Overview of the SIGN of MESSIANIC TRUTH

Regardless of the degree of cogency you may believe you have attained in your perception of world 'reality', BY DESIGN your mind is still currently imprisoned in a solipsistic type illusion of its reality very much like a DREAM state or 'Brain in a Vat'. In other words you THINK within a PROGRAMMED 'BOX' which offers NO EXPLANATION for, or any type of 'ANCHOR' in, any sort of objective, empirically established 'reality' which answers the question of WHY we live in such a CAPTIVITY.

Regardless of which world tradition or culture you were born into or subsequently chose, it's CLAIM to 'authority' regarding the PURPOSE for 'LIFE' ultimately has NO FOUNDATION to establish it as 'true' in 'perceived reality'; NOT ONE World Religion has a logically and objectively reasoned TRUTH at the foundation of its Model to ANCHOR it somehow in our SHARED PERCEPTION and so establish it as EMPIRICALLY TRUE and therefore SET APART from ALL OTHERS, by DESIGN.

Therefore one mans Philosophical world view, whether a religious, agnostic, or even atheist 'world view' reality is another mans 'delusion' and no one has a leg up on another; they are all EQUALLY UNTENABLE CLAIMS to truth WITHIN a labrynth of INSANITY. In other words, we live in a virtual INSANE ASYLUM where everyone has a world view, many of which are very popular and widely held; some occultic. Some are even based on ancient traditions perhaps even bolsterd by some ancient texts, but who in their texts can ESTABLISH TRUTH using PROPHESIES GIVEN IN ADVANCE regarding PERCEIVED REALITY ITSELF as a LIGHT to draw the WILLING OUT FROM THE DARKNESS OF WORLD INSANITY? Who is able to CONTROL and PREDICT future events even THOUSANDS of years into the FUTURE? Only the DESIGNER of a Solipsistic-like sub reality could establish such a CORNERSTONE of ABSOLUTE TRUTH, something DESIGNED even within the perception of reality itself, put into prophetic PLAN, RECORDED over the course of LONG periods of 'time', SEALED UP as promised and UNSEALED at the proper time as promised as an EXPOSING LIGHT of WORLD DARKNESS as a PATIENT TEACHER of Mankind as told to him from the very beginning of HIS STORY could do such a thing!

We are now at the stage where man is to become COLLECTIVELY CONSCIOUS of the SCIENTIFIC FACT and NATURE of his DESIGNED SOLIPSISTIC PRISON of DARKNESS so he may CHOOSE FREEDOM, SANITY, LIFE and PEACE. We shall see the nature of our reality was told to us from the foundation of the world and is now EMPRICALLY ESTABLISHED by ALL THE SCIENCES to be ABSOLUTE TRUTH... no truth may ever be established as true by those who deny it, by design. Those are the ONLY TWO OPTIONS man has in his current CAPTIVITY in a darkly lit 'Cave', as we shall see Socrates parabolized it 2400 years ago, a 'persistent illusion' cast by a 'spirit vastly superior than that of man' as Einstein called it nearly a Century ago, and Max Planck in our generation calls this 'darkness' in which we are kept captive in IGNORANCE of the GREATER REALITY we KNOW SCIENTIFICALLY EXISTS, a 'Matrix' (and a movie was spun off that concept)...of course the Bible (and Socrates) anciently calls it a 'Prison House' where SPIRITS are CHAINED in IGNORANT DARKNESS and ONLY the LIGHT of ETERNAL TRUTH will free us ONCE its able to get past the GATEKEEPERS of KNOWLEDGE who STILL ACTIVELY SUPPRESS THE SAVING TRUTH unrighteously, so their UNRIGHTEOUSESS DARKNESS may continue to FLOURISH. Is. 42:6-7, Rom. 1:18-25. MESSIANIC SABBATH 'Light' of TRUTH is the CORNERSTONE 'AGENT' which was selected to FREE US from the FOUNDATION of the WORLD, as the FINAL TEST for the INTEGRITY of the PROGRAMMERS PERFECT CREATION; Mankind, a Perfected BRIDE known by their OBEDIENCE to the SIGN of the SABBATH SACRIFICE which HE PROVIDED IN ADVANCE for that purpose and HID from the BUILDERS he KNEW WOULD REJECT HIS CORNERSTONE...and which he put in SYMBOLIC FORM as the very CORNERSTONE of HIS CREATED ORDER 'PARADIGM' for us to PERCEIVE since the FOUNDATION OF THE WORLD! There is NO OTHER MORE SOLID and RELIABLY TESTED TRUTH as this ANCIENT CORNERSTONE PROMISE regarding the TRUTH about 'reality' and its MERE PERCEPTIONS manifest within. Though the FORM of obedience to his SABBATH TRUTH PROGRAM for our CREATION and DEVELOPMENT has changed over the course of TIME according to the herin revealed blueprint instructions for mans perfection, much like specifications within a blueprint for building a large house may have various PHASES of a the SAME PLAN, like instructions regarding a temporary, workmans staircase during the major construction phase which will be changed out for the actual adorned staircase at the end of the building project, so also YHWH's construction 'PROGRAM' (calendar of events) or his creation PLAN has NEVER CHANGED from the very foundation of the world. The destruction of the physical Temple had to take place ACCORDING TO THE PLAN WRITTEN IN ADVANCE, for the Metaphysical Reality to be EMPIRICALLY ESTABLISHED as ABSOLUTE TRUTH, to be LATER REVEALED AND UNDERSTOOD, ALL according to PROGRAM SCHEDULE given in OVERALL PROMISE from the very FOUNDATION of the WORLD. This COMMUNICATION must become A-PRIORI KNOWLEDGE. Sabbath is STILL the PROMISE of our being WED with HIS ETERNAL LIGHT (no more darkness/all will know him) since the creation end of HIS CREATION OVERVIEW at the end of Genesis 1 which Yahshua has (not YET) led the people into it's PHYSICAL MANIFESTED REALITY (Heb. 4:11). We are currently at the end of day 6 of the GENERAL PROGRAM OUTLINE given there (just before HIS PERFECT CREATION is JUDGED and called 'very good', and we FINALLY ENTER the PROMISE of REST), and the SABBATH ENTRANCE 'TEST' is now upon us, as I intend to make CLEAR.

The PROGRAMMER of our reality told us of His chosen CORNERSTONE since the foundation of the world (Gen 1:3 & 18, Job 38:6, Is. 28:16, Ps. 118:22), though in a sort of CODED LANGUAGE that could not be put together to be fully understood until the END DAYS when ALL THINGS would be REVEALED; and the NATURE of their DEEDS MANIFEST TRUTH according to the FORMULA for ALL TRUTH. The Model for reality He wants you to adopt can NOW be EMPIRICALLY ESTABLISHED on the CORNERSTONE HE SELECTED FOR THAT PURPOSE...the KEY to unlocking the KNOWLEDGE of the BIBLE has been FOUND as he PLANNED ALL ALONG! The Bible and its TRUE 'code' is MORE RELEVANT NOW THAN EVER BEFORE, by DESIGN! The Cornerstone He chose for our EVOLUTION or REBIRTH into ANOTHER REALITY, a NEW WORLD KINGDOM, is a SABBATH SACRIFICE (As Abel came to 'see' and RESTED IN through REASONING about the FALL of his parents and the PROMISED SEED of LIGHT that would COME into the World TO OVERCOME the DARKNESS, and his own suffering and death itself a LIGHT to help us see to be led into the SABBATH PROMISE YHWH was pleased to show us veiled in these PSYCHOPATHIC ACCOUNTS given from the FOUNDATION of the World!).

Just like the SYSTEM of SACRIFICE (which was done according to the SAME HOLY PROGRAM/TIME SCHEDULE/CALENDAR which YHWH gives more detail on later) was the CORNERSTONE of the physical Temple PATTERN given to Moses, so too the NEW TEMPLE built without hands and made of living stones upon which we are to build, and upon which we are to be built up and established, has SACRIFICE as its CORNERSTONE.

Both SYSTEMS, the one destroyed and the INVISIBLE REALITY existing from the beginning which Abraham 'saw' when he pointed to the cornerstone of sacrifice, and Jacob when he entered contract with that sacrifice which he saw as a STONE. It was a FOUNDATION stone upon which he RESTED his head. As he rested his head on that Sabbath Foundation Stone he was able to envision a STAIRCASE and GATE or DOOR by which we pass to the FATHER in Heaven from the HOUSE OF GOD (Beth El) on Earth. After seeing this vision of the INVISIBLE HOUSE with its STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN, he built a pillar from other stones there in the CITY which is called 'HOUSE OF GOD' (beth el), and he placed that SABBATH FOUNDATION STONE upon which HIS HEAD had RESTED as the TOP STONE (Zech. 4:7), the HEAD or CROWN at the TOP of this PILLAR representing the STAIRWAY to HEAVEN in the HOUSE of GOD representing the INVISIBLE CITY of GOD, and he ANOINTED IT. So in a sense Jacob gives us an UNDERSTANDING of the MEANING of the Zech. 4:7 TEXT as a sort of forerunner who resting on the Sabbath Stone, lays its foundation according to YHWH's SPIRIT, likewise the topstone put in place through relationship with that same SPIRIT OF TRUTH. Messiah himself alluded to this vision when he said WE would see MESSENGERS ascending and descending upon him as the STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN even as Jacob did (Gen. 28:12, Jn. 1:51)! He also alluded to HIMSELF as the REJECTED STONE which would become the CORNERSTONE-TOPSTONE/CROWN according to PROPHECY STILL NOT UNDERSTOOD TO THIS DAY (Ps. 118:22, Mat. 21:42, Mk. 12:10, Lk. 20:17, Acts 4:11, 1 Pet. 2:7, Zech. 4:6-7).

This is also the same INVISIBLE TRUTH which Moses saw in vision which he also gives us a pattern in a PHYSICAL 'house' called YAH ROSH SHALOM (Jerusalem = YHWH the HEAD of PEACE with the TEMPLE of MESSIAH in its HEART) to point to the SPIRITUAL REALITY these men ALL SAW through eyes of LOGIC and REASON (the FLASHLIGHT of FAITH by which to SEE IN THE SPIRITUAL DARKNESS) in relationship to KNOWN FACTS regarding YHWH TRUTH they had EXPERIENCED...demonstrating their FAITH IN HIS INVISIBLE REALITY...they all give us understanding of the pattern for our temporal Sacrificial FORM/Temple... the temporary staircase leading to the ETERNAL CITY REALITY like a school marm to GUIDE US. These events also share the SAME 'moedim' (appointed times/places) which have the SAME objectively verified, visible SIGN at the 'top of the stairway' in our OBJECTIVELY perceived REALITY to ESTABLISH it as TRUE; the face of the invisible city of YHWH being represented by the SIGN of FULL MOON, as symbolically as in the Passover (Ex. 12:12) sacrifice of Messiah at its center. This ANCIENT association of INVISIBLE TRUTH being TIED through SACRIFICE to our empirical 'reality' in the 'LIGHT' of FULL MOON to represent the creative TRUTH of LOVE (and NOT the sun), that would be ENFLESHED to represent the very 'CORNERSTONE' of LIFE GIVING LIGHT commanded by the FATHER to be sent into our world to be perceived BY OUR MINDS as a sort of programming LIGHT SWITCH since the beginning of the recognition of the concept of 'time' itself, and is MEMORIALIZED as FOUNDATIONAL to the SACRIFICIAL MESSIANIC CALENDAR PROGRAM for MAN TO LEARN BY archeologically established since the foundation of the world. This LIGHT of TRUTH regarding HIS SPIRITUAL REALITY is tied to our empirical MATERIAL REALITY by the COMMANDMENTS regarding the FAITHFUL WITNESS of the MOON.

This unsealed truth regarding this visible SIGN created as a 'flag' or 'banner' of sorts, is given for the EXPRESSED PURPOSE for his Holy People to rally around, to be 'marked' as HIS in the END DAYS of the OLD REALITY (pictured in Saul's Kingdom of disobedience/enmity toward YHWH), just before the NEW WORLD KINGDOM REALITY is USHERED IN (the Messianic Davidic Kingdom). HE GAVE DETAILED COMMANDMENTS THAT WOULD BE 'SEALED UP' SPECIFICALLY FOR THAT PURPOSE, NOW UNSEALED FROM TORAH (the Bible) AS PLANNED!


Overview of the SCIENCE establishing our MATERIAL 'BOX' REALITY

Kurt Godel Mathematically proved with his 'Incompleteness Theorems' that everything we perceive, everything in our reality or 'set of truths' perceived as 'reality', is completely dependent on an unknown truth set we can't percieve, a 'god set' of truth if you will. His Theorems PROVE a 'GOD SET' (a set of truth controlling ours but beyond our perception) of 'TRUTH' yet 'undefinable' to us, DOES EXIST! He PROVED the MATHEMATICAL SOUNDNESS of this LOGICAL EQUATION I presented to you at the BEGINNING in regard to the TRI-UNITY of ALL TRUTH by TRUTH DESIGN:[ ( L x R x F ) = T ]. These 'Incompleteness Theorems' regarding OUR MATHEMATICAL LIMITATIONS in understanding HIS FOUNDATIONAL TRUTH is the BENCHMARK of Mathematical Logic to date.

Quantum Physics has discovered this same greater 'INVISIBLE REALITY' in its respective field of Science. Theoretical Physicist Max Planck calls our perception of reality a 'matrix' consisting of micro universes called Atoms (there is nothing 'solid' regarding the 'particles' in the 'universe' of an atom either, even more 'nano universes of energy' when we inspect those supposedly solid 'particles') as its fundamental building block. In other words, building blocks composed of Protons (like our sun) Neutrons (like the planets) and Electrons (like the Stars) each atom of which is similar in scale to our universe, composed of 99.999% of perceived 'empty space'. Based on his understanding of this LOGICAL ORGANIZATION of ENERGY (weak and strong 'gravity' A.K.A. 'Atomic Force/Energy' as represented by E = MC2) underlying our PERCEPTION of this 'material reality' (which Einstein called a 'persistent illusion'), Planck theorizes that the Atoms of our 'material world' are coordinated and held together by a 'conscious and intelligent mind'; that we live within a conscious and intelligent mind structuring our very perception of reality in which we have our 'being' and which he calls 'the Mind of the Matrix'. And Socrates proves Dialectically in his Theory of Ideals (Plato's 'REPUBLIC') that this IDEAL Higher realm of conscious awareness of TRUE and INTELLECTUAL REALITY, different from the one presented to our body's five senses which is only a mere 'form' of 'reality', DOES EXIST as an INTELLIGENT and CONSCIOUS 'LIGHT' FORCE and we can become PARTICIPANTS with that MIND, the CORNERSTONE which holds our reality together to be perceived, through the use of REASON in RELATIONSHIP to HIS TRUTH, as He designed for us to do. Simply stated, OUR PERCEIVED REALITY CHANGES ACCORDING TO THE A-PRIORI PARADIGM WE CHOOSE TO PERCEIVE IT FROM. We have the POWER to CHOOSE LIFE or death! Our current cornerstone is the CAUSE OF OUR SUFFERING...when we RECTIFY that prophesied REJECTION of the TRUE CORNERSTONE for perceiving reality as COMMANDED, our SUFFERING WILL END!

The Bible tells us clearly that we are born into a world of ignorance and deception where we only assume we know the difference between 'light' and 'darkness'. As we will cover in more detail later, Socrates poiniently contrasts the nature of this good and evil of light and darkness within our realm of 'becoming', to then reason about the nature of our reality when compared to what MUST TRULY EXIST but which we can not perceive with the 'senses' of our body which BLIND US to that invisible REALITY, but only with the EYE OF THE MIND perceiving it through the use of LOGIC and REASON about the nature of its OWN PERCEPTIONS (Eph. 1:17-23). Socrates concludes this portion of his Dialectic with his famous 'Cave Parable' (Book VII) in which he posits that this world reality is illusory; a DARKNESS where we are blinded by the VISIBLE FORMS from seeing INVISIBLE REALITIES by those who manipulate immediately perceived reality to distort perceptions in the minds they ENSLAVE AND RULE OVER like wolves in sheeps clothing, keeping them IGNORANT of the FULL LIGHT of SAVING TRUTH (Rom. 1:18). Sort of like Messiah said: they refuse to enter and will not allow others to either. But a much greater LIGHT of 'reality' than that of the sun DOES EXIST and we exist within that ETERNAL LIGHT REALITY sort of like as enclosed in a box or dark womb-like cave of 'becoming' where the sun blinds us to the eternal reality seen in the face of the Moon by design of our LOVING CREATOR who chose it to represent His face of TRUTH to CONFOUND the wisdom of SELFISH MEN playing 'god' over the minds of men.

We are here either ascending or descending the cavern or 'matrix' of merely temporally perceived 'material' reality (which is the real 'darkness') awaiting to be BORN AGAIN into true 'reality', the ETERNAL Light of BEING, the IDEAL toward which we as FORMS are travelling through this temporal state of BECOMING (we will 'BE' either perfect good or perfect evil depending on the integrity of our choices in relationship to the CORNERSTONE of TRUTH, the TORAH LAW, the 'DOOR' or 'STAIRWAY' to Heaven OR hell, while in this temporal, illusory state of 'becoming' in our 'boxed reality'). Though it is an absolutely wonderous parable, it is not original to Socrates. He is restating what other 'seers' said before him from their own perspectives; like the Buddha and the prophets in the Old Testament (Messiah chastized the Pharisee Nicodemus for not knowing and teaching about this fundamental SPIRITUAL CONCEPT of the BOX or womb like NATURE of our immediately perceived 'REALITY' while pretending to be a teacher of the TORAH where this concept is found. Jn. 3:10). Then he presents to him the GOSPEL of HIS sacrificial LIGHT and exactly how and why mankind is ALREADY CONDEMNED and how HE IS THE STANDARD which WILL SAVE US if we will COME INTO THE LIGHT and CONFESS HIM AS CORNERSTONE of OUR REALITY and WE HIS SERVANTS to DON HIS CHARACTER as our DESIRE according to HIS PLAN!

He Who Exists (YHWH) as the very LIGHT of the PROGRAMMING MIND holding our reality together to be perceived and therefore knowing ALL THINGS in advance (Acts 17:28), created and placed mankind in this temporal, solipsistic-like, sub-conscious 'reality' (CHAINED in flesh which can not perceive HIS ETERNALLY CONSCIOUS REALITY) as a TEST for his PERFECT CREATION'S integrity, establishing TRUTH in time/space for them, knowing in advance that mankind would be led astray from the NATURAL WORLD VIEW created for him to CONTEMPLATE HIS DESIGNER and come into fellowship with Him again, to follow after ELABORATE HOAXES created through FALSE PERCEPTION of TRUE 'reality'. How else could YHWH showcase and manifest his WISDOM and POWER to his Bride but by bringing a BLINDING PHARAONIC BEAST SYSTEM to power for them to oppose and CONQUER through their TESTIMONY and OBEDIENCE?

He knew, AND SHOWED US IN ADVANCE, that ALL MANKIND would, as a result of the BUILDERS of the 'system' they would INHERIT from their FATHERS who gave it to them 2000 years ago, REJECT the 'cornerstone' YHWH had chosen for mankind by which to perceive his reality CORRECTLY, as is the case today. Mankind currently stands OPENLY CONDEMNED of having rejected, and CONTINUING TO REJECT, the TRUTH given to him by his PROGRAMMER in the form of the SIGN of HIS CHOSEN CORNERSTONE told to us through Oral Tradition regarding the SIGNS in the SKY since the foundation of the world and later embedded in HIS HOLY TEN COMMANDMENTS which INCLUDES His LUNAR WEEK MESSIANIC SABBATH CALENDAR and SANCTIFICATION of NEW MOON for that EXPRESSED PURPOSE; for which HIS SON would be the SACRIFICE to SEAL UP THE TESTIMONIES of that REJECTION until the TIME OF RECOGNITION, now at hand!

