between the day and between the night and they will be to SIGNAL SET TIMES and HOLY APPOINTMENTS ... And elohim created two great lights....TO DISTINGUISH LIGHT FROM DARKNESS (light being GOOD)...."

Here we see the creation of the sun and moon on day four of creation to REPRESENT the spiritual light and darkness of day one of creation which can not be perceived by the eye but only the EYE of the MIND which TRULY SEES! Through MORE SPECIFIC MESSIANIC CALENDAR COMMANDMENTS given later associated with the SABBATH SACRIFICES of the TEMPLE SYSTEM, we distinguish TRUE metaphysical/ETERNAL LIGHT from BLINDING, merely physical TEMPORAL DARKNESS which APPEARS to be more real by the IGNORANT kept in the dark and who percieve reality with the eye alone; a BLINDING DARKNESS! We shall see with ever increasing detail that this light of the moon is the SIGN of the TRUE LIGHT from the FATHER which leads us OUT from our 'cave darkness' where the god of this world, symbolized by the sun, BLIND MINDS (exactly as Socrates Parable of the Cave describes also, as we shall see). They selected a SELFISH ECONOMY based in GREED and set to a PERPETUAL MARCH OF DAYS with NO LUNAR ADJUSTMENT INTERRUPTIONS (inconvenient for calculating perpetual INTEREST on money) as an ANTI-CHRIST, BEAST CALENDAR FOUNDATION STONE in DIRECT OPPOSITION to the ANCIENT LUNAR CALENDAR and YHWH's selected cornerstone of the MOON to symbolize the ANCIENT PATH we left when we were plunged into the DARK AGES! It is THIS DARKNESS in which THE SONS of SATAN HIDE...those who have been running things since REJECTING the TRUE 'Light of the World' AND the SIGN by which we are established ON HIM as the TRUE CORNERSTONE upon which we are built and known, like a city on a hill; SABBATH TRUTH over which the MOON is the FAITHFUL WITNESS in the sky!

We can UNDERSTAND the GREATER REALITY only by using the SIGNS; the LOGICAL SYMBOLIC 'LANGUAGE' seen in the CREATION ORDER ITSELF as understood through the UNSEALED TESTIMONY of scripture, so that when observed correctly AS COMMANDED (in GREAT DETAIL as we shall later see), lead us to 'SEE' with our MINDS EYE, HIS ETERNAL REALITY if we CHOOSE to...if not, by default we are created in the image of DARKNESS (condemned since the 'fall') and blinded by ignorance in our 'cut off' state. This is our condition now; the prophetic REJECTION of HIS CORNEERSTONE 2000 years ago designed to EXPOSE the DARKNESS and CONQUER IT WITH LIGHT. Deceived, feeble minded, or otherwise ignorantly rebellious men HATE THIS ETERNAL TRUTH and PERSECUTE and SLAY those who have TAUGHT this Oral Tradition from the FOUNDATION of the world! The FULL MOON is the EXPRESSED IMAGE of His INVISIBLE FATHER! It is GODS FACE we are to SYMBOLICALLY 'SEE' using HIS SABBATH COMMANDMENTS to see HIS LOVE which exposes the DARKNESS of our world 'reality' symbolized by the BLAZING SUN as told to us from the FOUNDATION of the DARK WORLD we live in. When we see this LIGHT of love and emulate it, we are SET FREE by faith from our TEMPORAL FALLEN CONDITION. This 'Gospel Plan' was shared with me as a small child by my Jewish grandmother (who I believe may have been a SOLE SURVIVOR of her whole family from the HOLOCAUST of WWII)... I simply did not understand it to be anything more than a child's 'tale' for many years until I saw it in the DETAILS of the HOLY LAW with my own MINDS EYE!

Therefore take heed that the light which is in you is not darkness. Lk. 11:35



Contrary to what you have been told, MANKIND is STILL BEING 'CREATED' according to a DESIGN PLAN given in an OVERVIEW from the foundation of the world. YHWH declared the end from the beginning in a 7 day account of creation where the DARKNESS (represented by the SUN) is CONQUERED at the end of each day and in the last day YHWH then becomes the LIGHT of PERFCTED MAN and there will be no more darkness; ignorance will have been conquered and YHWH will reign supreme on SABBATH as MASTER of it. This first overview account of creation is the FRAMEWORK within which is held EVERYTHING ELSE HE HAS EVER REVEALED TO US THROUGHOUT THE REST OF HIS STORY. In other words, the creation week overview of Genesis is not a PAST EVENT from OUR perspective but is the FRAMEWORK OF HIS STORY, all time and space of our temporal womb reality which contains all the smaller 'scroll' revelations which came later, and which constitute the rest of the Bible and which gives us even more revealed detail of the FUTURE promise of SABBATH; when there is NO MORE DARKNESS and ALL MEN will know the SAVING TRUTH. He BRAGS that he has told us the end from the beginning (Is. 46:10), it was simply SEALED UP before our faces, as he also promised (Gen. 46:4, Is. 44:18, Dan. 9:24, Dan. 12:4).

This Gospel overview given in the Creation Account of Seven days contains the FULL GOSPEL just like a SEED contains the information which DEVELOPS into a WHOLE TREE with all its fruit. The seven days of creation which contains the FIRST COMMANDMENT, to distinguish between LIGHT and DARKNESS using the PROVIDED SIGNS in order to discern GOOD from EVIL, light from darkness, also contain the PROMISE OF 'REST' which 'Yahshua' has NOT YET led us into, EXCEPT BY FAITH in the DESIGN PLAN now manifest from the foundation of the world (Heb. 4:9). The later prophecies give added DEPTH, DIMENSION, AND UNDERSTANDING by filling in more DETAIL into this BODY or FRAMEWORK FOR THE SABBATH GOSPEL PROMISE GIVEN TO US IN SEED FORM AS SEVEN DAYS OF ALL MANS HISTORY. The Gospel of SABBATH, over which MESSIAH is the MASTER as its CONTRACTED LIGHT to lead us INTO knowledge of the INVISIBLE FATHER, is the plan of salvation from the foundation of the world and any other is a BLINDING DECEPTION foisted upon the world by BLIND BUILDERS as YHWH told us in advance they would do, and that we would one day DISCOVER when he UNVEILED HIS TRUTH AGAIN!

The nations will come to you from the ends of the earth and say: 'Surely we have inherited lies, vanity, and unprofitable things from our fathers.' Jer. 16:19b

"There remains therefore a Sabbath rest for the people of elohim." Hebrews 4:9

What we are specifically told in the above verse couched within the context of Hebrews 3 and 4, is that the 'Sabbath' IS the very GOSPEL PROMISE which Moses delivered; the correct interpretation of the 'living word' he gave us and which Messiah fulfilled the FIRST HALF appointed for HIM to do as CORNERSTONE to PROPER INTERPRETATION of the CODE. That HIS 'GOSPEL' is in regard to the SABBATH PROMISE given from the FOUNDATION OF THE WORLD for which the PICTURES of WHO MESSIAH IS and WHAT HE WOULD DO was VEILED IN THOSE SABBATH COMMANDS WHICH CAME LATER. If we DO NOT UNDERSTAND THE IMPORTANCE of this GOSPEL PROMISE given from the FOUNDATION OF THE WORLD for which the LIGHT CAME TO GIVE US MORE DETAILS IN LATER COMMANDS, and whose 'rest' ancient Israel NEVER ENTERED and is still OPEN TO US, we simply DO NOT KNOW THE TRUE MESSIAH in FULNESS, or His TRUE 'Gospel' PLAN in any significant DETAIL, but rather we have a STOCKHOLM SYNDROME, ANTI-CHRIST, HAND ME DOWN FORM held in IGNORANCE (until the WHEAT and TARES are fully developed); which brings us into congruency with SATANS DECEIVED WORLD BODY of ignorance which is BLINDING DARKNESS of our temporal world reality which MESSIAH CAME TO EXPOSE...Himself representing the FATHER as the TRUE LIGHT OF THE WORLD according to the father's PLAN!

