The STONE rejected by the builders becomes the CORNER STONE. Ps. 118:22

Here we are going to discuss the 'rejected STONE' of ISRAEL which is EMBEDDED in TORAH LAW, which shall SAVE PLANET EARTH from its REBELLION to GOD. The SABBATH LIGHT of GODS WISDOM and SAVING TRUTH was ENFLESHED by certain LIVING STONES in order to SHOW US THE PLAN which would be SEALED UP until the END DAYS. Then this 'GOOD NEWS PLAN' would be UNSEALED and MANIFEST from TORAH LAW according to the ARCHITECTUAL DESIGN PLAN to SAVE THE WHOLE WORLD which would be 'BORN AGAIN' into the CHOSEN LIGHT OF GOD, the FAITHFUL WITNESS from ABOVE according to HIS SPIRIT of WISDOM which HE 'ENFLESHED' as a PASSOVER LAMB to LEAD US IN EXODUS. Let's begin our analysis with Jacob.

When Jacob was chosen by God as the firstborn son of Isaac who would INHERIT THE PROMISES given first to Noah, Shem, Abraham, and his father Isaac. He was told to flee from the land where he was because of the jealousy and hatred of his brother Esau, and to get himself a wife from distant relatives in the north (Gen. 28). As he was leaving he stopped in Beth El (which means 'house of God' and which was promised to Abraham and his children as an inheritance in Gen. 12) where he slept with his head on a stone (Gen. 28:11). He had a visionary dream seeing a 'ladder' or 'way' of travel between heaven and earth with God at the top of the Ladder, and on this ladder or way, he saw MESSENGERS ('Malakim' also translated as 'angels' from the Hebrew) ascending and descending on this ladder or way to and from God in the heavens at the top of the 'way'. In this visionary dream God re-iterated the promise He gave to his grandfather Abraham, that the land where he was laying down was going to be given to him and his descendents. When he awoke he declared that God was there (invisibly) in that place all along and he simply had not recognized it. He said that it was surely the 'House of God' on Earth, and the Gateway to God in heaven, and he took from the 'stones' which were SCATTERED ABOUT and unorganized in that place, and he BUILT an organized BODY or PILLAR of stones, and he took the stone upon which he had rested his head when he received this vision from God, and he made it the Top Stone of this BODY of ORGANIZED STONES, and he anointed that VISIONARY HEAD STONE and its 'body' under it, with oil. The anointing of this organized body of stones BUILT by the first 'MASON' or BUILDER of GODs HOUSE on EARTH, is the very first place where we see the use of ANOINTING OIL being used in the scriptures (Gen. 28:18, Gen. 31:13).

Later, after Jacob is renamed Israel (which means the 'straightness of God' or 'integrity of God') and he has twelve children as 'living stones' which he wants to build into an organized body, with Gods wisdom he selects Joseph as the HEAD STONE and VISIONARY 'shepherd' for the body. But the visionary head stone and shepherd of ISRAEL was REJECTED by the rest of the stones, who struck the Judges face and selected Judah in his stead as the head stone, but Judah was blinded by WORLDLY LUSTS. After this REBELLION to GOD and their father, they were eventually to fulfill the PROMISE given to Abraham through ORAL INSTRUCTION or TORAH that his seed would be ENSLAVED 400 YEARS, and then God would bring them out of bondage (Gen. 15:13). So it was the REJECTION of the STONE and SHEPHERD of ISRAEL (whose SIGN is the MOON), selected by their father, which led ALL ISRAEL into SOLAR BONDAGE in Egypt where they would FORGET THEIR LUNAR CALENDAR SYSTEM, in order to fulfill the prophecy given to Abraham. Joseph recognized this was GODS PLAN and that the SECRETS of the CALENDAR SYSTEM OF GOD would be given to HIM, and to ONE from HIS SEED later, the one to whom the RULERSHIP would come in the END DAYS, as the EVIDENCE OF HIS IDENTITY as the VISIONARY HEAD STONE and SHEPHERD OF ISRAEL. He would enflesh the CORNERSTONE LIGHT as a MORNING STAR that would be REJECTED for a BLINDING WORLD DECEPTION. He recognized that God would fulfill his promise and lead them back out, so he left the PLAN behind sealed up in ORAL INSTRUCTION or TORAH for MOSES, who would later write it down for us.