You see THERE IS GREAT HOPE for mankind by YHWH's DESIGN! He intended that unbelieving, animal-like men (Pharaonic Power pimps, Spiritual Edomites, ANTI-CHRISTS and BEASTS) would USURP POWER to ENSLAVE THE WORLD in DARKNESS through their FALSE perception of LAW and TIME/reality, a FOUNDATION STONE which they SELECTED together in a CONSPIRACY for POWER which would REJECT the very NATURAL ORDER AND RYTHEM of the PROGRAMMERS 'creation' designed to lead us to Himself, AND at the same time, EXPOSE the ANTITHESIS of HIS CHARACTER in the DEEDS of ANIMALISTIC and SELFISH MEN who hate and BETRAY TRUTH unjustly; and he wants YOU to call them OUT by your TRUTH LOVING DEEDS!

The PHARAONIC POWER PIMPS who have psychopathically (using subtle deception and violence to achieve their desires) EXALTED THEMSELVES over YHWH's SAVING TRUTH regarding his creation, chose the BLINDINGLY obvious SUN as their focus/foundation for perceiving 'reality', as YHWH who created our solipsistic sub-reality and therefore knowing all things in advance, predicted would be done, as reflected in his choosing the FULL Moon as the FAITHFUL WITNESS and 'visible' sign to REFLECT HIS otherwise INVISIBLE TRUTH regarding the 'CORNERSTONE' of perfected Man's reality, which he intended to reveal and RE-REVEAL in it's stages in the COURSE of HIS STORY of TIME and SPACE. Then at the 'end of days' the FINAL UNVEILING would come to turn the worlds perception of reality upside down as promised. The 'greater' shall serve the 'lesser' is the UTOPIC KINGDOM RULE, not 'the greatest Lord over (abuse/beat/enslave) the least for their own TEMPORAL satisfaction' (and that of the ignorant masses who give them such abusive powers to victimize others which has always kept the trough of mans psychopathy full)!

This psychopathic mind in rebellion to YHWH's truth for POWER to DOMINATE is the very same one which took mankind into the deluge, and afterwords again re-introduced pyramid building and their star wars alien DELUSIONS which wiped out the planet in SPIRITUAL BLINDNESS the first time. Only those in the Plan of YHWH may escape mans SELF DESTRUCTION. It's a recurring theme of 'MANS WISDOM' divorced from YHWH's TRUTH seen over and over in his psychopathic, self destructive systems built on SUPERSTITIONS founded on ALIEN 'intelligences' as numerous as the 'radiant streams of light' beaming out from the BLINDINGLY BRILLIANT Pharaonic 'Sun'; take your pick or MAKE ONE UP THAT SUITS YOU! But the Programmer chose the MOON as the EVIDENTIAL empirical sign for HIS CHOSEN CORNERSTONE and the 'natural' MOVEMENT of his CREATED ORDER to CONFOUND the wisdom of ANIMAL LIKE MEN who would flock to the SUN as their 'sign'...and through observing that LUNAR ORDER, especially with the written code of the Bible in hand LATER as an ABSOLUTE OBJECTIVE, EMPIRICAL PRIMA FACIA EVIDENCE for the TRUTH, would become in OUR 'reality' A SIGN of the STONE ESTABLISHED IN ZION over the course of 'prophetic' TIME which TOOK PLACE and we would be exposed as FOOLS to deny it any longer. He has shown us all this wonderous beauty in regard to the SABBATH WEDDING PROMISE using his WORD as the PROMISED SEED of 'LIGHT' from himself sent into the world from the beginning, to become the SACRIFICE which would BIND His Torah TRUTH to the EMPRICAL WORLD he created and so ESTABLISH IT, that otherwise invisible LIGHT, as a CORNERSTONE in TIME and SPACE...the SABBATH SACRIFICE in ZION; as prophetically shown to us through Abraham's own obedience on Mt. Moriah/Zion. The PROMISED 'light' had to be SACRIFICED by OUR PSYCHOPATHY to ONLY LATER be RECOGNIZED as the SAVIOR. This is WHY the SABBATH, which is the DAY of Sacrifice, is the SIGN of the BRIDE, and the MOON is the SIGN of MESSIAH who is MASTER OVER SABBATH having made ATONEMENT for us and leads us to the otherwise INVISIBLE LIGHT of the ETERNAL FATHER. This is the SEAL of YHWH to be WRITTEN IN YOUR HEAD to KEEP YOU from the PUNISHMENT that will come on THE REBELLIOUS (Ez. 9:4, Rev. 7:3, Rev. 9:4).

Please recall that in day four of the creation account the MOON was created to represent the Light which was called 'GOOD' in day One of the Creation account, and this 'light' was memorialized through SABBATH SACRIFICE COMMANDS given later. The Messiah is the Sacrifice that was provided, and for that reason he is also the Master of the SABBATH. The BRIDE is to be UNITED as ONE with the MESSIAH and the MOON is the SIGN which binds it all together EMPIRICALLY within our PROGRAMMED SOLIPSISTIC CAVE to be SEEN as TRUE. So simple a child can understand at a basic level merely by observing HIS ORDER of things as a FOUNDATION for perceiving 'reality' as He commanded. The Sun represents the Pharaonic Gods of this world, the full moon represents the Loving Savior of Mankind sent into this realm to be the EXPRESSED IMAGE of the otherwise INVISIBLE Father, the creator of sun and moon as SYMBOLS to glorify Him, represented by the NEW MOON; the HEART of our MESSIANIC CALENDAR PROGRAM. My Jewish grandmother taught me these PROFOUND TRUTHS when I was a young child shortly before she passed through the veil of death to enter TRUE LIFE through an Oral Tradition. I really did not understand the DEPTH of what YHWH had communicated to me through my grandmothers teachings until I saw the Lock it FIT in the Bible; the very SIGNS which YHWH Himself commanded to be used to ULTIMATELY distinguish between light and darkness and to TEACH about the TRUE NATURE of GOOD AND EVIL. But clearly this is a childs version of the TRUE GOSPEL PLAN OF REDEMPTION AND SALVATION given from the foundation of the world and passed down through SIMPLE Oral Tradition in SECRET since the destruction of the Temple, until the end of days when it's MEANING would be UNSEALED from the TEXT of SCRIPTURE, AS PROMISED (Is. 8:16). It is MY BELIEF that DESTROYING MEMORY of THIS TRUTH was the REAL SPIRITUAL OBJECTIVE of the again BUILD and MAINTAIN SEPARATIST (RACISIT) WALLS over the BODY OF TRUTH, which IS THE IMAGE OF GOD which when made CORNERSTONE of our reality, shall bring PEACE TO MANKIND, as He designed...It seems CLEAR I have been CHOSEN, at the very least, to RESTORE THIS ANCIENT Oral Tradition regarding FAITH in the CREATORS PLAN FOR MAN on the INTERNET where it will NEVER BE LOST TO MEMORY AGAIN! NEVER AGAIN!

YHWH knew Mankind would be BLINDED from seeing his INVISIBLE ETERNAL LIGHT represented in the Cornerstone SIGN of the Moon, through the use of the blindingly obvious sign of the Sun to represent the 'light of the world' which the CONSPIRING PSYCHOPATHS would select for themselves as the SIGN to VIOLENTLY RULE by, by YHWH's own DESIGN of our 'reality'! The BIBLE is CLEARLY the prima facia evidence of our very perception of reality which ANSWERED thousands of years ago, the SOLIPSIST DILEMMA of reality we now find ourselves CONTAINED WITHIN as in a PRISON, given to us BY HIS DESIGN from the very beginning, NOW UNSEALED so we may KNOW the ABSOLUTE TRUTH and LIVE ACCORDINGLY (not as animals herded and controlled in THEIR GROOMED DARKNESS any longer)! Using His 'sealed up' testimony, unsealed from his ANCIENT WORD at the proper time according to HIS PURPOSE, he would call out a HOLY, LOGICAL, REASONABLE PEOPLE in the GREAT EXODUS from WORLD IDEALOGICAL ENSLAVEMENT for which the FIRST 'Exodus' was merely a PRACTICE RUN!

Surely YHWH does nothing without first revealing it to his servants, the prophets. Amos 3:7

Look at the former things that have already happened, I make the 'new things' known; before they spring into being, I tell you in advance. Is. 42:9

Remember the former things long past because I am the (programming) Authority, there is no other. I am the Authority, there is none like me declaring the end from the very beginning, from ancient times things which have not been done yet saying: My Plan stands firm and my Desire shall be accomplished. Isaiah 46:10a

"I will say to the north, 'Give them up!' And to the south, 'Do not hold them back.' Bring My sons from afar, And My daughters from the ends of the earth, Everyone who is called by My name and whom I have created for My glory, whom I have formed, even whom I have made. Bring out the people who were blind though they had eyes, And the deaf, though they had ears.

All the nations will assemble together to be gathered together to a people who IN THEIR MIDST have proclaimed these things from the beginning in our hearing and have given their righteous testimony and what they saw and spoke was TRUE!

'YOU ARE MY WITNESSES' declares YHWH, And my servant whom I have chosen in order that you may believe and understand that I am He. Before me no Elohim was formed and there will be none after Me. I, even I, am YHWH. There is no savior besides Me. Isaiah 43:6-11

That which was from the beginning which we have heard and seen with our eyes, what we perceived and handled concerning the Word of Life, that the life was manifested and we have seen and bear witness and proclaim to you the eternal life which was with the Father in the beginning and was manifested to us; what we have seen and heard we proclaim to you that you also may have fellowship with us. And indeed our fellowship is with the Father, and with His Son Yahshua haMoshiah. These things we write, so that our joy may be made complete.

And this is the message we have heard from Him and announce to you: that Elohim is Light and in Him there is no darkness at all. If we say that we have fellowship with Him and yet walk in the darkness, we lie and do not practice the truth; but if we walk in the light as He Himself is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of His Son Yahshua cleanses us from all unrighteousness. 1 John 1:1-7

What I demonstrate herein is that YHWH, the Programmer of our TEMPORAL solipsist-like illusion of reality (which exists as a dark womb WITHIN an ETERNAL REALITY we are NOT able to perceive EXCEPT through LOGIC, REASON AND TRUTH), has told us ALL THINGS from the foundation of the world. He placed mankind in a sub-reality of spiritual ignorance in which he would send INSTRUCTIONS (Torah LIGHT) for PERCEIVING his reality in only ONE of TWO WAYS...obediently or disobediently, and those instructions were REFERENCED from a PRE-DESIGNED, a-priori perspective EMBEDDED IN CREATION 'ORDER' itself, a SYMBOL of HIS CORNERSTONE of TRUTH in the SKY to RULE/ORDER 'TIME'; a foundation 'paradigm' for perceiving reality, which the PROGRAMMER SELECTED for MANKIND from the foundation of the world and he would ESTABLISH LATER according to SPECIFIC COMMANDMENTS and PROPHECIES given in advance to be LATER UNSEALED in TIME and PLACE according to the very DETAILS of that SACRIFICE of the CORNERSTONE SEALED UP IN ADVANCE. The Bible can now be perceived as a sort of 'TIME CAPSULE' that we have had ALL ALONG, given to mankind by his creator which tells us that he placed the moon in the sky as a 'FAITHFUL WITNESS' (of the light of day one) to help man UNDERSTAND what is HAPPENING to him at EVERY STAGE of his DEVELOPMENT in the WOMB through PROPHECY GIVEN IN ADVANCE! Man was told that the Moon was the Programmers CHOSEN SYMBOL for his CHOSEN CORNERSTONE by which to perceive the REALITY which He created, AS HE DESIGNED. This SYMBOL (sign of Messiah Truth) and CORNERSTONE (the Messiah TRUTH) would unite to be the LIGHT of the WORLD in a SACRIFICE given in advance to be perceived as a CORNERSTONE TRUTH which would UNITE the BRIDE of creation with her MAKER, atoning for her IMPERFECTIONS if she merely have a heart to OBEY the PROGRAMMING INSTRUCTIONS, by Design. Self serving men like Cain, deceived by the ILLUSION of reality symbolized by the SUN, REJECTED both the Light of Messiah and the SYMBOL created to TESTIFY of him as the true CORNERSTONE LIGHT of our reality, as PROPHESIED WOULD HAPPEN in advance of it happening through SACRIFICE! We will review the very simple facts of His Story to see that IN FACT those PROPHECIES came TRUE in the generation of the DESTRUCTION of the TEMPLE in Jerusalem as prophesied over six centuries in advance of it happening (even by Socrates in Greece four centuries earlier, as we shall also see), and SEALED UP until the END, as it ALSO declared IN ADVANCE. The evidences are now UNSEALED to ESTABLISH the TRUE SABBATH and its SIGN which is ALSO the SIGN OF MESSIAH and which POINTS TO the very CORNERSTONE of TIME and SPACE of our MERELY TEMPORALLY PERCEIVED 'reality' as YHWH has commanded and DESIGNED for HIS BRIDE to recognize within our temporal WOMB. The Messiah of TIME and SPACE, OUR PROGRAMMER provided the SACRIFICE for our EMPIRICALLY ESTABLISHED REBELLION to HIS PROGRAMMING CODE in advance of it happening and provided the BALM OF GILEAD from the FOUNDATION OF THE WORLD as he has BOASTFULLY PROMISED to those who LOVE HIM. It is with HIM we must CO-OPERATE to be made in HIS SUPREMELY LOVING and INTELLIGENT IMAGE and so EVOLVE (be SAVED) according to HIS PLAN and he has his OWN CALENDAR (Programming Code) based on THAT CHOSEN 'SIGN'...ALL of these ANGLES of TRUTH coming together to SHINE on the otherwise INVISIBLE 'truth'; the MESSIANIC CORNERSTONE of our programmed reality symbolized by the moon as selected and expressly commanded by the self proclaimed PROGRAMMER of our reality since the beginning [signs to represent true spiritual, (invisible) 'light' and (blinding) 'darkness' of day 1 of creation; Gen. 1:18, 2 Cor. 4:4]. Animals can't conceptualize the TRUE, LIFE GIVING LIGHT associated with the MOON by the PROGRAMMERS WISDOM and POWER, the selfishly insane (like Cain) refuse to; what is IMMEDIATELY expedient and OBVIOUS is all they will trust or 'LOVE' in their CHILDLIKE SELFISH DELUSION OF REALITY.


We will see the unsealed evidence which demonstrates that YHWH devised a PLAN whereby in the 'fullness of time', he would send a promised 'LIGHT' from himself (Is. 42:6, Is. 49:6, Jn. 1:1, 1 Jn. 1:1) into our darkness, veiled in flesh, called his 'MESSIAH' in prophetic language, to be REJECTED as 'savior of the world' (like Joseph. Gen. 49:24 & 26, Is. 5:24, Is. 53) to first be the 'SACRIFICE' which would APPEAR at the PROPER TIME for the SACRIFICE, which would allow the self deceived power mongers to APPEAR to GET AWAY with the ANTICIPATED CRIME (1st Tim. 2:6, which the whole world is now found GUILTY of being ACCOMPLICES AFTER THE FACT); the crime Abraham would have been guilty of had he actually gone ahead and SLAIN the PROMISED ONE after he was told not to while on Mt. Moriah (a LESSON we would be remiss to not glean from this account of Abraham in retrospect to the Human Sacrifice YHWH was going to ALLOW this cabal of power mongering Psychopaths do in order to help TEACH US by establishing HIS CORNERSTONE of SACRIFICE to atone for us AT THAT TIME). YHWH was showing us through Abrahams obedience that he was going to provide a PROMISED SACRIFICE to expose a CONSPIRACY of POWER MONGERING DECEIVERS in TIME and SPACE to be SET as a CORNERSTONE of SACRIFICE for the NEW KINGDOM REALITY to LEARN FROM. Man SACRIFICED the CHILD OF PROMISE, the SAVING TRUTH in his RELIGIOUS INSANITY and SELFISH DELUSIONAL PSYCHOPATHY...the very TRUTH given for MANS REDEMPTION was REJECTED as YHWH told us IN ADVANCE. This is an EVENT that is UNSHAKABLY ESTABLISHED as having taken place in HIS STORY not only because of traditions of men handed down (even if in seemingly varying accounts or differing 'interpretations' of its 'meaning' contrived post facto) but because of PROPHECIES given IN ADVANCE that were PROVIDENTIALLY PROTECTED and SEALED UP at that time, as promised, until these END TIMES, ALL as PROMISED before ANY OF IT took place, NOW UNSEALED WITHIN! Now everyone is figuratively returned to the scene of the crime to revisit this case and judge for themselves YHWH'S INDICTMENT against MANKIND now UNSEALED as promised. You are called to give your verdict in RE-TRIAL and JUDGEMENT in YHWH's Highest 'REALITY' Court regarding the CORNERSTONE of TRUTH! What will be YOUR 'JUDGEMENT' regarding TRUTH? What is TRUTH regarding Perception: The reality beyond matter and how do you KNOW with ANY DEGREE OF CERTAINTY? There is only ONE WAY! This is HIS TESTIMONY of HIS COMMANDED PERSPECTIVE from which HIS PERFECTED CREATION, HIS 'BRIDE', is to view 'REALITY' as an OBJECTIVE EMPIRICAL 'SIGN' of the CONTRACT (Ex. 31:13-18) regarding OUR FAITH in HIS LOVING PLAN FOR MANKIND! Only a LUNAR SABBATH fits the EMPIRICAL REQUIREMENT...any other is a POWERFUL DELUSION BY DESIGN and ALL will be held INDIVIDUALLY accountable for their OWN CHOSEN RELATIONSHIP to the PROGRAMMERS CHOSEN CORNERSTONE of SAVING TRUTH by THEIR OWN JUDGEMENT of HIS REVEALED SAVING TRUTH!

'For wicked men are found among My people, They watch like fowlers lying in wait; They set a trap, They catch men. 'Like a cage full of birds, So their houses are full of deceit; Therefore they have become great and rich. 'They are fat, they are sleek, They also excel in deeds of wickedness; They do not plead the cause (of widows) or the cause of the orphan, that they may prosper; And they do not defend the rights of the poor. 'Shall I not punish these people?' declares YHWH, 'On a nation such as this Shall I not avenge Myself?' "An appalling and horrible thing Has happened in the land: THE PROPHETS PROPHESY FALSELY AND THE PRIESTS RULE BY THEIR OWN AUTHORITY AND MY PEOPLE LOVE IT THIS WAY...BUT WHAT WILL YOU DO IN THE END!? Jeremiah 5:26-31

So we see the 'savior of the world' had to FIRST be the SACRIFICE IN TIME AND SPACE as TESTIFIED by the LOST 'SIGN' of SABBATH which RE-ESTABLISHES the Oral Tradition regarding the SIGN of SABBATH TRUTH rejected WITH HIM in this EDOMITE/AZAZEL CONSPIRACY, which would be UNSEALED in the end days just PRIOR to Messiah coming in GREAT POWER. The MOON is the SIGN of the LIGHT of the MESSIAH for which he was the SACRIFICE to BIND that TRUE, LIFE GIVING LIGHT to our WORLD (which he created to TESTIFY OF HIM) by understanding DEEDS in symbolic FORM (not as the 'reality' itself)! So all of this would be UNSEALED within our SOLIPSISTIC 'SUB-ETERNAL' reality as an OVERWHELMINGLY POWERFUL EMPIRICAL EVIDENCE of the PROGRAMMER of our reality, telling us HIS STORY...the end from the beginning of our mere 'illusional' TEST reality as he BOASTS that he has done since the foundation of the world. This is the only possibly true model for reality which, according to his desire, we WILL FINALLY BECOME COMPLIANT WITH. When mankind FACES THE TRUTH like the Israelites in the desert who were instructed to look to the snake on the pole, then we will be healed of our self inflicted illnesses and shall begin to be cured, one man at a time until the PROMISE is REALIZED corporately. But instead of a snake on a pole, we look to the PROMISED SACRIFICE of a PERFECT MAN who was the PERFECT TORAH ENFLESHED, understood as the ONLY PROPER INTERPRETATION of the SCRIPTURES and SEALED by the SIGN of SABBATH, the recognition of the invisible NEW MOON FATHER which is PERFECTLY MIRRORED in the face of HIS SON symbolically at FULL MOON Passover every month. This TIME of SACRIFICE of the PERFECT IMAGE to then wax away and be forgotten so that IMPOSTERS RULE in place of the invisible father...and then, on the THIRD MILLENIAL DAY, the LIGHT of the FATHER seen in his TRUE IMAGE created as a SIGN for THAT PURPOSE begins to be seen AGAIN and we enter ETERNAL SABBATH TRUTH. When JUSTICE is founded on TRUTH mankind will know PEACE by YHWH's DESIGN told to us from the foundation of the world.