Any 'gospel' not founded on the FOUNDATION of the PROPHETS, with the rejected CORNERSTONE of the SABBATH Messiah as the SABBATH SACRIFICE promised from the foundation of the world to be MURDERED by the WORLD SYSTEM 'BUILDERS' as its CORNERSTONE of the FOUNDATION of their HOUSE OF FAITH based on the TESTIMONIES and PROMISES of PROPHECY according to the project 'SPECS' Paul handed down to us as a Master Builder, is NO GOSPEL AT ALL and WILL SOON COLLAPSE on those who place faith in it! And any INTERPRETATION of justice concerning 'LAW' apart from this MERCIFUL ATONEMENT CORNERSTONE SET BY YHWH HIMSELF, is itself exposed as a paradigm of ENSLAVEMENT, DEATH AND DESTRUCTION...for which a few BEASTS are STEADFASTLY DETERMINED and DESTINED to HANG THEMSELVES while insanely thinking they build the gallows for someone else, just like HAMAN (Est. 7:10)!

ETERNAL Truth is METAPHYSICAL REALITY and is SPIRITUALLY PERCEIVED through SYMBOLS and conceptual languages like as unto MIRROR IMAGES! It is imperative that we understand that the SON IS ONE WITH THE FATHER as a different perspective of seeing the same TRUTH...a SEPARATE WITNESS of ONE LIGHT (like invisible New Moon and the visible Full Moon are TWO separate witnesses for the same 'ONE TRUTH'...similarly, a NEW moon, like a NEW covenant, is not a change or replacement with a MATERIALLY DIFFERENT covenant!). This LIGHT was the FIRST WORD to proceed from the father called 'GOOD' on day one of OUR CREATED WORLD DARKNESS. This light of ETERNAL TRUTH which TESTIFIES against the TEMPORAL DARKNESS of our beastly system enslaved by pharaonic DARKNESS which we are realizing we are ENSLAVED BY through this message...even as MOSES woke the people up and led them out from their PHARAONIC WORLD DARKNESS and enslavement according to SABBATH SACRIFICE PROMISES before he ever gave them the law, is designed to show us in a PATTERN! The PROMISE of ACTUALLY ENTERING that SABBATH PROMISE through OBEDIENCE still STANDS (Heb. 4:9)!

"And (he) elohim speaks: 'let us make man in our image as our likeness and they shall rule...' and (he) ELOHIM CREATES THE MAN IN THEIR IMAGE, in the image of elohim (authorities) he created them...."

These TWO anointed/authoritative 'LIGHTS' from the FATHER (one a deceiving darkness) are STILL CREATING MEN IN THEIR IMAGE TO THIS DAY...THEY DO IT BY DRAWING MEN OUT FROM CHILDISH IGNORANCE AND INTO THE LIGHT OF KNOWLEDGE; ONE WHO HAS HIDDEN THE KEY TO KNOWLEDGE AND IS A BLINDING DARKNESS AND THE OTHER A PURE LIGHT WHICH THOSE IN BLINDING DARKNESS CAN NOT PERCEIVE THROUGH SIGHT ALONE...and without the EXTERNAL CODE having been written on one's heart through FAITHFUL OBEDIENCE, there is NO OBJECTIVE, LOGICAL WAY TO TELL THE DIFFERENCE. By DEFAULT we are BORN INTO a world deceived by PHARAONIC BLINDING KNOWLEDGE divorced from ETERNAL TRUTH...controlled for a time by Satan, the psychopathic mind of man usurping power to himself as a pharaoh. Only the programming code rightly interpreted can IDENTIFY the SPIRITUAL prince of DARKNESS, who is this worlds BLINDING LIGHT OF AUTHORITY as DISTINCTLY DIFFERENT than the TRUE LIGHT which brings LIFE AND PEACE...NONE OTHERS CAN SEE PASSED THE WORLD DECEPTION to SEE the TRUE LIGHT in their MINDS EYE...none others will Exodus from the TRUE BONDAGE for which Egypt is only symbolic. For this reason we must be BORN AGAIN to have our MINDS RENEWED with ADDED TRUTH which changes our WHOLE PERSPECTIVE of 'reality' to see a HIGHER DIMENSION.

The father of LIGHTS, YHWH sent his light in (seen in the Faithful son who points to him as father of ALL here below and is symbolized by the 'faithful witness' of the Moon) to conquer the darkness and lead the captives OUT of their DARK PRISON CELL (where the disobedient, psychopathic PHARAONIC children of god, symbolized by the 'Sun', blind their minds from the WHOLE TRUTH regarding the nature of REALITY and the TRUE 'light of the world') and into the ETERNAL LIGHT REALITY if they HEED HIS VOICE. He CONQUERED the ILLUSION of DEATH for all those who TRUST HIM; then he will empower them who wish to obey him and he will knit them together into his functional body in his time and way in order to CONQUER THE DARKNESS and bring the KINGDOM of HEAVEN to EARTH as COMMANDED (Ps. 149, Mt. 6:10, Lk. 11:2). The light entering and bringing order to every dark thing the opposer was trying to do here was called good at the end of every day of the creation account, and for THIS REASON he calls it all 'VERY good' at the END of day six when DARKNESS is CONQUERED forever. IT IS ALL FINISHED because clearly, the darkness which existed at the beginning before the obedient word brought some semblance of perceived ORDER through his word of light, has been EXPOSED AND CONQUERED as COMMANDED BY THE FATHER OF THE HEAVENLY LIGHTS FOR THE CHILDREN OF LIGHT TO DO when this SIGN of MESSIAH is UNVEILED; and this is yet a FUTURE EVENT in which YOU NOW HAVE A PART TO PLAY...the GOOD WORKS PREPARED FOR YOU IN ADVANCE TO WALK IN! This is the SABBATH PROMISE which we are to enter BY FAITH while there is still a 'today' (Hebrews 3-4).

"And the heavens and the earth and all their hosts are being completed and (he) finishes on the seventh (rest/OATH) day from all his work which he does and he shall sabbath on that seventh (rest/OATH) day from all his work which he is doing and elohim blesses the (rest/OATH) seventh day and he sanctifies it to himself because on it he rested from all his works which he creates (for them) to make/do." Gen. 2:1-3