All of the things in the book of Genesis happened AT LEAST 400 years prior to Moses writing them down for us. They were passed down as ORAL TORAH or INSTRUCTION from father to son for generations, to include the BLESSINGS which father Jacob gave to his 12 SONS as 'constellations' who still were not formed into the BODY OF GOD on Earth, that he had envisioned in the heavenly pattern. According to the promise of God, after Israel was brought down to Egypt and gave his blessings (Gen. 46:3-4) Joseph placed his hand over ISRAELS EYES when they were being forged into a 'great nation' which would later come out...sort of like God did with Abraham when he orignially gave him this promise of INHERITANCE in Gen. 15:12). Israel would be BLINDED to reality until Joseph would REMOVE HIS HAND from over their eyes (the first time through MOSES, the second time through a prophet LIKE Moses) so they could SEE GODS 'PASSOVER' and 'GREAT EXODUS' PLAN OF WORLD SALVATION in the NEW COVENANT MARRIAGE revealed in the END DAYS. Until then, they would WORK IN DARKNESS BUILDING the HOUSE or BODY OF GOD on Earth.

Moses, to whom God revealed the PLAN, understood that Joseph was the CHOSEN FIRSTBORN SON to INHERIT the NAME and HEADSHIP over the BODY of ISRAEL as its TOPSTONE, after the BODY IS FORMED according to the BLUEPRINT OF GOD (Gen. 48:15-16 & 49:24-26, 1 Chron. 5:2 & Jer. 31:8), and how Judah would STRUGGLE with ENVY and GREED to secure the favor of ALL of the rest of his brothers until the RIGHTFUL HEIR of ISRAEL come to bring UNITY AND ORDER TO THE HOUSE. He himself would SLAY the PROMISED SHEPHERD AND STONE whose SACRIFICIAL SABBATH SPIRIT of WISDOM had descended from ABOVE, in order to STEAL that SCEPTOR OF POWER, and this sin would be placed upon the HEAD of the TREACHEROUS MAN FROM JUDAH who would OFFICIALLY 'BREAK THE COVENANT' and would be CUT OFF from the tents of ISRAEL in an ATONEMENTS SACRIFICE merely shadowed in Moses Sacrificial Law which would INITIATE the EXODUS into the NEW COVENANT (Mal. 2:12, Jer. 31:31)),...the OBJECTIVE EVIDENCE for the BREAKING of the covenant would be UNSEALED by the TRULY ANOINTED OF GOD as the SIGN of his IDENTITY and who would 'BRING THE PASSOVER SACRIFICE' back into REMEMBERANCE to lead us in the GREAT EXODUS, for which the first was just a SHADOW.

So this MAN from Judah was simply SELF DECEIVED, like JUDAH with TAMAR and DAVID with BATHSHEBA, in order to fulfill the PLAN OF GOD by SACRIFICING THE CORNERSTONE IN FLESH when he came, in order to LATER UNITE THE BODY of ISRAEL under the TRUE TOPSTONE... who would first be REJECTED like JOSEPH which would cause the whole world to go into a BLINDING DARKNESS under a REVISED SOLAR CALENDAR SYSTEM representing MANS REBELLION TO GOD, where the LUNAR SYSTEM, which had ALWAYS BEEN AN ORAL LAW among the tribe, would be FORGOTTEN or 'rejected', even as happened when Joseph was rejected and they were ALL taken into SOLAR BONDAGE in Egypt.