We must recognize and rectify the REJECTION of the MESSIANIC CORNERSTONE and the SABBATH SIGN CALENDAR PROGRAM (and the Psychopathy which mechanized it to begin with) by which accountability to the GREATER INVISIBLE REALITY is to be made foundational to our SUB society as He designed; as we know it one day soon shall be, like it or not...HIS KINGDOM SHALL COME ON THIS EARTH! The choice is: 'shall we do it the easy way, or the hard way?' (Is. 66:23, Ez. 46:3, Zech. 14:16-19). Please don't harden your hearts to TRUTH, the IMAGE of HOLY LOVE.

And as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness even so must the Son of man be lifted up so that whosoever believes on him should not perish, but have life eternal. For YHWH so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son that whosoever believes on him should not perish but have LIFE EVER MORE. For YHWH did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world but that THROUGH HIM THE WORLD WOULD BE SAVED. He who believes on him shall not be condemned but whoever does not believe IS ALREADY CONDEMNED, because he did not believe in the name of the only begotten Son of YHWH.

THIS IS THE CONDEMNATION: Light came into the world and men loved darkness more than light because their deeds were evil. For every one that does evil hates the light and will not come in to the light because his deeds would be EXPOSED. But he that DOES TRUTH comes IN TO the LIGHT, that his deeds SHOULD BE MANIFEST that they are done in the LIGHT of YHWH. John 3:14-21

The FULL MOON SABBATH WEEK PROMISE of CREATION at the beginning of Genesis is the SCROLL of TIME in which ALL later prophecy (and three great FULL MOON SABBATH Feasts) would be rolled out to reveal more detail of that 'HIS STORY' for the PERFECTION of his BRIDE of LIGHT in the matrix WOMB of Babylonian 'material' DARKNESS in THREE GREAT FULL MOON FESTIVALS (1. Pesach/Passover = Promise of Redemption and Atonement; 2. Shavuot/Pentecost = The Marriage Promise with YHWH; 3. Succot/Tabernacles = CONSUMATION of the Promises in the Messianic 'Sabbath' Era) Ex. 23:14-17, Deut. 16:16.

The promise in the Creation overview was given as the last 'day' of a seven day overview of all of man's History, then MORE EXPANDED DETAILS are rolled out later in prophecy and begun to be written down and preserved in detailed, empirically established historical accounts. The Full Moon 'Sabbath Day' of the Genesis creation account, after His creation is PERFECTED and called 'very good' at the end of day six, then there is NO more mention of DARKNESS for this SABBATH DAY as at the beginning of the previous days. This is the FUTURE PROMISE when mankind shall be WED as ONE MIND with the PROGRAMMING MIND and no one will need to teach another about him any more, all will know and bask intimately in his currently invisible and eternal LIGHT of INTELLIGENT DOTING LOVE (Jer. 31:34, Is. 60:20, Heb. 4:9, Rev. 22:5).

ALL of man's HIS STORY has been given from the BEGINNING to be PERCEIVED by his CREATION by Programming Design over time and stages of development to be REASONED ABOUT. The Temple System with all of its sacrifices and Holy Days was ONLY TEMPORARY, an edifice of TRUE POWER and GLORY exists NOW, merely unseen to all using only the senses of the body [if this is NOT SO, then God is simply NOT 'all powerful' or 'all knowing' as evidenced by the manifest 'error' of having built a Temple for Himself only to be too weak or ignorant to stop men from destroying it, and if that be so, by the compounded TRUTH of His claims LACKING any empirical evidence to establish His Word as TRUE in order to distinguish it from any other TRUTH (GOD) CLAIMS being made in our solipsistic BABYLON, His being just another mere CLAIM]; that temporal material structure POINTED to the ETERNAL MESSIAH in a 'form' or Pattern which must be REASONED ABOUT to be SEEN! This is HOW a commanded 'SABBATH SIGN' shall re-ESTABLISH the 'SABBATH TRUTH' of that 'SABBATH SACRIFICE' in TIME/SPACE, and HOW we are DESIGNED to PERCEIVE IT, using UNDENIABLE EMPIRICAL EVIDENCE all according to the FORE-KNOWLEDGE of the wonderous MIND of the PROGRAMMER of our REALITY who told us IN ADVANCE so WE would be EMPOWERED to SHARE HIS MIND and so BRING HIM GLORY by TRUSTING HIS PLAN OF REDEMPTION as reflected in our DEEDS; which themselves REFLECT what we BELIEVE about 'reality' and our relationship to it. The SACRIFICED (rejected) CORNERSTONE is the FOUNDATION for ALL TRUTH of our REALITY according to our PROGRAMMER, and our perception of TIME is a MAJOR ANGLE of THAT 'SPACE' REALITY. As a result of this anticipated CONSPIRACY 2000 years ago to 'change (the perception of) time and law' by rejecting/SACRIFICING/replacing the TRUE cornerstone, mankind has been suffering from STOCKHOLM SYNDROME-LIKE SYMPTOMS of PSYCHOPATHY that will NOT go away until she re-ESTABLISHES that CORNERSTONE of TRUTH, replaced by those NOW EXPOSED 'AZAZEL GOAT' SPIRITUAL EDOMITE CONSPIRATORS BY DESIGN, and sets it back in its rightful PLACE in both our Individual and COLLECTIVE 'Model for Reality', according to the Programmers PLAN.

The 'Gospel' of 'Sabbath Rest' (Heb. 4:9) and its commanded VISIBLE SIGN of the CHOSEN CORNERSTONE of our 'REALITY', the Master of TIME and SPACE in YHWH's economy (SYMBOLIZED by the MOON and NOT the blindingly obvious sun, as declared by UNSEALED EVIDENCE from the Old Testament pages within) was REJECTED/SACRIFICED in HIS STORY and at the VERY TIME he said it would happen in HIS STORY (in the generation in which the Temple would be destroyed according to Daniel 600 years earlier, prophesied to be destroyed along with a sacrificed Moshiach before the Temple had even been rebuilt) as prophesied in advance (as alluded to even by Socrates 400 years earlier regarding this SAME 'messenger of Light' that would come from 'outside our cave reality' and be rejected/KILLED). So this ANTICIPATED 'light' from that other dimensional reality, symbolized by the MOON through commandments as a 'FAITHFUL WITNESS in the sky', would be sent in to the dungeon of our solipsistic cave reality only to be rejected/sacrificed/replaced by UNBELIEVING MEN who, preferring to walk in the Light of the lesser fire of the Sun and so EXALT THEMSELVES as the 'saviors' to usurp God's Authority to themselves, chose it as the 'cornerstone' for perceiving time/space; thereby subsequently BLINDING the CONSCIOUSNESS of the entire WORLD from seeing the GOSPEL in the FACE of the SIGN of MESSIAH (2 Cor. 4:4) as prophesied! They would go so far in their chosen world delusion, SPIRITUALLY DRUNK regarding true reality based on their mutual Lusts for Power and a plan to contingently escape from 'death' by sacrificing others, EXALTING THEIR WISDOM against the Programmer they were pretending to serve 'righteously' (as He Designed), as to RAZE JERUSALEM, the TEMPLE, and the TREE of 'JUDAISM' itself with all its branches of thought, right down to the ground and to REBUILD it all again on a new SOLAR SABBATH foundation (and so divorce Sabbath from the objective CORNERSTONE SIGN and its associated Messianic MEANINGS for a TWO MILLENIAL DAY 'NEW MOON' when only the light of the Sun would be visible in the CONSCIOUSNESS of MAN...plunged into the dark ages of a two millenial day 'Spiritual New Moon'). The SUN is the SIGN of the ANIMAL BEASTS of CAIN, Nimrod, Babyl, BABYLON, Egypt and ROME. The Moon is selected in the TORAH to represent the otherwise INVISIBLE and unknowable Light of Torah, the FACE of YHWH himself, and his Messiah in flesh, as ALL the SAME LIGHT coming from the ONE source and FATHER of LIGHTS OUTSIDE our CAVE of darkness; Full Moon Sabbath, the SIGN of MESSIAH YHWH (Ex. 12:12-13, 2 Cor. 4:4) sent from the INVISIBLE FATHER into our world to be SACRIFICED at PASSOVER of the LUNAR CORNERSTONE of BIBLE TIME AND SPACE told IN ADVANCE and SEALED UP afterwords. Two Millenial Days would pass after the SACRIFICIAL rejection of His Chosen and Anointed Cornerstone for perceiving time/space, from which would spring legends shrouded in myth of all sorts to deceive the whole Babylonian insane world with a billion versions of a SUN CHRIST...a flood proceeding from the mouth of the dragon swollowed by the earth...the SUN now being the FOUNDATIONAL 'cornerstone' which binds them all together IN SPIRITUAL DARKNESS, BLINDED regarding ETERNAL REALITY, by design as told to us from the very beginning (Gen. 1:18, 2 Cor. 4:4); through their LOVE of this ILLUSORY world (1 Jn. 2:15) more than love of TRUTH which is ETERNALLY ALIVE (2 Thes. 2:10). Then the TESTIMONIES would be unsealed to REVEAL the FACE of MESSIAH (like Joseph revealing himself to his brothers) so that perfected MAN, the BRIDE of YHWH which will come out from EVERY NATION to STAND on THIS TRUTH...the ONLY POSSIBLE ANSWER to the SOLIPSIST DILEMMA at the heart of Man's Babylonian manifestations of Psychopathy, by Design...and the only possible HOPE for a POSITIVE 'evolution' in THOUGHT! To deny the logic of this CLEAR PLAN which has been EMBEDDED in the text, to come FORTH at this time as a result of anything MY FLESH MIND could ever conceive, would be either an insane or feeble minded conclusion; take your pick. I am but a humble WITNESS and MESSENGER for ETERNAL TRUTH as He has selected me to do according to His desire.

So this is how we can SEE the SIGN of the SON of MAN dispelling the CLOUDS of ignorance, to 'see' the LIGHT of ETERNAL TRUTH emanating from the Chosen CORNERSTONE sign of the MOON in the days just preceding MESSIAH COMING in GREAT POWER to MANKIND his BRIDE!

Therefore thus says my Master who EXISTS (YHWH), 'Behold a Stone is layed in Zion, a Testing Stone, a GEM for a Cornerstone Foundation NOT laid hastily; and I will make Judgement a Straight Line (ruler) and Righteousness a Level to sweep away in a TORRENT the HIDING PLACE of all FALSEHOOD (the cornerstone of temporal VICE the builders selected which IS the 'hiding place' of FALSEHOOD!)...! Is. 28:16-17a

The 'CORNERSTONE' of REALITY is ASSOCIATED WITH the 'MESSIANIC CALENDAR' (Program) by which men are to percieve their reality in TIME and SPACE as the FOUNDATION for ALL ACTIVITY and YHWH chose the Moon as His SYMBOL to represent His invisible LIFE GIVING LIGHT in our current Babylonian DARKNESS founded FOOLISHLY on the symbol of the Sun; telling us he would first be rejected to later be accepted when the SIGN of Messiah is revealed just before MANKIND ENTERS SABBATH (or is DESTROYED for REBELLION). Though it has been sealed until now, he exposed it all before any of it even happened, making the WISDOM OF THE WISE into ABSOLUTE FOOLISHNESS from the VERY BEGINNING when He chose the SABBATH Moon for HIMSELF as the 'programmer' of our PROVEN SOLIPSISTIC REALITY (the Bible being the Programming Code his PERFECT CREATION will adopt as COMMANDED, the only 'DOOR' out, by DESIGN). This truth is like a SIGNATURE for CERTAIN TRUTH to be RECOGNIZED, like a key fitting a lock which would 'set the prisoners free' from their solipsistic-cave-dungeon-womb of reality so that they may evolve from their miserable, animal-like condition to be joined matrimoniously with the Mind of their Programmer as he DESIGNED. The MOON is that SYMBOL of ABSOLUTE TRUTH by HIS MARVELLOUS DESIGN. The LUNAR MESSIAH (as Opposed to the PHARONIC SUN GOD OF THIS WORLD whose SIGN/MARK is the SUN) is the SEAL or MARK which MUST BE IN YOUR FOREHEAD (Ex. 13:9, Ez. 9:4, Rev. 7:2, Rev. 9:4)! The unveiling of THIS SIGN which is a SEAL or MARK of ETERNAL TRUTH, the SIGN of MESSIAH, is that which preceded the ANTI-THETIC MARK of the BEAST which has OPPOSED IT/HIM for 2000 YEARS while pretending to represent him (Rev. 14:9-11).

...since the creation of the world His invisible attributes, His eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly seen, being understood through what has been made so that they are without excuse...they became futile in their speculations and their foolish heart was darkened.

Professing to be wise, they became fools, and exchanged the glory of the incorruptible (invisible) God for an image in the form of corruptible (things)... they exchanged the truth of God for a lie and worshiped and served the creature rather than the Creator, who is blessed forever. Amen. Romans 1:18-25

It is all part of a PROCESS which would give men time to RE-gather the EMPIRICAL EVIDENCE to DEVELOP WITHIN their dark WOMB OF TIME... to slowly and collectively become CONSCIOUSLY AWARE AGAIN of their SPARK of ETERNAL intelligence from YHWH ('He who EXISTS' in Hebrew and to be understood as 'The Mind in which we have our BEING'. Acts 17:28), and be willing to leave their rather APE LIKE condition through FIRST REASONING ABOUT IT, and so be joined with Him in that HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS REALITY through mutual DESIRE, by His MARVELLOUS Design (Is. 61:1, Lk. 4:18)!

It was understood that this would only happen corporately in the END DAYS according to the already written PLAN which would ESTABLISH the EMPIRICAL EVIDENCE in TIME/SPACE that would be required for perfected man, HIS BRIDE, to take that REASONED leap of 'faith' in CHANGING his now long established and familiar BEAST CALENDAR with its IMPOSTER SOLAR SABBATH that was IMPOSED on him by the PHARONIC SUN GODS, the LITTLE HORN BEAST of Daniel, the builders of the reality we are currently born into, to make a reasoned and SANE CHOICE to CONFORM with the EXPRESSED WILL and PLAN of his DESIGNER (despite what any yet MIND BLINDED or 'fallen mind' others who have not yet 'seen the Light' of EMPIRICALLY ESTABLISHED TRUTH, may say or do as they walk around in the dark).

So in the fullness of time toward the end of this phase of the 'dark ages' man would be intellectually thrust into after the destruction of the Temple, as he began slowly ascending toward enlightenment again, coming out of his many superstitions and delusions of reality based on myths about dead prophets and LOST TRUTHS, to question again: 'what is truth' and related issues like: who should have the 'right to rule' and toward what end? Then at the end of two millenial days the court would sit and the Testimonies of TRUTH would be unsealed AS PROPHESIED in advance to FINALLY UNVEIL the GEM of CREATION not hastily laid (Is. 28:16, Dan. 7:26, Is. 8:16, Dan. 12:9, Lk 11:30) through SACRIFICE, and to RE-ESTABLISH the Programmers SIGN of the CORNERSTONE which points to and ESTABLISHES HIS INVISIBLE LOVE REALITY all by his Design PLAN now UNSEALED!

This Message is UNSEALED TORAH TRUTH designed to profoundly impact our World Consciousness by challenging the FOUNDATIONAL ASSUMPTIONS regarding our 'reality' with its ETERNAL LIGHT PERSPECTIVE given from the beginning (Gen. 1:18, Dan. 2:34). Only then can man be healed of his ANIMAL-LIKE psychopathy which is manifest from the leadership down and all throughout society as a result of the chosen FOUNDATIONAL WORLD VIEW, which both encourages and provides cover to manifest, every form of sefish injustice, strife, division, and war IN THE NAME OF 'GOD'. Only then may Mankind EVOLVE to be healed; BORN AGAIN into a New World Kingdom established on a Cornerstone foundation of TRUTH which establishes Righteousness and Peace (Utopia), by Design (Is. 28:16-17, Is. 42:4, Jer. 23:5, Ez. 21:26 English Ez. 21:31 Hebrew, Socrates: Plato's REPUBLIC).

Therefore thus says my Master who EXISTS (YHWH), 'Behold a Stone is layed in Zion, a Testing Stone, a GEM for a Cornerstone Foundation NOT laid hastily; and I will make Judgement a Straight Line (ruler) and Righteousness a Level to sweep away in a TORRENT the HIDING PLACE of all FALSEHOOD...! Is. 28:16-17a

So in more detail we will see the UNSEALED EVIDENCE how the Sabbaths are ALL tied to the SET APART 'NEW MOON' of a Lunar Week Messianic Sabbath Calendar in those commands regarding time (distinct from the perpetual 7 day Solar Week Sabbath handed down 'traditionally' through STOCKHOLM SYNDROME type indoctrinational CONTROL from BIRTH; the counterfeit BEAST (ANTI-CHRIST) CALENDAR SYSTEM the WHOLE 'mind blinded' WORLD observes in ignorant (symptom of Stockholm Syndrome) REBELLION to YHWH today; having been kept IGNORANT of the SIGN of MESSIAH. 2 Cor. 4:4). We will see the prophecies for a conspiracy to change the concept of 'time' so that the TRUE BIBLE 'Sabbath', TIED TO DISTINCT VISIBLE 'SIGNS' of the COMMANDED MESSIANIC LUNAR CALENDAR, would be FORGOTTEN ABOUT, written in advance of it happening concurrently with the betrayal of 'both King and Priest', the SABBATH SACRIFICE IN JERUSALEM which culminated in the destruction of the Temple in 70 A.D. (Lam. 2:6, Dan. 7:25, Dan. 9:26, Is. 8:16). Clearly we shall see that the 'rejected stone' that has been set FIRMLY as the CORNERSTONE of reality by design, is Messiah, the true 'Shepherd of Israel' who like Joseph (and David), had to first be hated and rejected to then become the Cornerstone of our salvation reality (Gen. 49:22 & 26, Ps. 118:22), and the FULL MOON is the SIGN of the SABBATH FEASTS which all POINT TO MESSIAH APPEARING in PROPHETIC DETAILS and over which he is MASTER in this INVISIBLE HOUSE OF FAITH whose hidden 'blueprint' is now UNSEALED by DESIGN. The OBJECTIVE SIGN of the SABBATH MOON, for which whose LIGHT the LIGHT of Messiah was the REQUIRED SACRIFICE sent into our world to be rejected AT THAT TIME that would serve to BIND the Torah COMMANDS he kept to the empirical world HE CREATED by HIS DESIGN PLAN! He is the 'Oral Torah' or 'LEGEND' for understanding the BLUEPRINT from the RIGHT PERSPECTIVE...the one DESIGNED! This SACRIFICED TRUTH ties back to the sacrifice of THIS LUNAR MESSIANIC SABBATH CALENDAR pointing to the GEM of creation, for which the Messiah came as SACRIFICE in advance; to EMPIRICALLY ESTABLISH AS TRUTH in our objectively perceived 'reality' at a particular TIME and PLACE told IN ADVANCE and not unsealed for 2000 years later from a book claiming to have a 'sealed up testimony' that would 'set the world on fire'. The otherwise invisible MOON is the empirical SIGN in our solipsistic darkness 'reality' created expressly to represent the otherwise INVISIBLE LIGHT of ETERNAL REALITY existing OUTSIDE our darkness/ignorance. The Light sent into the World on day One in Torah (therefore the Light of Torah), the SHEKINAH LIGHT of Messiah which the Torah promised would later be 'enfleshed', and the Light of YHWH being the Light for all mankind, given as the 'Sabbath Promise' of the creation account overview, are ALL TIED to the SIGN of SABBATH for the BRIDE. The Moon represents the ETERNAL LIGHT OF TRUTH, the REALITY otherwise invisible to us in our solipsistic cave where we have been blinded by the 'Sun' for 2000 years.