If the Messiah is the MASTER of the Sabbath (as stated in Mat. 12:8, Mark 2:28, and Luke 6:5) and he came as a SABBATH SACRIFICE (which at the time of Messiah's first advent was the CENTER of LIFE in MOSES 'HOUSE', the TEMPLE SYSTEM of which pointed to MESSIAH as its FOUNDATION...the foundation by which to UNDERSTAND the TRUE, METAPHYSICAL/SPIRITUAL 'Sabbath' MARRIAGE PROMISE and it's ASSOCIATED SACRIFICE for the TRUE metaphysical/spiritual 'House' to be built upon, according to the book of Hebrews), should we not be preparing our robes to ENTER THAT PROMISE of SABBATH MARRIAGE with HIM through UNDERSTANDING what it REALLY MEANS as HIS HOLY BRIDE? Moses Tabernacle System was a PATTERN which he fashioned after being shown the REALITY on the 'mountain'. It seems to me that we should undertand the PURPOSE of sacrifice and WHAT the 'shadow' of the TEMPLE LAW was all about since it ALL POINTS TO MESSIAH as the GOAL and PURPOSE; for whom and through whom it came into BEING in the first place. Should we not be able to EXPLAIN our faith in SOME PRACTICAL, logical and reasonable way and not have mere OPINION, illusion OR HEATHEN DELUSION in our mind as the FOUNDATION for our SALVATION? Surely our faith IS REASONED from a SOLID FOUNDATION of TRUTH, the WISDOM of TRUE SALVATION from our DUNGEON, and not just another BLINDINGLY ILLOGICAL DECEPTION posited by a DECEIVED MAN...surely if SCRIPTURE TESTIMONY has ANY REAL MEANING, this MUST BE TRUE! How else but by trusting the FULLNESS of TRUTH, which is established by EMPIRICAL EVIDENCE using LOGIC and REASON, can we be kept from the POWERFUL DELUSION which blinds the minds of THE ENTIRE DECEIVED WORLD as PROMISED to occur? The 'powerful delusion' and its associated APOSTASY is ALREADY IN THE WORLD and only the LOVE OF TRUTH can save us from it, and only if you BELIEVE IT as demonstrated by what you DO, BY DESIGN.

The last point I would like to make in DEFENSE of the PROPER INTERPRETATION of GODS LAW is to ask a simple question: If the Messiah is going to RULE PLANET EARTH with a rod of Iron according to a LAW and the LAW will go out to the entire world from Zion...will it be ANY OTHER LAW than the one he wrote in stone with his own finger and then FLESHED OUT as PERFECT? I suggest this very Law which mankind has ALWAYS REBELLED AGAINST (even when in PRETENSE of 'obedeince') which Messiah, the prophets before him, and the Apostles after him fleshed out and wrote down for us (AFTER THEY APPLIED IT IN THEIR OWN HEARTS as DEMONSTRATED by what they DID), the LIVING TORAH LAW rejected by those who MURDERED HIM, shall become THAT SAVING UTOPIC CORNERSTONE PERSPECTIVE, the TRUE LIGHT of the WORLD, by His MARVELLOUS DESIGN PLAN for ALL MANKIND as HE PLANNED from the FOUNDATION of THIS WORLD of DARKNESS and set in SYMBOLIC FORM to be PERCEIVED and CORRECTLY INTERPRETED in CREATION ORDER itself. Let us NOT be DISOBEDIENT to his EXPRESSED WILL by twisting it into something UNHOLY as we have a tendency to do...let us LEARN REPENTENCE and OBEDIENCE!

And I saw another Messenger in the mid-heavens (of cyberspace) having the ETERNAL GOSPEL to preach to them that dwell on earth, to every nation, tribe, tongue, and people group saying with a loud voice: GIVE YHWH GLORY AS MAKER OF HEAVEN AND EARTH; worship Him who made Heaven and Earth, the sea and the fountains of the deep! Rev. 14:6-7

And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, "Come out of her, my people, that you may not participate in her sins and that you may not receive of her plagues." Revelation 18:4

"Now to Him who is able to establish you according to my gospel and the preaching of Messiah Yahshua, according to the revelation of the mystery which has been KEPT SECRET SINCE THE WORLD BEGAN but is NOW MANIFESTED by the SCRIPTURES OF THE PROPHETS, according to the commandment of the eternal Power and NOW BEEN MADE KNOWN TO ALL THE NATIONS LEADING TO THE OBEDIENCE OF FAITH; to the only wise POWER, through Messiah Yahshua, be the glory forever. Amen." Romans 16:25-27


The Trinity or Tri-Une nature of otherwise unknowable UNIFIED SUPER TRUTH in our SUB-REALITY or SOLIPSISTIC REALM is itself a FOUNDATIONAL CORNERSTONE of TRUTH upon which 'reality' MUST BE ESTABLISHED to have JUSTICE and PEACE by DESIGN!

No FACT (which in our ignorance we confuse with 'truth' merely because the fact is perceived as TRUE) can be established as a TRUE FACT to be used as a premise in a logical argument for instance, apart from the two witnesses of LOGIC and REASON being in agreement with the CLAIM in order for the claimed 'fact' to be ESTABLISHED as TRUE FACT. In other words, since a concluded 'fact of truth' is only a 'claim' apart from Logic and Reason POSITIVELY SUPPORTING the claimed FACT as it's PREMISES through agreeing testimonies, then TRUTH is really composed of THREE TESTIMONIES or it's just a CLAIM to truth. Many concepts of 'god truth' fall under this category of CLAIMED TRUTH not supported by LOGIC and REASON. But these THREE in AGREEMENT are always ONE testimony for the HOLY TRUTH to be set apart from all CLAIMS of ignorance or deception. These three can NEVER be in DISHARMONY and still remain TRUE. This is the ONLY WAY to SANCTIFY or SET APART otherwise unknowable A-PRIORI TRUTH, from ALL CLAIMS of DARKNESS and IGNORANCE by DESIGN of our SUB REALITY!

It is a very powerful TRUE FACT that the most fundamental Logical argument to establish ANY 'truth' consists of TWO TRUE PREMISES and its TRUE CONCLUSION. LOGIC and REASON must POSITIVELY agree with eachother AND with the concluded FACT to which they point, for the FACT to be established as a TRUE FACT. Therefore ALL 'TRUTH' claims must be ESTABLISHED by THIS MODEL (as well as any claim to 'god truth'), or it's simply a CLAIM to ASSUME truth unlawfully. The UNKNOWN, UNIFIED SUPER TRUTH of 'god' can ONLY be empirically established by LOGIC x REASON x FACTS in our IGNORANCE of that SUPER REALITY. It was understood by Design of our Creator that we would one day gain enough truthful FACTS within the darkness and ignorance of our subset of reality, that coupled with LOGIC and REASON, we would be able to ESTABLISH a HIS UNIFIED SUPER TRUTH as a CORNERSTONE TRUTH for the UNIFICATION of MANKIND by HIS DESIGN. He has designed our reality with a Mathematical or Logical 'check' of sorts so that we would be able to establish the SCIENTIFIC FACT of HIS GREATER TRUTH SET of reality, which is absolutely beyond our bodies direct and immediate perception of reality, as He told us from the foundation of the world! We shall see that the SCIENCES establish the EMPIRICAL MODEL for our reality and the perception of the reality beyond our perception, the 'GOD SET' of 'TRUTH' which HOLDS OUR REALITY of mere 'facts' together to be perceived as 'truth'; and this 'heavenly reality' and our 'subset reality' is Logically depicted in a Mathematical FORM as: UNIFIED SUPER TRUTH = Logic x Reason x Truth, or UST = LRT

