Circe = Church





Many people WRONGLY believe that the English word 'Church' has its etymology derived from the Greek word Ecclessia, which means 'congregation'. This is NOT TRUE. We see for instance that the Greek word Ecclessia is used for the 'CONGREGATION' of Israel in the Old Testament, and is PROPERLY translated that way by the translators who had a DIFFERENT RULE for translating the SAME WORD in the New Testament. For instance in Acts 7:38 we see the translators used the word CHURCH for the CONGREGATION OF ISRAEL in the wilderness which should get one to THINK a bit more deeply about what's really going on!

The truth is that the word 'Church' is derived from a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT ORIGIN than the Greek word 'Ecclessia'! The etymology of the English word Church comes from the Greek word CIRCE which NEVER OCCURS IN THE BIBLE because it was a NAME! The Greek name CIRCE was originally the NAME of a SIREN or SEA WITCH, the daughter of the incarnate SUN GOD, in HOMERS ODYSSEY (8th Century B.C.E.). This HARLOT in the midst of the SEAS enchanted mariners on the seas with her singing and lured them to her island where she then turned them into animals, particularly PIGS, who then SERVED HER WILLINGLY and REFUSED TO LEAVE HER SERVICE as WILLING SLAVES (Rev. 18:4-19)!

She was said to be the Daughter of the incarnate SUN GOD and also came to be called the 'QUEEN OF HEAVEN'. This Greek NAME then MORPHED to be associated with the CONCEPT of a 'CIRCUS', like where ANIMALS would put on SHOWS to ENTERTAIN. The great PLAZA in the middle of Vatican City where potentially MILLIONS of believers in the JEWISH GOD of ISRAEL were OPENLY MURDERED for CENTURIES in what is translated as the 'ARENA', is REALLY called the 'CIRCUS' to this very day in HONOR OF CIRCE, the HARLOT DAUGHTER of the SUN GOD, the DAUGHTER of BABYLON and 'QUEEN OF HEAVEN'!

Before the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem, the WICKED PRINCE of Israel conspired with this 'Queen of Heaven' and ruler of the worlds CIRCUS in a sort of 'MARRIAGE CONTRACT' whereby she would ENSLAVE THE CHILDREN of the WORLD with her LIES and ENCHANTMENTS and keep the DRAMA going through DIVISION, like Jezebel did under Ahab, for a period of time. Then an ELIJAH would come and PULL BACK THE CURTAIN so everyone could WAKE UP from their ENCHANTMENTS to how they were being DECEIVED and MANIPULATED to do EVIL for this WICKED HARLOT riding a BEAST of her own creation! The Greek word Ecclessia erroneously translated 'church' REALLY MEANS a 'called out congregation'! Obey GOD who is CALLING YOU OUT FROM THE HARLOTS SERVICE (Rev. 18:4) so that the WORLDS KINGDOM will become the KINGDOM OF GOD to then see PEACE and LIFE EVERLASTING (Rev. 19 & 20)!

Finally, it was prophesied in the BIBLE that the DAUGHTER of ZION would be taken CAPTIVE to this HARLOT CHURCH called the 'DAUGHTER of BABYLON' who exalts herself as God's bride and sits as the 'QUEEN OF HEAVEN', until the END DAYS when the Judgement of FIRE would be POURED OUT on her for her CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY and her ATTEMPT to STEAL the HOLY MARRIAGE COVENANT God made with the DAUGHTER of ZION, HIS FAITHFUL BRIDE (Mic. 4:10-13, Rev. 12:5-6, Ps. 137)! He promises to SAVE the DAUGHTER of ZION from the HARLOT DAUGHTER of BABYLON who sits in the midst of the SEAS and who has ENSLAVED THE WHOLE WORLD with her SORCERIES, and PARTICULARLY HIS PEOPLE, in a GREATER 'EXODUS' than that from EGYPT (Jer. 16:14-15)! Then the WHOLE WORLD will be BORN AGAIN into a 'NEW COVENANT' KINGDOM on Earth where CORRUPTION no longer reigns but TRUTH and JUSTICE for ALL!

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