Man is now faced with a BLINDING solar (ANTI-CHRIST) BEAST calendar he needs to PUT AWAY, by design (2 Cor. 4:4). That is where we are now, the 'court that shall sit' to hear the unsealed testimonies and make PROPER JUDGEMENT before we enter the last phase of our development in this dark womb environment; this temporal reality of 'becoming'. The LUNAR MESSIANIC CALENDAR is what binds the TORAH, the SABBATH SACRIFICE in TIME (that would come from OUTSIDE our 'TIME/SPACE') prophesied as 'good' from the foundation of the world and associated with the MOON as a symbol in TORAH, the SABBATH SIGN of SABBATH PROMISE in TORAH, and the Messianic SABBATH GROOM at the END of 'TIME' spoken of in the TORAH and prophets, ALL these truths come TOGETHER in ONE 'touchstone', a VISIBLE 'CORNERSTONE GEM' of a 'SIGN'. This LIGHT is the SIGN of the COVENANT, the CORNERSTONE for the HOLY BRIDE to RECOGNIZE OBEDIENTLY so that SHE is RECIPROCALLY RECOGNIZED as the BRIDE according to the CONTRACT to be UNITED with the MIND of her DESIGNER as HE has PLANNED. (Ex. 20:8, Ex. 31:13-18, Heb. 4:9-11, Rev. 12:1, Ez. 9:4, Rev. 7:3, Rev. 9:4)!

The UNSEALED LUNAR SABBATH EVIDENCE presented within will expose the very foundation of the afore promised 'WORLD DECEPTION' regarding the PROPHESIED SACRIFICE in TIME that would culminate in the DESTRUCTION OF THE TEMPLE for which it was a mere SHADOW in ALLEGORICAL 'FORM'. We will get a glimpse at how we are commanded to perceive THAT SACRIFICE in TIME at the FOUNDATION of our NEW WORLD KINGDOM of PEACE and RIGHTEOUSNESS, by Design; which is NOT BEING DONE YET in the World TODAY but SHALL BE! This is the TRUE GOSPEL, the very Cornerstone of our Reality that MUST be the FOUNDATION of ANY and ALL 'truth' (and which shall SWEEP AWAY ALL FALSEHOODS ushering in the KINGDOM of PEACE); the TRUE 'Light of the WORLD' is pictured in the MOON (NOT the Sun) through both reasoning about its LOGICAL RELATIONAL ORDER and more intimate, nurturing connection with the rythem of 'life' on the planet, but particularly in regard to EXPRESSLY COMMANDED SABBATH FEAST PICTURES by the Creator, the PROGRAMMING MIND of our HOLOGRAPHIC REALITY who chose the Moon as His Symbol and told us ALL THIS IN ADVANCE! The evidence within is IRREFUTABLE by DESIGN! The sun, moon, and stars, all pay homage to Joseph (who is a shadow of MESSIAH) in this message unveiled before our minds eyes, the fulfillment of Joseph's prophetic dream. At long last the Moon pays homage with his FAITHFUL WITNESS TESTIMONY to the one separated from his father and brothers for their SALVATION (Gen. 49:24-26, Deut. 33:16, Gen. 37:9). It is ALSO at this time that the HAND OF JOSEPH which COVERED the EYES of ISRAEL (ALL the TRIBES but EPHRAIM who receives the SCEPTOR from JUDAH as the SHEPHERD and STONE of Israel; Gen. 49:10, 24 7 Dan. 7:13) so that he would go into a MIND SLEEP and NOT be able to SEE THIS LIGHT (so that ALL NATIONS might be saved), is NOW to be LIFTED so they MAY SEE if they CHOOSE TO! Gen. 46:4, Is. 29:18

In addition to the Biblical evidences, we shall look at the Archeological evidences which will establish that this conspiratorial rejection of the 'King and Priest' with it's associated 'forgetting of sabbaths' to 'seal up the testimony' did indeed take place according to those prophecies (Is. 8:16, Dan. 9:24, Dan. 12:4, Is. 29:11, Dan. 12:9). The CORNERSTONE of our REALITY has been SELECTED from the beginning and ESTABLISHED (by being rejected according to prophecy as witnessed in history and 'sealed up' ALL AS PLANNED and told to us before any of it happened. Acts 13:27), as an UNSHAKABLE META-PHYSICAL FOUNDATION in ZION. Again, all as planned from the beginning by the programmer of our reality who sealed up the evidence to expose it, even before the conspiracy took place, as it said; a sealed book until the time of the end (Is. 28:16, Dan. 9:24, Dan. 12:4, Dan. 12:9, Is. 29:11, Is. 8:16). The Testimonies are now unsealed and made MANIFEST as in a court of LAW so that the ENTIRE WORLD may be convicted of its sin and REBELLION TO YHWH, REPENT as witnessed by our REMEMBERING and OBSERVING the already CHOSEN SABBATH 'Cornerstone of TRUTH' for our 'reality' as commanded, the lunar week PROMISED SABBATH GEM of Creation, and be HEALED of all our ILLUSIONS and their related manifestations of PSYCHOPATHY throughout society, and then be COMPLETELY TRANSFORMED into a KINGDOM OF PEACE whose RIGHTEOUSNESS shall NEVER END, all according to THE PLAN told to us in the OVERVIEW of Seven Days of Mans Created History; the seventh day Lunar Sabbath of LIGHT with our MESSIAH as our LIGHT and darkness/ignorance conquered FOREVER. That's the PROMISE given in the Genesis HIS STORY overview in the ONGOING Genesis Creation account. We need to understand the Sabbath PROMISE and ENTER IN by faith in the Logic and Reason establishing its TRUTH, today...PREPARATION DAY! (Is. 60:19-20, Rev. 22:5, Heb. 4:9).

Specifically we will examine the following core body of unsealed evidences.



We will now examine 1 Sam. 20:27 & 34 which establishes a 2 day 'New Moon Feast' that particular month in BOTH the CONTEXTUAL DETAILS of the account AND additionally by GRAMMATICAL details through use of the UNIQUE Hebrew Grammar construction usually rendered 'second day of the month'. BOTH the CONTEXT of the account and the GRAMMAR are in COMPLETE AGREEMENT that this is the second day of a 'set apart' NEW MOON FEAST at which David was expected to be in attendance BOTH DAYS. Please also note that David's life light would be seen again on the morning of the third day, with that morning of contract comprising 'the first day' of the CONTRACT. His Messianic Light would RISE on the morning of the THIRD DAY according to CONTRACT details described by Paul as Master Builder in the New Testament seen before now in great detail, at the beginning of this work. and seen verified in the promised to be UNSEALED Oral Tradition, unsealed as part of this intricate locking mechanism for the proper interpretation as HE DESIGNED, but let's get back to the details of this particular part of the unsealing or UNLOCKING KEY of KNOWLEDGE unsealed from this account of David and Jonathans OATH. This is part of YHWH's OWN TESTIMONY against those who He told us in advance he was going to thoroughly EXPOSE when he UNSEALED His Word.

The words 'chodesh hasheni' in vs. 27 and the words 'yom hachodesh hasheni' in vs. 34 would NORMALLY be LITERALLY UNDERSTOOD and translated as 'the second month' (in Modern Hebrew, for example, and as also done in 1 Kings 6:1 & 1 Chr. 27:4) and 'day of the second month'. But the CONTEXT of this PARTICULAR account is VERY CLEAR that literally CAN'T BE RIGHT! There is something UNSEEN going on here we need to DISCOVER through the light of LOGIC and REASON! The reference is CLEARLY to the SPECIFIC DAYS of a NEW MOON FEAST David was expected to attend. The use of this UNIQUE Hebrew construction HERE is a REFERENCE to this UNIQUE 'SECOND DAY' of the chodesh PERIOD at the BEGINNING of the LUNAR WEEKS of a LUNAR MESSIANIC CALENDAR which are SET APART...sabbaths are set apart from the other week days, but NEW MOON is NOT a WEEK DAY and is ITSELF a set apart from BOTH week days AND their set apart Sabbaths. In terms of sanctity as relates to amounts and types of SACRIFICE, the New Moons are ALL virtually EQUAL to the THREE GREAT 'SABBATH' FEASTS in regard to their SANCTITY (Num. 28:11-14, 2 Chr. 8:13). A MINI-FESTIVAL at the BEGINNING of every MOONTH. For this reason it is referenced as a Holy Convocation for WORSHIP in its RELATIONSHIP to 'Sabbaths' which are counted FROM THIS SET APART PERIOD every Moonth. (Is. 66:23, Ez. 46:1-3, Col. 2:16). [Note that the 7th New Moon is 'set apart' even from the already set apart New Moons with a DOUBLING of those FEAST SACRIFICES (Num. 29:1-6) very much like the GREAT SABBATH FEASTS are set apart from OTHER 'sabbaths']. The SEVENTH 'New Moon' is the NEW MOON SABBATH! (I suggest it is now the PREPARATION DAY for THIS NEW MOON SABBATH in MACRO-TIME).

It is not the 'second day of the month' as normally FUDGED in translation (again, the 2nd day of the month is ALWAYS the first day of the first lunar week of a month, the day AFTER the SET APART new moon PERIOD whether it be a 1 or 2 day 'chodesh' we see IN CONTEXT here...New Moon Feasts don't happen on 'weekdays' of a LUNAR WEEK MESSIANIC CALENDAR...they are SET APART AS HOLY!). It has to be MIS-translated as 'second day of the month' (in vs. 27 too, even in Hebrew) in order to make any sort of 'sense' of it because of our IGNORANCE regarding the HOLY MESSIANIC CALENDAR the WORLD has been BLINDED FROM SEEING for 2000 years AS PROMISED!

But rather it SHOULD BE translated and understood as a reference to the second day of the chodesh period...called simply the 'Second New Moon' and 'Second New Moon day' respectively (or 'day of the second new moon'); this is the LITERALLY CORRECT translation with UNDERSTANDING IN CONTEXT which sheds a great deal of light on the account as YHWH intended to be 'unsealed' for us to SEE ITS LIGHT. No need to mis-translate it as 'second day of the month' as if NOT referring to the SPECIFIC DAY of the SECOND NEW MOON required by calendrical observations in THIS context anymore because NOW we know the TRUTH of what it REALLY MEANS, here. Again, 'chodesh' does mean 'month' in a general way and is translated such elsewhere but only BECAUSE its PRIMARY, SPECIFIC REFERENCE is to the period of about 36 hours (1 or 2 days alternating monthly) in which no light is visible on the moon at the BEGINNING of the lunar cycle, and it is CONTEXT that tells us which is being referenced. Chodesh literally means to 'RENEW' and it is CONTEXT which tells us which is being referenced; whether the renewed month generally, or the RENEWAL PERIOD when NO LIGHT IS VISIBLE on the moon at the HEAD/BEGINNING of the CYCLE of LIGHT on the MOON. Clearly the 'general' term for 'month' is NOT being referenced ANYWHERE in this account in 1 Sam. 20 (Note its uses also in vs. 5, 18 & 24). This 1.5 days of DARKNESS 'set apart' as HOLY is OUTSIDE the 28 WEEK DAYS of EVERY moonth which has LIGHT on the moon (of which 'sabbaths' are EACH 'set apart' with a recognizable 'sign' of light on the moon; 1st and 3rd quarter moons, full moon, and the LAST SLIVER prior to NEW MOON) and IS what is being referenced. So CONTEXT lets us KNOW in THIS ACCOUNT that it is speaking of this SET APART PERIOD which begins the cycle of lunar weeks, and it is adjusted for by having an alternating 1 or 2 day CHODESH FEAST to BEGIN that NEXT Month and is DETERMINED by the last 'sign' of LIGHT on the OLD MOON. This is completely obverse to what the Talmud states was done, which many foolishly use as a source to extrapolate that it was anciently practiced that New Moon begins after the sighting of the FIRST sliver of light on an ALREADY 'renewed' Moonth cycle of LIGHT; which is ridiculous on it's face because the 15th then falls the day AFTER full moon day (full moon day is when moon is rising at the same time sun sets, and sets in the morning as the sun rises; only ONE DAY per month fits this 'PASSOVER' POINT of Sun and Moon, the exact 'Mid Point' of the Light Cycle).

DAVID AND JONATHAN had A PLAN, they CONSPIRED RIGHTEOUSLY TOGETHER to set up a sort of TRAP to EXPOSE an ANIMAL, an otherwise HIDDEN EVIL in the EXISTING SYSTEM of POWER that HAD TO BE ADDRESSED...and I would suggest that the ACTIVITY they are going out to the field to participate in, as indicated by ALL THE CLUES in the CONTEXT of the account, is the sighting that LAST sliver of the OLD MOON CYCLE expected to be seen before NEW MOON began (darkness). Simply understood, if the LAST SLIVER of light on the moon can be seen on the last Sabbath morning of the OLD moon cycle of light, which precedes the beginning of the 'New Moon' DARKNESS period, then that following New Moon 'darkness' (which would begin the next day no matter what, as we see clearly indicated in the text. vs. 5 & 18) will require the addition of 'hachodesh hasheni', a '2nd new moon' at the beginning IN ORDER FOR the FULL MOON 'SIGN' of that moonth to ALSO accompany the 15th day of the MOONTH...the EMPIRICAL SIGN of 'Sabbath Feast Days' in their respective Months ACCORDING TO ALL REQUIREMENTS. There is NO OTHER WAY for the MATH to WORK for the BIBLE CALENDAR which MAN REJECTED in his PSYCHOPATHY on MOUNT MORIAH as YHWH PLANNED and ATONED FOR IN ADVANCE! If the Lunar Cycle is not observed this way, say for instance NO adjustment is made every other month through 'sighting' (or precise Mathematical calculation), then after the first month the full moon will be on the 14th and two months later, on the 13th, two months later on the 12th,..losing a day every other month (in a 30 day static month, GAINING a day each month if a static 30 day month were adopted) if not corrected every other month until the one day the 15th, which should be full moon, would be accompanied by a quarter moon, sliver, or even NEW MOON! The SABBATHS would 'float' in relation to the CORNERSTONE of TIME AND SPACE (as the TWO SABBATH CALENDAR SYSTEM of the modern 'state' of Israel DOES TODAY to try to rectify this FUNDAMENTAL ERROR!). The moon would NOT BE FIXED to the 15th DAY by VISUAL AGREEMENT IN EMPIRICAL REALITY! The MOON is our ANCHOR in PERCEIVING 'time' and 'space' (moedim) as a COMMANDED MESSIANIC CALENDAR which SYMBOLIZES and POINTS TO Messiah as it's CORNERSTONE which the BUILDERS stumbled over as prophesied in advance of it happening. This is the KEY of KNOWLEDGE which the builders HID (Lk. 11:52). YHWH commanded this anchor when He declared His Three Great Sabbath Festivals to be on the 15th day FULL MOON in their respective 'moonths'.

Only the maker of a SOLIPSIST-LIKE ILLUSION in a SUB REALITY could ever do something SO GRAND as to create a SUB REALITY kept in the dark regarding his eternal reality, that would have the PLAN for MAN established with a SABBATH SACRIFICE established in TIME and SPACE according to a DESIGN PLAN that would be sealed up in mans face, which would be unsealed later to expose his psychopathy as a TESTING STONE established in ZION from which the LAW would go out to OVERTAKE THE WORLD OF LIES all as prophesied from the very FOUNDATION of the WORLD! The SIGN of the LIGHT of MESSIAH is the SAME SIGN for the 'Light' of SABBATH as testified by the 'Light' of TORAH. The Moon is the GEM of CREATION, created on day FOUR as a SIGN of the MESSIANIC LIGHT called 'good' on day ONE of Creation, the TRUE 'LIGHT OF THE WORLD' who shall lead us who OBEY into the SABBATH PROMISE of the SEVENTH DAY by HIS DESIGN given for us to understand from the very foundation of the world as he boasts!

Blow the shofar on the Day of Full Moon in the Month of our Feast. Ps. 81:3

He made the light of the moon (yereach) as a calendar (moedim), the sun knows he's going down (his time to continue reigning in world consciousness is now very short as the MESSIANIC MOON is ON THE RISE). Psalm 104:19

The stone which the builders rejected Has become the chief corner stone. Psalm 118:22

And IN THE DAYS OF THESE KINGS THE POWER OF HEAVEN SHALL SET UP A KINGDOM WHICH SHALL NEVER BE shall break in pieces and consume all these kingdoms, and IT SHALL STAND FOR EVER! Forasmuch as you saw that a STONE was cut out of the mountain without hands and that it broke the iron, the brass, the clay, the silver, and the gold all into pieces; so the PROGRAMMER has made known to the king what shall come to pass in the later days: the dream is certain and the interpretation is absolute. Daniel 2:44-45

and then the SIGN of the Son of Man will become MANIFEST in the sky and all the tribes of the earth will mourn and THEN they will see the Son of Man coming on the clouds of the sky with power and great glory. Matthew 24:30

These sealed up truths, now unsealed, are obviously pointing to an 'ORAL TORAH' whose transmission was LOST as PROPHESIED in advance (Lam 2:6, Dan. 7:25) and ANOTHER 'law and times' given in the place of the LOST moedim/Holy Messianic Calendar...but YHWH gave us these TESTIMONIES as EVIDENCE sealed up in advance to RE-ESTABLISH the CORNERSTONE of TRUTH that HAD been passed on orally but was lost, 'sealed up' with the MARTYRDOM of his disciples in the first century (Is. 8:16, Is. 53:1)! After the WALL separating JUDAH from EPHRAIM (scattered and ASSIMILATED into ALL NATIONS) was destroyed in the first century, it has been REBUILT AGAIN by SPIRITUAL EDOMITES unrecognized within BOTH HOUSES of Israel, Judah and Ephraim, once again. It's time for that RACIST WALL of WORLD DIVISION used by EDOM to CONCEAL HIMSELF to COME DOWN (Jer. 49:7-10, Obad. 1:1-21)!