The answer to the question 'What is Truth' posed in the Title of this work is: TRUTH is LOVE and is understood logically to be UNIFIED SUPER TRUTH REALITY (the IDEAL REALITY beyond our 'form' of only temporally perceived 'reality' as we shall see Socrates calls it, later) the TRIUNE EQUATION of LOGIC x REASON x TRUTH, or T = LRF. And the Scientific evidences within demonstrate that the very CORNERSTONE of our 'reality' is the unknown SENTIENT 'GOD' TRUTH of LOVE toward which we are DESIGNED to GROW or 'EVOLVE', as shall be ESTABLISHED as ABSOLUTE TRUTH. Simply understood, the 'trinity' of 'God' TRUTH is the mathematical equation of LOGIC in our subset reality; the embodiment of the HOLY SPIRIT of TRUTH which PERMEATES all perceived reality (anyone who denies the TRUTH of LOGIC blasphemes the HOLY SPIRIT which EMBODIES IT, as seen in CREATED 'natural ORDER' itself). So TRUTHFULNESS regarding FACTS is ALWAYS a LOGICAL/MATH EQUATION: Logic x Reason x Fact = Truthfulness. How much even more so then, should this EQUATION be the required TOOL, like the wrungs of a LADDER, to lead us into ALL TRUTH so we are ENABLED to affirm or reject ANY CLAIM to the existence of a 'GOD TRUTH' or model presenting itself as 'the truth'; the otherwise unknowable UNIFIED SUPER TRUTH existing OUTSIDE OUR DIRECT PERCEPTION OF REALITY but which HOLDS OUR REALITY TOGETHER TO BE PERCEIVED? And if such a CONSCIOUS super TRUTH of LOVE did exist, as the BIBLE claims and SCIENCE supports as TRUE, would he not want to REASON with our MINDS created in HIS IMAGE in a QUALITY CONTROL situation to understand HIS LOGIC regarding the nature of our perceived SUB reality, so that those who CHOSE TO could EVOLVE to be UNIFIED WITH THAT SELF CONSCIOUS TRUTH of LOVE and those who did not could be DESTROYED as having FAILED QUALITY CONTROL for KINGDOM ENTRANCE as a result of THEIR OWN FREE WILL CHOICES; THEIR OWN choices in PERCEPTION and JUDGEMENT? We will see it is COMPLETELY LOGICAL that he would give us the PROGRAMMING CODE to ADOPT as a CONSCIOUS CHOICE at some point; as this Message is intended to ESTABLISH as ABSOLUTE TRUTH! This Message contains the CORNERSTONE CONCEPT for our SUBSET of REALITY by HIS DESIGN given to us THOUSANDS of years before we could EVER have consciously comprehended it INTELLECTUALLY!

The Bible claims and we shall see the Sciences of Mathematics, Quantum Physics, Micro-Biology, Neurology, Philosophy, and Psychology ALL PROVE, that a 'GOD TRUTH' or UNIFIED SUPER TRUTH upon which ALL FACTS within OUR SUBSET OF REALITY SEPARATED FROM DIRECT PERCEPTION OF HIS TRUE REALITY (which we CONFUSE with TRUE 'REALITY' because we are BLINDED by our own IGNORANT DARKNESS), does indeed EXIST and is the ORIGIN and SUSTAINER of all FACTS of OUR SUB-REALITY as He told us THOUSANDS of years ago; before we could SCIENTIFICALLY ESTABLISH IT AS TRUE using ALL known FACTS multiplied by LOGIC and REASON in HIS OWN MODEL SHOWCASING HIS UNIFIED SUPER TRUTH reality!

In fact the Bible rightly tells us in various places that NO COMMUNICATION or LANGUAGE could even EXIST or be PERCEIVED apart from the HOLY SPIRIT of LOGIC which holds our perceived reality together in LOGICAL FORM to BE PERCEIVED, like Psalm 19:1-4. So herein we shall see the EVIDENCE for this GREATER REALITY, the ETERNAL GOD SET of UNIFIED SUPER TRUTH which holds our temporal facts based reality together in Mathematical form as: HOLY SPIRIT Logic x SON of TRUTH (who is both PURPOSE and REASON) x ALL true known 'Facts' in our sub-reality, RATIONALLY arranged in a TRUE FORMula (the One Presented herein) for perceiving our reality = A-PRIORI LOVE which is the SENTIENT A-PRIORI TRUTH of our reality which we are designed to EVOLVE to be UNITED WITH as A PERFECT BRIDE, as that CONSCIOUS TRUTH has told us from the very foundation of the world.

Therefore, in the TEMPORAL DARKNESS of our SUBSET of reality, we are easily DECEIVED by our DIRECT and IMMEDIATE 'perceptions' of reality to confuse temporal FACTS to be eternal TRUTH (or as we shall see later, Socrates says: a confusion of mere temporal FORMS with the eternal IDEAL). Apart from DIRECT PERCEPTION of His LOVE Reality we are to be united with, on the other side of the veil of temporal 'death' (represented mathematically in the equation as the = sign), His LIGHT OF TRUTH is 'seen' only through the AGREEMENT of these THREE TESTIMONIES for HIS ONE LIGHT of A-PRIORI TRUTH on THIS SIDE of the equation. This is the ONLY WAY to set the HOLY, SENTIENT 'GOD' TRUTH apart from all claims and BLINDING DECEPTIONS in our SUBSET darkness, by His Design of our TEMPORAL REALITY separated from direct perception of His ETERNAL, UNIFIED SUPER TRUTH reality.

All CLAIMS to TRUTH must be WITNESSED as TRUE according to VALID TESTIMONY of at least TWO TRUTHFUL WITNESSES. Logic and Reason lead us to conclude about FACTS within our reality and these facts help us to build our UNDERSTANDING to lead us to see even GREATER TRUTH regarding otherwise UNSEEN REALITY (as will be touched on again a couple more times, within) as a sort of STAIRWAY to HEAVEN with the FULLNESS of the MIND of GOD at the TOP. Another way this may be expressed Mathematically or Logically is: LOGIC x REASON x TRUTH (facts within our reality) = YHWH TRUTH (outside our perception) or LRT = Y. This TRIUNE WITNESS of TRUTHFULNESS on OUR SIDE of the equation, gives us KNOWLEDGE of the OTHER SIDE of the EQUATION, the UNKNOWN TRUTH which can NOT BE empirically ESTABLISHED and KNOWN as TRUE otherwise (a Proven, Scientific fact within this message), by his design. The TRIUNE (UNIFIED) SUPER TRUTH works TOGETHER in our truth set or 'sub reality' which is a WOMB OF IGNORANCE regarding that ETERNAL TRUTH SET we can not perceive, but which holds our womb reality on this side of the equation together in HOLY SPIRIT 'ORDER' for REASON. Reason is the SON of ETERNAL TRUTH, the purpose of creation. Through REASONING we can become LIKE HIM by design of the FATHER, Is 1:18. So the Holy Spirit embodies His LOGIC and leads us to see the Light of the PERFECT IMAGE of ETERNAL TRUTH being seen in the SON of Truth, REASON, who was SLAIN FOR OUR HEALING according to ANCIENT PROMISES going back to the FOUNDATION of the WORLD. Apart from this foundational Truth, Man has NO HOPE of being created in HIS LOGICALLY LOVING IMAGE or of ever having PEACE and LIFE EVER ABUNDANT, by design he self destructs or is saved as a result of his own choice in relationship to the Mercy of YHWH's Holy Law.

The valid TORAH (Bible) TESTIMONY is of the LIGHT of UNIFIED SUPER TRUTH existing OUTSIDE of our bodies RANGE of DIRECT SENSORY PERCEPTION (our bodies having been created within a SOLIPSISTIC REALM, a SUB REALITY removed from direct sensory perception/knowledge of his ETERNAL LOVE REALM) has sent TWO WITNESSES for himself within our temporally created DARKNESS/IGNORANCE regarding that ETERNAL REALITY to lead us to KNOWLEDGE OF HIM by HIS OWN DESIGN. Holy Spirit Logic and the Son of Truth, Reason. Apart from the TESTIMONY of those TWO WITNESSES within our realm which exist as ONE with Him in HIS ETERNAL, UNIFIED TRUTH/LOVE REALM of PURE LIGHT before the beginning, His 'LIGHT' of truth outside our womb of darkness could NEVER be distinguished as TRUE and SET APART from ALL mere CLAIMS to truth. There is NO OTHER WAY to KNOW TRUTH than through LOGIC and REASON establishing it WITHIN OUR DARKNESS through the TORAH TESTIMONIES given FOR THAT PURPOSE and told to us from the foundation of the world. Let's get into the scripture to BEGIN to see what I mean in APPLICATION.