The PASSOVER LAMB is a REMEMBERANCE of this SACRIFICE or REJECTION of the LUNAR SABBATH LIGHT which JOSEPH enfleshed, as would JESUS LATER, according to VERY FINE DETAILS OF THE LAW which would be SEALED UP until a PROPHET LIKE MOSES unseals and MANIFESTS THE PLAN to the BUILDERS who are IN DARKNESS and CHAOS and in NEED OF LIGHT. This would happen IN CONNECTION to GODS 'TEMPLE', symbolizing his BODY, which would be destroyed and his STONES SCATTERED and the TRUTH of the SABBATH WISDOM and its MESSIANIC 'SIGN' for this plan would be 'rejected/forgotten' for 2 millenial days (Hosea 6:1-2). Then after the end of those TWO days of DARKNESS, the morning of the THIRD DAY, the SPIRIT of the SABBATH WISDOM of God which both JOSEPH and JESUS enfleshed according to the plan of God sealed up, would be MANIFEST TO THE WORLD by that SPIRIT who would REMOVE his hand from over the EYES of ISRAEL so they could SEE THE 'GOSPEL' PLAN OF GOD merely SHADOWED in Moses Law, and the TEMPLE OF GOD or BODY of GOD in LIVING STONES of flesh called 'ISRAEL', his 'FIRSTBORN SON' on Earth, would COME OUT FROM the BLINDING DARKNESS of their WORLD BONDAGE and would RULE HIS KINGDOM OF LIGHT ON EARTH as anciently promised!

When ISRAEL went into bondage, the LUNAR CALENDAR they observed as ORAL TORAH was LOST with the DEATH of JOSEPH as a 'PASSOVER' SHADOW of what would happen in the FUTURE when the TEMPLE would be DESTROYED and God himself make PERFECT SACRIFICE as the LIGHT of his own SABBATH CORNERSTONE WISDOM light of the world in flesh. Moses led the children OUT of bondage using THAT CORNERSTONE OF TRUTH on PASSOVER EVE which was LOST WITH JOSEPH when God showed him the PLAN. He promised another prophet like him would come to lead us out of a WORLD BONDAGE to the REVISED SOLAR CALENDAR of BONDAGE with the FAITHFUL WITNESS LIGHT FROM ABOVE. This SABBATH WISDOM of the world is the MANIFEST SPIRIT of GOD as a LIGHT FROM ABOVE to be RECOGNIZED in a man like MOSES/ELIJAH, the FINAL ANOINTED (moshiach) STONE and shepherd/PROPHET FROM GOD to lead us in the GREAT EXODUS as the TOPSTONE OF LIGHT who will EXPOSE ALL THE DARKNESS when he is brought forth to LIGHT THE HOUSE OF GOD ON EARTH over the BODY OF GOD by ARCHITECTUAL DESIGN! This man, like Moses, will teach you how the PASSOVER LAMB is a REMEMBERANCE of the CHOSEN REJECTED STONE of GOD, like BOTH Joseph and Jesus who enfleshed LUNAR SABBATH TRUTH which would be FORGOTTEN when IN BONDAGE. And with that REMEMBERANCE by a PROPHET of GOD, would LEAD US OUT OF SOLAR BONDAGE to those who REFUSE TO REMEMBER or BELIEVE the LUNAR CORNERSTONE PLAN OF GOD, as a MORNING STAR for a NEW COVENANT KINGDOM, which he HID in the foundation of WRITTEN TORAH LAW for WORLD SALVATION, for which HE HIMSELF GAVE THE RANSOM in FLESH like JOSEPH, whose rememberance as a 'PASSOVER LAMB' would be the RANSOM associated with the FULL MOON SABBATH SIGN which would 'SAVE US' by leading us OUT from our END DAYS SOLAR DECEPTION of WORLD BONDAGE, and into the NEW COVENANT (because the EVIDENCE is CLEAR in the SHAVUOT/PENTECOST MATH, that WE BROKE the FIRST COVENANT as HE DESIGNED to USE as part of the PLAN ALL ALONG, to show us his MERCY)! This is how the REJECTED CORNERSTONE and REJECTED SABBATH LIGHT from God will become the TOPSTONE of the house of God on Earth, the MORNING STAR of HIS KINGDOM ON EARTH as the FAITHFUL WITNESS OF HIM in the SKY which HE SELECTED as a 'SABBATH SIGN' of his WISDOM by which HE HAS SANCTIFIED US (Ex. 31:13)!

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