Another very powerful point to be made to ESTABLISH this TESTIMONY in CONTEXT of 1 sam 20 is that David and Jonathan are two witnesses for SABBATH LIGHT going out together on the last Sabbath morning of that last lunar week of that Moonth to sight the LAST 'sliver' of the moonth (expected to be seen because the morning before that LAST lunar weekday SABBATH, the sliver would have been too large and high in the sky above the rising sun to be the LAST visible 'sliver' of the Moonth). They are obviously doing this in order to FORMALLY SOLIDIFY their PLANS (through the COMMAND to OBSERVE TIME which was mostly ORALLY TRANSMITTED) on whether David would have to hide for a ONE or TWO day chodesh (new moon) FESTIVAL period that WAS UNQUESTIONABLY UNDERSTOOD already to BEGIN the NEXT DAY (vs. 5, 18 & 24).

So we see in the beginning of the account that it's the Morning before the New Moon DAY would UNQUESTIONABLY begin NOTE* The last day of a lunar week system is always the Last Sabbath of the last lunar MONTH, the day before New Moon begins. Weather not withstanding in Israel, if a sliver IS SEEN on that sabbath morning, an ADDITIONAL NEW MOON DAY would be REQUIRED for the FULL MOON to fall on the 15th ALSO ACCORDING TO COMMAND. They are going out to the field discussing 'new moon' plans regarding HIDDEN MOTIVES of PSYCHOPATHY in the CURRENT RULING POWER (Jonathans OWN FATHER!) which they want to EXPOSE TO the LIGHT of TRUTH as YHWH PROVIDENTIALLY ARRANGED FOR US.

So they go out to the field where it is THERE (by witness of the SABBATH/OATH MOON requiring the ADDITION of 'chodesh hasheni') that they SOLIDIFY on OATH their plan that David would be hidden with NEW MOON for TWO DAYS of a New Moon FEAST, as part of a PLAN to EXPOSE the PLANS of the EVIL King to the ignorant/deceived Jonathan (WHICH YHWH HAD EVEN GREATER PLANS FOR in a sort of 'double entendre' as we NOW SEE). So this account is establishing the PRACTICED formality of sighting the LAST SLIVER of the moon on 'Sabbath' morning approximately every other month in order to FORMALLY ESTABLISH an addition of 'yom hachodesh hasheni' (a '2nd New Moon' Day) WHEN it was EXPECTED to be seen, so that ALL the SIGNS of the moon (quarter moons and full moon) would CONTINUE to fall on their APPOINTED SABBATH DAYS as EMPIRICAL 'SIGNS' of SABBATH ANCHORED to OBJECTIVE 'REALITY'...full moon rising in the evening 16 days subsequent to the 'sighting' of the LAST SLIVER of the old moon BECAUSE of the addition of the 'chodesh hasheni' (2nd New Moon Day), REQUIRED BY THE PROGRAM approximately every other month.

What 'good' is a Sabbath 'Sign' that can not be EMPIRICALLY ESTABLISHED by LOGIC and REASON as being ABSOLUTELY TRUE? No better than a programmer called 'truth' that is illogical OR an 'all knowing all powerful god' who makes mistakes, changes his mind, or can be otherwise 'thwarted' by his creation able to frustrate HIS PLAN. What sort of PROGRAMMING CREATOR would that be to make a 'truth' about 'sabbath' as an empirical 'sign' for some sort of 'contract' regarding his design purpose which can not be established as reasonably 'TRUE' in a Court of Law...what sort of 'law giver' is that that would leave such a SIGN of OBEDIENCE which could not be established as ABSOLUTE FOUNDATIONAL TRUTH? I guess that's what some (intellectually challenged or simply religiously insane) people will still try to argue even in the face of this powerful evidence which ESTABLISHES ITS TRUTH by the WITNESSES of LOGIC and REASON regarding HIS COMMANDMENTS, but there is no getting around it; if the lunar calendar which they clearly kept is NOT kept this way (and was OBVIOUSLY an ORAL TRADITION which was CHANGED even as scripture told us WOULD BE DONE), then full moon does not accompany the 15th day of the month as the 'SIGN' for SABBATH FEASTS. There is no other way for the Math to be correct and it's not difficult, it does not require rocket science engineers or politicians to tell you how or when to OBSERVE TIME correctly, it really is a rythmic ORDER that comes naturally to the ENTIRE PLANET. Just PRACTICE TUNING IN to that RYTHEM... DO IT FOR HEALTH AND PEACE AS DESIGNED!

Blow the shofar on the Day of Full Moon in the Month of our Feast. Ps. 81:3

Remember the 'day' of the 'new moon' every other month is TWO DAYS LONG; in NO OTHER WAY will the FULL MOON accompany the THREE GREAT SABBATH FESTIVAL PICTURES of the FACE and PLAN of YHWH given in CALENDAR COMMANDMENTS. Interestingly we are told all of this detail regarding the calendar couched in David's plan to HIDE (his Messianic Life/Light) in order to EXPOSE wicked King Saul...the details are in order to FINALIZE THE PLAN for HIDING! (Lunar Sabbath 'Light' being HIDDEN with David/Messiah's face for TWO DAYS...David being a shadow of Messiah, the life giving SHEKINAH LIGHT of MANIFEST TORAH), to emerge from hiding with RENEWED LIGHT to be RECOGNIZED on the THIRD MILLENIAL DAY as SABBATH SAVIOR!).

Come and let us return to YHWH because he tore us up but HE WILL HEAL US; he struck us but HE WILL BIND US UP. After two days he will revive us and in the third day he will raise us up and WE SHALL LIVE IN HIS PRESENCE! Hosea 6:1-2

As we shall see in the DETAILS of the CALENDAR COMMANDMENTS, the three great Sabbath Feasts are kept on the 15th day of their respective months, which we are told elsewhere is FULL MOON DAY. The addition of a '2nd New Moon' at the beginning of alternating months was a required adjustment for a 29.53 day lunar cycle having 4 PERFECT (TAMIM) WEEKS of 28 days, each week ending with a SPECIFIC 'SIGN' of LIGHT on the Moon SO THAT the Full Moon 'sign' would ALWAYS accompany the '15th day' SABBATH LIGHT of FULL MOON by COMMANDMENT (the point of this is so that the END of the 14th day/BEGINNING of the 15th would ESTABLISH our OBEDIENCE with the FULL MOON rising at the SAME TIME (or just before) the SETTING Sun; (the day which begins at evening) the DIRECT MIDDLE POINT of a 29.5 day of cycle of LIGHT...the 'crossing over' or PASSOVER point of reference between the Sun and Moon from a 'waxing' to a 'waning' lunar cylce (the Monthly 'sacrifice' in the sky). It's the CROSSING OVER of the HANDS of father YHWH to anoint the PROMISED LIGHT over the natural appearing 'first born'; as pictured in Cain and Abel, Ishmael and Isaac, Edom (Esau) and Israel (Jacob), and finally Manasseh and Ephraim. The greater serves the Lesser!

When you see the LAST SLIVER of the Moonth cycle in the morning just before sunrise, you will not see LIGHT on the MOON again until AFTER the NEW MOON (New Moon = conjunction of Sun and Moon/NO MOON VISIBLE) when the RENEWED cycle sliver of LIGHT can be seen again in the EVENING just after SUNDOWN (about 60 hours later if last sliver is on 28th) and FULL MOON is ALWAYS 16 days after the sighting of this LAST SLIVER. So there is NO light visible on the MOON either on the 29th day sabbath until the END of the New Moon day in the evening, OR if there IS a sliver visible on the 29th day Sabbath (as obviously was the case HERE IN THIS ACCOUNT), AN ADDITIONAL CHODESH DAY WAS ADDED!

Each Month there is a 60 hour period of 'no moon' light visible on the moon because of its proximity to the sun in crossing paths. This means there is ALWAYS a gap from the LAST SLIVER of the moon seen in the Morning to the FIRST SLIVER of the next month seen in the evening just after sundown, of a TWO day period where NO MOONLIGHT is visible. If that last sliver of light is seen in the morning just prior to sunrise the day BEFORE the last sabbath of the month then no adjustment through the addition of a second New Moon day to begin the following month is necessary. The Renewed sliver will be seen in the 3rd evening from its early morning sighting. This is the case every other month, the month AFTER adjusted months. The Month following that last sliver will again be seen in the morning of the last sabbath just prior to the start of New Moon and will REQUIRE the ADJUSTED DAY to be inserted so that the full moon and 15th day of that next month are again co-ordinated.

The 15th day Full Moon rising at or shortly after sunset ending the 15th day is another indicator that you will see the Last Sliver on Sabbath Morning and REQUIRE a 'yom hachodesh hasheni'/ 'second new moon day'...these are 'two witnesses' (there are others) for when 'New Moon' begins and how long it should be. The goal for the SIGHTING of the SLIVER is to keep the LAST SLIVER falling BEFORE the last SABBATH of the following MOONTH every other moonth, by the ADDITION of the intercalary DAY required, when the sliver IS SEEN on the last sabbath, as we see in this account was PRACTICED. Only in this way do all the 'signs' line up for their respective Sabbath day. The first week ends with the first quarter moon sabbath. The second week ends with Full Moon Sabbath. The third quarter moon acompanies the Sabbath ending week three. And the last week ends with a sabbath sliver in the morning just before sunrise ONLY IF there is going to be a TWO DAY NEW MOON with the ADDITION of 'hachodesh hasheni' (the second new moon) beginning the NEXT Lunar Cycle of TAMIM (perfect) WEEKS (about every other month) beginning the next day, according to these NOW UNSEALED TESTIMONIES!

Trying to muddle through what I have said above is a very good introduction into WHY 'Oral Tradition' regarding the PERCEPTION of TIME and SPACE was better than trying to write it down...its so confusing to read about it on paper when its designed to be read in the sky!

We do have ANOTHER unsealed and VERY POWERFUL evidence to establish the UNITY OF TORAH LIGHT as ONE and its FOCAL POINT is the MOON! This one has more to do with simple Math, the observation of the SIGN is the EVIDENCE that the MATH IS RIGHT!

The second most powerful evidence we have is that the Feast of Shavuot (Pentecost/Feast of Weeks) does NOT fall on the 15th day FULL MOON SABBATH 'SIGN' today, as COMMANDED AND PRACTICED in ancient Israel, AS A DIRECT RESULT of the REJECTION of the CORNERSTONE 2000 years ago as prophesied IN ADVANCE! This COMPOUNDED TRUTH in addition to the previous one, beyond any reasonable doubt exposes a PROPHETIC DECEPTION regarding our PERCEPTION of TIME/SPACE and how our PROGRAMMER INSTRUCTED US TO PERCEIVE IT according to these NOW UNSEALED BIBLE TESTIMONIES! The CORNERSTONE of our perception of TIME/SPACE was REJECTED/REPLACED by the BUILDERS of our CURRENT 'REALITY'!

The stone which the builders rejected has become the chief corner stone. Psalm 118:22

Blow the shofar on the Day of Full Moon in the Month of our Feast. Ps. 81:3

Three times in a year all your males shall appear before YHWH your Authority in the place which He chooses: at the Feast of Unleavened Bread (Passover), the Feast of Weeks (Pentecost/Shavuot) and at the Feast of Tabernacles (Succot/Booths)...Deut. 16:16

In addition to many other evidences, we will see the smoking gun evidence in the commanded 'count of the omer' for the Feast of Shavuot (Pentecost) which, when observed correctly so that ONLY 7 PERFECT LUNAR WEEKS of LUNAR WEEK DAYS are counted, takes us to the 15th day FULL MOON 'SABBATH' of the third month; the SABBATH SIGN for the BRIDE. This is NO COINCIDENCE! THIS is the SAME 15th DAY (the Full Moon/PASSOVER Day=Exodus) in which Israel had left Egypt in the 1st month (ex. 19:1) during the DAYLIGHT period of FULL MOON DAY (after the Full Moon had PASSED OVER--Bible Calendar days begin 'at evening' when the sun goes down, not at midnight like the World's blinding Solar Sabbath BEAST Calendar...note that in Genesis creation, the 6th 'day of man' (which we are still in awaiting to be called 'very good') began in darkness but shall end with the FULFILLMENT of the PROMISE of ETERNAL SABBATH LIGHT Gen. 1, Heb. 3-4, Is. 60:19-20, Rev. 22:5). And please notice that in Ex. 12:12 YHWH says it is HE who will Passover sparing those who have properly applied the Passover Sabbath Sacrifice slain for that purpose; to be properly 'applied' according to the 'commandments' (INSTRUCTIONS) for 'salvation'...those who didn't were sorry too late. Peering from their windows to get a glimpse of this POWER that would PASSOVER them to slay the FIRSTBORN of EVIL AUTHORITY, they certainly saw the otherwise invisible LIGHT of YHWH on the FACE of the FULL MOON of the beginning of that 15th DAY, which started at evening! The Moon is the SIGN of the MESSIAH who SHALL SAVE US because it is HE who was the SACRIFICE for our REJECTING THE CORNERSTONE of ISRAELITE REALITY ('Israel' = perfected mankind) in the first place, as depicted by that Passover Lamb...all by COMMANDMENT based on the foreknowledge of the PROGRAMMER of our reality who DESIGNED IT THAT WAY and TOLD US first in overview (Gen. 1), then in stages unveiling more detail over time, none of which was FULLY understood or put together well UNTIL THE FULLNESS OF TIME, and all of it prophesied before ANY OF IT EVER CAME INTO BEING!

Surely YHWH does nothing without first revealing it to his servants, the prophets. Amos 3:7

Look at the former things that have already happened, I make the 'new things' known; before they spring into being, I tell you in advance. Is. 42:9

Remember the former things long past because I am the (programming) Authority, there is no other. I am the Authority, there is none like me declaring the end from the very beginning, from ancient times things which have not been done yet saying: My Plan stands firm and my Desire shall be accomplished. Isaiah 46:10a

"I will say to the north, 'Give them up!' And to the south, 'Do not hold them back.' Bring My sons from afar, And My daughters from the ends of the earth, Everyone who is called by My name and whom I have created for My glory, whom I have formed, even whom I have made. Bring out the people were blind though they had eyes, And the deaf, though they had ears.

All the nations will assemble together to be gathered together to a people who IN THEIR MIDST have proclaimed these things from the beginning in our hearing and have given their righteous testimony and what they saw and spoke was TRUE!

'YOU ARE MY WITNESSES' declares YHWH, And my servant whom I have chosen in order that you may believe and understand that I am He. Before me no Elohim was formed and there will be none after Me. I, even I, am YHWH. There is no savior besides Me. Isaiah 43:6-11

That which was from the beginning which we have heard and seen with our eyes, what we perceived and handled concerning the Word of Life, that the life was manifested and we have seen and bear witness and proclaim to you the eternal life which was with the Father in the beginning and was manifested to us; what we have seen and heard we proclaim to you that you also may have fellowship with us. And indeed our fellowship is with the Father, and with His Son Yahshua haMoshiah. These things we write, so that our joy may be made complete.

And this is the message we have heard from Him and announce to you: that Elohim is Light and in Him there is no darkness at all. If we say that we have fellowship with Him and yet walk in the darkness, we lie and do not practice the truth; but if we walk in the light as He Himself is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of His Son Yahshua cleanses us from all unrighteousness. 1 John 1:1-7

The Nation entered a VERBAL MARRIAGE CONTRACT on Mount Sinai on this SAME FULL MOON DAY of the third month (also known as PENTECOST in the New Testament when the Disciples were SEALED as the firstfruits before the first harvest Acts 2:1, Acts 20:16) Ex. 19:1. This 15th day Full Moon is also the SAME DAY that Israel was given the 'sabbath' as a TEST FEAST with MANNA (bread from heaven) in the 2nd month (Ex. 16:1). And of course it's the same day the Feast of Tabernacles begins in the 7th moonth (Lev. 23:34). The most strikingly evident question should be: Why doesn't any Jewish or Christian sect celebrate the Feast of Weeks (also called PENTECOST or Shavuot) on the Full Moon as the Bible says to do (and the disciples of Messiah had been commanded and were doing 2000 years ago in Acts 2:1 and Acts 20:16)? You may get an answer from someone exhibiting the effects of STOCKHOLM SYNDROME-like indoctrination to say something like: 'the law has been done away, we don't need to know about any of that stuff anymore'. Of course there is not much one can do with someone who is comfortable with their illusion except to provoke a spark of thought with a question like: 'how is it you can know anything without first being able to establish an empirical cornerstone of truth'? and leave them pondering. Conversely you will get another type of answer to the question; something like: 'because there is a special count for that Sabbath Feast, IT'S SUPPOSED TO BE COUNTED FROM THE PERPETUAL SOLAR WEEK (BEAST) CALENDAR (which does not set New Moons apart as Holy so the 'math works out'), that's why it's NOT on 'full moon' like the other two. So then you might ask such a one: Ok, so what is the purpose of this 'special count' in TORAH? To which one may recieve the response: 'as a test for obedience'. To which the question should surely be raised: How is it a test for obedience when counting from a SOLAR WEEK BEAST CALENDAR COUNT, as you claim it should be done, has no objective witnesses or SIGN to establish it as TRUE OBEDIENCE and not a FALSE TRADITION?

The count is obviously there SPECIFICALLY to act as a CHECK to EXPOSE a FALSE SABBATH in the END DAYS as PLANNED LONG IN ADVANCE, to show HOW and WHEN the CORNERSTONE of our REALITY was REJECTED by the BUILDERS; an EVIDENCE of an ORAL LAW regarding TIME/SABBATH KEEPING that was LOST/SEALED UP (with disciples all killed. Is. 8:16) after the destruction of the Temple and a NEW ORAL LAW (talmud) given regarding a DIFFERENT 'cornerstone' of SABBATH 'time', AS PROPHESIED before any of it happened. How powerful is an evidence that would be unsealed and used in the END DAYS just prior to MESSIAH COMING, for the re-establishing of the CORNERSTONE TRUTH OF REALITY, the TRUE SABBATH, so that the SABBATH BRIDE (Israel) can GET READY to meet the GROOM as PLANNED? Powerful Indeed!

The CREATOR, our 'lover/groom', chose the MARRIAGE SABBATH MOON as the OBJECTIVE SIGN of the CORNERSTONE of mans programmed REALITY. The SABBATH MESSIAH/GROOM, was the REJECTED 'CORNERSTONE TRUTH' of our REALITY, rejected by the BUILDERS as PROPHESIED IN ADVANCE and the MOON is the OBJECTIVELY OBSERVED 'FAITHFUL WITNESS' and 'SIGN' created to symbolize the TRUTH of YHWH'S SACRIFICE as the SYMBOL for 'Reality', long before any of it took place. And all of this re-established as TRUTH using simple LOGIC and MATH in TORAH CONTEXT! What could possibly be more logical and reasonable of an OBJECTIVE, EMPIRICAL EVIDENCE for a CONSCIOUS, SELF-PROCLAIMED, INVISIBLE POWER holding our reality together and desiring we be INTELLIGENTLY wed with him, than by telling us the END from the BEGINNING all throughout HIS STORY as THIS BIBLE EVIDENCE now unsealed, as itself prophesied it would do, now does proclaim? Only an UNREASONING SELFISH BEAST of an ANIMAL can reject such an OVERWHELMINGLY POWERFUL MOUNTAIN of UNDENIABLE EVIDENCE, empirically established using simple LOGIC and BASIC MATH in order to REASON about and SEE the SO SIMPLY OBVIOUS, TRUTH. It can NOT be logically rejected!

It is simply INTELLECTUALLY DISHONEST ( WILLFUL INSANITY) to REJECT this MOUNTAIN of EVIDENCE as establishing the PROGRAMMERS OWN CHOSEN CORNERSTONE BY HIS OWN EXPRESSED DESIGN PLAN; an open sacrifice of the very LIGHT representing our very SOURCE of INTELLIGENCE, LIFE and SALVATION. It seems to me nothing could be more insane than such 'logic' as that.