In the beginning Elohim (FATHER LOVE outside our created DARKNESS) created the Heavens and the Earth (in darkness)...and the Spirit of Elohim (LOGIC LOVE) hovered over the face of the waters...and Elohim (SON LOVE SPEAKING AS FATHER who sent him and TELLS HIM to speak as the CREATIVE FORCE and the NARRATOR of the scriptures who was WITH the father in the beginning) said: 'let there be light' and there was Light and Elohim (ALL WHO RECOGNIZE HIS LIGHT, CREATED IN HIS IMAGE through the use of this LOGICAL AND REASONABLE PATTERN of MATHEMATICALLY LOGICAL 'LIGHT') saw that the Light was good....Gen. 1:1-4


Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and they shall rule... Genesis 1:26

We know that Moses was given the Account of Creation from the perspective of a WITNESS TESTIMONY, one who was THERE. This Narrator WORD existing in the beginning is testifying of the father who commanded him to come into our darkness to be the FIRST GOOD WORD called LIGHT, the light of REASON to be sent into our 'sub-reality', and of the Holy Spirit hovering over the LOGICAL ORDER of our perception of reality, all THREE are IN AGREEMENT since day one of Creation of our DARKNESS of this temporal, 'physical world' which BLINDS US FROM IMMEDIATE PERCEPTION of HIS INVISIBLE, ETERNAL TRUTH of LOVE REALITY. So here in DAY ONE we see this TRI-UNE WITNESS of ONE ULTIMATE TRUTH BEYOND OUR REALITY which has been COMMUNICATING WITH US who are made in his LOGICAL, REASONABLE character of INVISIBLE LOVE throughout the AGES of MANKINDS DEVELOPMENT to EXPOSE the DARKNESS of CREATION SELFISHNESS since its foundation.

In the Beginning was the WORD and the word was WITH Elohim (God/Power) and the Word was Elohim...He was LIFE and THIS LIFE is the LIGHT of MAN. Jn. 1:1-4

John is clearly referencing the Genesis account of Creation when He refers to the NARRATOR (the WITNESS who was 'THERE' and who came into the world 'embushed' and gave this 'living word' in dictated form to Moses to write down and give to us) as the 'WORD' existing in the beginning with the Father (himself being the first word of light to proceed from the mouth of the father through whom and for whom all things are made and apart from THIS WORD the father sent into our womb of darkness in day one, nothing is seen to exist in our darkness and NO TRUTH may ever be established as ABSOLUTE). This ESTABLISHED TRUTH of the TRINITY COMMUNICATION of an INVISIBLE LIGHT more powerful than the Sun, being the LIFE GIVING LIGHT of ETERNAL REALITY, has BOASTINGLY ANSWERED THIS EPISTEMOLOGICAL PROBLEM from the foundation of the world, long before our SCIENTISTS and PHILOSOPHERS would even admit it 'INTELLECTUALLY' as a PROBLEM to be RECKONED WITH, until now! SOLIPSISISM = SPIRITUAL BABYLON

So in day ONE we see the WORD SENT BY and testifying of the FATHER who is OUTSIDE OUR PERCEPTION OF REALITY and has NO FORM or IMAGE to be perceived, is beyond the WOMB of our temporal 'darkness', outside our LIMITED realm of perception, and of the Holy Spirit within our realm of perception, all THREE existing in the beginning, day ONE of our created order; and ALL THREE are required to understand the UNIFIED SUPER LIGHT, the otherwise UNKNOWABLE TRUTH of YHWH existing outside our realm because MATERIAL REALITY (symbolized by the blinding Sun) is what BLINDS US to our ETERNAL created PURPOSE through MISperception regarding HIS TRUTH. Three ETERNAL WITNESSES against MATERIAL DARKNESS. All three EXIST ETERNALLY TOGETHER AS AN INDIVISIBLE 'ONE' outside our temporal perception of 'time' and 'space'! This ONE we can be JOINED WITH as in a HOLY MARRIAGE by HIS DESIGN and NO MAN CAN BREAK THAT BOND OF LOVE!

There is NO OTHER WAY to set HIS IMPERCEPTABLE, HOLY TRUTH of LOVE which is RIGHTEOUS and TRUE, apart from ALL other truth CLAIMS on this side of the equation, by HIS DESIGN. Therefore the TRUTH of 'God', like any TRUTH, is established as TRUE by LOGIC and REASON in regard to KNOWN FACTS as a STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN by his marvellous Design Plan, and as he TOLD TO US FROM the foundation of the world in order to SET HIM APART AS HOLY TRUTH AND THE TRUTH of ALL TRUTHS. In other words, His UNKNOWN TRUTH outside our realm of perception is established by the TWO WITNESSES of Logic (embodied by the Holy Spirit of HIS CREATION order), who shows us the Light of PERFECT LAW through REASON, the SON of YHWH LOVE sent to Moses EMBUSHED, who wrote that LIVING WORD of Law sent from the FATHER down in a PATTERN, which would later be ENFLESHED by the LIVING SHEKINAH LIGHT of the father as a PERFECT MODEL in flesh... a walking interpretation of the LAW as the very CROWN of it as our EXAMPLE for proper interpretation, according to His LOGICAL design plan REASONED by those being made IN HIS IMAGE through their IMITATING OBEDIENCE even as ABEL did.

Therefore these THREE compose the FUNDAMENTAL EQUATION for YHWH (SENTIENT LOVE-God) within our WOMB of IGNORANT DARKNESS as He designed and apart from this EQUATION His unknown LIGHT of Truth CAN NOT BE PERCEIVED, KNOWN OR ESTABLISHED AS TRUE and therefore SET APART from any other 'God' CLAIMS within our WOMB of IGNORANCE regarding HIS ETERNAL REALITY. Logic demonstrates that RULES EXIST and where rules exist the existence of a PROGRAMMER is LOGICALLY DEMANDED. The enfleshed SHEKINAH (living Light of God) came to ESTABLISH His Kingdom reality in our Babylonian womb of darkness and ignorance regarding true reality as a SEED to grow into a TREE OF LIFE.

The Old Testament tells us about this Programmer and the Light of his Son which he WOULD SEND into our womb darkness to be seen as a LIFE SAVING BEACON of ETERNAL LIGHT for all lead us to knowledge of the ONE who sent him into our darkness to be perceived. So the Light of Holy Spirit Logic leads us to SEE the LIGHT of 'Reason', the SON of YHWH who leads us to the understanding of the TRUTH of the otherwise invisible FATHER YHWH while we are still in the WOMB of darkness, opposite to His side of the equation...three TESTIMONIES for ONE ETERNAL LIGHT existing OUTSIDE OUR PERCEPTION of 'reality' by the fathers design, to establish his reality WITHIN THE WOMB according to his DESIGN PLAN AND PURPOSE. The UNKNOWN LIGHT of LOVE outside our womb of DARKNESS, apart from this EQUATION of the TRI-UNE WITNESS of LOGIC and REASON within our BABYLONIAN WOMB to understand the INVISIBLE TRUTH of LOVE, one can not distinguish the TRUE 'GOD' from any mere CLAIMS while still in the BLINDING DARKNESS of our temporal, SOLIPSISTIC REALM ignorant of His ETERNAL REALITY, by HIS MARVELLOUS DESIGN. LOGIC, REASON AND LOVE are INSEPERABLE ETERNAL TRUTH REALITY; this is DIVINE LAW pictured at the CROSS by DESIGN PLAN as a CORNERSTONE for PERCEIVING REALITY CORRECTLY...given to us by our LOVING PROGRAMMER from the FOUNDATION of the WORLD as He has BOASTED for THOUSANDS OF YEARS! Here in our DARKNESS these three 'lights' of SAVING TRUTH are also known as FAITH, HOPE and LOVE.

So the very simple Gospel OVERVIEW of GENESIS 1, on which hangs ALL the rest of the details of scripture, is that we are created in SPIRITUAL DARKNESS and the LIFE GIVING Light of YHWH was sent into the world from the beginning to be perceived and RIGHTLY associated with one of TWO SIGNS placed in the sky for us to REASON ABOUT, the Sun which blinds our minds from seeing the invisible reality, and the FULL MOON which points to the INVISIBLE 'NEW MOON' REALITY which ESTABLISHES His ETERNAL TRUTH REALITY by HIS DESIGN now UNSEALED from the text (as shall be MATHEMATICALLY ESTABLISHED as ABSOLUTE TRUTH by HIS MARVELLOUS DESIGN, a bit later)!

In the end, His light will have conquered the blinding darkness in our minds and man will be called 'very good' and be led into the SABBATH PROMISE of NO MORE DARKNESS as described for that SEVENTH DAY REST in the GENESIS GOSPEL OVERVIEW given in the 'Creation Account'. After this FIRST OVERVIEW of all of Man's HIS STORY, we then see that this LIGHT of REASON sent in to conquer the darkness, would be a PROMISED SEED of a WOMAN (Gen. 3:15) and this promised seed would be the ENFLESHED TORAH OBEDIENCE (like obedient Abel) that man, in his psychopathic DARKNESS regarding TRUE REALITY as his CORNERSTONE to MAKE RIGHT JUDGEMENT, would SLAY THE OBEDIENT TRUTH ACCORDING TO PROPHECIES given IN ADVANCE that would not be understood FULLY until the END OF DAYS AS PROMISED. The LIFE GIVING LIGHT that was IN THE BEGINNING and is ASSOCIATED with the MOON through COMMANDMENTS was SLAIN according to PROPHECY as JOHN CLEARLY TELLS US in his GOSPEL and LETTERS!

Then (as we shall see in more unsealed detail from King David later) after the DARK AGES of a TWO MILLENIAL DAY spiritual NEW MOON in which the CONSCIOUSNESS of mankind would be intellectually plunged into as a result of that REJECTION EVENT, throwing the CORNERSTONE of TRUTH (the true LIGHT of the WORLD and PERSPECTIVE from which to view 'reality' known even to Socrates in Greece) to the ground, SLAYING the TWO WITNESSES of LOGIC and REASON and BLINDING MINDS in the WHOLE WORLD with the SIGN of the SUN for 2000 years, the MARK of the BEAST which the Programmer selected to be the DEFAULT POSITION for DARKENED MINDS like CAIN to perceive as his reality, a BLINDING LIGHT which can not see the PROMISE of his LIFE GIVING IMAGE in the FACE of the FULL MOON which he selected as HIS FAITHFUL WITNESS to represent HIMSELF in our darkness, the LIFE GIVING LIGHT OF TRUTH would be SEEN ONCE AGAIN, ALIVE AND WELL in the MINDS of HIS CHILDREN OF LIGHT (invisible to most still sleeping as he begins to rise on the horizon) to bring the TRUE LIGHT of TRUE LIFE to be SEEN AGAIN by HIS WONDERFUL DESIGN plan. The simplest plan of this is seen in the sun and moon both as representatives of His light, but only the one reflecting the father's light of LOVE and TRUTH which is more powerful than the light of sun or moon, this is the true Light of the world reflected in the Moon who is slain each month in a crossing over of the fathers HANDS in a SABBATH SACRIFICE or 'PASSOVER' event; these two opposing 'signs' representing the two HANDS of Father YHWH who has used them to form or grow us toward Him while in our WOMB OF DARKNESS. Man's FALLEN and psychopathic view of the Sun being the sign of the light of the world blinds MINDS from seeing this true gospel light. Only by this ORAL INTERPRETATION of the SIGNS of the SUN and MOON in relationship to their CREATOR, the INVISIBLE FATHER of LIGHTS, is found the KEY TO KNOWLEDGE which shall unlock our PRISON so we may EVOLVE AS DESIGNED by going THROUGH the VEIL or DOOR by FAITH.

After slaying him (rejecting the cornerstone) and plunging the world into spiritual and intellectual darkness, the TRUE LIFE GIVING LIGHT of the WORLD, which is the TRUTH of his LOVING MERCY, would THEN begin to RISE FROM THE DEAD to LIVE EVERMORE in the HEARTS and MINDS of HIS PERFECTED BODY (him being our HEAD) as the FOUNDATIONAL CORNERSTONE of a NEW WORLD ORDER where there is NO MORE DARKNESS, as promised from the very foundation of our perceived reality. The SABBATH WEDDING of MANKIND with her CREATOR; the promise given in the first OVERVIEW of all created HIS STORY, which Joshua did not lead the people into (Heb. 4:8). This is where we are NOW according to the BLUEPRINT for the PERFECTION of MANKIND, as I hope to make VERY CLEAR in YOUR MIND'S EYE in this Message regarding the LIFE GIVING LIGHT; ETERNAL TRUTH of HOLY LOVE which He is extending to us in this SABBATH MARRIAGE WEDDING PROMISE given to FALLEN MAN from the FOUNDATION OF THE WORLD!

YHWH is my strength and fortress, He is my escape in the day of affliction. The nations will come to you from the ends of the earth and say: 'Surely we have inherited lies, vanity, and unprofitable things from our fathers'...I will cause them to know my hand and my might; and they shall know that my name is YHWH (He Who Exists). Jeremiah 16:19-21


For the past 2000 years (2 millenial DAYS) we have been in the Darkness of a spiritual New Moon (when MESSIANIC LIGHT is not RECOGNIZED on the SIGN of the SABBATH Moon because the BUILDERS who REJECTED the TRUE CORNERSTONE, HID THE KEY of KNOWLEDGE) after the true light of the world was REJECTED AS PROPHESIED. The Sun is the Mark of the BEAST, the BLINDING DARKNESS which blinds the minds of men from seeing the only true Gospel seen in the Faithful Witness of the Moon, the Sign of the Messiah and the TRUE LIGHT OF THE WORLD. The Faithful Witness of the Moon testifies of the Invisible Father of Lights (represented by New Moon when NO light is seen on the moon) in a Monthly Passover/Sabbath sacrifice when the Light of the Moon stops waxing and begins waning. This cycle of light on the moon brings glory to the Invisible Father of Lights and exposes the blinding darkness of this world, the 'cornerstone' of the Sun selected by the ANTI-CHRIST 2000 years ago, as handed down in Oral Tradition from the foundation of the world. After a two (millenial) day spiritual 'New Moon', when no light is visible from the Moon because the Sun has been blinding the world to bring glory to itself as the 'light of the world', we then see Faithful Light of the Moon begin to wax once again on the THIRD millenial DAY after the 'sacrifice' took place AS PROMISED! The Light of the Moon symbolically represents the TRUE LIGHT OF THE WORLD and the INVISIBLE FATHER of LIGHTS since they were created FOR THAT PURPOSE to expose the BLINDING DARKNESS of this merely material world since its foundation.