Though we KNOW that Shavuot commemorates Israel's promise to be 'wed' to YHWH as his SPECIAL CREATION, and this happened on FULL MOON (the same day of the third month in which they had left Egypt in the first month, Passover day. Ex. 19:1), it is commanded to be observed by a special count rather than just told what day of the month to celebrate it on (though we know from the contextual evidences exactly what day of the month it fell on which then make this an objectively CHECKABLE MATH EQUATION whose VISIBLE SIGN, like the other TWO 'great feasts' with which it is equated, is the FULL MOON, the same 15th day of the 3rd month from the day they left Egypt in the 1st month. Ex. 19:1, Ps. 81:3). This is the ONLY one of the THREE great Feasts which is NOT CURRENTLY being observed on the commanded FEAST SIGN of FULL MOON; even when we have EVIDENCE showing us contextually that we entered verbal contract with YHWH on 'THAT VERY SAME DAY' of Full Moon of the third Month (Ex. 19:1). Why? Because it is not currently counted using the HOLY LUNAR MESSIANIC SABBATH CALENDAR COUNT of SEVEN 'perfect weeks' of WEEK DAYS (not a solar perpetual WEEK sabbath BEAST CALENDAR which DEFILES the NEW MOON days from being 'SET APART' from the WEEK DAYS and their associated Sabbaths of a LUNAR, TAMIM or 'perfect' MESSIANIC SABBATH WEEK CALENDAR as we noted already in 1 sam 20:27 & 34 above).

Imagine the novelty of YHWH giving this COMMAND of counting ONLY WEEK DAYS of a commanded (but promised to be forgotten) LUNAR WEEK CALENDAR to take us to the FULL MOON SABBATH FEAST of shavuot (a Feast of tamim/perfect 'WEEKS' which SANCTIFIES NEW MOONS as 'set apart', to arrive on 'bayom hazey', 'that same day' they entered verbal marriage with YHWH on Sinai Ex. 19:1 which the Feast Commemorates), as an EVIDENCE SEALED UP in the Bible in ADVANCE, a TESTIMONY as it claimed, that WOULD BE UNSEALED OBJECTIVELY FROM SCRIPTURE so that we can KNOW WITH CERTAINTY that a CONSPIRACY to change COMMANDED TIMES/SABBATHS did INDEED take place in HIS STORY and they were INDEED FORGOTTEN according to PROPHECY given IN ADVANCE (Lam. 2:6, Dan. 7:25, Dan. 9:26, Is. 8:16).

We are talking about YHWH'S OWN COURT ROOM TESTIMONY SEALED UP IN ADVANCE OF THE CRIME TAKING PLACE BY MAN...SEALED UP IN HIS FACE AND NOW UNSEALED TO PROVE THE EMPIRICAL REALITY OF OUR PROGRAMMERS EXISTENCE AND HIS PLAN AS A TEST FOR MANKIND! These SABBATHS and FEASTS are ALL PROPHETIC and the MESSIAH is the TRUE SACRIFICE REQUIRED for the EVENTS which these FEASTS ALL SHADOW in PROPHETIC PICTURE to come into our 'REALITY'. It's time for MAN to RECOGNIZE the ETERNAL 'CORNERSTONE' of his REALITY given to MOSES in mere FORM for man to BUILD ON, before the Torah 'Law' was even given, according to the DESIGNERS PLAN and as testified by PAUL in the New Testament! ( Eph. 2:20, 1 Cor. 15:1-4 & vs. 20). Zakor w'shamor et yom ha shabat = 'remember and observe the Sabbath Day' is the FOURTH COMMANDMENT in a MORAL CODE designed to help man EVOLVE from his enslavement to IGNORANCE, VICE, and CORRUPTION rooted in our perception of time/space SUB 'reality' based on the WRONG selected 'cornerstone', which we inherited from our 'fathers' (Jer. 16:9), the 'builders' who REJECTED the TRUE CORNERTONE 2000 years ago; all of it known by YHWH and told to us before any of it happened! THE BIBLE IS IRREFUTABLE EVIDENCE OF THE PROGRAMMING MIND IN WHICH WE HAVE OUR BEING (Acts 17:28)!

In fact, I would even go so far as to suggest that, though the account does not SPECIFY which DAY this particular Repentence/TESHUVAH took place, I would put it on FULL MOON DAY...the SAME DAY (b'yom hazey) they had ORIGINALLY contracted verbally on Sinai to being HIS HOLY PEOPLE as a sort of an instructional account foreshadowing something even greater, as YHWH has a tendency to do:

And the Spirit of YHWH came upon Azariah the son of Oded: 2 And he went out to meet Asa, and said unto him, 'Hear ye me, Asa, and all Judah and Benjamin; YHWH is with you while you are with him; and if you seek him, he will be found of you; but if you forsake him, he will forsake you.'

Now for a long time Israel had been without True Authority; without a teaching Priest, and without Instruction....And in those times there was no peace in the comings and goings of anyone, but a great confusion was over all the inhabitants of the Countries; Nations destroying nations and city against city as THE CONFUSION OF AUTHORITY is THE TRIBULATION against them all...

And he gathered all Judah and Benjamin, and the strangers with them out of Ephraim and Manasseh, and out of Simeon: they flocked to him abundantly out of Israel when they saw that the Authority 'YHWH' (He Who Exists) was with him....So they gathered themselves together at Jerusalem in the THIRD MONTH...And they entered into the Covenant to seek YHWH, the Authority of their fathers, with all their heart and with all their soul....

And they committed themselves to YHWH with a loud voice, and with shouting, and with trumpets, and with cornets. And all Judah rejoiced at the oath: for they had sworn with all their heart, and sought him with their whole desire; and he was found of them: and YHWH gave them REST all around. 2 Chron. 15:3-15

So we shall see the evidence that Sabbaths are ALL tied to the LUNAR MESSAINIC CALENDAR (adjusted to the HARVESTS, Deut. 16:1, Deut. 16:13) and THIS (moedim) CALENDAR of 'TIME/SPACE', YHWH's PROGRAM, was promised in prophecy to be replaced and forgotten with the destruction of the Temple in 70 A.D. when the truth of Messiah, the sacrifice to which all Sabbath Sacrifices were pointing FORWARD in time to in PROGRAM shadows, would be REJECTED in mans psychopathic prime as prophesied in advance, so we can LOOK BACK and see the BEAMING LIGHT of SABBATH TRUTH that was LOST with that prophetic 'messiahs' SACRIFICE in TIME and how the testimonies were 'sealed up', in the face of those testimonies now unsealed and made manifest as promised (Dan. 7:25, Dan. 9:24, Lam. 2:6, Dan. 2:34).

"Brothers and sisters, all children of Abraham's family and all those among you who fear YHWH (He Who Exists Invisibly), to EVERYONE has this WORD of SALVATION been SENT because the RULERS and inhabitants living in Jerusalem neither knew Him, MOREOVER THEY DID NOT KNOW WHAT THE PROPHETS WERE SAYING which are read every sabbath day (and speak of Him), WHICH THEY HAVE FULFILLED BY CONDEMNING HIM! Acts 13:27

TRUE Oral Tradition vs. FALSE

This section is for DIVIDING the TRUE TRADITION of Scripture from the FALSE TRADITIONS we were EXPLICITLY WARNED ABOUT!

I wish to bring your attention to a few fundamental TRUE FACTS that seem to be often overlooked; particularly in regard to the Hebrew Text which many ASSUME to be correct because their DECEIVED LEADERS told them so. The first FACT is located in Jeremiah 8:8 whose proper rendering tells us that SCRIBES would attach a FALSE UNDERSTANDING to the Scriptures.

How is it you can say 'We have the Instructions from YHWH and are Wise' when the lying pen of the Scribes has nullified it? Jer. 8:8

I want to point out my position on how that was done in HIS STORY as he tells us, by using some PERTINENT EXAMPLES unsealed from texts where they were SEALED until the END OF DAYS as promised (Is. 8:16, Dan. 9:24, Dan. 12:4, Dan. 12:9). Therefore ANY TRADITIONAL INTERPRETATION of those SEALED TEXTS must be RECOGNIZED as FALSE in LIGHT OF the TRUE TESTIMONIES which they contain, or we are STILL UNDER THE TRADITIONAL ERRORS THOSE BLIND GUIDES INSERTED INTO THE TEXT!

It is not that the Scribes, who followed the TRADITIONS of the RABBINICS who REJECTED MESSIAH, changed the actual TEXT of the scripture because YHWH preserved the TRUTH for us. Rather, they merely ADDED to the PRESERVED Scripture their VOWEL POINTINGS which renders a DIFFERENT TRANSLATION of the ORIGINAL text than the one INTENDED BY THE AUTHOR who did NOT use 'vowel pointings'. Let's dig into this a bit more to see what I mean.

We see in various places in the New Testament TRADITION we have been given, that the Messiah is accusing (what would soon become) the RULING PARTY of Jews that through THEIR TRADITIONS they had rendered the Scriptures impotent (Mat. 15:9, Mark 7:9 & 13). Paul also alludes to these FALSE TRADITIONS which EXALTED THEMSELVES ABOVE the TRUE INTERPRETATION of Scripture to make it FALSE (Gal. 1:14, Col. 2:8). And Peter points out with more SPECIFICITY what is MISSED through those FALSE TRADITIONS; the ATONING DEATH of Messiah which was PLANNED from the FOUNDATION of the world (1 Pet. 1:18) as I demonstrated from the UNSEALED TESTIMONY of the Old Testament Scriptures in the first page of this work; UNSEALED EVIDENCE from the Old Testament which SPOKE OF HIM and CAN NO LONGER BE DENIED by anyone desiring to SEE the TRUTH! Any other interpretation of the THREE HUMAN SACRIFICES which YHWH gave us to REASON ABOUT, makes God into an UNREASONABLE TYRANT!

So what we are to see is that there are some TRADITIONS of this RULING PARTY, who MISSED AND REJECTED the Promised Messiah from the foundation of the world in the Old Testament Scriptures which speak ALL ABOUT HIM (Jn. 1:51) as told to us IN ADVANCE, which have been handed down to us through THEIR TRADITIONAL ERRORS. These ERRORS began with those BLIND GUIDES rejecting the PROPER TRANSLATION of SCRIPTURE when it was ENFLESHED as promised IN those same scriptures they merely PRETENDED to understand and EXALT THEMSELVES as teachers over; as already demonstrated. It is upon THAT GENERATION that all the Blood of the prophets and martyrs thoughout the centuries MUST BE CONFESSED in SPECIFICITY (Lk. 11:50)! We KNOW that it was a CONSPIRACY between ROME and the ATHEIST-EDOMITE JEWS (along with Judah whom these imposter Jews DECEIVED according to a PROPHETIC PLAN given in ADVANCE) which HAS MURDERED THE TRUTH to MAINTAIN POWER all throughout the Centuries even as EVIDENCED by the deaths of the Martyr's like that of POLYCARP who died in SMYRNA where SATAN HAD HIS THRONE according to HIS MENTOR, John the Revelator. His DEATH taking place on the GREAT SABBATH of the FULL MOON (the very Image of GOD they so HATED) for his faith in the TRUTH of the SUPER REALITY as evidenced even by this small excerpt of the ancient TESTIMONY from the WITNESSES who were THERE in the latter half of the second Century. The wintesses say:

As Polycarp entered into the stadium, a voice came to him from heaven; 'Be strong, Polycarp, and play the Man.' And no one saw the speaker, but those of our people who were present heard the voice. And at length, when he was brought up, there was a great tumult, for they heard that Polycarp had been apprehended.

When then he was brought before him, the proconsul enquired whether he were the man. And on his confessing that he was, he tried to persuade him to a denial (of Messiah who the WHOLE WORLD hated according to the PLAN of the CONSPIRACY) saying ...'Swear by the genius of Caesar; repent and say, Away with the atheists' ('atheists' was a reference to MESSIANICS who did not worship a GOD which was officially recognized by the SUPREME GOD of the WORLDS GOVERNMENT, CEASAR). Then Polycarp with solemn countenance looked upon the whole multitude of LAWLESS HEATHENS (including Jews) that were in the stadium, and waved his hand to them; and groaning and looking up to heaven he said, 'Away with the atheists.'

....he said to him again, 'I will cause you to be consumed by fire, if you don't fear the wild beasts, unless you repent.' But Polycarp said; 'You threaten a fire which burns for a season and after a little while is quenched, for you are ignorant of the fire of the future judgment and eternal punishment which is reserved for the ungodly. But why do you delay? Come, do what you will'....the proconsul was astounded and sent his own herald to proclaim three times in the midst of the stadium, 'Polycarp has confessed himself to be a Christian (Messianic).'

When this was proclaimed by the herald, the whole multitude of BOTH GENTILES AND JEWS who lived in Smyrna cried out with ungovernable wrath and ....with one accord that Polycarp should be burned alive....These things then happened with so great speed quicker than words could tell, the crowds forthwith collecting from the workshops and baths timber and faggots, and the JEWS ASSISTING WITH SPECIAL ZEAL AS WAS THEIR CUSTOM....

The fire, making the appearance of a vault, like the sail of a vessel filled by the wind, made a wall round about the body of the martyr; and it was there in the midst, not like flesh burning, but like [a loaf in the oven or like] gold and silver refined in a furnace. For we perceived such a fragrant smell, as if it were the wafted odor of frankincense or some other precious spice.

So at length these LAWLESS MEN, seeing that his body could not be consumed by the fire, ordered an executioner to go up to him and stab him with a dagger. And when he had done this, there came forth [a dove and] a quantity of blood, so that it extinguished the fire; and all the multitude marvelled that there should be so great a difference between the unbelievers and the elect.

After the rejection and MURDER of the Messiah, which Polycarp tried to PATTERN HIS LIFE AFTER, by these EDOMITE RABBINIC leaders of MIND ENSLAVED DECENDENTS, which through treachery and manipulation came to FULL POWER after the final prophesied ABOMINATION of the TEMPLE causing its siege and DESOLATION as PLANNED a century earlier, they began to write down their FALSE ORAL TRADITIONS in the form of the Talmud. Some of these FALSE oral translations were LATER inserted as 'vowel points' into the Old Testament TEXT itself by the Masoretes a few centuries later in order to PRESERVE THEIR TRADITIONAL TRANSLATIONS.

[As part of the DEAL struck with Vespasian, Zachai took control of the Hebrew text under the MYSTERY SEAL of the HEXAGRAM and by the time CONSTANTINE came to power in the 4th Century, Hebrew was a 'dead language' along with ALL the MOST HOLY JEWS and CONSTANTINE made a NEW FAITH based of the TRUTH and put that under HIS SEAL, the PENTAGRAM! The WORLD SYSTEM described as MORPHING beasts in the book of Daniel and needing VICTIMS to SURVIVE (and 'morph' into another BEAST) because their WORLD VIEW/economic foundation DEMANDS fresh blood for such MATERIAL survival, then turned on the REST of the clan of Jews. When Vespasian sold ONE BRANCH (the purest branch of Judasim) into ENSLAVEMENT and DEATH as the LEADER of the JEWS, as JUDAH did with JOSEPH (and some African tribes were later taught to do), he in the SAME WAY Judah had done, he UNWITTINGLY sold THE ENTIRE WORLD into the HAND of GOD and HIS MESSIAH, as represented by Pharaoh and Joseph in the PATTERN we are to LEARN FROM. He shall be RAISED BEFORE GOD in the same MIRACULOUS way Judah was brought before the RULER HE BETRAYED in his insensitive blindness to the OMNIPOTENT POWER of VIRTUOUS TRUTH!]

If accepted on their face value, these pointings directed the reader to view the text AS THEY TRANSLATED IT and not as the WRITER INTENDED, even though the TRUE translation apart from those pointings may be READILY SEEN, even as YHWH told us IN ADVANCE in Jer. 8:8. So it is not that we can not trust the Scriptures, but we must be VERY CAREFUL to avoid the LEAVEN which these BLIND EDOMITE GUIDES inserted, as we were WARNED (Mat. 16:12). Let us now get into some of these NOW EXPOSED TRADITIONS!

The COMMANDED MESSIANIC LUNAR CALENDAR HOLY TO ISRAEL was replaced with a counterfeit SOLAR week BEAST CALENDAR so that a SUBJUGATED NATION could be ASSIMILATED into ROMAN WORLD RULE ENSLAVEMENT (Clay and Iron forming a 'FOUNDATION' that would be STRUCK by the FOUNDATION STONE from YHWH as planned in advance Dan. 2:20-22 & 32-35). After the Temple and its associated system of Sabbath Feasts and their Sacrifices was destroyed, 'Sabbath' became a perpetual SOLAR ANTI-CHRIST Calendar, 'Saturn Day' sabbath (A.K.A. 'Chiun day' Amos 5:26, Acts 7:43) tied to the recently introduced Roman Sun ANTI-CHRIST BEAST Calendar by the worlds SUN GOD, beginning with Roman BEAST POWER, the 'little horn' of daniel 7, VESPASIAN, and his 'eyes of a man' the FALSE PROPHET, ZACHAI; along with Josephus the translator and false historian now exposed as promised.

The blood of all the prophets which has been shed from the foundation of the world will be required of this generation; From the blood of Abel unto the blood of Zachariah who died between the Altar and the Temple: verily I say unto you, it shall be required of this generation. Woe unto you, lawyers! for you have taken away the KEY OF KNOWLEDGE! You did not enter in yourselves, and you keep those who would, from entering also! Luke 11:50-52

So this was a religious conspiracy conconcted by self serving power mongers who, for their varied selfish interests, conspired together to murder and unrighteously SUPPRESS the TRUTH represented in Messiah and the Sabbath SIGN, the KEY TO KNOWLEDGE, by which YHWH's BRIDE was to be RECOGNIZED (and by which she would recognize the TRUE MESSIAH from a million blinding deceptions, LATER) ACCORDING TO TORAH; Lunar Week Sabbaths. The degree of COGNIZANCE they have in regard to their deeds is NOT MATERIALLY RELEVANT in light of the REVEALED TRUTH told FROM THE FOUNDATION OF THE WORLD! Prophetically it was an attempt to MURDER the GROOM and STEAL the BRIDE of YHWH (recognized by the SIGN of the SABBATH MOON) by SPIRITUAL EDOMITE IMPOSTERS using their POSITIONS OF POWER, and the peoples IGNORANCE and DEPENDENCE on the MOSAIC SYSTEM THEY HIJACKED, to VIOLENTLY IMPOSE their FALSE (HERETICAL) INTERPRETATIONS of TORAH on the WHOLE WORLD...and like a STOCKHOLM SYNDROME VICTIM, SHE (the subjugated nation 'Israel' cast into all the nations, not even aware of her own identity OR the SIGN of SABBATH/MESSIAH which ESTABLISHES IT) has been mindlessly parroting the LIES of her Talmudic-Roman MIND PUPPET, WORLD CONSCIOUSNESS mind enslavement of DARKNESS and DESTRUCTION ever since! It's time to LET MY PEOPLE GO from the DEATH SYSTEM of DARKNESS and IGNORANCE!

The first text to look at is the FARCE of Daniel 9:26 handed down to us through THEIR FALSE TRANSLATION which tells us that the word spelled 'ayin mem' is to be pronounced as AM meaning 'people' or 'nation' AS OPPOSED TO 'IM' (pronounced 'eem') which means 'WITH'. This is a key word in that verse which, when translated correctly, resolves the DISAGREEMENT we see going on in the GRAMMAR CONSTRUCTION by the FORCED translation of 'people' into the text. Namely, translating the word as PEOPLE requires the ADDITION of the word 'with' for the sentence to make any sort of sense. And when this is done, the agreement in verb construction is BROKEN. Namely the word 'YASHICHIT' is in third person masculine singular imperfect tense (he will destroy) does NOT AGREE. If this were correct the phrase SHOULD read 'they will destroy' but that is NOT the case. Therefore this allows us to then SEE CLEARLY what this text is REALLY SAYING. Identifying the subject, verb, and OBJECT of this sentence so that they are in grammatical AGREEMENT is ABSOLUTELY IMPERATIVE to our UNDERSTANDING it!