Let me now place an exclamation point after these DEEP CONCEPTS of the SAVING, SENTIENT TRUTH in the form of WORD and LIGHT pictures from the ANCIENT SCRIPTURES themselves; the very IMAGE of the FATHER and HIS SON which we are to both KNOW and WALK IN. This is a mini presentation of my 'GOSPEL' using a few select passages, before we move on to see even MORE SAVING LIGHT of TRUTH.

In the beginning Elohim created the heaven and the earth and the earth was formless and void, and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of Elohim hovered over the face of the waters. And Elohim said, Let there be light: and there was light. And Elohim saw the light, that it was good: and Elohim divided the light from the darkness. Genesis 1:1-4

And Elohim said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion... Genesis 1:26

Then John gives us his testimony regarding the TORAH WORD of LIGHT, WHICH BRINGS LIFE and which was sent from the FATHER into our DARKNESS from the foundation of the world, whose obedience is seen in the faithful testimony of the moon, in whose IMAGE of LOVE we are BORN INTO through BELIEVING the LIGHT of SAVING TRUTH sent into our darkness FOR THAT PURPOSE and seen in this AMAZING GOSPEL written in CREATED ORDER itself. John gives that testimony here:

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with Elohim, and the Word was Elohim. He was in the beginning with Elohim and all things were made through Him, and apart from him was not any thing made that was made. In him was life and the life was the light of men. And the light shined in the darkness; and the darkness could not perceive him. John 1:1-5

The Torah (Old Testament 'Law') came through Moses but Mercy and Truth (of LOVE) came through Yahshua because no man has seen (Father) Elohim at any time except the only begotton son in His bosom who has declared Him. Jn. 1:17-18

There was a man of the Pharisees named Nicodemus, a ruler of the Jews who came to Yahshua by night and said unto him, Rabbi, we know that you are a teacher sent from Elohim because no man could do the signs which you do except Elohim be with him. Yahshua answered and said to him, truly truly I say to you that unless a man be born again, he cannot see the Kingdom of Elohim. Nicodemus said to him, How can a man be born when he is old? ...Yahshua answered, truly truly I say to you that unless a man is born of water and of Spirit (of TRUTH), he cannot enter into the Kingdom of Elohim. That which is born of flesh is flesh; and that which is born of the Spirit (of TRUTH) is Spirit (and TRUE LIFE which is eternal despite being invisble to those living in world darkness).

Marvel not that I said to you that you must be born again. The wind blows where it wants and you hear its sound but can not know where it came from or where it is going;: so is every one that is born of the Spirit. Nicodemus answered and said to him, How can this be? Yahshua answered and said to him, you're a teacher of Israel and don't know these things? Truly truly I say to you, we speak what we know and testify of what we have seen and you do not receive our testimony. So if I have told you things regarding the earth and you do not believe, how will you ever believe if I tell you of Heavenly things?

No one has ascended up to heaven except he that came down from heaven; the Son of man which is in heaven. As Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, even so must the Son of man be lifted up so that whoever will believe on him should not perish, but have eternal life. For Elohim so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son, that whoever would believe on him would not perish but have Life Eternally. Elohim (father) did not send his (Elohim) Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world would be saved THROUGH HIM. He that believes on him is not condemned but he who does not believe is already condemned because he has not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of Elohim (Jesus = Yahshua = YHWH SAVES!). And this is the condemnation: The Light (from Elohim) came into the world but men loved their darkness more than than the light (from Elohim) because their deeds were evil. Every one that does evil hates the light (of SAVING TRUTH) and will not come into the light because his deeds (in this temporal realm) would be EXPOSED. But he that DOES TRUTH comes into its light so that his deeds may be made manifest, that they are done in Elohim. John 3:1-21

After the Light came into the world to be lifted up in death, to show us the nature of the FATHER in TRUE LIFE REALITY in the INVISIBLE REALM where he NOW IS, in juxt position to our ALREADY CONDEMNED fallen/SEPARATED reality, John then gave this witness we have concerning that WORD of LIGHT and LIFE, which is TORAH, and which was ENFLESHED as PROMISED IN TORAH!

That which was from the beginning, which we have heard, which we have seen with our eyes, which we have looked upon and our hands have handled, the Word of life; For the life was manifested and we have seen it and bear witness and declare to you that the eternal life which was with the Father and was manifested to us. That which we have seen and heard we declare to you so you may also have fellowship with us: and truly our fellowship is with the Father, and with his Son, Yahshua the Messiah. These things write we to you so that your joy may be full.

This then is the message which we have heard from him and declare to you: Elohim is Light and in him is no darkness at all. If we say that we have fellowship with him and walk in darkness, we are lying and not telling the truth. But if we walk in the light as he is in the light, then we have fellowship one with another and the blood of his Son Yahshua the Messiah cleanses us from all sin. If we say that we have no sin we deceive ourselves and the truth is not in us but if we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all impurity. 1 John 1:1-9

This is how we know that we know him; if we keep his commandments. He that says: 'I know him' but does not keep his commandments, is a liar and the truth is not in him. But whoever keeps his word, then truly in him is the Love of Elohim being perfected. This is how we know that we are in him. He that says that he abides in him must also walk as he walked.

Brothers I'm not writing a new commandment but the old commandment which you've had from the beginning. The old commandment is the word which you have heard from the beginning. (Love YHWH to your death in FAITH regarding HIS REALITY) Then again, a new commandment I am writing to you because it's true in him and in you: because the darkness is passing and the true light is already shining (Love mankind to your death as HE EXEMPLIFIED until HIS REALITY becomes OUR REALITY!). He that says he is in the light and hates his brother, is still in darkness. He that loves his brother abides in the light and there is no occasion for stumbling in him. But he that hates his brother is in darkness and is walking in darkness and does not know where he is going because the darkness (of Temporal Reality) has blinded his eyes (from Eternal Truth Reality). 1 John 2:3-11

Do not love the world or anything in the world. If any man loves the world, the love of the Father can not be in him because everything that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not from the Father, but is the darkness of the world and is passing away, along with its lusts. But he that does the will of Elohim will remain eternally. 1 John 2:15-17

This is the message that you have heard from the beginning: that we should love one another. Don't be like Cain who followed the wicked one and killed his brother. And why did he kill him? Because his own deeds were evil, and his brother's righteous. Don't be surprised if the world hates you, then. We know that we have passed from death to life because WE LOVE ALL MEN. Whoever does not love his brother is living in death. Whosoever hates his brother is a murderer and you know that no murderer has eternal life in him. Here's how we perceive the love of Elohim: because he laid down his life for us, we are to also lay down our lives for them. 1 John 3:11-16

This is how our love is made perfect that we may have boldness in the day of judgment: because as he is, so are we in this world. There is no fear in love; but perfect love dispels fear: because fear is in regard to torment. He that is tormented by fears has not been made perfect in love. We love him because he first loved us so if a man say, 'I love Elohim/God' and yet hates his brother, he is a liar, for if one can not love his brother whom he CAN SEE, how can he love Elohim whom he can not see? So this commandment we have from him: Whoever loves Elohim MUST LOVE HIS BROTHER also. 1 John 4:17-21

We know that we are from Elohim (light) and that the whole world is in Darkness. And we know that the Son of Elohim has come to give us understanding that we may KNOW HIM who IS TRUTH. And we are in him who IS TRUTH, even as his Son Yahshua the Messiah. This is the true Elohim (LIGHT) and ETERNAL LIFE. Little children keep yourselves from idols (which is the love of ANY TEMPORAL THING!). Amen. 1 John 5:19-21

The ETERNAL LAW of LOVE we SHINE within our REALM of DARKNESS is THIS: Love of YHWH with ALL HEART, MIND, SOUL and STRENGTH as the SOURCE of OUR SUPERNATURAL TRUTH OF LOVE as reflected by LOVING OUR NEIGHBOR like HE DOES in this only TEMPORAL REALITY and so reach the position of TOPSTONE and CROWN of the HOLY LAW, your LIFE a LIVING STONE to be laid in an INVISIBLE, ETERNAL HOME to BECOME ONE WITH ETERNAL TRUTH according to the ANCIENT PROMISE! It's a paradigm of LOVING AND SEEKING HIS INVISIBLE LAW, not HATING IT when it is manifest! Instead of screaming CRUCIFY, we yell FAVOR to the SAVING LAW!

Who art you O great mountain? In front of Zerubbabel you will become a level plain. He shall bring forth the TOPSTONE with shouting of: 'FAVOR IT, FAVOR IT'! Zechariah 4:7

Here is that INVISIBLE AND ETERNAL LAW given in simple, PRACTICAL RULES, from Moses pattern; TEN BABY STEPS you take IN FAITHFUL OBEDIENCE which ALLOWS YHWH to THEN begin to write HIS INVISIBLE LAWS on your heart as HE DESIRES, IN RELATIONSHIP with HIM in HOLINESS. Laws which YOU MUST CO-OPERATE WITH so that YOU CAN FLESH OUT the ETERNAL, INVISIBLE LAW of LOVE as EVIDENCED by your MANIFEST DEEDS by which YOU SHALL BE JUDGED (Mat. 25:31-46), whether or not you DO the GOOD WORKS you are put here to DO or whether you are a REBEL...this is the ultimate test of the law for KINGDOM ENTRANCE. This is what our SACRIFICIAL EXAMPLE came to LEAD US to SEE and EMULATE in SPIRITUAL HOLINESS which HIS SACRIFICE empowers us TO ALSO DO by HIS DESIGN...this is the CORNERSTONE of our ancient faith and the ONLY HOPE OF MANKIND since the PROMISE of REDEMPTION given from the FOUNDATION of the WORLD!

1. I am YHWH (He who exists; Invisibly Present) your Authority, you shall have no other/lesser authority before me.

2. You shall make any form of an Idol for yourselves (of any visible, materially 'real' thing) to worship OR SERVE.

3. You shall not use the Name of YHWH your authority in vanity/destruction.

4. Remember and Observe the Sabbath day for set apart SANCTIFICATION.

5. Honor your father and your mother.

6. Do not murder.

7. Do not commit adultery.

8. Do not steal.

9. Do not bear false OR destructive testimony against your neighbor. (to include gossip and SLANDER as the Garden Serpent did).

10. Do not covet.

You shall not make gods of silver or gold to me but an altar of earth you shall make to me and upon it you shall sacrifice your offerings to me...and in all places where I make my name remembered, I will come to you and I will bless you. Exodus 20:23-24

I beseech you therefore brethren, according to the mercy of God, that you present your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service. And do not conformed to this world but be TRANSFORMED by the RENEWING of your MIND so that you may ESTABLISH what is GOOD and ACCEPTABLE as the PERFECT WILL of GOD! Romans 12:1-2

For if we transgress wilfully after we have received the knowledge of the truth, there is no sacrifice to atone for transgression but rather GUILT and FEARFUL EXPECTATION OF JUDGEMENT...whoever despised Moses' law died without much WORSE do you suppose the PUNISHMENT shall be for those who trample the Son of God and, treating HIS SACRIFICE by which we are to be SANCTIFIED, as an UNHOLY THING, and spit on the Merciful Spirit of God? We know YHWH said: Vengeance is Mine, I shall repay.


Do you CARE about uncomfortable and inconvenient TRUTH?

Animals don't care. But as Humans which bear the very image of our DESIGNER, it's our capacity to consciously recognize and fellowship with Truth when encountered, which sets us apart from unreasoning, fearful animals, mind slaves, and the insane, as a CONSCIOUS, healthy, intelligent, CHOICE. Animals can not REASON about LOGIC and therefore SEE the otherwise UNSEEN TRUTH. They can not ENVISION a better way to live and incorporate it, to 'evolve' according to an INTELLIGENT PLAN to do so. Animals (or children) do not have the CAPACITY to CHOOSE to 'evolve' (or to insanely choose not to if presented the opportunity)... they can not (will not) choose to 'reason' about the INVISIBLE REALITIES regarding the ESTABLISHED TRUTHS which they are able to recognize GOVERN their very PERCEPTION of 'reality'. The INVISIBLE LIGHT of Truth can FREE only the MIND of an EVOLVING MAN who CHOOSES to be made in the IMAGE of his CREATOR/PROGRAMMER to reflect the TRUTH of His creator in our shared 'REALITY', as Programmed to desire to do. Man is the only animal that has the ability to CHOOSE to live APART from his DESIGNED PURPOSE; to SACRIFICE TRUTH for animalistically selfish reasons, manifest in sundry forms of anti-social behavior not shared by other animals. Man is the only animal that has been given the capacity to CHOOSE to ENSLAVE HIMSELF (and his children and their childrn) in DARKNESS; a 'Magical Kingdom' of 'what if?' and 'why couldn't it be true?' realities, where anything seems possible...a neo-Babylonian FANTASY WORLD little more than a DUNGEON of IGNORANCE, DECEPTION and VIOLENCE in which we train our own CHILDREN to ALSO BE CAPTIVES for simply not knowing any BETTER WAY.

Truth is the SAVIOR, the CORNERSTONE of 'REALITY' upon which realistically healthy, loving, sane, AWAKENED individuals will corporately build a 'world view' or 'MODEL' for perceiving their 'reality' which shall lead to Peace and Well Being for All who CHOOSE to live in its Design of our Creator, YHWH; the PROGRAMMING MIND of our temporal MATRIX of REALITY. He is the giver of TRUE LIFE and we shall see that He created the LIGHT of LOGIC and REASON to lead MANKIND into the PERCEPTION of His otherwise INVISIBLE, ETERNAL TRUTH 'reality' which he associated THROUGH COMMANDMENTS and STATUTES with a VISIBLE SIGN within our TEMPORALLY perceived REALITY, by which WE are COMMANDED to perceive TIME/SPACE and our relationship to it, according to HIS DESIGN PLAN now UNSEALED. The MOON is the visible CHOSEN 'SIGN' created EXPRESSLY to EMPIRICALLY represent the PROGRAMMERS chosen CORNERSTONE, the LIGHT of His ETERNAL TRUTH of LOVE within our temporal, SOLIPSISTIC REALM of ignorant DARKNESS regarding TRUE REALITY. Using logic, reason, and truth, we shall see an otherwise invisible 'reality' which has now been SCIENTIFICALLY ESTABLISHED as EXISTING beyond our body's limited perceptions, all by Design of our PROGRAMMING MIND with whom we are to be united as a Bride with her Groom as ONE MIND through obedience to the PROGRAMMING CODE, by HIS DESIGN; all as HE HAS TOLD US FROM THE VERY FOUNDATION OF THE WORLD!

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