"...He will cut off the anointed one (but not himself) and HE WILL DESTROY the City and the Holy Place WITH the coming Prince..." Dan. 9:26

Daniel (as subject) is identifying the AZAZEL (object) of the ATONEMENTS SACRIFICE. The MESSIAH 'CUT OFF' (verb) is NOT the OBJECT! The 'cut off messiah' is the FIRST PART of that promised ATONEMENT sacrifice for the redemption of mankind. As CAIN was fingered for Abels murder in the FIRST 'Atonenments' ante-type as the 'AZAZEL', so here we see it is ZACHAI having the GUILT being placed squarely on his head (IN PROPHECY HE DID NOT UNDERSTAND OR BELIEVE, BUT USED FOR HIS OWN SELFISH PURPOSES) as the AZAZEL for which Messiah was slain. He is the OBJECT of this sentence fingered for SLAYING MESSIAH and DESTROYING THE TEMPLE! This ATONEMENTS EVENT is the CENTRAL THEME for understanding ALL PROPHECY in the Bible. This is HIS PROPHETIC 'CORNERSTONE' of HIS STORY of TIME and SPACE as outlined in TORAH (The Bible)!

But let us put this CONSPIRACY which was PROPHESIED IN ADVANCE to take place in its proper historic/prophetic context by understanding the SOURCE of THIS PROPHETIC VERSE which is FINGERING THIS EVENT in HIS STORY for us to SEE.

Judah has dealt treacherously and committed an abomination in Israel and in Jerusalem. Judah has profaned the holiness of YHWH who loved him and has married the daughter of a foreign God. YHWH will cut off the man that knowingly does this from the tabernacles of Jacob, he (the EXPOSED ATHEIST/EDOMITE) who hypocritically offers sacrifice to YHWH of hosts. Malachi 2:11-12

So this is where PRINCE JOSEPH was 'SACRIFICED' by his BROTHERS according to the PROPHETIC PLAN of God now UNSEALED.

Vespasian is the 'daughter of the foreign god', the 'little horn' of Dan. 7:25 and the 'coming Prince' for whom YHWH's chosen CORNERSTONE would be REJECTED in the ATONEMENTS SACRIFICE being described by Dan. 9:26. This is not a prototypical antichrist seen fulfilled only partly in Antiochus as most other Scholars claim based on FALSE TRADITIONAL READINGS of the text! Who really is the 'ANTI-CHRIST' and LITTLE HORN of dan. 7:25, the COMING PRINCE of dan. 9:26 that would destroy the Temple and 'make the plans to change times and laws' (Dan. 7:25, Lam. 2:6), to 'throw truth to the ground' (Dan. 8:12) and to 'persecute the saints' (Dan. 7:21, Rev. 13:7) but 'not of his own power' alone (Dan. 8:24)? Well we see the 'three horns removed from their roots'(Dan. 7:8, 20 & 24), Otho, Galba, and Vitellus who were 'plucked up by the roots' in the same period of a year, the year VESPASIAN came to power; ALL as a result of a prophecy given to him by Yochanan ben Zachai in advance by HIS OWN ADMISSION! It was ZACHAI had the RELIGIOUS CLOUT and the 'EYES' of a (FALLEN) MAN who knows prophecy but it was Vespasian who had potential to be world EMPORER and so they MARRIED THEIR FORCES as WORLD POLITICAL WHORES a GOD PROPHECIED IN ADVANCE he WOULD DO!

Judah has dealt treacherously and committed an abomination in Israel and in Jerusalem. Judah has profaned the holiness of YHWH who loved him and has married the daughter of a foreign God. YHWH will cut off the man that knowingly does this from the tabernacles of Jacob, he (the EXPOSED ATHEIST/EDOMITE) who hypocritically offers sacrifice to YHWH of hosts. Malachi 2:11-12

Vespasian's power was 'not his own' (dan. 8:24) but dependent on Zachai's PROPHETIC EYES and BOASTFUL MOUTH (Dan. 7:8, Rev. 13:5) as the 'assistance' who WITH Vespasian then helps to destroy the Temple according to dan. 9:26 to give Zachai AUTHORITY over the Jews in a PEACE PACT (Dan. 8:25)! We see CLEARLY through THIS PROPER INTERPRETATION of Dan. 9:26, which is a FAR SUPERIOR TRANSLATION of the Hebrew than TRADITIONALLY PASSED DOWN as any honest Hebrew speaker not fearing retribution WILL ADMIT, and in light of historically known facts that Vespasian was the LITTLE HORN of Dan. 7:8 and ZACHAI was his EYES of a MAN, the FALSE PROPHET of the BEAST of ROME!

We shall also see that he is the beast that is 'slain' (because their POWER LIVES ON past their 'fatal wound') in the END DAYS before the Kingdoms of Earth are turned over to the Saints in Dan. 7:11. It is pictured as being 'slain' here, but this spirit within a man (because our war is NOT with 'flesh and blood' but with CONCEPTS regarding TRUTH...Philosophy regarding the NATURE OF REALITY ITSELF) is exposed all throughout scripture and is pictured being removed in many forms. The 'Azazel' sacrifice where he is removed from the Kingdom of Light is another...when we have conquered the 'darkness' we were born into, by design of this merely temporal womb TEST as told to us ages past.

So he is said to be 'slain' when in fact he is put back in the 'lake of fire' which is OUTSIDE the ETERNAL KINGDOM in the DARKNESS which will be OUTSIDE the FATHERS KINGDOM of LIGHT finally filling THIS EARTH while some men are still in fallen FLESH as he has PLANNED FROM THE BEGINNING. That SPIRIT in a man that DENIES TRUTH while USING IT for his OWN POLITICAL ASPIRATIONS over DECEIVED CONSTITUENCIES is the AZAZEL GOAT to be RECOGNIZED and REMOVED through proper legislation and is REPRESENTED as a BEAST of a MAN like EDOM in many places and is now SEEN EXPOSED in an ancient CONSPIRACY between ZACHAI, the 'spiritual'/political EYES of a man pretending to be holy, for the MILITARY POWER of VESPASIAN, to DESTROY to fulfill HIS OWN VISION of ruling the world as its King. This is what the LITTLE HORN, who destroys but 'not of his power alone', and who has the 'eyes of a man', means. This is the BEAST POWER and his sign or MARK was the SUN just like CAIN!

So back to our unveiling of this FACT of TRUTH within our shared reality, we see a proper rendering of Dan. 9:26 demonstrates clearly that Zachai (as the unnamed 'object' of the sentence) is credited with slaying the 'anointed one' (though 'he himself did not do it') and that 'HE will destroy' the city and holy place 'WITH' the coming Prince). According to this verse RIGHTLY UNDERSTOOD, it was Zachai who wanted the Temple destroyed (as YHWH prophesied through Daniel 600 years IN ADVANCE) and Vespasian ASSISTED HIM to destroy it through false 'peace' with him becoming world KING as Zachai prophesied; securing his own seat of power over nation THEY SUBJUGATED WITH ROME. These RABBINICS with ZACHAI as the HEAD GOAT represent the AZAZEL of the ATONEMENTS SACRIFICE which said: 'raze the Temple even to its foundation and WE WILL REBUILD (Ps. 137:7, Is. 34:5-6, Obad. 1:8, Mal. 1:4).

Truth was 'thrown down to the ground' (dan 8:12) and coupled with Lam. 2:6 which confirms that the Calendar is changed and SABBATH FORGOTTEN with the destruction of the Temple and the spurning of the true 'King and Priest'. These are NOT prophecies to be fulfilled in the FUTURE but have ALREADY HAPPENED and MUST BE RECOGNIZE and REMOVE those ERRORS for the SECURING OF WORLD PEACE by PROPHETIC DESIGN! This is merely more evidence that it was Vesapsian as the 'little horn' who 'changes time' with Zachai in an agreement, a 'death pact' (Is. 28:15 & 18) upon which many lives were sacrificed for them to have their seats of power. The true Messiah and promised 'son' was slain according to YHWH's own plan to expose THIS CONSPIRACY and the PSYCHOPATHY of FALLEN MEN in these end days.

Let me bring this a bit more clearly. The righteous blood of Abel speaks to us that YHWH, BEING JUST AND RIGHTEOUS, had a Plan from the beginning to REDEEM MAN and Abel saw that. His righteous blood speaks to us of a FUTURE SACRIFICE of a GREATER RIGHTEOUS ONE that would be REDEEMER of mankind with HIS TOPSTONE (Zech. 4:7) or loving CROWN placed over HIS HOLY LAW which makes PROVISION for MERCY and TRUTH to be of MORE VALUE than legalisitic CONDEMNATION bought with money in an UNRIGHTEOUS SYSTEM of GREED; the FOUNDATION STONE which WAS SELECTED and has been USED EVER SINCE. A suicidal system like Sauls, symbolized secretly by a snake eating its tail...this is what DAVID and JONATHAN show us!

The sacrifice commanded for Abraham to do shows us that this 'righteous one' would be a PROMISED SEED from himself who would crush the snake system. And the VICARIOUS ATONEMENT provided to David for the sins of adultery and murder, and for which the penalty under the written law is DEATH and there IS NO ATONEMENT under the MOSAIC SYSTEM as it was (likewise for breaking the 4th Commandment of Sabbath!) , was none other than his OWN FIRST BORN SON which he said HE WOULD BE WITH in the UNSEEN FUTURE REALITY when he passed through the veil into the ETERNAL TEMPLE where he would spend ETERNITY.

So we see the PROMISED MESSIAH would be SLAIN to bring TRUTH and MERCY into the world to SAVE US from SPIRITUAL EDOMITES who were POSING as YHWH worshippers composing ISRAEL (the integrity of authority). They DESTROYED the TEMPLE, changed the CALENDAR LAWS, and began the PERSECUTION OF THE SAINTS (their BROTHERS, the TRUE worshppers of YHWH) until the TIME OF THE END which is where we are NOW in His Story which he has told us from the beginning. Then the ANCIENT OF DAYS, as DESCENDENT OF JOSEPH (Gen. 49:24) who is given the UNDERSTANDING of all these things by the 'Son of Man' from the tribe of JUDAH (Gen. 49:10), comes to USHER IN the MESSIANIC KINGDOM (Dan. 7:9 - 22).

The blood of Messiah fulfills the first half of the ATONEMENTS picture in the TEMPLE FORM for which it was PATTERNED to lead us to understand. The completion of the SECOND HALF of the ATONEMENTS sacrifice is ACCOMPLISHED when we INDIVIDAULLY and CORPORATELY ADMIT THE REALITY of all this OVERWHELMINGLY COMPOUNDED EVIDENCE of his INVISIBLE REALITY, do TESHUVAH confessing the SIN of SABBATH SACRIFICE on the head of the AZAZEL ZACHAI and the SPIRITUAL EDOMITE PHARISAIC SECT which VIOLENTLY SEIZED POWER as prophesied in advance, and to whom the ERROR and SIN RIGHTFULLY BELONGS, and REMOVE THAT ERROR FOREVER in order to USHER IN SABBATH PEACE!

So we confess our sin on the Azazel, remove him and bring back the HOLY LUNAR WEEK Sabbath Calandar he sacrificed in conspiracy with that Coming Prince as told to us by YHWH before any of it ever happend. If we do NOT CONFESS OUR SINS ON HIM AND REMOVE HIS ERROR AND ACCEPT THE TRUTH of the ATONMENT SACRIFICE YHWH HIMSELF PROVIDED (as Abraham said and Abel clearly believed) as EVIDENCED by our RE-ADOPTION of the HOLY LUNAR WEEK SABBATH CALENDAR He COMMANDED, THEN OUR GUILT AND CONDEMNATION WILL REMAIN ON EACH ONE WHO REFUSES THIS CORNERSTONE SET BY YHWH HIMSELF AND TOLD TO US BEFORE ANY OF IT EVER HAPPENED, and the PENALTY will be ETERNAL DEATH!

We know by THEIR OWN ADMISSIONS in the documents THEY LEFT BEHIND (and their 'oral tradition' later written down) that both Josephus and Yochanan Ben Zachai betrayed our brothers to death (Josephus traitorously betraying 50 men to death in a cave so that he may surrender, escaping with his life into CAPTIVITY and Yochanan ben Zachai doing likewise by traitorously sneaking himself out of the beseiged Temple in a casket pretending to be dead (probably evicting a corpse to do so)...leaving behind countless thousands to die when the Temple was razed in a final onslaught, leaving himself as undisputed leader of his own brand of Post Temple Judaism (Ps. 137:7, Obad. 1:10-14, Is. 28:15-18, Is. 8:11-17) SANCTIONED by the ROMAN 'SUN GOD', Vespasian. BY THEIR OWN ADMISSIONS they conspired with Rome (the LITTLE HORN of Dan. 7:8 & 25 and the coming Prince of Dan. 9:26; the BEAST and manifestation of the Pharaonic Sun God on Earth belonging to the Dragon of Rev. 12, Vespasian...the THREE UNCLEAN FROG SPIRITS who have brought us to the BRINK of SELF DESTRUCTION! Rev. 16:4) and were rewarded well in terms of what this illusory reality has to offer. These THREE clearly did some DIRTY DEEDS and they clearly CONSPIRED together and were 'SUCCESSFUL' (it may seem. Is. 28:15-18): Vespasian as General sent to SUBJUGATE THE JEWS under Nero (who hated the Notzrim/Messianic sect scapegoated as 'the Jewish problem' by his own Spiritual Edomite/Jewish POWER MONGERING Rabbinic puppets under him, the very one's who were likely responsible for his later demise and that of the 'three uprooted horns' to then manipulate their 'savior' Vespasian to the throne according to prophecy; the ONLY PROPHECY the 'eyes of RUTHLESS men' devoid of the HOLY SPIRIT OF TRUTH were ABLE to 'see'), Yochanan ben-Zachai of the Pharisaic sect of Judaism and emergent UNDISPUTED leader of a NEW POST TEMPLE PHARISAIC/RABBINIC JUDAISM, and finally Josephus, the facilitator/translator between the two, and soon to be Official Roman Historian. They conspired to bring themselves to power and RE-WRITE HIS STORY regarding THEIR SACRIFICE of the Messiah, his disciples known as the NOTZRIM or MESHICHIM (Messianic Jews) and the SABBATH SIGN of that MESSIAH, and they DID it. They fell HEADLONG into the SNARE which YHWH laid for them!

Effectively it would seem that together, for the sake of 'peace' (Dan. 8:25), they decided it would be best to destroy the Temple, remove any Jew who refused to submit to Rome (which meant IN PARTICULAR the 'notzrim/messianics' who were PEACEFUL 'ZEALOTS' for the TORAH LAW and historically EXPOSED/DENOUNCED the type of hypocrisy and cut throat Politics which Yochanan ben Zachai and his Pharisaic ilk, who KILLED MESSIAH as prophesied, were practicing in order to SIEZE POWER...even to their own deaths as the GOOD WORKS PREPARED FOR THEM TO DO. Mat. 23:33-36). We see the CONSPIRACY against the TRUTH of the NEW TESTAMENT 'oral torah' by the SYNAGOGUE of SATAN which took place for then next 200+ years, here in the account of POLYCARP.

They are also responsible for the death of James the just which was the final ABOMINATION of the TEMPLE spoken of by Messiah (Mat. 24:15, Mk. 13:14) which simultaneously anulled the power of the corrupted priesthood and made THEIR PHARISAIC ABOMINATION the 'ruling power' to be reckoned with by Rome. So to secure their positions of power these spiritual EDOMITES determined to 'raze the Temple to the ground' (Ps. 137:7, Obad. 1:10-14, Is. 28:15-18, Is. 8:11-17) so they could REFORM JUDAISM in their DELUSION of a 'new world order', rebuilding after the destruction they caused by REJECTING THE CORNERSTONE of TRUTH as prophesied; without ANY MORE 'FUNDAMENTALIST' opposition from TRUE BELIEVERS and which INCLUDED changing the SABBATH as the SEAL for the DEAL!

After the destruction of the Temple by FIRE coming down from heaven using newest weapon of advanced warfare: the newest HUGE CATAPULT ENGINES launching blazing PETROLEUM PITCH or TAR. There was clearly not going to be any 'war' merely a huge MOP UP of the mess after the BEAST ATTACK.

For Zachai's part in the conspiracy he was essentially given CARTE BLANCHE in regard to how to 'rebuild' Judaism after the destruction. How can it even be reasonably argued otherwise in the face of the HISTORY which THEY THEMSELVES MADE and WROTE about to LEAVE for US? This IS the FULL TRUTH of what they DID, HISTORICAL FACTS; regardless of how well it's presented couched in altruistic FANTASIES which they and their loyal, subjugated STOCKHOLM SYNDROME MIND SLAVES wrote for themselves, erasing what they could and spritzing up what remained to present it all in the best possible 'light' so that it goes unnoticed how 'dark' it really was... but in retrospect we can NOW SEE the UNVEILED EVIDENCE!

"...He will cut off the anointed (but not himself) and WITH the coming Prince HE will destroy the city and the holy place..." Dan. 9:26

It seems clear to me that the 'He' in the above verse is none other than Yochanan ben Zachai and the 'coming Prince' he helped to DESTROY the city would be Vespasian (even if through his son, Titus as some argue). They were rewarded well with their positions of power in the (illusion of a) NEW WORLD ORDER they were forging for themeslves even before Titus destroyed the Temple in this hegemonic power grab [Titus was Vespasian's son who took his place as General beseiging the Temple when Vespasian became Emporer after Nero's 'untimely demise' and subsequent uprooting of Galba, Otho, and Vitellus. Vespasian became the new 'SUN CHRIST', even as Yochanan ben Zachai and Josephus both 'prophesied' was going to happen and were instrumental in helping him to achieve FOR THEIR OWN PERSONAL INTERESTS; and really all by their own ADMISSIONS]. Vespasian became Emporer AS PLANNED and he gave Yochanan Ben Zachai his desires as Leader of the subjugated Jews in the 'New World Order' for his (continued) assistance. Josephus was given his 'freedom' (in the NEO-EGYPTIAN SLAVE ECONOMIC SYSTEM they were putting in place and we have yet to this day) and moreover was ADOPTED by Vespasian into his ruling family and became an Official Roman Historian.

Please note the little horn is Vespasian before whom was quickly uprooted Galba, Otho and Vitellus and the MOST SEVERE 'persecution of the saints' in History until Constantine turned the guns toward the rest of the Jews and 'Jewish/Heretical Christians' in the middle of the 4th century when he formed CATHOLOCISM as its first real 'Pope' with the SEAL of the PENTAGRAM. The iron and clay quickly breaking apart and seen in two opposing SEALS (Hexagram for the 'Jews' and the Pentagram for the 'Christians' by which to BLIND MINDS from the SIGN OF MESSIAH as prophesied (Dan. 2:41).

And he shall speak great words against the most High, and shall wear out the saints of the Most High, and plan to change times and laws.... Daniel 7:25

Yochanan Ben Zachai was given his RE-TRAINING/ RE-EDUCATION 'School' in Yavneh where he presided over the remnant of SUBJUGATED Jews left in the 'Holy Land' as the undisputed leader of a NEW, post Temple ROMAN WORLD JUDAISM which he created for himself (by Vespasians power through a conspiracy whose allegiance was CLEAR and UNWAIVERING during the entire course of his lifetime) as leader of the HERETICAL PHARISEES (Spiritual if not ALSO physical 'EDOMITES') who had VIOLENTLY CUT OFF their BROTHERS (Ob. 1:13-14) to TAKE what does NOT belong to them (the Nation 'Israel', the BRIDE of YHWH). Zachai took straight away to SKILLFULLY attempting to HIDE the fact that Messiah ben David, the Lunar Sabbath he was Master over, and the Messianics who posed serious opposition to their POWER GRABBING, were the REQUIRED SABBATH SACRIFICE for their 'triumph'; their 'pact with death' (Is. 28:14-18, Is. 29:15) now SEARCHED OUT and lain bare (Is. 8:16, Pr. 25:2, Ob. 1:6). Zachai taught that the 'Messianic Sect' of Judaism was heretical and they were put out of the Synagogues and given over to be slaughtered by the Romans as a 'peace sacrifice' for his New World Judaism, even as Messiah prophesied (Mk. 13:9, Rom. 8:36, Phil. 2:17, 2 Tim. 4:6, Ps. 44:22). He changed the understanding of key Messianic verses into rather meaningless assertions (many out of thin air with little or no objective support at all, pure FANTASY to DENY the TRUTH) in order to obscure the CLARITY of the obvious 'Messianic Sabbath Gospel' central to TORAH (and to the Temple System now destroyed by DESIGN PLAN) and to ATTEMPT to hide his part as a prophetic 'builder' of a NEW WORLD ORDER that began with REJECTING THAT SABBATH CORNERSTONE as a SACRIFICE, all as YHWH prophecied in advance.

Zachai simply fell right into the SNARE like a BEAST of an ANIMAL (Is. 8:14)! Zachai himself unwittingly ADMITS to his part in this conspiracy to sacrifice SABBATH TRUTH and REJECT the SABBATH SYMBOL pointing to that CORNERSTONE of the SABBATH SACRIFICE of the 'slain Messiah' (Dan. 9:26) when it was HE who, in ATTEMPTING to re-write history through ORAL TRADITION ('change law and times' Dan. 7:25) to conform to HIS LIE to RULE BY, INTRODUCED the rules later codified in TALMUD regarding when Sabbath (a 'solar week sabbath' we are merely supposed to assume they always had according to Talmud which supposedly interprets Torah) would now suddenly fall on New Moon. The argument was framed in the sanctification of the (solar) Sabbath above that of New Moon days. So we see a police action to dis-associate Sabbath from the New Moons WHICH DETERMINES SABBATH, by first making it expressly illegal to sight the last sliver on Sabbath to add yom hachodesh hasheni as PART of the FIRST 'thinking' to 'change law and times' done right away! Zachai did not notice that YHWH had David SEAL UP the EVIDENCE which would FINGER HIM for this CRIME! It was all done according to a PLAN that would LATER expose them as told in the very scriptures they merely pretended to believe; deep in their hearts they DID NOT BELIEVE YHWH but their own wisdom and they thought they were being sly and no one would LATER KNOW what they did...they did not beleive they would be raised in SHAME! They said: 'we will deeply hide our plans, 'who will ever know?''

Then YHWH said, "Because this people draws near with their words and they honor Me with their lip service, but their hearts are removed far from Me and their reverence for Me consists of tradition learned by rote, Therefore behold, I will once again deal marvelously with this people, wondrously marvelous; the wisdom of their wise men shall perish and the discernment of their discerning men shall be hidden."

Woe to those who deeply hide their plans from YHWH and whose deeds are done in a dark place; And they say, "Who sees us?" or "Who will know of us?" You have turned things around!.... on that day the deaf shall hear words of the book and out of their gloom and darkness, the eyes of the blind shall see. The afflicted also shall increase their gladness in YHWH and the needy of mankind shall rejoice in the Holy One of Israel.

For the ruthless will come to an end, and the scorner will be finished, Indeed all who are intent on doing evil will be cut off, all who cause a person to be indicted by a word, and ensnare him who adjudicates at the gate, and who defrauds the one in the right with meaningless arguments. Isaiah 29:13-16

YHWH befuddled them with simple math! Sabbaths could NEVER fall on the SET APART New Moons of a LUNAR SABBATH MESSIANIC CALENDAR where NEW MOONS are SET APART AS MORE HOLY than REGULAR SABBATHS; as we see being practiced by DAVID and throughout scripture. True Sabbath is DEPENDENT ON the PROPER CALCULATION of the UNSEEN TRUTH of NEW MOON, to DETERMINE when the SET APART sabbath of the 15th day would be EACH MONTH as YHWH designed in HIS LAW OF MERCY AND LOVE! This of course is DEPENDENT on an Oral Tradition to MAINTAIN correctly; REGULARLY OBSERVING THE SIGN OF ETERNAL LIGHT FROM THE INVISIBLE FATHER symbolized by the FAITHFUL WITNESS of the FULL MOON. This is where we see the DOUBLE ENTENDRE of 1 Sam 20 exposing the hidden motives of the WICKED KING whose DESIRE was to MURDER the ANOINTED MESSIAH OF GOD!

Zachai exalted the supposed sabbath, over the very symbol which had been Biblically commanded and observed to REPRESENT IT EMPIRICALLY, with a NEW (ANTI-CHRIST/BEAST) CALENDAR SYSTEM that was COMPLETELY DIVORCED from the HOLY LUNAR WEEK MESSIANIC SABBATH CALENDAR and its SET APART NEW MOONS; he SACRIFICED SABBATH TRUTH FOR A LIE and YHWH exposed it with this SIMPLE MATH regarding HIS CALENDAR/PROGRAM...from the very beginning intending to EXPOSE the ENEMY of ISRAEL within; SPIRITUAL EDOMITES known by DEEDS according to MANIFEST TORAH LIGHT!

He has violently taken away his Temple as if it were a tabernacle in a garden: he has destroyed the place of his assembly: YHWH has caused his Holy Sabbaths and Feasts to be forgotten in Zion; despising both king and priest in the indignation of his anger. Lamentations 2:6

The Daughter of Israel was traumatically thrown to the ground and like VICTIMS of STOCKHOLM SYNDROME, my brothers, the Rabbinic (TALMUDICALLY 'Mind Enslaved') Jews to this day, are STILL BEING BRAINWASHED to believe that the Talmud, whose 'hidden wisdom' we see YHWH said he would MARVELOUSLY EXPOSE and whose authors clearly CONSPIRED with the SUN GOD of ROME to both save their lives and to secure their own seats of power in conspiracy to bring the SUN CHRIST of ROME to WORLD POWER, still TRUST and OBEY! This is the conspiracy of HIS STORY memorialized in SACRIFICE as a CORNERSTONE to be perceived from the foundation of the world. These men, like their father Cain, have sacrificed countless millions of our brothers to secure their temporal thrones of power in a New World Order under a Sun Christ, men who CLEARLY REJECTED the TRUE CORNERSTONE of TORAH 'LIGHT' in a NOW EXPOSED CONSPIRACY (Is. 28:14-18, Is. 8:12-16). These poor STOCKHOLM SYNDROME-LIKE VICTIMS of these 'TRADITIONS' 'learned by ROTE' and based in DECEPTION and VIOLENCE, believe to this day that the TALMUD trumps the ETERNAL Torah it merely PRETENDS to interpret but in REALITY, displaces; even as Messiah said before they slew him (Mk. 7:13). Here's a fresh JEWISH PERSPECTIVE on what was going on POLITICALLY 2000 years ago in regard to Messiah and the ANIMALS who were CONSPIRING with the BEAST of ROME, which may shed more light on this important issue for you to understand:

The Other Side of the Cross.

Sabbath truth was forgotten as promised in advance (Lam. 2:6, Dan. 7:25, Dan. 9:24, Is. 8:16) and the daughter of Israel thrown to the ground, completely subjugated under Yochanan ben Zachai, faithful servant (Prophet) to Vespasian, the new Emporer Christ, manifest SUN GOD and BEAST of Rome. The Calendar conspiracy had begun but was not finished until Constantine nearly three centuries later, conquering with the Sword emblasoned in the SUN as High Priest (vicar de christo-in the place of CHRIST) of Rome's deceptive, shapeshifting religion (Babylonian religious INSANITY still being the Head of Gold for this PROPHETIC WORLD BEAST SYSTEM whose toes are now to be defined. Dan. 2:43) of the INVINCIBLE SUN (Sol Invictus), made a final 'declaration' regarding timekeeping through 'color of law' (after Centuries of relentless persecution of the faithful Messianics until the SABBATH MOON aspect of the GOSPEL was FORGOTTEN and sufficiently PURGED FROM KNOWN HISTORY to make way for the SUN CHRISTS to shine forth, THEN Rome began to turn on the Rabbinic Jews who had long ran out of Messianic Sacrifices to offer for the 'peace' of the 'civilization of destruction' they had forged and once enjoyed together...the kingdom of 'iron & clay' already beginning to break its bond as prophesied. Dan. 2:42). By declaring 'sunday' as the FIRST DAY, and DAY OF REST for the ROMAN BEAST calendar system forced on the SUBJUGATED Jews...they were officially declaring 'saturns day' as the 7th day of the Roman week (it had been the OFFICIAL FIRST DAY of the Roman Week ANIT-CHRIST Calendar according to the OLDEST archeological evidence found on the wall of Titus' Bath House. This finished the conspiracy between Rome and the Rabbinic Jews to divide and conquer the World over the CORPSE of MESSIANIC TRUTH; some still figuratively spitting on the PROMISED ATONEMENT SACRIFICE while pretending to love God in their religiously DRUNK STUPOR.

So Constantine merely finalized a conspiracy begun with the destruction of the Temple by DEMOTING SATURNS DAY of the ROMAN SOLAR WEEK BEAST/ANTI-CHRIST calendar system to the SEVENTH DAY (rather than the 1'st day), basically to begin to subjugate the rest of the Jews under FALSE PEACE. He demoted the HEXAGRAM in place of the PENTAGRAM...both 'seals' binding the TRUTH so the light of REASON may not be SEEN in the SIGN OF MESSIAH!

The argument presented by the facts is that 'saturns day' (which happened to be the FIRST DAY of the Roman week just after the destruction of the temple, and which the rabbinically ENSLAVED Jews had FULLY ADOPTED as their 7th day well over 200 years earlier as their new 'Sabbath' (despite it being the 1st day and most Holy Day of the Roman week), as a result of the CONSPIRACY of ZACHAI to save his life AND help Rome subjugate the rest of his brothers, along with the open introduction of the 'star' of 'Saturn' ('chiun' in Hebrew = saturns day star symbol, the supposed 'star of David' now exposed as an IMPOSTER SIGN) adopted as THEIR new SIGN or 'SYMBOL' for 'Sabbath', as prophesied in advance Is. 28:15, Ob. 1:10-14, Amos 5:26), they believed through this 'sleight of hand' regarding the 'original' sabbath being 'changed' to 'sunday' (as the S.D.A. believe/teach today), that Saturday A.K.A. 'Saturns Day' was the original 'sabbath' being changed to Sunday (in other words, a mere shift of importance from one day to another WITHIN the SAME BEAST CALENDAR SYSTEM FOISTED ON MANKIND THROUGH CONSPIRACY 300 YEARS EARLIER, based on the CORNERSTONE of the SUN; a sort of 'sleight of hand' trick regarding the TRUTH of SABBATH whose CORNERSTONE is the MOON), even the archeological evidence we will examine in detail demonstrates, NOTHING COULD BE FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH than what is BELIEVED and TAUGHT by the WORLD under this POWERFUL DELUSION! This delusion is SO POWERFUL people believe themself to be walking in the light of truth and are DECEIVED INTO BELIEVING AND THEREFORE ASSITING IN PROPAGATING DARKNESS; but we are NOT GOING INTO DARKNESS WE ARE COMING OUT OF IT!

In the fullness of time, according to prophecies like those regarding EliYahu (Mal. 4:4-5, Mal. 3:22-23 in Hebrew), after men had become accustomed to the DARK AGES of the 'NEW MOON' they were plunged into after the destruction of the Temple, completely BLINDED by the 'light' of the cornerstone chosen for them by the BUILDERS of the Kingdom with IRON and CLAY FEET (Dan. 2:34) as a foundation for PERPETUATING their BABYLONIAN PSYCHOPATHY through their OWN 'FIRE' or PERCEPTION of TIME and SPACE; the Moon being INVISIBLE as it is surpassed by the Sun (for TWO MILLENIAL 'new moon' become VISIBLE AGAIN on the THIRD DAY).

Then over this period of TIME when men would again begin to look for truth and enlightenment through LOGIC and REASON...the TWO WITNESSES REVIVED. The age of Enlightenment and Reason bringing us out from this RELIGIO-POLITICO CONSPIRACY which YHWH exposed before it ever happened which brings us to the BRIDE who comes out from ALL NATIONS and stands as a BEACON for the WORLD in the END DAYS.

YHWH would then re-reveal and RE-ESTABLISH that cornerstone (cut out without hands Dan. 2:34) of MATHEMATICALLY ESTABLISHED SABBATH TRUTH, which he sealed up FOR THAT PURPOSE, as the SABBATH 'SIGN' regarding the SABBATH 'SACRIFICE', the REJECTED CORNERSTONE of TIME and SPACE which he had told us about from the foundation of the world, as a PROGRAMMING SWITCH of sorts, a programming Light of TRUTH verified by LOGIC and REASON, accompanied by FACTUAL TESTIMONIES, which would then draw and identify His Holy Covenant People VERY QUICKLY from the four corners of the Earth as the clouds lift from over the eyes of their minds so that they see the DAZZLING LIGHT of this SIGN of MESSIAH coming to STRIKE the WORLDS ANTI-CHRIST ECONOMIC/CALENDAR CONSPIRATORIAL FOUNDATION just PRIOR to the Messiah, who is MASTER of Sabbath, coming as promised with GREAT POWER to lead us, His Sabbath Bride called Israel who has FAITHFULLY come under the SABBATH SIGN of the Marriage Covenant of Sabbath according to the expectant Promise given to MANKIND from the VERY BEGINNING, into the GREAT EXODUS for which the first 'exodus' from Egypt was a mere 'trial run' intended to be forgotten after the final 'exodus' to which the first points to PROPHETICALLY, has FINALLY arrived (Is. 11:11-13, Jer. 23:7-8, Ps. 77:15, Heb. 4:8).

So the evidence is this: YHWH tells us he created the sun and moon in day four to represent the TRUE, spiritual 'light' and 'darkness' of day one which we can not see (true 'light' being called 'good' the sun and moon are created as symbols by which HE PROGRAMMED our reality to be PERCEIVED...light and dark, good and evil of day ONE represented in these ORBS created on day FOUR). We CAN NOT SEE or PERCEIVE HIS reality WITHIN WHICH all men exist in THIS SUB REALITY, apart from correctly understanding the MEANING of this OBJECTIVE SIGN with all of its associated PROGRAMMING INSTRUCTIONS which it REPRESENTS. The moon was chosen by the programming mind to represent the Garden of Eden/Life from which the LIGHT of our Prince would shine FORTH into OUR DARKNESS to save us and lead us BACK to eat from the tree of LIFE if we merely OBEY his Logical voice, REASONING to our MINDS so that we perceive the light of TRUTH...there is NO OTHER WAY to find the DOOR OUT of the SOLIPSIST ILLUSION we are IMPRISONED by. So in this subconscious reality where material things appear more real, we were given two SYMBOLS through commandments to represent GOOD AND EVIL, one that would AWAKEN US to TRUE REALITY, and one designed to delude; to allow psychopaths to continue to lead us astray in any one of a million delusions of reality. One being the CHOSEN CORNERSTONE of our 'NATURALLY ORDERED' illusion pointing to the DOOR out which was PROPHESIED to be REJECTED, the other a BLINDING DECEPTION designed to MAINTAIN the SPIRITS of animal like men in a PRISON of TIME/SPACE as a result of their own choice in perception; their own judgement of TRUTH.

Don't be like a horse or a mule which have no understanding and will not obey without a bit and bridle to hold them in check...I will give you perception and illumine for you the path you are to walk...I will counsel you with my eye. Psalm 32:9-8

He was very clear in giving his detailed Lunar Sabbath instructions on leaving the land of enslavement to the SUN GOD Pharaoh knowing (and telling us in prophecy before it happened) that other Psychopaths pretending to see his light in the SUN would AGAIN reject His perspective and plunge man into ANOTHER enslavement, a world deception regarding his law and times; lost in dark ages of Mass murders, genocides, and every other manifestation of social unhealthiness in the name of a 'god', represented by the BLINDING SYMBOL of the SUN and a SATURN DAY (chiun/remphan) 'sabbath'...the symbol YHWH created to represent OUR DARKNESS not His LIGHT! Then he would unseal the TESTIMONIES regarding HIS CHOSEN CORNERSTONE again, just before JUDGEMENT comes. Those men who rejected the ETERNAL TRUTH, which scripture tells us will be a MEMORIAL in TIME with a REBUILT material TEMPLE in the last phase to point BACK to that sacrifice in TIME (and of course the TRUE MESSIANIC CALENDAR re-established PRIOR to THAT), did NOT really believe in resurrection and judgement; they were satisfied to 'get theirs here and now'. They will not rise to be glorified as they merely pretended to believe. They not only REJECTED the Promised Sacrifice, but confessed the SINS which HIS BLOOD REPRESENTED, UPON THEIR HEADS as the AZAZEL to be REMOVED!

The scriptures tell us that resurrected men in glorified bodies, like Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, David, Moses, EliYahu, etc., will be tabernacling with carnal men in the last phase of the perfection of Mankind. We can just now begin to see from our dim Scientific perspective, the magnificent INTELLIGENCE at work in OUR OWN CONSCIOUSNESS and perception of 'reality' to understand there IS a GREATER, UNSEEN, metaphysical MECHANISM underlying our very PERCEPTION of 'reality' itself and this SELF PROCLAIMED CREATOR spoken of as the inspiration for the sacred writings through his holy prophets has told us of all these things before we ever recognized the PROBLEM let alone could ever even understand how he told us about it, even as he ALSO BOASTS! If the programmer, who has been right all these thousands of years as we have just proven, and he says our reality SHALL CHANGE in this way yet in our future, at that very time he has determined it will change, at this point only a true unreasoning fool/beast should doubt it.

In the beginning the Word (Narrator/Son) existed. He was with Elohim (Father) and He was (also) Elohim. He was in the beginning for the sake of Elohim.

All things came into being by Him and apart from Him nothing that is, could have came to be. In Him was LIFE; and LIFE was the LIGHT of men. And the Light shined in the darkness and the DARKNESS DID NOT PERCEIVE HIM. John 1:1-5

That which was from the beginning which we have heard and seen with our eyes, what we perceived and touched, concerning the Word of Life, that the life was manifested and we have seen and bear witness and proclaim to you the eternal life which was with the Father and was manifested to us; what we have seen and heard we proclaim to you that you also may have fellowship with us. And indeed our fellowship is with the Father, and with His Son Yahshua haMoshiah. These things we write, so that our joy may be made complete.

And this is the message we have heard from Him and announce to you: that Elohim is Light and in Him there is no darkness at all. If we say that we have fellowship with Him and yet walk in the darkness, we lie and do not practice the truth; but if we walk in the light as He Himself is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of His Son Yahshua cleanses us from all impurity. 1 John 1:1-7

YHWH says: 'It SHALL COME TO PASS that from New Moon to New Moon and Sabbath to Sabbath, all flesh shall come before me to worship!' Isaiah 66:23

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